The ZIMBABWE Situation

August 2007 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/8/07
    • Price control authorities ban cattle auction at Zimbabwe agriculture showcase
    • Zimbabwe Economic Crisis Wipes Out Forests
    • Mbeki confident Zimbabwe elections will be free
    • Mugabe solicits oil from Nguema
    • 'Meddling in Harare is fundamentally wrong'
    • Crumbling economy threatens Mugabe's grip
    • Much-awaited fiscal policy review next week
    • Zimbabwe state grain firm says no one will starve
    • Hot Seat interview: Former journalist Luke Tamborinyoka exposes the depths of inhumanity in Zimbabwe ís prisons
    • Mugabe Could Benefit From Diaspora Vote
    • Man stabbed in water queue
    • Rights Activist Betty Makoni & Broadcaster Amai Chisamba Arrested
    • Bulawayo Faces Water Crisis
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert: Journalist Acquitted
    • Same Old Story Over Farm Preps
    • Rautenbach, Colliery Strike Deal
    • Deal Offers No Respite in National Power Crisis
    • Delegation Flies from Vic Falls Via Joburg to Get to Harare
    • Pardon Mugabe to prise him out, says Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai
    • Sweden calls for Harder Stance Against Mugabe
    • Yet another wheat deficit looming in Zimbabwe
    • City Council Of Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, Bars Opposition Campaign Rally
  2. Batch 1 Posted 31/8/07
    • Noczim fails to clinch fuel deal over price
    • Thousands go hungry
    • Soldiers terrorise Esigodini villagers
    • Bulawayo councillor commandeers water bowser for her area
    • Harare Show mirrors agricultural collapse
    • Kasukuwere faction flops in Bindura
    • Supplementary budget next week
    • Debunking indigenisation
    • Disaster lies ahead for farming season
    • Business unlikely to recover despite price blitz u-turn
    • Why no African ambassador for African brand?
    • Will Makoni be our president or theirs?
    • "We can't run ministry like an orphanage'
    • A deliberate ploy to suffocate Byo?
    • Propaganda has its own limits
    • What Georgias should know
    • Empty promises don't provide water
    • Simplistic rhetoric
    • Perpetuating paranoia
    • What more does Sadc want to see?
    • Zim Independent Letters
  3. Batch 3 Posted 30/8/07
    • White-run abattoirs ordered to cede 50% stake to blacks
    • Mugabe tells ZANU PF supporters to remain loyal
    • Soldiers attack villagers after bar scuffle
    • MDC postpones launch
    • 5th Anniversary of the Vigil and other events
    • Zimbabwe Election Watch - Sokwanele
    • Rigging plot exposed
    • South Africa Mulls New Response To Massive Zimbabwean Immigration
    • Police divert confiscated foodstuffs
    • Coup attempt rattles Mugabe
    • VP implicated in smuggling
    • Zimbabwe 'faces tough decisions'
    • RBZ provides $3 trillion for vote buying
    • Voter registration did not register with voters
    • From confidant to the condemned
    • SADC leaders need to be honest
    • Isolation increases
    • It's the economy, stupid
    • Attacking the silence
    • Met Bank sold for a song to foreigners
    • Churches plead with Chombo
    • Zimbabwe's bishops call attacks on archbishop 'utterly deplorable'
    • Finding Peace in Stressful Times
  4. Batch 2 Posted 30/8/07
    • Broke army sends SOS
    • Czechs to close embassy
    • Ndlovu under pressure over Daily News licence
    • Will Zisco ever leave Parliament?
    • Open door policy, Air Zim style
    • The Salomao report: Beneath the SADC sheen
    • Banks sit on huge cash piles
    • Fuel supplies could return to normal if price is adjusted: dealer
    • Mohadi sued for $4 trillion for bizarre torture
    • Price blitz cuts VAT revenue by 90 percent
    • Old Mutual to cede 20% to staff
    • Service providers setting up spy equipment
    • Lavish feast planned As masses go hungry
    • Too little too late
    • Mbeki clears air on SADC, Zim relations
    • FinGax Letters
  5. Posted 30/8/07
    • Mugabe vows to win 2008 elections, rejects exile
    • Panic in city as War vets demonstrate in support of Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe police pro-Mugabe behaviour reprehensible, says opposition
    • Mbare Vendors Beaten And Forced to Welcome Equatorial Guinea President At Airport
    • Manuel forgets SA's Zimbabwe election betrayal
    • No cookies, no blood in Zim
    • 'Fresh Approach' Needed on Zimbabwe
    • Business Still Ticking Over in a Limping Country
    • Zim exodus plan fatally flawed
    • Release the Zimbabwe Report
    • Zimbabwe won't collapse, says Mugabe
    • NGO's battle govt interference
    • Cut ties with Australia, says Zim state media
    • Puzzled by the motives of Mugabe's fan club
    • A baby born by torchlight
    • Home Affairs Considers Residence Permits for Zimbabwe Refugees
    • Gasela: Zimbabwe must brace for food deficit next year
    • The fate of Zimbabwe - Wildlife Suffer as people starve
  6. Batch 2 Posted 29/8/07
    • Paul Themba Nyathi: What is the role of "The Zimbabwean" in Zimbabwe's fight for Democracy?
    • Zimbabwe: The Case of the Diaspora Vote
    • Zimbabwe's blood reserves dry up
    • Trouble in the land of empty
    • Embattled Mugabe Turns To War Veterans For Support
    • New wheels for Mugabe's army, police bosses
    • Mugabe donates Z$300 million to Catholic women
    • Harare disbands ambitious food production team
    • War veterans want Tsvangirai barred from presidential poll
    • Journalist trial postponed as police fail to turn up
    • JAG job opportunities 28/08/07
    • JAG classifieds 28/08/2007
  7. Posted 29/8/07
    • Zim farmers facing a bleak future
    • Africa needs to stand up to Mugabe - Australia
    • MDC Denies Tsvangirai in Australia Lobbying for Sanctions
    • Zim talks stall over voting system dispute
    • 'Cheap Chinese Goods Destroyed Zim Economy'
    • Cosatu Slams Sadc Inaction Over Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Zimbabwe not pleased with health funding
    • Half a million Zimbabwean children to benefit from UN-backed AIDS project
    • Zim faces import shortfall of 600MW
    • 'Enemies of the State' Targeted
    • Teachers Won't Rule Out Strike Action Over Salary Demands
    • Hard-line Zim loyalists to march in support of Mugabe
    • Citizens in Denial Over Mental Effects of Crisis
    • Crucial local govt vote looms
    • How not to understand Zim
    • Hunting and gathering ....
