The ZIMBABWE Situation

October 2005 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/10/05
    • Game park's wildlife dies of thirst as Mugabe lives in luxury
    • Gono juggles Zanu (PF) fiction and brutal reality
    • $10bln worth of beer crates gutted by fire
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 29th October 2005
    • Tsvangirai fires fresh salvo at colleagues
    • Security officers resort to crime
    • Msika blasts invasions while Matonga gets Chegutu farm
    • Hospital turning away patients
    • Don't vote for renegades: Tsvangirai
    • We're starving,' cry magistrates
    • Hope for promised 'Garikai' homes turns to despair
    • Furore over 'Operation Garikai' beneficiaries
    • Dabengwa accused of vote-buying after $15m donation
    • Senate jobs: more Zanu PF nepotism
    • An opportunity for the unpredictable
    • Monetary authorities hiding behind economic jargon
    • MDC fiasco underscores need for people-driven constitution
    • No logic in having more universities
    • Black market in the dark as Zimdollar falls
    • State slammed for fiscal indiscipline
    • Region ponders power shortage
    • Gono seeks divine intervention
    • 'Votocracy' is not democracy
    • Does Mugabe have a conscience?
    • A purge is necessary to save MDC
    • Zimbabwe's new forex regime gains favour
    • Illegal immigrants using Zimbabwe as transit point: report
  2. Posted 31/10/05
    • Mugabe pulls the strings to stop plotters
    • The Dark Ages
    • Harare fails to pay US$30 million to unlock power project
    • Mugabe bars 150 000 voters from senate poll
    • FEATURE: Life in Jo'burg no bed of roses for Zimbabwean refugees
    • Bickering MDC leaders meet again to iron out differences
    • African Union to Hold Extraordinary Summit on UN Reform
    • How to solve Murungaru's saga
    • Corruption threatens Malawi's future
    • Remarks from a reader
    • Mediators strain to heal MDC leaders' rift
    • Air Force may hire outsiders to train its pilots
  3. Posted 30/10/05
    • Mugabe, Mbeki and the ANC
    • Heart sore with shame
    • Robert Mugabe - this is your Zimbabwe!
    • Rainy season nightmare of urban blitz victims
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 395
    • JAG PR Communique dated 28 October 2005
    • MDC Chief Tsvangirai: Despite Opposition Divisions, Unseating Mugabe Still Priority
    • VOA Expands Programming to Africa
    • African writer wants books, not bridges
  4. Batch 2 Posted 29/10/05
    • Not all white farmers unwelcome - report
    • Zimbabweans drown sorrows in cellphone humour
    • Zimbabwe town resorts to ox-drawn carts to remove garbage
    • Rural communities ditch hallowed traditions to keep up with hard times
    • Zimbabwe government minister seizes citrus fruit farm
    • Inmates who died at SA detention centre could have been saved, says minister
    • Zimbabwe to blow US$18.5 million on hosting African Nations Cup
    • Zimbabwe Visa Requirements Still Applicable
    • Mugabe to campaign in opposition stronghold
    • Ex-Zimbabwe diplomat jailed in UK
    • Mugabe plans to restructure Zimbabwe Republic Police
    • Students nationwide under siege
    • CMED in $2bn Vehicle Scam
    • Crime costs African countries billions each year
    • Weekly Media Update
    • Zimbabwe Ties Reviewed
  5. Batch 1 Posted 29/10/05
    • Desperate effort to save MDC
    • SA airline gives AirZim fresh headache
    • Disaster looms at Hwange
    • Police probe into ZUPCO graft case almost complete
    • Dollar searches for bottom
    • Tekere bitter over Senate snub
    • Dunlop gets forex for President's tyres
    • Shocking corruption at ministry
    • Provincial governors get powers to regulate, register NGOs
    • Old Mutual to axe scores of workers
    • Succession issue key to resolving Zim's ills
    • Lop off the zeros
    • Interfresh closes down flower subsidiary
    • Zim fast-tracks grain imports from SA
    • Lifeline for Zim's exporters
    • Seeing the big picture
    • Plaudits to Gono for accessibility
  6. Batch 4 Posted 28/10/05
    • MDC tackles rift
    • New forex system hits snag
    • UZ suspends student council leaders
    • Mediagate arbitration deadline expires
    • Soldiers assault MDC supporters in Harare
    • Land preps worst since independence
    • US$22m needed before Ekusileni Hospital reopens
    • 'Judges work under tough conditions'
    • Mnangagwa grilled over UPM links
    • Sikhala says funding claims a hoax
    • Failure becomes Gono's only option
    • Revisit founding principles or perish
    • We need a senate like a hole in the head
    • Public must hold judiciary accountable
    • Gono: saying it as it is!
    • Gono, who are you speaking for?
    • Eureka Mine to reopen Monday
    • Zim, Zambia seek US$2b for Batoka power project
    • Dollar to fall 50% before stabilising
    • Gono's inflation, BOP targets unattainable, - economists
    • Home ownership now a mirage
    • MDC: straw that broke the camel's back
    • Senate an elaborate farce
    • And this is our president?
    • There's no need for arms
    • They charge but don't deliver
  7. Batch 3 Posted 28/10/05
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Factions Seek Reconciliation
    • MDC gives Bob a hand
    • High Court Overturns Telone's Decision to Fire 1,254 Workers
    • Press release-Senate elections participation-MDC-Dallas
    • RBZ consults on new currency
    • UN Ambassador Arrives
    • Zimbabwe snubs Miss Tourism World
    • UK fears impeachment affecting country
    • Marley's son and Nas attack Mugabe
  8. Batch 2 Posted 28/10/05
    • Mbeki-Mugabe military pact
    • Senate elections 'rigged already'
    • Confusion as MDC rebels register
    • Hill calls for post-Mugabe plan
    • Properties seized
    • Magistrate bribed in Mugabe case
    • A call to action
    • Quiet diplomacy a clever disguise?
