The ZIMBABWE Situation

November 2007 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 4 Posted 30/11/07
    • Mugabe’s populist budget offers no hope for revival
    • NGOs attack Wade for excluding civic society
    • Mugabe's 'million man' march set for today
    • Governor ordered to lay his hands off ranch
    • Zimbabwe Finance Minister: Budget Will Reduce Inflation to 2,000 Percent
    • Zimbabwe 2008 Budget Boggles With Z$7.84 Quadrillion Estimated Spending
    • Abortive Senegalese Demarche Leaves Zimbabwe And London Far Apart
    • Wade Proposes a Broader Mediation Team to Resolve Political Impasse
    • Mugabe survives assassination plot, according to Zimbabwe Today
    • No-show Brown plays into Mugabe's hands
  2. Batch 3 Posted 30/11/07
    • Mugabe, MDC reject Wade plan
    • 'Million men march' to seal succession battle
    • Budget runs into quadrillions
    • Currency change next week
    • 'Million men march a waste of public funds'
    • Asylum-seekers face deportation from UK
    • Msika summons Mutasa over land offer letters
    • MDC accuses ZEC of bias
    • US targeted sanctions to stay
    • Election budget, logistics pose headache for govt
    • Cash barons ignore Gono
    • MIC's Mararike a blacklisted lawyer
    • Shamu withdraws Independent lawsuit
    • Minister presents $7,8 quadrillion budget
    • Zim's 2008 budget: Economic fiction
    • Budget shows $1 760 quadrillion deficit
    • Elections get $209 trillion
    • Agriculture gets more than it had asked for
    • New tax-free thresholds susceptible to inflation
    • Budget allocation for public utilities
    • Zimbabwe's domestic debt soars by 54%
    • MDC ill-prepared to confront Zanu PF at polls
    • War vets marching against the people
    • Why Mugabe's re-election defies logic
    • A sure way to kill mining
    • EU-Africa summit must go beyond promises
    • Editor's memo
    • Birds of a feather flock together
    • Annihilation of property rights continues
    • Zim Independent Letters
  3. Batch 2 Posted 30/11/07
    • Power outages strike as finance minister unveils inflation-hit budget in troubled Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe sees economic growth, silent on devaluation
    • Zimbabwe says ready to confront critics at EU summit
    • Zimbabwe 2007 food import bill more than doubles
    • Zim won't accept more dialogue help
    • FEWS Southern Africa Food Security Update Nov 2007 - Food supplies tighten as hunger season sets in
    • Top army officer to head ZEC in Manicaland
    • Zanu PF buses supporters
    • UK women’s groups organise conference to mobilise Diaspora
    • Mugabe commandeers plane - report
    • 20 Suburbs Plunged Into Darkness
    • Mugabe slams "interference" outside SADC initiative in Zimbabwe
    • Senegalese President Fails In Quixotic Bid To Reconcile Mugabe and Brown
    • Govt to send peer to EU-Africa summit: PM's office
    • A shot in time - govt scores immunisation success
    • Court Strike Leaves Detainees Stranded
    • Mbeki Struggling to Bridge Political Chasm
    • Expensive beer
  4. Batch 1 Posted 30/11/07
    • Wade, Mbeki head for clash over Zim
    • Top army officer caught in Msika, Mutasa feud
    • Key test for Finance Minister
    • Tsvangirai camp to scuttle negotiations?
    • New twist to A-G saga
    • How will ZANU PF feed a million mouths?
    • Startling revelations on police stations
    • Politburo censures youth wing
    • Why I have come to Zim: Wade
    • Mugabe’s long march to life Presidency?
    • Mugabe asks new US envoy to patch things up
    • Sunrise 2: Rollout begins
    • Common man is the victim in magistrates’ strike
    • Need to face facts on EU-Africa Summit
    • HIV outlook still bleak despite progress
    • Where is the money?
    • FinGaz Letters
  5. Posted 29/11/07
    • Mediator expects Mugabe at summit, hopes Brown there, too
    • Senegal leader proposes committee to mend Zimbabwe, Britain rift
    • African states rally behind Robert Mugabe
    • 'SADC will not allow summit to discuss Zim'
    • Mugabe ready for dialogue with Britain
    • EU scrambles to control Mugabe after he confirms summit visit
    • Mugabe's presence a 'footnote'
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Formation Threatens To Exit Crisis Negotiations
    • Mugabe hides inflation behind bare shelves
    • Sokwanele - Lest we forget: The catastrophic impact of the deepening crisis on Zimbabwe’s children
    • MDC starts 'period of defiance' against repressive laws
    • Executions, tapped phones and mass desertion
    • No money for airports upgrade ahead of 2010
    • Villagers punished for supporting MDC
    • Coercion and intimidation? Just the usual election preparations
    • Police demand money and food from dealers
    • Revolving fund for land reform - MDC manifesto
    • MEPs outraged at Mugabe's invitation to Lisbon
    • Are we making progress?
    • Zimbabwe critical of new US envoy
    • Mugabe is continuing to violate human rights, says US
    • Zim prisoners, rural women fail to access AIDS drugs
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Factions Differ Over Crisis Talks Pullout Threat
    • ZCTF Report: Appeal for Tatenda
    • Harare approves new currency instrument
    • Expats keep families afloat
    • Worsening Economic Crisis Forces Young Jobless Zimbabweans to Leave the Country in Droves
    • Mining body asks Harare to discuss new law
    • When CHOGM Chairman Museveni Visited Mugabe
    • Year-long police operation targets only "ordinary people"
    • Why should I be mad at the British?
