The ZIMBABWE Situation

March 2006 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 30/4/06
    • Ncube breaks down over Gukurahundi
    • Farmers fume over Gono's remarks
    • Mahoso demands list of HIFA journalists
    • Murerwa meeting with EU official sparks row
    • Mutambara speaks for exiled Zimbabweans
    • Tekere steps into Muzenda book row
    • Police probe minister over maize scam
    • Bleak May Day for Zim workers
    • Cash-strapped hospitals give notice to the dead use of mortuaries
    • VOP wins award
    • Tobacco crisis deepens
    • Govt's promises and lies
    • No going back on banks: Gono
    • Traditional leaders are the real sell-outs
    • Reaping the sour fruits of violence
    • The role of the opposition
    • Uniformed forces and popular protests
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • 'Independence Day' in Zimbabwe
    • Inflation to top 1000%, says financial group
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 29th April 2006
  2. Posted 30/4/06
    • Zimbabwe migrants
    • Mugabe falls back on farmers he evicted
    • White farmers 'must apply for farm leases'
    • Trying to be normal
    • 115 000 children living with HIV/AIDS
    • Kikwete supports Mugabe over land
    • Iranian products displayed in Zimbabwe Int'l Trade Fair
    • Malawi to export power to SADC region
    • Clash over Worker's Day celebration venue
  3. Posted 29/4/06
    • Zimbabwe commission hounds unregistered journalists at arts festival
    • Zimbabwe power firm seeks US$900 million to refurbish power stations
    • Rewriting History in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean companies resort to barter trade at annual fair as forex shortages bite
    • Zimbabwe Nightmare
    • Business Conference Delegates Agree to Brand Zim
    • Tobacco Farmers Should Be Self-Reliant
    • ZSE Grounded As Workers Demand Better Salaries
    • Zimbabwe ministers snub crucial conference
    • Firms stay away from Zimbabwe annual show
    • Zimbabwe's downward spiral
    • New Zim bill 'fascist'
    • Tsvangirai starts diplomatic offensive to brief leaders on protests
    • Donors snub Zimbabwe's appeals for food aid
    • ZCTU takes Mutare City Council to court over workers day venue
    • Council workers on 'go slow'
    • Zimbabwe: Swedish funding to allow greater humanitarian assistance
  4. Batch 2 Posted 28/4/06
    • Opposition gangs up
    • Govt orders 'flying coffins' for AirZim
    • Chinamasa under probe
    • Govt to print $60t to meet salary bill
    • Coltart might go solo if MDC fails to unite
    • Tsvangirai piles pressure on rump Mutambara group
    • MDC leader tours region
    • Executives slam govt policies
    • Mabhena is the man, say former Zipra commanders
    • 'Rogue state' tag costs Zim food aid
    • Two vie to replace Makwavarara
    • RBZ to rule in ZABG dispute
    • No power for winter wheat: Zesa
    • RBZ warns market to brace for liquidity storms
    • Some hard lessons to learn
    • Gata clears the air on woes besetting Zesa
    • Tobacco season off to a bad start
    • Espionage plan unconstitutional
    • Tsholotsho saga: the untold story
    • How Zim 'bunked' independence classes
    • NEDPP yet another of government's dead ducks
    • Why are political killers allowed to roam free?
    • Lack of patriotic youths killing Zim's economy
    • Can we trust Nssa with our health?
    • Govt stranger to reality
    • Only time will tell who failed the people of Zimbabwe
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • 'Zimbabwe border staff took my digicam'
    • Zimbabwe asset grab exposed in SA court case
    • Inside the Zim bubble
    • MDC leaders in international diplomatic offensive
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 415
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 27 April 2006
    • Witchcraft act review arouses disputes among Zimbabweans
    • UZ students 'buy freedom' after arrests
  5. Posted 28/4/06
    • Zimbabwe's desperate farm migrants
    • 20 Midlands farmers given 48 hours to vacate properties
    • Zimbabwe hikes workers' pay amid protest threats
    • Former Zimbabwe army chief wants frank assessments on food crisis
    • Harare residents' body warns of fresh cholera outbreak
    • SADC states to plead Zimbabwe's case to IMF
    • Government to tap cyberspace
    • Taking it to the streets
    • Dissatisfaction, Dismay Greet Zimbabwe Public Sector Pay Hikes
    • Zimbabwe's Government Says It Will Allow The Return Of White Farmers
    • NGOs want to grill Mugabe, or else they will march
    • Zim farmers threaten pull out
    • Malawi: Katsonga Contradicts Mugabe
    • People get the leadership they deserve
    • Zimbabwe central bank hikes interest rates
    • EU top official meets Zimbabwe finmin despite sanctions
    • Zim records highest number of orphans
    • Public hospitals turn away corpses
  6. Batch 3 Posted 27/4/06
    • Makwavarara to go
    • Zimplats cautious on fresh mine seizure threats
    • Tsholotsho, ethnicity and political survival
    • Stocks bounce back
    • Understanding the 'Brain Drain'
    • 'New' economic blueprint: old wine in new bottles
    • Let the freedom speak!
    • M&R closes branches
    • Zim dollar falls for first time in three months
    • RBZ sets tone for further rate hikes
    • Makwavarara's comedy of errors
    • Killing the goose . . .
