The ZIMBABWE Situation

January 2007 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/1/07
    • Traditional leaders say 'will not feed the enemy'
    • Media commission refuses to renew newspaper's licence
    • University lectures strike as teachers embark on "go slow"
    • Central bank chief to present monetary policy statement
    • League boss wanted to fund Mugabe birthday bash
    • Zimbabwe Farm Workers, Employers Deadlocked On Wage Increase
    • Harare Agency Now Controls Diamond Mine - Chinese Seen In Wings
    • Hampered By Zimbabwe Security Forces, NGO Opens Jo'Burg Office
    • Zimbabwe's Ignominious Implosion Continues Apace
    • Cholera outbreak in Harare
    • Talks between doctors and Health ministry collapse
    • Reports of mounting tension at Zimbabwe Military Academy
    • Bulawayo university lecturers & Harare nurses go on strike
    • Health System Near Total Collapse
    • Water Quality Supplies Fast Deteriorating
    • 50 Bodies Unclaimed
    • Condemnation of tyrant marks a sea change in attitudes
    • Driving out the filth in Zimbabwe
    • South Africa's press freedom under threat
    • Burial Societies' Influential Role in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean Papers Price Themselves Out of Market
    • ZANU PF U-turn on Media Regulator
  2. Posted 30/1/07
    • Army doctors struggle amid Zimbabwe hospital strike
    • Power utility admits it is broke and powerless
    • MDC leader offers to quit if party requires
    • Zim police question rights leader
    • Zimbabwean Christian leaders released
    • Zimbabwe's Progressive Teachers Union On Verge Of Calling Strike
    • Medical Staff Strike Has Spillover Effect On Zimbabwe AIDS Programs
    • Security Forces Seek Accord With Zimbabwe Civil Society Protesters
    • MDC officials' case adjourned
    • Breaking The Silence, Building True Peace. A report on the disturbances in Matabeleland and the Midlands, 1980 - 1988. A Summary.
    • Gukurahundi massacres: buck stops with Mugabe, says former ally
    • ZCTF press release
    • Donated parks' equipment lying idle in Zimbabwe
    • SADC states expected to pressure African Union on Zimbabwe
    • Letter from America
    • Please change my cell!
    • 'Hwange's Coal Pricing Suicidal'
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Promises Presidential Campaign For 2008
    • Six issues Mugabe cannot address in cabinet reshuffles
    • Life is Hard, Getting Harder, On Streets of Bulawayo
    • Inside Bob's exit strategy
    • Mugabe's 'great lie' exposed
    • Mugabe should look at own legitimacy
    • Jag Open Letter Forum No.463
    • Jag Important Stress & Trauma Counselling Communique
  3. Posted 29/1/07
    • Labour body threatens to call general strike
    • Harare redeploys doctors to beat strike
    • Hungry Zimbabwean police officers turn to corruption for survival
    • Bakers demand 100 percent hike in price
    • Zimbabwe seen devaluing local dollar
    • Barclays' millions help to prop up Mugabe regime
    • AU body tackles Zim about political violence
    • Gvt warns corrupt civil servants
    • Poisonous sugar on black market
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 27th January 2007
  4. Posted 28/1/07
    • "We have teeth, we will bite," warns Zimbabwean government
    • Pillage and Patronage: Human rights abuses in Zimbabwe's informal gold-mining sector
    • Please help with this campaign for Zimbabwe in your local neighbourhood
    • Farmers lay siege on GMB depot
    • Bulawayo to 'fight' ZINWA take-over
    • Lowly paid workers opt to stay home
    • ZCTU threatens government
    • War veterans say no to $25 000 pensions
    • Court ruling on Ncube citizenship case hailed
    • Donations spurned
    • Cross-border traders provide lifeline for retailers
    • Gono walks a tightrope
    • 'Why it was not difficult to forgive The Standard'
    • Can change in UK have any impact on Zimbabwe?
    • How debt relief could be a worthwhile target for Gono
    • Zanu PF, stop and smell the mushrooms
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Blinded by the Light
    • Rainy Season Brings Mixed Blessings
  5. Posted 27/1/07
    • Zimbabwe faces huge maize deficit - US famine agency
    • Mugabe ally threatens Zimbabwe media council
    • Church leaders & journalists arrested in Kadoma
    • Economic chaos as dollar crashes
    • ZANU PF persecutes MDC supporter even in death
    • All Eyes on the Mujurus
    • Mugabe Warrior Credentials Questioned
    • Political Climate Heating Up As Zimbabwe Economic Chill Deepens
    • Stakeholders plan to oust Chingoka
    • Zimbabwe's River Ranch Diamond Mine cleared of illegal diamond trade
    • Zimbabwe State Phone Company Workers Disdain 100% Pay Rise
    • Zimbabwe Election Monitor Prepares For 2008 Presidential Ballot
    • Tennis legend Navratilova to raise US$100 000 for Mutoko AIDS orphanage
    • It's all Chinese to Zim
    • Cara Black wins fifth grand slam title
    • Jag Job Opportunities 25 January 2007
    • Jag Diplomatic Communique - dated 26 January 2007
    • From Eddie Cross
  6. Batch 3 Posted 26/1/07
    • Mudede disgraced
    • Cabinet reshuffle imminent
    • Gono succumbs to Zanu PF pressure
    • Maize scam at GMB
    • Can a new cabinet reverse Mugabe's disastrous legacy?