  6. Posted 28/11/07
    • Not enough goods in the shops to work out inflation figure, says state statistical office
    • Mugabe to Attend EU - Africa Summit, Brown to Boycott
    • Senegal's Wade to mediate with Mugabe on EU summit
    • Zimbabwe budget seen unlikely to halt economic decline
    • Zimbabwe critical of new US envoy
    • SA unveils multiple entry permit for Zim traders
    • Zimbabwe pays USD28 million electricity debt to Mozambique
    • Zimbabwe's Central Bank Moving Toward Issuing New Currency - Again
    • Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Prepares 'Million Men March' Backing Mugabe
    • EU's stance on Mugabe is 'empty posturing' at best
    • Analysts say free and fair elections will depend on political climate
    • 1000 WOZA members mark 16 days of activism against gender violence
    • Uganda to assume mediatory role between Mugabe and Britain
    • Food aid 'only for Zanu (PF)'
    • Zimbabwe's HIV-Positive Concerned About Expired Antiretroviral Drugs
    • Zim, C'wealth; how to end the rift
    • No to cosmetic budget consultations
    • CHRA local government weekly update
    • A Concert For Freedom In Zimbabwe
  7. Posted 27/11/07
    • Chamber of Mines to press for concessions on new law
    • Political expediency to carry day for Zim budget
    • Zimbabwe airports refurbishment behind schedule
    • US to honour Zimbabwe AIDS activists
    • Brinkmanship over constitutional talks
    • Hot Seat Transcript - Peta Thornycroft interview
    • As inflation soars, Zimbabwe short on cash
    • Mugabe's divide and rule policy weakens rivals
    • New Laws Published for Zimbabwe Elections
    • Rein in Mugabe, Britain Tells Museveni
    • SADC tribunal delays Zimbabwe farm case - again
    • Mugabe 'plotted' life presidency
    • Bob's path to a sixth term
    • Retiring Mugabe
    • Air Zambia follows BA, ends flights to Harare
    • Refugee Legal Centre: Zimbabwean asylum seekers face destitution
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Objects To Electoral Commission Appointments
    • Zim retailers bring back credit
    • Court In Mutoko, Zimbabwe, Arraigns Ruling Party Activists In Assault
    • Billboard activism on the rise in South Africa
    • Kingstons Workers 'Sleep-In' At Work As Government Fails to Meet Pay Demands
    • Press Statement - US Department of State
    • Zanu PF and Mugabe taking people for granted
  8. Posted 26/11/07
    • No end in sight for Zimbabwe judiciary strike
    • Electoral body ignores MDC call on election boundaries
    • Teachers forced to contribute to ZANU PF congress
    • Bulawayo warns it could decommission dam
    • Bias Widespread In Food Aid Distribution, Zimbabwe Civic Group Charges
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 24th November 2007
    • Zimbabwe poses dilemma for EU-Africa summit host
    • Zimbabwe: Voices from a basket case
    • Mugabe scoffs at claims of violence
    • 'I am ashamed of my African leaders'
  9. Batch 2 Posted 25/11/07
    • Workers 'sleep in' over low salaries
    • Bio-diesel Plant: a case of 'celebrating a still birth'
    • AU probes abuse of Zimbabwean refugees
    • Landlords demand groceries as rent
    • Mumbengegwi rescued from angry mob
    • Tractor turned into commuter transport
    • 'No Zanu PF card, no food' scam exposed
    • How Ian Smith makes Mugabe look pathetic
    • 'Zimbabweans deserve refugee status'
    • Two million to be immunised against polio
    • Millers shun 'over-priced' winter wheat
    • Boost for EU/AU trade
    • Deal with root causes, urges CZI boss
    • 2008 Budget: what's in it for suffering workers?
    • Kingdom expansion plan on course
    • Property rights key to fighting Zimbabwe IT piracy
    • Vengeance drives our ruinous state
    • Why they asked: Is God dead?
    • Blind hatred of PF Zapu and prospects for unity
    • Diplomatic talk and the marginalized
    • Zim Standard Letters
  10. Posted 25/11/07
    • For second time, Zimbabwe cuts face value of currency by 99.9%
    • Inside the ruined country
    • Shootings threaten black rhino project
    • Looking Toward Zimbabwe's Future
    • Own goals
    • Gono's Statement On Cash Shortages Betrays His Attitude
    • Further postponement of Zimbabwean farm test case
    • Preoccupied With Pakistan, Commonwealth Reluctant To Take Up Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Parliament Takes Testimony From Displaced University Students
    • Farmer's murder trial fails to take off
    • Zimbabwe small-scale miners demand more support
    • Zimbabweans praise 'generous' Ian Smith
  11. Posted 24/11/07
    • Zimbabwe to slash 3 more zeros from currency in black market crackdown
    • Of cash and dealers
    • Gono's statement on cash shortages betrays his attitude
    • Grabbing below the surface
    • As Mbeki flies out, CIO tortures 22 NCA activists
    • No changes on the ground as Zanu PF manipulates talks
    • Press Statement on the brutal assault on NCA members
    • Talks stalled over Biti boycott
    • MDC faction says 'external forces' want to see Mbeki fail
    • Mugabe clan psyche up masses
    • Bulawayo faces refuse collection crisis
    • Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Alert
    • Mapfumo dismisses Mbeki mediation process
    • UK: Mbeki making Zim progress
    • Commonwealth Meeting Opens in Uganda
    • Demystifying the Matrix of the Third Way; A Product of Failed Political Focus
    • Towards a new revolution: Terms for a new movement
  12. Batch 4 Posted 23/11/07
    • Crisis could drive health sector deeper into ground, says rights group
    • Mbeki seeks Mugabe deal for summit
    • Mbeki to brief Commonwealth about Zim talks
    • South African President Presses Zimbabweans To Wrap Up Crisis Talks
    • EU allocates funds for Trade Capacity Building Project
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Parties Dispute Report Of Scant Voter Mobilization
    • New U.S. Envoy To Zimbabwe Received By President Mugabe, Proposes To 'Build Bridges'
    • Zimbabwe dehorns black rhinos
    • Reserve Bank nonpayment stunts gold mine expansion, exploration
  13. Batch 3 Posted 23/11/07
    • Mbeki pressures Mugabe
    • . . . as MDC says Zanu PF insincere
    • Depositors call Gono's bluff over cash hoarding
    • Masvingo denounces Sibanda
    • Gula-Ndebele tangled in succession war
    • Zimra workers strike
    • 'Mutasa offer letters unprocedural'
    • US committed to free, fair elections: ambassador
    • Muchinguri confuses Mugabe with revolution
    • Free banking for Zimbabwe
    • Bribery doesn't pay, says Mo Ibrahim
    • 'Biodiesel project hinges on agric sector'
    • Coup plotters denied bail
    • Free media vital to democracy - ACP-EU
    • Sibanda 'hero status' riles former PF-Zapu members
    • Parly to probe CAAZ
    • Mumbengegwi budget to rely on borrowing
    • Controversy dogs Olivine deal
    • 90% bakeries close down
    • Weak currency fuels dollarisation
    • Chamber of Mines mobilises against Bill
    • EU must not make Mugabe a martyr
    • Smith saw Rhodesia as a sovereign state
    • Do we need MDC?