  7. Batch 2 Posted 27/4/06
    • Don't be used - Tsvangirai tells forces
    • Gono reluctant to bail out parastatals
    • Choose allies carefully - Mutambara
    • Changamire condemns Mugabe
    • Essential vehicles back on the road again
    • Young communists demand SA action on Zimbabwe
    • Residents say Commission must go
    • Mudarikwa fired
    • Prosecute murderers - MDC urges
    • ZIC concerned at poor attendance
    • Mutambara elders address rally
    • Revolutionary mood at MDC rallies
    • Ask no questions, but tell some lies
    • "Bristol Vigil" and "Breakfast with Mugabe"
  8. Posted 27/4/06
    • Harare in talks with soldiers over salaries
    • Struggling police officers chase free rides as crisis bites
    • Police probe into fuel scandal hit brickwall
    • Trade union finally receives donated sanitary towels
    • SADC Seeks an End to Zimbabwe's Economic Problems
    • Seventh 'Recovery' Programme Fails to Excite But Mines Takeover Speech Does
    • Zim wants foreign currency
    • MISA-Zimbabwe analysis the constitutionality of the Interception of Communications Bill 2006
    • Straw wants China to push good governance in Zimbabwe
    • The dragon in Africa
    • Zimbabwe tobacco auction smallest since 1972
    • Zimbabwe announces 3,000% rise in hospital charges
    • Million-dollar doctors in Zim
    • JAG Classifieds dated 25 April 2006
    • Zimbabwe's disappearing technocrats
    • FDC bashes NGOs on Mugabe
    • Zim case sets dangerous precedent
    • Gono fumes at farmers
  9. Posted 26/4/06
    • Zimbabwe tobacco farmers hold on to crop over low prices
    • Returning farms to whites shows Mugabe's land reforms have failed
    • Mayor says Harare must adopt sound economic policies to stop the rot
    • Zimbabwe central bank hikes rates in bid to curb inflation
    • Zimbabwe inflation to top 1 000%
    • Coltart says: Mutambara faction is still viable
    • White farmers spurn Mugabe's lease offer
    • Zimbabwe Government, White Farmers Edge Toward Compromise
    • As Zimbawe's economy collapses, a tiny few make huge profits
    • Zimbabwe hospital fees skyrocket
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 414
    • DRAFT Interception of Communications Bill, 2006
    • Zimbabwe FX rate seen undermining tobacco output
    • People Power
    • 'Fearful' Zimbabwean MP Bennett joins queue
    • DA: Government must act on Bennett asylum
    • Massive Murambatsvina remembrance activities set for two months
    • Rocket scientist on the rocks?
    • Mutambara-Led MDC Faction Fills Vacant Posts
    • Hwange Colliery Loses Export Deal
    • Mugabe pockets Obiang's US$10 million gift
    • Civil society changes tone on Mugabe's visit
    • Three million Zimbabweans will need food aid, parliament hears
    • Russia brokers jet exports
    • Thierry Henry, Zimbabwe and Freedom
    • Former Mugabe Ally Accuses Government Of Incompetence
    • Trial of Four MDC Youths Continues
    • Zimra Accused of Insensitivity
  10. Posted 25/4/06
    • Zimbabwe security minister repeats threats to shoot protesters
    • Tsvangirai tells soldiers not to shoot protesters
    • Armed Zimbabwe police demolish squatter camp
    • Zimbabwe's ambassador to South Africa, Simon Khaya Moyo speaks on Carte Blanche
    • Zimbabwe announces 35 percent bonus to tobacco farmers
    • Opposition Leader Vows To Defy Mugabe's Threat
    • Rally Pictures
    • Zim tobacco auction set for bleak start
    • Touts Fuelling Corruption At Border: Zimra Official
    • Govt after Bennett's head - MDC
    • Letter from America
    • Quiet Diplomacy Is A Euphemism For Double Standards
    • Belgium grants visa to Zimbabwean minister
    • Ethiopia plans monument for Mengistu terror victims
    • $3 trillion needed for indigenisation in mining
    • Commission investigates senior Govt officials
    • Women pin hopes on domestic violence bill
    • Zim teachers convicted after brutal canings
  11. Batch 2 Posted 24/4/06
    • Behind a facade of normality, Zimbabwe is visibly falling apart
    • Zimbabwe rally against Mugabe
    • I will not back down, says Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe 'should pack his bags'
    • Zimbabwe rethink on white farmers
    • Asylum bid is a bonus for Mugabe
    • Zim woos Russian investors to explore uranium
    • Health crisis in resettled areas
    • Zesa posts Z$32 trillion annual loss
  12. Posted 24/4/06
    • 'Our ministry is processing applications'
    • Labour union says Harare plotting to arrest leaders
    • Desperate villagers make daring forays into Botswana to sell earthenware
    • Only a dozen foreign firms exhibit at Zimbabwe trade fair
    • Zimbabweans not 'patriots,' vice president
    • Big business brings Beijing to Africa
    • Fake ARVs on sale
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 22nd April 2006
    • SA farmers exploit hungry Zimbabweans
