The ZIMBABWE Situation

May 2007 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 3 Posted 31/5/07
    • Hundreds invade Zimbabwean primary school in search of diamonds
    • President Mbeki's Zimbabwe Mediation Criticized
    • Why are we still in the United Nations?
    • Blair arrives in South Africa - major Africa policy speech expected
    • MDC leaders close ranks
    • Zim hospitals shut doors on patients
    • MPs dispute Minister's diamond claims
    • Farmers race against inflation
    • RioZim woos suitors
    • Fresh River Ranch mine controversy
    • Delays render poll challenge 'academic'
    • Mutasa case: CIO bosses to stand trial
    • MDC's Makone freed on $150 mln bail
    • Zim teachers embrace menial jobs in SA
    • Media Council launch put on ice indefinitely
    • Bike prices ride high
    • CSO mum as inflation figures 'emerge'
    • Electoral commissions: Africa's biased refs
    • Poll row: new secrets surface
    • TM gives clients 'something to chew on'
    • Mining sector short of 3 000 pros
    • RBZ mulls easing rules on payment of salaries in forex
    • Menace to society
    • Crisis hits security firms as guards abandon posts
    • 'Zim easily dodges censure under loose protocols'
    • Rhetoric about past glory will not make things right
    • Centre can no longer hold
    • ZBH's new station: Yet another one to drive listeners crazy
    • Challenges facing power sector
    • FinGaz Letters
  2. Batch 2 Posted 31/5/07
    • EU waits for result of Mbeki talks to decide on Zim
    • Zim crisis hogs limelight at SADC ministerial meeting
    • ZANU PF rallies flop
    • Zimbabwe faces massive sugar shortages
    • An Inside Look at Zimbabwe's Crisis
    • Zimbabwe Doctors Threaten New Strike; Bank Workers Give Notice
    • Mugabe aims to destroy MDC before 2008
    • ZRP, militia target shop owners
    • State terror campaign targets teachers
    • Bread shortage bites as millers hike price
    • Zims sleep in sugar queues
    • Talking about talks - 10 steps to a new Zimbabwe
    • New terror campaign evokes memories of grisly 80s
    • CIO tries to bribe MDC youths
    • Cops fed up at empty promises
    • ZEF, ACT demand Chinamasa apology
    • Suspected CIO operative bashed
    • Fresh attacks on white-owned farms
    • Rural granaries as empty as shop shelves
    • MDC to boycott elections?
    • Govt withholds nurses' pay
    • Massive raise for war vets
    • Zanu plans urban jambanja
    • Zanu musicians plan propaganda offensive
    • Amnesty for teachers
    • Obstacles to dialogue
    • Zanu, MDC delegations head south for talks
    • Mbeki summons Chinamasa, Goche
    • International Torture Day
    • Being Whole - by Blair England
    • Hay-on-Wye Festival features Zim writing
  3. Posted 31/5/07
    • Zim civic groups demand a platform
    • Judge lavishes praise on MDC bomb plot official, grants bail
    • Mugabe rejects ideas of a new constitution
    • ZLP supports Bishops' pastoral letter
    • Police move into staff quarters at disputed farm
    • Zim students to bring own food
    • Student leaders arrested in Bulawayo
    • Another student leader abducted in Goromonzi
    • Mugabe spend $US 1.6 million on propaganda
    • 'Infighting could hamper Zim mediation'
    • Chaos in the fractious Zanu-PF embarrassing
    • Journalists postpone launching self-regulatory council
    • Detained MDC activist await June 4 trial
    • Passport Shortage Breeds Corruption
    • Farmers Lose Out in Illicit Food Trade
    • 'Illegal Exports, Hoarding to Blame for Sugar Shortage'
    • Water Supplies in Northern Suburbs Resume -- Zinwa
    • Nepad: the reform strategy that needs to be reformed
    • Africa's Zimbabwe Problem
    • New copper deposits found in Zimbabwe
    • Govt raises salaries for civil servants more than 100% as teachers threaten strike
    • Lawyers Under the Cosh
    • How Property Ownership Changes Your World View
    • Tony flies in
  4. Posted 30/5/07
    • South Africa rejects calls for harder line on Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki's success in Zim 'depends on political will'
    • Is SA still a champion of human rights?
    • Blair to discuss Zimbabwe, Darfur on Africa tour
    • Ban on ivory trade will cost Zimbabwe 40 mln dollars: official
    • The Tragedy of a Country in a Basket
    • Collapse looms - 10,000% Inflation
    • Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe
    • The Zimbabwe I don't want
    • Gem watchdog eyes Zimbabwe
    • Farmers World Starts Distributing Tractors
    • Church Must Fight Mugabe's Tyranny, Says Archbishop
    • Student leaders kidnapped in Bulawayo
    • Mbeki's mediation suspicious
    • Zimbabwe parastatal pushes forward with mining Marange diamond field
    • Civic Activists Demand Input To Zimbabwe Crisis Mediation
    • JAG Classifieds dated 29 May 2007
  5. Batch 2 Posted 29/5/07
    • Mugabe threatens to annex UK companies
    • Zimbabwe confirms plan to force firms to cede stake
    • Mugabe indigenisation plan could deliver killer punch to economy
    • Harare blocks efforts to shelter homeless people: Amnesty
    • Mugabe's horror - and who praised him
    • UK retailers fail to curb conflict gems
    • Zimbabwe to put 40,000 more on AIDS drugs by year-end
    • Zimbabwe rules out foreign partners in diamond mine
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 26th May 2007
  6. Posted 29/5/07
    • Zimbabwe Nearly Doubling Size of Police Force Ahead of Elections
    • MDC says charges are 'mere fabrication'
    • Over 50 MDC passports, laptops and computers confiscated by the police disappear
    • Zimbabwe police 'beat' activists
    • Madhuku arrested in Chitungwiza and released
    • MDC accuses government of building up arms stocks
    • Alleged Zim militia leader exposed in Australia
    • As services collapse, corruption flourishes
    • Cabinet approves proposal for government takeover of private firms
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition MDC Factions in Unity Talks
    • Zim: The pressure is on
    • Africa's fate is in its own hands
    • Lowveld News
    • Zimbabwean women fighting for survival in South Africa
    • Zimbabwe: 'war veterans' break up church meeting
    • Chingoka reappointment forced by politicians
    • Mugabe runs true to type in human-rights violations
    • Zambian poacher arrested in Zimbabwe's national park
    • Churches in Bulawayo defy police ban
    • Ox carts and Mugabe take Zimbabwe back to dark ages
    • Journalism losing its lustre in Zimbabwe
    • May Magic
    • Peer Review - Mbeki Fails to Lead By Example
  7. Posted 28/5/07
    • Mugabe plots to seize 'imperialist' British firms
    • Zimbabwe arrests belie claims of progress
    • Zim opposition activists detained over 'bombings'
    • Zimbabwean police free bulk of detained opposition activists
    • Zimbabwe opposition says detainees mistreated
    • 40 MDC supporters still detained
    • War veterans want cash to campaign for Mugabe
    • ZANU PF, opposition supporters clash ahead of by-election
    • Mbeki 'summoned' Zim ministers
    • Zim needs 'even-handed approach'
    • Mbeki remarks 'may jeopardise impartiality'
    • Veld fire kills more than ten elephants in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe rent costs up 1 500 percent
    • Zimbabwe under sanctions: the inconvenient truth
    • 2008 may already be a done deal
    • U.N. commission votes itself into disrepute
    • Zimbabwe jails compared to Paris Hilton in jail...