    • Journalist's trial postponed again
  8. Batch 2 Posted 28/8/07
    • SADC 'like a club of old buddies'
    • No retribution for Mugabe, says Tsvangirai
    • Teachers demand 400 percent salary hike
    • Church group demands action against SABC correspondent
    • Zimbabwean Food Shortages Test Viability Of Online Grocery Services
    • Freed After Four Months, Zimbabwean Opposition Official Out Of Work
    • Zimbabwe: MDC Should Tread Carefully on Mbeki's So Called Mediation
    • In solidarity with Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's Zimbabwe: Printing more money is not a viable solution
    • JAG open letter forum No. 498
  9. Posted 28/8/07
    • Removing Mugabe won't mean democracy - opposition
    • Mugabe's military might fades in pay crisis
    • Power Cuts And Shortages Force Fertiliser Firms to Close
    • More food shortages loom for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Prepares for Agriculture Show
    • Parliamentary Committee Recommends Closing Youth Militia Camps
    • Mbeki Adopts Mugabe Line On Non-Existent 'Sanctions'
    • Zimbabwe opposition wants expatriates to be allowed to vote
    • SADC mediation must be allowed to breathe
    • Mugabe fears Western hand in SADC rescue plan
    • Health time-bomb as "street butchers" thrive
    • Price blitz officers in court for demanding bribes
    • UN backs SA on refugee camps for Zimbabweans
    • Why are all the ZANU PF malcontents vying for Makoni?
    • Zimbabwe Situation Can be Resolved, Says Former South African VP
    • Mugabe exit strategy a ray of hope for Zimbabwe
    • Mining companies to pay for power in forex
    • Zimbabwe economy in free fall
    • How far is SA from mirroring Zimbabwe in suppressing criticism of president?
    • MDC membership soars in Masvingo
    • Zimbabwe replace Curran as coach
    • Hyperinflation - a lesson for Zimbabwe
    • How far is SA from mirroring Zimbabwe in suppressing criticism of president?
    • MDC membership soars in Masvingo
    • Zimbabwe replace Curran as coach
    • Hyperinflation - a lesson for Zimbabwe
    • How far is SA from mirroring Zimbabwe in suppressing criticism of president?
    • MDC membership soars in Masvingo
    • Zimbabwe replace Curran as coach
    • Hyperinflation - a lesson for Zimbabwe
  10. Posted 27/8/07
    • Zimbabwe readies for agricultural showcase, despite collapsing farm industry, food shortages
    • Visit to highlight Mugabe atrocities
    • Zim inflation 'slowdown' not making a difference
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 25th August 2007
    • Shut down 'Border Gezi' camps - MPs
    • Zanu PF MP defies Mugabe price decree
    • NGOs feed Harare's poor
    • Governor, council clash over water
    • MIC card saves reporter
    • Govt bungled closure of private abattoirs
    • Bulawayo water crisis worsens
    • High Court orders police off farm
    • GMB accused of starving villagers
    • Domestics outraged by new minimum wage
    • Unicef educates chiefs on domestic violence
    • Call for laws to protect children
    • ADB cites Zimbabwe as bad debtor
    • Zimbabwe misses Tobacco targets
    • Mugabe vow to seize businesses seen as 'empty threats'
    • Author of price chaos deserves the sack
    • Sad triumph of age over reason
    • Tracing back the last days of Lookout Masuku
    • Sierra Leone poll: an example of the elections we want
    • The right stuff
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Save the Poor, Kill Black Market!
  11. Posted 26/8/07
    • Little sign of upturn despite Zimbabwe inflation slowdown
    • Mugabe's hold on Africans
    • Good Governance in Africa
    • Global inertia aggravates Zimbabwe's agony
    • Seventh Spring
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Christian Leaders Detained In Zimbabwe For "Unauthorized" Prayer Meeting
    • Crumbs all that's left in Africa breadbasket
    • It's just not cricket
  12. Batch 2 Posted 25/8/07
    • With Southern African Summit Over, Crackdown Resumes In Zimbabwe
    • Analysts See Civil Unrest In Zimbabwe As Food Shortages Intensify
    • Zimbabwe must embark on economic reforms: SADC
    • ZANU PF youths harass journalist over alleged Studio 7 links
    • CIO's Ncube plot exposed
    • Govt in price blitz climb-down
    • Zim in bid to buy Russian planes again
    • CIO, state media connive in Ncube smear campaign
    • Zimra fails to pay August salaries
    • Justice delayed is justice denied for 'petrol bombers': lawyers
    • Firms rework inflation-adjusted results
    • NMB suitor tables US$7m rescue deal
    • RBZ retrenches 131 workers
    • Misa-Zimbabwe's duck-to-water relationship with the Windhoek Declaration
    • Sadc initiative serves Mugabe
    • Mugabe exposes Sadc as toothless
    • Mutambara just wants presidency but can't say it
    • Hunters deserting village
    • Dictatorship and challenges of a democratic transition
    • Sadc lacks capacity to intervene in Zimbabwe
    • The painkiller mistaken for the cure
    • Leadership paradox takes dangerous twist
    • Mission Impossible
    • Smoke signals, semaphore or pigeon post?
    • Sadc ill-equipped to deal with rogue states
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Starts Assembling 2008 Election Slate
    • JAG classifieds 23 August 2007
  13. Posted 25/8/07
    • Economic report on Zimbabwe to remain under wraps
    • Zimbabwe: Relaxing price controls "too little, too late"
    • Indigenous Empowerment Bill Guarantees More Looting By Zanu PF
    • Zimbabwe's Neighbors Call for Economic Policy Revamp
    • Police haunts Crisis Coalition team in Gwanda
    • Woza Activists Arrested During Door to Door Raids in Bulawayo
    • Zimbabwe central bank head barred from Britain
    • Vultures Circle But Regime's Death Throes Are Prolonged
    • International community urged to re-engage Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF, MDC talks still on course, says South Africa
    • 40 percent of Zimbabweans mentally ill
    • Mayor attacks government over Bulawayo water crisis
    • White-run abattoirs cry foul over re-licensing
    • Robert Mugabe to seize control of companies
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Warily Eyes Constitutional Amendment Legislation
    • Zim rescue plan a non-starter
    • Africa Insight - Country's Sick Economy Infects Health Sector
    • South African Cabinet Raps "Misleading" Reports On Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Zimbabwe president's nationalisation plan stands to hurt economy
    • Camps are not the solution to influx of Zimbabweans in South Africa, says UN refugee chief
    • Mugabe pressurised on reforms
    • Mugabe grabs plane, passengers stranded
    • We will choose our own leaders!
