The ZIMBABWE Situation

June 2007 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/6/07
    • African leaders gather to discuss "U.S.A" - United States of Africa
    • Accra forum divided on Zimbabwe
    • Zim police crack down on parallel market traders
    • Zim private schools peg fees to the US dollar
    • Bakeries suspend production in southern Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe power cuts to get even worse: Report
    • Zimbabwe lifts ban on Harare rallies and protests
    • Zimbabwe gold firms working below fifth of capacity
    • Soldiers, police enforce Zim price freeze
    • Someone might be listening
    • Interview: Will the economic collapse be the end of Mugabe?
    • Thriving Black Market Keeps Economy Afloat
    • Harare's Plan For 'Indigenization' Of Businesses Meets With Skepticism
    • Zimrights shoulder blame of deaths of farm workers on ZANU PF's land reform
    • Zim police, home affairs minister sued for Z$5 billion
    • Perpetrators of violence to be punished - NGOs
    • Chamber of mines agnry with central bank over non-payment of its debts
    • West Indies Cancels Cricket Tour of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Urges African Union Election Monitoring In 2008
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Communique: Media Should Report on Coup Allegations
  2. Batch 3 Posted 29/6/07
    • Lawyer's protest march in Bulawayo 27 June 2007
    • Hands off our companies, say Zimbabwe businesses
    • Worsening economic crisis `like living in hell'
    • A Tragic Murder In Zimbabwe
    • Opposition seeks AU team to monitor Zimbabwe elections
    • Army on high alert
    • Retailers speak out
    • Govt in U-turn over price increases
    • Maths not adding up: CSO
    • RBZ men nabbed in US$58 000 bribery scam
    • PDL-short tax-free threshold riles ZCTU
    • More wheat imports needed, govt warned
    • Angry lawyers take back to the streets
    • IBA takes keen interest in Bubye
    • 'We only want your food'
    • Of Fishmongers, Makoni and The Six Months
    • ZANU-PF standoff: no solution in sight
    • Black market shadow hangs over price slash
    • Local manufacturers face extinction
    • A few home truths never hurt anyone
    • Vending now only hope for millions
    • A superficial victory
    • Mpofu's sledgehammer
  3. Batch 2 Posted 29/6/07
    • Water shortage hits Harare
    • SA retailers help Zimbabwean arms deal with Mugabe's price cuts
    • Zim health service collapses
    • Coup plot bogus
    • The Hitschmann case - what is the truth?
    • Lawyers prevented from presenting petition to Chinamasa
    • Mugabe no longer relevant to Zimbabwe - Dell
    • Children are hit hardest by Zimbabwe's economic problems - UNICEF
    • Mnangagwa meets Mugabe over coup plot
    • Govt/industry in price war
    • Mujuru faction attacks Gono
    • 'Petrol bombers' case falls apart
    • Police deny beating ZCTU leaders in court case
    • Amendment 18 Bill gives Mugabe up to 2010
    • SA clergymen castigate Mugabe over torture
    • IMF says govt inflation figures understated
    • ZBH manager faces dismissal for refusing propagandist post
    • 40 000 leave mining sector
    • ZPI now wearing Fidelity Life's crown jewel
    • US$3 million mine construction suspended
    • Finance ministry to withhold parastatal funding over books
    • 'Human Rights Commission won't work in Zim'
    • Why a reformed Zanu PF is not the answer
    • Mugabe risks more than displacement in a coup
    • Making capital out of a crisis
    • Inflation goes berserk
    • Comment
    • Media blockade wrong way to go
    • Zim's gang of economic illiterates
    • Zim Independent Letters
  4. Posted 29/6/07
    • Price cuts directive mired in mounting confusion, chaos in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe widens state-imposed price controls
    • Amnesty International Public Statement
    • Empowerment law a scheme to loot resources, says MDC
    • Zimbabwean academic says Mugabe must quit office by September
    • Businesses comply with order to reduce prices
    • State agents briefly detain SA church leaders
    • Mugabe plays risky game with Zimbabwe economy
    • African Heads of State Convene for Summit in Ghana
    • ACP-EU: Zimbabwe and Darfur at the centre of the debate
    • Big demos to hit AU Summit
    • Zimbabwe: Land and Zanu-PF rhetoric
    • A non-currency country
    • Two Zimbabwe state reporters face extortion charges
    • Harare supermarket prices. Northern suburb
    • Grant Mugabe amnesty, urges advocate
    • Tsvangirai to meet Kuffor (AU Chairman)
    • Poor quality garbage tells a tale
    • African plans largest game park
    • Jazz legend raps Africa leaders for lack of action
    • West Indies board cancels A-team tour
    • Zimbabwe stand accused
    • No time to shop around as Zimbabwe prices shoot up by the hour
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 28 June 2007
  5. Third batch posted 28/6/07
    • MDC accuses Mugabe of manipulating voter registration
    • Soldiers raid shops to enforce price freeze
    • Police lift ban on political rallies
    • ACP-EU seeks to send fact-finding mission to Harare
    • War Vets Reserve Force: Counting the cost of doing Mugabe's bidding
    • Zimbabwe general linked to coup 'murdered'
    • Tutu says Mugabe needs to 'save face'
    • Protesting Lawyers Deliver Petition & Boycott Courts
    • Harare's ban on price increases will fuel black market
    • Bakers left fuming as Harare reneges on price deal
    • Mugabe Threatens Takeover of Companies Who Ignore Price Directives
    • Mugabe Threatens To Seize Mines If Price Hike Continue
    • Govt buys spy gadgets worth US$2m
    • Zim economic crisis
    • Cop accuses ministers of murder
    • Can elections possibly be free and fair?
    • Gapare was tortured - Doctor
    • Glen View Residents Drinking Contaminated Water
    • 'Mugabe to retire by September'
    • Fuel crisis the biggest threat
    • Gaddafi calls for two million strong African army
    • Govt spends millions on arms from China
    • Voter reg process violates democracy - Chamisa
    • First land confiscations in Mozambique
    • Essential drugs in short supply
    • No elections in 2008?
    • Government set stage for a head-butt with manufacturers
    • United Church Urges Canada to Help End the Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Taibu on verge of Zimbabwe return
    • Speed report slams Zimbabwe Cricket
  6. Second batch posted 28/6/07
    • Mugabe's thieves plundering Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe reviews inflation calculation, delays data
    • Lawyers to Boycott Courts Wednesday
    • HIV Programmes Get U.S.$730 000 Boost
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe accuses Blair of "tricks, dishonesty and hypocrisy" on Blair's last day
    • Taskforce to deal with avian flu
    • Zimbabwe Student Organization Alleges Police Assault Of Activists
    • Facing Hyperinflation, Zimbabwe Schools Seek Supplementary Fees
    • Country Beyond March 2008
    • Zimbabwe: President Mugabe's critics take to the stage
  7. Posted 28/6/07
    • Can you vote in 2008?