    • Polls: ZRP to beef up force
  8. Batch 3 Posted 27/5/07
    • Mbeki races against time
    • Tsvangirai speaks out on elections
    • MDC challenges electoral law
    • Govt scouts for grain in Malawi, SA
    • Taps run dry as . . .
    • Blackouts intensify
    • Zim fails world diamond standards
    • Govt not sincere about 'expanding democracy'
    • 'Free elections can help us out of this mess'
    • Mining sector growth stalls
    • Govt violated RBZ Act
    • 'Price controls Act won't tame inflation'
    • Small miners blast Gono
    • RBZ wants parastatal audits
    • Govt threats derail efforts to expose Zim
    • Once again, no easy victory
    • Persecution of lawyers barbaric
    • Offensive nonsense
    • Another nail in Zimbabwe's coffin
    • 'New Deal' needed
    • Has Gono given up?
    • Kamba looked for positive solutions
    • Zim Independent Letters
  9. Batch 2 Posted 27/5/07
    • World team to probe Zim diamond theft
    • Graduate bonding sparks outrage
    • Foreigner abducted in farm ownership wrangle
    • Starvation 'disaster' looms in Mat-South
    • ZINWA take-over leaves council a 'shell'
    • MDC smells a rat over new forex duty on cars
    • Convicted minister granted right of appeal
    • Living with HIV/Aids: living on borrowed time
    • 'Political crisis causing donor fatigue'
    • Zvobgo's son bares soul over estate
    • ZCTU calls strike as fuel price shoots up 40%
    • Prayers held for 'tsunami' victims
    • With no teachers schools fail to open for second term
    • Farmers report new farm invasions
    • AirZim to resume flights to Masvingo,Lowveld, Hwange
    • Zimbabwe fights ivory trade ban
    • Africa's support should be for the people, not rogue regimes
    • There is a danger of being inured
    • Things fall apart at University of Zimbabwe
    • Zim Standard Letters
  10. Posted 27/5/07
    • Zimbabwe Police Raid Opposition Office
    • Police arrest 200 opposition activists
    • Web shopping offers lifeline in Zimbabwe
    • Healthy talks still not viable in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe As Likely to End With a Whimper As With a Bang
    • The woman who would be president of Zimbabwe
    • Thanks to the Professor
    • From the diaspora
    • From a political parody to real hope for the future?
    • 'Provide Adequate Funding for Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle'
    • Govt, private sector responsible for inflation
  11. Posted 26/5/07
    • Amnesty International - Zimbabwe: human rights in crisis
    • Pressure grows for Zimbabwe crisis talks
    • JJ clashes with Zimbabwean minister
    • Zimbabwe crisis leads to moral decay
    • War veterans break up church meeting
    • African Commission must urgently tackle Zimbabwe torture - REDRESS
    • Blindly Ruling Out the Options
    • As Long as Crisis Continues, Border Jumping Will
    • Police extend ban on political rallies in Harare
    • Opposition And Civic Groups Outraged By Zimbabwe's Ban on Rallies
    • Leading rights groups submit report on Zimbabwe crisis to Africa Commission
    • Some signs of life in 'silent' Zim talks
    • Hot Seat Interview: Zimbabwe Sanctions debate
    • Constitution a Vexed Issue in Mediation Process
    • Elephants destroy irrigation scheme in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's POSB Suspends Workers Demanding Pay Increase
    • Zim soldiers are not starving, says minister
    • Journalist's trial opens in Bulawayo
    • The regurgitated myth of MDC's lack of depth to govern
    • Mugabe, the Anglican Church and the "illegal sanctions
    • Zimbabwe's Parliament Urges Closure Of Youth Training Camps, Citing Abuse
    • Christian Alliance has successful youth rally in Mutare
    • Rally against lack of Zimbabwe human rights - NZ
    • MDC UK to hold strategic planning workshop in Birmingham
    • Zambian citizens Blame Government for Roaming Elephant Damage
    • Labour leaders, MPs resist proposed health scheme
    • The decline and fall of Zimbabwe
  12. Batch 2 Posted 25/5/07
    • Mugabe Army runs out of cash to pay, feed or arm its soldiers
    • Today, AU must tell Mugabe the truth
    • Mugabe: Shame of Africa
    • Zim: the isolation grows
    • Labour federation prepares to roll out fresh protests
    • Bread shortages loom as Zimbabwe runs out of wheat
    • Namibia holds US$40m power loan to Zim in off-shore account
    • African Commission Grills Chinamasa Over Human Rights Situation
    • Photographer Sought By Police Goes Into Hiding; Imprisoned Journalist Denied Medical Treatment
    • Africa Day Message - Arthur G.O. Mutambara
    • We won't be cowed, say Bishops
    • Army staff cripple parastatals
    • Amnesty? No way!
