The ZIMBABWE Situation

July 2007 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/7/07
    • Zimbabwe government backtracks on new import regulations
    • More shop managers arrested in Zim
    • Mbeki's Zimbabwe peace effort is alive and kicking
    • There is still a way out for Zimbabwe - ICG report
    • The four hard choices for Zimbabwe
    • WOZA hold peaceful demonstrations in Bulawayo
    • Four arrested as police ban ZCTU AIDS workshop Kadoma
    • ZINASU says 3 students murdered along Airport road Harare
    • Abducted students freed without charge
    • Press Statement: Beatings of Zimbabwean Pro-Democracy Activists
    • Mbeki's Zimbabwe mediation efforts under threat
    • Zanu-PF Wants to Make Mugabe President for Life
    • Zimbabwe ups beef price
    • Mugabe boosted by rivals' poll split
    • Shhhh! Listen out for the first real rumblings of Mbeki's 'quiet diplomacy'
    • Parliament to Shape Next Year's Election Battleground
    • MDC unity talks collapse
    • What can save SA's northern neighbour?
    • 'Stop the Deportations to Zimbabwe'
    • Zim refugees flood inner cities
    • Contrarian heaven
    • Police Target Vendors
    • Delays in Transfer of US$4m From Iran Stall Tractor-Making Venture
    • Suburb Goes for 11 Years Without Power
    • In Zimbabwe, signs of a country interrupted
  2. Posted 30/7/07
    • Mugabe ropes in soldiers for voter registration
    • Tsvangirai to launch presidential campaign in September
    • Harare mulls new $500 000 bearer note
    • Sugar shortage looms as workers quit their jobs
    • South Africa's president says Zimbabwe elections must be 'free and fair'
    • Zimbabwe army to help Mugabe win election
    • Zimbabwe farmers wait out Robert Mugabe
    • Robert Mugabe is our 'common enemy'
    • No mealie meal in Bulawayo as nation starves
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary
    • Tsvangirai should be next year's coalition candidate - MDC-Mutambara
    • Rigged Zimbabwe polls would be fatal for country: opposition
    • Activists to continue fighting deportations to Zimbabwe
    • S.African church shelters desperate Zimbabweans
  3. Batch 2 Posted 29/7/07
    • UK targets Mugabe, Gono in fresh moves
    • Noczim fuel: Mugabe must prepare for more headaches
    • We will go it alone: Mutambara
    • Tekere denies CIO links
    • Shoppers held hostage in supermarket broken eggs row
    • US, Canada slam Mugabe
    • Zvobgo Jnr eyes Masvingo seat
    • Price blitz leaves scores facing starvation
    • Triumph against adversity
    • Schoolchildren forced to pay for youth games
    • 20 Zim students to study in US
    • Setback for Gwayi-Shangani dam
    • Zimbabwe could lose US$18,4m
    • New book offers solution to Africa brain-drain
    • Zim skills provide global opportunities
    • Opposition fears behind govt panic measures over fuel imports
    • Mugabe or Gaddafi? Take your pick
    • Book reveals Ernest Tekere's spooky history
    • Price blitz exposes Obert Mpofu's incompetence
    • Zim Standard Letters
  4. Posted 29/7/07
    • Mugabe says will print more money if there isn't enough
    • We cannot rely on S.African leader alone: Zimbabwe opposition
    • Zimbabwe's ex-finance minister's acquitted for smuggling money
    • The battered dream
    • Zimbabwe's paper money here to stay: Report
    • Mugabe has lots of food at local shop
    • Zim denies food ban
    • Clear as mud
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Mugabe has left Zimbabwe in ruins
    • Operation Mobilisation Appeals for Prayers amid Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Universities Face Closure, Increase Fees
    • 'Human Scanias' Here to Stay
    • VP Mujuru Raps Ministry Over Dialysis Machines
  5. Posted 28/7/07
    • Inner circle fears ousting Mugabe, says ex-aide
    • Critical Aid Distribution Blocked By Govt Blitz On Business
    • Labour officials arrested in Zim
    • Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Runs Out of Staple Food
    • No policy change on food imports, says Zim
    • Hungry Zimbabweans urged to eat dogs
    • Zimbabwe poaching seen rising on meat shortages
    • Mugabe's Marvelous Foe
    • Zim union accuses cops of attempted murder
    • NCA Harare & Gweru offices sealed off by heavily armed police
    • Demo at Wits University over Zanu (PF) kids
    • UK based Zimbabwean pressure groups pledge united front
    • Zim accounting standards on free fall-Chartered accountants President
    • AG's office to drop 32 MDC cases citing lack of evidence
    • Mass exodus of magistrates, prosecutors in Bulawayo
    • Sean McCormack attacks Mugabe
    • From breadbasket to basket case
    • Ten Dialysis Machines Break Down
    • Diplomats Consider CHRA Request
    • Labour urges Harare to ditch price controls
    • State withdraws charges against lawyers
    • Zimbabwe Capital Residents Report Double Billing For Water Services
    • Zimbabwe Court Bail Ruling Undercuts State Case Against Opposition
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No.496
  6. Batch 3 Posted 27/7/07
    • Babies abandoned as police beat mothers
    • 'Mugabe is stifling criticism ahead of polls'
    • Police Shut Down Zimbabwe Civic Group Following Demonstrations
    • 243 Arrests 170 Hospitalised After Police Crackdown On NCA Demo
    • Zimbabwe police still detaining 33 protesters
    • Harare says won't lose sleep over US sanctions plan
    • Judgment in Mann's extradition appeal indefinitely reserved
    • Mugabe cannot retire, even if he wants to
    • Harare Reverses Ban on Private Abattoirs As Beef Sector Collapses
    • Picking his own heir
    • Blind survival on the streets of Johannesburg
    • Do lies really outsell the truth?
  7. Batch 2 Posted 27/7/07
    • Zanu PF did not endorse Mugabe
    • MDC factions mudsling
    • Mugabe rejects business' request on prices
    • NCA activists beaten while in police cells
    • Mugabe faces torrid time at congress
    • June inflation 13 000%: CCZ
    • Ruling party Women's League wants Mugabe for life
    • Coalition set up to back Ncube
    • Health trust formed
    • Judge interdicts ZBC reporter in farm row
    • Price blitz 'law' tested
    • . . . as OK case faces collapse
    • 'Policy flip-flops threaten mining sector's future'
    • It's not sanctions
    • Govt pricing model a headache for business
    • Police mustn't play to political gallery
    • Comment
    • When fuel oracle fooled the gullible
    • The truth will come out
    • Thin line between reality and magic
    • National vision: a personal credo
    • Zim Independent Letters
  8. Posted 27/7/07
    • Zimbabwe's media reports nearly 5,000 arrested under price clampdown
    • Judge rules terror campaign evidence faked by police in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Hunger bites the health and education sectors
    • Foreign shopper flood may stoke inflation
    • Briton fights extradition in E.Guinea coup case
    • Independent Zimbabwean news editor battles for life after shooting
    • Police Seal Off NCA Offices
    • 8 MDC Youth Members Arrested In Gweru .....
    • ..... MDC youth secretary arrested for taking photos of voter registration
    • June Inflation
    • Business Takeovers May Not Be So Easy
    • Gono Defuses UN Pull-Out Threat
    • The Zimbabwe We Do Not Want!
