The ZIMBABWE Situation

March 2006 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 4 Posted 31/3/06
    • Distressed Pensioner's Appeal Fund
    • Opinion: Facing a Zimbabwean genocide
    • Struggle in Zimbabwe
    • I'm Ready To Go To Jail Over Mass Confrontation - Tsvangirai
    • Gono's Bank Posts $1,6 trillion Profit Amid Mass Starvation
    • Shaming "Vampire States" Part Two
    • Bridge Construction Delays Remain Stumbling Block for Park Operation
    • A call for a new national consensus
    • MDC must stop its war now!
    • ANZ lawyers seek decisive court order on licence
    • Chombo to decide Gwindi's fate
    • Farmers Using Child Labour On A2 Farms - GAPWUZ
    • UMP Farmers Cultivate 12 Million Jatropha Trees
    • Maize Producer Price: Farmers Recommend $15m Per Tonne
    • MDC in renewed fight for properties
    • Parks authority in funding problems
    • JAG Damages Survey Form
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 30 March 2006
  2. Batch 3 Posted 31/3/06
    • MDC rival camps fight over assets
    • 'Crater' gives Mugabe scare
    • Never in a 1 000 years, says Gono
    • Gono overrules Nyambuya on power tariff hikes
    • CBZ law suit a ploy to discredit me - Moyo
    • Tsvangirai denies claim
    • Govt desperate for fuel deal with Guinea
    • Gono in US visa violation storm
    • ZCTU at last raises duty for sanitary pads
    • Home-grown constitution the answer, say lawyers
    • ANZ seeks order to be deemed registered
    • MDC split: Coltart in a dilemma
    • Tobacco farmers want local currency devalued
    • Govt flouts Loans Act
    • 6 000t of wheat in stock for winter
    • The question remains unanswered
    • A challenge to turn splits into strength
    • Ah, so I was wrong!
    • Aid appeal exposes humanitarian crisis
    • Zim nears 'divide by zero' situation as inflation soars
    • Nyarota attempts to spin his mistakes
    • A new constitution should come first
    • Converting challenge to opportunity
    • There's no fool like an old fool
    • When god came to town
  3. Batch 2 Posted 31/3/06
    • Tsvangirai begins nationwide rallies to drum up support for mass protests
    • Health Minister blocks private clinics from hiking fees
    • Zimbabwe ranked worst destination for mining investors
    • Opposition leader files papers opposing Z$100 billion defamation suit
    • Tourism Earnings Drop by Half in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe blasts Western critics, vows no surrender
    • UN Warns Zimbabwe of Brain Drain
    • Hippos destroy crops in Zim
    • Zimbabwe power cuts bring mine work to standstill
    • Mugabe eyes Equatorial Guinea oil
    • Journal
    • Stakeholders pleaded for the ICC to help
    • Reject piecemeal constitutional amendments, says lawyers organisation
    • Zimbabwe, Namibia hope to expand cooperation with Viet Nam
    • Khupe takes swipe at her detractors and state media
    • Zimbabwean activist against poverty wins economics award in the UK
    • Chikerema denied hero status
    • Comment from the Financial Mail (SA), 24 March
  4. Batch 1 Posted 31/3/06
    • Chinamasa clashes with Attorney-General
    • Row erupts in war veterans body
    • Nkomo snubs Ncube faction
    • The Voice falls silent
    • MDC man stages solo street demo
    • Calls for a separate state a luxury
    • MDC war: statistics, statistics, damn statistics
    • Why can't a lot more of them say 'I quit'?
    • Building bridges with UK no easy task
    • Farmers' bodies warn of huge wheat deficit
    • Investors clueless
    • Settlers burn $62 billion timber
    • Imperial to export fridges to Zambia
    • Returning to a magnificent newspaper
    • As it is, MIC is an unnecessary drain
    • A mighty kick in the teeth for long suffering residents
    • Yes to reforms but . . .
    • Hero status controversy
    • Corruption in Zim now intolerable
  5. Batch 3 Posted 30/3/06
    • Zimbabwe, where cleaners earn $3m on poverty wages
    • Inflation Puts Calls Out of Reach for Zimbabwe Mobile Users
    • Mugabe Pleads With Equatorial Guinea President For Fuel
    • "Anti-corruption drive crippled"
    • Govt exceeds debt limit
    • Wildlife authority pays $10bn for electrification
    • Brain drain acute in Zim
    • Inflation threatens insurance industry
    • Silence is golden!
    • Moyo: I'm Zimbabwe's Odinga
    • Do not degenerate into an abyss of despair, Chenjerai Hove warns
    • Zimbabwe mom: U.S. exporting euthanasia
    • Zesa Seeks $500bn for Imports
  6. Batch 2 Posted 30/3/06
    • Real inflation 3000%?
    • Terrorism bill aimed at MDC
    • Women in Prayer promise action
    • Residents urged to fight City
    • Vic Falls no longer a wonder?
    • Op Garikai houses lack basic amenities
    • Judges' pensions threatened
    • Letter from America
    • White man - black heart
    • Shopping Basket
    • Support group helps orphans
    • One doctor for 19 clinics
    • Students fight expulsions
    • A time to heal - ZCC
    • Who wants to go back home?
    • Great turnout for Bristol's first vigil
    • Corruption rampant at Lindela
    • Zim refugees face expulsion
    • No place for benign inactivity says Blair
    • Ngomakurira - Donkeys
    • What happened to Gwayi Dam?