    • 15 men of God languishing in police custody
    • Zimbabweans hit the bottle
    • Zimbabwe - Economic Fundamentals
    • From the streets of Harare
    • The untold story of the MDC split
    • Alert: Outcry over Hikes in rates for City Flats Dwellers
    • JAG Job Opportunities, August 23, 2007
  14. Batch 2 Posted 24/8/07
    • Zim govt introduces controversial new Bill
    • More misery for Zimbabweans as inflation gallops
    • Mbeki defends his stance on Zimbabwe
    • South Africa confident of free and fair Zimbabwe polls
    • Zimbabwe: Untreated sewage makes its way into drinking water
    • Dzivarasekwa Residents Up In Arms against ZINWA
    • No Improvement in Supplies After Government Increases Prices
    • Arrested Americans Deported Without Access to Lawyers
    • Thousands of former farm workers remain destitute
    • We are fighting afresh, says the MDC
    • Mugabe has survived two coup attempts
    • Unam 'chickens out' on Zim
    • Finance ministers to assess Zim
    • South Africa Can Do Something If They Want To
    • Mugabe catches them young
    • An imploding state
    • Democratic Alliance Exposes Government Over Zim Refugees
    • Just-ended voter registration a sham, says Chimhini
    • Mugabe splashes out on luxury vehicles as Zim suffers
  15. Batch 1 Posted 24/8/07
    • SA rules out Zim aid
    • Church opens probe into Ncube affair
    • RBZ forces CSO to release inflation data
    • 'Coup plotter' goes to Supreme Court
    • Govt lied to SADC: rights group
    • Parliament revives Mpofu's contempt case
    • ZESA could smoke out tobacco harvest
    • SADC leaders now part of Zim problem
    • Aussie deportations leave minister shaken
    • We expect SADC to invade Zim, after all
    • Policy shifts: Govt caught in own web
    • A whole new twist to sanctions spin
    • 'Big men' loyalties spoil Lusaka Summit
    • Sadc's great betrayal
  16. Batch 2 Posted 23/8/07
    • Harare postpones launch of new economic blueprint
    • Part II: 71 days in Mugabe's jail: a former Zim journalist tells his story
    • Police launch phase two of Operation Murambatsvina
    • 50 percent of workers to lose jobs as a result of price blitz
    • Zimbabwe tax collector broke, unable to pay salaries
    • MDC wants voter registration exercise extended
    • Group debunks charges of plotting to violently oust Mugabe
    • Hot Seat interview: Margaret Dongo and Wilfred Mhanda PART 2
    • Zimbabwe signs defense pact with Pakistan
  17. Posted 23/8/07
    • Zimbabwe inflation hits record as Mugabe tightens grip
    • 2007 set to break rights violations record, says Zimbabwe human rights alliance
    • Zim registers 800 000 new voters as MDC cries foul
    • Zimbabwe tries to patch up price control damage
    • US backed Zimbabwe land reform
    • Zambian president Mwanawasa fires foreign minister
    • Zimbabwe postpones introduction of economic bill
    • Time to Rescue Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Electric Supply Tightens As Suppliers Press On Arrears
    • Mugabe runs out of options as economy worsens
    • Mugabe was God-sent, says legislator
    • Economic crisis stalls refurbishment of Bulawayo airport
    • Zimbabwe: Challenges of a democratic transition
    • Zim govt denies diarrhoea crisis
    • Rights campaigner Betty Makoni and two Americans arrested
    • Church leaders criticize regional support for Zimbabwean president
    • Mugabe opponents cry foul over voting registration
    • Voter Registration Ends With a Whimper
    • Cops arrest pastors at prayer meeting - claim
    • NCA activist detained in Zambia
    • Defiant Zanu (PF) Scorns SA Talks Bid
    • Mugabe's retirement good for business
    • Has SADC done enough
    • Zim to buy country's maize at reduced price
    • Police label Normal Democratic Activities 'Subversive'
    • Zimbabwe: Mugabe accused of starving opposition supporters
    • ZNSPCA report JULY 07
    • Glen Norah women protest after disabled child falls into raw sewage
    • CHRA local government weekly update
    • Cricketers told to where to eat
    • Zimbabwe is not a normal country, and that is why we should not tour there
  18. Posted 22/8/07
    • Zimbabwe parl't debates economic bill on Wednesday
    • Finance minister defends quiet diplomacy on Zimbabwe, tells critics to go to Iraq
    • Opposition draws battle lines as Zim Parliament convenes
    • 'Zim farmers work in limbo'
    • Zim in desperate bid to end beef shortage
    • Zambia to export 100,000 T white maize to Zimbabwe
    • SA's opposition calls on Mbeki to act quickly over Zimbabwe crisis
    • Global outcry over SADC failure to pressure Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean government accused of using North Korean tactics to starve population
    • Plans needed for Zimbabwe exodus
    • Women and Men of Zimbabwe Arise holds fourth Sheroes Assembly
    • Health situation getting out of hand
    • Mugabe out to pass law on choosing successor
    • Bulawayo Running Dry As Reservoir Empties
    • Zimbabwean attorney general's office loses prosecutors: report
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 497
  19. Batch 2 Posted 21/8/07
    • Starving in Zimbabwe 'amounts to genocide'
    • 'Cut aid to Robert Mugabe's apologists'
    • SADC: Act now on Zimbabwe abuses
    • A call to action: The crisis in Zimbabwe SADC's human rights credibility on the line
    • Who Is My Brother's Keeper
    • How to put Zimbabwe back on its financial feet
    • Zanu (PF) 'busing in voters to win cities'
    • 'More investment needed in Africa'
    • Meikles to expand hotels in preparation for 2010
    • PTA Bank loans Zimbabwe miner US$$3.3 million
    • Chairman's threatening rhetoric beggars belief
    • ZIMFEST returns!
    • Troika for a dignified exit
  20. Posted 21/8/07
    • IMF says Zimbabwe ignores its economic advice
    • Water shortages spur sharp rise in diarrhea, dysentery in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe court denies bail to alleged coup plotters
    • SADC failure to act kills hope for Zimbabweans
    • New SADC chairman sets off on wrong foot
    • SADC to pay price for standing by Mugabe
    • Opposition appeals to SADC not to bail out President Mugabe's regime
    • Regional power firms switch off Harare over unpaid debts
    • 71 dark days in Mugabe's jail: a former Zim journalist tells his story
    • Police break up funeral vigil for foreign currency baroness
    • A view of the summit
    • Zimbabwe parliament to mull nationalisation plans
    • An economic noose tightens in Zimbabwe
    • New Human Rights Report
    • MDC warns its supporters to be vigilant
    • Zimbabweans Warned of Poisonous Mushrooms
    • Zimbabwe's deputy president promotes traditional food, denies starvation
    • Sinister show of force by Macho Mugabe
    • The rumblings of secret plotting to get rid of Mugabe have already begun
    • MP says more Malawi maize exported to Zimbabwe
    • Is Zimbabwe a candidate for economic surgery?