    • Prices - Cabinet Taskforce Meets Manufacturers
    • "Constitutional Amendment Number 18: Impact on the Proposed 2008 Elections"
    • Nobody believes the lies any more
    • The Drug That's Got Everyone Talking
    • Queues Take the Fast Out of Fast Food
    • Interview : Ozias Tungwarara on SADC talks, constitution and elections
  9. Batch 3 Posted 26/7/07
    • Let us ask the pivotal questions about ourselves and Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe - A Tug of War
    • Bishop blames successor for barring him
    • New turn in price war
    • Hands off banks, Gono warns taskforce
    • Police bid to nail MDC terrorism suspects fails
    • Fresh problems dog tobacco deliveries
    • Senate president ordered to vacate farm
    • Coup plot: court demands proof of torture
    • Massive food deficit in Zim, UN warns
    • Mutambara woos SADC
    • Dell replacement announced
    • President adds twist to reserve force mystery
    • Warning against repressive bills
    • Health sector gets diaspora boost
    • Govt announces new GMB board
    • The bell tolls
    • Fake ARVs flood Zim
    • State media should not turn masses into 'peeping Toms'
    • News in brief
    • Where are the good men?
    • FinGaz Letters
    • Mugabe goes ape over bull
    • 31 die from diarrhoea in western Zimbabwe: Report
  10. Batch 2 Posted 26/7/07
    • Mugabe withdraws allowances for chiefs backing MDC
    • Mugabe meets business leaders
    • Zimbabweans face daily struggle to find fuel
    • Zimbabwe's shopping nightmare
    • U.S. looks at more sanctions against Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's Crisis of Criticism
    • Despicable journalism from the Herald
    • ZCTF Report, July 2007
    • Zimbabwe's shopping nightmare
    • U.S. looks at more sanctions against Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's Crisis of Criticism
    • Despicable journalism from the Herald
    • ZCTF Report, July 2007
    • Interview: Tony Hawkins
    • Scores of NCA Activists Arrested And Beaten During Countrywide Demonstrations
    • Lawyers Seek to Have Country Declared Unsafe for Deportees
    • On the boundary of madness
    • Gukurahundi revisited
    • Mugabe responsible for wrecking talks
    • War over land - Sikhala
    • CHRA wants EU to ban Harare Commissioners
    • Gauteng's Diepsloot - 'part of crippled Zimbabwe'
    • Ncube pictures "concocted": lawyer
    • Govt fund to 'save' business
    • Tekere backs Makoni
  11. Posted 26/7/07
    • Zimbabwe hikes gold price 10-fold to stop smuggling
    • Zimbabwe buys 200,000 tonnes of maize from Tanzania
    • E-mails from Zimbabwe
    • Amnest International Press Release
    • Mugabe wants power to name own successor
    • Total chaos as government does U-turn on some prices
    • US appoints new ambassador to Zimbabwe
    • Drought, disease, poverty hitting southern Africa
    • Mugabe provides yet another reason to pull out of Zim
    • After Months In Lockup, Zimbabwe Opposition Activists Are Granted Bail
    • Zimbabwe: the abuse of police powers
    • Hundreds pray for scandal-hit Ncube
    • Zimbabwe Election Watch
    • Mann to appeal extradition
    • A defiant Mugabe ignores opposition pleas over Bill
    • Magazine editor released after two days in detention
    • My Friend Midge
    • Beit Bridge crossings disputed
    • JAG Classifieds dated 24 July 2007
  12. Posted 25/7/07
    • Mugabe's new rant against the West as he prepares to nationalise foreign firms
    • Mugabe's bills pave way for takeovers
    • Mugabe: Zimbabwe Price Controls to Stay
    • Price Controls Devastating Rural Economy
    • Zim delays monetary policy announcement
    • Cost of living in Zimbabwe up by 49 percent: Consumer council
    • Indigenisation noose tightens around white-owned business
    • New law to offer Mugabe quick exit
    • Zimbabwe worried about shortages of goods
    • Archbishop Pius Ncube : a message of solidarity
    • Zimbabwean opposition lawmakers suspend boycott of Mugabe
    • Don't hoard goods, Zimbabwe's finance minister pleads
    • Cat & mouse kind of business by wholesalers/retailers
    • USAID Announces Additional Emergency Food Aid for Zimbabwe
    • Is SA ready for the Zim human tsunami?
    • 8 shop owners remanded in custody as price control chaos continues
    • 341 Families Get Ultimatum to Vacate Catholic-Owned Farm
    • The case for invading Zimbabwe
  13. Batch 2 Posted 24/7/07
    • Mugabe's economics of despair
    • Harare to evict 1 000 villagers from ranch
    • Tsvangirai orders MPs to attend Mugabe address
    • SA opposition says Zim refugees flooding into country
    • Taibu to mark Zimbabwe return
    • Dissent In Zimbabwe Ruling Party As Harare Stands Aloof On Food Aid
    • 'This whole city will be a graveyard'
    • Africans Fear 'Ruin' in Europe Trade Talks
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Says Ruling Party "Out Of Ideas" On Economy
    • Speculators Fuel Bull Run on ZSE
    • Dating the pimp for political survival
  14. Posted 24/7/07
    • Zimbabwe debates nationalisation, Mugabe future
    • Urgency needed to avert a humanitarian crisis
    • Deadlock over constitution mars progress of Mbeki talks on Zimbabwe
    • Government backs down from blocking fuel, food imports
    • ZCTU tables national stay away for August 2007
    • Bishops hope adultery charges don't shift focus from Zimbabwean crisis
    • MDC MPs won't boycott Mugabe's parliamentary address - Tsvangirai
    • Multi-denominational prayer service in support of Archbishop Pius Ncube (25 July 2007)
    • Zim woman breaks leg in food-queue chaos
    • Hope, Concern Greet China's Growing Prominence in Africa
    • Did he leave or was he pushed? Rautenbach opinion differences
    • Zim metallurgists driving trash trucks abroad
    • Development experts set out 100 day agenda for post-Mugabe Zimbabwe
    • The Elders' Protocols
  15. Batch 2 Posted 23/7/07
    • Harare to revive two dormant companies
    • Mugabe's Men
    • P W Botha stopped Mugabe assassination
    • Harare admits worried by empty shelves
    • Zimbabwe exiles body rejects refugee camps
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 21st July 2007
    • Perhaps all Zimbabwe should pray for Mugabe
    • Expel Zanu PF chefs' children, youths urge South Africa
    • Zimbabwe food rush gives Musina Super Spar a 75% boost
    • UN, AU, don't allow Zimbabwe to slide further
  16. Posted 23/7/07
    • Mugabe offers to step down after election win
    • Zimbabwe downward spiral "intolerable, unsustainable": Annan
    • Barbed wire, bread greet desperate Zimbabwe migrants
    • Police seek tribal healer, arrest followers, over gasoline deposits hoax in Zimbabwe
    • Honey trappers double-crossed
    • Investors move into Zimbabwe
    • Musina retailers coin it as bulk shoppers flood in from Zimbabwe
    • They risk electrocution to escape Zimbabwe
    • Fight over mineral wealth shifts from battlefields to boardrooms
    • Boom for cross-border freighters
    • Zim business buzzing in F/town
    • Zim talks on knife edge over constitution
    • Zimbabwe fights 4,500% inflation
    • Chihuri's term extended
  17. Batch 2 Posted 22/7/07
    • Zimbabwe paves way for nationalising private firms
    • Mugabe outlaws food imports
    • James Kirchick: Mandela posse should take on Mugabe
    • Grace spends while people starve
    • The lure of plentiful South Africa
    • MP in plea for more effort to oust Mugabe
    • 311 days of leave a year!