    • Shocking bias by state media over arms case collapse
    • Mahoso mum on Malaba
    • Letters - 31 March 2006
    • Change is coming - MDC
  7. Posted 30/3/06
    • Mugabe promotes war veterans, sends junior police officers to patriotism classes
    • Zimbabwe runs out of TB drugs
    • Mugabe's bodyguard declared national hero
    • Zifa accounts in shambles
    • Zimbabwe Cricket appoints local audit firm to probe accounts
    • The Grey Zone
    • MP demands fraudster deportation
    • New rights body should be independent, say activists
    • Zim out of birth control pills
    • Journalists threaten to go on industrial action
    • Growing calls for Zimbabwe to abandon 18th amendment
    • Police swoop on airport officials after huge heist
  8. Batch 2 Posted 29/3/06
    • Zimbabwe looks to China for strategic partnership
    • Foul Play Suspected Over Death Of Mugabe's Top Bodyguard
    • Botswana Legislators Call For Tougher Stance Against Mugabe
    • Thoughts on the current situation
    • Damages Survey Form
    • Sipepa Nkomo in court for fraud and corruption charges
    • Politics a 'zero-sum game' in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe, low on food, close to chaos under Mugabe
    • Ministries accused of abusing funds
    • Chamisa spies on Mutambara
    • Zesa warns industry of power cuts
    • Noczim employee nabbed over $600m fuel scam
    • Councillor fined for stealing fertiliser
    • Farmers owe Zesa
    • Jag Classifieds dated 28 March 2006
  9. Posted 29/3/06
    • No Other Way
    • Mugabe demands answers from security minister, police chief over false assassination plot
    • Zimbabwe Aids council says only one in 12 patients getting anti-retroviral drugs
    • AG's office wants 'lenient' sentence on ZANU PF official overturned
    • Two SA banks pledge funds to refurbish building for displaced Zimbabwean refugees
    • Zimbabwe Seeks Stronger Military Ties with China
    • Robert Mugabe: Revered and Reviled
    • Government urged to acknowledge defeat and let The Daily News resume publishing
    • Zimbabwe doubles local gold price as deliveries dive
    • With desperation setting in, it's the Second Coup Age in Africa
    • Zimbabwe campaigner wins top award
    • More dead bodies, more guns as 2008 poll looms
    • Groups snap at Mugabe's human rights watchdog
    • Government owned Zimbank purging workers who own shares
    • Joyce Mujuru's record on women's rights criticised as WOZA marks anniversary against police brutality
    • UN food aid programme borrows money to feed needy in southern Africa
    • Scores of Exporters Blacklisted
    • Three Years At Wha Wha
    • A Strong Conviction
    • Row over Mutambara's popularity in Harare
    • Zimbabwe plans to grow herbs as substitutes for ARVs
    • Death Knell Sounds for Zimbabwean Cricket
  10. Batch 2 Posted 28/3/06
    • Harare to spend trillions on vehicles
    • Mugabe to seek life terms for plotters
    • Unpaid Agribank farmer loans suspended
    • Angry Zimbos Tell Mugabe To Go Through Graffitti
    • 10 Options To Save Zimbabwe From Mugabe
    • Open Letter To UZ Vice Chancellor And Senior Proctor
    • Of being Zimbabwean, African, and being proud
    • Horses rescued from Zimbabwe safe in SA
    • Strikes loom in banking sector
    • Crisis looms in tobacco sector
    • Cuban doctors complain over allowances
    • Eleven corruptly benefit from Operation Garikai
    • JAG Fund Raiser Communique 2nd send out- March 24, 2006
  11. Posted 28/3/06
    • Knives out for Zimbabwe central bank governor
    • Police arrest two Zimbabwean university student leaders
    • Bodyguard who was suspended for indecently assaulting Mugabe's wife dies
    • Zimbabweans plead hunger in court
    • Governor accused of grabbing farm from widow
    • Zimbabwe drafts new anti-terrorism laws
    • Zimbabwe Food Security Remains Precarious Ahead of Harvest
    • ZCTF Report - delivery of Landrover Spares
    • New MDC national executive and portfolio secretaries
    • ZCTU hopes to bring in sanitary pads every month
    • Every yard counts in Zimbabwe run
    • Zimbabwe Backs-off Mine Ownership Proposal
    • "Operation Restore Order" creates more chaos in Bulawayo
    • Zim plans Aids awareness exams
    • 800 Attend Mutamabara's Chitungwiza Rally
    • Malaysian media in Zim boost tourism
    • Gleaning expertise
    • Mzi's never-ending woes
  12. Batch 2 Posted 27/3/06
    • Police prevent clash between MDC factions: report
    • Zimbabwean rights body 'a smokescreen'
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 25th March 2006
    • Under Siege: Zimbabwe's Human Rights Activists
    • Zimbabwe plans $40mn in 'new' mines
    • Police Round Up Panners, Impound 40kg of Gold Ore
    • Govt threatens to control private hospital fees
    • Heavy Sentences for Cattle Rustlers
    • State promises MDC leader jail
  13. Posted 27/3/06
    • Zimbabwe gazettes tough anti-terrorism law amid fears opponents could be targeted
    • Civic groups, opposition threaten protests over Mugabe's human rights commission
    • State newspaper editor in hot water over false story
    • Zimbabwe's Economic Crisis Beyond Point Of No Return - US
    • Sabotage probe at army barracks
    • Why I dumped Tsvangirai - Mabhena
    • Nyoni in fresh controversy
    • Suitcases replace wallets to carry cash
    • 90% of workforce living in poverty
    • 'Rescue requires reforms' - US envoy
    • Tough times ahead
    • Uhuru celebrations must reflect hardships
    • Poverty: symbol of Africa's lost pride
    • Death of democracy in Zimbabwe
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Zim to set up human rights commission
    • Farmers step up efforts to get tobacco ready
    • Water from burst pipes causes power faults
    • I will remove Mugabe, says Mutambara
    • Farmers urged to form group-lending schemes
    • Councils seek civic participation
    • Beer price goes up again
    • Provision of decent housing critical
    • Gwanda residents threaten to boycott programme
  14. Batch 2 Posted 26/3/06
    • Mugabe's elderly live on 13p a month
    • Million Dollar Loaf ?
    • Zim Now Resembles War-Torn Country Under Mugabe - MDC
    • Govt Dithers Over Another Fuel Increase
    • Mbeki To Broker Mugabe Safe-Exit Plan
  15. Posted 26/3/06
    • Zim police bungled arms cache case - minister
    • Compulsory and Essential Damages Survey Form
    • Zimbabwe Asks UN for $277 Million Humanitarian Aid
    • Cost of living continues to soar and maize deficit forecast for the 2006/07 consumption year
    • Sustainable dams help fight hunger in Zimbabwe
    • Rodents feast on Registrar General's office
    • Zimbabwe sets aside 45 million dollars for fertilizer imports
    • Horrified by hysteria over Arthur's robotics
  16. Posted 25/3/06
    • Zimbabwe imports 800 000 tonnes of maize from SA but shortages persist
    • Trade union to pay US$7 000 duty to get sanitary pads into Zimbabwe
    • Banned Zimbabwean daily postpones court action, seeks talks with minister
    • 20 ZANU-PF backers 'jailed for violence'
    • Zim court denies bail to arms-cache accused
    • O, A Level Examination Fees Up
    • Laying Foundation First Step in Building Bridges: UK Envoy
    • Tsvangirai in battle for pole position
    • Self Destruction
    • Farmers to Get Winter Cropping Diesel On Time
    • Fires Wreak Havoc On Timber Plantations
    • Majongwe arrested for 'driving' Dutch trade unionists
    • Pressure mounts as Zimbabwean churches unite against Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean about-turn over mining plans
    • Zimbabwe snags hampering coal growth, company warns
    • Court Clears Voice Editor Mataire
    • Mutambara in bid to enter rural areas
    • Electoral commissions seek ways to be independant
    • Promote Tourism, Ambassadors Told
  17. Batch 4 Posted 24/3/06
    • Murerwa, Gono clash head-on
    • MDC future still open-ended affair
    • Government swallows pride, appeals for aid
    • Midzi in trouble over mines policy
    • Torture of 'arms cache' suspects slammed
    • Tsvangirai ups stakes
    • Parly committee fumes at Zimpapers boss
    • Zimbabwe determined to ascend inflationary ladder
    • Lending rates under review
    • MDC in shambles: what is to be done?
    • There is room for synergies
    • Govt strengthens repressive instruments
    • Zesa should deliver to make peace with power consumers
    • Tsvangirai team leadership fails to inspire confidence
    • No basis for talks with Mugabe
    • Is anybody home?
    • What comes after hyperinflation?
    • What an obliging (stupid) fellow!