    • Leaders deserve fair judgement
    • Gono scores against evil
    • Mugabe perpetuates Smith's legacy
    • 'All have sinned'
    • Million-dollar question
    • Godzilla strikes yet again
  14. Batch 2 Posted 23/11/07
    • Mbeki confident of solution to Zimbabwe crisis
    • Friction Rises in Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Led by Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe and the 2007 Commonwealth Forum
    • Malawi faces grain shortages after giving Mugabe maize
    • Rights Activists Lobby for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe after Mugabe?
    • Food security in Zimbabwe
    • Effects of migration on children
    • Swedish Government Split over Mugabe Meeting
    • Zimbabwe future prospects positive
    • Workplace AIDS programmes feel the pinch
    • NCA activists try to ambush Mbeki entourage
    • Mbeki flies into Harare to attempt to revive stalled negotiations
    • Mystery surrounds the disappearance of Ugandan national
    • The Disappearance of a Mother
    • The Gorbachev Factor
    • Sokwanele - Zimbabwe Election Watch
    • UK tribunal to decide fate of failed asylum seekers
    • South African newspapers invade Zimbabwe
  15. Batch 1 Posted 23/11/07
    • Mbeki pushes for pact
    • New currency imminent: Gono
    • Search warrant issued for A-G
    • River Ranch cleared of smuggling but . . .
    • Report paints sorry picture of police force's working conditions
    • Tsvangirai takes charm offensive to Kampala
    • High court throws out coup suspects' bail application
    • I'm here to stay, says new Anglican bishop
    • Land row: Masunda demands trial
    • No easy answers to Zim's fuel problems
    • Whose idea was this anyway?
    • Bill will kill mining, say analysts
    • Democratic rule best defence against 'regime change'
    • Bulawayo Road and the good old times
    • Frightening gullibility
    • FinGaz Letters
  16. Posted 22/11/07
    • Zimbabwe says new bank notes imminent
    • Zimbabwe opposition pleads for international support
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader says progress made on election talks with government
    • Mbeki to Meet MDC And Zanu-PF Negotiators in Harare
    • Zimbabwe opposition wants reform before it contests vote
    • Portugal would prefer Mugabe not to come to summit
    • Corruption And Economic Crisis Mar Voter Registration
    • Seven Injured As Police Crush NCA Demo in Harare
    • Tsvangirai reveals talks stalled over freedom of assembly
    • Czech PM "boycotts" Mugabe
    • Call for action on Zimbabwe abuses
    • SA bank set to bankroll US$38m airport project in Zimbabwe
    • Young Zimbabwe rebel artists take on Mugabe
    • Hell in a cell if Mugabe wins
    • First diarrhoea, now possibly plague
    • Another Poor Harvest Beckons
    • Commonwealth Group Woos Zimbabwe Back
    • Resourcefulness of Zimbabwean asylum seekers impresses UNHCR
    • Refugees die waiting for South African asylum
    • African bishops examine Chinese investments in Africa
    • Diaspora Entrepreneurs Use Internet to Send Remittances to Zimbabwe
    • SW Radio wins international award
    • Govt Gazettes New Prices for Bread, Flour
    • MDC denounces violence
    • SADC-mandated Zimbabwe dialogue under threat
  17. Batch 2 Posted 21/11/07
    • Mugabe grabs platinum and diamonds
    • Harare sends police for retraining ahead of election
    • Central bank chief rules out intervention in cash crisis
    • Door still open for Zimbabwe, McKinnon
    • Banned paper's lawyers seek guidance on licence application
    • Crisis drives 30 percent of students out of school
    • Mugabe solidarity march fails to take place in Masvingo
    • Women demand 50 percent representation
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Under Fire From Civic Groups
    • Zimbabweans wait for hours at banks amid cash shortage
    • Parties To Zimbabwe Crisis Talks Seek Near-Term Agreement In Principle
    • European Union To Send Envoy To Zimbabwe Before Summit
    • Zimbabwe Health Ministry Voices Concern About National Water Safety
    • Ian Smith, former Rhodesian leader, dies at 88
  18. Posted 21/11/07
    • Zimbabwe not planning new price freeze -
    • Zimbabwe releases bill to seize control of foreign mining interests
    • Why the Commonwealth must re-engage Zimbabwe and what can be done
    • Zim human rights situation alarming- African Commission
    • Human rights abuses to dominate Commonwealth agenda
    • Zimbabwe dominates ACP-EU conference in Rwanda
    • Police ask relatives to feed inmates as magistrates' strike continues
    • SADC tribunal delays Zimbabwe farmer's case
    • Malawi diesel shortage hits airport
    • Former military men continue to take over gvt departments
    • Zimbabwe? Perfect for a holiday
    • SA may relax visa requirements for Zimbabwe
    • Keeping things in perspective
    • Poachers Dehorn Rhino, Calf
    • MDC contributions on Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Bill
    • Chamber to discuss 'mine grabs'
    • MDC launches probe into weekend clashes
    • MISA-Zimbabwe on Zimbabwe situation
    • Robert Mugabe: British invasion foiled
    • U.N. slashes AIDS estimates in latest report
    • JAG open letter forum dated 19 November 2007
    • Zimbabwe in Crisis
  19. Posted 20/11/07
    • Embattled Zimbabwe delays inflation data
    • Mugabe regime to grab 25 percent stake in mining firms
    • EU to give "tough message" to Mugabe at summit
    • Army on alert to prevent British invasion: Zimbabwe
    • In Zimbabwe, dissent wears the mask of theater
    • Violence erupts outside MDC meeting
    • Harare residents sleep in bank queues as cash shortage intensifies
    • ZANU PF youths chase MDC supporters from homes
    • Zimbabweans sell money as shortages hit banks
    • White farmer's land case pushed to next month
    • Lots of talk but very little gain
    • Calf recovering from rhino Imire rhino massacre
    • SA Defence Minister repeats Mugabe's line on regime change
    • Zimbabwe gets Malawi fuel courtesy of Bingu-Mugabe pact
    • US think-tank urges shift in policy on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe to establish diamond processing plant
    • Press Statement: the MDC must denounce violence against the Media
    • Six die in bus crash in Zimbabwe
    • Tyranny unrependent
    • Double agent 'close to killing Robert Mugabe'
    • Abuses unacceptable - McKinnon
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Union Threatens Strike If Members Are Politically Harassed
    • 'Stolen Cattle Smuggled Into Mozambique'
  20. Posted 19/11/07
    • Zimbabwe accuses UK of plotting to kill Mugabe
    • Mugabe should be president for life, says his deputy
    • Roaches and dinner by torchlight on the night train from Harare
    • Thousands of teachers abandon Zimbabwe
    • SW Radio Africa transcript - Peta Thornycroft
    • Mbeki must push Mugabe to end violence, says Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe's election regalia to gobble $4.4 trillion
    • War veterans' "million man" march set for month-end
    • Jumbos mourn black rhino killed by poachers
    • Rules, lines for food grow longer as hard times strike Zimbabwe
    • Gvt hoodwinking local and international community on The Daily News matter
    • A chance for Portugal to outclass Gordon Brown over Mugabe
    • Spotlight back on Zimbabwe
    • Global Fund's latest Zimbabwe snub: Body blow for health efforts
    • Zimbabweans at the margins of the ghetto
    • How can a Zimbabwean get respect in Botswana?
