The ZIMBABWE Situation

July 2006 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/7/06
    • Zanu PF builds Mugabe a 'throne'
    • Zimbabwe opposition, civic groups to confront Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe set to slip further off the rails
    • MDC official dragged to court for ridiculing Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Cbank chief holds one of the toughest jobs
    • Masses flee from Mugabe economy
    • Email received 29th July by the Zimbabwe Vigil
    • Letter to Prime-Minister Tony Blair
    • Speed in Harare to meet Zimbabwe officials
    • Bangladesh level series in Harare
  2. Posted 30/7/06
    • Ambassador attacks Mugabe govt over crisis
    • Safari Parliament
    • Normalising the abnormal
    • Draconian laws won't impair the effort to air our views
    • Rural people shun Zanu PF meetings
    • Matsikenyeri takes Zimbabwe to victory
    • Home Office to review Dzumbira's asylum cases
    • Tsvangirai address the Save Zimbabwe convention
    • There's an art to making a living
    • Revealed: the extent of Britain's arms trade
    • MDC's Mutambara,Tsvangirai embrace
    • Mugabe berates ministers
    • Nkala to name Tongo,Chitepo murderers
    • Shumba quizzed over Matabeleland atrocities
    • Pensioner in desperate dilemma
    • Global Fund official refutes Minister's claims on funding
    • Outcry over lack of ARVs for majority
    • Ministry probes chief over graft
    • Government waives retirement age limit
    • Polyanna Mahlangu: Bulawayo's big heart
    • Murerwa speech fails to address public concerns
    • Gold production down by 50% - Chamber of Mines
    • Murerwa whistles in the dark
    • Report maps route for indigenisation of mines
    • EITHER the most mundane of issues escape us or we simply have ceased to care.
    • Cell phone farmers and the 'dai hurumende syndrome'
    • The rot at UZ a cause for grave concern
    • Zim Standard Letters
  3. Posted 29/7/06
    • Zimbabwe labour leaders say tax breaks nonsensical
    • Government minister threatens bakers
    • Zimbabwe government minister harvests where he did not sow
    • Govt Mulls Huge Devaluation of Battered Dollar
    • Over our dead bodies! Report on victims of organized violence and torture in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean nurses face uncertain future in UK
    • Students Denied Access to their Results
    • Armed ZESA employees stealing electric cables and components
    • Zimbabwean youth petition Tony Blair over Zim crisis
    • Report: MDC to use women as 'weapons' in Zim
    • Intern Doctors Challenge Zim Medical Practitioners Council
    • Duffin sacked as Zimbabwe captain
    • Priest Arrested For Changing Forex On Parallel Market
    • Zimbabwean protest at 10 Downing Street - 28.6.07
  4. Batch 4 Posted 28/7/06
    • Mkapa: a new role for an old pretender
    • Starving villagers arrested
    • Police torture NCA members
    • Harare residents vow to step up demos
    • The real cost to the region of the Zim crisis
    • Zim's health delivery system on deathbed
    • Facing the Wrath of an Ailing Regime
    • Abusive Policies Disrupt Progress on HIV/AIDS
    • Trillions Stashed in Homes
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 27 July 2006
  5. Batch 3 Posted 28/7/06
    • Anti-graft drive to net party bigwigs
    • Budget puts govt $253 trillion in the red
    • Zim defiant on Bippas
    • Donor conference to raise water funds for Byo
    • Fiscal policy review highlights
    • Still no solution as doctors' strike in second week
    • Dutch farmers put Zim land reform on trial
    • Zimbabwe desperate for food, says WFP
    • Makwavarara scuttles Zanu PF chances in Harare
    • Zanu PF fails to cough up for poll petitions
    • Multiple fuel pricing to be eliminated
    • Minister adjusts tax-free threshold
    • 'Parastatals burden govt'
    • Fiscal policy puts average inflation of above 1 000%
    • Chinamasa set to deny charges
    • Mugabe admits failure
    • Zanu PF slammed for double-standards
    • Zimbabwe on agenda of IMF meeting
    • Zim dollar loses ground
    • Govt should respect people's rights
    • Currency reform: act of a government stuck in the mire
    • The urgency of constitutional and political reforms in Zimbabwe
    • Bloch's article on zeros irresponsible, mischievous
    • Politics is the problem and the solution: it's that simple
    • Treading path to a false revolution
    • Currency reform doomed without economic reform
    • How well informed is Kangai?
    • How to discourage investment
  6. Batch 2 Posted 28/7/06
    • Bills Put Zimbabwe Under "Martial Law"
    • Zimbabwe finmin revises '06 growth forecast down
    • Zim dollar hits a million to the pound as Murerwa unveils 'scandalous' supplementary budget
    • Zimbabwe's failing economy deepens debt woes
    • Open Forum 2006 - Zimbabwe: skills and reconstruction
    • Zimbabwe finance minister asks Parliament for more money
    • Business, opposition dismiss fiscal review statement
    • Bulawayo to host donor conference on water provision
    • Commuters in Bulawayo brace for fresh round of fare increase
    • UK to probe corrupt Zimbabwean man
    • New taxes, tolls for Zim -- and a little tax relief
    • Zimbabweans Blamed For South African Crime
    • Mugabe Blasts Crooked Ministers
    • Mugabe's descent from icon to despot - Black US trade unionists see the light
    • Torture cases rise sharply - Rights Forum
    • Irate customers lambaste housing developers
    • Acquitted MDC activists receive death threats
    • Operation Maguta - state-sanctioned slavery
  7. Batch 1 Posted 28/7/06
    • Major victory for MDC
    • What are the implications of the judgment?