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Zim: nothing + nothing = nothing
    • World Bank snubs Zimbabwe as Moza, Malawi benefit
    • Edmonds group in spin after miner is run out
  18. Batch 1 Posted 22/7/07
    • Amid chaos, Mpofu backs off on fuel
    • Food crisis: a disaster waiting to happen
    • 'Ncube's rights violated'
    • Government begs for UK support
    • Gunda died "mysterious" death: widow
    • When 'the village' comes to the city
    • Zanu PF forcing teachers off schools
    • New CD4 machine cheaper alternative
    • How hay basket helps with HIV diet during power cuts
    • Mtetwa to sue over police assault
    • Cement shortage looms after price blitz
    • EU, China bid for Africa markets
    • Rand, Zimdollar: Politics first - SA
    • Bulawayo suffers twin shortages of water and maize while govt fiddles
    • Revenge of Marxist-Leninists
    • Darkening clouds gather over the Zimbabwe sky
    • We need an electoral system capable of healing political wounds
    • Zim Standard Letters
  19. Batch 2 Posted 21/7/07
    • Who will save zimbabweans?
    • Wounding cuts
    • UK warns Mugabe not to use talks to buy time
    • Minister accuses US, UK of instigating price hikes
    • Britain says Zim central bank chief not welcome
    • Makumbe calls on Zimbabwean democratic forces to refocus fight against regime
    • More NCA Officials Arrested in Manicaland
    • Canada Pledges 6,600 Tonnes Of Maize To Stave Off Zimbabwe Hunger
    • Proof that money can't buy you happiness
    • Tekere backs Manicaland fellow on presidency
    • More than 150 Zimbabweans in demonstration
  20. Posted 21/7/07
    • Panic as Zim fuel crisis hits motorists
    • Zimbabwe central bank boss warns govt over fuel
    • Industry pressure leads to price increases in Zim
    • Send Not To See For Whom The Bell Tolls, It Tolls For Thee!
    • No power, no phones, no transport and no water
    • The Zimbabwean crisis
    • Zimbabwe - The worlds biggest closing down sale
    • Masvingo University defies court order for students to rewrite exams
    • Zimbabwean refugees suffer
    • China now Zim's top partner: Mugabe
    • Plea for Help for Zimbabwe Pets
    • Fifa concerned about 'Mugabe factor'
    • SA to wait before acting on Rautenbach
    • Amazing piece from government mouthpiece
  21. Batch 3 Posted 20/7/07
    • Life is slipping out of control
    • Mbeki-led talks hang by the thread
    • Police officers demoted for setting free MDC activists
    • DRC expels Mugabe ally
    • Prepare for your own funeral
    • Mugabe thrives amid economic ruin
    • Voters Encouraged to Register Despite Rigging Mechanisms
    • Zimbabwe serves eviction notices on last few white farmers
    • Mugabe rules by diversion
    • Zimbabwe's National Constitutional Assembly Alleges State Harassment
    • Despite Legal Threat, Zimbabwe TV Broadcasts More Images Of Prelate
    • World Food Program Raises Estimates Of Zimbabwe Food Aid Need
    • Business gave a hostage to fortune
    • Mugabe regime's madness indefensible
    • Zimbabwe Swim Champ Coventry Claims Seven Gold Medals In Algiers
  22. Batch 2 Posted 20/7/07
    • Mbeki, Mugabe on collision course
    • Panic over fuel coupon ban
    • Msika slams land reform
    • Mugabe blames Chombo, Shamuyarira for farm evictions
    • Byo decommissions Lower Ncema dam
    • Last white farmer in Mat North evicted
    • Zim far from meeting MDGs
    • Zanu PF camp purges Mujuru supporters
    • Ncube case a state security job - analysts
    • Panic grips public as shelves go empty
    • Mobile networks lose forex
    • Domestic debt up 200%
    • Missing out on the Chinese boom
    • Tobacco set to fall below anticipated output
    • Change policies for economic recovery: Delta
    • Uncertainity grips property market
    • End of the road for Gono?
    • Woe to Scribes and Pharisees!
    • Mugabe takes over as opposition leader
    • Doing things the wrong way round
    • Are we now a Gestapo state?
    • Big Brother now more devious
    • Where are you Mahoso?
    • Economic destruction gains momentum
    • Zim Independent Letters
  23. Posted 20/7/07
    • Zimbabwe scraps fuel scheme as crisis deepens
    • Fuel coupons banned as war on business community intensifies
    • Solidarity Peace Trust Statement on Archbishop Pius Ncube
    • Land reform was chaotic, Zimbabwe's vice president admits
    • Zim union chief in hot water
    • Zimbabwe's wildlife bloodbath
    • British MPs call for stronger action on Zimbabwe
    • UK announces programme to support 2 million poor people in Zimbabwe
    • Two seriously injured during food stampede in Bulawayo
    • It's horrible, says Zimbabwean, as country hit by four days of blackouts
    • SA opposition to investigate Zim refugee crisis at Beitbridge
    • Retailers Suspend Credit Sales
    • Real Story Behind the Numbers
    • Running Errands of Mercy in the Age of AIDS
    • Moupo chides Mugabe
    • UK Parliament House of Lords on Zimbabwe
  24. Batch 3 Posted 19/7/07
    • FEWS Zimbabwe Food Security Update
    • Cabinet shakeup looms
    • Millers locked in wage stalemate
    • This job can go hang
    • Government hits rock in dig for miracle diesel
    • Bulawayo: Frosty relations show no signs of thawing
    • Looters' paradise as genuine shoppers fail to access goods
    • Masvingo blitz team grabs relief food
    • Seed Co Botswana subsidiary fails to meet loan obligations
    • Industry resorts to night shift
    • Metallon dispels takeover rumour
    • Coup plot trial: magistrate to quiz doctor
    • S Africa insists Zimbabwe mediation bid on course
    • 'Vision' staff flee Mash Central
    • Bishops meet, no formal say on Pius
    • Chikafu complains to A-G about Chinamasa
    • Price blitz already causing 'unintended consequences'
    • Shop till the economy drops
    • Arresting business people malicious violation of law
    • Punish the looters
    • FinGaz Letters
  25. Batch 2 Posted 19/7/07
    • Lisbon says Mugabe will attend EU-Africa summit
    • University authorities ignore court order
    • Vice-president, governor's land spat rages on
    • Court Still to Make Decision On Bail Application By MDC Detainees
    • Zimbabweans flee to City of Gold
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Continues to Falter
    • Chibhebhe calls for action
    • 40,000 war vets die - secret report
    • Nepotism at the top
    • Makoni is hot favourite
    • Just imagine!