    • Mathuthu takes occupancy of RTG property
    • Health board blames govt for doctors' strike
    • Zanu PF's dark history haunts Buhera
    • Govt reviews Vision 2020
    • Parallel market rates go wild
    • Sugar price not sweet enough, say producers
    • 'No feasible turnaround without Zesa'
    • NRZ negotiates for Zim-SA railway line
    • Marginal decline for domestic debt
    • Vaunted Sino- Zim intimacy all but a fallacy
    • Doing justice to farming
    • Can Gono punch above his weight this time around?
    • We can do better than pine for lost virginity
    • Chombo, what happened to elected mayors?
    • Recovery needs image change
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Police use force to break NCA protest
    • No signs of change in the way Zimbabwe clamps down on the media
    • Higher And Tertiary Education Fees Misleading
  7. Batch 2 Posted 26/1/07
    • Doctors threaten to quit en masse
    • Deal to export beef to Hong Kong flops
    • China leaves out Harare on Africa tour
    • War veterans want cattle returned to white farmer
    • Commonwealth says concerned about Zimbabwe crisis
    • Police Break Up Harare Protest By Zimbabwe Civil Society Activists
    • Hospital Wards Close As Strike By Zimbabwe Doctors Continues
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Targets UN, Commonwealth Chiefs At AU Summit
    • Zimbabwe editor 'to get passport'
    • Zimbabwe publisher "relieved" after citizenship victory
    • Licence shocker for news-hungry Zimbabweans
    • Greed And Ambition Ruling Zimbabwe
    • Costs of ARVs spiral
    • Commentators expect Mugabe's 'indigenisation' policy to place further pressure on declining sector
    • Zimbabwean gold miners say they live from one monetary policy ruling to the next
    • Human Rights lawyer Tsunga briefly detained at airport
    • Sugar Starts Trickling in
    • Zimbabwe's giant coal miner looks to China for financial boost
    • 15 Chinese Youths Arrive in Harare Under Exchange Programme
    • "White Zulu's" New Album Features Song Criticizing Zimbabwe's Mugabe
    • Please save the trees along Mazowe Road
  8. Batch 1 Posted 26/1/07
    • A-G seeks ex-CIO boss' extradition
    • Teachers' strike looms
    • Government takes over Olivine
    • Tekere book furore
    • Striking doctors' pay frozen
    • Parly committees breathe fresh air into stuffy Zim
    • To bring a knife to a gunfight
    • First licenced private broadcaster expected
    • Beaten ZTA signs up Spanish flair
    • What cheek, Cde Minister Chombo
    • Harare's Roads Littered With Unfilled Trenches
    • Exchange Rate Regime - Time for Paradigm Shift
    • Building Industry Collapse Imminent
    • Why Minister Mushowe?
    • FinGaz Letters
  9. Batch 2 Posted 25/1/07
    • Zimbabwe: A Bad Place for Journalists
    • Mugabe should go now to save Zimbabwe, says Biti
    • Only 2 clinics, 1 lab working in Harare
    • Mugabe faces unprecedented ridicule
    • Health fees soar as strike continues
    • Daily power blackouts in Harare
    • Coal shortage cripples industry
    • ZNA plans war vets reserve force
    • Grovelling messages for VP Joice's 'anniversary'
    • Town clerk regrets Murambatsvina
    • Life without sugar
    • Govt adept at stealing from the poor
    • IATA threatens to suspend Air Zim
    • Land bank denies abandoning farmers
    • Z$150 million budget for birthday bash
    • The economy - driving force behind change
    • Top MDC women leave for AU
    • Only the chefs can get fertilizer, seeds
    • Chiefs obstruct MDC candidates
    • 'Sinister rigging plot' - MDC
    • CHRA column
    • Internal dissent re Mugabe 2010 election
    • Activities for Change
    • Book Review
    • The Zimbabwean - Editorial 03
    • Mugabe's misrule breeds passionate youngsters
    • Food distribution under way
    • The Zimbabwean - Letters 25-01-2007
  10. Posted 25/1/07
    • Mugabe deploys state agents to bully striking doctors
    • No pay for striking doctors
    • Bulawayo left with only two weeks' water supply
    • Group protests against Mugabe's 2010 plans
    • Harare Heavyweight Steps In To Resolve Strike By Hospital Doctors
    • Early But Uneven Zimbabwe Rains Bode Disappointing Maize Harvest
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Will Lobby AU Against Mugabe Term Extension
    • Commonwealth chief hopes Zimbabwe cleans house, rejoins bloc
    • Zimbabwe power firm hamstrung by cash crunch, low supplies
    • Zimbabwe power company to make 600 workers redundant
    • Zimbabwe power utility warns of more shortages
    • Land reform efforts in SA and Zimbabwe slated at global forum
    • Interview Part 1: Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Chihuri faces quiz over Willowvale tender
    • Devaluation talk hits Harare
    • Civil Society ZESN Debate on Elections
    • Zimbabwe cricket boss faces charges
    • Zimbabwe sugar price surges
    • Zimbabwe to send trade attaches to Middle East
    • Hwange Making Loss By Selling Coal for a Song
    • If You Can Survive in Zimbabwe, You Can Survive Anywhere
    • Politicians probed for illicit diamond trade
    • Zimbabwe: majority under pressure
    • From turning pages to downloading them
    • Jag Open Letter Forum No.462
    • JAG Classifieds dated 23 January 2007
    • CIO revolt looming
  11. Posted 24/1/07
    • Zimbabwe faces more power cuts
    • US-based group warns of poor winter wheat harvest
    • Withdraw Mugabe invitation or face demo, France told
    • High Court to hear Zimbabwe media mogul's citizenship case
    • Zimbabwe Alone To Blame For Economic Collapse, US Embassy Says
    • Goodwill white farmers will get Zimbabwe farms, minister says
    • Mutasa says white farmers have no future in Zimbabwe
    • Few patients visit strike-hit Zimbabwe hospitals
    • Mortuaries overflow with bodies as doctors' strike continues
    • Medical school closes as doctors strike
    • More govt workers join strike over poor pay
    • Zimbabwean mining workers mull strike
    • Arrested students dumped in game reserve
    • Riot Police Flood Masvingo Town in anticipation of A Teachers' strike
    • Zimbabwe newspaper owner blasts state "intimidation, harassment"
    • Zimbabwe stops Victoria Falls developments
    • Tekere unfazed by new attempts to throw him out of Zanu PF
    • Uprightness or an Act of Desperation?
