The ZIMBABWE Situation

February 2006 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 28/2/06
    • Eight more students held after Harare marches
    • Rautenbach facing eviction in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe cracks down on shops selling bread at inflated prices
    • Zanu PF Struggling To Sell Party Cards, Begs Companies For Z$200 billion
    • Newsnet Reporters Drag Govt To Court Over Appallingly Low Salaries
    • RBZ Probes Govt Agro-Businesses Amid Fears Of Gross Malfeasance
    • IMF Denies Zim Payment Pushed Up Inflation, Blames Gono For Upward Spiral
    • Of dodgy bus passes, amnesties and a looming judgment
    • Senate Backs Plans for One Fertilizer Firm
    • Harare commuters stranded again
    • Sweden ready to convince EU against Zim sanctions
  2. Posted 28/2/06
    • Zimbabwe opposition factions begin legal tussle over brand name
    • Zimbabwe public transporters hike fares by 100 percent
    • 48 percent of Zimbabwe's manufacturing firms have lost hope of economic recovery: survey
    • An African Storm
    • Zim bread price goes up 50%
    • Travel costs force students to stay home
    • Project Set to Benefit Over 500 Mudzi Families
    • MDC wrangling leaves opposition ill-placed
    • Tsvangirai faction dismisses pro-senate congress and the significance of Mutambara's return
    • MDC mediator Brian Raftopoulos welcomes Mutambara factor
    • Six student leaders arrested during opening day demonstrations at the University of Zimbabwe
    • Fresh cash crisis feared
    • Circus At Town House While Harare Decays
    • Blind beggers the visible face of human trafficking
  3. Batch 2 Posted 27/2/06
    • Bad luck continues to stalk Zambia's white farmers, hounded from Zimbabwe
    • Harare Residents Association Blasts Makwavarara Extravagance
    • Govt Corruption, Bureaucracy Negatively Affecting Manufacturing - CZI
    • Pro-Senate Faction Must Stop Using MDC Name And Logo Forthwith
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 25th February 2006
    • Africa's lions could die out in a decade: study
    • Schools run out of mealie-meal
    • Hard times ahead, Mugabe warns
    • Power cuts cost Falgold billions
    • Residents prefer rain water
    • City termini face closure
  4. Posted 27/2/06
    • Arthur Mutambara's acceptance speech
    • Tsvangirai welcomes calls for unity as cracks widen
    • Zimbabwe abandons multi-billion dollar irrigation project
    • Zimbabwe school teachers sell sweets to survive
    • United States university plans to strip Mugabe of honorary degree
    • 'Crosstitution' a way to lure MDC MPs
    • Stolen diamonds chanelled through South Africa
  5. Batch 2 Posted 26/2/06
    • The Earth Moved
    • NCA To Protest Every Day, Even At Night - Madhuku
    • Mugabe launches new tirade against West
    • MDC versus MDC
    • Mzingwane gets taste of Zanu PF duplicity
    • UZ reopening in doubt as students threaten anarchy
    • Langa set free after State drops charges
    • Zim can't do it alone - Governor
    • Villagers feed on leftovers
    • Fierce jockeying for MDC posts
    • Swedish envoy slams police over baby detentions
    • Women politicians join looting bandwagon
    • Harare Hospital's casualty disaster
    • Mugabe's bark is worse than his bite
    • NRZ locomotives China deal derailed
    • ZESA eyes HCB
    • Only 3% operating
  6. Posted 26/2/06
    • MDC Legal Affairs Report
    • IMF Official Rejects Zimbabwe Inflation Explanation
    • Extract from IMF press briefing
    • Eskom not a bank for Zim power firm - official
    • Zimbabwe breaks all records for Guinness Book of Records entries (satire)
    • Mugabe blasts imperialists and gays
    • Thousands go hungry at Mugabe birthday party
    • Zimbabwe's "future leader" elected opposition president
    • Bulawayo gathering
    • MDC congress haunted by food shortages
    • CIO suspends Daily Mirror journalists
    • Governor slams council, police for laxity
  7. Posted 25/2/06
    • MDC faction begins congress amid serious bickering over presidency
    • IMF says Zimbabwe's budget deficit to hit 60 percent
    • Mugabe birthday protesters released from police custody
    • Zimbabwe opposition legislator dies
    • European Commission allocates ?15.8 million to a new Vital Health Programme in Zimbabwe
    • Hard maths
    • Zimbabwe opposition reaches crossroads as pro-senate MDC faction
    • Bread now Z$ 65,000 as food prices increase daily
    • Statement On the Attack of the Financial Gazette's 'Mavis Makuni' By the Herald
    • Fuel Scam: Politicians Quizzed
    • U.S. Urged to OK Plan for New U.N. Council
  8. Batch 3 Posted 24/2/06
    • Bob's lift doesn't reach the top floor
    • Robbed by Bob
    • EU stalls resumption of beef exports
    • Farm workers claim harassment by soldiers
    • Mugabe Orders Specific Land Audit For His Cronies
    • Eskom to pay $37m for Zimbabwe power expansion
    • A Zimbabwean Businessman, His Firms Seized, Takes On Mugabe
    • Drought looms in parts of Manicaland
    • JAG Classifieds dated 21 Feb 06
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • China's African Safari
    • Squabbles leave the once-feared IMF to moulder into irrelevance
  9. Batch 2 Posted 24/2/06
    • Mutambara unsettles Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe advisors push for Blair talks
    • More farmers get eviction notices
    • Cop sues Mugabe
    • Manufacturing sector slashes labour 42%
    • Mutambara's arrival: a blessing or curse for Zim?
    • No policy shift, says new Swedish envoy
    • Zim dollar tumbles
    • Afdis mourns erosion of product demand
    • Power cuts impact on mining sector
    • Damper on amnesty for Zim's fugitive executives
    • Warped Mugabenomics no solution to our woes
    • Mugabe rapidly losing grip on reality
    • People should own agenda for change
    • Waiting to reclaim my land
    • Ex-student leader might be soiled by past
    • Only austerity measures will rescue Zim from abyss
    • Economy has lost its backbone
    • What a sore loser!
