The ZIMBABWE Situation

January 2008 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/1/08
    • US imposes financial sanctions for undermining democracy in Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki's Mediation in Zimbabwe Falters
    • Face-to-Face Talks Between Tsvangirai And Mugabe Scuttled
    • Flood victims denied aid for backing MDC
    • Zimbabwe begins voters’ roll inspection exercise
    • * Tsvangirai sole presidential candidate *Safe seat for Mutambara
    • Mbeki Dispatches Envoy to Harare to Rescue Talks
    • SADC to be briefed on Mbeki mediation
    • 'Wily Mugabe deceives Mbeki'
    • South Africa: A Spent Force Standing in the Path of Democracy
    • Zimbabwe's gold production falls by more than a third
    • Controversial Mines Bill dead in the water
    • ZANU PF presidium to decide fate of war veterans’ chief
    • Ahead Of African Union Summit, Zimbabweans Lobby For Pressure On Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe court rules Briton can be extradited
    • Government Orders Universities to Remain Closed Till After Elections
    • Voters Kept in the Dark Over New Constituency Boundaries
    • Open letter to Gideon Gono: RBZ Governor
    • Makumbe says MDC shot itself in the foot
    • Chiefs Fine Villagers Who Do not Attend Zanu (PF) Political Meetings
    • British tycoon van Hoogstraaten in mass pornography charges
    • Zimbabwe rejects Bush’s criticism on lack of freedom
    • Zimbabwean Civic Group Says Violence By Police, Army On The Rise
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Courts African Union Leadership As Summit Opens
    • Students demonstrate in Bulawayo
    • Church files contempt charges against pro-Mugabe bishop
    • Zimbabwean Clerics Suggest Protest Vote In Controversial March Balloting
    • Fears grow: Zimbabwe farmers caught between two floods
    • MDC’s Position Short on Clarity
    • Gukurahundi Ghost Haunts Matabeleland
    • Statement on Ongoing and Looming Strikes
  2. Posted 30/1/08
    • Govt opening “people’s shops” to control food ahead of elections
    • Nicholas van Hoogstraten released from cells
    • Warning - voter registration & alterations closes Friday 8 Feb
    • Harare’s banks take cover
    • Sokwanele - Election Watch
    • Election body ZESN concerned over intolerance
    • Mugabe regime extends total disregard for SADC
    • MDC members walk fine line on Harare polls
    • Zim attorney-gen faces tribunal probe
    • Mowing And Cleaning Replace Geography And Algebra
    • NCA Statement on ZRP Attacks on Civilians
    • Makoni's bid to fight for a Zanu PF seat accepted
    • Mixed response to Bush's attack on Zimbabwe's human rights record
    • Legal Revolution Destroying Zim Agriculture
    • Government Fails to Pay Wheat Farmers
    • Free from Mugabe’s Grip, Zanu PF Split Is the Only Chance for a Better Zimbabwe
    • Pathetic deteriorating situation in Zim a matter of concern
    • Nicholas Van Hoogstraten: The dodgy dealer
  3. Posted 29/1/08
    • British tycoon denies currency, pornography charges in Zimbabwe, claims entrapment
    • MDC factions set to unite
    • MDC asks Mbeki to seek SADC advice on talk’s deadlock
    • Zim rules out new constitution before election
    • Zimbabwe begins probe into AG’s conduct
    • Lawyer battles to have British tycoon brought to court
    • New board for firm that Harare says will use to seize businesses
    • Pro-Mugabe pastor to dish out 100 000 housing stands
    • Harare Riles Opposition With Offer Of Post-Election Constitutional Revision
    • Four firefighters die in floodwaters in Zimbabwe
    • Teachers on strike as union blasts government for corruption
    • Scores of Babies Die in Hospital's 'Death Bed'
    • Zimbabwe - Africa’s paradise?
    • Zesa Battles to Restore Power to Generator
    • Zim youth group to petition for diaspora vote at Zimbabwe embassy in South Africa
    • Space headache for Parly
    • Executive Mayors axed
    • Zimbabwe 2008: The triumph of the politics of fear
    • With Zimbabwe Elections Nine Weeks Off, Ruling Party Picks Candidates
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Makes Case Against Mugabe On AU Summit Margins
    • When leaders apologise for their sins....
    • RTGS System Facing Connectivity Problems
    • ZSE - the Cradle of Country's Emerging Trillionaires
    • Citizens Face Xenophobia As They Flee Their Country
  4. Posted 28/1/08
    • Water outages hit fire tenders, woes mount in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe teachers strike over pay: union
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 26th January 2008
    • African leaders must tighten screws on Mugabe, say NGOs
    • Church leaders keen to resuscitate initiative
    • Gold miners plead for price review to stay afloat
    • Why Mugabe will win
    • May I be the first to congratulate Mugabe
    • Mugabe more ruthless with age
    • Cash-strapped ZBH pays for live African cup rights
    • Bulawayo's dams filling, but chemical drought means scarcer water
    • UK property tycoon to appear in court in Zimbabwe
    • Is ZANU-PF's Makoni serious?