    • Letter from home
    • Correction
    • Editorial comment - MDC fundamentally flawed
    • WOZA steps out of the office
    • Coming home, leaving home
    • Why on earth are we still here? (2)
    • 'Enkosini - The Place of Kings'
    • Food appeal for aged
    • Always feed your Guinea pigs
    • Cricket - Politics crisis
    • Cricket: Disruption of provincial chairmans meeting
  9. Batch 1 Posted 28/10/05
    • Mugabe to purge police force
    • Central bank intervenes to prop-up Zimbabwe dollar
    • Daily News boss says his politics is his business
    • Abduction / Ill-treatment / Harassment
    • Zimbabwe opposition seeks to heal senate poll rift
    • MDC intra-party violence over senate poll
    • Call for more active response on police torture
    • MDC in crisis - can the centre hold?
    • Zimbabwe's MDC set to go down fighting ...itself
    • Taiwan denies providing funds to Zimbabwe opposition
    • Zimbabwe
    • NACFREEZ Statement on the situation in Zimbabwe
    • Chitungwiza water cut off
    • Chitungwiza Mayor denies council owes Zinwa Z$18 billion
    • South Africa set to begin forced expropriations of farmland
    • CPJ: Exiled Zimbabwean journalists network, report truth
    • Zim teachers rule!!!
    • Musical aid for Zimbabwe migrants
    • SA won't follow Mugabe's approach to land reform
    • 'Denouncing Mugabe won't help'
    • Iranian envoy to Harare meets Zimbabwe's FM
    • Tendai Biti (MP) on the senate debate
    • MDC leaders meet to avert imminent split
    • Leo Mugabe's farm seized by government
    • Zimbabwe Currency Plunges 130 Percent
  10. Posted 27/10/05
    • Zimbabwe opposition legislator backtracks on funding allegations
    • Zimbabwe chief justice says nothing wrong in judges accepting land seized from whites
    • Market sees "invisible hand" as Zimbabwe dollar claws back
    • Zimbabwe to probe opposition on foreign funds
    • South Africa: Mbeki's big mistake
    • MDC head disowns rebel candidates
    • Zimbabwe sacks 24 policemen
    • Zimbabweans lashed and deported as border jumping intensifies
    • Urban Sprawl Threatens Vic Falls
    • The MDC in Crisis
    • Tsvangirai Admits MDC Faces a Crisis
  11. Batch 2 Posted 26/10/05
    • Zimbabwe's Exiled Press
    • Senate candidates accuse MDC leader of fuelling violence
    • From Mbare to Harare-North
    • 'Missing mealies may not exist'
    • Nightmares of a cross border trader
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 394
    • Made takes swipe at new dairy farmers
    • In Separate Camps, Zimbabwe Opposition Factions Talk Unity
    • Ncube is not for turning
    • Nigeria, Ghana reject MDC funding claims
    • Like Duvalier, Mugabe's rule is running out
  12. Posted 26/10/05
    • MDC hardliners appear ready to bury hatchet
    • ANALYSIS: Harare finally waking up from horrendous land reform dream
    • FEATURE: Election-weary Zimbabweans say senate is a dead horse
    • AIDS killing a child in Zimbabwe every 15 minutes
    • Zimbabwe relaxes duty on fuel imports in bid to ease crisis
    • Tanzania's Mkapa defends Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe dollar plunges 66 % on new interbank market
    • Split MDC 'still very popular'
    • Gono awards himself the wooden spoon
    • Harare does not have candidates for the senate
    • Rather Pohamba Than Mugabe
    • Government abandons prosecution of 44 Daily News journalists
    • Of freedom and the media in Africa
    • Tsvangirai disowns 27 election candidates
    • Tsvangirai snubs Mbeki as MDC factions battle
    • Zimbabwean businessman charged with smuggling
    • New Zim currency trade off to slow start - report
  13. Batch 2 Posted 25/10/05
    • Senate nominations split MDC
    • Tsvangirai disowns MDC senate candidates
    • ANALYSIS: Senate split puts Tsvangirai's leadership credentials to the test
    • Mugabe's delight as opposition MDC tears itself apart
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 393
    • Harare's currency move a sign of despair, say analysts
    • Zimbabwe has become a wasteland
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Party Splits Over Running in Next Election
  14. Posted 25/10/05
    • "This time a thrashing; next time the dogs":
    • Mass graves from the Gukurahundi era located in Matebeleland
    • Harare swings Chinese deal
    • Out of Enfield
    • Two MDC provinces defy Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai dismisses funding allegations
    • Claims of illegal funding add to MDC's woes
    • Report On Ghana's Involvement In Zimbabwe's MDC Crisis Is Baseless
    • Inflation Takes Toll On School Fees
    • Torture Chronicles
    • Home Office accused of ignoring Zimbabwe deportation ban
    • Fiddling while rome burns
    • MDC mired in confusion ahead of Senate vote
    • Analyst says MDC divisions based on class not tribe
    • Over 200 Zimbabweans Arrested in SA
    • Amnesty launch 'Protect the Human'
  15. Posted 24/10/05
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader faces test
    • Zimbabwe crisis: nothing left to do but pray
    • SA church leaders say Mbeki has failed to rescue Zimbabwe
    • Zim warns 'lazy farmers'
