The ZIMBABWE Situation

October 2007 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/10/07
    • Zimbabwe to consider banned newspaper's application
    • EU to invite Mugabe to summit
    • The Dutch say Mugabe's presence at summit 'not desired'
    • 'Economic weather' closes down rural areas
    • Government Planning New Currency
    • Government Threatens Companies Over Foreign Exchange
    • SADC Mediation Talks Miss Deadline
    • The impact of hyperinflation on Zimbabwean pensioners: Mr Keswa's story
    • Cashless Zimsec Enlist Soldiers And Police to Mark Examinations
    • Global March against Child Labour Zimbabwe 2007
    • MDC Crisis Meeting Will Decide Fate of Women's Executive
    • Dongo and Matibenga: history repeating itself
    • It’s the constitution stupid!
    • Former NMB boss Mushore in court for initial remand
    • Zimbabwe halts prospecting
    • ACT launches Zimbabwe food aid and recovery appeal
    • CWS emergency appeal: Zimbabwe food aid
  2. Posted 30/10/07
    • Dry pumps keep Zimbabwe coup plot accused behind bars
    • Fuel-starved Zimbabwe buys part of pipeline: Report
    • Centre launches media defence programme for region
    • Parliamentary committee backs airline's bid to charge fares in forex
    • Masvingo governor grabs farm for daughter
    • Electricity Company Shifts Generators To Maintain Even Energy Flow In Zimbabwe
    • Droughts, food shortages and pensioners
    • Zimbabwean singer packs protest punch
    • Zimbabwe needs SA’s help now, not just talk
    • Diaspora Resistance – Phase One
    • Water Price to Go Up - Minister
    • Conflicting reports over MDC women’s meeting
    • Is Zimbabwe ready for the earthly departure of its “father”?
    • African Surgeons Provides Relief to Cataract Patients
    • Institute for War & Peace Reporting
    • ZimConservation September/October Newsletter
    • Move the UN to Botswana
    • Zimbabwe petition which mentions Malawi forwarded to CHOGM
    • Mention of Chissano's Prize Banned in Beira
    • Civic Groups Press Zimbabwe To Soften Electoral Laws To Allow Voter Drive
    • Election of Women's Assembly Exposes Cracks In Zimbabwe Opposition Faction
    • A Cozy Abode
  3. Posted 29/10/07
    • After 62 years, BA takes flight from Harare
    • MDC wants all-party meeting over voter registration
    • MDC could be weakened further after replacing women's executive
    • Troubled Air Zimbabwe fears ban from skies
    • 'I work in a heartbroken country'
    • Never rains but pours as Zimbabwe faces energy crisis
    • War vets threaten opponents of ‘God-chosen’ leader’s re-election
    • Dignity and Freedom
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 27th October 2007
    • Halt on Zimbabwe's participation
    • Former cricket ace to be re-examined to assess sanity
  4. Posted 28/10/07
    • "Zimbabwe: A Country In Crisis"
    • Zimbabwe's president lambasts recent price hikes
    • Mugabe says MDC violence charges are "falsehoods"
    • Villagers stabbed in land dispute
    • Mutasa linked to bizarre rituals
    • Confusion marks run up to MDC congress
    • ZLP denounces pro-Mugabe marches
    • Minister threatens MDC supporters
    • Police probe Miss Rural pageant
    • Unicef programmes benefit poor children
    • 'Zimbabwe deserves better' - IMF
    • Ministers snub British donation
    • Government deploys CIO spies at Zesa
    • Mtetwa claims $80b from police, parent ministry
    • Chinodya wins 2007 Noma Award
    • Desperate AirZim courts banished airline
    • Top retailer, TM retrenches 300 workers
    • ESA not ready to sign EU pact
    • Enemies within Zimbabwe’s political opposition
    • Poll about dignity, power, water
    • Focus on the West blinding Africans to Mugabe excesses
    • No free, credible and fair elections under Mugabe
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • 'We came here with five suitcases, E150 and two children. Everything else was left behind in Zimbabwe'
  5. Batch 2 Posted 27/10/07
    • ‘Miracle’ fuel that made a mockery of Mugabe
    • Thousands gather in support of Mugabe, but miss million-man goal
    • ZANU PF to endorse Mugabe's candidature in December
    • Half of Zimbabwe's hotel rooms need refurbishment
    • Zimbabwe gets vaccine to fight deadly cattle disease
    • Mbeki misses deadline again
    • Cautious Optimism Over Results Of Zimbabwe Crisis Resolution Talks
    • Mugabe in Lisbon
    • Deportation of Zimbabwean asylum-seeker is delayed
    • Diaspora Resistance – Moratorium on Money Transfer II
    • Police probe journalists' cricket ground fight
    • West Indies assess Zimbabwe security
    • JAG Job Opportunities dated 26th October 2007
  6. Posted 27/10/07
    • Zimbabwean authorities arrest fugitive banker after 3 years on the run
    • Bank Manager's Arrest Said to Be Politically Motivated
    • Be vigilant against the west, Mugabe urges security arms
    • Power cuts to increase in Zim
    • Enough Wheat for Six Weeks Only, Say Experts
    • Debate over cause of Tsvangirai bodyguard’s death
    • Mugabe vows to attend summit
    • Crisis Group Organise 'Rock the Vote' Concert for Saturday
    • High Court Rules Women's Congress Should Decide Matibenga Fate
    • Zanu PF Endorse Mugabe As Electoral Candidate
    • Food and luxuries return to Zim shops, but cost an arm and a leg
    • The Bleeding Wound: Zimbabwe's Slow Suicide
    • Zimbabwe watcher Chan set for Mugabe's end
    • MPs Witness Sewage “Horror”
    • Zimbabwe's sex workers look to their neighbour for business
  7. Batch 3 Posted 26/10/07
    • Business urges political consensus to resolve crisis
    • Africa no longer has room for life presidents: Chissano
    • MDC leader meets civic society
    • African Parliament puts Zimbabwe mission on hold
    • Tsvangirai’s former bodyguard dies in Jo’burg
    • Airports - Govt Seeks Chinese Partners
    • Look East or Look Chinese?