  18. Batch 3 Posted 24/3/06
    • Mutasa halts Zanu PF editor's trial
    • Zanu PF Calls For Tsvangirai Detention Over Mass Action Slur
    • Owning A House In Zim Now A Pipe Dream As Properties Fetch Z$90 billion
    • Letter To President Mugabe From Mu O-Vet
    • Re-routing The Way Forward
    • Britain to improve relations with Zimbabwe: official
    • Central Banker Appeals to Mugabe on Mines Takeover Proposal
    • Traditional Healing Centres to Supplement Ailing Health System
    • Magistrate bolts from courtroom
    • Chombo calls for review of building codes
    • Villages submerged in southern Zambia floods
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 23 March 2006
  19. Batch 2 Posted 24/3/06
    • Zimbabwe, SA bank loan deal collapses
    • Divisions in opposition ranks could undo Tsvangirai's calls for mass protests
    • Mugabe's clean-up victims groan in 'houses of horror'
    • New judge denies bail to man accused of plotting to kill Mugabe
    • Economist warns Zimbabwe dollar almost wiped out in value
    • Mass hunger killing the vulnerable as food prices soar
    • Anger, fear and hate will not dislodge Zanu PF
    • Zim constitution not the primary problem
    • Zimbabweans permit protest pregnancy
    • Water disconnections in Harare - CHRA's position
    • Zimbabwean lawyer honoured
    • Zimbabwean Deportees With No Way Home
    • MDC undeterred by ZANU-PF threats on protests
    • 'Admin Specialists to Run Hospitals'
    • Specialist Healthcare Services Unaffordable
    • CARE tackles economic development in poor Zimbabwe farm areas
    • Prices of Building Materials Unrealistic
    • AFRICA: China's great leap into the continent
    • Africa Must Control Its Info Channels: Jokonya
    • Is ethnic balancing still relevant for Zimbabwean politics?
  20. Batch 1 Posted 24/3/06
    • MDC split final
    • Politics of ethnic balancing no longer relevant
    • What sets S Africa apart from the rest
    • MDC congresses and future of the opposition
    • Govt Funds for Housing Way Too Small, Says Harare
    • Chiefs' Kids Mysteriously Get Houses Under Garikai
    • Mines paint doomsday scenario for govt
    • Govt eyes David Whitehead
    • Two weeks after expiry of deadline . . .
    • Of the markets and Gono's switchblade
    • Banks raise account minimum balances
    • Zim leads the world in inflation stakes
    • Govt officials having the best of both worlds
    • Own up Zimbabwe
    • Can the real Mtungwa, please, identify himself?
    • Confronting ZANU PF regime is no tea party
    • Zim yearns for the days before AIPPA
    • Knives in Gono's back as . . .
    • FinGaz Letters
  21. Batch 2 Posted 23/3/06
    • Heavily-Armed Police Attack Guests In Hotel Raid
    • Banks bleed as phantom of 2003 looms large
    • Embattled Air Zimbabwe Starts Charging Fares In Forex
    • Crumbling from the bottom up
    • News from Downunda
    • SA fails on Human Rights
    • N'angas offer to help
    • Mutambara demands compensation
    • Judge condemns CIO role in arms cache case
    • WOZA-led meeting launches social justice campaign
    • Junior officers beat up Asst Commissioner
    • Shopping Basket
    • Survey compares lives of black and white Zims in diaspora
    • Detention Watch from Zimbabwe Association
    • Media hangman Mahoso takes aim at us
    • State media had a ball while arms cache lasted
    • Council aims to improve media integrity
    • Zim to resume ostrich exports
    • Tail continues to wag the dog
  22. Posted 23/3/06
    • Zim ruling party warns opposition
    • Civic groups back Tsvangirai's call for Mugabe ouster
    • Dispossessed white landowner sues Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe judge recuses himself from treason case
    • Zimbabweans arrested for stealing fuel in Botswana
    • No Coke a sign of Zimbabwe's tough times
    • Africa should control its airwaves: Zimbabwean official
    • Watchdog in Zim goes for papers' jugular
    • Zim blames poor tobacco crop on fertiliser shortage
    • Tsvangirai Keeps Plan to Oust Mugabe Under Wraps
    • U.N. official accuses African leaders over homeless
    • Homeless people left out of housing scheme
    • Zimbabwean minister threatens opposition
    • Mineworkers demand shares in industry from government
    • Mugabe Faces Renewed Opposition Challenge
    • Soldiers Quitting in Droves
    • Mutambara Wants Security Forces to Shun Partisan Politics
    • Cities in Crisis
    • Dialogue of the deaf in IMF report
  23. Batch 2 Posted 22/3/06
    • Army Prepares For Opposition Mass Protest
    • We Will Not Be Intimidated Into Abandoning Mass Confrontation - Tsvangirai
    • Disastrous winter season looms
    • Residents complain over power cuts
    • Zambia's new farmers are being killed by kindness
    • Rural Zimbabwe Facing Mass Hunger
    • New Clerical Front in Zimbabwe
    • Bathing still a luxury for many African women, says activist
    • Zimbabwe's period politics, women see red
    • Zimbabwe students live in abject poverty
    • JAG Classifieds dated 21 March 06
  24. Posted 22/3/06
    • Zimbabwean police, soldiers banned from quitting service
    • Harare High Court to hear bail application for treason accused
    • Church evicts violent Zimbabweans after clashes claim two people
    • Women received raw deal at MDC congress
    • U.S. State Dept. Names Iran Among Worst Violators
    • Zim will not back away from mining plans
    • Zimbabwe 'cash for mermaids' con
    • Residents forced to hire chef's vehicles for trips to mortuary
    • Student leaders defy expulsion order by attending lectures
    • Zimbabweans still flooding South Africa despite tightened patrols
    • Zimbabwe Expecting Lowest Tobacco Crop In Years
    • Ooops, we forgot to serve summons on you, Chingoka told
    • Mahoso has 'subversive' papers in his sights
    • Police pounce on hapless vendors
    • Zero pass rate for Zimbabwe school
    • Soldiers beat up hotel workers
    • Police Target Carjackers
    • Here is the new line up of the Women's Assembly National Committee
    • Zimbabwe farmers begin applying for land leases
    • Zimbabwe [press release]: Draft Bill Seeks to Allow Government Monitoring of Telephone, E-Mail, Postal Communications
    • Tsvangirai avoids Mutambara confrontation
    • Cabinet Divided Over Mines Takeover
    • MDC faction attacks gvt over "arms cache" search
    • Price of basics soars beyond reach of poor Zimbabweans
    • Jonathan Moyo dragged to court
    • Top officials in passport scam
    • Massive teacher exodus rock Zim
    • Operation Garikai not ad hoc - minister
  25. Posted 21/3/06
    • Political Trees
    • Zimbabwe opposition faction says police raid offices
    • Zimbabwe state security minister warns Tsvangirai over protests
    • Traditional healers plead for access to dying Zimbabwean patients
    • MDC faction leader demands compensation for atrocities victims
    • Two Dutch trade unionists deported from Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe opposition raises stakes with protest call
    • Zim maize smuggled to neighbours - official
    • External resolutions of the MDC second national congress of the 18-19th March 2006 - Harare
    • Book on Zimbabwe's War of Liberation Sparks Heated Debate
    • Taking Lessons From Africa's Rising East
    • Zimbabwean Chamber Warns Against Mugabe's Mine Grab
    • ANZ licensing decision falls to minister, following judge's ruling that media commission chairman is biased
    • Draft bill seeks to allow government monitoring of telephone, e-mail, postal communications
    • Zimbabwe needs 70% vote to restore eligibility for IMF funds
    • Minister Ordered Out Of Farm
    • The Zimbabwean Exodus - Will The Brain Drain Ever Be Refilled?
