The ZIMBABWE Situation

September 2007 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 30/9/07
    • African leaders aren’t all the same
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 29th September 2007
    • Teachers' strike shuts down schools
    • Children stranded as teachers desert in droves
    • Govt critic denied visa to Harare
    • Bulawayo has not endorsed Mugabe
    • No unity with Zanu PF - MDC
    • More reforms needed: envoy
    • Boarders cook own food at Gweru school
    • Masvingo politicians in public brawl
    • 'Zim young hold torch for future'
    • Hotel alarm scares Chissano
    • WFP needs US$97m for Zimbabwe
    • Gundamiti gains in sales as ARV prices skyrocket
    • Chombo threatens Bulawayo over Zinwa
    • Zim rated among the worst, again
    • I'm no fugitive: Mawere
    • Delta in U-turn, bemoans price blitz
    • Zimbabwe gets taste of its own medicine
    • If they did it to a man of God. . .
    • The final moments and death of Lookout Masuku
    • The Zimbabwean crisis: opportunities for reform
    • Zim Standard Letters
  2. Posted 30/9/07
    • Zimbabwe opposition head says election tied to talks
    • Opposition leader defends deal with Mugabe
    • The Total Destruction of the Economy
    • What a way to live
    • IMF tells Zimbabwe central bank not to print money for businesses
    • Bulawayo could shut down soon
    • Power Cuts Explained
    • BBC World
    • "End game in Zimbabwe?" Public Address
    • Lotterman: Misunderstanding of inflation fuels demagogues' power
    • Mugabe succession - Kasukuwere and Chigudu clash
    • African disgrace
    • Blitz Nets 3 944 Vendors
  3. Posted 29/9/07
    • Bulawayo Update
    • Striking doctors demand 800 percent salary hike
    • Bulawayo's only two kidney dialysis machines break down
    • Mugabe's agriculture minister attacks black farmers
    • The Tragedy of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Drought and Complex Emergency Situation Report #2 (FY 2007)
    • Cost Of Living Continues To Rise For Zimbabwean Families
    • Zambian president: Opposition brought on Zimbabwe land seizures
    • INTERVIEW-Zimbabwe ownership law a blow to mining
    • Doctors and Nurses On Strike
    • Majongwe Threatened With Death As Police Urges Teachers to Strike
    • Civil Society Draws Divergent Views
    • Indigenising Zimbabwe: Your views
    • Decaying Nation
    • Zim blasts CNN, BBC
    • The tough love solution for basket-case Africa
    • Intelligence services draw up blacklist of journalists to be watched and arrested first
    • This will be time for the MDC to show leadership and consistency
    • Church Assigns Archbishop Ncube New Pastoral Job
    • Hwange Coal Production Likely to Decline
    • SinoSteel to acquire stakes of ZCE in Zimbabwe
    • JAG open letter forum No. 503
  4. Batch 4 Posted 28/9/07
    • Furore over war vets chief's return
    • Welsman Ncube: Why we concur
    • Tsvangirai works overtime to appease allies
    • Hammer descends on millers
    • Kasukuwere takes over AWS
    • China speaks in Zhings, Zhongs
    • Ndlovu's sunny outlook on shortages
    • Chombo evokes poetry in his defence
    • High Court unblocks MDC rally
    • The fire next time
    • Fingers crossed as Gono reviews monetary policy
    • MDC should have read the fine print
    • Madhuku lashes out at MDC 'treachery'
    • Camping under the big NGO tent
    • Five-way clash of egos over EU/AU summit
    • Last laugh for Mbeki?
    • It's clear Mugabe has agreed to step down
    • FinGaz Letters
    • JAG job opportunities dated 27th September, 2007
  5. Batch 3 Posted 28/9/07
    • We'll boycott polls if there is no progress in talks: Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe's secret agents deny food aid to MDC supporters
    • Zimbabwe posts huge trade deficit against China
    • Traditional healer leaves Mugabe's ministers with egg on their faces
    • Harare postpones launch of economic blueprint for second time
    • Mugabe tells Mbeki he is fully behind talks with MDC
    • Tsvangirai, you owe the people an explanation
    • UN Chief Ban To Consult Southern African Leaders On Solving Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Early Poll Gives Zimbabwe Ruling Party An Edge Over Its Opposition
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Youth In Alleged Attack On Masvingo Forum
    • 'Officials took refugees' property'
    • Black market fuel price rises from Z$450 000 -to- Z$700 000 per litre
    • Foreign currency earning declines sharply
    • Statement on hit list against journalists
    • Zimbabwe's new bill threatens SA business
  6. Batch 2 Posted 28/9/07
    • Zanu PF, MDC agree on new constitution
    • Mugabe battles Mujuru faction
    • Zanu PF must stop lying: Zvinavashe
    • MDC concessions basket still empty
    • Students homeless as UZ refuses to open residence halls
    • MDC, civic groups fall out over how to fight Zanu PF
    • Mugabe hits back at Bush
    • Manyika accused of imposing party leaders
    • Marimba police assault Zinwa official over tour
    • Zanu PF cracks widen over Sibanda
    • 'MZWT is broke'
    • 'Foreign companies can go'
    • BA pull-out costs Zim US$2 million/year
    • Air Zimbabwe boss in trouble
    • Ward voters' rolls set off fresh worry
    • Welcome to our empty paradise!
    • Civic society must allow MDC to forge ahead
    • MDC behaving like a dog chasing a car
    • Just like Burma?
    • A risky adventure
    • The beginning or end of MDC politics?
    • MDC can't wish away sanctions on behalf of Zanu PF
    • Inflation: The grim fairy tale
    • Zim Independent Letters
  7. Posted 28/9/07
    • Breakthrough or sell out?
    • MDC MPs in Parliamentary Walk-Out in Protest At Racist Bill
    • South Africans anxious over Zimbabwe "indigenization" bill
    • Foreign firms assess new Zimbabwe ownership bill
    • Zimbabwe told to change tack for IMF reconciliation
    • Violence Will Dominate Agenda in Next Round of Talks
    • Ignore media, Mugabe tells UN chief
    • Mugabe gives Mbeki his feedback on negotiations
    • Crisis group's Zimbabwe report doubly flawed
    • Zimbabwe Bishop Nolbert Kunonga should resign, says Botswana bishop
    • Zanu PF Thugs Hired By MP Assault Masvingo Residents
    • Rural Commuters Are Going Nowhere
    • The End of Winter
    • Zimbabwe Institute launches Economic Framework for Zimbabwe
    • Zimta Joins Teachers Strike As It Enters Third Week
    • Farmer Arrested
    • China rivalry pushes EU to hold Africa summit
    • Mozambique won't attend summit without Mugabe
    • Lord Morris calls for Zimbabwe rethink
  8. Batch 2 Posted 27/9/07
    • 'Half of Zimbabwe will soon need food aid'
    • Mugabe slams Bush over human rights
    • Zimbabwe Activists Bring Cause to Capitol Hill
    • Urban hunger now a reality - analysts
    • There is life in Zimbabwe, native tells development committee
    • SA govt admits Zim threat to 2010
    • No chance of free and fair - Makone
    • Hot seat interview: Professor Welshman Ncube - controversial Constitutional Amendment no.18
    • Solidarity Statement to MDC and Zimbabwe civil society
    • From the streets of Harare
    • Mutambara set to address diasporas this weekend
    • African Leaders Push Continental Issues at UN General Assembly
  9. Posted 27/9/07
    • Zimbabwe orders 'white firm grab'
    • British PM renews snub to Mugabe, backs Zimbabweans
    • Dollar Crashes As Economic Woes Worsen
    • Zim could collapse in a year: UK diplomat
    • Zimbabwe orders 120 000 tonnes of wheat from SA
    • Zimbabwe price cuts have backfired, crisis worse-UK source
    • Zimbabwe and Iran mull coalition against 'global bullies'
    • Chipinge Rocked By Political Violence
    • Gono to present monetary policy on Monday
    • Zimbabwe property rights removal a problem - Mboweni
    • ZANU PF could win next year's elections: survey
    • Harare urged to come clean over media hit list
    • Teachers embark on full-scale strike
    • Zim faces more power shortages after breakdown at Hwange colliery
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe tells US and Britain: Keep Out!
