The ZIMBABWE Situation

November 2005 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 30/11/05
    • Mugabe's real election victory: an opposition split down the middle
    • Zimbabwe's 'elections'
    • More Zimbabweans banned from business
    • It does not rain mealies
    • State Dept. Daily Press Briefing November 28 2005
    • Mugabe leaves Dabengwa out of Senate
    • Opportunity in Tanzania
    • JAG PR Communiques dated 29 November 2005
    • JAG Classifieds dated 29 November 2005
    • Board finally meets as crisis grows
  2. Posted 30/11/05
    • Farmer's murder a 'political hit'
    • Factions expected to fight over MDC name//CORRECTION
    • Zim 'worst rights violator'
    • Mystery of Zim Aids statistics
    • Mugabe moves to buy security forces' loyalty
    • Budget will see state oil repression machinery
    • GMB must write off loans: Made
    • Opposition leader ignores attempts to force him from office
    • Mobile Orphanages Helping AIDS Orphans in Zimbabwe
    • Zinwa manages to repair water treatment works
    • Downer condemns Zimbabwe polls
    • US labels Zimbabwe Senate election a 'nonevent'
    • Pro-Senate MDC is a Sellout Faction
    • "Weapons" of mass destruction needed
    • How to keep Africa from backsliding
    • Women Fight State Brutality In Streets Of Zimbabwe
    • Hungry Children Faint At Delayed Mugabe Rally
    • Chitungwiza persuades RBZ to take-over debt
    • $430bn fraud at CABS
    • Is New Currency the Solution?
    • African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights to adopt resolution on Zimbabwe
    • Hot Seat: Mzila Ndlovu says Tsvangirai not welcome at the congress
    • Zimbabwe Cricket players go on strike
    • MDC structures in massive consultations over split
    • Harare hangs up on fixed telephone firm
    • Zimbabweans Sell Cotton in Mozambique
    • 10 MDC activists in court for looting
  3. Batch 2 Posted 29/11/05
    • Harare offered exporters "black market rates" to raise hard cash: analysts
    • Policemen arrested for complaining over poor allowances
    • ZANU PF sweeps three of the remaining four senate seats
    • No Santa Claus for Zimbabwean kids
    • Zimbabwe villagers abandon land to dig for gold
    • Zimbabweans won't buy into ZANU PF's nefarious Senate machinations
    • Letter from America
  4. Posted 29/11/05
    • Factions expected to fight over MDC name
    • NGO coalition calls on the ICC to intervene
    • Zimbabwe Farmers Group: End Lawlessness In Rural Areas
    • Analysts: Low turnout hurts Mugabe's credibility
    • Vote % 'a silent protest'
    • 'Many are waiting to die'
    • Zimdollar creeps closer to black market rate
    • London All night vigil described as a success
    • Pro-senate Mzila Ndhlovu says Tsvangirai a fugitive
    • Zimbabwe criticized over humanitarian crisis
    • Makwavarara's hypocrisy!
  5. Batch 3 Posted 28/11/05
    • Meeting to stop fresh farm invasion
    • MDC is not divided - spokesperson
    • Zim misses target for Aids drugs rollout
    • Zimbabwe pays IMF $10m, says will clear arrears
    • Voters rebuff Mugabe
    • Angry Gono blasts fresh land seizures as Judge grabs farm
    • Blair ignores Mugabe attacks
    • Clean-up victims appeal for food
    • Zim still keeping fingers crossed over SA loan
    • Gvt splashes $6bn on Zanu PF congress venues
    • Rains destroy 'Garikai' houses in Chinhoyi
    • Hungry children faint at delayed Mugabe rally
    • High fares and fuel puts damper on festive travel
    • Canada concerned by Zimbabwe crisis, says envoy
    • Harare suburbs drowning in sewage
    • Police torment vendors
    • Expectant mothers suffer as maternity costs hit the roof
    • Voters' message to Zanu PF: shelve Senate idea
    • Is Gono aware of this scam by AirZim staff?
    • State complicit in stealing land
    • More scapegoats at Air Zimbabwe
    • Hunger pangs subdue budget hopes
    • Bleak Xmas beckons for Zimbabweans
    • Mugabe violated Catholic principles
  6. Batch 2 Posted 28/11/05
    • Zimbabwe's Governing Party to Run New Senate
    • Zimbabwe's opposition suspends leader for boycott call
    • Tsvangirai scoffs at suspension
    • MDC faction puts up pathetic show in senate election
    • Low voter turnout shows Zimbabweans aware of real issues at stake
    • Senate Issue
    • Farmer set on fire in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 26th November 2005
    • Zimbabwe's opposition split after Mugabe wins flawed election
    • Cairo bank funding Harare, says central bank chief
  7. Posted 28/11/05
    • Another of Zimbabwe's productive farmers murdered
    • Senate election results at a glance
    • Zanu-PF sweeps senate polls
    • Most Zimbabwe voters chose not to vote
    • Statement from Mr Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai scoffs at suspension attempts
    • Spider web of police and thieves
    • Africa's game of follow the leader
    • Bravery gives world perspective
  8. Batch 2 Posted 27/11/05
    • Zimbabwe opposition leads in early poll results
    • Hunger trumps democracy in Zimbabwe vote
    • Controversial Zimbabwe polls get off to sluggish start
    • Retracing ancient mariners' wake from Indonesia to Madagascar
    • 'This man will turn our country into another Zimbabwe'
    • Death in the Bush
  9. Posted 27/11/05
    • Harvest of hunger
    • Mugabe a sure winner as Zimbabwe votes
    • Voter apathy hits Zimbabwe election
    • Signs of apathy in opposition stronghold
    • Voting off to a slow start in Harare
    • Emails from Zim
    • Zimbabwe's cricket bowled out by political thuggery
    • Mugabe slams US sanctions list
    • Mugabe paid US$20m "thank you"?