    • NGOs cancel address
    • Mbeki's silence fuels mistrust
    • Foreign governments praised
    • Sewage flows into water supply
    • Mugabe 'minting Z$200bn'
    • Youths terrorise diamond miners
    • Be our guest
    • The Bristol Zimbabwe Vigil is now a year old. Please support their rally this Saturday
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 24 May 2007
  13. Batch 1 Posted 25/5/07
    • Zimbabwe extends ban on protests, rallies in Harare
    • Farmers struggle under Mugabe
    • Hwange power deal raises more questions
    • 16 illegal miners, 4 police and 1 horse dead after fight over diamonds
    • Cotton industry faces collapse
    • Hunger Exacerbating Child Mortality
    • Africa's Zimbabwe Problem
    • Leaders of Zimbabwe's Bindura Residents Association Claim CIO Threats
    • Food for Votes in Zimbabwe
    • Public Opposes Zimbabwe's Proposed National Health Insurance Scheme
    • World Diamond Council Probes Zimbabwe's Conflict Diamond Trade
    • Amnesty says plight of Murambatsvina victims worsening
    • Former Zimbabwe batsman's arson trial postponed
    • MPs horrified at Zim youth camps - report
    • Mawere takes property rights case to the UK Supreme Court
    • Time Out with Nick Cohen
  14. Batch 2 Posted 24/5/07
    • Pressure builds for talks on Zim crisis
    • Desperate Zimbabwe farmers get ox power
    • Soldiers go hungry
    • MDC close to sealing 'unity accord'
    • ZUJ locks horns with Zimpapers
    • Inflation triggers scramble for assets
    • ZANU PF reforms fall prey to hostilities
    • Govt plans to evict ex-farm workers
    • Power sector: challenges, way out
    • MDC turns on political heat
    • Zim dollar burns
    • Police ban march
    • Youth Service report opens can of worms
    • RBZ eyeing broad reforms
    • NGOs make silent stand at Africa meet
    • Zim takes ivory ban fight to Netherlands
    • Minerals price boom skirts Zim
    • Local engineers engage government over brain drain
    • Treating the symptoms
    • Law charging duty in foreign currency passed secretively
    • FinGaz Letters
    • Beware of China Bearing Gifts
  15. Posted 24/5/07
    • Lawyers say Zimbabwe evictions were crime against humanity, urge international prosecution
    • Pressure builds for no-strings all party talks on Zimbabwe crisis, says opposition
    • Zim opposition threatens to pull out of Mbeki-led talks
    • Mugabe attacks West at summit
    • A shame that Zimbabwe leader was allowed to deface summit
    • Zim's white farmers report new land invasions
    • Dollar sheds more than 60 percent in four weeks
    • Police refuse to vacate invaded farm in Matabeleland North
    • Journalist summoned by police as media harassment continues
    • Millions reportedly missing at Zimbabwe's public service ministry
    • Zimbabwe gold production decimated - now down to only eight tonnes a year
    • Zimbabwe's diamond mine ownership wrangle takes new direction
    • Zim's bank chief goes back to basics
    • Zimbabwe mulls elephant cull
    • Archbishop of Canterbury still considering Lambeth Conference invitation for Harare bishop
    • Amnesty: Corruption and poverty rampant in Africa
    • Safe house for exiled journalists
    • Days of 'super profits' long gone for Zim transport operators
    • Operation Murambatsvina continues though ZANU PF has
    • JAG open letter forum No.484
  16. Batch 2 Posted 23/5/07
    • Take Mugabe to The Hague over home demolitions, says group
    • Central bank blocks recommendations to free exchange rate
    • Journalists to launch voluntary media council
    • MDC Says State Brutality Against Its Members Rising
    • Police Deny Detained Opposition Activists Medical Care
    • Teachers Threaten Mass Action Against Poor Pay, Allowance
    • Politics of fear fuelling divisions -- Amnesty
    • Blair's Africa legacy
    • Zimbabwean refugees flee economic strife
    • Zim citizens have given up all hope for their country
    • Malawi maize 'props up Mugabe'
  17. Posted 23/5/07
    • UNICEF urges West to support children in Zimbabwe
    • Opposition rift aids Mugabe
    • Gold production at all-time-low in Zim
    • Zimbabwe 'among conflict diamond traders'
    • Zimbabwe soldiers could starve in weeks, MPs told
    • Zimbabwe police set up roadblocks to intercept maize
    • General Chiwenga & top brass in sugar looting scam
    • Missing student leader found safe but still in hiding
    • ZANU-PF thugs issue threatening letter to church goers in Mashonaland East
    • Mugabe's policies 'unacceptable': Merkel
    • Foreign currency rates continue to spiral
    • Angry Mob Loots Cop's Sugar Cartons
    • Save Zimbabwe demand voice in Mbeki mediation talks
    • NGOs refuse to address African Commission for security reasons
    • Why Church has refused to condemn Mugabe regime
    • Another Hungry Year For Zimbabwe
    • NEPAD: an African dream gone awry?
    • IBA Condemns Zimbabwe's Harassment of Lawyers
    • IFJ Calls on Zimbabwean Government to End Media Repression
    • Government bonds varsity, college graduates
    • What is politics?
    • African impunity over human rights abuses must cease
    • Mawere takes fight for companies to the SA High Court
  18. Posted 22/5/07
    • Pretoria hosts secret Zimbabwe talks
    • Response to Patrick Chinamasa's presentation in Ghana
    • Threats force NGOs to stop addressing African commission
    • Police defy High Court order to vacate farm
    • Freedom of the Press Should Be High On the Accra AU Meeting
    • No end in sight Zimbabwe groans amid shortages and spiralling inflation
    • Go hang, Zimbabwe government tells PAP
    • How life goes on for the super rich of Zimbabwe
    • Mobiles beat Zimbabwe fuel queues
    • Parliament's Human Rights Probe to Continue, Says MP
    • From school teacher to sexworker
    • Crisis Coalition of Zimbabwe press statement
    • Vigil Diary
    • Malawi president bends rules to supply maize to Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Government, Labor and Business To Soon Agree On Social Contract
    • Students send out SOS messages over missing leader
    • Bubye Minerals' Founders Arrested, Face Court on River Ranch Asset Stripping
    • Beneath the Zanu PF, MDC Feud - Notes for Mbeki
    • How we can avoid the Rwanda syndrome
    • Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe: are you laughing yet?
    • Zimbabweans in the dark as SADC mediation continues
    • No elections without a new constitution
    • ANC stands by Zanu-PF
    • Zimbabwe Presents Overdue Human Rights Report To AU Commission
    • Zimbabwe Health Minister Seeks WHO Support To Drop Sanctions
    • Ill-treatment / Arbitrary detentions and releases / Judicial proceedings / Unlawful search
    • To quit or not to quit: the leadership question
    • Wildcat strikes and unrest escalates
  19. Posted 21/5/07
    • Families fear army deserters were tortured to death
    • Fuel increase pushes fares up
    • Zim to force students to stay
    • Mufamadi meets Mugabe in SADC bid to mediate
    • Finally, Caricom's say on Zimbabwe, Darfur
    • Row over Malawi maize export to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Once again, no easy victories
    • Zim 'trying to scare' media
  20. Batch 2 Posted 20/5/07
    • Civil servants reject 'peanuts' pay offer
    • Canadian Senate votes to cut ties with Zimbabwe
    • Judge orders company's eviction from gold mine
    • MDC activists hide as repression mounts
    • Sora beans and the land reform
    • NAC gets donation from Sida, Irish Aid
    • SA students to 'mount pressure' on Mbeki
    • Repression targets journalists
    • Zvobgo's son denies abuse of dad's estate
    • Zimbabwe dollar in for a hard time
    • MMCZ loses out on EU mineral trade
    • URL, 'Injiva' in joint salt project
    • Bank in expansion drive
    • Zanu PF mobilises for terror crusade ahead of 2008 crucial polls
    • Africa must fast-track itself to progress
    • State of the nation: the Zimbabwe we seek
    • Witnessing the true reality of Zimbabwe
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Professor Walter Kamba dies
    • Top SA court dismisses suit against asset seizures by Harare
  21. Posted 20/5/07
    • As millions starve, Mugabe builds a £2m shrine
    • Zimbabwe says supports Mbeki's mediation
    • Pan African Parly defers decision on Zimbabwe mission
    • Zimbabwe govt to revoke unused mine claims
    • Pay in bits and pieces
    • Isolate Mugabe to Promote Rights
    • CIO descend on border post
    • U.N. Commission on Sustainable Destruction
    • Hot Seat Interview: Moeletsi Mbeki & Brian Kagoro
    • ZBH to Launch New Short Wave Radio Station
    • Traders Cash in On Sugar Shortage, Demand Forex
    • Kariba dam walls still intact - consultants
    • Crying Wolfowitz . . . while the United Nations bankrolls dictators
  22. Posted 19/5/07
    • Zim opposition demands release of detained activists
    • Passport charges go up
    • Zimbabwe NGOs Fail To Launch Clean Up Campaign Commemorations
    • SA Deems Face-to-Face Multi-Party Talks In Zimbabwe Likely Soon
    • Zimbabwe's MDC keen on talks despite crackdown
    • Zimbabwe miners bend law to survive
    • Health Minister lies to World Health Assembly in Geneva
    • Analyst says repression keeping Mugabe in power
    • "It Was Thuggery. State Thuggery"
    • Hyperinflation - Point of View by Steve H. Hanke
    • Wrestling with the effects of hyperinflation
    • Assaulted by Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabweans Face Utilities Misery
    • Zimbabweans pessimistic on Mbeki mediation efforts
    • The Oppressors' Club
    • In Mugabe, Africa has wrong ace
    • MDC calls for activists' release
    • Family sues minister, police chief for Z$20 billion
    • PAP: Zim has not rejected our fact-finding delegation
    • Africa: Conflict and Mass Violence - Is There an End in Sight?