    • Leaders upbeat about Zim
    • Zimbabweans Fleeing Economic Collapse Not Refugees - UN Agency
    • Zimbabwe Government Downplays Gravity Of Diahrreal Disease Outbreaks
    • VOA's Studio 7 For Zimbabwe Expands Programming To Weekends
  21. Batch 2 Posted 20/8/07
    • International Crisis Group Says Zimbabwe Crisis is Not Exaggerated
    • Mugabe secretly registers rural voters in urban areas
    • SADC has given Mugabe licence to bash critics
    • Crisis takes toll on Zimbabwe transport operators
    • Bulawayo extends water rationing to industrial areas
    • ZANU PF provincial executive wants former governor sacked
    • Calls for retired statesmen to intervene in Zim
    • Neighbours offer Zim rescue deal to get out of cash crisis
    • Mugabe's 'fatal conceit'
    • Luxury cars for all ministers
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 19th August 2007
    • Aid to Africa
    • Zimbabwe/ICG
    • Entrepreneurs From China Flourish in Africa
    • South Africa: The President vs the People
  22. Posted 20/8/07
    • Zimbabwe: anarchy in four, says the West
    • Zimbabwe's neighbours, awed by history, tread softly
    • Zimbabwe's delivery from tyranny is far from certain
    • UN makes Zimbabwe contingency plan
    • Zim meetings progressing well - Mbeki
    • SADC to draft Zim economic recovery plan
    • Mugabe may stop price controls
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Steps Up Election Campaign With Sunday Rallies
    • Shame on all SADC leaders
    • Long-delayed EU-Africa summit to go ahead in December, Portuguese FM says
    • Jonathan Kay on Robert Mugabe, the decline of Zimbabwe, and sub-Saharan Africa's infantile political culture
  23. Batch 2 Posted 19/8/07
    • Small Step Forward On Zimbabwe By Regional Summit - Analysts
    • Civil society calls for strong intervention in Zim
    • 'Review Zim electoral framework'
    • Mbeki accused of protecting Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe opposition vows to 'enlighten' regional leaders
    • Mbeki optimistic on ending the Zim crisis
    • Peter Tatchell: 'There may be a case for the people of Zimbabwe to kill Robert Mugabe'
    • Zimbabwe 'peaceful and secure'
    • Man accused over killing co-worker over food theft in Zimbabwe
    • Zim schoolgirl steals a march on Mbeki at SADC summit
    • ZCTF REPORT: Aug 2007
    • All for Sugar
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • A day in the life of a Zimbabwean cross-border trader
    • CHRA local government weekly update
  24. Batch 1 Posted 19/8/07
    • Gono, Chihuri children face Aussie deportation
    • Dabengwa to reveal all in new book
    • Photographer faces roasting at MIC hearing
    • MDC factions optimistic of Sadc initiative on Zim crisis
    • Universities defy govt fees freeze
    • Price blitz: rural businesses go under
    • Aggrieved new farmer wants John Nkomo's workers arrested
    • Business wakes up to HIV/Aids
    • Farmer acquitted
    • Chegutu Hospital hit by power, water shortages
    • Chanakira hails the launch of ZiHAT
    • Zanu PF youths cause havoc
    • 'Dangerous' Chitungwiza plant to remain closed
    • Zanu PF's repressive machinery buries Matongo memorial
    • Printing fades on tourism blueprint
    • Expansion roll-out to continue, says Econet
    • Trade expert urges caution on Africa-EU trade pact
    • NRZ accident probe should be independent to avoid hush up
    • How Mugabe got Sadc into his pocket
    • Socialism, the term used to cloak so many evils
    • Right to vote, win elections and regime change
    • Electoral delight
    • Zim Standard Letters
  25. Batch 3 Posted 18/8/07
    • Summit Offers No Quick Fix for Zimbabwe
    • African summit ignores Zimbabwe's woes
    • US supports efforts by southern Africans to resolve Zimbabwe crisis
    • Southern African Leaders To Zimbabwe's Mugabe: Reform First, Then Aid
    • SADC leaders endorse Thabo Mbeki's report
    • U.S. offers food aid to Zimbabwe, criticizes gov't
    • Zimbabwe's problems 'exaggerated': regional leaders
    • Harare reacts angrily to Australia's plans to deport Zim students
    • Zim 'coup plotters' case deferred to Monday
    • Bread Shortages Worsen As Zimbabwe State Wheat Stocks Dwindle
    • Zanu PF scared of defeat next year
    • Zambian opposition leader dismisses Herald story as outrageous
    • Botswana, Kenya And Zimbabwe Pass Tyrannical Bills
  26. Batch 2 Posted 18/8/07
    • SADC to Support More Mediation in Zimbabwe Crisis
    • SADC toughens stance on Mugabe
    • Regional summit fails to pressure Zimbabwe-delegates
    • Zim reaffirms land redistribution policy
    • SADC keeps wraps on Mbeki's Harare report
    • Disbelief at SADC applause for Mugabe
    • Getting rid of Robert Mugabe
    • Australia to cancel student visas given to Zanu PF kids
    • Zimbabwe store owner jailed for defying price controls
    • Zimbabwe's Murowa diamond output falls 63 percent
    • Massive rigging unveiled as mobile voter registration ends
    • Third death reported in Bulawayo sugar stampede
    • Malnutrition Among Children On the Rise
    • New plan for Zim economy
    • Zimbabwe Election Watch - Issue 4
    • Portugal not to bar Mugabe from EU-Africa summit
    • MDC cadre abducted by CIOs in Zambia
    • SADC summit's bob and weave
  27. Batch 1 Posted 18/8/07
    • Task force: heads to roll
    • Can Zim boom from gloom?
    • Politics killing local govt bodies
    • Bulawayo council owed $48 billion
    • Infills leave urban centres gasping for fresh breath
    • Mozambique seizes Zimbabwe wheat
    • MDC, civic groups allege flaws in voter registration
    • Govt ministries exhaust allocations, resort to unauthorised expenditure
    • Govt gives farm back to Madzongwe
    • No more Zanu PF 'young old men'
    • Makwavarara served with eviction notice
    • Turning in their graves
    • Over-regulation leaves govt confused
    • Likely tax implications of price slash
    • FinGaz Letters
  28. Batch 2 Posted 17/8/07
    • MoD works on evacuation plan for 22,000 Britons in Zimbabwe
    • SADC rallies behind Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe central bank mops up forex on parallel market
    • ZANU PF commissioners grab council property for a song
    • Mugabe's clean-up victims still living in shacks
    • Embattled Catholic cleric meets accuser
    • Sadc sets tough terms for Mugabe
    • . . . as Mbeki presents 'talks' report
    • Bread crisis set to worsen
    • Blitz cuts off rural populace from towns
    • Police disrupt Pius Ncube meeting
    • Government buys 200 buses from China
    • Zanu PF gears up for cyber warfare
    • Poll rigging ploy exposed in Chitungwiza
    • Lavish wedding for Mujuru's daughter
    • Zimbabwe gold production tumbles
    • Cowed journalists turn to bootlicking
    • Government chickens coming home to roost
    • Manheru's songs of sorrow
    • Zimbabwe and the leadership paradox
    • Mutambara, you made a fool of yourself
    • Amateurish crusade
    • MuckRaker
    • Impertinence of the compensation demand
    • What progress Mr President?
    • Give us a break please and go
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Urges An Accelerated Crisis Resolution Process
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 16 August 2007
  29. Posted 17/8/07
    • Boy dies in sugar stampede as leaders laud Mugabe at summit
    • Zim rejects reform at regional summit
    • Southern African leaders tread softly with Mugabe
    • Mbeki presents Zim report to SADC leaders
    • What are the chances of a Zim mediation?