  10. Batch 2 Posted 26/11/05
    • Zimbabwe Election Boycott Urged
    • Vote - The Senate is a fact
    • Zimbabwe elections a farce, says Downer
    • No room for principles as Commonwealth club meets
    • Zimbabweans on US blacklist named
  11. Posted 26/11/05
    • Police cordon off Harare ahead of senate election
    • MDC faction meets to plot Tsvangirai's ouster
    • Three South African soldiers arrested for shooting Zimbabweans
    • Death toll mounts for Zimbabwe's Operation Murambatsvina victims
    • Upcoming Zimbabwe Senate Elections Attract Little Enthusiasm
    • More players could dump hopeless Zim cricket
    • MDC row overshadows Zimbabwe election
    • Zim keen to trade with Vietnam
    • Zim's senate polls ring death knell for opposition
    • Despotism hinders Africa's development - PAP
    • Mugabe promises voters food
    • Zimbabwe's MDC on course for another poll defeat
    • Army boots Arda off farms
    • Starvation looms in Muzarabani
    • 95% Zimbabweans say no to senate in Crisis Coalition survey
    • All night vigil in protest against senate elections in London
    • Gold output in Zimbabwe falls
  12. Batch 4 Posted 25/11/05
    • Chefs' wives, kids join US blacklist
    • Govt fuel sold on black market
    • Judicial problems in electoral cases exposed
    • Black market - the real economy
    • Tsvangirai denies violating constitution
    • Civic activists slam govt at human rights meeting
    • Mirror board summons suspended Mandaza
    • Voter apathy set to give Zanu PF urban windfall
    • National savings decline to 10% of GDP
    • What does the Finance minister's briefcase hold?
    • Air Zimbabwe closes regional offices
    • Murerwa to rein in expenditure
    • How it works
    • Indigenisation too hard an act for govt to follow
    • When they vomit on their shoes, watch out
    • MDC should learn from its past mistakes
    • Mugabe succession key to recuperation
    • Law of diminishing returns prevails
    • Where is Moyo when you need him?
    • AirZim - nation's emblematic disaster
  13. Batch 3 Posted 25/11/05
    • Roll of Dishonour
    • Zimbabwe Minister Reacts to U.S. Expansion of Targeted Sanctions on Harare
    • Analysts Applaud Stronger US Measures Against Zimbabwe
    • Witchdoctor told police giving blood made him zombie
    • Will they ever come back?
    • Zimbabwe's senate election denounced as 'political farce'
    • The Emperor is Without Clothes
    • Zimbabwe: The Politics of Smoke and Mirrors
    • Letter to Secretary, US Dept of Homeland Security
    • 72 observers accredited for senatorial election in Zimbabwe
    • Omam takes a long-term view on Zimbabwe
    • JAG Compensation/Restitution Communique dated 24 November 2005
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 24 November 2005
  14. Batch 2 Posted 25/11/05
    • Fuel worth Z$1 billion disappears from Zimbabwe state firm
    • Ninety percent of Zimbabweans oppose senate: survey
    • Civic group says MDC will lose seats in strongholds
    • 3 mln Zimbabweans face food shortages
    • My four days inside Mugabe's prisons
    • Captain Taibu quits Zimbabwe cricket
    • Asian Investors Target Mhangura
    • Suspected cigarette smugglers nabbed at Beitbridge
    • Voter apathy seen giving Mugabe poll win
    • Zimbabwe vendors in struggle for survival
    • Zimbabwe & South Africa spy deal: How safe is the diaspora?
    • Zimbabwe in 'humanitarian crisis'
    • Zim deploys cops ahead of polls
    • SA loan 'key for Zim renewal'
    • Zim food crisis eclipses polls
    • U.S. Pledges $45M in Food Aid for Africa
    • EU Commission pledges increased support to pro-democracy groups in Zimbabwe
    • Confusion over Zimbabwe-South Africa spy deal
    • Spouses and children of Mugabe cronies added to U.S. sanctions list
    • Commonwealth urged to prosecute those who kill journalists
    • Zimbabwe to host Afreximbank's 12th AGM
  15. Batch 1 Posted 25/11/05
    • Christians for justice and peace
    • The way forward
    • MPs watch Murambatsvina horrors
    • Letter from America
    • More boodle, less booze
    • Zanu here to stay, unless .
    • An exercise in futility
    • Silent genocide
    • Who is the dictator?
    • Stop insulting Ncube
    • Pro-Senate faction will fail
    • Home for babies
    • Media fails to cover demos, arrests
    • Dignity or poverty asks Woza
    • The bubble bursts - $44 trillion lost
    • The freedom moment
    • Surviving the challenges – 90 years
  16. Batch 3 Posted 24/11/05
    • Gono offloads 103 workers
    • Cost of ARVs skyrockets
    • Union threatens strike
    • Voting for opposition a futile exercise: Shamu
    • Dell slams 'Nazi' tactics
    • Siwela calls on Mugabe to heed call for federation
    • Sipepa Nkomo fired
    • Asbestos industry:10 000 jobs on the line
    • Tsholotsho ghost haunts ZANU PF
    • Politics likely to spoil Murerwa's budget
    • The election that never was
    • 140 tonnes wheat lost to early rains
    • We still own Zupco: Zimre
    • What cheek!
    • AirZim can stuff their fares
    • For how long will Zim duck scrutiny?
    • Apathy, not ZANU PF the winner come Saturday
  17. Batch 2 Posted 24/11/05
    • US Widens Sanctions on Zimbabwe Officials
    • Executive Order: Blocking Property of Additional Persons Undermining Democratic Process or Institutions in Zimbabwe
    • S.African farmers get Zambia invite
    • Protest at Zimbabwe Senate Elections
    • Mugabe, Mujuru clash over Air Zimbabwe
    • 'Nonaligned' news net attacked
    • Mixed Blessings for Zimbabweans Who Brave South Africa
    • Airzim strategy: What went wrong?
    • Mugabe is using uranium to get the West off his back, say observers
    • ZSE battles to raise US$1,5m
    • 'Senate is not for us, but for ruling elite'
  18. Posted 24/11/05
    • African Export-Import Bank props up Mugabe's government
    • Mugabe needs more than army to revive farming
    • Judge, businessman claim part of Zim dairy farm<
    • Commonwealth, chemistry, and cojones
    • NGOs urge Commonwealth to remain engaged with Zimbabwe
    • Coltart pleads for tolerance over the senate issue
    • Dictatorship is Strangling Zimbabwe's Judiciary, Says Human Rights Lawyer
    • Can metical operation cure sick currency?
    • What Murambatsvina failed to achieve, ZanuPF Senators will finish off
    • Zimbabwe central bank still sees lower inflation
    • NGOs call on AU rights body for aid
    • Air Zimbabwe suspends two senior officials
    • Zimbabwe hikes interest rates
    • Overloaded sewer system delays construction of houses
    • Reward teachers for their role: Zimta
    • MDC infighting to hand Zanu PF victory
    • Another rural bus fare shocker!
