The ZIMBABWE Situation

December 2007 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/12/07
    • Zimbabwe MP flees to UK over currency probe
    • Zimbabwe doctors, nurses strike over pay
    • Central Bank in Control of Situation - Herald Interview with Gono
    • Hands off money issues, Government tells AAG
    • Bread shortages and bank queues in bad year for Zim
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 29th December 2007
    • Zimbabwe's AIDS patients in an endless line for drugs
    • Good Intentions Plus Poor Implementation Equals Dry Taps
    • Energy firm link to blood diamonds
  2. Posted 30/12/07
    • Zimbabwe judge accuses police of frustrating cash probe
    • Six more drown in Zimbabwe floods: report
    • Zimbabweans queue to return old banknotes
    • Imprisoned in Zimbabwe
    • Re-match to pit Mugabe against long-time opposition leader
    • SA 'smuggler' evades Zimbabwe jail
    • Mugabe leaves for holiday in eastern Asia
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • The Litany Bird is still away
    • Get ready for a Zanu-PF meltdown
    • Zimbabwe’s youth overcome bitter odds to fight AIDS
    • Anglican Church Rival Groups Fight
  3. Posted 29/12/07
    • 7 die in flooded river as heavy rain brings new woes to Zimbabwe
    • Cheating death, welcoming life: how the bush doctor rides to the rescue
    • Zimbabwe police arrest ruling party sons on currency charges
    • Zimbabwe central bank adviser off hook
    • Bank chief implicated in Harare cash scandal
    • Zimbabwe hunts cash hoarders
    • Panic Grips Mberengwa Businesspeople
    • Cash Exhausted At Some Zimbabwean Banks As Financial Crisis Stretches On
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Denies Reports Tsvangirai Has Presidential Nod
    • Zimbabwe's 'Look East' Disappoints
    • Zimasco now Sinosteel's
    • Defiant vicar in dog-collar protest
  4. Posted 28/12/07
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Groups to Reunite for Election
    • Zimbabwe Banks Reopen After Christmas But Cash Supplies Remain Tight
    • Cash crisis highlights bankruptcy of Mugabe’s policies
    • Zimbabwe doctors, nurses down tools over pay
    • Darker 2008 In Store For Zimbabwe As S. African Power Utility Demands Cash
    • Zim decline worsened by capital flight
    • Gono's Promise Fails to Open Banks
    • Tourism in Zim grows - report
    • Zimbabwe Radio: President Appoints Tribunal To Probe Attorney
    • Zim glad to see end of 'year of queues'
    • A mediator?
    • Concern at 'extremely bad' conditions for refugees that cause SA citizens hardships
    • Corruption ‘part of everyday life in southern Africa’
    • Vicar joins archibishop's stand against Mugabe
  5. Posted 27/12/07
    • Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe Reckons 2007 Inflation Totaled 24,000%
    • Boxing Day Brings Little Relief For Zimbabweans Caught In Cash Squeeze
    • Zimbabwe central bank to pay for tip-offs on cash barons
    • Anglican Church Congregations In Zimbabwe Roiled By Doctrine And Politics
    • Zimbabwe Civil Servants Seek To Affiliate With Country's Main Union
    • Zimbabwe's ills
    • Why England must say no to Zimbabwe tour
    • Merry Christmas to the people of Zimbabwe
  6. Posted 26/12/07
    • Zimbabweans queue on Christmas day
    • Zimbabwe's Divided Opposition Discusses Coalition For 2008 Elections
    • Zimbabwe Emergency Rooms Close As Resident Doctors Strike Over Wages
    • A two-litre Mazoe Orange Crush drink costs $9 million at OK Supermarket
    • Currency Transactions Of Zimbabwe NGOs Under Central Bank Scrutiny
    • Zimbabwe children fend for themselves
    • Africa must help save Zimbabwe
    • From Bulawayo Morning Mirror
  7. Posted 25/12/07
    • Police hunt Mugabe ally in black market case
    • Alleged cash baroness 'still in custody'
    • Bleakness Reigns in Zimbabwe
    • No tills ringing for Zim this Christmas
    • Corruption 'Destroyed' the Country
    • Zimbabweans have little to celebrate
    • Zim travellers battle to board buses - report
    • Militarisation of Zimbabwe: Does the opposition stand a chance?
