The ZIMBABWE Situation

December 2006 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/12/06
    • Zimbabwe Police Launch New Round Of Home Demolitions In Harare And Kadoma
    • Media Violations Down, But Harare Still Tough on Critics - Watchdog
    • Local Government Minister Appoints Harare Commissioners
    • In Southern Africa, Humanitarian Aid For the New Year Focused on Zimbabwe
    • Provincial Slaughterhouse Provokes Feud In Zimbabwe Government
    • Zimbabwe Newspaper Publisher Challenges Denial Of Citizenship
    • Harare Undertaking Another Audit Of Agricultural Land Ownership
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Official Says He Was Abducted And Beaten
    • Progress In Zimbabwe Labor Negotiations Jeopardized By Price Rises
    • Strike By Doctors In Zimbabwe Government Hospitals Expands
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Appeals To Regional Leaders On Mugabe Term
    • Chingoka re-elected to as board chairman
    • Illegal Diamond Deals Set to Increase
    • China favoured consort for Africa's fund-hungry miners
    • Zimbabweans must rise above party divisions
    • Managing change
    • China Colonizing Africa?
  2. Posted 29/12/06
    • Zimbabwe blitz on illegal miners nets 16,000
    • Chinese Government Refutes Ambassador's Claims
    • Mnangagwa alleges smear campaign
    • Zimbabwe in 2006: still one nation with one reality?
    • 'Sometimes, there is just no holding back the river'
    • Renewed tension in Zanu PF over the race for presidential succession
    • NSPCA laments 'abuse' of elephants in Harare
    • Ivory Sales Remain Suspended
    • Mengistu to be sentenced in 2007
    • Harare Residential Property Prices Soar
    • 13 More Perish in Road Accidents
    • Drama At Hospital As Gang Chases Man Over Traffic
  3. Posted 28/12/06
    • Concern In Southern Africa About Proposal To Extend Mugabe Term
    • With Unrest On Rise, Pace Of Zimbabwe Army Promotions Steps Up
    • Farm Evictions in Masvingo Anger Zimbabwe's War Veterans
    • Taskforce, Public Transporters in Fuel Dispute
    • AAAS Human Rights Day Recognizes Role of Geospatial Images in Human Rights
    • Harare has to pay steel group's ?40m debt
    • Police blitz nets 16 290 gold panners
    • Ex-Minister Jonathan Moyo in the "Hot Seat" with Violet Gonda
    • Zimbabwe mines take-over at 'advanced stage'
    • Property tycoon had film crew put under arrest
    • Striking Zimbabwe Doctors Set Talks Thursday With Government
    • Residents Of Harare Satellite City Challenging 2007 Rate Increases
  4. Posted 27/12/06
    • China denies talks to lend Zimbabwe $2 billion
    • World Diamond Council Eyes Alleged Zimbabwe-South Africa Gem Traffic
    • See You Annan
    • SADC Action Group on Zim mired in controversy
    • Bulls Rampage At Zimbabwe Bourse
    • Japan frets about China in budget crisis
    • Varsity Fires 13 Lecturers Over Strike
    • Desist From Illegal Dealings - CCZ
    • 15 Perish, 69 Injured in Road Accidents
    • Environmental Protection Vital for Africa
    • Rustlers Wreak Havoc in Bulawayo Plots
  5. Posted 26/12/06
    • Our own Christmas carol, with three not-so-wise men
    • Tokoloshe: The disease of African Presidents
    • WDC expresses its concerns over Zimbabwe diamond sector
    • Free-zim youth protest video
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 23rd December 2006
    • The Unity Accord, nine years later
    • Iran capable of producing 50,000 tractors annually: ITMC official
  6. Posted 25/12/06
    • Homeless but not hopeless in Africa
    • Little Christmas cheer in impoverished, troubled Zimbabwe
    • Hundreds Stranded At Mbare
    • No Rice and Chicken This Christmas
    • A defiant voice
    • Zim's woes swell flood of illegals
    • Chaos at Gatwick as Air Zimbabwe fails passengers - AGAIN
    • Illegal cross border traders deported
    • Robert Mugabe to CEO of Cryogenics Inc
  7. Posted 24/12/06
    • Mugabe scared of his sins: Mabhena
    • Nkomo clears air on Mugabe term
    • Zisco probe crosses borders
    • Soaring commodity prices dampen christmas cheer
    • Mapostori in trouble over toilets
    • White farmer arrested for resisting land grab
    • 'Zimbabwe now a police state'
    • War veteran Mhanda denies theft as trial opens
    • AirZim's MA60 fails to take off
    • Zimbabweans in Diaspora:
    • Mnangagwa alleges smear campaign
    • Dabengwa evidence in Moyo defamation case set for May
    • MDC says going ahead with preparations for 2008 poll
    • Guards pictured in the act
    • Hitler jibe lands teacher behind bars
    • MP turns his back on MDC councillors
    • Curtain down on a 'nerve-racking' year for business
    • River Ranch to export diamonds
    • Interest rates shoot up
    • The champs and chumps of 2006