  19. Batch 2 Posted 23/11/05
    • Zimbabweans dismiss senate election as a non-event
    • Mugabe's farm seizures squeeze life out of farming town
    • Zimbabwe government seizes six cars from MDC politician
    • Air Zimbabwe official blames forex shortages for grounding fleet
    • Poor ignore ban on urban farming as food prices climb
    • The Church Must Lead the Struggle for Change in Zimbabwe
    • Trade the focus at Commonwealth summit
    • Insult to intelligence
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 400
    • JAG Classifieds dated 22 November 2005
  20. Posted 23/11/05
    • Airzim grounds fleet, boss kicked out
    • Harare airline resumes flights
    • Civil society calls for bigger role in food security issues
    • Sikhala speaks out ....again!
    • Kwara Connects Commercial Farmers to National Grid
    • Opposition Split And Mugabe's Future
    • Why does the ICC dither on Zimbabwe?
    • Tsvangarai - democrat or dictator?
    • Mugabe seen prodding West with uranium diplomacy
    • Nonaligned Movement Agrees to Establish News Network
    • Four die from dysentery in northern Zimbabwe: Report
    • Zimbabwe Says It Has Been Negatively Portrayed
    • ZCTF Report - Hwange Crisis Update
  21. Batch 2 Posted 22/11/05
    • Drop in violence as Mugabe reins in the MDC
    • Rights groups seek AU intervention in Harare
    • Zimbabwe dreaming of a nuclear future
    • Zambia cashes in on bonanza from Victoria Falls
    • Aids virus spreads to 40 million people, but still governments understate the pandemic
    • Police Chief Campaigns For Zanu PF
    • Mugabe's nephew threatens police
    • The Bhundu Boys: Lost Boys
    • 3 million face food shortages
    • Gambura resigned from security company: Chinotimba
    • Business presses for urgency on SA loan
    • Ox-drawn carts now mode of transport in Bindura, Shamva
    • Chitungwiza residents face massive rates hike
    • Farmers lose millions in fake inputs
  22. Posted 22/11/05
    • Little sign of electoral life
    • Foreign firms seek Zimbabwe uranium rights - chamber
    • Mugabe courts Chinese to mine uranium
    • Zimbabwe says will accept IMF bankrolled reforms
    • SA opposition party scoffs at government plans to hire Zimbabwean flying instructors
    • SADC team due in Zimbabwe to evaluate land reform
    • The reality of zanu-pf lawmaking in Zimbabwe's rural areas
    • Food shortages force traditions to change
    • A Tidal Wave of Destruction and Misery
    • Trucking fleets under pressure to deliver food aid
    • Chitungwiza Ordered to Clear Health Hazards
    • Christian Perspective on the Senate and its Aftermath
    • Zimbabwe: An Undeliverable Atomic Promise
    • African Union land seminar recommends security of tenure
    • Tsvangirai 'begged' Mugabe for VP's post
    • The President Who Stole Christmas
    • Africa must focus on prevention in AIDS fight - UN
  23. Batch 3 Posted 21/11/05
    • Mystery of Mugabe's declaration on nuclear power
    • A Good Reason To Go After The Tyrant!
    • Zimbabwe task force to lobby SA over asbestos regulations
    • Mugabe Land-Grab Fails As Squatters Go Home
    • Mugabe Opens Agrarian Reform To Audit By African Ministers
    • A riddle, wrapped in a mystery
    • CIO to launch daily newspaper - source
    • Mugabe moves to take over cities from MDC
  24. Batch 2 Posted 21/11/05
    • Mugabe's ministers loot scarce maize for resale outside country
    • MDC faction says will haul Tsvangirai for disciplinary hearing
    • Economic crisis forces Zimbabwean schools to abandon exams
    • Human rights group says Harare has ignored African Commission's recommendations
    • Zimbabwe will process newly found uranium deposit
    • Intelligence ministry denies NGO-spy allegations
    • Zimbabwe unions call for senate poll boycott
    • Harare Hospital faces closure
    • Water shortage hits Chitungwiza courts
    • Wheat price hiked to $9m
    • CHRA lobbying rate boycott
    • Ratepayers clash over mayoral probe
    • Trust seeks new strategy to resolve political impasse
    • Jumbos wreak havoc in Hwange
    • SA, Zimbabwe share spy notes
    • One killed in Mliswa farm wrangle
  25. Batch 1 Posted 21/11/05
    • Plot to oust Tsvangirai
    • Gono defies Cabinet
    • Health disaster looms as councils fail to cope
    • Shocking school fees hike proposed
    • Councils trample on consumer rights
    • MDC candidate cries foul
    • Zanu PF wants farmers to bankroll its congress
    • Global fund grant buys posh cars
    • Forex crisis: Datlabs in serious trouble
    • 'Senate poll a waste of money'
    • Drought, diseases claim 2000 cattle
    • 10 families live like rats at Harare house
    • Zimbabweans deserve greater respect
    • Harare City Council now a burden for residents
    • Open letter to UZ Vice Chancellor
    • Drought blame irritating, say top businessmen
    • Air Zim board cracks whi
    • Greed + impunity+ arrogance = Zanu PF
    • Why MDC boycott stance is flawed
    • More of Mugabe's hypocrisy at WSIS
  26. Posted 20/11/05
    • I have One Bar!