    • In a world of logic, ZANU PF would lose
    • Migrants head home for Xmas
    • Christmas queue blues in Zimbabwe
    • Africa 2007 - Year in cartoons
  8. Posted 24/12/07
    • Zim inflation going 'off the chart'
    • Zimbabwe police arrest "cash baroness"
    • Bleak Christmas ahead for Zimbabweans
    • Zim banks working overtime
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 22nd December 2007
    • SA based Zimbabweans flocking to Beit Bridge
    • Road blitz reveals buses tied together
    • President: Iran interested in ties with Zimbabwe
    • NCA press statement on passing of electoral laws
  9. Batch 2 Posted 23/12/07
    • Christmas in a place called Grim
    • Gono labelled 'No. 1 saboteur'
    • Not so merry a season for many
    • Tsvangirai puts house in order
    • Schools offer free food, fees curb flight of teachers
    • Police accident victim denied help
    • Cuban doctors in theft case
    • Mandela praises Zuma here
    • Sibanda not a war veteran: Dabengwa
    • AIPPA amendments spark media outrage
    • How Jabulani Sibanda fiasco threatened Unity Accord
    • Why 'illegals' shun HIV/Aids drugs
    • Government, civil servants wage talks deadlocked
    • Chief accused of bullying police
    • Social contract: dead in the water!
    • The joy, pain and torture of 2007
    • MPs back Madombwe for top post
    • Central bank takes festive spirit out of Christmas
    • More digging is what is needed
    • Beginning of the end for the philosopher king in SA
    • Even free and fair elections need to be monitored
    • Zim Standard Letters
  10. Posted 23/12/07
    • Grim tales from Zimbabwe
    • Standing up to Mugabe
    • RBZ Launches Crackdown Against Cash Barons
    • Zimbabwe parliament committee irresponsible - central bank chief
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Special Report: the Zim Mafia
    • Diseases hit Harare suburbs
    • Zimbabwe bank secures US$ 30 million off-shore loan
    • Prison Services Hit By Desertions, Resignations
    • Tsvangirai's Xmas and New Year message to the people of Zimbabwe
  11. Posted 22/12/07
    • Bleak Christmas ahead for weary Zimbabweans
    • Banks Ordered to Open All Weekend As Banks Run Out of New Notes
    • Wrong monetary policy fuelling crisis, says MDC
    • Currency measures short-term deterrent to speculators
    • ZANU PF councilor diverts 165 bags of maize to black market
    • Zimbabwe Crisis Talks On Hold; Debate Over Amendments Continues
    • State of disaster declared in Mash Central as 9 more drown in floods
    • Zuma unlikely to change SA policy towards Zimbabwe
    • Hot Seat interview with Professor Brian Raftopoulos
    • Bigger banknotes no answer to Harare crisis
    • Large-Denomination Notes Heralded By Zimbabwe Central Bank Fail To Materialize
    • We will need some shares, says Mugabe
    • Bishops to mobilize citizens for elections
    • South African Prelate Urges Welcome of Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabwe Police Clear Legislator's Graduation Party But Restrict Speech
    • Fast-tracking of various amendments through parliament
    • Everyday Hazards of Driving in Harare
  12. Batch 3 Posted 21/12/07
    • Worn out fire equipment compromises safety at Zim airports
    • China to supply engine kits to state-owned bus firm
    • Mugabe, Msika clash over Sibanda
    • Disastrous start to cash roll-out
    • Consultation with Hussein was privileged - Charamba
    • Shortages cripple prisons
    • Mugabe suspends new land offers
    • Farmers fail to access inputs
    • Army says can try coup suspect
    • Kenyan election aspirants in land grab
    • Media must input in Aippa changes
    • I'm shocked by Gono - Hativagone
    • Agonising year for business
    • RBZ investigates NGOs
    • Customer no longer 'king'
    • Zimbabweans scrounge for food, money
    • Why Zimbaweans do not bank cash
    • Zim's ICT development lags behind
    • Miracle survivals in 2007
    • Property market still subdued
    • Surviving power outages the smart way
    • Congress ignored economic crisis
    • Strike action paralyses judiciary system
    • Beyond human rights violations
    • Too little, too late
    • Zanu PF taking MDC down the garden path
    • Concorde cruising or crashing home?
