The ZIMBABWE Situation

April 2007 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/4/07
    • Labour union forced to cancel May Day celebrations
    • New regulations for NGOs as some suspend aid
    • Police ban MDC rallies in Mash West
    • From breadbasket to basket case
    • "You Can't Kill Journalism"
    • Why Mbeki Must Carefully Play the Zimbabwe Card
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 28th April 2007
    • Peter Godwin on Collapse
    • Lions maul Aussie diplomat
    • Revolt brews in Mugabe ghetto
    • Rough justice
    • UK's Nero-Like April Atop Security Council, Fiddling As Somalia, Chad and Central Africa Burn
  2. Batch 2 Posted 29/4/07
    • Gukurahundi fears split Zanu
    • Villagers flee from Maguta soldiers
    • Factional violence rocks Masvingo
    • 'Worst ZITF' closes on low note
    • Police thwart Umthwakazi launch
    • Minister guilty
    • Cut working days, UZ tells striking lecturers
    • Moyo revises defamation claim to $2bn
    • Journalists desert Zimpapers
    • Tsholotsho rural CEO suspended
    • German MP attacks Stale's atrocities
    • Desperate farm workers knock at minister's door
    • IOM launches safe journey roadshow
    • Nhema raves on about Kuwait tourism potential
    • Why ailing CSC won't list on ZSE
    • Erratic supplies, low prices sour sugar production
    • Bigger and better this year: fallacies the trade fair is spreading
    • Parly could soon be more redundant
    • The Godfather and the African Mafia
    • Removing entrenched strongmen
    • Zim Standard Letters
  3. Batch 1 Posted 29/4/07
    • Further 226 white farmers to be off their land by September
    • Zimbabwe announces new controls over charities, non-governmental organizations
    • AG's Office Battling to Clear Passport Backlog
    • 'Normal Sugar Supplies to Resume Soon'
    • Subvu
    • Desperate people held hostage by hunger
    • Zuma 'lectures' EU on Zimbabwe
    • Grace Kwinjeh Speaks Out: Zimbabwe, Repression and Brutality, a report
    • A New Zimbabwe: At the centre of the future
    • Standing up for their principles
  4. Posted 28/4/07
    • Zimbabwe economic slide likely to worsen - analysts
    • Mugabe threatens foreign ambassadors, raps 'dictator' Blair
    • Unseating Mugabe
    • Court orders police to investigate themselves over assaults on activist
    • Pro democracy advocates brief UN on rights abuses
    • Mugabe invitation to Portugal hinges on talks with opposition
    • Mugabe says Look East policy paying off for isolated Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe makes rare call to business for partnership
    • Meeting the General
    • Zimbabwe story not black and white
    • Mugabe’s critical colleagues
    • Police Brutality in Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • Air Zimbabwe Hikes Fares By 200 Percent
    • Student leader abducted as food and housing crisis continues
    • Mugabe: Hostility from all sides
    • Doctors: Delay in treating Mann could be disastrous
    • MDC supporters flee to Malawi
    • UK organisation urge Zimbabwe to stop de-registering NGOs
    • Zimbabwean Police Bar Weekend Rallies By 'Violent' Opposition Faction
    • Central Bank Quasi-Fiscal Losses and High Inflation in Zimbabwe: A Note
    • UNDP pushes for dialogue between Harare, NGOs
    • Zimbabwe Foreign Exchange Policy Moves Are Felt At The Gas Pump
    • At Bulawayo Trade Fair, Mugabe Blames Sanctions For Economic Slide
    • Mugabe Opponents, In Washington, Sound Alarm On 'Rising Repression'
    • Plea for funds
  5. Batch 3 Posted 27/4/07
    • CIO takes over Harare farm
    • Zim barters sugar for Malawi maize
    • Gono devalues dollar
    • Idle cops gobble millions
    • Kwinjeh narrates torture ordeal
    • Byo water situation at crisis level
    • Govt starts mining Marange diamonds
    • New wave of farm evictions
    • Violence mars Zanu PF district elections
    • Defeated Zanu PF heavyweights bid to bounce back
    • MDC activists denied bail again
    • Patients asked to provide own drugs
    • Youths want every vote to count
    • MDC seeks international support for electoral reforms
    • Gono devalues via back door
    • Tobacco farmers holding on to crop
    • Only 5 foreign companies at ZITF
    • ZIA re-registration set to expose investor flight
    • Govt says no to mobile operators
    • Motor industry faces collapse
    • Gold price up 2 178%
    • Hiding inflation data only fuels speculation
    • A perfect economic picture
    • Not raising the Titanic
    • Government a total control freak
    • Say it out loud
    • Govt still hasn't learnt anything
    • Zim Independent Letters
  6. Batch 2 Posted 27/4/07
    • When is a devaluation not a devaluation? When Mugabe is your boss
    • Only six African countries exhibiting at Zimbabwe trade fair
    • US Catholics says Zimbabwe crisis due to bad governance
    • UN begins assessing Zim food needs
    • Gono wants amnesty for exiled executives
    • The Millionaire from Zimbabwe
    • Anglican statement not meant to be pro-Mugabe, says bishop
    • IOC must show China 'as it is'
    • MEPs condemn Mugabe dictatorship
    • Zimbabwe Union Curtails Some May Day Plans Citing Risk Of Violence
    • Zimbabwe government deploys security agents to monitor gold mines
    • Zimbabwe Officials Said To Disavow Mooted NGO Deregistration
    • Trial Set For Zimbabwean Journalist Accused Of Media Law Violations
    • More Cuban doctors arrive in Zimbabwe
    • University of Zimbabwe signs MOU with French government
    • UK threatens to deport Zimbabwean journalist to Iraq
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 26 April 2007
  7. Posted 27/4/07
    • Zimbabwe Devalues Currency by 98% to Boost Exports
    • New Zimbabwe exchange rate is not devaluation, central bank governor insists
    • Zimbabwe faces drought, but rejects devaluation
    • EU Parliament urges full implementation of sanctions against Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe inflation soars to 2,200 percent
    • Legacy of a failed coup
    • Factionalism grips Zanu PF over Mugabe's 2008 presidential bid
    • Zimbabwe sets up diamonds whistle blowers fund
    • A New Zimbabwe: Brave and confused
    • A New Zimbabwe: The military question
    • Alert! Zanu PF Extorts from Dzivarasekwa vendors
    • Alert: Residents of Harare receive letters of demand from City of Harare
    • Alert: Zanu PF thugs detain CHRA Members
    • Dispatch: Zimbabwe Set For MSG
    • Zimbabwe Cricket and the media
    • Students abduction continues
    • Student leader abducted in Bulawayo
    • Zimbabwe to develop hydro plants
    • Zim sports heroes must speak up
  8. Batch 3 Posted 26/4/07
    • Leader of Zimbabwe opposition describes torture to reporters in US
    • Zimbabwean victims seek help from other Africans
    • On Zimbabwe, UNDP's Support For Mugabe's Human Rights Commission Criticized
    • Police purge looms
    • EU sanctions target top cops
    • CHRA seeks to force Chombo to set date for mayoral election
    • Just when you thought you knew...