    • Taibu forced into hiding
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 19th Novemer 2005
    • Rhodesian Christian Heritage - 40 Years after UDI
    • Falls paradise
    • Safran helps lift curse of the Socceroos
  27. Batch 2 Posted 19/11/05
    • Minister, police chief linked to Zimbabwe farm killing
    • To Boost Economy, Some Africans Woo White Farmers
    • Dictator Chic
    • Press Defender Mtetwa Says Harare Curtails Information Flow
    • JAG Legal Communique dated 18 November 2005
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 399
    • JAG Situation Report
    • JAG PR Communique dated 18 November 2005
    • Central bank governor called for investigation into Zimbabwe board finances
    • Farmers forced out so the lions can roam free
  28. Posted 19/11/05
    • Zimbabwe's economy to shrink by 7 percent: IMF
    • Zimbabwe's economic crisis robs thousands of kids of their childhood
    • Suffering brings together Zimbabwean refugees in Jo'burg
    • US groups plead for Zimbabweans to be allowed to stay in country
    • African leaders 'must act on Zimbabwe'
    • Thieves Vandalise $25 Billion Zesa Transformers
    • Rotational Water Cuts for City
    • Anthrax Kills 3 People in Masvingo
    • Women of Zimbabwe Take to the Streets Demanding Dignity
    • Danish artists poke fun at Mugabe in newspaper
    • SA to work with Zimbabwe's spies
    • Cash-strapped Zimbabwe 'forced' to accept U.N. help
    • Bloch slams corruption in government
    • South Africa criticised for signing defence deal with Zimbabwe
    • Animals die of thirst and towns introduce rationing as water crisis continues
    • Bennett slams senate and government of national unity
    • University student leaders re-arrested and assaulted in detention
  29. Batch 5 Posted 18/11/05
    • Army launches Operation Taguta
    • Tsvangirai speaks out
    • Sibanda denies calling for Ndebele state
    • Mediagate hearings begin
    • Zanu PF plotting against me to cover corruption - Shoko
    • Govt orders AG to stop handling land cases
    • Farming problems mount
    • RBZ agricultural policy backfires
    • Zim faces grilling in Gambia over rights abuses
    • Cry for food, get computer
    • Zim cricket crisis sucks in Gono
    • Latest satellite TV technology comes to Zim
    • Govt moots indigenisation law
    • Empowerment history
    • Sweden to increase aid to Zim, but nothing for Operation Garikai
    • Business leaders lash out at govt
    • 60% govt agric funds disappear
    • Zesa in wanton destruction of trees
    • Dell criticism exposes Mugabe
    • The real saboteurs
    • Price changed . . . on way to the til
    • Chinese farmers clueless
    • Fight within MDC has turned too personal
    • Tsvangirai a liability
    • Zimbabweans don't deserve democracy
    • We do not need another Mugabe
    • Zim's inflation entrenches poverty
    • Economic turnaround requires bold budget
    • Wanted: spelling lessons for Mugabe
    • Keep Them Out Appeal - Harare North, Central, East and Mabvuku
    • 'We'll pray for you', Zim tells SA reporter
  30. Batch 4 Posted 18/11/05
    • Zimbabwe security forces put on alert as Mugabe takes no chances
    • Supreme Court reserves judgment on Tsvangirai's presidential poll petition
    • Women Fight State Brutality in Streets of Zimbabwe
    • HIV, Aids Affect Agriculture
    • Drought killing Zimbabwe's elephants
    • In the name of God, go
    • New venue for the Zimbabwe Forum
    • Police steal more equipment from farmers in Chiredzi
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 17 November 2005
    • Big Brother's Makosi wins right to stay in UK
  31. Batch 3 Posted 18/11/05
    • Zimbabwe's Remaining Commercial Farmers Under Seige
    • Donors wary of funding housing programme
    • Prostitutes, vendors scrounge on Zimbabwe roads<
    • China provides Zimbabwe with agriculture equipment
    • SA pilots to get training from Zimbabwe
    • S. Africa, Zimbabwe Sign Defense, Intelligence Pact
    • WOZA women hit the streets to launch anti-senate campaign
    • Health crisis looming as sewage flows in Zimbabwe's capital city
    • Tsvangirai asks Supreme Court to take poll case
    • Warrant of arrest for Zhuwawo's shock troops
    • Chief threatens to poison lions
    • Govt releases $350bn for tobacco
    • Harare residents condemn extension of commission term
    • Veterinary Services drafts bird flu emergency plan
  32. Batch 2 Posted 18/11/05
    • Mass desertions from ZNA
    • No sign of farming activity
    • More farm invasions
    • "State sabotage" of radio station's broadcasts
    • CHRA plans rates boycott
    • No to tribalism in MDC
    • Role of church to stand with people
    • Schoolkids raise millions for rhinos
    • Hunger striker dies
    • Detention Watch from Zimbabwe Association
    • Mugabe's strange bedfellows
    • Z$53 million duty for paper poppies
    • Zimbabweans abroad: Diaspora or exile?
    • UN fails Zimbabweans- yet again
    • The Zimbabwean - Letters
    • US and UN criticisms provoke abusive and distorted coverage
    • Why don't the people of Zimbabwe stand up?
  33. Batch 1 Posted 18/11/05
    • Deconstructing the MDC
    • MDC spokesman defends decision to participate . . .
    • . . as Tsvangirai sues
    • Govt bows to UN pressure on shelter
    • Ministerial fraud suspect out of country
    • CHRA vows to resume battle with Chombo
    • Stocks plummet as anxiety grips market
    • Govt plans to set up export council
    • Gold producers under pressure
    • CSO to release industrial data
    • MDC self-destructs
    • I saw this coming
    • My soul is not up for sale
    • When the cup of endurance runs dry
    • Letter from America
    • Zim politics lacks common sense
  34. Batch 2 Posted 17/11/05
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 397
    • Forget MDC, force ZANU PF out then piggy-back Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean government urged to implement consistent investment
    • Is this any way to begin life?
    • Zim passports for 15 000 Libyans
    • CIO Tortured UK Deportee
    • Zimbabwean Opposition Party Implodes
    • Harare Accepts UN Offer of Emergency Shelter
    • Zimbabwe minister calls for fiscal discipline to curb inflation
    • Former television personality implicated in US$2 million scam
    • The watershed and why I am remaining with MDC
  35. Posted 17/11/05
    • A Joint Appeal to African Leaders to address the human rights situation in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's starving jumbos face certain death
    • Mugabe attacks US at WSIS opening
    • Battle for offices and vehicles grinds MDC operations to a halt
    • BHP helps fund African governance initiative
    • Climate Change
    • Cities on verge of collapse: mayors
    • Govt to remove price controls
    • 30 MDC activists held over violence
    • Mutare commuters bracing for another increase in fares
    • Mugabe's nephew cleared of corruption charges
    • False report
    • The Senate Issue
  36. Batch 2 Posted 16/11/05
    • How Zimbabwe revenue authority boss swept past own gatekeepers
    • Zimbabwe ranked among worst economic performers
    • Police quiz Zimbabwe cricket boss over 50 000 pound honorarium
    • New deal for MDC women?