    • Zimbabwe crisis takes centre stage at SADC summit
    • Govt presidential scholarship scheme benefiting Mugabe relatives
    • Freed human rights activists harassed by security agents
    • Mugabe Already Rigging The 2008 Elections
    • Zimbabwean students expelled for Mugabe ties
    • Mugabe's masterplan
    • South Africa: Cold reception for Zimbabwean migrants
    • Zim government to outlaw profiteering : report
    • Zinwa Suspends Two Senior Managers
    • Cry, the beloved country
  30. Batch 2 Posted 16/8/07
    • Harare throws SADC initiative into turmoil
    • Zim clinics demand paraffin lamps, water from pregnant women
    • ZANU PF bigwigs raid grain silos
    • Civic groups meet SA government over ZANU PF, MDC talks
    • Mbeki urged to stop shielding Mugabe from censure
    • Relief for Zim mobile phone company
    • Masvingo villagers vow to resist eviction
    • Dongo and Wilfred Mhanda on Hotseat
    • In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Food Shortages Lead To Deadly Stampede
    • Juniors boo army commanders
    • JOC plans to starve the nation unveiled
    • Coup plot details revealed
    • SABC implicated in Ncube sting operation
    • From the Streets of Harare with Itai Dzamara
    • Howls of laughter - at last!
    • SAWIMA feeds the hungry
    • MDC star rally set for Limpopo
    • JAG Classifieds dated 15 August 2007
  31. Posted 16/8/07
    • Southern African leaders meet on Zimbabwe
    • There is no easy way out of Zimbabwe abyss
    • Some Zimbabwean activists allowed into Zambia-union
    • "Leaked" Country Report Not Written by Government
    • South African Government Denies Criticizing Britain Over Zimbabwe
    • Zim civil groups reject SA's suggestions on constitutional reform
    • Zim constitution must stay, says Mufamadi
    • Zimbabwe minister rules out dialogue with opposition
    • 'Mugabe may be gone by year's end'
    • Zimbabwe regime may continue
    • Tsvangirai camp lures break-away MPs
    • Extension of Price Cuts Spells Ruination For Zimbabwe, Economists Say
    • SA cricketers hungry in Zim
    • Zimbabwe - The Reality on the Ground
    • No shock: Zimbabwean central banker in scam
    • MDC disputes claims
    • Town Goes Without Water for Over Two Months
    • Mugabe's Meddling Into Housing Rentals Slammed
    • Traders Are Now Importing Basic Foodstuffs
    • Zim teachers to fill SA gaps
    • CSOs to assess human rights atrocities in Zim
    • Banned Zimbabwean plays set the UK alight
    • FEWS Zimbabwe Food Security Update Aug 2007 - Maize imports ahead of schedule; gap remains
    • Zimbabwe grandmothers help build schools for their community's children
  32. Posted 15/8/07
    • SADC: Take action to end Zimbabwe rights crisis
    • SADC meeting to put Zimbabwe high on its agenda
    • Mugabe hails army loyalty as he fights severe crisis
    • MDC ups stakes and urges SADC to broaden mediation talks
    • MDC in danger of missing the freedom train
    • SADC urged to deploy rights monitors in Zim ahead of polls
    • No walk in the park for Mugabe at SADC summit, analysts
    • Passing the colonial buck
    • Police disrupt late MDC chairman's memorial service
    • What progress will Mbeki report?
    • Hope for Zimbabwe walking among us
    • NGOs need to operate independently
    • Civil society leaders meet SA mediation team
    • Invest in Zimbabwe, says Mugabe
    • Malawi opposition wary of 'death squad'
    • SA minister dismisses claims of Zim draft report
    • Zim in spotlight at SADC summit
    • Cement giant hit-hard by price slash
    • FNBS claims RBZ governor Gono closed their bank to settle scores
  33. Posted 14/8/07
    • Mugabe says Zimbabwe will not change course
    • Mugabe defends economic policy
    • Zimbabweans Show Little Optimism Ahead of SADC Summit
    • Activists urge help for Zimbabwe during upcoming SADC summit
    • SADC expected to act more decisively on Zim issues
    • SADC summit unlikely to affect Zim much
    • Eating cake while a country dies
    • Zimbabweans watch soberly as blitz starts to wane
    • What next for chaotic Zimbabwe?
    • Soldiers beat and force Kuwadzana residents to Heroes Day celebrations
    • Heroes Day commemoration just another Zanu PF showpiece
    • What holiday?
    • Security forces on high alert over the impending protests
    • South Africa blames UK for Zimbabwe crisis
    • A warning on Zimbabwe as South African business confidence rises
    • United States of Africa talks continue
    • Application by alleged Zimbabwe coup plotters held in camera
    • Africa Remains Silent As the Horrors of Robert Mugabe Come to Light
    • Zimbabwe price rises must have government permission
    • Mugabe targets foreign mobile company
    • No refugee camps for Zim 'economic migrants'
    • Cosatu takes issue with 'vigilante' farmers
    • Re: "Secure Instant Messaging Communications"
  34. Posted 13/8/07
    • Travel misery, food shortages grip Zimbabwe holidays
    • Mbeki has been outflanked by Mugabe - MDC
    • Zimbabwe's horrors
    • Mugabe's price controls worsen food security situation
    • Soldiers storm police station to recover looted food items
    • SADC should redeem itself by imposing sanctions on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe refugees
    • Reasons why SADC's pre-occupation ought to be Zim
    • 51 Zimbabwe bus drivers arrested as transport crisis bites: report
    • Zim in bid to end meat crisis
    • Govt reiterates no refugee status for Zimbabweans
    • Zim refugee plan 'too late'
    • Secure Instant Messaging Communications
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 11th August 2007
    • New group to lobby SADC on Zimbabwe
    • Nine killed, 52 injured in Zimbabwe road accident
    • Tatenda Taibu back for Zimbabwe as feud ends
    • Commission postpones hearing against journalist
    • Suspected suicide of top Zimbabwe journalist after road crash
  35. Posted 12/8/07
    • Malawi journalists in Zimbabwe for propaganda training
    • Message sending failed!
    • Mutambara's Heroes Day Message
    • New party, ZPP raises suspicion
    • Ernest Tekere Unmasked
    • Mbeki invites civil society to talks
    • 500 families homeless after farm eviction
    • Worker loses leg, Chitungwiza factory shuts down
    • Price blitz cuts milk output line
    • Enos Nkala alleges CIO plot to steal his book
    • ZLHR mulls challenge to spying law
    • Zambians wary of selling maize to Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF councils defy price controls
    • State withdraws charges against rights lawyers
    • Bulawayo keeps door shut on Zinwa
    • Riot police evict workers from white farmers' land
    • Gundamiti works, insists researcher
    • Police bar memorial service
    • Gono has lost inflation war - economists
    • Gold glitters for RioZim
    • Wages still not pegged on PDL, harps ZCTU
    • 'No EU pressure on Africa'
    • Breadless holiday looms
    • Be wary of conclusions as regional leaders meet over crisis
    • Paragon of democracy? Not Zanu PF
    • When liberators turned abusers of power
    • Voter registration can boost turn-out at polling stations
    • Half a Bob a job
    • Zim Standard Letters
  36. Batch 2 Posted 11/8/07
    • Mugabe brings Zimbabwe industry to standstill
    • Pyongyang's man in Harare
    • SA opposition calls for tougher SADC action on Mugabe
    • 10 percent of Harare's school children suffering from kwashiorkor: report
    • Analysts See South African-Mediated Zimbabwe Talks Floundering
    • South African opposition calls for sanctions against Zimbabwe
    • SA social network takes a beating
    • Living in a queue and praying for freedom
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Defendants Remanded At Liberty Until October
    • A floodgate for illegal immigrants
  37. Posted 11/8/07
    • Mugabe likely to ease price freeze
    • Analyst cautions over breakthrough report
    • Mugabe diverts seized food to starving soldiers
    • Media hangman summons Zimbabwe photo-journalist
    • Zim internet service providers struggle to buy spying equipment
    • Magistrate remands alleged coup plotters in custody
    • SA says won't boycott tours to Zimbabwe
    • Angola seeks Zimbabwe military assistance
    • Zimbabwe Food Security Emergency 9 Aug 2007 - Poor economy, harvests decrease food security
    • Water Along With Food And Fuel Getting Scarce In Harare, Zimbabwe
    • SADC: Mugabe in the pound seats
    • Shortages provides window of opportunity for swindlers
    • Sweeping Surveillance Law to Target 'Imperialist-Sponsored Journalists'
    • Hot Seat interview: Jocelyn Chiwenga and Dr John Makumbe - Understanding the ZANU PF mindset
    • ZRP Caught in Motorbikes Scam
    • Will Mugabe Survive This Time Round?