    • The tragedy before us
  10. Posted 24/2/06
    • Arthur Mutambara: From high robotics to high politics in Zimbabwe
    • Bodyguard accused of indecently assaulting Mugabe's wife wins back his job
    • 61 more women arrested for protesting against Mugabe feast
    • Zimbabwe ranked among worst countries for foreign investors
    • Is Mutambara his own man? - Herald "comment"
    • Quake's trail of terror
    • Survey shows Mugabe's rise and fall
    • Bob's birthday
    • Peri-urban farms to be sub-divided
    • Mugabe turns birthday into state occasion
    • China pledges more aid to Zimbabwe
    • 'Western journalists distorting news in Zim'
    • Zimbabwe opposition seen headed for a split
    • Another University planning to strip Mugabe of honorary degree
    • Mutambara can fight Mugabe at two levels
    • Ministry probes Chipinge council
    • Huge response to appeal to help restore women's dignity
    • Zimbabwe deploys security agents to quell students riots
  11. Batch 3 Posted 23/2/06
    • Powerful quake shakes Mozambique and Zimbabwe
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 408
    • Zimbabwe's new captain has never played an ODI!
    • Bus terminus faces demolition
    • Rusape Police Ban MDC Rally
    • RBZ Hikes Accomodation Rate To 700%
    • Banking Sector Turmoil Looming
    • Africa's tragic borders
    • Mugabe's erratic behaviour worries ministers
    • Zims in Mozambique anxious
    • Crack ZNA unit guards Kabila?
    • Shopping Basket
    • Bizos worried about Zim
    • Skin disease rife in prisons
    • Veterans demand more money, farms
    • Kids starve at boarding schools
    • WOZA UK rallies in support of sisters
    • Detention Watch
    • COSATU concerned about Zim, DA election posters removed, Forum plans global platform
    • A new constitution is the key
    • Info essential for democracy
    • Youth lament family breakdown
    • Congress dates set
    • Mugabe vows to print money
  12. Batch 2 Posted 23/2/06
    • Notice
    • Zimbabweans blame Mugabe for economic mess, survey shows
    • MDC faction split over presidential candidate
    • Mugabe birthday protesters still in police custody
    • Mugabe's minister fights to evict businessman from premises
    • Zimbabwe government must hand over Mengistu
    • Zimbabwe Farmers in Kwara Begin Harvest
    • Zimbabweans trust press not police
    • Food shortages are main concern
    • Turning Out the Lights in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's birthday ramble another alarm bell for Zimbabwe
    • Institute for War and Peace Reporting
    • Is Mutambara His Own Man?
    • Speculation rampant as outsider Mutambara tipped to lead MDC
    • Bulawayo civic groups compete to promote rival MDC factions
    • Fishing Permits to Cost $1bn
    • Profiteering Banks Rapped
    • China supplies Zimbabwe with maize
    • Gono goes too far
    • Rocket scientist pledges to reunite MDC
    • Let King Arthur set sail
  13. Batch 1 Posted 23/2/06
    • Poser for MDC camp
    • Who will deliver us from this political paralysis?
    • Tsvangirai camp to respond
    • Wanted: leader,a Shona leader
    • Business kowtows to politics as Mugabe hits 82
    • Outrage over Herald's indecent, sexist bluster
    • Zvinavashe wades into Masvingo war
    • Power tariffs to shoot up 200%
    • Stockfeed shortages loom
    • Politicians ground AirZim
    • Suspension opens ZESA's can of worms
    • African govts not ready to take medicine
    • What Chombo touches turns to trash
    • Sack the deadwood
  14. Batch 2 Posted 22/2/06
    • Mugabe plans a lavish party as nation suffers
    • Zimbabwe arrests protesters on Mugabe birthday
    • Mugabe Regime 'Totally Unacceptable', Says Archbishop Tutu
    • Ncube Faction Says It Will Not Share MDC's $8 billion
    • Made, Midzi, Mushowe To Go In Cabinet Reshuffle
    • Fuel Pricing System On Cards
    • Mafia passport dealings exposed
    • Zimbabwe plans to reclaim European market
    • Ministry delays public servants' pension benefits
    • A combination of hunger and HIV creates special challenges in Zimbabwe
    • Look East Policy - Mugabe Amongst Friends
    • A new dimension in Zim politics
    • MDC UK in support of Arthur Mutambara
  15. Posted 22/2/06
    • Women arrested for marching against Mugabe feast
    • Railway workers probed for smuggling Z$50 billion agricultural equipment to Zambia
    • Poverty, disease familiar running mates in Harare suburb
    • Parirenyatwa Hospitals Demand Cash Upfront
    • Clean-up a continuing disaster
    • Zimbabwe crisis overshadows Mugabe birthday bash
    • At 82, Mugabe is still firmly entrenched
    • Mugabe delivers broadside to neighbours
    • Zim-SA ivory ring suspected
    • Papers fete 'living legend' Mugabe
    • Police arrest 15 students during Masvingo demonstrations
    • Zimbabwe hikes interest rates by 100%
    • Tobacco production slumps in Zimbabwe
  16. Batch 2 Posted 21/2/06
    • As nation starves, Mugabe followers plan to eat cake
    • 3m go hungry but Mugabe wants them to pay for his birthday party
    • Mugabe's 82nd birthday blast at Mbeki
    • Nauseating Bootlicking By Zanu PF Officials Ahead Of Mugabe's Birthday
    • National Blankets Faces Closure
    • President Mugabe Blasts ZIFA Incompetence
    • Zimbabwe not importing genetically modified food: official
    • NRZ unearthes ticket scam
    • Council given 2 weeks to sort out mess
  17. Posted 21/2/06
    • Zimbabwe government mulls plans to allow floor-crossing in Parliament
    • Zimbabwean academic tipped to take over MDC faction calls for reunification of party
    • Zimbabwe will pay dearly for trashing economic rules
    • Police starve as food money pays for Mugabe birthday bash
    • Black farmers blamed for bleak Zim harvests
    • Intelligence agents beat up a reporter accused of working for foreign media
    • 'UK using IMF for Zim regime change'
    • IMF is the devil: Mugabe
    • Press Statement - Prof. Arthur G.O. Mutambara
    • From MDC UK
    • New Political Leader Emerging for Zimbabwe Opposition
    • Zimbabwe's evicted and forsaken
    • Diary of my African paradise lost
    • Mine firms threaten to leave Zim
    • SA borders under siege
    • Letter from America
    • New pastures not that green
    • Sanitary boost gives Zim women dignity back
    • Parliament stops publishing Hansard
    • Pregnant woman rescued from crocodile-infested Limpopo River
    • Comment on the Article "Zimbabwe Border Charges"
  18. Batch 3 Posted 20/2/06
    • Mugabe says IMF is a political monster
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe brands African leaders "cowards"
    • Desperate Mugabe Pleads For Talks With Blair
    • Military Intelligence Ordered To Kill Arnold Tsunga
    • Mawere Tells IMF Of Zim's Appalling Disregard For Property Rights
    • Mugabe says Zanu PF will choose successor
    • It's not fiction, Ndebeles are marginalised
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 18th February 2006
    • Zimbabwean Farmers Commence Maize Harvest
    • Mutambara brings a new, welcome impetus to opposition movement
  19. Batch 2 Posted 20/2/06
    • Mengistu hatched and directed Operation Murambatsvina
    • Mugabe ally kicked out of farm
    • Zimbabwe imports genetically modified maize from Argentina
    • Zimbabwe Border Charges
    • Nigerian Agricultural Experts Arrive In Harare To Lure Evicted White Farmers
    • MDC receives $8 billion from government
    • The challenges ahead, by Gideon Gono
    • People smugglers target SA's porous borders
    • China's investment and growing clout in Africa cause concern
    • FAO gives US 150 000 to Zimbabwe for bird flu control
    • Need money? Just print more . . .