    • Both cheers and sneers for the ex-presidents
    • Update - Zimbabwe Pension Entitlements
    • Eyes in the night
  13. Batch 2 Posted 23/4/06
    • Makwavarara runs to Grace Mugabe
    • Why we jumped ship - MDC defectors
    • Unfinished projects rile Masvingo
    • Mpofu trashes links to vice-presidency
    • Uncertainty shrouds harvest figures
    • Mercenary embarrassment: Gvt proposes anti-terrorism Bill
    • UPP intensifies mobilisation drive
    • Politicians' relatives dropped from 'Hlalani Kuhle'
    • Cancer treatment machine down
    • Emganwini still in the dark
    • Soldiers sjambok drivers
    • Mercenary plane idle
    • Children more vulnerable after 'Murambatsvina'
    • Fuel abuse trial postponed
    • DZL embarks on rebuilding project
    • RBZ dampens ZNCC
    • Independence leaders do not have to die in office
    • Don't use 'culture' to oppress women
    • Fear of women prods Zanu PF
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • President Mugabe's somersault
    • Coltart blames Tsvangirai
    • Hwange park disaster: how officials blundered
  14. Posted 23/4/06
    • Mugabe invites whites to lease back farmland
    • Mogae is Not Speaking for Me
    • Harare under investigation
    • Witchcraft recognised, laws tightened
    • WHO life expectancy figures false - Zimbabwe
    • Thousands attend Tsvangirai rally despite heavy police intimidation
    • Mutambara senators to jump ship
    • African Pillagers
    • China's Unsavory Friends
  15. Posted 22/4/06
    • Harare wants ISPs to fund installation of spying equipment
    • MDC factions to slug it out in by-election
    • Bennett seeks asylum in SA
    • Three Zim ministers loot govt farm
    • Join the debate on the draft Interception of Communications Bill
    • Zimbabwe 'asks farmers to return'
    • Economic recovery plan not possible without political solution
    • Running a country on emotion alone can be dangerous
    • A Holiday In Hell
    • Tsvangirai MDC to wind up post congress rallies this weekend
    • Institute for War and Peace Reporting
    • Food situation at hospitals improves
    • Here And There
    • Zimbabwe rebuffs FAO
    • Mujuru, Shamu cross swords
    • Blair pours cold water on bridge building talk
    • Panic as 'season of protests' nears
    • IMF chief warns Zimbabwe on human rights record
    • Outrage at govt bid to monitor private mail
    • Don't worry: in just six months we'll be OK
    • Avoiding past mistakes
    • FinGaz Letters
    • Zvobgo Scholarships
    • Hand in Hand: Hifa Roars Into Life
  16. Batch 2 Posted 21/4/06
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Alleges Abductions by Government Agents
    • MDC leader warns of 'cold season' in Zimbabwe
    • Chelsy Davy's father faces inquiry into business deals
    • Criminals tarnish agrarian reform
    • Mujuru slams corrupt police officer
    • Former Presidents to Discuss US-Africa Relations
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 20 April 2006
    • Mujuru plan Collapses
    • Mutambara camp falls apart
    • 'Mugabe knew of Tsholotsho'
    • Police halt mining at River Ranch
    • Mugabe's economic forecast seen as 'wishful thinking'
    • MDC leaders unfazed by Mugabe's threats
    • Blue Train still grounded
    • Crackdown on vagrants
    • Probe team vindicates MDC claim
    • Tsvangirai calls for action against alleged CIO killer
    • Hungry Zimbabweans 'celebrate' freedom
    • Foot-and-mouth hits Carswell Meats
    • Zesa posts $32 trillion loss, blames tariff freeze
    • Politicians meddle at David Whitehead
    • Problems in dairy farming cause 60,4% downturn in milk output
    • Petty tariff wars set to plunge Zim into darkness
    • Moyo's legacy stifles ANZ titles' registration
    • Hope the next Independence Day will bring real joy, freedom
    • Fuel price freeze a vote-catcher
    • They call themselves Chimurenga heroes
    • Jokonya postures about need for press freedom
    • Can we hear the whip crack, VP?
    • Can military men be supremos of the economy?
    • There is a limit to propaganda
    • Zim Independent Letters
  17. Posted 21/4/06
    • Mugabe to return farms to whites
    • Wayward policies will torpedo Mugabe's economic recovery plans
    • IMF demands reforms from Harare
    • Zim farms with grown crops seized
    • Soldiers unleashed on Matebeleland
    • The life of a critical writer, or journalist, in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe opposition dismisses Mugabe threats
    • Church leader's vision of new dawn for Zimbabwe draws cheers
    • Zim vendors questioned
    • Statistics and Strategy
    • Fears for Zim cricket as Pakistan mulls on postponing one-dayers
    • Award All Workers Inflation-Adjusted Salaries, Says PSA
    • Mugabe's comments hit platinum stocks
    • Democracy Mugabe style
    • Land invaders to leave prime game park
    • Zim - Get Active!!
