The ZIMBABWE Situation

May 2006 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/5/06
    • Where the weekly shop now costs $15 million
    • Mugabe moves 'to crush dissenting views'
    • Much ado about nothing
    • Zimbabwe: Second cholera outbreak kills three in Guruve
    • Zimbabwe must iron out its own issues - SA
    • Zimbabwe declares potatoes ‘strategic crop’
    • Zimbabwe : Mutambara tries another tactic to win support
    • The Suffolk farmer who sells gallows to Africa from his barn
    • Zim gold
    • Nigerians and Zimbabweans least happy with their leaders
    • Minister in terror raid on Gwanda guesthouse
    • Zimbabwe: Where mass murderers retire
    • ANC slams 'baseless statements' on Mbeki
    • MP highlights Zimbabwe's plight
    • Ex-Zimbabwean Lawmaker Says President Mugabe Is A Tyrant
    • Bennett fears SA persecution
    • Saving Schools
    • Exiles Hope for End to Zimbabwe Crises
    • Bank Notes In Short Supply As Zimbabwe Dollar Plummets
    • Images show extent of Mugabe's destruction
  2. Posted 30/5/06
    • Zimbabwe: Chaos as civil society leaders clings onto power
    • The opposition must deal with endemic violence within its own ranks
    • Stress on economy or snooping?
    • Zimbabwe: Call to amend electoral laws
    • Zimbabwe police resort to torture tactics in search of student leader
    • Farm workers question land reform in SA
    • Zim's loss is Zambia's gain
    • Zimbabwe, E Guinea ink energy deal
    • SA suspicious of Zim change - Tsvangirai
    • South Africa rejects Zimbabwe sanctions
    • S.Africa rules out "smart" sanctions in Zimbabwe
    • Dlamini-Zuma defends policy on Zimbabwe, Iran
    • Tsvangirai’s London Meeting – Sunday, 28th May 2006
    • ZIMBABWE: No money to print currency
    • Revenue lost as tax war paralyses Zimbabwe bourse
    • Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Urges UN Role in Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Zimbabwe: Government to increase police force
    • Fourteen killed as vehicles crash in Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai slams SA and promises protests
    • Zimbabwe: Chaos as civil society
  3. Posted 29/5/06
    • Human rights abuse a hurdle to Zimbabwe acceptance
    • 70% of Zimbabwe hospital staff quit - report
    • Botswana, Zimbabwe border dispute threatens building of new bridge
    • SO, twice as many voters in the Harare suburb of Budiriro would prefer to be governed by a "foreign" party than by President Mugabe.
    • Zimbabwe : Hippo Valley continues to lobby EU
    • Zimbabwe look abroad to bolster domestic game
    • Tsvangirai slams South Africa
    • Zimbabwe: Botswana abandons electric fence
    • Zimbabwe: Government to increase police force
    • Zimbabwe: Hwange Colliery acquires US$1,2m machinery
    • Northwest road accidents claim eight lives
    • Harare promises bloodshed if workers go on strike
  4. 2nd page posted 28/5/06
    • Zimbabwe's government to blame for people's plight
    • Govt splashes $600b on MPs' vehicles
    • MDC accepts granting Mugabe immunity
    • Senator wants Mugabe made life President
    • Mugabe turns to churches for truce with EU
    • 'Bearer cheques not money' - magistrate
    • VAT will 'kill' stocks: brokers
    • Charge less for Garikai, firms told
    • Call them whatevear: they keep Zim going
    • Urgent need for a rainbow coalition to unseat Mugabe
    • Demystifying Mutambara's political delusions
    • Japan slams Malawi for honouring Mugabe
    • Domestic Violence Bill is just the beginning
    • New initiative to reposition tourism drive
    • Drug shortages blight fight against cholera
    • Broaden currency debate
    • Business must unite against Mugabe's tyranny
    • Comment : Medical doctors need government approval
    • White Zim farmer finds new heaven in Zambia
  5. Posted 28/5/06
    • 'Terrified' Mugabe tightens his grip
    • Mugabe seizes black farms to drive his maize economy
    • Mugabe proposes eavesdropping law
    • Zimbabwe unveils bill to snoop on phones, emails
    • Equatorial Guinea to supply oil to Zim
    • Bennett to appeal SA's asylum rejection
    • BOFESETE faults civil society on Zim
    • Botswana, Zimbabwe test-run train
    • Smoke Signals
    • Haves flaunt riches to Zim have-nots
    • Vigil Diary – 27th May 2006
    • Zimbabwe : Farmworkers threaten to go on strike
    • Zimbabwe : Greece donates U$6.5 billion for rural hospital>
    • Zimbabwe : Old track blamed for fatal train derailment
    • Britain working with Annan for continued pressure on Zimbabwe
  6. Posted 27/5/06
    • I failed in Zim: Mbeki
    • Made’s claims put to the test
    • Bennett motion is heckled
    • Zimbabwe: Where to Speak of Trees is Treason
    • Zimbabwe denies mercenary claims
    • Zimbabwe: Chinhoyi Hospital in Bid to Improve Revenue Inflows
    • Adding Up the Costs of Inflation in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: SA Introduces Visa Application Fee
    • Zimbabwe Still Contemplating Mining Takeover
    • Police hold 2 scribes over Mugabe plaque
    • ZIMBABWE: After Mugabe - analysts say donor aid must flow
    • Zimbabwe: Where to Speak of Trees is Treason
    • Zimbabwe: Zimra, Stock Brokers Impasse Disastrous, Say Analysts
    • It’s time for realism for SADC’s black sheep
    • The High Price of Falling Ill
    • Zimbabwean Clerics to Seek Help from Archbishop of York
    • Zimbabwe’s economy takes a long fall
    • Poverty contrasts with luxury in Zimbabwe
  7. 2nd page Posted 26/5/06
    • ZCTF Report correction
    • Zim pours cold water on UN plans
    • Time ripe for united front against Mugabe
    • Operation Maguta a flop
    • . . blocks Annan visit
    • MOZAMBIQUE: Exploitation and abuse await Zimbabwe's migrant children
    • University of Zimbabwe student president tortured by police
    • GMB blacklists millers
    • Two WOZA women arrested over scarf and t-shirt
    • Zimbabwe: Parly committee incensed by minister's behaviour