  20. Batch 1 Posted 20/2/06
    • Net closes on fuel facility abusers
    • Arthur Mutambara returns to head MDC
    • Ministers terrorising me, cries Zanu PF official
    • Zanu PF bars NCA members from buying maize
    • Microbicides trials in fight against Aids
    • New political party set to be launched in Bulawayo
    • Angry students mount 'jambanja' over fees
    • Masvingo teachers duped $61bn
    • Workers face eviction after mine closure
    • ZESA's $3.5b lin electricity bill shocks tenants
    • Drug makers win concessions Franklin gothic head
    • Mars launches air service
    • NAC to spend 15bn on orphans under BEAM
    • It's never too late to do the right thing
    • Security stalls Frontier Park
    • Stay of execution for Zim, but IMF axe still hanging
    • Scepticism over RBZ money market measures
    • Mineral price boom no joy for Zimbabwe
    • Employers struggle to contain soaring costs
    • Zim Standard Letters
  21. Posted 19/2/06
    • Valentine's Day detainees released in Zimbabwe
    • Good Lord Deliver Us
    • Mugabe Remarks Suggest Desire to Mend Fences With Great Britain
    • Mugabe unhappy with some ministers
    • Who's Who in the "split"
    • Mutambara set to be new MDC leader
    • Taibu sees no future in Zim
    • Zim's human rights lawyers under siege
    • Happy birthday for one man, another sad day for the nation
    • World Vision partners govt in disaster management
    • Forex shortage affects production of fertiliser
    • Top cop shoots baby
    • Food riots erupt at mealie-meal delivery in Bulawayo
  22. Batch 2 Posted 18/2/06
    • Zimbabwe governor's penchant for finer things in life sees her grab lucrative farm
    • Government minister convicted of culpable homicide
    • Mugabe wants new British envoy to help build bridges with Harare
    • Bodies of fetuses, newborns clog Harare's sewers
    • Mugabe's Men Severely Assault Journalist
    • White Farmers, Mutasa Meet Over Farm Disputes
    • Chamber Of Mines, RBZ In Crisis Talks
    • 2006 Economic Blueprint Out
    • 'Economic collapse in Zimbabwe a reality'
    • Food Insecurity Emergency Appeal
    • Cholera Deaths Rising in Harare
    • Danger to Greater Harare residents
    • IMF squared, economy still haunts Zimbabwe c.banker
    • Women protesters to appear in Zim court
    • To be liberated from the liberators
    • Government accuses VOA of funding student protests
    • Zimbabwean White Farmers vow to boost food security in Sierra leone
    • Tsvangirai fights for control of Parliament
    • Zimbabwean police arrest international drug trafficker
    • Zim said to be importing GMO maize
    • MDC National Youth Council meets
    • JAG Job Opportunities 16 Feb 06
  23. Batch 1 Posted 18/2/06
    • Mnangagwa under probe
    • Govt prints $21 trillion to pay IMF
    • Wave of evictions hits Harare
    • Hands off elected councils, MPs tell Chombo
    • Zanu PF apologists turn wolves in sheep's attire
    • How the Mbeki plan sank: a blow-by-blow account
    • Govt sanctions maize tender to controversial SA company
    • Cloete forced off farm
    • Financial crunch stalls new currency
    • Opposition mounts against fee hike
    • Law Society decries ill-treatment of Woza, lawyer
    • Fissures in Zanu PF deepen
    • Real time settlements scare after fraud at ZABG
    • How ZABG was defrauded
    • Poverty datum line forecast at $50 million by year-end
    • AirZim battles to raise service fees
    • Advanced adulation
    • Daily News ban leaves govt with dirtier hands
    • Only way whites can secure place in Africa
    • MPs must not help Zanu PF impose leaders
    • Mbeki's plan was doomed from the start
    • State chases away investment
    • Chombo must tackle monster at Town House
    • ANZ: test case for free press pledge
    • Zim Independent Letters
  24. Posted 17/2/06
    • Striking Zimbabwe university students threaten more violent protests
    • Making Mugabe see sense now Zimbabwe bank governor's next challenge
    • COSATU to revisit Zimbabwe issue
    • Convicted ZANU PF senator fined Z$10 million
    • What Happens When A Paper Currency Fails?
