The ZIMBABWE Situation

November 2005 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/12/05
    • Mugabe seen driving Zimbabwe deeper into crisis
    • No festive mood in southern Africa as people grapple with critical
    • African Commission defers ruling on Zimbabwe torture case
    • Chaos at border post as Chinese-made scanning equipment packs up
    • Zimbabwe police torture MDC youth activist
    • Mayor Shoko of Chitungwiza Suspended
    • Commercial Workers Union sacked worker Beats Up Regional Representative
    • African Commission adopts strong critical resolution on Zimbabwe
    • Economic crisis will force Mugabe out
    • Cholera kills 7 in Zimbabwe
    • Outcry over massive fees
    • Police officers arrested for soliciting bribe
    • Letter from Albert Gumbo
    • Malawi cooperating with Zimbabwe to block refugees seeking safe haven
    • Immigration giving Majongwe the run around over seized passport
    • South Africa, Zimbabwe Unify
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/12/05
    • Zimbabwe - A New Year Revolution!?
    • Mugabe Enjoys The Good Life In The Far East While Zimbabwe Burns
    • Armed Forces Threaten To Quash MDC Mass Protest
    • Pro-Senate Faction Are Donkeys Eager To Eat Dangled Zanu PF Carrot
    • 'Fall of Zimdollar Signals Beginning of Race'
    • Red Cross Embarks On $1bn Housing Project
    • Zimbabwean Deportees Meet With Suspicion at Harare Airport
    • Scores of pupils write wrong exam paper
    • ZESA receives equipment from China
  3. Posted 30/12/05
    • Zimbabwe food prices 'up 10-fold'
    • Ugliness behind beautification project
    • No Christmas lights for rotting Harare
    • Mugabe clamps down on central bank corruption investigations
    • Raw sewage delivers sucker punch to festive spirit in Harare
    • Report on housing and tenure security for farm workers in newly resettled areas
    • Zimbabwe to import more power from Congo
    • Fuel Crisis Hampers Food Aid Efforts
    • ZIMRA Imposes Compulsory Forex Exchange At Border Posts
    • Residents turn to cemetery for water
    • Pro-Mugabe supporter in charge of asylum applications in Pretoria
    • Zimbabwe authorities to take over a week to clear deportees from SA
    • Hunting dogs face extinction
    • Africa's year of democratic reverses
    • Tsvangirai to ride storm, but party weak - analysts
    • Illegal aliens seek police protection from mob justice
    • Botswana benefits from Zim fuel crisis
    • State Appoints Investigator to Probe Zctu
  4. Posted 29/12/05
    • Harare Demands That U.N. Demolish Prototype Home for Displaced
    • Mugabe blocks police probe on ZANU PF spokesman
    • South Africa deports 160 Zimbabweans by air
    • Zimbabwe detains 160 deportees from SA
    • 'Nothing positive to predict about Zim'
    • Rains come, but hunger, looting and ethnic cleansing continue on farms
    • Loads of cash buys a wild night out
    • Shortage of bank notes ensures bleak Christma
    • Another UN Envoy Headed For Zimbabwe
    • Africa must stop moral cowardice on Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai Scoffs At Dismissal By Rebels
    • Holiday death toll rises to 35
    • ZCTU Demands A Basic Salary Of Z$12,9 Million
    • "Rogue" African elephants may soon hunt poachers
    • Virtual anarchy in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Not so street smart
    • Zimbabwe receives fewer tourists
    • Zambia power plant back on
  5. Posted 28/12/05
    • Indict Zimbabwe's demagogue
    • Military Dictatorship in Zimbabwe
    • How to kill a country: Bob Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe opposition braces for street protests
    • Zimbabweans resigned to yet another year of misery and suffering
    • MDC split, is there anything new after all?
    • Internal battle tangles Mugabe's opposition
    • Invitation to Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to Contribute to the MDC Congress Policy and Ideology Preparatory Process
    • Holiday Death Toll Rises To 8
    • Bishop finds hope amid Zimbabwe's misery
    • Lack of cattle affects crop production in Zimbabwe
    • Fertiliser prices skyrocket
    • Government set to replace Zimbabwe board
    • Zimbabwe crisis hits game parks
    • Heavy rains save dying animals in Zim Park
  6. Posted 27/12/05
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Party Removes Leader - NYT
    • Zambia shuts main power station after mud slide
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 24th December 2005
    • Zanu-PF bigwigs hijack ZIMA
    • Zimbabwe axed from EU support
    • Guards earn more than cops, soldiers
    • Zanu PF demands more cash from taxpayers
    • War veteran slams government over 'broken promises'
    • Zinasu urges travel ban on MDC rebels
    • I am ready for Tsvangirai, says Ari Ben-Menashe
    • Zinatha man faces jail in UK
    • No respite in sight for struggling Zimbabweans
    • Zanu PF thugs snatch food from PLWAs
    • Let's have the courage to do what's right
    • Greedy politicians take God hostage
    • Time up for new forms of struggle
  7. Posted 26/12/05
    • When Doing Good Also Aids the Devil
    • Africans must denounce Mugabe
    • Zimbabweans line up for petrol in Musina
    • Zim prison guards charged with assault
    • Lessing cleans off desk -- skillfully
  8. Posted 25/12/05
    • Finding light in Zim's darkness
    • Tsvangirai expelled amid MDC 'circus'
    • Zim faces bleak Christmas as crisis bites
    • Government Fails To Pay Operation Garikai Contractors
    • Chief Police Spokesman Kills 10 Year-Old Boy
    • Passport 'factory' is found
    • Turkey Sends Financial Aid To Four African Countries
    • Q&A: LAND REFORM: Land Reform Revisited
    • African human rights commission approves resolutions
  9. Posted 24/12/05
    • Zimbabwe private radio station boss released on bail
    • Tsvangirai says pro-senate faction a nuisance
    • 'Mugabe's mob' caught looting on film
    • Private Fuel Importers Keep Zimbabwe Wheels Turning
    • The Outlook for 2006
    • Another envoy, another report, and still no houses
    • The Anglican Church drops murder charges against Zimbabwe bishop
    • Zimbabwe-Islam -Conference
    • Warriors revolt over unpaid bonuses
    • Zimbabwe in fund raising drive
    • Zimbabweans turn to ICC as strike deepens
    • Zimbabwe Cricket lurches towards anarchy
    • Councillors beaten up
    • Diesel shortage stalling efficient land tillage
    • 'Manufacturing challenges to continue in 2006'
    • Two MDC chairpersons for Chitungwiza
  10. Batch 3 Posted 23/12/05
    • Chombo Is A Hypocrite - UN
    • Zanu-PF to change constitution to extend Mugabe's rule
    • Tolstoy advises:Zimbabwe and the Root of the Evil
    • Striking Zim players need help
    • The State of the MDC in Zimbabwe
    • African drought aid charity hit by lack of interest
    • ARVs Price Shocker
    • Traffic flows freely at last at Beitbridge border
    • MPs get $428b for cars
    • We blundered on land, admits Zanu PF
    • What they said in the year gone by
    • Bleak Christmas for Zimbabweans
    • If it's Christmas Day, that's for Chombo
    • Travellers slam SA visa regime
    • UPM will push for radical overhaul
    • Factions threaten Zanu PF - report
    • Mandaza to file contempt of court charge
    • Two Zimbabweans nominated for Oxford
    • Art graduates blast Murambatsvina
    • What went wrong for business in 2005?