    • The buck stops for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe 9 month gold output down 36%
    • Dunlop Tyres set to re-open
    • Excerpt from a speech by Condoleezza Rice
  16. Batch 2 Posted 23/10/05
    • 'Dust people' starve in Zimbabwe ruins
    • Sucking up to Mugabe
    • Life on a Roller Coaster
    • A Trip To Bulawayo
    • Top MDC man slams Tsvangirai
    • South African farmers see barren future with evictions on horizon
    • Cracks widen in MDC
    • Gono, Mugabe head for clash
    • Hungry residents consume 'contaminated' beans
    • Govt shuts down minister's mine
    • FAO anniversary, a missed opportunity
    • Firms shut as Beitbridge runs dry in water crisis
    • Death knell for Zimbabwe economy
    • Divisions in MDC could be a blessing in disguise
    • Govt grossly unfair to suffering teachers
    • MDC: looking beyond leadership crisis
    • Poll advocates the sell-outs in MDC
    • These men are sheep in wolves' clothes
  17. Posted 23/10/05
    • National Executive calls for unity against the dictatorship
    • Zimbabwe opposition head says boycott gets backing
    • Betrayed and bereft
    • Zimbabwe currency move reflects desperate cash scramble
    • Election network says senate elections have already been rigged
    • Zimbabwe facing crisis as stakeholders revolt
  18. Batch 2 Posted 22/10/05
    • Mbeki wades into MDC fray
    • Interbank market fails to kick off
    • FEATURE: Nothing to celebrate for Zimbabwe's teachers
    • AIDS Epidemic Hits Zimbabwean Education
    • Zimbabwe: Harsh Realities of Daily Life
    • Opposition Factions Seek Reconciliation
    • I'm Zimbabwean, and have no choice
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 392
  19. Posted 22/10/05
    • Zimbabwe dollar set to plummet, boosting exports
    • The MDC Needs To Uphold and Defend Its Values, Principles and Constitution
    • Security chiefs fear popular uprising in Zim
    • Lock up land invaders, urges Zimbabwe govt
    • Mugabe Government faces possible split
    • Branches support Tsvangirai's boycott call
    • Zimbabwe MDC faction in S Africa
    • Refuse collection..... or lack thereof
    • Healer refused blood test
    • Simmons faces deportation from Zimbabwe
    • MDC's unedifying war over elections
    • Nkomo speaks from the grave
    • Mbare squatters win court ruling
    • Big changes ahead as economy dies
    • Zim nurse wins top UK award
    • US must hold SA hostage over Zim
    • Not worth the paper .
    • No place to hide for war criminals
    • Zimbabwe is hemorrhaging
    • Facing a Zimbabwean genocide
    • Remember travelling in Zim?
  20. Batch 3 Posted 21/10/05
    • Essential reading for JAG members and all recipients of JAG news
    • Tel*One Directory online
    • Nyathi hits back at Tsvangirai bribery claims
    • Mugabe's nephew secretly moved from cells
    • Makosi fears Mugabe's security forces
    • Amicus: Give the Women of Zimbabwe Back Their Dignity
    • Theatre: Breakfast with Mugabe
    • Gono admits policy failure
    • MDC in death fight
    • CIO reject Mandaza's 'severance package'
    • Chefs rake in millions from illegal hunting deals
    • Council/Zinwa clash over assets transfer
    • ZBH monopoly under attack
    • Mugabe's Q&A session with Sky News
    • Forex shortage thwarts Nkomo, MPs trip
    • Council set to miss budget deadline
    • Land grabs blamed for crisis - study
    • Exams to go ahead despite Zimsec leak
    • Mugabe ally to splurge £2m on ZSE
    • Gono discards forex auction system
    • Gono revises inflation targets
    • Gono turns to villagers for food security
    • Govt debt soars 1 037%
    • Living a lie
    • Senate election casts shadow on MDC
    • Contest for Mugabe's attention
    • Zanu PF prefers to be feared than loved
    • Scared Mugabe could choke on CIO advice
    • Business sector new economic scapegoat
    • 'Stop tickling you brute, let me go!'
    • Whichever way, it's political hara-kiri
  21. Batch 2 Posted 21/10/05
    • Zimbabwe secret agents stoke MDC divisions
    • Tsvangirai drums up grassroots support for senate boycott
    • Zimbabwe bank governor concedes virtual failure of forex auction
    • Zimbabwe public school exams plunged into crisis after question papers leak
    • Police turn down Z$1 billion donation from "suspected MDC sympathiser"
    • Zimbabwe in Crisis
    • Chombo orders youth militia to evict MDC supporters from Hopley Farm
    • Pro-democracy activists urge Zim poll strike
    • Zimbabwe power firm gets $10m Chinese credit line
  22. Posted 21/10/05
    • Support Swings Towards Tsvangirai in MDC Power Struggle
    • Zimbabwe bank governor relaxes foreign exchange controls
    • Zimbabwe to remove villagers from game park
    • Mugabe's colonial ghosts
    • Zim to get new currency
    • Harare fleet grounded
    • Tsvangirai crushes revolt
    • MDC rift not just about Senate
    • Tsvangirai's leadership style under fire
    • Exchange rate: which way Zim?
    • Zim scores high on corruption index
    • Harare Commission illegal?
    • Fire the deadwood
    • Matabeleland still lagging behind
    • Dunlop battles to reopen factory
    • Inflation: Rate hikes fail to do the trick
    • MDC: What really happened?