    • Annan Studies Zimbabwe Crisis; Official Calls Mugabe Retirement Talk 'Premature'
    • War vets - long past 'sell-by' date
    • Africa needs to wage second liberation war: Zimbabwean official
    • Feeding off the carcass of cricket
  8. Posted 26/5/06
    • London Press Conference for Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Morgan Tsvangirai in the UK- BTH preview
    • Too soon for UN plan on Mugabe, says Gambari
    • Probe into looting of farm equipment waits for Mugabe's nod
    • Destruction by doom and gloom
    • We have to change from a caterpillar to a butterfly'
    • With a will of steel, Mtasa adamant RTG will not sink
    • Swedish envoy decries private broadcaster blackout
    • Makwanya did not tell all
    • Govt fails to raise $300b for corruption survey
    • Candid comment
    • ANALYSIS: Mugabe's Communist-style land policies to hit hard taxpayers
    • Zimbabwe inflation galloping towards 2 000 percent
    • Parly committee doubts NEDPP's efficacy
    • Time Bank sues Gono
    • MDC MP loses vehicle loan scheme case
    • Now Mugabe's political life hinges on MPs' selfishness
    • Let the Minister of Justice explain
    • Our major failure
    • What happens after Mugabe?
  9. Posted 25/5/06
    • SA leaders discuss Zimbabwe in London
    • Mbeki supports planned UN visit to Zimbabwe
    • Zim asylum-seekers in UK soar after ruling
    • Zimbabwe able to reclaim breadbasket status: World Bank official
    • 'Namibia must take land as Mugabe did'
    • Mbeki sees UN solution to crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Amnesty Critical of Harare; EU Diplomats to Meet NGOs
    • Vulnerable Visitors from Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's food production project flops
    • No charges as Zim protesters freed
    • Iranian, Zimbabwean win top human rights award
    • British government to maintain pressure on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe agrees to Annan brokering a peace deal
    • Zimbabwean playwright targeted as “enemy of the people”
    • Zimbabwe Fails to Provide Promised Homes for Displaced
    • South Africa Refuses Asylum to Zimbabwe's Roy Bennett
    • ZCTU threatens strike action
    • Fantastic experience in Vic Falls
  10. Posted 24/5/06
    • Mugabe's food production project flops
    • Botswana, Zimbabwe border dispute threatens building of new bridge
    • ZANU PF chairman withdraws Z$5 billion suit against new black farmer
    • Zimbabwe human rights lawyer wins award
    • Zimbabwe releases 100 protesters without charge
    • WOZA women arrested as they take protests to schools
    • Opposition leader Arthur Mutambara speaks on the programme Hot Seat - PART TWO
    • Deputy mining minister takes conciliatory line
    • Gloomy outlook for Africa - Amnesty International
    • MDC's Tsvangirai goes on diplomatic offensive
    • Zimbabwe asylum seekers soar after court ruling
    • Cholera claims three more in Zim - reports
    • Prognostications
    • Women pay the price in Zimbabwe
    • Trial of former Ethiopian ruler Mengistu adjourned
    • Journal May 9th 06
    • Zim gives Vavi the boot - permanently
    • 34 starve to death in Zimbabwe
    • Continent Warned to Spend Windfall Carefully
  11. Batch 2 Posted 23/5/06
    • ZIMBABWE - A Land of diverse disparities
    • Refugee student journalist wins writing award
    • Zimbabwe 'unaware of plans to extradite plotter Mann'
    • Equatorial Guinea wants mercenary leader
    • China yet to see Mugabe's cash
    • Harare brokers on strike over VAT demand
    • Namibia consults Zimbabwe about land reform
    • Mengistu counts hours until genocide verdic
    • Alexander Fircks
  12. Posted 23/5/06
    • Harare bans international medical aid group from holding camp
    • Tsvangirai off to Europe in new diplomatic initiative
    • Swedish ambassador denies criticising EU sanctions on Mugabe
    • Harare refuses to divulge DRC losses
    • Police release protesters
    • Mugabe stalls Annan bid to resolve crisi
    • A slow simmer may reach boiling point
    • Power surge fries appliances in Bulawayo
    • Voters roll needs overhaul - ZESN
    • Government to increase police force
    • Zimbabwe farm hands plan strike
    • Church leaders to meet Mugabe over deteriorating economy
    • Zimbabweans 'living from hand to mouth'
    • Prices of commodities taking downward trend in Zimbabwe
    • Two earthquakes hit Zimbabwe
    • Cross-border rustlers steal 500 cattle, 200 goats
    • Two Bindura varsity officials jailed
    • Court set to disturb Mengistu's quiet refuge
    • Zimbabwe Jan-April gold output tumbles by a third
    • Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force
    • Shortages catch the health sector
    • Zim denies deal for Mann's extradition
    • Zimbabwe raises lending rate to 850%
    • Zimbabwe voices: Hope
    • Botswana-Zimbabwe Test Run Train
    • Mbeki to talk Africa with Blair
    • Letter from America
    • University of Zimbabwe student president arrested
    • Hardships forces students to drop studies
    • Re-elected ZCTU leadership threaten strike action if negotiations fail
    • Chief Mutambara drags half brothers to court over open support for Tsvangirai
  13. Posted 22/5/06
    • Victorious Zimbabwe opposition party gears for protests
    • Zimbabwe trade union threatens protests over poor salaries
    • Police seize 'political' placards from marchers
    • Zimbabwe bank's licence cancelled
    • Election Could Mean Declining Support for Zimbabwe's Opposition
    • Mugabe stalls Annan bid to resolve crisis
    • Zimbabwe businessman points finger at former political ally
    • Verdict due for Ethiopia's ex-dictator Mengistu
    • Mengistu in lavish but reclusive Zimbabwe exile
    • Mugabe's totalitarian project, and liberty
    • Labour union adopts 'militant' stance in wages row
    • Mugabe and Blair: where the similarities end
  14. Batch 2 Posted 21/5/06
    • Zimbabwe main opposition party retains key seat