    • Britain defeated but . . . : Mugabe
    • Mugabe fires warning shots at Nkomo
    • Bread beyond the reach of many
    • Police trainees fail to perform shooting drills
    • Beware the earthquake, including Herbert's
    • Zimdollar down on Gono speculation
    • Fire costs Zimasco US$1.1m
    • Feud over Makwavarara turns regional
    • Sleeping with the political enemy
    • Troubled firms swamp distress fund
    • Calls to scrap GMB grain monopoly
    • Imports to quench Mazowe thirst
    • Gono's bait for banks to back agriculture
    • ZCTU threatens TNF pullout
    • RBZ must encourage use of plastic money
    • This is a crying shame
    • The shrinking of Zimbabwe!
    • More like 'Operation Deceive the People for Personal Gain'
    • Politicians look on as journalist bites journalist
    • Gono caught between a rock and a hard place
    • What an own goal!
    • FinGaz Letters
  8. Batch 2 Posted 27/7/06
    • Home Office asylum racket
    • JAG Open Letter Forum no. 433
    • US$66,400 for new wailers
    • Tycoon held over SA passport in Zimbabwe
    • Zim junior minister granted bail in corruption case
    • Basic food prices soar
    • Zimbabweans to demonstrate outside 10 Downing Street
    • Interception of Communications Bill presented to Parliament
    • Matonga, Nherera probe files vanish in Gono's office
    • Boycott politics creates false hope
    • MDC MPs snub Mugabe
  9. Posted 27/7/06
    • Zimbabwe business leaders want wholesale devaluation of currency
    • Millers hike price of maize-meal
    • Zimbabwe government minister out of jail on bail
    • As a matter of fact
    • Lawyers want Mugabe ally removed from remand
    • Judgment in trial of Botswana journalists reserved
    • Opposition politician removed from remand
    • Zimbabwe corruption drive seen lukewarm
    • Outrage over Mugabe's extravagance as parliament opens
    • Britain Signals Conditions For Engaging With Zimbabwe Mediator Mkapa
    • Ruralisation is the new trend
    • Leave central bank governor alone - Mugabe
    • The Zim deportee who explained the secret of quiet diplomacy
    • Zimbabwe banks face industrial action threat
    • Full text of Mugabe's speech
    • Chitungwiza Central Hospital Broke
    • HIV-positive Zimbabweans find love
    • In the balance
    • JAG Classifieds dated 25 July 2006
  10. Batch 2 Posted 26/7/06
    • The Opening of Parliament Drama Today
    • MDC Women's Assembly Chairperson's Statement
    • Mugabe papers over cracks of Zimbabwe crisis
    • Millionaire businessman gets bail in Harare
    • Interview Part 3: Madhuku, Prof Ncube and Biti
    • Justice system fails Zimbabwe's torture victims
    • Zimbabwe begins to build tollgates on all its roads
    • US investor to develop holiday resort in Kariba, Zimbabwe
    • Influx of Zimbabwean traders worry Zambia
    • Zimbabwean president calls for reform in education
    • Operation Garikai housing scam
  11. Posted 26/7/06
    • Mugabe heaps praises on security forces for keeping him in power
    • Security Minister blocks arrest of Mugabe secret agent
    • Battered Zimbabwean women hail new domestic violence law
    • Zimbabwe deputy information minister arrested
    • Zimbabwe finance minister to present mid-term fiscal policy review
    • University withholds exam results over unpaid fees
    • Another top cricketer turns back on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe says Zimbabwe defeats UK attempts at overthrow
    • Mugabe, Not Land Issue To Blame For Zim Crisis
    • Mugabe misfires in Parliament as armoured tanks roam the streets of Harare
    • MP 'sleeping with the enemy'
    • Courageous voices speak out on Zimbabwe oppression
    • Low exhibitor turnout mars mine fair
    • Students will hear tales of Zimbabwe
    • Give us back our dignity! - cry the battered Zimbabwean women
    • Matonga arrested, police look for Chombo
    • Donors, diaspora and Zimbabwe democracy
    • Bredenkamp charged under Citizenship Act
    • Manzou Game Park Loses Property Worth $100 Billion in Inferno
  12. Posted 25/7/06
    • MDC to boycott Mugabe parliamentary address
    • Zimbabwe labour officials dragged to court
    • Opposition politician's bid to be removed from remand fails
    • Scant economic hope seen in Zimbabwe finmin review
    • Corruption forces Zimbabwe to suspend ivory sales
    • Zim's electricity woes to worsen
    • ZANU PF's 'bread & butter' Bredenkamp still in custody
    • How Zimbabweans in the diaspora are helping foreign economies
    • River is border between poverty and humiliation
    • Unite and force Mugabe out says Zim women in the UK
    • Zimbabwe farmers claim for land grab
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 22nd July 2006
    • Gono monetary policy review to tackle price hikes
    • A shopping list for a New Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe probes MDC's funding
    • A Leader of the MDC Meets with Botswana's President
    • Civil Society Petitions President
    • Media Manager Dismiss Zim Puppets Arguments
    • First hurdle towards Diaspora Conference cleared
    • The dividing sip of wine
    • Sweden Gets Behind Aids Fund Raising
  13. Posted 24/7/06
    • Zimbabwe eyes plan to spy on citizens
    • Zimbabwean tycoon arrested
    • 650 000 people need food aid in Masvingo province
    • Torture victims hope for justice in post-Mugabe era
    • South Africa deports 51 000 Zimbabwean immigrants
    • Bread price shoots up again in Zimbabwe