  23. Batch 2 Posted 20/10/05
    • Zimbabwe security agencies warn of violent Mugabe ouster
    • MDC leaders fail to meet amid widening cracks
    • Thousands of clean-up victims may fail to vote in senate election
    • Soaring health costs push Zimbabweans to consult traditional healers
    • Crisis meeting at Tsvangirai home staves off MDC split
    • RSF - worldwide press freedom index 2005
    • Tsvangirai fell for Zanu PF bait
    • Tsvangirai and Mugabe: a larvae and butterfly scenario
    • Mugabe's nephew busted over illegal exports
    • Nkomo aborts Geneva trip
    • Zaka West MP in Net*One lines saga
    • TelOne to launch electronic directory
    • Parirenyatwa Hit By Staff Shortage
  24. Posted 20/10/05
    • MDC statement on the current crisis
    • Many still homeless in Zimbabwe
    • Archbishop Predicts Zimbabwe Catastrophe
    • Silent Spring
    • ICTU-AFRO condemns harassment of Zim workers
    • Arrested labour leader handcuffed and moved to Harare on public bus
    • Zesa Earns Us$8,5m From Tobacco
    • Bulawayo: Zanu PF hydro-politics at work
    • Catholic archbishop wants Mugabe banished from Zimbabwe
  25. Batch 2 Posted 19/10/05
    • Zimbabwe opposition supporters clash over Senate
    • Fear of red-tape forces SA church leaders to give up Zimbabwe mission
    • Chief slapped with Z$25 million fine for detaining MDC election candidate
    • Zimbabwe jail guards feed on prisoners' food
    • Mugabe is the epicenter
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 390
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 391
    • Zimra busts smuggling ring, $8bn cigarettes recovered
    • Third Quarter Monetary Policy review expected tomorrow
    • Heath Streak resigns
    • Schools to close ahead of Senate polls
    • Chihuri fumes over treatment of police
  26. Posted 19/10/05
    • Zimbabwe's feisty freedom fighter
    • Green Hills Far Away
    • Mugabe's party picks veterans for senate polls
    • Australia presses for 'dictator' criminal trial
    • Deportations continue while UK government decides policy
    • Government blocking NGOs from feeding the hungry
    • Judiciary under spotlight following pro-Zanu (PF) Judgement
    • Survey shows signs of 'rampant corruption' in Africa
    • Assistance to the population affected by the 'clean-up' exercise
    • Africa 'looking away from Zimbabwe' - Frazer
    • Zimbabwe police seize huge drug consignment
    • Zimbabwe players demand reinstatement of Simmons
    • The Zimbabwean crisis could increase struggle
    • Another reason the UN is useless
    • S.Africa maize exports surge on Zimbabwe shipments
    • Zimbabwe court to decide on MDC vote nominations
    • Absa's Zim bank pretext 'nonsense'
  27. Batch 2 Posted 18/10/05
    • The drought red-herring
    • Political violence not enough to nullify ZANU PF victory: judge
    • Zimbabwe tourism expo turns into public relations disaster
    • Australia boycotts Mugabe speech
    • Mugabe henchmen 'used food to win votes'
    • Why MDC divisions are good for Zimbabwe
    • CPJ Names Three Journalists, Lawyer as Winners of Annual Freedom Award
    • Bush's Africa expert praises continent for recent progress
    • Govt Gazette Harare annual vehicle licence
    • Government clashes with farmers over wheat price
    • Bodies pile up at Masvingo hospital
    • Armed police sent to farms
    • New farmers told to respect workers
  28. Posted 18/10/05
    • Mugabe compares Bush, Blair to Hitler
    • Press briefing from the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman on Robert Mugabe
    • Anger over Mugabe tirade in Rome
    • Gangs pillage potato farms near Harare
    • Crime against humanity : the case for urgent action on Zimbabwe
    • 'Zimbabwe crisis won't threaten SA's finance'
    • Judiciary heavily compromised
    • Letter from America
    • Tsvangirai begins poll boycott campaign
    • The real cost of Gono's battles with business executives
    • A Long and Winding Road to Better Transport Links
  29. Batch 2 Posted 17/10/05
    • Mugabe to speak at hunger debate as he defies EU travel ban again
    • Mugabe presence 'is a stain on UN'
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 389
    • Mugabe commandeers Air Zim plane to Rome
    • ZCTF update
    • Zanu (PF) celebrates infighting in MDC
    • Mbeki's successor 'must fix damage'
    • The MDC and a very Zimbabwean disease
    • Mbeki's absence from Commonwealth summit could well be a wrong move
  30. Posted 17/10/05
    • Tsvangirai to mobilise MDC supporters to boycott Senate election
    • US condemns Mugabe invite to UN food meeting
    • Zimbabwe's inflation is a maths education
    • Mozambican police seize sugar smuggled in from Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 15th October 2005
    • Govt apologises to US
    • I am still in charge, says Tsvangirai
    • No Xmas cheer as inflation bites
    • Motorists ask: Where's the fuel?