  26. Batch 2 Posted 20/3/06
    • Tsvangirai will quit after 'liberation'
    • MDC fails to strike gender, tribal balance
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 18th March 2006
    • "Here We Come" says MDC-UK Chair
    • Zimbabwe suspends fertiliser plans
    • Harare cuts vegetable oil production
    • MDC factional congress to vote on boycotting future polls
    • Police probe illegal lion hunting
    • Asylum seekers forced to return to using supermarket vouchers
    • RBZ Hikes Banks Statutory Reserves Again!
    • Massive Power Rationing In The Horizon
    • No to polls, says pro-Senate MDC
    • 'Discipline war veteran for intimidating governor'
    • Platinum giant meets President Mugabe
    • Baboons wreak havoc in Bulawayo
    • Zimbabwe pork products shortages
  27. Posted 20/3/06
    • Zimbabwe opposition re-elects Tsvangirai as leader
    • Opposition pledges to increase pressure on Mugabe
    • Mugabe rival in fight to survive
    • Tsvangirai threatens to roll out mass protests
    • MDC congress venue plunged into darkness
    • Family bitter over ZANU PF official's failure to compensate them for death of relative
    • International Cricket Council set to grill Zimbabwe Cricket boss
    • Zimbabwean Farmers Find a New Life in Nigeria
    • Silver lining from Kwara green fields
    • Zim, China strengthen business ties
    • Zim govt set aside US$175 million for importation of fertiliser
    • Govt to spy on phones, e-mails
    • Relying on illegal immigrants
    • 15 000 attend MDC congress
    • Chombo, Chigudu clash over Mutare
    • Cash squeeze stalls airport construction
    • Chombo owns up to 'Garikai' corruption
    • 20% 'Garikai' houses for civil servants
    • Minister resides in luxury lodge
    • Strange twist to 'arms cache' case
    • Polytech evicts students
    • Thumbs down to councils' merger
    • UNICEF/WHO report drop in measles deaths
    • Outrage as private clinic detains patient over payment of fees
    • Family fears US deportation
    • Tobacco leaf too small, but sales smoke
    • 3 banks terminate dividends
    • Zimbabwe's blunders turning out costly
    • Acid test for civil society
  28. Posted 19/3/06
    • Zimbabwe opposition calls for action against Mugabe
    • MDC urges 'peaceful protest'
    • Rallying the people for a new Zimbabwe
    • MDC Congress: Report of the National Council of the MDC
    • SA is not being honest - Zim
    • Intelligence files returned to Zim: claim
    • Strike timed to embarrass Chingoka
    • Value Bacon for a House
    • ZIMSEC hike examination fees
    • Public Hearings in Kadoma, Gweru and Bulawayo
    • SW Radio Africa
  29. Posted 18/3/06
    • Big Brother Zim is watching you
    • Zim sees 'dismal' crop harvest
    • Zimbabwe opposition seeks new leaders, direction
    • Mugabe rival faces critical test
    • Let's unite and make Mugabe history!
    • Tsvangirai's olive branch 'a hoax'
    • MDC UK pro-senate group rocked by infighting
    • Madhuku says room for only ONE MDC in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe state prosecutor refuses to handle treason case after threats from security agents
    • Chamber of Mines says new law will drive away investors
    • Hoyle calls for Zimbabwe action
    • Minister bows to AirZim
    • Colleges turn away record numbers
    • Tsholotsho saga: evidence of Charamba's role exposed
    • No need for economics text books
    • UN critical of Botswana's human rights abuses against Zimbabweans
    • Kuruneri: 'I could have fled'
    • Minister Nyoni"s employees remanded in custody
    • Man-made disaster
    • Mugabe seeks peace with UK
  30. Batch 3 Posted 17/3/06
    • Mutambara: 'We must unite'
    • Forex crunch stalls edible oil production
    • Rising inflation to push property prices upwards
    • Nyarota's defence of Tsvangirai's dark side scary
    • The economy has become Zanu PF's most bitter opponent
    • It's a huge leap of faith
    • Agrarian reform has disempowered today's farmer
    • Mines takeover: govt presses self-destruct button
    • The shame of state paranoia
    • Another nail in economy's coffin
    • MDC rebels, arms caches and déjà vu
    • Darfur, Ivory Coast, Harare...
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • More Zimbabwean vendors flock to Lusaka on business
    • Security Service Intimidated State Prosecutors in Zimbabwe Arms Case
    • President Tsvangirai's Congress Message
    • Mutambara Camp Plead With Jokonya For Coverage
    • Leadership challenge undermines Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe: the magic of love
    • Elephants cause havoc
    • Africa Policy Outlook 2006
    • Zim deportees now destitute
    • Anti-senate heavyweights Anti-senate
    • Wheat farmers demand $25m per tonne
    • Highfield residents plan demo over poor services
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 16 March 06
  31. Batch 2 Posted 17/3/06
    • Sanctioned Zimbabwe official Capitol Hill guest of honor
    • Zimbabwe hikes interest rates to up to 785 percent
    • Judge dresses down police, CIO
    • Justice Hungwe judgment on 'Mugabe assassins'
    • Mugabe 'plots' are a way to get rid of dissenting voices
    • Sweden urges Mugabe to mend fences with West
    • Two Zimbabwean businessmen appear in Jo'burg court for fraud
    • The debate over the Z$ 8 billion given to the 'pro-senate' MDC
    • Pit latrines a health hazard in cities, warn experts
    • Exposed: How dreaded Zimbabwe spy agency tried to influence arms cache case outcome
    • Surviving on a low income
    • Zimbabwe youth camps closed as economy crumbles
    • CARE International Press Release
    • Zim Police failing to provide food to inmates in holding cells
    • Hospital restricts mortuary use as cost of burial soars
    • Zimbabwe Hospitals detain patients
    • Wheels of justice grind to halt in Zimbabwe
    • Hunger stalks San community
    • Talk tackles a woman's lot in crisis nation
    • MDC must address immediate and long term issues
    • University expells three students
  32. Batch 1 Posted 17/3/06
    • Arms farce
    • Politicians dupe gullible villagers
    • Catch and punish despots before they die
    • ANZ headache as . . .
    • ANZ's fate left in Jokonya's hands
    • Who's to blame: sanctions or govt?
    • Mudzuri to bounce back
    • Annan lashes out at Zimbabwe govt
    • Retailers report big clothing sales slump
    • Pressure to open up airwaves
    • What the Kadoma Declaration entails
    • ZESA woos Asian, SA investors to coalfields
    • Staff exodus at ZBH
    • An open letter to ZANU PF old guard
    • Govt has obligation to clean up Moyo's mess
    • Some forlon hope!