    • SA to speed up land reform programme
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 483
  23. Batch 3 Posted 18/5/07
    • Mbeki team meets Mugabe
    • Latest on NMB forex fraud
    • Australia defends NGOs financial support
    • Taming inflation:learning from Brazil's experience
    • Lessons on high inflation for Zimbabwe
    • Govt faces grilling over rights abuses
    • We have to do the unorthodox - Gono
    • Ncube scoops award
    • Urban poverty worries NGOs
    • Police question photographer
    • Court orders cops off Matabeleland farm
    • Western aid to Zim up
    • NMB chief in Zurich in search of missing cash
    • Zim crisis scares off International Finance Corporation
    • Causes and cost of inflation
    • When the inflation floodgates open
    • When the inflation floodgates open
    • IMF projects 6 000% inflation by end 2008
    • History repeats itself at NMB
    • Inflation higher than official figures
    • 6m kg tobacco auctioned
    • Govt biggest forex spender
    • 'Zim will become a military state if left unchecked'
    • Zim needs a new script
    • Nigeria's best from a bad job
    • It won't go away
    • Nhema's honour unenviable
    • Misplaced triumph
    • What's Nhema's claim to fame?
    • Sanctions: lies and deception
    • Zim Independent Letters
  24. Batch 2 Posted 18/5/07
    • Remember Murambatsvina!
    • Mugabe moblises war veterans
    • Prices and incomes freeze no solution to Zim crisis
    • Zim police search for MDC military bases in SA
    • Bank chief pleads for free hand in running economy
    • Zimbabwe's inflation hits 3,700%
    • Anniversary of Forced Evictions in Zimbabwe Marked By Further Brutality
    • Corrupt judicial officers will face the music
    • Africa must not be fooled by Mugabe
    • Zim reporter in altercation with police
    • Learn to live with Zim aliens - Mbeki
    • True hell on earth: Simon Mann faces imprisonment in the cruellest jail on the planet
    • CHRA Press Statement: ZINWA Must Stop Complaining<
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 17th May 2007
  25. Posted 18/5/07
    • Inflation in Zimbabwe surges to record 3,714 percent, the highest in the world
    • Back to the dark ages
    • Mugabenomics: Unprecedented Collapse and 3,700% Inflation
    • New pricing law futile as Zimbabwe inflation rises: analysts
    • Zimbabwe cbank says food shortages stoke inflation
    • Minister Chinamasa urges Africa Commission to help shut down radio stations
    • Jambanjas continue on farms despite sugar, wheat and maize shortages
    • More student leaders abducted
    • One candidate for MDC is an uphill task. Who will take it?
    • Mbeki says Zimbabwe talks progressing well
    • Learn to live with influx of Zim aliens: Mbeki
    • South Africa deports 1,800 Zimbabweans
    • Conditions Worsen In Zimbabwe State Hospitals As Health Staff Call Strike
    • Mugabe Benefits From MDC Weaknesses
    • Uproar over sewerage charges and plastic bins
    • Gono rejects calls to quit
    • "Women Politicians Only Serving The Men"
    • Harare Under Fire At African Human Rights Commission Session
    • Zimbabwe prices doubled during April
    • Always Prepare Adequately for Winter Wheat
    • World duty-bound to oust the despots
    • Zimbabwean accusations nonsense: Downer
    • Arrested Zimbabwe Civic Group Members Still Detained But Not Charged
    • Zimbabwe: Inside Mugabe's Land of Fear
    • Nigeria, or the idiots guide to stealing an election
  26. Batch 3 Posted 17/5/07
    • Archbishop Defends Criticism of Mugabe's Govt
    • Manyika's job on the line
    • MDC to participate in 2008 polls
    • Tourism hurt again
    • Business could price itself out of business
    • Justice delayed is justice denied
    • Surviving Armageddon
    • Baulking judiciary keeps Daily News shut
    • Will privatisation end power woes?
    • Indexing salaries to shield workers from inflation
    • Pazvakavambwa booted out of govt
    • Assaulted lawyers to hit back in landmark suit
    • Fears freeze NMB counter
    • 'Loss of autonomy killed Zesa'
    • Bennett pleads Zimbos' case
    • Doctors strike . . . again
    • Ministry confirms UNDP car at centre of diamond row
    • Govt loses 40 employees per day
    • War vets regiment: now you see it...
    • Turn heat on Zim - Tokyo
    • Red light flashes for Interfresh investors
    • Exporters seen attracting investors
    • Ariston to mechanise as labour shortages bite
    • Battering people will never right a wrong
    • Buffeted by massive price increases on a daily basis . . .