    • Time for new stand aimed at Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean border jumper wounded seriously
    • Pub grub anyone?
  12. Posted 23/1/07
    • US blames crisis on Mugabe's reckless policies, corruption
    • Harare fails to raise cash to buy stake in Mozambican power firm
    • Heavy police presence in major cities
    • Devaluation Talk Pushes Zimbabwe Dollar Down To Z$4,200 To USD
    • Zimbabwe Student Leaders To Meet Minister Over Tuition Increases
    • Gono responds to the Standard newspaper's apology
    • Food shortages could worsen as workers leave farms
    • Greater centralisation threatens city's water supplies
    • Zimbabwe confiscates more radios to block independent broadcasts
    • Parirenyatwa goes on leave in the middle of crisis
    • France must not ignore the repression in Zimbabwe
    • Pressure grows for Mugabe critic to be suspended from ruling party
    • Chinese delegation tours Zimbabwean province
    • Angry crowd demands diamond fields ownership; Police fire teargas
    • Zim diamonds lose their sparkle
    • Teens turn prostitutes to pay fees
    • 2007 MDC Activities for Change
    • Various Clearance Certificates Charges Up
    • Zimbabweans prepare for President's birthday celebration
    • Zimbabwe entering an exciting period
    • Gukurahundi; time to bury the ghost officially
    • The Political Outlook for 2007
  13. Posted 22/1/07
    • Harare says only 'lucky whites' will remain on farms
    • ZANU PF militia forces teachers to abandon schools
    • Catholic rights group decries deepening hardships, deaths, school dropout rate in Zimbabwe
    • Tragedy of the truthful immigrant
    • Russians to build power stations in Zim
    • FEWSNET says 1.4 million Zimbabweans need urgent food aid
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 20th January 2007
    • POSA at Work!
    • Year for decisive action, for whose benefit?
    • The draining of Africa's wealth
  14. Posted 21/1/07
    • Mugabe officials blacklist group founded to save reserve animals
    • Zimbabwe calls in army doctors as strike continues
    • Not Reality TV
    • Extract from Soyinka: Mugabe is a let-down
    • Police looting our gold, say miners
    • Mass desertions from armed forces
    • Forced 'chema' riles police officers
    • Zanu PF official seizes vehicle from Aids body
    • High Court judge slams police
    • Bulawayo running dry while Zinwa dithers
    • Memorial service for Gukurahundi victims
    • Businessman,Chinhoyi council in court battle over houses
    • Varsity lecturers say no to 300% pay hike
    • Thousands stranded as S Africa tightens border controls
    • Progressive Africans seek new vision
    • New twist in Kondozi saga as war vet claims ownership
    • Mohadi admits police shooting
    • Major setback for Midzi
    • Trans-Limpopo projects in cold storage
    • Mohadi: regrets not enough when innocent lives are lost
    • How beating on a train changed my life
    • Tribute to Judge President, Justice Rita Makarau
    • Blaming Mugabe alone for Zim crisis is myopic
    • Zim Standard Letters
  15. Posted 20/1/07
    • Sugar industry says price freeze hurting business
    • Foreign currency parallel market rates shoot up
    • Zimbabwe Labor Minister Goche and Union On Collision Course
    • Ahead Of By-Elections, Zimbabwe Ruling Party Takes Rural Wards By Default
    • Deductions Devour Wages Of Zimbabwe Phone Company Workers
    • Striking Zimbabwe doctors reject government pay offer
    • Government says striking Zimbabwe doctors have "resigned"
    • More Power Cuts Looming
    • Debtors Plunge Hwange Into Viability Woes
    • Population explosion in Beitbridge due to border jumpers
    • Sugar mills and bakers withhold supplies
    • Photos catch the hardships of cross-border traders
    • Foreign powers cannot 'impose' solutions on Zim
    • Zim editors condemn govt action
    • Zim blood diamonds spark concern
  16. Batch 2 Posted 19/1/07
    • NSSA scheme to squeeze taxpayers
    • Striking doctors fired
    • Mugabe dithers on mining law
    • Civil servants boost taxes
    • Recovery will take 23 years - analysts
    • Forex shortages blamed for AirZim's failures
    • Lawyers want Zanu PF militias disbanded
    • Succession politics dog Mirror
    • Govt opts to restructure parastatals
    • Your Honour,it's not just about money
    • Judiciary abused
    • Olds' slayers run farm into the ground
    • Cheda raps magistrates, cops for graft
    • Forex inflows dip ahead of monetary policy
    • Govt bills flop, undersubscribed 94,2%
    • Staff exodus hits farming sector
    • Southern African Power Pool warns on Zim
    • Coal shortages return to haunt industry
    • Interbank foreign sales slump 51%
    • Hysterical reaction to Tekere belies fear
    • Discord from Save Zimbabwe Campaign
    • Bad politics stymies economic recovery
    • Zim won't suffer catastrophic power cuts - Zerc
    • We are equal before the law
    • NSSA's arrogance mirrors the system
    • Gono's last push
    • Tekere sets cat among the pigeons
    • Communication woes mounting
  17. Posted 19/1/07
    • Harare kicks out 15 more white farmers
    • Mugabe ready to go for broke against opposition
    • Ambassador says Mugabe's spokesman wants him out
    • Dissecting the plight of Zim's farmers
    • Zim to block anti-Mugabe protests
    • Swiss Aids expert is European of the Year
    • Shocking arrests over burial at Hopley Farm
    • Zimbabwe an example of what has gone wrong in Africa
    • ZESN supports elections in 2008
    • US embassy denies Herald report on MDC meeting
    • Parliament opposed to Zinwa take-over of water supply
    • Suspended ZESA employees reinstated
    • Little-Known Dispatch Sells Out The Garden
    • Novel raises serious issues on Zimbabwe's AIDS pandemic
    • OPINION: The time to act is now!