    • MDC youths, women to march to Parliament
    • Zimbabwe probes German foundation
    • Zimbabwe exodus overwhelming SA - report
    • Fair is foul and foul is fair
    • Congo to hold first free elections in 46 years
  14. Posted 23/7/06
    • Indictment of the world
    • Killapsed Dollar
    • Scary theory; Africans may have no stomach for truth
    • Zimbabwe urged to eliminate unnecessary customs delay
    • Gono consults over Zimdollar
    • Govt mulls crack- down on ZCTU
    • Makwavarara saved by rift in Zanu PF
    • Security stepped up at Mugabe mansion
    • Police arrest Mnangagwa's ally
    • Strange 'flu' grips Matabeleland
    • Opposition parties reject new clearance fee for RDC candidates
    • Armed robbers strike Harare petrol station
    • Civic bodies throw down the gauntlet
    • Masvingo NGOs plan mass protests
    • Cyber technology for rural Mhakwe
    • Government investigates diamond theft
    • New farmers fight to take over council
    • CZI congress to elect new boss president
    • Currency black market thrives as inflation persists
    • Mugabe's surreal world and its dilemma
    • A case of taking candy from the mouth of a baby
    • Urgent need for reforms
    • 'My 28-hour ordeal in police detention'
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Falls paradise
  15. Posted 22/7/06
    • Tsvangirai urges SADC to push Mugabe to embrace reforms
    • Police quiz Zimbabwean businessman over citizenship
    • Mugabe targets funeral insurance firms
    • No more joking about Mugabe
    • Report: Only 40% of Zim's seized farms are used
    • Zimbabwean Civil Society Groups Step Up Pressure on Mugabe Government
    • 'Power Cuts Could Reduce Wheat Yield'
    • Hospital Mortuary Fails To Cope With Bodies
    • Visiting Red Cross Officials Tour Projects In Zvimba
    • Govt abandons electric fence
    • Airzim Needs Z$600 Billion To Revive Cargo
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 432
    • Harare Looks to Mozambique For Guidance On Currency Overhaul
  16. Batch 4 Posted 21/7/06
    • Zimbabwe resumes land allocations
    • Electricity tariffs go up by 100%
    • Saturday protest by Zimbabwean women in the UK
    • Justice Hungwe ends Mubawu's 10-day prison ordeal
    • Harare banks may have to deal in 'bobillions'
    • Human rights abuses fuel Aids pandemic
    • Red Cross officials tour humanitarian projects in Zimbabwe
    • US Urges Harare To Address 'Real Issues,' Take Responsibility In Crisis
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 20 July 2006
    • Community radio stations launched
    • Shopping basket
    • Shortage of curators
    • Bull market erupts as treasury bills suspended
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
  17. Batch 3 Posted 21/7/06
    • Annan denies Mugabe claims
    • Local currency set to lose three digits
    • Miffed Zim in bid to block IMF mission
    • Doctors want Parirenyatwa axed in reshuffle
    • Makwavarara ouster bid spills to the streets
    • Zanu PF brings in external auditors
    • Man remanded for insulting president
    • Mugabe fails to oppose sacked cop's challenge
    • Tsvangirai snubs opposition leaders' indaba
    • Zero growth for tourism
    • Zanu PF stuck in a time warp
    • Street children's project still to fly
    • Single aircraft plies AirZim's four routes
    • Gono extends raft of concessions to financial sector
    • British ambassador slams Mugabe's economic policies
    • Telecoms body defends 'spying' Bill
    • No respite for sinking economy
    • 'The people live in fear of their own govt'
    • How land policy in Zim led to ruin
    • Afflicted by severe cognitive dissonance
    • Muckraker
    • Eliminating the zeroes
    • Comment
    • The myth of being indispensable
    • Zim Independent Letters
  18. Batch 2 Posted 21/7/06
    • MDC, civic groups plot united front to confront Mugabe
    • Uncertainty hangs over Russian energy investment deal
    • Harare bars NGO from feeding school children
    • Bulawayo suspends fire, ambulance services
    • Zimbabwean man gets more than what he bargained for
    • ZANU PF legislator in trouble over alleged MDC lover
    • SA 'should take tougher stance on Zimbabwe'
    • Archbishop Williams Says Bishop in Central Africa Should Step Down
    • Mkapa must push for sweeping changes in Harare says the US
    • Importers call for viable exchange rate in Zimbabwe
    • Veld Fires Destroy Timber Worth Z$1,5 Trillion - Minister
    • Officials Face Arrest Over Graft Charges
    • Zanu PF paying lip service to youth welfare
    • Mugabe refuses to pay son's fees
    • An Austrian and a German national arrested over balls in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean journalist scoops CNN award
    • SA delegates push for more pressure on Zimbabwe
    • 500 Zimbabweans arrested in South African police raid
  19. Batch 1 Posted 21/7/06
    • Mkapa mission doomed
    • Sleazy Chiota: the plot thickens
    • Bank statutory reserves down
    • Tsvangirai to meet Mogae
    • Yet another sad grain tale
    • Opposition fears crackdown
    • Zim's zeros baffle computers
    • Journalists arrested
    • 'Sovereignty's all Zim wants from Blair'
    • Actions speak louder than words, Mr President
    • It's the very leaders who are denying their people justice
    • Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted
    • ZBH launches massive blitz on licence defaulters
    • When owls fly in broad daylight . . .