    • New border rules shock foreigners
    • Basic commodities disappear in Zimbabwe
    • Mozambique, Zim to ease visa rules
    • Soldiers to enforce Zimbabwe price ban
    • A New Plan for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe tries to curb 4,500% inflation
    • Inflation-ravaged Zimbabwe orders prices slashed
    • ACP-EU to discuss Zim but will pass no resolution
    • ALERT! ZINWA Lies to Residents
    • Blair exit robs Zimbabwe opposition of sponsor: Mugabe
    • Some reports about Zimbabwe false: SA judge
    • Mugabe seriously off topic at Gunda's funeral
    • Change of currency
    • Currency crashes, so barter's better
    • Last kicks of dying horse Khupe
    • Zimbabwe: Gono ordered to print Z$1 Trillion for Civil servants and Army
    • Its time for opposition to act in unity
    • Zimbabwe's tax threshold to go up next month
    • Zimbabwe's players aim at Wimbledon double titles
  8. Posted 27/6/07
    • U.N. appeals for more aid to Zimbabwe children
    • Paying for the man they hate
    • Weeds and wasted lives on the farm run by UNs rural kingpin
    • Farmers seek $14m from Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe May Nationalize Foreign Banks, Mining
    • Zimbabwe: Discussion Silent On Common Man Interests
    • Women protest over soaring cost of living in Zimbabwe
    • Police grilled re Z$8,6 billion
    • Zimbabwe Statement on the arrest of its Regional Chairperson
    • Zimbabwe:Torture victims must be remembered
    • Zimbabwe: Citizens to Mark UN Torture Day in Johannesburg & London
    • Zimbabwe: Lean Harvests Spell Disaster For Hungry Families
    • Harare Commission
    • Torture in Zimbabwe: the scars we share
  9. Posted 26/6/07
    • Mugabe seizes businesses
    • Government details proposal for Zimbabweans to take over 51 percent of businesses
    • Local Dollar an Endangered Species As Currency Crashes
    • Supermarkets Continue Increasing Prices
    • Bread price shoots by 300 percent
    • Zimbabwe Currency Supply Tightens As Hyperinflation Runs Rampant
    • Food a Political Tool?
    • Alert: No water
    • Water authority begins 'load shedding' in Harare
    • WOZA delivers letter to Thabo Mbeki
    • Big support for Tsvangirai UK rally
    • MDC UK executive must pull up their socks
    • Zimbabweans to mark UN Torture Day in Johannesburg & London
    • Rights activists say torture on the rise in Zimbabwe
    • MDC accuses ZANU PF of negotiating in bad faith
    • Zimbabwe has biggest number of journalists in exile
    • ZANU PF youths evict family from homestead
    • Save Zimbabwe Coalition Urge Europe to Work With African Institutions On Zim
    • The Corrosive Power of Hate Speech
    • Mugabe's sins coming back to haunt him in Chiredzi
    • China focuses on oil, not Sudanese needs
    • Zimbabwe - Vasbyt (bite hard)
    • Grenada PM warns of Zimbabwe safety issues
    • Exit the Good President Enter Decades of Terror
    • The Proposed Harare Supplementary Budget is out
    • Cricket council weighs Zimbabwe's Test return
  10. Posted 25/6/07
    • Zimbabwe slams U.S. envoy over Mugabe comments
    • Mugabe offered chance to end Zimbabwe crisis
    • Considering the alternatives, Mugabe should be begging Mbeki for a solution
    • Zimbabweans sit on fence while country burns
    • Beyond the Rhetoric of Freedom and Democracy
    • Zimbabwe - Mugabe's coup plots
    • Some Questions
    • Bob, the carpenter's son, was a star pupil
    • Bishop Cautions State Against Ejected Zimbabwean Farmers
    • Factory shutdowns loom in Zimbabwe
    • Harare to implement indigenisation law before year-end
    • MDC vice-president's challenge of security law crumbles
    • Too many cooks spoil the broth
    • Zanu-PF rift sidelines talks
    • Mugabe's thieves plundering Zimbabwe
    • Hitschmann's weapons cache trial resumes
    • Zimbabweans Hit by Price Increases
  11. Batch 2 Posted 24/6/07
    • Zimbabwe police renew rally ban in capital
    • Opposition says emigration hurts prospects
    • Zim govt scorns regime change report
    • Influx From Zimbabwe to South Africa Tests Both
    • Rather die of hunger?
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • China's mixed role in Africa
    • Mugabe flees his state house
    • Shutdown Planned
    • RBZ agricultural scheme self-serving scandal
    • ZESN calls for longer voter registration period
    • Lions Kill 10 Cattle
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 23rd June 2007
    • Cabinet row as Zimbabwe cricket chief gets UK visa
    • Tsvangirai Talks Of Hopes For Zimbabwe
  12. Batch 1 Posted 24/6/07
    • 'Mugabe downfall within six months'
    • Zanu PF abusing Umdala's name,says son
    • Tsvangirai's faction to contest 2008 polls
    • More money for war vets
    • Government begs NGOs for cash
    • Soldiers spy on Hwange operations
    • ZBH suspends ZUJ top official
    • Farm labour virtual slavery,says report
    • Teachers' union slams govt, Aids body
    • Mayor accuses govt of not being serious over water crisis
    • Adopt free market economy, urges CZI
    • Follow-through economic policies, government urged
    • Bubye cries foul over diamond probe team
    • Industry's worst moments become living hell for workers
    • When the skeletons march from the closet
    • Rehabilitation of ex-fighters:The Zimbabwe Project story
    • Let's all brace for tough times as regime nears end
    • Zim Standard Letters
  13. Posted 23/6/07
    • Mugabe faces pressure as currency crashes
    • Zimbabwe's Dollar Plummets 67 Percent; Retailers Stop Trading
    • Waiting for the hard rain of culpability
    • Economic collapse worsens food crisis
    • Zimbabwe dentist: 'We persevere'
    • White farmers lost over $8 billion during farm seizures
    • Zimbabwean court denies bail to coup plot accused
    • Zimbabwean-German Diplomatic Row Brews Over Alleged Visa Denials
    • Zimbabwe judge bars public from coup plot bail hearing
    • Public-owned firms in Zimbabwe to cede 51-percent equity
    • Headway in talks, says Mugabe official
    • Zimbabwe producing record numbers of refugees
    • Zimbabwe dollars rejected as currency crashes
    • Save Zimbabwe coalition urge Europe to work with African institutions on Zim
    • Chibebe removed from remand in cop attack case
    • Tsvangirai to Address UK Rally
    • US University Says Zimbabwe's Mugabe 'Degenerated As A Leader"
    • Labour union boycotts social contract meeting
    • West Indies insist Zimbabwe tour to go ahead
    • More confusion over 'A' team Zimbabwe tour