    • Zimbabwe says to revive economy, defiant on policies
    • Yvonne Mahlunge on BTH- The asylum ruling in the UK
    • Fuel prices going down
    • African jewel turns to dust
    • Sterilising machine remains unrepaired
    • Africa And Security Council Seat
    • International Community ignoring China's destructive role in Africa
    • MDC factions submit candidates for Budiriro election
  18. Batch 2 Posted 20/4/06
    • Challenging UN Life Expectancy Data, Harare Cancels Food Survey
    • Zim launches 'revival' plan
    • Water levels dropping rapidly in Hwange Game Park
    • Thousands of Zimbabweans lose their jobs in Botswana
    • State media buries bad news and asks no questions
    • Malawians, diplomats fume over 'Robert Mugabe Road'
    • Wanted: real civil servants
    • Freed detainee shares experience
    • My crime? Being a journalist
    • New Mugabemobile arrives
    • Mugabe must stand trial
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
  19. Posted 20/4/06
    • Zimbabwe opposition says it is unfazed by Mugabe's threats
    • Mugabe rant against opposition-led protests betrays panic
    • Harare unveils fresh blue-print for economic recovery
    • British premier brands Mugabe government a disgrace
    • Zimbabwe opposition legislator quits Mutambara faction
    • SA Communist Party youths stage demo at Zimbabwe consulate
    • Shady economic body adds to fears in Zimbabwe
    • The wrath of Robert Mugabe
    • SA urged to tread warily on land reform
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 15th April 2006
    • Airzim, Indonesian Firm Eye Partnership
    • Zimbabweans hunger for new leadership
    • 'Come home, let's rebuild Zimbabwe'
    • Zimbabweans in the diaspora unhappy with Mugabe's mockery
    • 'Focus on Zimbabwe, not Mideast'
    • Zimbabweans in SA mobilise to fight poverty
    • The emperor celebrates
    • Chegutu runs dry
    • JSE hits new peak as platinum shares fall
    • China's silence boosts tyrants
    • Switching the Currency of Aid is All About Trust
    • Harare Council Buys $280m Cellphones for Two Senior Officials
    • The Fever Trees of Zimbabwe
  20. Posted 19/4/06
    • Zimbabwe economy limps into anniversary
    • Mugabe puts security forces on alert
    • Mugabe threatens to crush street protests, seize mining firms
    • Police in Bulawayo launch fresh blitz against vendors
    • Tourism body shelves plans to spruce up Zimbabwe's battered image
    • "Zimbabwe's Heritage of Violence": Sokwanele Comment on the 26th Anniversary of Independence
    • Everything is better in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe plans to hold lavish party despite dying economy
    • China and Zimbabwe love affair turns sour
    • Mugabe warns opponents against "playing with fire"
    • Joint food survey off
    • Little to celebrate as country turns 26
    • Mugabe ready to meet teachers face to face
    • MDC deny talks with Zanu PF via Kofi Annan envoy
    • Tsvangirai faction and ZANU PF to wed in 'transitional' govt
    • Documentary "Mugabe at Independence 1980"
    • Zimbabwe economy to grow 1-2 pct in 2006 - Mugabe
    • SA group to march over Zim's 26 years of hell
    • Zimbabwe Defence Forces takes over government operations
    • UK cuts funding for public asylum lawyers
    • Harare Considers 800% Fuel Price Rise to Market Levels
    • Zimbabwe backed on Caribbean tour
    • 11 people die of traffic accidents in Zimbabwe
    • MDCUK Assembly meeting
    • ZCTF Report: Tyre Delivery
  21. Posted 18/4/06
    • Zimbabwean anniversary marred by crises
    • Harare fails to pay SADC
    • What has gone wrong with Zimbabwe's independence?
    • Zimbabwe war veterans say nothing to celebrate
    • ZANU PF elbowed out Mighty Bulls
    • Zimbabwe Plans Big Celebration For The 26th Anniversary of Its Independence
    • Zimbabwe in the throes of an 'economic meltdown'
    • Poor Zim harvests spell food shortage gloom
    • Zim Set to Launch Tourism Recovery Plan in Indonesia
    • Pay Farmers Promptly, GMB Told
    • YCL calls for sanctions against Zimbabwe
    • Socio-economic "tsunami" heading for small border town
  22. Posted 17/4/06
    • Zimbabweans shun celebrations
    • Arthur G.O. Mutambara: Independence Day Message
    • Portraits from across the divide
    • Playing poker for our lives on a white farm
    • Media body says Harare's new stance on self regulation welcome
    • Blind beggars rely on song as coins vanish
    • Bureaucratic heart of darkness
    • Update - Zimbabwe Pension Entitlements
    • Opposition camps trade accusations
    • Mozambicans turn against Zimbabweans
    • Police beat up Gweru revellers
    • 'Garikai' hopefuls to lose out
    • More poverty at 26
    • Assistant DA remains defiant
    • Rural households resort to wild foods
    • Militarisation to rescue economy - government
    • Murambatsvina victims sleep in night club
    • SA steal the thunder from ZIBFA
    • Midzi signs!
    • Mirage of flood of Far Eastern tourist arrivals evaporates
    • Independence without peace, security
    • Ethnic politics and common sense
    • Willowgate revisited two decades later
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • I'm not quitting: Mugabe's Deputy
    • The man who might have been great
  23. Posted 16/4/06
    • Government threatens fresh wave of demolitions
    • Debate about elephant culling intensifies
    • Parks hunting season to begin next month
    • London demonstration as Tsvangirai calls for action and political pressure
    • Mugabe's visit to Malawi: Zanu-PF, DPP to sign pact
    • Goverment should heed advice on Mugabe's coming
    • Zimbabwean Radio Journalists to Face Trial
    • Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers Face Uncertain Future
    • DZL imports 50 milking cows from South Africa
    • Rescue Africans from their misery
    • Chelsy Davy: Wild about Harry
  24. Posted 15/4/06
    • Harare Police Round Up Street Vendors in Replay of 2005 Sweeps
    • A (week-long) trip to the shops
    • Foreign currency shortage and hyper-inflation threaten Zimbabwe's economy
    • Zim govt to take back 221 plots of farmland
    • Asset Stripping Underway At Town House - CHRA
    • Children's Homes Face Mounting Problems
    • 'Mugabe supports Iran's nuclear programme'
    • With China Calling, Is It Time to Say Goodbye to US And Europe?
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 13 April 2006
  25. Batch 2 Posted 14/4/06
    • Million dollar chicken
    • Zimbabwe private media to fight internet law
    • Harare lifts eviction deadline for white farmers
    • Life Worsens for Many As School, Medical Fees Go Up
    • 'One bag of beans to feed hospital patients'
    • Politicians take to the pulpit
    • My Day in Africa
    • Zimbabwe central bank controls stifle forex inflows
    • More Defections From Zimbabwe Opposition's Mutambara Faction
    • As Zim burns, mass strikes loom
    • Ruling not to send failed asylum seekers still in force
    • Electricity crisis set to worsen as coal mining grinds to a halt
    • Anti-Mugabe demos planned over holiday weekend in UK and Canada
    • Exam Fees Hike: Will Zimsec Deliver?