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 17th November 2007
    • In honour of Grace Kwinjeh's determination for a new Zimbabwe
    • Zim students on International Students Day
  21. Batch 2 Posted 18/11/07
    • Zimbabwe publishes bill to reform electoral laws: newspaper
    • Black Zimbabweans rally for white farms
    • Mugabe: 'Diesel mystic's beauty blinded ministers'
    • Stumble and fall
    • Zimbabwe's 'poor millionaires' spending Z$1m on a tin of beans
    • Freedom: having nothing to lose
    • What will happen next?
    • Diary tells of refugee's hopes for the future
    • More than 200 illegal immigrants seized
    • Mugabe dictatorship has affected education in Zimbabwe
    • Sekai Holland responds to Chaibva article
  22. Batch 1 Posted 18/11/07
    • Tsvangirai backs down
    • NIPC chief's dark past exposed
    • Striking magistrates leave scores stranded
    • Stick to budget, residents tell Harare
    • War veterans get cash for Mugabe marches
    • Zim corruption an 'epidemic' - study
    • 3-year suspension for varsity student charged with treason
    • School loses 20 teachers, headmaster
    • MDC cries foul over ZEC appointments
    • Zanu PF set to win March poll,says Madhuku
    • Call to end Zimbabwean deportations
    • Fish poaching rife in game parks
    • Govt misleads world on media freedom
    • Swedish aid to fight workplace HIV/Aids
    • Price blitz: OK suffers massive trading losses
    • Zimsun bids for foreign partners
    • Embattled govt confirms the guilty are always afraid
    • Be not deceived, God is not mocked...
    • The first steps towards Mugabe's one-party rule
    • Zimbabweans following their leaders in crime
    • Zim Standard Letters
  23. Posted 17/11/07
    • Mugabe, top politicians paid woman now accused of fraud in fuel-from-rocks claim
    • Cash runs out in land where the bus fare is 1.6 m dollars
    • Medical Fees Hike the 'Final Nail'
    • MDC to brief Mbeki on renewed violence against supporters
    • New Government Policy to Worsen Shortage of Basics
    • Zimbabwe police stop commissioning of UK-funded library
    • Retail chain retrenches as it counts cost of price blitz
    • Zimbabwe's Inflation Soars to 14,841% on Food, Fuel
    • Zimbabweans go cross-border shopping
    • AU chairman says Mugabe invite matter of principle
    • Mugabe does it again
    • I hope Santa brings something for us on Christmas day
    • Magistrates In Seven of 10 Zimbabwean Provinces Now Out On Strike
    • Shuttered By State In 2003, Zimbabwe's Daily News Eager To Relaunch
    • 'Foreign forces' threaten Zim talks
    • Mutasa suspected of having an affair with diesel n'anga
    • The Case for Political Renewal
    • Zimbabwe in the News Again
    • Another devastating loss to Black Rhino conservation in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Adventist university's food supplies dwindling
    • Power From Zim On Schedule
  24. Batch 4 Posted 16/11/07
    • SA minister says region faces 'regime change' threat
    • Mugabe vows to beat Western sanctions
    • Cash-strapped Harare fails to print school certificates
    • Ten years on, Zimbabwe counts cost of Black Friday crash
    • Zim opposition politician rules out coalition with Tsvangirai
    • War Vets Beat Up Grandmother As Violence Escalates in Manicaland
    • Dismissal of Mahoso From Daily News Case Described As Insignificant
    • Mugabe Coup Plot Mastermind Turns Out to Be Small Time Crook
    • Government Targeting Student Leadership Ahead of Elections
    • Stymied In Zimbabwean Courts, White Farmers Seek Regional Recourse
    • Zimbabwe Soldiers Said To Administer Beatings Over Parking Violation
    • Amid Cash Crunch, Zimbabwe Pricing Panel Bears Down On Business
    • AU Human Rights Official Said To Urge High-Level Deliberations On Zimbabwe
    • Will NEPAD Become Another Failed African Initiative?