    • Zim Blights Africa's Growth Rate
    • Russian Investor Hungry for More Zim Assets
    • Loyalists Of Zimbabwean President Mugabe Shore Up His 2008 Candidacy
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe launches his own school of intelligence
    • Blowing Away the Rhetorical Smokescreens
    • MDC activist Nhamo Musekiwa dies
    • Three MDC Officials Abducted in Chipinge South
    • MDC Activist Attacked With Machete
    • Neighbours rally in support of Zimbabwe
    • Botswana, a bitter-sweet eldorado for Zimbabwe refugees
    • JAG job opportunities dated 18th October, 2007
  8. Batch 2 Posted 26/10/07
    • Politburo confronts Mugabe
    • President secures endorsement
    • More dark days ahead
    • Sibanda's grip on Byo weakened
    • Coup charges hit wall
    • Talks spark new divisions in MDC
    • Declared stateless in country of birth
    • Unravelling Zanu PF's extraordinary congress
    • Bakare replaces Kunonga
    • War vet marches divide Zanu PF
    • New wave of farm invasions
    • NMB fraud sucks in more managers
    • Govt suspends issuing prospecting orders
    • Air Zim asks CBZ, ZABG to replace fleet
    • Ethiopian Airlines wants out, govt begs it to stay
    • The Zimbabwe crisis: Lessons from survivors
    • Zimbabwean crisis assumes deadening proportions
    • Dollar continues getting battered
    • Dangers of unprocedural decisions
    • Mzembi’s call in the wilderness
    • Where to draw line on human rights
    • A disgraceful performance
    • Cinderella needs our help
    • What forex Marah?
  9. Posted 26/10/07
    • Ban on Mugabe would have to include others
    • Some prices must be "de-controlled": Zimbabwe central bank chief
    • Hundreds Protest Against New Water Tariffs in Mutare
    • Mugabe regime at work to destabilise Crisis
    • War vets, green bombers rob travellers
    • CIO to Kunonga's rescue
    • Mbeki rebukes Mugabe for violence
    • US plans to deport Zanu kids
    • The battle between Mugabe and Mujuru (Part 1)
    • Zim dismisses opposition violence as hearsay
    • 'Candid' talks with Mugabe government impress MDC
    • 'The Mother of all farming seasons'
    • SARB: No evidence of Zim threat to SA financial stability
    • Canaf Group Terminates Acquisition of Zimbabwe Properties
    • A million men on the march...probably
    • Mozambique to export 100,000 crocodiles
    • Jailed Students Leader’s Girlfriend Arrested
  10. Batch 3 Posted 25/10/07
    • Mugabe's minister acknowledges violence against MDC
    • Civic groups to meet ZANU PF, MDC over talks
    • Harare to import maize seed in bid to boost food production
    • Zim's participation in SA competitions put on hold
    • Activists Outmanoeuvred - But Undeterred
    • EU-AU Legislators Say Mugabe Ban In Lisbon Could Hobble Summit
    • Turmoil Churns Pro-Government Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions
    • Three Students Cleared In University of Zimbabwe Disciplinary Hearing
    • Diaspora Resistance - Moratorium on money transfers
  11. Batch 2 Posted 25/10/07
    • Govt in climbdown
    • Gullible officials blew $5billion on diesel n'anga
    • Scramble for banking licences
    • Bread shortage to persist
    • Tsvangirai faces fresh division
    • ZANU PF plays hide-and-seek in Bulawayo
    • Gold price review to boost mining sector
    • The General's wife
    • State struggles to find witnesses against Bubye Minerals bosses
    • RBZ moves to stop red tape in farm loans
    • Empowerment law: finer details
    • Take-over of water supplies in Bulawayo a travesty: MDC
    • Former NMB executive arrested
    • Mohadi should be worried about all violent deaths
    • A crying shame
    • The great debate: Third Way for Zim?
    • FinGaz Letters
  12. Posted 25/10/07
    • Zimbabwe warns against price anarchy
    • Zimbabwe targets 3 mln T maize output in 07/08
    • Zimbabwe to investigate violence accusations: MDC
    • Bread 'as scarce as gold' in Zimbabwe
    • Election Watch - Sokwanele
    • We can't exclude Mugabe just for being a dictator: EU official
    • WOZA Protest Water Hikes in Mutare Today
    • Hunger keeps children from school
    • Theft of land continues to masquerade as 'land reform'
    • The British role in land reform
    • New documentary on Zimbabwe launched in London
    • Masvingo Student Leader Finally Released, 3 More Still Detained
    • Chief Bans MDC Rally in Rukweza, Manicaland
    • Millers claim grain board blacklisted them
    • Mugabe's neighbours evicted
    • Zim runs out of toilet paper
    • Airzim Seeks Nod to Charge Fares in Forex
    • Party heavies reject Sibanda's return to favour
    • Salary hikes not reflected in payslips
    • Zimbabwe introduces bus links to Mozambique, Namibia
    • Zimbabwe's key producer stays afloat by swapping diesel for beer
    • JAG Classifieds- 23rd October 2007
  13. Posted 24/10/07
    • South African business warned against cashing in on Zimbabwe crisis
    • Villagers denied food aid
    • Central bank deputy chief invades white farm
    • MDC meets Home Affairs Minister over political violence
    • Zimbabwe exam body runs out of funds to mark exams
    • Mbeki praised for efforts in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe crisis at tipping point, opposition says
    • EU And African MPs Agree to Invite Mugabe to Portugal Summit
    • Government Policies Backfire Time and Again
    • Zimbabwe Family Of Six Now Needs Z$22 Million A Month To Get By
    • Busy Signal For Zimbabwe Telecommunications As Economy Crumbles
    • Facing Acute Food Shortages, Harare Moves To Micromanage Farming
    • Zim's loss, SA's gain
    • RBZ Issues Three-Year Insurance Bond
    • Torture Victims Thank Australia for Its Stand Against Mugabe
    • Repairs Underway As Suburbs Go for 10 Days Without Power
  14. Batch 2 Posted 23/10/07
    • Police exam tests officers' loyalty to Mugabe
    • ZANU PF supporters block eviction of white farmer
    • Ousted MDC women's leader takes case to High Court
    • Troubled Zim airline seeks approval to charge in foreign currency
    • Zimbabwe Power Outages Said To Cause Five Deaths At Hospital In Harare
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Urges Minister To Issue Non-Violence Orders
    • Zimbabwe Elections Group Endorses New Voter Registration Drive
    • Record-Breaking UNICEF-Norway Fundraiser Helps Zimbabwe Fight AIDS
    • Consumer Basket Surges to $21,7m
    • Goods Availability Improves
  15. Posted 23/10/07
    • Zimbabwe opposition hit by new feud over women's wing
    • Zimbabwe war veterans want 100 per cent local ownership: Report
    • Mugabe Using War Vets to Scare Off Internal Opposition
    • Power Outage Causing Chaos
    • Crisis Meeting Branded PR Stunt As Violence Threatens Talks