    • Goromonzi Indaba: An opportunity squandered
    • A warped definition of patriotism
    • Introducing a new column in The Standard
    • Looking back at the trials and tribulations of 2006
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Released MP narrates ordeal in remand prison
    • Outside Christmas Tree
    • $800m deal signals new era for investment in Africa
  8. Posted 23/12/06
    • Zimbabwe's archaic grid hampers regional power trade
    • Army officers arrested for looting building materials
    • Harare Government Marks Unity Day, Zimbabwe Opposition Shrugs
    • Strike by Zimbabwe's Junior Doctors Enters a Second Day
    • Report: Zim to discuss $2bn loan from China
    • Govt Gazettes New Bread, Flour Prices
    • Zim bread prices skyrocket
    • Activist moved into safe house as he fears for his life
    • Probe into looted tractors
    • Police launch massive manhunt for national student leader
    • Internet hackers attack Zimbabwean government websites
    • Foreigners Arrested in Marange Diamond Rush
    • Zim youth deliver makeshift coffin & petition to SADC embassies in UK
    • Mugabe's planned term extension unites democratic forces in Zimbabwe
    • Calls for Mengistu Extradition
    • Mugabe Faces Growing ZANU PF Resistance
    • Life After Farming
    • Rhodes Scholars Nominated
    • 'There's no Christmas' in Zimbabwe
    • Sinking, swimming or simply paddling
  9. Posted 22/12/06
    • Arbitration court orders Harare to pay 40 million euro debt
    • Armed police evict 1 500 illegal farm invaders
    • Europeans Divided Over Maintenance Of Sanctions Against Harare
    • Litigant In Zimbabwe Diamond Mine Dispute Invokes Kimberly Process
    • Grim Christmas as Zimbabweans grapple economic crisis
    • MDC: Zim now targeting businesses
    • Alarm Bells Ringing!
    • Security Threat - Succession Battle Gets Nastier
    • Government to Undertake Yet Another Land Audit, the Eighth
    • Social Fund Looted
    • CIO Agents Ordered to Return Seized Radios
    • Counting Costs of Corruption
    • Clampdown On Dissent Worsens - Misa Report
    • Cost of Family Basket Shoots Up
    • Usual Suspects Fingered in IMF Probe
    • Murerwa Caught Offside
    • Welcome to the Net, President Mugabe
    • Who Knows, Mugabe May Spring a Surprise
    • The Makwavarara Circus is Here to Stay
    • Safari Jitters Over Govt Hunt
    • Govt to Blame for Edible Oil Shortage
    • The Good, the Bad And the Ugly of Business in 2006
    • Local Orange Drink Cheaper in Botswana
    • Natfoods Lashes Out At Price Controls
    • Its A Decade of Love and Care for Siphile Makore
    • MP Madzore's bail hearing postponed as prosecutors ask for more time
    • Zim hijack student suffers from delusional disorder
    • Veteran Zimbabwean journalist dies
    • Zimbabwe Junior Doctors Back On Strike Over Pay, Hospital Conditions
    • Litigant In Zimbabwe Diamond Mine Dispute Invokes Kimberly Process
  10. Batch 3 Posted 21/12/06
    • Zanu PF MPs in 'Stop Mugabe' campaign
    • . . . as civic groups marshal protests
    • Mugabe to crush demonstrators
    • Tourism event turns into political contest
    • What they said in 2006
    • Mugabe could choke on extension attempt
    • Recession dims sparkle of Xmas
    • Garikai houses no better than those condemned
    • Mugabe messed up on agrarian reform, says controversial ally
    • After Goromonzi feast, it's back to reality
    • An island of despair in a sea of hope
    • I blame Mandaza for stolen shares - Van Hoogstraten
    • Murerwa's budget proposals get parly committee's backing
    • Money supply maintains upward trail
    • IMF team hails end of RBZ quasi-fiscal operations
    • So far, 2006 the worst for Zim - industry captains
    • Moral salvation is what we badly need
    • Human rights apply inside prison walls
    • Mugabe out of step with reality
    • A clarion call for MDC to reunite
    • In cause of our woes lies the solution
    • Chombo's ovation for comedy of errors
    • Hard deciding if to laugh or cry
    • A field day for RBZ detractors
    • Zim Independent Letters
  11. Batch 2 Posted 21/12/06
    • Police assault street theatre artists for "inciting revolt" against president
    • Ziscogate - Sekeramayi leads committee to probe Mpofu
    • Fuel squeeze cripples
    • Threat to seize oil firms
    • Harare supermarket prices, northern suburb(21-12-06)
    • Calendar marks days of suffering
    • Shamed official back
    • New constitution is key
    • State bullying will not serve Harare
    • Renounce your sins, Mugabe
    • A Christmas like no other
    • Joke of the week
    • Tons of trash kill Sunshine City
    • Daily bread a daily struggle
    • SA court victory for Zim exiles
    • How the other half meets
    • Economic laws are as inviolable as the law of gravity.