    • Air Zim fares take off, again
    • Spy bill fails test again
    • Beleaguered RMB to let beer outlets
    • ZBC strikes off 'Talking Business'
    • Hotels all out of rooms at ZITF
    • 2008 poll: Strategies needed from opposition
    • Of black markets and the market economy
    • ZANU PF heavyweights spoil for a fight
    • Distraught car dealers meet government
    • Fresh crisis as farmers cancel tobacco dates
    • Market prays still for policy surprise
    • Magistrates shy away from Chinamasa 'victim'
    • You may approach bench, Dr Madhuku
    • MDC asks court to act against impunity
    • Industry incensed by Mugabe remarks
    • SADC urges Zim to implement sound economic policies
    • Democracy should mean 'liberty and groceries'
    • Approach with caution
    • FinGaz Letters
  9. Batch 2 Posted 26/4/07
    • No intention to negotiate
    • 5 Brigade-type secret force formed
    • Not in our name say Anglicans
    • Mugabe dishes land to Chinese... plus mines and tobacco
    • Mugabe plans the great deception
    • Supp budget to oil CIO, election strategy
    • Minister cannot de-register NGO's
    • Massive May Day rally planned
    • Angola Airlines muscles into Harare
    • Parliament slams ZINWA takeover
    • ZRP joins Mugabe's dirty tricks brigade
    • NGO ban illegal - Crisis
    • Women held naked - ZEF horrified
    • Govt is now broke
    • Accountability or Impunity: The search for justice in Zimbabwe
    • River robbers attach border jumpers
    • No elections without a new constitution
    • MDC must call off sanctions - Mugabe
    • Forex fatcats wreck export sector
    • Students join diamond rush
    • Mutasa tipped to succeed Mugabe
    • New fund for victims of terror
    • Mugabe's chopper crashes
    • Solidarity with Zimbabwe
    • Women still treated as male 'property' in Zim
    • Our vote is our right - not a privilege
    • Be our Guest Column
    • Cops work 7 days a week
  10. Posted 26/4/07
    • Zimbabwe cbank expected to devalue currency
    • Police beat us, say Zimbabwe activists
    • Chikafu case highlights intimidation of the judiciary
    • Robert Mugabe, man or monster?
    • Zimbabwe could scuttle regional power project
    • Bail hearing for MDC officials postponed
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Seeks Support at U.N.
    • After Mugabe: applying post-conflict recovery lessons to Zimbabwe
    • Grim Harare Hospital Highlights Healthcare Crisis
    • ‘They warned me I would be dead by next March’
    • God's railway running out of track
    • MDC says no negotiation-- no election
    • MDC responds to Mbeki
    • Low exhibitor turn-out at ZITF
    • Government allows food donor organisations to review its food security
    • ZESA announces power deal with Russian firm
    • Minister MacKay to Meet with Leader of Zimbabwean Opposition Party
    • Mugabe is using brutal means to keep himself in power
    • Two lecturers fired as Masvingo State University closed down
    • Conservancies losing Rhino
    • No Independence Before Majority Rule
    • Dalling right on Zim
    • 130 000 Zimbabweans deported from SA, says agency
    • Legal Woes For Zimbabwe Opposition Faction At Home And Abroad
    • Safe water project eases the burden for children affected by AIDS in Zimbabwe
    • Economic Freedom Survey Puts Zimbabwe Last Among African Nations
  11. Posted 25/4/07
    • Cash-strapped Harare begs tobacco farmers to sell crop
    • Business denies plot to undermine Mugabe
    • 'Beat Up' Opposition, Senior Zimbabwe Official Tells ZANU-PF Militants
    • Kuwadzana WOZA activists severely beaten in custody
    • Zimbabwe Army's deserters underscore country's troubles
    • Zimbabwe will accept food aid without strings attached: Minister
    • Anglican Bishops blasted for supporting Mugabe
    • Silence is not an ethical option
    • Zimbabwe crisis: press conference by U.N. correspondents association
    • Free-Zim youths to confront Zuma at London embassy
    • MP Kate Hoey to address Zimbabwe vigil in Bristol
    • A rogue state with charm
    • U.S. Catholic Bishops Support Church On National Crisis
    • Hunger strikes the rural areas
    • Water train to thirsty Bulawayo?
    • Illegal immigrants' grim ordeal
    • EU to Expand Zimbabwe Sanctions List
    • Maybe Zim should be a part of SA
    • Imported Cars Pile Up at Border
    • Malaria down by 40 percent
    • University shut down indefinitely
    • ZANU PF officials want free VIP cards for matches
    • JAG Classifieds dated 24 April 2007
  12. Batch 2 Posted 24/4/07
    • Mugabe mobilises militia ahead of elections
    • Mortgaging resources to China could backfire on Zim
    • Two university students abducted and tortured
    • Crackdown On Zimbabwe Opposition Seen As 2008 Election Strategy
    • Women Activists Bring Protests Of Electricity Power Cuts To Harare
    • Zimbabwe Election Monitoring Group Sees Challenges In 2008 Balloting
    • Under Heavy Pressure, Zimbabwe Opposition Rallies Provincial Base
    • Lawyer fights British mercenary's extradition
    • Mugabe's minister convicted for insulting MDC official
    • Zimbabwe Liberators Platform condemns violence gripping nation
    • Zimbabwe's central bank governor in no man's land
    • Cont Mhlanga unfazed by media attacks over play
    • They Are 'As Thick As Thieves' At Francistown's Bus Station
  13. Posted 24/4/07
    • Mugabe lieutenant steps up land-grabs
    • Sneaking into Harare
    • Neighbours Remain Mute Amid Flood of Refugees
    • Africa's Crisis of Democracy
    • EU: Council conclusions on Zimbabwe - 2796th External Relations Council meeting
    • WOZA protestors and babies arrested in Kuwadzana
    • Time running out for Mbeki as Mugabe continues to attack opposition
    • Violent farm grabs return as police, army and lands officials defy laws
    • Prosecutor who charged Minister is still locked up
    • Diesel-Like Liquid Oozes From Rock Near Chinhoyi Caves
    • Raw Sewage Flows Into Stream in Marondera
    • Surveillance and scepticism
    • Zimbabwe's tobacco farmers in price stand-off
    • State to Announce New Bread Price
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 21st April 2007
    • China now biggest investor in Zimbabwe
    • There must be more to democracy than elections
    • It's time for Canada to get tough in Zimbabwe
    • Briton's Eq. Guinea extradition case hits visa snag
    • SADC energy ministers to meet in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's diamonds
    • 'Property Industry Remains Stagnant'
  14. Posted 23/4/07
    • Now Zimbabwe can see end of the road for its 'brutal old man'
    • Women protesters stripped and jailed in Zimbabwe, says women's group
    • Harare says won't repeal tough media, security laws
    • Mugabe's election rigging machine in high gear
    • Another petrol bomb attack on police camp in Zimbabwe: report
    • Clock ticking on SA mediation in Zimbabwe
    • Desperation in Zimbabwe's rural townships
    • Mbeki hangs on
    • Zimbabweans' desperate quest for AIDS drugs
    • Universities and the zeitgeist
    • Zimbabwean socialist: 'A new movement is emerging'
    • The guest no one really wants
    • Untold Stories in Their Own Voice:I was Abducted and dumped close to the Botswana border
    • Experts from UN food aid groups to visit Zim
  15. Batch 2 Posted 22/4/07
    • Mugabe plan divides Zanu PF
    • Police intensify MDC repression
    • 'I now fear for my life,' says top prosecutor
    • ZESA sit-ins: Woza activists
    • UN raps regional leaders over Zimbabwe
    • 'Expel Harare envoy' - Canadian MP
    • Access to ARVs still poor - report
    • Cruel treatment for women prisoners
    • Witch-hunters fleece villagers
    • No promised 'Uhuru' food for thousands
    • Zanu PF top brass rows over white farmers
    • Deputy Minister in court
    • Government hijacks business talks in Bulawayo
    • Mumbengegwi misses out after 'late application'
    • Zim/SA trade relations under test
    • Sugar company closes down
    • Zanu PF's pre-emptive measures calculated to cheat the electorate
    • Nation of bashers, bashees, eunuchs
    • The godfathers of the Zanu PF Mafia
    • Zim Standard Letters
  16. Batch 1 Posted 22/4/07
    • Zimbabwe gets Chinese farm machinery worth $25 mln
    • Top Chinese political advisor: China to deepen reciprocal cooperation with Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans hold prayer vigil at Embassy in London
    • Missing WOZA activist found
    • How much longer?