    • Cabinet changes mooted by rumour mill
    • Challenges to spill into 2006 - economists
    • Meltdown forces firms into rights issues
    • Two sides of a coin
    • Investment cabinet fails to deliver
    • There is a sinister agenda at work
    • Sadc and human rights - bridging credibility gap
    • Zanu PF ignorant of fundamentals
    • Hurling stones when enemy is out of sight
    • Paralysed by enormity of the tragedy
    • Zim Independent Letters
  11. Batch 2 Posted 23/12/05
    • Top U.N. Political Officer Headed for Zimbabwe Next Month
    • Accused witch killed at Zimbabwe church service
    • Council workers to be seconded to Moscow
    • State-run ZBH ignores passport law
    • Leaving home...
    • Rand still going strong
    • Santa's support Vigil
    • Zim women suffer in Jozi
    • Highlights of 2005
    • All I want for Christmas..
    • Zanu (PF) thuggery in SA
    • We are not afraid!
    • The Zimbabwean letters
    • When Christmas was Christmas
  12. Posted 23/12/05
    • Harare water unsafe to drink, tests find
    • Zimbabwe cricket team start indefinite strike
    • Mugabe hands over incomplete houses to clean-up victims
    • Grim traffic queues at the Beitbridge border
    • Agriculture to dictate 2006 economic growth in Zimbabwe
    • UN says Zimbabwe approved model housing for demolition victims
    • Companies threaten to stop production if Harare water quality remains poor
    • Raw sewage and refuse pile up in the capital under illegal administration
    • Police, army and senior civil servants grab more commercial farms
    • Radio station boss held hostage in Zim
    • MDC advisor Brian Raftopoulos says internal divisions too deep to reconcile
    • What prominent Zimbabweans do for Christmas
    • More Money Required for Health Sector, Says Minister
    • Public Warned to Stay On Bird Flu Alert
    • Farming Job in Kwa Zulu Natal
  13. Batch 3 Posted 22/12/05
    • RBZ Prints Emergency Cash Amid Currency Shortage
    • Renewal of Hope : A Christmas Message from Sokwanele, Zimbabwe
    • 'I dream of a free and independent press'
    • VoP Director To Spend Xmas Behind Bars
    • Zinasu Urges EU To Impose Sanctions On MDC Pro-Senate faction
    • UN denies building 'substandard' home in Zim
  14. Batch 2 Posted 22/12/05
    • Zimbabwe police boss evicts farmer to build houses for officers
    • Zimbabwe government warns of bird flu
    • Zim minister slams UN's 'sub-standard' houses
    • UN "puzzled" by govt response to model house
    • 'Zim's policies hasten decline'
    • Long way to go for Zimbabwe against corruption
    • Shortage of diesel stalls tillage in Zimbabwe
    • Department to Launch New Model Tractor
    • Christmas and New Year Message from the MDC President
    • Blackout Triggers Mixed Reactions
    • Beitbridge border post traffic problems resolved
    • Smugglers from Zimbabwe Ship Diamonds to S. Africa
    • Reporters Forum: The SWRA foot soldiers
  15. Batch 1 Posted 22/12/05
    • Mugabe seeks safe exit
    • Murambatsvina, MDC newsmakers of the year
    • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of 2005
    • Poor Annan: he must be quaking in his UN boots
    • Govt ignores Maphenduka's resignation
    • MDC circus deepens
    • RBZ rejects council's $1.3 trillion application
    • Strike threats at ZIMRA
    • Shumba quitting ZANU PF?
    • ZUPCO deputy chairperson commandeers $5 bln truck
    • AVM, FAW sign deal
    • UN envoy's treatment jeopardises donor
    • Uncertainty clouds annual shut-downs
    • Compulsory indocrination of journalists
    • UN envoys who refused to put on the blindfolds
    • Dare we believe?