    • Pot calling the kettle black
    • ANC versus Zanu PF
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Civic Activists Reject Zimbabwe Opposition's Strategy Of Incremental Reform
  13. Batch 2 Posted 21/12/07
    • Zimbabwe strains under hyperinflation; lines form outside banks for new 750,000 dollar note
    • No quick end seen to Zimbabwe cash crisis
    • Reply from the British Government to the Vigil Petition
    • 'SA's quiet diplomacy yielding good results'
    • Cameron calls on China to stop providing aid to Zimbabwe despot Mugabe
    • Gono threatens to close down errant banks
    • Gono threatens to name corrupt Mugabe cronies in parliament
    • Zimbabwe opposition asks parliament to expose corrupt officials
    • Corruption “Destroyed” the Country
    • Mugabe Endorsement “Opportunity” for Opposition
    • Amendments to security, press laws now await Mugabe's signature
    • RioZim may close gold mine and put diamond project on hold
    • South Africa fears the worst from Jacob Zuma
    • Weary Zimbabweans bank on Zuma's election
    • South African Perspective on the EU-African Union Summit
  14. Batch 1 Posted 21/12/07
    • Mugabe in dilemma
    • Gono declares war on cash barons
    • MDC camps endorse Tsvangirai
    • There's a Zulu on our stoep
    • One magistrate for entire Bulawayo
    • President appoints Patel acting Attorney-General
    • 2007 winner: mother of all n’angas
    • ‘Jingle hell’ all the way for Zimbos
    • The scourge in Harare’s air
    • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    • Arrogance, imperviousness prove Mbeki's undoing
    • Barons must pay
    • Time to name and shame the corrupt
    • Cheap diesel floods market
    • Millers press for fresh increase in flour price
    • RBZ tries to unravel cash crunch mystery
    • Miners concerned at sector indigenisation
    • Hefty rate hike stuns CIMAS members
    • Makoni calls for commitment from national leadership
    • ZCTU sees red over NOCZIM levy hike
    • Edgars remodels to suit volatile climate
    • Critique of 2008 national budget
    • FinGaz Letters
  15. Posted 20/12/07
    • Zimbabwe introduces higher denomination banknotes
    • New bank note not enough for one loaf of bread
    • Junior doctors refuse to take up posts at hospitals
    • ZANU PF admits manufacturing sector running at below 30 percent
    • Report alleges massive interference with airport tender process
    • Zuma victory: lessons for Zimbabwe’s opposition
    • Opposition blasted after amendments fast tracked through parliament
    • Zimbabwe diaspora groups hail ANC for non-violent elections
    • Cooking in Queues As Cash Shortages Worsen
    • Zimbabweans use eggs to calculate exchange rate
    • Two white farmers arrested in Zimbabwe for defying evictions
    • Zimbabwean villagers appeal for help after devastating floods
    • Country braces for another round of flooding
    • Battered artists ditch protest theatre for development
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Statement on AIPPA, BSA, POSA Amendments
    • Mutambara MDC Says March Too Soon for Elections
    • Sokwanele - Zimbabwe Election Watch
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Says It Has Given Minister Documentation On Violence
    • World Hunger Fund targets food crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Police deny MDC MP Chamisa to hold graduation party
  16. Posted 19/12/07
    • Zimbabwe floods declared national disaster
    • Zimbabwe's media commission orders journalists to get new licences
    • Confusion as RBZ orders banks to briefly stop operations
    • Zanu PF congress disrupts examination marking
    • Urgent relief needed in flood-hit Zambezi Valley
    • Catholic bishops call for free and fair poll in 2008
    • Britain says elections won't be free and fair
    • NCA Zimbabwe Press Statement on Polokwane Events
    • Zimbabwe - debates in House of Commons and House of Lords
    • Rainwater harvesting eases shortage
    • Mbeki to tackle Zimbabwean impasse
    • Zimbabwe spends trillions on new Parliament
    • African leaders should confront Mugabe
    • Why Mugabe is a precious asset for African leaders
    • Human Rights Prize Awarded
    • Rainwater harvesting eases shortage
    • Mbeki to tackle Zimbabwean impasse
    • Zimbabwe spends trillions on new Parliament
    • African leaders should confront Mugabe
    • Why Mugabe is a precious asset for African leaders
    • Human Rights Prize Awarded
  17. Posted 18/12/07
    • Zimbabwe to soften security, media laws
    • Press cards no longer compulsory for some Zimbabwe journalists
    • MDC denies deal as laws are softened
    • Amendments to draconian laws dismissed as “non-event”
    • A non-human rights perspective of Zimbabwe’s collapse
    • Groups reject changes to media, security laws
    • Chinese firm to build Zim parliament
    • Harare says will abide by ruling on white farmer
