The ZIMBABWE Situation

February 2007 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 28/2/07
    • MDC wants police chief jailed for contempt of court
    • Zimbabwe losing US$50m a week to mineral smugglers
    • Analysts See Harare's Political Lockdown As A Sign Of Desperation
    • Zimbabwe Public Hospital Resident Doctors End Strike After 10 Weeks
    • More Jailed As Operation Chikorokoza Continues
    • Womens' Lives Cut Short
    • MDC Faces Election Dilemma
    • Protesters await Mugabe ahead of Namibia trip
    • Zim plunged into darkness
    • IMF gives Zimbabwe 6 months to pay its debt
    • 'Informal Curfew' in Place in Harare, Claim NGOs
    • A Herculean Effort is Needed
    • MDC activist tortured for 3 days by police in Epworth
    • Unions vow to defy Mugabe over planned strike
    • Publisher Trevor Ncube short-listed for press freedom award
    • MDC makes official request for asylum seekers to work in UK
    • Succession debate a means of control for Mugabe
    • Zimbabweans defy crocodiles to come South
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 470
    • Rally for Dignity
    • Harare Seeks Economic Solution In Government-Business-Labor Talks
    • Magistrate Nabbed in Anti-Gold Panning Operation
    • Inside the mind of a dictator
    • Harare, NGOs to Resume Talks on Proposed Human Rights Panel
    • ZCTU will not be intimidated by the state
    • `You will never walk alone`- ZINASU tells ZCTU
    • Matonga's Trial Resumes
  2. Posted 27/2/07
    • Embattled Mugabe to sign deals in Namibia
    • Students to begin class boycott next Monday
    • Zimbabwe central bank to devalue dollar
    • Bar association condemns Mugabe's ban on rallies
    • Harare, rights groups to resume talks on rights body
    • Zimbabwe Farm Workers Union Seeks Arbitration Of Wage Dispute
    • University of Zimbabwe Lecturers Join National Colleagues In Strike
    • Zimbabwe Security Minister Warns Trade Union Against Strike Call
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Heads To Court To Challenge Ban on Rallies
    • Lake Chivero: A polluted lake that needs to be saved
    • A Real Refugee Problem
    • Crisis Coalition reject Mugabe 2010 election bid
    • IMF to keep Zimbabwe sanctions in place
    • No agreement on Gono's price freezes as deadline looms
    • New Police Blitz to Target Newly Rich
    • CMED seeks Benz franchise
    • Season for Zanu PF tit for tat could end with implosion
    • In Zimbabwe, UNICEF Partners with Enemies of Human Rights in Name of Orphans
    • MISA boss quits over CIO link
    • Justice purchased is an enduring cancer to any Republic
  3. Posted 26/2/07
    • Mugabe party mocks starving nation
    • Harare says will crush labour-led protests
    • Police chief blames government ministers for illegal mining
    • Mozambique Resorts Devastated by Cyclone
    • The political outcasts of Africa
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 24th February 2007
  4. Posted 25/2/07
    • Mugabe takes birthday swipe at opposition, Britain
    • Locals unmoved as loyalists throng stadium for Mugabe birthday bash
    • ZBC fails to screen live coverage of Mugabe's birthday
    • ZCTU General Council Communique
    • Winds of change
    • Cyclone rips down Mozambique prison as 600 inmates escape
    • IMF Executive Board Considers Zimbabwe's Arrears to the Fund
    • Economic Recovery Council
    • Mugabe buys time through new pay deal
    • Police impose curfew in Harare
    • ZCTU calls for stayaway
    • Mujuru snubs Mugabe bash
    • New police blitz to target newly rich
    • Our land gone forever,lament Shangani chiefs
    • Econet warns of disruptions
    • MISA Zimbabwe chief quits
    • Fake court officials invade Bulawayo
    • Massive crop failure in Matabeleland
    • Food shortages send 'Green Bomber' trainees back home
    • Bakers mull court action over bread price dispute
    • Policemen accused of stealing from dead suspect
    • Hell hath no fury like an underpaid soldier
    • River Ranch Diamond Mine alleges smear campaign
    • Chaos at ZISCO
    • Mugabe at 83: strong, defiant Zimbabwe at 27, weak, broken
    • Africa uhuru: the good, the bad, the so-so
    • What if Mugabe himself 'spills the beans?'
    • Zim Standard Letters
  5. Posted 24/2/07
    • Signs mount of end game for Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe
    • Police close Zimbabwe opposition meeting
    • Tsvangirai's disrupted speech at Bulawayo City Hall today
    • Zimbabwe issues storm flood warning as cyclone Favio nears
    • UNICEF Situation Report Mozambique 23 Feb 2007
    • Mugabe gets union pay deal but more trouble ahead
    • Storm Clouds Gather
    • Zimbabwe's economic crisis tabled at IMF meeting
    • German government gives hope...and ?17.9million (US$23.5m) for Zimbabwe's most disadvantaged
    • SA court drops coup plot charges
    • Ratooning may invite ban on cotton exports
    • UK visa applications to be handled in SA
    • Masvingo rejects plans to take over city's water supplies
    • University ordered to accommodate male students on campus
    • Zimbabweans Losing Patience with Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's Main Trade Union Deliberates Approach To Wage Talks
    • Namibian Human Rights Activists Gear Up To Protest Mugabe Visit
  6. Batch 2 Posted 23/2/07
    • ZBC censors Mugabe
    • Govt broadens ban on rallies
    • RBZ pacifies restive judges
    • Diplomats grill Tsvangirai over crisis
    • Nostalgic memories of struggle revived in Highfield
    • Human rights groups concerned
    • Payback time for farmers
    • Army couple, war veterans in farm row
    • Squatter camps blossom
    • Mugabe almost betrayed struggle - Tekere
    • Zim on IMF board agenda
    • AirZim hikes fares 100%
    • Forex rates rise on parallel market
    • Govt to intensify cash bids
    • Tanganda blames labour shortage for reduced output
    • Basic commodities up 300% from January
    • Arrest of executives puts Gono's social contract in jeopardy
    • Media ban undermines govt's sincerity in fighting graft
    • No 'harmony' in hiding Mugabe ploy behind polls reform
    • Mugabe faces dilemma
    • Defiance will continue if conditions don't improve
    • Mugabe's legacy a dark cloud over the land
    • A revolution that lost its moral compass
    • Forget the sluggish opposition, economy is Mugabe's biggest nemesis
    • Cops' helpful free ad for absence of rule of law
    • Social contract long-overdue
    • Zim Independent Letters
  7. Posted 23/2/07
    • Police release 33 opposition activists but arrest three more
    • Zimbabwe teachers' union ends strike amid tension
    • Zimbabwe opposition to challenge ban on rallies
    • Where are the Africans to condemn this despot?
