The ZIMBABWE Situation

October 2006 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/10/06
    • Inept ex-soldiers blamed for train disasters
    • War vets want 'protection' for white farmers
    • Full rural council poll results expected by Thursday
    • Trial of ex-soldier fails to kick off again
    • Transport operators hike fares by 33 percent
    • Ruling Party Seen Maintaining Control Of Most Rural Districts
    • Opposition makes inroads despite violence and intimidation
    • Zimbabwe NGOs In Dispute Over Engaging With Mugabe Government
    • Disaster Looms As Water Crisis Deepens in Zimbabwe
    • State sanctioned illegal mining in Zimbabwe
    • Taskforce Set Up to Monitor Mining On New Diamond Belt
    • Africa beginning to shake off poverty - WB
    • University of Zimbabwe to offer Chinese lessons next year
    • Zimbabwean coal giant commissions huge equipment from China
    • Zim union leaders try to scrap 'illegal' protest case
    • How long, oh Lord?
    • The voice of a nation
    • Harare Commission Chairwoman Finally Appears Before Parliamentary Committee
    • State Seeks Chiefs' Assistance in Quest to Relocate Clan
    • Mugabe tries to score World Cup own goal
    • Don't worry, be happy, the World Cup is coming to Africa!
    • Zim battles to extradite hired-gun suspect
    • Wrong model, right continent
    • Most Harare cemeteries almost full
  2. Posted 30/10/06
    • Mugabe rejects constitutional reform, buys more time
    • ZANU PF retains mayoral seat, set for victory in rural polls
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 28th October 2006
    • Zimbabwe is dependent on illegal lifeline
    • Is China the new colonial power in Africa
    • African summit to close Beijing
    • Mugabe's nephew in drive to remove union leaders
    • Chenjerai Hove
  3. Posted 29/10/06
    • Never too late to scramble
    • Harare City Council branches into horticulture
    • Chaos and lack of preparedness delay rural council elections
    • Grimy, slimy cardboard
    • 75-year-old protestor arrested in Zimbabwe
    • Army to seal off diamond fields
    • MDC mayoral candidate's house stoned
    • 'Vision' paper slammed
    • Harare city managers accused of corruption
    • Aids activists give NAC ultimatum
    • Judge reserves judgment in Zvayi assault case
    • Government rejects ZCTU proposal for maternity tax relief appeal
    • 'RBZ emissaries' stalk banking official
    • Minister Langa still at Parks lodge
    • Zimbabwean youths ambush South African Minister
    • 'War veterans body could be burial society' along here
    • Zesa power cuts fuel deforestation
    • Masunda acquitted
    • Minister, board lock horns over AirZim CEO
    • Cash squeeze stalls Buffalo Range refurbishment
    • Committee adamant on Zisco report
    • 'Lack of locomotives to blame for NRZ failure'
    • Impunity that encourages violations of human rights
    • Hypocrites among religious activists
    • Misguided church leaders cannot legitimise an illegitimate regime
    • A people's government or an enemy?
    • Poverty derails HIV mother, child transmission aid plan
    • Zim Standard Letters
  4. Posted 28/10/06
    • Church paper could lead to consensus: Mugabe
    • Parties accuse ZANU PF of vote buying ahead of poll
    • Mugabe rejects calls for a new constitution
    • ZINASU leader arrested as over 12 students receive expulsion letters
    • WOZA members released on bail
    • 6000 arrested in campaign against illegal immigrants in Botswana
    • Lessons from Zim
    • Zanu-PF boots EU caffeine boost
    • Harare lists more weapons in Hitschmann case
    • Foreign minister heckled by activists in UK
    • Zimbabwe boosts its tourist numbers
    • The Ultimate Golden Handshake
    • 'Government to Ensure Enough Fuel for Tourists'
    • Mugabe Hails Zimbabwe-China Ties
    • Veteran Zim Journalist Recognized By EU Parliament
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 26 October 2006
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No.450
    • Hunting 'has conservation role'
  5. Batch 3 Posted 27/10/06
    • Zim produces weapons in anti-Mugabe plot case
    • Push Mugabe into quitting, House of Lords urges SA
    • NEDPP choked by political battles
    • ZDI chief, Kabila own firm at centre of row
    • Gumbo blames Nkomo,Manyika for deepening cracks in constituency
    • Soldiers could have deprived govt of 1 200t of wheat
    • New equipment to shore up Hwange production
    • Govt loses battle to control prices
    • Gono brings more misery to banking sector
    • Polls bring opposition strength under spotlight
    • We will spill beans: Zisco officials
    • Zim investment rating tumbles: report
    • Murerwa faces torrid time over 2007 budget
    • Govt debt for Chinese MA60s attracts US$1,8 million interest
    • AirZim reacts to withdrawal of RBZ funds
    • Govt domestic debt down
    • Vic Falls airport to undergo facelift
    • Challenging Zanu PF's structures of power
    • Already battered economy suffers another blow
    • NEDPP meets inevitable fate
    • Partying a trifle too early
    • Who woke up Munacho Mutezo?