    • A Letter from the diaspora
    • Alert! City of Harare employees in sit-in
    • Stop Mugabe's 2008 election campaign - DA
    • Police find Zimbabwean women, children locked up
    • Coup leader says Zim agents coerced him
    • Zimbabweans struggle for status in exile
    • Ex-NRZ employees battle to recover looted funds
    • Hefty salary increments for police
    • Evangelical Silence and Zimbabwe
    • President Mbeki, help ailing Zimbabwe
  17. Batch 2 Posted 21/4/07
    • President’s men draw up a 300-strong hit-list
    • A terrible price
    • Mugabe's commitment to SA's mediation questioned
    • WOZA activist missing after Thursday arrests
    • Police claim South Africa is training MDC activists in terrorism
    • South Africa's policy of non-response to Zimbabwe
    • Fleeing Mugabe - no fence too high for border jumpers
    • African Anglican Bishops Support Mugabe
    • Former African leaders ready to help defuse Zimbabwe crisis
    • Tensions Rise Between Zimbabwean Government And Church Critics
    • Showdown Over Rallies Looms Between Zimbabwe Opposition and Police
    • Save Zimbabwe to take prayer rallies to diaspora
    • Coup confession 'was forced'
    • Mbeki's Zim mission falters
    • Journalist Reportedly Tortured During Detention, Forced to Confess Alleged Crimes
    • Top Chinese official to meet Mugabe in Zimbabwe
    • Rural Zimbabwe's Slow Death
    • 'Africa Has Huge Problems'
    • Zim exchange rate in new hands
    • Zim opposition smell a rat
    • Zim Uni students in South Africa Starve
    • EU to consider increasing Zimbabwean travel ban list
    • SABC prevents staff access to SW Radio Africa website
    • Violence in Zimbabwe is likely to increase in the run-up to 2008 elections
    • Mugabe Silent Over MDC Talks
    • Diamond miner killed in Zim
  18. Batch 1 Posted 21/4/07
    • Mugabe exit plan may curb chaos
    • SA linked to MDC 'terror' bombings
    • Byo food scare
    • USAID aid ban spells end of transparency
    • Controversy surrounds top official's appointment
    • Masawi survives Tekere turmoil
    • The shrewd shall mine in Zim, says global guru
    • Unilever runs out of soap
    • Misery dims independence cheer
    • Parastatals queue to 'deceive and flatter'
    • ARDA boss under pressure to quit
    • ZBC groans under creaky equipment
    • Domestic debt hits trillion dollars
    • EU adds 5 ministers to sanctions list
    • Revamped NRZ sets grand goals
    • Failed candidates eye added constituencies
    • A 'proudly Zimbabwean' way of settling differences
    • African leaders cannot blame slavery forever
    • Time to walk the talk
    • 2008 polls: MDC in catch 22 situation?
  19. Batch 2 Posted 20/4/07
    • Zimbabwe at 27: The harvest of silence
    • SA's Kasrils in Harare as push for solution gathers pace
    • US rallies behind Zimbabwe opposition
    • Brave Zim prosecutor detained under foggy circumstances
    • Women protesters demand power to the people
    • Say Goodbye to Bread, Hello to Air Pie!
    • Mugabe to go after polls
    • Gold mines close shop
    • Govt NGO threats 'unlawful'
    • 'Termination with Suny a move to gag Parly committees'
    • 'Provoke police, they'll beat you'll beat you'
    • Detention of vagrants riles rights activists
    • Mugabe plans to dilute MDC strongholds
    • Govt allows WFP, FAO to assess food
    • MDC in poll jigsaw puzzle
    • Five more join sanctions list
    • RBZ surrenders exchange rate decisions
    • Bakers doubt NECF will bring solution
    • Domestic debt up 413% in March
    • Zinwa takeover an ill-advised move
    • The madness of King Bob
    • Made guilty of dereliction of duty
    • State repression set to intensify
    • Talks face old fate
    • Killing the golden goose
    • Zimbabweans must own the outcome
    • Hired guns bid to dupe Herald readers
    • Business morale hits all-time low
    • Special prayer vigil for Zimbabwe
    • Sad Picture
    • Zimbabwe Government Reported In Bailout Of Friendly News Group
    • Harare Magistrate Refuses To Intervene In Alleged Political Evictions
    • We will never talk to MDC-Zanu(PF)
  20. Posted 20/4/07
    • Government insists diplomacy will be quiet on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe smashed dreams of Zimbabwe, all Africans
    • Portugal facing stiff resistance over plans to invite Mugabe
    • One must support the EU for moral reasons (not!)
    • Hundreds descend on Beitbridge border for COSATU demo
    • Arrested youth leaders dumped in bush near Marondera
    • Electoral reforms designed to favour ZANU-PF
    • 'I can only see civil war'
    • Regional leaders pulled up for "non-response" to Operation Murambatsvina
    • Zimbabwean Delegates Reject Proposed Mission
    • Briton in Harare jail fears torture in Eq. Guinea
    • Remark at the Young Global Leaders Policy Roundtable
    • SA elite stalling change in Zim: Moeletsi Mbeki
    • Zim: Boom, Doom, Gloom, Zoom?
