The ZIMBABWE Situation

June 2006 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 3 Posted 30/6/06
    • Mugabe tries to get off hook
    • Chinamasa trial in doubt
    • Interest rates bloat public debt
    • Chombo endorses Chideya's suspension
    • Zim foreign investment to remain subdued: report
    • Govt retreats from Gletwyn
    • ZCTU plans wage protests
    • Shumba slams govt
    • Mutasa men's murder trial slated for July
    • State agents fingered in human rights abuse
    • Land reform spawns free fall of rural infrastructure
    • Shareholders to reclaim Time Bank
    • Black market booms
    • Low interest rates hold back savings
    • Lobels increases bread production
    • Seven-stage road map leading to a cul-de-sac
    • Civil society's double standards inimical to change in Zimbabwe
    • How not to do it
    • Riled by Zesa's lack of consistency, planning
    • Of Chideya and the Haul of Fame
    • When men of the cloth are bought for a hymn
    • Price controls don't work
    • Parallel rates punish economy
    • Each one of us owes $3,2 million
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 29 June 2006
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/6/06
    • ZANU PF pushes Mugabe to reject UN deal
    • Zimbabwean black farmer challenges nullification of offer letter
    • Tsvangirai meets church leaders
    • Mugabe says Harare does not need rescue package
    • Education system sliding into ruin
    • Zimbabwe Mugabe vow 'fight until death', renews attack on Britain
    • Three Power Stations Suspend Operations
    • Zim seizes more chicken farms - report
    • Statement by VOA Director Concerning VOA Broadcasts to Zimbabwe
    • State Compulsorily Acquires 19 Farms
    • Government Forges Ahead With Privatisation Programme
    • Plus ça change...
    • Zimbabwe bids for Mozambique power
    • US$20 million for farmers
    • MDC grills Gumbo on key economic recovery issues
    • Shopping Basket 25-06-06
    • From Liberator to Tyrant: Recollections of Robert Mugabe
    • Lawyer who burnt ballot papers appointed acting information minister
    • Zim signs $45m maize, fertiliser deal
    • Mugabe still not sure if he'll talk to Annan
    • AU summit set to turn screws on Mugabe
    • Cellphone Sim card shortage in Zim
    • A friend of African dictators?
    • Tsvangirai savaged over mass action U-turn
    • Tsvangirai seeks unity with Zanu PF - Chaibva
  3. Batch 1 Posted 30/6/06
    • Cabinet reshuffle looms
    • Domestic debt doubles in a month
    • Govt to dictate fuel prices
    • Dogfight for Chihuri's job intensifies
    • UN keeps Annan, Mugabe meeting under tight lid
    • May Jokonya's soul rest in eternal peace
    • Rural election race hots up as parties prepare for battle
    • UPP launch a damp squib
    • Vegetable oil processors hit hard by price increases
    • ZIMRA pounces again
    • What now for media after Jokonya's voice of reason?
    • Govt inertia on economy riles private sector
    • Fire the deadwood!
    • ZANU PF loyalists poisonous
    • MWEB explains technical problems
    • Police launch Op 'No going back
    • Travel ban to stay
    • Bredenkamp denies reports
    • BILL WATCH - Parliament adjourns
    • No respect for culture
    • Makwavarara apes Mugabe
    • Keeping flame of hope alive
    • Reform or face Tough love - WOZA ultimatum to Mayor
  4. Posted 29/6/06
    • Shadows and Lies
    • Air Zimbabwe plane in emergency landing
    • Zimbabwe police officers face murder charges
    • Pressure piles on Zimbabwe banking sector ahead of capital requirement deadline
    • Harare rejects ILO proposal to probe harassment claims
    • Top academic joins Tsvangirai-led MDC
    • White farmer- Black warrior on Reporters' Forum
    • Animals Without Borders Promise to Lift Economy of SA's Neighbours
    • A wasted chance
    • ZUJ head wins case
    • Lawyers initiate campaign to protect threatened Bishop
    • In The Balance
    • Zim refugees in SA die of 'food poisoning'
  5. Batch 2 Posted 28/6/06
    • Scepticism pervades China deals with Zimbabwe
    • Looking for Signs of Change in Zimbabwe
    • Public Transport Now a Luxury
    • My friend Mugabe became a monster
    • School Fees Hike Fuels Dropout Rate
    • CIO in dire straits, wants RBZ to print more money
    • Chambers of Chinese enterprises in Zimbabwe founded
    • Zimbabwean Humanitarian Aid Providers Find Capacity Stretched
    • US Bush receives African democracy activists
    • Unite or remain disorganised to your own peril, Mudzuri tells
    • Jokonya given hero status as Mangwana gets acting information post
    • UN criticises Home Office over refugees
    • JAG Classifieds dated 27 June 2006
  6. Posted 28/6/06
    • When everything is illegal, a guilty conscience seeps into your dreams
    • Zimbabwe workers brace for nationwide strikes
    • Mugabe's clean-up fails to drive off vendors from streets
    • Zimbabwe students resort to prostitution to make ends meet
    • Consulate says no proof armed robbers were Zimbabweans
    • Harare Back In Pretoria Seeking No-Strings Mega-Loan
    • Hard times for foreign land owners in Zimbabwe
    • SA willing to be part of Mugabe, Annan meeting
    • Zimbabwe gazettes Petroleum Bill
    • Zim forex rate hurts industries
    • More white farmers given 90 days to leave
    • Zim residents bitter over new water tariffs
    • Zimbabwe government jams radio stations
    • Hot Seat: Part 3 Teleconference
    • We're Not to Blame for Load Shedding, Says Zesa Official
    • MDC's 'Mugabe must go' strategy ill-thought
    • Makwavarara, Chideya locked in fierce Town House battle
    • Congolese refugee helps Zimbabwe tackle medical crisis
    • Zimbabwe snoopers law deeply flawed
    • Smelling a boomtown rat
    • Day in support of Zimbabwean torture survivors
    • Foreign aid to Africa
    • Till death do us part - in Zimbabwe politics too?