    • Camps planned for Zim refugees - report
    • Persecution complex
    • Student leader finally released; Badly tortured
    • Government blows scarce foreign currency on luxurious cars
    • Kaunda worried over Zimbabwean crisis
  38. Batch 3 Posted 10/8/07
    • Cabinet divided over price blitz
    • Mbeki mediation bid limps on
    • Telecel licence revoked
    • 'Diesel' n'anga in succession plot
    • Price Monitoring Taskforce: Terms of Reference
    • Price blitz backfires
    • Government backtracks on prices clampdown
    • Tempers flare at Mugabe meeting
    • Zanu PF plans cyber warfare against online publications
    • CSC disrupts Zim's eating habits
    • . . offers Mugabe fuel, 'golden' gifts
    • Government loses trillions in revenue
    • Banking future uncertain
    • The contrarian investor will come out the winner
    • Interest rates drop
    • Domestic debt soars
    • Noczim set to monopolise fuel imports
    • Zesa, blunders yield another wheat disaster
    • Mutambara: unity broker or another opportunist?
    • Will Mugabe survive this time round?
    • No one else believes that nonsense
    • Give meat business back to abattoirs
    • Controls never work
    • Holy 'baboonhood'
    • Tsunami Mpofu strikes again
    • Outrageous
    • Candid Comment
    • Zim Independent Letters
  39. Batch 2 Posted 10/8/07
    • 1 killed, 83 injured in "Freedom Train" crash blamed on broken signals
    • Zimbabwe crisis will be high on agenda of regional summit, says official
    • In Zimbabwe, even the pubs have no beer
    • Is There Any Way Out?
    • Mysterious 'accident' offers window on Zimbabwe politics
    • Mugabe nears deal with Zimbabwe opposition - report
    • MDC to express voter registration concerns to Electoral Commission
    • Foreign currency scam at RBZ confirms illegal deals on black market
    • 16 WOZA activists released but two more arrested
    • Mugabe's sewage cost Makwavarara her job
    • Free Zim Youths to protest at SA and Zimbabwe embassies
    • No welcome, no let-up
    • How to plunder an economy
    • Taking the 'fast' out of Zim's fast foods
    • CHRA local government weekly update
    • Soldiers assault
    • Mugabe Misled SADC About MDC Terrorism Charges
    • Botswana Acts on Soldiers' Abuses
    • Mugabe Puts Out the Barbecues
    • Zimbabwean Militaries Briefed on Angolan State Organisation
    • Private Schools Set to Increase Fees
    • $700bn Needed to Address Marondera Water Challenges
    • Exec Jailed Over Attempted Passport Scam
    • Rwandan tale of redemption is Edinburgh sellout
  40. Batch 1 Posted 10/8/07
    • Mugabe against wall
    • Chombo pressured to sack Makwavarara
    • Charges against Madzore withdrawn
    • Report confirms coup suspects tortured
    • Top cops in massive 'looting' spree
    • We are not being defiant - CFU
    • Chombo, Byo City head for showdown
    • Special trains for holiday
    • SADC Summit: Will the news be no news again?
    • Forex crunch triggers trade surplus
    • New deputy mayor announced
    • Govt skirts MIC in Daily News saga
    • Zim's World Cup preparations crawl forward
    • Is Chiwenga's boorish behaviour patriotism?
    • Vic Falls: The last outpost of growth
    • Was the price blitz a curse or blessing?
    • Deadly blow to civil liberties
    • I insist on my right to vote in 2008
    • Sun sets for Sekesai
    • An Open Letter to the President of South Africa
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 9 August 2007
  41. Batch 2 Posted 9/8/07
    • ZANU PF divided over continuing farm evictions
    • Magistrate to decide whether coup trial should be held in open court
    • MDC officials freed after spending over 90 days in remand prison
    • Labour union says mass protests still on
    • Villagers invade giant ranch in Chiredzi
    • Mugabe fails to pay for Malawi maize
    • Zimbabwe Hardliners Move To Evict The Last Of The White Farmers
    • Fuel Crunch Brings Zimbabwe Road Transport To A Grinding Halt
    • CPJ concerned by Zimbabwe's sweeping surveillance law
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Charges State Price Crackdown Targets Activists
    • Save Zimbabwe Campaign more relevant than ever
    • Mass defections to Tsvangirai camp
    • The untold story of the MDC split
    • No spying going on - ISPs
    • SA needs to share Zimbabwe's pain
    • MDC names real heroes
    • Attacking the silence
    • Land only for blacks - Mutasa
    • Victory for land-grab farmers
    • Bootlicking business leaders flatter Mugabe
    • Massive RBZ forex scam exposed
    • From the streets of Harare
    • Business leaders' '90-day solution'
    • State media slammed for biased news
  42. Posted 9/8/07
    • Zimbabwe to import 300,000 tonnes of foods from neighbours
    • Mugabe nears deal with Zimbabwe opposition
    • Human Rights violations double in Zimbabwe, say rights monitors
    • Zimbabwe: A way out of the crisis
    • Zimbabwe threatens white farmers on evictions
    • Zimbabwe Election Watch - Issue 3
    • South Africa wrestles with refugees fleeing Zimbabwe crisis
    • Massive irregularities in voter registration exercise
    • Commuters wait for days as transport crisis deepens
    • NCA activist, student leader & WOZA members still in detention
    • Zim gvt behaves like a foreign force says the MDC
    • Zimbabweans near end of the line
    • Mugabe must not be allowed to go to Portugal
    • Zanu PF uses Mutambara's words to further divide opposition
    • Transport crisis drains frustrated Zimbabweans
    • Heroes Day Protest
    • The game's afoot, once more
    • President Mugabe in a vote catching gimmick crusade
    • Student leader being tortured
    • Zim government fails to import maize from Malawi
    • Journalists urged to be on high alert
    • Wheat Crop - Power Woes Blamed
    • South Africa's Betrayal
  43. Posted 8/8/07
    • Thousands stranded as Zimbabwe fuel crisis bites
    • Zimbabwe rights body says outraged by Mugabe's abuses
    • ZANU PF waits for Mugabe to decide on talks
    • MDC businessmen cry foul over price blitz
    • Communicatiosn Interception Bill - Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Set To Lobby Regional Leaders At Lusaka Summit
    • Price cuts will halve Zim revenue
    • Too much to monitor for snooping squads
    • ISPs counting the cost of 'big brother' law
    • Zim stock exchange forced to calculate inflation
    • Asmal Seeks UN Pressure on Mugabe
    • Armed anti-riot police deployed in Zimbabwe's eastern border-Mutare
    • 19 WOZA & MOZA activists arrested while playing sport in Masvingo
    • Makwavarara Out
    • Floodgates in Zim are open
    • Harare's counter-culture cafe
    • 'I detest what is happening in Zim'
    • Zimbabwe's Ruined Economy Signals End for Mugabe
    • Where Is Nelson Mandela?