    • Price control insanity prevails
    • An ethical dilemma wrought by poverty
    • MEd students allege terror at UZ
    • Gono's lessons on how not to run a project
    • Dangers of Gono's excessive powers
    • ... and his witless manoeuvres doomed to fail
  6. Batch 2 Posted 27/10/06
    • Drastic food aid cut for Zimbabwe, southern Africa
    • Jury still out on effectiveness of Zimbabwe's electoral reforms
    • MDC candidate assaulted as violence flares up ahead of poll
    • Patients demand anti-AIDS drugs
    • More children dying in Zimbabwe during first month: UNICEF
    • Time South Africa Acted On Zimbabwe - Judith Todd
    • Zimbabwe Court Rules Police, Army Lied
    • Chiefs pushing Zanu PF agenda, says election group
    • Lack of inputs threatens next year's harvest - experts
    • SA demands 'security deposit' from Zim visitors
    • Zim government in chaos, says secret report
    • Arms-cache accused denies trying to topple Mugabe
    • Minister: Zim arms-cache saga 'far from over'
    • Zanu (PF) unleashes violence ahead of weekend elections
    • Zimbabwe looks East for beef exports
    • Over 3,000 polling stations set up for Zimbabwe district election
    • Free-Zim youths embarrass Zuma during her London public address
    • The neighbourly-burden that is Zimbabwe
    • GMB Gets $20bn for Wheat
    • Bread price scandal - Minister Mpofu sucked in
    • Zimbabwe plagued by governance woes
    • Zinwa Gets Ultimatum
    • Churches Present Draft Document to President
    • South Africa Tightens Visa Requirements
  7. Batch 1 Posted 27/10/06
    • It never rains for Chombo
    • Zanu PF MPs plot fall of Chibhebhe
    • Govt ups allowances for civil servants, pay rise coming soon
    • Ministry in bid to cover up
    • Eat, drink and be imprisoned
    • MDC dates ZANU PF in Kadoma
    • Army lowers the bar
    • 'You're a bunch of cowards'
    • Outrage spreads over Gukurahundi remarks
    • No land for whites, Mutasa declares
    • NEDPP: Six months on, industry still bleeds
    • The truth indeed comes out in unexpected ways
    • Which is which?
    • Debt Restructuring Moves Into Top Gear
    • FinGaz Letters
  8. Batch 2 Posted 26/10/06
    • High Court censures use of army to quell protests
    • Minister says ready to loosen tough media law
    • Trial of ex-soldier accused of plotting to kill Mugabe begins
    • State health workers steal drugs for resale on black market
    • Govt says all land reform affected will get money by 2010
    • Zimbabwe "Eases" Foreign Mining Laws
    • Is Zanu PF Splitting Up?
    • Prize of $5m awaits honest African rulers
    • MDC confident of doing well in rural district council elections
    • Violet Gonda talks to Trade Unionist Thabitha Khumalo
    • Zim teachers least paid in the world, receive US$27
    • Army should not be used to quell Zimbabwe protests, says ZCTU
    • WOZA arrests, as residents demonstrate against illegal evictions in Bulawayo
    • Diaspora key success to Zim economic woes
    • Police arrest 50 protesting students in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe eyes Russian tourist market
    • With Integration Afoot, Southern African Heads Face Zimbabwe Dilemma
    • Zimbabweans Hope for Divine Intervention
    • Zim cops raid cult, take away starving kids
    • JAG Classifieds dated 24 October 2006
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No.449
  9. Batch 1 Posted 26/10/06
    • Zimbabwean President Mugabe meets church leaders
    • Zimbabwe Traditional Leader Threatens Rural Voters Ahead Of Ballot
    • Zimbabwe House Panel Demands Disclosure Of Steel Firm Corruption Report
    • Hot air, luxury travel and inflated expenses
    • Murerwa announces Chinese take-over
    • Police intensify search for forex
    • Protest music sold secretly
    • Matanga okayed ZCTU assaults
    • WOZA leading Western women too
    • Family fears for Hitschman's life
    • Zanu thugs disrupt MDC rally
    • Tobacco floors close
    • You can't fool the workers
    • Bemoaning the misguided use of state apparatus
    • The importance of cyberspace
    • Freight furore angers shippers
    • Zims take SA minister to court
    • From Rainbow to Rambo in 12 short years
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
  10. Posted 25/10/06
    • Government refuses to hand over graft report
    • Chiefs' Council president threatens to evict opposition supporters
    • Why thousands are leaving home for a life of fea
    • Top army, police commanders plunder billions from Zim state coffers
    • Single currency on SADC agenda
    • SADC Finance and Investment deal ignores lawlessness in Zimbabwe
    • Zim/China trade on upsurge
    • Canada can help end Mugabe's terror, says Gabriel Shumba
    • Crisis delegation in Tanzania to pressure Mugabe
    • Human rights group & the Malawi Information minister
    • Zambia exports maize to food deficient Zim
    • Women of Zimbabwe Arise win third court case in a month
    • Security Forces Contracted To Commit Human Rights Violations - Forum
    • Staging sex myths to save Zimbabwe's girls
    • 12 Student leaders arrested at Masvingo State University
    • Five die of malnutrition at Ingutsheni mental hospital in Bulawayo
    • Young Zimbabweans to Ambush South African foreign Affairs minister at the UN public lecture in London
    • Women's Activist Group Proposes 'Dream Charter' For Zimbabwe Renewal
    • With Planting Season At Hand, Zimbabwe Launches New Farm Evictions
    • JAG - Important Notice of Meeting Communique dated 24 October 2006
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 448
  11. Posted 24/10/06
    • Group wants Mugabe to pay for rights abuses
    • Chiefs' Council president threatens to evict opposition supporters
    • Zimbabwe requires new thinking on agriculture
    • CIO boss edged out over alleged bribe