    • No to Rand for Zim
    • Mugabe has lost it
    • Students struggle
    • ZSE forex problems
    • A serious threat - ZEF
    • Busa concerned
    • Mahoso, Ndlovu plan to block The Zimbabwean
  26. Posted 19/7/07
    • Mugabe accuses Britain of encouraging coup
    • Presidency tight-lipped on Zimbabwe meeting
    • Foes wrecking economy to incite coup: Mugabe
    • Double standards as elite gain from price controls
    • More cops arrested for cashing in on blitz
    • Zim city warns of health risk as it cuts water
    • Zim 'at war with businesses'
    • Operation Murambatsvina Victims At the Back of the Queue for Housing
    • Mugabe excommunicated himself, says Father Wermter
    • 'Human tsunami' hits South Africa as thousands of Zimbabweans flee
    • SA deports 6 000 illegal immigrants weekly
    • Number of orphans spikes as Zimbabwe crises deepen
    • African legal judgments go online
    • Aristotle on Mugabe
    • End of Road for Reserve Bank Governor?
    • The pros and cons of a negotiated settlement to the Zimbabwe crisis
    • Amendment ploy to scuttle SADC initiative on Zim crisis
    • NCA provincial chairperson arrested for insulting Mugabe
    • Power Outages Affect Water Production
    • Spat over Zim refugees continues
    • Cosatu has humanitarian plan for Zimbabwe
    • Businesses Reeling From Price-Slashing Order
    • Commuter Misery as Harare Bus Operators Strike
    • Zimbabwe and the Commonwealth - the future
    • Mandela turns 89 and launches 'a robust force for good'
    • Congo's Augean stables stirred again with Rautenbach ban
  27. Batch 2 Posted 18/7/07
    • A land laid waste by disastrous stewardship
    • Zimbabwe Archbishop Disputes Allegations Of Adulterous Relationship
    • Comment on "How sanctions are ruining Zimbabwe"
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Plans Economic Revival
    • UN agency appeals for urgent aid for children in Zim
    • Three die after eating poisonous roots as hunger grips Zimbabwe
    • Civic group says Zim exiles should be allowed to vote
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 14th July 2007
    • Only heaps of shoe polish and light bulbs remain in shops
    • Zimbabwe set to crank up pricing crackdown
    • Zimbabwe's woes worry the White House
    • Even Mugabe cannot sink profit at 'smoking thunder'
    • Zimbabwean woman gives birth in queue
  28. Posted 18/7/07
    • 'Sex sting photos' of anti-Mugabe Archbishop published in state media
    • White House Says Zimbabwe Government Further Eroding Liberty
    • US to increase food aid to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe to step up price blitz, slammed by US
    • Double standards exposed
    • SA farmers on guard as Zimbabweans skip border
    • 'Prepare for Zim economic collapse'
    • Daughters fetch high prices as brides
    • Pius Ncube - Mugabe's distraction of the year
    • University defies High Court order reversing evictions
    • Journo paints a grim picture of Zim
    • Refugee pays homage to those who stayed
    • Maternal Deaths, The Neglected Tragedy
    • Zimbabweans flock to Musina to buy groceries
    • Starvation looms in Matabeleland South
    • Zimbabwe talks 'to resume soon'
    • Forthcoming law outlaws food importation, people are angry with Mugabe
    • Plan for mass Zimbabwean deportations from SA and Botswana
    • How sanctions are ruining Zimbabwe
    • Kirsty Coventry strikes 4th gold medal at All Africa games
  29. Batch 2 Posted 17/7/07
    • Think-tank says US$10 billion needed to fix Zimbabwe
    • City to get water supplies once in three days
    • Mugabe urged to abandon populist policies to save Zimbabwe
    • I am a lousy bargain shopper
    • A United States of Africa is a useless dream
    • British PM urges Mugabe to change course
    • Soldiers Attacking Street Vendors in Harare
    • Mr Njini lived to 45. He was an old man
    • Shoppers Feel Backlash of Forced Price Reductions
    • Zimbabwe University Authorities Defy Court Order To Reinstate Students
    • Harare Hopes To Mend Relations Following Exit Of Blunt US Envoy Dell
    • Gula-Ndebele back in office
  30. Posted 17/7/07
    • Mugabe 'would upset a saint': Tutu
    • Blaze of state publicity for adultery claim against Roman Catholic archbishop, Mugabe critic
    • Zimbabwe's Children Enter New Phase of Hardship
    • Zimbabwe Price Controls Wreak Havoc on Economy
    • Solution to Zim crisis needed 'yesterday'
    • Unions prepare for fall of Zim economy
    • Zimbabwe consumer rights official arrested
    • Govt Moots Connecting Boreholes to Water System
    • Mboweni:Zimbabwe far from joining rand union-report
    • South African-Brokered Zimbabwe Crisis Negotiations Seen Foundering
    • Grim Days for Zim as Bob's Price War Bites
    • Black market makes the world go round in Zimbabwe
    • South Africa urged to set up camp for refugees Zimbabwe
    • Africans Need Freedom Before Unity
    • White farmers begin returning home
    • Mugabe fingers 'profiteers' for economic woes
    • 'Old man Bob must go'
    • Miners Escape Worst of Zimbabwe Blitz
    • "It Is Unlawful to Speak the Truth"
    • Photojournalist Briefly Detained, His Camera Briefly Seized, for Taking Pictures of Police Action
    • Mugabe's economic theft
    • South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu had hoped for progress on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe negotiators told to use draft charter constitution drawn up in 2004
    • HIV/AIDS: Silver lining to Zimbabwe's economic cloud
    • Withdrawal of British honorary degree to Mugabe confirmed
  31. Batch 2 Posted 16/7/07
    • Mugabe's price cuts bring cheap TVs today, new crisis tomorrow
    • Anger at Mugabe's invite to EU Africa summit
    • Hague's letter on Mugabe
    • Murambatsvina cement diverted to Mugabe mansion
    • Zimbabwe price blitz a vote-rigging tactic: opposition
    • Zimbabwe Opposition: Mugabe's Price Cuts Mask Deeper Economic Problems
    • Mugabe stepping up abuses, say rights group
    • Mugabe will have to pay Soviet-era subsides to industry
    • Letter from David McAllister
    • Zimbabweans can't be that stupid, can they?
    • Going down the Zimbabwe way
    • When dictators drive disasters
  32. Posted 16/7/07
    • Zimbabwe to freeze prices indefinitely - report
    • Outgoing U.S. ambassador leaves with parting shot to Zimbabweans to "keep the faith"
    • Mugabe boots Mbeki from talks...
    • ...Pretoria denies Mugabe boycott of efforts at ending Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai warns Mugabe against vote rigging
    • Kirsty Coventry wins two swimming golds for Zimbabwe at All Africa Games
    • Zimbabwe the loser in global gold rush
    • Zimbabwean price blitz disgusting, rights group says
    • Seven more arrested for looting shops in Zimbabwe
    • Zim pensioners paying a heavy price
    • Workers now walk for work as transporters pull out
    • SA benefiting from Zim's skill drain: Tsedu
    • No quick fix for Zim
    • Still alive in Zim!!!!
    • Atrophic Africa, in particular Zimbabwe
    • Soon very 'few people left in Zimbabwe'
    • Want to rent my room? It will cost you a litre of oil!
    • Zimbabwe connected to Heinz
    • SA farmer sues Mbeki over Zim
    • AU chasing a mirage...