    • Students conscripted for 'Operation Garikai'
    • Soldiers in court following spate of armed robberies
    • Chief moves to take over farm
    • Government strangles Bulawayo council
    • ARDA fails to pay workers
    • Troubled Lobels lays off workers
    • By turning the other cheek, we have created the monster
    • Time we all took a stand against this suffering
    • We're ready for real action
    • Van Hoogstraten strikes again
    • Zimbabwe sinks to 'zvikwambo' politics
    • MDC dithering, a betrayal of suffering masses
    • Tsvangirai in catch-22 over Senate
  31. Posted 16/10/05
    • US 'amazed' at Mugabe Rome visit
    • Beleaguered African villagers fearful of big game project
    • Zimbabwe deportation policy in chaos after tribunal ruling
    • Diplomatic Tension in Harare Over Detention of U.S. Ambassador
    • US envoy accused of provoking regime change
    • US: Case of ambassador's detention in Harare closed
    • Zimbabwe would collapse if expelled from IMF - Mbeki
    • Swearing at Mugabe won't help, says Mbeki
    • Mugabe welcomes opposition poll boycott plan
  32. Posted 15/10/05
    • Tsvangirai moves to crush dissent in party
    • Zimbabwe asylum ruling against government
    • Zimbabwe says US envoy lucky not to have been killed
    • Govt slams claim that rejected UK asylum seekers are at risk at home
    • Zimbabwe 'Near Point of No Return'
    • Teachers Urge Free ARVs As Aids Thins Their Ranks
    • Zanu-PF Councillor bans MISA meeting on Community Radio stations
    • MDC descends deeper into chaos
    • Seed shortage may spell disaster for Zimbabwe's farming season
    • Siakobvu villagers say they are on the verge of starvation
    • Asylum Decision - Amnesty International comment
    • RBZ among the most disorganised central banks in the world -report
    • Zimpost Stands to Lose Billions to Dismissed Workers
    • Interest Rates Rise to Further Strain Company Operations - Analysts
  33. Batch 3 Posted 14/10/05
    • Held US envoy 'lucky not to have been shot'
    • Elusive trail of AIDS funds to NGOs in Africa
    • Tsvangirai Faces Challenge Over Election Boycott Decision
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 388
    • State Considers Re-Introduction of Price Controls, Subsidies
    • Zimbabwe refugee ruling expected
    • Zanu PF MP heckled
    • Zapu-FP to boycott senatorial elections
    • Mediagate sucks in Mugabe, Mujuru
    • Byo council/Zinwa showdown looms
    • Lack of funds stalls Nkomo airport upgrade
    • 'Garikai' bears no fruit for homeless
    • Court case brings food politics under spotlight
    • Maphenduka lambasts MIC chair
    • Govt to pay for violated Bippas
    • Govt to retrench civil servants
    • Trust takes RBZ to court again
    • Pearls and pigs
    • Economy slides as state agents hold Mugabe hostage
    • Succession: the danger stalking Zim
    • Calls for Gono to quit unjustified
    • Lack of forex fuelling collapse
    • Orange Revolution: CIO's pure fiction
    • What's the secret weapon Gono?
  34. Batch 2 Posted 14/10/05
    • Zimbabwe opposition fails to unlock Senate deadlock
    • IMF team to visit Harare to probe source of mystery funds
    • Zimbabwe gold production plummets to new low
    • British tycoon consolidates grip on Zimbabwe's anaemic economy
    • Zimbabwe judge dismisses MDC candidate's election
    • Zimbabwe High Court judge finally takes over farm after producing offer letter
    • Zimbabwe close to running out of anti-retrovirals
    • Waiting for change in Zimbabwe
    • IMF says Zimbabwe woes cast shadow over region
    • They refused to sing with us
    • Zanu-MDC MPs meet secretly
    • 'Scared' magistrate won't hear case
    • Farm invaders evicted
    • Harare forced to pay
    • African doctors: a duty to speak out
    • What about a Federation?
    • A time bomb is ticking
    • The truth that needs to be told
    • Zanu (PF) kills democracy
    • Why on earth are we still here?
    • Food - What needs to be done?
    • Zimbabwe Vigil members present petition to 10 Downing Street
    • 'Lazy' parliament seats for 5 minutes
  35. Posted 14/10/05
    • MDC natinal council decision on the Senate election proposal
    • Zimbabwe blasts "willing buyer, willing seller" land reform
    • Foreign NGOs sometimes seen as the enemy
    • Zimbabwean Asylum Decision
    • UCB help out Zimbabweans
    • Zanu PF members jostle for senatorial seats in Kadoma
    • Langa case: More evidence presented
    • Zimbabwe to outlaw occupation of state land
    • Knives drawn for Charamba
    • ZANU PF summons industry bosses
    • Govt battles to feed hungry nation
    • Bulawayo blasts ministries
    • Teachers in dilemma over govt jail threats
    • Shock new rate hike
    • What on earth is Charamba's problem?
    • Mugabe's defiance lends credence to IMF claims
    • ATMs not for ailing economies
    • Voice of reason
    • ...and now to the NOTEBOOK
    • Zim, SA relations in perspective (Part 5)
    • Mining sector on slippery slope: chief
    • Natfoods to close milling plants
    • RBZ gives Hwange Colliery forex boost
    • Dictators' callous view of human life must be rejected
  36. Posted 13/10/05
    • MDC to boycott Senate election
    • Welshman Ncube, Mnangagwa rebuff new party links
    • Tsvangirai walks on tight rope over Senate amid widening cracks
    • Zimbabwe threatens to recruit soldiers to run schools
    • Zimbabwe hikes interest rates to over 400 percent
    • Trial of Zimbabwean journalists fails to take off
    • Farmer injured in shooting as farm evictions gain momentum
    • No debate during sitting of Harare parliament
    • Zimbabwe banker blames land grab
    • Hoogstraten grooming replacement
    • Communal farmers to get preference on seed, says Made
    • Farmers Blasted for Underutilising Land
    • Wolfowitz averse to Zimbabwean aid
    • Wheels (and tyres) come off Mugabe's economy
    • High Court confirms Mandaza ouster
    • Buffalo deaths: Zimbabwe suspects anthrax
    • Questions and Answers: The “European Union Strategy for Africa”
    • UN war crimes prosecutor seeks Taylor handover
    • CSC to Spend $10 Billion On Drought Mitigation Programme
  37. Posted 12/10/05
    • China turns down Mugabe's farm offer
    • Inflation shock amplifies calls to devalue Zimbabwe dollar
    • World Bank says allocating funds to Harare sheer waste of resources
    • Zimbabwe Inflation Reaches Record Rate
    • Hot Seat: Genocide by proxy; Zimbabwe's secret deaths
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 387
    • Sleeping sickness: a Zimbabwean disease
    • Judge upholds poll result despite violence
    • Phil Simmons contests sacking
    • Street vendors slip back quietly after urban clean up campaign
    • Following the leader
    • High court blocks eviction of displaced squatters from open spaces
    • Minister Langa shot me: MDC activist
    • NRZ inefficiency threatens shipping sector
    • Parliament urged to revise 'archaic' laws
  38. Batch 2 Posted 11/10/05
    • Zimbabwe's dead "cross over" to South Africa!