    • Telecommunication troubles rife in Zimbabwe
    • Inflation Hits Aid Agencies' Capacity to Assist
    • Presidential Interviews With State Media - a Great Opportunity Lost
    • Donors come together for Zimbabwe’s orphans and vulnerable children
    • Powerful cyclone hits flood-ravaged Mozambique
    • Step down to save Zimbabwe, EU tells Mugabe
    • We Are Doomed
    • Mudede not ready for 2008
    • Mugabe instead of Manchester United
    • Zimbabwe forced to sign new contracts
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 469
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 22 February 2007
  8. Batch 3 Posted 22/2/07
    • Chinese Ambassador Gives Zimbabwe's Mugabe Birthday Bus: Report
    • Harare's schools are empty
    • Declining, not sinking - Mugabe
    • Diamonds, succession: Mugabe's lament
    • Inside the Highfield warzone
    • Namibian civic groups vow to take Mugabe on
    • Mpofu relaxes stranglehold on ZISCO affairs
    • Zim back on the table at IMF
    • Midzi faces jail
    • Insolvent Zesa fails to give workers pay rise
    • Farm wages dispute goes for arbitration
    • Govt to dissolve AirZim board
    • I'm no crook: AirZim's Chikumba
    • New economic paper revealed
    • When the police resort to voodoo law enforcement
    • Obasanjo: the kettle calling the pot black
    • Cash flow planning under hyperinflation
    • Sheer double-talk!
    • FinGaz Letters
  9. Batch 2 Posted 22/2/07
    • Losing the battle against Zimbabwe's soaring inflation
    • Bread Scarce in Zimbabwe as Mugabe Holds Party
    • Happy birthday, Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Turns To US Diaspora For Financial Support
    • Zimbabwe Election Impasse Spurs Support Groups to Court Political Reform
    • Ghana 50 years on - lessons for Zimbabwe and Africa
    • Zanu (PF) regime flouts the rule of law
    • Falling in love with the People's Charter
    • Celebrating 5 years of tough love
    • Mugabe must be stopped - Bennett
    • CIO dirty tricks dept at it again
    • People power reduced to ashes
    • Govt refuses civil servants pay increase
    • Zanu heavies win ZINWA tenders& as water services collapse
    • Police vs People
    • Ambulance ban - a world first for Zimbabwe
    • Letter from America
    • The pot is boiling
    • Battle for Mt Carmel continues
    • Church leaders urged to deal with Kunonga
    • Zanu to study corruption
    • Bvumbe calls for sacrifice
    • No economic recovery without political reform
    • ZCFU optimistic on harvests
    • Social contract doomed - experts
  10. Posted 22/2/07
    • Mugabe bans all political activities
    • Protesters to defy Mugabe crackdown as police loyalty drains away
    • Tsvangirai vows to step up campaign against Mugabe
    • Mugabe cracks whip to warn opponents
    • The day Highfield turned into 'little Baghdad'
    • Striking teachers beaten up, forced to eat chalk in crackdown
    • Zimbabwe's central bank burns money
    • Protest march against Mugabe
    • Mugabe's speech is 'frantically' edited
    • Comment: no sign of going, but crippled economy has weakened Mugabe
    • Mugabe 'plans diamond mine grab'
    • Zim passport backlog at 300 000
    • Zim bakeries halt production
    • Shortages as Mugabe celebrates
    • Record number of key personnel leaving security forces
    • Police attack striking teachers in Harare
    • Namibian sunset looms for desperate Mugabe
    • Zisco faces collapse
    • Mugabe celebrates as Zimbabweans seethe
    • US condemns Zimbabwe's police crackdown on protesters
    • Mugabe slams 'corrupt' ministers
    • TRANSCRIPT: Hot Seat teleconference on civil unrest in Zimbabwe
    • Seven men in army uniform arrested for stealing Z$11 million
    • Flowers rule out Zimbabwe return
    • Student leader jailed for 'Free Education' demonstration! Please act now.
    • The Politics of Hunger
    • Diplomatic brief
    • As Floods Continue, Mozambique Now Prepares for Cyclone
  11. Posted 21/2/07
    • Mugabe has £30,000 birthday as his people starve and die of Aids
    • Police chief begs juniors to remain loyal to Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe army deserters arrested in South Africa
    • IMF to decide Zimbabwe's fate this week
    • Challenging Harare, Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Schedules Another Rally
    • Zimbabwe opposition members charged after clashes
    • Mugabe's birthday no party for Zimbabwe
    • "I have never seen such a depressing outlook," says aid worker
    • Zimbabwe partner office shut down by ZANU PF militia
    • Does Zimbabwe need Food Aid?