    • Neither Mkapa nor Annan are answers to Zimbabwe crisis
    • Bindura seals deal for new US$100 mln mine
    • Greed Compromising Good Governance
    • RBZ Inadvertently Fanning Inflation Flames?
    • FinGaz Letters
  20. Posted 20/7/06
    • Mkapa must push Mugabe to own up, says US
    • Food aid agencies warn of shortages in Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai engages SADC over Zimbabwe crisis
    • 19 protesters arrested in Harare
    • Zimbabwe power firm hikes tariffs
    • SA lawyers demand release of asylum seekers
    • Hot Seat: Biti, Ncube & Madhuku teleconference (PART 2)
    • Cocktail of livestock diseases stretch veterinary services
    • Zimbabwe patients suffer as state doctors strike
    • Tsvangirai to Mugabe: Open Negotiations Or Face Mass Protests
    • Namibia says Zimbabwe a role model for land reform
    • Suspect in Mabvuku violence case denied bail
    • A Trusteeship for Zimbabwe?
    • Zimbabwe Police Raid Bulawayo's Killarney Settlement, Harare's Mbare District
    • Black U.S. Labor Organizations Back Zimbabwe Liberation
    • Air Zimbabwe crisis continues to upset passengers
    • Zimbabwe must act now on food situation
    • Mugabe should follow self-flagellation with mea culpa
    • Is it safe to return failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers?
    • Zimbabwe's future lies in the hands of its citizens
    • Zimbabwe tourist earnings drop
    • Cancel Copper Licences - Police
    • JAG Classifieds dated 18 July 2006
  21. Posted 19/7/06
    • Zimbabwe army commander's wife evades EU sanctions
    • Doctors strike delivers knock-out punch to Zimbabwe's health system
    • SA firm says Harare should consult more on proposed mining law
    • Harare damands Z$200 000 each from civil servants
    • Man accused of insulting Mugabe remanded out of custody
    • How Zim poll was fixed
    • NCA members tortured, one fighting for life
    • Nujoma defends Mugabe & warns against British intervention
    • Nujoma drops atomic bombshell
    • Land and peace
    • Mutambara has no regrets on joining politics
    • Mudzuri passport seizure has no legal basis - judge
    • Chinamasa escapes arrest after AG intervenes
    • Striking medical interns in Zim defy state
    • Board Seeks To Woo Back Retired Health Professionals
    • Child football team banned from Scotland over 'illegal migrant' fear
    • Police Round Up Street Kids
    • Beijing woos Africa's contemptibles
    • Thousands attend MDC's rural rallies
    • A numbers game: Managing elephants in southern Africa
    • Just a minute - Kenya's colonial history not yet told
  22. Posted 18/7/06
    • Justice Minister orders AG to drop charges against ZANU PF supporters
    • ZANU PF legislator evicts MDC supporters
    • Junior doctors' strike spreads to Bulawayo
    • Judge orders return of MDC official's passport
    • Zimbabwe police release protesters
    • Cash-strapped Zimbabwe sends three-member team for Davis Cup tie
    • Mkapa needs divine intervention for Zimbabwe
    • No need for witch doctors - I'm staying, says Mugabe
    • Govt orders striking Zim doctors back to work
    • Government admits dismal failure of wheat farmers
    • 'Zim needs stability before currency change'
    • My head was bleeding profusely, I knew my arm was broken, it was just hanging
    • Zimbabwe government confiscates Mudzuri's passport
    • Zim, SA Visa Talks Continuing- Mutasa
    • Letter from America: Zimbabwean civil society must seize the moment to confront Mugabe
    • Vulture numbers are cut to the bone
    • The Regional Impact of the Zimbabwe Crisis
    • The China Factor in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa as a whole
  23. Posted 17/7/06
    • Mugabe lures Russians to invest in troubled energy sector
    • Zimbabwe opposition official's passport seized
    • Zimbabweans still to muster enough courage to confront Mugabe on the streets
    • Business leaders threaten to sue electricity firm over power cuts
    • Masenda elected ZOC president
    • 'In Zim, nothing goes down except the country'
    • Succession debate nonsensical - Mugabe
    • Sazini Mpofu interview - continued from yesterday...
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 15th July 2006
    • Mabvuku attack - Trial of some accused
  24. Posted 16/7/06
    • China's empire-builders sweep up African riches
    • Zanu PF chefs consult withdoctors to succeed Mugabe
    • Sazini Mpofu interview
    • The Colour of Home
    • Chombo named in timber scandal
    • Government to spend trillions on new Parliament
    • Health services paralysed as junior doctors strike
    • Court summons Chinamasa
    • More turn to religion as hardships bite
    • Support groups contributing to HIV infection reduction in Zimbabwe
    • Government turns down 'scandalous' demands
    • Controversy stalks church leaders after Mugabe meeting
    • Fuel scandal hits Masvingo
    • Chegutu councillors sue over 'Murambatsvina'
    • Divisions rock Zanu PF in Masvingo
    • CHRA 'overwhelmed' by complaints over Zesa power cuts
    • Subsidies cost Zimbabwe $125 trillion
    • New coal producer mulls electricity power generation
    • Nation holds its breath
    • ZBH should transform from State to public broadcaster
    • Unmasking the selfish nature of Zanu PF govt
    • Violence: a legacy of Zanu PF ?