    • Mugabe reiterates threat to seize mines
    • South Africa's Mbeki Lays Goundwork for Stabilizing Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki must first stop the violence
    • Govt to Comment On Zim Talks After Milestones
    • Don't point fingers, SA tells Zim parties
    • 11 arrested for cross-border 'connections'
    • Forty years in Zimbabwe's schools
    • Mistrust Hampers Zimbabwe Mediation Effort
    • Sino-Zimbabwe cooperation enters brand-new stage
    • A New Zimbabwe: Everywhere in my life
    • Aussies agonise over Zimbabwe
    • Launch of new work on Mugabe
  21. Batch 3 Posted 19/4/07
    • Zanu to dish out land for votes
    • Name and shame the torturers - justice is coming
    • Nationwide MDC rallies scheduled
    • A permanent state of unhappiness
    • State media stokes hatred
    • Children of land grab suffer
    • Power hikes scheduled
    • We haven't been paid - farmers
    • Mugabe a terrorist - Siwela
    • Zim chaos benefits Zambia
    • SPCA battles Shearwater over elephants
    • Verryn slams Mbeki
    • MDC battles with humanitarian crisis
    • EU bows to AU pressure
    • Campaign targets chefs' kids
    • Community trusts are the way forward
    • Chinese goods kill local businesses
    • Gestapo-style tactics terrorise opposition
    • Polls likely in Jan, Feb 2008
    • ZITF set to flop as economy contracts
    • Exodus of lecturers
    • MDC responds to Mbeki
    • Dialogue is the key - Tsvangirai
    • Tourism plummets as violence soars
  22. Batch 2 Posted 19/4/07
    • Tsvangirai tops fresh hit list
    • Hunger-stricken villagers pray for return of NGOs
    • Mugabe says will never cede power to the MDC
    • Zim industrialists want price controls lifted
    • U.S. criticizes Zimbabwe's Mugabe on anniversary
    • Zimbabwe Independence Day 2007 – London demonstrations
    • Lifting the lid on Zimbabwe's brutality
    • Mugabe stacks odds in his favour with plan for 'rigged' election
    • How P.W. Botha put the squeeze on Mugabe
    • US House Urges 'Return To Sanity,' End To Violence In Zimbabwe
    • Police crack down on new youth movement
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Factions Stake Out Positions On Crisis Mediation
    • The Worthless Life of Africans
    • Awful fate that awaits the kings of wishful thinking
  23. Posted 19/4/07
    • Mugabe marks independence day with new threats
    • Shops closed, people forced to attend Mugabe's Independence Day address
    • Mugabe blames...... Brits
    • Mugabe blames......greed
    • Mugabe blames......opposition
    • Mugabe blames...... West
    • Mugabe blames...... Businesses
    • MDC stopped from attending Independence celebrations in Mutare
    • EU adds more names to Zimbabwe banned list
    • Max Mkandla, 52: "I sacrificed a lot to free this country, but my heart
    • The Mugabe Youth – trained for terror
    • Cabinet agrees to combine presidential & parliamentary elections
    • Chaos in Chitungwiza as police crush youth rally and arrest 5 leaders
    • Sex work thrives as girls struggle to survive
    • Living in Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • Zim 'needs new road map'
    • Zim: 'We can't do magic'
    • Gukurahundi Reconciliation Urged
    • SWRA - Multiple frequencies
    • Nothing free and fair about it
    • Zimbabwe's diamond rush
    • Between an ostrich and a flamingo
    • Kembo Mohadi made fool of himself
  24. Batch 2 Posted 18/4/07
    • Amnesty International Call for Africa leaders to speak out against brutality in Zimbabwe
    • Interview: Archbishop Ncube and Bishops Manhanga and Motsi
    • Mugabe bans aid groups to seize control of food supplies for polls
    • NGO deregistration could see sharp drop in humanitarian aid
    • 'Let them celebrate their independence'
    • NGOs seek clarification on deregistration
    • Zimbabwe police recruits to bring own training gear
    • Opposition leaders say nothing to celebrate on Independence Day
    • 27th independence anniversary - not in our name says new youth group
    • Stop Mugabe's 'brutal' regime
    • Southern African Civil Society Groups Mobilize Around Zimbabwe Crisis
    • US State Department Human Rights Report Raises Hackles In Harare
    • Academic Organizers Suspended By Zimbabwe University Authorities
    • Zimbabwe Tennis Star Cara Black Reported Emigrating To South Africa
    • Crikey Says
  25. Posted 18/4/07
    • Weary Zimbabweans prepare for bleak 27th independence anniversary
    • Zimbabwe targets aid groups as crackdown expands
    • On the spot: aid groups fearful of Mugabe
    • Mugabe says defeated opposition bid to unseat him
    • Murmurs of dissent in police force
    • Rural education falls victim to economic decline
    • Zimbabwe's turbulent archbishop
    • Zimbabwe mediation at 'pre-dialogue' stage: South Africa
    • Zimbabweans 'must make a stand'
    • A country where poverty and propaganda rule
    • A Four-Step Recovery Plan for Zimbabwe
    • The Godfather and the African Mafia Part II
    • South Africa will spawn its own Mugabe
    • ZEC plans to deny millions of Zimbabweans right to vote
    • Demonstrations lined up in the diaspora to mark Independence Day
    • Zimbabwean defense minister meets Chinese military delegation
    • Zimbabwe opposition members visit Denmark
    • Defiant voices of victims and eye witnesses of Mugabe's terror campaign
    • Mbeki way the only way
    • International telecommunications blackout looms
    • SA receives MDC draft on resolving Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe NGOs Fear Clampdown, SA Reports "some Progress"
    • What policies is the UK adopting on the Zim situation - House of Lords debate
    • Mugabe and the politics of survival - at all costs
  26. Batch 2 Posted 17/4/07
    • State brutality to rise ahead of election
    • Three more MDC activists arrested in crackdown
    • Harare blames computer virus for delaying inflation data
    • Transporters want US$300 000 from state grain firm
    • Harare cries foul over 2010 World Cup plans
    • British minister says pressure on Zimbabwe's Mugabe now 'unstoppable'
    • Zimbabweans to demonstrate outside Parliament
    • Mbeki must change course to save Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Coalition Vows Further Peaceful Prayer Meetings
    • Revision Of U.S. AIDS Strategy Supported By Zimbabwean Experts
    • Zimbabwe Legislators Voice Regret At Termination Of USAID Program
    • Kill at your convenience
  27. Posted 17/4/07
    • Zimbabwe revokes all NGO licences
    • Zim losing battle against 'economic HIV'
    • Crackdown On Illegal Mining Has Unforeseen Consequences
    • Zimbabwean civil society under acute threat, says CIVICUS during visit
    • African leaders no better than Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe coal producer hikes price by 16,000%
    • EU gets ready to bite the Mugabe bullet to keep its Africa policy on track
    • Zimbabwean Independence Day overshadowed by humanitarian crisis
    • Bob orders, Mbeki waits
    • Morgan Tsvangirai talks back
    • 'The Uncertainty of Hope'
    • Zimbabwe counts cost as Sibanda joins club
    • Mbeki advocates for free and fair in elections Zimbabwe
    • Analogy about Struggle and Political Advocacy
    • Zimbabwe - Let the Games Begin
    • High Inflation - The Silent Killer
    • The Sides of the Argument in Zimbabwe
    • Recent events in Zimbabwe: A timeline
    • The Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki's Rhodesia problem
    • Mugabe's enemies now within the gate
    • International day of prayer
    • Just what is the meaning of independence?