    • Ex-ZANU PF official launches bizarre election campaign
    • Zanu PF Bigwigs Fight Over Microphone At Congress
    • Negotiators Meet Mbeki to Try to Break Talks Deadlock
    • Students severely beaten for protesting train delay
    • Poachers decimate Zimbabwe's wildlife
    • Zanu rivals fade away as party rallies round
    • More than 40 villages washed away
    • The EC invests 10 million euros to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Tsvangirai Faction Proposes Unity Against Mugabe
    • Deferred Decision On Women's Assembly Leaves Zimbabwe Opposition Unsettled
    • Food relief for starving communities in Zimbabwe
    • Open letter to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
    • Free farming assets "grabbed" by Zanu (PF)
    • The future of Zimbabwe cannot be entrusted to Zanu (PF) and MDC
    • Protest vote could hurt Mugabe
    • Pain in My Heart; a Moving Documentary On HIV/Aids
  18. Batch 2 Posted 17/12/07
    • Zimbabwe amends media, security laws after talks
    • Zimbabwe says strikes oil deal with E.Guinea
    • Zimbabwe floods death toll rises
    • Zimbabwean currency changed for the second time in two years
    • "Zimbabwe ready to engage Britain on economic talks" - Moyo
    • Zanu (PF), MDC talks to pay results before elections
    • Zanu (PF) politburo enjoy democracy in foreign lands
    • MDC National Council Resolutions
    • Byo police on bakeries crackdown
    • Exiles urge free elections
    • Zimbabwe's shame
    • Zimbabwe a jewel loaned to us
    • Asylum seekers paid to quit UK
    • Painkillers shortages hit Byo
    • The pride drink of Zimbabwe
    • TelOne Warns of Service Interruptions
  19. Posted 17/12/07
    • Zimbabwe opposition says talks with ZANU-PF stuck
    • Zimbabwe's ruling party, opposition to sign draft accord for reforms, state media reports
    • Zimbabwe opposition seek 'united front' against Mugabe
    • Seed shortage cripples Zimbabwe farming season
    • Zimbabwe’s dialysis machines break down
    • Uncertainty grips Air Zimbabwe
    • Zanu-PF sticks to the script
    • Two killed in Zimbabwe floods
    • Mutambara goes against his word
    • New laws a first step for Zim
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 15th December 2007
    • I ripped up my dog collar to help topple this brutal tyrant
    • ZCTF Xmas Report
    • Hiked passport fees fuel illegal border jumping
    • Zanu (PF) grab all
    • Second exile for Zim journalist
    • SA must take tougher stand on Zim - report
    • Racial claims return in Zimbabwe selection
  20. Batch 2 Posted 16/12/07
    • MDC holds make or break talks
    • Sibanda's rise, and rise to nowhere
    • 'Zim brings shame to Africa'
    • Aussie reprieve for ex-cop
    • Donated farm equipment sold on the black market
    • Women lawyers protest over protocol
    • Film producer hounded into hiding
    • Zim traditional healers take their trade to UK
    • Reject Zuma, Tutu urges ANC
    • Pastors vow to March on Mugabe's office
    • Zimbabweans scrounge to survive sinking economy
    • Down with abusive Zanu PF slogans, says Dabengwa
    • Murowa's further $11 billion donation
    • Where's the cash?
    • Comment
    • A day at the hell
    • Land reform: How the looting on farms began
    • Diplomatic niceties and the marginalised
    • Zim Standard Letters
  21. Batch 1 Posted 16/12/07
    • Mugabe suspends top law officer in Zimbabwe over fugitive banker's case
    • Mugabe seems as ensconced as ever
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Contests Mugabe Prediction Of 'Resounding' Poll Win
    • HR group doubts free and fair elections possible in Zim
    • A bogus election will produce illegitimate leaders - NCA
    • President intervenes to quell commotion
    • Where is Zim's missing money?
    • Zimbabwe government proposes amendments to press, security laws
    • Zimbabwe air force sends helicopter to flooded areas
    • Three university student leaders abducted
    • Litany Bird has flown the nest
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Panic grips "World Bank"
    • CIO and Zanu-PF supporters want to kill Bulawayo documentary producer
    • The people must stop Mugabe
  22. Batch 2 Posted 15/12/07
    • Amnesty International: Police still torture while political solution to crisis being sought
    • Mugabe's cronies strip Zimbabwe of scarce cash: bank chief
    • Robert Mugabe is made 'leader for life' at rubber-stamp party gathering
    • Mugabe confident of victory in 2008 poll
    • Mugabe seethes as Nkomo, Sibanda clash at congress
    • Harare Hit By Cholera Outbreak As Water Woes Worsen
    • Hot Seat transcript:Foreign Correspondent Peta Thornycroft responds to critics
    • Zimbabwe documentary producer flees home
    • Bakers Press for 77 Percent Hike in Price of Bread
    • Gold Production Remains Subdued
    • Story Must Be Told Truthfully At Home First
    • What's in Store for 2008?