    • Elections scheduled for March 29th
    • Minister to review Zimbabwe tour
  5. Batch 2 Posted 27/1/08
    • Poll date: Mugabe 'act of madness'
    • Scores of babies die in hospital's 'death bed'
    • Zanu PF women in $10b swindle case
    • 'Free elections' like chasing a ghost, says AU official
    • Heavy rains destroy homes
    • Suspected MDC supporters excluded from govt support
    • NRZ 'go-slow' disrupts passenger, freight services
    • Bulawayo could run out of drinking water
    • Mutare prosecutor in trouble over new party
    • Nightmare of long-distance bus travel
    • Monetary crisis needs cool heads all round
    • Crooked polls...just like death, taxes
    • Healthcare hell
    • Zimbabwe opposition reunites
    • Getting Harder To Keep Children In School
    • ''It Is All Zero Here. We Have Nothing''
  6. Posted 27/1/08
    • Tycoon held on currency charges
    • Van Hoogstraten's life of controversy
    • Foes accuse Mugabe of forcing early election
    • Mugabe plunges Zimbabwe opposition into new election dilemma: analysts
    • US says early Zimbabwe elections another Mugabe effort to avert political conciliation
    • Zimbabwe court orders farmer to leave his land
    • News Release from the Zimbabwe Vigil - 25th January 2008
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • The fall of a gallant fighter Getrude Muthombeni
  7. Posted 26/1/08
    • Zimbabwe sets March 29 for presidential, parliament elections; opposition had wanted delay
    • Zimbabwe Crisis Resolution Process Cut Short By Mugabe Election Call
    • Mugabe Announces Election Date as Political Rivals Disappear
    • 'Mugabe has slapped Mbeki's efforts'
    • Farmers group says to challenge land seizures
    • Zim admits promise of bumper harvest has failed
    • Banking industry facing fresh cash crisis
    • Concern over Pre-Election Environment
    • Between the Lines
    • Zim Dollar Tumbles Again
    • CHRA local government weekly update
    • Zuma says West’s interference stalling progress in Zim
  8. Batch 4 Posted 25/1/08
    • Mbeki mediation an exercise in futility
    • Zimbabwe tourist arrivals from Europe, US fall by 21 percent
    • Harare pledges to act to save farming season
    • Is Zimbabwe the next Kenya?
    • Zimbabwe Cash Crisis Eases But Local Currency Value Heads South
    • Air Zimbabwe fares up 300 percent
    • Massive security breach infuriates Mugabe
    • Mugabe must go now - Gen Vitalis Zvinavashe
    • Economic Madness Returns
    • Sokwanele - Zimbabwean Christmas in Retrospect
    • Linda Mbiko: "Johannesburg is a place of gold, but it's not easy to get that gold, even if you dig"
    • Zimbabwe's Matabeleland North Province Latest To Be Hit With Floods
    • Ignoring Regional Ruling, Zimbabwe Supreme Court Clears Farm Eviction
  9. Batch 3 Posted 25/1/08
    • Banks face collapse
    • Press Statement by R Khumalo, CEO Zimind Publishers (Pvt) Ltd.
    • Dabengwa confronts Mugabe
    • Makoni presidential plan falters
    • 'Zanu PF behind Kunonga antics'
    • ZSE party about to come to an end
    • Minister blames water crisis on power cuts
    • Coup case crumbles
    • Banks trapped in liquidity crunch
    • ZSE on downward spiral
    • Zim domestic debt shoots to $21 trillion
    • Zimbabweans hooked to cellphones
    • Econet approaches govt for forex
    • NIPC and medical aid societies: Way forward
    • Banks sail in choppy waters
    • RBZ has duty to protect banks - Chikura
    • A thug and a spiritual leader
    • MDC demands no longer feasible
    • Nation ready to embrace Makoni
    • Mugabe's govt gives education a bad name
    • The irony of a Zuma presidency
    • Banking crisis deep-rooted
    • Bvudzijena’s glaring double standards
    • To march or not to march: the issues
    • Air Zimbabwe flying high, but . . .
    • We saw it coming
    • Zim Independent Letters
  10. Batch 2 Posted 25/1/08
    • Zim stops mining power-generating coal
    • Zimbabwe says in late bid to salvage farming season
    • US, Europe hampering Zimbabwe mediation, says Zuma
    • White farmer vows to challenge Muzorewa farm grab
    • Civil groups to set common agenda for resolving Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe Laywer Group Calls for Investigation of Government
    • Tsvangirai briefs diplomatic community
    • The limits of megaphone central banking
    • How to put Zim back on the right path
    • US protests detention of Zimbabwe opposition leader
    • AU spotlight on Zim
    • SA Cops Guard Zim. Embassy
    • Fu Manchu Versus Dr Livingstone in the Dark Continent?
    • United States Gives $12 Million to Pediatric AIDS Foundation Initiative
    • MISA launches research and documentation productions
  11. Batch 1 Posted 25/1/08
    • Mugabe crushes rebellion
    • Mbeki plans another trip to Zim
    • ZANU-PF heavies scramble for new seats
    • Blackouts plunge economy further down the abyss
    • 2008: Economy, economy, economy
    • Cash crisis: Scourge to ordinary people
    • Broad coalition, not Makoni, only hope for winning polls
    • Zim losing potential export earnings
    • Efforts to help HIV patients continue
    • Mann’s fate in Patel’s hands
    • Party talks: Compromise a necessary evil
    • An intolerable bungle
    • Ministry caught flat-footed again
    • MDC has a historic opportunity!