    • Zim forced to revise budget
    • Spotlight on media repression in Africa
    • While Mugabe regime leads to starvation
    • Gertrude Mthombeni on BTH
    • President Tsvangirai's Independence Day Message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • President Mutambara Addresses Full House At Mt Pleasant Hall
  26. Batch 1 Posted 14/4/06
    • Minister used as 'front'
    • Inter-tribal conflict a real threat
    • Inflation: what's the option now?
    • Food security comes under the microscope
    • Pressure mounts on Mugabe to act
    • Chombo defends Makwavarara
    • Msika ill
    • In Zimbabwe, life goes on despite economic decay
    • Hwange sinks US$20 million into expansion
    • Agribank misses the mark
    • AirZim hires airforce staff, in case . . .
    • Eagles have democratic right to fly where they want
    • At 26: Of blind leaders and deluded masses
    • Makwavarara the most spoilt woman in Zim
    • Still hungering for more
    • Wheat shortages force 50 bakers to close shop
    • Unscrambling an egg!
    • Ready for change
    • Speak up
    • ZIMTA on teachers' abject poverty
    • ZLHR offers free legal help
    • "Command Agriculture" soldiers rampant in Matabeleland
  27. Batch 2 Posted 13/4/06
    • Moyo spills the beans
    • Mutambara meets Mbeki
    • Land invaders target lowveld sugar estates
    • Press institute slams AU for slow action on Zim
    • Harare council recruits more youth militia
    • Ministers, party officials accused of looting Kondozi equipment
    • War vets reject new executive
    • News agency blames govt for crisis
    • Mugabe succession crisis rocks govt, party
    • Hwange suffers major setback
    • Cash-strapped Zesa to fork out $2 trillion
    • Tsholotsho saga: the untold story
    • Candid Comment with Joram Nyathi
    • Economic meltdown stirs panicky response
    • Who eats the billions for the sick?
    • Sun continues to rise from the East but brings no manna
    • Achieving tourism turnaround
    • Ministers should show us which side is greener
    • Vital statistics
    • As A Matter Of Fact
    • Makwavarara Arrogant And Insensitive - CHRA
    • Boycott Zanu-PF Banks and Businesses - MDC
    • Are People Ready For An All-Inclusive Encounter Against Mugabe's Tyranny?
    • Supplementary budget on the way
    • Sipepa Nkomo follows Chebundo in ditching Mutambara MDC faction
    • Zim govt threatens to shoot protesters
    • Jokonya, Mahoso file Daily News challenge
  28. Posted 13/4/06
    • Pledge to non violence
    • Growing poverty seen stoking Zimbabwe protests
    • Tsvangirai to unveil mass action programme
    • White farmers seek solution to land reform impasse
    • Mutambara warns Mugabe of a revolution
    • Govt denies militarising state, goal is economic rescue
    • Troubled Air Zimbabwe Announces Turnaround Strategy
    • UK wins appeal against deportations to Zim
    • Government must ensure the safety of those returned to Zimbabwe can be monitored
    • Facing up to an uncertain future
    • Zim Must Learn Chinese
    • UNICEF: 1 in 3 Zimbabwe children an orphan
    • Zim says aid agencies must stop crop forecasts
    • Makwavarara acquires council house for $780m
    • MDC-UK Demonstration
    • MDC Mutambara Faction Hit by Defection, More Expected
    • Resignations
    • MDC (Tsvangirai) has People's Mandate
    • The Mutambara factor
    • Bleak future for children with a double burden
    • Zim Piece-Workers Become a Nuisance in Phikwe
    • Ex-Zanu PF Chairman Convicted Of Defamation
    • Mining tycoon faces new multimillion blow
    • Zimbabwe's Mhangura copper smelter needs $500 mil to be repaired
    • Firm cuts off food supplies to Mpilo
    • Salaries Gap Continues to Widen
  29. Posted 12/4/06
    • Zimbabwe Security Minister threatens to shoot protesters
    • Army confirms recruitment
    • Air Zimbabwe to retrench 30 percent of staff
    • MDC legislator quits Mutambara faction
    • Protesters released as AG refuses to prosecute
    • HOT SEAT: Majongwe calls on Zimbabwe civic & political leaders to
    • Fees hike likely to force more children out of school
    • Government to sink over Z$250 billion into propaganda
    • Zimbabwe sinks $152bln on propaganda TV, radio
    • More woes as Zimbabwe health costs double: paper
    • Health for all remains a pipe dream for ordinary Zimbabweans
    • Harare Commission Set to Cede Duties
    • 'RBZ Must Adopt Stricter Inflation-Fighting Policies'
    • ZESA workers on strike
    • Court of Appeal ruling on Zimbabwean asylum seekers
  30. Batch 2 Posted 11/4/06
    • Statement from Annabel Hughes
    • Govt Fails To Raise Cash To Print Money
    • Mugabe Secretly Negotiating Immunity From Prosecution
    • Mugabe Sets Himself Lavish Pension
    • RBZ Props Up Cash-Strapped Air Zimbabwe
    • UNICEF Press release
    • Calling all journalists - Do yourself justice, speak against evil
    • When Enough is Enough
    • Political and economic problems in Zim: Contributory factors to growing xenophobia in southern Africa
    • Gundwane
    • Zimbabwe Opposition's Tsvangirai Tells President Mugabe to Step Down
    • Open Letter To President Mbeki
  31. Posted 11/4/06
    • Tsvangirai rallies anti-Mugabe protests
    • Chinese tourists shun Zimbabwe - report
    • "The silent cries of the little ones" : Zimbabwe's under-fives cry out for justice
    • Mugabe beefs up security forces
    • Zimbabwe's specialist doctor training programme faces collapse