    • Zimbabwe farmer's case a test for SADC tribunal
    • No rest for the dead
    • Cemeteries in Zimbabwe Reflect Gravity of Crisis
    • Ailing Student Denied Bail Again
    • Chinotimba ousted as ZFTU refuses to toe gvt line
    • Mugabe refuses to count himself out
    • Zim appeal
    • Law Society steps in to help prevent breakdown of rule of law in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe balks at Wade's mediation bid
    • The destruction of Zimbabwe and its ancient African moral culture
    • The Big Picture - Mugabe As Burden
    • Refugees turn to mountain stream for bathing
    • Sudan leader should not attend EU-Africa summit, say NGOs
  16. Posted 22/10/07
    • Harare intensifies drive to expel white farmers
    • War veterans say ZANU PF to choose Mugabe's successor after death
    • Political solution holds key to Zim's economic crisis, says IMF
    • Zimbabwe's fixed telephone operator warns of disruptions
    • Zimbabwe minister summons opposition chief: report
    • Zimbabwe farmers turn to SADC tribunal
    • Peta Thornycroft - Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Brown denies trying to block Mugabe from summit
    • Mining firms face Congo crackdown
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 20th October 2007
    • Ncube, Dink and Politkovskaya win 2007 IPA Freedom Prize
  17. Batch 2 Posted 21/10/07
    • Fresh crisis rocks MDC
    • Military base strikes terror among villagers
    • World Bank to refocus on agriculture
    • Sibanda controversy: Msika meets war vets
    • Matabeleland moves to form new party
    • Msika backs Bulawayo over Zinwa
    • Students fail to sit for exams
    • Desperation turns poor into hide eaters
    • PLWAs urged to have a positive outlook
    • More trouble for Miss Rural organisers
    • Parirenyatwa backs down on NUST medical school
    • MP accuses firm of locking up suspects in filthy dog kennels
    • Zimbabwe, Namibia power deal in jeopardy
    • Overwhelmed NIPC sends SOS
    • Zimbabwe misses 'African cheetahs' growth forecasts
    • Falling direct investment a wake-up call, say analysts
    • Newspaper project shelved
    • History set to repeat itself as war veterans again enjoy free reign
    • I too have my own hit list
    • A country totally different from the Harare we knew...'
    • Time to speak out against Mugabe's kleptocracy
    • Zim Standard Letters
  18. Posted 21/10/07
    • Massive power outage for 5th straight day in Zimbabwe capital
    • Instability could stunt sub-Saharan Africa growth - IMF
    • Seven hospitalized with anthrax in Zimbabwe
    • Operation Sunset
    • Political Theatre Rattles Ruling Party
    • Harare Anglicans are urged to stand up to Kunonga
    • Provincial dean declares two Zimbabwe dioceses of Harare and Manicaland vacant
    • We'll clear our friend's name
  19. Posted 20/10/07
    • Mugabe sanctioned war vets' marches
    • Headmaster robbed of exam papers in Masvingo
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Faces High-Stakes Negotiations, Internal Strife
    • Activists in Zimbabwe Suffer Arrests, Beatings
    • Zimbabwe's millionaires worth only $1
    • Zimbabwe Rights Lawyers Seek Relief From Alleged Police Abuses
    • Merkel says talking to Mugabe better than boycott
    • More Leaders Join Protest Over Mugabe Invite to Portugal Summit
    • MPs back Mugabe for summit
    • Remaining White Farmers Under Threat
    • No Power in Harare for a Week
    • Ukraine to build Zimbabwe motorway, report
    • A One-Man Court of Last Resort
    • Zimbabwe: when the elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers
    • ZI Launches Restore 2: Framework for conduct of free and fair elections in Zimbabwe
    • Zim Bank to boost mine production
    • International Food Research Group Says Africa Needs to Do More to End Hunger
    • Zimbabwe Tourists Flood to Victoria Falls, Shun Other Sites
    • Sibanda threatens Mugabe's rivals
    • ZCTF report-Oct 2007
    • JAG open letter forum No. 508
    • High time to act
  20. Batch 3 Posted 19/10/07
    • Divisions rock Mugabe’s storm troopers
    • MDC women arrested while having lunch at hotel
    • Blackouts loom as power firm fails to refurbish Hwange
    • Progress Reported In Zimbabwe Crisis Talks; Mugabe Buy-In Now Key
    • Zim and Zambia set up one-stop border post
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Official Takes Vendor To Task Over Newspaper
    • Minister Mumbengegwi's wife targeted MDC activists
    • JAG classifieds - 18 October 2007
    • JAG job opportunities dated 18th October, 2007
  21. Batch 2 Posted 19/10/07
    • Mugabe names successors
    • Zanu PF, MDC sign new constitution
    • Fury as Sibanda bounces back
    • Power cuts hit Harare
    • Lawyers take police commissioner to court
    • Police embarrass minister over play
    • UN official urges EU leaders to engage Mugabe
    • Anglican Church fires Kunonga - declares vacancy
    • PPC on verge of shutdown
    • ZABG wants Hodges charged
    • 'New prices still too little'
    • Zim on the leeward side of the metal price breeze
    • Employees adopt 'survival plans'
    • Water shortages cripple Byo industry - survey
    • Price blitz fails to lower inflation
    • A shameful cop-out
    • White farmers continue with legal challenge
    • The real terrorists finally exposed
    • Sadc parly forum a glorified talkshop
    • Vee gives tourists enough game viewing
    • Govt profligate par excellence
    • Zanu PF not learning from China
    • Cowardice rules
    • Business as usual
    • Zim Independent Letters
  22. Posted 19/10/07
    • 1 U.S. dollar buys 1 million Zimbabwe dollars on black market
    • New Murambatsvina Wave Hits Kwekwe
    • Bar Mugabe from EU-Africa meet, say Nordic countries
    • Brown renews Mugabe boycott warning
    • Zimbabwe Suffers Hyperinflation, Shortage of Food
    • Zimbabwe Price Controls Cause Food Disturbances, Shortages
    • A Balancing Act Between China And the EU
    • Home-based care succumbing to economic burnout
    • Dangerous sex in "small houses"
    • Zanu PF chef accused of sexual harassment
    • Country Loses Bid to Host ITT's 2008 AGM
    • More problems for SA man nabbed in Zim
    • Free Youth Plan Demo On Country's Abuses
  23. Batch 2 Posted 18/10/07
    • MDC's Mbeki talks shocker
    • Inflation surges
    • Stage set for Nkomo, Sibanda showdown
    • Econet moves to check revenue leakages
    • 'ZBH shouldn't demand fees'
    • CIO agents in theft scam
    • Chamber of Commerce speaks on Empowerment
    • Armed forces fail to account for billions
    • Alleged coup plotters to file application for release
    • Zim sinks deeper into privation as world marks poverty day
    • Empowerment law: UN rings alarm bells
    • War veterans: liberators or campaign tools?