    • Mbeki refuses dose of own medicine
    • Carnage cannot be ignored
    • Lawyer bashing: An eye witness account
    • FinGaz Letters
  27. Batch 2 Posted 17/5/07
    • Waiting for Thabo Mbeki
    • Miffed Zimbabwe accuses Australia of funding terrorism
    • Robert Mugabe shouldn't get immunity
    • UN denies helping Zimbabwe diamond smuggling
    • Zimbabwe University Students Targeted As State Quells Dissent
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Suspicious As Unnamed Sources Solicit Personal Details
    • NMB depositors panic
    • Zanu (PF) U turn on senate
    • Food for votes
    • No amnesty for Mugabe - Poll
    • Zanu heavies squabble over oil
    • Zim seeks travel ban waiver for Nhema
    • War vets join army
    • Bob's wailers assault gogo
    • Good on yer, mate
    • Botswana NGOs condemn Mugabe
  28. Posted 17/5/07
    • Shame on Mugabe's stooges
    • Economic woes worsen in Zimbabwe with predictions of bread, flour shortages
    • Selling candles, firewood now big business in Harare's dark suburbs
    • Group marches against proposed constitutional changes
    • Minister purges MDC supporters from irrigation schemes
    • High profile lawyer Samkange released after state drops charges
    • Students released and taken to private clinic
    • Police promotion for government loyalty
    • Zimbabwe abuses to be scrutinised at Africa Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights in Ghana
    • Government tells striking doctors it is broke
    • Zim white farmers fight eviction
    • State agents raid vehicle clearing agents at Beitbridge
    • Parliaments hope Zim differences will 'blow over'
    • Africa's own goal
    • Zimbabwe out in cold
    • PR Bid Can't Conceal Grim Realities
    • Students living in fear at Bindura University
    • Students learn harsh lesson
    • Senate Votes to Cut Ties with Zimbabwe
    • Call to throw out relatives of Zimbabwe regime
    • MDC Says It May Boycott Election
    • Turmoil in Zanu PF Over Mugabe's Plan
    • Two more Zimbabweans trampled by elephants
    • Zimbabwe Migration Office Discourages "Border Jumping"
    • Create homegrown approach to eliminate Mugabe
    • Africans and their wicked sense of humour
    • Congo sees Rautenbach as root of CAMEC's problems
  29. Posted 16/5/07
    • White farmers forced to abandon wheat crop
    • Power shortage to knock off Zim industry
    • Zimbabwean lawyer still detained
    • Bank banned from handling foreign currency
    • Governor ordered to surrender farms
    • Moyo says Gukurahundi Bill ready by September
    • Zimbabwe delays releasing inflation figures yet again
    • Zimbabwe state doctors call for new strike
    • Prominent Zimbabwean lawyers arrested in Harare & Mutare
    • New setback for Mann as lawyer arrested
    • African Union says EU should let Zimbabwe's autocratic leader Mugabe attend summit
    • Why Africa won't rein in Mugabe
    • More than 60 vendors and youth leaders arrested at informal market
    • UZ expels and suspends student leaders
    • Statement By Reserve Bank Governor
    • Zimbabwe will never be a colony again
    • Zimbabwe officially refuse neutral venue
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Statement and Submission on the Interception of Communications Bill
    • Exiles Demand Say in SADC Mediation
    • School Fees Soar
    • Mugabe Tries to Forge Ties with Business
    • The stateless are "life's passengers"
    • Beneath the Zanu PF, MDC feud - notes for Mbeki
    • Let's look beyond MDC, Zanu PF
    • Mbeki has failed Zimbabweans
    • Opposition poll boycott rattles Zanu PF
    • Moral squalor at U.N.: Repressive states head prime posts
    • Health Insurance Plan Stalled As Zimbabwe Labor and NSSA Feud
    • NCOP shocked by Beitbridge situation
    • Why do people put their faith in the UN?
    • Britain urged to follow Australia's lead
    • JAG Classifieds dated 15 May 2007
  30. Posted 15/5/07
    • IMF says Zimbabwe inflation to hit 6 000 percent mark
    • Selling fish to Mugabe is risky business
    • US warns citizens in Zimbabwe
    • Harare begs Australia to rethink ban
    • From Africa’s bread basket to economic basket case, life in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe rules out playing at neutral venue
    • Australia puts up £8m to Mugabe's opponents to oust tyrant
    • Zimbabwe to Chair UN Commission on Sustainable Development--Unfortunately, That's Not Just a Sick Joke
    • Zimbabwe 'ignoring' SA diplomacy
    • Zim to expand controversial youth training
    • Cash-strapped Zesa forces residents to buy own cables
    • The government oiling its wheels of violence
    • Zimbabwe's contentious diamonds suck in UN and World Bank
    • Notorious director of Youth Militia studying in Australia
    • Zimpost to Hike Charges By 600pc
    • Harare Water Woes Expected to Persist
    • Banks Run Short of Traveller's Cheques
    • Australian embassy 'may be hit' over ban
    • Timely decision shows strength our Government lacked
    • Zimbabwe`s environment chair at UN stirs outrage
    • Lawyers denied access to detained students despite pleas
    • Level media field before elections
    • 'Wise men' examine Mugabe degree
    • Expect massive backlash over 'grubby dictator' jibe
    • 'Farm Workers Marginalised'
    • Rautenbach company hits back at Congo
    • Women fight for presidency
    • Zimbabwe facing sporting isolation
    • Avoiding Groundhog Day at the UN Human Rights Council
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Leader Calls For Unity Against Ruling Party
    • Botswana Lawyer Leads Zim Probe
    • Zimbabwean VP calls for deepening ties with Iran
  31. Posted 14/5/07
    • Zimbabwe Inflation Leaps to Hyper Level
    • Africa's Shame
    • MDC says Mugabe stepping up terror campaign
    • African Union finally turns heat on Mugabe
    • Two more illegal miners killed in Zimbabwe
    • Zim teachers demand transfers to schools near homes
    • Zim unhappy about African lawmakers' decision
    • Zimbabwe opposition figure wins SAfrica asylum
    • Howard's cricket ban lauded in Africa
    • Richard Boock: Gleneagles lessons need revisiting in dealing to Mugabe
    • Hoey slams 'supine complicity' of ICC
    • Jailed mercenary Mann writes diary of revenge
    • Jonathan Kay on the latest farce at the United Nations
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary
  32. Batch 2 Posted 13/5/07
    • UN development boss 'ruined Zimbabwe farm'
    • How do you reward a country with inflation at 2,200% which murders opposition politicians and farmers? Put it in charge of the UN Sustainable Development Commission
    • Australian government bans team's cricket tour to Zimbabwe
    • Downer against game anywhere
    • Africa must shun Zimbabwe
    • Need a good lawyer?
    • Tougher times as Zimbabweans grow poorer
    • Megalomania kills nation
    • The Zimbabwe problem
    • Mugabe accused of blocking justice for Briton
    • MDC North America Province Elects an Interim Executive
  33. Posted 13/5/07
    • Downer bans Zimbabwe tour
    • African MPs vote to probe Zim abuses
    • 'Moyo destroyed promising career'
    • Manyika dressed down over Bulawayo split
    • Tsvangirai courts Sibanda
    • Doctors, nurses strikes persists, cripple sick health delivery
    • Police evict tourists, cancel bookings
    • Zanu PF gives nod to aliens to vote
    • ZIMSEC chaos blamed for virtual collapse of examinations system
    • Church mediation efforts flounder as Zanu PF goes on the warpath
    • Scores of prisoners die as conditions deteriorate
    • Want to lose your head? Try border-jumping
    • UZ campus descends to disgusting squalor
    • School demands groceries
    • UK policy won't change after Blair - Envoy
    • Convicted minister seeks re-trial
    • Lawyers blast duty on 'luxury' goods
    • SATUC campaigns to force Chinese companies to obey SADC laws
    • Zesa power cuts: never for Mugabe
    • State brutality: Dare to challenge government at your own peril
    • State too dumb to respect the arts
    • Why Zimbabwe government should be scared
    • African leaders should act now on Zimbabwe
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Iranian Firm to Rehabiliate Feruka Oil Refinery
  34. Posted 12/5/07
    • African MPs launch Zimbabwe mission
    • Zimbabwe likely to head UN commission despite protests
    • Beyond the fear
    • Senior police officers behind torture of MDC activist
    • Village of MDC leader feels the wrath of Zimbabwe government
    • Blackout Hits City
    • University turned into war zone as police and students clash
    • Hot Seat Interview: Mutambara and Madhuku
    • Zinwa bans hosepipes
    • Ziscogate Scandal
    • Congo investigates CAMEC after arrest request
    • A New Zimbabwe: Muzzling the watchdog
    • Statement Following the Arrest of Two Lawyers
    • Open letter to SADC leaders from Zimbabwe youth movement
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Suspicious As Unnamed Sources Solicit Personal Details
    • Human Rights Doctors Condemn Torture Against Opponents
    • Africa University copes with Zimbabwe's economy
    • Mbeki set conditions for Zimbabwe opposition
    • MDC launches public debates for Zimbabweans in Diaspora
  35. Batch 2 Posted 11/5/07
    • Last-minute court plea prevents fast-track extradition for Mann
    • Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea boost ties after botched coup plot
    • Mugabe faces fresh resistance
    • NMB swindled of US$4 million
    • University lecturers to strike
    • Mann files appeal
    • 'Nkomo crafted Posa'
    • ' Manyika fuelling divisions in Byo '
    • As Blair bids farewell, will Mugabe stick to his word?