    • A Freedom Fighter Called Max
  25. Batch 3 Posted 16/11/07
    • Mutasa, Zanu PF clash
    • New price blitz targets ZSE
    • Inflation surges to 14 840%
    • Private newspapers under threat
    • Tsvangirai, MDC sue state for $34 trillion
    • Operation Chikorokoza costs RBZ billions
    • Masimirembwa flouts own price regulations
    • UK to engage Sadc leaders on Zim
    • Mujuru, Mnangagwa in tactical retreat
    • 'Zinwa a bomb waiting to explode'
    • Zim admits breach of law against Dutch farmers
    • No money for striking magistrates, prosecutors
    • Ailing insurance firms face closure
    • $1m note on the way as cash crisis worsens
    • Masvingo housing row ropes in Msika
    • EPAs poses threat to Zim's sick economy
    • Zim subsidising other countries
    • RBZ discourages borrowing
    • SA guided by self-interest on Zimbabwe
    • UZ evictions costing lives
    • AG's arrest latest attack on judiciary: legal experts
    • It's all about getting even
    • Candid Comment
    • Recipe for failure
    • Case of the blind leading the blind
    • Zim brain drain feeds on poverty
    • Zim Independent Letters
  26. Batch 2 Posted 16/11/07
    • Impoverished Mozambique becomes new shopping destination for shortage-hit Zimbabweans
    • Mugabe vows crisis-hit Zimbabwe won't collapse
    • Mugabe commissions Zimbabwe's first biodiesel plant
    • Zimbabwe Inter-Party Negotiations Reportedly Make Progress
    • SA happy with progress in Zim
    • Imports ordered off Zim shelves
    • New Forex Policy 'Paralyses' NGOs
    • Illness rises as desperate residents seek safe water in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
    • Ex Mugabe's guard testifies from exile
    • Chair of Media Commission Retained Despite Bias Against Publisher Applying for Licence
    • Mbeki hints at political reforms before 2008 elections
    • Wilson Moyo: "If it was easier to access documents, it would make our lives more bearable"
    • Air Zimbabwe plane seconds from disaster
    • MDC Will Survive Negative Media Focus
    • No money to pay magistrates, government says
    • Mutare Police Block 'Final Push' Play
    • We will besiege ZINWA: Belvedere residents
    • Illegal immigrants face deportation
    • Panic in Mugabe's bunker
    • Namibia: Land Reform Reproducing Poverty
  27. Batch 1 Posted 16/11/07
    • More woes for A-G
    • Fuel importers risk losing US$18 mln
    • Mpofu case cover-up feared
    • Farm destabilisation creates US$5 bln trade deficit
    • 'ZAPU should rethink unity accord'
    • Of spirit mediums, diesel and the succession race
    • Kingdom, Meikles merger in danger
    • Christmas? What Christmas?
    • Coup suspect drags minister's name into court
    • Inflation set to top 10 000 %
    • Nkomo in new bid for disputed ranch
    • Minister keeps his word on Mahoso
    • EU-Africa summit: Brown could be vindicated
    • Agency irrelevant if it is not pro-active
    • A truce...for now
    • Think outside the box
    • Harare runs out of land for housing
    • SADC, COMESA Customs Unions: Where should Zim belong?
    • FinGaz Letters
  28. Batch 2 Posted 15/11/07
    • Looting of farm equipment by top officials escalates
    • Corruption rife at border post as Zimbabwe/Mozambique visas are scrapped
    • Morgan, Makoni, Mujuru in coalition talks
    • Harare's publicity stunts will not work
    • Minister commissions team to hear Daily News case
    • Zim to commission first bio-diesel plant
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Reform Said To Receive Green Light From President Mugabe
    • Complaint To Zimbabwe State Paper Leads To Arrests, Beatings - Opposition
    • Up Before Dawn in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean farmer resisting eviction is SADC court's first case
    • CSO blasts pro-democracy groups over donor funds
    • Youth Vote Blow for MDC
    • Nust SRC on tyranny against students
    • Fall in HIV Infection Under Scrutiny
    • Rights Groups Say Political Repression in Rural Zimbabwe Still Rampant
    • Talks might be in vain as MDC haggle over negotiating team
    • Britain mulled plans to invade Zimbabwe
    • Cash shortages cripple Zimbabwe
    • Zim - "extreme" security risk to investors
    • ZINWA bill scandal to be exposed
    • Bread resurfaces, shoots up on parallel market
    • Barrage Of Accusations Following Miss Rural Zimbabwe Pageant
    • ZESA Holdings Reverts to Normal Load-Shedding
    • Freedom Train, Community on Wheels
    • JAG Classifieds - 13 November 2007
    • ‘Zimbabwe safer than SA – on a bicycle’
  29. Batch 2 Posted 14/11/07
    • Zimbabwe loses 25 000 teachers as brain drain quickens
    • Wretched settlement a testimony of Mugabe's broken promises
    • Civic forum wants permits for Zim refugees
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Members Arrested In Protest Over Maize Supplies
    • Barclays Bank Under Fire For Alleged Zimbabwe Sanctions Busting
    • Arrest of AG an attack on independence of judiciary
    • Rights Activists Urge Expanded African Union Role In Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Global Fund Declines Zimbabwe Request For TB, Malaria Funding
    • Zimbabwe: Stop Poaching Our Teachers
    • A reward for killing and torture
  30. Posted 14/11/07
    • Life and loaves in a Zimbabwe bread line
    • Evicted Zim farmers take their case to Paris
    • Crucial Zimbabwean test case to be heard in the SADC Tribunal on 20 November 2007
    • Zimbabwe Debate: House of Lords
    • ZPF officials starving opposition in Chimanimani
    • WOZA blame police for death of founding activist
    • 15 MDC Activists Abducted And Interrogated in Chipinge
    • Weapons being stockpiled in Zim
    • Scratching the soil, waiting for inputs
    • Zim: War heroes & plenty zeros
    • Of Mujuru, Munangagwa and the succession issue
    • Succession Race: Hoax and Distraction?
    • Nothing will change in Zimbabwe unless..
    • CHRA International day of tolerance
    • Suspected Soldiers Slaughter Endangered Black Rhinos
    • The judiciary cries for its own justice
    • SA actors star in "Devilish Bob" to tell the truth about Mugabe
    • Rushwaya caught in 'political wrangle'
    • Makusha Mugabe responds to attacks
    • Statement by Spanish ambassador Santiago Martinez-Caro
  31. Posted 13/11/07
    • Mugabe Government Admits Zimbabwe White Farmers Were Wronged
    • Questions over Mbeki's role in Zimbabwe talks
    • Zimbabwe opposition head slams Mugabe slum policy
    • Film reveals horror details of the Ndebele massacre
    • White farmers to take their case to SADC
    • EU to scale up aid
    • Zim returns to charcoal cooking
    • MDC women crisis deepening
    • Emmerson Mnangagwa's Role in Zanu PF's Succession Battle
    • Chimanimani Police Threaten to Shoot-to-Kill MDC Activists
    • Sign the Commonwealth People's Charter on Zimbabwe today!