    • Pig fat for the masses: Who gets choice pork?
    • Spare us the spin, minister
    • Inflation solution lies in politics
    • Price blitz drives property managers out of business
    • Power blackouts to intensify
    • Wheat yield smallest ever
    • Zim spurned SA's offer of mining BEE support
    • New exhibition park planned
    • Tourism industry suffers major setback
    • Dvpt policy in Zim: An assessment (Pt 2)
    • FinGaz Letters
    • Zanu PF must rid itself of Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe police arrest S African businessman for smuggling weapons
  24. Posted 18/10/07
    • Zimbabwe inflation surges to 7,892 percent
    • Timeline of Zimbabwe's economic crisis
    • Battle for survival in Zim
    • Mugabe re-election ploy angers Zanu (PF)
    • Remember the Victims of Murambatsvina
    • Don't blame West for Zim mess
    • Special panel to decide fate of banned Zim paper
    • State meat processor blames shortages on price controls
    • Banned artists take police to High Court in test case
    • Residents Of Bindura, Zimbabwe, Irate Over Million-Dollar Water Bills
    • Zimbabwean gov't warns NGOs to stay away from politics
    • Reserve Bank Takes Over Foreign Currency Accounts
    • Police Detain 3 Woza Members Demanding to See Jenni Williams
    • MDC 'Reads Riot Act' to UK Members Over Internet Wars
    • No Joy for Hlatshwayo As Police Arrest More Students
    • Rev Hove on Mbeki's Quiet Diplomacy
    • Avoid Mugabe obsession says academic
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyer Alleges Police Assault During Protest
    • Zimbabwe Ballot Group Says March 2008 Elections Coming Up Fast
    • Political Theatre Rattles Ruling Party
    • Africa Human rights Day, Africa must hold Mugabe to Account
  25. Batch 2 Posted 17/10/07
    • Zim opposition wants police prosecuted for torture
    • Foreign investment slumps 61 percent
    • Police severely assault protesters in Harare
    • Mining firms start receiving power from Mozambique
    • Tourism boss accused of sexual harassment
    • Czechs consider boycott of EU-Africa summit
    • More People Resort to Barter Trade for Basic Commodities
    • World Food Program Gears Up For Looming Zimbabwe 'Hunger Season'
    • Meltdown in Zimbabwe - fear, poverty and tea without tea
    • Emancipation of women not an act of charity
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Moves To Patch Rift Over Women's Panel
    • Provincial Leaders Tell Harare Bishop to Resign
    • Sparks fly as MDC UK executive deposed
    • Songs from inflation nation
  26. Posted 17/10/07
    • Poster child for Africa
    • Zimbabwe govt escalating crackdown - opposition
    • 40 Hospitalised As Police Attack NCA Demo in Harare
    • Lawyer Assaulted By Senior Police Official While Assisting Woza
    • Police Assault Masvingo Students As Hlatshwayo is Further Remanded
    • Tsvangirai Threatens To Exit Zimbabwe Crisis Talks If Violence Continues
    • Zimbabwe - It's Just a Question of Time
    • Zanu PF abuses legal system to brutalise innocent MDC members
    • Seeing the Depths of Hell in a Hungry Child's Eyes
    • Cost of food aid soars as global need rises
    • Political apathy has never been deeper - even in Zanu PF's rural heartland
    • Tsvangirai's cronies take power in UK
    • Harare says not aware of Senegal leader's mediation trip
    • Businesswomen donate sanitary wear to prisons
    • Chaos continues to mar Grade 7 exams
    • At home and abroad
    • Pick 'n Pay writes off Zim
    • Zambia's Kenneth Kaunda Urges Britain To Engage With Zimbabwe
    • Bob Marley's Zimbabwe
    • You can't go telling folk that life in Zimbabwe is murder
  27. Posted 16/10/07
    • Zimbabwe court adjourns coup plot case
    • NCA Member Organisations to Demonstrate in Harare
    • 75 Woza And Moza Activists Arrested During Protest March
    • Students Fail to Write Exam Due to Water And Electricity Woes
    • Mugabe to attend EU-Africa summit in Portugal, official says
    • British to boycott summit if Mugabe attends
    • Zimbabwe urges EU to tell Brown to "shut up" on rights
    • Zimbabwe: kwashiorkor comes to the capital
    • Zimbabwe's ruling party insincere about talks, opposition says
    • Ailing Student Denied Bail Again
    • Our experiences in Nigeria -Zimbabwean farmers
    • Zanu PF has no exit strategy
    • Head Or Tail, the People Lose
    • The fate of Zimbabwe - AIDS Treatment only if you belong to the approved Political Party
    • Gvt set on breaking perceived enemies ahead of polls
    • What a price to restore our dignity?
    • UK relief agency launches Zimbabwe emergency appeal
    • Cape Town cops disperse Zim asylum seekers
    • Zim says no to licences for foreign broadcasters
    • In pictures: Hardship in Zimbabwe
    • Teachers Vote With Their Feet
    • Bitter Infighting Brings Down MDC-UK National Executive
    • Police Ban Another Play in Bulawayo
    • Newspaper Comes to Zimbabwe and Vanishes
  28. Posted 15/10/07
    • No bread available in Zimbabwe despite 300 percent price hike
    • Mugabe turns to war veterans to whip dissenters into line
    • White farmers seek dialogue with Harare
    • Police stop political satire as Mugabe lands in town
    • Schools demand 'retention allowance' from parents
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 13th October 2007
    • Zimbabwe needs foreign funding, says central bank
    • 'Come to Zimbabwe for a holiday ... please'
    • Free Edison Hlatswayo campaign takes to Masvingo
    • Dabengwa sees red over Khami Dam project
  29. Batch 2 Posted 14/10/07
    • War vets target Msika, Nkomo By Kholwani Nyathi
    • Miss Rural scandal
    • Court orders police not to interfere with Matongo memorial service
    • Defiant Sibanda cocks snook at top chefs
    • Govt allows councils massive rate hikes
    • Hatcliffe residents losing patience
    • Government drops charges against mayor
    • UNFPA urges end to maternal, infant deaths
    • Doctors of good hope back
    • Probe prosecutor: Chikafu defence
    • Daggers out for Kunonga
    • Zimbabwe keeps investor guessing
    • Africans coax Europe for better trade deal
    • Zimbabwe banks miss Africa's top 100
    • CSO defends data
    • Panacea to crises elusive as Zesa, fuel supplies collapse
    • Is there a Che in the house?