    • No wonder AirZim is on brink of collapse
    • Prof Moyo far from presidential material
    • Irony as waiting list grows, stands remain untouched
    • Financial constraints stall Garikai
  16. Batch 2 Posted 21/12/05
    • Zimbabweans Reeling Under Crushing Inflation
    • Police Soliciting For Food, Money From Prisoners
    • Coming Home
    • Statement by Jan Egeland, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator to UN SC Meeting 19 Dec 2005
    • UN envoy spoiling for a fight - Govt
    • Trudy still fighting for democracy - Christmas 2005
    • Zimbabwe archbishop will not be silenced
    • Hwange villagers, national park wild animals at war
    • $660bn facility to benefit council
    • No fuel in sight for Christmas
    • ZEC assures officers of payment
    • Zimbabweans in Diaspora urged to supply council with equipment
    • 'High Failure Rate Among Student Nurses Worrisome'
    • Home Affairs
    • Chiyangwa's Plunder Matrix Exposed As Tycoon Builds Z$1 trillion Mansion
  17. Posted 21/12/05
    • New Zim senators lobby for high life
    • Tsvangirai's end of year brief to the diplomatic community
    • Tsvangirai says ZANU PF plotting to assassinate him
    • Toll fees introduced
    • Fuel scam at city council
    • Banks struggle to serve clients
    • Elephants bring untold suffering to communities
    • British govt to continue supporting Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabwe army 'moves onto the land'
    • Zimbabwe officers on UN missions urged to be true envoys
    • Mining Firms Scandal Unearthed
    • Zimbabwean women in Jo'burg prostitute themselves in survival battle
    • Official arrested for taking bribe
    • Beitbridge border post situation deteriorating
    • SA, Zim border crossing fraught with problems
  18. Batch 2 Posted 20/12/05
    • A ruthless landlord, a good friend of Mugabe - and a killer
    • UN Says Famine in Southern Africa Averted
    • Without homes to call their own, Zimbabwe's poor struggle
    • Czech noble family defending their farm in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe introduces road tolls
    • Beitbridge pile-up nightmare for travellers
    • Bail for 'thieving' Zanu PF editor
    • Soldiers to become farmers in Zim food crisis
    • 'More should be done' for Zim
    • CIO To Be Deployed To High Schools To Curb Exam Fraud
    • Exclusive: The Letter That Made Harare Back Down On Passport Seizure
    • 14 African leaders to witness Tanzanian presidential swear-in
    • Zimbabwe bans jatropha tree exports
    • San fight attempts to move them
  19. Posted 20/12/05
    • Massive power outages hit Zim
    • Top UN relief official pleads for Security Council political action in Africa
    • U.K. Court Says Tycoon Van Hoogstraten Ordered Murder
    • Zimbabwe police arrest broadcasting boss
    • Crisis-hit Zimbabweans move around with bags full of worthless cash
    • Dream turns sour for Zimbabwe's resettled black sugarcane farmers
    • Three Zimbabwean journalists released
    • Crime Awareness Update - 09/12/05
    • Volume of food aid causes transport bottleneck
    • Flirtation of Zimbabwe's yesterday's man with East is not bearing fruit
    • Gold panners descend on Mozambique
    • MDC expels 5 senior members
    • SABC cameraperson assaulted at Beitbridge
    • Players dispute Chingoka reassurances
    • Zimbabwean evictees return, find no refuge
    • Zanu PF Plot To Shut Down NCA, DFID, WOZA And Bulawayo Agenda Unveiled
    • Untrained Teachers On Way Out
    • Loss of Fish Sparks Council, Zinwa Wrangle
    • Labor, the State, and the Struggle for a Democratic Zimbabwe
  20. Posted 19/12/05
    • Zimbabwe opposition suspends deputy president, secretary general
    • Zimbabwean journalists charged for breaching tough broadcasting law
    • ANALYSIS: Economic crisis to fuel social unrest in Zimbabwe
    • In Zimbabwe, you join the queue and ask what's on sale later
    • Zimbabwe court dismisses farm seizure cases
    • Evict Defiant White Farmers, Legislator Urges Govt
    • Crocodiles kill 13 in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe committed to fighting corruption: official
    • Suspensions exacerbate MDC rift
    • Zimbabwe's tobacco output to decline
    • Africa fears "tsunami" of cheap imports
    • Radio staff to appear in court
    • The spy who came in from the quiet
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 17th December 2005
    • Immigration scam kingpin sentenced
    • ICC to Zimbabwe: Resolve row or face suspension
    • Mujuru Launches $56bn Agricultural Project
  21. Posted 18/12/05
    • Flip-flops and football help China's Africa drive
    • Tempers flare at Beit Bridge
    • Govt denies chaos at Beitbridge border post
    • Interest rate up 125% in Zimbabwe
    • A pledge of solidarity and support for White Monday
    • Christmas is cancelled
    • Chitungwiza Municipality Resumes Refuse Collection
    • Mixed feelings over Harare commission
    • Use natural manure, farmers urged
    • Lack of interest
  22. Batch 2 Posted 17/12/05
    • Mass Protests To Go Ahead Despite Mugabe's Threats - Tsvangirai
    • Lawyer Files Urgent Chamber Application Seeking Release Of VoP
    • Children arrested during evictions
    • NRZ Suspends Intra-City Services
    • Zimbabwe think tank eyes on copyright issue
    • 22 Zimbabweans found hidden in back of truck
    • Nothing natural about Southern Africa food crisis, charges ActionAid
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 403
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 15 December 2005
    • JAG Christmas Communique
  23. Posted 17/12/05
    • Zimbabwe police say won't release journalists until boss turns himself in
    • Mugabe threatens to crush Tsvangirai-led revolt
    • SA foreign minister says policy on Zimbabwe based on justice and international law
    • What next for Zimbabwe?
    • Arrested journalists to be charged under AIPPA and Broadcasting Act
    • Mugabe's speech at global peace forum cancelled
    • You are stealing from our country
    • Zimbabwe army 'moves onto the land'
    • Zimbabwe critic says Mugabe regime planning tidal wave of repression
    • Gono offers job to Mawere whistle blower
    • It beggars belief
    • Health budget fails to address brain drain
    • Health Hazard Looms in Vic Falls
    • Mugabe 'won't allow MDC' to push for change
    • Ncube ready to face clampdown
    • Relieved M&G owner back in SA
    • Police raid the Voice of the People radio station, arresting three of its journalists
    • Detained activist Remember Moyo goes on hunger strike
    • UNI Protests regarding Zimbabwe's anti-union actions
    • Why is Mahathir associating with a dictator?