    • Harare Residents Association Knocks Supplementary Budget
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 491
  14. Batch 4 Posted 22/6/07
    • Zimbabwe in meltdown as currency halves
    • Petrol stations reject cash as currency becomes worthless
    • Opposition Says Mugabe Must Reform Now
    • China props up Mugabe with US$200m fertilizer deal
    • Magistrate pressured to convict fearless prosecutor
    • ZANU PF legislators did not apply for visas
    • From the ruins of Rome to the ruins of Zimbabwe
    • Award for Peta Thornycroft
    • With Elections Approaching, Harare Gives Village Headmen A Raise
    • Mediation doomed to fail, civic groups tell Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe a major producer of refugees
  15. Batch 3 Posted 22/6/07
    • Mbeki in talks breakthrough
    • 'Succession battle source of coup'
    • 'Coup plotters' seek bail
    • European parliament exposes Nkomo
    • What Zim will need after Bob is gone
    • Former scribes buy Masvingo paper
    • MDC unity bid collapses
    • Zanu PF sets conditions for dialogue
    • Uphold freedom of expression ACHPR tells Mugabe
    • Economic collapse will foment political change - Dell
    • NMB scandal: probe uncovers more holes
    • NMB appeals to RBZ
    • Zim in bid to lure international airlines
    • Zim to beg SA
    • 30 million kg tobacco auctioned
    • CZI blasts govt policies
    • Govt frets over bad-boy image as 2010 beckons
    • Empowerment Bill set to meet WTO resistance
    • Investment to Byo down 30% this year
    • Bulls on the rampage
    • Only common sense, honesty is needed
    • Bill crafted to extend Mugabe tenure: Zesn
    • Nothing poetic about Zim crisis
    • Coup plot bogus
    • Mugabe's legacy
    • Candid Comment
    • African leaders pushing bricks in the sand
    • Sliding into a totalitarian state
    • Govt determined upon economic destruction
    • Zim Independent Letters
  16. Batch 2 Posted 22/6/07
    • Zimbabwe currency crashes; inflation as high as 9,000%
    • Zimbabwe inflation 'to hit 1.5m%'
    • Zimbabwe sets up taskforce to monitor prices
    • 'Mugabe made us into refugees' - Murambatsvina victims talk about living in Zimbabwe today
    • Mbeki to report to African leaders on Zimbabwe talks progress
    • Zimbabwe government, opposition agree on agenda for talks: report
    • Agenda for Talks Set But is There Political Will?
    • Rumblings within
    • Still looking for a saviour
    • Fire guts Zim's sole newsprint producer
    • Zimbabwe imports 60,000T wheat to ease shortage
    • Financially-crippled GMB is luring farmers with empty bags for free in order to have grain
    • Doomsday Predictions May be Premature
    • Adding Insult to Injury
    • Zim police claim to have been barred from SA
    • My vote is my right- I will exercise it , come March 2008!
    • Police censor script and ban new play about AIDs
    • Price Madness Has Gone Overboard
    • Charges Against Tortured Journalist Gift Phiri Dropped
    • Chingoka limited to 5-day UK Visa
    • Muzorewa Plots Political Comeback
    • Zim golfers and inflation
    • Politics kills
  17. Batch 1 Posted 22/6/07
    • Coup plot thickens
    • Farm workers' abusers face prosecution
    • Fire sparks shortage fears
    • ILO finds Zim guilty
    • Khaya Moyo's wife lies low as Bubye-River Ranch fight rages
    • 'Spying Bill' sends shivers down media's spine
    • For Zimbos, nightmare begins on the bus
    • Unite, Dell urges warring MDC factions
    • Activists reject govt plan
    • Civic groups demand say in Mbeki's Zim initiative
    • The men who would be Zimbabwe's rulers
    • Continental bodies all bark, no bite
    • Cont vows defiance
    • Social contract: Wheels coming off?
    • Media Council opens new front in struggle for press freedom
    • What good is change that worsens things?
    • NSSA launches blitz on delinquent Harare firms
    • Reason must prevail
  18. Batch 2 Posted 21/6/07
    • Vice-president, governor clash over former PF ZAPU property
    • Fraud inquiry into leaders breaks 'special protection'
    • MDC Claims Vote Buying as Headmen Get Allowances
    • Kuruneri judge 'under pressure' to convict
    • Prosecutors Score Own Goal As Journalist Freed
    • Zimbabwean Police Said to Mount Crackdown On Student Activists
    • Bribery rife among Metro cops - Zim traders
    • Takeover plans 'disastrous' - economists
    • US$18 million - who will benefit?
    • MDC court victory stuns govt critics
    • Corrupt officials off the hook yet again
    • What about us?
    • Letter from America
    • Fuel price hikes cost of dying
    • Mugabe for President of USA
    • Mugabe - coup mastermind?
    • MDC SA to raise funds for 2008 polls
    • Desperate asylum seekers petition UNHCR
    • Mhanda, Nharingo acquitted
    • MDC musters for massive UK rally
    • Zimbabwe Youth Charter
  19. Posted 21/6/07
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader says time may be running out for free elections next year
    • Mbeki to brief SADC on Zimbabwe talks
    • Zimbabwe business pessimistic about recovery-survey
    • Demands from Mugabe as Zim talks begin
    • Crackdown on student leaders intensifies as unrest grows
    • Government accused of lying about German visa refusals
    • Zim firms run at third of capacity
    • Court orders release of 6 MDC detainees
    • Reserve Bank of Australia - Media Release
    • Zim crisis sparks smuggling rise
    • US$3 B economic rescue plan for Zimbabwe
    • Union Dismisses Farm Workers' Wage Proposal
    • Insult to injury
    • Zimbabwe - Is there a Dawn?
    • SADC launches a new local democracy enhancement programme
    • South Africa fails to make dent in huge asylum backlog
    • Zimbabwe: Paradise Wrapped in Quagmire
    • Protest over plight of asylum seekers
    • Study Highlights Historical Roots of Current Strife in Zimbabwe
    • Bodyform supports women in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe deserves Windies bouncer
    • Chingoka avoids visa ban
    • ZIFA fires Mhlauri and dissolves national teams coaching departments
  20. Posted 20/6/07
    • Zimbabwe crisis still on ACP-EU agenda
    • Group to challenge constitutionality of protests law
    • Zimbabwe rehires dismissed teachers
    • US Voices Skepticism On South African-Mediated Zimbabwe Crisis Talks
    • Coup claim made to 'mask Mugabe party split'
    • Donors will move in when Mugabe finally leaves office
    • Will the economic collapse be the end of Mugabe?