    • 'Rhodesia Front and Zanu PF similar in many ways'
    • Principles to guide the delimitation process
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Britain not to blame for Zimbabwe's woes
  30. Posted 14/10/07
    • London protest urges African nations to condemn Zimbabwe's leader
    • Church acts against breakaway Robert Mugabe ally
    • Zimbabwe War Vets Leader Declares War On Ruling Party Corruption
    • MDC activist battles for life after brutal assault
    • Giant platinum mine to import power from Mozambique
    • Reinfeldt 'must boycott Africa summit' over Zimbabwe
    • Issue Of Mugabe Role In Lisbon Summit Again Tests EU-AU Relationship
    • Purple
    • Leading Zimbabwe Retailer Edgars Announces Round Of Store Closures
    • Zimbabwean Businesses Welcome New Increases In Controlled Prices
    • Zim churches plead for divine mercy
    • Harare - now with Ricoffy (but still without bread)
    • JAG open letter forum no. 507
    • The Daily Reckoning
    • In the right hands, the darkest deeds make a brilliant story
  31. Posted 13/10/07
    • Mugabe Faces Stiff Leadership Test At Party Congress
    • Three more white farmers arrested in Zimbabwe
    • World Docs Slam Human Rights Abuses
    • Zimbabwean church attempts to regain diocese from bishop who supports Mugabe
    • Concerns Growing in Zimbabwe About Elections Next March
    • Zimbabwe approves price hikes to avert shortages
    • ZINWA cuts UZ water supply
    • MDC Activist Hospitalised in Chipinge After Torture
    • Tortured MDC Activists Claim Z$3.8 Trillion in Damages
    • SA to scrap non visa requirement for Zim civil servants
    • Outcry as ZINWA tariffs continue to bite- rates boycott gathers momentum
    • Why evil triumphs
    • Not with Zim
    • Aid agency strengthens the right of education to Rusape School
    • Zimbabwe police arrest 51 Ethiopian refugees, says report
    • Zim seeks foreign investors
  32. Batch 4 Posted 12/10/07
    • Mugabe threatens Zim central bank governor
    • How Malawi went from a nation of famine to a nation of feast
    • War veterans rally behind Mugabe
    • Fuel shortage threatens tobacco output
    • Chaos as Zim exam students get blank question papers
    • Zimbabwe ranked among worst Millennium Development Goal performers
    • MDC must resist reproduction of debauchery and sexism
    • Britain Eyes Zimbabwe 'Indigenization,' Presses EU For Rights Envoy
    • Zimbabwe Lights Dim Further As Regional Suppliers Cut Back Power
    • Commonwealth Chief Says Harare Not Responding Yet To Overtures
    • New Mediation Effort to Come for Zimbabwe: Is It Too Late?
    • London: fifth anniversary demonstration for Zimbabwe
    • 'Let peace prevail for all the peoples of Zimbabwe'
    • Mawoyo stripped of A-team captaincy
  33. Batch 3 Posted 12/10/07
    • Succession war hots up
    • . . . as cracks widen ahead of congress
    • Anglicans move to expel Kunonga
    • Hussein threatens to sue Charamba
    • Rescue package tied to talks
    • Chinhoyi mayor under probe
    • Coup suspects to contest remand
    • War vets demand parliamentary seats
    • White farmers appeal to Sadc
    • Over 3 million need food aid
    • Law-making process not democratic
    • How Malawi achieved a bumper maize harvest
    • Too much sadza fails Zimbabwe
    • Hodges quits ZABG
    • RBZ audits ministries, parastatals
    • Does Gono have answers
    • Mugabe unlikely to face challenge
    • Sanctions: Mugabe's red herring
    • A united people's front imperative
    • Call farmers to account
    • Opportunities that won't return
    • No bread, just circuses
    • We beg to differ, Your Ladyship
    • Gono targets export recovery
    • Zim Independent Letters
  34. Batch 2 Posted 12/10/07
    • Zimbabwe farmers face trial for resisting evictions
    • Women tell of Zim brutality
    • Mugabe 'can attend summit'
    • Zimbabwe seeks tourism revival with fair
    • War vets march
    • Vice President helps minister's wife skip murder charge
    • MDC leader meets with NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark
    • Zimbabwe mines get power directly from Mozambique
    • House of Lords debates British interests in Zimbabwe
    • Rates boycott gathers momentum over ZINWA
    • Business people Blasted over Sugar Shortage
    • Qatar flashes the cash at ‘Comrade Bob’
    • Bank Chief Out on a Limb
    • Goolwa woman lost in African adventure holiday
    • Zimbabwe mediation - lessons from Lancaster House
    • Doris Lessing Wins Nobel Prize in Literature
  35. Batch 1 Posted 12/10/07
    • Will Mujuru survive?
    • White farmers in last-ditch talks with Govt
    • Soldier defies Msika
    • Charamba liar: Lawyer
    • 'Pay increase falls short of breadline': civil servants pressure unions
    • Tsvangirai Texas-bound
    • Byo to allow relatives to dig graves
    • Sick, poor? Prepare to bear true agony
    • Gono's bullfight with 'very angry inflation'
    • Will December mark Mugabe's Waterloo?
    • Power cuts leave families, industry groping in the dark
    • Retailers report improved supplies
    • Govt equips thousands of farmers
    • Onus is on ZESA to deliver bills on time
    • African countries among most corrupt
    • Will ZEDS deliver after polls?