    • Zim Standard Letters
  25. Batch 2 Posted 15/7/06
    • In Zimbabwe, a small bag of groceries now costs millions
    • Zim border corruption exposed
    • Mugabe to purge badly-behaved party members
    • Give police more powers to deal with protests says Mugabe
    • Third night in the cells for NCA members
    • Zimbabwe terrorism: subtle, soft caress of police baton
    • Zimbabwean currency find puzzles cops
    • French Ambassador To Harare Urges Mugabe To Attend to Zimbabwean People
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 431
  26. Posted 15/7/06
    • Zimbabwe misses wheat target, bread shortages seen
    • Zimbabwe NGOs slam plans to set up human rights commission
    • Snub over Mugabe interview riles Zimbabwe private media journalists
    • Zimbabwe doctors strike enters second day
    • Suspended MDC mayors to have second bite of the cherry
    • Mugabe rebuffs call for state of emergency in Zimbabwe
    • Khethani Sibanda interview - continued from yesterday...
    • Refugee judge to research judicial independence
    • Zambezi Camp undergoes facelift
    • Deprived farmers fight back
    • Lack of Transport Hampers Grain Deliveries
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Said to Seek SADC Endorsement of Mkapa Mediation Role
    • ANC supports appointment of mediator for Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF is the Perpetrator of Violence
    • Chaibva is wrong again says London-based activist
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 13 July 2006
  27. Batch 2 Posted 14/7/06
    • Matonga kicks out Mugabe ally
    • NMB bosses ready to face trial
    • Govt 'very worried': Mugabe
    • Mugabe wants Sadc to fund Mkapa initiative
    • Protest plan still on course, says Tsvangirai
    • Government tightens grip on Kondozi
    • Govt in bid to rectify errors of land reform
    • $400b splashed on anti-graft members' cars
    • D-Day for Makwavarara
    • Empty factories highlight Zimbabwe's economic decay
    • Zimbabwe raises platinum output, plans on trade
    • Will the MPS meet your expectations?
    • Industrial index breaches a new high
    • 'Zim business climate most unfavourable'
    • Govt borrowing causes slump in productivity
    • Government refutes reports of white farmers' return
    • Hwange coal production improves
    • Tackle govt over crisis, CZI urged
    • Soaring costs weigh down on housing projects
    • Desperate students turn to prostitution
    • Zim crisis not just about land
    • Mugabe thought he had hit a political bonanza: Nkomo
    • It's no exaggeration, police are the worst
    • The struggle for democracy is for all of us
    • A prologue to a farce
    • Mass action OK if it's Zanu PF
    • Policy reviews must learn from history
    • Zim's demagoguery a lullaby to a dying economy
    • Blair will keep his Britain
    • Zim Independent Letters
  28. Posted 14/7/06
    • Mugabe holds on to ailing vice-president to ward off succession war
    • Minister denies Mugabe brother-in-law Z$95 billion
    • Zimbabwe doctors down tools
    • Police defy High Court order to leave farm
    • 128 demonstrators still detained in Zimbabwe
    • SA groups want Mbeki to act on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe says Zimbabwe will ride out economic crisis
    • Minister in stinking scandal
    • US blames ZANU PF culture of violence for attack on Trudy
    • $15 trillion needed for grain imports
    • ZUPCO pays billions in Nherera legal bills
    • Mercurial Van Hoogstraten loses out
    • Tsvangirai condemns violence in opposition
    • Inflation: Not yet time to jump in jubilation
    • No politician worth killing, dying for(No Holds Barred)
    • Lawyers should be on mission against injustice (Matters Legal)
    • Zimbabwe, Malawi strikingly similar
    • Encounter with Mutambara in the Rockies
    • Dialogue with the deaf!
    • FinGaz Letters
    • Rights group seeks release of Zim activists
    • Arms cache suspect denied bail
    • Zimbabwe: working for justice
    • Tsvangirai insists mass protests on
    • Khethani Sibanda interview - continued from yesterday...
    • NRZ to buy new trains
  29. Batch 2 Posted 13/7/06
    • Zanu behind violence - MDC
    • Suspended, abducted, beaten, tortured
    • Ex-detainees allege discrimination
    • Health problems hit Shackleton Mine
    • Embassy slams coalition
    • Who Beat Up Trudy?
    • Trees Disappear as Energy Crisis Continues
    • Pastors' Forum acquires farm
    • Where is Right to Health in Africa?