    • Mutasa blasts top politicians
    • Basic goods rise by over 50 %
    • Mutare spruced up ahead of Bob's birthday bash
    • A light has gone out in Zimbabwe
    • Hell on earth for Murambatsvina victims
    • Police accused of abuse and torture by arrested WOZA women
    • Leading lawyer speaks out on the rot in cricket
    • Gloomy tobacco harvest looms for Zimbabwe
    • IMF reminds Zimbabwe of outstanding $119m debt
    • Governor Involved in Corruption
    • No verdict on Chingoka yet
    • Government officials conned in Vice President Nkomo scam
    • We need a new leadership culture
    • Make the country ungovernable - ZASG
    • Cartoon Cards a Hit
    • Information -- an essential ingredient to any democracy
    • MDC condemns arrests of women, students
    • Street signs become the new gold for desperate thieves
    • City workers speak out
  25. Batch 4 Posted 16/2/06
    • Zimbabwe Pays Its Overdue Financial Obligations to the IMF Under the General Resources Account
    • Zimbabwe clears IMF debt, expects new aid
    • 2005 a Bad Year for Human Rights in Zimbabwe, NGO Umbrella Group Says
    • Cahora Bassa Threatens To Switch Off Zim Over US$6 million Arrears
    • Zimbabwe on high alert against bird flu
    • U.S. grants 26 million dollars for Zimbabwe on AIDS fight
    • Tobacco production to drop in Zimbabwe
    • State Should Stop Commercialising Children's Basic Right To Quality Education
    • Chamber Of Mines Disagrees With Govt Over 50% Shareholding For Locals
    • Arnold Tsunga, Jenni Williams Nominated For International Human Rights Award
    • Reviving commercial agriculture in Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF factions battle for Harare
    • The importance of public support in fight for Press Freedom in Zim
  26. Batch 3 Posted 16/2/06
    • Residents ordered to make city beautiful for Mugabe
    • Harare must rein in non-performing parastatals to halt inflation surge
    • Police probe governor over impounded 40 tonnes of fertilizer
    • Police arrest 21 Zimbabwe university students
    • Media rights group lashes out at Zimbabwe ambassador
    • Zimbabwe magistrate defers sentence on ZANU PF senator
    • Zimbabwe women protesters freed - lawyer
    • Arbitrary arrest and detention
    • South Africa speeds up Zimbabwe asylum cases as 1000 arrive daily
    • Civic Society Organisations to host global diaspora conference
    • Tsvangirai loses election appeal as opposition woes mount
    • CPJ releases annual "Attacks on the Press" report
    • Board sets police on Ebrahim and Taibu
    • Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, ZCDT standoff
    • Bodies decompose as mortuary breaks down
    • Government warns NGOs - again
    • Minister Murdered Our Son - Mutonhori Family
    • Tsvangirai Never Faked His Identity During Zambia Jaunt - Presidential Spokesman
    • Tertiary College fee hikes a blow to the right to education
    • New Political Party Formed In Bulawayo
    • Crisis-Torn Air Zimbabwe's Problems Mount
    • MPs get peanuts
    • Curtains for the house that Solomon built expose Sekesai
    • NRZ promises reliable service to commuters
    • 'City fires chief strategist Mhende'
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 11th February 2006
    • JAG Classifieds - February 7, 2006
    • Mugabe foresees top security when retired
  27. Batch 2 Posted 16/2/06
    • ZANU PF's dilemma
    • Central bank hikes rates to 650 percent
    • Airwaves blockade stunts growth
    • Blair avoids Mugabe 'bait'
    • Auditor fingers senior official as graft probe gathers pace
    • Inflation up at slower than expected rate
    • Crack ZNA unit guards Kabila?
    • It never rains for Chigwedere
    • Ex-ZimTrade chief claims full exit package
    • ZITF Company upbeat about 2006 showcase
    • Coal mining venture:ZESA to float tender
    • Two airlines pull out of Zim
    • Mbeki's failure only prolongs our misery
    • Don't put lipstick on frog
    • We need to take our country back!
    • Give Moyo both ends of the rope
    • This is a confused 'constitutionalist'
    • Denied right to education
  28. Batch 1 Posted 16/2/06
    • Shopping Basket
    • WOZA defy govt
    • News Roundup
    • Detention Watch from Zimbabwe Association
    • WOZA film wows UK audience
    • Daily News to reappear soon?
    • State media gives absurd coverage to IMF visit
    • Justice delayed is justice denied
    • MDC leadership approved Ncube-Chinamasa talks
  29. Posted 15/2/06
    • Mugabe steps up political violence despite clear signs of upper hand
    • Supreme Court refuses to take over Tsvangirai's election petition
    • Police arrest 192 anti-Mugabe protesters in Harare, charge others under tough security law
    • Zimbabwe police find better use for Israel-made anti-riot tanks
    • "Bread and Roses" protestors held
    • Zimbabwean lawyers for human rights condemn bulawayo arrests
    • New political party formed in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe lays off 10,000 soldiers
    • Ambassador fumes over SABC coverage on Zimbabwe
    • War vets evicted
    • 122 touts, foreign currency dealers nabbed
    • Police blitz nets 624
    • Experts to meet over land reform
    • 2 Zimbabweans nominated for an International human rights defenders award 2006
    • China's appetite for African oil grows
    • Conflict, development and natural disasters fuel internal displacement
  30. Batch 2 Posted 14/2/06
    • Zimbabwean police arrest 355 people in Harare for various offences
    • Meltdown looms large in Zimbabwe amid fear inflation will hit 1000%
    • Zim's multimillionaires live in poverty
    • Cholera sweeps country after township 'cleanup'
    • Resurgent Inflation, Topping 600%, Nears Zimbabwe's Record High
    • UZ Students Threaten Jambanja As They Seek Kofi Anan Intervention Over Shock Tuition Increase
    • Drug, Equipment Shortage Hits Clinics
    • Famine remains an issue in Zimbabwe - Mohadi
    • Zimbabwe, Zambia in joint action toward development
    • Zinwa Gets $5,3bn Computers
    • Right of Reply
    • Bread and Roses
  31. Posted 14/2/06
    • Foreign investors put on hold Zimbabwe mining projects
    • 159 arrested in anti-Mugabe protests in Bulawayo
    • Judge unleashes veiled attack at Tsvangirai's poll petition
    • Inflation shoots to 613.2 percent
    • Fuel voucher system scrapped, queues form again at pumps
    • Cholera outbreak kills 5 more in Zimbabwe capital
    • The Role Of CIO, Mbeki In MDC Infighting Exposed - Part 1
    • How colliding cultures cause water shortages
    • Govt takes over all irrigation equipment
    • Should the diaspora vote?