    • MDC supports initiatives to restore democratic rule says Chamisa
    • Zimbabwean President for land conference in Ghana
  7. Posted 27/6/06
    • Zimbabwe police 'carried out torture on a massive scale'
    • Few Turn Up for Zimbabwe National Day of Prayer
    • White farmers say still to receive land from Zimbabwe government
    • Bold reforms not just prayers will save Zimbabwe
    • Two Botswana journalists to stand trial in Zimbabwe
    • Journalists' union pays tribute to late Zimbabwe information minister
    • Zim moves white ex-soldier's weapons trial
    • Letter from America
    • Mugabe prays for peace while his CIOs hunt down religious critics
    • Zimbabweans show their scars on world torture day
    • Fuel shortages resurface in Zimbabwe
  8. Batch 2 Posted 26/6/06
    • White farmers receive eviction notices despite Mugabe pledge
    • Deadline looms for Zimbabwe's banks
    • Mobile phone boom eludes Zimbabwe as crisis bites
    • Slavery, colonialism, world cup: an African reflection
    • Zimbabweans in the UK remember torture victims
    • Help us solve crisis, Mugabe calls out to the church
    • Government deploys teams to assess wheat planting
    • Meet Britain's other black farmer
  9. Posted 26/6/06
    • Harare partially jams US-based radio station
    • ZANU PF dismisses new political party, says Zimbabweans happy under its rule
    • Zimbabwe dollar takes heavy knock on parallel market
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 24th June 2006
    • Zim banks brace for cash crisis
    • Agreement signed on Limpopo transfrontier park
  10. Batch 2 Posted 25/6/06
    • White farmers facing catastrophe as Zimbabwe reneges on property deal
    • Bread Wars
    • The Telegraph - blog
    • Update on Zimbabwe Stolen Pensions Petition
    • Zimbabwe implements new strategies to boost country image
    • Minister Jokonya dies
    • Shumba launches own party
    • CIO terrorises demonstrators
    • Dramatic twist to Nkomo lodge row
    • MDC's Mutambara meets war veterans
    • UZ on strike
    • Furore over Mangwana's return to Masvingo
    • Police disrupt funeral of Tsvangirai's father
    • Chimanikire withdraws $100b defamation case against MDC leader
    • Women threaten demo over rape suspect
    • Mnangagwa case: police probe missing papers
    • Kombi drivers fight NRZ over Botswana train
    • Location of Aids clinic sparks protest
    • Minister admits need for Western health support
    • Banks predict gloomy future
    • Hunt for scarce fuel spreads to Qatar
    • Wheat shortage hits Zimbabwe
    • AirZim grounds MA60s
    • Zimbabwe squanders tourism opportunities
    • Whither Zimbabwe?
    • Bridge-building: long on promises but short on implementation
    • Male MPs must apologise
    • Zim Standard Letters
  11. Posted 25/6/06
    • Zimbabwe's information minister found dead
    • Zimbabwe Church Alliance To Boycott Prayer Event & Mugabe Speech
    • Exiled human rights lawyer calls ICC to investigate atrocities in Zimbabwe
    • The many lies told in your name
    • A nation in dire straits: law, politics and crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Denial: Zimbabwe's collective psychosis
    • Makwavarara assumes all Town House powers
    • Information about 3 Zimbabwean events in the UK - come and support
    • SABC defends canning of doccie
    • Harare could be in contempt of court over pay
  12. Posted 24/6/06
    • EU, US vow to maintain targeted sanctions against Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe transport operators hike fares by 50 percent
    • Zimbabwe between past and future
    • Zimbabwe: Storm Over Rights Commission
    • White Zim farmers criticise payout
    • Mugabe's Day of Prayer
    • Campaign to boycott Mugabe at Prayer Day intensifies
    • Mugabe warns opponents over mass protests
    • Two year agonising wait for Zimbabwe passport seekers
    • High profile Zimbabwean judge joins Victoria
    • Mugabe slams churches as 'agents of violence'
    • Zimbabwe's Business community cries foul
    • Seized 'coup' jet still in Zim
    • Zimbabwean foreign minister clashes with diplomats
    • Zimbabwe's central bank bails out power co
    • Zim liberation hero buried without honours
    • Violence reported ahead of Zimbabwe Rural Council elections
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 22 June 2006
  13. Batch 3 Posted 23/6/06
    • Tsvangirai pushes for fresh talks
    • MDC mass action still going ahead
    • Mugabe's 'bridge-building' project collapses
    • Govt rapped for making citizens prone to trafficking
    • A2 farmers to pay backdated rents, levies
    • Bredenkamp not yet charged
    • Shop licence fees up 3 000%
    • Commission recommends sack for Leslie Gwindi
    • Zim lags behind on Transfrontier National Park project
    • I erred over Bubye -Midzi
    • Makwavarara rewarded for doing business Zanu PF way
    • Former Zimpapers employee awarded $10 billion
    • Chinamasa censures NGOs
    • RBZ beginsmoves to cancel Trust, Royal licences
    • Troubled Falgold threatens closure
    • Zimbabwe bound to stay trapped in fuel price spiral
    • US$33m tobacco sold at auction floors so far
    • Price controls pose threat to Dairibord plans- CEO
    • Bakers defiant on prices despite arrests
    • Govt external debt at US$3, 9 billion in 2005
    • Air Zim in US$24 million debt for servicing Boeing fleet
    • Ballooning debt dims economic recovery hopes
    • Time running out for Mugabe to step aside
    • What's the justification for this Commission?