    • Biofuels the silver lining to Zim's energy woes
    • Price blitz: CZI scraps congress
    • Mangwana intervenes
    • Dvpt policy in Zim: An assessment (Pt I)
    • Why we have bread shortages
    • Revisit power projects
  36. Batch 2 Posted 11/10/07
    • Human Rights Watch Honors Global Rights Defenders
    • Zimbabwe Vigil's 5th anniversary, saturday, 13/10/07 - NB Change of Venue for Social Event
    • Zimbabwean Exiles say 'Stop Aid to Mugabe's Friends'
    • Text of letter to Gordon Brown
    • Soldiers to replace corrupt cops
    • US officials warn against "anyone but Mugabe" approach
    • War vets bribed to campaign for Mugabe
    • Indigenisation Bill - blatant racism
    • Mugabe threatens Gono
    • Academics dispute report
    • Governor defends property rights
    • Residents up in arms over polluted water
    • Tobacco crop drops by 50%
    • Grow jatropha NOCZIM tells farmers
    • Zim won't share Cup coffers
  37. Posted 11/10/07
    • MDC says won't quit talks despite violence
    • Civic group begins voter education in rural areas
    • ZANU PF chairman seizes farm in fresh wave of invasions
    • White Zimbabwean Farmers Prosecuted For Failing to Vacate Farms
    • Under Public Pressure, Zimbabwe Teachers Union Suspends Strike
    • Lack of funds stumps African Parliament mission to Zim
    • Zimbabwe to import 30 000 tonnes of wheat
    • Harare families survive on a single meal per day
    • Students in hiding over harshly worded petition to Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's high inflation rate worries SA bank chief
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Urges International Action
    • Zimbabwe opposition demands compensation for freed activists
    • Several People Hurt in Fresh Chipinge Unrest
    • Student's Health Deteriorates As He Enters Second Week in Custody
    • No to silent persecution of women, Kwinjeh tells MDC
    • Zim women speak of torture camp
    • Zimbabwe Election Watch - Sokwanele
    • Sekai Holland Speaks On The End Game In Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe doesn't recognize New Zealand: Minister
    • "No chance of fair election in Zim"
    • Tito warns of African 'laughing stock'
    • Zimbabwe situation - House of Commons debate
    • American fined in Hwange
    • Secret CIO docs reveal plan to destroy Ncube
    • Zimbabwe Critics Hail Britain's Refusal Of A Visa To Cricket Chairman
    • The enduring folly of African presidents
    • Bob's bill to 'legalise state theft'
    • Police Arrest Workers Erecting Zimbabwe Voting Billboard
    • Zimbabwe Government Acknowledges Need For Food Assistance
    • Banishing the ghosts
    • Teachers' salaries an insult
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 506
    • American fined in Hwange
    • Secret CIO docs reveal plan to destroy Ncube
    • Zimbabwe Critics Hail Britain's Refusal Of A Visa To Cricket Chairman
    • The enduring folly of African presidents
    • Bob's bill to 'legalise state theft'
    • Police Arrest Workers Erecting Zimbabwe Voting Billboard
    • Zimbabwe Government Acknowledges Need For Food Assistance
    • Banishing the ghosts
    • Teachers' salaries an insult
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 506
  38. Posted 10/10/07
    • Zimbabwe opposition says will leave talks if government violence not halted
    • Zimbabwe women speak out against police abuse and torture
    • More support needed for Zimbabwean people
    • Zimbabwe drops "terror" charges against opposition
    • Zimbabwe's last white farmers face uncertain future in land row
    • American arrested in Zimbabwe free pending court
    • Moz set to pipe petrol to Zim
    • SA could boycott EU summit over Zim
    • What a Shame, the AU Defends Mugabe
    • The cost of Zimbabwe's company grab
    • Zimbabwe a laughing stock, says Mugabe
    • Mbeki confident on Zimbabwe talks despite MDC threats
    • New wave of price increases as dollar falls
    • Our leaders turned blind eye to Zim
    • Zimbabwean Government Fails at Democracy So Has a Go at Tourism
    • It's all in the cards
    • MDC-UK branch leaders on party crisis
    • Opportunity knocks for Zimbabwe
  39. Posted 9/10/07
    • Britain's Brown ratchets up Zimbabwe boycott threat
    • EU's Barroso says AU-EU summit must not be derailed by Zimbabwe row
    • Mugabe brags about busting Western sanctions
    • Zimbabwe's dead take on the author of their misery in provocative play
    • Children in Gaza, Zimbabwe need urgent help - U.N.
    • Police In Mutare, Zimbabwe, Said To Set Dogs On Queue For Sugar
    • Schools Close As Hordes of Teachers Resign
    • With Teachers Striking, Zimbabwean Solders Drafted To Monitor Exams
    • Mugabe vows to "shame" land redistribution critics
    • Zim hands out ox-drawn carts
    • Confusion As Some Teachers Stay Home Despite Deal With Government
    • Qatar firm plans $1.5 bln Zimbabwe refinery, hotel
    • Mugabe slams alleged opposition efforts to undermine economy
    • What lies ahead?
    • Belvedere residents go for a week without water
    • Murky bill threatens new blow for Zimbabweans
    • Britain gives 8 million pounds to Zimbabwe for food
    • Mugabe's Madness - Zimbabwe In Turmoil
    • Makoni slams Zanu (PF) leaders
    • White South Africa's alter ego
    • The Zimbabwe electoral process and attendant issues: the voters' views
    • All quiet on Chingoka front as 'hardline' official is denied entry
    • Zimbabwe Rights Groups Concerned about Abuses Ahead of the Elections
    • Zimbabwe Central Banker Resists 'Indigenization' Of Mines, Banks
    • Zimbabwean Prosecutors Withdraw Charges Against Opposition Activists
    • NCA Spokesperson Remanded Out of Custody
    • Zimbabwe arrests US citizen over arms -state radio
    • Mboweni's defence of property is a message for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe, a Barnum and Bailey world
    • Tsvangirai Embarks On Mission to Explain Talks
    • Voice Over Internet Protocol
    • An Open Letter to President Mugabe on The 13th Graduation Ceremony at NUST
    • Zimbabwe: staggering into despair
    • Fact sheet - The Zimbabwean Crisis
  40. Posted 8/10/07
    • White farmers in Zimbabwe face possible jail sentences for defying eviction orders
    • Africans defend Mugabe over summit
    • The enduring folly of African presidents
    • Zimbabwe war vets plan "million man" march to support Mugabe
    • Asmal is leading. Who will follow?