    • Zimbabwe's rising inflation cries out for a political solution
    • Zimbabwe's top milling company shuts down flour plants
    • ZANU PF may go it alone in Senate poll
    • Zimbabwe deploys state secret agents on farm
    • The sadness of Zimbabwe
    • HIV/Aids Drop - Behavioural Change Or Skewed Statistics?
    • Vorster's betrayal is lesson for Mbeki
    • NGOs tiptoe through Africa's political minefields
    • MDC suffers ideological confusion
    • Hoey demands action on Zimbabwe
    • This week the Zimbabwe Vigl is three years old.
    • Consider Breeding Wild Animals, Farmers Urged
    • Harare rates, rents go up
  39. Posted 11/10/05
    • Zimbabwe inflation soars, spells gloom for economy
    • Rural dwellers resort to roots
    • Harare targets rampant illegal mining
    • Ex-Zimbabwe diplomat faces UK jail
    • Grain imports to Zim speeding up: Report
    • 'Foreign' cooks beat Scots to clinch world porridge title
    • Is a Military Revolt Brewing?
    • Harare squatters win court reprieve
    • Top officials threaten players
    • International Criminal Court sends strong signal to human rights abusers
    • Zimbabwe robs private companies to pay electricity debts
    • Noczim in New Fuel Supply Deal
    • Zimbabwe claims Aids rate has dropped
    • Africa addresses food security issues
    • South Africa to investigate ill-treatment Zimbabwe Refugees
    • Pensioners Grieve Over Benefits
    • Money-saving tips
    • PUBLIC SEMINAR- Media v Corruption Thurs 13 at 5.30 pm
    • Harare to swallow Norton, Marondera
    • Senior cop up for misconduct
    • Flea market rentals drive away traders
  40. 2nd batch Posted 10/10/05
    • New farmers accused of neglecting workers
    • Teachers must hit system where it hurts the most
    • Improved security crucial for tourism
    • Fear, not democracy rules in Zanu PF
    • Jobs for Zanu PF backers
    • Gono more equal than others
    • Belt-tightening must be for everyone
    • Cable thefts cut off Harare suburbs
    • Concern as engineers desert Bulawayo
    • Empowerment saga deepens
    • ARVs' shortage looms as forex crunch bites
    • VIPs feel fuel pinch
    • Zanu PF's poll gimmick!
  41. 1st batch Posted 10/10/05
    • The Senate Elections
    • MDC to decide on Senate poll this week
    • Why is Africa unable to feed itself?
    • Whites 'invade' farms in Zim
    • Mbare clean-up victims seek to stop evictions
    • MDC leader slams 'skewed field' in Zimbabwe
    • Harare man says bio-diesel may ease fuel woes
    • ZEC to start voter education soon
    • Governor hails UK for helping needy
    • SA fuel firm demands cash upfront from Harare
    • RBZ losing inflation war
    • 'Health costs rising alarmingly'
    • Minister takes up gold panning
    • MDC: No to Senate, award civil servants increments
    • ZNA officer accused of stealing $1.4bn fuel
    • As teachers, how do we survive on peanuts?
    • Harare police crack down on money dealers
    • Mbeki to snub Malta meeting of leaders
    • Why Gono's 'turnaround' strategy may fail
    • Child labour on the increase: study
  42. Posted 9/10/05
    • Zimbabwe 'unable to feed troops'
    • Zimbabwe to recompense ex-detainees
    • ET Interviews Gabriel Shumba—We Need to Prevent Genocide in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe opposition to decide on senate elections
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 8th October 2005
    • South African farms threat
    • Local ranchers visit African experimental test site
    • Sher's debut as director puts Robert Mugabe on the couch
  43. 4th batch Posted 8/10/05
    • Bulawayo to evict vegetable growers
    • Department in bid to unite farmers' unions
    • Govt to pay $36bn gratuities
    • FEATURE: Police overzealousness in enforcing orders baffles Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabwe's sole tyre manufacturer halts operations
    • Zimbabwe soldier orders police to detain man for 18 hours
    • FEATURE: Zimbabwean school children dash from beerhall to classroom
    • Mugabe bars food aid distribution until after Senate polls
    • Sokwanele Newsletter : Even the goats are beginning to die
    • Tribalism rife for Zimbabweans in exile? (resent with details)
    • Retraction: Access to treatment a concern for displaced living with AIDS//KILL
    • Tick, tock
    • Speech by Tony Leon on Zimbabwe in London
  44. 3rd batch Posted 8/10/05
    • In search of a queue worth joining
    • Zimbabwe Embarks on New Round of Farm Seizures
    • RBZ blamed as Dunlop Tyres shuts down
    • Garbage Piles Up in Sanitary Lanes
    • Zimbabwe's state-run hospitals can't afford medicines, equipment
    • Lawyers fight new blitz
    • Marching On Its Stomach
    • Mugabe announces Zim senate election date
    • Matakana: Fresh start
    • Decision on UK deportations due next Friday
    • As Economy Plummets, Zimbabwe Arrests Street Vendors
    • UK Tribunal told: Zimbabwe returnees regarded spies!