    • AIDS orphans and vulnerable children bear the brunt of collapsing economy
    • MDC split spells doom for opposition politics, say analysts
    • The price of survival
    • Nederburg's new white wine maker
    • Kwara's efforts will kick-start agric revulotion in Nigeria - Gov
    • MDC Reconciliation Panel Suggests Binding Arbitration
    • Zim export firms forced to shut
    • Minister fails to pay school fees for his kids
    • Mugabe tightens grip on power as crisis worsens
    • JAG Classifieds dated 15 November 2005
  37. Posted 16/11/05
    • Zimbabwe reaps harvest of land seizures
    • MDC man loses eye during in-fighting
    • Red Cross gives hope to PLWHA affected by the 'Clean up' in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe changes his mind about UN shelters
    • Repression fails to crush our resistance in Zimbabwe
    • More hunger strikes at UK Detention Centre
    • Zimbabwe contracts dispute ends
    • Taibu talks of the threats which drove him into hiding
    • Police raid ZC offices
    • Getting our priorities right!!!
    • Airzim Must Explain Fare Discrepancies
    • Zimbabwe Travel Warning
    • Chitungwiza mayor defies Chombo
    • City businessman accused of unlawfully buying $5,4 bn maize
    • Cotton output declines
    • Harare problems can be solved: CHRA
    • Piped water safe: Parirenyatwa
    • No to demos
    • Greater Limpopo Park to Be Inaugurated Early Next Year
    • Biodiesel Feedstock Project Launched
    • 'State to Bail Out Stressed Firms'
    • UK: Amnesty launches its annual 'Message of Hope' greetings card campaign
    • Government Seeks to Slash Energy Intensity
  38. Batch 2 Posted 15/11/05
    • Harare squatters trucked off despite court order barring eviction
    • Kunzvi Dam to ease Harare's water woes
    • Council's ambulance fleet grounded
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 396
    • China to enhance law-enforcement cooperation with Zimbabwe, official
    • Zimbabwe cricketers in dire straits
    • Arbitrary detention of Mrs. Netsai Mushonga
    • Govt Loses Billions
    • Dark year for journalists as 51 lose lives
  39. Posted 15/11/05
    • Zimbabwe police probe central bank chief over forex scam
    • 250 clean-up victims evicted again ahead of UN envoy's visit
    • Mugabe dishes out free maize in Gutu ahead of by-election
    • Zimbabwean teachers to lose Botswana jobs
    • MDC tension reaches boiling point
    • Ruling party 'more organised' than opposition
    • Zimbabwe opposition chief extends olive branch to 'rebels'
    • Zimbabwean authorities release demonstrators
    • Zimbabwe official accused of issuing out police uniforms to civilians
    • Immigration block traps Zimbabweans in Britain
    • Investing in Zimbabwe too risky, says DBSA
    • Vaccination of animals urged in Zimbabwe to fight tick-borne diseases
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 12th Novemer 2005
    • Dairibord Eyes Asian Market
    • Forex Barons Wrecking Economy
    • City, Zinwa Attribute Water Shortage to Poor Infrastructure
    • Students push through motion on withdrawing Mugabe doctorate
    • Zimbabwe crisis costs SADC billions in economic loss
    • Zim still running on empty
    • Mash East needs $110bn for irrigation
    • Judges, magistrates attacked
    • MDC senate friction turns bloody
    • Book Review: The Phantom Voyagers
  40. Posted 14/11/05
    • In Zimbabwe, Mugabe razes more than slums
    • Tsvangirai says rivals bought by Mugabe
    • Equipment, seed worth billions of dollars seized from white farmers
    • Zimbabwe official accused of issuing out police uniforms to civilians
    • Tsvangirai sends strong message to MDC
    • Zim opposition dissidents expelled from party
    • Cops helping to strip equipment from Zim farms
    • Matongo claims plot to kill Tsvangirai
    • MDC breaks up
    • Shumba to lose Tele-Access over UMP links
    • HIV/Aids treatment scandal
    • Policemen loot farm equipment
    • Senior Air Force officer nabbed in gold sting
    • Pupils faint in class as hunger gnaws
    • NRZ management helpless as war vets terrorise staff
    • Zanu PF politicians turn on Govt
    • Witchcraft fears derail children's feeding schemes
    • Lazy ministers deserve censure
    • Fuel to cost more
    • Taking principled stand on MDC crisis
    • Zim Standard Letters
  41. Posted 13/11/05
    • Health problems rise as Zimbabwe infrastructure decays
    • Food poisoning kills 14 children in Harare
    • Crumpled Poppies
    • Zim government to 'take action'
    • In Zimbabwe, Thousands of Homeless, Hiding in Full Sight, Belie Leader's Denials
    • Africa trade union sues for arrest of Zimbabwean workers
    • Iran's embassy donates books to Zimbabwe university
    • Zesa to announce new electricity tariffs this week
    • De Beers forced to face modern black reality
  42. Batch 3 Posted 12/11/05
    • Tension grips Zimbabwe city ahead of Tsvangirai rally
    • Illegal fuel dealers oil wheels of trade and commerce in Zimbabwe
    • Disillusionment sets in among new black Zimbabwe farmers
    • Stray dogs feast on human placentas in Zimbabwe town
    • Zimbabwe cricket bosses picked up over forex transactions
    • Minister Pettigrew calls for release of Zimbabwean trade union members
    • Bread Price Set to Skyrocket
    • Airzim cheats passengers, locals affected worst
  43. Batch 2 Posted 12/11/05
    • Mugabe in new Telecel wrangle
    • ANZ 'too broke' to pay retrenched workers
    • Chitungwiza mayor learns hard way
    • Tsvangirai moves to mend relations with Mbeki
    • Zanu PF fights to raise $100b
    • Govt seizes remaining farmers' equipment
    • Chinese get farms in Mash West
    • CIO operative grabs farm, $8 billion crops
    • Wildlife decimation threatens tourism
    • Commercial Arbitration Centre to set Mediagate hearing date
    • Sedco boss under 'house arrest'
    • Commercial crimes court on cards
    • Zim's kapenta industry under threat
    • Murerwa faces no-win situation over budget
    • Political hand undermines RBZ autonomy
    • Slow death
    • Last chance saloon for embattled MDC
    • Farming won't prosper without security
    • MDC's distillation process - a necessary evil
    • Major reforms first before currency change
    • Government goes 'DELLirious'
    • Hell hath no fury like Dell's truth
    • Chombo: wake up and smell the sewerage
  44. Batch 1 Posted 12/11/05
    • Sibanda Did Not Call For An Ndebele State
    • Women Fight State Brutality in Streets of Zimbabwe
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 395
    • Zimbabwe team to walk unless chairman quits
    • Dysentery outbreak hits city
    • AG orders mayor's release from custody
    • A moment that shaped decades
    • Zim airfares soar 1 600%
    • Violence breaks out in Bulawayo over senate campaigns
    • Zim customs seizes war veterans' poppies
    • War vets demand US envoy's departure
    • Threats force Taibu into hiding
    • Zim police free hardship protesters
    • Violence is the real enemy: Sokwanele comment on events surrounding Zimbabwe’s senate elections
    • Zimbabwe cricket boss contrite
    • The noose tightens
    • Zimbabwe inflation soars to 411 per cent, one of the highest in the world
    • An unusual suggestion for Africa
    • Anglo's estates still on Zim's land radar
    • Hygienic advice as dysentery outbreak hits Harare and Chitungwiza
    • An undignified exit looms
  45. Batch 3 Posted 11/11/05
    • Rubber bullets
    • MDC rebels expelled?