  12. Posted 21/12/06
    • Mugabe says Zim has turned the corner
    • Civic group threatens protests over Mugabe term extension plans
    • ZANU PF gravy train leaves villagers in awe
    • Parliament to probe minister for lying under oath
    • Sanctions against the Zimbabwe should continue
    • Zimbabwe Employment Losses Soar In 2006 - Research Institute
    • Crackdown on dissent to continue in Zimbabwe, says Mugabe
    • Hot Seat: Succession crisis rears its head at Zanu PF conference
    • "The Zimbabwe we want"
    • The Biography Channel to air exclusive, rare interview with Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe
    • 'Extending Mugabe's reign could be risky'
    • Zimbabwe cannot take more years of Mugabe: opposition chief
    • Election issue sidestepped in Mugabe speech
    • Press Statement on Postponement of Presidential Elections
    • Misery of Zimbabwe's puppeteer
    • Lawyers harassed for stopping illegal radio seizures by CIOs
    • Mugabe says Zimbabwe mine law at "advanced stage"
    • Zimbabwe Red Cross
    • Report shows drop in Zimbabwe's AIDS infection rate
    • Opposition Faction's Harare HQ Calls Its London Branch Off Sides
  13. Posted 20/12/06
    • 200 000 workers lose jobs in Zimbabwe
    • A moribund opposition
    • Zim among two African states to register negative growth next year
    • Police accused of harassment in crackdown against illegal miners
    • Elections Monitor Calls For Referendum On Mugabe Term Extension
    • Mugabe not welcome here
    • Mr Mugabe's blow to democracy and Zimbabwe's economy
    • Embers of hope in Zimbabwe
    • Living off rats to survive in Zimbabwe
    • IMF urges Zimbabwe to cut spending
    • Tough Christmas Awaits Shoppers
    • Tsvangirai faces UK rebellion
    • Zanu PF at its worst says party's security organ
    • The people bemoan President Robert Mugabe's extended reign
    • Bulawayo service delivery in a "sorry state" says Mayor
    • Zinwa Strikes Deal With Water Chemical Supplier
    • Explain Release of Cellpho↬ĵ L￿￿es��- ��rly
    • MDC MP in fifth day of detention over alleged protest plans
    • Harare Vows To Fight Corruption - But Critics Doubt Political Will
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Factions Differ - Again - Over Mugabe Address
    • How much more can we take from Mugabe and Zanu PF
  14. Posted 19/12/06
    • Harare too busy to heed IMF calls for reform
    • Regional body says three million people require food aid
    • Tsvangirai says extending Mugabe's term will worsen crisis
    • France denies visa to Zim's Attorney-General
    • A real and serious blow to Mugabe
    • Zim opposition, rights groups vow to protest
    • Zimbabwe opposition vows to fight "civilian coup"
    • Statement by IMF Staff
    • Zinwa Cuts Harare's Water Supply By 40 Percent
    • State agents disrupt WOZA meeting in Bulawayo
    • The pen's no friend of Bob
    • Zimbabwean president appoints new Politburo members
    • For Many HIV-Positive In Zimbabwe, Immune System Tests Unaffordable
    • Mugabe's 'job for life' plan is thwarted by his party
    • Mugabe doesn't want to leave Zanu in "shambles" - even though it already is!
    • Zimbabwe's media faces self regulation
    • Letter from America
    • Six stolen Zimbabwean antiques recovered in Poland
  15. Posted 18/12/06
    • Mugabe consolidates power, but economy seen doomed
    • Divisions emerge in Zimbabwe ruling party over extension of Mugabe term
    • Former Ethiopia's ruler Mengistu moved from Harare home: report
    • Many on brink of starvation in embattled country
    • Desperate measure
    • Affording a life for family back home
    • Mugabe targets foreign mines
    • Mugabe party says better image can attract investors
    • Zimbabwe's elephants under threat
    • 20,000 asylum beggars
    • British tycoon seizes TV crew in battle over Mugabe film
    • Zimbabwe police fire tear gas at football fans
    • The Long March "Africa Liberate Zimbabwe"
    • Economy in for bumpy ride as ZANU PF gropes in the dark
    • Fear and fun as ZANU PF extends Mugabe's rule
    • Six police officers facing graft charge on the run
    • Trigger-happy spy fined for killing dog
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary -16th December 2006
  16. Batch 2 Posted 17/12/06
    • Mugabe fails to win support
    • Belgian nabbed in Marange
    • Police want Mwale picture published to aid capture
    • Police savagely beat up Zengeza family
    • 'Vision' paper for wider consultation
    • War veterans in court for assault
    • Chefs monopolise ARDA combine harvester
    • Bulawayo honours civic campaigner
    • Murambatsvina hits Masvingo
    • 'African solidarity' team urges action
    • ZOU workers fight for 300% pay hike urges action
    • Farm workers see red as police seize sanitary pads
    • Zimbabweans pose as Nswazis to cross into Botswana
    • Mujuru, Mudariki in diamond mine dispute
    • 2008: 'Year of reckoning for local industry'
    • Mutare rent hikes will hit the poor
    • Harare residents might let this great city drown in its own filth
    • 5 lessons from Annan's experience
    • Pinochet's death: a lesson in the wages of sin for all dictators
    • How the chefs are enriching themselves
    • Zim Standard Letters
  17. Posted 17/12/06
    • Meet Mugabe's Victims
    • Britain faces EU pressure to allow visa for Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe party approves move to extend Mugabe rule