    • We (as adults) are creating a generation condemned to second class citizens
    • Zimbabwe White Farmers Hail SADC Court Ruling
    • Zimbabwe/Africa: House of Lords Debate
    • Analysts call for phased approach to currency reforms
    • Zimbabwe among seven global hunger hotspots
    • England offers Zimbabwe cash to pull out of tour
    • The mobile doctors who have kept Aids at bay in a crumbling state
    • Crisis Coalition commends ZLHR
    • Why we detest and oppose Mugabe
    • Mugabe henchman can stay despite violent past
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Objects To Mugabe Insistence On Holding Elections In March
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Dissidents Question Procedure In Mugabe Nomination
  23. Batch 1 Posted 15/12/07
    • 'Mugabe endorsement a fraud'
    • Mugabe pleads for party support
    • 'Congress stage-managed for Mugabe'
    • Zanu PF splashes $3 trillion on congress
    • MDC walks out of talks
    • How Mugabe secured his candidacy
    • Mugabe's endorsement irresponsible
    • Mugabe threatens new price blitz
    • ZTA, pricing commission clash
    • Zimra tug-of-war intensifies
    • We can't use RTGS for bus fares, Gono
    • It's better to dollarise
    • Delimitation exposes ZEC
    • The real million man march
    • Isolating Mugabe before perestroika
    • Exposing Mugabe of the past
    • Notoriety not popularity, Mr President
    • Giving colonisers a good name
    • Zanu PF government employing bully tactics
    • Colonialism by another name
    • Government has outlived its usefulness
    • Zim Independent Letters
  24. Batch 2 Posted 14/12/07
    • African tribunal deals blow to Mugabe land seizures
    • Zimbabwe ruling party endorses Mugabe for 2008 vote
    • Don't interfere, Mugabe warns critics
    • Mugabe warns against election violence
    • Zanu PF splashes scarce forex on new election campaign vehicles
    • New Zimbabwe currency seen before
    • Central bank intervention, Zim-style
    • MDC bruised but not yet beaten
    • Time to put Tsvangirai to the political sword?
    • It could have been me
    • Global Zimbabwe Forum Statement
    • Building a Lasting Legacy! - New diaspora organisation launched
    • Investment Dwindles in the Face of A Defiant Government
    • Zimbabwe music lovers in harmony
    • ECB chairman holds talks with Chingoka
  25. Batch 1 Posted 14/12/07
    • Hands off, A-G warns Chihuri
    • Mugabe admits cronies also part of the rot
    • MDC factions in fresh coalition talks
    • Diplomatic row erupts over Nazi slur
    • MDC cries foul over ‘scandalous’ delimitation
    • Fashion and dance or serious business?
    • Brown engages trio to pressure Mugabe
    • Chikafu forms new political party
    • The tragedy of the untilled farms
    • UN launches appeal for aid to Zim
    • Rival association for BURA
    • ‘Girl power’ flies out of the window
    • Byo a victim of dangerous political games: Tsvangirai
    • African leaders look out for themselves in Lisbon
    • Stealing the show
    • FinGaz Letters
  26. Batch 2 Posted 13/12/07
    • Zimbabwe jails are a threat to life: report
    • Mugabe threatens business sector over prices
    • US says fresh sanctions will not undermine Mbeki initiative
    • State buses, trains diverted to ZANU PF congress
    • ZANU PF forces members to bankroll congress
    • Robert Mugabe's cronies plot his downfall
    • Zim will have enough cash for Xmas
    • Illegal Trade Booming -- For The Sake of Survival
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary in Lisbon and London - 7-9 December 2007 - Part II
    • Further Delay Seen Likely In Conclusion Of Zimbabwe Crisis Negotiations
    • UN Seeks $316 Million For Zimbabwean Humanitarian Needs In 2008
    • More Millions for Power
  27. Posted 13/12/07
    • Zimbabwe Political Negotiations Reach Critical Point
    • * Media leaks cause friction * Deadline looms
    • Three killed, 500 tortured since January, says report
    • Harare demands foreign currency for new passports
    • SADC Tribunal reserves judgment in Zim farmer’s case
    • Regional power firms struggle to supply Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe’s secret agents, police clash over musical concert
    • Germany summons Zimbabwe envoy over ‘fascism’ remark
    • Merkel defends Mugabe attack
    • African leaders must condemn Mugabe
    • New Zealand Extends Travel Sanctions on Zimbabwe's Government
    • Europe and African Dictators
    • How Zimbabwean Farmers Changed Shonga
    • The usual president looks set to run again
    • Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF to endorse Mugabe for 2008 vote
    • Mugabe pays tribute to loyal supporters ahead of party congress
    • Former National Coach Barretto Laments Crisis Back Home
    • Confusion Over Talks As Source Says They Are Not Over Yet
    • Zimbabwe's decaying infrastructure
    • Archbishop John Sentamu shreds his “dog collar” in protest on BBC
    • SA calls for sensitivity during Harare talks
    • Mbeki turns a blind eye to tyranny
    • Gono Mum on Currency Reform
    • Keep at it, Machel tells Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabwe braces for floods
  28. Posted 12/12/07
    • Zimbabwe farmer asks tribunal to hear land case
    • Zimbabweans sleeping at banks