    • Taibu named in Zimbabwe Select side
  33. Batch 2 Posted 15/7/07
    • Brown: I'll stay away from summit if Mugabe goes
    • A country in crisis
    • Visible Echo
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • US to expel Zanu PF chefs' children
    • Price blitz: Alarm bells toll for investors
    • Zanu PF old guard want Makoni out
    • Prices blitz: millers warn of closures
    • . . .As business plans audit
    • European Commission donates to children
    • 150 seek asylum in Botswana
    • Magistrates duck Chikafu trial
    • Drugs price shock for the sick
    • Blueprint for dairy industry revival planned
    • NSSA shelves health scheme
    • Comment
    • Killing the corrupt may be extreme, but it works
    • 'Mugabe's victory will be achieved through terror'
    • ZEC must protect people's rights to enrol and vote
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Revenge of the culled elephants
  34. Posted 15/7/07
    • Harare suspends release of inflation data
    • Britain says will block Mugabe invitation to EU-Africa summit
    • Police arrest top executive of US-controlled firm
    • Zimbabwe police impound taxi cabs
    • Shops stripped bare as Mugabe's price curbs lead to panic buying
    • Zimbabwe bank chief appeals for dialogue over price blitz
    • Who Will Save the Citizens?
    • Who gives a damn about Zimbabwe?
    • Photojournalist arrested
    • US envoy leaves Zimbabwe a disappointed man, radio reports
    • Zimbabweans keep money in forex
    • SA companies pull out of Zimbabwe
    • 17 MDC Activists Still in Prison Without Trial, 4 Months On
    • Cement Disappears From Formal Market
    • CSC Starts Supplying Meat to Butcheries
    • Refugee judge makes life in NZ
    • JAG PR Communique dated 13 July 2007
  35. Posted 14/7/07
    • Mugabe urged to sack bank governor
    • Zimbabwe President Ignores Central Bank Governor's Advice
    • Zim continues blitz despite warnings
    • Zimbabwe government eyes black-out of 'embarassingly high' inflation figures
    • Game, set and match: beyond the endgame in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe government bans import of groceries: Report
    • Groceries replace passengers on buses to Zimbabwe
    • High court declares eviction of UZ students illegal
    • Police looted students property during riot
    • Zimbabwe's economic crisis threatens education, says UN
    • Silent signs of change
    • Panic buying in Zimbabwe as edicts hit businesses
    • Rioting explodes as Zimbabwe economy crumbles
    • Mbeki won't let us down - Zim
    • Introducing Zimbabwe Election Watch
    • Four policemen arrested for looting shops in Zimbabwe: police
    • Drastic destruction
    • South Africa's support for Mugabe
    • If you love liberty, thank Robert Mugabe
    • S.A. business and labour groups criticise price freezes in Zimbabwe
    • In Zimbabwe, Fewer Affairs And Less HIV
    • BBC2 sheds light on Zimbabwe pensions
    • A letter of despair from Zimbabwe
    • RBZ Engages Firms to Produce 700 000 Farming Implements
    • Farmer Justifies Decision to Destroy Wheat
    • Fire Guts Three Zesa Substations in Highfield
    • Police Impound 51 More Kombis, Arrest Drivers
    • 2007 Victoria Falls Marathon
  36. Batch 3 Posted 13/7/07
    • Inside the Gono dossier
    • Businesses Lose Billions to Task Force Looting
    • Divisions In Zimbabwe Cabinet As Police Extend Price-Cut Campaign
    • 'Human Tsunami' Hits Country As Thousands of Zimbabweans Flee
    • 2 000 arrested in Zimbabwe price crackdown
    • Zimbabweans in mad rush to buy cheap goods
    • World Bank says Zimbabwe worse than Sudan on rule of law
    • Threats force private newspapers to slash cover price
    • The doomed options of a dying dictatorship
    • Cricketer's arson trial postponed indefinitely
    • U.S. urges caution in travel to Zimbabwe
    • More University Of Zimbabwe Students Turned Out Of Residences
    • Cato Scholar's Plan to Save Zimbabwe's Currency Considered by SADC Leaders
    • ZANU-PF legislators affirm Mugabe's candidature
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 12 July 2007
  37. Batch 2 Posted 13/7/07
    • Price blitz like Iraq war: Gono
    • . . . as Zanu PF wants him out
    • Major hurdle for Gono's cattle plan
    • Govt to ban unlicensed imports of foodstuffs
    • Businesses count losses
    • '18th Amendment will guarantee Zanu PF power of patronage'
    • MDC hints at poll boycott
    • Dell says won't bid Mugabe farewell
    • 40 computers stolen from parliament
    • Tax scam unearthed
    • Another economic blueprint lined up
    • NEDPP: another rescue plan thrown into dustbin
    • Inflation erodes pensions
    • US$108m tobacco goes under hammer
    • Price controls wound stock market
    • Prices up 9 200% since January
    • 'Zim faces corporate leadership crisis'
    • Odious debts should not be honoured
    • Govt does not learn from past mistakes
    • Transformation of ZBC critical to free and fair elections
    • State vultures circle over fresh carrion
    • History repeating itself?
    • Mugabe's mortuary of dead assets
    • Greed a way of life in Zanu PF
    • Business gave a hostage to fortune
    • Zim Independent Letters
  38. Posted 13/7/07
    • How to stay alive when it all runs out
    • Zimbabwe price crackdown moves to Mugabe heartland
    • Buses impounded, top boss held in Zimbabwe price blitz
    • Arrests of Zimbabwean Businessmen Continue
    • Evidence of electoral rigging already emerging in Zimbabwe
    • Harare Steps Up Police Patrols
    • For our collusion with Mugabe black SA should feel ashamed
    • SA govt steps in as Zim crisis escalates
    • Open Letter to the Next US President
    • Dlamini-Zuma 'clarifies' Zim remarks
    • Zimbabwe threatens opponents of equity bill
    • Brother aganist Brother, Locking Kids out of School, Physical and Psychological Abuse
    • Crackdown On Prices to Target Banks?
    • Power Cuts Threaten Wheat Crop
    • Zimbabwe "not collapsing" - Ambassador
    • Lobola Becomes Big Business
    • Fuel Shortages Resurface
    • Mugabe milked me dry
    • Mugabe will be hoist by his own petard
    • Rise in border jumpers
    • Zimbabweans cross the border to shop in Musina
    • Mugabe must follow Taylor
    • MDC vs Free-Zim UK on apathy in the diaspora
    • Chief Justice libido
  39. Batch 3 Posted 12/7/07
    • A country at the end of its tether
    • DFAT warns against trips to Zimbabwe
    • Interview Part 2: Tony Hawkins
    • SADC talks in peril
    • MDC unity pact all but collapses
    • Shortages worsen as blitz intensifies
    • 'Enlightened self-interest'
    • The emperor's new clones
    • Govt mum on food report
    • No complaints from our companies: SA embassy
    • Mutasa supporters convicted
    • Church inititiative gets govt nod
    • Council demands $883 million from Alpha
    • Nhema urged to take advantage of UN post to save Zim trees
    • Of price controls and the social contract
    • NSSA crackdown nets $1.5 billion
    • Coup plot: prosecutor quits case, AG's office
    • Bank strike looms
    • Out of steam: the tragic story of NRZ
    • People are only pawns in govt clampdowns
    • The quiet reformists in ZANU PF must reflect voice of reason
    • The economy, blame games and politics of resistance
    • Is Makoni a sellout?
