The ZIMBABWE Situation

September 2005 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/9/05
    • House robberies and smash and grabs
    • Bailout talks to resume soon
    • Mugabe sacrifices health sector to fund housing campaign
    • Town’s sole doctor shuts down clinic after farm eviction
    • Zim doctors' pay hikes worth three loaves
    • Zimbabwe dollar devaluation expected to ease forex crunch
    • Rubbish’ to say SA baled out Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's economic crisis drives it back into steam age
    • Zimbabwe: Harare says too broke to pay for farm improvements
    • War Veterans leader dismisses expulsion from Zanu PF
    • The Senate debate
    • A tribute To Efurida Pfebve and Remus Makuwaza
    • Zimbabwe central bank will not use US dollar locally
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai in new drive against Mugabe
  2. Posted 29/9/05
    • Stalemate
    • IMF Seeks Details on $120 Million Zimbabwe Debt Payment
    • UN wants $30 million for homeless in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe to set up biotechnology control authority
    • Zimbabwe hospitals lack lab materials for HIV tests
    • Zimbabwe orders eviction of new black farmers
    • Conflict of interests as BCCI enforces patch-up
    • Harare food aid high on Annan's agenda
    • Oliver Mtukudzi: 'It's not me, it's the song'
    • Zimbabwe State Hospitals Can't Afford Supplies - Report
    • JAG Membership Communique
    • A Memoir of One Man's Experience in Zimbabwe
    • SOUTH AFRICA-ZIMBABWE: Bailout talks to resume soon
    • Hungry Zimbabwe villagers demand food in court
    • Mugabe has left it too late for a smooth exit
    • Zimbabwe musical icon Tuku celebrates birthday
  3. 2nd batch Posted 28/9/05
    • Banks tighten lending conditions
    • Unions close ranks against ‘colonial’ China
    • British Government Asked to Reconsider Its Position on Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers
    • Zimbabwean envoy meet Haddad-Adel
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Debates Senate Poll Participation
    • Zimbabwean competes for top job in US music industry
    • They came, they played, they scarpered
    • Chiefs Back Stance On Polygamy
    • State Warns of Defective Condoms
    • Father and son gear up for African adventure
    • Zimbabwe to get Siberian tigers from China
    • Emergency appeal for blood donors
    • Tsvangirai’s walks gather momentum
    • Heatwave hits Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe, SA bank fuel deal hits snag
    • Has Britain become a Zimbabwe colony?
    • Implats rejects Zimbabwe pull-out claim
    • Migrants stop off in Zimbabwe
    • JAG Death Notice dated 26th September 2005
  4. 1st batch Posted 28/9/05
    • Zimbabwe's 'Clean-Up' Homeless Face Deteriorating Conditions
    • Former Langley man attacked in Zimbabwe
    • SA confirms ongoing loan talks with Zim
    • Harare Eyes Anglo-American in New Land Reform Push
    • Zimbabwe loses 'cream' through brain drain
    • Thousands of migrants in Zimbabwe lose right to vote: official
    • Mugabe objects to Annan's 'controlled' visit
    • Zimbabwe reveals source of IMF payment
    • SA fails to keep out illegal Zimbabweans
    • Africa's Newest Woe: Unaffordable Oil
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Debates Senate Poll Participation
    • ZIMBABWE: Parallel fuel market thriving
    • Loans to Zimbabwe 'an insult' - DA
  5. Posted 27/9/05
    • Living in the wake of Zimbabwe's urban 'tsunami'
    • Mugabe urges vigilance against 'onslaught'
    • Zimbabwe's 'golden goose' threatens shutdown
    • A Plan To Overthrow Mugabe
    • Little to cheer about as Zimbabwe tobacco auction ends
    • Over 200 foreigners enter Zimbabwe illegally: police officer
    • South African media criticised about Zimbabwe
    • Economic sanctions undermine Zimbabwe's economy
    • See how Robert climbs
    • International Peace Day Demonstration
    • White farmers 'rubbish'
    • For Zimbabwe, It is Now Or Never!