    • Zimbabwe crisis overshadowed by ruling party succession
    • Britain faces tough defence of its reputation
    • Musukuru
    • Zimbabwe to expand cooperation with Asia, vice president
    • Desperate Mugabe allows white farmers to come back
  18. Posted 16/12/06
    • Traditional leaders want Mugabe for life
    • Mugabe says 'no vacancies' yet for his job, blasts the West
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe vows country will not collapse
    • Mugabe decries corruption, internal divisions at party convention in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Government Seizes Diamond Mine
    • Mugabe warns officials against mine grabs
    • Zapu leader says a 'revolt is the only way of dealing with Mugabe'
    • Zimbabwe faces two more years of Mugabe
    • Have yourself a dreary little Xmas
    • Registrar General's office owes US$17 million
    • Zim could lose out on 2010 World Cup if it postpones polls
    • Police burn down gold miners' homes
    • Zimbabwe Police Official Rejects Allegations Of Human Rights Abuses
    • Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Faithful Urge Mugabe To Stay Indefinitely
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Vows To Fight Extension of Mugabe's Term
    • Zimbabwe Archbishop Calls For Reunification of Splintered MDC
    • Embassy Accused of Arranging for Channel 4 Crew to
    • Flour Shortages Cast Shadow On Harambe Holdings
    • 'Order End to Disturbance of Farming Activities'
    • SA construction firms woo Zimbabweans as industry booms
    • A New French Summit Invitation To Harare Stirs Controversy
    • Vigil group intensifies campaign to renew targeted sanctions
    • Free-Zim youths to pressure SADC embassies on Zimbabwe crisis
    • Jag Job Opportunities - 15 December, 2006
    • Jag Open Letter Forum No.460
  19. Batch 3 Posted 15/12/06
    • Pretoria 'must act' on Harare abuses
    • Uproar over Mugabe term
    • Zanu PF raids parastatals
    • Morris tells Mugabe to relax conditions for NGOs
    • Private schools get reprieve on fees
    • Fleeing British scribes were made to sign 'gag' contract
    • Makwavarara still 'liability' says Zanu PF
    • Misa, lawyers say revised spying Communications Bill still the same
    • Independent media council next month
    • Canadian scribe tells Kaseke problems are political
    • Zanu PF youth militia intensify shop raids
    • 'Operation Chikorokoza violating human rights'
    • Museum workers strike
    • Zisco corruption tip of the iceberg
    • IMF backs Murerwa
    • Zim was under no obligation to pay arrears
    • Govt domestic debt at record $178 billion
    • No hope for recovery next year: analysts
    • Petroleum importers mull price hike
    • Mugabe, Kabila relations sour
    • Zanu PF conference will take us back to pre-1987
    • Zim's sovereignty: Time for reflection not reaction
    • Repentance, reconciliation and reunification
    • Attend 're-orientation' but learn nothing
    • Why is nothing being done?
    • There's monkey business going on
    • NEDPP a failure by any definition
    • It's not so, Mr President!
    • Conforming against principle
    • Zim Independent Letters
  20. Batch 2 Posted 15/12/06
    • Security chiefs rally state agents behind Mugabe
    • Report slams Zimbabwe police torture
    • Zimbabwe President Extends His Stay in Office for Two More Years
    • Zimbabwean activists fear Mugabe firmly in power
    • Harare ordered to remove dump site from Victoria Falls
    • CIO warns of civil war 1
    • Can China Save Zimbabwe's Economy?
    • Action from the Zimbabwe Vigil
    • ZISCO: The cost of Zimbabwe's kleptocracy
    • Zimbabwe proves Kirkpatrick right
    • Makwavarara Commission illegal..CHRA
    • Cleric blasts Mugabe for shielding Mengistu
    • The fate of Africa: good or bad?
    • Low in cost, not quality
    • Deadly Infection Hits Zambezi Fish
    • Roadside puppy vendors!
    • Zanu PF conference: a conference of evil ideas
    • Put an End to Outrageous Prices
    • France says finding too many Chinese arms in Africa
    • Another Africa By WILF MBANGA
  21. Batch 1 Posted 15/12/06
    • Democracy Mask Falls Off Zanu PF's Face
    • People's Conference Indeed!
    • Law Society Says Government Has Bred a Culture of Violence
    • Arms Crisis Leaves Cop Graduates Half-Baked
    • Desperate GMB Buys Rain-Damaged Wheat
    • Even Tourists Find Zim Life Too Expensive
    • Bread, Milk Producers Get Price Rise Nod
    • Not Again, Minister Chombo
    • Army, Networks Head for War
    • Media Council of Zimbabwe to Be Launched Early 2007
    • RG's Office Earned Forex
    • Govt Raids National Foods
    • Towards a Viable Solution to the Corruption Problem
    • Gono Increases Cash Withdrawal Limits
    • Govt Delays Stall WFP Food Aid Distribution
    • Mbeki's Chance to Show What He's Made of
    • Charamba Flexes Muscle At ZBH
    • TNF - Labour, Business Ready, Wait for Govt
    • This is Getting Embarrassing
    • Bulawayo Warns Residents On Water
    • Judges an Unhappy Lot
  22. Batch 2 Posted 14/12/06
    • Mugabe succession splits ruling party
    • Foreign firms to be nationalized
    • Mugabe cranks up pressure on business
    • Supermarket prices, Harare northern suburb
    • Prisoners starve as crime soars
    • Bakeries close down
    • Thousands of cattle killed
    • State-run media burnishes its reputation for false reports
    • President for Life?