    • Cash Shortages - the Value of Dollarisation
    • FinGaz Letters
  12. Batch 2 Posted 24/1/08
    • Robert Mugabe's reforms are ridiculed after police crackdown on Zimbabwe rally
    • Zimbabwe’s Opposition to Apply for Another Protest March Permit Thursday
    • Amnesty International Calls for Police Restraint in Anti-Government Protests
    • Anger as black Zimbabwean bishop seizes white owned farm
    • Harare to seize farm, ignores SADC Tribunal ruling
    • Heavy rains wash away crops in parts of Zimbabwe
    • Power Restored In Zimbabwean Capital But Blackouts Persist Elsewhere
    • WITNESS: Returning to Zimbabwe, life looks tougher for most
    • Zimbabwe journalist discusses oppression in his African country
    • ZCTF Report: Update on Tatenda
    • Government and ECB pass Zimbabwe parcel
  13. Posted 24/1/08
    • Zimbabwe police fire tear gas into crowd headed to opposition rally
    • Zim court allows opposition protest
    • Opposition activists teargassed, beaten
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader condemns 'pro-Mugabe' police
    • MDC stages successful protest march, despite police crackdown
    • Zanu PF politburo meets over looming split
    • ZESN says Zimbabwe election should be postponed
    • Zambia cuts Zimbabwe power supply
    • Second Blackout Hits, Zesa Battles to Restore Power
    • Zimbabwean's struggle to survive
    • Mugabe’s Weary Travelers
    • My Zimbabwe diary
    • Chinese Investor Eyes IBDZ Stake
    • MPs allege corruption in Victoria Falls airport upgrading
    • Financing Failure: How Foreign Aid Is Mismanaged
  14. Batch 2 Posted 23/1/08
    • Morgan Tsvangirai arrested
    • Zimbabwe's opposition leader detained
    • Zimbabwe farmer loses fight, faces eviction
    • Eat donkey meat! Mugabe's new whacky plan
    • Aid clash - Zanu insists on distributing food aid from donors
    • State Sponsored Violence comes to Bulawayo
    • Harare gives banks week to clear cash queues
    • Mugabe meets Makoni
    • Zimbabweans Abroad Demand Election Postponement, Right To Vote For Expatriates
    • Exiled Zimbabweans can vote wherever they are
    • Harare And Other Zimbabwean Cities Without Electricity For Fourth Day
    • Police vow to arrest participants in banned march
    • Defiant MDC Call for Peaceful Rally Despite Police Ban
    • Mugabe Blocks Gono From Naming Corrupt Officials
    • Children starve as Zimbabwe's grain goes to make luxury dog food
  15. Posted 23/1/08
    • Zimbabwe opposition challenges protest march ban
    • MDC will go ahead with march
    • Retired army generals call on Mugabe to step down
    • MDC to push case for good governance at AU summit in Ethiopia
    • Walking for survival
    • Bank chief fails to turn up at Parliament
    • Zimbabwe's only way out
    • Questions Over Reported Progress in Zimbabwe Talks
    • SADC ‘must save Zimbabwe talks’
    • The big Zim blackout - shape of things to come?
    • Zimbabwe chief banker fingers banks for 'artificial' cash shortages
    • Church officials say it's unlikely Zimbabwean election will be fair
    • Zimbabwe May Produce 41% Less Tobacco Than Forecast This Year
    • Business sector bemoans power outages
    • War vets give Heroes Acre tours
    • Zimbabwe Boarding Schools in Crisis
    • Foreigners flee from Soshanguve: report
    • Today's 'imperialists' were those who nurtured Mugabe
  16. Posted 22/1/08
    • Zimbabwe police ban opposition march
    • Zimbabwe opposition gears up for march
    • Zimbabwe cbank blames banks for banknote shortage
    • Mbeki not asked to brief AU on Zimbabwe talks
    • South African President Mbeki Seen Referring Zimbabwe Crisis To Region
    • Zanu PF muzzles RBZ governor Gono
    • Mbeki Has Mammoth Task in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 19th January 2008
    • Zimbabweans stage demonstration in London
    • White farmers mull joint legal challenge against Mugabe
    • Six questions parliamentary committee must ask Gono
    • As Mugabe goes back on the defensive, Mbeki faces a crisis of credibility
    • Zimbabwe VP Mujuru Disavows Pamphlets Announcing Presidential Bid
    • Pylons Collapse As Thieves Steal Wires
    • Access To Zimbabwe Redistricting Report Limited Even For Lawmakers
    • Nampower Dismisses Zesa Reports
    • Namibian consumer to foot N$270 m bill for Zim loan
    • Rural Bus Operators Ground Fleet
    • Makoni resigns from Zanu PF?
    • UK asylum decision throws lifeline for Zimbabwe teachers
  17. Posted 21/1/08
    • Nationwide power cuts in Zambia, Zimbabwe
    • MDC to march,says no to poll
    • Delimitation exercise dismissed as a fraud
    • Gono could get more than he bargained for
    • Zim not ready for poll -US envoy
    • 'Sleeping in' by Kingtons workers finally pays off
    • Bulawayo council broke
    • Pressure group to stage 'Gukurahundi' marches
    • Chihuri blasts NIPC
    • For once, let’s have free, fair elections
    • What if everybody gave up?
    • Problem with African democracy: voting for individuals
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Truth and Fiction
    • Mbeki's Failed Mission
    • McGee on Zim land reforms
    • Ask a Zimbabwean for tips on power cuts
    • Is SADC serving any real purpose in the region?
    • Book Review
  18. Posted 20/1/08
    • Amid talks deadlock, Mugabe signs security and media law reforms in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe judge orders feuding church to worship at different times
    • Simba Makoni challenging Robert Mugabe
    • Makoni: hope for Zim poll?