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Debates Senate Poll Participation
    • Implats rejects Zimbabwe pull-out claims
    • JAG Death Notice dated 26th September 2005
  6. Posted 26/9/05
    • CIO unleashes terror
    • Police operation nets 5 000, rakes in $18m in fines
    • MDC to contest Senate elections
    • Mugabe linked to frozen Swiss account
    • Minister hails British assistance
    • Zim judges say no to scrutiny
    • Mugabe says Zimbabweans are 'very, very happy' people
    • I'm not interested, says Enos Nkala
    • Mat North cries foul over incomplete roads
    • Chigwedere scoffs at his critics
    • Constitution debate bogged down
    • Row erupts over 'Hlalani kuhle' houses in Gwanda
    • Maternal mortality on the increase
    • Deal decisively with farming saboteurs
    • Big axe hovers at RBZ
    • Controversy over Hamadziripi status
    • Zim state workers steal fuel
    • Cartoon - Zim Std 250905
  7. 2nd batch Posted 25/9/05
    • War against the people
    • Zimbabwe cancels 4,000 farm deeds
    • West still major trading partner despite Look East policy
    • IMF says will verify sources of Zimbabwe payment
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Issues Gloomy Food Report
    • U.S. tightens Zimbabwe policy
    • Imara upbeat on Zim's prospects
    • Zim whitewashed
    • Zimplats threatens closure
    • Media workers want MIC disbanded
    • Cracks widen at Mirror
    • Deteriorating standards
    • New wave of farm evictions sweeps eastern Zimbabwe
    • Thank you Zinwa boss
  8. 1st batch Posted 25/9/05
    • Torture survivor tells of horrors
    • One-time friendship turns nasty
    • Letter from America
    • Asylum seekers face deportation
    • Let them eat potatoes and rice
    • Senate debate diverts attention
    • Operation Garikai a scam
    • Police probe Murerwa, Pasi
    • Getting Zimbabwe back to work
    • Eight Zimbabwean players 'missing'
    • CBZ to Build Plush New Home
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 24th September 2005
    • IMF says will verify sources of Zimbabwe payment
    • We will prevail - soon
    • Desperate Zimbabweans flood SA
    • Former farmers call for food aid
    • Mugabe ally firms grip on Zim
    • Tsvangirai shows worker solidarity
    • Catholic students meet
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 383 dated 23 September 2005
  9. Posted 24/9/05
    • Mugabe's absurdity
    • The curator is sitting right in our pockets
    • An odyssey of hypocrisy, inconsistency
    • Thanks Benjy, but Moyo wasn't wrong
    • Queue-land
    • M&R boss acquires loss-making arm
    • Mugabe supporter mulls tightening grip on Hwange
    • Bulawayo has no fuel for municipal vehicles
    • Harare cops 'replaced by war veterans'
    • From mergers to demergers to mergers
    • Govt used my money to pay IMF - Mawere
    • Charamba accused of assaulting wife
    • Gono breaks silence on debt payment
    • Makoni back in succession race
    • Showdown looms over human rights
    • Civilisation takes step back in Harare
    • Bringing hope to a nation in need
    • Zimbabwe, SA relations in perspective (Part 4)
    • The Interpreter misinterpreted
  10. Posted 23/9/05
    • Zim's poor suffer as price of bread rises
    • Why Freedom and Democracy are Important
    • The Hellhole of Mugabe’s Prisons
    • Saving Zimbabwe’s Children
    • Leaders of Zimbabwean Religious Sects Call for End to Polygamy To Fight
    • Mob evicts farm manager in Zimbabwe
    • Dawn raid signals the final clearance of white farmers
    • Cost of forest fires - response from RSA
    • HIV/AIDS Contributing to Rising Hunger in Southern Africa
    • Mimosa Project to Boost Zimbabwe
    • Zim's Central Bank Goes After Exporters
    • Zimbabwe eyes increase in coal production
    • UK pledges to provide 11.5 million pounds of aid to Africa
    • 'Airzim Losing Out in Cargo Business'
    • United States Will Not Abandon Ordinary Zimbabweans to "Tyranny"
    • Zim authorities deny threats to seize maize
    • Deportation fear of drowned man
    • ZIFA & ZimEvents on the UK football match
    • ANALYSIS: Zimbabwe to sink deeper into the mire, warn analysts
    • AIDS decimates Zimbabwe’s teachers
  11. Posted 22/9/05
    • Zimbabwe: Farm compensation up to UK
    • Police arrest 13 women activists
    • Exiles want top SA bank to cut links with Zimbabwe bank
    • Fresh constitutional amendments should face battle royal
    • A self-imposed blow to Zimbabwe
    • United States pressures China on Zimbabwe
    • Downer warns UN chief on Zimbabwe visit
    • Zimbabwe chief blasts land neglect - paper
    • S.Africa Fin. Min. sees little relief for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Organizes Mugabe Succession
    • Daily News hearing moved after MIC protest
    • US to tighten sanctions against Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe’s second largest city suspends essential services