    • Since taking power Robert Mugabe has ravaged his country, but no one seems
    • Kidney patients die as Zimbabwe crisis deepens
    • State media says Gono must 'appreciate rights of drinkers'
    • UK deporting another Zimbabwean to Malawi
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 6th October 2007
    • Third Way Politics and the Way forward for Zimbabwe
    • 40 percent of rural Zimbabweans need food aid
    • Teachers' union wants public exams postponed
    • Mozambique scraps visas for Zimbabweans
    • CAFOD launches campaign for Zimbabwe 'on edge of precipice'
  41. Batch 2 Posted 7/10/07
    • Violence guts opposition to Zimbabwe's Mugabe
    • Merkel says Mugabe has right to attend summit
    • Farmer fights land grab
    • African diplomats defend Mugabe's attendance at EU-Africa summit
    • Mozambique keeps Zimbabwe in the dark
    • Fruit Flies
    • The longer we keep quiet, the more complicit we become
    • South Africa blocks UN debate on Zimbabwe
    • "Home Affairs purposefully lowering border-crossing numbers to hide Zim refugee crisis"
    • "African governments begin to acknowledge that Zimbabwe is in chaos"
    • "SADC meeting fails to protect democracy and human rights"
    • Zimbabwe: SADC must act, and now
  42. Batch 1 Posted 7/10/07
    • Minister's wife linked to farm worker's death
    • Land preps: a recipe for disaster
    • 400% wage hike for civil servants
    • Charged ex-prosecutor claims victimisation
    • 'Madman' sues police
    • Govt bungling stalls water project
    • 'Third Way' falls away as opposition bids for unity
    • Care-givers cry for recognition
    • Zima continues to rescue health sector
    • Bulawayo wants prison staff out of council flats
    • Bloody clashes as Zanu PF disrupts youth meeting
    • US$42m debt keeps Zesa in the dark
    • NRZ to refurbish damaged rail lines
    • Stakeholders give latest blueprint thumbs down
    • Gono doles out more cash
    • Food production: another recipe for disaster in the making
    • Here's one for Kelvin, Jumpology
    • 'Those who fought against colonialism now practise it'
    • The Zimbabwean crisis: opportunities for reform
    • Zim Standard Letters
  43. Batch 2 Posted 6/10/07
    • White farmers in court for growing crops
    • Mbeki upbeat on Zimbabwe election talks
    • Clothing retail giant closes outlets
    • Doctors back at work after striking pay deal
    • Zimbabwe's 'Hunger Season' Stretches Out Toward 2008 Elections
    • Zimbabwe Government Averts Civil Servant Strike With 420% Increase
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Demands Registration Follow-Up Before 2008 Ballots
    • Inflation Slows In Zimbabwe; Down To 6,592 Percent In August
    • Zimbabwe arrests 'diesel' mystic
  44. Posted 6/10/07
    • Zimbabwe a disaster, Merkel tells South Africa's Mbeki
    • Mbeki tells Merkel there is good progress on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe presses ahead with seizing control of foreign mining interests
    • I should have spoken out sooner: Asmal
    • 18th amendment: why it spells trouble for Mugabe
    • Constitutional amendment number 18- a residents pespective
    • South Africa's Mbeki Seeks NGO Buy-In On Zimbabwe Crisis Compromise
    • Beer prices in Zimbabwe skyrocket
    • Police Backtrack On Decision to Bar PTUZ Celebrations
    • Zimbabwe may yet avoid meltdown, analysts say
    • Diplomacy 'can unseat Mugabe'
    • 'Back to Rhodesian days and food rations'
    • U.N. should keep tyrants off the stage
    • Zanu PF wants farmers to grow jatropha for fuel
    • Banned Zim play back with vengeance in SA
    • Hungry Mutare Poly students embarass war veterans/Principal
    • Zanu PF Refuses to Change Voters' Roll
    • British Catholics Seek Emergency Funds to Fight Starvation
    • Bill giving potential suitors for Zim steel mill cold feet
    • A Hospital Clinic in Zimbabwe
    • Archbishop Ncube Assigned New Job
  45. Batch 4 Posted 5/10/07
    • Mnangagwa to replace Mutasa
    • Mugabe, Gono meet over policy conflicts
    • Police to arrest more coup suspects
    • JOC takes over price controls
    • Nust student charged with treason
    • Zanu PF, MDC agree to scrap executive mayor posts
    • Gono's new farming facility inflationary
    • Zanu PF, MDC resume talks
    • No new voter registration: Chinamasa
    • Fraud rocks Premier Bank
    • How trouble at Premier Bank unfolded
    • Mangwana secretly eyes Hippo Valley, CSC
    • Gono doles out trillions in QFAs
    • Noble intentions, questionable prescriptions
    • Amendment good for the nation
    • Opportunities out of Zim crisis
    • Does Gono still carry govt's brief?
    • Comfortable with the crisis
    • Gono's crisis babies
    • Who needs Western sanctions with Mangwana in charge?
    • Government bent on economic destruction
    • Zim Independent Letters
  46. Batch 3 Posted 5/10/07
    • Supreme Court defers case challenging control of airwaves
    • Zimbabwe civil servants calls off strike plans
    • Queues surface as hospitals run out of ARVs
    • State agents order artists to perform satirical play in police cells
    • Asmal breaks ranks and slams Mugabe
    • Electric Power Bill Passes Zimbabwe Senate - But Blackouts To Persist
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Unions Split On Harare's Strike Settlement Offer
    • IMF Affair Taught Me Hard Lesson - Gono
    • One Left, the Other Right
    • Victory for a Dictator
    • JAG job opportunities dated 4th October 2007
  47. Batch 2 Posted 5/10/07
    • Reports that MDC and Zanu-PF agree on new constitution
    • More than 23,000 arrested in Zimbabwe price blitz, police say
    • Teachers to return to work as Zimta is condemned
    • Police disrupt Tekere meeting
    • Informal Markets Boom With Homemade Commodities
    • Sweden and South Africa discuss Zimbabwe and bilateral issues
    • Rio Tinto urges Zimbabwe to review empowerment law
    • Zimbabwe's desperate mining firms seek to import electricity
    • Lonrho looks post-Mugabe with Zimbabwe acquisitions
    • Don't send us back say Mugabe victims
    • Zimbabwe Refugee Sues Defence Minister Over Border Shooting
  48. Batch 1 Posted 5/10/07
    • SA piles pressure on ZANU PF
    • War vets chief defies party heavweights
    • Civil servants give strike ultimatum
    • Mangwana softens stance
    • Closely guarded report shows Air Zimbabwe in US$12m loss
    • Govt seeks places at Rhodes as Australia expels Zim students
    • Empowerment law: firms forced to buy themselves, critics say
    • White farmers pin hope on judiciary
    • The return of the old capitalist
    • MDC's civic allies won't sever ties
    • SA-based think-tank launches US$10bn economic blueprint
    • Takeover of foreign firms done with polls in mind
    • Mbeki's third term bid crumbles
    • Health and education have already collapsed
    • MDC should know better than to be used
    • A breath of fresh air
  49. Batch 2 Posted 4/10/07
    • Zimbabwe civil servants threaten to down tools
    • Zimbabwe moves launch of economic blueprint to 2009
    • Harare says Britain has no right to discuss rights situation in Zim
    • The silent genocide: insights on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean Civic Leaders To Engage Ruling Party As Well As Opposition
    • Seeking Southern African Regional Aid, Harare Drafts Economic Plan
    • This is your responsibility
    • Gono promises farmers forex
    • Third force on the cards?