    • Tyranny and disease: The destruction of health care in Zimbabwe
    • Not another sellout
    • Sokwanele - Zimbabwe Election Watch
    • Shame over Zimbabwe inaction
    • Action on Zimbabwe
    • Chinese Firm Gives Zim Us$4,5m for Fertilizer
    • Zim-China Firms in Deal for Purchase of 100 Buses
    • Shortage of Engineers Stalls Road Construction
    • Zimbabwe law hits foreign groups
    • OK to close down?
    • State Alters Charge against Editor
  10. Batch 2 Posted 26/9/07
    • Disillusioned civic groups plot way forward
    • Zimbabwe army threatens coup if Mugabe loses election
    • Soldiers defy Vice-President, invade white-owned farm
    • Chinese contractor withdraws from Gwayi-Shangani dam
    • Harare reinstates licences of remaining private abattoirs
    • SADC rallies behind Mugabe over Portugal summit
    • Civic group's intern released without charge
    • Robert Mugabe Meets Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    • Tutu "devastated" by Mugabe's rule in Zimbabwe
    • One million fleeing Zimbabwe for South Africa
    • Supermarkets run out of food as Mugabe tightens his stranglehold
    • At UN, Zimbabwe's Mugabe And Iran's Ahmadinejad Line Up Against West
    • How Mugabe scuppered a sensible scheme for land reform
    • Gordon Brown's ultimatum to Robert Mugabe is a ham-fisted gesture. What does he hope to achieve?
    • Zimbabwe Food, Transport Prices Soar While Local Currency Tumbles
    • Unity in struggle: what Zimbabwe needs
    • Police Still to Charge MDC Youth Leader Who Called Mugabe 'Senile'
    • NCA Chairperson Denies He Was Assaulted
    • Summit Boycott Pledge By Britain's Brown Draws Vitriol From Harare Press
    • ZCTF report: Tusker
  11. Posted 26/9/07
    • Bush scolds "brutal regimes" as he pushes democracy
    • Zim: 'ordinary citizens are suffering'
    • Zimbabwe parliament opens nationalisation debate
    • Zimbabwe opposition says equity bill will further ruin economy
    • Stop Rights Violations Now, Says Tutu
    • Basic foodstuffs are now a hot commodity
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe will make United Nations appeal against western sanctions
    • Statement by Archbishop Pius Ncube
    • A deadly water crisis in Bulawayo
    • No Mugabe, no summit, vow African countries
    • Zimbabwe Food Security Outlook Oct 2007 to Mar 2008
    • Batch of 1 000t Wheat Arrives
    • The cruel irony that is Mugabe
    • Mugabe calls off Bulawayo visit over security fears
    • Iran, Zimbabwe review expansion of ties
    • Statement of James D. McGee
    • Genocide in Zimbabwe?
    • Dry Bulawayo hit by diarrhoea outbreak
    • NCA's brief demonstration takes police by surprise
    • NCA to continue fighting for a new constitution
    • Amendment 18 - The Great Betrayal
    • New threat to Zim economy
    • Army urged to defend Zim's sovereignty
    • Students arrested for spurning government programme
    • Mugabe to go , says Zanu(PF)
    • Nothing done to killer cops
    • Most Zimbabwe refugees cite political reasons for exit: survey
    • MDC President Mutambara Gears for Elections
    • Zimbabwe - a fallen state
  12. Posted 25/9/07
    • Zimbabwe story has moved from the tragic to the sinister agenda
    • Confusion as Msika orders stop to farm seizures
    • African Commission to hear Zimbabwean lawyer's torture case
    • Harare extends voter registration
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Will Make United Nations Appeal Against Western Sanctions
    • Shopping Sprees Increase Tension With the Country's Neighbours
    • SADC nations want Mugabe at EU summit
    • Zanu PF Plans to Send Green Bombers Into People's Homes
    • MDC Youth Leader Arrested for Calling Mugabe 'Senile'
    • Zimbabwe diaspora 'may get vote'
    • Zimbabwe: Take a Picture, Go to Jail
    • Government Threatens Edgars And BP With Takeover
    • New political party formed, blamed the passing of new bill
    • Tsvangirai Briefs Civil Society On Constitutional Amendment Deal
    • Civil Society to Discuss Contentious Amendment 18
    • Student leaders arrested again in Masvingo
    • Both are not sell outs
    • What on Earth is going on?
    • Zinwa Pledges Fair Distribution of Water
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Tries To Mollify NGO Critics On Constitution Vote
    • Striking Zimbabwe Teachers Shift From Sitdown Tactic To Stayaway
    • Air Zimbabwe fires top pilot
  13. Posted 24/9/07
    • Zim opposition caught between a rock and hard place
    • Economic crisis puts damper on Harare's nightlife
    • Mugabe's militia attacks civilians in Harare suburb
    • Prison guards quit jobs in droves
    • WOZA Coordinator Speaks Up Against Zimbabwe Government
    • Further isolation of Zimbabwe will fuel paranoia
    • Britain must rethink its Zimbabwe policy
    • UN steps into rescue starving Zimbabweans
    • Zim bakers to import own flour
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 22nd September 2007
    • Zimbabwe bishop says sex charges were state-driven
    • African leaders rally around Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition MDC Decries Violence
    • New twist in 'mega-diamond' tale
  14. Batch 3 Posted 23/9/07
    • I'd be angry about your empty gesture on Zimbabwe, Mr Brown - if I wasn't too busy trying to find some bread
    • Protesters take on Mugabe's thugs
    • Mugabe's people speak of hunger and death
    • A call for sanctions is not a return to colonialism
    • It's personal. Brown will not give in over Mugabe
    • Don't hand Mugabe a moral victory
    • Another coup for Harare's Houdini
    • Why pick on Mugabe when Africa is teeming with tyrants?