    • Hot Seat: ARISE! Women of Zimbabwe speak out
    • Condoms priced out of reach of many
    • Beauties gear for Miss Zimbabwe pageant
  12. 2nd batch Posted 21/9/05
    • Zim land use 'criminal', says Reserve Bank head
    • Zimbabwe viewers desert ZTV
    • Operation Bring Back Maize
    • Zimbabwe: 'Wait, see and hope'
    • Zim faces new US ban
    • Somali refugees trek 4 000km, surrender to Zim police
    • 770 commuter omnibus operators arrested, fined
    • Mugabe’s clean-up victims flock back to squatter camps
    • Economic sanctions undermine Zimbabwe's economy
    • Zimdollar plunges on parallel market
    • Harare to ignore bilateral deals protecting foreign-owned land
    • Man killed for stealing maize
    • British property baron extends Zimbabwe business tentacles
    • Mapfumo calls for armed struggle
    • Moyo: Fresh constitutional moves 'will not fly'
    • Rubble convinces residents of the government's "ulterior motives"
    • Zimbabweans jostle to pay for fuel in hard cash amid forex shortages
    • No more yellow cards for Mugabe
    • Prof. Jonathan Moyo for Nobel Prize
    • Gono’s Proposals Will Have Little Or No Impact On The Food Crisis
  13. Posted 21/9/05
    • Last white farmers defy Mugabe ploy to drive them out
    • Succession issue fuelling attempts to bring polls in line, say analysts
    • Zimbabwe crisis seen worsening as Mugabe holds out
    • Zimbabwe: UN to send top official to Harare over clean-up aid
    • Zimbabwe remains worst affected by HIV/AIDS in world: minister
    • Large-Scale Food Aid Due in Southern Africa in Weeks
  14. Posted 20/9/05
    • 'Murambatsvina' strikes again
    • Vigil Diary
    • MDG's, a Pipe Dream for Zimbabwe
    • Uncontrolled fires destroy $700bn forests
    • Govt owes Bulawayo $68bn
    • Cop detained for 'insulting' Mugabe
    • UK using Malawi loophole to ignore ban on Zimbabwe deportations
    • Zimbabwe manufacturing shrinks 9.4%
    • Masvingo wants more cabinet posts
    • MDC rules out leadership changes
    • 'Tired' Mugabe wants to retire
    • Zimbabwe can take cue from Poland
    • Steam locos to the rescue
    • Gutu widow's woes mount
    • Daylight Robbery
    • Zimbabweans in the US have renewed calls for the US Government to grant Temporay Protection Status for Zimbabwe
    • The Life We Live
    • Keeping the people's spirits up
    • Zimbabwe’s economic future looking bleak
    • Tycoon Denounces Mugabe to IMF
    • Disaster looms for Zim's tobacco crop
  15. Posted 19/9/05
    • Zimbabwe to Throw Out Thousands of Land Seizure Challenges
    • Mugabe calls Britain, US 'terrorists'
    • Zimbabwe's President Mugabe Criticizes US, Britain in UN Speech
    • Mugabe: 'Let them eat potatoes'
    • Annan visit still on
    • Minister vows to rid Zimbabwe of 'filth'
    • Zim needs new land policy to save economy
    • SAAF air show 'flies in the face of poverty'
    • Zimbabwe nickel production down 10%
    • Zimbabwe faces worst ever tobacco season
    • Zimbabwe's small minded rulers
    • Zimbabwe faces another crippling drought - experts
    • Court delays scrapping land cases
    • Doctors quit
    • The struggle continues
    • Bargain hunters cheer as market rebounds
    • Power shortages loom
    • When the cat is away
    • Gono turns right … Mugabe turns left
    • 2008: a bridge too far
  16. Posted 18/9/05
    • Mugabe: alive, agile and 'happy'
    • My people are very happy - AP
    • More personal sanctions? - Reuters
    • Gono, Murerwa humiliated - Daily Telegraph
    • A town with no fuel - Times
    • Mpala's killers get four years - Zimbabwe Independent
    • Personal service - Zimbabwe Independent
    • I see not - Zimbabwean
    • British Government Asked to Reconsider Its Position on Zimbabwean Asylum
    • Harare plans counter protests at UN
    • No way out of the woods yet
    • Mugabe's false bravado laid bare
    • Mugabe Wants Share of Zimbabwe Mining
    • Thousands of Zim farmers lose court cases
    • Mugabe defends urban demolitions
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe: Claims of Humanitarian Crisis Unfounded
  17. Batch 2 Posted 17/9/05
    • U.S. to slap sanctions on Mugabe
    • Just a single fire engine keeps going in the city without fuel
    • Mugabe spurned loan 'in fury over conditions'
    • Mugabe: Zimbabwe to Take Stake in Mines
    • Under-utilised farms should be seized: Mujuru
    • RICHARD J. NORTON: Yes, it can get worse in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans Plan Demonstration at UN Against Mugabe Rule
  18. Posted 17/9/05
    • Harare plans counter protests at UN
    • Zimbabwe opposition, civic groups meet to push for new constitution
    • MDC postpones Senate decision
    • Zimbabwe loan talks fall silent after IMF reprieve
    • Zim 'hunts down' companies
    • Fuel Crisis Hits Prisons
    • 'Zim Working Out Modalities to Be Self-Sufficient in Electricity'