    • Who are the 'we' and who are the 'they' in looting of land, mines?
    • Poverty is not socialism
    • Which Harare does Chombo live in?
    • NEDPP requires infrastructural transformation
    • No profit as long as ZBH remains Zanu PF pet project
    • Mugabe's Mr Micawber mindset
    • Zim Independent Letters
  14. Batch 2 Posted 23/6/06
    • When the going gets tough, the tough turn entrepreneurs
    • Harare halts probe against corrupt senior police officers
    • Mugabe alive and well, says ZANU PF spokesman
    • Desperate gold diggers lay environment to waste in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe milling firms switch off plants
    • Zimbabwe Archbishop Calls for Boycott of Prayer Day
    • Annan, Mugabe could meet on sidelines at AU summit
    • Sugar shortages hit Zimbabwe
    • Chinamasa attacks civil society at UN Human Rights Council inauguration
    • Internet Service Providers block e-mails with political content
    • Power Cut to Lead to More Water Cuts: Zinwa
    • Digital bush telegraph
    • Scepticism Remains As China Comes to the Rescue
    • Bakers hit back after 'overcharged' arrests
    • New game park to straddle SA, Zim and Botswana
    • Country Pinning Hopes On Economic Policy Statements
    • State Withdraws Offer Letter From Farmer
    • Commercial Farmers' Union classifieds - 21st June 2006
  15. Batch 1 Posted 23/6/06
    • VP Msika snubbed
    • Shumba breaks silence on Tsholotsho
    • Rural electrification project in limbo
    • Noczim cancels fuel subsidy for doctors
    • Govt backtracks on white farmers' payouts
    • Mutasa gives justice a kick in the teeth
    • Mahoso understudy, MIC finance chief get the sack
    • VOP trial postponed
    • Bakers turn to the courts
    • Economic crisis claims more corporate scalps
    • TA chief calls for sound economic policies
    • Rating agencies wary of Zim banks
    • Bank workers besiege curator
    • That our leaders turn to SA says a lot about health system
    • All good words but . . .
    • Interception of Comms Bill: an analysis
    • Sizzling in their own fat!
    • Opulence more visible as rich, poor gap widens
    • How to kill a capital city . . . while Chombo/Makwavarara party on
    • FinGaz Letters
  16. Batch 2 Posted 22/6/06
    • Zimbabwe to compensate foreigners for land
    • Can Zimbabwe survive a sudden exit by President Mugabe?
    • Zimbabwe crisis takes centre stage at ACP-EU parliamentary forum
    • Monitoring human rights? Get a satellite
    • Backstory: In Zimbabwe, ragtag scouts vs. poachers
    • Torture - shocking stats
    • Zimbabwe: a lesson in self destruction
    • Percentage of national economy in ZANU (PF) hands
    • New global consensus gives hope
    • Embattled Mugabe steps up race-politics
    • Cyberspace blocked
    • Forget Annan and Mbeki's kid-glove diplomacy
    • Cry for freedom
    • Wake up Britain - it's pay-back time
    • Unasked question: Who killed the fish?
    • Fragments tell the story
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
    • Zimbabwe, Ghana to strengthen bilateral ties
    • Africa: Better off without us?
  17. Posted 22/6/06
    • Police disrupt burial of Tsvangirai's father
    • Surge in prices of basics could undo Mugabe's economic recovery bid
    • Former ZANU PF official launches own party
    • Zimbabwe police arrest women watching World Cup matches in bars
    • Inflation, power shortage makes World Cup tough to watch for Zimbabweans
    • Domestic Debt Up By 40 Percent
    • Zimbabwe's public broadcaster restructured
    • No decision on Mugabe immunity yet - Tsvangirai
    • China cultivates Africa, planting seeds of worry
    • Behind the Chinese 'Year of Africa'
    • SW Radio Africa Programmes
    • More Zimbabweans seek asylum
    • Harare Hospital's ICU Reopens After Renovations
    • Sand Poachers Bump Into Noczim Burst Pipes
    • 17 Bakers Nabbed in Blitz Against Overpricing Bread
    • Trio accused of hijacking SA-bound haulage truck
  18. Batch 2 Posted 21/6/06
    • Mugabe divides his church critics
    • New Fuel Price Spike Signals Continued Surge in Zimbabwe Inflation
    • Zimbabwe needs help if it is to have a rose revolution
    • Annan and Mbeki team up to tackle Mugabe
    • IDC in $6 Million Gas Project Deal
    • Zimbabwe: A race against time in Mudzi
    • Rampant Price Increases Worry Consumer Council
    • Zimbabwe Again Bypassed As Top Chinese Official Tours Africa
    • Beware that Chinese self-indulgence
    • Cashel Valley Estates Gets $1,2 Million
    • ZNCC Conference to Discuss Power Shortages
    • Free expression rapidly deteriorating, warns coalition
    • JAG Classifieds dated 20 June 2006
  19. Posted 21/6/06
    • UN says Zimbabwe has suffered massive de-industrialisation
    • Harare just putting a front in extolling rights of the child
    • Women protesters released without charge
    • TELECONFERENCE - Raftopoulos, Jonathan Moyo & John Robertson part 2
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Grouping Positions on Possible U.N. Diplomatic Initiative
    • Fuel prices skyrocket as supplies dwindle
    • Zimbabwe sets up roadblocks to prevent maize sales
    • Civil society remembers Operation Murambatsvina
    • A downgrade in country's status causes friction
    • Mugabe accused of using prayer event to entrench oppressive rule -20/06/06
    • Canadian miner buys Zimbabwe gold operation
    • The excitement, stench at Bulawayo railway station
    • Zambia investigates death of wild birds
    • 10 more ditch Mutambara
    • Tsvangirai calls for Justice Commission in Zimbabwe
    • Zim police arrest panners, recover 30kg gold ore
    • Interview: Zimbabwean lawyers seek cooperation with Chinese counterparts
    • Who will speak words of wisdom to Africa on men and women?