    • Mugabe was rotten from the start
    • Opposition split over Brown's boycott
    • Mugabe was meant to be a saviour
    • BP in line for Zimbabwe state business grab
    • Deal on elections to cost Zimbabwe opposition: analysts
    • Beware the ties that bind China and Africa
    • Committee To Protect Journalists Reveals List Targeting Zimbabweans
    • Message to Gordon Brown
  15. Batch 2 Posted 23/9/07
    • Why we supported amendment - MDC
    • Granny dies for new constitution
    • Key staff exodus blights Zesa
    • Town clerk held over tariffs
    • CIO fails to stop UK aid function
    • 'Enemies' come to Zimbabwe's rescue
    • Police officer charged with homicide
    • It's all here - but at a price!
    • Woman survives six days with dead foetus
    • Child mortality rate down says Unicef
    • Construction industry in serious trouble
    • Court rules against Charamba
    • Zanu PF youth leader orders 'Green Bombers' to raid homes for basics
    • GMB mulls SA flour imports
    • Economists say CSO inflation figures raise doubts
    • Failed stayaway raises questions about ZCTU's consultations
    • The Zimbabwe we don't want
    • 'Nearing the end of a frightful tragedy. . .'
    • The Pharisees of our politics
    • Zim Standard Letters
  16. Posted 23/9/07
    • Hungry Zimbabweans Try to Eat Giraffe
    • It's high time that we squared up to Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Explains Constitutional Strategy To Rank And File
    • Mugabe leaves Harare for UN meeting
    • How the jackboot of the military crushes opposition in Zimbabwe
    • More than 70 EU member countries withdraw from Zim Travel Expo Exhibition
    • Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition intern detained in Harare
    • Who Will Stop Robert Mugabe?
    • Zimbabwe's state newspaper rounds on Britain's Brown
    • Zimbabwe's nurses in exodus to Britain
    • Press TV's Coverage of Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • A bad deal?
    • Why not stop Mugabe rule?
  17. Batch 2 Posted 22/9/07
    • Mugabe must be held accountable for atrocities
    • Tsvangirai hopes for more concessions from Mugabe
    • Civic groups say Mbeki mediation flawed
    • UN Chief Ban Moots Special Envoy To Zimbabwe; Harare Objects
    • IFJ Demands Safety Guarantees for Zimbabwe Journalists after Media Hit List Leaked from Government
    • Experts Debate Zimbabwe Opposition Strategy On Constitutional Amendment
    • Zimbabwe who will fire the first shot?
    • Why the NCA-MDC Stand-off Healthy for Democracy
    • Family of slain Bulawayo man to file $30bn lawsuit against police
  18. Posted 22/9/07
    • Kate Hoey: Zimbabwe: an outrage the world can no longer ignore
    • Gordon Brown 'manipulating' Mugabe summit
    • British government expects little support for Mugabe boycott call
    • Neighbours' silence on Mugabe the true tragedy
    • Children risk their lives to escape Zimbabwe poverty
    • MDC Threatens to Withdraw From Mediation Talks
    • Developments Under Threats as ZANU PF , CIO intensify its crackdown
    • Zim instability halts peace park project
    • Mugabe stronger than ever, opposition in disarray
    • Is there nothing to be done about Mugabe?
    • Many children dying in Zimbabwe reports aid agency
    • Dominic Lawson: After turning Mugabe from friend to foe, we have been haunted by our colonial past
    • NCA sever ties with both MDC formations
    • Political Interference Rife at State Broadcaster
    • Police Hold Matombo's Brother And Worker Ransom
    • Civil Society Groups Use of Tongogara Statement Attracts Police
    • President Mugabe: Zimbabwe won't collapse
    • Finland has no position on Mugabe
    • CHRA local government weekly update
    • Without housing, Zimbabwean students likely to quit, says official
    • Catholic Charity Calls for Prayer Campaign to End Crisis
    • Excerpt from a press release from China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 20 September
  19. Batch 3 Posted 21/9/07
    • Brown offers summit a lifeline: I'll go - but only if Mugabe stays away
    • Brown tightens screw on Mugabe by targeting family
    • At last, Britain takes a stand on Mugabe
    • TUC demonstrates against 'brutal Zimbabwe despot' Mugabe
    • Conditions in Zim won't allow free and fair polls: US envoy
    • Bulawayo residents to get water once in 11 days
    • Mining sector to pay for power in foreign currency
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Factionalism Nearly Derails Constitutional Amendment
    • Zimbabwean Anti-Sanctions Women's Group Called ZANU-PF Stalking Horse
    • Zimbabwe opposition defends support of constitutional amendment
    • Zimbabwe Political Standoff May Be Easing
    • Zimbabwe lawmakers vote in favor of constitutional amendment
    • CNN videos:
    • JAG open letter forum No. 501
    • JAG job opportunities dated 20th September, 2007
  20. Batch 2 Posted 21/9/07
    • Zimbabwe MPs agree 2008 election deal
    • Tough Task for Tsvangirai to Explain Deal to Party Executive
    • NCA response to the MDC's endorsement of Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment No. 18 Bill
    • Civil society position on the on-going talks between ZANU-PF and MDC
    • Brown threatens tougher sanctions
    • Mugabe invite to Africa summit undecided - EU
    • EU aid commissioner backs calls for Mugabe ban
    • EU summit 'must go on with Robert Mugabe'
    • Transcript of an interview given by the Prime Minister to ITN on the situation in Zimbabwe.
    • Concern at Brown's Mugabe broadside
    • Zimbabwean poverty benchmark shoots up: Official
    • Government withholds water to Bulawayo
    • Zimbabwe's High Inflation Takes Toll on Population
    • The fuel merchants of Zimbabwe
    • ZCTU stayaway update
    • Zimbabwe rights lawyer welcomes British pressure
    • Zimbabwe Vigil supports British trade union demo in support of trade unionists in Zimbabwe - 20th September 2007
    • Zambia to skip EU-Africa summit if Mugabe not invited
    • Dairibord products flood Bots. market
    • MDC Activist Arrested For Being In Possession Of Party Newsletter
    • Absent Zanu PF MPs whipped into line for crucial vote
    • Full text of Khupe address to parliament on 18th Amendment
    • Full text of Sibanda's address to parliament on 18th Amendment
    • Full text of Ncube's address to parliament on 18th Amendment
    • Pahad says Zimbabwe pact heralds free and fair elections
    • ZINASU endorses national class boycott
    • MDC Actually Learning from History
  21. Batch 1 Posted 21/9/07
    • Allies dump MDC
    • Banks break silence on indigenisation
    • AG forced me to nail Chinamasa: witness
    • Controversy stalks Kunonga
    • Our reports are deceptive: ZBH
    • Govt secures release of impounded wheat
    • Army unit descends on Kuwadzana
    • AU and SADC pro-leaders and anti-people
    • New twist to River Ranch saga
    • Midzi to push new law on mines
    • BAZ an inhibitor, not a facilitator
    • Easy to see where economy is headed
    • What exactly is ZANU PF up to?
    • Writing is on the wall
    • End of the road for Mugabe, Tsvangirai?