    • Mediated talks conclude and skepticism remains over Mugabe’s commitment
    • Zimbabwe's 'Nazi' slur on chancellor rankles Berlin
    • Three arrested in WOZA human rights march
    • Outcry as Zim withholds degrees
    • Mugabe to meet top officials ahead of party congress
    • EPAs ‘‘Bringing in Old Issues Through Back Door’’
    • Zimbabwe – Banking on Mugabe’s fall
    • Zimbabwe's trillion dollar house, billion dollar bed
    • Mugabe: Power, Plunder and the Struggle for Zimbabwe
    • Flight of the young ones
    • Diarrhea-cholera hit Mabvuku
    • Movement for Democratic Change calls upon government to respect human rights
    • While others celebrate, Zimbabwe mourns in shame
    • Howard hospital in Chiweshe appeal
  29. Batch 2 Posted 11/12/07
    • Zimbabwe private schools may fail to open for new term
    • ZANU PF invites China's Communist Party to congress
    • Australia plans to open schools for Zim refugees in SA
    • How to be a mad dictator
    • Africa must drop the guilt card to strengthen its hand
    • Rice slams Zimbabwe rights record, honors lawyers
    • Remarks At the 2007 International Human Rights Day Awards Ceremony
    • Mugabe's apologists
    • Zimbabwe Activists Given 20 Minutes To Observe World Human Rights Day
    • Implementation Schedule Latest Sticking Point In Zimbabwe Crisis Talks
    • MDC, Zanu PF clash over new constituencies
    • 60 houses of Zimbabwe immigrants set on fire in South African riots
    • Silence and fear have replaced dialogue in Zimbabwe
    • Shocking child mortality revealed
  30. Posted 11/12/07
    • Observers express skepticism over benefits of Europe-Africa summit
    • Zimbabwe lauds Mugabe's summit visit, calls critic racist
    • Europe, Africa seem oceans apart on rights, trade
    • EU ignorant on Zimbabwe issue, says Mbeki
    • Africa Action Statement on the Crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Dutch PM 'honoured' by Mugabe slur
    • Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Criticizes Sweden
    • German Government: Merkel Spoke For All EU In Mugabe Attack - AFP
    • Diplomacy's immunity
    • One way street – to despair: Life for Zimbabwe's Street Kids
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary in Lisbon and London - 7-9 December 2007
    • Press Statement: Anglican Diocese of Harare (CPCA) condemns violent Priest
    • Zimvigil Activists Dominate Lisbon Summit
    • Lance Guma's Lisbon Diary
    • Media Leaks Cause Friction At SADC Talks
    • From trillion tragedy to quadrillion quagmire
    • Recent Price Increases Set to Kill Holiday Spirit
    • Tutu, elder statesmen denounce rights abuses
    • Mugabe must be faced down and deposed
    • MDC might boycott poll
    • In Zimbabwe, Mugabe set for political victory
    • Zuma takes aim at arch-rival Mbeki
    • Amnesty International Marks 60th Anniversary of Human Rights Declaration
    • 'When Will the Postcolonial Hangover End?'
    • Water woes worsen in Bulawayo
    • Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP): Appeal 2008 for Zimbabwe
  31. Batch 2 Posted 10/12/07
    • Robert Mugabe left isolated as European leaders attack his misrule in Zimbabwe
    • China the victor as Europe fails to secure trade deal with Africa
    • Mugabe signs democracy pledge at EU summit
    • Harmony out of reach at EU-Africa summit
    • Mugabe refuses to purge dissenters
    • Senegalese leader defends Mugabe at summit
    • State-owned meat processing firm battles to stay afloat
    • Exiled Zimbabweans demand right to vote
    • We are letting Mugabe get away with murder
    • Get tough on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe police linked to SA airport gun find
    • Fay Chung wades into Gukurahundi controversy
  32. Posted 10/12/07
    • African leaders rejects EU proposals for trade deal to replace colonial-era systems
    • Defiant Mugabe tells Europe he won't be lectured
    • Sentamu cuts up dog collar in Mugabe protest
    • Plots in the press room - Zimbabwe's battle comes to Lisbon
    • EU leaders steer clear of Mugabe
    • Rows fail to overshadow EU-Africa 'new partnership'
    • Zimbabwe dominates and divides at EU-Africa summit
    • Zimbabweans struggle amid hunger and corruption
    • Shortages threaten promised Zimbabwe "bumper harvest"
    • As EU-AU Summit Closes, Mugabe Lashes Back At His European Critics
    • Zimbabwe'S ZANU-PF congress to endorse Mugabe for 2008 poll
    • Mugabe at large
    • New “Scramble for Africa”
  33. Batch 3 Posted 9/12/07
    • Friction Develops at Europe, Africa Meet
    • Britain's plan for a post-Mugabe Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe rebuked at EU-AU summit
    • Winds of change blowing through parastatals
    • MDC 'shocked' by ZEC move
    • Village head pleads for State assistance
    • Maternity ward shut down
    • Teachers demand $300m salary hike
    • Zimsec exam markers protest poor allowances
    • 'Zimbabwe impedes Sadc integration'
    • 'Network problems' excuse rankles ex-PF Zapu cadres
    • Bulawayo council ponders taking Zinwa to court
    • Zanu PF youth wing demands quota system
    • 2007: a 'difficult year' for mining
    • Hwange selling coal 'cheaply', says Parliamentary report
    • Africa ranks top of public sector graft
    • Where are the good socialists?