    • Chinamasa, Gula-Ndebele 'tug-of-war' stalls AG Bill
    • Mirror saga persists
    • Another useless venture
    • Outrage over lawyers' arrests, assaults
    • Chinese pull out of IDC
    • AirZim February debt hits US$18 million
    • Normality is only but temporary
    • Indigenous banking revolution underway
    • Interfresh gets Dutch courage
    • NRZ workers go slow over pay rise
    • Ariston sweats for $30b profit after labour exodus
    • Tourism industry far from recovery
    • Zimbabwe crisis goes beyond talks
    • Diabolic is the perfect description
    • Mythical intent to privatise parastatals
    • Rigging evidence is there in black and white
    • Broaden talks agenda
    • Hectic, taxing but interesting
    • Zim Independent Letters
  36. Posted 11/5/07
    • Mugabe reintroduces Bill to snoop on communications
    • Mozambique threatens to switch off Zimbabwe
    • Scramble at UN to stop Zimbabwe running development organisation
    • No blanket 20-hour outages planned, says Zimbabwe power utility
    • AP Interview: Leading attorney says Zimbabwe gov't trying to weaken foes by attacking lawyers
    • Downer plans to call off cricket tour
    • Roy Bennett: Fighting to deliver the message of Zimbabweans
    • Electricity rationing causing massive deforestation in urban areas
    • A wilful descent into poverty
    • 370 Zimbabweans arrested in Jo'burg crackdown
    • Time is Running Out
    • Harare Withholds Request For Food Aid Pending UN Assessment
    • Prisoners Routinely Dying From Starvation, Illness
    • Innocent shoppers assaulted by police during NCA demo
    • Police crush students protest, arrest 53
    • Serious water crisis forces militia camp to close down
    • Commonwealth lawyers condemn brutal assault of Zimbabwe colleagues
    • MDC Calls for AU Intervention to Stop Violence
    • Mugabe govt snubs Wits debate
    • Mugabe Creates New Instrument of Violence Ahead of 2008 Elections
    • Zimbabwe's starving border jumpers
    • A Cold, Waterless Winter
    • Raw Sewage Continues to Flow Into Rufaro Dam
    • Africa to blame for Zimbabwe repression: Ncube
    • Judge Throws Out MDC Application
    • Mpofu convicted, escapes jail
    • US condemns assault of Zim lawyers
    • CPJ outraged by police beating of award-winning media lawyer in Zimbabwe
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 10 May 2007
  37. Batch 3 Posted 10/5/07
    • Mann: From hell to hell
    • Even darker times for Zimbabweans
    • Bizarre twist to police brutality
    • Stern test for Mbeki's Zim initiative
    • Mutambara loses another key man
    • Mugabe's gift lands mayor in the manure
    • Old foes return to haunt mayor
    • Sibanda blasts ZANU PF 'godfathers'
    • Govt taps into inflationary facility
    • Minister's Bill to legalise unauthorised spending
    • We didnt train 'bombers', says S Africa
    • UNDP probes diamond smuggling allegations
    • Jailed Zanu PF supporters freed
    • Govt violates Daily News rights: judge
    • The good times roll for Zim's neighbours
    • Judge dismisses poll challenge
    • Chihuri urged to stop harassment of lawyer's mum
    • Nkomo revives ranch row
    • Towards market determined exchange rate
    • Zimbabwe, where exactly is that?
    • Unions demand piece of mining pie
    • Gold miners reject Zim dollar payment
    • RBZ unfazed by IMF attack
    • The great robbery of the people
    • The nation does not owe politicians a living
    • Survival of the fittest
    • Police officers are not above the law
    • FinGaz Letters
  38. Batch 2 Posted 10/5/07
    • Commercial farmers demand talks
    • Zanu squeezes corporate sector to fund election campaign
    • Zimbabwe - turning moments and policy options
    • Mbeki approves Nigerian poll
    • MDC factions must re-unite
    • Tekere warns of pre-election violence
    • Villagers tricked by election promises
    • Education minister battles hyperinflation
    • Golden leaf fails to boost forex earnings
    • GMB imports maize as shortages bite
    • 90% of nurses join strike
    • Things fall apart at UZ
    • Youths attack forex dealers
    • MDC supporters beaten up in Zaka
    • Who benefits from regional public silence on Zimbabwe?
    • Mayday rent-a-crowd left stranded
    • German bishops support Zim colleagues
    • Anglicans get the facts wrong
    • The Way Forward
    • There is still hope
    • Boot Mugabe out say Catholics
    • Have we got the government we deserve?
    • Let's save our nation
    • SA minister tells Mugabe to step down
    • Come back Cambridge - all is forgiven
    • Mbeki coming for talks
    • MDC to boycott Zaka poll
    • Mbeki please take note
    • Minister blasts ZINWA
    • Music important for revolution - Rusere
  39. Posted 10/5/07
    • Electricity rationed in Zimbabwe
    • Amnesty International Public Statement
    • Mbeki remains silent while Mugabe bashes lawyers and opposition
    • Student leader hospitalized after 'push' from second floor window
    • Zimbabwe: a challenge to the truth
    • Country Reaches Official Hyperinflation Level
    • Opposition Splits While Zimbabwe Slips
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Voices Early Concern About Electoral Climate
    • Defections Bolster Tsvangirai Faction Of Zimbabwe's Opposition MDC
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Youth Preach 'Zero Tolerance' Of Opposition
    • Not knowing the score
    • Who will stop Zimbabwe's torturers?