    • Wheels have come off
    • FinGaz Letters
    • Corporate SA raises red flag on Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe Crisis Prompts New Indications of Stepped Up Southern African Intervention
    • Rice urges diplomats to support Zimbabweans
    • Mugabe lost the state house keys
    • Dispatch: Zimbabwe: Revered band reunites to send out an SOS about African nation
  40. Batch 2 Posted 12/7/07
    • Government shuts down private slaughterhouses in prices crackdown in Zimbabwe
    • Zim - Till the cows come home
    • Zim transport operators ground fleet over fares
    • Near riot in Harare as shoppers demand cheap chicken
    • Harare denies planning salary cuts
    • Zimbabwe's workers threaten strike amid fears of salary cuts
    • Mugabe looks set to disappoint Mbeki again
    • Mbeki will ditch Mugabe
    • SADC "disassociates" itself from Zimbabwe support reports
    • Joy at Zimbabwe price slash ebbs fast
    • Zimbabwe hyperinflation to intensify: economists
    • Uncertainty over Mugabe's invitation to summit
    • MEPs defend decision to invite Mugabe to Afro-European summit
    • Mbeki's Zimbabwe mediation efforts suffer setback
    • Zimbabweans flock to SA as crisis intensifies
    • Zim businesses strike conciliatory tone
    • Police release activists in Harare
    • NCA Members Arrested In Mutare
    • Church looks for food for Zimbabweans booted from university housing
    • Torture, ill-treatment and denial of medical care
    • Makro shut down - report
    • Post-Mugabe Quandary
    • The party's over in Zimbabwe
    • Hundreds More Arrested As Police Setup Roadblocks in Price War
    • Malawian Grain Flows To Zimbabwe, But More Needed To Cover Shortfall
    • 'Let me run home and get another million'
    • Being rich in Zim
    • The dividends of war
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No.494
  41. Batch 1 Posted 12/7/07
    • Jambanja in the supermarket
    • Business as usual? - no way
    • Price cuts hit ARVs
    • Thriving black market keeps economy afloat
    • Letter from America
    • Shamu, Mpofu deny illicit ivory dealing
    • Plea for special permits
    • SA cops want border closed
    • SA, Bots 'fed up with exiles'
    • Gadaffi lends Mugabe US100 million?
    • More questions than answers
    • Load shedding to get worse
    • Zuma defends Mbeki's failure
    • Chidzonga denies taking fuel from ZERC
    • UZ evicts all students
    • Marathon of Hope
    • Digi TV
    • Rulers Employ 'Divide-and-Rule' Tactics - Report
  42. Batch 2 Posted 11/7/07
    • Zimbabwe police block movement of basic goods
    • Students file urgent court application over campus evictions
    • The Cycle of Violence Continues
    • South Africa says SADC must step in to save Zimbabwe
    • After Protest, Zimbabwe Shuts Down Leading University
    • Mugabe's party snubs talks on economic crisis
    • There's no Zim rescue plan - Gono
    • Police Monitor Prices In Zimbabwe Stores As Food Shortages Worsen
    • Interview - Trevor Ncube: CEO, Mail & Guardian, and a Zimbabwean
    • SA firms plan to stick it out in troubled Zimbabwe
    • Dire times for Edgars in Zim
    • 'God has not forgotten Zimbabwe'
    • Deadly Diarrheal Disease Outbreak Hits Provincial Kadoma, Zimbabwe
    • Emerging humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe
    • The dividends of war - DRC copper/cobalt ownership battle heats up
    • Interview - Neal Froneman: CEO, Uranium One
    • Mugabe 'must go', say expatriates
    • Villains of Africa
    • Carter's Role in Zimbabwe
    • A Third Way solution to Zimbabwe crisis
    • JAG Classifieds dated 10 July 2007
  43. Posted 11/7/07
    • International pressure key to ending Zimbabwe crisis: archbishop
    • Hundreds more nabbed in price blitz
    • Zimbabwe "death squad" trainers in Malawi
    • Job losses in Zimbabwe are imminent, unions warn
    • 'Zimbabwe crisis to have dire consequences'
    • Poaching in Zimbabwe 'out of control'
    • University students threaten more protests over evictions
    • Students' letter to Mugabe over university closure
    • Business in Zimbabwe is risky now - but long-term rewards will be worthwhile, analysts say
    • Zim stock exchange plummets
    • Mugabe snubs SA mediation plans
    • Zimbabwe government will not stop its price blitz, says minister
    • Zim suppliers go into hiding
    • Zimbabwe landlords demand groceries as payment for rent
    • A tale of two Zim supermarkets
    • Prisons full of company directors as price war continues
    • Why?
    • Situation in Zim is 'life threatening'
    • Malawi provides maize lifeline
    • DA asks Portugal to snub Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean churches to produce another national vision document
    • EU Sanctions for Harare Commissioners
    • Carte Blanche
  44. Batch 2 Posted 10/7/07
    • Price cuts paralyzing Zimbabwe economy
    • Harare rejects rand deal
    • Zim landlords in new tricks to beat Mugabe
    • NGOs reject charges of hoarding
    • ZANU PF youths threaten to go on looting spree
    • Businesses Grinding to a Halt As Thousands of Workers Lose Jobs
    • Tough action needed to save Zim
    • Currency switch not the answer for Zimbabwe
    • Interview: Dzika Danha
    • Mugabe Attacks on Catholic Bishops Dash Hopes For Reconciliation
    • Zimbabwe Civic Group Alleges Harassment By Police, Security Agents
    • Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Plunges On State-Imposed Price Structure
    • Fuel shortage brings Zimbabwe to halt
    • CIO launched raid on Mnangagwa's office
    • Who props Mugabe's economy?