    • The spirit lives on
    • Giant Water Bugs
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Cuban ambassador confirms Havana's support of Zim
    • Zimbabweans queue for jobs that South Africans won't do
    • Eskom pulls plug on SA's neighbours
  19. Posted 19/1/08
    • Mugabe Ends Talks to Resolve Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Zimbabwe: Mbeki puts on a brave face
    • New notes fail to dent Zim cash shortages
    • Building societies fail to get delivery of new notes
    • The disappearing dollar
    • Expert's Advice To Tame Zimbabwean Hyperinflation: Shut Central Bank
    • Education System Collapsing Under Weight Of Zimbabwe Economic Crisis
    • Chaos in Schools As Teachers Continue Go-Slow
    • Harare Water Crisis Attributed To Shortage Of Purification Chemicals
    • Zim election: 'March is too early'
    • MIC invites Daily News to apply for registration
    • Group plans protest over 1980s atrocities
    • Zimbabwe students to protest over fees
    • Cheaper, more accessible ARVs might be on the cards
    • Market hemorrhaged by massive profit taking
    • Makoni: The carpet under which ZANU PF chaff will be swept
    • Responding to the PMTCT challenge
    • Would you buy a used car from these men?
    • Illegal worker got asylum tribunal job
    • Dangerous dispatches
  20. Batch 3 Posted 18/1/08
    • MP Butau issues statement on Gono scandal
    • Vigil faces bully-boy tactics
    • MDC and Zanu PF compromise necessary: Molokela
    • FEWS Zimbabwe Food Security Alert 17 Jan 2008
    • Mbeki fails to save MDC/Zanu talks
    • Makoni faces credibility test
    • Gono dares his accusers
    • Kunonga goes berserk in church
    • Zanu PF politburo meets next week
    • Musindo in bid to stop rape trial
    • The economics of cash crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans ill-prepared for economic recovery
    • Occupational fraud at a glimpse
    • IMF estimates Zim's inflation at 150 000%
    • Experts call for probe of RBZ, police
    • Judge Patel: 'Your Lordship' or 'Learned Friend' - Which is which?
    • Voting in one day: People reject procedure
    • Makoni should embrace broad-based coalition
    • World police impotent on Kenya
    • MuckRaker
    • Destruction-phobia knows no bounds
    • Can Makoni match up?
    • Chickens coming home to roost
    • Let’s shun language of violence
    • Zim Independent Letters
  21. Batch 2 Posted 18/1/08
    • Deal to end Zimbabwe crisis 'imminent'
    • Mbeki fails to break deadlock
    • Zimbabwe in the last lap towards total collapse
    • ZANU PF and MDC talks: Why compromise is a necessary evil
    • NamPower to fork out more in Zim power deal
    • Monetary Doctor Steve Hanke Examines Zimbabwe Hyperinflation In New Book
    • Harare Water Taps Remain Empty But Cause Of Crisis Still A Mystery
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Cites 'Anomalies' In National Redistricting Report
    • Farm Equipment Used to Buy Votes
    • Doctors' Bid to Get Paid in ForEx Rejected
    • Tobacco Output Seen Lower This Year
    • Zim to Lose Exclusive Gold Rights
    • China to Inject More Funds Into Zim Venture
    • Zim to Lose Exclusive Gold Rights
    • 'Price Controls a Form of Sanctions'
    • Graft Not the Only Police Problem
    • Bulawayo to Host Election Debates
    • Gono to Spill the Beans Before Parly Commitee?
    • ZTA Brews a Shocker
    • Who Should Pay for Cash Crisis?
    • Cop's Death Ominous
    • U.S. Set to Pump More Aid
    • Kibaki Afflicted By the 'African Disease'
    • Journalists Down Tools
  22. Posted 18/1/08
    • Mbeki meets Mugabe to try to end Zimbabwe deadlock
    • Compromise Plan May End Political Stalemate in Zimbabwe
    • A serious rival, at last?
    • Time may not be on the Zanu PF renegades' side
    • New Political Parties Mushroom As March Election Nears
    • Zimbabwe bank issues $10million bill - but it won't even buy you a hamburger in Harare
    • Zim opposition push for vote delay
    • Farming implements lie idle two months into rainy season
    • Harare allocates US$2 to Supreme and High Courts
    • Grain firm turns to production of dog food
    • Zanu PF Turning Flood Relief Centres Into Political Rallies
    • Deputy Minister for Labour Implicated in Gwanda Murder Case
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Association Blames Cash Crisis For High Absenteeism
    • Zimbabwe Water Woes Deepen As Much Of Harare Remains Cut Off
    • Report On Electoral Redistricting Submitted To Zimbabwe Parliament
    • Dabengwa leads Zanu PF revolt, to challenge Mugabe
    • Newsletter - Bulawayo South Constituency
    • Robert Gabriel Mugabe is Simply Indefensible
    • ANZ to re-submit Daily News application
    • Exiled ENG director Muponda on BTH
  23. Posted 17/1/08
    • 10 million dollar note...
    • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe statement on the cash situation and stabilisation measures
    • Talk in Zimbabwe of New Political Party Gains Momentum
    • JAG - urgent compensation/legal communique, Dated 16 January 200
    • Opposition vows mass protest against Mugabe's rule
    • S.Africa sees progress in Zimbabwe crisis talks
    • DA doubts Mbeki's assurances on Zim
    • Zimbabwe schools order children to bring own food
    • Business says water crisis crippled operations
    • Villagers Flee Police Backlash in Nyanyadzi, Manicaland
    • Schools Chaos As Parents Battle Cash Shortages & Fee Hikes
    • Zim Schools fail to open
    • Zimbabwean Capital Without Running Water For A Second Straight Day
    • Corruption driving Zimbabwe's inflation
    • Condemnation for Zimbabwe government intervention in Christian service
    • Zimbabwe issues new flood warnings amid heavy rains, situation worsens in Mozambique
    • Makoni, Tsvangirai & Mutambara: wise men from the East?