    • Zimbabwe may win food charity post
    • Going nowhere
    • ZESN final statement on Chiredzi South by-election
    • Restive Public Workers Loom As Next Threat To Zimbabwe Government
    • Scramble to edit Mugabe's birthday talk
    • Opposition leaders claims there is growing mood of defiance in Zimbabwe
    • More join strike but rural teachers stay put due to fear
    • MDC claims Mugabe regime under siege
    • Thabo Mbeki shall be exposed
    • AirZim in US$20m debt
    • Ziscosteel records zero production, owes US$222m
    • Parly Committee Takes Goche to Task
    • Milk Production Down in 2006
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 468
    • JAG Classifieds dated 20 February 2007
  12. Posted 20/2/07
    • Riot police patrol restive Zimbabwe township
    • Tense calm in Harare
    • Mugabe foe sees growing defiance in Zimbabwe
    • EU extends sanctions on Zimbabwe for another year
    • Zimbabwe unfazed by EU sanctions extension
    • Statement regarding breaches of the rule of law during the weekend 17/18 February 2007
    • Army officer threatens to shoot villagers over farm
    • Nine MDC officials still detained
    • International call tariffs set to go up
    • All gatherings banned in Zimbabwe
    • Enduring famine at the banquet
    • Woman beaten by police out side her house
    • Chiredzi South by-election results
    • Largest teachers union joins strike
    • Tsvangirai's message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Harvest time in Zimbabwe, refugees help themselves
    • ZCTF REPORT - feb 2007
    • 3 feared dead as police crush Zimbabwe protests
    • Coup plot: Court hears of Mugabe, Spain and Seals
    • Zimbabwe could be heading for a state of emergency
    • China's callous diplomacy
    • Immigrants & refugees
    • Only Futility Will Anchor the Sinking ZANU PF Ship
  13. Posted 19/2/07
    • Police Arrest Dozens at Zimbabwean Rally
    • Zimbabwe police fire teargas, bar opposition rally
    • Zimbabwe opposition scraps rally after police fire teargas
    • Three killed by cholera in Zimbabwe capital
    • Friends snub Zimbabwe
    • Chiredzi by-election a farce
    • Stroll and patrol
    • Zimbabwe's civil servants reportedly turn down government pay offer
    • Teachers Offered $180 000
    • 22 police officers "revolt" over poor pay
    • European, US firms boycott Zim trade fair
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 17th February 2007
  14. Batch 2 Posted 18/2/07
    • Army and police desert beleaguered Mugabe
    • Only Mbeki can save Zimbabwe
    • Our family fortress under a hostile sun
    • High Court okays Tsvangirai rally
    • Viomak fires another salvo at President
    • Police flee attack by vendors
    • Voters snub Chiredzi poll
    • Business operators in court battle against Gwanda Council
    • Tekere lashes out at Mugabe
    • War veterans on warpath over unpaid school fees
    • New Ziana property sold to recover debt
    • Students arrested in govt clampdown
    • Cops beat up demonstrators
    • Bulawayo water: govt may backtrack
    • Mutare Town Clerk resigns
    • Zimbabwe in bid to stem investor flight
    • Gono deplores arrests of business leaders
    • We've been ruined, say miners
    • Econet to boost subscriber capacity tenfold
    • Zimbabwe skips IMF indaba
    • Government shows double standards over flood of imported vehicles
    • The real state of Zim cricket
    • Zim Standard Letters
  15. Posted 18/2/07
    • Zimbabwe police arrest 10 opposition supporters
    • Several arrested in police crackdown on MDC in Harare
    • Biti arrested today
    • MDC (Mutambara faction) kicks off its Defiance Camapaign in Bulawayo by defying a Police ban on its meeting
    • Mugabe says Britain refusing talks with Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe says no negotiations with Britain
    • Zimbabwe court tells govt to allow opposition rally
    • Off duty police to be called back
    • Zimbabwe Police Clash with Demonstrators
    • Exiled journalists circumvent censors by text messaging
    • Mugabe says Chirac's Summits are wrong, British govt queer
    • Zinasu demands freedom for its leaders
    • Lowveld news
    • Britain in the dock
    • Call for Iran-Zimbabwe economic agreements
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 467
    • International Day of Prayer for Zimbabwe 18th April 2007
    • U.S. Official Dispels "Alarmist Views" of China in Africa
  16. Posted 17/2/07
    • Zimbabwe hikes maize price in new inflation risk
    • Students, NCA & MDC protestors clash with police in Harare
    • Released Majongwe vows to continue teachers strike
    • Army provides manpower for Zanu (PF) candidate in Chiredzi
    • Bulawayo members release without appearing in Court
    • Court reverses university directive to bar male students from residence
    • Water Levels on Kariba
    • Murerwa was disastrous says Mugabe as he backs Gono
    • RBZ bars journalists from illegal mining hearing
    • Police deny permission for Tsvangirai rally
    • Mutambara to launch defiance campaign
    • Six police officers injured in skirmishes in Harare
    • MDC Suffers "Mugabe Syndrome"
    • Tsvangirai Now a "Man of the Past"
    • MDC Petition
    • With Political Tensions Rising, Zimbabwe By-Election Closely Watched
    • Zanu-PF tries to win over Bulawayo
    • Government to defy police orders
    • Police Presence Bolstered In Zimbabwe Cities Amidst Social Unrest
    • Zimbabwe Parliamentary Panel Seeks Solution To Strike By Doctors
    • Sekeramayi delays Mpofu hearing
    • 80 Zimbabwean nurses under investigation
    • Zimbabwean nurses 'victims of fraud'
    • SA firm looks to invest in Zim diamonds
    • 'Plotter' fears E Guinea torture
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 15 February 2007
    • Cellphone companies to cut back international calls
    • Call for Submissions: New Literary and Art Magazine
  17. Batch 3 Posted 16/2/07
    • Police probe gold barons
    • Mobile operators to cut international calls
    • Massive price hikes loom
    • $70b lost since January, say bakers
    • Murambatsvina destitutes too obvious for govt to hide
    • Gukurahundi era back to haunt tormentors
    • Army abandons Kondozi Estate
    • Byo moves to recycle water
    • Police, politicians in illegal gold mining
    • Promises and lies as parties battle for Chiredzi South's heart and soul
    • Tsvangirai fights police over rally
    • Portugal under pressure to bar Mugabe
    • Cabinet shuns Gono's social contract initiative
    • Price freeze stirs discord in CZI
    • Social contract: is it worth your thoughts?