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Hopes Lecture Series Will Promote Dialogue
    • Hands Off Local Government, Zimbabwe Minister Warns Politicians
    • Police In Zimbabwe Release 10 Student Leaders Arrested Wednesday
    • Hospital Drug Costs To Be Shifted To Zimbabwe Workers, Employers
    • Government Declines Further Negotiation In Zimbabwe Doctors Strike
    • State media body continues to harass journalist
    • Jag Open Letter Forum No.461
    • Jag Job Opportunities - 18 January 2007
  18. Batch 3 Posted 18/1/07
    • Tsvangirai talks tough
    • Zinwa takeover of Harare water scuttles business deals
    • Another bitter pill for the poor to swallow
    • Mutasa hands Kondozi Estates over to Mushowe
    • Hopley settlers exposed to the rains
    • Zim dollar plumbs new depths
    • White farmers fight back
    • Police net mini-treasure
    • Come rain, come sunshine . . . I shall vote, come 2008
    • Union to tackle farm wages
    • Government muscles its way into Bulawayo
    • Millers hike flour prices four-fold
    • Govt awaits SA move on Zim teachers
    • Bubye seeks gag on Midzi
    • Zinwa wades into flooded bottled water market
    • Tobacco output seen up in 2007
    • Kondozi's Moyo faces prison
    • Who is insulting the doctors, Dr Pari?
    • Africa must not turn blind eye on genocide
    • Bite the bullet!
  19. Batch 2 Posted 18/1/07
    • Corruption - survival strategy for most members of ZRP
    • Desperate people will resort to desperate measures
    • Freshly-dug graves in Harare
    • 'BOB' artists flee CIO
    • Pay back time for uncle Bob
    • Zanu (PF) destroys the future
    • Prisoners sing their hearts out
    • Foreign descent laws affect 1.5 million Zims
    • Mismanagement, not sanctions, have wrecked economy
    • Draconian laws set to sail through Parliament
    • How can we resolve the leadership crisis?
    • Mahachi - salt in the wound
    • Help for farm workers
    • New party fizzles out
    • The other genocide
    • While the lawless laugh at us, we send good men to the dogs
  20. Posted 18/1/07
    • Striking doctors told to go back to work or move out
    • Army storms Nomination Court
    • World Economic Forum honours Mutambara
    • Wage Demands By Zimbabwe Civil Servants Unrealistic - Economist
    • Zimbabwe opposition urges action to end Mugabe rule
    • Zimbabwe arrests 25,000 people for illegal mining
    • Statement regarding the Judge President's remarks - David Coltart
    • Compromised administration of justice in Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights
    • Top government ministers implicated in blood diamond deals
    • Government accepts help to build homes
    • Begging bowl out for Bob's birthday bash
    • EU asked to maintain sanctions against Mugabe
    • Desperate miners dig to escape poverty
    • Ten student leaders arrested in Bulawayo
    • Zesa Re-Introduces Load Shedding
    • UNICEF: Program to Help Children With AIDS Encouraging
    • Interview Part 4: Prof Moyo and Thornycroft
    • The San help themselves out of poverty
    • Mugabe refuses to fly in Chinese jet
    • In The Balance
    • Standard Newspaper stands by Gono Merc story
  21. Posted 17/1/07
    • Zimbabwe threatens fresh crackdown on slums
    • Speech by The Honourable Mrs. Justice Rita Makarau
    • Parliament to probe Mugabe's ministers over diamond deals
    • European Commission says it is keeping an eye on Zim gem industry
    • Court clears opposition officials
    • Zimbabwe University Students Boycott Classes Over Big Tuition Hikes
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Give Harare Two Weeks Notice Of Strike
    • The Mercedes Benz Brabus story - RBZ board speaks
    • Calls for justice 20 years after massacre
    • Rural health personnel join stayaway
    • Poor Zimbabwean Whites Hit Hard Times
    • Machiavelli and the perils of change in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Crisis: No Solutions in Sight
    • Bulawayo Introduces Water Cuts
    • Don't insult Bob - or else!