    • Soldiers barred from retiring
    • Food shortages looming while government hides crucial information
    • MDC Senate meeting
    • Zimbabwe central bank hikes interest rates again
    • Wildlife dies in Zimbabwe drought
    • The scramble for Africa II
  19. Batch 3 Posted 16/9/05
    • RBZ near fuel deal
    • Killer war vets sentenced to 4 years
    • Mugabe's early departure can save Zim
    • Mandaza fires board
    • Mugabe's retirement date a 'disaster' - MDC
    • Transport operators seek to double fares
    • Harare/Byo water woes get worse
    • Air Zim flies three passengers
    • Industry operating at 25% of capacity
    • Gono's measures short of expectations
    • Liquidation of Hippo FCA will worsen sugar shortage - Gomwe
    • Previous gains under threat - Agribank
    • Fires cost Border dearly
    • No way out of the woods yet
    • ZABG a reflection of RBZ's failure
    • We've divine right to resist Zanu PF
    • Patriotic press
    • Myopia triggers economic disaster
    • Mugabe's false bravado laid bare
  20. Batch 2 Posted 16/9/05
    • Zimbabwe seizes US$2.68 million from SA-owned firm
    • White farmer pressure group urges Zimbabwe to appeal for food aid
    • Tsvangirai walks to work
    • Operation Murambatsvina - The Suffering Continues
    • Zim in serious power crisis
    • Zesa Holdings needs overhaul
    • Shortage of commodities major headache for CSO
    • Harare plans to get rid of vendors in city centre
    • No Exit Visas But Critics Beware - Zimbabwe Justice Minister
    • In Zimbabwe's Latest Fuel Crisis, a Country Running on Fumes
    • Despite Slaps at West, Some Find Mugabe UN Speech Tame
    • The MDC and the culture of prevarication
    • Political capital needed for economic revival
    • UNDP pledges to provide farming inputs
    • Industry owes RBZ US$150 million, says Gono
    • Mujuru blasts lazy ministers
    • UN statistics a big reality check, showing up ANC's misrule
    • Makamba said to seek asylum in Britain
  21. Posted 16/9/05
    • Mugabe blames Western sanctions for Zimbabwe's crisis
    • Rubble convinces residents of the government's "ulterior motives"
    • Zimbabwean President Satisfied with Official Visit to Cuba
    • Heartless, Hopeless Africa
    • 'Increase Production, Exports to Generate Foreign Currency'
    • Piers Pigou the Director of ZTVP talks to Lance Guma
    • Tough life for Zim exiles in SA
    • Amendment bill beyond party men
    • Well done Ward 9 in Mangwe
    • Travel ban ideas include families
    • We have been silent for too long
    • IMF conditions could spell end
    • Letter from Bulawayo
    • Mugabe going nowhere, slowly
    • Are we learning anything?
    • Farmers didn't all pay to stay
    • Lecturers on strike over conditions
    • MIC shared Mugabe's mail bag
    • Zanu (PF) 'won' with iron grip, not ballot stuffing: HR Forum
    • Mavuradonha wilderness destroyed
    • Time for a reality check
    • It's time for intervention
    • What does the IMF decision mean?
  22. Batch 3 Posted 15/9/05
    • Makamba turns to UK
    • You're sellouts, Tsvangirai tells members eyeing senate seats
    • Official grilled over grain controversy
    • Millers fail to buy wheat
    • Will trio usher in new era for Africa?
    • Contradictions mark Zimbabwe's IMF stance
    • ZISCO to pay $208 bln to Chinese
    • Yet another great grain lie
    • Shares pick up momentum
    • Playing Russian roulette with the people's lives
    • And now to the notebook...
    • Give me the old timers anytime
    • Old Mutual ready to get rid of Zimpapers stake
    • A row where no one emerged the winner
    • Company-owned estates' fate sealed
    • Clean-up operation hits Tedco sales
    • ZUPCO boss develops cold feet in lawsuit against bus supplier
    • Industry fires broadside salvo at govt
    • Building materials shoot up 200%
  23. Batch 2 Posted 15/9/05
    • Zimbabwean dollar sinks further as forex dries up
    • Mugabe to hold talks on blitz
    • Mugabe hits out at 'coalition of evil'
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 363
    • Mugabe and the white psychiatrist
    • Zimbabwean is sent back to die. (not the one who just won the Ashes)
    • Mugabe blasts 'rich countries'
    • Diesel shortage grounds buses
    • 13 villagers accused of invading farm
    • New maize seed, fertiliser prices announced
    • Zim, China in wildlife exchange programme
    • Weather hazards assessment 15 - 21 Sep 2005
  24. Posted 15/9/05
    • Zimbabwe silent on SA loan
    • National Parks boss accused of diverting fuel to his farm
    • Zimbabwe may dump SA as financial source
    • Award for the Zimbabwean
    • Court ruling may herald financial sector turmoil
    • Farming experts summoned, questioned over prediction
    • Joint ventures fail to take off
    • Kuruneri too ill to stand trial
    • Company to maintain Falls Bridge