    • Zimbabwe to join African export, import bank
    • Time is against us. We must act quickly
  24. Batch 4 Posted 16/12/05
    • Mediagate: the big plot
    • NMB whistleblower demands $33 billion
    • Inflation clouds festive season
    • International press outcry over passport seizure
    • AirZim in debt trap
    • MDC infighting becomes circus
    • Mandaza case postponed again
    • GMB fails to pay wheat producers
    • Zimbabwe now a virtual penal colony
    • Industrial output to decline in 2006 - economists
    • Zim falls further in investment ratings
    • Beware soldier
    • Boycotts don't win political power
    • Colonial past no excuse for ruin
    • Rhodesia incarnates as repression grows
    • Mugabe's cruel joke on the people
    • MDC should not play into Zanu PF's hands
    • Passport snatch will have 'chilling' effect
    • Government just won't face realities
    • Zanu PF feasts as povo wallow in privation
    • Policies that mask and promote misrule
    • Zim Independent Letters
  25. Batch 3 Posted 16/12/05
    • Mugabe's soldiers swap barracks for farms to fight hunger
    • Harare moves to set up law allowing passport seizures
    • Zimbabwe police raid private radio broadcaster, three journalists arrested
    • Lawyer accuses resettled black farmer of extortion
    • Mugabe goes back to the 70s on CD of speeches
    • Obasanjo, Govs Meet on Zimbabwe Farmers
    • Mbeki Pressured Harare To Return Ncube's Passport
    • Agriculture Zim's Escape Route
    • Zinwa Tariffs Unsustainable - Farmers
    • Moyo 'ghost' haunts State media
    • MDC faction restructures Chitungwiza leadership
    • Chitungwiza health department fails to procure drugs
    • No takers for council vacancies
    • Vandalism delays trains
  26. Batch 2 Posted 16/12/05
    • Mugabe admits failure
    • Tsvangirai calls for a single front to dislodge dictatorship
    • Brit MPs call for right to work
    • UZ students deny denouncing UN envoy
    • Moyo to be investigated
    • Ruled by criminals
    • We are not afraid
    • Zims abroad not spineless
    • A new approach to Africa
    • Raw deal for farmers
    • English Bishops on solidarity visit
    • 'We are not a tents people'
    • Gono's kids in Melbourne?
    • Govt media 'intolerably unprofessional'
    • Elephant count could be wrong - researcher
    • Paradise re-discovered
  27. Posted 16/12/05
    • 'Gukurahundi--Zimbabweans ready to testify against perpetrators'
    • Poisonous Zimbabwean peanut butter spreads across the UK
    • A passport is not a gagging instrument
    • Out in the Cold
    • 'Notorious' CIO Raid VoP Radio Station Offices
    • MDC members launch fresh bid against leader
    • 'Training' for Zim journalists
    • MDC spokesman accuses rival faction of sowing confusion
    • Chaos as MDC faction claims it has won backing for Tsvangirai's suspension
    • Zim court slams seizure of passport
    • Zim 'muzzling free speech'
    • No forced removal of failed asylum seekers to Zimbabwe, says UK Court
    • Exiled Novelist Speaks Out
    • Harare Now A Showcase of Ill Government
    • House of Assembly Approves 2006 National Budget
    • 'The only lasting solution will come from inside Zimbabwe'
    • 'SA relations with Zim guided by law'
    • Zimbabwean Cotton Farmers Say Subsidies Damage Small-Scale Producers
    • Motoring Woes Worsen in Zimbabwe
    • Renewed calls for culling in wildlife reserves raises alarm
  28. Batch 2 Posted 15/12/05
    • Zim, UN tension mounts
    • Passports crackdown betrays govt insecurity
    • Minister, clerk of parly raid prime Ariston farm
    • Tel*One recruits 'green bombers'
    • Jokonya brands scribes as 'weapons of mass destruction'
    • Jonathan Moyo speaks on UPM launch
    • Pro-senate faction snubs hearing
    • RBZ in massive rate hike
    • Mining stocks unfazed by Mugabe threat
    • Zim's export volumes plunge
    • Liquidity returns as inflation flies higher
    • UN envoys who refused to put on the blindfolds
    • The 'crocodile' goes under water
    • Can we believe?
    • Building Societies choke on inflation
    • SA Spy Amnesty Tied To R6 billion Rescue Package
    • Permanent Split Looms For Zimbabwe's Opposition MDC - Party Vice President
    • Another Passport Gone
    • Another Year, Another Food Crisis
    • Shoppers head for Christmas blues
    • Vote of no confidence for MDC MPs
    • Zimbabwe to chair African elections body
    • A little light relief
  29. Posted 15/12/05
    • Zimbabwe publisher gets back passport
    • Zimbabwe information minister threatens fresh crackdown against Press
    • Confusion in Harare as trade unionist's passport is seized
    • Zimbabwe opposition to push for rates boycott in cities
    • Evicted Zimbabweans sleep in the open in Jo'burg
    • Senators to walk away with Z$14.7 million each in salaries
    • Viet Nam's PM meets Zimbabwe's President
    • Zimbabwe government travel ban policy in shambles
    • Institute for War and Peace Reporting
    • Hopes, fears rise as China quickens Africa push
    • Hospital Goes Without Doctor for Six Months
    • Operation Murambatsvina victims return to informal settlements
    • MDC to launch fresh bid to suspend leader
    • Disciplinary hearing for Sibanda & others to take place at the weekend
    • Crocs top elephants as biggest threat to Zimbabweans
    • Masvingo police ordered to return stolen farm equipment
    • SA and UK major trading partners for Zimbabw
    • Yo Zimbabwe . . . Listen up! Enter Studio 7's exciting Christmas Promotion . . .