    • Shortages in Zim's coal supplies weigh on power output
    • Jesse Jackson lambasts Mugabe, SA banks
    • Women deliver services
    • MP seeking action over fraudster
  20. Posted 20/6/06
    • Mugabe buys luxury vehicles for army officers
    • Police arrest 100 as women storm Zimbabwe rural business centre
    • Political miracle unfolds under Zimbabwe's "peace committees"
    • Anti-Mugabe humour keeps cell phones buzzing in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean hijack student remanded in custody
    • UN proposal undermines Harare's propaganda wall
    • China to help Zim with economic woes
    • China defends its motives in Africa
    • Zimbabwe a 'pirate ship' -- and sinking
    • Zim's VOP radio: on trial at home, honoured abroad
    • Mugabe "playing games" with church leaders
    • MDC youth leader urges school children to join the struggle
    • Zimbabwe launches massive child immunization programme
    • Zim tourism still drowning in continuing economic crisis
    • Jail for Zimbabwean and South African immigration officials
    • Small arms - the global trade in life and death
  21. Batch 2 Posted 19/6/06
    • White farmers snub Mugabe's land offer
    • Zimbabwe to pay heavily for mortgaging country's resources to China
    • Harare bans Soweto massacre commemorations
    • Botswana civic groups demand action from regional leaders on Zimbabwe
    • Things just don't add up in Zimbabwe
    • Once more into the breech
    • Keen to be seen
    • Develop a more democratic culture, Dr Magaisa tells civic society and opposition in Zimbabwe
    • Power cuts paralyse ZESA offices
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 17th June 2006
    • Foreigners bid for Zim uranium
    • Zim's illicit trade in gold on the increase
    • Needle drama in mid-air
    • Makwavarara survives chop
    • Don't fool yourselves
  22. Batch 1 Posted 19/6/06
    • Churches, clergy in Mugabe's pocket
    • Court orders Nkomo not to interfere
    • Ratepayers blast Chombo
    • Mahofa's son jailed for murder
    • Minister stirs controversy after sacking school head
    • ZESN calls for review of 17th Amendment
    • Impoverished urban workers struggle to survive
    • Prison farms underutilised
    • Furore over Mutare polls
    • Standard launches award for distinguished Zimbabweans
    • Shocking incompetence among Aids workers
    • RBZ mulls special FCA scheme for tobacco
    • NSSA announces revised pension increase
    • Banks want their assets valued in US dollars
    • Call to halt coal imports
    • Power utility generates more excuses than electricity
    • Cultic devotion, tragedy of Zimbabwe
  23. Posted 18/6/06
    • Chinese planes grounded as Airzim cancels London-Harare flight
    • Pretoria Research Institute Faults President Mbeki in Continued Zimbabwe Collapse
    • $500 Billion Boost for Beitbridge
    • First Quarter Gold Output Registers 24,7pc Decline
    • Kevin Curran tries to persude more players to return
    • Combined Harare Residents Association
    • Zimbabwe vows to continue battle against inflation
    • Zupco Acquires 5 Super Luxury Buses
    • Chinese PM launches Africa tour
    • State Seeks to End Disorder On Farms
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 424
  24. Batch 2 Posted 17/6/06
    • Zimbabwe shelves plan to nationalise fertilizer industry
    • ZANU PF supporters take over clean-up houses
    • Harare's bio-diesel project risks running out of steam
    • Statement by David Coltart on political future
    • Morgan Tsvangirai interview transcript
    • Govt launches another clean-up operation
    • Media bodies slam minister's threats
    • Forgotten urban poor a living time bomb -- UN
    • Zimbabwean central bank vows to fight inflation
    • CHRA Statement
    • Intervene in Zimbabwe - Ditshwanelo tells SADC
    • International Organization Rebukes Reports of Encouraging the Removal of Mugabe from Power
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 15 June 2006
    • Abusive religious cult exposed
  25. Batch 1 Posted 17/6/06
    • Annan, Mbeki to meet Mugabe
    • Made stashes tractors, equipment at farm
    • Business grinds to a halt at Town House
    • UZ fees up again
    • Murambatsvina still on
    • Retrenchments take centre stage as economy slips further
    • Kuwadzana library collapses as govt dithers
    • Byo seeks $3,4 trillion for water
    • November date for Moyo's defamation suit
    • AG's office threatens staff
    • Local tourism reels under recession, perception woes
    • Govt to cede equity stakes to Chinese
    • Govt in fantasy world on economic revival- MDC
    • Govt debt soars to $21 trillion
    • Govt courts investors in property
    • CZI calls for dollar devaluation
    • Why Zimbabwe must rediscover Soweto's spirit
    • We're swimming in 'strange' stuff
    • It's not time yet to lift sanctions against Mugabe
    • Remembering victims of Zimbabwe's failed operations
    • 'I am the state'
    • China awakening:Zim doesn't pay its debts on time
    • Storm brews in post-Mugabe era
    • Even the worst can recover
    • Yet another ruse by failed politicians