    • MDC concerned at Zanu (PF) nerve
    • Letter from Home
    • Open the door!
    • Dell tells it like it is
    • Prospects for democracy in Africa
    • VOP jammed again
    • Democratic constitution is solution
    • Another season, another disaster
    • Property violations end economy
    • New currency announcement
    • ‘Ludicrous’ reporting from Herald
  46. Batch 2 Posted 11/11/05
    • Zimbabwe Cricket chief Peter Chingoka arrested
    • Student leaders beaten up in police custody
    • Farm evictions intensify as hunger grips Zimbabwe
    • Labour Union leaders still in police detention
    • Zimbabwe cricket revolt
    • Inflation rate shoots to 411%
    • Insular Zimbabwe is fast becoming Africa's North Korea
    • Zimbabwe policies thwart HIV victims seeking help
    • Local Heroes
    • Pauper's burial for MDC man killed 3 years ago
    • Tsvangirai's address to Harare-based diplomatic community
    • Europe & Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai thumbs nose at Mbeki
    • Mugabe at partnership meeting despite suspension
    • Avoiding the costly errors of Zimbabwe
    • "State sabotage" of radio station's broadcasts
    • Separatist political guerilla on BTH
    • ANALYSIS: Only policy shift by Harare will tame rampaging inflation
    • Cosatu demands release of detained Zimbabwean trade uniosts
    • Mhlauri expected in SA on spying mission
  47. Batch 1 Posted 11/11/05
    • US, Zim standoff
    • New UN envoy for Zim
    • 'Minister Mushohwe destroyed NRZ'
    • Wheat farmers cry foul over non-payment
    • Govt to evict 300 farm invaders
    • MDC rift: Tsvangirai to brief diplomats
    • Disaster looms on the farms
    • MDC urged to bury their differences
    • Chombo stalks bigger prey than Chitungwiza
    • Africa's First Ladies a controversial lot
    • Chitungwiza mayor Shoko arrested
    • Relaxed foreign exchange regime set to benefit gold producers
    • Zim stock market investors throw caution to the wind
    • Air Zim in shock 400% fare hike
    • Chombo is the problem
  48. Batch 2 Posted 10/11/05
    • Student leaders arrested as Mugabe resorts to iron-fist tactics
    • Zimbabwe weeds out 18 white farmers from district, spares Mugabe ally
    • Villagers survive on wild fruits as hunger deepens in Zimbabwe
    • Film "Zimbabwe Forced Evictions" wins award
    • Ambassador leaves Zimbabwe
    • Ex-NRZ board denies accusations
    • Zimbabwean opposition leader arrested for inciting violence
    • Police on high alert to deal with violence
    • Zimbabwe Protests
    • JAG Job Opportunities
  49. Posted 10/11/05
    • Zimbabwe charges unionists over anti-govt march
    • Trade unionists remain behind bars
    • US Ambassador Handed Diplomatic Protest by Zimbabwe Government
    • Concern over soldiers-turned-robbers
    • Moves to strip Mugabe of degree
    • Zimbabwe government coffers empty, 60 000 workers face axe
    • Zimbabwe police maintain heavy presence in Harare after protests
    • Whither Zimbabwe?
    • Tsvangirai condemns arrest of civil society leaders
    • Zim vows to quell poll unrest
    • Fears for safety of imprisoned trade unionists - ICTU
    • Poaching Upsets Ecological Balance
    • SADC Trains 1,300 Peacekeepers
    • 'We can kill, or save, the earth'
  50. Batch 2 Posted 9/11/05
    • State Department Defends US Envoy's Criticism of Mugabe Government
    • Zimbabwe's Top Trade Unionists Arrested During Anti-Poverty Demonstration
    • Press Release: International Confederation Of Free Trade Unions
    • Aborting democracy, rearing ethnicity
    • My people, my Zimbabwe, my slaves!
    • Fears for trade union members following Harare protest arrests
    • Sudan at the head of a global sweep to mop up world's oil resources
    • Schistosomiasis treatment improves CD4 count, viral load in HIV-positives
    • We Can't Afford a Split.....Especially One to be Perceived as Tribal
  51. Posted 9/11/05
    • Zimbabwe labour leaders arrested
    • Mugabe tells US envoy to 'go to hell'
    • House of hunger in Zimbabwe
    • Courage to speak in Zimbabwe : Charles Lunga's story
    • Riot police on patrol ahead of protest
    • Zimbabwe First Hand
    • Zanu Pf is back at its Game Again with World Community Complicity
    • Tuesday's News
    • Reply to Simon Khaya Moyo's (Zimbabwean Ambassador to Pretoria) letter
    • European Union Press Release
    • Trade union expresses "utter shock and dismay" over their top leaders arrests
    • So where are Zimbabweans going?
    • MDC lawmaker's suspension nullified
    • Botswana opposition blasts government's quiet diplomacy on Mugabe
    • Crisis Coalition South Africa distributes clothing to Zimbabweans
    • Can Zimbabwe become Africa's Cuba?
    • Can Zimbabwe become Africa's Cuba, Part 2
  52. Batch 2 Posted 8/11/05
    • Harare to read riot act to US envoy tomorrow
    • Zimbabwe land invaders burn US$22 million in plantation fires
    • Zimbabwe says take over of SA's Anglo-owned estate final
    • 200 Zimbabwean blind beggars kicked out of flats in Jo'burg
    • MDC leader 'chased away' by party youths
    • Zimbabwe surrounded by sound and fury, but little action
    • MDC hitting a brick wall
    • Sudden Death
    • Zimbabwe welcomes UN aid
    • Zimbabwean opposition parties form alliance
    • Chombo elbows out Chitungwiza mayor
    • Chombo defies parliament, reinstates Chegutu councilors
    • Farmers' unions reject amalgamation
    • Is Tsvangirai his own man?