    • WB issues stinging report on Zim
    • Inflation dips to 6 500%
    • Olivine mystery deepens
    • Gono and the hostage takers
    • Zim admits EU key trade partner
    • CIO in pre-emptive strike on workers
    • FinGaz Letters
  22. Batch 3 Posted 20/9/07
    • Zimbabwe's opposition 'co-operating in their own demise"
    • Gordon Brown: 'It is right that I make clear my position. We will not shirk our responsibilities'
    • Our fellow Africans will do nothing for us in our hour of need
    • Mugabe can pitch this as a foreign conspiracy
    • Mbeki's solo mediation 'a big mistake'
    • Pride that made Zimbabwe great lies in ruins
    • Family Basket Rises to $12m
    • Power Cuts Delay Tobacco Transplanting
    • Hansard - Ncube and Sibanda on Constitution Amendment 18
  23. Batch 2 Posted 20/9/07
    • Brown increases pressure on Mugabe
    • TUC calls on Londoners to show support for Zimbabwe union protest
    • Civic groups accuse MDC of treachery
    • ZANU PF to bolster youth wing ahead of elections
    • Student body calls for class boycott
    • Empowerment Bill set for second reading next week
    • Mbeki alone can't resolve Zim crisis, says Senegal
    • Mugabe's Zimbabwe - Ruination of a nation
    • Dark night of the soul
    • "Recent inflation statistics suspicious"- Economists
    • SADC loses patience with Mugabe
    • 'Crisis should transcend partisanship'
    • Price blitz 'will claim 400,000 jobs'
    • MDC fights for right to hold rally
    • Commissioner to face Criminal Court?
    • Protest over abuse of scholarship fund
    • A country of barrows, buckets and bags
    • Government is misdirected, says Catholic bishop
    • Agriculture Minister blames starvation on Forex and drought
    • Mbeki sceptical as 'Mugabe indicates right but turns left'
    • From the streets of Harare
    • ZBC coffers run dry
    • Authentic Zim experience
    • US Ambassador-Designate to Zimbabwe Hoping To Reopen 'Dialogue' With Harare
    • The Use of Food and Essential Needs as a Political Weapon
  24. Posted 20/9/07
    • Individual Convicted for Carrying Printed E-Mail Message Critical of President And Vice-President
    • Government boost propaganda project as 'rural Information Officers' are deployed
    • Stayaway Receives Support Despite Slow Start
    • Opposition Arrests Continue in Zimbabwe as Strike Call Flops
    • Zim kids endure harrowing trip to SA
    • Analyst Sees Positive Political Development in Zimbabwe
    • MDC-Zanu-PF constitutional deal raises concern
    • Moving Toward Elections in Zimbabwe
    • Zim Vice President in 'Media Blackout'
    • British Airways expected to announce end of flights to Zimbabwean capital
    • Zimbabwe's President Mugabe no longer to appoint legislators
    • Mugabe re-election becomes 'almost certain'
    • Welcome to Muzorewa-lite
    • Zimbabwe reports inflation decline - but economists not convinced
    • 'Drastic measures needed to save Zim economy'
    • African Commission Agrees to Hear Torture Case
    • Democratic reforms agreed on in Zimbabwe
    • Parched City Braces for Disease Outbreak
    • Mozambique backs Mbeki over Zimbabwe
    • Arrested Student UZ Student Leaders Released
    • Arrested Woza Activists Released
    • President Undermined by ZANU-PF Divisions
    • Zim hikes food prices
  25. Batch 2 Posted 19/9/07
    • Desmond Tutu calls on international community to toughen stance on Zimbabwe
    • Beijing turns its back on embattled Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe needs your help, Tutu tells Brown
    • Robert Mugabe in electoral deal with his rivals
    • Police raid offices, summon labour leader ahead of strike
    • Civic leaders meet South African mediators
    • Business predicts 30 percent slump in foreign investment
    • A nation in meltdown
    • Zimbabwe Authorities Crack Down On Union Officials On Eve Of Strike
    • Zimbabweans, we hear your call for help
    • Matter of fact
  26. Posted 19/9/07
    • Zimbabwe constitutional bill passes hurdle; opposition speaks of progress
    • Zimbabwe inflation slows amid warning of collapse
    • West must back Mbeki mediation in Zimbabwe-report
    • National stay away - Zimbabweans speak out
    • Mugabe may need guarantees to step down
    • Mugabe Trying to Fob MDC Off With Minor Reforms
    • Speculation That Former Archbishop Ncube Will Run for Presidency
    • Zimbabwe: A Regional Solution? - New Crisis Group report
    • Bakers Inn Close Main Plant And Several Outlets
    • ZANUPF forcibly buries murambatsvina victim as police disrupt solidarity service
    • WOZA Leader Arrested and Held Overnight at Bulawayo Central
    • Two UZ Student Leaders Arrested During Demonstration
    • 17 Zimbabwe policemen arrested in diamonds probe
    • Zimbabwean government in bid to avert fertilizer shortage
    • Power cuts not unique to Zim, says minister
    • "Stop the 51% nonsense," Mugabe told
    • Lib Dems call for UN fund to help Zimbabwe
    • Latin-Amercian groups' statement on Zim situation
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert: BAZ decries restrictive broadcasting law as impediment to licensing new players
    • Dialysis Machines Down
    • Zim slaps luxury tax on panties
    • Amendments to Amendment 18 - Parliament Wednesday 19th 2.15 pm
    • Roll of Shame
    • In pictures: Urban life in Zimbabwe
  27. Batch 2 Posted 18/9/07
    • Think-tank wants SADC to squeeze Mugabe on reforms
    • MDC to back heavily watered down controversial Bill
    • Mugabe's spokesman orders partial media blackout on Mujuru
    • Troubled Zimbabwe bank fails to reimburse depositors
    • Labour officials beaten, abducted ahead of strike
    • State agents sniff out trouble-makers at ZIMRA
    • Leading article: The Archbishop is on the right track
    • 'Stop this nonsense'
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party, Opposition To Brief Parliament On Pretoria-Brokered Talks
    • Zimbabwe police held for dealing in diamonds
    • Demonstration in solidarity with ZCTU
    • Detained Zimbabwe Human Rights Activists Fined For Disorderly Conduct
    • VIEW: Retiring Mugabe -Aryeh Neier
    • Mhlanga plots fresh confrontation with Mugabe
    • Zimbabweans Turn to Cheaper Herbal Remedies As AIDS Drug Costs Soar
    • JAG - Free help seminar for farming community
  28. Posted 18/9/07
    • Zimbabwe business leaders sound warning over empowerment bill
    • State threat to firms is no joke - minister
    • Not Enough Money to Feed the Hungry
    • Zimbabwe humanitarian crisis is world's worst - MDC
    • 11 Brutalised And Detained for 3 Days After Peaceful March in Harare
    • Zanu PF Youths 'Steal' Corpse of Murambatsvina Victim
    • Mbeki Briefs Tsvangirai And Mutambara Over Talks
    • ZCTU leaders abducted while distributing campaign materials
    • A Narrow Escape
    • Sewage Woes - Zinwa Needs $1,5 Trillion
    • Cry, the broken refugee
    • Zimbabwe: Future of dairying under siege...