    • All hope vanishes as social services collapse
    • Zim Independent Letters
  26. Batch 3 Posted 16/6/06
    • Big guns moved to State House
    • Ncube to quit in 2010
    • Survivors of torture gather
    • Church leaders bribed - says Ncube
    • Supermarket prices, Harare northern suburb
    • Displacement and survival
    • No asylum for torture victim
    • Bishop denies allegations of scandal
    • Denial, distortion dominate state media
    • Community radio station for Masvingo
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
    • Leading Playwright Arrested
  27. Batch 2 Posted 16/6/06
    • In a state with 1,000% inflation, this is the currency that counts
    • ZANU PF official's son jailed for killing man over white farm
    • Proposal to downgrade Zimbabwe shows world unhappy with Mugabe
    • Illegal maize traders side-step security cordon to reach black market
    • Zimbabwe conglomerate decries huge slide of local currency
    • MDC legislator joins Mutambara faction
    • Botswana civic groups urge SADC to act on Zimbabwe
    • Think-tank denies fanning coup in Zimbabwe
    • China deal gives Zimbabwe £700m boost
    • Zim coup attempts will be 'trashed'
    • Human Rights Organisations to observe "Voice of the People" Radio trial
    • Zim police raze shacks in renewed clean-ups
    • Leave Farm, Top Officials Told
    • Displaced victim dies at squatter camp without food or shelter
    • Power cut chaos hits over a million Bulawayo residents
    • South Africa's shame
    • Zimbabwe Consumer Basket Rises 17% On Month
    • Zimbabwe Govt. Domestic Debt At All-time High In May
    • Key witness delays trial of Zim radio bosses
    • Zimbabwean Archbishop Criticizes Performance of Opposition Leaders
    • Pro-Mugabe Anglican bishop faces suspension -15/06/06
    • Who's responsible for Zimbabwe?
  28. Batch 1 Posted 16/6/06
    • ZANU PF succession war
    • Van Hoogstraten to the rescue
    • Bank workers demand 1 600%
    • Zesa reshuffle looms
    • ZUPCO case: Mugabe takes keen interest
    • Mugabe turns to old friend Mbeki
    • Start running to the nearest 'road port'
    • Zimbabwe attacked again for rights abuse
    • Economic recovery set back as gangs raid banana estate
    • Matonga pats Mahoso's back
    • Business to demand end to subsidies
    • My empire is under siege: Shumba
    • Brokers, Zimra tax feud heightens investor flight
    • James Dambaza Chikerema: the unforgiven
    • Gata flunks test once again
    • Mugabe's blind eye?
    • Greedy, incompetent and unaccountable leaders: Zimbabwe's present curse
    • Interception of Communications Bill: an analysis
    • Serious politics, educated elite and related matters
    • It's the politics, stupid!
  29. Posted 15/6/06
    • Harare urged to release sick prisoners
    • Without opposition-led mass action, Mugabe will not shift an inch
    • International labour body condemns harassment of Zimbabwe trade unionists
    • Zimbabwean, Chinese firms sign more deals on joint ventures
    • Breakthrough
    • Zimbabwe faces crippling power cuts as Zesa debt rises
    • Canada promises aid to help combat malnutrition in Zimbabwe
    • Paranoid Mugabe leads Zimbabwe to edge of abyss
    • Pahad denies SA talks bid in Zimbabwe
    • Maize-meal prices tumble as deliveries improve
    • Morgan Tsvangirai on BTH
    • Cattle farmers say, 'Not in my backyard'
    • Harare Officials Order Displaced Families to Vacate Settlement
    • Chief cop faces homicide charges in Zim
    • Politics Makes Strange Churchfellows
    • Colonialism: for some Africans revenge bubbles on the surface
    • Mugabe can, and must face justice
    • Hitschmann coup trial begins June 26
    • Parliament dumps Jongwe Printers over Hansard delays
    • Victoria Falls Bridge re-opens after repairs
    • Tension rises over passengers along Bulawayo-Francistown route
    • Church groups reveal details of meeting with Robert Mugabe
    • UN committee wants Zim to be downgraded
    • No phones for Zim clinics
    • Analysts back Annan's Zimbabwe plan
    • Journalist hailed for AIDS coverage
    • JAG Death Notice dated 13 June 2006
    • JAG Classifieds dated 13 June 2006
  30. Posted 14/6/06
    • Zimbabwe soldiers seize maize from farmers
    • 8 000 cattle die as Harare fails to buy vaccines
    • Farmer files urgent application against ZANU PF chairman
    • Zim in broadcast deal with China for chrome
    • Coal supplies cut to Zim power station
    • Zimbabwe poverty datum line surges to 52 million Zimbabwean dollars
    • Analysts say Mugabe must be forced to negotiating table
    • Zimbabwe Rejects Downgraded Economic Status
    • Chinese step up 'colonisation' of Zimbabwean economy with power deal
    • Zimbabwe residents lack inspiring opposition leader, says archbishop
    • Monopoly money
    • When draconian Zim media laws became useless
    • Meat rots as power cuts worsen
    • Hospitals Operate Without Doctors
    • Kuwait presents blankets, condoms to Zimbabwean clinics
    • Brian Raftopoulos, Jonathan Moyo and John Robertson on the programme Hot Seat - Part 1
    • Scratcher's downfall - Continued from yesterday...