    • New report highlights the crisis caused by farm seizures
    • EU lobbying by MDC pays off
    • Mutambara gets passport, off to Europe
    • UN body sets rules on how to move against top rights abusers
    • MDC wants demands met before next years elections
    • Change in Zimbabwe Would Boost Country
    • Student leader's relatives attacked as the state's hunt for Mkwananzi intensifies
    • Resource nationalism on way
    • Bindura Nickel to lay off 180 at Zimbabwe's Freda Rebecca gold mine
    • Mugabe not ready to play nice
    • Zimbabwe players told to buy sponsored cars
    • Zimbabwe accuses South Africa of racism over cattle killings
    • Misa-Zimbabwe outraged at passage of snooping Bill
    • Old people's homes in dire financial straits
    • No help for HIV patients in Zimbabwe
    • WOZA women win court case
    • Zimbabweans living as squatters
    • Letter to Constituents and Friends
    • World day to combat desertification and drought
    • Taking a hard ride on a kombi
    • Zimbabwe Court Grants Bail To Six Opposition Activists, Frees Three
    • JAG Classifieds dated 19 June 2007
  21. Posted 19/6/07
    • Zimbabwe government and opposition hold talks
    • Call for Mugabe to shelve 'ill-thought' bugging Bill
    • Zimbabwe broke land deal
    • US envoy says Mugabe to fall in next few months
    • Zim ranked among 10 states at great risk of violent conflict
    • MDC official set free
    • Of Rumours and Coups - putting the Harare coup attempt into perspective
    • Mugabe is the problem in Zimbabwe - a Pan-Africanist Perspective
    • Assaulted MDC leader has safe harbour in SA
    • 'Isolated' Mugabe told to step down - sources
    • Student leaders barred from writing exams
    • Slavery has been 'legalised' say rights advocates
    • Mutambara says Mugabe is not ready for serious talks
    • Writers from SA join in Mugabe protest
    • UNICEF Humanitarian Action: Zimbabwe Donor Update 18 Jun 2007
    • Advocates Disappointed by New UN Rights Council
    • Coup plotters to appear in court Friday
    • Court throws out freedom bid by detained MDC activists
    • Another Attempt to Reclaim Media Independence
    • Map to be focus of prayer for Zimbabwe at Southwark Cathedral
    • Mugabe not welcome at Europe-Africa summit, says Portugal
    • Tsvangirai rally - change of venue
    • Probe unearths 100t of sugar
    • Tsvangirai no longer coming to Canada
    • Rio Tinto's Murowa expansion on hold
    • 'Doomsday' Warning for World Cup
    • African adventure
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No.490
  22. Posted 18/6/07
    • Zim opposition activists murdered
    • Power-short Zimbabweans switch to gel stoves
    • MDC official still detained in Harare
    • Coup plot could be pre-emptive strike by Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's political dialogue overshadowed
    • Zimbabwe inflation now 4,530 per cent, leaked figures show
    • Zimbabweans turn to wheeling and dealing to top-up salaries
    • Age of the political farmer - beware!
    • Zim opposition leaders coming to UK, Canada
    • Culture and HIV: The Seke Rural Community
    • Drugs feed perlemoen smuggling
    • Zimbabwe national team coach in vehicle scandal
    • Hick becomes 16th batsman to pass 40,000 runs; first since Gooch 13 years ago
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 16th June 2007
  23. Batch 2 Posted 17/6/07
    • Mugabe arrests as peace talks start
    • Six to stand trial for alleged Zimbabwe coup plot
    • Zimbabwe coup suspects deny charges
    • Zimbabwe Police Seize Opposition Leader's Passport
    • 50 NCA activists missing, six detained after Harare demo
    • Mugabe olive branch just for show: analysts
    • Young Zimbabweans "inspired by South African student uprising"
    • Rock bottom
    • Libya, Zimbabwe form joint cooperation commission
    • Windies oppose tour of Zimbabwe
    • The straw that broke Zimbabwe's back?
    • Zim land grab has cost thousands of lives, billion of dollars
    • The Hub of Harare's Illegal Foreign Exchange Trade
    • In Africa, a desperate stampede
    • Dramatic Rise in Fines
    • Mugabe's academic mugs
    • Death on safari: the family I lost to a charging elephant
  24. Batch 1 Posted 17/6/07
    • Judge wants open court for coup trial
    • VIPs cited in 60% wipe-out of game
    • Police seize Mutambara's passport
    • Urban residents threaten action over water crisis
    • Government arm-twists nurses to end strike
    • Bulawayo charges could go up 2 600%
    • Council tightens water rationing
    • Botswana warns Zimbabwe-bound citizens of arrests
    • More trouble for ailing, detained MDC official
    • Chimedza to challenge Mahofa
    • CSO mum on inflation amid fears of imminent collapse
    • Annan to lead fight against Africa's farming decline
    • Stage-managed disinformation designed for buying votes
    • Saying 'enough is enough' may not be enough
    • Absolute loyalty to Mugabe,the credo of 'Gukurahundi'
    • Open letter to President Robert Mugabe...
    • Zim Standard Letters
  25. Batch 2 Posted 16/6/07
    • Coup 'plot' feeds Zimbabwe political tension
    • More hardships for Harare residents
    • 10 percent of Zimbabweans mentally sick, says minister
    • Observers, Opposition, Fault Zimbabwe Mobile Voter Registration Drive
    • South Africa's Mbeki To Press Constitutional Issues In Historic Zimbabwe Talks
    • Eddie Cross
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Activists Bound Over In Bombing Case To June 29; Appeal Pends
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • London rally for MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai - Saturday, 23rd June
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No.490
    • Day of the African child- a fight for our future!
    • Zimbabwe Day - Bristol
    • Germany denies Zim delegation leaders visas
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 14 June 2007
    • JAG Special Appeals Communique dated 15 June 2007
  26. Posted 16/6/07
    • Zimbabwean court hears of plot to overthrow Mugabe
    • Security forces chiefs meet to discuss coup plot
    • Zimbabwe lawyers representing treason suspects; fueling coup plot speculation
    • Zimbabwe's bugging bill condemned
    • Zimbabwe Passes Communication Spying Law
    • It's time to stop pretending that nothing is happening in Zimbabwe
    • MDC plan star rallies throughout Zimbabwe this weekend
    • Teachers flee violence in Mt Darwin after war vets attack
    • ZANU PF voter registrations starts Monday despite ongoing talks
    • Mudede's advance rigging plans condemned
    • Mbeki initiative 'is Zimbabwe's best shot'
    • ILO zooms in on Zimbabwe
    • Morgan Tsvangirai blasts Mugabe
    • High Court upholds ban on Amakhosi's play
    • Youth Day
    • Ethical concerns over Zimbabwe Cricket's new auditor
    • Vermeulen trial postponed for a fifth time
    • Leadership Matters in Southern Africa
    • The poisoned chalice - facilitating SADC political dialogue
  27. Batch 2 Posted 15/6/07
    • ZANU PF coerces youths to register as voters
    • Coalition meets SA envoy, presses for role in Mbeki talks
    • Police stop satirical play
    • French film firm threatens Harare over US$1 million debt
    • Zim government accused of politicising education system
    • Mnangagwa linked to coup
    • Who gave away the coup plot?