    • ...White Farmers Plan N400m Dairy Factory
    • No Hopes of Registration As Daily News Ban Reaches 4 Years
    • Vatican appoints Ncube replacement
    • Why Mugabe attracts Africans and repels the West
    • Zim plans R17bn games village for 2010
    • Forecast for Tuesday 18th September: Brilliant
  29. Posted 17/9/07
    • Mugabe uses city's water as weapon
    • Show of hands . or maybe of teeth
    • Mbeki pushes talks deadline to October
    • Cholera, dysentery break out in water-starved Bulawayo
    • Prices of life-prolonging AIDS drugs shoot up
    • Minister says China dumping cheap goods in Zimbabwe
    • Archbishop discusses Mugabe with PM
    • Zimbabwe's government backtracks on wage freeze before national strike
    • Zimbabwe unions vow to press on with strike
    • Zim witch hunting for saboteurs
    • Wrangling marks Central African Synod
    • Bishop Kunonga interview with The Herald
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 15th September 2007
  30. Batch 3 Posted 16/9/07
    • Archbishop of York hits out at policy on Zimbabwe
    • Saving Zimbabwe is not colonialism, it's Britain's duty
    • Pan Africanism and the Zimbabwe crisis
    • Commentary: Mugabe - hero and villain
    • Hunting mice, now?
    • Outdoor Eating Places a Health Hazard
    • GMB to Supply Inputs for Peri-Urban Farming
    • Mugabe consolidates power, tackles his arch-critics
    • 'SA not trying to topple Mugabe'
  31. Batch 2 Posted 16/9/07
    • ZCTU presses ahead with strike
    • Sadc to tackle poverty: another damp squib
    • Hundreds may quit UZ studies
    • Mbeki meets MDC leaders
    • Dumpsite fire raises fears of 'Bhopal'
    • Canada helps meltdown victims by our staff
    • MDC accuses Chombo of meddling in Nkayi RDC
    • Betty Makoni up for another award
    • Overthrown play to launch protest group in Bulawayo
    • Ready market for illicit brews in Gweru
    • Zimbabwe needs Jesus, - CZI chief
    • GMB accused of starving villagers
    • ZIMRE eyes CFI Holdings
    • Recovery from economic hole: stop digging
    • A government committed to ignoring reality
    • How to survive life in a queue
    • A chronicle of government bias against Zipra cadres
    • Breaking the curse of the demonic spirit in politics
    • Zim Standard letters
  32. Posted 16/9/07
    • Against all odds
    • Stakeholders begin putting out dumpsite fire
    • Work to put out fire at dumpsite begins
    • Skeptics Doubt Reports Of Progress In Zimbabwe Crisis Talks Brokered By Pretoria
    • Zimbabwe Activist Group To Sue Harare For Alleged Rights Violations
    • Eight-Year Struggle Has Taken Toll On Zimbabwe Opposition
    • South Africa Disavows Document Faulting Britain In Zimbabwe Crisis By Chris
    • South Africa's Mbeki Seeks NGO Buy-In On Zimbabwe Crisis Compromise
    • Transport operators defy price freeze to hike fares
    • Zimbabwe police break up Harare demo
    • Zimbabwe Parliament to Debate Amendment on President's Successor
    • Zimbabwe: Luxury Imports Restricted
    • Australian Win Knocks Zimbabwe Out Of Twenty20 Cricket World Cup
    • Zimbabwe: 'President to Be Invited to EU-AU Summit'
    • Zimbabwe police break up Harare demo
    • Transport operators defy price freeze to hike fares
  33. Posted 15/9/07
    • Entering chamber of horrors
    • Pets slaughtered for food in meat-starved Zimbabwe, animal welfare activists say
    • Question of Mugabe threatens EU-Africa summit
    • Time to ponder the types of intervention .
    • Zimbabwe: Desperate times bring desperate measures
    • Hot Seat interview: In-depth discussion on the sanctions issue with Glenys Kinnock, Peter Murphy & Grace Kwinjeh
    • ZMRA Strike Persists Into the Weekend
    • Teachers Vow to Continue Strike Despite Government Offer
    • Conflicting Reports Over Constitutional Changes Ahead of Elections
    • Mugabe Steps Up Propaganda Drive
    • Mutambara, Tsvangirai to meet Mbeki
    • Shops Stop Credit Purchases
    • Govt Mobilising Forex to Pay for Grain Imports - Gumbo
    • Leaked Report 'An Attempt to Hurt Country'
    • 130 Vendors Arrested
    • Plans to base US Africa Command in Botswana causes tension
    • Zim human rights crisis under UN spotlight
    • Stop! Africa wants to get off the bus
    • Southern Africa: Food Insecurity Emergency Appeal no. 05EA023 Final Report
  34. Batch 3 Posted 14/9/07
    • Rough justice
    • Tsvangirai to meet Mbeki over talks
    • Zim soldiers blamed for rise in poaching activities
    • Mujuru visit knocks out MDC anniversary celebrations in Masvingo
    • 14-year illegal diamond miner shot dead
    • Back up rhetoric with actions, Gordon
    • Zimbabwe Law Society To Seek Legal Recourse On Price Freeze
    • Union For Striking Zimbabwe Teachers Rejects 91% Wage Increase
    • Without Fanfare, Controversial Zimbabwe Amendment Bill Introduced
    • Wishful thought and a financial horror
    • Key Domestic Suppliers Stop Production
    • Fury as Mugabe, the unlikely pop star, storms the charts
    • JAG job opportunities, 13 september 2007
  35. Batch 2 Posted 14/9/07
    • Government to amend Posa
    • Mugabe faces stormy congress
    • 'Mugabe feared Sadc being used by Britain'
    • Zanu PF steps up propaganda blitz
    • Govt introduces skills retention fund
    • Home Affairs abuses funds
    • 'Salaries freeze unconstitutional'
    • Assaulted NCA activists demand $10 trillion
    • MZWT in trouble
    • Zanu PF crusader blasts Christians
    • Zanu PF officials convicted
    • Five AirZim planes turn back in 2 weeks
    • No easy money on the Zim Stock Exchange
    • CZI says govt has no capacity for price controls
    • Edgars closes 19 branches
    • Minister says walk to save fuel
    • Property sector to continue reviewing rates upwards
    • Zim dollar weakens
    • Investors respond positively to budget
    • Budget pushes fuel prices up
    • 70,1 million kg tobacco sold
    • Finance Bill almost through
    • Commissions run Zimbabwe
    • SABC in media war
    • Budget loyal to power retention
    • Zanu PF bribes traditional chiefs
    • Is social contract dead?
    • Banking on a false pregnancy?