    • Mugabe keeps allies sweet with 100 limos
    • "The Trial of Two Bishops"
    • Time to sort out monsters like Mengistu
    • High Court judge Benjamin Paradza fears for his family
    • More steel in the men of God: Despite police threats the Church goes ahead with Commemoration
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 20th May 2006
    • 10 000 cast votes in Budiriro by-election
    • VP Msika seriously ill, say officials
    • ZCTU threatens crippling strike
    • Mugabe's Malawi visit stokes controversy
    • Mbare residents up in arms against Harare commissioner
    • Malnutrition kills 33 in Bulawayo
    • Child victims of 'Murambatsvina' drop out of school
    • Rural hospitals bear the brunt of health crisis
    • Zimbabwe joins worldwide effort to end child hunger
    • Mash central mission hospital to launch anti-retroviral treatment programme
    • Enter the Oligarchs
    • New measures will not prevent, reduce carnage on the roads
    • Zanu PF is like a deranged mother who strangles her children
    • Mugabe's lessons for Africa
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • 'I will help you,' he said. Then he asked for sex
    • Cholera outbreak hits Guruve district
  15. Posted 21/5/06
    • Zimbabwe unions back strikes amid economic chaos
    • Voting begins in key Zimbabwean by-election
    • Clean-up campaign protesters gather in Zim
    • Tension high over Zimbabwe demos
    • Bulawayo high court upholds churches' legal right to march
    • Arrested Mutambara and opposition members sing their way out of jail
    • Registrar-General accused of tampering with Budiriro voters' roll
    • Rubber Stamp
    • Zim police arrest two SA officials for smuggling
    • Harare Hospital Misery
    • 'Don't Detain Patients'
    • Operation Murambatsvina One Year On
    • School fees increases worrying- President
    • Some places aren't safe for people or profits
  16. Posted 20/5/06
    • Judge orders immigration to let in foreign delegates, bars COSATU boss
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader released from police custody
    • Harare says mine proposals still to be concluded
    • Exiled businessman saw the signs before Mugabe take-overs
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader arrested ahead of by-election
    • Harare bars SA labour leader from entering country
    • Mugabe donates computers ahead of by-election
    • White Farmer In Zimbabwe May Lose Land
    • Mugabe visit angers Japan
    • Zanu PF will win Presidential poll: MDC MP
    • Further confusion over Zimbabwean mining laws - 19th May 2006
    • The Zimbabwe threat
    • Vice president of Chinhoyi University and 100 NCA members arrested
    • Crackdown on opposition continues
    • Need to know basis
  17. Batch 3 Posted 19/5/06
    • Churches in court fight for 'prayer marches'
    • We want security of tenure, South Korean investors tell Gono
    • Zimbabwean President says economy will not collapse
    • MDC doomed, says President
    • 30 firms suspend operations in Zimbabwe due to shortage of foreign currency
    • Pressure mounts on Mugabe to quit
    • Mawere speaks on Mnangagwa fallout
    • Five years later, Bhebhe case opens
    • MMCZ denies River Ranch claims
    • Poor remuneration to top parly report
    • 'Made's figures misleading'
    • Ministry to quiz BAZ over licences
    • Zanu PF members rake in billions from farm leases
    • Moyo case 'exposes' Zanu PF secrets
    • Cyber security legislation on cards
    • AG's office to revisit Mwale murder case
    • Gono declares truce with Zesa
    • Banks on move to avert crisis
    • BP's lubricants plant shuts down
    • AirZim's restructuring exercise suffers setback
    • It's noble to acknowledge efforts of all actors, colonel
    • Monetary policies push banks to brink of collapse
    • RBZ and bank regulation: good or misguided zeal?
    • Telling it like it is 10 years on
    • Cancer at the heart of MDC woes
    • Sadc rogue states' bond of slavery
    • Parirenyatwa should know better, doctors can't be locked up here
    • Reconciliation or mirage ahead?
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 420
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 18 May 2006
  18. Batch 2 Posted 19/5/06
    • Zimbabwe High Court to hear case against deportation of trade unionists
    • Proposed war vets salaries could trigger fresh financial crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe vice-president accuses hospitality sector of sabotaging economy
    • Zimbabwe political crisis floored Nations Cup bid
    • Zimbabwean churches challenge ban on home demolition prayers
    • 100 Percent Bread Price Hike Looming
    • Mugabe turns up heat on foes over protest fears
    • Zimbabwe arrests 100 in new crackdown on opposition
    • Mugabe appoints former top military officers to run NRZ
    • Mugabe's Midima plaque removed
    • Zim demolitions-blitz marked with songs, tears
    • Zim cops question critic about demo claims
    • Zimbabwe set to increase interest rates
    • Murambatsvina spawns prostitutes in SA
    • British Tycoon Loses Bid to Stop RTG Annual Meeting
    • Zimbabwe board steps in to scrap old provinces
  19. Batch 1 Posted 19/5/06
    • NEDPP not given a chance
    • Politicians risky for banks: RBZ
    • The political face of inflation
    • Government lifts Trust Bank chairman's specification
    • Pari Hospital runs out of coal
    • Mine seizures spoil meeting
    • Govt loses interest in Paradza
    • GMB militarised
    • Extraordinary five days on the financial markets
    • 125 000% pay gap between workers, executives
    • Government must act or face explosion
    • Are destitutes not entitled
    • It's Chombo's fault
    • Corruption compromising corporate governance
    • Serious need for 'demahosofication of media'
    • Advice to Mutambara from a friend
    • The truth, like murder will out
    • Made plucks figures from the air!