    • Suspended ZANU PF official convicted of defamation
    • Protesters want African leaders to act on Zimbabwe
    • Bleak future for Zimbabwe tennis
    • Forex Shortage Hampers Work On Airport
    • Airzim Must Start Thinking About Its Passengers
    • Pupils to spy on teachers in new government system
    • Mugabe Struggles To Hold Military Support
    • We deserve no sympathy
    • Wilf Mbanga: 'I'm glad our paper has the Mugabe regime rattled'
    • The illusion of democratic resistance
    • Western concern at China's growing involvement in Africa
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 8th April 2006
    • Tsvangirai Wows 16 000 Bulawayo Residents
    • 'Only God knows' Zim's fate
    • Easter and Independence letter
    • Crisis rocks renal division at Bulawayo hospital
    • War Vets in stormy meeting
    • Independence Celebrations Committee raises $500m
    • Public concerned over health delivery system
    • Ministry not serious, says committee
    • Govt lifts hospital fees freeze
    • Police officers in gold scam
    • MDC Publicity
  32. Posted 10/4/06
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader tells Mugabe to step down
    • Fear could undo Tsvangirai's call for street protests
    • Student arrested for taking photos during demo
    • Fears mount over Zim harvest seizures
    • Mass strikes loom as Zim's economy worsens
    • Zim denies new mortality reports
    • Proposed media law amendment roundly condemned
    • Govt avails $100bn for ZRP school
    • Police recover 200kg gold
    • Institute worried over shortage of engineers
    • Poverty datum line shoots to $31.1m
    • New price for bread
    • Dairibord to venture into Asian market
    • Moyo at it again!
    • Stormy dispute hampers progress at farm
    • ZESA shelves expansion plans
    • 'Make green gold lucrative again'
  33. Batch 2 Posted 9/4/06
    • Mugabe buys support of top army officers as discontent swells in ranks
    • Trading places
    • Mass strikes loom as Zimbabwe's economy worsens
    • South Africa to bring 'dogs of war' to heel . but let nationals join al-Qaeda
    • CFU amends constitution in support of land reform
    • I'm ready to die for Zim, says Tsvangirai
    • Shamuyarira and Mutasa cross swords
    • 16 years later, Kombayi's #1m lawsuit to take off
    • Harare commission set to cede duties
    • Boy in cells after judge gets knock
    • Parliament ditches Zanu PF printers
    • Makwavarara in $100m satellite dish controversy
    • Court to deliver Siyoka verdict for tomorrow
    • Raffingora rates leave residents high and dry
    • Governor rents out farmhouses to teachers
    • Pockets Hill sabotaged
    • MP begs Canada to electrify Bikita East
    • Levy increase riles drought-hit villagers
    • Worker exodus threatens health care systems
    • Midzi bungles again!
    • Relief on the horizon for market
    • Zim holiday club takes locals on wild geese chase
    • Another tough year for Zimbabwe firms
    • Zimbabweans reflect on an independence dream deferred
    • Zim Standard Letters
  34. Posted 9/4/06
    • Zimbabwe groans under world's highest inflation rate
    • Zimbabwe statistics paint bleak picture
    • Interview: Robert Mugabe
    • Out of Sight
    • Learning from Failure
    • INTERVIEW-Some African govts hinder aid-UN envoy
    • Militarization of Zimbabwe Agriculture Leads to Abuses - Report
    • Politics Bury Mortuary Project
    • Waking up to ex-Zim army cash heist gangs
    • 'Apartheid' fence riles students
    • AirZim to buy five planes
    • Shocking systematic bullying
    • Independence protest: Toronto
    • United prayer time for the nation
    • Corruption has taken root: Mugwadi
  35. Posted 8/4/06
    • 51 protesters arrested in Harare
    • New threat of urban demolition
    • Zim's inflation rate rockets to new record
    • Passengers shun troubled Zimbabwe airline
    • Zimbabwe threatens to grab private firms' farms
    • Average Zim Family Now Needs $35 million Food Basket Monthly
    • Paranoia
    • Why we can do nothing about Mugabe
    • Journal
    • Cross-border crime rising as economy sinks
    • Government 50 Trillion in the Red
    • Fees Freeze: Private Doctors Ask to Meet Minister
    • Cabinet Pressures Mugabe To Fire Gono
    • Khupe says mass demostrations against regime now inevitable
    • Government breaks rural-electrification promise after victory in Chimanimani
    • Doctors say health delivery system barely functioning
    • Ungrateful Mugabe gets lion's share
    • Debt rollover fears weigh on Zimbabwe
  36. Batch 3 Posted 7/4/06
    • Zimbabwe's economy spirals downward
    • Zimbabwe life expectancy plummets
    • JAG Appeal Communique dated 6 April 2006
    • Kuwait donates food to Zimbabwe
    • MDC reconciliation chances 'very minimal' - Coltart
    • Govt spooks run economy
    • MDC factions lock horns in Budiriro
    • Mugabe succession crisis rocks govt, party
    • Tobacco auction floors face closure
    • Chombo's niece gets govt lawyer
    • Swedish envoy denies claim
    • 17 Mutasa youths jailed
    • Mutambara trails Tsvangirai in numbers game
    • Trouble brews over Khuphe election
    • Saki, Mtetwa honoured for stance against repression
    • Mugabe's insults slammed
    • Mahoso's Aippa bid fresh blow to media
    • Rates ring death knell for companies
    • Accountant decries govt's financial indiscipline
    • Gono vs Gata
    • Dollar depreciates 90%
    • How many will make it in September?