  31. Batch 2 Posted 13/6/06
    • JAG says compensation of white farmers a scam
    • It's time for some tough action on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans Bear Brunt of Economic Meltdown
    • In Africa, China Trade Brings Growth, Unease
    • Zimbabwe radio station wins BBC award
    • Zanu PF paper collapses
    • Opposition Protests Set to Fail
    • Traitors meet the Grim Reaper, warns Jokonya
    • Church in Zimbabwe far behind in communication
    • Mugabe to Attend Int'l Reparations Conference
    • Makwavarara's fate comes before cabinet
    • Mahoso's term as MIC chief expires
    • Bishop Kunonga appointing politicians into Anglican Church
    • HIV positive women suspect government officials diverted donated ARVs for profit
  32. Posted 13/6/06
    • Speaker of Parliament threatens to unleash army on black farmer
    • Pressure piles on Zimbabwe central bank to devalue dollar
    • Justice Minister appeals to Mugabe to evade trial
    • Time to advocate serious sanctions
    • 'Zim not heading for chaos'
    • Prisoners forced to go without food
    • 'Kasrils in Harare to pave way for Mbeki to talk with Mugabe'
    • Zimbabwe's judiciary bleeding dry
    • Tsvangirai - will he be able to carry the people with him in protests?
    • Zim vulnerability study to be out in July
    • Iran pledges to give Zim agric technical support
    • Life in Zimbabwe gets tougher
    • Scratcher's downfall
  33. Posted 12/6/06
    • South Africa says will not copy Zimbabwe's chaotic land reforms
    • Zimbabwean journalists to set up voluntary media council
    • Zimbabwe sex workers hike rates in line with inflation
    • "Does anybody care about the Zimbabwean crisis, if so why the silence?"
    • Forced from home, Zim farmers find solace in Nigeria
    • Zimbabwe: The Failures of a State
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 10th June 2006
    • Inmates use Bible as loo paper
    • Committee wants open airwaves
    • Zim, China sign $1.3bn deal
    • Zimbabwe raises 350 million U.S. dollars under economic program
    • Alleged coup plotter returns
  34. Batch 3 Posted 11/6/06
    • Church of the Flunkey bolsters Mugabe's grip
    • Global blockade of Mugabe in the works, says paper
    • Zimbabwe Inflation Hits New Record High
    • Kasrils off to Harare
    • Zimbabwe Prisons In Alarming Conditions
    • Govt spends trillions on housing project
    • Botswana: Cops reinforce border security
    • Zim, Botswana to consolidate economic ties
  35. Batch 2 Posted 11/6/06
    • Army chiefs for top Zanu PF posts
    • Deposed Sibanda's vehicle seized
    • Govt critics still being tortured, says report
    • Farmers rap GMB for late payments
    • Minister's workers threaten to beat up court officials Court
    • Zanu PF youths exchange blows over food
    • UMP villagers plead for UK assistance
    • Mugabe pleads with churches for dialogue
    • GAPWUZ threatens strike
    • Nursing schools operating below capacity - finding
    • UK to the rescue
    • ZLHR launches HIV/Aids charter
    • NRZ re-launches Botswana train
    • Cash squeeze stalls ZESA projects
    • Telecel instals new equipment to serve a million subscribers
    • Gold output falls
    • Zimbabwe loses out on Africa tourism growth
    • The govt's latest ruse abuses the electorate like this
    • South Africa falling into Mugabe tra
    • Eddison Zvobgo might have opposed 'Murambatsvina'
    • 'Panemunhu:' the circus on wheels
    • Face to face with police brutality
    • Zim Standard Letters
  36. Posted 11/6/06
    • Foreigner nabbed for $62bn phone bill
    • Chinese eye methane gas reserves in Lupane
    • A Stick in the sand
    • Zimbabwe: Higher education role under spotlight
    • Zimbabwe: Msika spends five days in SA hospital
    • Mbeki responds to pressure on Zimbabwe crisis
    • Rebel prelate condemns 'corrupt' church collusion with Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe alarmed by prison conditions
    • Concerted efforts urged to fight TB in Zimbabwe
    • Rats and Mice
  37. Posted 10/6/06
    • ZIMBABWE: Tsvangirai presents ''roadmap to democracy'' and another ultimatum
    • Zimbabwe: Mugabe's clean-up victims reap more misery
    • AirZim B767 repairs expected to take 3 weeks
    • Zim human rights groups up in arms
    • Zimbabwe's rocketing inflation hits new record
    • I believe in SA democracy
    • Zimbabwe currency no match for soaring prices
    • Zimbabweans Bear Brunt of Economic Meltdown
    • Zimbabwe Inflation, Highest In World, Approaches 1,200%
    • Mugabe's brother-in-law relinquishes post
    • Zimbabwe maize production update
    • Zimbabwe government targets unions with currency charges
    • Mbeki presses to meet Mugabe over crisis
    • Zimbabwe: Relishing a Rack of Ribs At Baobab Grill
  38. 3rd page Posted 9/6/06
    • Help for Zimbabwe
    • Three politburo members clash in Midlands over land reform
    • Byo rejects request to rename Cowdray Park
    • Makwavarara divides govt
    • Australia removes 53 from sanctions list
    • Zimbabwe: Indian exploration team arrives
    • Correction (“Backwards step”, April 18)
    • New deal sparks announcement of $258m PGM expansion project on Zim’s Great Dyke
    • Tycoon flees Zimbabwe after falling foul of Mugabe
  39. 2nd page Posted 9/6/06
    • Zimbabwe & Cricket
    • Makwavarara set to get the boot>
    • Short lives lead to short-term goals in Zimbabwe
    • Under Fire Over Electric Power Cuts, CEO of Zimbabwe State Utility Resigns
    • Zimbabwe: Committee Queries Nurses' Competence
    • Zimbabwe: City Council Runs Out of TB Drugs
    • Zimbabwe: Consumer Basket Surges to $49,1 Million
    • Fresh evictions in Zimbabwe
    • Chari's education hopes dashed
    • SA’s Home Affairs office knows nothing about Zim
    • Inadequate income better than nothing