    • More white farmers face eviction
    • Zim losing inflation battle
    • ZESA's new metre requirement to leave thousands in the dark
    • Govt to Acquire Farm for Urban Expansion
    • Labour Govt Reneged On Land Deal
    • ZCTU assailants identified
    • Zimbabwe's national carrier hikes fares by nearly 500 per cent
    • 10 southern African countries sign up to finance and investment pact
    • Zimbabwe's independence was a glass of poisoned milk and honey
    • 'Zim Needs to Import 10 000 Tons of Maize Seed'
    • Zimbabwe Minister Denies Government Obstructing Opposition Rallies
    • Canada must stand up to Mugabe
    • Zimbabweans Are Still Marginalized
    • London conference to support Zim's labour unions
    • Mwale Still A Free Man Two Weeks On
    • Zimbabwe Rights Groups Plan To Press AU's Konare At Upcoming Summit
    • EU Diplomats Urge Southern African Leaders To Penalize Zimbabwe
    • ZDF relations with Chinese army hailed
    • Child mortality shoots up
  12. Posted 23/10/06
    • ZANU PF lures rural voters with cheap maize
    • Minister threatens to ban Tsvangirai from holding rallies
    • Policy contradictions show Mugabe losing the grip
    • Hard-pressed Zimbabweans turn to religion for solace
    • Zimbabwe replaces old railway track with Chinese rails
    • Chinese jets from Zim could attack SA
    • Zimbabweans accused of cigarette smuggling
    • AU chairman angers Zim rights groups
    • Zim's toss-up between ARVs and food
    • Zimbabwean Government to Delay enrollment of additional HIV-positive people in drug treatment program
    • I've no political ambitions: Gono
    • Lecturers' shortage hits medical school
    • Airzim fares rise sharply
  13. Posted 22/10/06
    • Zanu PF Politburo blasts 'zhing-zhongs'
    • Mugabe could be headed for The Hague
    • MDC members, houses brutally attacked
    • Farms compensation a scam - JAG
    • Aids activists brace for 'die in' protest
    • Grave matter at Heroes' Acre
    • MDC murders: police bureaucracy stymies hunt for suspects
    • Minister's 'look West' bid backfires
    • Violence forces farmer to abandon property
    • 'Arms of war' trial begins
    • World Habitat Day vs Murambatsvina
    • Fireworks loom in telecoms industry
    • Murerwa blames salaries, inflation for budget deficit
    • Committee to present new report on Zisco
    • New gear 'doubles' Hwange coal output
    • Manpower probe targets brain drain
    • Shorter memories, duplicity and lack of commitment cause policy reversal
    • Challenges facing RDC candidates
    • Mugabe regime hides excesses behind cloak of sovereignty
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Senior govt official in court . . . accused of corruptly hiking bread price
    • Zim set to evict 100 more white farmers
    • No Ivory Sales Now Doesn't Mean None Later
    • For David
    • Zanu PF Politburo blasts 'zhing-zhongs'
    • Mugabe could be headed for The Hague
    • MDC members, houses brutally attacked
    • Farms compensation a scam - JAG
    • Aids activists brace for 'die in' protest
    • Grave matter at Heroes' Acre
    • MDC murders: police bureaucracy stymies hunt for suspects
    • Minister's 'look West' bid backfires
    • Violence forces farmer to abandon property
    • 'Arms of war' trial begins
    • World Habitat Day vs Murambatsvina
    • Fireworks loom in telecoms industry
    • Murerwa blames salaries, inflation for budget deficit
    • Committee to present new report on Zisco
    • New gear 'doubles' Hwange coal output
    • Manpower probe targets brain drain
    • Shorter memories, duplicity and lack of commitment cause policy reversal
    • Challenges facing RDC candidates
    • Mugabe regime hides excesses behind cloak of sovereignty
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Senior govt official in court . . . accused of corruptly hiking bread price
    • Zim set to evict 100 more white farmers
    • No Ivory Sales Now Doesn't Mean None Later
    • For David
    • China Gives It Away To Those Who Can't Pay
  14. Posted 21/10/06
    • Mugabe grills bank governor over forex deal
    • Business appeals to Mugabe over arrests
    • The fish rots from the head, as they well know in Zimbabwe
    • Diamonds "being smuggled out of in eastern Zimbabwe in loaves"
    • Exert More Pressure on Mugabe, Lords Tell Labour Government
    • Zimbabwe dollar loses on illegal-trade clamp
    • Doing business Zimbabwe style
    • African Union official snubs Zimbabwean rights groups
    • Hardtalk interview available for viewing online
    • FOZC gets nod from SA government to fight Mugabe
    • Ministry Official Arrested Over Bread Price Increase
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No.447
    • Farmers compensated $842 billion
    • Bemoaning the misguided use of state apparatus
    • Britain & Sweden Fund Assistance To Zimbabweans Deported From South Africa
    • Political Discrimination Is Alleged In Allocation Of Harare Market Stalls
    • Harare Cabinet Displeased With Widening Probe By Parliament
    • Eastern Zimbabwe Protesters Beat Cooking Pots Over Food Scarcity
  15. Batch 3 Posted 20/10/06
    • Tycoon in BAE inquiry faced passport hearing
    • Zimbabwe Student Leaders Allege Abductions by ZANU-PF Members
    • Zimbabwe Trade Unionist Receives Pilkington Award For Courage
    • Botswanan Ex-President Deplores 'Destruction' Of Zimbabwe Under Mugabe
    • Minister Threatens Opposition Over Protests
    • Zim Youths Target Zuma's London Lecture
    • Chiyangwa's Forex Deal Cancelled
    • Army On Massive Recruitment Drive
    • Msika: 'They think I'm mad'
  16. Batch 2 Posted 20/10/06
    • Police defy Mujuru
    • Airzim charges handling taxes in forex
    • DRC diamond venture haunt former colonel
    • Langa pressed to drop charges
    • Konare's no-show miffs rights goups
    • Murky Russian deals in doubt as . . .