    • Critics doubt govt sincerity in rights body plan
    • No chance in hell of remedy to human rights violations
    • Cultivating a constitutional culture for a new Zimbabwe
    • Enemies of our liberty should face people's wrath
    • Gono, Zesa ducking the issues
    • Why Bob spares Arthur: theories
    • Erich Bloch Column
    • Oiling up to Obiang
    • Zim Independent Letters
  37. Batch 2 Posted 7/4/06
    • Who wants to be a billionaire?
    • Army chief tells Mugabe to raise soldiers' salaries ahead of protests
    • Government minister says no one has died of hunger in Zimbabwe
    • Chinese gift can't fly
    • European, US firms boycott Zimbabwe trade fair
    • Students seek Mugabe's intervention as 50 percent fail to pay new fees
    • Police to press fresh treason charges against Zimbabwe opposition activists
    • Mugabe's clarification on mining law too late to calm rattled investors
    • Harare bars relief agency from assisting displaced families
    • Three ZANU PF officials finally granted bail
    • Roadblocks go up as govt warns against protests
    • Zim is Mbeki's downfall - report
    • Mpilo Stops Accepting Corpses At Morgue
    • More Price Shocks for Zimbabweans
    • MDC MP Surrenders to Police
    • $19 Trillion Needed for Tobacco Crop
    • Mass rejections of Zimbabwe asylum applications in South Africa
    • State in Bid to Combat Deforestation On Farms
    • Victorial Falls Not Environmental Fit: UNESCO
    • War Vets invade newsman's farm
    • Harare degenerates into a 'fly and rodent' city
    • Elephants destroy fields in Zimbabwe
    • Scores Elude Baton-Wielding Riot Police To Stage NCA Demo
    • Mugabe boosts security as MDC members rally
  38. Batch 1 Posted 7/4/06
    • Msika to quit
    • Parliament suspends ZANU PF legislator
    • Watchdog blasts MIC plan
    • Equatorial Guinea oil not flowing without guarantee
    • Inflation set to clock new record
    • Zim ranks lowest
    • Security arm takes over Cabinet functions
    • UK sets terms for 'building bridges'
    • Bloodbath continues on market
    • Chaos as AirZim cancels yet another flight
    • Power cuts bad news for hospitality sector
    • Hwange owed $500bn by ZESA, ZISCO alone
    • AirZim alliance deal just 'an idea'
    • Why Zimbabwe is falling apart
    • Of unremembered heroes and glorified non-heroes
    • It's not treason to wish, for a bit of sugar, Sir
    • That vicious circle
    • Robbed in broad daylight by my bank
    • Time the Motherland spoke
    • This will take you nowhere, Arthur
    • Chikerema will forever be a household name
    • Dictators -The African curse
  39. Batch 2 Posted 6/4/06
    • There is no tomorrow
    • Zanu's scorched earth policy
    • Our lives in God's hands - Tsvangirai
    • Change is coming - MDC
    • Ngozi still stalks 'clean-up' victims
    • Racism and bribery exposed on safari in Zim
    • State media turn on Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai's life in danger
    • Harare-Munich twinning celebrated
    • UNHCR ignores protestors
    • Ngomakurira - Fire in Bulawayo
    • 1,000 women meet
    • Prayers for deliverance
    • Women now 'battle-hardened'
    • 'Desktop' activism ineffective
    • Leadership profiles
    • MDC denies disruption
    • Top civil servant acknowledges Harare shamble
    • Human Rights Commission dismissed as gimmick
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
  40. Posted 6/4/06
    • Decline in tobacco production dangerous
    • Economic ruin, not MDC, will bring Mugabe down
    • Zanu (PF) in bid to seal growing cracks in party
    • Running out of time
    • Military taking control of food production, claims NGO
    • Zimbabwe Maize Farmers Get 1,400% Producer Price Hike
    • Poor farming techniques leave Africa hungry-report
    • Zim sets price controls in inflation fight
    • Rule of law can weatherproof Africa against climate change
    • RBZ to Import 70 000t Fertilizer
    • Report on Operation Taguta/Sisuthi
    • MP's Motion Would Indict Mugabe
    • Court orders Tsvangirai faction to release seized vehicle
    • Cost of completing Tokwe-Murkosi dam soars
    • Zim to Feel Pressure of Oil Price Increase
    • Tourism revenue down 49% in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's former pilot dies after stroke
    • MDC-UK district assembly meeting-[23-04-06]
  41. Batch 2 Posted 5/4/06
    • Zanu PF Printing MDC T-Shirts In Desperate Bid To Spark Trouble During Mass Protests
    • Air Zim Has 3 Days Fuel Supply Left
    • Forex, Fuel Scarcity Compound Shortage Of Blood And Test Kits - NBTS
    • Let Mugabe bury his dead
    • Gono leads delegation on mission to Russia
    • Bleak Future for Children With a Double Burden
    • MP nabbed over tobacco smuggling
    • MIC an unnecessary drain
    • 'Much ado about nothing'
    • Hwange Power Station needs $29,7 trillion
    • 1,5 million benefit from World Vision scheme
    • Rooster crows inside man after hooker's spell
    • JAG Classifieds dated 4 April 2006
  42. Posted 5/4/06
    • White farmer murdered
    • Harare rejects calls to extradite Mengistu
    • Zimbabwe labour union fears foreign delegates could be barred from congress
    • Algeria donates 2 000 metric tonnes of rice to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Cricket official faces arrest for flouting exchange regulations