    • A naked ploy to cushion Zanu PF
    • Zim business trickles to Botswana amid tensions
    • here’s every reason to be afraid . . . very afraid
    • Jokonya can appoint committee to register Daily News- ANZ
    • The church has a place in politics
    • Ethnic card bodes ill for democracy
    • Zanu PF hounds Bredenkamp
    • Powered by illegality
    • British ambassador explores ways to normalise relations
    • Mbeki presses to meet Mugabe over crisis
    • Mortgaging minerals govt's short-term survival strategy
  40. Posted 9/6/06
    • Proposal for a ‘win-win’ solution to Zim crisis
    • Getting leaders to leave no easy task
    • Mugabe business ally probed in Harare
    • Place of worship now a den of iniquity
    • Mutasa denies Mujuru rift
    • Priceless artefacts stolen
    • Govt increases duty on orange juice
    • Fingaz launches mega promotion
    • Stressed Beverley sees red
    • Boys trapped by Mugabe mob are rescued
    • Stock market remains weak
    • Zimbabwe to face timber shortage: experts
    • Building bridges is no stroll in the park
    • Victoria Falls Bridge linking Zambia, Zimbabwe to reopen for heavy traffic
    • Made’s food projections proved wrong
    • Non-investment in energy sector kills economy
    • Panel calls for election coverage ban
    • Chinhamo is the new ZWM boss
    • Government to partition Kondozi
    • Zimbabwe: Bulawayo's Building Boom Continues
    • Africa's economic future turns brighter
    • South Africa and Zimbabwe both pursuing phone spying legislation
    • If you can't sweep your own backyard.
    • Zimbabwe: 'Improve Conditions in Police Cells'
  41. Posted 8/6/06
    • Everette Ndlovu on Reporters' Forum
    • Zimbabwe: Committee Recommends Urgent Review of Journalists' Salaries
    • The $100,000 note that won't buy a loaf of bread in Zimbabwe
    • Prominent businessman flees Zimbabwe
    • 43 people died of malnutrition-related illnesses in Zimbabwe city
    • Zim media prone to manipulation - report
    • Zimbabwe: Nationwide Power Cuts On Increase
    • Economic situation forces immigrants back to their roots
    • No progress on loan to cash-strapped Zimbabwe
    • No loan talks with Zim – Manuel
    • Zimbabwe: 'New Farm Takeovers Threaten Sugarcane Production'
    • No end to Zimbabwe land reforms – Dube
    • Zimbabwe: 'Reimbursement Sought From State, Not Mbengeranwa'
    • Zimbabwe: State Monitoring Tourism Recovery Plan, Says Nhema
    • Zimbabwe: Good Diet: Way to Term 'Silent Killers'
    • Zimbabwe: Emirates Airlines to Service Harare Route
    • Bread prices jump more than a third as Zimbabwe reels under 1,043% inflation
    • Southern Africa: Border Posts Project Gets $320 Billion Boost
    • Zimbabwe rights groups to fight eavesdrop law
    • British Ambassador to Harare Commits to Mending Fences
    • Harare Rejects US Human Trafficking Allegations
    • Test ace loves it at Services
    • Zimbabwe-Equatorial Guinea signs agreement
  42. Posted 7/6/06
    • Zimbabwe’s Continuing Self-Destruction
    • Archbishop: Mugabe using Zimbabwe’s clergy to spy and divide church
    • Zimbabwe opposition slates registration moves
    • Eighteen slain in Zimbabwe crash
    • Zimbabwe funeral accident kills 18, injures 42
    • Activists in Zimbabwe Angered by Top Opposition Leader
    • Zimbabwe facing meltdown
  43. Posted 6/6/06
    • Zimbabwe : Bread price shoots past Z$100 000 mark
    • Now Zimbabwe police warn on unofficial bread sales
    • Zimbabwe: Four foreigners charged with fraud
    • Zimbabwe's army takes over black farms
    • 'How can you just walk away because of politics?' >
    • When Prices soar and hopes plunge
    • Australia criticised over Zimbabwe 'smart sanctions' regime
    • Zimbabwe dollar hits new lows
    • Zimbabwe as bad as can be — UN expert
    • HIV-positive rapist faces deportation
    • Country Programme Manager · Zimbabwe
    • The madman from Ngomahuru who rules Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Iranians call for exchange of information
    • SOUTHERN AFRICA: Zimbabwean money flows to Botswana, but tensions underlie it
    • Zimbabwe: Aids Orphans Fail to Access Funds: House Told
    • Zimbabwe: 'Prioritise Forex Allocation to Natpharm'
    • Stocks race higher on back of soothed fears over interest rate
    • Harare gags explosive parliamentary report
    • SA stance on Zimbabwe exposed
  44. Posted 5/6/06
    • Zimdollar tumbles down to new lows
    • Madhuku adamant about post in NCA
    • Living Conditions in Zimbabwe
    • Diplomats rebuff Mugabe overtures
    • Church leaders bribed to back State - Ncube
    • Zimbabwe loses COMESA trade
    • High Court to rule on Zimra,stockbrokers stalemate
    • Minister returns Kondozi farm loot
    • Ignorance, male chauvinism block Sexual Offences Bill
    • Honeymoon in a raging storm
    • Why Mugabe must go sooner rather than later
    • New mining laws: RioZim freezes US$120m investment
    • Living on borrowed time as country reaches boiling point
    • Tragedy of 'Madhukucracy'
    • Talks start to free foreign oil hostages in Nigeria
    • Palestinian aid mechanism may be ready in week
    • Linking me with Zanu PF meant to tarnish my name
    • Road to nowhere
    • Novel tactics tune Zimbabweans in to change
    • Five killed in Zimbabwe train collision
  45. Posted 4/6/06
    • UN warns of new wave of evictions and demolition
    • Horror in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe vice-president flown to South Africa for treatment
    • Giggling and chortling
    • Mugabe to forge ahead with mine takeovers
    • Zimbabwe: Fears in Mining Sector Allayed
    • Zimbabwe diamond mine says may wind down from 2009
    • Zimbabwe: Ministers Call for Action to Fight Non-Communicable Diseases
    • South Africa gives Zimbabweans a haven, but at what cost?