    • FinGaz Letters
  33. Batch 2 Posted 16/3/06
    • Anglican outrage as archbishop drops Kunonga charges
    • Emergence of militarist groups signals 'scary time' ahead
    • The tractor driver's son
    • Minister faces 50 years jail
    • Shopping Basket
    • Ngomakurira - Benedict XVI
    • An African storm
    • Strike a blow for freedom - play Dictator!
    • Zanu (PF) in a state of panic - Chamisa
    • Tsvangirai's message to the people
    • Make-or-break Congress will determine our future
    • 'Cheap trick' condemned
    • Let's focus on the real enemy
    • State media glosses over economic crunch
    • Lunatics, or dirty tricks?
    • Mabhena to contest MDC factional vice-presidency
    • UK extends ILR qualifying period
    • RBZ Hikes Overnight Accommodation Again To 700%
    • MDC New Zealand Congress Solidarity Statement
    • Let's move beyond 'politics of a hero'
    • Take back Garikai houses - minister
    • Farmers raise concerns over winter wheat
    • Zimbabwe can reclaim bread basket status in southern Africa: VP
    • Zimbabwe to finalize 99-year leases: official
  34. Posted 16/3/06
    • Tsvangirai faction invites rivals to congress
    • Mission impossible for Zimbabwe bank governor as Mugabe eyes stake in mines
    • UN condemns Botswana's treatment of Zimbabweans
    • Magistrate frees MDC activists
    • MDC faction complains of media black-out
    • Left-wing Monster: Robert Mugabe
    • Earth tremor shakes Zimbabwe and Mozambique
    • State On Human Rights In Africa
    • Arrest of opposition MP for insulting Mugabe slammed
    • Genocide verdict for Ethiopia's Mengistu due in May
    • Zimbabwe's 'weak investor confidence'
    • Iran, Zimbabwe cooperation satisfactory: Iranian minister
    • Riot police called in after university students clash with lecturers
    • Lawyers say Hopley inmates getting raw deal
    • Arms cache case crumbles
    • Living Expenses For March - note real rate of inflation - 3 560% pa!
    • New wages for farm workers
    • Our collective hatred for one another would burn Zanu PF
    • Explosions rock gold mine
    • DSTV increases subscription fees
    • Don't blame past, Annan urges
    • Cooperatives snub Gvt housing delivery programme
  35. Batch 2 Posted 15/3/06
    • Annan gives quiet nod to SA stance on Mugabe
    • Quality test for Zimbabwe tampons
    • Inflationary Psychology Haunts Zim
    • 'Situation At Hospital Appalling'
    • Zimbabwe Collapses Under Mugabe Sanctions
    • MDC Women Want 50% Of All Leadership Positions
    • Another MDC MP Arrested
    • Mission by the executive secretary of SADC to Japan, 06-10 March, 2006.
    • Of the Herald sports desk, patriotism & ZANU PF
    • Zim to clear army of 'Rhodesians'
    • Youth Ministry Seeks $200bn
    • JAG Classifieds dated 14 March 2006
    • Protest at attacks on the MDC
    • Wheat imports start
    • Future of 60 farmers hangs in balance
    • Illegal gold panners vow to continue
  36. Posted 15/3/06
    • UN says plans for Annan's Zimbabwe visit still on
    • Zimbabwe hopes to resume beef exports to EU before year end
    • Opposition legislator freed as another MP is arrested in Harare
    • Government officials accused of denying food to displaced opposition supporters
    • Lepers struggle to cope in worsening economic crisis
    • Zimbabwe's Main Opposition Group Accuses Govenment Of Threatening Its Leader
    • Activist Tatchell dismisses Zim coup-plot link
    • GM Crops Beckon As Zimbabwe Seeks Farm Growth
    • Zim faces million-ton maize deficit
    • Annan to help resolve Zimbabwe's problems
    • Zim cross-border swimmers held
    • Electricity Load Shedding schedule for Harare & Chitungwiza
    • Zim houses 'not for officials'
    • 'Congress last platform for pro-senate side to return,' says Chamisa
    • War veterans shut down sports club over Tsvangirai address
    • Bennett Promises Continued Struggle Against Mugabe
    • Mutambara attacks Tsvangirai
  37. Batch 2 Posted 14/3/06
    • One Released, Seven Still Held in Zimbabwe Arms Imbroglio
    • Bennett Flees To SA
    • Zanu PF Angered By Tsvangirai Rally, Brutally Attacks MDC Supporters
    • Mugabe To Give Namibia Uranium Exploration Rights
    • How African Opposition Political Parties Contribute To One-Party Rule And Failed States
    • Harare Takes Umbrage as U.N. Chief Bypasses Zimbabwe
    • Zambezi River Continues to Rise Above Flood Warning Level
    • State to ban Gold Panning
    • $30 Billion Fish Smuggled Into Zambia Weekly
  38. Posted 14/3/06
    • Zimbabwe's last chance
    • Cold winter for Zimbabweans
    • Sanitary pads stuck in Jo'burg as Harare demands duty
    • Zimbabwe police chase shadows as foreign currency traders change tack
    • Forensic scrutiny of Arthur Mutambara's CV
    • What I know for sure
    • Zanu PF thugs ambush MDC supporters
    • Police may arrest more 'coup plotters'
    • Ex-MP sought over Zimbabwe 'plot'
    • Mutambara: defeating Zanu PF is the prize
    • Schools Hit by Teacher Exodus
    • Scourge of Child Rape in Rural Zimbabwe
    • Fuel Crisis Deepens Zimbabwean Troubles
    • Bus accident injures 33 in Zimbabwe
    • Annan snubs Mugabe on Africa tour
    • Zim miners to meet with govt
    • Disbelief at Zim platinum blunder
    • Zimbabwe in catch-22 situation over ZIPPEDRA fund
    • Zimbabwe Minister faces stocktheft charge
    • Mutambara calls for MDC re-unification
    • The Chinese Are in Africa - This Time to Stay!
  39. Batch 3 Posted 13/3/06
    • Zim police send out teams to hunt for Bennett
    • Under Siege: Zimbabwe's Human Rights Activists
    • Gono warns against Zimbabwe mine seizures
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 11th March 2006
    • Fuel scam: more arrests expected
    • Consumption poverty line up to $25 million
    • Tsvangirai Rejects Talks With Mutambara
    • Zanu PF Enters Secret Cotton-For-Logging Deal With DRC Ruling Party
    • Just 6 Years On, MDC Struggling For Relevance
    • Zanu PF Flip Flops On Arms Cache
    • Majority hands over extra land - Mutasa
    • Tsvangirai bemoans corruption in MDC
    • Tsvangirai camp warned
  40. Batch 2 Posted 13/3/06
    • Eight Charged With Plotting To Assassinate President Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe opposition activists tortured
    • Rates hike batters miserable Zimbabwe pensioners
    • Zimbabwean villagers reel under food shortages
    • Scrappy little thorn bush
    • Zimbabwe Pension Entitlements
    • Mass Protests Against President Mugabe Will Be Disastrous King Arthur
    • Truth & Reconciliation Commission For Gukurahundi - PUMA
    • JAG Appeal Communique dated 10 March 06
    • Kunonga must stand trial
    • Sacred mysteries
  41. Batch 1 Posted 13/3/06
    • Arms cache suspect a licensed dealer
    • GAPWUZ booted off Chidyausiku Farm
    • 500 000 starve in drought-hit Mat South
    • All set for Tsvangirai's MDC congress - Chamisa
    • 47 attend political party launch
    • Goche throws farming sector into confusion
    • Cash strapped CSC fails to pay workers
    • Media role in in the spotlight
    • Wilting crops written-off in three provinces
    • Mnangagwa fights lawsuit, wins reprieve
    • Traders cash in as maize meal shortage reaches crisis level
    • Soldiers everywhere worry UPP
    • Govt debt erodes savings
    • Relief as RBZ acts
    • Chegutu, a shallow victory for Zanu PF
    • Power to the people - really?