    • FinGaz Letters
  20. Batch 2 Posted 18/5/06
    • Harare police ban marches by activists
    • Zimbabwe voices: Mary
    • Zimbabwe to seek Justice Paradza's extradition
    • Vigils to mark anniversary of Zimbabwe's Operation Drive Out Trash
    • One year since Murambatsvina
    • Revolving door agric policy makes my head spin
    • Open letter to President Mugabe
    • May Day "celebrated" by printing money
    • Hitschman's health deteriorates
    • Who will bring development to Budiriro?
    • Operation MurambaMugabe
    • 'Warlord' Langa controls food
    • Tsvangirai to visit UK
    • Shopping basket 18/05/06
    • The people shall govern
    • Heated debate at IOM conference
    • The winter of our discontent
    • Daily Mirror legal battle intensifies
    • Mbare Squatters Win Court Ruling
    • The Zimbabwean Letters 18/05/06
  21. Posted 18/5/06
    • Harare bans public prayers, marches amid fears of anti-Mugabe protests
    • NGO says Harare has set up new holding camp for the homeless
    • Rights groups demand action against repression in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe labour leaders fight to stop deportation of foreign delegates
    • South Africa says concerned over worsening Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe police ban churches from marking home demolition campaign
    • Zimbabwe police arrest fierce Mugabe critic
    • Journalists barred from visiting victims of clean-up exercise
    • Maize availability at critical level in south
    • More Zimbabweans seeking entry into SA
    • Harare's last independent judge flees to NZ
    • Britain rejects Paradza's asylum claim
    • Mutambara softens stance on Tsvangirai
    • 43 ZCTU congress delegates to be deported
    • Dead bodies on the roads; IMF or what?
    • UZ lecturer attacks 'quiet' Mbeki
    • Government urged to reveal extent of Cholera threat
    • 'Mugabe Highway' gets hacked
    • Special Vigil to mark the Anniversary of the Start of Murambatsvina
    • JAG Open Letter Forum no 419
    • Homeless residents wait in the cold as housing project stalls
    • Working towards Zimbabwean diaspora conference
    • Zimbabwe: the fear of tomorrow
    • One year on, Zimbabwean families reel under the effects of Operation Murambatsvina
    • No Zim return for Streak
    • Banks Rue Breach of Basel Rules
    • 'Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights' appeals to African Commission
    • Painting Africa with the corruptor's brush
    • Commission to Restore EU-Zim Relations
    • Hwange Colliery, NRZ Strike Deal
    • Zimbabwe pulls out of triangular series in Kenya
    • Manuel in talks with Zimbabwe
    • Press release from: Reebok Human Rights Foundation
    • JAG Classifieds dated 16 May 2006
    • US court rejects Zim fine appeal
  22. Posted 17/5/06
    • Zimbabwe accused of inflating maize harvest figures
    • Half of Zimbabwe's rail wagons pack up as infrastructure crumbles
    • Plot against senior ZANU PF leaders would have wrecked unity, court told
    • High Court to deliver judgment on ex-Rhodesian soldier's bail application
    • Chingoka set to bounce back as Zimbabwe Olympic Committee boss
    • Farmers Try to Halt New Invasions
    • Bodies of 13 Zimbabwean border-jumpers found
    • Released student describes inhuman and degrading police torture
    • MDC's season of democratic resistance gathers momentum
    • Annan seeks Zim breakthrough
    • Interview with Arthur Mutambara
    • People flock to church as inflation tops 1,000 percent
    • Size of pockets to decide food security
    • Political Newcomer Aims to Unify Opposition Party
    • Zimbabwe NGOs highlight plight of crackdown victim
    • Report: Zim predicts good maize harvest
    • Mugabe promises war veterans salaries
    • Rape and abuse of women rife in border jumping syndicates
    • Zimbabwe plans pilot irrigation project
    • Zimbabwe accidents kill 35 people in three days
  23. Batch 2 Posted 16/5/06
    • Children of the streets feel wrath of Mugabe
    • Harare's homeless hunker down for another winter
    • Tsvangirai on UK tour at the end of the month
    • Of Mutambara rally and the MDC split
    • Human rights defenders protest student arrests, urge African Commission to act on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: the tragedy of the 'commoners'
    • Mutambara necessary for democracy
    • Aids and a lost generation: Children raising children
    • State Seeks Over $600 Billion
    • Mongolia latest to join minerals grab
  24. Posted 16/5/06
    • As safe as houses: real estate rockets in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe police threaten woman activist with death
    • Girl-children sacrificed into marriage as hunger bites in Zimbabwe
    • Harare still to accredit by-election observers
    • Squatters rounded up in Harare
    • Zanu PF's secret newspapers sprout amid private press closures
    • Tsvangirai attracts thousands while Mujuru cancels in Budiriro
    • Sixteen per cent of Zimbabwe children forced to work: report
    • As Bob the giantkiller stole the show at Museveni's party...
    • Ethiopia, Zimbabwe are Africa's worst offenders in denying press freedom
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 13th May 2006
    • Its 'bonus' time for Zimbabwe War Veterans!