    • Mugabe's cronies eye $2 million Aussie windfall
    • FEWS NET Warning Alert for Zimbabwe
    • Court grants Mann extradition to Equatorial Guinea
    • Mercenary's lawyer suspects political foul play
    • Africa must act on Zimbabwe crisis, main opposition says
    • High Court Refers Daily News to Information Minister
    • Terror bombings: Three detectives arrested
    • MDC Condemns Police Brutality on Lawyers
    • Namibia to Switch on Zim Power
    • Harare to consider food appeal after UN assessment
    • Mugabe targets last 'pocket of resistance'
    • Zim opposition party to stay out of by-election
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Official Calls For International Sports Boycott
    • Zimbabwe expected to chair key U.N. environment body
    • Minister Mohadi intimidates judiciary over political detainees
    • "They won't believe she is my mother"
  40. Posted 9/5/07
    • Police assault attorneys after violently breaking up lawyers' demonstration in Zimbabwe
    • Zim poverty line rockets by 82%
    • Armed police drag leading lawyers on to lorry for public beating
    • As Mugabe era ebbs, opposition is deeply divided in Zimbabwe
    • Political violence, rights abuses in Zimbabwe worries US
    • Minister: Zim nurses can't afford transport to work
    • AU concerned over political situation in Zimbabwe
    • Tutu says Africa should condemn rights abuses in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe - Majority living in hell on earth
    • Student leader attacked
    • Zim man dragged by elephant
    • Zimbabwe government denies deregistering NGOs
    • Zimbabwean lawyer speaks on assaults, broken protest
    • Standing against oppression
    • Patients stranded as doctors and nurses shut clinics
    • CHRA leader summoned by Police
    • CHRA condemns assault of lawyers
    • Tsvangirai's overture is a sobering thought
    • Warrant of arrest issued for arresting officers in ZCTU case
    • Rights Groups Disappointed By UN Human Rights Council's 1st Year
    • Debate on Harare crisis
    • Plight of illegal Zimbabwe immigrants highlighted
    • Chinese shadows
    • Sanctions
    • 'Noczim Allocates 470 000L Fuel to Govt Ministries Daily'
    • Don't Write Mugabe Off
    • Luxury Goods Duty Directive Illegal?
    • JAG Classifieds dated 8 May 2007
  41. Posted 8/5/07
    • Zimbabwe faces worst food shortages
    • Mugabe throws spanners into Mbeki initiative
    • Zimbabwe Parents Face School Fee Increases Of As Much As 2,000%
    • TIME Interview - Zimbabwe's Outspoken Archbishop
    • Zimbabwe human rights lawyers released on bail
    • Urgent appeal: Human Rights Lawyers under siege in Zimbabwe
    • Beatings and Abductions Continue in Zimbabwe
    • Update on the arrest of Makoni and Muchadehama
    • Zimbabwe lawyers to stage protest march
    • Rogue buffalo kills three in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe blocks MPs' questions over NOCZIM corruption
    • Fate of British 'mercenary' in hands of despots
    • Catch-22 for Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe, Mbeki as tight as thieves
    • Risking death to flee Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's party wants him to stay on until he's almost 90
    • A New Zimbabwe: When would-be heroes turn bad
    • Not much has changed, so Mugabe stays on
    • Flower is named as Moores' deputy
    • Copper/cobalt bull elephants square up in the DRC
    • Portrait of a well-rounded citizen as a national asset
    • It's a shame Mugabe happened to Zimbabwe
    • Amnesty International publishes Zimbabwean exiles’ newspaper
    • Nomination Of Zimbabwe Minister To Head U.N. Panel Stirs Polemic
  42. Posted 7/5/07
    • Police defy High Court order to release lawyers
    • 294 people arrested in February crackdown
    • Archbishop Pius Ncube appeals for world to act on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe state media report says Mugabe to stay for another 6 years
    • Mbeki's approval of Nigerian poll bodes ill for Zimbabwe
    • Free me or I'm a dead man, says mercenary
    • The outside looking in
    • No sign of the Americans
    • A New Zimbabwe: A tough job for Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 5th May 2007
    • Zim court orders release of opposition lawyers
    • Your bill for lunch, sir: $1.1 million
    • Artists set to return degrees over Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean Journalists now an Endangered Species
    • VIEW: Zimbabwe's hell
  43. Posted 6/5/07
    • 40 black rhinos poached from Zimbabwe's parks
    • "We Have Reached the Tipping Point" - Interview
    • Warrant issued for Zim fugitive's arrest
    • The stick-less carrot
    • Mugabe amnesty outrages exiles
    • Mann's fate hangs on judge's decision
    • A New Zimbabwe: No handouts, please
    • President who frittered £600,000 on clothes as his people starved
    • MDC starts a Charm offensive in the United States
    • An oil-for-Mann deal?
    • 4 500 teachers quit
    • Police detain lawyers
    • Lawyers challenge Mohadi order
    • CIO roped in over Zanu PF divisions in Bulawayo
    • Clinic closes down as economic crises deepens
    • No to 'unprofessional' reserve army, say ex-Zipra
    • UN calls for more resources to fight HIV
    • Shabani mine hit by pay row strike
    • For 21 years, NRZ has been under-performing
    • Zimbabwe pays heavily as airlines shun country
    • Fissures come to the fore as Zanu PF factions assert themselves
    • Things likely to worsen as fear spreads
    • Zim Standard Letters
  44. Posted 5/5/07
    • Pellagra claims 23 lives at Zimbabwe jail
    • After priest is arrested, Mugabe warns Catholic bishops over critical pastoral letter
    • Human rights lawyers Muchadehama & Makoni arrested
    • Art imitates violent life at the festival that dares to defy Mugabe
    • More torture on horizon in Zimbabwe?
    • Violence: Zimbabwe's burgeoning culture
    • Police Release Zimbabwe Opposition Official; Torture In Custody Alleged
    • Death Expense in Zimbabwe Becoming Priority as Economic Hardship Increases
    • Zimbabwe's pursuit of UN chair meets resistance
    • Zimbabwe Civil Society Umbrella Organization Reviews Crisis Strategy
    • ZBC purge backfires as court orders reinstatement of 400 workers
    • Risk of getting bashed in Zimbabwe, says activist
    • Zimbabwe forfeit may cost $2m
    • State rail firm nearly went into liquidation
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 481
  45. Batch 2 Posted 4/5/07
    • The Misery of Zimbabwe
    • UK tries to stop Zimbabwe chairing UN commission
    • Opposition mulls amnesty for Mugabe
    • A way out for Mugabe
    • Old Mutual acts on dividend as inflation in Zimbabwe soars
    • Australia government to pay fine if Zimbabwe tour canned
    • Mugabe to block Mujuru
    • Mumbengegwi threatens Zimra
    • Police probed for torture
    • Mirror in precarious financial position
    • Zanu PF power struggle widens
    • Moyo case resumes
    • 'Govt has no capacity to mine diamonds'
    • A tale of two gatherings
    • Anger over new NGO registration procedure
    • Tourist numbers from the East remain subdued
    • Govt understating inflation figure -- IMF
    • Monetary policy statement triggers price hikes
    • IMF says RBZ still engaged in quasi-fiscal activities
    • Banks adjust lending rates
    • Free airwaves,free the press
    • Monetary policy fails to address economic woes
    • Big Brother gone mad
    • Zim fares badly in Sadc on press freedom
    • No freedom to celebrate
    • An entirely dishonest view
    • The good, the bad and the ugly
    • School Mohadi
    • Time is marching on
    • Without option of force, dialogue is the way
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Ndlovu spins with juvenile gusto
  46. Posted 4/5/07
    • Maize-meal queues resurface in Zimbabwe
    • Group postpones launch of voluntary media council
    • Media commission bans Zimbabwean journalist
    • Zimbabwe Opposition, Under Pressure, Looks To African Union For Relief
    • Beijing cools on Mugabe
    • Press freedom day, but not in Zimbabwe
    • UK Parliament-House of Lords
    • ZNSPCA press statement regarding Shearwater elephants
    • ZNSPCA update March 2007
    • Tiseke Kasambala on BTH
    • Faith alone is not enough
    • Downer discourages Zimbabwe tour
    • The situation in Zimbabwe is awful
    • Seriously Consider Fuel Levy Proposal
    • Kadoma Awaits Delivery of Water Pumps From SA
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 3 May 2007
  47. Batch 3 Posted 3/5/07
    • Dublin Focuses on Zimbabwe on World Press Freedom Day
    • ZANU PF at crossroads
    • No joy for starving workers as another May Day passes
    • Journos mark Press Freedom Day in fear
    • Extraordinary week for Byo
    • Mann's release under threat
    • Time to face the stubborn facts
    • World Press Freedom Day: Time to renew fight
    • Unions dispute govt compensation claims
    • SA pleads with foes
    • Mudede quizzed on aliens' votes
    • IMF fires fresh broadside at Zim
    • Top magistrates to testify against prosecutor
    • MDC chair dies in sleep
    • Cruising for a bruising
    • Auctioneers bail out tobacco growers
    • Power outages bleed Metallon Gold
    • Analysts upbeat as RBZ ups gold, tobacco prices but . . .