    • Zimplats says to double underground ore production
    • Zimbabwe Government Returns Seized Passports
    • UN agency meets donors on shelter recovery in Pakistan and Zimbabwe
    • Three-card trickery
    • The Sandmonkey is now Ranting - please keep voting!
  30. Batch 2 Posted 14/12/05
    • A Bleak Christmas for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Family Mourns AIDS Death
    • Ashleigh to help others in their struggle to gain asylum
    • 'I just suffered the pain'
    • Destitution among Zimbabwean asylum seekers in the UK
    • Spy's release ends diplomatic tug of war
    • SA spy to return to Zimbabwe for testimony
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Factions Dispute Provincial Reshuffle
    • Mawere linked to Kanyemba Uranium bidders
    • Population explosion fuels Harare problems
    • NGO holds fund-raising walk
    • Reminder: Please vote for 'This is Zimbabwe'
  31. Posted 14/12/05
    • Zimbabwe bank governor begs Mugabe to save nation from catastrophe
    • Harare seeks to strike out-of-court deal with newspaper publisher over seized passport
    • Zimbabwe white farmers win court battle to reclaim seized equipment
    • ZANU PF hijacks Warriors
    • Army General's threats signal fear of army revolt
    • Zimbabwean agents protecting Malawi president and his Zimbabwean wife
    • ZBC and the bogus student leader
    • MDC slams Chombo for the deteriorating situation in Harare
    • Zimbabwe releases S. African spy
    • Relations unaffected by spy scandal, says official
    • UN reports serious concern over food situation in southern Africa
    • Why African "land reform" is bad for everyone
    • What to do about Zimbabwe?
    • Ncube's 'country arrest' slated
    • Senators vehicle loans to cost Z$132 billion
    • 'A day's life inside Botswana'
    • Zimbabweans give cautious welcome to player support
    • New border post 'for 4x4s only'
    • Starwood Hotels pull out of Zimbabwe
  32. Batch 2 Posted 13/12/05
    • Zimbabwe general attacks MDC
    • Kasrils travels to Harare to fetch SA spy
    • Harare City Commission Re-Appointed
    • Who will police the police?
    • Undiplomatic row as envoys evade £3m in fines
    • Players 'disillusioned' by ICC handling of Zimbabwe issue
    • Soldier pumps six bullets into victim
    • Car-jackers hit on VP Mujuru Benz
    • Anti-Senate MDC faction restructures
    • Zimdollar inches closer to black market rate
    • Patients to purchase drugs - Council
    • Senators vehicle loans fund inadequate: Zvoma
  33. Posted 13/12/05
    • Zimbabwean publisher challenges passport seizure in High Court
    • An update from Trevor Ncube
    • Mugabe moves to dip his hands into private Foreign Currency Accounts
    • 'Rebel' MDC members to appeal to Supreme Court in bid to oust Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai calls for single front with civil groups against dictatorship
    • More talk and no action against farm grabbers
    • Five arrested at WOZA human rights demonstration
    • Australia guilty of genocide: Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe bird flu is not type dangerous to humans
    • Trade union presses for more tax cuts to cushion workers from fresh price hikes
    • Smugglers Cost Zimbabwe Billions
    • Zimbabwe Pensioner
    • Zimbabwe begins crackdown on opposition
    • Zanu-PF endorces passport seizures
    • Zimbabwe to reject all UN envoys
    • 2 000 cattle rustlers arrested
    • Confiscation of passports will not solve economic problems: MDC
    • Legislate repair of traffic signals, Govt. urged
    • WHO Pledges $120BN for Anti-Malaria Drive
    • Channel to Showcase Africa to Go On Air, Says Key Player
    • Fuel shortages rock South Africa
  34. Posted 12/12/05
    • ANALYSIS-Zimbabwe crackdown indicates ZANU-PF under pressure
    • Zanu-PF: Be wary of UN envoys
    • Dying in Zimbabwe now a luxury only afforded by the rich
    • The hunter joins the hunted in Zimbabwe's war against crime
    • Chefs feast in Umzingwane
    • CIO agents scuffle with UN staff
    • ZEC fails to pay polling officers
    • Govt draws up travel ban hit-list
    • Govt steps into FNBS fray
    • Gweru Council rations water
    • Senator, war vets locked in bitter land wrangle
    • Health budget a drop in the ocean, say experts
    • Arrest of Aids activists slammed
    • Failures cast shadow on Annan's visit
    • Gagged by the UZ authorities
    • Chideya has no business at Town House
    • Always blaming others for their failures
    • Is this for real or just another joke?
    • Can MDC survive leadership crisis?
    • How Mugabe unwittingly destroyed MDC
    • Africa's pseudo-democracy spawns dictators
    • Zimbabwe my home my frustration!
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 10th December 2005
    • Zim cricket boss fined Z$1m
  35. Batch 2 Posted 11/12/05
    • Zimbabwe President Concedes Shortcomings
    • Mugabe takes swipe at white farmers
    • Zimbabwe to continue allocating land to people
    • Refugees in 'cruel limbo'
    • Zimbabwe in CNN Debate: Should Abusive Regimes Sit on the UN Human Rights Council?