    • Mugabe's 'Look East' policy on the rocks
    • Women in court today for love march
    • Loved ones dumped in the night as proper burials are now a luxury
    • National Constitutional Assembly row
    • ZANU PF MP Langa and wife accused of blocking opposition from GMB food
    • Journalists agree to support Zimbabwe's self-regulation
    • Letter from America
    • Erratic power supply to affect winter wheat
  25. Posted 15/5/06
    • Bad To Worse
    • Harare says will not repeal tough media law
    • Inflation time bomb could shatter Mugabe's rule
    • Clean-up victims face death as they fail to access AIDS drugs: report
    • Zim demolition victims still roughing it
    • Five arrested in Zimbabwe for issuing fake leases to white farmers
    • The Beginning of Winter
    • Caf names 2010 shortlist
    • Apollo formally acquires Dunlop, but problems likely to persist
    • NEDPP likely to fail again, says US ambassador
    • Activists denied food in Zimbabwe prisons
    • Zim maize 'to help inflation'
  26. Batch 2 Posted 14/5/06
    • Meddling Chombo meets his match
    • MPs linked to plot to oust Mugabe
    • Students in trouble for insulting Mugabe
    • Minister quizzed over new economic plan
    • 'Lack of rule of law fuels graft'
    • Another cold winter for clean up victims
    • 'Poverty, AIDS worsen child labour'
    • Tsvangirai ups the stakes in Budiriro
    • Workers suspended over dustbin cash
    • Bus accident kills nine in Harare
    • Gono flips, now wait for the flop
    • Hospitality association mourns as tourism continues downward slide
    • Damn statistics!
    • ZNCC Congress slated for June
    • Common currency for southern Africa: more hurdles emerge
    • It's never too late to begin undoing the damage
    • Zimbabwe's hospitals of death
    • Education no longer a right in Zimbabwe
    • The hidden costs of donor dependency
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Lack of co-ordination costs city millions
    • 15 feared dead of cholera
  27. Posted 14/5/06
    • Food or freedom
    • Zimbabwe Inflation Tops 1,000 Percent
    • RTG board faces chop
    • Kuwait, Zimbabwe sign accord to avoid dual taxation
    • 'Gono offered US$5 000 to trap Nherera'
    • Zinwa hikes water tariffs for farmers
  28. Batch 2 Posted 13/5/06
    • Zimbabwe on edge as inflation hits 1,000%
    • Civic leader urges co-ordinated protests in Zimbabwe
    • Parents to suffer most from Education Bill signed by Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai to address Budiriro campaign rally on Sunday
    • Lawyer: Bindura students tortured in police custody
    • Millionaires' in Zimbabwe are not rich enough
    • Zimbabwe to review price of bio-diesel seeds
    • Coal in short supply in Zimbabwe
    • State will not tolerate farm disturbances - Mujuru
    • Zimbabwe to spend more on refurbishing water reservoirs
    • ICC urged to deal with Zim sternly
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 418
    • Black empowerment hijacked by Zim's elite
    • Village of Colliding International Forces
  29. Posted 13/5/06
    • Zimbabwe's inflation surges to 1 042.9 percent
    • Human rights body condemns harassment of students
    • Mugabe coup plot was in two phases, court told
    • Zimbabwe's economic meltdown threatens regional integration
    • Zimbabwean students held after campus fire
    • Tension Rises Following Zimbabwe Student Protests in Provincial Bindura
    • Zim land reform here to stay
    • An ostrich farmer makes wine
    • Zim farmers get a second warning to use land
    • MDC man 'close to SA asylum status'
    • Third term debate shows cracks in African democracy
    • Another Zimbabwe gold miner reports drop in output
    • Mugabe Critic Opens Up On Zim Crisis
    • Chingoka again under attack
    • Unhealthy Zim prison closed
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 11 May 2006
    • Vaccine fine; but deal with Zimbabwe
    • Cattle rustler nabbed
    • Mozambique - Son of former head of state charged in Cardoso murder case
  30. Batch 4 Posted 12/5/06
    • Top banks face crisis
    • Annan seeks Zim breakthrough
    • Chinese team sets sights on uranium
    • Mugabe determined to dodge 2008 election
    • Misa takes Interception of Communications Bill to ACHPR
    • Despite assurances, land grabs still on
    • Harare holds transfer of water billing to Zinwa
    • Greed turns noble agrarian reform into racist enterprise
    • Youth training centres closed
    • Zanu PF bars Tekere from leadership
    • Chinese companies abandon projects
    • Kondozi sucks in Mujuru
    • Govt fails to cough up for planes, Chinese bitter
    • Two steps to the left ... two steps to the right
    • Huge cash outlay for Air Zimbabwe restructuring
    • Zim crisis scaring away investors
    • Golden leaf fails to spur sluggish market
    • Tsholotsho guys authored my woes - Mawere
    • Govt debt fuels money supply
    • Salaries push debt to $15,7 trillion
    • Vic Falls triggers battle
    • Zanu PF is the fairy-tale monster
    • Mutambara needs tuition in politics
    • Fresh wave erodes investor confidence
    • Banking report - another own goal
    • All happily employed except 9%
    • Case of the dog that didn't bark in the night
    • 'The truth hurts' at Nust
    • African people's 'long nightmare'
    • Zim Independent Letters
  31. Batch 3 Posted 12/5/06
    • ZANU PF leaders plotted coup against Mugabe, court told
    • Doomsday for private schools as Mugabe assents to Bill
    • Mugabe stepping up rights abuses, African Commission told
    • Newspaper firms to pay for vending sites
    • Zimbabwe, Botswana relations on the mend as train service resumes
    • null
    • Boyscouts in Harare to take part in WFP global walking fundraiser
    • NCA demonstrators arrested in central Harare
    • Computer lab burnt as students react in fury to police brutality
    • South African Business Consultant Lauds Chinese Investments in Africa
    • Zimbabwe bid to host 2010 African Cup of Nations
    • Crumbling Zim hospitals leave cancer patients at risk
    • Garikai houses pose health catastrophe
    • Continued Harassment Of Students In Zimbabwe Condemned
    • The art of diversion
    • CBZ clashes with British tycoon
    • Jenni Williams & Cont Mhlanga on BTH
  32. Batch 2 Posted 12/5/06
    • SA grants Bennett temporary permit
    • Police raid top MDC official's home
    • Time Bank directors' specification lifted
    • NGOs join forces to assess Murambatsvina aftermath
    • Harare commissioners duck parliamentary panel probe
    • 'Chombo sought amicable end to ZUPCO bribery case'
    • U-turn over Kondozi
    • Major shakeup at ZBH
    • ZUPCO tender controversy under spotlight
    • 'Sovereignty' vs basic freedoms, right
    • Accuser put 'on trial' in Zuma case
    • Border Timbers cuts working hours
    • Africa meets to discuss growth
    • Biti takes over fired Zimbank workers' case
    • It's a different story across the border
    • Journalists are not seeking heroism, Cde Charamba
    • Tobacco is not the economy!