    • Shocking revelations as slaughter of endangered species continues
    • Mugabe government buys junkets for Chinese journalists
    • Disappointment at slow progress - International Press Institute
    • More questions than answers - Sokwanele
    • Zimbabwe's Grain Monopoly Tightens Access to Food
    • Zimbabwean legislators urged to unite for country's development
    • Masses Give Tsvangirai And 'Liberation Team' Thumbs Up
    • Zanu PF MPs, Senators clash
    • Zesa blasts tariff system
    • Zim fuel supply improves
    • Holocaust in Plain Sight
    • Africa's top abusers of the workers' rights named
    • Zimbabwe Proposal Worries Foreign Owned Mining Firms
    • Fighting in Mugabe's camp
    • Minister threatens to fire civil servants
    • CIO intimidation forced magistrate to quit
    • No pay for Mirror journalists
    • Taylor's trial may end Africa's gentleman's club
    • Chaos At Rufaro
    • Malawi president accused of developing Mugabe-style oppressive government
    • Soaring inflation turns Zimbabwe into a nation of big spenders
  43. Posted 4/4/06
    • Mugabe puts army chief in charge of revenue collection
    • University lecturers press on with strike
    • MEP concerned by proposed EU aid to Zimbabwe
    • Amnesty International - Time to show commitment to
    • 'I need the tablets, but I can't have them'
    • Shocking dropout figures as government introduces 'barbed wire' education
    • Zim war vet became govt critic
    • Poachers Kill 209 Jumbos in 4 Years
    • Besides fertiliser problems, labour shortages upset farmers
    • Tsvangirai starts to drum up support for protests against Mugabe
    • Investment Opportunities In Zimbabwe For Malaysians
    • CAAZ seeks $2 trillion
    • Change the only constant at Vic falls
    • The sad and painful year of a miracle baby
  44. Batch 2 Posted 3/4/06
    • Mugabe dismisses mine furore
    • Harare puts its best foot forward for journos
    • Probe uncovers grim safari slaughter and racism
    • Zanu PF Budgets Z$200 billion For 43rd Anniversary
    • UZ Statistics Dept Set To Present New Inflation Model To Govt
    • Zim's Appalling Human Rights Record Slammed Again
    • MDC factions battle for name
    • Harare hikes maternity fees
    • Farmers owe Zesa $15bn
    • ZTA to review costs in resort areas
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 1st April 2006
  45. Posted 3/4/06
    • Prisoners in Zimbabwean jails go naked
    • Tsvangirai says willing to pay ultimate price to oust Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe central bank governor goes on charm offensive in Russia
    • Swedish ambassador attacks Zimbabwe's press laws
    • Rural communities in Zimbabwe urged to boost incomes
    • Zimbabwe embarks on new tobacco farming techniques
    • Zimbabwe, E.Guinea sign comprehensive agreement
    • EU, Zimbabwe in talks
    • Mawere in MDC crusade
    • GMB suspends selling maize meal directly from its depots
  46. Batch 3 Posted 2/4/06
    • Police accused over Musindo rape case
    • 'Apartheid' fence rile students
    • Soldiers, police get marching orders for Changara funeral
    • Villagers face starvation after eating maize seed
    • Politics bury mortuary projec
    • Power cuts worsen Zimbabwe's woes
    • Mutare commissioner quits over pending criminal case
    • Rentals sky rocket in Byo
    • US envoy explains Mugabe travel sanctions busting
    • Government 50 trillion in the red
    • Midzi eats humble pie
    • Hwange gears for expansion
    • Hyperinflation: Yugoslavia's scary experience
    • Winter wheat crop fund, another scandal
    • State repression: students bear the brunt
    • Of heroes and villains
    • Zim Rights Commission: case of too little too late
    • Zim Standard Letters
  47. Batch 2 Posted 2/4/06
    • Desperate mothers throw away 20 babies a week as Zimbabwe starves
    • Africans Hope Taylor Case Sets Precedent
    • ZIMSEC fails to print certificates
    • Actors stage a satirical coup against Mugabe
    • A Record 12 000 Attend MDC Gweru Rally
    • Shortage of dipping chemicals critical
    • Farms of fear
  48. Posted 2/4/06
    • Zimbabwe undone
    • Not in our name
    • Zim asks for oil on 'generous terms'
    • Mugabe vows to crush opposition protests
    • Zimbabwe mines law not fixed yet
    • NCA against tokenist reform of the constitution
    • Mugabe: 'Furore is needless'
    • Zimbabwe London Forum Monday 3rd April
    • ZCTF Report
    • Zimbabwe tests world's first HIV/AIDS toolkit
    • British tourists fuel Africa's cruel trade in 'canned hunting'
    • Mugabe says Tsvangirai 'dicing with death'
  49. Posted 1/4/06
    • Mugabe threatens Tsvangirai with death over protests
    • Human rights group says rights violations on the rise
    • Patients bring own food at Zimbabwean hospital
    • No E Guinea oil deal for Mugabe
    • Mugabe Criticizes Whites As 'Supremacists'
    • Minister: Zim arms-cache saga 'far from over'
    • Floods likely to hit parts of Zimbabwe
    • You can make a difference
    • Suburb Goes for Four Days Without Power
    • EU Sugar Reforms Likely to Hurt Zim
    • Milosevic, Saddam, Taylor. Who's next?
    • Gold panners invade graveyards
    • Bindura's 2005 nickel output falls 14 pct
    • Forex Shortages Put Pressure On Exporters
    • MDC celebrates prularism

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