    • MDC must abandon talks
    • Q&A: ‘We Want to Prepare Voters For the Election and the Post-Election Scenario’
    • 'These queues have become unofficial MDC rallies'
    • Mutambara MPs see easy ticket in Tsvangirai
    • Part Of Zimbabwe Opposition Declares Itself Ready For March Elections
    • Dialysis equipment lies idle in government hospitals
    • Heavy Rains a Disaster for Farming
    • No middle ground for crops between drought and deluge
    • A Zimbabwean visits South Africa
    • ZIMBABWE/UK: No welcome mat for asylum seekers
    • MDC-UK plans London demonstration
    • MDC to press ahead with demands for a new constitution
  24. Posted 16/1/08
    • Mugabe faces party split and leadership challenge
    • Irish PM hopeful of breakthrough in Zimbabwe talks
    • Hopes for change in Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • Leo Mugabe claims has corruption evidence against Gono
    • Zimbabwe bank chief summoned over cash shortages: report
    • Police arrest man for hoarding 36 billion Zimbabwe dollars
    • New Zim dollars worthless, informal traders shun new currency
    • Zimbabweans flock to SA for uniforms
    • Harare in water shortage crisis
    • Nam-Zim Power Loan 'Written Off'
    • Rural women struggle to get treatment
    • Laughing Zimbabweans don't cry
    • Exiled Mugabe critic vows to keep writing
    • Zim church attacks 'concerning'
    • Zimbabwe firm eyes New York listing
    • Message to the Youths of Zimbabwe
    • AIPPA, POSA, BSA amendments signed into law
  25. Posted 15/1/08
    • Schools in Zimbabwe face bleak start to new year as water woes and supply shortages worsen
    • Churches raided in Zimbabwe for opposing disgraced bishop
    • CIO called in to help Kunonga's men take over
    • Zim to keep close eye on foreign election observers
    • African oppositions' greatest challenge
    • Zim judiciary says ready to protect rights
    • Zim woes to fetter progress towards SADC free trade area
    • Parliamentary group summons central bank chief
    • US calls for free and fair polls in Zimbabwe
    • Mediation Talks Resume Under Chairmanship of Mbeki
    • Tsvangirai Conducts Door-to-Door Consultations in Manicaland
    • Visiting Irish leader concerned about Zim
    • International Federation warns of potential disastrous flood crisis in southern Africa
    • Zimbabwe stranded feared dead - Summary
    • Zimbabwe opposition vows to avoid election violence
    • No water for Harare and Chitungwiza
    • Zimbabweans face tough times with humour
    • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe a den for gangsters
    • Zimbabweans turn to cross-border shopping sprees
    • Zimbabwe judge bemoans staff exodus, slow trials
    • Report: Zimbabwe draws up register of HIV/AIDS 'curers'
    • We sentence you to...for impunity
    • Zimbabwe - Democracy, Africa style
  26. Posted 14/1/08
    • Zinwa to cut Harare water supplies for one week from Monday
    • Zimbabwe villagers use human excrement on farms: media
    • Zimbabwean police break up church services
    • Pro-Mugabe bishop forms splinter church
    • Mugabe goes shopping while Zim crumbles
    • Harare enlists UNDP help to draft economic blueprint
    • ZANU PF, MDC resume talks
    • Zimbabwe's new press, security laws take effect
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 12th January 2008
    • Mbeki scrambles to save talks as MDC seeks SADC intervention
    • MDC launches 'New Zimbabwe' campaign with 300 rallies
    • Zuma takes swipe at African dictators
    • A people’s struggle for freedom
    • Mugabe's Multiple Mistakes
    • Zimbabweans shun banks after cash shortages
    • Flood Relief Efforts StepUp In Mozambique; Evacuation Difficult Amid High Water Levels
    • China is Zimbabwe's biggest investor, state media
  27. Batch 2 Posted 13/1/08
    • Zimbabwe opposition threatens violence if Mugabe rigs poll
    • Cahora Bassa Resumes Power Supplies to Zim
    • Third Way: A Force in the political parallel market
    • MDC factions to end rivalry, choose one presidential candidate?