    • Parliament ignored what's really wrong with media - MISA
    • State media poorly run and funded - report
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
    • Indian firm to start coal mining in Zimbabwe
    • Chinamasa risks warrant of arrest if he absconds again
    • Majestic queen of Zimbabwe
  30. Posted 13/7/06
    • Zimbabwe worker protests set for month-end
    • Zimbabweans unhappiest people on earth
    • MDC legislator denied bail
    • Harare deports South African apartheid-era spy
    • MDC members facing murder charge acquitted
    • Zimbabwe police arrest 400 after protest
    • Tsvangirai rallies supporters for mass protests
    • Hot Seat: Biti, Ncube & Madhuku teleconference (PART 1)
    • Khethani Sibanda interview
    • Zimbabwe signs deals with China's Wambao, Norinco
    • Prayers for Trudy Stevenson by MDC Women's Assembly
    • Youths Paid to Attack Stevenson, Court Told
    • Sand Poachers Leave Trail of Destruction
    • Safari Operators Raise Concern Over Hunting Quotas Allocation
    • Harare Looks to Caracas as Potential Source of Low-Cost Petroleum
    • Canadian MP Dr Keith Martin on BTH
    • Zimbabwe's Harry Potter
    • The Big Dick
    • Crisis in leaderless Mutare
    • Mawere and Nkomo lock horns over fraud case
    • Dignity. Period!
    • The redundant paper clip !
    • Price of bread hits Z$175 000 in Zimbabwe
  31. Posted 12/7/06
    • MDC vows to defy tough security law over rallies
    • ZANU PF officials ordered off charity home
    • Civic group threatens anti-Mugabe protests
    • Zimbabwean students to challenge imposition of hefty fines
    • Conflicting Reports On Zimbabwe's Harvest, Food Security Outlook
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Opposes New Mediator Selection
    • Human Rights in Zimbabwe
    • 'Family of 5 Now Needs $68 Million'
    • Power struggle at Information Ministry
    • Civil Society And the Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Britain challenges Mkapa mediation role
    • Beatrice Mtetwa interview - continued from yesterday...
    • Who will take Mugabe's cake?
    • UNESCO advises on herb use in S African countries
    • Global Fund to bankroll ARV scale-up
    • Econet to install 10 000 payphones in Zimbabwe
    • Critical Diabetic Medicine Shortage Hits
    • MP held as Mabvuku violence saga intensifies
    • China, Africa and the G8: the missing link
  32. Posted 11/7/06
    • Zimbabwe opposition legislator detained over political violence
    • Zimbabwe inflation slow-down a world apart from reality
    • Church group gets farm to help Zimbabwean refugees
    • Court to rule on Zimbabwean hijack student's bail application
    • Zim inflation down... to 1 184%
    • Beatrice Mtetwa interview
    • Burden of debt is crushing Harare
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 8th July 2006
    • Mugabe to blame for the health turmoil in Zimbabwe
    • NEPAD - an extremely ambitious, but totally worthless blueprint for Africa's development?
    • UK firm to invest 4 million pounds in Zimbabwe's mining sector
    • 'Gold price hike or collapse' -Zimbabwe miners
    • The Democracy Backlash
    • Probability of Africa taking ownership of its destiny remote
    • Zimbabwe beef prices more than doubles
    • Mugabe's forced evictions cause havoc for families
    • China dominant? Don't hold your breath
    • Same-sex smooch banned in Zimbabwe law reform
  33. Posted 10/7/06
    • Zimbabwe police's 'toilet excuse' flushes out MDC rally
    • Hard-pressed Zimbabweans turn to traditional medicine
    • Harare blocks cross-border food hunt
    • Zimbabwe's churches say they may have answer to economic woes
    • Eight arrested over attack on white opposition lawmaker
    • Where a beer costs $150,000
    • 'My naked hell in Zim jail'
  34. Posted 9/7/06
    • Are Zimbabwe's Opposition Fighting It Out?
    • Mkapa mediation mission doomed
    • Mugabe praise singer dumped
    • Heavy fines for NUST students
    • Beitbridge closed as Mugabe visits
    • Veteran nationalist Mandizvidza dies
    • Mugabe jibe trial fails to take off
    • Hunting firm denies fraud allegations
    • Refugees revolt, accuse UNHCR of 'neglect'
    • Shumba speaks on his political ambitions, future of TeleAccess
    • RBZ eyes gold mine
    • Masunda faces 12 years jail for poaching baboon
    • Homeless policemen sleep in horse stables
    • Matonga in fresh row over disputed harvest
    • Companies flout safety regulations as profits beckon
    • Mugabe shuts out Aussie investor
    • Chamber of Mines warns of decline in gold production
    • Meddlesome Chombo's costly blunders
    • Sanctions against Zanu PF justified
    • AU, a toothless bulldog in resolving Africa's conflicts
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Not on my watch
    • Justice Garwe promoted to Supreme Court
    • Corruption is a state of mind
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 429 dated 7 July 2006
    • JAG Damages Survey Questionnaire dated 7 July 2006
  35. Batch 2 Posted 8/7/06
    • Zimbabwe police ban Tsvangirai rally
    • Civic groups to boycott human rights commission conference
    • Envoy raps SA media over Zimbabwe crime link
    • Trevor Ncube interview - continued from yesterday...