    • Torture and starvation in Mugabe's 'open prison'
    • Publisher to Take On Mugabe
    • Chimanikire's legal challenge to the MDC presidency thrown out
    • Peanuts For Election Monitors
    • Tsvangirai Calls For Mass 'Democratic' Resistance
  36. Posted 11/12/05
    • The Outlook for 2006
    • Mugabe party calls for crackdown on 'hostile' NGOs
    • Economy, divisions hamper Mugabe party dominance
    • Mugabe warns against dubious Zanu-PF leaders
    • Zim 'undermines press freedom'
    • Humpty Dumpty
    • End destitution for Zimbabweans and give them the right to work, say MPs
    • WOZA Press Statement 10 December 2005
    • Zim court overturns bar on Tsvangirai
    • Zanu PF Functionaries Default On RDC Levies
    • The moral case for booting out Mugabe
    • City Council billing water charges month in advance
    • Marondera hospital faces drug shortages, staff exodus
    • Mozambique police recover vehicle worth $1bn stolen in Zim
    • Economics for dummies
  37. Batch 3 Posted 10/12/05
    • Mugabe brands UN envoy hypocrite and liar
    • MDC politician's passport seized as Mugabe cracks down on opponents
    • Zimbabwe opposition faction to appeal to Supreme Court over Tsvangirai ouster
    • Bicycles, hair salons propel Zimbabwe inflation to 502 pct
    • Tsvangirai survives court bid to oust him
    • SAAF Says Skills Drain Prompted Zim Deal
    • Australia in embarrassing sanctions botch-up
    • Mugabe's party worried by problems in farming
    • Watchdog body condemns media owner's travel ban
    • Mugabe rejoices at opposition's woes
    • Desperate tale of a Zimbabwe hunger striker recovering in a UK hospital
    • Africa's New Despots
    • Zimbabwe bird flu strain still uncertain-S.Africa
    • Save Hwange Appeal
  38. Batch 2 Posted 10/12/05
    • Gono, AirZim in crisis talks
    • Politics rescue cricket bosses
    • Association calls for rates boycott
    • Govt slips on Garikai targets
    • UPM keeps potential foes guessing
    • Clans and families take over senate
    • Govt seizes more farm equipment
    • Zanu PF functionaries default on RDC levies
    • Memorandum nails Chinamasa
    • Aippa fight makes progress at ACHPR
    • Mugabe opens Zanu PF conference under cloud
    • Zimbabwe unlikely to achieve growth forecasts - Finhold
    • Border loses 700 ha of timber
    • Govt debt rises three-fold
    • Mobil selling assets
    • Zim GDP to shrink -4,8% ­- IMF
    • CCZ urges consumers to brace for hard times
    • Why protest if you don't care?
    • Prime real estate
    • Tsvangirai ouster a victory for democracy
    • Chimanikire's gaffe set to expose MDC
    • Killing democracy softly, cynically
    • Govt policy flip-flops a hurdle to turnaround
    • Finance minister emigrates to Cuckooland
    • From wheelbarrows to donkey-drawn carts
    • Policy inconsistencies costly for Zim
  39. Batch 1 Posted 10/12/05
    • Govt lies to AU court
    • Poll boycott success boosts MDC
    • HIV rates fall - perhaps because more are dying
    • Britain and US in deal to protect Mugabe?
    • We need tolerance and diversity
    • When will we say 'enough'?
    • Border jumpers - but not forever
    • Students suffer abuses
    • Ncube castigates 'heartless' Mugabe
    • Refugees evicted in Jozi
    • SA to recruit 1 000 Zim teachers
    • Time for action - Zimbabwe arise
    • We call it 'hope'
    • Weapon of mass destruction
    • Another Africa
    • Seven Senate seats - a worthless quota
    • Land - Where did we go wrong?
    • Three kinds of suffering
  40. Batch 2 Posted 9/12/05
    • Seizure of journalist's passport highlights worsening autocratic rule in Harare
    • Fuel price hikes deliver bleak Christmas for Zimbabweans
    • Danish farmers ask court to force Harare to uphold investment protection deal
    • Zimbabwe Cricket seeks government help to resolve crisis
    • Zimbabwe Crisis "Worsening as we Speak" - UN's Egeland
    • Opposition does Mugabe's dirty work
    • Housing will take decades - UN
    • A fight from the get-go
    • Winner takes all as Zimbabwe lies in ruins
    • Victims of bulldozer denied UN tents
    • Zimbabwe pilots to offer training in South Africa
    • Another Victim Of Mugabe's Policies - Sheraton Pulls Out Of Zimbabwe
    • Australia Extends Sanctions to Top Executives
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 402
    • Erratic Coal Supplies Hamper Tobacco Curing
    • Fuel Prices Shoot Up
    • Poor Infrastructure Stalls Progress in Gokwe
    • Mandaza Suspended Again
    • Bird Flu Statement
    • Legal action imminent against Zimbabwe govt: Ncube
    • U.N. official calls visit 'heartbreaking'
  41. Posted 9/12/05
    • Zimbabwe Suspends Poultry Exports after Bird Flu Strain Detected
    • Zimbabwe newspaper publisher's passport seized
    • Groundwork set for Mugabe prosecution in International Courts
    • ZANU PF meets, succession not on agenda
    • Mugabe plans to 'consolidate gains'
    • Calls for Mahoso to resign
    • Zimbabweans should 'celebrate' return of land
    • Fuel selling at nearly six times official price: Report
    • Villagers forced to choose between life and death
    • Make Some Noise
    • China becomes top arms supplier of Sudan
    • MDC faction challenges court powers
    • NRZ workers caught stealing fuel
    • Cost of tillage services hiked
    • Despite clampdown, vending is here to stay
  42. Batch 3 Posted 8/12/05
    • Sanctions botch-up
    • Demolitions: Govt admits it bungled
    • UN envoy backs Tibaijuka report
    • I had no intention to stand: Dabengwa
    • Zimbabwe's unhappy millionaires
    • Three million in need of food aid by January
    • Aussies join scramble for Zim's uranium deposits
    • Zimplats' Great Dyke successor will have to pay through the nose
    • Much hinges on the rains
    • Another budget overrun looms
    • Zim loses out on WB fund
    • Retail continues to fuel Meikles' performance
    • CBZ, MBCA secure US$40million loan
    • Govt appointee costs CFI shareholders dividend
    • Wait for new law: feuding empowerment groups told