    • Worry Over Delay in Opening of Tobacco Auction Floors
    • Lack of Resources Affects Agricultural Research and Extension Services - Boss
    • Debt-ridden Zimbabwe fails to pay up
  28. Posted 16/4/07
    • State agents step up surveillance campaign against opposition
    • Zimbabwe future seen gloomy over economy, Mugabe's rule
    • Mugabe defiant in face of Western pressure
    • Zimbabwe cancels U.S aid for parliament
    • Zimbabwe doctors group says hundreds injured in recent political violence
    • Mugabe's rigging of the polls begins in brutal earnest
    • Tide of Zimbabwean refugees swells
    • A New Zimbabwe: Back to the future
    • Zimbabwe's tottering tyrant digs in his heels
    • 'They beat me on my legs with iron bars'
    • Raped Zimbabwean Women Seek Justice
    • Zimbabwean Exiles Step Up Vote Campaign
    • Zimbabweans trek to SA for scarce goods
    • Zimbabwe's unemployed turn to illegal trading
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 14th April 2007
    • Sokwanele e-cards to mark Zimbabwe's Independence Day
    • Africa turns to China for financing, role model
  29. Batch 2 Posted 15/4/07
    • Zimbabwe withers in Mugabe's mailed fist
    • Sanctions: Chefs' children targetted
    • Defiance campaign in Byo
    • Many say independence now 'meaningless'
    • Makoni wins children's rights award
    • Tighter US sanctions on the way, says Dell
    • 'Water train' could save Bulawayo
    • Police accused as cases of opposition bashing pile up
    • State supplies stale food
    • Soldiers harrass pedestrians
    • Photographer sues ministry over equipment
    • SA doctors slam Zim state agents
    • Zimdollar drop: speculators blamed
    • Cross-border traders lose out to new duty
    • RBZ fails to pay gold producers
    • Zim Standard Comment
    • Mbeki shelters Bemba: others get words
    • State brutality must end in Zimbabwe
    • The President's missing clothes
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Catholics organise worldwide petition
    • Tourism plummets as violence soars
    • Zimbabwe's accelerating economic decay
  30. Posted 15/4/07
    • Zimbabweans pray under heavy police guard
    • Rights activist lambasts inaction over Zimbabwe
    • Detained Zimbabwe opposition lawmaker charged with terrorism
    • Jailed Old Etonian 'refused' vital surgery
    • Forced out of their homes – again
    • Zimbabwean inflation expected to worsen: IMF
    • SADC Executive Secretary Meets Govt, EU Officials
    • From the Zimbabwe Vigil - what's on
    • Mugabe Must go
    • The day after Mugabe
    • Outside looking in
    • Zimbabwe Tobacco Market in Trouble
    • South Africa's neighbours stake out World Cup revenue potential
    • Gono Warns Against Price Hikes
    • Bail denied for activists as state comes up with new charges
  31. Posted 14/4/07
    • Police 'allow' prayer meeting but ban political speakers
    • Rights groups track assaults on Zimbabwe opposition
    • Torture and violence in Zimbabwe (media extracts)
    • Mugabe fears forces mobile phone firm to switch off news
    • South African clerics chide regional leaders over Zimbabwe
    • Until Death Do US Part - the Mugabe Vow
    • MDC: a failure to oppose
    • 'What's bad for Zim is bad for the region'
    • Zim girls' rights campaigner scoops prize
    • ZAPU leader says crisis talks should not be secret
    • Independence Day Message - Arthur Mutambara
    • Conservation body says poaching on the rise in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Health Activists Object To Harare Takeover Of Local Clinics
    • Zimbabwe court appearance by British mercenary postponed
    • Zim not excluded in summit
    • Zimbabwe gets 400 Chinese tractors
    • Cash-strapped Zim needs food
    • The Good Friday Elephant
    • NUJ adopts motion to help Zimbabwean journalists
    • South Africa today
    • Robert Mugabe: terrorist or liberator?
  32. Batch 3 Posted 13/4/07
    • Zimbabwe police threaten weekend prayer meeting
    • Zim to import food from 'anywhere we can'
    • British mercenary due in Zimbabwe court
    • Mbeki flexes muscle
    • Soldier shot in clash with cops
    • IMF trims inflation forecast
    • Journos warned to be alert
    • Air finally cleared over tobacco season
    • Car duty law can be challenged, says top lawyer
    • Debtors bleed council white
    • Black market rates fall, rise again
    • ZANU PF dangles the carrot to buy loyalty
    • Choked by the rosary: Bishops lay into 'Pharaoh'
    • Zimbabwe's foreign currency crunch checks telephone calls to the Diaspora
    • MPs want Chombo's wings clipped
    • Workers interrogated over stayaway
    • Fresh crisis hits tobacco season
    • New tariffs set to lure investors to power generation sector: ZESA
    • Take a leaf from SA's anti-corruption drive
    • Devaluation by any other name
    • An open letter to President Mbeki and SADC leaders
    • FinGaz Letters
  33. Batch 2 Posted 13/4/07
    • Our mutual friend
    • Mugabe suspected of supressing inflation figure
    • Economic meltdown pushes masses to the edge
    • Mbeki rolls out Zim plan
    • CSO defers 2 200% inflation figure
    • Zim cancels visas for US delegation
    • Govt, opposition still mum on the 'Zim We Want'document
    • Zimra in Aids levy scam
    • Gono to float currency
    • Troubled Zim seeks to amend Botswana trade agreement
    • Importers cry foul on new duty law
    • CSC fails Hong Kong partner, set to lose deal
    • International tobacco buyers jump over Zim, land in Malawi
    • Zim dollar sliding again
    • Zim: best performing stock market in 2007?
    • Reclaiming legacy of the liberation war
    • Mbeki has moral obligation to help ease out Mugabe
    • Poor preparations dog winter wheat farmers . . . again
    • Mbeki's mediation should be beyond reproach
    • Govt ashamed of own currency
    • Dialogue won't be a stroll in the park
    • Ndlovu must stop talking nonsense
    • Labour stayaways counterproductive
    • Mr. President.Time to rescue Zimbabweans from Mr. Mugabe
    • Will Mbeki succeed this time?
    • Mutambara questions Mugabe's war legacy
    • The 'Mugabe way'
    • Tsvangirai vows defiance ahead of Mbeki talks
  34. Posted 13/4/07
    • Land Of Chains And Hunger
    • ''It Is All Zero Here. We Have Nothing''
    • Families Evicted as Crackdown on Zimbabwe Opposition Continues
    • Army deserters' fate shrouded in mystery
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai wants talks, says 600 tortured
    • Police question Church leaders ahead of weekend prayer meeting
    • Interview with President Mbeki
    • The Godfather of the Zanu PF Mafia
    • Mbeki, Chirac to discuss Zimbabwe, Iran in Paris
    • Still picking up the pieces after Operation Murambatsvina
    • The World's Best Performing Stock Market
    • Zimbabwe mines hit by skewed exchange rate, borrowing
    • Mugabe resumes his white farm grab
    • SADC executive secretary expected in Harare to assess economy
    • Mbeki pressured to act fast on Zimbabwe to save 2010 World Cup
    • SADC must abandon conspiracy of silence over Zimbabwe
    • Civic group says 2008 elections too soon
    • No news isn't good news
    • Letter from the Diaspora
    • SABC to open bureau in Zimbabwe ahead of 2008 elections
    • SADC chief wants sanctions against Mugabe lifted
    • Zimbabwe mining sector faces collapse
    • Water trains for Zimbabwe city
    • US Department of State Daily Press Briefing
    • Wanted - Former African Leaders to Help Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Authorities Continue To Deny Bail To Opposition Activists
    • Harare To Tell 'True Zimbabwe Story' Over 24-Hour Shortwave Station
  35. Batch 2 Posted 12/4/07
    • 'Gestapo' rules our God-forsaken neighbour
    • Zimbabwean mobile operator bars prepaid int'l calls
    • Bombings designed to cause chaos
    • Police lose professionals
    • Soldier missing as ZNA keeps mum on executions
    • Army, police fed up with menial tasks
    • Call to prayer
    • Mugabe to meet Mbeki soon
    • Lepers' friend could be Zimbabwe's first saint
    • Why are the worst so strong in Africa?
    • State increases crackdown on MDC
    • Dictator threatens World Cup
    • Zanu (PF) at its weakest ever?
    • US to overthrow Mugabe?