    • Defending repression
    • 'Sellouts' are those you defend, Mahoso
    • Another cloud cuckoo-land budget
    • Zim Independent Letters
  36. Posted 14/9/07
    • Zimbabwe's Vanquished Opposition Marks 8th Anniversary
    • Zimbabwe imports 3,500 tractors
    • University backs bid to end atrocities
    • Radio talk shows must tell Africa's story
    • Zimra Strike Cripples Border Posts
    • Mugabe bashes 'biased coverage'
    • CIO Quiz Masvingo Pastor
    • Masvingo Student Leaders Released As Prosecutors Shoot Down Charges
    • NCA in full support of ZCTU stay away call
    • Media workers commemorate newspapers closed in 2003
    • Mbeki admits Mugabe needs to go - secret minutes
    • Zimbabwean hunger strikers 'exhausted but dedtermined'
    • Speech regarding parliamentary motion on the meltdown of the Zimbabwean economy
    • Radio and TV fees hiked
    • Zanu (PF) hires Mossad
    • Country Misses Out Again On Crucial American Aid
    • The latest on UZ students - Crisis
    • Hunger striker deported to Malawi
    • It's just not Cricket
  37. Batch 3 Posted 13/9/07
    • Zimbabwe's dirty tricks brigade
    • Mugabe to cut powers
    • Chaos at border posts as ZIMRA workers strike
    • New rules empower govt to take over firms
    • Chinese diplomat reveals why Zim deals are dead in the water
    • Economy won't collapse: Gono
    • Forex duty on underwear
    • 2005 spying case: High Court orders hearing
    • Govt tables land tax for A2 farmers
    • Lawyers spotlight wage freeze decree
    • Illicit diamonds probe team misses own deadline
    • Chinese fertiliser last hope for new season
    • Bare pantries, hungry kids, no teachers
    • Byo's critical water shortage to worsen
    • Econet allowed to test mobile payphones
    • Elections: history set to repeat itself
    • Fringe political parties emerge as polls draw closer
    • Scandal in the budget
    • Another lost opportunity
    • FinGaz Letters
  38. Batch 2 Posted 13/9/07
    • Zimbabwe families forced to beg for scraps
    • Price blitz flawed, says Cabinet minister
    • Mugabe moves to silence dissenting voices in ZANU PF
    • Strike cripples Zimbabwe revenue collector
    • Grow jatropha to avert fuel shortages, says minister
    • Zimbabwe Police In Roundup Of Harare Street Children And Vendors
    • The tyrant and the archbishop: How a good man was silenced by scandal
    • Bishops' Conference statement on Archbishop Pius Ncube
    • SABC backs off on 'sting'
    • Party cracks emerge in water crisis
    • South Africa and the rescue of Zimbabwe
    • Starving us into submission
    • Zanu officials fingered in fuel scam
    • Zimbabwe win puts Ponting in Twenty20 rage
  39. Posted 13/9/07
    • African Union says Mugabe to attend EU-Africa summit
    • The EU must take a stand against Mugabe
    • Leaked summit document came from Zimbabwe not S.Africa
    • S.Africa says no special deal to bail out Zimbabwe
    • Change of Heart By the EU And Commonwealth?
    • Mugabe gov't presents succession bill to parliament
    • Sokwanele - Zimbabwe Election Watch
    • Zimra Goes On Strike
    • Land Resettlement Minister Allocates Farm And School to His Lawyer
    • SADC leaders must tell Mugabe to back off
    • Four Years After Being Banned, Newspapers Still in Legal Battle to Resume Publishing
    • Murambatsvina victim dies in Mbare
    • Drought, disease, poverty hitting southern Africa
  40. Batch 2 Posted 12/9/07
    • Crude machinations of wicked regime will not silence me, says Ncube
    • Zimbabwean varsity on its knees
    • War veterans petition Mugabe over food aid
    • Church leader quizzed for organising pastors' workshop
    • Civic group rallies behind embattled cleric
    • Sparing With Food Assistance, Harare Splashes Out On Luxury Cars For Top Officials
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Launch New Strike Ahead Of Warning Deadline
    • Only political solution for Zimbabwe crisis
    • Apart from bad judgment, Ncube is a hero
    • Zim faces genocide via hunger
  41. Posted 12/9/07
    • Mugabe's Most Outspoken Critic Resigns as Archbishop
    • Tension over Mugabe's attendance of EU/AU summit
    • Zimbabwean targets poverty in fight against rape
    • CIO Intimidate Striking Teachers
    • Teachers threaten sit-in over salaries
    • Harare threatens to crush worker protests
    • Harare And Bulawayo Residents Plan Action Over Water Crisis
    • Zim 'is bribing chiefs' - MDC
    • Mozambique increases power exports to Zimbabwe
    • Pricing Measures to Cost $33bn
    • City Launches Blitz Against Illegal Vendors
    • Asylum seekers on hunger strike in UK detention facility
    • Over 1 200 Arrests for Smuggling
    • Compromise Constitutional Deal Reported In Zimbabwe Crisis Talks
    • Open letter to Portugal's President Silva over Mugabe's invitation
    • Zimbabwe confident FIFA delegation will be impressed
    • Zimbabwe uses bulk of SA loan facility
    • Mugabe features in new pop song
  42. Posted 11/9/07
    • Fantasy land
    • Contaminated, fake AIDS drugs flood black market in shortages-stricken Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe nears end of S.African loan, says finmin
    • Mutambara MDC National Chairperson Arrested
    • Zimbabwe parties make progress in electoral talks
    • Skepticism Over Talks Despite Reports of Progress
    • Teachers Go On Strike
    • ZCTU Calls for Job Boycott
    • Why do African leaders stick with Mugabe?