    • Breathtaking hypocrisy and double standards
    • Easier said than done
    • Vote-buying the flavour of the month in African polls
    • FinGaz Letters
  43. Batch 2 Posted 8/12/05
    • UN Aid Chief Egeland to Brief Security Council on Zimbabwe
    • UN envoy urges Africa to address Zimbabwe crisis
    • Aid chief urges charges over mass slum clearance
    • Declinng rural and urban food security
    • Australia slaps sanctions on top Zimbabwean newspaper publisher
    • MDC leaders summoned to disciplinary hearing for suspending Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe cricket bosses released as AG refuses to prosecute
    • Financial grilling for Zimbabwe's top brass
    • Former coach and captain await developments in Zimbabwe crisis
    • Standard Chartered to write-off $40m Zimbabwe assets
    • JAG Compensation/Restitution Communique dated 07 December 2005
    • Vigil protest on UN International Human Rights Day
    • HIV incidence has declined in Zimbabwe - UN report
    • Removal of Price Controls Right Step for Zimbabwe - Economist
    • CSC Seeks to Resume Beef Exports to EU
    • UN to Assist Zim With Grain
    • MDC leaders dying of thirst just as palm trees appear
  44. Posted 8/12/05
    • UN envoy says Zimbabwe slum clearance 'irrational'
    • Mugabe vows to keep looking East for trade and investment
    • Annan Should Not Pull His Punches With Mugabe
    • More firms join direct fuel import (DFI) facility
    • Health workers forced to sleep at workplace
    • Low-income earners reduced to vending
    • Yarls Wood hunger strikers taken to hospital
    • Zimbabwe opposition faction seeks leader suspension
    • MDC Press:
    • Government asked to intervene in Cricket crisis
    • Implats holds talks with Zimbabwe on properties
    • KK to Visit Mugabe
  45. Batch 2 Posted 7/12/05
    • ZANU PF to skirt Mugabe succession issue at conference
    • UN envoy says clean-up worsened Zimbabwe's humanitarian crisis
    • Mugabe pushes for Stalinist-style land reforms
    • Harare seizes farm for orphans
    • State secret agents bar "unknown" minister from Mugabe address
    • Zimbabweans protest on UN International Human Rights Day
    • UN's Top Humanitarian Worker Patches up Differences with Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's hierarchy end up behind bars
    • Zimbabwe rebels meet to decide on future
    • Border staff in trouble
    • Voters must demand better leadership
  46. Posted 7/12/05
    • Mugabe rejects UN offer for homeless
    • Power cuts black out Mugabe's speech
    • Mugabe wants UN to play active role, says Egeland
    • Tsvangirai in court?
    • Chingoka and Bvute arrested
    • Municipalities struggle to provide basic services
    • Media commission chief urged to resign after allegations of political control
    • Mugabe targets 15 critics for travel ban
    • Disturbances rock University of Zimbabwe campus
    • Vote for ‘This is Zimbabwe’ in the 2005 Weblog Awards
    • EU policy on Zim unwise, says SA ambassador
  47. Batch 2 Posted 6/12/05
    • Harare slums shock UN envoy
    • Army 'escort' for UN envoy scares residents
    • SAA sends Zim fuel by road
    • Zimbabwean church official says elections don't help starving people
    • Vote of no confidence in Zanu PF!
    • Report: US, China in competition in Africa
    • Zimbabwe cricketers have top officials in sights
    • Farm Workers Forced To Work At Gunpoint At Grabbed Eastern Highlands Farms
    • Price hikes bite incomes
    • Operation Garikayi: State urged to include other players
    • Mnangagwa denies links with new party
    • Beer prices go up
    • War vets want Zanu PF to finalise land reform
  48. Posted 6/12/05
    • UN envoy visits victims of Zimbabwe's demolition campaign
    • UN envoy visits govt's clean-up campaign sites
    • Harare homeless in 'very bad' way
    • Scores stranded at Beit Bridge border post
    • Zim cricketers released from police custody
    • Two nights in Harare's police cells
    • Zambia Learns to Cash In on Falls
    • MDC faction ropes in Mugabe judge to oust Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe opposition politician sues government over looted coffee
  49. Batch 3 Posted 5/12/05
    • Zim cricketers arrested - report
    • UN aid chief to meet Mugabe over Harare 'clearances'
    • Stench, trash in streets show Zimbabwe economic crisis
    • Harare-bound flights bump passengers for fuel
    • Air Zimbabwe Grounded Intermittently
    • Mugabe fires second bodyguard
  50. Batch 2 Posted 5/12/05
    • 'I have to eat insects to stay alive'
    • Z$150 billion Zimbabwe dairy fund milked dry
    • UN envoy meets experts ahead of country-wide tour
    • Zimbabwe central bank closes in on cricket bosses
    • The Death of Democracy in Zimbabwe
    • Youths beat up MP at Zim rally
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 3rd December 2005
    • Raw sewage pours into Manyame Dam
    • Paltry budget may delay health service changes
    • Putting the Spin Into Land Reform
    • France vows to help cut African poverty
    • UN envoy arrives in Zimbabwe on humanitarian aid
  51. Batch 1 Posted 5/12/05
    • Chimanikire to challenge Tsvangirai over MDC
    • Floods leave villagers homeless
    • Anthrax kills villagers in Zvimba
    • UK to Zimbabwe's rescue
    • Murerwa budget dismissed as unrealistic
    • Low morale hits Zanu PF conference
    • Party restructures after Bulawayo defeat
    • Bulawayo water shortage worsens
    • Gun-totting minister's aide in court
    • Governor takes over Gweru farm
    • Govt talk of privatisation a hoax
    • Air Zim on borrowed time
    • Murerwa begs NSSA to take IDBZ stake
    • Govt gets tough on defaulting ministries
    • Budget Highlights
    • ZESA sinks US$650m in Gokwe North
    • Cold Storage makes offer to breeders
    • AU government: the pros and con
  52. Posted 4/12/05
    • Sinking into the past: a desperate nation living on the scrap heap
    • Harare's 2006 Growth Projections Draw Skepticism
    • What went wrong for Morgan Tsvangirai?