    • Government seeks US$30m for Zesa
    • Mangwana jibe riles scribes
    • Wagon shortage undermines fertiliser, wheat imports
    • Diamond rush: govt advertises free-for-all to investors
    • Domestic Violence Bill stirs fiery debate
    • Banking sector uneasy as RBZ bonds mop $65 billion
    • 8 000 textile workers lose jobs
    • We don't care about cheap imports: Chihota
    • Gono can't rein-in inflation without govt efforts - analysts
    • Zim could make world's top five platinum producers
    • Nit wants rangers' land for industrial development
    • Freight industry at 40% capacity
    • UN disapproves of govt's firm takeovers
    • Gono choking from overdose of own prescriptions
    • Zim's future squarely in Zanu PF's hands
    • Only certainty now is change
    • Another case of plunder
    • Coy clerics' sedatives abetting poverty
    • Editor's Memo
    • Somebody benefiting from chaos on farms
    • Disservice from parastatals
    • Zim Independent Letters
  17. Posted 20/10/06
    • Gono's US$300 million bogus deal uncovered
    • ZANU PF wants labour leaders sacked
    • Shop managers arrested in crackdown over prices
    • Tsvangirai drums up support for rural polls
    • MDC official in court over subversive material
    • Old wounds inflame political tensions
    • Corruption endemic in Zimbabwe
    • Institute for War and Peace Reporting
    • Zimbabwe launches ground-breaking national girls education strategic plan
    • Mugabe's regime homes in on tourists
    • Zanu PF sowing seeds of a breakaway Anglican church
    • Quiet diplomacy has forsaken people of Zimbabwe
    • Tendai Biti on Mabvuku and MP Mubhawu
    • SABC cover-up just a symptom of a political class grown defunct
    • Speed Up Commercialisation, Privatisation - Analysts
    • Proposed Arda Restructuring Delayed
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 19 October 2006
  18. Batch 3 Posted 19/10/06
    • Zimbabwean activist brings his rage against Mugabe
    • China helps Zimbabwe to renovate national sports stadium
    • Cabinet, MPs clash
    • Zim's military taking over
    • Govt shooting itself in the foot
    • Nyarota launches online news service
    • UNDP denies hobnobbing with govt
    • Police probe Zupco payment of Nherera's bills
    • Land eviction challenges test case stalled
    • Foreign direct investment up in Zim
    • Mystery as Zim envoy quits China
    • Govt in fresh farm seizures
    • Gurus begin search for Stock Exchange cream
    • Consumer price index: what is it all about?
    • POSB sheds old skin
    • Hwange set to resume coal exports
    • Finally, somebody wants a peek under that heavy skirt
    • Catchy jingles alone will not rid us of corruption
    • The African Union's complicity with tyrants
    • Justice delayed . . .
    • We should not be dying like flies
    • FinGaz Letters
  19. Batch 2 Posted 19/10/06
    • Arms broker's home and offices raided in fraud investigation
    • Boarding Schools and the land reform programme
    • WOZA in nation-wide talks with villagers
    • Desperate Zims flood Mozambique
    • Costly foreign education for Ministers' kids while Zim kids sent home
    • Deported Zims living in Malawi squalor
    • Schools re-named
    • ZINWA needs Z$60 billion
    • ZBH personal theatre of minister of information
    • Industry grinds to a halt
    • Mangwana blames journalists
    • At war with the elephants
    • Smith, Mugabe, never good neighbours
    • Jail awaits Jono
    • Martha and Mary
    • Mugabe buys loyalty
    • At large with John Makumbe
    • The Zimbabwean Letters
  20. Posted 19/10/06
    • ZANU PF arm-twists chiefs for support in election
    • Zim could lose out on US$500m stake in Mozambique power firm
    • Minister fails to appear before parliamentary committee
    • AirZim plane back in air after repairs
    • Official implicated in World Cup ticket scam set to bounce back
    • Kagoro And Ayittey On Zimbabwe's Crisis - Part 3
    • The Road From Ruin
    • Mugabe accused of protecting murder suspect Joseph Mwale
    • Demo in London
    • Conservation report highlights plight of wildlife in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe recovers 22 tusks, poaching on rise
    • Human Rights Watch Honors Zimbabwean Lawyer
    • Press statement: CHRA succeeds in mobilizing residents to defend their rights
    • Another ARV shortage looms
    • NOCZIM Unveils New Fuel Allocation System
    • Legality Of Hard-Currency Zimbabwe Passport Renewal Fees Questioned
    • Harare Youth Development Fund Denounced As Vote-Buying Scheme
    • Zimbabwe Trade Minister Snubs Parliament In 'Steelgate' Corruption Probe
    • Facing Taxpayer Revolt, Harare City Authorities Call In Debt Collectors
  21. Batch 2 Posted 18/10/06
    • Zimbabweans ready to topple Mugabe: spy agency
    • Dollar crashes on parallel market
    • Minister faces grilling over parastatal deal
    • As Zimbabwe Shops for Grain Imports, Domestic Crops Spoil In Fields
    • Magistrate Bars Rallies By Zimbabwe Opposition Party In Rural District
    • Zimbabwean Opposition Politician Unrepentant, But Accepts Party Discipline
    • How Mugabe's Zimbabwe Regime Survives
    • Temporary work permits demo for Zim's failed asylum seekers
    • JAG Classifieds dated 17 October 2006
  22. Posted 18/10/06
    • 300 mn Russian pledge for Zimbabwe mystery
    • Police still to investigate ZCTU assaults as trial is postponed again
    • Zimbabwe wants China to build houses
    • Opposition Civil Society Tries To Mobilize Zimbabwe's Grass Roots
    • From New York To Zimbabwe: Families Torn Apart To Stay Alive
    • Prosecute Mugabe, exile asks Ottawa
    • African Consolidated fights Zim diamond rush
    • Neighbours Help Out to Pay for Funerals
    • Zimbabweans Flood Across Limpopo
    • Hunger, Evil Spirits and Apostolic Preachers
    • "ZCTU Will Not Be Cowed" - Matibenga
    • Harare Bolsters Teacher Compensation Ahead of Rural Elections
    • Zimbabwe Soccer Fans Outraged By Racial Insults to Player in Serbia
    • Challenging ZANU PF's Structures of Power: Understanding The Sources Of Power
    • How to stage mass action and live happily ever after
    • Zimbabwe's latest confiscation plans