    • Women make huge strides, but aluta continua
    • Women lament failure to access Aids drugs
    • Zim Standard Letters
  42. Posted 12/3/06
    • Arms cache suspects formally charged
    • Suspects in Arms Case Held Incommunicado, Central Figure Linked to Zimbabwe Police
    • Former cops arrested as probe into arms find widens
    • Directions, Please?
    • When inflation reaches 782pc
    • Excerpts From – “Gold Forecaster – Global Watch” - For the week ended 10th March 2006
    • The Zimbabwe's Pastors forum launched in South Africa
    • Hard task to heal MDC rift
    • Bulawayo water crisis to persist
  43. Posted 11/3/06
    • Zimbabwe's inflation hits 782 percent
    • No glad tidings for Zimbabweans as inflation zooms into record territory
    • Harare lawyer tipped to land top post at MDC faction congress
    • Top ZANU PF official in court over fuel scam
    • Zimbabwe's anti-AIDS programme faces collapse due to lack of funds
    • Child labour on farms must be stopped, say unions
    • University students protest fees hike
    • City Battles to Settle $1 Trillion Debt
    • IMF rules not to restore Zim voting rights
    • Zim gold panners die in heavy rains in Mozambique
    • Zimbabwe's record inflation a sign of worse to come
    • Try Zim arms accused - lawyers
    • Do NGOs have a role in ending Zimbabwe's crisis?
    • Court orders University of Zimbabwe to stop fee hikes
    • Tribally based parties criticised for strengthening Zanu PF's grip
    • Zimbabwe takes no responsibility for IMF decision to freeze aid
    • Move over Morgan, you had your chance
    • 'Impose Stiffer Penalties for Vandalism'
    • Water crisis hits Zimbabwe Capital
    • Harare has over 100 pipe bursts a day
    • Corpses pile up at Parirenyatwa mortuary
  44. Batch 3 Posted 10/3/06
    • Arrests in Zimbabwe Arms Case Widen, Observers See Political Motive
    • Sixteen held over arms cache in Zimbabwe
    • Fugitive Zim judge gets 2 years
    • Mutasa on ZANU PF Refrain
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 9 March 2006
    • Zesa 'cannot buy into Cahora Bassa'
    • Scientist seeks right chemistry for Zimbabwe opposition
    • Dunlop Zimbabwe downs shutters
    • Chideya now in charge at Town House?
    • Charamba threatens Zimind
    • Tsholotsho ghost haunts Charamba
    • Poll loss a wake up call for MDC
    • Mugabe to visit Malawi
    • National Parks blocks $11 billion equipment
    • Three land tenure systems on cards
    • Zim faces 1,1 million tonnes grain deficit
    • Ballot box inspection postponed indefinitely
    • Zim burns US$330m to keep industry turning
    • Views on handling the MDC conflict
    • Call it economic sabotage
    • Could someone please unmask Arthur Mutambara?
    • Muddled policies undermine agricultural recovery
    • MPs slam police holding cells
    • Dubious distinction
    • Muckraker
    • The Eric Bloch Column
    • Editor's Memo
    • Zim Independent Letters
  45. Batch 2 Posted 10/3/06
    • Opposition party unfazed by Mugabe's 'elimination' threats
    • US lumps Zimbabwe among worst dictatorships
    • State media ordered to black out MDC faction leader
    • Fugitive judge slapped with three year jail sentence
    • 10 held over arms find as Zim claims coup plot
    • Zim lawyers still have no access to clients
    • Peter Tatchell distances himself from 'coup plotters'
    • Bennett, Mutsekwa Among Top MDC Suspects Being Questioned
    • The lion's share
    • Zim official in plea against 560% power tariff hike
    • Mutambara appears on South African television
    • 'Finance Contract Wheat Farming'
    • Zim Lacks Adequate Resources for Waste Management:
    • Mining companies to meet government in Zimbabwe ownership threat
    • PUMA revisits Gukurahundi
  46. Batch 1 Posted 10/3/06
    • Crackdown on MDC
    • Who is benefiting from the chaos?
    • MIC divided over ANZ fate
    • Paradza should be sentenced: judge
    • Kasukuwere grabs Interfresh farm
    • Another hungry year for Zim
    • The pan or fire: workers caught in cruel dilemma
    • DZL fails to meet milk demand
    • Power cuts wreak havoc in mining
    • Malawian firms dump Zim for Mozambique
    • Zisco production hits rock bottom
    • The MDC wrangle, from 5 000 miles away!
    • Tsvangirai, Mutambara, Ncube and MDC's future
    • Violence by any name . . .
    • Confusing signals!
    • The bleakest winter ever
    • Midzi breathes mildew
    • FinGaz Letters
  47. Batch 2 Posted 9/3/06
    • IMF Executive Board Upholds Sanctions Against Zimbabwe
    • Mutasa Threatens To "Physically Eliminate" MDC Officials
    • Mugabe's police arrest three after seizing arms cache
    • Lack of resources hinders police operations
    • Zimbabwean Journey
    • Crackdown on 'corrupt' Zanu PF bigwigs begins
    • Looming Soft Drink Shortage in Zimbabwe
    • Zim spends $60 trillion on maize imports
    • Mawere addresses Forum
    • Zimbabweans denied dignified funerals
    • Anticipate a changed Africa - Verryn
    • AIPPA protects coup plotters
    • Urgent media reforms needed - Chinamasa
    • Party Politics
    • MDC to walk the talk
    • Divided, we attack from all sides
    • ZESA signs deal with China's Catic
    • Zim to scrap import tariffs
    • Parts of Bulawayo still without power
  48. Posted 9/3/06
    • Arms cache discovered, opposition members arrested
    • Zimbabwe threatens to "eliminate" opponents
    • Arrests for Zimbabwe 'arms cache'
    • Attempts to interfere with the people's congress shall fail
    • Top ZANU PF officials arrested over fuel, grain deals
    • Zimbabwe war veterans return seized farm equipment
    • Unmasking Arthur Mutambara
    • Lunatics, or dirty tricks?
    • How ridiculous can we get?