    • Chombo stifles democracy - MDC
    • Africa must liberate Zimbabwe
    • Drought and diseases wipe out villagers
    • MDC outlines fiscal policy to IMF
    • EU funds E70m projects in 2005
    • Budget a -slap in the face says ZCTU
    • A visit to the water harvester
    • Mabvuku Pupils Reject Zanu (PF)
    • Girl Child Network wins award
    • HRC lambastes Mbeki
  23. Posted 14/12/06
    • Harare expected to unveil new currency next month
    • Rights activists demand end to state-sponsored torture
    • Police evict villagers from farm, take over property
    • Harare Families Face Eviction By City; Political Motivation Alleged
    • A deep cancer - the collapse of Zimbabwe
    • Guilty of genocide: the leader who unleashed a "Red Terror" on Africa
    • Zimbabwe hails Mengistu's role in liberation
    • Hot Seat Interview : Masamvu, Prof Stanford Mukasa (FINAL)
    • WOZA declare a victory after successfully launching the Peoples's charter at Parliament in Harare
    • WOZA to launch countrywide protests, stayaway tomorrow
    • Mugabe's future under microscope at party gathering
    • Zim opposition official charged
    • Mugabe Loses Touch with Reality
    • Pro-democracy protestors commend police for non-violence
    • Zimbabwean crisis worsening: civic society
    • Illegal gold panners arrested in Zim
    • Launch of Independent Media Council Set for January
    • Africa must prevent "colonial" China links - Mbeki
    • Southern African states urged to step up fight against AIDS
    • Zimbabwe Rights Lawyers Petition Supreme Court And Parliament
    • UN Food Chief Morris Warns Harare Against Politicizing Food Aid
  24. Posted 13/12/06
    • Mugabe struggles to pay army
    • Zimbabweans despair as Mugabe plans to hang on
    • Six more die of anthrax in Masvingo province
    • IMF Officials Express Bafflement At Zimbabwean Economy - Civic Groups
    • Ex-Ethiopia ruler Mengistu guilty of genocide
    • Zimbabwe opposition says Mengistu should go home
    • Human Rights Group Cites Zimbabwe Republic Police In Violations
    • Russian investment promises to Zimbabwe fall short
    • Zimbabwe to export beef to Asian hub
    • Smuggling of Cattle Hinders Restocking
    • Zim women march to parliament
    • Crisis in Zimbabwe worries international community
    • Lawyers organise Wednesday demonstration for human rights
    • 6 out of 10 provinces agree to extend Mugabe's term
    • Shortage of cash as Zim dollars flood neighbouring countries
    • Government Appoints Compensation Committee
    • GMB Gets Funds to Pay Farmers
    • Mugabe can't buy safe exit - MDC
    • Zimbabwe's inflation hovers at a fiery 1099%
    • Green light for landmark African nature park
    • MDC attacks Gono over expenditure
    • China-Africa Ties Come Under Fresh Scrutiny
    • First Nswazwi group arrives from Zimbabwe
    • Commission set to crack whip on Zimbabwe Cricket board
    • State Media Embroiled in Zimbabwe's Election 'Harmonization' Debate
    • Jag Classifieds 12 December 2006
  25. Posted 12/12/06
    • Bickering blurs chances of quick economic recovery
    • Nov inflation quickens to 1,098.8 pct
    • No sign of let-up for Zimbabwe: McKinnon
    • UN envoy urges Mugabe to act on food security
    • Human rights groups blame police for most violations in Zimbabwe
    • Sick economy fuels growth of fake drug market
    • Passport Offices in Critical Shortage of Resources
    • Harare Rates Rise Sharply
    • Tafara residents get electric shock after nearby cables break
    • Zimbabwe central bank defends 'illegal' payments to government
    • Zim budget gloom
    • Student leader abducted and assaulted, others barred from exams
    • Roy Bennett meets with Zimbabwean refugees in Johannesburg
    • Letter from America: A new bipartisan group needed for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe plans to cash in on World Cup
    • Bvute looks to defuse criticism after Bangladesh whitewash
    • Xenophobia, Solidarity and the Struggle for Zimbabwe
    • It's not about fiscal prudence but an unquenchable thirst for power
    • Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee
    • FEWS Southern Africa Food Security Update Nov 2006
    • Mugabe welcomes foreign aid
  26. Posted 11/12/06
    • War of words erupts over printing more money in Zimbabwe
    • Human Rights Day: Zimbabwe's mourning turned to hope
    • Mugabe will not step down in 2008
    • Group says revised media Bill still flawed
    • Writing on the wall for farm invaders
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 9th December 2006
    • Letter from the Zimbabwe Vigil to the French Embassy
    • UN food boss arrives in Zimbabwe
    • SA and Zim step up border security
    • Zimbabwean tour operators unite to take on Zambia
  27. Posted 10/12/06
    • Mugabe feted as nation fails
    • International rights body deplores silence on Zimbabwe
    • Paying with platinum and drudgery
    • Big drink of water
    • Zanu PF warned over extending Mugabe term
    • Envoy says govt officials want crisis to continue
    • Moyo was a mercenary,John Nkomo tells court
    • I am not aware of 'Maguta/Ukusutha', says Made
    • 'Mugabe not sincere on Mat North progress'
    • ... While Masvingo students complain about his name change demand
    • Senator attacks Herald columnist
    • Police raid church activists' offices
    • SA condemned over rape report
    • AG fails to okay MDC pair's trial
    • Mangwana returns to Masvingo
    • Evicted residents point at police
    • 'It was all my doing', says Murerwa
    • Villagers asked to pay $200 each for Zanu PF Conference
    • ZIMRA mulls penalty tax for new farmers
    • ZTA conjures up tourism novelty - twinning falls
    • Devaluation jitters hit market
    • Murerwa budget: promises, and more promises...