    • Zimbabwe - Fighting back
    • A strained rapport
    • IFJ Urges Zimbabwe to Stop "Choking" Independent Journalism
    • In Theatre SA, a Mugabe by any other name is still a Bad Bob
    • 'No transit camp' for Zimbabweans
    • Human Rights Watch press release
    • Unconfirmed Reports Say Archbishop Pius Ncube to Resign
    • Zanu PF starts vote buying ahead of 2008 elections
  43. Posted 10/9/07
    • Africa summit in jeopardy as Brown vows to boycott Mugabe
    • Supplementary budget shows Harare has lost inflation battle
    • Stormy ZANU PF meeting told of rampant fuel scam
    • Zim magistrate pressured to release murder suspects
    • Smart sanctions and the reproduction of cronyism
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 8th September
    • Fast black market thrives in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe migrants flood S. Africa
  44. Batch 2 Posted 9/9/07
    • If Mugabe attends EU-Africa summit Brown won't: diplomatic sources
    • Zimbabwe's precarious survival
    • Zimbabwe labour union to stage two-day strike
    • Zanu-PF calls special congress
    • Few cheers over Zim budget as crisis bites
    • Tsvangirai Faction Of Zimbabwe's MDC Denounces Fiscal Plan
    • Playing football
    • Zimbabwe Vice President in Cuba
    • Skeptical Of Outcome, Zimbabwe Public Weighs In On Amendment
  45. Batch 1 Posted 9/9/07
    • Zim scouts vanish from UK jamboree
    • Moment of maximum danger
    • Dairy industry faces collapse
    • 40 000 hit by Pomona fire
    • Boarding school closes as food crisis worsens
    • MDC factions scramble for partners ahead of poll
    • ZOU miffs students over exam results
    • NRZ workers on go-slow
    • Zanu PF hijacks food distribution
    • Farmers forced to flee to SA
    • Drug resistant TB plagues Zimbabwe
    • Chefs tight-lipped on deported kids
    • Price blitz hits minister
    • ZCTU calls for stayaway
    • Zim rated worst in economic freedom
    • National Incomes and Pricing Commission toothless: Zembe
    • The budget: workers unimpressed
    • Consumers incited price blitz: Mpofu
    • An institution crying out for vision, leadership
    • When optimism buys you zilch
    • Lookout Masuku exposes unfair treatment of Zipra forces
    • Opposition must learn the language of African politics
  46. Posted 8/9/07
    • After 50 percent clampdown, Zimbabwe raises prices by effective 35 percent
    • Few cheers over Zim budget as crisis bites
    • Experts Says 'Don't Panic' As Snooping Equipment is Installed
    • Security And Defence Gobble Up Half the Budget As Elections Approach
    • Mugabe Had Tantrum At SADC Meeting
    • 'Food Crisis Beyond Imagination' - Gasela
    • Police Confiscate MDC Files And Campaign Material in Manicaland
    • Zim wants to cash in on 2010 Cup
    • London accepts Zimbabwe rep at Lisbon summit, but not Mugabe
    • Harare Losing Key Allies
    • Govt entangles itself in own web
    • Supplementary budget in violation of law, says MDC
    • Soldiers arrested for assaulting villagers
    • For Democracy and Media Freedom in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Churches warn of Bulawayo water crisis
    • Mugabe Church Donation Raises Eyebrows
    • Zimbabwe's dollar
    • Gono bunks supplementary budget
    • Mugabe, Mwanawasa clash at SADC
    • Mugabe ropes in Mnangagwa for polls
    • Zanu PF reduces youth age limit
    • Zinwa takeover was ill-timed: Parly committee
    • 'Govt using sanctions to cover up for failures'
    • Mutasa allocates Rydings school farm
    • Budget deception at its worst
    • Water tariffs set to rise
    • Supplementary budget inflationary - analysts
    • AirZim boss cancels tender winner's deal
    • Skeptical Of Outcome, Zimbabwe Public Weighs In On Amendment
    • Zimbabwe Labor Federation Calls Urgent Meeting Over Wage Freeze
    • Zimbabwe Crisis Coalition Says Police In Gwanda Ban Its Meetings
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Extends Mobile Registration Exercise
    • JAG PR Communique
  47. Batch 2 Posted 7/9/07
    • Zimbabwe devalues currency, but still far short of dominant illegal exchange value
    • Devaluation is 'too little, too late' to save Zimbabwe
    • War veterans want Mugabe to hike perks five times
    • State firm forces villagers to sell maize for a song
    • Minister Leans On Civic Groups Over Charges Of Food Aid Interference
    • Zimbabwe breaks wage freeze to raise Mugabe's pay
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Dismisses Ruling Party's Progress Report
    • Zimbabwe collapse fuels cross-border trade
    • India bans Air Zimbabwe
    • Price war driven by malice
    • Heinz/Cottco deal details revealed
    • Tobacco season ends 12 million kg short of target
    • It will cost the state
    • Analysts challenge Mbeki over free and fair election forecast
    • Imperatives for MDC before 2008 elections
    • The positive side of our misery
    • Education system plunges into the mire as Zanu PF circus backfires
    • Send them back home
    • What a contrast
    • Mangwana, beggars can't be choosers
    • Foolhardy rejection of privatisation
    • The absurdity of these controls
    • Zimbabwe refugees keep hope alive in church of refuge
    • JAG job opportunities
  48. Posted 7/9/07
    • Zimbabwe devalues currency to 30,000/dlr
    • Opposition leader in Zimbabwe charged for alleged disorderly conduct
    • Zimbabwe ruling party seeks more changes to Constitutional Bill
    • Shop shelves empty, children hungry as Zimbabweans face total famine
    • Zimbabweans can't "take any more battering", says opposition leader
    • Watchdog: Crumbling Zim ripe for corruption
    • Soldiers Attack Innocent Civilians And Vendors in Glen View
    • Students Asked to Bring Water to School As Country Runs Dry
    • UZ Stops Two Engineering Programmes As Lecturers Desert
    • Second Zimbabwe bakery says it is about to run out of flour
    • Youth Militia Camps May Close
    • Civil Groups And Industry Planning Major Strikes to Protest Price Freezes
    • Raw Sewage Flows in Kuwadzana
    • Tourists to help Zim recovery?
    • Arda Woos Private Sector
    • Tsvangirai 's address to the MDC parliamentary caucus on the deepening crisis in Zimbabwe
  49. Batch 3 Posted 6/9/07
    • Mugabe's ruling party happy with opposition talks
    • Crumbling Zimbabwe ripe for corruption: watchdog
    • Long-lasting aid extends beyond food in Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai summoned after shop tour
    • Zimbabwe on the Brink of Collapse
    • Huge strikes loom over salary freeze
    • Honeymoon's over for Mumbengegwi
    • Olivine sale jigsaw puzzle: missing pieces
    • Govt sends mixed signals
    • Bakers to lay-off ten thousand workers
    • ZINWA sued over 'deadly hole'
    • Mudede: I'm under pressure
    • Mugabe left out of greats list
    • Farmers seen meeting tobacco target
    • MDC faces poll humiliation
    • World Cup team seeks $1trillion
    • Witness in Mutasa case goes mum
    • Cape to Cairo: Right to know under attack
    • Mr President, the people are starving
    • Life twice as tough for the disabled
    • How about the truth, Minister?
    • Economic turnaround or creating a new economy?
    • The evident failure of Zim's education system
    • Ruling by decree
    • FinGaz Letters
    • State aims to bankrupt business
  50. Batch 2 Posted 6/9/07
    • Zim vice-president orders minister to halt farm seizures
    • Labour union mulls protests over wage ban
    • WFP says Zimbabwe food situation has hit critical levels
    • Harare puts up brave face over student deportations
    • Teachers take Mugabe insult case to Supreme Court
    • Group to set up second deportees reception centre in Plumtree
    • Economists See Cash-Strapped Harare Continuing To Print Money
    • Odds Seen Increasing For Mugabe Role In Europe-Africa Summit
    • New Decree Threatens to Further Undermine Zimbabwe Businesses
    • Supplementary Budget due today
    • People scavenge while fatcats get fatter
    • What are we celebrating?
    • Laughing stock of the region
    • An open letter to Zimbabweans
    • Embassy protesters call for diaspora vote
    • Zimbabwe Open Forum - 14/09/07
    • Mugabe threatens UK, Australia
    • Vigil Literature Event – Saturday, 8th September 2007, 4 pm outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, 429 Strand, London
  51. Posted 6/9/07
    • Zimbabwe running out of bread
    • Zimbabwe faces food-shortage crisis
    • MDC and Zanu-PF claim headway in mediation talks
    • No Respite for Harare
    • Commissioner suggests solution to EU-Africa summit dilemma
    • Potential Mugabe heir hailed as 'king of Zimbabwe'
    • China rallies behind Mugabe
    • Fuel crisis disrupts Zimbabwe school term
    • Zimbabwe Ponders Level of Representation at Euro-Africa Summit
    • Southern Africa to join Worldwide Reading in support of Zimbabwe
    • University introduces degree program for CIO's
    • Southern Africa's response to Zimbabwe meltdown
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Candidate In Marondera Reported Stabbed To Death
    • Police quiz Bulawayo mayor, town clerk over rates hike
    • Diamond deposits found in Tsholotsho
    • Would Bob approve of what Bob has done?