    • Alleged coup plotter speaks out
    • Zim going the Kenya way - ICJ
    • Zanu PF, MDC meet for talks
    • Woza challenges Act
    • WFP, FAO slam Zim's fast-track
    • Zim found guilty
    • Kasukuwere faction emerges in Mash Central
    • Govt moves to pacify civil servants
    • Save Zimbabwe takes campaign to Europe
    • Who will pull the punch bowl?
    • Gold mines reel as RBZ fails to pay for deliveries
    • Gold mines battle massive skills flight
    • RBZ set to up withdrawals
    • The return of the 000s
    • Mozambique reduces Zesa supplies over debt
    • ZSE battles to computerise
    • Bankers fail to thwart strike
    • Lending rates up
    • Chalkboard news
    • Poll boycott the way to go
    • Law-making process undemocratic - experts
    • Anti-corruption fight futile unless big fish netted
    • How about monetary sovereignty?
    • Handouts are not the answer
    • Candid Comment
    • 'England made me'-Matonga
    • Give social contract a chance
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • MDC faction vows to continue with protests
    • Zimbabwe forum urges solidarity
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 14 June 2007
    • CIO Beefs Up Protection Chef's Kids in S. Africa...correction
  28. Posted 15/6/07
    • Mugabe's days are numbered - Zanu men
    • Zimbabwe opposition faction backs street protests
    • Zimbabwe passes net bugging law
    • Gaddafi, Mugabe want united African state
    • Chinese, Zimbabwean defense ministers hold talks on closer ties
    • I'm not dead - Zim central bank governor
    • Riot police disrupt students meeting in Bulawayo
    • Labour unions to launch protests in July as economy collapses
    • Army investigates reports of coup plot
    • How Robert Mugabe plans to win the 2008 elections
    • Pensioner's Fund newsletter
    • Zambia to export food to needy Zimbabwe amid food surplus
    • Australia looks at prosecuting Mugabe
    • Government found guilty of rights abuses by International labour organisation
    • One-time sale of ivory is approved
    • 'Hospital Almost Closed'
    • Feuding Anglican Bishops set to dampen Bernard Mizeki pilgrimage
    • African church leader 'outraged' at Zimbabwe rights abuses
  29. Batch 3 Posted 14/6/07
    • Army officers seized over Mugabe 'coup plot'
    • The battle of Zimbabwe
    • African nations agree elephant deal at U.N. talks
    • Mugabe's tinkering seen as a ploy to delay progress
    • Council concludes discussion on right to food, toxic and dangerous waster, adequate housing and extreme poverty
    • Suspected coup plotters in court
    • A-G Gula-Ndebele throws in towel?
    • Metallon shelves London listing over Zim crisis
    • Wheat stocks run out
    • Civic groups after Mbeki's ear
    • Mohadi wrong: judge
    • Fresh twist to River Ranch legal battle
    • Councils face collapse, says Masvingo mayor
    • Forex traders defy clampdown
    • Kidnap allegations expose Masvingo ZANU PF factions
    • Empowerment spectre dampens FDI lure
    • Amendment could derail Zim initiative
    • Massive water cuts hit Byo
    • Council won't part with urban trunk roads
    • Gold output to tumble again as mines fail to secure inputs
    • RioZim ready to invest US$200m in Murowa Mine
    • Retailers reject costly suppliers' quotations
    • Romping to victory in a one-man race
    • Building castles in the air
    • FinGaz Letters
  30. Batch 2 Posted 14/6/07
    • Zimbabwe 'will collapse in 6 months'
    • Bulls in Zimbabwe brave inflation and political turmoil
    • Parliamentary committee says health delivery has collapsed
    • IMF says no reforms, no rescue package for Zimbabwe
    • Former army boss says does not care if villagers do not vote for him
    • Manhunt for coup plotters
    • Hot Seat - Williams, Mukasa and Hove
    • Farm tools used to buy votes
    • Mugabe sends opposition activists to jail, exile and the grave
    • Kunonga's land grab: former 10-ton-club farm lies idle
    • NCA geared for rolling campaigns
    • Zimbabwe can rebuild - here's proof
    • Cops recruit Green Bombers
    • Diamond geezer poisoned by party fatcats?
    • The Untold Stories: State of the student movement in Zimbabwe
    • New bill targets diamond smugglers
    • CIO beefs up protection of chef's kids in SA
    • HRC a front to shield Mugabe - analysts
    • Zuma worried about Zim media
    • We are all Zimbabweans
    • Letter from America
    • Mbeki mediation in tatters
    • Apologise? We've given that up long back
    • To vote? For what?
    • John Makumbe
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 489
    • JAG Special Appeals Communique dated 13 June 2007
  31. Posted 14/6/07
    • Aid agencies contemplate doomsday scenario in Zimbabwe
    • Cost of living skyrockets 65% in 2 months
    • Zimbabwe opposition chief slates planned parliament shake-up
    • Zimbabwe Government, Opposition Due to Begin Peace Talks Saturday
    • Europe Shifts Strategy But Still Opposes Mugabe Role In EU-AU Summit
    • Zimbabwe Union Threatens More Protests As Living Cost Soars 66%
    • MDC waits on Mbeki mediation to decide on elections
    • Police outlaw MDC rally because of lack of toilets
    • Youth of Zimbabwe arise!
    • Zimbabwe - what's next
    • Zanu PF Knocked on MDC Officials' Doors to Offer Tractors
    • Zimbabwe's gold output may plunge further
    • SA meets pressure groups in Harare
    • SADC Parliament Shy On Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe Keen on SADC Rescue Package
    • Lawyers Prepare Lawsuit Over 2-Month Detention of MDC Activists
    • African ministers struggle to end ivory trade row
    • ZINWA Resolutions
  32. Batch 2 Posted 13/6/07
    • Zimbabwe Inflation Data Delayed Again; Estimate Points To 4,530%
    • Mugabe's Zanu party and opposition to meet
    • Snooping Bill goes through second reading
    • AG sent on forced leave
    • On Clumsy and Futile ZANU(PF) Propaganda
    • Zimbabwean Civic Activists Submit Crisis Views To South Africa's Mbeki
    • Endangered species conference deadlocked on elephants and ivory trade
    • Don't Chase Big Stock Rally In Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe Extends Olive Branch To Opposition, But Sincerity Questioned
    • MDC is losing moral and political authority to oppose
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No.488
    • JAG Classifieds dated 12 June 2007
  33. Posted 13/6/07
    • Zimbabwe likely to adopt law to monitor phones and mail
    • Government Moves Closer to Take Over of Private Companies
    • How Mugabe & Co. prosper
    • Forests felled for firewood
    • Viewpoint: Kaunda on Mugabe
    • 18 MDC Activists Now Clear of Terror Charges
    • ZESA Holdings Fails to Service Us$5 Million Debt...