    • Oppression is not negotiable
    • MDC demands vote for disapora
    • Workers refuse price and salary freezes
    • MDC activists held over attempt to derail train
  36. Posted 12/4/07
    • Zimbabwe inflation data postponed "indefinitely"
    • MDC says hundreds of activists abducted in crackdown
    • Mugabe, churches set for fresh confrontation
    • Tandare family under siege
    • MDC reports arrests of Bulawayo activists
    • Interview: Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi & Opposition Official Grace Kwinjeh
    • Press Freedom Falls Prey to Arrests And Torture
    • Living under "Operation Go to Sleep"
    • Peace movement backs day of action for Zimbabwe
    • Zim to get SADC rescue package - report
    • African family must face up to its fools
    • Mbeki must condemn state violence
    • The Catholic Church Can Save Zimbabwe
    • 10 dead in Zim bus crash
    • Zimbabwean Government Taxed Over Levying Duties in Hard Currency
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Could Foil South African Mediation, Analysts Caution
    • SA doctors plead for Zimbabwean opposition
    • Zim gets maize boost from Malawi
    • Imports keep Zimbabwe inflation hot
    • Zim Aids drug prices soar in financial crisis
    • Hitschmann's Application for Bail Thrown Out Again
    • Crisis in Zimbabwe
  37. Posted 11/4/07
    • Mugabe revives torture camps ahead of election
    • Two more white farmers kicked out
    • US Rejects Zimbabwe Terror Allegations, Deplores Continuing Violence
    • Perpetrators of violence responsible under international law
    • Catholic pressure may sway Mugabe to reform - analysts
    • Mugabe may have blown his last chance for a dignified exit
    • At 17, a farewell note and over the wire to S Africa
    • Across the border for sugar
    • FXI shocked by Zim media freedom violations
    • Grass not always greener for Zim refugees
    • Fear of torture
    • Duty on luxuries to be paid in forex, Zimbabwe rules
    • Zimbabwe Soldier Charged With Killing Suspected Border Jumper
    • The 18th of April
    • Simon Mann reportedly very ill at Chikurubi prison
    • ZCTF urgent appeal
    • Zimbabwe: from liberation to dictatorship
    • Africa's health: Rely less on donors, conference told
    • Media watchdog fears for safety of Zim journalists
    • MDC activists denied bail again
  38. Batch 2 Posted 10/4/07
    • A losing game as long as Mugabe holds all the cards
    • If Mbeki Keeps Showing His Cards He'll Never Trump Mugabe
    • Orphaned in the 80s, persecuted today: Mugabe's victims twice over
    • Anything But Mugabe
    • Would South Africa send troops to help Mugabe?
    • "Mbeki Needs to Move from Quiet Diplomacy to Open Mediation"
    • Third time lucky?
    • Mugabe and Zimbabwean crisis
    • Catholic bishops turn their anger on Mugabe
    • 2008 Elections: One Candidate, One United Front
    • Business less confident - Sacob index
    • Former Zimbabwe Cricket Player Rep Field Backs Call For ICC Audit
  39. Posted 10/4/07
    • Abductions, Beatings Of Zimbabwe Opposition Continue; State Accused
    • Zim shrugs off bishops' criticism
    • Mugabe launches a holy war
    • Shot MDC activist under police guard
    • The woman in me - Grace Kwinje
    • Zim demands new vehicle import duty
    • Does God Hear the Zimbabweans' Cries?
    • Let's sanction supporters of the most brutal regimes
    • Mbeki mediation hostage to Mugabe's will
    • Zimbabwe And Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's News24 to launch by 18 April
    • Prayers for Zimbabwe at embassy vigil
    • Minority Leader Wants Govt to Take a Hard Stance On Mugabe
    • Refugees swap white collars for blue in SA
    • ZRA, Zesa Holdings Carry Out Inspection On Kariba Dam
    • Message from the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM*) on the State of Affairs in Zimbabwe
    • Lebanese woman fined 84,000 dollars for smuggling Zimbabwe diamonds
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Denies U.S. Backing For 'Regime Change'
    • Harare turns knife on cross-border traders
    • Youths to resist any fake transition (manufactured settlement)
  40. Posted 9/4/07
    • Roman Catholic bishops warn of mass uprising if Mugabe remains in power
    • Tortured mercenary Mann close to death
    • Zim opposition activist battles for life
    • Desperate Zimbabweans battle for survival miles away from home
    • Police briefly seize opposition leader's passport
    • US envoy: Zimbabwean government on "new height of ludicrousness"
    • Mugabe regime steps up violence in Zimbabwe
    • Those who don't recall history get to be Mugabe's dupes
    • Why Mbeki faces uphill struggle in Zimbabwe
    • Stop cricket tour to hurt Mugabe: rally
    • Zimbabwe Crumbles
    • Founding president urges Mugabe talks
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 7th April 2007
    • Simmons call on the ICC to investigate Zimbabwe finances
    • A single brick now costs the same as a 1990 house as Zimbabwe inflation soars
    • Diplomacy need not be quiet
    • End to Mugabe's rule is in sight
  41. Posted 8/4/07
    • Mbeki says "not much time" to sort Zimbabwe polls
    • Black Market Economy Thrives in Zimbabwe
    • Expect more Mugabe brutality, says US envoy
    • Challenging Mugabe
    • Prayer Vigil for Zimbabwe 21/4/07
    • Outside Looking In
    • Former African Leaders Could Hold Key To Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Tsvanirai vows to fight Mugabe at polls
    • If Mugabe was here, I'd ask him where my cousin and friends are .. then I'd kill him
    • Petrol bomb witness 'fictional' - lawyers
    • MDC activist shot, in critical state
    • US warns Zimbabwe over threats
    • 'Stayaway was successful'
    • Civil servants demand more
    • John Nkomo plans to tell the Zipra story
    • ZINWA fails to raise $1 million
    • Ex-Zipra fighters locked in battle over properties
    • Surviving through the grace of God
    • HIV/Aids: a heart-rending story of discrimination
    • Byo spurns request for Mugabe birthday bash
    • More victims of State brutality sue government -NGO
    • Burial delays as one pathologist serves city
    • Vagrants die after courts delay medical examination
    • Major power cut expected today
    • Tourism bodies intensify 2010 preps
    • Mugabe shows why not dealing with corruption pays dividends
    • The folly of shooting the messenger
    • Why I would go on strike
    • Zim Standard Letters
  42. Posted 7/4/07
    • South Africa's Mbeki defends Zimbabwe's controversial land reform
    • Iran to fund Zimbabwe radio station
    • Zimbabwe: When a Fairy Tale Becomes a Gory Nightmare
    • Zimbabwean trade unionists in hiding
    • Cameraman battered to death
    • Journalist For The Zimbabwean Newspaper Relates Ordeal In Custody
    • Harare Crackdown On Opposition Sends 600 To Hospitals - Doctors
    • Opposition licks wounds as Mugabe holds on
    • When will it end?