    • Zimbabweans, We Need Love Not Revenge
    • Affreximbank gives $5 million loan to Zimbabwean bank
    • Hunger in Zimbabwe - watch the video
    • 200 vehicles to go under the hammer at Beitbridge
    • From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe
    • JAG Classifieds dated 7 August 2007
  44. Posted 7/8/07
    • 7,500 arrests in Zimbabwe price cuts clampdown
    • Mugabe snooping law exposes increased repression
    • Mugabe's state agents to counter Tsvangirai rural blitz
    • Chiefs turn controversial tractors into pirate taxis
    • Mugabe attacks journalists
    • Farm invasions decimated 90 percent of Zim's wildlife: report
    • Unconfirmed Reports That Fired Makwavarara Dismissed
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Charges Police Shut Down Harare Rally
    • Ruling Party Arm Twists Vendors To Register As Mbare Residents
    • WOZA protest price cut chaos
    • MDC bemoans slow pace of mediation talks
    • Mutambara on BBC Hardtalk
    • Zim vendor sells donkey 'beef''
    • Mugabe attends anti-poverty summit as country crumbles round him
    • Refugees thin edge of dangerous wedge for SA and Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans queue at Zambian border
    • The crisis deepens
    • Zimbabwe Supreme Court To Hear Opposition 2005 Elections Challenge
    • Police planning night raids on businesses in Manicaland
    • Robert Mugabe's final resting place
    • Defiant Mugabe's New Restrictions Push Zimbabwe Economy Further Toward Collapse
    • City Firms Lose Over $6 Billion in RTGS Scam
  45. Posted 6/8/07
    • Zim's harvest to be worst in seven years
    • New law allows Mugabe to eavesdrop
    • Zimbabwe 'has come to a standstill'
    • Crawling under razor wire
    • Zimbabweans defy death to flee into South Africa
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 4th August 2007
    • Mugabe in Malaysia to fight poverty in Africa
    • Zambia reports increase in Zimbabweans entering the country
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank raises gold support price for second time in a week
    • Zambian rhino poacher jailed for 18 years in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe meltdown signals boom time for SAfrica border town
    • Zimbabwe must make a choice
    • Will the military save or sink Zimbabwe?
    • Show some sympathy for Mugabe's border-crossers
    • Mugabe tightens repression with new snooping law
    • Senior police officer shot dead in Zambia
    • White farmers patrol border to stem the exodus from Zimbabwe
  46. Posted 5/8/07
    • Famed Zimbabwe book fair dwindles in country where 10 children now share a single textbook
    • Former Zimbabwean information minister warns of coup
    • 'Zimbabwe is out'
    • Night raids planned for Zimbabwe businesses
    • Mugabe's Madness
    • Zimbabwe Harsh Terrain for Journalists
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Meltdown in Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai scoffs at Chiwenga claims
    • Warning: more dark days ahead
    • New spying law 'unconstitutional'
    • Civic leaders reject poll harmonisation
    • Strange twist in Pius Ncube adultery case
    • Passengers hurt in bus scramble
    • Minister, state media journalist exchange insults
    • Police deny stealing NUST fuel
    • More pain and misery for desperate consumers
    • Keeping families alive in Zimbabwe
    • Boost for health sector
    • Govt accused of 'choking' mining industry
    • Tobacco sales up
    • Midzi, Mangwana split on local mining stake
    • Workers fume as price blitz causes pay cuts
    • After weeks of mayhem chickens are coming home to roost
    • How heroes of the struggle became helpless prisoners
    • Zim Standard Letters
  47. Posted 4/8/07
    • Zimbabwe passes law to monitor phones, mail
    • Southern African nations deny Zimbabwe mediation failing
    • Zimbabweans stockpile food ahead of new Mugabe clamp
    • Bulawayo runs dry amid fears of disease outbreak
    • "Overzealous" police impound food aid
    • Senior Army Officers Causing Havoc On Farms
    • MDC 'petrol bombers' to sue Zimbabwe police
    • Weep for Zimbabwe
    • Assault of journalist
    • In solidarity with The Save Zimbabwe Campaign
    • Portugal looking for London-Harare compromise
    • Zimbabwe Private Sector Launches Intervention To Revive Health Care
    • Catholic Hospitals Burdened As Public Health Services Collapse
    • Mugabe turns his fury on journalists
    • Zimbabwean musicians struggle to play on in face of political and economic crisis
    • Buthelezi: Zim refugees threaten SA stability
    • Zambia worried of influx of Zimbabweans
    • New Zim union 'will make farms profitable'
    • Collapse of unity talks forced former MP and 21 others to defect
    • MDC Activist Refuses to Pay Fine Over Anti Mugabe Song
    • The Resident
    • Full text of MDC Coalition Agreement as agreed by the two negotiating teams in April
    • Testimony of Major General Jonathan S. Gration - U.S. Senate Africom Hearing
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 2 August 2007
  48. Batch 2 Posted 3/8/07
    • Six collapse due to hunger during Mugabe speech
    • 8 MDC Activists Arrested for Singing Anti-Mugabe Songs
    • Government Crackdown On Businesses Continues Countrywide
    • Zimbabwe Election Monitor Calls For Extension Of Voter Registration
    • Zim taps run dry
    • Harare Civic Group Asks EU, Australia To Sanction City Commissioners
    • Makoni, Manyika clash over prices
    • . . . As VP Mujuru opposes blitz
    • Cabinet divided over business seizures
    • Mugabe splashes trillions on cars
    • Supreme Court to hear MDC challenge
    • Bulawayo water crisis a boon for hawkers
    • 'I'm ready to face Tsvangirai, Mugabe'
    • Army bans resignations
    • Government, business implement 13-point plan
    • CSC exposed
    • Zanu PF plans purge of state firms
    • The trouble with indigenisation in Zimbabwe
    • Money supply on upward trend
    • Mugabe's bumpy road to 2008
    • Load-shedding: who is to blame?