    • CMED officials probed over $10bn fuel scam
    • Zim homeless get food aid
    • Zimbabwe Considers Importing Crude Oil to Meet Fuel Crisis
    • Loan for Mugabe 'will not deprive SA people'
    • Education ministry reverses decision on school fees after MDC interference
    • ZANU-PF officials implicated in illegal trophy hunting scams
    • Assembly of hypocrites
    • The Aftermath of a Disastrous Venture - A Follow-up report on “Operation Murambatsvina”
    • Surviving Zim's law of expediency
    • Soldiers sent home over food shortages
    • Fuel crunch forces Zimbabwe capital to black market
  25. Batch 2 Posted 14/9/05
    • Zimbabwe to introduce exit visas to rein in critics
    • Harare dry as fuel crisis worsens
    • Zimdollar trades at $26 180 to the greenback
    • Police chief cracks down on cheeky fuel thieves
    • Zimbabwean pressure group to demonstrate at UN offices
    • UN Chief Annan to Take Up Aid Issues With Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe: Mugabe Succession Struggle
    • Onetime Friendship Turns Nasty
    • Mugabe backs steps boosting power
    • Gono Says Zimbabwe Will Pay Off Remaining Arrears to IMF
    • Mugabe says he will step down in three years
    • Statement by IMF Staff Mission in Zimbabwe
    • IMF Considers Complaint Regarding Zimbabwe's Compulsory Withdrawal
    • Schizoid response shows Harare's state of mind
    • See no evil, hear no evil and don't complain
    • Zim Constitutional reforms recipe for disaster
    • MDC mulls senate elections boycott
    • The Daily News' hearing date set
    • Fuel shortages cripple Harare
    • Villagers run out of food
    • HIV patients ripped off
    • Chihuri lashes out at international media for demonising Zim
  26. Posted 14/9/05
    • Zimbabwe warns of takeover of white-owned businesses
    • Zimbabwe cannot take two more years with Mugabe: analysts
    • Senate polls to be held before end of year: President
    • Venezuela: Echoes of Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe 'shocked' by actions of his cronies
    • Zim civic groups meet to make new strategy
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe: Property Curbs Consolidate National Power
    • Zimbabwe Government Split on Food Shortages
    • Annan is off Mugabe's list
    • Tri-series may have been fixed: ICC
  27. Posted 13/9/05
    • Mugabe legalises seizure of white farms
    • Zimbabwe's President Signs Controversial Constitutional Amendments into Law
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe: Property Curbs Consolidate National Power
    • President On Investment Opportunities
    • Inflation to Breeze Past 300%
    • Zimbabwe's economy - still on the brink
    • State Seeks to Maintain Education Standards
    • State Urged to Help Undo Damage of Murambatsvina
    • Threat to Harare's Ecosystem
    • Bus operators face arrest for fare hike
    • Diplomats Hail Operation Garikai
    • Chombo threatens military action
    • Women's Groups Rap Virginity Testing
    • Urge Husbands to Use Condoms, Wives Told
    • Judge refuses to quit in Zimbabwe ex-fin min case
    • Hollow victory
  28. 2nd batch Posted 12/9/05
    • Zimbabwe: Mass Evictions Lead to Massive Abuses
    • The IMF Decision
    • Zimbabwe Film Festival Survives Despite Extreme Hardships
    • Commission throws out council’s turnaround document
    • Zimbabwe 'has enough maize for its people'
    • Mugabe approves Zimbabwe constitution changes-radio
    • Aids programmes affected by Harare blitz
    • Marathon boss backs Williard's asylum bid
    • Zimbabwe earns over 100 million dollars from tobacco this season
    • IMF Grace Period Won, Zimbabwe Bank Governor Pledges Reform
  29. Posted 12/9/05
    • New law deprives Zimbabweans of basic liberties
    • Gono's brother accused
    • Chombo threatens military action
    • Anti-graft body gets thumbs down
    • Dissension in MDC over constitution
    • Statement by Morgan Tsvangirai
    • CPC delegation leaves for visit to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique
    • Zimbabwe eviction drive seen worsening AIDS crisis
    • Zimbabwe in new crisis
    • State urged to help undo damage of Murambatsvina
    • Bulawayo schools face closure due to water shortage
    • Threat to Harare's ecosystem
    • Bulawayo runs out of burial space
    • Mutare traders unhappy with flea market site
    • Cardiff's nook for homesick Africans
    • Zimbabwe backtracks on ACHPR session
    • Failing to plan is planning to fail
    • Zimbabwe confident about settling IMF debt
    • Zimbabwe president, in Cuba, decries IMF
    • Players lambast incompetent Zimbabwe board
    • We feel welcome in Nigeria, say Zim farmers
  30. Posted 11/9/05
    • Zimbabwe hails IMF decision delay
    • Statement on IMF reprieve : Postponing the inevitable
    • Zimbabwe president, in Cuba, decries IMF
    • Tyrant? You can only be talking about Tony Blair . . .