    • Mangwana: evil genius or foolish zealot?
    • Silence abets oppression and exacerbates suffering
    • Human Rights Day and poverty
    • Zimbabwe's civil society and diminishing political space
    • Zimbabwe needs brave,decisive leadership
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Army blows US$1,3 million on new vehicles
    • Moves to ease fuel shortages
    • Bangladesh complete Zim sweep
    • Zim enjoys bull run amid meltdown
  28. Posted 9/12/06
    • AIDS to kill a quarter of Zim workers by 2010
    • Bakers want 200 percent hike on bread price
    • Harare fails to release inflation figures
    • Wheat Farmers In Zimbabwe Go Unpaid For 2006 Winter Crops
    • Husband Of Zimbabwe Vice President In Diamond Mine Imbroglio
    • Suffering in Zimbabwe
    • Women on the Run: Female survivors of torture amongst Zimbabwean asylum seekers and refugees in South Africa
    • "A woman's place is in the home?" - Gender based violence and opposition politics in Zimbabwe
    • Bank Governor "Worsens" Dire Economy
    • "New Farmers" Fail to Deliver
    • GMB Fails to Pay for Wheat Deliveries
    • Court delays appeal hearing by spies
    • US$800m Needed for Power Projects
    • Zesa Requires Zim$100m Monthly for Repairs
    • Confusion Surrounds MDC Reunification Plans
    • Bangladesh dismiss Zimbabwe for 146 in fourth ODI
    • Respect women's rights
  29. Batch 2 Posted 8/12/06
    • Mugabe moves to seize British diamond field
    • Gono flees Russia over aircraft deal
    • Zanu PF wants Mugabe for life
    • Legislators sceptical of Pricing Commission
    • Bakers seek to raise bread to $700
    • Prisoners fume over toil on govt officials' farms
    • Sedco collapse feared
    • Land reform goes on international trial next week
    • Bubye loses River Ranch
    • RBZ imports poor quality wheat
    • CoL soars to $43,2m
    • Cost of freedom
    • New farmers require subsidies from government
    • Firms should stand up to govt over arrests
    • Who has Mugabe's ear . . . Gono or Murerwa?
    • The IMF must wake up to reality
    • 99-year lease gravely deficient
    • Gono conversion imperative in curbing inflation
    • Giving Mugabe a very long lifeline
    • Living large while economy melts
    • Let Mugabe name witches haunting State House
    • Budget facts and myths
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Massive gvt debt stifles Bulawayo growth
    • Murambatsvina victims continue to suffer 18 months on
    • Pitfalls and promise seen in China's Africa embrace
  30. Posted 8/12/06
    • 'We can't die of thirst whilst standing in water'
    • Mugabe succession turns into public brawl
    • 15 000 people tortured in Zimbabwe, says group
    • Passports Office Closes
    • Yes, Mr President Sir But . . .
    • Parliamentary committee on finance critical of 'Look East' policy
    • Business Quakes Over Bakers' Jailing
    • 'Shoplifter' Drags Mugabe to Court
    • Is Muradzikwa the Man to Bring Back ZBC's Glory?