    • Tobacco growers push for floors to open early
    • Govt domestic debt hits new high
    • ZNCC under fire
    • Unqualified consultants still masquerade as investors
    • Falgold won't open closed mine
    • Forestry Commission engages police, Zimra
    • MTAs now awash with forex
    • Arrests: business pays for unholy alliance
    • Protect your buying power from inflation
    • No Chinese reward for Mugabe's spirited bluster
    • One law for the poor, another for politicians
    • Government starving Zimbabwe
    • Fix the cause and not fiddle with symptoms
    • Let Tekere's peers give own accounts
    • Zim Independent Letters
  18. Batch 2 Posted 16/2/07
    • Intelligence agency warns of mass revolt against Mugabe
    • ZANU PF accused of vote buying ahead of by-election
    • 174 women protesters still detained
    • Press barred from parliamentary hearing into illegal mining activities
    • MDC seeks court order to hold rally
    • Zim's neighbours need to step in
    • Donors give $70 mln for Zimbabwe AIDS orphans
    • Zimbabwe urged not to extradite Briton in coup plot
    • SA knowingly turned blind eye to Guinea coup
    • Church Leaders Urged to Get Real
    • imbabwe's Reserve Bank chief confirms that gold output has halved since 2004
    • Students to appear in court
    • Go back to Cabinet, Minister told
    • WOZA update
    • Zesa Power Cuts Cause Havoc for Mobile Firms
    • Come On Zesa Holdings!
    • WFP starts helicopter rescue and food deliveries to victims of Mozambique floods
    • Mahathir's War Crimes Court to Name and Shame
  19. Batch 1 Posted 16/2/07
    • France snubs Mugabe
    • Ignore Charamba, ZBH told
    • Election plans come under fire
    • Court throws out ZCTU application
    • Open Letter to President Mugabe
    • Of hyperinflation, social contract, and the new mafia
    • Rude awakening for ministers
    • Byo heavies to be tested on water
    • Pazvakavambwa in fresh trouble
    • Mkapa initiative revived
    • Obert Mpofu's date with fate
    • Aussie bank shuts out Zim
    • 'Partying while the country burns'
    • Chinamasa off the hook
    • Arrests threaten social contract: business
    • Can 'praying mantis' give Air Zimbabwe new wings?
    • He who calls the tune pays the piper
    • What is Cabinet hiding?
    • Over tenth of Zim on brink of starvation
    • FinGaz Letters
  20. Batch 2 Posted 15/2/07
    • Zimbabwe students threaten to make country ungovernable
    • Green Bombers patrol city ahead of MDC rally
    • SA-based group vows to take Mugabe head-on
    • Outcry as ZEC changes marking system
    • Bankrupt parastatals fork out for birthday bash
    • Disgruntled farm workers trash equipment
    • Critical ambulance shortage
    • RBZ denies looting allegations
    • CIO flood Jozi to spy on deserters
    • Corruption debate to dominate parly
    • Serious debate on corruption? - dream on
    • Corruption in the ZRP
    • Zvinavashe threatens villagers
    • Mugabe scraps DCCs
    • UZ overstaffed - audit
    • ZNCC condemns arrests
    • 500 toddlers in prison with mothers
    • Matonga graft trial postponed
    • Fake currency found
    • Why can't we protest ONE TIME?
    • Conned by car dealers
    • Garbage shuffle as Mugabe rewards praise singers
    • Sisulu visits EU to raise Zim profile
    • Murerwa jumped before being pushed
    • Raw deal for Harare residents - the commission ignores traffic and transportation
    • Harmonisation of Elections in Zimbabwe 2008/2010: Modalities, Pros, and Cons
    • Senior Daily Mirror editor fired
    • Senate president wants private door
    • South Africa's Mbeki and Defense Minister Update Zimbabwe Policy
    • How plotters planned to stage coup
  21. Posted 15/2/07
    • Soldiers arm-twist teachers to end strike
    • MDC says will defy police ban on rally
    • Zimbabwean Student Leaders Held By Harare Police For Second Day
    • Zimbabwe Police Hold Women Demonstrators Through Valentine's Day
    • With women as brave as this, we have hope
    • Police block Shamuyarira thugs from evicting farmer Ben Freeth
    • Surviving Zimbabwe's runaway inflation
    • 'Quiet diplomacy on Zim justified'
    • South Africa deports 1600 Zimbabweans in one day
    • PTUZ leaders arrested
    • President's Lavish Birthday Plans Slammed
    • NRZ Seeks Us$10m
    • Mugabe faces calls to quit as economy dives
    • Crunch in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Humanitarian Situation Report Issue no. 31 Jan 2007
    • Whites fear Mugabe-style evictions as South Africa seizes first farm
    • Mugabe's spokesman unmasked as Herald columnist
    • Zimbabwe's new mining regulations to help halt illegal gold and diamond mining
    • What happens when politicians fail?