    • ...DRC denies Zim power supply cut
    • No solution to Zimbabwe's power cuts
    • Mugabe should resign
    • Zimbabweans go to the Net to help loved ones at home
    • Opposition leaders deny benefiting from government farm programme
    • UK tightens visa identity checks for Zimbabwe
    • In Africa, a desperate exodus
    • The South Africa Factor
    • Supplementary Budget
    • Officials Hound Nigerian Community
    • Exiles to take their voting case to the African Union
    • Jury Out on Social Contract
    • An Unsustainable Development
    • Mugabe regime accused of using brainwashing
    • New bearer cheques soon
    • Mbeki speaks out about Zimbabwe rivals
    • Zimbabwe govt buildings an eyesore
  34. Batch 2 Posted 12/6/07
    • Harare repeats threats to kick out white farmers
    • Church leaders in trouble for distributing sweets
    • Zimbabwe workers form 'walking clubs'
    • Faith Against Politics
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Activists Granted Bail - But Remain Behind Bars
    • Striking Physicians In Zimbabwe State Hospitals Head Back To Wards
    • Some Urge Stepping Over Mugabe Stumbling Block To EU-Africa Summit
    • Ruling Party Holds Seat In Zimbabwe By-Election; Intimidation Alleged
    • Gono defends central bank as RBZ hands out implements
    • Zimbabwe civil society calls on Kufuor
  35. Posted 12/6/07
    • Mugabe puts faith in farmers for economic turnaround
    • Zimbabwe lawyers face campaign of vilification: watchdog
    • Mugabe says opposition has role in national issues
    • Police arrest hundreds in protests against economic hardships
    • Rural WOZA members released without charge
    • ZESN calls for reforms after low-turnout in Zaka East by-elections
    • Mugabe faces blacklist over rogue diamonds
    • State Security Agents on the prowl - an abdication of the Social Contract
    • Tsvangirai to address rally in the UK
    • Critics blast new Zim Empowerment Bill
    • Zimbabwe Set to Change Constitution Again
    • A Chance For Change In Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki pushes for Mugabe to attend EU/Africa summit
    • Zimbabwe's bickering MDC could prove biggest obstacle to change
    • ZANU PF wins by-election
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 9th June 2006
    • Diamonds in the Sky
    • Harare Botanic Gardens
    • Children left at home pay the price of migration
    • Looking for clues in the ivory jungle
    • MDC in-fighting will help Mugabe
    • Mugabe trashes Mbeki's mediation plans
    • Byo residents 'supply' power to disconnected neighbours
    • Accept criticism, Zim journalists say
    • Weekly water watch - Bulawayo
  36. Posted 10/6/07
    • Mugabe told: stand again and you will lose
    • Digging a Grave for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe weighs electoral changes that critics say are aimed at tightening Mugabe's grip
    • Woza leaders Mahlangu and Williams Released
    • Zimbabwe in Darkness
    • Public outrage at ZESA power cuts
    • Schools fall apart as education system crumbles
    • Canada ready to help, if there's change, - envoy
    • Zanu PF MP's campaign message gets cold shoulder
    • Petrol bombers: State case crumbles
    • Prosecutors flee low pay at AG's office
    • Newspaper owners urge Mbeki to act on Zimbabwe media repression
    • ZUJ chief elected to IFJ committee
    • Zimbabwe excludes HIV/Aids from Global Fund application
    • Social contract: 'wish list of fibs' By Jennifer Dube
    • G8 agrees on US$60bn package, focus on Africa
    • Level electoral playing field, give up poll gimmicks
    • Racism and the future of humankind
    • Challenges facing African newspapers
    • Re-living those first days in independent Zimbabwe . . .
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Sidelining Zim counterproductive: Merkel
    • New ICC chief pledges support for Zimbabwe
    • Confusion surrounds Mugabe's patronage
    • Mann endures prison, Thatcher plays golf
  37. Batch 2 Posted 9/6/07
    • MDC activists abducted by suspected state agents
    • Chaos mars poll preparations
    • Merkel says EU-African summit to go ahead even with Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Police Continue To Hold US 'Woman Of Courage' Laureate
    • Pretoria Voices Impatience At Slow Pace Of Zimbabwe Crisis Talks
    • Some Zimbabwe Opposition Activists Freed, But A Score Are Still Held
    • Zimbabwe Election Official Defends Conditions For Masvingo By-Election
    • Which way is up
    • From the diaspora
    • Bulawayo nurses on strike demanding Z$3.5million instead of Z$600 000 per month
    • ILO Cites Harare For Failing To Respond To Labor Rights Complaint
    • How Tyranny Came to Zimbabwe
  38. Posted 9/6/07
    • Zimbabwe opposition activists cleared of terror charges
    • Lawyers denied access to Zim detainees
    • Reports of failed coup in Zimbabwe
    • Inflation, stagflation and the crisis of governance!
    • Health Sector Operating in a 'War Zone' Environment
    • Zimbabwe journalists launch new media council
    • Once wealthy, many pensioners rely on charity
    • Power shortages create health hazards in lowveld
    • Mugabe Doco Set for Release
    • Mugabe is not Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe economy 's downward spirral to continue
    • CIO intensifies spying operations on NGOs
    • Zimbabwe's embattled mining sector short of 3 000 professionals
    • Wrapping Paper Shortage Hits Tobacco Industry
    • Coup attempt nipped in bud
    • Carmelites Express Solidarity With Suffering Nation
    • Postponement of Belfast march - message from Zimbabwe Solidarity Campaign
    • Mbare residents cry foul over supplementary housing scheme
    • Share prices outpace even inflation in Zimbabwe
    • Press jailings in Africa worrying, says Mbeki
    • Leave out bad company
    • Arda Must Fulfil Mandate
    • Is the African Union Bound to Fail?