    • Zimbabwe's maize stocks depleted, report says
    • Zimbabwe civic groups plan conference to discuss new constitution
    • HIV/AIDS infection rate declines in Zimbabwe
    • UN appeal for southern Africa draws a blank
    • Housing scandal
    • Bulawayo Residents : EXCEPTIONAL Report Back Meeting
    • Inner Circles, Outer Circles and Subsets of Zimbabwean Politics
    • On Mugabe and Katrina
  31. Posted 10/9/05
    • UPDATE 3-IMF meets to consider Zimbabwe expulsion or warning
    • UPDATE 4-IMF again postpones decision on Zimbabwe expulsion
    • Zimbabwe Makes Partial Payment on Debts
    • IMF Considers the Complaint Regarding Zimbabwe's Compulsory Withdrawal from the IMF
    • President Robert Mugabe may be off the IMF's hook-for now
  32. 3rd batch Posted 9/9/05
    • 'No' vote was the right decision in 2000
    • Changes seal disregard for rule of law
    • Only economic pressure can send Mugabe packing
    • The money Zim's cricketers are refusing
    • The man who holds Dynamos down
    • Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) Press Release 8th September 2005
    • Weekly Media Update 2005-33
    • Zimbabwe potential lies latent as growth push ramps-up in South Africa
    • Zimbabwe sets up graft-busting commission
    • Makosi upset as deportation from UK looms
    • Zimbabwe outlines plans to reduce child mortality
    • Zimbabwe left with three weeks’ supply of food
    • Freedom to import grain a hoax
    • Zimbabwe's economy - still on the brink
    • Zim pulls out of AU human rights meeting
    • Mapfumo's exile - longing for home
    • Zimbabwe prisoners using Bibles as toilet paper
  33. 2nd batch Posted 9/9/05
    • Zim commuters stranded as bus fares double
    • Defiant Zimbabwe can “survive” without IMF: report
    • Zimbabwe tour an organisational disaster!
    • Trial of Zim murder accused starts
    • Sugar shortages in sight, warns producer
    • Zimbabwe pray for change of fortunes
    • Govt seeks $10,5 trillion for IDBZ
    • ZABG puts spotlight on RBZ's integrity
    • Mediagate: Mirror's Kanengoni fired
    • Zimpapers reels as hard times bite
    • Gono in US to plead Zimbabwe's case
    • 'Proudly Zimbabwean' agency set for launch
    • Dollar on downward spiral
    • Zimbabwe faces worst season
    • Consumers to pay more
    • Expulsion threat earns IMF Mugabe's ear
    • Mean-spirited
    • Govt backs down on new tax
    • Harrowing time with Zimra at Beitbridge
    • Celebrating tyranny
  34. Posted 9/9/05
    • MP-Priscilla Misihairambwi on BTH
    • Mugabe to visit Cuba
    • Zimbabwean president appoints anti-corruption commission
    • He's still there
    • Mugabe: Zimbabwe poverty worsening- But some wonder where the money came from
    • Zim Holds Breath As IMF Meets
    • IMF to debate Zimbabwe explusion
    • Fuel Price Up Again, But Supply Won't Improve
    • Zanu PF Reaps $7 Billion Dividends From Investments
    • Minister Hails Mission Hospitals
    • Participate in Cassava Projects, Women Told
    • A Re-Examination of Health Benefit Costs
    • Deputy Minister Calls for Closer Ties With NAC
    • New laws hamper re-establishment of informal businesses
    • Bjorkman-Mirnyi to meet Bryans in Open doubles final
  35. 2nd batch Posted 8/9/05
    • Zimbabwe Farmers Pessimistic as Planting Season Opens
    • Zimbabwean harvest crisis looms
    • 'Millions lacking food' in Africa
    • SA loan for Zimbabwe not set in stone
    • Rich countries ignoring lessons of Niger as southern Africa faces severe food shortages
    • Zimbabwe anxiously awaits IMF decision
    • Zimbabwe doubles petrol, diesel prices
    • Police raid Hillbrow immigrants
    • Pub's rescuer is toast of village
    • Zimbabwe, SA relations in perspective (Part 3)
    • Britain sends pobe team to Zimbabwe
    • Fresh war vets threat
    • The sheer genius of selling fuel in forex
    • Battle for control of state media
    • It's all doom and gloom
  36. Posted 8/9/05
    • Sink or Swim Together
    • Harare hikes petrol price as supplies dwindle
    • Zimbabwe facing worst agricultural season since independence, experts warn
    • Another farm worker shot after mistaken for animal
    • Massive shortages loom for Zimbabwe
    • Harare Spokesman Denies Passport-Seizure List Drawn Up
    • Zimbabwe Economic Team Headed for Washington Face-Off With IMF Board
    • Zimbabwe doubles fuel prices as economy totters
    • SA will not 'unilaterally' pay Zim loan
    • Mugabe feels the pinch
    • IMF gains attention of Mugabe with threat
    • Zim Company Beats the Odds
    • Eastern Europe Style Reforms Ahead?