    • Not just another murder: International Women's Day, March 8th
    • Civil Society Key to Change in Zimbabwe
    • Zim warns of power price havoc
    • Wheat supplies dwindle, as do hopes for decent maize crop
    • No rooms to rent for Zim cops
    • Three journalists forced to go in purge of The Daily Mirror
    • Zimbabwe's Mining Proposal Amounts to Sabotage
    • State Department Press Release
    • NCA youths hold peaceful demonstrations in Harare
    • German Professors Warn of Southern African Crises
    • Zambezi Reaches Flood Alert Level
    • Zimbabwean fugitive judge to be sentenced in absentia
    • Health Minister Advocates Abstinence Before Condoms
  49. Batch 2 Posted 8/3/06
    • Zimbabwe discovers arms cache, one arrested
    • ZANU PF recycles the same old trash
    • World Food Program and Harare to Revisit Zimbabwe Grain Supply Outlook
    • Showdown Looms in Chimanimani
    • MDC Alleges Chegutu Poll Fraud As Byo Faction Concedes Defeat
    • Inflation Fuels Poverty
    • War vet 'intimidates' governor
    • Cement Bag
    • Delta non alcholic plant face closure
    • Africa of Key Strategic Importance to U.S., World, Scholar Says
    • FIT newsletter
    • JAG Classifieds dated 7 March 06
  50. Posted 8/3/06
    • Consumer Basket Leaps to $28m
    • Caution urged in plan to grab mining assets
    • SA church leaders want Mbeki to impose sanctions on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe won't evict villagers from national park
    • Police arrest Zimbabwe university student leaders to thwart protests
    • Court to determine if fugitive Zimbabwean judge can be sentenced in absentia
    • COSATU protests at Zimbabwe consulate in Jo'burg
    • Diarrhoea Claims 7 in Murehwa
    • SA must act on Zim property rights
    • Zimbabwe: Inexperienced farmers producing poor harvest
    • Zimbabwe bread shortage looms
    • Now, Zim running out of blood
    • Forex crunch forces Dunlop to close once again
    • A tribute to WOZA on International Women's Day
    • WOZA Report initial social justice consultation
    • Three Zimbabwean governors homeless
    • Zimbabwe soccer boss jailed for 1989 car theft
    • Winds to blame for power cuts
    • Mutambara Is A CIA Agent - Mutasa
    • Zim Govt Blows £1,5 million Defending Mawere Companies Take Over Bid
    • MDC New Zealand Stands By Morgan Tsvangirai
    • 3 Militant UZ Student Leaders Suspended Over Crippling Demo
    • Both Factions of the MDC require strategic leadership changes
    • Journalist quits Mirror over harassment
    • Commentary : Dictators come and go
  51. Posted 7/3/06
    • Harare 'polishing up' controversial NGO Bill
    • Zimbabwe faces maize deficit of 1.3 million tonnes
    • New mining law could be final straw for foreign investors
    • Cricket coach wants experienced Zimbabwean players back in the fold
    • Mugabe party wins seats from fractured opposition
    • Harare locals living on a 'cholera time-bomb'
    • Zimbabwe to move motion against EU sanctions
    • Crime on the increase in Zimbabwe
    • Where's the outcry about Zim censorship?
    • Letter from America
    • Security situation 'tense' in Zimbabwe as food shortages worsen
    • Beitbridge residents threaten to beat housing officer
    • Implats hopes Zimbabwe will not take 51 pct of unit
    • Foreigners key to Zimbabwe mine growth - chamber
    • Farmer Embarks On Massive Jatropha Project
  52. Batch 3 Posted 6/3/06
    • Murerwa, Gono break US travel sanctions
    • Zimbabwe to ask IMF for financial aid
    • Zimbabwe sells permits to foreign hunters
    • The problem with Zim lies inside the country
    • Hooo! - Mugabe Tells Western Uranium Seekers
    • I Promise You, I Will Bring Mugabe Down - Mutambara
    • 6000% Passport Fees Increases
    • Soldiers Run Amok, Beat Up Nightclub Patrons
    • 'Cropping Threatens Wildlife Conservation'
    • Zimplats issues cautionary after government announcement
    • South Africa's land woes
  53. Batch 2 Posted 6/3/06
    • 'Nigeria Could Feed Africa'
    • Mugabe rallies army against expected protests
    • How much longer will this defiance of the United Nations and violation of international law be tolerated ?
    • Senior Zimbabwe police officers probed for extorting bribes from criminals
    • SA court bars eviction of Zimbabwean nationals
    • Mozambique Denies Sale of HCB Shares to Zesa
    • Zimbabwe acquires new electrical equipment from China
    • Zanu-PF Wins Back Chegutu
    • Zimbabwe Republic Police fees go up by 1 000pc
    • Zimbabwe: a journey to the moon
    • The Exodus: then and now!
    • Welshman snubs Tsvangirai plea to join faction as VP
    • Hospital demands payment in kind
    • Financial sector reels under high interest rates
    • GMB to establish bakeries
    • JAG fund raiser communique - March 3, 2006
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 4th March 2006
    • Hunger stalks students and staff at varsity - In Brief
    • Silver Lining From Kwara Green Fields
    • Unity, Tolerance and Wisdom will take Zimbabwe to its rightful destiny
  54. Batch 1 Posted 6/3/06
    • Rocket man takes aim at Mugabe
    • Mnangagwa loses $112billion lawsuit
    • Maize meal promises for Chegutu voters
    • Tug of war stalls donated equipment
    • Police, war vets surrender loot
    • Minister in shop-ownership wrangle
    • Security officers probed
    • Governor Gono heads for Washington
    • Shake up looms at ZISCO as Indians move in
    • Signals that blight recovery prospects
    • New currency not a panacea to crisis
    • New UN council a unique opportunity
    • Zim Standard Letters
  55. Posted 5/3/06
    • Harare Moves to Defuse Popular Discontent at Boiling Point
    • Zimbabwe 'running out of wheat'
    • Veteran declares war over bread
    • Zimpapers boss faces contempt charge
    • Mugabe victim to fight on
    • Exiled journalists singing the blues in SA
    • WOZA talk
    • ZUJ media awards a charade
    • Fighting for fiction
    • Zim govt demands controlling stake in mines
    • Why Third World aid is no solution for poverty
    • Root problem
  56. Batch 2 Posted 4/3/06
    • Zimbabwe bank governor talks Mugabe into reversing power tariff hike
    • Zimbabwe broadcasting bosses to be put to their defence
    • Seven huts torched as Zimbabwe villagers clash over land
    • Mugabe admits he was duped into appointing Jonathan Moyo into Cabinet
    • US considers tougher measures against Zimbabwe
    • More Work Urged Against Aids And Youth Risks
    • Zesa Debt Stands At US$334m
    • Teachers' Salaries Under Review
    • 'Cropping Threatens Wildlife Conservation'
    • Zimbabwe inflation fight may be on wane: analysts
    • Woman held for 10 hours at Zim airport
    • Zimbabwe 'could be heading for collapse'
    • University of Zimbabwe student leaders suspended over protests
    • Zimbabwe mulls law giving gov't 51 pct stake in mines
    • Southern P.A. to ignore govt, probe scandalous housing allocation
    • JAG Classifieds dated 28 Feb 06
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 2 March 06
  57. Batch 1 Posted 4/3/06
    • Mixed reactions to Mutambara
    • Nyambuya, Gata clash over new Zesa board
    • Chiyangwa faces fresh probe