    • Illness and death are all-consuming in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's rural dwellers brace for food shortages
    • Repression Increases In Zimbabwe
    • President goes from strength to strength, for time being
    • Zimbabwe to tighten foreign ownership of businesses, report says
    • A Dictator on the Brink
    • SADC leaders don't like Mugabe, but they hate West more
    • Dictator's £250,000 getaway
    • Mugabe's 6 000-mile dash to save marriage
    • Alarmed Zimbabwe look to prevent player exodus
    • Fuel Prices Tumble
  43. Batch 3 Posted 6/4/07
    • Silence of the Lambs
    • Mugabe's spies move in with workers' union
    • Workers' strike closes Zim's sole tyre maker
    • SA admits can't stop massive influx of Zimbabweans
    • Seven MDC activists granted bail, nine others still locked up
    • US reveals its efforts to topple Mugabe regime
    • Reporters Without Borders Press release
    • Fear Voiced For Safety Of Detained Zimbabwe Opposition Members
    • Tortured journalist Phiri released but hospitalised
    • Civic leader concerned over lack of consultation over Zimbabwe crisis
    • Police assault residents in Glen View and Budiriro
    • Mozambique's Guebuza Acknowledges Zimbabwe Crisis Impact
    • London Summons Zimbabwe High Commissioner Over Threat To Envoy
    • Zimbabwean bishop discusses leaders' response to Zimbabwe's violence
    • Jesuits join day of prayer for justice in Zimbabwe
    • Involve all stakeholders in pursuit of a new Zimbabwe - Youths
  44. Batch 2 Posted 6/4/07
    • Quote of the week
    • Africa's Titanic problem
    • Media freedom attacked in Zimbabwe
    • U.S. acknowledges effort to undermine Mugabe's rule
    • US Department of State Briefing
    • Enabling Chaos and Terrorism in Africa
    • The President's missing clothes
    • IFJ Condemns Callous Murder of Journalists in Zimbabwe
    • No more empty gestures - article and comments
    • Zim loses $400m in smuggled diamonds
    • Failed Strike Shows Up ZCTU Shortcomings
    • Sanctions May be Key to Political Reform in Zimbabwe
    • Constitutional reform basis for mediation, say activists
    • Response to Zimbabwe's Freedom of Expression Crisis 'Grossly Inadequate,' Says FXI
    • University of Massachusetts considers revoking honorary degree from Zimbabwe leader
    • Business confidence slips on Zimbabwe tension
  45. Batch 1 Posted 6/4/07
    • Mugabe's exit plan
    • Another one bites the dust
    • Inflation now feeding off itself
    • MDC factions present reports to SA president
    • Mangwana tipped for ZANU PF Masvingo chair
    • DRC war bill stalks govt
    • Mbeki disputes Mugabe claim on beatings
    • Beitbridge gives NSSA taste of World Cup rates
    • We're paying up: ZESA
    • MPs fear losing seats
    • 'Zimbos stink'
    • High Court orders Sekeramayi to compensate MDC member
    • Sunday, dark Sunday
    • Lack of hands for harvest hits tobacco farmers
    • Industry, govt face off over prices
    • The SADC conspiracy
    • FinGaz Letters
  46. Batch 3 Posted 5/4/07
    • 'I was in a Zimbabwe death squad'
    • Mbeki launches Harare 'rescue plan'
    • Beatings continue in Budiriro as strike fizzles out
    • Students allege security agents bombed UZ
    • Zimbabwean government to punish firms supporting strike: Minister
    • Police "did not have search warrant" for raid on Harare opposition
    • 'Dialogue is the only solution'
    • Mujuru lavishes praise on 'God's gift' Mugabe
    • Mugabe's Enablers
    • The Zimbabwean tragedy
    • Press conference by Security Council President
    • Police state
    • Zimbabwe protests 'not well planned'
    • Zimbabwe looks a lot like Cuba
    • Mugabe's expiration date
    • So-called 'discussions' getting us nowhere
  47. Batch 2 Posted 5/4/07
    • Harare issues 24-hr ultimatum to private firms over strike
    • Army helicopter gunships patrol skies in show of force
    • MDC officials in South Africa for talks with ANC officials
    • Five MDC supporters tortured in Bulawayo
    • Terror squads unleashed to eliminate opposition
    • Johannesburg Hospital Tightens Security to Protect Zimbabwean Activists
    • Crisis? What crisis? - article and comments
    • SWRA multiple frequencies
    • Dare devil dictator
    • Mbeki - a blot on the region
    • Where is Mujuru's power now?
    • Mbeki dismally uninformed
    • US Ambassador Rebuffs Southern African Call To Lift Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • 14 executed in coup attempt?
    • "Death list" sent to newspaper
    • Life without bread
    • MDC renounces violence
  48. Posted 5/4/07
    • On strike without any work
    • Zimbabweans can't afford to strike, say employers as work stoppage fizzles
    • Anxious Zimbabweans return to work
    • Zim inflation heads for 2 500%
    • Zimbabwe state agents "assaulted union official", ZCTU claims
    • Dark days ahead for Zim residents
    • Helpless, as a dictator lays waste
    • Urgent appeal for medical supplies and funds
    • Battle for Zimbabwe Seen From Both Sides
    • Zim cops in 'orgy of violence'
    • Special forces unit 'Department 5' allegedly behind wave of violence
    • Lawyer discloses details of Bake torture
    • Majongwe abducted on Second day of ZCTU stayaway
    • Fifth time unlucky for 13 MDC petrol bombs suspects
    • Attacks On Journalists Continue; IFJ Condemns Violence And Harassment By Police
    • Zim refugees pour into SA
    • Sweden's Bildt discusses Zimbabwe with African ambassadors
    • Zim university dining hall damaged in fire
    • Mugabe Pressures MDC Prior to Talks
    • MDC urges SADC to pressure Mugabe to introduce reforms
    • Mbeki setting up for failure?
    • Both sides claim victory over stayaway
  49. Batch 2 Posted 4/4/07
    • Zimbabwe journalist murdered 'over leaked Tsvangirai pictures'
    • Lovemore Matombo: Mugabe's brutal repression will not break us
    • 'Back Zimbabwe protest' call
    • Fearful Zimbabweans heed warnings to boycott strike
    • 'We're suffering too much, Mugabe must go'
    • Interview: human rights lawyer Alec Muchadehama
    • Elderly and Abandoned
    • When thieves fall out
    • Defiant Mugabe hops to Far East
    • Zim police, soldiers will be held to account: UN
    • U.S. urges Americans in Zimbabwe to take precautions
    • Zimbabwe Mediator Mbeki: No Regime Change, But Transition Ahead
    • Missing will
    • Lawyer seeks journalist's release
    • Zimbabwe feared to slide further in abyss
    • Mugabe's ghost haunts SA's 2010 World Cup project
  50. Posted 4/4/07
    • Fear and hunger dull Zimbabwean strike
    • Zimbabwe voices: Strike decisions
    • Mixed response to work stayaway, army on the streets
    • Military beefs up presence in Harare as Zimbabwe strike begins
    • British diplomat gets death threat in Zimbabwe
    • Zim ambassador called to explain threat
    • Herald hate speech slammed by media watchdog
    • Govt accused of using 'trumped up charges' against opposition
    • Open letter to the Commander, ZNA
    • CHRA Ward 34 Coordinator Beaten, Tortured and Shaved By the Police
    • Neighbours wring their hands while Zimbabwe burns
    • UK parliament debate on Mugabe
    • Mbeki to put MDC through vote mill
    • Police use intimidation and force during first day of ZCTU stayaway
    • Courage and solidarity
    • Sokwanele - send an e-card
    • Zims, COSATU demonstrate in Jozi
    • WOZA defies POSA to hold prayer vigil
    • UN World Food Programme to cut Zim aid
    • We are truly on our own
    • UN's Africa Report Sidesteps Zimbabwe's Fall, Embraces Privatization of Banks
    • UK journalist freed in Zimbabwe
    • Arrested activists appear in court, bail and medical treatment denied
    • Police fail to bring tortured journalist to court
    • Students under siege as Mugabe crackdown widens
    • 17 students appear in court in Masvingo
    • Vic Falls locals seek Zim escape
  51. Batch 2 Posted 3/4/07
    • Cool response to Zimbabwe strike call
    • Showing Mugabe the Door
    • Hitchhiker's guide to a failing state
    • Mbeki says Mugabe will step down peacefully: paper
    • Mugabe opponents fear hope is crushed
    • Halt our suffering, Tsvangirai asks South Africa
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Ready for Talks With Mugabe
    • Saving Zimbabwe from Mugabe
    • Waugh thinks players want Zimbabwe tour scrapped
    • HIV-1 control program fails in Zimbabwe
    • Buying Gold in Zimbabwe As An Inflation Hedge
    • Zimbabwe: empty gestures and fruitless protests
  52. Posted 3/4/07
    • Weary Zimbabweans brace for 2-day national strike
    • Zim central bank funds opposition crackdown
    • State power firm hikes tariffs by 520 percent
    • Strikes Widen Among Zimbabwe University Lecturers, Other Groups
    • U.S. ambassador to Zimbabwe says state violence continues unabated
    • Special police force called in ahead of Zimbabwe strike
    • Zimbabwe police say job protest cover for violence
    • UN to prosecute for crimes against humanity
    • Tsvangirai calls on South Africa to act soon on Zimbabwe
    • Journalist in bad shape after police assaults
    • Tsvangirai hopeful on Zimbabwe, urges pressure
    • Hit squads beat 'undesirables' to a bloody pulp
    • Pastoral Letter by the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference
    • Help Requested
    • MDC Press Conference Statement
    • Activists abducted from hospital and re-arrested
    • Students under attack
    • Bringing Mugabe to book - article and comments
    • The future of agriculture in Zimbabwe
    • Pattern of abuse takes a turn for the worse
    • Doctor Describes Human Rights Horror
    • Analysis: Is Mugabe still in control?