    • South Africa: Zimbabweans Evicted from Church Refuge
    • MIC a costly anachronism
    • Youths force Tanzanian President to commit himself on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors' Strike Continues Following Failure Of Talks
    • Lake Chivero - a Polluted Lake
  22. Posted 16/1/07
    • Judge president says judiciary reduced to begging
    • Harare to seize farms protected under investment treaties
    • Address doctors concerns, demands labour union
    • MDC postpones press briefing
    • Gono, RBZ to sue Standard and Zimbabwean over luxurious Merc story
    • Untreated sewage polluting Harare water supply
    • Zimbabwe university fees up 2000%
    • Anthrax kills 200 cattle in Zimbabwe
    • The one problem for which I have no answer
    • Activists from Myanmar, India and Zimbabwe to share World's Children's Prize
    • Children's Home Under Probe
    • Zimbabwean forces hail relationship with the Chinese PLA
    • Zimbabwe expected to import more farm machinery from China
    • Stevenson questions Mahachi's appointment
    • Two corrupt Zimbabwean soldiers arrested
    • Why Mugabe Rejects an Appeal for Extradition of Mengistu
  23. Posted 15/1/07
    • State agents turn screws on central bank chief
    • Striking doctors reject government salary offer
    • Major sewage treatment plant breaks down
    • Mugabe expected to share power in extended term
    • School fees go up in Zimbabwe
    • Many skilled Zimbabweans leaving for a better life
    • Gono denies buying luxurious Mercedes Benz
    • Arms deal: Who got R1bn in pay-offs?
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 13th January 2007
    • Killer cop to face culpable homicide charge
    • Degree of anger at roll of dishonour
    • Directions: The Victoria Falls hotel deluge
  24. Posted 14/1/07
    • Mugabe claims he has no fears of prosecution
    • They have a dream...
    • Does the punishment fit the crime?
    • Zimbabwean MP seeks to expose govt atrocities
    • Massive looting at NSSA, say workers
    • Bizarre indecent assault
    • Tekere book exposes Mugabe's love life
    • Turning to researchers to escape poverty at home
    • Secret burials as council charges escalate
    • Strike paralyses Gwanda Council
    • Man in court for wishing Mugabe dead
    • Bulawayo Council,Toyota in land deal
    • Massive hike in MIC fees threat to media
    • Mourners taunt police
    • 'Stressed-up' Zimbabweans turn to 'Dianetics science'
    • Ex-ZUPCO boss arrested
    • NEDPP- why it's no different with 'Waiting for Godot'
    • Only a massive shock could galvanize this government
    • Why change is difficult to achieve in Zanu PF
    • Attack on NGOs for distributing radios baseless
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • The Challenge of Global Health
  25. Batch 2 Posted 13/1/07
    • Minister takes over huge parts of Kondozi Estate
    • MDC plans to roll out mass protests in three months time
    • Zimbabwean farmers get temporary reprieve - report
    • Govt dismisses reports of diamond smuggling
    • Zimbabwe's hospitals crippled by striking doctors
    • Zim 'a new Bantustan'
    • Zimbabweans demonstrate at the White House
    • Africa headhunts Zim farmers
    • Mbeki and ANC accused of "Zanufication" of South Africa
    • Pakistan has had military, defence ties with Zimbabwe for long time: envoy
    • 'ZRP's Biodiesel Project On Course'
    • MDC resolves to take the bull by horns
    • Rescuing rhinos in Zimbabwe
    • China smiles at Africa with two faces
    • How the World Views Africa
    • EC Dismisses Harare Claim Of Political Motive In Diamond Investigation
    • It's Bad News!
    • Community Health Group Urges Action On Zimbabwe Hospital Strikes
    • Wave Of Labor Unrest In Zimbabwe Symptom Of Failing State - Analysts
    • Who are Zimbabwe's enemies?
    • The seven deadly sins of Zanu PF leaders
    • "We at the WSF Don't Have an Agenda"
  26. Batch 1 Posted 13/1/07
    • Outrage as Tel*One switches off emergency numbers
    • Tsvangirai plays down MDC rift
    • Tekere says Mugabe a liability
    • Stringent water measures for Byo
    • Indigenisation Bill before cabinet committee
    • Clinics abandoned for 8 years
    • Mugabe unfazed by chance of facing law
    • Somaliland embraces evicted Zim farmers
    • ... as top counsel sought to defend land reform
    • Police won't name killer cop
    • Reserve Bank fails to pay gold producers forex
    • . . buys from unlicensed gold miners
    • Patients bear the brunt as doctors dig in heels
    • Govt forces Nssa to abandon Vic Falls project
    • Banks up minimum lending rates
    • Rate not attractive enough for investors, say analysts
    • Gold mining falls to 'pathetic levels'
    • CSC revival attempts a waste of funds
    • Midzi says lacks clout to handle miners' case
    • Careerist mindset abets Zanu PF rule
    • Where did misinformation originate MIC?
    • Presidential economics detached from reality
    • Patronage: govt's costly blunder
    • Zim Independent Letters
  27. Batch 2 Posted 12/1/07
    • Inflation: We are in real trouble this year
    • Former ZANU PF chief absolves Mugabe of killing rival
    • Zimbabwe private doctors hike fees
    • Police crackdown claims three more illegal gold miners
    • Harare refuses to hand over Mengistu to serve life sentence
    • 'We produced a creature that destroyed this country' - Nkala
    • Zimbabwe urges doctors to end crippling strike
    • Public service institutions unable to operate
    • Hawkins predicts further decline in economy despite Gono's policies
    • Beef Export Plans Hang in Balance
    • Aid agency calls on EU to renew targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's River Ranch says to double ore output
    • Border jumpers feared dead trying to cross flooded Limpopo river
    • Save Zimbabwe Coalition resolve to engage in civil disobedience over Mugabe term extension
    • EU Urged to Fill Global Leadership Void
    • 'SA hasn't implemented human rights'
    • South Africa tries to close the back door
    • Mengistu is handed life sentence
    • Scepticism over govt plan to treble ARV beneficiaries
    • Bulgaria Sends National Security Head as Envoy to Zimbabwe
    • City Council Recruits 1 000 Casual Workers to Cut Grass
    • Comment by Eddie Cross
    • Zimbabwean Literature - a Nervous Condition
  28. Batch 1 Posted 12/1/07
    • Yet another challenging year for Gono
    • Low pay turns Parly into peanut gallery
    • Year of the Pig? Be afraid, be very afraid
    • Health delivery system looks set to grind to a halt
    • Chombo probe cop booted off case
    • Ex-boss' trial exposes decay at Arda
    • Bid to save remaining white farmers
    • Mutsvangwa row sucks in Mugabe
    • Fertiliser supply set to improve this quarter
    • Power crisis: Zim chases new contracts
    • Things fall apart as Chigwedere fiddles
    • What are we really worth?