    • Zimnam paper faces bleak times
    • Zimbabwe admits will miss inflation target
    • Zimbabwe negotiates preferential trade accords with Angola, Iran
    • Zimbabwe: New Global Fund Grant Approval Long Overdue - NGOs
    • Zimbabwe Carries Out New Evictions in Harare Township
    • China demands protection for citizens in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe clears SA, Mozambique power debt
    • Drought tightens grip on already parched Matabeleland
  45. 2nd batch Posted 8/10/05
    • Emperor who has no clothes
    • Only Hunzvi understood Bob's psyche
    • Land reform: root cause of economic collapse
    • Stop the destruction, Gono must go
    • Gono's trillions no panacea to Zim woes
    • Fix it or go
    • Mugabe's shadow scary even in retirement
    • Chipinge's only doctor forced to flee
    • More farms invaded
    • Divisions rock MIC
    • CIO has no business in newspapers - Misa
    • CIO grills Mandaza over Murambatsvina
    • Zanu PF printers abuse RBZ loan
    • I've learnt lessons from land grabs ­­- Mugabe
    • RE : Access to treatment a concern for displaced living with AIDS//KILL//
  46. 1st batch Posted 8/10/05
    • See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
    • After land, Samkange eyes harbours
    • Is this what we were promised?
    • Moves on Zimbabwe Food Aid Follow Discreet Harare Request
    • Zimbabwe spends R25 million on power imports weekly
    • Harare can't trigger IMF relief - analysts
    • Mugabe's police and vendors in running battles
    • Pretoria Communists threaten 'Zimbabwe-style' farm invasions
    • We'll rock them: UPM
    • Mediagate turns nasty
    • Mediagate: from the horse's mouth
    • Tsvangirai's trek echoes Gandhi's famous walk
    • Cabs voice concern over stand prices
    • Time hypocrites got off their high horses
    • It's culture that spurs opposition
    • Mugabe blames NGO for food crisis
    • IMF predicts 7% decline
    • Parastatals bore a hole through state coffers
    • Government splashes foreign currency on 4x4s for chefs
  47. 3rd batch Posted 7/10/05
    • Total lawlessness unleashed
    • Harare orders 25 white farmers off their land
    • Zimbabwe faces massive power shortfall
    • Makoni for President?
    • Boers must go - Mugabe
    • 17th Amend't threatens fair trial
    • ANALYSIS: Zimbabwe central bank governor's recovery dream a distant mirage
    • Senate: what is in it for the people?
    • Only MZWP will solve Bulawayo's water woes
    • Over 30 textile companies collapse
    • Minister rebuffs colleague over seizure of white firms
    • Mnangagwa, Gumbo locked in power struggle
    • Open letter to Mayor of Moscow
    • Mugabe's bodyguard demoted for indecently assaulting Grace
    • Zimbabwe translocates over 200 black rhinos
  48. 2nd batch Posted 7/10/05
    • Govt is to blame
    • Zimbabwe judge’s husband says he evicted white farmer on wife’s behalf
    • 'Murambatsvina CIO brainchild'
    • Senate: divisions rock ZANU PF
    • IMF throws damper on IDBZ
    • Zim headed for ruin: IMF
    • Beware the ides of October
    • RBZ restructures
    • Bravo Kofi Annan!
    • MDC should boycott gravy-train
    • State media finds strange couple
    • CIO wins Mirror battle
    • Mugabe's words stun food donors
    • Zimbabwe lawyers challenge fresh urban evictions
    • Mugabe's spokesman threatens to fire state media journalists
    • Forgiven Heroes
    • 30 day treasury bills cause deficits
    • Zim, SA relations in perspective (Part 4)
    • Apocalypse for Zim's energy sector
  49. 1st batch Posted 7/10/05
    • The Faintest Whisper
    • Concerned Zimbabweans in North America appeal to US authorities
    • MDC to hold crucial rallies in Harare and Chitungwiza
    • Zimbabwe Defence Forces deeply disgruntled
    • Zim cops, street vendors clash
    • Donated plane to Zimbabwe by China expected next year
    • Govt urged to implement price controls
    • Lawmakers in Zimbabwe urged to unite in front of economic woes
    • Pushcarts invade residential areas
    • Abandoned industrial infrastructure crumbles
    • Committee battles with Harare budget
    • Africa's paradox: hunger in the land of plenty
    • ZIMBABWE: Access to treatment a concern for displaced living with AIDS
    • ZIMBABWE: Street vendors slip back quietly after urban clean up campaign
    • Government has total control
    • Torture, beating in Zim's jails
    • Air Zim flouts safety procedure
    • Deportees seen as traitors
  50. Posted 6/10/05
    • Misrule in Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe presiding
    • Arrested for walking
    • Zimbabwe MP held for walk-to-work protest
    • Zim cops free MDC's walking protesters
    • ZIMBABWE: Cost of living soars for urban families
    • Shake-up at central bank of Zimbabwe
    • Military revolt in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's regime admits Zimbabwe's people are starvin
    • High Court to rule on deporting failed Zimbabwe asylum seekers
    • The fate of all Zimbabwe’s failed asylum seekers decided tomorrow
    • Zimbabwe needs more food imports for 2.2 mln poor
    • Zimbabwe government plans to feed 2.2 million people until next harvests
    • Zimbabwe moves rhinos from poachers' zone
    • Zim to grow 'oil trees'
    • FARMERS IN TOUCH Newsletter
    • ZIMBABWE: Doubt over govt's ability to import sufficient maize as hunger figures rise
    • ZIMBABWE: IMF, govt differ over economic outlook
    • Mbeki has tried everything to ease Harare crisis — minister
    • Zim a steadfast country
  51. Posted 5/10/05
    • Zimbabwe government to provide aid to two million hungry
    • Firms tell how Zimbabwe raised cash for IMF loan
    • Zimbabwe crackdowns will add to economic woes - IMF
    • Living in a Lunatic Asylum.