    • U.N. hypocrisy on human rights
    • If You Can't Have Bread, At Least Have a Circus
    • Zimbabwe to open new coal mine to deal with power shortage
    • People Turn to Faith Healing
    • Corruption and lack of resources plague Operation Garikai in Gwanda
    • Indigenous firms breaking the law
    • GMB depot head arrested
    • AirZim to resume Kariba flight
    • Economic hardships hampering volunteerism
    • Another RG's Office employee up for corruption
    • Chinhoyi Hospital patients providing own blankets
    • Makwavarara to squander $35bn on furniture
    • Govt Takes Over 7 Fugitive Bankers Farms
    • Zanu PF Wins 7 Council Seats Unopposed
    • VoP Directors' Bail Conditions Relaxed
  32. Batch 2 Posted 13/2/06
    • Zimbabwe warns banks to shun white farmers
    • Fuel Coupons Cancelled
    • Zimbabwe police set up special desk for the Chinese
    • Ten months after, victims of home demolition campaign still waiting
    • Zimbabwe senators work from home as government fails to provide offices
    • New UK Envoy Coming End Of February
    • Unemployment Surges To 76,5% As 650 Companies Close
    • Row Erupts Over Sale Of Masvingo Mayoral Merc For Z$60 million
    • Zanu PF Aligned Reverend Musindo Arrested On Five Counts Of Rape
    • A yen to help a dictatorship
    • Racist Rantings of a Senile Old Man
    • A plea for the forgotten countries of Africa
    • Zimbabwe audits corn shortages
  33. Batch 1 Posted 13/2/06
    • Top chefs exposed
    • Air Zimbabwe fails to fly to London
    • Gwanda council vows to act on 'Hlalani Kuhle' housing scam
    • NRZ pensioners getting only $50 000 a month
    • Nkomo loses bid for luxury lodge
    • Tsvangirai hires top lawyers to fight lawsuit
    • Bribery trial of Zupco boss set for 7 March
    • Chiwenga employee battles for freedom
    • 'Chikowore flats' unoccupied while people live in the open
    • Mugabe's security, a bane for others
    • Desperate vendors hide fish under their skirts
    • Barriers to an informed society
    • Not yet out of the woods
    • Scientists warn on biotechnology
    • MDC forays into the diaspora positive for the country
    • What sort of city?
    • Town House circus not at all funny
  34. Posted 12/2/06
    • Zimbabwe muddle at offer to white farmers
    • In Memory of Paul
    • New scramble for Africa
    • State Must Jam Pirate Radios
    • 'Harare's water woes unacceptable'
    • Government Chief Whip castigates MDCís Coltart
    • Zimbabwe's Logan Cup postponed
    • New UK envoy for Zim
    • Court dismisses Nkomo bid to evict safari operator
    • Mujuru reads riot act to Zinwa
    • Bob's birthday bonanza
    • Zimbabwe called for establishment of higher education council
    • Why should the Left win the scramble for Africa?
    • State Sets Mayoral Salaries
  35. Batch 2 Posted 11/2/06
    • Very Important JAG Statement
    • "You will know them by their fruits"
    • Bail conditions relaxed for Voice of the People executives
    • Mbeki's had it with Zim
    • SA spy whose cover was blown now deskbound
    • Shock Fee Increases At UZ
    • Zimbabwe Grain Millers on Defensive; Profiteering Alleged
    • Issues not normally unveiled in Zimbabwe politics
    • Poor infrastructure affects waste management in Zimbabwe: official
    • JAG Job Opportunities Communique
    • JAG Classifieds Communique
  36. Posted 11/2/06
    • Zimbabwe government minister says will seize all land still in white hands
    • State rejects call to review Zim land policy
    • Zimbabwe to seize British bankers' farms
    • Zimbabwe audits millers as food shortages bite
    • Zimbabwean man dies after vehicle ploughs into crowd scrambling to buy maize
    • ZANU PF senator convicted of public violence
    • Zimbabweans take to the streets of Jo'burg over police harassment
    • Mugabe fails to return from annual leave
    • Is Zimbabwe a failed State?
    • Fuelling an economy in ruins
    • South Africa opposition to quiz Mbeki on Zimbabwe statements
    • Mzi Khumalo in Zim damages claim
    • Tsvangirai era a thing of the past, says pro-Senate faction
    • Chideya threatens to fire City workers
    • Houses handed over in Marondera
    • State telecomm firms owe workers $850bn
    • Maize seed, fertiliser shortage hits Matabeleland
    • New committee to supervise cities, towns
  37. Batch 3 Posted 10/2/06
    • Zanu PF sinks Mbeki plan
    • Pressure mounts to open Daily News
    • Court nullifies Midzi's move on Bubye Minerals
    • Blue Train service to resume
    • Liquidity crunch, poor governance triggered Royal fall
    • MDC factions in dirty cyber-war
    • Companies asked to fund Mugabe's birthday bash
    • Farmers appeal to IMF
    • MZWT ignores audit ruling
    • Rivals bay for Mutasa's blood
    • Turmoil puts strategist under scrutiny
    • IMF researcher warns Zim over overvalued currency
    • CCZ concerned over price hikes
    • Indigenisation in mining needs planning, govt told
    • Why Warriors Fund alone?
    • Fate of a nation when a govt thinks small
    • Zanu PF can't give us new constitution
    • Put congresses on ice while you mend the rift
    • Mugabe merely treading a familiar profligate path
    • Millionaires who can't afford basics
    • Inflation, PDL and workers' wages
    • Nothing like a free lunch
    • A lesson for Mbeki's 'quiet diplomacy'
  38. Batch 2 Posted 10/2/06
    • Farmers wary of Mugabe land offer
    • Motion brought by The Hon. David Coltart
    • Greens meet Zimbabwe opposition representative
    • Zimbabwe Food Shortages Seem to be Worsening
    • I Am Ready For Sixth Presidential Term If My Party Asks Me - Mugabe
    • Joseph Chinotimba Appointed ZFTU President
    • Attorney General Quizz Govt Over Takeover Of Mawere's Empire
    • Byo Court Remands Zapu Leader Further Over Gukurahundi Compensation Slur
    • Economic reform impossible under Zanu PF
    • Zimbabweans busted in Aussie cheque scam
    • It's no longer about right or wrong, but survival
    • Tackling beneficial ownership and control
    • 'Mugabe bishop' has jail term reduced
    • Tsvangirai seeks unlimited term as MDC leader
    • Darkness, thirst as weapons of mass destruction
    • Elephants and Humans on a Collision Course
  39. Posted 10/2/06
    • Energy crisis throws Harare residents back into Stone Age
    • SA says concerned about Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe court dismisses senior ZANU PF official's eviction case
    • Alleged land policy reversal criticised as propaganda
    • MDC faction seizes control of parliamentary party
    • Local government debate in Parliament
    • BTH: What caused the split in the MDC UK branch?