    • Words don't fill tummies
    • Tsvangirai 'should be gagged'
    • Justice Ebrahim calls emergency meeting
    • Generous British donation to help feed Zimbabweans
    • Disillusion in Southern Africa Ahead of Trade Summit
    • MIC censures Financial Gazette
  53. Posted 3/12/05
    • Mugabe's housing programme grinds to a halt
    • Pro-senate MDC candidate challenges election loss
    • Where did it all go wrong in Zimbabwe?
    • UN Emergency Relief Coordinator expected to meet Mugabe next week
    • Garbage collection collapses in Harare
    • MDC suspends six after elections row
    • Zimbabwe police detain activists on World Aids Day march
    • Plight of Zimbabwe Jews reaches a new low
    • HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe: whose side is the government on?
    • Four letters to a young African who wants to be a journalist
    • Zimbabwe boss denies 'flee' claim
    • Fraud cloud hovers over Zim duo
  54. Batch 5 Posted 2/12/05
    • Mugabe's secret strategy
    • Mugabe official had EIGHT farms
    • Kaunda urges African leaders to give priority to Africa
    • UN Emergency Relief Coordinator to make fact-finding trip to Zimbabwe
    • MDC national council nullifies Tsvangirai's suspension
    • National budget contradictory and unrealistic: analysts
    • Mugabe appeals to foreign investors to help mine uranium
    • Safeguarding tyranny at the expense of progress and development
    • South African court gives go-ahead for gay marriage
    • Catastrophe zone
  55. Batch 4 Posted 2/12/05
    • MDC banishes 'rebels'
    • Seven state firms to go
    • Problems deepen at crippled AirZim
    • Mugabe courts foreigners on nuclear project
    • Chinese go for CSC
    • Arda vehicles up for auction over debt
    • Zanu PF had unfair edge in Senate poll - Zesn
    • Starvation stalks poor in Silobela
    • Tengenenge - Zim's sculpture heartbeat
    • Leo drags uncle into Telecel wrangle
    • Tsvangirai sees dawn of new era in Zim
    • Zim on flight against civilisation
    • Murerwa budget eskews critical issues
    • Nothing for Kunzvi, MZWT dam projects
    • $11,4b for securities watchdog
    • Govt in climbdown on bilateral agreements
    • Price controls abolished
    • 2006 budget: brush-up your maths skills
    • Govt adjusts tax thresholds
    • Government slams farm invasions
    • Murerwa sees recovery despite gloom
    • Legacy of failure
    • Gono's US ban a non-event
    • Enough Dumi, the people have spoken
    • Soul-searching vital after senate poll
    • Zim Independent Letters
  56. Batch 3 Posted 2/12/05
    • Zimbabwe, WFP Sign Deal to Distribute Food Aid
    • UN launches $270 million appeal
    • Tsvangirai faction hits back
    • Zimbabwe Denies Protection And Assistance to the Evicted
    • Defence gets fourth biggest chunk in Zimbabwe budget
    • Zimbabwe economy to grow, budget gap to fall - finmin
    • Zimbabwe's evicted and forsaken
    • The MDC national council meeting and resolutions
    • Zim farmworkers treated like slaves
    • Mugabe slates 'super-power' trade rules
    • Zimbabwe showing no promise as World marks AIDS Day
    • Zim Should Respect Virtues of Property Rights, Says Gono
    • Drought decimates wildlife in game reserve
    • Bonus boost for workers
    • Warriors get $10 billion
    • Zim gets $2bn for Parly reforms
  57. Batch 2 Posted 2/12/05
    • Grilling in Gambia
    • Bennett predicts another Niger
    • Houses 'melt' in rain
    • Remaining farms grabbed
    • Maize deliveries ahead of elections
    • Exiles - lily-livered or prudent?
    • Letter from America
    • Harvest of hunger looms
    • Open letter to collaborators
    • Down, but not out
    • State shows contempt for judiciary
    • AIDS takes toll on agriculture
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
  58. Batch 1 Posted 2/12/05
    • 'CIO blocked Daily News registration'
    • Federation calls merely a search for identity
    • Theatre of the absurd
    • A win is a win, says MDC faction
    • Villagers scavenge for food
    • GMB's dubious distinction
    • Rival MDC faction seeks to gag Tsvangirai
    • Nyoni rescued from political dustbin
    • Contracted Nestle dairy farmers to receive RBZ boost
    • Zim/Zam revisit electricity project
    • Art's gain, every publisher's pain
    • Zim puts damper on regional integration
    • How long can the old man last?
    • Defection of MDC gang of four welcome
    • Sliding to victory on uneven field the easiest of tasks
    • What's the fuss?
    • FinGaz Letters
  59. Batch 2 Posted 1/12/05
    • Zimbabwe army sued for looting property during farm invasions
    • Blessed are those who don't give birth in Zimbabwe
    • Supreme Court refuses to review Electoral Court judgment
    • Zimbabwe police beat up residents in farming town
    • Defiant Tsvangirai interdicted by own party
    • African countries rapidly descending into autocracy
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Falters
    • Mugabe must go, De Klerk tells Leaders in Dubai
    • Mugabe blames Britain for Aids-drug shortage
    • Hell on earth for city's refugee prostitutes
    • Zimbabwe: a country in denial
  60. Posted 1/12/05
    • Zim court makes decision on land grab ruling
    • Zimbabwean president appoints new ministers
    • Senators sworn in
    • Deputy Information Minister booted off farm in Banket
    • Tortured lawyer argues case at African Commission
    • University students petition European Union to ban Vice Chancellor
    • More prison officers deserting over salaries and work conditions
    • Australian sanctions list
    • Zimbabwe Senate Election
    • Zimbabwe govt seeks to increase HIV/AIDS treatment
    • ICC still not prepared to intervene in Zimbabwe
    • AirZim in forex controversy
    • Zimbabweans await national budget
    • 'National budget should not be mere wish list'
    • It's just a bank overdraft, says $430bn fraud suspect
    • AU to scrutinise Zimbabwe
    • It's 'business as usual' for Tsvangirai
    • MDC's constitution backs Tsvangirai's suspension

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