    • What legacy will Mugabe bequeath?
    • Gono's dilemma
    • Of judges who can't afford a roof over their head
    • FinGaz Letters
  33. Batch 1 Posted 12/5/06
    • WOZA fights for education
    • Mugabe motorcade guard beats up young mother
    • Officials beg for Av gas in Jozi
    • Elections rigged already - MDC
    • Mugabe arms war vets, youths
    • Watching in agony
    • Zimbabwe Action Movement (ZAM) calls for unity
    • Killing the golden goose - through incompetence and greed
    • MDC vows to bring down 'Iron Curtain'
  34. Batch 2 Posted 11/5/06
    • Jag PR Communique Statement to the Press dated 10 May 2006
    • Zimbabweans Pay Dearly For Cost of Health Care
    • Amnesty International Press Release
    • Zim, EU urged to revive strong ties
    • Police hound civic leaders ahead of 'murambatsvina' commemoration
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Takes Up Issue Interception of Communications Bill With ACHPR
    • No new movement towards Zimbabwe peace: SA govt
    • Coffee, cigarettes at the border
    • Mugabe reconciliation spree should start with the media
    • GMB fails to pay farmers
    • HIV-Positive People Floundering As Economy Sinks
    • Mutambara Faction of Zimbabwe Opposition Repositions - But Won't Give Up MDC Name
  35. Posted 11/5/06
    • Zimbabwe inflation data delayed
    • Student leader battles for life in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe had it wrong
    • Mugabe to fork out US$10 million on British-led corruption survey
    • Jonathan Moyo says Mugabe earmarked him for Senate seat
    • Zimbabwe to remember home demolition campaign
    • Zimbabwe in a terminal state - an open letter
    • Rising child malnutrition signals impact of poverty/AIDS
    • Zim gets a partner in crime
    • Chombo running show in Harare - Chideya
    • Harare commission deputy chairman hit by power abuse allegations
    • MDC must contain internal cannibalism - Kagoro
    • Cash Shortage Looms in Zimbabwe After Big State Pay Raises
    • China to set up strategic mineral reserves
    • Mutambara sees resolution of MDC dispute
    • Struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe is for everyone, Mutambara tells Londoners
    • J&K activist gets Reebok Human Rights Award
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 417
    • Jag Classifieds dated 9 May 2006
    • Trial date set for Zim arms-cache suspect
    • Diabetics Urge State to Regulate Price of Essential Drugs
    • Dell defies Mugabe, again
    • China to loan Mozambique $2,3bn for power plant
  36. Posted 10/5/06
    • Massive brain-drain hemorrhages Zimbabwe security forces
    • Harare says poverty and AIDS fuelling child labour
    • ZANU PF power struggle comes to court
    • Police detain artist over critical Zimbabwean play
    • Judge reserves judgment indefinitely in treason case
    • Zifa board member pushing for Mhlauri's ouster
    • Zimbabwe go for damage control against West Indie
    • Zim protesters freed after five days in jail
    • Serious threat seen in proposed law on intercepting communications
    • A year after urban purge conditions for displaced still grim
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Groups Cite Increase in Official Violence
    • Local Aid Agencies Warn Harare of Impending Food Shortage
    • Zimbabwe's flue-cured tobacco sales down 32%
    • Zim government warns resettled farmers
    • Zimbabwean economy loses out on tobacco revenue
    • Zimbabwean banks to fight asset sale ruling
    • A question to Mugabe leaves journalist's job in limbo
    • Amnesty International Slams UK Farmer For Africa Gallows Sales - BBC
    • Air Zimbabwe Pays $2 Billion Zimra Duty for Blankets
    • Launch of Traditional Medicine School a Milestone
    • Zimbabwe police uncover marijuana 'plantation'
    • MDC name confusion anathema to democracy
  37. Posted 9/5/06
    • A nation of millionaires who can't afford to buy anything
    • Zimbabwe says only nine percent of population is unemployed
    • Mugabe's clean-up houses find no takers in city
    • Women arrested over fees protest freed in Zimbabwe
    • WOZA protests break out in Harare as Bulawayo detainees released
    • Zimbabwean authorities embark on witch-hunt for Bennett supporters in
    • ZITF a sad affair
    • Police intervention prevents ugly farm clash
    • Government remains silent as food situation worsens
    • Zim's new black farmers to get leases
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 6th May 2006
    • Students charged for removing Mugabe picture
    • Under Siege: Zimbabwe's Human Rights Activists
    • South Africa under pressure over Mugabe
    • Police guarding Mugabe plaque
    • 18 students arrested and brutally assaulted at Bindura University
    • Trapped in a web of his own making
    • Army embarks on de-mining exercise
    • Mutambara to meet Zimbabweans in London
  38. Posted 8/5/06
    • Relief agencies run out of food in Zimbabwe
    • SA rejects asylum applications by MDC official's workers
    • Zimbabwe's ailing cellular network may be on MTN's list
    • Diamond production at Murowa takes a dip
    • Leaders vow to spearhead Sadc transformation
    • Tsvangirai to address rally in Bulawayo on Sunday
    • How Long?