    • 56 Days
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Britain Deports Anti-Mugabe Activists
    • Birthday bash for Mugabe
    • Chingoka wants ICC to ensure teams play Zimbabwe
    • Olonga calls for PM to axe tour
  28. Batch 1 Posted 13/1/08
    • State urges probe into RBZ 'dealings'
    • Less than 60 days to go, but not a poll sign in sight
    • MDC plans demos on new constitution
    • Why Zanu PF wants executive mayors out
    • Power cuts fatal blow to ailing health sector
    • Maize being used to 'bribe voters', causing shortages
    • Govt plays down diarrhoea outbreak
    • Airzim halts flights to Masvingo
    • 'Dollarisation': killer or cure for economy? goes
    • ZCTU, WOZA plan anti-Gono demos
    • AirZim, ministry divided over Madombwe's future
    • Kenya crisis: defining moment for Africa
    • How to cheat the ballot camera
    • Democracy without wealth, the Gordian knot in African politics
    • A glimpse into the lives of Africa's geriatric dictators
    • Zim Standard Letters
  29. Posted 12/1/08
    • Zimbabwe to pay Malawi $94 million for maize
    • Zimbabwe farmers struggle in new life
    • Zimbabwe army helps flood victims, report says
    • Report: Zimbabwe policeman killed by diamond miners
    • ZAPU to forge poll alliance with MDC
    • New political party led by Makoni & Mandaza dismissed as a farce
    • Flooding Brings More Misery to Vulnerable Households
    • Zimbabwe Water Shortages Intensify, Posing Risk Of Deadly Epidemics
    • Suburb Goes for 6 Months Without Water
    • US, UK issue fresh travel warning to Zimbabwe
    • Harare to put 40 000 hectares under jatropha
    • One day, this hope will just evaporate like mist
    • Mugabe plans bill to boost re-election
    • MDCs want fast-tracked bills enacted as earlier on agreed
    • 800 cattle die due to shortage of dip tank chemicals
    • Mugabe under attack for failing to feed own citizens
    • The millions return…
    • Not Only Zimbabwe Opposition Concerned About Tight March Election Timetable
    • Appointment of Acting Attorney General is Unconstitutional
    • Power Streams in From Crisis-Dogged Zimbabwe
    • Maputo pulls plug on Zimbabwe
    • Threats in response to Zim election article
    • NCA warns Mbeki to mediate with Zimbabweans at heart
  30. Batch 3 Posted 11/1/08
    • Central bank chief to be grilled over currency deals
    • Mugabe to dissolve Parliament, announce election date
    • Council halts anti-malaria spraying programme
    • Millers seek massive maize-meal price increase
    • Kibaki re-enacts Mugabe’s electoral shenanigans in Kenya
    • Zanu PF faction to launch party
    • . . . as MDC lines up 300 rallies
    • Anglicans revoke Kunonga's licence
    • Moyo in alliance with MDC to save Tsholotsho
    • Basic commodity prices shoot up
    • Judgement in Moyo defamation case next week
    • Mabvuku water crisis exposes Zinwa's failure
    • Magistrates return to work
    • New levy for cross-border traders
    • Media council to engage minister
    • Zesa begins Namibia power exports
    • Parastatals fail to account for RBZ funds
    • No solution in sight to cash crisis
    • AirZim can't charge fares in forex: RBZ
    • Tsvangirai risks political irrelevancy
    • Victory is certain
    • What’s the MDC doing?
    • The real lessons from Kenya
    • Mushohwe’s degree has not helped him
    • Practical solutions to cash crisis
    • New media law reforms cosmetic
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Zimbabwe's March Elections in a Crunch
    • Zimbabwe economic crisis cripples mission station
    • Vermeulen pleads not guilty to arson
  31. Batch 2 Posted 11/1/08
    • Zimbabwe election observers report problems three months ahead of poll
    • Zimbabwe power output down, neighbours cut supply
    • Zimbabwe's poverty line hits 100 million dollars, report says
    • Mbeki steps in to take charge of Zim talks
    • MDC plans protests over election date
    • Bulawayo runs out of maize-meal
    • Zimbabwe Bread Shortage Spawns Homemade Solutions
    • British Foreign Official Voices Concern That Zimbabwe Talks Have Stalled
    • Police summon feuding church officials
    • Testing time for MDC as they line-up 300 rallies countrywide
    • Zim diamonds could be financing international terror groups
    • Mugabe’s Presidential Bid Cost Taxpayers Trillions and Freedom Is the Next Casualty
    • Talks On Hold to Accommodate Chinamasa Holiday
    • Cities of Harare, Chitungwiza are threat to environment
    • The Future of Zimbabwe: Prospects for Democracy and Economic Recovery
    • Calling On ALL Zimbabweans in Diaspora
    • Economy in the Red, Black Market Thriving
    • Nampower switches on Zesa
    • President Mbeki should be impartial on talks
    • Lonrho Airlines spreads its wings in Africa
    • No Shoes for Zimbabwe
    • JAG job opportunities dated 10 January 2008
  32. Batch 1 Posted 11/1/08
    • ZANU-PF snubs Mbeki
    • Primaries to expose growing rift in ruling party
    • Companies fail to re-open
    • ZRP needs 32 000 new recruits for poll
    • Fear grips ZANU PF as fresh purge looms
    • Kenya chaos: Lessons on flawed election processes
    • Millers press for review of maize-meal price
    • ZINWA: Consumers getting raw deal from troubled authority
    • Zimbabwe still friendly to investors
    • Disaster in agric production looms
    • Zimbabweans lose confidence in own currency
    • Committee urges ZESA to lease idle power stations
    • Zesa Sinks U.S.$20m Into Hwange Revamp
    • Country is Named Worst Economic Freedom Violator
    • Graft is enemy No.1
    • Where is Chombo when the nation needs him?
    • Zim judicial system needs overhaul
    • FinGaz Letters
  33. Posted 10/1/08
    • Zim running out of medicine, says report
    • How Zimbabwe lost control of inflation
    • Zimbabwe police chief warns against poll violence
    • Food stockpiling as people fear the 'Kenya syndrome'
    • Mugabe’s relative gets top police post
    • Teachers Awarded 1000 Percent Salary Hike
    • Mbeki Expected to Take Direct Control of Mediation Talks
    • MDC factions begin unity talks
    • MDC will not recognise new constituency boundaries
    • Pro-Mugabe parishioners attack rivals
    • Africa Channel responds to Mugabe interview criticism<
    • Media gag on crop updates
    • South Africa's Opposition Urges Universities to Reject Zanu-PF Students
    • Zimbabwe: House of Lords Debate
    • Zimbabwe suspects British government of orchestrating BA's pullout
    • Lawyers worried by MIC's delay to hear Daily News case
    • Zimbabwe faces more food shortages
    • Gono blames politicians for massive cash heist
    • SA: Kenyans Throw Their Weight behind New Zimbabwe Constitution
    • Solidarity Message to the People of Kenya
    • What to do about Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Experience - Conclusion
  34. Posted 9/1/08
    • More displaced by Zim floods
    • Mozambique suspends power to Zimbabwe over unpaid debt
    • Zimbabwe's farmers warn of more food shortages
    • Government witholds civil servants' payslips
    • Still no home, four years after Operation Murambatsvina
    • Group urges exiled Zimbabweans to come home and vote
    • War veterans’ murder trial set for March
    • Zimbabwe Government Considers Another Price Crackdown On Businesses
    • Go, Mugabe Go
    • Ousted Bishop Kunonga holds church service under police protection
    • MDC 'In Talks With Zuma-Led ANC'
    • GMB desperate for transport as supplies run out
    • Bleak future stares Zimbabweans in the face
    • Musings of a Zimbabwean exile
    • Zim dollar takes another dive
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Under Fire Over Pre-Election Redistricting
    • Water-borne diseases in Harare - Mutezo must go!