    • Balance between free market and state-run food security needed
  22. Posted 14/2/07
    • Zimbabwe fails to pay diplomats
    • Tsvangirai to launch party's presidential campaign
    • As Inflation Surges, Zimbabwe Automatic Tellers Dispense Z$10K Bills
    • 1,600pc inflation makes new notes useless
    • Zimbabwe protesters arrested, activist says
    • WOZA claim the streets of Harare and Bulawayo
    • Students arrested at Harare Polytechnic
    • Water cuts likely at Zimbabwe hospitals, prisons
    • SA mercenary Mann facing extradition
    • Accused 'may not have known about plot'
    • Tons of food aid moved to Chiredzi South ahead of by-election
    • Tel One
    • The end of the line for Murerwa, Gono or Mugabe?
    • Ambassadors of Belarus and Zimbabwe consider issues on expanding contacts between two states
    • Jollity that Depicts Worlds Apart
    • Interview Part 2: Margaret Dongo
    • Mugabe's $1.2 Million Bash Fuels Inflation Anger
    • Record inflation could tear apart proposed social contract
    • Mbeki can't make summit, Mugabe was not invited
    • Harare City Council Demands Rates Arrears From Civic Group Chief
    • Zimbabwe currency nears total repudiation as inflation soars to just under 1,600 percent in January
    • Kintyre Estates revival projects hang in balance
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 466
    • JAG Classifieds dated 13 February 2007
  23. Posted 13/2/07
    • Zimbabwe inflation surges to new record
    • Mugabe barred from summit
    • Central bank doubles salaries for youth militia
    • Minister says striking teachers are pushing "political agenda"
    • Residents march against plans to take over city's water supplies
    • PSL boss urged to come clean over Mugabe birthday link
    • £600,000 sought for Zimbabwean President's birthday
    • Starving and poor but still expected to give
    • 21st February Movement - for whose benefit?
    • Mozambique floods displace 68,000, more at risk
    • The Zambezi River threatens thousands of families in five southern African countries
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Union Accuses Rival of Interference In Strike
    • More Zimbabwean Doctors Dismissed As Eight-Week Strike Continues
    • Zimbabwe's Hyperinflation Driving AIDS Drugs Out Of Reach For Many
    • Chitungwiza Hospital Embarks On Project to Outsource Drugs
    • Electoral network condemns Chief's threats to villagers
    • Zim army tired of soldiering on
    • Belt tightening not for the poor alone
    • Equatorial Guinea seeks extradition of alleged British coup leader
    • My Watch - Not on my watch!
    • Two important launches from the Vigil
    • Failed asylum seekers live rough in the UK
    • Letter from America
    • Man Acquitted After 10 Years in Remand
    • Zinwa Owed Over $800bn
    • Council must improve service delivery
    • Senior Officials' Refusal to Give Evidence Stifles Corruption Trial
    • Mugabe Birthday Plans Shut Down Politics In Zimbabwe's Midlands
  24. Posted 12/2/07
    • Zim soldiers desert to South Africa
    • Mugabe to have his way in the end
    • ANALYSIS-Mugabe pressure rises as Zimbabwe economic woes spread
    • China's latest export: web censorship
    • Civil servants demand 400% pay hike
    • Mozambique evacuates 20,000 from flood areas
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 10th February 2007
    • Zim faces full-blown revolution
    • Hu Jintao in Africa: Anti-China backlash grows
    • Too many cooks ...
    • Zimbabwe fined for bowling their overs too slowly
  25. Posted 11/2/07
    • Living Costs For Zimbabwe Families Soar Again, Led By Education
    • Sanctions not cause of Zimbabwe meltdown, says US envoy
    • Mixed messages
    • Mugabe's Zimbabwe: Savage results
    • Municipality Suspends Health Director
    • Council to Pay $1,6m for Pothole Damage
    • Civil servants strike looms
    • Mutambara injured in car crash
    • Police begin probe into bullet incident
    • Ncube citizenship ruling a welcome precedent - lawyers
    • Zimbabwe teachers swap chalk for hoes in Botswana
    • Matabeleland hit by maize shortage
    • Residents fume as suburb goes for three months without electricity
    • Bulawayo sinks deeper in water crisis
    • Zanu PF pulls all stops in Chiredzi campaign
    • Succession politics damaging economy says Gono
    • Garikai homes turn to self-help projects
    • Heavy storms destroy Hopley shacks
    • Proposed health scheme 'bound to fail'
    • ZTA boss embroiled in hotel fracas
    • Perm Sec named in illegal gold dealing
    • Zimbabwe keeps prospective investors guessing
    • Diamond smugglers evade police dragnet
    • Labour unrest: Mugabe's Achilles heel
    • Spending $300m obscene when students can't afford education
    • Such flattery is overwhelming, George
    • Without disposable incomes, it's good bye to good old days
    • Zimbabwe board accused of human-rights abuse
    • China's Influence in Africa Arouses Some Resistance
  26. Posted 10/2/07
    • Company bosses detained over price breach
    • Managers Released Amid Harare Policy Dispute Over Price Controls
    • Zim police arrest staffer in diamond district
    • ... and release him
    • Named and shamed
    • Zim miners fearful of fingering dirty politicians
    • More than 5 000 arrested at Zim border
    • Bus fares go up AGAIN
    • Drivers fail re-test exercise
    • Companies forced to donate towards Mugabe's birthday party
    • Living Costs For Zimbabwe Families Soar Again, Led By Education
  27. Batch 2 Posted 9/2/07
    • Zimbabwe on the brink of total collapse
    • Getting rid of Mugabe
    • Mbeki must share blame for tragedy
    • Yes, save Darfur! But what about Zimbabwe?