    • Zimbabwe trade unionist wins UK "Women of the Year" award
    • Zimbabweans denied right to work and education in South Africa
    • CHRR Lashes Out At SADC Leaders On Zimbabwe
    • O-Level Exam Papers Stolen
  23. Posted 17/10/06
    • Mugabe steps up army recruitment
    • Diaspora dollar 'pipeline' dries up
    • Deputy minister implicated in poaching
    • Student teachers chucked out of exam rooms
    • Accused in Zimbabwe held for years without trial
    • Zimbabwe Contracts To Import 565,000 T Maize - Report
    • S.Africans sceptical about Zimbabwe maize imports
    • Zim woos diaspora
    • Tsvangirai MDC suspends MP over sexist remarks and violence
    • Government benefiting from illegal sport hunting of endangered species
    • Censorship in SABC exposes Mbeki's policy on Zimbabwe
    • Govt orders hitman's arrest for killing political opponents
    • Boycott Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 14th October 2006
    • We need to help people living under bad regimes
    • Council Launches Blitz to Recover $4,6 Billion in Unpaid Rates
  24. Posted 16/10/06
    • Minister admits economic recovery programme failed
    • Seize chance to free yourselves, says Tsvangirai
    • ZCTF Report 13.10.06
    • Mugabe's 'Look East' policy seen as propaganda
    • Whites ask Zimbabwe for permission to farm
    • 'Time up for Mugabe' - Tsvangirai
    • Friends With Guns in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean Protestors Dump Coffin At South African Embassy in London
    • UK group attacks Mbeki over Mugabe
    • Albert Nyathi
    • Surviving The Peace
    • Anthrax breaks out in west Zimbabwe
  25. Posted 15/10/06
    • Make a Plan
    • Fuel Shortages Hamper Distribution of Fertilizer to Zimbabwean Farmers
    • Widow of Liberation Figure Seeks to Set Zimbabwean History Straight
    • Top Wholesaler, Mohammed Mussa, Jailed
    • Harare Water Blues Continue As National Authority Fails to Deliver
    • MDC murders: AG orders Mwale's arrest
    • Aids activists plan 'die in' over ARVs
    • Msika speaks out on Gukurahundi
    • Spies' appeal record finally handed over to High Court
    • Greedy Zanu PF politicians worsen Harare water crisis
    • Mhanda faces theft charges
    • The courage of Sibonile Moyo
    • Zimbabwe could lose out on World Cup windfall
    • Starving villagers plead for donor assistance
    • Harare Polytech dean of students appeals against conviction
    • ZTA chief bemoans shoestring budget
    • Farmers' union chief blasts new settlers
    • Concerns raised over new biotechnology law
    • Mixed reactions to Gono's new measures
    • Travel Expo good idea that's hostage to the times
    • Rank hypocrisy in business sector
    • Why Domestic Violence Bill is necessary
    • Serious contradictions in Gono's monetary crusade
    • Zim Standard Letters
  26. Posted 14/10/06
    • MDC to roll out decentralised protests
    • Private schools take on minister
    • Zimbabwe vice-president lures tourists
    • Group warns of disease outbreak in Harare
    • Prominent Zimbabweans barred from speaking on SABC
    • Broadcasting Corporation Refuses to Release Full Report On Allegations of Politically-Motivated 'Blacklisting'
    • Zimbabwe and South African embassies in London face busy weekend
    • Harare Says IMF Now Tool of Countries Seeking 'Regime Change'
    • NBTSZ Resumes Normal Operations
    • Chombo a State witness not accused person: Police
    • Zimbabweans turn to generators
    • Olonga is still haunted by the deafening silence of the ICC
    • Tourism Taskforce to Assess Progress At Gonarezhou Park
    • NGOs regret U-turn on Mugabe
    • Disabled children embattled by education policy
    • Mugabe, Konare meet on Sudan
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 444
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 12 October 2006
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 445
  27. Batch 4 Posted 13/10/06
    • Police ignore order to arrest Mugabe's secret agent
    • Minister accuses IMF, World Bank of double standards
    • MDC legislator, white farmer arrested
    • UK Contributes £20m For Zimbabwe Aids Program
    • Kofi Annan urged to act on Zimbabwe
    • Fighting Zimbabwe's Monster
    • Immigrants are victims as 'apartheid' returns to South Africa
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Anniversary - 12th October 2006
    • Blackouts Expanded in Zimbabwe As Major Electric Power Plant Fails
    • Black market rate continues to gallop
    • SABC did blacklist analysts
    • Paris Club of Bilateral Lenders Pressures Zimbabwe To Service Debts
    • Zimbabwe Media Regulator Mahoso In Sights of Legislative Panel
  28. Batch 3 Posted 13/10/06
    • Succession stirs Zanu PF probe
    • Govt, British firm in diamond wrangle
    • Pay up, Zim told
    • Boardroom squabbles cripple Zesa
    • GMB yet to pay wheat farmers
    • Defence forces uniforms supply in trouble
    • Croco Motors, Zimra clash
    • Prosecutor in Chinamasa case resigns
    • Water woes to continue - experts
    • Beneficiaries forced to withdraw fraud cases
    • Mujuru emissaries meet CSC bosses
    • Malnutrition claims five at Ingutsheni
    • MDC reels in numbers game
    • Attendant denies Chombo access to Zupco fuel
    • Mugabe succession 'complicating' turnaround - Rylander
    • Farmer evictions prejudices govt of Aspef loans
    • Chinamasa proposes amending Domestic Violence Bill
    • Stabilisation bonds to mop up $55 billion
    • RBZ cannot go it alone
    • Gono on a self-destruction path
    • EU completes sugar exports fraud investigation
    • Brazilian economist urges Zimbabweans to pressure Mugabe
    • Dairy farmers call for price reviews
    • Stock market investors sold a dummy
    • RBZ says no more free funds for parastatals
    • Gono gropes in darkness as inflation gallops on
    • Mugabe's Waterloo beckons
    • I pray you won't sign, Mr President
    • For government, failure seems only choice
    • Let's eradicate all forms of violence
    • Gono's moonshine policies a disaster
    • Government's never-ending profligacy
    • Critical thinking has become taboo
    • A Bright revelation
    • Who's doing the kicking?