    • Exiles urge Commonwealth to help Zimbabweans
    • 2010 World Cup prospects threatened
    • Zimbabwean dies queuing for visa
    • Labour body wants tax cuts to cushion workers
    • Political violence could mar Zim elections
    • Harare says to pay farmers when it has means to do so
    • Time Now For U.S. To Shift Zimbabwe Policy Toward Recovery - Report
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Fears 'Ghost Voters' Will Decide 2008 Elections
    • Ousted Head of Zimbabwe Opposition Women's Wing Refuses To Go Away
    • A Journalist's Heartbreak: HIV-Positive Zimbabweans Cannot Access The ARVs They Desperately Need
  32. Posted 12/11/07
    • Barclays bankrolls Mugabe's brutal regime
    • Talks have failed to break cycle of violence, says report
    • Groups want perpetrators of atrocities held to account
    • Zimbabwe marks 10 years since "Black Friday"
    • JAG PR Communique - Rhinos Reward
    • Senseless killing of Zim rhinos
    • Democracy and the Rule of Law
    • Judges turn screw on white farmers
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 10th November 2007
    • Rights body urges Cape Town mayor to assist Zim refugees
  33. Posted 11/11/07
    • AG's arrest was illegal: lawyers
    • Wife blames hospital for husband's death
    • Cash crisis hits banks again
    • Exposed: Porn and sleaze in Miss Rural pageant
    • Makone defiant as MDC power struggle rages on
    • Police arrest newspaper executives
    • Why I followed diesel n'anga - Mutasa
    • MDC 'blamed' for land plac flop
    • Street kids in the cold as welfare sector dies
    • Ministry at war against maternal deaths
    • Workers' 13th cheque at risk
    • ZTA to lure back buyers
    • Outcry over 'worthless' RBZ gold support price
    • Tourism operators jostle for 2010 business
    • Heads to roll in Zimra restructuring chaos
    • Invest more in farming, Africans told
    • Administration ignoring plight of students evicted from campus
    • What would you ask Jesus, Marx, Mzingeli?
    • Of bombings, absent-minded policemen and Zapu rallies
    • What happens when the State turns criminal?
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Giving democracy the finger
    • Commonwealth People's Charter on Zimbabwe
    • Crisis Coalition Deny Crisis at SA Office
    • For D.J., Amber and Gomo
    • A fight to the finish
    • Shortages of Maize Seed and Fertiliser Worry Farmers
  34. Posted 10/11/07
    • Zimbabwe police question newspaper executives
    • Bakers shift to confectionaries to evade price controls
    • Author of UN report calls for creation symbol to protect schools
    • Refugee body wants greater UN help for Zimbabwean exiles
    • Observers Doubt Zimbabwe Can Organize Free and Fair Vote By March
    • Women's Group Says Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Fixed Internal Ballot
    • Trouble brews for Tsvangirai as Youth council meet over Matibenga
    • Government decision to bond teachers rubbished
    • Brown urged to drop boycott threat and meet despot Mugabe at African summit
    • Zimbabwe Groups Say Elections Should Be Postponed
    • Zimbabwe urges neighbours to stop taking teachers
    • An arduous road to recovery for Zim - report
    • The Survivors; Students of Zimbabwe
    • Cash crisis
    • Tribute to refugee who died of hunger
    • My Meeting With President Mugabe of Zimbabwe
    • CHRA local government weekly update
    • Zimbabwe board expels those it once honoured
    • Zimbabwe Cricket's secret AGM
  35. Batch 4 Posted 9/11/07
    • Mugabe's spokesman 'lied to Supreme Court'
    • Lawyers, labour union urge Harare to resolve court strike
    • Trial of Zimbabwe journalist fails to take off
    • Zim artists adopt historic AIDS declaration
    • Charges Against Zimbabwe Attorney General Tied To Mugabe Succession Fight
    • Further Contraction In Zimbabwe Economy As Sub-Saharan Africa Booms
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Says Redistricting Should Await Outcome Of Crisis Talks
    • Strike By Zimbabwean Magistrates Deprives Defendants Of Bail Process
    • Vigil letter to Commonwealth Secretary-General
    • My personal thoughts on Zimbabwe
  36. Batch 3 Posted 9/11/07
    • Mujuru camp cornered
    • Mushore caught in Zanu PF politics
    • Supreme Court judgement triggers equipment looting
    • Chigudu, Mutasa battle for Makoni North
    • Appointed MPs to face elections
    • 'Tsvangirai's wings clipped'. . .