    • Reporters Without Borders Press release
    • Floods drown hope for better harvest
    • Zim's Chamber of Mines warns of gold depletion
    • Rights body says Mugabe intensifying crackdown against press
    • Zimbabwe soccer authorities want probe of Warriors funds
    • Zim-SA investment deal not signed
    • Zimbabwe's trade union expels president
    • Zimbabwe: Mbeki Policy Failing
    • IMF's executive board is unlikely to recommend expulsion
    • Zimbabwe Union of Journalists to lobby against new draconian law
    • Floods wash away dam wall
    • Health experts predict major disease problems ahead
    • Want to Cope? Go E-Banking
    • Freedom of expression in Zimbabwe: A Brief overview
    • Public calls for return to price controls
    • Don't tarnish country's image, police warned
    • Brain drain a major threat to Zim
    • City residents to dump refuse in Hatcliffe
    • Health time bomb looms at Marondera apartments
    • Valentine's Radio Give Away
  40. Batch 3 Posted 9/2/06
    • Mugabe to ask whites back in land grab U-turn
    • Farmers will not forget the murder and destruction
    • Years of turmoil
    • Harare court orders review of newspaper ban
    • Zambia Debacle Was Part Of CIO Plot To Harass MDC
    • Power Outages Cripple Industry, Economy
    • Sunday Mail Lied 100% - US Embassy
    • President Mugabe's Neighbours To Challenge Eviction In Supreme Court
    • Murambatsvina Victims Cry Out For Help
    • 'Zambia won't meddle in Zim'
    • Zimbabwean villagers succumb to cholera
    • Chideya in charge: Chombo
    • Black market fuel price goes up again
    • Key farming inputs shortage hampers
    • Police still clueless on Paradza whereabouts
    • SA govt dispels Zim power cut reports
  41. Batch 2 Posted 9/2/06
    • Subdued Voices
    • Zimbabwe: Crackdown on the Press Intensifies
    • Tentacles reach for Africa
    • MDC MPs' loyalties put to test as faction appoints new chief
    • ANALYSIS: Western sanctions only a small inconvenience to Mugabe
    • Wheat shortage triggers fresh bread crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe cricketers sign contracts to end bitter dispute
    • Zim farmers call for an end to land invasions
    • Journalists Risk Five-Year Term for Insulting Mugabe
    • Zim senator detained over grey market activity
    • Africa a Frontier of Opportunity for China
    • Shock rise in University of Zimbabwe tuition fees
    • Zimbabweans shocked at death of great humanitarian Sheba Dube
    • Congress Update Number 4
    • Olivine Intensifies Contract Farming Programmes
  42. Batch 1 Posted 9/2/06
    • Fighting corrupion Africa style
    • IMF, Zim: beneath the cloak of diplomacy
    • Display of wealth hides poverty
    • Army cut down by 25 percent
    • Chiyangwa sells firm to AG's famil
    • NCA plans court action in push for new constitutio
    • Masiyiwa's passport scare
    • Govt launches crackdown on millers
    • Perm Sec probed
    • Trial postponed
    • Mining laws to be tabled soon
    • Zimsun mulls ambitious plan to operate its own aircraft
    • Chideya rises from slumber
    • Report questions 2004 inflation decline
    • Govt steps up fertiliser imports
    • Pesticide shortages threaten soya bean production
    • IMF concerned over thin RBZ capitalisation
    • Loan sharks prey on struggling Zimbos
    • Are these comrades not selling us a dummy?
    • A kiss of death
    • It's the leadership, stupid!
    • Let's unite to revive agriculture
    • Solving the food crisis not in ZANU PF's political interest
  43. Batch 2 Posted 8/2/06
    • Pro-senate faction rapidly turns Pro-ZANU-PF
    • Joice Mujuru Signs Into Law Act Recommending Jail Terms For Journalists Insulting President
    • Sanctions-Torn Zanu PF Pleads For Dialogue With EU
    • Cholera Claims 7 In Midlands
    • Police officers leave for Liberia
    • IMF - 'stealing money from a starving beggar'
    • AU fails Zimbabweans once again
    • MDC caught in CIO web
    • Chihuri responds re MDC finances
    • The making of a tyrant
    • MDC challenge bigger than 'kitchen cabinet'
    • Teachers forced to cook and steal
    • State media censors Gono
    • Bread and roses from WOZA
    • 'Cut our supplies' Ncube tells Mbeki
    • Bishop Ncube puts the Pope straight
    • MDC factions battle for Chegutu
    • Attempt to kill Mujuru?
    • CFU calls for progress on land policies
    • Zimbabwe Christian Alliance launched
    • New British Ambassador
    • A hungry angry people
    • Shortages and profiteers abound
    • Govt press reluctant to identify corrupt officials
    • Refugee director promises probe
    • Zim Ind journos held to ransom
    • Diaspora feedback 'vital' - MDC
    • Courage and spirit of Zimbabweans 'incredible'
    • Mugabe owes me too!