    • Mugabe laughs last
    • UN Chief Annan Pressed To Re-Engage On Zimbabwe Crisis
    • UK Regrets Annan's Withdrawal From Zimbabwe Mediation
    • The two-step between Mugabe and the opposition goes on
    • Intensify targeted sanctions on Zim leadership - coalition
    • Zimbabwe Church Council Ousts Proponent of Engagement With Mugabe
    • UK says Zim's problems stem from bad policy
    • Three men held over Stevenson attack
    • Matonga harvests, loots neighbour's farm
    • Against the Grain: Geoff Nyarota's book on Zimbabwe now on the shelves
    • Cost of Living For Zimbabwe Households Up 24% May-June: Consumer Council
    • Air Zimbabwe shooting itself in the foot
    • Zim appoints first female judge president
    • Sonn for Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai MDC deny hiding suspects in Mabvuku violence
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 6 July 2006
  36. Batch 1 Posted 8/7/06
    • Church leaders reveal details of Mugabe meeting
    • Gono under renewed fire
    • Makwavarara row sucks in politburo
    • Tanzania recalls Harare envoy
    • Massive purge at ZBH
    • 110 succumb to malnutrition
    • GMB fails millers amid grain shortage fears
    • Battered Stevenson's spirit not broken
    • Mirror $160 billion in the red
    • RBZ reacts to threat of bank failures
    • Government spending spurs inflation target review
    • Govt $1,6 trillion in the red in February
    • Chamber of Mines appeals to RBZ
    • Resettled farmers harm timber industry
    • Man for the job: Mutseyekwa determined to see tourism sector revival
    • Inflation slows building of residential properties - report
    • CSC dissolves pension fund
    • Price dispute stalls tobacco sale
    • Nkomo says flabbergasted by Mugabe
    • Mugabe's mess doesn't require British solution
    • New constitution should be starting point for Mkapa
    • Violence of the heart
    • Mkapa's mission headed for the rocks
    • That, Mr Minister, is not economic sanctions
    • No light at end of Zanu PF's tunnel
    • Right thing done the wrong way
    • Zim Independent Letters
  37. Posted 7/7/06
    • 33 more die of malnutrition-related diseases in Zimbabwe city
    • Zimbabwe foreign debt shoots to US$3.9 billion
    • 200 vendors released without charge
    • Remittances from Relatives Abroad Sustaining Some Zimbabweans
    • Opportunistic money is creating a new elite
    • Zimbabwe to double ARV roll-out
    • Zim cops hunt opposition lawmaker's attackers
    • New Twist in Mugabe Succession Saga
    • 10 of Natfoods' 12 Mills Lying Idle
    • Reporters Without Borders Press release
    • Trevor Ncube interview - continued from yesterday...
    • MDC rift widens amid more accusations
    • Government's annual Nkomo gala angers Bulawayo residents
    • We must free ourselves - MDC
    • Chombo running scared - CHRA
    • Harare residents urged to boycott rates
    • Zanu (PF) business empire under spotlight
    • Reconciliation yes, but truth first
    • Shopping Basket 06-07-06
    • Letter from Home - The sovereign state
    • Mugabe's ' happy natives '
    • Misguided African brotherhood
    • State-run media fails to impress Parliamentarians
    • Chinamasa tells UN to ban NGO funding
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
  38. Batch 2 Posted 6/7/06
    • ZCTF Report - Poaching
    • Britain Unwilling To Reopen Zimbabwe Land Reform Issue As Mugabe Proposes
    • Zimbabwe Rights Groups Condemn Attack on Opposition Faction Officials
    • Attackers wanted to kill me, claims Harare MP
    • If Ben gets Tony to repent, will God forgive Bob for everything?
    • Leadership in Africa
    • Mkapa to surprise Mugabe
    • UN hopes for negotiated settlement
    • Makwavarara: ZANU PF demands explanation
    • New ZBH board to be announced
    • Police quiz MDC's Madzimure
    • Air Zim extends golden handshake to Mahachi
    • Employers refuse to pay poverty level wages
    • ZANU PF purges top officials in Masvingo
    • RBZ in bank relief mission
    • Please give us a break, Chombo (No Holds Barred Barred)
    • 'Leave us alone to mess things up'
    • Van Hoogstraten wants Kwashirai out
    • Defending the indefensible
    • FinGaz Letters
    • Tobacco prices jump 62% in Zimbabwe
  39. Posted 6/7/06
    • Zimbabwe police arrest opposition legislator, 200 vendors
    • Harare's quick-fix economic solutions will not work
    • Another Chinese-made Zimbabwe plane fails to fly
    • MDC faction raps civic groups over MP's attack
    • Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines wants gold price pushed to Z$6.83 billion per kg
    • Zimbabwe resumes ostrich exports to EU
    • The Mediation That Never Was
    • She stood up to Mugabe - but it was her party that did this
    • Canadian MP seeks Mugabe indictment for crimes against humanity
    • The Destruction of Property Rights and Resulting Wildlife Catastrophe in Zimbabwe
    • Government takeover in Zimbabwe almost complete
    • IPI Condemns Government's Jamming of London-Based SW Radio Africa
    • Trevor Ncube interview
    • Zimbabwe central bank chief puts faith in recovery
    • TOUGH LOVE for Mayor
    • Former ZimRights Chairman Nicholas Ndebele on BTH
    • Package to Zimbabwe caught in global snag
    • Former intelligence operatives give evidence in asylum hearing
    • JAG Classifieds dated 4 July 2006
  40. Posted 5/7/06
    • Mugabe to put ex-soldier at helm of broadcasting station
    • Christmas comes early for Hurungwe rural school children