    • MDC split grows as Tsvangirai cracks the whip
    • JAG Classifieds
    • Globalization Rocks, but African Leaders Fail to Understand It
  53. Posted 8/11/05
    • Zim trade unions schedule countrywide marches
    • MDC leader gives dissidents a deadline: report
    • US ambassador is a pervert, says Mugabe mouthpiece
    • Mbeki slammed for not reining in Mugabe
    • UN aid coordinator says he will reschedule Zimbabwe visit to early December
    • Us$35m Condom Deal Sealed
    • War casualties of the MDC
    • Banks Unlikely to Adjust Interest Rates - Analysts
    • ZCTU calls for protests against worsening economic hardships
    • Robertson: 'Stop playing the race card'
  54. Batch 3 Posted 7/11/05
    • Armed police patrol Harare as tension grips Zimbabwe
    • Harare fails to wipe out forex black market
    • SA finance minister meets Zimbabwean officials over loan
    • Appeal to help the elderly in Mutare
    • Rivals to Zimbabwe opposition party leader boycott meeting
    • US diplomat may be expelled from Zimbabwe
    • State takes over Chitungwiza
    • MDC faction rejects Tsvangirai's boycott
    • Update: Matebeleland North province
    • In Africa, are 'donor darlings' stifling democracy?
  55. Batch 2 Posted 7/11/05
    • Mugabe's reign of terror
    • Zanu PF machinery descends on Matabeleland
    • Tsvangirai issues ultimatum
    • Operation Garikai corruption exposed
    • Dell fires another salvo
    • Defiant police launch 'Hatidzokere Shure'
    • NCA protesters clash with police
    • ZCTU nationwide protests this week
    • Kadoma mayor blasted
    • Driver fired for beating up Chinotimba
    • Exiled Zim journalists battle on
    • Shanganis cite tribalism as hunger bites
    • Chidyausiku under fire
    • Anyone can see through this chicanery
    • Corruption intrinsic in Zim society
    • Compelling reasons why Zim must accept food aid
    • Honesty no longer a virtue but an obstacle
    • Bad governance major cause of economic crisis
    • Priority to Senate over Zambezi water shows government's warped priorities
    • Tiny tobacco crop spells doom
    • Air Zim shatters London dreams
    • State writer sings loudly for his supper
    • The need for people-centered broadcasting
  56. Batch 1 Posted 7/11/05
    • Zimbabwe's opposition MDC party splits
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 5th Novemer 2005
    • Withdraw Mugabe's doctorate, students say
    • Dirty tricks further tarnish Zimbabwe's image
    • Riot act for US envoy Dell
    • At least golf in Zimbabwe's good
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 394
    • Zimbabwe talks money with Manuel
    • Water woes end tragically
    • MDC National Council Resolutions - November 5, 2005
    • Harare Municipality Budgets and Charges - public meeting Wed
  57. Posted 6/11/05
    • Zimbabwe says crisis in country a British 'fiction'
    • Zimbabwe civic alliance group to stage anti-Senate demos
    • Zimbabwean illegal immigrants perfect "art" of border jumping
    • Western Diplomats Back UN Chief on Harare's Refusal of Aid
    • Racket spawns billionaires
    • Christian Church launches HIV/AIDS policy document in Zimbabwe
    • Fat, buttery flying ants
    • MDC National Council Meeting
    • Zimbabwe opposition chief presses for poll boycott
    • 'She died for a bucket of water'
    • Zimbabwe roadside hookers doing it for diesel
    • Comments on Zim 'deplorable'
    • Admit crisis, donors tell Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's MDC confirms boycott
    • Zimbabwe to participate at travel showcases in China
  58. Posted 5/11/05
    • Cracks widen in Zimbabwe's main opposition
    • Police to benefit from Zim housing scheme
    • Zimbabwe Opposition accuses leader of violence, intimidation
    • MDC concerned about growing ZANU PF intolerance
    • SW's Violet Gonda and Zimbabwe's women awarded for radio documentary
    • High Court quashes UZ Students suspension
    • NCA staging demo against senate and demanding a new constitution
    • Moscow to Assist Harare
    • Charles 'sucked into Zim row'
    • Zimbabwe migrant: Thabani Mthembo
    • Torture and Human Rights Symposium at Colby, November 19
    • Spies target Zanu PF bigwig
    • Tourist Resorts to Get Fuel for Festive Period
    • Is SADC Promoting Regional Unity?
    • No explosions here
  59. Batch 4 Posted 4/11/05
    • SA giant muscles into FML
    • Tsvangirai losing grip as row deepens
    • No losers in Zanu PF
    • Hunger ravages Masvingo
    • Govt to cede land to Chinese
    • Gono apologises to Mandaza
    • Mugabe erred in Paradza case says Sandura
    • Youth party seeks coalition with UPM
    • Australia to pressure SA over Zim
    • US envoy blames govt for economic crisis
    • Zim faces grilling over violations
    • Govt sets-up 7th land audit committee
    • ZTA hijacks Miss Zim
    • Women unleash film power
    • Gono in Catch-22 over ZABG
    • Zimbabwe's external debt up by 11%
    • Vendors sell forex openly, like fruit
    • Pressing on
    • MDC's problem is lack of ideology
    • Senate a high-sounding nothing
    • MDC infighting was bound to take place
    • Bring back experienced farmers
    • unning out of scapegoats for failure
    • The stimulus of toll manufacturing
    • Some scribes as useful as snow in Alaska
    • Many sleep in the open
    • Stop this corruption
    • Water now, not senate!
    • MDC faction putting itself above people's interests
  60. Batch 3 Posted 4/11/05
    • MDC dogfight intensifies
    • It's back to the "village well" in Zimbabwe's crumbling cities
    • Harare cracks whip on new black farmers
    • Harare's Reluctance to Issue Appeal Hinders Food Aid Efforts
    • MP takes Tsvangirai to court
    • Weekly Media Update 2005-41
    • Mugabe must accept UN help
    • Family budget surges to $11,6m
    • Zimbabwe MPs to probe Lindela deaths
    • Mystery as Mengistu moved from Harare home
    • Looking into Zimbabwe from outside
    • In peril: The rock images of Africa
    • MDC Press Statement
  61. Batch 2 Posted 4/11/05
    • Defamation whisper campaign
    • Job Sikhala (MP) on why he fell out with Tsvangirai
    • UK's maize farmer tastes success
    • Botswana-Zim negotiate passport waiver
    • South Africa admits Zimbabwe is crucial problem
    • Australia urges more pressure on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe migrant: Rejoice Mkwananzi
    • Mugabe says no to UN housing offer
    • Africa's shining path?