    • Charamba in hot soup over Tsholotsho
    • Factionalism flares as Zanu PF succession race rocks Masvingo
    • NRZ fires 35 workers over ticket scam
    • Mutasa cleared
    • A taste of bitter Zanu PF medicine for Chinotimba
    • RBZ's dithering on Basel Accord could cost banks
    • Dollar battered
    • Eight banks set to miss RBZ targets
    • A new era dawns with arrival of Mutambara
    • Budget deficit shoots to $62 trillion
    • Mujuru's rise no end to domestic violence
    • Grubby patina of ethnicity
    • Manufacturing survey mirrors economic gloom
    • Ministers dodge questions in parliament
    • Muckraker
    • Wantend: unit to winch us out of this quagmire
    • Sauce for the goose and the gander
    • Staying ahead
  58. Batch 3 Posted 3/3/06
    • Harare signs $400m steel agreement with Indian firm
    • Zimbabwe to institute legal recourse against corruption
    • Zimbabwe calls for investment in tourism infrastructure
    • Gono Closes Another Banking Institution
    • CIO fails to pay Mirror journalists, again
    • MDC, Zanu PF square up in Chegutu poll
    • 'National Youth Service' for Zimbabwe sportsmen
    • ZANU PF's death wish: stop us before we destroy Zimbabwe
    • Zim power bill rockets 12 000%
    • Southern governor snubs ministerial tour of disputed houses in protest
    • British court throws out Zimbabwe government case against Mawere
  59. Batch 2 Posted 3/3/06
    • Statement made by the Hon. David Coltart MP 28th February 2006
    • Zimbabwe on alert over fears of price protests
    • Zimbabwe bank governor talks Mugabe into reversing power tariff hike
    • Zimbabwe deports senior South African labour expert
    • Zimbabwe battles fresh cash crisis
    • Harare magistrate to making ruling in VOP matter
    • Vandalism undermines border fence
    • Race still an issue for farmers in Zimbabwe
    • US May Toughen Up Sanctions On Zanu (PF)
    • Zim import power bill skyrockets - report
    • Power Plants Running Out of Coal
    • Re: Is Mutambara his own man? - Herald "comment"
    • Murehwa Farmers Fuel Scam Takes New Twist
    • New Noczim Board Appointed
    • Governor/Minister Clash over Operation Restore Order
    • Zim to abolish Media and Information Commission
    • Food crisis as villagers and their dogs fight for left overs
    • Gwisai brands Mutambara a political opportunist
    • 'Protect Livestock Against Diseases'
    • Indigenous foods now rule the roost
    • Illegal cross-border trading continues unabated
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 409 dated 1 March 06
  60. Batch 1 Posted 3/3/06
    • Govt freezes wages
    • Mutambara goes for the jugular
    • Massive bread shortage looms
    • Polls rarely bring change in Africa
    • Can 'King Arthur' rally the feuding knights?
    • 'Senate amendments unconstitutional'
    • ANZ boss faces fraud charges
    • You can't quit, minister told
    • Budget deficit surpasses official forecasts by far
    • Nowhere to hide
    • MDC rebel faction amends constitution
    • New board for power utility
    • Fresh woes beset gold mining sector
    • Canadians commission $8 bln Jatropha project
    • Forex crisis threatens ZESA's HCB bid
    • When villagers take a leaf from the minister's book
    • What excuse this time?
    • Uphill political struggle while ZANU PF controls media
    • The true cost of corruption!
    • The buck stops with Mugabe
    • FinGaz Letters
  61. Batch 2 Posted 2/3/06
    • Zanu (PF) broke - Karimanzira
    • 'Listen to the people' - CA pleads with govt
    • Mugabe's minions living in terror
    • Who is at fault: law-breakers or law-makers?
    • Mother risks prison to feed family
    • What do YOU think? Giving people back their voice
    • MDC appeals for congress funds
    • Byo Congress - is this the turning point?
    • Shopping Basket
    • New group calls for resistance
    • Legal wrangling continues
    • Ngomakurira - Banned
    • Activists demand embassy closure
    • UZ six held in 'inhuman' Matapi
    • Zim teachers exploited
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
    • Guaranteed Zimbabwe cup side welcome disappointing
    • Arthur Mutambara - hope for Zimbabwe, and Africa
    • UZ Student Leaders In Freedom Bid As MDC Condemns Police High-Handedness
    • More Sanctions Against Mugabe Please!
    • Coltart turns down MDC appointment
    • White farmers can stay put - Msika
    • Zimpapers boss bars MPs from touring Chronicle offices
    • Court throws out farmer's bid to evict 30 settlers
  62. Posted 2/3/06
    • ZANU PF probes senior officials as Mugabe succession war intensifies
    • Zimbabwe private schools to challenge constitutionality of new fee law
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Needs to Speak to Africa, Says New Leader
    • UNICEF calls on all Zimbabweans to halt horror of violence against women
    • Zim food imports 'gobbled up' $135m in 2005
    • Rocket scientist puts a new spin on Zimbabwe's opposition politics
    • Wilf Mbanga on Reporters' Forum
    • Two hospital stories ...
    • Zimbabwe Action Support Group accused of faking rallies
    • University police accused of stealing school fees from arrested student
    • State Explores Forest-Based Land Reform Programme
    • Refurbishment of Airport Behind Schedule
    • Mozambique: Teams Out to Assess Extent of Earthquake Damage
    • Cholera kills six in Zimbabwe
    • Important message for traveller
    • Knight, Makosi linked to new UK TV channel
    • Headmasters face jail as Education Bill sails through
  63. Batch 2 Posted 1/3/06
    • US Executive Order - sanctions continue
    • United States Must Remain Highly Engaged in Africa
    • Bread price up 30% - but Zimbabweans line up to buy
    • Govt Can Go To Hell - Bread Manufacturers
    • Mawere In London To Battle For SSM Holdings
    • Grovelling Zanu PF Praises For Mutambara
    • Govt Fertiliser Companies Takeover Bid Falls Through
    • Graft is Zim's 'No 1 enemy'
    • New school fees structure on cards
    • Residents speak out on power cuts
    • Delta temporarily closes plants
    • Mothers turn to African baby foods
    • Harare's water safe to drink
    • JAG Classifieds dated 28 Feb 06
  64. Posted 1/3/06
    • Zimbabwe power company to hike rates by 770 percent
    • Parliamentary committee to grill broadcasting authority over failure to open up sector
    • 100 protest in Jo'burg over Harare's tough media laws
    • New energy pact to boost SADC supply
    • Zimbabwe IMF Membership in the Balance
    • Is Arthur Mutambara Zimbabwe's Hope?
    • Banks Jittery Over Capital Reserves
    • Zimbabwean businessman claims to be penniless after government seizures
    • Farcical start to VOP trial
    • Continued detention of arrested students challenged in High Court
    • Zimbabweans Denied Dignified Funerals
    • Surprises in pro-senate MDC line up
    • EU renew sanctions against Zimbabwe - Straw statement
    • Loneliness of the exiled journo
    • Zimbabwe dry spell to reduce crop yield - state radio
    • The Strategic Imperative to Respond to the China Challenge
    • On US interests in Africa

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