    • An outlaw's price
    • Why price controls simply won't work
    • Only law, peace and orderliness shall set us free
    • Corporate governance in 2007: challenges
    • Are we on autopilot?
    • FinGaz Letters
  29. Batch 2 Posted 11/1/07
    • Chinese planes 'too dangerous' for Mugabe
    • Broad Alliance to protest 2010 polls
    • Brain drain to cripple civil service
    • Exporters call for devaluation
    • Police seize sani pads
    • Tongas starved for voting MDC
    • Reduced to Stone Age scavengers
    • A Cartoonist's View of Zimbabwe
    • Dollar drops as demand soars
    • Hungry Zims seeks Moz jobs
    • Inspirational WOZA leader visits UK
    • Editorial 01 (11-01-07)
    • Quo vadis, Zimbabwe?
    • Fuel cripples council
    • IMF warns of "regional contagion"
    • RBZ borrows Z$160 billion
    • Education for all - a distant memory
    • Tsvangirai cracks whip on MDC UK
    • Letter from America
    • Help to stop the brain drain
    • More Trouble for Zimbabwe
    • Prostitutes Protest in Zimbabwe
  30. Posted 11/1/07
    • Zimbabwe inflation hits new record, 1,281.1% , stoking tensions
    • Zimbabwe household bills surge 43 percent in December
    • Britain accused of 'sinister agenda' in Zim
    • Patients bear brunt of Zimbabwe's crumbling health sector
    • Senior doctors walk out as strike pressure intensifies
    • Miners arrested as Mugabe eyes goldfields
    • Police chief urges Mugabe to fix economy
    • Zimbabwe state hospitals grind to a halt as nurses join strike
    • Tsvangirai faction to discuss progress on unity
    • High fees push Zim students out of colleges
    • Zimbabwe Political Observers Back Call For Opposition Reunification
    • Interview with Peta Thornycroft and Professor Jonathan Moyo - SW Radio Africa Hotseat Transcript
    • South Africa to recruit Zimbabwean science and maths teachers ....
    • ....Keep our teachers local, say readers
    • Zimbabwe on flood 'red alert'
    • Who guards the guards? - Violations by law enforcement agencies in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Where only the Voice of the State is needed
    • Muddying the waters
    • Chinhoyi Residents Go Without Water for Two Weeks
    • Zimsec Hit By Low Marker Turnout Over Payment
    • MDC to hold crucial executive meetings
    • Mahoso fails to submit MIC's audited accounts
    • SA group plans massive platinum production in Zimbabwe
    • SA deports 80 000 Zimbabweans
    • Sanef slams Zim 'media threat'
    • Zimbabwe vows to eradicate illicit arms deals
    • Open Letter To UK Parliament From Canada
    • MDC defends the right to strike!
    • Department Reports Outbreaks of Lumpy Skin Disease, Anthrax
    • Zimbabwe Cricket names six uncapped players for World Cup
    • Kimberly Process Opens Investigations Into Zimbabwe Diamond Flows
    • Job Losses Feared In Restructuring Of Zimbabwe Electric Utility
    • Cost of AIDS Treatment Rises Out Of Reach Of Many Zimbabweans
  31. Posted 10/1/07
    • Mugabe forks out loads of cash to Pakistani army experts
    • Zimbabwe mining firm rejects diamond smuggling charge
    • Secret police deployed at central bank to avert strike
    • Police criticised for refusing to accept blame for killing man
    • Unable To Raise Bus Fares, Zimbabwe Teachers Miss Start of School
    • Zimbabwean Government Fears Labor Unrest May Spread To Army
    • Experts Urge Zimbabwe Government To Overhaul 99-Year Farm Leases
    • Zimbabwe Health Minister Meets Top Doctors In Bid To End Strike
    • Soldiers supervising student nurses as doctors strike continues
    • Civil servants offered salaries below poverty datum line
    • Zesa's witch-hunt against 'striking workers'
    • Zimbabwe power utility suspends 135 striking workers
    • Teachers Leave Country for 'Greener Pastures'
    • Non-violence can hange regime -Jenni Williams in London
    • The Zimbabwe of today
    • Breakaway faction calls for end to Zimbabwe opposition rift
    • MDC leader rejects rebel's olive branch
    • House of Lords Debate on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe name squad of 30 for World Cup
    • Britain says EU set to renew targeted sanctions against Mugabe
    • Education under attack in Zimbabwe
    • Fees Debate - Schools Not Spared From Inflation
    • CPU Provides Water Bowsers for Marondera
    • How a svikiro saved a president from shame
    • Politics beyond the obvious: Zimbabwe 2008 and beyond
  32. Posted 9/1/07
    • Farmers' union says only few whites offered land
    • Zimbabwe's Remaining White Farmers Face New Eviction Campaign
    • Strike leaves Zim hospitals in 'critical' situation
    • Zimbabwe strikes fuel political tension
    • Gold Miners in Zimbabwe say Government Crackdown Leaves Many Without Livelihood
    • Two men detained over US army attire
    • Harare Residents Vow To Challenge 2007 City Budget, Commission
    • Harare Expanding AIDS Treatment - But Prevention Remains Critical
    • 141 Illegal Dealers Specialising in Precious Minerals Exposed
    • Zimbabwean police launch manhunt for illegal gold dealer
    • Gono's new Benz-i infuriates workers denied bonuses
    • Fees saga between government and private schools rumbles on
    • Monetary policy presents Gono a daunting task
    • 'Lost' Swedish aid millions are the tip of the iceberg
    • Beitbridge Hospital Hit By Drip Shortage
    • ZCTF New Year's Report
    • The Chicken Treatment
    • Govt takes aim at remaining independent media
    • Media mogul Ncube rendered stateless
    • Why Gukurahundi will not be forgotten or forgiven
    • Omnibus operators defy minister Chombo over fares
    • Mugabe has chance for dignified exit
    • Zimbabwe's Shona also victimized
    • When bread becomes a luxury
  33. Posted 8/1/07
    • Disgruntled police officers quit
    • Minister threatens to crush protests
    • Saddam jibe leaves Zim man with swollen ribs
    • Editorial: Mugabe makes life a misery in Zimbabwe
    • Eeeish !