    • Chingoka fights back as battle intensifies
  62. Batch 1 Posted 4/11/05
    • MDC rift final?
    • Papers ignore Daily News case
    • Operation Garikai - dismal picture
    • Mabelreign vendors evicted
    • Murambatsvina victims in toilets
    • Water is a right - CHRA
    • Wonderland!
    • Detention Watch from Zim Assoc.
    • Tsvangirai a political powerhouse
    • Struggle within a struggle
    • Should they burn the house then?
    • News from Downunda
    • Democratic space a myth
    • We want productive farmers
    • Put the country first
    • Fine tuning election-rigging
    • Rampant corruption spreads
    • VOP back on the air
    • Lest we forget
    • Woza tours Europe
    • Zimbabwe: what's in the word?
    • Van Hoogstraten - Tzar or Old Nick
    • We want to destroy cricket - Mliswa
    • Don't let Zim host the cup
    • Letters to The Zimbabwean
  63. Batch 3 Posted 3/11/05
    • Annan slams Mugabe
    • Ministers publicly clash over crisis on farms
    • NMBZ founders gang up against takeover
    • MDC national council to meet
    • Charges to rise 250% as Byo okays 3.8trillion budget
    • Gono gets it right this time but . . .
    • ARDA fails to secure former Kondozi owners' markets
    • Dollar crash pushes up import costs
    • Zim headed for yet another disastrous tobacco season
    • Mujuru family takes over Willdale
    • Operation Garikai: govt fails to deliver
    • No musical chairs, please
    • SA tightens visa conditions for Zim
    • Ethnicity should take a back seat in national issues
    • Take it or leave it!
    • UN chief 'misled' about situation in Zimbabwe
    • Downer urges more pressure on Zimbabwe
  64. Batch 2 Posted 3/11/05
    • Plain Talk About the Zimbabwean Economy
    • Tsvangirai expected to call for extra-ordinary congress
    • Zimbabwe army major in court for kidnapping civilians
    • Daily News workers launch fresh bid to get retrenchment packages
    • Mugabe denies thousands homeless after cleanup
    • Silence in Zimbabwe: The crisis is going unnoticed
    • Inflation-weary Zimbabwe reels from new price spike
    • Zimbabwe Union Calls March to Protest Conditions
    • Most Graduates Are Preparing to Emigrate, Survey Shows
    • Open letter to Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Restiveness in Army Over Wages And Food
    • Program on Zimbabwe
  65. Posted 3/11/05
    • Inflation to pile misery on Zimbabwe's poor
    • Britain urges SA to pressurise Zi
    • Zim evicted 'sneaking back'
    • Zimbabwe migrant: Constantine Mkinya
    • Just when you think it can't get worse
    • Zimbabwean Legal Crusader Dies
    • New controversy rocks MDC
    • Magazine in plan to rescue thirsty wildlife
    • Harare exodus is a cause for concern - Pahad
    • Standard Chartered Bank bails out Mugabe
    • Millions of Fish Die in Shamva
    • Two Die During Healing Crusade
    • Land-grabbing 'picnic farmers' blamed for Zimbabwe's food crisis
    • Made speaks on agric production
  66. Batch 2 Posted 2/11/05
    • Mugabe's wife lied to cover up love affairs, charges demoted bodyguard
    • ANALYSIS: MDC break-up could make Mugabe's one party state dream come true
    • Harare accuses Annan of playing politics over clean-up aid
    • Zimbabwe evicts 16 more white farmers
    • Statement by UN secretary general's spokesman on Zimbabwe
    • Prince Charles pleads for Zim
    • Zimbabwe's bid to host 2010 African Cup of Nations finals accepted
    • Leo Mugabe invades farm, faces assault probe
    • Zanu PF supporters shut out Chitungwiza mayor
    • CAAZ embarks on $1 trillion airports rehabilitation drive
    • Government fires NRZ board
    • Drought Deepens Poverty, Starving More Africans
  67. Posted 2/11/05
    • Zimbabwe admits 'errors' on land
    • Zimbabwe housing efforts delayed
    • Should UK banks do business in Zimbabwe?
    • SOUTH AFRICA: A handful of Zimbabweans granted asylum
    • Zimsec Cancels Three Examination Papers
    • Gubbay to Chair Labour Panel On Mirror Saga
    • Greedy Cotton Traders Affect Nation's Reputation
    • Senate Candidates to Pay for Advertising
    • CCZ Calls for Boycott Over Rising Prices
    • Sikhala unbowed by Tsvangirai suspension
    • Inflation blow for Zim housing
    • Provincial chairmen put board under spotlight
  68. Batch 2 Posted 1/11/05
    • Zimbabwe opposition heads for break-up as talks flop
    • Tsvangirai suspends MP over funding claim
    • ZANU PF legislator confiscates clean-up aid, hands it over to own supporters
    • Annan Appeals to Zimbabwe to Let UN Help Homeless
    • Zim army, police turning to crime to survive
    • US Envoy to Harare: Interview
    • Simmons takes fight to court
    • Justice Mungwira dies in Scotland
    • 'Beacon of hope' for continent reveals its dark side
    • Annan 'dismayed' over Zim
  69. Posted 1/11/05
    • MDC talks end in deadlock
    • Management committee meeting statement
    • Fifty elephants starve to death in Zimbabwe
    • Zim invites observers for polls
    • Zimbabwe food prices going up 100% weekly: paper
    • Hundreds of refugees 'disappear' in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe 'sliding back into the Dark Ages'
    • Zanu (PF) supporters in bid to oust Chitungwiza mayor from office
    • Zimbabwe losing college graduates as brain drain continues
    • Intelligence agents and ministers taking farms ready for harvest
    • Charges Against ANZ Journalists Dropped
    • Zimbabwe migrant: Arnold Moyo
    • S. African official doubtful about regional integration plan
    • Mbeki's MDC migraine
    • Govt Boots Out John Singh

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