    • Zim cotton firm goes digital to boost sales
    • Cultural news roundup
    • Fuel supplies to Zimbabwe resume in Beira
    • Before the first ball
    • Britain gathers evidence against Zim asylum seekers
  37. 2nd batch Posted 7/9/05
    • Aid agencies warn four million may die
    • Mugabe plans fresh farm seizures
    • Zimbabwe set for 'gloomy' farming season
    • The Man Who Betrayed the Poor
    • South Africa to mimic Zimbabwe on farms?
    • ATTEMPTED FRAUD - Hatcliffe Orphanages, etc
    • Zimbabwe economic team headed for Washington face-Off with IMF board
    • Harare raises $50m more
    • Zimbabwe's blood bank runs dry
    • The images that enraged top cop
    • No fertiliser for Zim farmers
    • Swiss ban 126 Zimbabweans
  38. Posted 7/9/05
    • Mbeki's African dream
    • Zimbabwe still need $50 million to avert expulsion
    • Business struggle after SA disconnects Harare for unpaid phone bill
    • Bleak outlook for vulnerable, say aid workers
    • Poor Border Controls 'Contribute to Surge in Car Theft'
    • Wildlife Authority to Get Boost From Rentals
    • Zesa Holdings' Subsidiary Introduces ARVs Scheme
    • 900 People Undergo Herbal Therapy
    • Hospital Has Posts for Over 200 Nurses
    • RBZ Gives Agric Sector $7 Trillion
    • Barclays Charged
    • Ministry Sets Up Promotional Committee for 2010 Soccer Cup
    • Zimbabwe Film Festival Survives Despite Extreme Hardships
    • Police, Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers' Union Team Up
    • Zimbabwe price controls 'do not help'
    • Zimbabwe homeless will get first priority
    • Jakachira acquitted in first victory over one of the world's harshest press laws
    • Economic Distress Deepens in Zimbabwe as IMF Expulsion Vote Nears
    • Napier criticises Mbeki's stance on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe’s Zanu PF thugs jailed
  39. Posted 6/9/05
    • Villagers respond to AIDS orphans crisis
    • Govt extends deadline for floundering reconstruction programme
    • G8 leaders must help African science help itself
    • Former Zim finance minister's trial resumes
    • Top Zimbabwe Official Sues Colleague over Land Use
    • Total buys Exxon retail network in 14 African states
    • Mujuru Urges State Health Institutions to Be Innovative
    • Mutual's Zim connection may not kill Swiss deal
    • Another row brewing in Zimbabwe cricket
    • Bvute defends Zim contracts
    • Zimbabwe leader blasts Hollywood film
  40. 2nd batch Posted 5/9/05
    • Zimbabwe appeals to IMF against possible expulsion
    • Zimbabwe's phones disconnected
    • Telkom's credit freeze may win where quiet diplomacy has failed
    • Zim declares bus accident a national disaster
    • SA stands its ground on loan to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe denies working to impose travel sanctions
    • A fistful of Zim dollars can buy you only sorrow
    • Some indications of prices and living costs
    • Inflation Alert
    • Cost of living soars in Zimbabwe due to high inflation
    • Police defy court order on vendors
    • Exam scandal at Morgenster
    • Mujuru gate-crashes church meeting
    • Someone's death wish for Zimbabwe
    • Bizarre News Lion Seek Refuge In Toilet
  41. Posted 5/9/05
    • Waiting in line for gas is a full-time job in Zimbabwe
    • Using music for AIDS awareness
    • Zimbabwe bank chief says IMF loan payback 100 percent transparent
    • Zanu PF chefs jostle for Senate posts
    • War vets beat up councilors
    • Tight security at Hopley farm
    • Red-tape stalls food distribution
    • War veterans take over NRZ security
    • Landmark ruling on seized goods
    • Travel ban for Mugabe critics
  42. Posted 4/9/05
    • Ervine leads African charge
    • Zimbabwe facing new contract row
    • British firm under fire for staging beauty pageant which 'props up Mugabe regime'
    • Cricket hero 'not fit for citizenship'
    • Anger at Kidman film
    • A point of no return
  43. Posted 3/9/05
    • Bankers Say Zimbabwe Drew Foreign Currency From Corporate Accounts to Pay Debt
    • Zimbabwe starves productive sector to pay IMF
    • Lawyers to appeal to African Commission over constitutional changes
    • Harare pushes for extradition of fugitive ZANU PF businessman
    • Horror crashes kill 25
    • Zimbabwe mortuaries 'piled high with corpses'
    • RMB Linked to SA Loan Package
    • Zimbabweans in United States Mobilize to Help Fellow Emigres
    • Airzim Resumes London Route
    • Namibia concludes first forced farm sale
    • Zimbabwe's future in the IMF bleak
    • Zimbabwe finally clears donated food for distribution
    • Mlambo-Ngcuka makes U-turn on Zimbabwe
    • Desperate Zimbabweans to march to SA Home Affairs Office
    • Zim public servants scolded
  44. Batch 3 Posted 2/9/05
    • Tough media law here to stay, vows minister