    • Hospital Strike Compounds Healthcare Crisis
    • People of the River, "If Fields Could Be Carried"
  39. Batch 2 Posted 8/6/07
    • Zanu PF stalls Mbeki mediation
    • . . . as MDC submits roadmap for talks
    • Mbeki meets G8 over Zim
    • Government paid New African magazine 60 000 in 2002
    • Government accused of 'usurping' judicial powers
    • Government resorts to disinformation to calm nation
    • Zimbabwe under spotlight at WAN
    • Charamba must not interfere: Ndlovu
    • Govt pushes out NGOs in Binga
    • Shock clauses in Indigenisation Bill
    • RBZ technically insolvent
    • It's deal time again on the ZSE
    • Bank workers plan strike
    • 'Empowerment Bill to increase local ownership of economy'
    • Price increases stoke inflationary pressures
    • 20 million kg tobacco auctioned in six weeks
    • Construction stagnant despite high demand
    • Economy still to bottom out
    • Zimbabwe tops league of pirates
    • Mbeki's Zimbabwe challenge
    • 18th amendment could make or break national crisis
    • Social contract seen as stillbirth
    • Will Mugabe face the same fate as Taylor?
    • Benefits and dangers of negotiations
    • Talks need brains not brawn
    • Joking with the ancestral spirits
    • A shame on us all
    • To isolate or not to isolate Zimbabwe?
    • Supplementary budget must stimulate recovery
  40. Posted 8/6/07
    • Cabinet endorses Zimbabwe constitutional change
    • Mugabe's government says no Zimbabwean will starve
    • Blackouts to continue as power firm fails to secure supplies
    • Detention of Jenni Williams
    • U.S. gives Zimbabwe $18 mln for HIV/AIDS drugs
    • Mugabe Could Lose More Honors
    • Mugabe slams 'bogus' press censure
    • I'm Pessimistic About the Mbeki Talks!
    • $20m Zim spruce-up for 2010
    • "Our Cause Is Africa's Cause" - Baffour Ankomah interviews Robert Mugabe
    • It never rains, but pours for the people of Zimbabwe
    • Lawyers denied access to detained WOZA members
    • Freedom Fighter Exposes Unsung Heroes of Zimbabwe
    • Solving Zim crisis crucial, says Pahad
    • African Union vision hijacked
    • Independent anti-corruption body answer to economic decay
    • People's Poets
    • Court frees MDC activists
    • Farm invasions exposed rhinos to poachers say wildlife groups
    • Zimbabwe Declines To Appear Before International Labor Rights Panel
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Says MDC Unity Talks Still Moving Ahead
    • 'Clean-up' was illegal, say lawyers
    • ICC recommendation leaves Zimbabwe floundering
    • Is time running out for Zimbabwe's strongman, Mugabe?
    • Namibian War Vets Demand Compensation
    • Zimbabwe's Main Opposition Party Boycotts By-Election In Masvingo
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 487
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 7 June 2007
  41. Batch 3 Posted 7/6/07
    • Zimbabwe's terror: How I raped and tortured for Mugabe
    • Lonrho to gamble 100m in Zimbabwe fund
    • Critical Lapses in CITES Compliance Revealed as Southern African Nations Push for Reopening of Ivory Trade
    • Zesa in talks to fund hydroelectric plant
    • Starvation warning for Zimbabweans
    • Banks Hike Lending Rates
    • SA breaks silence on Zim
    • Tug-of-war rages in ZANU PF
    • Building boom slows
    • Diamonds under the soles of their feet
    • Veld fires devour Zim forests
    • POSB saga: sleep-in workers reinstated
    • R-G's office accepts payment for passports in forex
    • ZANU PF snubs key Pretoria meeting
    • Pricing measures premature: Zireva
    • ZCTU torpedoes govt's 'smooth sailing' Contract
    • Charumbira orders headman's kidnap
    • Staff exodus at AG's office dire
    • Harare $1.3 trillion short
    • 'Inflation set to breach 9 000% by year-end'
    • 'Social contract dead in the water'
    • Paying through the nose for a non-existent service
    • Succession debate no longer taboo
    • Democracy not just about voting every 5 years
    • No pain, no gain
    • FinGaz Letters
  42. Batch 2 Posted 7/6/07
    • Zimbabwe police arrest 15 demonstrators
    • Rhino poaching tied to organized crime: study
    • Forests under threat as Zimbabwe struggles to stay warm
    • Merkel to raise Zimbabwe crisis with Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe ruling party scouts for food as people brace for shortages
    • Zim police arrest 2 000 at border
    • Illegal Harare Commission Raises Rates By More Than 4000 Percent
    • Detainees Further Remanded Due to Absence of State Prosecutor
    • MDC Unity Talks Break Down
    • Renowned University Slips Into Decay
    • Too Many Cooks Could Spoil Mediation Process
    • MDC/Zanu PF mediation talks postponed
    • NRZ trains grounded as engineers press for money money
    • SA hotbed of human trafficking
    • Blind and handicapped fleeing Zimbabwe for SA
    • University strips Mugabe of honorary degree
    • Cricket Australia To Act As A 'Saviour' Of Zimbabwe Cricket
    • DA takes govt to task for 'ignoring' Zim debate
    • UK Parliament - House of Lords - 5 June 2007
    • Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition to launch protest music CD
    • Stand up for your rights, lawyers tell Zim judges
  43. Batch 1 Posted 7/6/07
    • Mugabe to banish opposition from rural areas
    • Resettled black farmers abandon land
    • Zimbabwe Court Defers Request To Free Detained Opposition Members
    • Poaching rife on grabbed land
    • Hundreds die, Parirenyatwa 'worried'
    • Govt in exile predicts mutiny
    • Militias flee South in droves
    • SA youths denounce quiet diplomacy
    • Food aid - a moral issue
    • Mugabe admits MDC strength
    • Police cancel MDC rallies
    • Law suit threatens unity efforts
    • Coup plot foiled
    • Zimdollar crashes vs SA rand
    • Jambanja doesn't worry Lonrho
    • Persecution of Hitschmann continues
    • Mugabe's team bungles at Ghana mtg
  44. Posted 6/6/07
    • U.N. food agencies say drought and economic crisis will leave 4 million hungry in Zimbabwe
    • Electricity charges raised during chronic blackouts in Zimbabwe
    • Beijing cools relations with Mugabe
    • The next big asset grab
    • Zimbabwe says to control strategic mining sectors
    • Global press group accuse Zimbabwe of abuses
    • Harare Street Life
    • Mugabe's Turbulent Priests
    • Harare residents are faced with massive increases in rates and charges
    • Chinotimba's security company in court for failing to pay worker
    • Looming Interim Deadline In Zimbabwe Crisis Talks Increases Pressure
    • British Diplomat's Warning To Mugabe Contrasts With Blair Approach
    • Giving up the fight in Zimbabwe
    • Suspected mercenary leader to remain in Zim jail
    • Mugabe a creation of African leaders
    • Zimbabwe Cricketers Discouraged In Quest To Regain Test Status
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No. 486
    • JAG Classifieds dated 5 June 2007
  45. Posted 5/6/07
    • British Minister says Mugabe could face trial for human rights violations
    • Zimbabwe court orders new probe on jail assaults
    • Zimbabwe power station runs out of coal
    • Harare to keep foreigners away from diamond fields
    • Power tariffs, council rates up
    • ZANU PF squabbling could derail Mbeki mediation
    • Police ban opposition rallies
    • Harare sets aside paltry sum to pay out farmers
    • Zimbabwe health service has collapsed, doctors' group says
    • Newspaper congress opens with warning on threats to freedom
    • MDC /ZANU PF mediation talks postponed
    • Heat is on for ZESA to replace antiquated system
    • SADC cannot abandon Zimbabwe: Interview with Tanzanian President
    • Love and defiance in Zimbabwe
    • Hitschmann back in court - this time over ivory
    • Sugar problems to persist in Zimbabwe
    • Technical Fault Triggers Massive Power Disruptions
    • No Power!