    • Zanu PF Councillors Sue Govt
    • Fewsnet Sounds Horn for Famine
    • Mnangagwa Sues Nkomo
    • Fertiliser Deal - Simon's Grandstanding Was to No Purpose
    • Mining Skills Go Down the Shaft
    • Mugabe Trashes Murerwa Script
    • Govt Yet to Pay DRC Troops
    • Lives At Risk
    • MDC Officials Denied Visas
    • Mugabe's attempt to die in office to be resisted
    • No legal way out
    • Zim moves to quell same-sex comments
    • 'Exchange rates hampers Zim mining growth'
    • Tongaat-Hulett buys into Hippo Valley
    • Countries agree on transfrontier game park
    • Economist Research Unit Faults Harare Minister's Rosy Forecasts
    • State-Appointed Harare Commission Likely To Stay In Place - Minister
    • Jag Urgent Appeal Communique - 7th December, 2006
    • Jag Job Opportunities - 07 December, 2006
  31. Batch 2 Posted 7/12/06
    • Arrest, arrest, and a beating: it's daily life in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Noise Protest Gathers Momentum; Union Threatens Action
    • Govt limits size of farms
    • Civil society team visits Zim
    • Zim swimming champ's family driven off land
    • WOZA members survive latest ordeal
    • Fears of imminent blackout
    • Relentless horror for Bikita residents
    • Black market grocery shopping
    • At large with John Makumbe
    • An exercise in futility
    • ZRP denies torture charge
    • Discontent smoulders in Zanu (PF)
    • RBZ U-turn on forex agencies
    • Govt bans human rights education
    • Funds sought for Ndebele bibles
    • SADC needs to act now
    • MDC UK fracas 'not about politics'
    • Welshman gets 99-year lease
    • Chinamasa sues The Zimbabwean
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
  32. Posted 7/12/06
    • Cost of living soars as transport fares go up
    • Think-tank says Zim budget a fantasy
    • Villagers forced to donate towards ZANU PF conference
    • Zimbabwe AG Blocking Agreement On International Cellular Traffic
    • Senior UNDP Official Measures Progress Housing Zimbabwe's Evicted
    • Government reports 150% drop in living standards
    • Cost of living shoots up 50% in Zimbabwe
    • Sweden urges Zimbabwe to seek IMF advice for turnaround
    • ZCTU threatens more protests for better pay and living conditions
    • Interview Part 2: Masamvu, Prof Stanford Mukasa
    • UK Minister calls for Zim government's isolation over rights abuses
    • Harare Parliament Moves Forward On Impeachment Of Trade Minister
    • Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls could go on UN worry list
    • Minister Should Indicate Exchange Rate Used in 2007
    • Ecological Disaster Looms in Marondera
    • UN official set to probe allegations
    • Record book of shame
    • MDC allege police & CIO confiscating shortwave radios countrywide
    • Chombo seeks payment for alleged defamation in 'record time'
    • Aids pandemic fuelled by lack of governance
    • Man Caught With Fake Bearer Cheques
    • Ethiopia's Mengistu verdict due next week
    • Vermeulen's trial adjourned
    • Sulking Mugabe opts out of Kabila inauguration
    • NGOs Issue Report On Zimbabwean Women Refugees In South Africa
    • Jag Classifieds 05 December, 2006
  33. Batch 2 Posted 6/12/06
    • ZANU PF could appoint Mugabe for life
    • Fee ruling to destroy the best of Zimbabwe's schools
    • Children collapsing as drinking water becomes scarce
    • Daggers Drawn As Zimbabwe Ruling Party Nears Annual Congress
    • IMF Team Pursues Talks With Harare On Economy, FX, Debt
    • Zimbabwe labour unions slam budget, vow protests
    • One in 4 Zimbabwe children are AIDS orphans: UNICEF
    • Mugabe Highlights HIV/AIDS Crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Zim school officials may face jail over fees
    • African civic leaders call for regional action on Zimbabwe
    • Lobels bosses freed on bail
    • WOZA activists released
    • National Airline Plans to Introduce E-Ticketing
    • Mozambican President challenged at Chatham House lecture
    • Harare most costly city for expats
    • UN Humanitarian Needs Envoy Takes Farewell Trip
    • Calls for Zimbabwe Cricket board to resign after conviction
    • Ex-Diplomat Accused of Armed Robbery
    • Cops accused of stealing meat, sausages
  34. Batch 1 Posted 6/12/06
    • Fertilizer fiasco:Chefs off the hook
    • Mujuru rise defied party rules, court told
    • Maguta trap for peasant farmers
    • Kadoma runs dry: where is the mayor? residents ask
    • Budget was a non-event - survey
    • Bishop faces chop over Zanu PF links
    • British bring power to school
    • Hitshmann lawyers fight for bail
    • Nkomo takes stand on Gukurahundi atrocities
    • Spies back in court
    • RBZ hires 'Green Bombers' to enforce price controls
    • Farm invasions resume
    • Zimsec throws peanuts at examiners
    • Police disrupt students' meeting
    • Detectives nabbed
    • Price offenders face up to 5 years in jail
    • Zanu PF will bribe its way where there are hurdles to power
    • Why Moyo failed where angels fear to tread
    • Zim Standard Letters
  35. Posted 5/12/06
    • No quick end to Harare, IMF quarrel
    • Mugabe's populist moves on prices will backfire
    • Zim government says students fuelling AIDS
    • Cricket body pleads guilty to breaching exchange law
    • Poor, Hungry Zimbabweans Turn to Pet Food
    • Zimbabwe says unlikely to clear IMF arrears in '06
    • Zimbabwe ignores UN over urban demolitions
    • ZANU PF designs pieces of legislations to steal private properties in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe blind escape from Mugabe's hell, flood SA
    • Police & CIO try to block rural radio project in Mberengwa East
    • Update on Radio Communication Project- CIO Close Gokwe District, Midlands Province
    • Zimbabwean Exiles Continue To Seek Mugabe Human Rights Charges
    • President orders audit of tractors
    • Police fail to take WOZA to court
    • Mugabe to stay on until 2010 - spokesman
    • Retribution continues after Zanu PF's rural elections victory
    • Gono set to testify in Matonga trial
    • Letter from America
    • Of snuff and the succession issue
    • Report by FIDH - Human Rights Defenders
    • A new report on Zimbabwe refugees due on Thursday
    • Who said it's all doom and gloom in Zim?