    • The mud is not sticking
    • Homelink - my story
    • I'm disgusted with Stanchart
    • UN last acted in 1945
    • Ideas must become action
    • No such thing as 'Pro-Senate faction'
  44. Posted 8/2/06
    • Zimbabwe opposition leaders reject Mbeki claims
    • IMF demands show it remains unmoved by Harare's cosmetic changes
    • Journalists urge Harare to repeal tough media law
    • Millers forced to bankroll Mugabe birthday bash
    • Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union
    • Cholera Still a Threat: Parirenyatwa
    • Increase in Zimbabwe Departure Tax
    • Zimbabwe hunting scam and sanctions busting exposed
    • IMF wants end to Gono's 'quasi-fiscal' activities
    • Harare houses being allocated 'unfairly'
    • No Meetings in Zambia With MDC, U.S. Group Says
    • Hundreds Turn Up To Back Tsvangirai
    • 45 Zimbabwean Immigrants Flogged By Sjamboks In Botswana
    • Zim Army To Retrench Junior Troops, Form War Veterans Reserve Force
    • Telephone Charges Shoot Up 200%
    • State Investigating Mealie-Meal Shortage
    • Kuwait Extends US$63M to Zim
    • SA man in 'secret' mining deal with Harare
    • Mobilise Own Resources, Farmers Urged
    • GMB Comes Under Fire Over Allocation of Maize
    • Zanu PF, MDC lock horns
    • Lack of funds hamper irrigation scheme take off
    • Primary School Set to Introduce Chinese Lessons
    • $150 billion needed for curing tobacco
    • Death Knell Sounds for Zimbabwean Cricket
    • Zimbabwe defeats Nepal by 2 runs in a thriller
    • Farmers urge rethink of land expropriation
  45. Posted 7/2/06
    • Zimbabwe prison chief says inmates virtually on death row
    • White farmers beg Mugabe to halt farm disturbances
    • Zimbabwe government minister orders probe into allocation of clean-up houses
    • Zimbabwe's Export Performance: The Impact of the Parallel Market and Governance Factors
    • Zim villagers pull hunter from jaws of crocodile
    • Fat cats making money
    • Eskom denies 'forced cuts' in Zim supply
    • Zim turns to Zambia during power crisis
    • Speculation grows as South Africa cuts fuel and electricity to Zimbabwe
    • MDC alive and kicking back home, diaspora told
    • Assassination attempt?
    • Zimbabwe to probe opposition leader over meeting
    • New legal amendments increase fines for "presidential insult" and "communication of falsehoods"
    • Foreigners are stealing our birthright
    • How else will we survive?
    • Don't rush: Kangai tells Madhuku
    • Harare employees told to form one union
    • The River Wild
  46. Batch 2 Posted 6/2/06
    • Zim: Mbeki rues 'lost chance'
    • British firm 'in deal with Mugabe crony'
    • Mbeki Says Zimbabwe Opposition Split Has 'Gone Too Far'
    • "Can anyone help? Will anyone help?" - Zimbabwe
    • 'Does aid really help ordinary people?'
    • MDC Rallies UK Supporters
    • New ZIANA Reporters On Strike
    • Suspended University Students' Leaders Reinstated
    • Everyone's Child As Health Sector Crumbles
    • Missing Warriors funds: top Zifa official resigns
    • 7 nabbed at RG's office over passports
    • Harare-Beitbridge bus fares double
    • Dismiss council, Chombo urged
    • Infrastructure assessment commissioned
    • Zim faces Cyclone Boloetse threat
    • World Vision embarks on rehabilitation of boreholes
    • Players angry at Curran's interference
    • I'm not a political robot for politicians
  47. Posted 6/2/06
    • SA halts Zimbabwe fuel supply
    • What next?
    • Zimbabwe government split over new passport law
    • Tourism slump hits hard Zimbabwe sculptors
    • Zimbabwe power cuts 'to worsen'
    • Zimbabwe must solve own problems: Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader met U.S. agents - newspaper
    • Zim readies new mining law
    • Chefs grab 'Garikai' houses
    • Warriors' scandal
    • 'Govt chefs the most corrupt in Zimbabwe'
    • Hospital in 'intensive care'
    • Brooke residents meet over Mugabe threat
    • Nkomo fights for lodge
    • Makwarimba gets taste of Zanu PF 'justice'
    • Desperate farmers resort to child-labour
    • Zimbabwe food insecurity getting worse, says report
    • Children bear the brunt of economic decline
    • Zimbabwe drives out its workforce
    • US$15 m needed for Livestock antibiotic research
    • Forex dealers call for measures to plug leakages
    • Alarm over new RBZ regulations
    • Airzim restructures for survival
    • Intolerable levels of intolerance
    • Mugabe, a case of 'Gono rino shusha'
    • Tricked to do national service
    • Govt pensioners deserve more
    • Zimbabwe needs a 'benevolent' despot
  48. Posted 5/2/06
    • Continuing Cholera and Disease Outbreak Threat In Zimbabwe
    • IMF pressure on Zim
    • Signing of TNF Protocol Postponed
    • No progress as Zimbabwe strike continues
    • The force is against Zimbabwe
    • Matongo Jets In for a Look-See
    • Harare Central Hospital Runs Out Of Anaesthetics, Suspends Surgeries
    • US Is Attempting To Justify A Pre-Emptive Strike On Zim - Mugabe's Office
    • Mugabe Shoots Down Gono's Plea To Declare Amnesty On 'Economic Criminals'
    • Forex Inflows Remain Low, Statistics Indicate
    • United States Concerned About Zimbabwe's Human Rights Situation
    • MDC team arrives in UK for meetings
  49. Posted 4/2/06
    • Statement by the IMF Mission to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe confident of avoiding IMF axe
    • Chaos reigns over introduction of Grade Zero in Zimbabwe schools
    • Cricket dispute ends as players sign contracts
    • ZANU PF probes senior party officials over missing Z$1 billion
    • Opposition Says Zambia Gave No Reason for Deportation
    • More Evictions In Zimbabwe
    • In Zimbabwe, hardship teaches unusual lessons
    • Furore over loincloths
    • Telephone Charges went up yesterday
    • Zapu leader says Mugabe now a costly liability to Zimbabwe
    • MDC team prepares for strategic international tour
    • Commentary: Eddie Cross with detailed account of what happened in Zambia
    • Political governance, corruption and the role of aid
    • SA tycoon takes on a country - and wins
    • South Africa to accelerate programme of land reform
    • Bindura Hospital falls apart
    • Land audit of A2 farms complete
    • Fuel shortages hit relief supplies
  50. Batch 2 Posted 3/2/06
    • Ministers named in Time Bank saga
    • IMF presses for major policy change
    • How Trust Bank met its fate
    • Army takes over Kondozi
    • Maize shortage hits Byo
    • Tekere says comeback issue not yet finalised
    • Mandaza sets terms for exit
    • Invasion could scuttle Time Bank's reopening
    • Zesa coal mine project takes off
    • Inflation catches up with NSSA
    • Govt designates tourism zones
    • Zimbabwe in throes of soft drinks shortage
    • How big is the budget deficit?