    • Mugabe's new cabinet is another sad joke for Zimbabwe
    • Trafalgar Square Rally - Dignity for Zimbabwe - Saturday, 10th March 2007
    • Boris Johnson leads UK Parly debate on Zim deportations
    • Mugabe 2010 plan in tatters
    • RBZ stuck with new notes
    • Male UZ students evicted
    • We've had enough - ZNCC
    • CIO officers stalk teachers
    • Soldiers to get extra allowances
    • Police return miners' tools ahead of meeting with Mujuru
    • Byo mobilises against Zinwa
    • Wave of discontent major threat to gvt
    • Still waiting for justice five years on
    • RBZ payments too little to restore viability, say miners
    • MTAs dry of forex
    • Exporters on brink of closure - analysts
    • 'Bid to defend dollar futile'
    • 'Look West'
    • Bakers relax on bread quality
    • Hourly price hikes on the way, analysts warn
    • Cheap Chinese imports distress local firms
    • Let's reject Mugabe's ploy to rule forever
    • It's always been the politics, Gono
    • Territory and land not the same thing
    • Rewarding failure
    • Charamba's ethnic snobbery stinks
    • Missiles you can't fire
    • Why all the huffing and puffing Charamba?
    • Patient's survival pending surgery
  28. Posted 9/2/07
    • ZANU PF factions push for Mugabe's retirement
    • Health minister wants fired doctors back
    • Permanent secretary implicated in gold mining activities
    • Court refuses to charge MDC supporters
    • US media group asks Mugabe stop attacks on Press
    • ZIFA officials summoned over near chaotic scenes at Rufaro
    • Zimbabwe Voters Want New Constitution - Election Monitor
    • Zimbabwe's Striking Teachers Allege Intimidation By Security Forces
    • Zimbabwe Government, Civil Servants, Seek Agreement On Wages
    • Harare Arrests Corporate Manager In Latest Crackdown On Pricing
    • Mugabe: Not all white farmers will lose land
    • More White Zimbabwean Farmers Expelled
    • Zimbabwe Citizenship Battles
    • Residents of Kambuzuma without any power since Dec 16th
    • Civil servants union gives government ultimatum over salaries
    • Ziscosteel in massive production loss
    • Floods Leave Trail of Destruction, Disease
    • Gono Tackles Poor Salaries
    • Zanu(PF) intimidates opposition in Chiredzi
    • Gono Hits Bull's Eye
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 464
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 8 February 2007
  29. Batch 3 Posted 8/2/07
    • Murerwa mystery
    • Cabinet reshuffle . . . what reshuffle?
    • Self-regulation doesn't need statutory support
    • Byo unites in fight against ZINWA
    • Tibaijuka hasn't forgotten Murambatsvina
    • The cards the cabinet reshuffle drew
    • NSSA health scheme could kill us: medical aid societies
    • Millers arrested for writing to minister
    • Ministers threaten 'overzealous' committees
    • Court told Matonga demanded bribe
    • ZANU PF prepares to kick Tekere out
    • January inflation surges
    • Bakers besiege minister's office
    • Gono likely to be a lone voice in the wilderness
    • Who are they?
    • Financial Gazette Letters
  30. Batch 2 Posted 8/2/07
    • Price controls feared as Mugabe fires finance chief
    • The dazed and tired boxer who won't quit
    • Inflation is Now Illegal
    • Chinese aid to Africa may do more harm than good
    • Fraud charges hang over new Air Zimbabwe boss
    • Mugabe, officials loot US$20million
    • Unions reject Gono's social contract
    • War vets demand benefits
    • 'New' farmers abandon land
    • ZESA wants 300% tariff hike
    • ZESA board begs govt not to sell
    • ZBH under fire
    • NRZ facing collapse
    • UNHCR condemns Zim
    • Unicef's plans for "A generation of orphans"
    • No forex for food imports
    • Constitution now fatally flawed
    • The Zimbabwean Editorial
    • Zim drivers are colour blind
    • Letter from America
    • Officer cadets quit over pay
    • Cops incompetent - nurse's lawyer
    • ZEF to fight for justice for women
    • We need to wake up, stand up, speak out
    • Work starts on Kaukonde prison
  31. Posted 8/2/07
    • Mugabe's recycling of deadwood will not rescue economy
    • Breadline shoots to Z$460 000 a month
    • Mugabe buys army's loyalty with food rations
    • Mugabe reshuffles cabinet but deadwood remains
    • WOZA detained over night & students released in Bulawayo
    • Jail threat for Zimbabwe profiteers
    • Mugabe hints at crackdown on opposition protests
    • The economy has become the government's main opposition
    • SW Radio Africa Hotseat Transcript - Margaret Dongo
    • Cost of living up again
    • Electricity regulatory body in bid to up tariffs
    • Central bank plans to fortify defense of Zimbabwean dollar
    • A new type of dissident
    • How economic regulation yields poverty
    • Report on Civil Society Participation in AU Summit as 'Observers'
    • Cash woes force Zimbabwe to cancel soccer match
    • Mutasa ranting again
    • Mugabe's reshuffle: rearranging the deck of a sinking Titanic
    • A journey home leaves me uneasy and troubled
    • Book on Africa brings writer solace
    • Woman files Z$10 million suit against Police Commissioner
    • Save Zimbabwe Campaign Overhauling 'Sounds of Freedom' Initiative
    • Student Leaders Say Zimbabwe Police Sought Suspension Of Protests
    • Zimbabwe Hospital Dismisses Striking Doctors; Ministry Position Unclear
  32. Posted 7/2/07
    • Economic free fall in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe fires striking doctors
    • Inflation hits loyalty of Mugabe security forces