    • Moyo 'saves' Hussein
    • Tsvangirai tries to appease Matibenga
    • Legal experts adopt Sadc
    • Zim agro tax highest: World Bank report
    • Double trouble for listed retailers
    • Zesa dogged by poor administration
    • Few enriched by economic crisis
    • Zim not ready for polls
    • Democrats are not yet born
    • Let the sun shine in our Zimbabwe
    • Why we need a new constitution
    • When good intentions are not enough
    • Zinwa stretching our patience
    • MuckRaker
    • Politics destroyed our economy
    • Zim Independent Letters
  37. Batch 2 Posted 9/11/07
    • Zimbabwe attorney general arrested
    • My paradise lost
    • Stop Zimbabwean deportations say refugee organisations
    • Poachers kill three rare black rhino on private conservancy
    • Zimbabwe civil servants strikes could spread
    • Zanu PF, MDC inch closer to historic deal
    • Zimbabwe farmers a step closer to compensation
    • Zimbabwe: Plagued by Hunger, Misery
    • Mugabe deputy denies presidential ambitions
    • Youth leader released without charge
    • EU Heads of Mission visit the Bulawayo area
    • Liberian leader urges UK's Brown to attend summit
    • Mushore's ordeal and the New Zimbabwe we want
  38. Batch 1 Posted 9/11/07
    • Tsvangirai speaks out
    • Police arrest Attorney General Gula-Ndebele
    • Governor:Why we believed n'anga
    • Wheels of justice come off
    • Alleged coup ringleader to testify for the first time
    • Faction threatens chaos at party congress
    • A generation loses faith in elections
    • Rural folk cut off from 'civilisation'
    • Minister set to announce new GMB, ARDA heads
    • Mliswa granted peace order against Mugabe
    • Hostile takeover looms at NMBZ
    • When 'The Crocodile' resurfaces
    • Wade shows rare empathy with the people
    • Playing into the hands of ZANU PF
    • Mkushi hikes rentals by 7 000 percent
    • Empowerment deals will be open to abuse
    • Govt Tightens Screws On Fuel Importers
    • FinGaz Letters
  39. Posted 8/11/07
    • Police abuses threaten Zimbabwe poll - report
    • Thirsty Bulawayo struggles with diarrhoea
    • 'It's been a joke really'
    • Fresh crackdown looms on Zim businesses and companies
    • Sokwanele - Election Watch
    • Draft constitution protects media freedom
    • Miners press for gold support price
    • SA, Zambian lawyers shocked at levels of repression in Zimbabwe
    • Farmers' union says Supreme Court ruling will legalise theft of equipment
    • Tsvangirai wants delimitation of constituencies after talks
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Demands Electoral Reform As Proof Of Good Faith
    • Zimbabwe exodus: Too little, but not too late
    • Opposition In Zimbabwe Presses Electoral Authority For Consultations
    • Zimbabwe faces seed shortages, eyes imports
    • Cash shortage worsens despite increase in cheque withdrawal limit
    • Over 90 WOZA activists arrested and released in Tuesday demo
    • Aspirin for snakebite in Mugabeland
    • Executive mayors face the axe
    • ZINWA takes over Kwekwe water, sewer management
    • Struggle continues for Zimbabwean women
  40. Posted 7/11/07
    • Zimbabwe Supreme Court gives go ahead for seizure of white farmers' last tractors, machinery
    • ZANU PF leaders want farm seizures halted
    • Zimbabwe's economy to shrink by 6.2 percent: IMF
    • Dozens of protesters arrested in Harare
    • Blackouts disrupt mobile phone services
    • Injured MDC activist transferred to Harare
    • Theatre producer takes minister to court over banned play
    • Govt Threatens to Sack Striking Magistrates
    • Zimbabwe Minister Accuses NGOs Of Being 'Political Destabilizers'
    • Zimbabwe Civic Group Removes Spokesman Over Perceived Conflict
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Tries To Revive Industry By Injecting Funds
    • MDC say electoral commission must be replaced by new body
    • Zimbabwe miners miss metals price boom
    • The Struggle Continues
    • Citizens in London Seek Help
    • ICC awaits forensic audit
    • War of words continue in the MDC-UK
    • An injury to one is one too many, Zinasu mourns colleague
    • The Survivors; Students of Zimbabwe
    • Mushore to stay in custody
    • Behind the DRC contracts review
    • Zimbabweans flooding into Malawi impacts negatively
    • Zimbabwe School Exams Body Proposes to Print Certificates Locally
    • Troubled Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Deplores 'Media Onslaught'
  41. Posted 6/11/07
    • Rule of law: Yar'Adua berates Mugabe
    • Elections body rejects MDC request to discuss voter registration
    • Lonrho gets backing for Zimbabwe investment drive
    • Zim tax collector ill-equipped to collect revenue
    • Millers apply for hefty maize-meal price increase
    • Harare says no to condoms for prisoners
    • SA commission to probe refugee centre after death of Zim asylum seeker
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Under Scrutiny Amid Legal Overhaul
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Dismisses Talk Of Further Party Split
    • Decision On MDC Women's Executive Deferred
    • Zimbabwe Draft Constitution Circulated To Mugabe, Political Leaders
    • Third of Zimbabweans face hunger as country collapses
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 3rd November 2007
    • Power Outages Worsen
    • MDC executive council clips Tsvangirai's wings
    • Government's Politicised Reggae Concert Flops
    • Refugee's death an 'embarrassment for SA'
    • S.African ICH orders 13,000 tonnes of white maize from Zambia
    • Living in the dark ages; and what do Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan and Jimmy Carter have in common with Zimbabwe?
    • Afternoon at the University of Zimbabwe
    • Internal politics foil Zim negotiations
    • African leaders should look to the Bard to see how to deal with Mugabe
    • Analysis: African oil and Chinese arms
    • Britian supports mediation process in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe, EU: Salazar, Franco lessons
    • Zimbabwe: Mossad get's list
    • One would have expected better of Ncube
    • Murdered MDC Activist's Burial Set for Wednesday in Gokwe
    • Some Improvement In Zimbabwe Food Situation, But Risk Ahead - FEWSNET
  42. Posted 5/11/07
    • Zimbabwe to delay new currency launch - report
    • Magistrates, prosecutors' strike set to continue
    • Good news from Zimbabwe, at last
    • Populist policies haunt Zimbabwe central bank chief
    • Tin of beans
    • SA's Little Zimbabwe bears a heavy load
    • Kunonga keeps diocesan assets
    • If he had a hammer: music for Zimbabwe
    • Rising Prices Affect Food Aid To Starving Millions
  43. Posted 4/11/07
    • Tsvangirai humiliated as MDC blocks Makone
    • The Grade III dropout who fooled Cabinet
    • Fresh divisions in Bulawayo Zanu
    • Msika slams 'young turks'
    • Zinwa backs down on Khami water
    • HIV/Aids 'good news' hailed
    • Miss Rural pageant girls stranded in Masvingo
    • Shop shelves still empty despite Gono's promise
    • CZI blasts NIPC over 'illegal policies'
    • Government loses wheat consignment stranded in Beira
    • Probe into Air Zimbabwe chief's job
    • Comment
    • Perfect World: turkey, mistletoe every day
    • Zanu PF politburo hand-picked, not elected: Tekere
    • Amendment 18 silent on many critical issues
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Mugabe gives UZ graduates the silent treatment
    • Zimbabwe lawmaker arrested over cooking oil scam
    • Mbeki accused of ignoring human rights abuses in Zimbabwe
    • MDC in weekend crisis talks
    • Fuel Supplies
    • Refugee dies of hunger on Cape Town street
  44. Posted 3/11/07
    • Zimbabwe to hold elections in March '08 - minister
    • 'MDC Activist Shot Dead in Cold Blood'
    • Zimbabwe Violates International Law on the Right to Health
    • War vets demand greater say in economy
    • Zimbabwe faces erratic timber supplies
    • Zimbabwe Civil Society Leader Puts Opposition At Arm's Length
    • Zimbabwe Opposition's Tsvangirai Takes Party Pulse On Women's Crisis
    • Mandela denies asking Mugabe to step down
    • Lonrho plans 70 mln stg fund for Zimbabwe investment
    • Canaf ditches its Zimbabwe deal
    • Hopes of a better Zim
    • Courts Crippled As Magistrates Go On Strike
    • Saga could land Mudede in court - diesel n'anga claims another scalp
    • Refugees and cops clash
    • Paul Thomas: Democracy is democracy be it in Africa or Europe
    • Tell Dem Jah Man!