    • Zimbabwe Theory of Quantum Mathematics
  39. Batch 2 Posted 7/5/06
    • Irish families forced to flee from Zimbabwe
    • Aid plea as Mugabe is honoured
    • 'Untouchables' defy deportation drive
    • Celebrities back tampon rebels of Zimbabwe
    • Soldiers, teachers duped over salaries
    • 48 arrested over Mugabe portrait
    • Government desperate to pre-empt MDC demos
    • Children plan protest over escalating fees
    • Crime soars as hardships bite
    • Chinhoyi mayor blows $150m on hired Benz
    • State bars invite to Dell
    • 'Maguta' worsens food crisis - study
    • Disease fears as UZ runs dry
    • Painful dilemma for short-time textile workers
    • Police target beggers in new clean up
    • ZCC blasts government over mounting poverty
    • Harare filth drives out businesses
    • Police resort to one-leg tests for drunk drivers
    • Diseases wreak havoc at Hopley settlement
    • VOP wins award
    • Power crisis looms
    • Ministers snub Zim trade fair
    • Political decisions subvert efforts at turning around the economy
    • Freedom of expresssion and economic prosperity
    • Zim Standard Letters
  40. Posted 7/5/06
    • To Farm, or Not to Farm?
    • The AU-Era Breed of African Leaders Have Disappointed Africa
    • Women to spend weekend behind bars
    • China donates construction equipment to Zimbabwe
    • A Surging Cost of Living Is Driving More Zimbabweans Into Poverty
    • Zanu PF succession war plays out in court
    • Mexican Firm Clinches Money Transfer Deal
    • Consumer basket shoots up 17.4 percent last month in Zimbabwe
    • Pretoria: No evidence of persecution in Zimbabwe
    • May Day
    • No way, no choice
  41. Posted 6/5/06
    • Zimbabwe security agents step up use of torture: report
    • Students attack Mugabe for ruining education sector
    • Women protesters still in police custody
    • Zim minister: White farmers not invited back
    • Push for democracy in Zimbabwe, UK tells African Union
    • Government obstructs humanitarian access to displaced as new evictions loom
    • Reflections on Opposition Politics in Zimbabwe: The Politics of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)
    • Zimbabwe officials say ICC chief must resign
    • BILL WATCH 19 [Public Hearing on Suppression of Terrorism Bill]
    • Zimbabwe weighs Botswana down
    • Government violating the rights of children
    • AIDS stagnating education in Africa
    • State Alert to ARVs Situation: Minister
    • Thieves pounce on urban farmers' maize fields
    • Where there is a will there is a way: A reflection on Zimbabwe
    • State to Embark On ZDF Housing Project
    • Council warns on water shortages
    • Parks Takes Steps to Protect Lions
    • Zim Refutes Claims of Foot-And-Mouth Outbreak
    • Engage Private Sector in Tokwe-Murkosi Project
    • Zimbabwe court releases man to pay hooker
  42. Batch 3 Posted 5/5/06
    • Pressure grows in Zimbabwe to devalue currency
    • Zim cops release arrested kids
    • Zimbabwe: Insight into the humanitarian crisis and food politics
    • Zimbabwean miners press for wage increment
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 416
    • Mugabe to cling on until 2010
    • MP seizes dairy
    • Children pay for Zim's politics
    • Mutasa backtracks on white farmers
    • Zvinavashe slams govt for lack of planning
    • Moyo's $2b lawsuit goes to court
    • Govt ignores tender process at parly
    • Wage hikes seen as pre-emptive action to defuse mass action
    • CID probe River Ranch
    • No vehicles for senators
    • Noczim to fork out $42 trillion for $6 trillion debt
    • 'RBZ response a death knell for industry'
    • Give us our annual subsidies
    • A legacy of censorship and closure
    • What press freedom?
    • Chinotimba's economic illiteracy on show
    • Funding the state's burgeoning expenditure
    • Victim mentality won't help
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • A Zim perspective on the TRC
    • Inflation: when more money means less purchasing power
    • Hifa ends but leaves indelible mark
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 4 May 2006
  43. Batch 2 Posted 5/5/06
    • Zimbabwe's poverty datum line shoots to Z$41 million
    • 29 children die of hunger-related illnesses in Bulawayo
    • Tobacco price stand-off may undo revival of Zimbabwe's mainstay tobacco sector
    • Zimbabwe banks lose appeal against amalgamation
    • Police arrest 173 women for protesting against high fees
    • Police tighten border patrols
    • Malawi vice president and opposition officials arrested ahead of Mugabe arrival
    • "Working for white masters", Mugabe tells Malawi campaigners
    • Mugabe seeks racial unity
    • When you sup with the devil...
    • Journalist, Politician: Who's Victim, Villain, Saint or Sinner?
    • 'Journalists Did Nothing Wrong'
    • IDC in deal with Russian investor
    • Africa "peer review" governance plan moving slowly
    • SADC's discredited policies of appeasement on Zimbabwe!
    • Zambia to probe farmers accused of coup plots
    • Don't spare the whip on Mugabe
    • Is Africa a 'failing' continent?
    • Zimbabwe journalists march for freedom
  44. Batch 1 Posted 5/5/06
    • Gono digs in his heels
    • Bodyguard embarrasses First Family
    • ZESA appeals to Mujuru over tariff increases
    • No joyrides for new Air Zimbabwe bosses
    • Landmark banks ruling set for today
    • ZUPCO boss stung by cell phone
    • Who are the real tribalists?