    • Zim works to augment ailing power supply
    • Continued Cash Shortages In Zimbabwe Seen Further Crippling The Economy
    • MDC’s Preview of the 2007/8 Agricultural Season
  35. Posted 8/1/08
    • Report: Zimbabwe price police to prosecute overchargers
    • Zanu PF forces traditional leaders to head rural party structures
    • Harare says won’t touch farms protected under investment treaties
    • Mugabe churchman conducts rival service in Harare
    • Zimbabwe’s economic lights to get dimmer in 2008
    • Zimbabwe’s economic collapse almost complete
    • Lessons for nation building
    • Breakdown plunges parts of Zimbabwe into darkness
    • "God Only Loves Mugabe"
    • Zim prosecutors, magistrates weigh new salary offer
    • Govt policy condemns thousands to poverty, ignorance
    • Zimbabwean exile calls for vote delay
    • Floods hit southern Africa, more than 1 mln at risk
    • Water Shortages Cause Diarrhoea Outbreak
    • Bank governor in the political fray?
    • Furore Over Prison Deaths
    • JAG urgent legal communique, Dated 7 January 2008
    • Zimbabwe: How to live without money
  36. Posted 7/1/08
    • Electoral agency rules out postponement of polls in Zimbabwe
    • Striking Zim magistrates awarded wage hike
    • Raises can't offset Zimbabwe inflation
    • Queues for money in Harare turn deadly
    • ZCTF Report - Farewell to Tusker
    • Newsletter from Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Experience - Part 1
    • Zimbabwe Experience - Part 2
    • Zimbabwe Experience - Part 3
    • Zimbabwe Experience - Part 4
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 5th January 2008
    • Zimbabwe tour of Pakistan goes ahead
  37. Batch 2 Posted 6/1/08
    • Zim hospitals, schools hike fees by 600 percent
    • CIO Killed Christmas Reveller Over Alleged MDC Link
    • Floods Cause Havoc Across the Country
    • The Great Food Trek
    • Zimbabwe sees sharp drop in gold output
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • ICC warns England over Zimbabwe exclusion
    • Politics Before Wicket
    • Brown is not in charge
    • Flooding Cuts Beira-Zimbabwe Road
    • Water Woes Produce Outbreaks Of Diarrheal Disease In Harare Suburbs
    • Zimbabwe Cash Crisis Seen Lasting With Too Little Cash In Circulation
    • Pessimism And Hope For Zimbabwe Mingle In Forecasts For 2008
    • Zimbabweans told they cannot stay
  38. Batch 1 Posted 6/1/08
    • Why Gono's 'sunrise' has turned to sunset
    • Prospects for free, fair poll still dim
    • Hero status delays anger mourners
    • Fugitive MP accuses RBZ of 'shady deals'
    • Furore over prison deaths
    • Beware of the 'Four brothers and a sister'
    • Villagers trade in Rand
    • Health sector: dying slowly from arrears
    • Zapu-FP in leadership wrangle
    • Zanu PF shuts out 'hostile' NGOs from rural areas
    • Zanu PF councillor charged with stealing food aid
    • Diaspora groups show interest in Africa's development
    • Skills migration set to continue
    • Blackout riles Bvumba hoteliers
    • Inflation gobbles up Bacossi funding
    • 2008: 'Aluta continua' for the workers
    • Let those guilty ones get their come uppance
    • Politics brewed in an African pot
    • Obama, Odinga, Zuma: what do they represent to the future of Africa?
    • Provision of external voting facilities gives credibility to election process
    • Fiddler
    • Zim Standard Letters
  39. Posted 5/1/08
    • Zimbabwe: hard life, high risk
    • Top MDC strategists meet to plan for 2008
    • Doctors and nurses deny calling off strike
    • Money for nothing
    • Zim parks to sell elephant biltong
    • Diarrhoea outbreak hits Zimbabwe's capital
    • Death toll rises in Zim, Mozambique floods
    • The Zimbabwe dollar is the symbol of the country's nationhood and sovereignty!
    • Meeting Lifts Lid On Land Chaos, Corruption
    • Muckraker - How Zanu PF Stole Christmas
    • Shameless Propaganda
    • Overdue New Year resolution
    • Valuable Time Lost in Queues
    • SA gets tough on Zim student visas
    • ZANU PF secures 60 places at Rhodes University
    • Desperate ZESA instals four generators in Hwange
    • ZANU (PF) conflict continues
    • Country Set to Lose U.S.$60 Million Diamond Project
    • Nervous times for under-fire Chingoka
  40. Batch 4 Posted 4/1/08
    • Cabinet blocks Gono
    • 'Talks on brink of collapse'
    • 'Butau did not get political asylum'
    • MDC meets for re-unification talks
    • School fees up 600%
    • Parly to grill Gono over cash barons
    • MDC accuses Mohadi of lying over violence
    • Judicial strike enters fourth month
    • Govt named in Mawere empire grab
    • Another farming disaster looms
    • Isn't it time to quit, Gono?