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 6th January 2007
    • Ncube unsure if politics or personal vendetta cost him his citizenship
    • Somaliland lures Zim farmers
    • Elephant cruelty claim disputed
    • Re: SHEARWATER - ELEPHANTS - A response
  34. Batch 2 Posted 7/1/07
    • Zimbabwe, the land of dying children
    • Victoria Falls 'at risk', UN warns
    • Top class Benz raises eyebrows
    • Mnangagwa defies Mugabe
    • NSSA splashes billions on top-of-the-range vehicles
    • Accept Nyoni, Mugabe tells Matabeleland
    • Bulawayo water crisis set to worsen
    • Zanu PF fears revolt
    • Dissension in Zanu PF good for the opposition
    • Starvation fears as city runs out of maize-meal
    • Only 36 benefit from 'Operation Garikai' in Bulawayo
    • Zimbabweans brace for tough year ahead
    • Resist Mugabe moves,urges Tekere
    • Police shoot dead New Year reveller
    • Parents call for abolition of school uniforms
    • 2007: More doom and gloom as prices soar
    • Inflation heads for 2 000 %
    • Time to return to the basics of economic wisdom
    • The language of change in Zimbabwean politics
    • They're still monkeying around with independence
    • Zim Standard Letters
  35. Posted 7/1/07
    • Zimbabwe could evict more black, white farmers
    • White Farmers Given Leases In Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe probed on "blood diamond" worries
    • Zesa Workers End Strike
    • Shearwater - Elephants - A response
    • Shaukat Aziz approves revised draft of pact for troop deployment to Zimbabwe
    • Panners Destroy 54 Graves in Search of Gold
    • Illegal Gold Panners Turn to Robbery -- Police
    • WOZA`s Jenni Williams to address London Meeting Monday
    • China-Africa Cooperation to Break "Products-for-resources" Doctrine
    • One in 4 Zimbabwe children are AIDS orphans-UNICEF
    • Torrential rains kill nine in Mozambique
    • Chingoka stonewalls over major issues
    • Bindura, Chinhoyi to Get Train Services
    • Council, Hotels in Partnership
  36. Posted 6/1/07
    • Zimbabwe doctors' strike worsens, patients stranded
    • 2007 kicks off with strikes
    • Striking Zim workers cut power supply
    • Zim doctors ordered to return to work
    • Zimbabwean nurses join strike
    • Man dies after being shot by police on New Year's eve
    • Zimbabwe Position On White Farmers Unchanged, Says Land Expert
    • Harare Minister Criticizes, Threatens Non-Governmental Organizations
    • Setting the Zimbabwean Agenda for 2007:
    • Thousands "join new Zimbabwe emerald rush"
    • Harare reports dirty water as Marondera runs dry
    • Former GMB boss says Zimbabwe out of food
    • Eviction deadline looms for Zimbabwe's last white farmers
    • Necessity spurs urban farming
    • Zimbabwe to import more electricity
    • Detained farm settlers set free
    • Press rights body condemns Harare over citizenship saga
    • Passport control
    • "Special issue on storms and floods"
    • Solomon Mujuru leading resistance against Mugabe term extension
    • Shortages
    • Zimbabwe: Assistance to the population affected by the 'clean-up' exercise
    • Echoes of executioner's song
  37. Batch 3 Posted 5/1/07
    • Striking power firm workers switch off Harare
    • Tsvangirai's peace overtures will find no takers
    • 25 farm settlers still locked up in police cells
    • 50 hospitalised after eating contaminated meat in Masvingo
    • Nepal tightens visa requirements for Zimbabweans
    • Minister ignores striking doctors
    • Where Did the Wheels Come Off?
    • Zim Under Probe
    • Battle Lines Drawn Between Govt, Students
    • Graft in President's Office Exposed
    • Economy Sinks Deeper Into Coma
    • Zanu Pf Admits Turnaround Nowhere in Sight
    • Will Future Economy of Zim Be the Same As Pre-2000 Economy?
    • December Inflation Seen Near Record High
    • Zanu Pf Pockets $10.5 Mln Dividends From Associate Firms
    • Teachers to Get 300 Percent Pay Increase
    • Hard Drive Thieves Hit Beverley, Again
    • MDC Purge Looms
    • Residents Want Chombo in Court Over Makwavarara Re-Appointment
    • Tough Year Awaits Nkomo
    • Minister Chombo Has Completely Lost the Plot
    • Punished for Standing Up to Nkomo?