    • Zimbabwe elections body rules out mayoral polls in Harare
    • Britain 'breaking vow on Mugabe refugees'
    • Harare's water levels drop further, rotational cuts announced
    • Paradza Barred From Telling All
    • Telkom hangs up on Harare for $18m debt
    • IMF wants $50m from Zimbabwe
    • Tel*One in debt crisis
    • Show exposes malaise in agriculture
    • Foot and mouth costs Zim EU market
    • Harare in bid to conceal evidence of blitz
    • Masvingo fights for political stability
    • Matonga raps ZTV
    • Byo pleads for water
    • Mediagate: more info filters in
    • MDC still to decide on Senate
    • Corporate FCAs used to pay IMF
    • Bill is worst attack on democracy
    • Zim now a typical mad house case
    • Reforms first before any debt relief for Zim
    • Lion of Judah
    • Reconsider new flea market sites
    • Sound agriculture requires secure tenure
    • No takers for 'Proudly Zimbabwean' concept
    • Debt surges
    • Price increases not enough - Natfoods
    • Govt ignored ZSE advice on new tax
    • Zim to disclose terms of SA loan
    • Management, labour friction set to rise
    • Zanu PF shuts key chapter on sanity
    • New vehicle numbers a pyramid scheme
    • Fuel shortages affect the dead
    • Shamu threatens to expose firms that fail to deliver
    • Govt fails to collect tax from ZSE
    • Shortage hampers Operation Garikai
    • Department to meet Bindura farmers
    • Harare to open 19 more flea markets
  45. Batch 2 Posted 2/9/05
    • Monthly pension buys a sip of Coke
    • Cataclysmic collapse of Zimdollar
    • A book now a luxury
    • Take action for justice and dignity
    • World just watches Zim 'go rogue'
    • Malaria outbreak imminent
    • Fire unites Bulawayo community
    • I was robbed says Kombayi
    • SA will own Zimbabwe
    • We won’t forget Murambatsvina
    • Thinking about life after Mugabe?
    • Not safe to carry a bag of sugar
    • Mysterious police deaths
  46. Posted 2/9/05
    • Zimbabwe says raised IMF funds, others sceptical
    • Mugabe can still be tried at the International criminal court
    • Mugabe pays IMF
    • Zimbabwe offers South African bank gold mines as cover
    • Zimbabwe slams Australia and New Zealand
    • Court issues warrant of arrest for former top official of Mugabe's party
    • Who Deserves a Seat on New Human Rights Council?
    • Iranian firm to invest in assembly plant in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe demolitions leave thousands in limbo
    • Voting Record - Constitution Amendment (17) Bill - Committee Stage
    • Attack on democracy
    • Govt to sink $800 billion into HCC
    • Zim dollar yet to find its real value
    • Tungamirai death causes crisis
    • Zimbabwean bureaucrats in a class of their own
    • OPINION: Chigwedere's dubious distinction
    • Glimmer of hope
    • Mugabe gave us the go-ahead to travel
    • Companies reel from frequent rate hikes
    • Stockfeed prices shoot up
    • RBZ reintroduces 30-day treasury bills
    • Why does Zimbabwe need 'big brothers'?
    • That season has come again
    • Government must take Zimbabwe to task at UN
    • IMF mum on Zim expulsion threat
    • US $120 million keeps IMF at bay, but food crisis still looms
    • RBZ Scraps Gold Support Price
    • The right to revolt against tyranny
    • Constitutional reform and the MDC mess
    • Old Mutual confirms ownership of stake in Zimbabwean media group
  47. Posted 1/9/05
    • Zimbabwe seen in deeper hole after constitution vote
    • Zim pays IMF $120m
    • SA in the dark about Zimbabwe paying back IMF loan
    • Zimbabwe bans hunting to protect elephants-paper
    • Children living in borderland limbo
    • S. Africa Urged to Rethink Zimbabwe Ties
    • "Third way" runs into criticism
    • SA 'can't force Mugabe'
    • Opposing Mugabe 'no easy task'
    • Zimbabwean journalist acquitted in important test case
    • Submission by the Combined Harare Residents Association to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government and Urban Development
    • US critical of Zimbabwe political moves
    • Families fear for deported refugees who disappeared
    • Zimbabwe plans travel bans for 'traitors'
    • New 'stone age' legislation in Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki may yet have to do a Vorster on Mugabe
    • Goff hopes for Zimbabwe indictment
    • Mugabe is Zim's real problem
    • Ministry Still to Reverse Instruction On School Fees
    • CIO in contempt of court
    • Donors pull out of dairy project
    • Former TelOne workers storm HQ, demand reinstatement
    • WFP says far short of funds to fight Africa hunger
    • ABC correspondent visits Zimbabwe's homeless
    • UZ lecturers strike
    • The man who isn't there

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