    • A Distant Drum
    • Zim prices quadruple in a week
    • Pressure set to mount on Mugabe as Zimbabwe prices surge
    • Price Controls
    • Splintered Zim opposition looks to unite
    • White farmers can stay to harvest their crops
    • Mutambara sounds war drums, says he is ready to die for Zimbabwe
    • MDC rallies the nation in a defiance campaign
    • 0ver 70 students arrested in Bulawayo
    • Women's pressure group writes to Zimbabwe's political leadership over crisis
    • Mugabe faces mass protests
    • Maze of Mugabe patronage everywhere
    • Mugabe the author of smart genocide
    • Political uncertainties which keep Mugabe in power: Zimbabwe's die or let go silent policy
    • Gono Plans to Float Zimbabwe Dollar This Year to Revive Economy
    • " Top up school fees", parents told
    • Zimbabweans use maize cobs as toilet paper - minister
    • TIA - This is Africa
    • Police accused of violating women in diamond operation
    • Arbitrary arrest and detentions / Release / Harassment
    • Brent and Williams help Zimbabwe level cricket series
    • Zimbabwe's top court dismisses bail application for security expert
    • MDC reports on crisis in Zim
    • Expose them
    • Man in court for wishing Mugabe dead
    • JAG Classifieds dated 6 February 2007
  33. Posted 6/2/07
    • Zimbabwe threatens white farmers with arrest if resist evictions
    • Zim farmers relieved as eviction date passes
    • Deadline passes with one farmer evicted in Chiredzi
    • Zimbabwean teachers begin sit-in action for salary hike
    • State agents deployed at schools as teachers strike
    • Zimbabwe police question unionist in teachers strike
    • Agribank Launches Anti-Corruption Drive
    • 8 MDC supporters arrested and assaulted during food disturbances in Rusape
    • Diamonds galore in Harare
    • Parliament to Probe Firms Over Cooking Oil
    • Forex Splashed On Luxury Cars
    • Shape Up Or Ship Out, Says Gono
    • Why parastatals are an albatross, and a curse
    • Organisations Fined for Pollution
    • 'Social Contract the Way to Go'
    • Students take Government HEAD ON
    • When it does not rain
    • Out of sight, out of mind
    • Mercenary accused to turn State Witness
    • Zimbabweans turn to free-to-air Dstv channels to escape state propaganda
    • Doctors, Health Services Board meeting ends in stalemate
    • Zimbabwe Professors Put Off Strike Pending House Committee Inquiry
    • Renewal Of EU Zimbabwe Sanctions Seen Likely - After Intense Debate
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Plans For 2008 Election As ZANU-PF Dithers
  34. Posted 5/2/07
    • Army forces research institutions to grow maize
    • MDC supporters seize grain in protest over discrimination
    • MP hires soldiers to chase white farmer from farmhouse
    • Media body says there is no law barring setting up of voluntary council
    • South Africa "should consider cutting electricity to neighbours"
    • High fees, staff exodus ravage Zim schools
    • Workers run from Mugabe's farmers
    • In Africa, China's expansion begins to stir resentment
    • Poetry and Race Relations in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe mauled again by Tigers
    • When the center cannot hold
    • EU to extend sanctions on Zimbabwe: diplomats
    • From pan-Africanism to national purity
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 3rd February 2007
  35. Posted 4/2/07
    • Africa discovers dark side of Chinese master
    • Mugabe, Dabengwa differ on ZINWA
    • Canada rejects twinning proposal
    • 'Mugabe must hang' jibe lands man in court
    • Masvingo wowed as Mutare mogul shows off latest acquisition
    • 40 disgruntled lecturers quit NUST
    • Experts criticise 'piecemeal' approach to cholera outbreak
    • ZCTU says Gono day-dreaming
    • Settlers scuttle US$1.2m investment
    • City of Kings to City of Old People
    • State urged to conduct full investigation of bullet incident
    • Scepticism greets Gono's roadmap to recovery
    • RBZ in u-turn
    • We have nothing to hide says River Ranch
    • Chinese brick firm back in business
    • Mugabe legacy of Africa's 'hard men'
    • If this is not xenophobia then, it's something uglier
    • Fanon and the car as a symbol of progress
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • ZNSPCA Available
    • Zimbabwe's white farmers face uncertain future
    • Scams and schemes, frauds and fiddles
    • Zim's white farmers must risk arrest, says pressure group
    • Zimbabwe's Corn Crop for 2007 Season May Drop to 850,000 Tons
    • Red Alert in the Zambezi Valley
  36. Posted 3/2/07
    • EU to extend sanctions on Zimbabwe - diplomats
    • Mugabe question sparks controversy ahead of EU-Africa summit
    • Anxious times for white Zimbabwe farmers
    • Jag Urgent Cautionary and Advisory Communique to all In-Situ Farmers
    • Board of inquiry to investigate near mutiny at military academy
    • Students threaten class boycotts over high tuition fees
    • Top Politicians Implicated in Illegal Gold Deals
    • France urged to take stand on Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF resolves to fire Tekere
    • Though Seen As Potential Mugabe Successor, Zimbabwe's Gono Burdened By Economy
    • RBZ Monetary Policy Statement - Mutambara responds
    • Media Commission Yet to Renew Weekly's Licence, One Month After Expiry
    • MDC supporters released without charge
    • Nurses' Strike - Three Arrested
    • Construction of Beitbridge Industrial Park Hits Snag
    • Zimbabwe Civic Groups Say Consultation Lacked In Bulawayo Protest