    • Saddam's conviction should send warning signals to Mugabe - rights group
  36. Posted 4/12/06
    • Police chief warns of revolt over ZANU PF militia pay row
    • Zim risks turning into a "supermarket economy"
    • Civic group refuses to give up on Mugabe prosecution
    • IMF team on assessment mission in debt-ridden Zimbabwe
    • Zim sets ambitious targets for economy
    • The Africa we deserve
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 2nd December 2006
  37. Posted 3/12/06
    • U.S. Condemns Zimbabwe Violence Against Women's March
    • How We Met: Anna Chancellor & Thabitha Khumalo
    • WOZA activists released, two hospitalised
    • Rudderless and lost
    • Zim crisis bigger than a budget statement can resolve - MDC
    • Murerwa must address causes of crisis first - MDC
    • Zanu PF using parliament to fight its faction wars
    • Foreigners join Marange diamond rush
    • A tragic trade
    • Jag PR Communique dated 01 Dec '06
    • Musicians continue to suffer from censorship
    • Army must immediately pull out of rural Matabeleland
  38. Posted 2/12/06
    • Minister wants security forces to guard mines
    • Zimbabwe's arrears to IMF shoot to US$127 million
    • Central bank lifts ban on seven money transfer agencies
    • Shona language breaks new ground
    • China Zim's Knight in Shining Armour? ZTA Sees Differently
    • Zimbabwe economic crisis seen worsening
    • Top bakery executives jailed over prices in inflationary Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: AIDS epidemic worsens in rural areas
    • Zimbabwe shows way for Africa AIDS fight - Mugabe
    • Time for a rethink on AIDS campaigns - UNAIDS
    • The African scourge
    • Zimbabwe starts process to impeach minister - report
    • Analysts describe finance minister's budget as a non-event
    • Zimbabwe's on-going crisis worries UK Lords
    • Ozias Bvute in court on forex charges
    • Econet foils mobile phone lines racket
  39. Batch 3 Posted 1/12/06
    • Text of Zimbabwe's 2007 national budget speech
    • Zimbabwe reveals budget deficit of 43% of GDP
    • Zimbabweans Shocked by Price Increases
    • Zimbabwean minister ruled guilty of contempt of parliament
    • Zimbabwe's bad practice: 3,500 dead each week as meltdown looms
    • Revised snooping Bill remains undemocratic - MISA-Zimbabwe
    • Doomed From Start
    • Zimbabwe given a hiding
  40. Batch 2 Posted 1/12/06
    • US$300m feared lost in diamonds scam
    • Mutasa's diplomatic gaffe riles SA delegates
    • Mpofu has case: Nkomo
    • Fertiliser saga: Pazvakavambwa declines to sing after dismissal
    • Moyo defamation suit set to expose Zanu PF
    • Lid off Mujuru ally
    • Reality dawns on new lease holders
    • Nkomo's presidential ambitions rattle rivals
    • ZBH fires duo over 'costly' air boobs
    • Zinwa water takeover: Govt in breach of Act
    • Respite for MDC officials
    • No legal basis for RBZ to force banks to buy bonds
    • GCR puts financial institutions on rating watch
    • Are property fair value adjustments really fair?
    • NRZ training SA drivers
    • Four months on, RBZ yet to set up exchange rate board
    • Consumer council attacks bakeries
    • Budget 2007: a classic soap opera
    • Zim saddled with US$543,3 million current account deficit
    • Zim under siege: Murerwa
    • Govt admits it cannot fund agriculture alone
    • It's back to trillions!
    • Murerwa makes positive forecasts
    • If it's true, then we are finished!
    • Women human rights defenders bear brunt of govt oppression
    • Mangwana's puerile theatrics unhelpful
    • 'Believe at own risk' caveat would help Herald readers
    • The budget speech that wasn't
    • The fiction of wise investors from the East
    • Mugabe & a homegrown constitution
  41. Posted 1/12/06
    • We've turned the corner, says Zim finance minister
    • Minister clips central bank chief's quasi-fiscal activities
    • US-based group says Harare must import 700 000 tonnes of food to avert crisis
    • Transparency International says corruption on the rise in Zimbabwe
    • Street actors beaten up for satirising crisis
    • Army frees gold panners
    • Women Activists In Bulawayo Allege Brutality By Zimbabwe Police
    • Save Zimbabwe Campaign's Effectiveness and Viability In Question
    • 30 WOZA activists still in detention, babies released
    • Zimbabwe finance minister predicts growth, inflation fall
    • Zimbabwean workers get a tax reprieve
    • "ZimKwacha": Zambians Having Last laugh
    • Registrar-General short of cash to produce passports
    • Mugabe Should Be Held Accountable for Violations
    • Interview Part 1: Sydney Masamvu & Prof Stanford Mukasa
    • No rest for the elderly in AIDS-hit Zimbabwe
    • New Tafara
    • The Zimbabwe We Want: The MDC States its Case
    • Nkala can't get away with deception
    • Every Zimbabwean entitled to land: official
    • Zimbabwe to import 250 buses from China: official
    • Milk Price Up By Over 30 Percent
    • Jag Job Opportunites - 30 November 2006

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