    • FEWS Southern Africa Food Security Outlook Oct 2007 - Mar 2008
  45. Batch 3 Posted 2/11/07
    • Harare begs for food aid
    • Zimbabwe opposition activist shot dead
    • Harare cuts voter registration centres
    • New Zimbabwe electoral law on the cards
    • State agents seize tape from film-maker over pesky land question
    • Archbishop Ncube must not recoil in shame
    • Observers Skeptical As Harare Moots Relaunch Of Banned Newspaper
    • Mugabe rejects Mandela's plan
    • Zanu PF, MDC move elections to June
    • MDC rift widens
    • 'Tsvangirai losing control over MDC'
    • MDC officials face disciplinary action
    • 'Jocelyn Chiwenga is my friend' - Makone
    • Citizenship law to prejudice many of voters
    • Politburo shocks Mugabe, rejects further land grabs
    • Magistrates, prosecutors strike
    • High Court bars Mutasa from interfering with Rydings school
    • Price blitz costs govt $20 trillion
    • Time Bank curator clings on to assets
    • Price blitz gives birth to job cuts
    • Clothes retailers stop credit terms
    • Falgold production hit by power cuts
    • Controls create price distortions
    • Tsvangirai busy scoring own goals
    • New divisions expose MDC weaknesses
    • Why Zanu PF-MDC talks are set to collapse
    • MDC its own worst enemy
    • How Africans impoverish Africa
    • Who is fooling who?
    • Why can't the state media inform us?
    • Sadc, Comesa or Ecsacom?
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Zimbabwe Cricket Not Ready For International Test Return - Analyst
  46. Batch 2 Posted 2/11/07
    • New law gives Mugabe more power
    • Mbeki Led Mediation Talks Called-Off
    • Don't fund the Zanu-Pf regime
    • Zimbabwe records drop in HIV prevalence rate
    • Government's Latest HIV/Aids Statistics Questioned
    • ZANU PF, MDC discuss media freedom
    • War veterans to pray for peace during elections
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Torn Over Leadership Of Women's Wing
    • Portugal, Deciding To Invite Mugabe To Summit, Discomfits UK's Brown
    • Bruiser Bob relishes diplomatic coup
    • Madzongwe Ordered to Vacate Chegutu Farm
    • Zimbabwe: Starting again - A new chance at life
    • Zimbabwe magistrates strike over poor pay
    • Cape Times correspondent in Zimbabwe wins major award
    • Guruve South rural outreach programme
    • Mozambique, Zimbabwe scrap visas
    • The battle is beyond Matibenga: A sad onslaught on citizen participation
    • Law Society launches appeal on behalf of lawyers in Zimbabwe
    • Chinese dreams for Africa
  47. Batch 1 Posted 2/11/07
    • Saga could land Mudede in court
    • MDC fallout: Tsvangirai calls special meeting
    • ZANU PF, MDC agree on more changes
    • New MIC board to hear Daily News case
    • Mnangagwa pours water on succession speculation
    • Prosecutor Chikafu off the hook
    • ZRP: new rules force recruits to do national service
    • Oh sister, where art thou?
    • Life presidencies are far from over
    • Things are still not normal, minister
    • Too many cooks...
    • FinGaz Letters
  48. Posted 1/11/07
    • EU invites all AU states to upcoming summit, including Zimbabwe
    • Europe, Africa struggle with Mugabe obstacle to summit
    • Zimbabwe white farmers' trial postponed
    • WFP buys 35,926 T Malawi white maize for Zimbabwe
    • Crisis Talks Resume in South Africa
    • Government Says It Has No Money to Print Voters Roll
    • Harare Students Protest Outside Mugabe's Offices
    • Bulawayo Business Community Takes Lead to Solve Water Crisis
    • Media Commission to Debate Fate of Daily News
    • UZ workers strike over delayed pay
    • Zimbabwe- Inside a failed state: TV transcript
    • State opposes bail for Zimbabwean banker, report says
    • Male chauvinism betrays MDC
    • Dissolved MDC-UK executive defies Harare
    • Mugabenomics
    • Cash shortages hamper preps for Zimbabwe elections
    • Mugabe undermining crisis talks, says MDC
    • Masvingo town buys water chemicals from black market
    • Zimbabwe Civic Groups Break With Opposition On Constitutional Issues
    • Electoral Commission Says March 2008 Elections On Track
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Names New Women's Assembly Leadership
    • Parliament Backs Hard-Currency Pricing For National Airline
    • Zimbabwe Price Commission Warns Business On Parallel Forex Dealings
    • The queues of dreams
    • Life-Saving Drugs Out of Reach for Most
    • Peace Activists Face Daunting Challenge
    • Mugabe Outmanoeuvres Ruling Party Opponents
    • MDC Riven by New Divisions
    • Zimbabwe: World Vision responds to outbreak of waterborne diseases amidst drought
    • Zimbabwe Cricket finances tabled before ICC board
    • Zimbabwe-South Africa economic relations Since 2000

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