    • Murowa output decline worsens
    • Ex-presidents bury heads in the sand
    • Coltart gives up on MDC peace deal
    • Bennett retains post
    • US ambassador blasts new economic blueprint
    • Tobacco growers, merchants close ranks to face govt
    • Nation faces another poor performance from gold
    • Making political capital out of a national tragedy
    • A few home truths won't hurt cry baby farmers
    • A catch-22 situation
    • Press Day: a salute to ideals of liberty
    • FinGaz Letters
  45. Batch 2 Posted 4/5/06
    • Charges against Botswana TV crew baseless - CPJ
    • Lions and People Must Learn to Get Along, Experts Say
    • Harare in move to spy on citizens
    • Elephants wreak havoc at Shashe Irrigation Scheme
    • Panadol given to Zimbabwe's Aids patients as life-saving drugs run out
    • Water shortage hits Chiredzi
    • Statistics conceal more than they reveal
    • Citrus fruit market limited: producer
    • Greed, opportunism at heart of Zimbabwe crisis
    • expands services
    • Call for teachers to return
    • TALC offers care for elderly
    • Garages refuse to service party cars
    • Mafa's son accused of espionage
    • Ngoma arts magazine revived
    • New elections now, demands CHRA
    • Detention Watch from Zimbabwe Association - (UK)
    • Breakfast with Mugabe - it's true
    • Zimbabwe's priceless, scattering heritage
  46. Posted 4/5/06
    • US ambassador blames bad governance for Zimbabwe's misery
    • Shortage of ARVs clear sign that Zimbabwe's health delivery system on its knees
    • Journalists demand return of banned Zimbabwean newspapers
    • Zifa fails to raise Z$1.7 billion for release of Nations Cup bid document
    • Little to cheer on press freedom day
    • Zimbabwean president visits Malawi amid critics from its civil groups
    • Zimbabwe Prints More Currency For Public Salary Increases
    • Access to Clean Water Deteriorating
    • Mbangwa pities Zimbabwe's young guns
    • Zimbabwe needs help - SADC
    • Police accused of blocking Tsvangirai MDC campaigners in Budiriro, Tsvangirai MDC alleges police interference and rigging in Budiriro by-election
    • ZDF soldiers denounce Mugabe through graffiti in toilets
    • Censorship, state monitoring and control and corporate complicity mire online free expression: RSF annual report
    • Mine Nationalisation Fears
  47. Batch 3 Posted 3/5/06
    • Zim journalists' alliance aims to 'reclaim media'
    • Botswana urges IMF to rescue Zimbabwe
    • A farmer from Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe denies outbreak of FMD
    • David Coltart letter
    • Radiotherapy equipment breaks down
    • Zim starts to run out of anti-retrovirals
    • Zimbabweans Find Relief in Laughter
  48. Batch 2 Posted 3/5/06
    • South Africa's Mbeki Moves to Broker Zimbabwe Opposition Peace
    • Zimbabwe dollar moves for first time in three months
    • Mugabe resorts to bribery as bullying loses punch
    • Zimbabwe pulls out of UN Rights Council
    • So This is Democracy?
    • (IFJ/IFEX) - IFJ Africa statement for World Press Freedom Day
    • Freedom of expression is imperative for democracy
    • Terrorism Bill to be tabled in Parliament soon
    • Freedoms intertwine in complex civil compact
    • Backlog of 103,410 asylum cases
    • JAG Classifieds dated 2 May 2006
  49. Posted 3/5/06
    • Zimbabwe seen printing, borrowing money for salaries
    • Life in the world's most failed economy
    • Btv crew detained in Zimbabwe
    • Leading Zimbabwe mining firm reports drop in output
    • Wheat Target Achievable: Made
    • Water shortages and power cuts spread further
    • Coltart on violence of the fist, tongue and heart
    • Building bridges
    • Police set free seven people arrested during Workers' Day celebrations
    • Banned SA musician performs in Bulaway
    • Workers slam Mugabe's regime
    • Malaria Claims 125 in Four Months
    • Split emerges in ZANU PF
    • 16th World Press Freedom Day
  50. Batch 2 Posted 2/5/06
    • Zimbabwe's prices rise 900%, turning staples into luxuries
    • Army and Security Forces Usurping Zimbabwe Central Bank Powers
    • Seven held after May Day rallies - Zim union
    • World Press Freedom Day - May 3rd
    • Uproar in Malawi about Mugabe road plan
    • The Failed States Index
  51. Posted 2/5/06
    • Zimbabwe labour leaders threaten to call street protests
    • Methodist churches in southern Africa to accommodate Zimbabwean refugees
    • Zim central bank relaxes exporters' exchange rate
    • Health hazard stalks Harare
    • Rural Zimbabweans Hit by Health Crisis
    • Tsvangirai brings MDC roadmap to supporters in Vic Falls & Binga
    • Report of current aquisition bid on Zengea Farm, Harare South
    • Lawsuit against Zimbabwean war veterans looms
    • Govt sets aside $1 trillion for jatropha projects
    • Ex-members of security forces terrorise SADC
    • Tsvangirai to discuss rift with Mbeki
    • Hundreds attend MDC rally in Manchester
  52. Posted 1/5/06
    • News & Views from US Embassy, Harare
    • Harare tells unhappy tobacco farmers to quit
    • Workers' dreams turn into ash in crisis-torn Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean police bust elephant poaching syndicate
    • South African DJ Cleo banned for insulting Mugabe
    • State agents threaten top musician Hosea Chipanga
    • Mutambara says exiles must vote
    • Talks on incomes and prices resume on cards
    • Poor incentives may hit farm production

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