  45. Posted 10/7/07
    • Zimbabwe university evicts students following food riots
    • Rand-Zim dollar plan unfounded: officials
    • Zimbabwe fines dozens of executives over prices
    • Zimbabwe veers closer to the brink as shortages worsen
    • Reign of 'inflation police'
    • Robert Mugabe critic 'raped'
    • Mugabe clashes with Gono over price blitz
    • Sewerage flows in Harare
    • 'Disgruntled' Farmer Ploughs Under 30ha of Wheat
    • Zimbabwe beefs up campaign to cut prices
    • A day or two in a Zimbabwe jail
    • Mugabe will cut prices regardless of cost to economy
    • Zimbabwe: Diarrhoea outbreak claims 34
    • ZANU PF fail to turn up for SA led talks
    • Like a dog that returns to its vomit
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Unhappy about Mugabe Rejection of a New Constitution
    • Zimbabwe's opposition leader fears chaos amid government clampdown
    • 'Zim must reform to be rescued'
    • 'A banana costs more than my house'
    • SA businesses charged for defying Zimbabwe ruling
    • Implats' cocoon cracking
    • Mugabe under siege: a failed ideology or conspiracy
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Zanu PF risks losing use of people as canon fodder
    • A government on its way out - Moyo
    • Report on African Commission
    • Criminalisation of the Right to Free Expression
    • Hwange coal mine failing to meet local demand
    • President Tsvangirai's message on the crisis in Zimbabwe
  46. Posted 9/7/07
    • Regional group prepares economic rescue plan for Zimbabwe
    • SADC wants rand to prop up Zimbabwe economy-report
    • 16 Business Leaders Arrested in Zimbabwe
    • Murder, torture and teen rape: the price of opportunity in Zimbabwe
    • Secret lives
    • For the US of Africa, read Cloud Cuckoo Land
    • Long fuel queues resurface in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean firms import coal from Botswana
    • Mugabe rejects MDC demands for new constitution
    • Zim's return to a barter economy
    • Inflation threatens Mugabe's grip
    • Zimbabweans registering in large numbers for 2008 Presidetial election-ZESN
    • Mbeki urges Mugabe to reverse the land reform
    • SA should not support despots: DA
    • 'Zim crisis is bigger than Robert Mugabe'
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe a criminal, U.N. useless, impotent
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 7th July 2007
    • War vets punished for refusing to join reserve army
    • Glen view residents petition city over collapsed service delivery
    • Villagers in Harare
    • Student leaders arrested and beaten
  47. Batch 2 Posted 8/7/07
    • Prices blitz: MDC condemns Zanu PF
    • War veterans fume after government freezes pay
    • Gwanda chief threatens village heads over MDC
    • Govt threatens to ban speeches
    • Bulawayo councillors demand Dabengwa eviction from offices
    • MDC leader's 2005 case back in court
    • NRZ turns to soldiers, policemen for staff
    • Why a 3-star hotel room costs more than Meikles executive suite
    • Zimbabwe misses out on key HIV/Aids talks
    • Kidney patients in dire straits
    • ZCTU keeps strike plan secret
    • Water, power cuts claim 34 lives
    • NCA members, school children brutally assaulted by police
    • Army throws out children from barracks
    • Call for the integration of African trade bodies
    • NSSA loses ground in IDBZ battle
    • Inflation: The endless battle of the zeros
    • Price commissars in Murambatsvina purge against business sector
    • Probe into maize deliveries led to the Paweni scandal
    • Zanu PF plays numbers game
    • Zim Standard Letters
  48. Posted 8/7/07
    • Zimbabwe's silent genocide
    • Lunch with a dissident minister
    • More arrested for defying Zimbabwe price freeze
    • Government legalizes enforced price cuts in Zimbabwe, basic foods disappear
    • No need for new Zimbabwe constitution - Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader says price freeze won't work
    • Mugabe begins secret talks with opposition
    • Zimbabwe VIPs cited in 60% wipe-out of game
    • Planning for Zimbabwe after Mugabe
    • Mugabe wields nationalisation whip
    • Editorial: Clear Signs
    • Zimbabwean fugitive Mwale posted to embassy in Zambia
    • Chingwa
    • Standard, SABC in joint venture
    • Zimbabwe - A Warning
    • Southern African Christians unite to call for change in Zimbabwe
  49. Posted 7/7/07
    • Mugabe calls in thugs to police prices
    • Mugabe summons war veterans as inflation crisis deepens in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe warns firms against halting production
    • Mugabe supporters march in support of price freeze
    • 20 children die in Zimbabwe diarrhoea outbreak
    • Confessions of a Zimbabwe torturer
    • Zimbabwe: Is There Any Way Out?, Gareth Evans
    • SADC secretary in Harare for crisis talks over economy
    • Thousands Laid Off As Shops Close Due to Price Freeze Anarchy
    • NCA Says 12 Activists Arrested During Marondera Workshop
    • Load-shedding set to increase
    • Zimbabwe Crisis Talks Resume But Some Civic Groups Question Use
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Charges Favoritism In Voter Registration Drive
    • Zanu PF 'price wars' creates shortages and more hardship in Zimbabwe
    • Support of Old Age Pensioners - inflation update July 07
    • Statement regarding MDC unity negotiations
    • Zimbabwe collapse near complete
    • Zimbabwe confronts food crisis
    • Zanu-Pf Politburo Resolves to Tighten Blitz - Shamuyarira
    • CHRA - The Resident e-newsletter
    • Official monthly newsletter of the Students Solidarity Trust
    • It is Africa's call on Mugabe, says Pahad
    • Asylum seeking journalist prefers Botswana prison to Zimbabwe
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 493
  50. Batch 3 Posted 6/7/07
    • Zim opposition officials grab Mugabe's tractors
    • Firms downsize operations in response to price freeze
    • Lawyers say there are no legal grounds to charge business leaders
    • Gordon Brown to maintain tough stance on Zimbabwe
    • Do we really need one huge country?
    • Painful Backlash As Zimbabwe Government Attempts To Whip Hyperinflation
    • Sekai Holland: 'Mugabe not in control'
    • Zimbabwe - The Pirates and the Party
    • Murder suspect Mwale deployed to Zambia mission
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Unhappy About Voter Registration
    • Gono, govt clash over price blitz
    • Crackdown illegal: lawyers
    • Zanu PF, MDC start constitutional talks
    • Mugabe siege claims fall apart
    • UZ in shambles
    • Govt plans crackdown on black businessmen
    • Zanu PF Byo poll delay worsens split
    • Chiwewe ordered to return farms
    • Govt gets a taste of own medicine
    • Stock market plunges
    • IMF warns price plan will backfire
    • What $1,5m is worth
    • Price war: Zanu PF comes to end of road
    • Too early for Zim to celebrate Blair exit
    • High time war vets abandoned sinking 'Titanic'
    • A revolution that has lost its way
    • Gangsters galore
    • Candid Comment
    • Ill-considered indigenisation will destroy economy
    • Cabinet set upon business destruction
    • Wishful thinking
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • The Democracy Struggle
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 5 July 2007
  51. Batch 2 Posted 6/7/07
    • The virtues of isolationism
    • Zimbabwe bans bulk buying as shops run empty
    • SA insists on Mugabe invitation
    • Govt concerned about Zimbabwe's economic crisis
    • Implats concerned about power supply in Zimbabwe
    • Social distinctions fade in the face of survival
    • Mugabe's policies anger top cronies
    • Zimbabwe-SA protection deal stalls
    • Government blamed for increasing prison deaths
    • Zim journalist rots in Botswana prison
    • What Zimbabweans think of Pius Ncube
    • Archbishop Williams blames Kunonga for blocking food aid
    • Mbeki to dump Zimbabweans
    • Cricket - KPMG to investigate Zimbabwe's finances
  52. Batch 1 Posted 6/7/07
    • Ex-judge breathes fire
    • Price controls: Act of bravado to no purpose
    • MDC courts AU sympathy
    • NEDPP project disbanded
    • Govt reads riot act to embattled industrialists
    • Zim seeks US$2bln Libya loan
    • Shortage-induced crisis hits hospitality industry
    • Mpofu case swept under the carpet?
    • High Court throws out Hre resident’s election application
    • Police defy yet another court order
    • No water, no lights
    • Price slash backfires badly
    • Council books satisfactory
    • Whispers in the corridors of power
    • At the coalface: Zim women demand greater representation
    • About the dollarisation option
    • Whipping ‘timid’ capital
    • AU govt dream: egoism could bog down noble idea
    • Digging its own grave
    • Bug cripples Barclays Zim
    • Who’s next in the hot seat?