    • Amnesty blames Mugabe for food insecurity in Zimbabwe
    • Rural areas feel bite of hunger ahead of lean season
    • ZIMBABWE: Government determined to keep city ''clean''
    • Zimbabwe soldiers tell of hunger
    • Zimbabwe judge's husband grabs farm in fresh land seizures
    • Mugabe wanted to stop a revolution
    • 'Mad' Zimbabwe war vet starts fund for Katrina victims
    • JAG Death Notices
  52. Posted 4/10/05
    • Almost 15,000 arrested in Zimbabwe blitz
    • Zimbabwe arrests thousands in fresh crackdown
    • Zimbabwe ranked among the world's worst economies
    • Anti-Graft Commissioner Faces Arrest
    • ZIMBABWE: Queuing becomes essential skill as shelves empty
    • ZIMBABWE: MSF gets go-ahead to help victims of urban cleanup
    • Water Cuts Endanger Residents
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Mobilizes for Senate Poll
    • Govt Workers On Go-Slow
    • Angry Doctors Plan Next Move After Govt Offers Peanuts
    • Fuel Starts Trickling In
    • Staff Exodus Troubles St Giles
    • Soldiers sent home
    • RBZ grants Gono farming loan
    • Bitter war of words erupts as Sibanda attacks Nkomo
    • Hamadziripi snub explained
    • Muguti attacks Britain
    • No let up on political violence: Report
    • Top Zanu PF official denied bail
    • Mathema lambasts NGOs for providing boreholes
    • Government fails to deliver Asia tsunami donations
    • Govt stoking suspicions of neglect
    • The log in your eye
  53. 2nd batch Posted 3/10/05
    • London protests against Zimbabwe oppression continue
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 1st October 2005
    • They are fighting freedom
    • Country in pathetic state
    • Black market fuel can never be justified
    • Beware of vultures at the tills
    • Quality of Life Hits Rock Bottom
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Resists Full Dollarization
    • Forex Auction Ineffective, Industry Says
  54. 1st batch Posted 3/10/05
    • Living in the wake of Zimbabwe's man-made tsunami
    • Africa to get food safety plan
    • Displaced squatters return
    • Journal September 05
    • Second wife triggers legal nightmare for Zimbabwe government minister
    • Mugabe sets Senate poll time, opposition undecided
    • Tsvangirai in new drive against Mugabe (Reuters’Chris Chanaka):-Response by Godwell Manyangadze
    • Cabinet reshuffle coming
    • SA, facing Zimbabwean immigrant flood, may ditch visas
    • Matonga lied
    • Missing Zimbabwe athletes posing a mystery in Britain
    • Empowerment scheme demands $1.4 billion dividend
    • With ministers like these, who needs enemies?
    • And now to the Notebook . . Hero-makers
    • Malawian president bars local anti-Zimbabwe protests
    • Mugabe forecasts end to Zimbabwe fuel crisis
  55. Posted 2/10/05
    • Pantries and pockets are empty
    • Zimbabwe says the proportion of HIV positive adults has fallen from a third to a fifth
    • Zimbabwe try to cope with life out of C'wealth
    • With Food Scarce in Zimbabwe, Malnutrition on Rise
    • JAG Legal Notice dated 1 October 2005
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 384 dated 1 October 2005
    • JAG Update : 1. Steve Seward & 2. Rob Milbank
    • Weekly Media Update 2005-36
    • Municipal Workers in Showdown Over Wages
    • Zimbabwean Health Care System Breaking Down
    • Zimbabwe plunders schools’ forex funds
    • More land grabs in Zim
    • Fuel black market prices explode
    • In uprooted farmers, Nigeria sees teachers
    • SA to give food to neighbours
  56. 2nd batch Posted 1/10/05
    • Zimbabwe: JRS assists victims of the government's operation to "restore order"
    • Zimbabwe, China continue to strengthen cooperation
    • What credentials does a hero need?
    • Zupco rot exposes parastatal graft
    • Another legal battle over ZABG looms
    • War vet accuses court of 'bias'
    • Zimplats: reading between the lines
    • War strategies against inflation
    • Policy see-saws spike turnaround hopes
    • Municipal workers in showdown over wages<
    • Zimind satellite dish saga drags on
    • Gasela quashes new 'proof' in poll case
    • Influence peddling real
    • An incisive look at the two evils
    • Calculated confusion
    • Zim footballers 8 — 0 UK immigration
  57. 1st batch Posted 1/10/05
    • Enough is enough, says Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe chief slams new farm seizures - papers
    • Zimbabwe central bank chief vetoes land invasions
    • Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe Senate Elections Irrelevant
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Resists Full Dollarization
    • Zimbabwe to import more maize seed from South Africa
    • Zimbabwe out to stop Nigeria
    • ZIMBABWE: Price of ARVs rockets in declining economy
    • SA, Zimbabwe set to resume loan talks
    • Villagers dying from starvation in Silobela
    • CIO boots out Mandaza
    • Food situation worsens in Zimbabwe
    • Expelled Zanu PF leader returns to party
    • Free white maize for Zimbabwe's senior UK citizens

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