    • Reliving the car bomb blast at Avondale shops
    • Human rights culture consistent with African culture
    • Zim Standard Letters
  34. Batch 2 Posted 9/12/07
    • Germany puts Zimbabwe in spotlight over rights abuses
    • Mugabe lashed by European leaders
    • China looms large behind EU-Africa summit
    • Protesters Clash With Mugabe's Rented Supporters in Lisbon
    • Zimbabwean exiles in Lisbon demand Mugabe trial
    • Mugabe wins half the battle at EU-Africa summit
    • Mugabe using torture to suppress opposition, says report
    • Pressure Mugabe to allow election observers, says rights activist
    • Zimbabwe’s rights abuses will escape censure by Britain
    • Nobel laureate Lessing criticises Mugabe
    • Question of the week: What can the world do about Robert Mugabe?
    • Flame Lilies and Quadrillions
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Prosecutor forms political party
    • Correction by Zim Online
  35. Batch 1 Posted 9/12/07
    • No more excuses for Mugabe
    • ZEC chief defends 'flawed' voters' roll
    • Currency change-over hits snag
    • Coup plot saga takes new twist
    • Came with a bang but faded away quietly
    • Pro-Mugabe march exposes Zanu PF bankruptcy
    • Manipulating voters in the name of sovereignty
    • In awe of Mugabe
    • Timeline Zimbabwe 2007: democracy and human rights under siege
    • Mugabe vision a mirage
    • Zanu PF must learn from ANC
    • Electoral reforms questionable
    • MuckRaker
    • Mumbengegwi budget devoid of reality
  36. Posted 8/12/07
    • It is time to end the culture of impunity
    • Opposition backs Brown on Mugabe summit boycott
    • Europe urged to act on abuses in Africa
    • Woza Founder Members in Custody for Refusing to Pay Bail
    • Police Violently Stop NCA Protest in Harare
    • Baroness Amos at summit 'as she is black'
    • EU-Africa summit: Zimbabwe: Baroness Amos interview
    • Tutu urges EU to confront Mugabe
    • Hague calls for Mugabe, and those who welcome him, to be shamed in Lisbon
    • Gov't renews assault on Mugabe 'tyranny' after boycott
    • Zimbabwe opposition slams Africa, EU over Mugabe
    • Mugabe 'new era' claims dismissed
    • Lisbon summit - Arrest Mugabe, don't embrace him
    • Gerrymandering a slap in the face of dialogue as Zanu PF begins rigging process
    • Specialists to investigate gun smuggling into SA
    • Zanu PF, MDC in showdown
    • Zim, DRC in power for security deal
    • MDC factions in talks discord
    • Msika strips Mutasa of land offer powers
    • 2008 budget bereft
    • Portuguese MEP Ana Gomes advocates the prison of Robert Mugabe
    • Diasporans Remit Us$361 Million
    • Cricket-West Indies sweep to series win over Zimbabwe
    • Opposition backs Brown on Mugabe summit boycott
    • Europe urged to act on abuses in Africa
    • Woza Founder Members in Custody for Refusing to Pay Bail
    • Police Violently Stop NCA Protest in Harare
    • Baroness Amos at summit 'as she is black'
    • EU-Africa summit: Zimbabwe: Baroness Amos interview
    • Tutu urges EU to confront Mugabe
    • Hague calls for Mugabe, and those who welcome him, to be shamed in Lisbon
    • Gov't renews assault on Mugabe 'tyranny' after boycott
    • Zimbabwe opposition slams Africa, EU over Mugabe
    • Mugabe 'new era' claims dismissed
    • Lisbon summit - Arrest Mugabe, don't embrace him
    • Gerrymandering a slap in the face of dialogue as Zanu PF begins rigging process
    • Specialists to investigate gun smuggling into SA
    • Zanu PF, MDC in showdown
    • Zim, DRC in power for security deal
    • MDC factions in talks discord
    • Msika strips Mutasa of land offer powers
    • 2008 budget bereft
    • Portuguese MEP Ana Gomes advocates the prison of Robert Mugabe
    • Diasporans Remit Us$361 Million
    • Cricket-West Indies sweep to series win over Zimbabwe
  37. Batch 3 Posted 7/12/07
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Flies to Portugal Despite EU Travel Ban
    • Mugabe commandeers London-bound plane
    • President leaves behind a people left paralysed by their poverty
    • The Pariah
    • Gordon Brown is right to make a stand against Robert Mugabe
    • Standing up to Mugabe
    • A guest who will make the most of the conference
    • U.N., Africa disgrace themselves
    • Commission carves out constituencies ahead of election
    • MDC faction to retain current MPs in elections