    • Zim Independent Letters
  29. Batch 2 Posted 13/10/06
    • The lights are going out
    • Harare Central Hospital Needs Back-Up Generators
    • Ngezi Rural Hospital Faces Imminent Closure
    • Fedusa to confront Mbeki over Zimbabwe
    • Violence and intimidation mar rural council election build-up
    • Zim launches tourism campaign
    • ZANU-PF officials threaten The Zimbabwean newspaper vendor
  30. Batch 1 Posted 13/10/06
    • Police after Chombo
    • ZCTU challenge postponed
    • Chigwedere faces fresh contempt charges
    • No respite for weary banks
    • Student leaders arrested, detained by ZRP
    • Air Zim workers land on rear end over menu typo
    • Fresh farm invasions hit Manicaland
    • Rift over rights commission deepens
    • Stocks remain in limbo
    • 15 bln pounds needed to pay white farmers
    • BP turns off fuel sales to former employees
    • Bulls will still be pigs . . .
    • Mahoso must be hauled before Parly
    • So you want to flee Zimbabwe?
    • The most incredible falsehoods and deceptions
    • Robbing the poor to enrich themselves
    • Lies and more lies!
    • How does Zim benefit from Hoey's undercover visits?
    • Zisco Report: Mangwana now known for his grandstanding and nothing else
    • Why are people hungry again?
    • FinGaz Letters
  31. Batch 2 Posted 12/10/06
    • Mugabe's spies sniff out Air Zim moles
    • Hammarskjold remembered at Zim university
    • ZANU PF thugs torch opposition candidate's home
    • State gets week to justify ban on COSATU boss
    • Blood supplies to Zimbabwean hospitals stopped
    • State set to expropriate two white-owned farms
    • Zimbabwe seals trade accords with Russia
    • Zimbabwe Money Movers Stay Open Despite Central Bank Order
    • Out of Zimbabwe, Out of Africa
    • Would-be journos to get Green Bomber training?
    • Abandoning the future
    • For our children's sake - Zimbabwe must be free
    • Militants burn pastures, timber
    • Mahoso lies to Parliament
    • Prices soar as currency reforms fail
    • CHRA
    • Zimbabwe 'Alive and kicking' ???
    • Zimbabwe Journalists Union Deplores Team Sanctions Against Reporter
    • Zimbabwe monopolises on money transfers from Diaspora
    • Opposition members denied food aid
    • Crooks and Super Crooks
    • Tsvangirai urges unity
    • Massive fraud mars polling
    • Zim Journalist Selected Open Broadcast Fellow For Africa
    • John Makumbe at large
    • State Media Turns on the Monitors
    • Ngomakurira
    • Zim has Africa's highest rate of forced evictions
    • I am not the one
    • Rating Countries for the Happiness Factor
  32. Posted 12/10/06
    • WFP says 1.4 mln in Zimbabwe will need food aid
    • Zimbabweans Look to Alternative Sources of Energy as Power Cuts Continue
    • Gender activists protest MP's anti-women remarks
    • Zimbabwe police allow women's demonstrations against opposition MP
    • Update: BBC Hardtalk interview will now be aired Thursday, 12 October
    • Black market rate continues to gallop
    • Brian Kagoro and George Ayittey on Zimbabwe's crisis - Part 2
    • Red Cross and Red Crescent HIV/AIDS Global Alliance launches new initiative
    • In the Balance
    • ZimVigil to hand petition to the United Nations via British Labour MP
    • Malawi urged to export maize to hunger-hit neighbors
    • Water woes: Confusion must end
    • The tragedy of child-headed households
    • Beitbridge Border Post Gets Computers
    • Zanu PF Government has failed to provide freedom dividends
    • Transport crisis worsens
    • Zimbabwe: Major Electricity Breakdowns Hit
    • Zim tour operator held for helicopter theft
    • Calls for unity with Zimbabwe workers after DVD screening
    • Under Dictator, Zimbabwe Slides into Chaos
  33. Posted 11/10/06
    • Inflation tumbles to 1 023.3 percent
    • Chaos erupts as Reserve Bank bans money transfer agencies
    • Propping up the official exchange rate at any cost
    • Harare must ditch 'ambush' economics: analysts
    • Shock secret DVD captures brutal torture of unionists
    • High Court session fails to kick off in Masvingo
    • Protest against all forms of violence: Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabweans resort to Malawian passports
    • Harare NGO Assisting Zimbabwean Deportees Stranded In Malawi
    • Zimbabwe faces London protests
    • Funding shortfall forces WFP to cut back feeding
    • ZESA announces critical power shortages
    • Women's Coalition demonstrate over MP's sexist comments
    • Curb tendency to shoot ourselves in the foot
    • Zimbabwe - another North Korea
    • JAG Classifieds dated 10 October 2006
  34. Batch 2 Posted 10/10/06
    • Gono Cancels Money Transfer Agency Licences - Full Speech
    • Judgment in Daily News' application for licence reserved
    • Poachers kill elephants in national park
    • AirZim resorts to 'cannibalism'
    • Women to protest over MP's 'degrading comments'
    • Amnesty International Press Release - Martin Ennals Award
    • More Remains To Be Done For Zimbabwe Demolition Victims - UN Envoy
    • Mugabe Proposes Succession Debate at December Party Conference
    • Tsvangirai, Marking MDC Anniversary, Renews Challenge to Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's Grain Monopoly Awaits Funds To Buy Winter Wheat Crop
    • Harare's Water Charges Likely to Go Up 10-Fold
    • Pricing War Threatens Traffic Lights Project
    • Zimbabweans in the UK to petition Kofi Annan
    • "Selfishness and Greed," the cancer affecting many African leaders
    • Elephant Overpopulation Keeps Cull Debate Simmering
    • Zim and Russia sign deals
  35. Posted 10/10/06
    • By-election results raise questions over voter registration
    • Zimbabwe clamps down on cash sales
    • Zim money transfer agencies shut
    • Living Costs Continue to Surge for Urban and Rural Zimbabweans Alike
    • Zim central bank raises interest rates to 500%