    • Mugabe - An evil genius or a great manipulator of minds?
    • Mr Mugabe is also a shrewd performer
    • Zimbabwe: Bloggers invade mainstream media
    • Mugabe Will Go Quietly, Says Analyst
    • MDC leader pushes for single candidate in next year's poll
    • The region gangs up on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean exiles say halt aid to Southern Africa
    • How Mugabe Made a Basket Case Out of Zimbabwe
    • Exodus from poverty and terror
  53. Batch 2 Posted 2/4/07
    • Tenth petrol bomb attack in Zimbabwe: Report
    • Mbeki warns Zimbabwe foes on conditions
    • Zim teenagers in shock after disco raid
    • Journalist held as Zim crackdown continues
    • 'This so-called quiet diplomacy is hogwash'
    • Corrupt, greedy and violent: Mugabe attacked by Catholic bishops after years of silence
    • Zimbabwe president digging in
    • Light at end of tunnel?
    • Hanging On
    • Zimbabwe's Downward Spiral
    • Scribe arrested as Mbeki expresses optimism over Zimbabwe
    • Cricketers yet to be paid for cup games
    • State Dept. Daily Press Briefing March 30, 2007
    • How Mugabe will seek to stay in power at all costs
  54. Posted 2/4/07
    • Zimbabwean opposition officials abducted from hospital: lawyer
    • Teens Assaulted in Zimbabwe Police Raid
    • Zimbabwe unions demands wage increase
    • Zimbabwean police to be deployed during strike, minister says
    • Zimbabwe government urges workers to ignore strike
    • Latest personal accounts
    • Payday Nightmare in Zimbabwe
    • Desperately fleeing Mugabe April 2007
    • Zimbabwe's had enough of Robert Mugabe
    • Analysis: Africa fails again to deal with Zimbabwe
    • Africa plots own diplomatic course on Zimbabwe
    • International Crisis Group - CrisisWatch N°44, 1 April 2007
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 31st March 2007
    • Sleepout to make a point
    • A man mistaken for ZINASU President severely attacked
    • ZANU PF set to re-draw Zimbabwe's Constitution
    • COSATU to march in solidarity with Zim labour union
    • Update on the arrest of Gift Phiri , Chief reporter, The Zimbabwean
    • Acid test awaits Mbeki's quiet diplomacy in Zimbabwe endgame
    • MDC accuses SADC of 'playing ping-pong' on Zimbabwe
    • What next for Zimbabwe?
    • Africa's bishops blame Mugabe for Zimbabwe crisis
    • Big Men
  55. Batch 3 Posted 1/4/07
    • Mugabe: Talks Radical, Acts Like a Reactionary
    • MDC members tortured
    • 'Hell on earth' if Mugabe wins 2008
    • Bishops warn of people's anger
    • ZCTU calls for stayaway
    • Teachers demand $2.3m
    • Police farm invasion challenged in court
    • Police killing condemned
    • Bulawayo goes to court over ZINWA take over
    • Handicapped triumph over discrimination
    • Goche paying farm workers paltry wages
    • Teachers challenge Mugabe insult charges in Supreme Court
    • Daring trainee journo told to leave
    • NAC wasteful - Matombo
    • Passengers stuck as Air Zimbawe suspends staff
    • CAAZ fails to meet airport construction deadline
    • Forget about exchange rate review: RBZ
    • Air Zimbabwe killing tourism, says Kaseke
    • Creating a climate that justifies full-scale repression
    • Slavery, colonialism, Uhuru curse
    • Selous Scouts tactics confirm illegitimacy
    • Zim Standard Letters
  56. Batch 2 Posted 1/4/07
    • Zimbabwean opposition activists injured while in custody, say opposition officials
    • Licence to lay a a land to waste
    • Madam deputy takes the fight to Mugabe
    • Mugabe rivals hope for Mbeki intervention
    • Mugabe's opponents strive for united front
    • Get ready to sprint-shop where the living ain't easy
    • Rectors add voices to Mugabe row
    • Cup pay held back from Zimbabwe
    • Teenage victim of asylum scandal faces deportation
    • Disaster looming
    • Mugabe's parting gift to the MDC. But is he away for real?
  57. Posted 1/4/07
    • Abducted and branded by Mugabe's hit squads
    • Farmer challenges legality of land grab laws
    • Fighting to survive madness of Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's party to increase number of seats in Zimbabwe's parliament
    • Zimbabwe opposition officials beaten by police: Tsvangirai
    • Africa's predictable behaviour
    • MDC Can't Win Unless We Unite - Mutambara
    • Zimbabwe opposition guardedly optimistic about SAfrica mediation
    • Mbeki confident mediation can help Zim crisis
    • MDC threatens to boycott Zimbabwe elections
    • Condemnation grows for Mugabe's regime
    • Robert Mugabe's misrule is in danger of spreading
    • Food for Politics, Politics for Food
    • Mugabe's crackdown, what it means for Zimbabweans
    • The lever to oust Mugabe
    • Christchurch vigil to highlight Zimbabwe plight
    • Zim crisis hampers Mozambique
    • A Regional -- and National -- Embrace for Mugabe
    • Mugabe ambassador takes plea for food aid to EU
    • Time for Zanu PF to Send Mugabe Packing
    • SAfrica unions vow to keep up pressure on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe business committing hara-kiri
    • Domestic debt up 200% in 2 weeks
    • Police, CIO deployed on gold mines
    • Sorry state of Zim's tourism industry

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