    • Zimbabweans to pay 85 percent more for health
    • Civic groups demand end to xenophobia in South Africa
    • Remittances slow the slide into ruin
    • Mkapa faces hard task as Zimbabwe mediator
    • Zimbabweans 'attacked by MDC rivals'
    • MDC sets up Commission of Inquiry
    • Voice of America AM Broadcasts Jammed
    • SW Radio Africa also jammed
    • Hot Seat: Part 4 Teleconference - Brian Raftopoulos, Jonathan Moyo & John Robertson
    • Margaret Dongo interview
    • Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust to investigate Mabvuku violence
    • Chinese experts arrive in Zimbabwe to examine aircraft
    • Dealing with Mugabe
    • Johannesburg shoot-out - investigations spill over into Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe eyes US$100 million new nickel mine
  41. Batch 2 Posted 4/7/06
    • Zimbabwe opposition dismayed by Annan's withdrawal
    • Mugabe dodges UN but economic crisis imperils his rule
    • Man to face trial for insulting Mugabe
    • MDC legislator beaten-up in Harare suburb
    • Vendors besiege mayor's office in Bulawayo
    • Zimbabwe crisis is a crisis of governance
    • Harare Given Another Chance To Rebut Report By AU Rights Body
    • Mugabe wins once again
    • 'Mugabe outwitted Mbeki, Annan'
    • Chinese aid comes at a price
    • We did not want Annan's name tarnished, says Mugabe
    • Zanu PF night of long knives in Masvingo
    • Chinamasa trial postponed after no-show
  42. Posted 4/7/06
    • Zimbabwe MDC officials attacked
    • Annan's services 'not required in Zimbabwe'
    • Dismay over announcement
    • G8 nations 'must address China's role in Africa or face failing pledges'
    • Msika criticises his party's chaotic land reforms
    • Zim Parliament to discipline Cabinet members
    • Naivety that pervades Zimbabwe's political landscape
    • Harare's economy 'to shrink 4.7%'
    • 'Railways without borders' mooted for southern Africa
    • Witchcraft ban ends in Zimbabwe
    • Striking Down the Taboos About Albinism
    • UN Gives Mugabe Time with His Friendly Mediator, Refugees Abandoned
    • Consumer Basket to Hit $60 Million
    • AU rejects Zimbabwe report
    • Margaret Dongo interview
    • AU criticized as Annan and Mbeki back off from Zimbabwe
    • Refugees in Zimbabwe attack UNHCR for lack of care
    • For African states, ending graft is like committing suicide
    • Murder victims' families demand Z$250 million each from Zimbabwe police
    • Bulawayo Mayor gets dose of WOZA 'Tough Love'
    • Army Officers Face Charge of Obstructing Justice
    • African summit - all talk, no action
    • Pie in the sky
    • Robertson calls for ICC fact-finding mission
  43. Posted 3/7/06
    • Report: Annan won't be visiting Zimbabwe
    • Humbled by the Generosity of Fellow Inmates
    • Mugabe 2iC blasts land reform
    • 'Cloud-cuckoo land' set to evict last productive farmers
    • Zim soldiers behind wave of heists
    • Walking on Water
    • Of church and politics
    • Commission on `United States of Africa` project meets
  44. Batch 2 Posted 2/7/06
    • Mugabe and Annan meet on the sidelines of AU Summit
    • One year on, Commission for Africa is no more
    • Ahmadinejad, Chavez hailed at African Union summit
    • Fresh probe for Mnangagwa
    • Revolt forces Zinwa retreat on shocking water bills
    • Zimbabwe students at Fort Hare scrounge to survive
    • Mutasa orders war veterans off farm
    • Greedy landlords squeeze lodgers
    • Dete villagers face eviction here
    • Sunday Mail reporter faces theft charges
    • Government sees forex in goat exports
    • Gwanda man in court over Mugabe jibe
    • IMF paints gloomy picture on Zimbabwe
    • Econet to expand network
    • Increases testing the patience of overtaxed consumers
    • Bennett affair: SA hypocrisy exposed
    • The alternative to the crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Violence forces scores to seek asylum in SA
    • Zim Standard Letters
  45. Posted 2/7/06
    • G8 pledges stalled as rulers cling to power
    • Calls for co-operation between AU, UN
    • African summit fosters anti-U.S. sentiment
    • Kick start
    • Zim pardons three SA spies
    • African Union postpones democracy charter
    • Zanu PF central committee statement on Makwavarara
    • African leaders urged to defend press freedom
    • Thirst for oil fuels China's grand safari in Africa
    • Beijing urged to improve policy on continent
    • Zimbabwe eyes stake in Mozambique power firm
    • Zimbabwean company wants shares in Cahora Bassa
  46. Posted 1/7/06
    • Annan and Mugabe set to meet
    • Weighty Agenda Set for African Summit
    • Free At Last!
    • Low expectations of Mugabe, Annan and Mbeki meeting
    • Extravagant mayor splits Zanu-PF
    • From Liberator to Tyrant: Recollections of Robert Mugabe (2)
    • Of church and politics
    • Newly-listed explorer describes Zim resources as undervalued
    • Africans at the ICC
    • UK to decide on failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers next week
    • China to sink $80m into white paper plant in Zim
    • 'Lift sanctions before talks'
    • Zimbabwe: too close for comfort
    • Ten Days of Torture
    • Now-or-never WTO talks falter as rifts widen amid walkout threat
    • Omnibus operators face arrests and angry public as fares soar
    • Pioneering AAAS Project Uses Satellites to Aid Human Rights

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