    • Farmer slams land reform beneficiaries
    • White farmers to get leases
    • Invitation to Kate Hoey
    • Zim seeks to reverse brain drain
    • Outcry over sexist remarks by opposition MP
    • Zimbabwe: The Continued Suppression of Democracy
    • Letter from America: MDC is here to stay despite Mugabe's repression
    • Government embarks on tourism facilities upgrade for 2010 World Cup
  36. Posted 9/10/06
    • Report paints picture of a government in crisis
    • ZANU PF retains seats in rural strongholds
    • Shops hike price of sugar by 50 percent
    • Zimbabwe opposition says no protests due to fear
    • Zim compensates a 'fraction of white farmers'
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 7th October 2006
    • 4th Anniversary of the Zimbabwe Vigil - Events
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Broke: Reports
    • Stroll in the park for West Indies
    • Zim Cllrs' Visit Thwarted
  37. Batch 2 Posted 8/10/06
    • New Zimbabwe Law Allows for Eviction of Remaining White Farmers
    • Makoni roped into succession puzzle
    • Prison at the centre of gold dealing
    • Mangwana, Matonga clash
    • Traffic cops fingered for 'blatant extortion'
    • Minister roasted for 'undermining' seniors
    • Nkomo riles nomination court
    • MDC factions challenge ban of 400 candidates
    • Envoy gives-up on Mugabe
    • Chinese tractors prove 'unequal' to refuse collection task
    • Early rains spark fears of late wheat damage
    • Harare keeps IMF guessing
    • Mystery shrouds damning Zisco report
    • 500% tariff hike for Masvingo
    • Transparency demands train disaster probe be publicised
    • Progressive media laws, the missing link in fighting graft
    • Zanu PF bootlickers stifle Mugabe succession debate
    • Zim Standard Letters
  38. Posted 8/10/06
    • Zimbabwe threatens to jail Hoey for 'sneak' trip
    • Ready To Run
    • Search for Mugabe's successor widens
    • Zimbabwe's ruling party scouts for food, cattle, says report
    • Violence rocks Zimbabwe by-elections
    • Zimbabwe Journalists Spark Debate With Independent Media Council
    • Bitten from behind
  39. Batch 2 Posted 7/10/06
    • Security chiefs want Mugabe to hike salaries ten-fold
    • MDC says ZANU PF stepping up violence ahead of council polls
    • Zim train drivers to take breathalyzer tests
    • Police defy magistrate's order to investigate torture claims
    • Banking on a hole in the ground
    • Family basket hits $112 000
    • Zimbabwe woos Russians
    • Violence Flares Ahead of Zimbabwe Rural Council Elections
    • Zimbabwe In Bid To Revive Steel Deal With Former Indian Partner
    • Election Monitoring Group Issues Caution On Zimbabwe By-Elections
    • Chingoka "corrupt and selfish"
    • BBC Hardtalk interview to be aired Monday, 9 October
    • Report: Thousands join Zim diamond rush
    • Police block World Teachers Day event in Masvingo
    • Zimbabwe's American Business Association Aims To Revive Economy
    • Another nail in the coffin for democracy in Zimbabwe!
    • IFJ Condemns Media Commission Attack on Zimbabwe Union of Journalists
    • Seventh anniversary celebrations for MDC set for Sunday
    • UN-backed treaty suspends ivory exports due to deficient monitoring of poaching
    • Zimdollar trades at $1 000 to the greenback
    • Mujuru's maid arrested, beaten and jailed
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 5 October 2006
  40. Batch 1 Posted 7/10/06
    • I'm a political victim: Kuruneri
    • Zisco report vanishes
    • 'Why more MPs?'
    • Chorus of disapproval grows as Sexwale speaks out on Mugabe
    • No operating licence for training purposes, BAZ tells institutions
    • Lack of planning could blight farming season
    • Parly committee censures Mahoso
    • Temporary relief for spy agency bosses
    • Govt backing for toll manufacturers
    • Government appeals to NGOs to feed poor
    • NRZ keeps lid on train disaster report
    • Daily News hearing on Monday
    • Bulawayo proposes 50% rates hike
    • No direct power imports, Zerc tells firms
    • Growing unease over Gono's authority
    • What a bountiful third quarter for ZSE investors
    • RBZ still to act on exchange rate body
    • Zim to host IMF team
    • Hippo pressures EU to wind up investigation
    • Mawere accuses state of 'criminal intent'
    • SA's complicity in MDC, Zanu PF crises
    • Mugabe nets own goal
    • No end in sight as parastatal woes deepen
    • Day of reckoning coming for Mugabe's foot soldiers
    • Snoop and get it right!
    • Zisco saga: fresh stern test of govt's vow to fight graft
    • Dump the MIC before it discredits govt further
    • Zim economy could close for business
    • How Mwanawasa 'stole' the election
    • Zim Independent Letters
  41. Batch 2 Posted 6/10/06
    • Government too broke to print plastic I.D.s and passports
    • Chingoka regime under attack
    • Zimbabwe Authorities Pursue Forced Evictions & Demolitions
    • World Food Program, Citing Funding Woes, Cuts Back Zimbabwe Aid
    • How China controls African politics
    • Zim Could Degenerate Into Bloodbath, Says Coltart
    • Gweru Goes Without Water for Two Days
    • Cops investigate The Zimbabwean
    • Shamu rubs salt in Gukurahundi wounds
    • Government to Receive $50,000 Worth of Medical Assistance
    • Successful A2 Farmers to Get 99-Year Leases - Mutasa
    • Role of Zimbabweans in the Diaspora put under the spotlight
    • China mixes rice and neo-colonialism
  42. Batch 1 Posted 6/10/06
    • Police defy court
    • Mwanawasa gets another chance
    • Jagada lashes out
    • Noczim's bungling, Byo's loss
    • Mawere hits back
    • Belgian embassy relocates to SA
    • Cancer patients exposed to grave risk
    • Govt reneges on housing promise
    • Matonga corruption trial begins
    • Mpofu in last-ditch effort to woo Indians
    • Wrong numbers: cellular operators blast POTRAZ
    • Hunger stalks Zimbabwe as . . .