    • Game over for Mugabe
    • Nhema can tell us where to get meat
    • Minister's racism destroying economy
    • Mugabe wins in MDC fight
    • Zanu PF's foul tricks threadbare
    • Zim Independent Letters
  49. Posted 3/8/07
    • In Zimbabwe's chaos, a kleptocracy thrives
    • Mugabe prints more money but for most there is nothing to buy
    • Zimbabwe businessmen sentenced to clean government buildings
    • Hearses shuttling commuters
    • Zimbabwe opposition defectors return to the fold
    • Zim mediation not failing - SADC
    • SAfrica worried by growing Zimbabwe refugee crisis
    • Rural Living Standards Now Apply in the Capital
    • Farm Production Declines 14 Percent
    • Many Foreigners Decide to Stay in Zimbabwe
    • Pol Pot Revisited
    • Schools demand fuel as Zimbabwe's economic crisis worsens
    • As Zimbabwe's Woes Mount, Mugabe Declares Open Season on Wildlife
    • Lawyers demand release of coup plot suspects
    • 90-day solution for Zimbabwe
    • Mwanawasa seeks to repair relations with Mugabe
    • Zim man killed in scuffle about bread
    • National student body pledge support for Save Zimbabwe Campaign
    • Scientology books for Zimbabwe government officials
    • Zimbabwe's Confucius Institute to graduate first group of Chinese language students
    • SA home affairs in denial over Zimbabwean refugees
    • Renewed MDC Strife Bodes Ill for Elections
    • Zimbabwe army chief's wife "set to sue opposition leader"
    • Private College Fined
    • Once-Prosperous Rhodesia Destroyed By Zimbabwe's Mugabe
  50. Batch 3 Posted 2/8/07
    • Zimbabwe's hospital system 'beyond help'
    • Free and fair, true or false?
    • Public dialogue held on Zimbabwean leadership
    • Zim refugee camp a hive of 'rape, theft'
    • Mugabe is the only winner
    • Chef's wife goes berserk
    • Fawning business leaders sing Mugabe's praises
    • Nhema named in Parks vehicle scandal
    • Rates in tailspin after cash injection
    • Brigadier defies Msika's orders
    • Chinamasa, Muguti clash
    • Coup suspect vanishes
    • Cracks deepen within ZANU PF
    • Just what ZANU PF's doctor ordered
    • The hotel, the bank and the teapot
    • Gono's golden rescue operation
    • De Klerk's dark past catches up with him
    • Kuruneri case a cruel diversionary tactic
    • We must be afraid, very afraid
    • Yet another war lost!
    • Of morons and intellectual midgets
    • FinGaz Letters
    • MDC coalition agreement making Tsvangirai presidential candidate
    • Up in Smoke
    • Rhino Field Project
    • Press Release: Play for Zimbabwe Events
  51. Batch 2 Posted 2/8/07
    • Zim economy set to sink deeper into murky waters
    • MDC says to continue presenting united front in Mbeki-led talks
    • Water crisis threatens Zimbabwe firms
    • Journalist beaten up as Tsvangirai tours supermarkets
    • Zimbabwe's Wildlife Decimated by Economic Crisis
    • 'Business As Usual' At Save Zimbabwe Campaign After Mutambara Exit
    • Mugabe: 'No price too high'
    • Mutambara vs Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe blocks party opposition
    • Fuel crisis cripples Zim
    • Gukurahundi revisited
    • Get serious about talks, SADC leaders tell Mugabe
    • Control of imports - confusion reigns
    • Another wrong turn
    • Gono knocks Zinwa
    • Press freedom for state media only
    • Refugee centre to open soon
    • Gono denies patronage at RBZ
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Sues State Charging Disruption Of February Rally
  52. Posted 2/8/07
    • Mugabe's decree on prices puts Zimbabwe economy in a tailspin
    • UN Calls for Dramatic Increase in Emergency Food Aid for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader inspects empty shelves
    • Jocelyn Chiwenga at it again - brags about slapping a journalist
    • Zimbabweans fleeing country not refugees: SA govt
    • South African police urge farmers to end campaign against Zimbabweans crossing border
    • Protest march to deliver Zimbabwe Human Rights Petition to President Mbeki
    • Mugabe struggles to hold on to power
    • Water shortages in capital leave residents desperate
    • Hot Seat transcript: Topper Whitehead on how Mugabe rigged 2002 Presidential Election
    • Zimbabwe diaspora urged to initiate global response to crisis
    • Zimbabwe: Drought and Complex Emergency Situation Report #1 (FY 2007)
    • Average's tale of escape from Zim a common one
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader says price freeze failing
    • ZILGA Congress proof that Local Government is a puppet of Central Government
    • NGO Forum Report
    • Re: The problems that dog the opposition in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean bus drivers in cells, report says
    • Seed Co Seeks Govt Nod to Export Surplus
    • Transporters cash in on Zim maize market
    • Zimbabwe gold sector prospects for recovery hamstrung
    • Escape drama in court 20
    • Why, the Beloved Country?
    • A great hole in SA's political discourse
  53. Batch 2 Posted 1/8/07
    • My Zim contact explains why fasting is good for the people
    • War veterans harass business leaders in Masvingo
    • MDC files Z$504 billion lawsuit against police
    • Pressure group accuses police of hoarding basic goods
    • Water Shortages in Capital Leave Residents Desperate
    • The City of "Passport Size" Ablutions
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Rejects New Currency Denomination
    • Q&A: Zimbabwe's economy
    • Zimbabwe Government Alleged To Block NGO Food Assistance Efforts
    • Zimbabwe NGOs Looking Into Roadside Murders Of Student, Two Others
    • The problems that dog the opposition in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Union Seeks To Reopen Talks On Compensation
    • JAG Classifieds dated 31 July 2007
  54. Posted 1/8/07
    • IMF: Zimbabwe's inflation could reach more than 100,000 percent
    • Zimbabwe introduces $200,000 bill. It's worth one U.S. buck
    • No matter what it costs Zimbabwe
    • Hunting Africa's Impoverished Illegals
    • Crossing the Border to Bring the Groceries Home
    • Senior police officer dismissed for 'supporting' MDC
    • More information emerges on airport road murders
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe exchanges gold and diamonds for fuel
    • Kuruneri's acquittal pregnant with lessons
    • MDC has weakened its bid to unseat Mugabe
    • Price crackdown nets 6 200 business leaders
    • Farmer files High Court application over seized cars, ivory
    • Zimbabwe's Mutambara Undoes Opposition Moves Towards Unification
    • The sad queue for the kidney machine
    • Crackdown On Illegal Gold Prospectors
    • Animal population crash threatens Zimbabwe National Park
    • Zesa Urged to Minimise Power Disruptions
    • Three from Zimbabwe hurt in township attack
    • Villages complain to Khama
  55. Posted 1/7/07
    • Zimbabwe's autocratic leader Mugabe expected to be invited to Europe-Africa summit in December
    • Zimbabwe must solve its own challenges: Ngonyama
    • African leaders gather to discuss unity
    • Emperor Mugabe
    • China and SA responsible for worsening Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe has no planes for quelea bird control
    • Take them all over
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • ZCTF Report: June 2007
    • Come and hear Dr John Makumbe - 7.30 pm, 2/7/07
    • Who'll be the Global Soft superpower?

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