    • Africa to set up diamonds 'OPEC'
    • ZMDC's capacity leaves a lot to be desired: Gono
    • 'We are our own worst enemies'
    • Errant chefs must be left to stew in their own juices
    • A sorry state of affairs
    • FinGaz Letters
    • Mushowe accused of rape
  48. Batch 2 Posted 3/5/07
    • UN post for Harare set to spur criticism
    • Zimbabwe Authorities Bar March By Journalists On Press Freedom Day
    • When Mugabe goes ...
    • 'There's incredible thirst for news in Zimbabwe'
    • Is this the worst illness of all?
    • Mbeki's mediation - four scenarios
    • Zanu prov elections rigged, says Zanu
    • Mirror journos sue CIO
    • Ex coms call on Mugabe to release political prisoners
    • Will the forex bubble burst?
    • Baines clarifies report after visit to Zim
    • Can Mugabe read writing on the wall?
    • SA boycotts ZITF
    • State using the law as a weapon - NGO
    • CIO operative flees hunger
    • NGOs to relocate
    • Govt climbs down on NGOs
    • Tongue-lashing for Gono
    • Zim firms reject Look East policy
    • Govt the enemy - ZCTU
    • Suspected CIO hoax
    • ZLP condemns violence
    • Gono's measures "greedy" - analyst
    • Land grab to continue
    • Stingy Goche condemns domestics to poverty
    • Tsvangirai to address UK rally
    • Teachers now maids in SA
    • Inflation - Gono's No 1 enemy
    • New rules will boost immigration
    • Senior cop admits bribery in Beit Bridge
    • The way forward - Mbeki must broaden dialogue
    • Mandela uncomplimentary about Mugabe - Woods
    • Letter from America
    • Leon urges Mbeki to ignore Mugabe's excuses
  49. Posted 3/5/07
    • Violent Crackdown Fuels Deepening Crisis
    • Zimbabwe inflation hits new monthly high of 50.5 pct
    • Zim spy agency says opposition training bandits
    • Zimbabwe 'most difficult place' in world for journalists
    • Harare must adopt singular and floating exchange rate
    • Interview Part 1: Tsvangirai, Madhuku and Mutambara
    • Gono on Zimbabwe's mining policy
    • Zimbabwe's Gono plays with figures in attempt to rejuvenate gold mining
    • Zim prosecutors urge court to extradite Briton
    • Zimbabwean minister urges court to deny bail to opposition members
    • MDC chairperson found dead in his sleep
    • The loss of a truly national politician
    • Consumer watchdog warns against maize price increase
    • Zimbabwe Youth Movement attacks divided civic society
    • MacGill exposes Zimbabwe tour
    • Let's Save our Nation
    • Bold Writer Aptly Tells the Story About Zimbabwe's Political and Economic Problems
    • No celebrating for Zimbabwean journalists on World Press Freedom Day
    • Mann in the middle of two African dictators
    • MacKay Offers Moral Support for Zimbabwe Opposition
    • A New Zimbabwe: Getting a good deal
    • The "Jewel of Africa" no more
    • Alert! The Peoples' Court in Rugare
    • Those licensed to kill should die by the sword
    • Botswana union wants tough action on Mugabe
    • Apology to Conjwayo
    • Africa: Weather hazards assessment for 3 May - 9 May 2007
  50. Posted 2/5/07
    • Massive food price hike casts further pall over May Day in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe unions threaten new strikes over wages
    • Archbishop of Canterbury defends China
    • Zimbabwe reaches economic policy dead-end
    • Malawi denies maize for sugar barter deal with Harare
    • IMF Study Critical Of Zimbabwe Central Bank Monetary Management
    • Mugabe calls on war vets to fight his cause
    • Malawi exporting 400,000 t of maize to Zimbabwe
    • Military warns MDC
    • South Africa overwhelmed by new arrivals of Zimbabwean refugees
    • Lawyer denied access to detained MDC official
    • Madhuku dismisses Mbeki mediation effort
    • Botswana: A Day in the Life of a Zimbabwean
    • Standing Up to Mugabe
    • The cost of cash
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank to pay gold-mining companies "soon"
    • My ordeal at the hands of Zimbabwe's border guards
    • Mbeki must take tougher stance on Zim: SACP
  51. Posted 1/5/07
    • Zimbabwe central bank broke and discredited, says IMF
    • ZANU PF legislator injured as rival factions clash in Masvingo
    • Under Official Pressure, Zimbabwe Trade Unionists Plan May Day Observations
    • Police clamp down on May Day celebrations in Zimbabwe
    • Clinics close down as economic crisis deepens
    • More than half of Zimbabwe's households depend on diaspora dollars
    • Zim compensates 800 white ex-farmers
    • SW Radio Africa's Violet Gonda Talks With Archbishop Pius Ncube, Pastor Ray Motsi And Bishop Trevor Manhanga (Part 2)
    • Mugabe's new best friends
    • Press walks a thin line in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean journalists demand better salaries
    • Zimbabwe Farm Workers Appeal To Labor Minister For Better Wages
    • Trust and succession politics in Africa
    • The scales of amnesty
    • Students Stuck in Zimbabwe as Country Stops Issuing Passports
    • Foreign debt cripples Zimbabwe's power firm
    • Zimbabwe: Catholic Church holds assembly on nation's crisis
    • Letter From Kutama
    • MDC detainees
    • Big Brother gone mad
    • Watchdog condemns NGO extermination in Zimbabwe
    • SA bulletin: food security and climate change - two important warnings

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