    • Hwange hopes to improve coal supplies
    • Zimra suspends six senior managers
    • Chinamasa claims tourism sector on the mend
    • Further, faster decline for Zimbabwe dollar
    • Lethargic POTRAZ finally makes the call
    • No reason to celebrate for Murambatsvina victims
    • See-hear-no-evil African press won't do
    • Shamu's dangerous talk!
    • CZI, ZNCC double standards stupefying
    • The superiority of African culture!
    • It's all a pack of lies
    • FinGaz Letters
  43. Posted 5/10/06
    • Last stand for Zimbabwe's white farmers
    • Doctors say labour leaders tortured
    • Students stage demo in Harare
    • Minister hawks Zim's natural resources to Russians
    • Food aid agency seeks 97 000 tonnes to avert starvation in Zim
    • Water under pressure
    • Cry, the beloved country
    • HIV-positive farmworkers are forgotten
    • Why Shamuyarira makes me sick
    • Zimbabwe Police Say Union Leaders Hurt While Attempting Escape
    • Zim magistrate urges probe of torture claims
    • Opposition Legislator Says West Turning 'Blind Eye' To Zimbabwe Suffering
    • Africa: Forced evictions reach crisis levels - Amnesty International
    • "Suffer continue Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans"
    • JAG Classifieds dated 3 October 2006
    • Protesters want law firm to cut links with Mugabe
    • 'Russian delegation to tell true Zim story'
    • Zimbabwe power giant gets funding for refurbishment
    • Zimbabwe journalists face 'propoganda' probe
    • Saudi Arabian Firm Eyes Investment in Kariba
    • Department of Immigration Hit By Fuel Shortage
    • Police raid The Zimbabwean newspaper distributor
    • Statement from Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe
  44. Posted 4/10/06
    • Harare admits wheels of industry are off
    • Police say labour leaders hurt themselves
    • Transport operators hike fares by 50 percent
    • Zim torture allegations to be probed
    • City of Harare continues with operation Murambatsvina
    • Woza women walk free
    • Fury at Mugabe Approval of Police Beatings
    • Whatever Happened to Didymus Mutasa?
    • Chaos in a small country
    • Violet Gonda talks with Brian Kagoro and George Ayittey on the Programme Hot Seat
    • Zimbabwe's external debt drops
    • Mpofu faces new quiz over inconsistencies
    • Mnangagwa's name props up in Ziscosteel scandal
    • Zim crisis signals boom time for Zambian tourism
    • ZUJ says independent press council to be set up before December
    • State Media Body Calls for Investigation of Journalists' Union, Journalist
    • Zimbabwe Churches Call for National Debate to End Crisis
    • 3000 Hectares of Timber Lost to Fires
    • UK pastors to visit Zimbabwe on a fact finding mission
    • Zim minister admits to food shortage
    • Bus fares and price of bread go up
    • Herald makes apology over Shiri story
    • Zimbabwe government widens scope for NGO food assistance
    • Zimbabwe's Economy Weakens
    • Mochochoko Awestruck by Rise to the Top
  45. Posted 3/10/06
    • Russian delegates explore Zim prospects
    • Mwanawasa wins tight Zambia election race
    • Zimbabwe: Agriculture minister admits food shortage
    • Zimbabwe Air Chief Draws Fire For Election Endorsement
    • Zimbabwe Media Alliance Rebuffs Accusations by Information Official
    • Despite Bread Price Concession, Bakers Face Continuing Cost Crunch
    • Smuggling of Goods Crippling Economy
    • Fury at Mugabe Approval of Police Beatings
    • Zimbabwe loses 30,000 cattle to diseases
    • INTERVIEW-World ignoring Zimbabwe humanitarian crisis-MP
    • Zimbabwe: Rates Remain Suppressed
    • Zimbabwe: Four Rhinos Handed Over to Conservancy
  46. Posted 2/10/06
    • Mugabe dismayed by jostling pretenders
    • Mugabe angles for legitimacy in SA law
    • Mugabe raps party in succession battle
    • Zimbabwe aiming to upset the odds
    • Letter to Bulawayo South Constituents - September 2006
    • Brain drain: Zimbabwe worst affected
    • Opposition seizes lead in Zambia vote
    • Mugabe's Menaces
    • Zimbabwe: Lawmakers in Heated Debate Over Motion
    • Which Forecaster Do You Believe?
    • Mugabe lifts ban on NGO food distribution
    • SA business tycoon says Mugabe a hero who lost his way
  47. 2nd batch posted 1/10/06
    • Blaming a monkey
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 30th September 2006
    • Govt, bakers agree on bread price
    • Up to business to decide whether they stand for a real turnaround in Zimbabwe’s fortunes
    • Break in at Chibebe's office
    • Role of journalists, dangers they face
    • MP Kadzima in court for fraud
    • Corruption deeply embedded in the Zanu PF psyche
    • Why Zimbabweans will not revolt against authority
    • Gukurahundi remarks spark fresh uproar
    • ZCTU attacks: Mugabe backing will worsen police brutality
    • War veterans accuse Dabengwa of 'seizing' Zipra properties
    • 'Freedom Train': the poor man's answer to urban transport woes
    • Police are protecting Chabuda's killers: family
    • Police beat up demonstrators
  48. Posted 1/10/06
    • MISA-Zimbabwe harassed by state media body
    • Relief Agencies Wait for Mugabe Approval of Overdue Food Report
    • New Wave of Farm Evictions Disrupts Zimbabwe Crop Preparations
    • Harare Residents Demonstrate Over Chronic Water Shortages
    • Mugabe - Zimbabwe to act decisively against protests
    • Mugabe: it's time for SA to take real action
    • Africa scores a first
    • Curran backs Zimbabwe to fight
    • Walking the Tightrope of Land Reform

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