    • Mann faces extradition
    • White Zimbabwean MP to seek asylum in UK
    • Zimbabwe: 'ZBH Must Be Restructured'
    • Zimbabwe: Zim Seeks Duty-Free Status for Citrus Exports to Russia
    • Zimbabwe: Stockbrokers Set to Pay VAT
    • Bandawe wins Stockholm Marathon
    • Zimbabwe: Second Harare Residents Association Formed
    • Zimbabwe calls for ‘War’ on CAF
  46. Posted 3/6/06
    • Thousands still without proper shelter in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe, Annan row boils over
    • Disquiet brews over Madhuku's third term
    • Mugabe hints at way out of law
    • Murape shortlisted for Namibia
    • Total in salary dispute
    • Trading resumes on ZSE
    • Outcry over fake toothpaste
    • CHRA calls for Harare elections
    • Zimsun sooths away pain
    • Make way Mr President!
    • We're down, but not out
    • Zimbabwe: 'Zim to Support Indonesia'
    • Zimbabwe: 'Insurance Sector Should Continue to Fight Fraud, Corruption'
    • Govt raids stock market
    • Reclaiming the legacy of liberation
    • Seizure of assets raises host of issues
    • Comment was right, MDC Budiriro victory rings hollow
    • Zimbabwe: 'State Prefers Projects That Go Down to People'<
    • Cartoon : Gallows to Zimbabwe
  47. 2nd page Posted 2/6/06
    • Business must take leadership role in the process of change
    • Don’t hold your breath
    • Recovery only possible after political change, experts say
    • Gono warns speculators
    • Parirenyatwa Hospital a health risk
    • Disputes on sales of immovable property
    • Firms resort to coal imports
    • EU protests over sanctions
    • Trudging down sorrow lane
    • Church leaders playing to gallery?
    • ZC face suit overdissolved provinces
    • Chigwedere urges 'jihad'
    • Zim, Zambia offer study in African contrasts
    • Gono hunts for lifeline
    • Suspended Byo war vet leader assaulted
    • South Africa has no understanding of real Zim situation - Bennett
    • CBZ's Jewel shines on
    • Independent, MBCA invest in the future
    • Russians engage Zim over telecoms deal
    • Tsvangirai shelves protests
  48. Posted 2/6/06
    • Zimbabwe: Is Army Taking Over?
    • Sitting tight aboard a sinking ship
    • Mystery sanctions
    • Zimbabwe declares potatoes strategic crop
    • Zimbabwe fights fuel crisis
    • Impala relinquishes 51Moz of platinum in Zimbabwe
    • Dimension of desperation distorts wage negotiations
    • Transport operators hike fares
    • Zimbabwe situation worries BCP
    • A sign from God?
    • EU representatives slam distortion
    • Top Zimbabwe pro-democracy activist denies mimicking Mugabe
    • Despite Harare Disclaimers, Annan Says Zimbabwe Trip Still On
    • Zimbabwe: Chinese Team in Zim to Cement Ties
    • ZIMBABWE: Food shortages becoming critical warns parliamentary body
    • MOZAMBIQUE-ZIMBABWE: Mozambican romance gone sour for Zimbabwean migrant
    • Zimbabwe Stock Market Halts Trading
    • Zimbabwe Information Minister Says UN's Annan Welcome in Harare
    • Mozambique: More Border Posts With Zimbabwe
  49. Posted 1/6/06
    • Zimbabwe swap for students
    • Remembering
    • Blood Donations (Zimbabwe)
    • WOZA keeps the tough love going
    • Zim court hands death sentence to farmer's killer
    • University of Zimbabwe hikes fees by 90 percent
    • South Africa’s foreign minister admits Zimbabwe has a problem
    • Zimbabwe secures cash as fuel crisis worsens
    • SOUTHERN AFRICA: Zambia reaps as Zimbabwe lies fallow
    • Zimbabwe introduces $100,000 note
    • Zimbabwe: The destruction of Porta Farm
    • Pictures show impact of Mugabe's urban blitz
    • 'We'll support Zim if it collapses'
    • Zimbabwe Cracks Down on Students After Tuition Protests
    • Transport operators hike fares
    • Zimbabwean woman kidnapped in Jo'burg
    • Adding up the costs of inflation
    • A sign from God?
    • Mystery sanctions
    • TIMES UK Worst Holiday Story Competition

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