    • Of Resolutions And Headlines We Would Like to See in 2007
  38. Batch 2 Posted 5/1/07
    • Gono under fire
    • Striking Zesa workers face chop
    • Zanu PF wants spindoctors paid by govt
    • No wildlife audit for five years
    • Worst agricultural year since Independence
    • Patients suffer as Zimbabwe doctors strike
    • Civic groups say people should vote on Mugabe term
    • Zinwa has no capacity for clean water provision - Auditor General
    • Government halts toll gates construction
    • Circus time in Harare as Sekesai lives up to her name
    • Police arrest registered gold miners, destroy equipment
    • Gono closed FNBS over old grudge: shareholders
    • Zim dollar falls yet again
    • Microsoft's Zim agent moves on pirated software
    • Passing the 'toothpaste test'
    • Mixed feelings on forex committee
    • Consumer Council attacks wholesalers, retailers
    • Property market to remain dull as house prices soar
    • Harare stuck with Makwavarara if 2010 plan succeeds
    • Attack on judiciary unjustified
    • Mugabe's wishes vs Zim's needs
    • Giving up liberties nothing but immoral
    • Fatal combination of ignorance, arrogance
    • Halting the foreign exchange crisis
    • SRC bungling now evident
    • Sick plan can't cure health delivery ills
    • New Year present for Harare ratepayers
    • Zim Independent Letters
  39. Batch 1 Posted 5/1/07
    • Game hunters 'help to save rare species'
    • Zimbabwe - Letter to a Compatriot
    • Mugabe Said To Chafe As Ministers Fail To Reopen Slaughterhouse
    • World Press Groups Protest Harare's Move Against Newspaper Publisher
    • Higher Bread Prices Loom for Zimbabweans As Baker's Flour Surges
    • Madhuku accuses police of downplaying petrol bomb
    • The Outlook for 2007
    • Zimbabwe Hit by Power Cuts
    • Tekere says Mugabe 'insecure' in new book
    • Mugabe orders halt to smash and grab
    • Farmers still not paid by GMB
    • Queues getting longer for all commodities
    • Rentals out of reach for ordinary people
    • UNICEF reports education decline in Zim
    • Binga people punished by Mugabe
    • Sacked Harare Town Clerk fights Guvamombe committee report
    • US government sponsored Zimbabwe army
    • Corruption dominated debate in 2006
    • Zim 'not closing' M&G owner's papers
    • Power rationing hurts Zimbabwe gold producer
  40. Posted 4/1/07
    • Shock price hikes set stage for grim 2007
    • Commission threatens to cancel journalist's accreditation
    • UK to make known stance on Zim targeted sanctions
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Factions Circle Issue Of Public Party Funding
    • Steep Rise In Official Fees Threatens Zimbabwe Independent Media
    • Zimbabwe welcomes rains but floods threaten harvest
    • Zimbabwe poised to welcome back white farmers
    • Will ousted white farmers rescue Mugabe?
    • Interview Part 2: Prof Moyo and Thornycroft
    • Zimbabwe Cricket board accused of holding secret elections
    • Patients become desperate as doctors strike continues
    • Price of bakers flour goes up 4 times
    • Zimbabwe needs 5 Brigade public hearings
    • Zanu PF sees no membership gain from MDC split
    • Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • 2007 message from MDC President Tsvangirai
    • Defying Mugabe's laws, a moral duty
    • Zimbabwe Rights Lawyers Scrutinize Displacement of Rural Families
    • Harare Scrambles For Foreign Currency As Food Crisis Deepens
    • Floods Maroon Villagers
    • Illegal Gold Miners Turn to Chrome
  41. Posted 3/1/07
    • Woman dies in labour as striking doctors turn screws
    • Three illegal gold miners die in police custody
    • Armyworm hits Masvingo province
    • Cricket stakeholders threaten to take court action over polls
    • Zimbabwe Union Leader Alleges Threats Over Donated Radios
    • Activists Gloomy On Zimbabwe Human Rights Outlook For 2007
    • No Life Presidency For Mugabe, Says Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe Minister Takes Hard Line With Striking Hospital Doctors
    • Zimbabwe's Moyo Wants To Memorialize Post-Independence Purge
    • Bank Seeks $100m to Rebuild Horticulture Infrastructure
    • New Investment Law Takes Effect
    • Registration Fees for Media Gazetted
    • Africa's year of terror tactics
  42. Posted 2/1/07
    • Goodbye 2006 and its sad episodes, hope 2007 will be a better year for Zimbabwe
    • Harare's struggling millions face bleak 2007
    • House of Zimbabwean civic leader petrol bombed in Harare
    • Prominent Harare Government Critic Vows To Press On Despite Home Arson Attempt
    • Zimbabwe plans huge increase in AIDS drugs rollout this year
    • All Politics Are Local - Especially In Zimbabwe Capital City Of Harare
    • Civil Servants Under Fire
    • Mugabe and Hitler: A slight comparison!
    • New Year Resolution: Say It Loud: I'm Not A Ninny, A Wimp!
  43. Posted 1/1/07
    • Poachers kill 17 elephants in Zimbabwe
    • Petrol attack on home of Zimbabwean rights activist
    • Zimbabwe strips citizenship from anti-Mugabe publisher
    • New threat to Zimbabwe newspapers
    • Robert Mugabe's brutal destiny
    • Zim's ruling party stands by 2010 election plan
    • Mugabe's party resists bid to extend his rule
    • Death, Exile Come With Being a Dictator
    • Peas in a rotten pod
    • Here comes South Africa 2010...ready or not
    • Cloud cuckoo land - opinion from the Herald
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 30th December 2006
    • SPCAs fight to save Zim elephants from life as rides for tourists
    • Zimbabwe's burden

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