    • A case of fitting coincidence
    • Glorification of Robert Mugabe
  52. Posted 5/9/07
    • Heinz says sold Zimbabwe oil maker over crisis
    • Zimbabwe should be at EU-Africa summit
    • Portuguese president walks tightrope on Europe-Africa summit
    • 'Mbeki Working Against Democratic Elections in Zimbabwe' - Says MP
    • As Zimbabwe Crisis Talks Resume, Constitutional Issues Come To Fore
    • Many Zimbabwe Schools Raise Tuition Fees Despite Presidential Ban
    • Australia Deports 8 Students Whose Parents Have Links With Zanu PF
    • Chihuri accosts Tsvangirai at airport
    • Zimbabwean influx 'must be dealt with'
    • Media exaggerate Zim 'tsunami', says report
    • Almost half of Zim bus drivers fail safety test
    • IOM to Open Centre for Undocumented Migrants
    • MDC committed to Mbeki mediation - Chamisa
    • Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference
    • An international "post-Mugabe" fund for Zimbabwe
    • FIFA to assess Zimbabwe ahead of 2010 soccer World Cup
    • Zanu PF's efforts to destroy Mhanda, ZLP fail
    • Interview: Toppling a Dictator
    • Ruling Party Divided Over Mugabe
    • Exiles Disappointed Over Lack of Progress On Diaspora Vote
    • Police bar Family Fun Day
  53. Posted 4/9/07
    • Black market booms in Zimbabwe
    • Companies in Zimbabwe start to go local
    • Zimbabwe union to set up distress fund for harassed teachers
    • Zim artists turn to the screen to escape Mugabe's censorship
    • Moyo's Z$2bn lawsuit against Nkomo resumes at High Court
    • FIFA delegation to assess Zimbabwe's tourism facilities
    • Election Monitor Urges Zimbabwe To Relaunch Voter Registration Drive
    • Karoi Goes Dry for 2 Months As Water Crisis Worsens
    • Harare forced into U-turn on price cap
    • Bread shortage looms in Zimbabwe
    • Mediation Talks Two Months Behind Schedule
    • Zim economy in 'free fall' - MDC
    • No progress or clarity on SA permits for Zimbabweans
    • Shortages Dilemma as Children Return to School
    • Mugabe betrays Nkomo, says Bulawayo residents chief
    • Child Migrants Seek a Better Life in South Africa
    • Rautenbach turns to coal mining in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe - a deep cancer
    • Beware the Big-Man syndrome
    • Funny thing happened at fuel queue the other day
    • An Exercise in Futility, MDC Says of Zimbabwe's New Price Policy
    • Zimbabweans learn to live with shortages
    • Impala unsure over Zimbabwean reforms
    • Cry, the beloved country
    • Blame it on the woman!
  54. Posted 3/9/07
    • 36 000t of wheat grounded in Beira
    • In deepening economic crisis, 2 die in Zimbabwe agriculture show stampedes
    • Attempt to end Zim meat crisis
    • Zimbabwe Police Arrested For Taking Bribes From Illegal Diamond Miners
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 1st September 2007
    • 25 000 cases of rights violations recorded in six years
    • Mugabe's fresh price blitz takes Zim back to 'ground zero'
    • ZANU PF Women's League boss wants Mujuru out
    • Lessons of Mugabe's country
    • Zimbabwe: Changing The Mindset of A Nation
    • A collective memory of solidarity with Zimbabwe - until now
    • Gratitude: Musings after my Incarceration in Zimbabwe
    • Chronic Fuel Shortages In Zimbabwe Raises Travel Woes And Deforestation
    • Public Hearings for the Constitutional Amendment No 18 Bill
    • SADC applauds Mugabe for destroying a nation
  55. Batch 2 Posted 2/9/07
    • Probe ordered into Mujuru party plane
    • Demand for hefty perks derails graft probe
    • We'll fight 'satanic' wage freeze: ZCTU
    • UK says to remain steadfast on Zim policy
    • Shortages dilemma as children return to school
    • . . .while teachers plan 'go slow' over pay
    • Cane cutters fume over 'slave' wages
    • Human rights group sues police
    • Public anger mounts over Zinwa 'incompetence'
    • Prisons run out of food
    • No amnesty for exiled bankers, rules minister
    • Zinwa's incompetence will cost government next year's election
    • Up close, personal . . .in agony
    • Inside Fiddler's bunker
    • Tracing back the last days of Lookout Masuku
    • Zim Standard Letters
  56. Posted 2/9/07
    • Government eases price controls on hotels, restaurants, bars in Zimbabwe
    • Deserting Mugabe
    • Business grabs loom in Zim
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader says 'end game' near
    • Business, labour condemn wage freeze
    • Equatorial Guinea leader heaps praises on Mugabe's land reforms
    • I was not involved in a sting operation against Pius Ncube
    • Water Shortages Make Every Day Life A Struggle In Zimbabwe's Cities
    • Zimbabwean Child Rights Activist Makoni Released Pending Arraignment
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Red Jelly
    • Hunger taking horrific toll on Zim animals
    • Harare says Tsvangirai's Australia contacts jeopardize crisis talks
    • Have we got a plan and will it work?
    • Mugabe, Mbeki trapped in Cold War politics
    • Zambia's ex-FM disputes sacking on health grounds
    • Mugabe Hits Rock Bottom and Begins to Dig
  57. Posted 1/9/07
    • China is to withdraw backing for Mugabe
    • New Laws On Prices, Salaries
    • Mugabe bans pay rises to push down inflation
    • Equatorial Guinea leader opens Zimbabwe's farm show
    • E. Guinea leader praises Mugabe land seizures
    • Zimbabweans flee home for more misery in South Africa
    • Victim of Mugabe's brutality gives a lesson in perspective
    • Health Crisis Feared As Bulawayo Schools Open Without Water
    • Beer Shortage Highlights Decline
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Unhappy With Mbeki's Pronouncement
    • Police officers arrested over diamond bribes in Zimbabwe
    • Police And Soldiers Beat And Arrest Commuter Drivers Over Fares
    • Zimbabwe bishops defend archbishop accused of adultery, praise his courage, moral authority
    • Zim biggest bakeries shut down this week
    • Child rights activist arrested by Zim police
    • Camec's smoke-and-mirrors
    • Why China is trying to colonise Africa
    • Implats takes 'wait and see' position in Zimbabwe
    • S.Africa denies blaming Britain for Zimbabwe woes
    • Zanu PF Seeks $600b for Polls
    • NMB Scandal Details Emerge
    • Talks to resume in Pretoria

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