    • Zinwa Starts Normal Water Production
  37. Batch 3 Posted 2/2/07
    • EU split looms over summit invitations to Mugabe regime
    • Mugabe's guards in open rebellion
    • New notes out
    • Mujuru camp boycotts monetary policy review
    • Govt obduracy a hurdle to social contract deal - ZCTU
    • Health scheme a very crucial animal - NSSA
    • Settlers have nothing to show for their 'land hunger'
    • Zim must limit presidential terms through constitution - Swedish envoy
    • Chanetsa tells chinese to tell it like it is
    • Gono u-turns on MTAs
    • Tekere sues Herald, Sunday Mail, Chihuri
    • Timid policy stuns markets
    • Industry captains support Gono
    • Gold production slumps 21%
    • Dairy farmers stop milk production
    • Zim dollar firms marginally
    • Govt's dithering on EPOs suicidal - mining experts
    • Forex shortage cripples livestock breeders
    • Zimbabweans taxed to poverty
    • Economics, not politics, should save Zimbabwe
    • Extensive research could have helped ZBC on fees
    • Solution lies in political change
    • A legacy of bankrupt leadership
    • No masterstroke from 'your governor'
    • Mudede a strange fellow who won't learn
    • Zinwa must be stopped
    • Zim Independent Letters
  38. Batch 2 Posted 2/2/07
    • Mugabe hikes pensions for war veterans
    • Monetary statement an admission of failure
    • Four MDC supporters arrested for demanding Mugabe's resignation
    • Reserve Bank governor blames ruling elite for country's ills
    • Opposition protests extending Mugabe's rule
    • Zimbabwe Reserve Bank announces price freeze
    • Zimbabwe Newspaper Editor Undeterred By Bullet Sent With Warning
    • Head of chief's council accused of inciting genocide
    • Chiredzi farmers to defy illegal eviction notices
    • RBZ Statement: the end of thinking by Mugabe regime
    • Zimbabwe (62% rise in infant mortality)
    • Residents Get Tablets for Use in Drinking Water
    • Police in dawn raid on Majongwe house as teacher strike enters second day
    • Council Orders Closure of Children's Home
    • Zimbabwean Diamonds Smuggled Into Country
    • The Last King Of Scotland parallels with modern day Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe - Annual Report 2007
    • Strike By Lecturers Could Soon Spread To University Of Zimbabwe
    • Social contract will not succeed without political legitimacy: MDC leader
    • Zimbabwean refugees to be allowed to work in South Africa
    • Opposition Pulls Off Large Demonstration In Zimbabwe's Second City
    • Jag Job Opportunities - February 01, 2007
  39. Batch 1 Posted 2/2/07
    • Reform or die: Gono
    • Taps run dry at Parliament
    • Gono abandons Alice in Wonderland policy
    • Alleged graft paralyses Red Cross
    • World discusses Murambatsvina
    • Stop Mugabe: Tsvangirai to AU
    • Confusing zhing for zhong
    • Probe MPs placed under strict gag order
    • Zim fails to meet 30% SADC quota on women legislators
    • Bubye accuses WDC chief of bias
    • More hands in company cookie jar
    • 400 super-brains leave Zimbabwe
    • Make it fast, MPs tell Midzi
    • Teachers start go-slow
    • Monetary Policy: Full Coverage
    • Business, labour set to talk again
    • It's getting too hot in the oven: bakers moan
    • Tekere bashing a case of shooting the messenger
    • China snubs Zim
    • A crying shame
  40. Batch 2 Posted 1/2/07
    • ZNA numbers to be slashed
    • Zanu (PF) buys guns for war vets
    • Smuggling Allegations
    • Students 'tense' as fee hikes bite
    • Diamond rush changes face of Mutare
    • Villagers drown crossing Limpopo
    • Net tightens on border jumpers
    • Prices soar
    • Price hikes blamed on bad policies
    • CHRA Column
    • The Zimbabwean Editorial
    • ZCTU to vote on strike action
    • Doctors' strike: 60,000 dead
    • 'We don't recognize POSA' - Maduhuku tells cops
    • Pollution headache for Harare
    • Reshuffle overdue - analysts
    • Govt fails to release CCZ funds
    • WOZA champions support for People's Charter
    • Can anything escape Zanu (PF)'s destruction?
    • MDC demands minister's return
    • MDC blasts abuse of power
    • Zims adept at making a plan
    • South African vote casts dark cloud over Zim
    • Mugabe to get new plane?
  41. Posted 1/2/07
    • Bank chief deserves Nobel Prize if he fixes economy: analysts
    • Zimbabwe's Gono Says Currency Won't Be Devalued
    • Zimbabwe urges Mugabe to sell off state firms
    • Zimbabwe bank chief cuts money supply to fight inflation
    • Striking doctors reject salary top-up offer
    • Transport operators hike fares
    • Soldiers beat up Austrian tourist
    • The Water Crisis in Bulawayo
    • Chirac faces Mugabe dilemma
    • Failure is the only option: An MDC perspective of the RBZ's monetary policy statement
    • Standard editor gets death threat
    • 25 000 small scale miners lose claims since November
    • Interview Part 2: Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwean couple arrested over human trafficking
    • Asylum seekers left in five-year limbo
    • Illegal Forex Dealings Churning Out Instant Millionaires
    • Mpofu hearing kicks off
    • Stevenson backs Bulawayo's resistance to ZINWA takeover
    • The changing face of famine
    • JAG Classifieds dated 30 January 2007
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Slowing Pace Of Work As Prelude To Strike
    • No End To Labor Unrest In Zimbabwe Hospitals - Nurses Back On Strike

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