    • Stepping forward
    • Dabbling in the art of self-deception
    • Blame it all on the Gushungo totem
    • Errant leadership at core of crisis
    • Time to fight the enemy within
    • Gono skirts round real causes
    • Media paranoia bad for IMF/Zim ties
    • Civil servants must go says Mavhaire
    • Zesa, show the light
    • Millionaires without the price of a loaf
    • RBZ Sinks Z$6 trillion Into Agriculture
    • Kahiya More Dangerous to The Independent than Chamisa to the MDC
    • Average Zim Family Now Requires $21 million - Consumer Council
    • Zim Pays IMF Another US$5 million
    • UN calls for standards in new rights body
    • Armyworm outbreak threatens Zimbabwe crop`s harvest
  51. Posted 3/2/06
    • Zambia deports Zimbabwe opposition leader
    • Zimbabwe power company warns of serious power shortages
    • Mugabe birthday bash to blow US$1 million
    • SABC crew kicked out of Zimbabwe press briefing
    • IMF asks Zimbabwe to ensure farm seizures over-paper
    • UN to distribute food aid in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe pensioners support fund appeal for funds
    • Breakthrough site offers Zim fuel solution online
    • Zim to Take Charge of Regional Anti-Corruption Bod
    • RBZ's New Law On Commercial Banks Sends Waves of Discomfort
    • 'Mbeki kneels before Mugabe'
    • New Television Channel Offers US Viewers Insight on Africa
    • RBZ experiences policy implementation problems
    • Incessant rains hinder maintenance of roads
    • Governor lambasts farmers, Arex officials
    • Researchers Find First HIV Decline in Southern Africa
    • Zimbabwe players back on strike
    • Zimbabwe, Namibia discuss social welfare management
    • Sex for houses scandal in Bulawayo
    • Can the students help in healing the MDC rift?
  52. Batch 3 Posted 2/2/06
    • Mugabe moves against city whites
    • Bush Names Zimbabwe Among Laggards in Democracy
    • Zimbabwe elite said to be raiding AIDS drugs
    • IMF Team Express Concern Over Sharp Decline In Economic Activity
    • Bindura Residents Drink Water Laced With Faeces
    • Chinotimba Spurns Suspension Order
    • Royal Medical Aid Society closes shop
    • Harare to implement budget despite objections
    • RBZ bails out Zesa Holdings
    • NSSA to launch health insurance scheme in 2007
    • Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage - annual general meeting
    • Between Ndau and Mandarin, I choose the latter
    • Zimbabwe Agenda from the disporal perspective
    • MDC meetings
  53. Batch 2 Posted 2/2/06
    • Where did you get it?
    • Yet another tobacco failure
    • New RBZ rules set to shake financial sector
    • Jongwe Printers machines put on auction over debt
    • Fuel prices go haywire in Bulawayo, Gwanda
    • The rise and rise of Mutasa
    • Minister demands $1.4 bln in forex
    • Mutare commission seeks to borrow $90 billion
    • RBZ loses ground to speculators?
    • What's ZESA doing to safeguard assets?
    • Crucial TNF talks on tomorrow
    • The gloves are off . . .
    • Tsvangirai files notice of appeal
    • $1 billion travellers cheques disappear from Zimbank branch
    • New rules send dollar tumbling
    • Israeli experts to probe plunder of Zim minerals
    • Parastatals post $12 trillion loss
    • The need for a new paradigm in Zimbabwe!
    • Deal with the politics
    • Morgan is the man
    • Urban mess: Where does the buck stop?
  54. Posted 2/2/06
    • New banknote for Zimbabwe
    • Our New note!
    • Zimbabwe angrily rejects Bush's remarks
    • Newspaper bows to pressure to secure registration of journalists
    • "Give us this day our daily bread" takes on new meaning
    • Civic group accuses government of denying food aid to its members
    • Hyperinflation makes most people unwilling millionaires
    • Zim gold diggers beat cop to death
    • Another farmer evicted
    • IMF to publish Zimbabwe report
    • Southern Africa: Living in crisis
    • A Charity Set up to Help the Pensioners of Zimbabwe
    • Africa's hunger - a systemic crisis
    • Consumer basket shoots up
  55. Batch 2 Posted 1/2/06
    • Gono, Mutasa Headed For Showdown Over Continued Farm Invasions
    • Zimbabwe crops fail despite good rain
    • Botswana Building Additional Centre To Hold Zimbabwean Immigrants
    • Birmingham Elections - Continuity and Rejuvenation
    • It's time to reclaim your country
    • Judge delays Shoko judgment
    • Zanu bids for Dynamos
    • The "Other" MDC in UK
    • Exhibitionism replaces leadership
    • Support for disobedience from SA
    • 63 MPs sign 'Right to work' motion
    • Many are disillusioned by Homelink saga
    • MDC Byo congress elects office-bearers
    • MDC praises Gono
    • Zims hated in SA
    • Ripples of Hope
    • New farmers' markets a 'squalid mess'
    • Maphenduka snubs MIC
    • Pride at the root of it all?
    • We have to remove the monster ourselves
    • Mazowe croc nests raided
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
  56. Posted 1/2/06
    • Zimbabwe: Living with hyperinflation
    • The Crunch
    • Zimbabwe faces worst harvest on record
    • More darkness lies ahead for Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's ministers grab anti-AIDS drugs
    • Desperate Harare residents harvest water from rooftops
    • Four Zimbabwe students arrested for carrying out research
    • Zim Dollar Crushes To Record Lows
    • Months After State Demolitions, Many Still Seek New Homes
    • European Union extends Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Energy Plan to Gobble US$3bn
    • Zimbabwe's cricket manager fired
    • NGOs urge IMF to spare Zimbabwe
    • UK keen to maintain diplomatic ties with Zimbabwe
    • Questionable Pricing Structures Affect Zim's Petrol
    • Website in Zimbabwe checking up on Echo
    • Legal position on rates payment to Harare Commission
    • No end to fare hikes
    • People turn to mushroom
    • Arda sets aside 170ha for Jatropha project
    • Medical aid society hikes fees by 85 percent
    • Chitungwiza to borrow $234bn for rehabilitating sewer system
    • Mugabe Sells 7 Mutumwa Mawere Companies To His Cronies
    • Leo Mugabe defies Mutasa over farm
    • Open letter to Didymus Mutasa

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