    • Hit song 'Cash Crisis' jingles on
    • MDC must tread with caution
    • Zim Independent Letters
  41. Batch 3 Posted 4/1/08
    • ZANU-PF split looms
    • War vet Sibanda’s suspension set to be lifted
    • Butau holder of valid UK Visa
    • ZANU-PF Byo heavies face their Waterloo
    • ZCTU unveils new stance on polls
    • Madzongwe in selfish call for end to strike
    • No water in Byo despite recent rains
    • ZANU-PF, MDC talks in deadlock
    • Mixed feelings on Zim’s economy in 2008
    • The sanction hype and human suffering
    • Cash crisis: No end in sight
    • It’s not looking good
    • Govt by propaganda admission of failure
    • Lid on inflation data leaves market confused
    • Tourism personnel join exodus to greener pastures
    • FinGaz Letters
  42. Batch 2 Posted 4/1/08
    • Mbeki asked to break talks deadlock
    • Lawyer says ZANU PF official eyeing Chegutu farm
    • UK denies offering safe haven to Zimbabwean criminals
    • With S. Africa's Mbeki Politically Beset, Zimbabwe Crisis Talks On Hold
    • Zimbabwe Health Experts Predict a Gloomy 2008 As Medical Services Collapse
    • Cash-Poor Zimbabweans Turn To Parallel Market To Procure Bank Notes
    • Zimbabwe's Lower Courts In Turmoil As Magistrates Strike Enters Ninth Week
    • Tsvangirai, Sibanda differ on MDC unity
    • Continued Floods Leave An Estimated 10,000 Zimbabweans Homeless
    • Zimbabwe Vigil - Feedback from the Lisbon Trip - 3rd January 2008
    • Zimbabwe offered 2012 deal to cancel cricket
    • Chingoka flies in for talks with ICC chief Mali
    • Are elections in Africa really necessary or a waste of time?
  43. Posted 4/1/08
    • Gono warns banks on money-laundering
    • Unpacking the Butau-Gono Forex and Cash Scanda
    • Brown set to ban Zimbabwe cricket team from UK
    • China pledges 5,000 tonnes of food aid to Zimbabwe
    • Harare power utility chief suspended
    • JAG says white farmers under intense pressure to leave farms
    • Zim opposition threaten to boycott poll
    • NCA takes voter education programme to Zanu-PF strongholds
    • Lessons from Kenya
    • Mawere exposes Gono propaganda
    • Doctors and nurses strike continues
    • Some Zimbabwean doctors back at work, union says
    • Deposed bishop still vexes Zimbabwe
    • Government should have taken tough stance on Zimbabwe sooner
    • Pain of Winning And Not Taking Power
  44. Posted 3/1/08
    • Zimbabwe's opposition wants new laws before vote
    • Zimbabwe banknote crisis spills into New Year
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Changes Rules Again
    • Air Zim told to raise standards or face deregistration
    • White farmer gets 48-hour notice to vacate farm
    • We will not take part in election ritual to legitimise Mugabe: Tsvangirai
    • Zim floods displace hundreds
    • UK supermarket embroiled in controversy over fish from Zimbabwe
    • Tilapia from Kariba, Zimbabwe
    • Democracy: Africa's elusive dream?
    • The crisis in Kenya leaves a guilty stain on the west
    • Fears of Rwanda and Zimbabwe propel pressure
    • Floods Maroon Villagers, Livestock in Chipinge
    • Zimbabwe at the crossroads - The privatisation of the state
    • "Allow Diaspora vote, or risk protests in all Zim embassies throughout the world"-US Forum
    • Zim refugees flood into SA causing ‘national concern‘
    • Endemic corruption now a significant and real threat to the nation's well being
    • Zimbabwe Civic Group Embarks on a Voter Education Program
    • Operation Against Foreign Currency Dealers Launched
    • Election date remains sticking point between Zanu-PF and MDC
    • Bulilima MP in Rallying Call for MDC Factions to Unite
  45. Posted 2/1/08
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Urges Full Reunification Of Fractured Opposition
    • Cash Shortages Loom As Persistent Problem For Zimbabwean Economy
    • Supermarket flies fish 5,000 miles from country where millions are starving... in the name of ecology
    • Sokwanele: Zimbabwe Election Watch : Issue 14
    • With Labor Talks Under Way, Zimbabwe Hospital Residents Back To Work
    • Upsurge In Rhino Poaching In Zimbabwe
    • Illegal export trade booms in Zimbabwe
    • WHO issues malaria warning for southern Africa
    • Zimbabwe stock exchange grows by over 300,000 per cent, report says
    • Zimbabwe to curb sexist music lyrics
    • Analysts Find Lessons For Zimbabwe's Opposition In Kenyan Election
    • Kenya on the brink of civil war
    • Why democracy is crippled in Kenya
  46. Posted 1/1/08
    • Chaos at banks as Zimbabwe extends currency deadline
    • Zimbabwe cash crisis persists
    • Corrupt Bank Employees Face the Chop
    • Zimbabweans rush to hand in expiring bank notes
    • Zim points fingers at Britain
    • $10bn Cash Deal - Magistrate Blasts Police, RBZ
    • 63 people die on Zimbabwe’s roads
    • Mugabe interview on Africa Channel blasted as propaganda
    • Hospitals Review Consultation Fees
    • Anglican Parishioners Boycott Service
    • Why some Africans leave the motherland
    • Be the change that you want to see

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