    • Bread prices soar - government accuses bakers
    • Thugs evict farmers as ministers wrangle
    • Call for education minister to resign
    • Police disband debate on 2008 elections
    • Please, Mbeki, involve us ALL
    • The Brits shouldn't be such Mugs
    • From the streets of Harare
    • Chivasa still in custody
    • Killer-police freed to dash families' claims
    • The people's letters
  50. Posted 4/10/07
    • In Zimbabwe, a white farmer digs in
    • Army Intensifies Attacks On Remaining White Farmers As Zanu-Pf Prepares for Elections
    • Food Shortages Bite As Teachers Strike for More Pay
    • Zimbabwe "on the edge of a precipice" says Archbishop
    • Teachers Threaten Vow to Continue Strike As Examinations Loom
    • Mugabe Hints On Launching Suspicious Economic Policy
    • Zimbabwe "has a new effective exchange rate"
    • Western sanctions hurt the poor, Zimbabwe central bank report argues
    • Merkel heads for Africa, may see Mugabe in December
    • Promise of Full Shop Shelves Met With Scepticism
    • Price increases greet Gono's monetary policy statement
    • Clothing outlets feel pinch of Zim price clampdown
    • Party Congress to Determine Mugabe's Fate
    • Student leader remanded in custody
    • The $5 million African leadership award
  51. Batch 2 Posted 3/10/07
    • Mugabe, Gono on collision course over economic policy
    • Lonrho aims high with plan for LonZim offering
    • Deputy minister rules out dollarisation
    • Government turns to polluted dam to boost water supplies to Bulawayo
    • Geldof accuses China of complicity in Zim crisis
    • Mugabe at odds with central bank chief over empowerment law
    • Harare Cool On Senegalese President's Proposal To Widen Crisis Talks
    • Brown loses fight to bar Mugabe from summit
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mnangagwa take Zimbabweans for granted
    • After Command Performances, Zimbabwe Police Free 'Final Push' Actors
    • JAG reminder communique dated 2 October 2007
    • Roll of Shame
  52. Posted 3/10/07
    • On Africa trip, Merkel to push Mbeki on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe business warns of further inflation surge
    • Mugabe threatens business seizures
    • Zimbabweans fleeing, creating problems for neighboring countries
    • Zim: It will get worse
    • Sanctions: Mugabe's red herring
    • Report: Zimbabwean Authorities Arrest Actors, Journalist
    • Zimbabwe shops run out of bread amid wheat shortages
    • Politicised Food aid
    • Charities Lend the Elderly a Hand
    • Govt must 'strip Mugabe of knighthood'
    • Arrest Mugabe
    • People Living With HIV/Aids Use New Ways to Handle Hard Times
    • Air Zimbabwe Increases Fares
  53. Batch 2 Posted 2/10/07
    • Bank governor attacks proposed empowerment law
    • Schools grind to a halt as teachers heed strike call
    • Minister's wife faces murder charge
    • Thousands of animals face death as Hwange National Park runs dry
    • Theatre artists arrested over Final Push play
    • Going home
    • Zimbabwe interest rates up to 800pc
    • Mugabe threatens defaulting businesses
    • Mbeki takes flak from Zim
    • Who will mediate in Zimbabwe?
    • Mugabe the problem, not currency: Downer
  54. Posted 2/10/07
    • Chronic shortages to end this month, says Zimbabwe central bank
    • Zimbabwe announces plans to pay farmers in foreign exchange
    • Reserve Bank to Launch New Currency
    • Zimbabwe lifts main lending rate to 800%
    • Zimbabwe's Gono says secured revolving credit facility
    • WOZA Take to The streets of Bulawayo Today - 200 Arrested
    • 158 Arrested in Bulawayo Today All Released
    • Zimbabwe turning into a nation of drunkards: bank chief
    • 'No Hope' for Opposition in Next Year's Poll
    • Mission to assess humanitarian response to Zimbabweans
    • Swedish development cooperation organization demands: Send food observers to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's central bank chief warns of new indigenisation law
    • Zimbabwe runs out of bread
    • Lecturers At State Universities Go On Strike
    • Second Zimbabwe Teachers Union Puts Weight Behind National Strike
    • Bulawayo's water crisis cripples AIDS efforts
    • News from nowhere
    • Recession Hits Renal Patients
    • Student Leader Charged With Treason
    • Senegal's Wade says plans Zimbabwe mediation trip
    • New plot to quash Ncube
    • Civil society groups backtrack on dumping MDC
    • Are they cutting Mugabe down to size?
  55. Batch 2 Posted 1/10/07
    • A Water and Sewerage Crisis That Goes "Straight to the Grave"
    • Zimbabwe's last white farmers face final push
    • Popping out to the shops - 870 miles away
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Aims to Appease Worrying Supporters, Says Analyst
    • Vice-President pleads with army to stop farm seizures
    • Zimbabwe opposition, civic society patch-up ties
    • Governor demands lifting of media blackout
    • Student leader faces treason charges
    • The Zimbabwean healthcare crisis
    • Impala, Aquarius seek discussions on Zimbabwe law
    • Britain fighting a tyrant, not colonizing Zimbabwe
    • A boy named Godknows
  56. Posted 1/10/07
    • Zimbabwe's shattered opposition
    • Mugabe: a tyrant from the start
    • 'Acutely serious' hunger in Zimbabwe
    • D-day for the last of Zim's white farmers
    • The flash fires of moral outrage
    • Pack and go if you don't like new law, regime tells foreign firms
    • Trudy Stevenson letter
    • MISA-ZIMBABWE position on Amendment 18
    • Africa Fighting Malaria - media release
    • Zimbabwe demands Iran's investment
    • Activists hold prayer meeting for Zimbabwe in Bradford

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