    • FinGaz Letters
  53. Batch 2 Posted 5/7/07
    • Zimbabwe rural areas run out of food
    • Minister summons business leaders over prices
    • IMF says region should help Zimbabwe out of the woods
    • The actions of a mad man
    • Mbeki plans to delay 2008 vote
    • Free and fair election fever grips nation
    • Land reform to blame for death of 10,000 farm workers - Zimrights
    • Dutch farmers sue for US$16m
    • Diamonds in diplomatic bags?
    • NCA promises diaspora new constitution
    • Gono in big trouble
    • 'Change is coming' promises Morgan
    • Makoni denies 'sell-out' charge
    • Zim refuges celebrate Refugee Day
    • International Financiers Warn Zimbabwe Economic Collapse In Offing
    • On Rights and Labor, Global Compact Is "Not a Watchdog" of UN's Own Compliance
  54. Posted 5/7/07
    • Zimbabwe in disarray over inflation fight
    • Zimbabweans hunt for food in price control crisis
    • Zimbabwe's frenzied shopping spree
    • Diplomatic row marks July 4 celebrations in Zimbabwe
    • 'New US envoy will continue Mugabe criticism'
    • Zim economy is Africa's sore thumb - IMF
    • The privatisation of the democratic struggle in Zimbabwe
    • Concerns over voter registration
    • Mugabe Finds New Enemies in Business Sector
    • Mbeki led mediation "talks" to resume
    • Hitschmann cleared of assassination plot against Mugabe
    • Labour union resolves to strike over worsening economic crisis
    • 200 participate in WOZA demos in Mutare
    • Gaddafi in $2bn bailout for Zim
    • Zim: 'Be very afraid!'
    • Activist: Rights violations in Zimbabwe of African concern
    • Court orders early Harare City Council elections
    • Parastatals urged to reduce prices
    • Zimbabwe - Predatory Kleptocracy
    • Williams explains church's failure to help Zimbabwe
    • Zim ICT Bill threatens free speech
    • Expat Zimbabweans use the Internet to arrange care packages for the folks back home
    • Blair got his comeuppance; how about Robert Mugabe?
    • Mugabe wants to stay, not save face
  55. Posted 4/7/07
    • Zimbabweans rush for food as Mugabe orders price cut
    • Shelves go empty amid crackdown on prices in Zimbabwe
    • Price Controls Backfire Again
    • Leaders split over African unity
    • African leaders struggle to forge common vision for future
    • Mugabe: Europe must stand firm and resist calls to invite Zimbabwe dictator to EU-Africa Summit
    • MEPs fume at ACP-EU Zimbabwe stance
    • European leaders urge cooperation with Africa
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Unhappy About Mugabe's Invitation
    • Labour union braces for fresh protests
    • Tourism sector expresses grave concern over price freeze
    • Zimbabwe runs out of cattle vaccines
    • Facing Supply-Side Revolt, Harare Threatens To Nationalize Key Manufacturing Firms
    • Benyon urges Zimbabweans to depose Mugabe
    • The call to arms in a blighted land
    • Mugabe deputy warns ‘greedy’ shopkeepers
    • So near for Zim
    • Mbeki's rehabilitation of Zanu PF
    • Former Zanu PF MP Mbalekwa joins MDC
    • Hitschmann guilty on weapons charge, but cleared for treason
    • MISA predicts gloomy picture ahead of Zimbabwe polls
    • Zimbabwe coal firm signs US$40 million Chinese deal
    • Gold mine workers arrested in enforced holiday and retrenchment protest
    • Churches at the forefront of relief in Zimbabwe's spiralling decline
    • Zimbabwe and scoring goals
    • Star spangled water woes
    • Paying for blackouts
    • Zim's GDP spiraled down to 12 percent
    • Gross human rights violations at universities and colleges
    • Thousands deported from South Africa
    • JAG Classifieds dated 3 July 2007
  56. Posted 3/7/07
    • Africa leaders argue over federal government
    • Civil Society Discusses Darfur, Zimbabwe at Summit
    • Zimbabwe MP on election monitoring
    • Diaspora needs voice in Africa govt - Jackson
    • Musicians for African Union Government
    • Zimbabwe wildlife pays cost of economic crisis
    • Zimbabwe's chaos: Africa's inaction could doom the tormented nation
    • Mugabe invited to Lisbon summit despite ban
    • EU evasive on Mugabe and summit
    • Portugal faces row on Mugabe invitation
    • An offer EU hopes he will refuse
    • Mugabe cuts the price of basics as bread runs out
    • Old And Hapless
    • Mbeki mediation should focus on rights violations, say groups
    • Police arrest 194 in price freeze crackdown
    • Vice President attacks central bank over cash limits
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Says Government Manipulating Voter Registration
    • University Students Forced to Cough Up After Lecturers Strike
    • Zimbabwe keeps gold firms hanging
    • Mbeki faces huge battle with Zimbabwe says critic
    • Foreigners 'should remove Mugabe'
    • Don't embrace Mugabe, arrest him
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 30th June 2007
    • Businesses accused of toppling Mugabe
    • Manager beaten up, senator arrested in price cut war
    • Robert Mugabe's fate
    • CHRA Lawsuit
    • SA farmers face attempted murder charges for assaulting Zimbabweans
    • Blasted By Report, Zimbabwe Cricket Agrees To International Audit
  57. Posted 2/7/07
    • Price Cuts Throw Zimbabwe Into Chaos
    • Zimbabwe senator arrested after sugar found in toilet: report
    • Zim currency: It is the reality of the rot
    • 'United States of Africa' in focus as AU summit opens
    • UN pledges support for Africa's integration
    • Greg Winter and Michael Wines discuss Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe unlikely to lift ban on private newspapers
    • Shops temporarily close over prices
    • 1 443 violations of student rights recorded in Zim last year
    • Village heads refuse to sanction MDC rallies
    • MDC has no authority to pardon Mugabe
    • Teachers sell sex to buy food as Mugabe cronies get richer
    • Tsvangirai in Marondera
    • Cup pay-out for Zimbabwe
    • Refugees flood from Zimbabwe
    • International broadcasters on high alert: Key channel, support group threatened
  58. Batch 2 Posted 1/7/07
    • Zimbabwe's top cleric urges Britain to invade
    • Mercenary accused of Africa coup plot 'offered secret deal for freedom'
    • 2008 polls already rigged, says MDC
    • Lake Chivero may choke to death on waste
    • Visiting SA pastors detained at airport
    • Tsvangirai scoffs at unity
    • Price cuts not a 'wonderland' for all
    • 'Blow to Social Contract'
    • Residents sue municipality
    • UZ students battle to reverse one-million dollar top-up fees
    • Ex-prosecutor sues minister
    • Zanu PF, MDC talks 'useless' - civic bodies
    • Enos Nkala joins regional party
    • Zimbabwe commemorates drug abuse day
    • MDC warns Government over indigenisation law
    • RBZ payment delays threaten gold mining
    • The G8 group refocuses on Africa
    • Zesa load-shedding hits Bvumba tourism
    • Threats and controls will not resolve
    • To coup or not to coup: That's the question
    • How Joshua Nkomo was forced to flee Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF, MDC talks must aim for common good
    • Zim Standard Letters

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