    • Chinese Investors Bid to Upgrade Mega Park
    • Over four million Zimbabweans in South Africa demand right to vote
    • Africa fooled us again
    • Mugabe renders Zimbabweans stateless
    • More than 400 Zim illegals deported
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Shifts Some Operations To S. African Branch
    • Mugabe laying trap for MDC in 2008
  46. Posted 4/6/07
    • A tyrant dishonoured
    • Zimbabwe teachers desert schools
    • Church leaders to press ahead with attempts to broker Zim dialogue
    • Zimbabwe banks "banish" the poor from banking halls
    • Zimbabwe says making pay-outs to white ex-farmers
    • Zimbabwe inflation could top 24,000 per cent by December: economist
    • 2010 'drains' Zimbabwe
    • A degree of justice
    • Man without honour
    • Lonrho breaks taboo with Zimbabwe venture
    • Blair's blunder gives next despot free rein
    • HIV/AIDS in Africa: It's All About Sex, Stupid
    • Zimbabwe's total eclipse
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 2nd June 2006
    • No Test return for Zimbabwe
  47. Batch 2 Posted 3/6/07
    • Power and glory
    • Mugabe should now call it a day
    • $200m lawsuit blow to MDC bid for unity
    • Polls and HIV/Aids:should MPs be tested?
    • Patients turned away as nurses strike
    • Teachers demand new pay within 7 days
    • Police assault: lawyer finds only road blocks
    • Red Cross says Zim like 'war situation'
    • Detained top MDC official critically ill
    • MPs say portfolio committees 'rendered irrelevant' by Executive
    • Desperate professionals turn to unorthodox 'job options'
    • WHO calls for massive testing
    • Economists slam indigenisation
    • Computer piracy: Zimbabwe among top 20
    • China goes on the offensive following food safety scare
    • Comment
    • Zim Standard Letters
  48. Posted 3/6/07
    • Zimbabwe targets 25 pct mth/mth inflation by year-end
    • Blair shies away from clash with Zimbabwe
    • Rebuilding a shattered country
    • Chinese Government Complicity in Illegal Ivory Trade is Fuelling Epidemic of African Elephant Poaching
    • China has every right to access African resources: Mbeki
    • MDC congress taking place in SA
    • Bold intervention has reached its limits
    • Speaker and Spectator
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Fifa dampens Zimbabwe stadia plan
    • Hoey against any Zimbabwe matches
    • Forensic audit stays under wraps
    • Extract from The Daily Reckoning
  49. Posted 2/6/07
    • Mugabe says security forces on alert against Western-backed terror
    • Prevailing Health Sector Emergency
    • Junior doctors strike over poor salaries
    • Zimbabwe is out of my reach, says Blair
    • Blair backs 'softly, softly' approach to Zimbabwe
    • A foreign policy puzzle
    • Top MDC Official Fighting for Life in Remand Prison
    • Bulawayo Runs Out of Cash
    • Wheat Farmers Fail to Meet Targeted Hectarage
    • Make Farmers Accountable for Inputs
    • Govt to Control Agriculture Machinery Imports
    • Zim journalist to be honoured for her courageous work
    • Tsunga honoured by US law school
    • SADC: Zim report to be ready by end of June
    • Zimbabwe hit by new fuel crisis as prices soar
    • Book Review: Against the Grain: Memoirs of a Zimbabwean Newsman
    • Rainbow's End: a personal tale from Zimbabwe
    • Students Consider Rival Union After 'Sham' Elections At UZ
    • We know nothing about a Zim split, says Mbeki
    • The Dip Tank Scenario
    • Zimbabwe: Government attempts to paint a brighter picture of itself
    • Ministerial Task Force to Probe Chinhoyi 'Diesel' Find
    • Residents Associations In Zimbabwe Tackle State Control of Water Resources
    • More Health Care Workers At Harare State Hospitals Threaten To Strike
    • Zimbabwe bank workers to strike over pay
    • Africa's Judiciary Said to be Corrupt
    • Massive blows to Zimbabwe's hopes of resuming Test cricket
    • South Africa's opposition leader offers hope for the future
    • It's time to walk away from U.N. cesspool
  50. Batch 2 Posted 1/6/07
    • US$1m blown on Mugabe image
    • Gono, Mujuru on collision course
    • Displaced farmers troop back to Zim
    • 'MMCZ acting in conflict with its principles'
    • ACR
    • claims are valid - AG
    • Zim must reform before polls - Blair
    • Aippa under Africa scrutiny
    • Teachers get 600% salary increment
    • NMB probe widens
    • Midzi, Gono sing different songs
    • CFI hatches a golden egg amid the diamonds
    • Delta blames price hike on maize imports, forex shortages
    • Zambia says benefiting from Zimbabwe crisis
    • Can bank internal control systems be trusted?
    • Zim worries IMF
    • Zimbabwe battles to sustain jumbo boom
    • Mbeki mediation faces collapse
    • As services collapse,corruption flourishes
    • Comment
    • The real cost of bad governance
    • You can't indigenise a failing economy
    • Sour grapes
    • Government should review taxation policies
    • Zim Independent Letters
  51. Posted 1/6/07
    • Zimdollar: the zeros are coming back
    • Mugabe begins compensating white farmers
    • 5 000 Zim police officers want to quit over salaries
    • MDC activists bail application pushed to next week
    • Harare says Blair is crazy
    • Side-stepping hysteria
    • Zimbabwean-born businessman sues Blair
    • State Delays Bail Hearing For Zimbabwe Opposition Members
    • Harare State Hospitals At Crippling Point As Junior, Senior Residents Strike
    • Britain's Blair Says World Waiting, Wanting, Zimbabwe Reform
    • Food aid welcome, if crisis blamed on drought
    • Tsvangirai and Mutambara in SA for talks with Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe Dollar slides to record low on parallel market
    • Pro-government militias launch intimidation campaign against Catholics
    • Pull down the prince
    • Zimbabwe dehorns rhino to deter poachers - paper
    • Regional Churches Meeting In Harare Hope To Influence Change
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 31 May 2007

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