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Begins Election Preparations Despite Opposition Protests
    • ZANU PF official suspended as party whips dissenters into line
    • Zimbabwe diaspora conference begins in Jo’burg
    • Zimbabwe Power Authority Continues To Struggle To Import Electricity
    • MDC Waiting for Zanu-PF to Implement Agreed Measures
    • Zimbabwe: Talks on the Future Require a More Flexible Approach
    • Action for Southern Africa Protests Mugabe Invite to EU/Africa Summit
    • The Native Paranoia of Thabo Mbeki
  38. Batch 2 Posted 7/12/07
    • Zimbabwean in bank note 'insult'
    • Please come, but don't bring your monsters
    • Harare newspaper 'tones down' Barroso criticism in run-up to weekend summit
    • EU chief defends inviting Mugabe to EU-Africa summit
    • Steaks and cricket, starvation and poverty: diary of a surreal week in Zimbabwe
    • Africa protects its dictators, right or wrong
    • Mugabe still a hero for many Africans
    • Zim: SA's silence 'criminal'
    • Why Mugabe must be forced out
    • Zimbabwe pushes ahead with preparations for elections
    • Machiavellian Mugabe Odds On for Re-election
    • Mugabe will lose free and fair poll, says Moyo
    • Human rights groups seek more efforts on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe water crisis on eve of EU-Africa Summit: a healthtime bomb about to go off
    • Netherlands Not to Open EU-Africa Summit
    • Zimbabwe's Central Intelligence Organization curbs nation's progress
    • Mugabe saga may overwhelm diplomatic efforts
    • Britain urges international community to unite against Mugabe
    • Mugabe hails talks between Zanu-PF and MDC
    • Zimbabwe: House of Commons Debate
    • ‘Zimbabwe is like a flipped coin in the air’
    • A desperate suitor
    • Tsvangirai calls for help
  39. Batch 1 Posted 7/12/07
    • Talks hang by thread
    • Makoni’s brutal appraisal of Zim
    • Banks scramble for new capital
    • US adds more people to travel ban list
    • Price cuts: CSC abattoirs empty again
    • Watchdog warns of sharp rise in global food prices
    • Zim should brace for the worst
    • After the march, it’s back to reality
    • Human rights in intensive care
    • When the Moyos clash
    • Democracy as practiced in Africa
    • EU, Africa and the fling with the Zhing
    • A-G’s arrest a constitutional blunder
    • Do the honourable thing
    • Nation not in good shape, Excellency
    • FinGaz Letters
  40. Posted 6/12/07
    • South Africa, Zambia cut power supplies to Zimbabwe
    • While Most of Africa Prospers, Zimbabwe Implodes
    • Officials meet in Egypt, hopes high ahead of EU-Africa weekend summit
    • Africa can't stop EU from discussing Zim
    • Merkel to rebuke Zimbabwe at EU-Africa summit
    • Mugabe won't listen
    • MDC defers decision on talks to 16th December
    • An act of Stone Age politics
    • MDC says Mugabe should walk the talk on dialogue
    • Robert Mugabe: separating myth from reality
    • Parallels between ‘million man march’ and Muzorewa’s Huruyadzo rally
    • Govt denies scrapping Zim traders' border passes
    • EU talks must place focus on Zimbabwe - Tearfund
    • Regaining dignity in Zimbabwe
    • Britain: Failed Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers Will Not Be Quickly Deported
    • Magistrates’ strike derails journalist’s trial
    • Zanu PF Businessman Severely Assaults MDC Activist
    • Students arrested, assaulted for wearing Learnmore Jongwe T-shirts
    • ZCTU condemns Tsvangirai over Matibenga ouster
    • Outlook grim for Zim SIM users
    • ZPDP to Hold Press Conference on Thursday Dec. 6th, 2007
    • SA billboard activists are fighting for a free election
  41. Batch 2 Posted 5/12/07
    • Zimbabwe currency plunges to four million to the U.S. dollar
    • In awe of Mugabe
    • “We Have Degrees in Violence”: A report on torture and human rights abuses in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe bill leads to ‘smash-and-grab’
    • Graves tell the story of Mugabe's misrule
    • Sokwanele Newsletter : Zimbabwe Election Watch : Issue 12
    • Cash-rich platinum producer shrugs off risks
    • Britain handing propaganda victory to Mugabe
    • Exiled Zimbabwe Opposition Figure Bennett Urged To Seek His Old Seat
    • Hotels Defy Prices Body
  42. Posted 5/12/07
    • Zimbabwe defies predictions of economic collapse, says Mugabe
    • Spain says it hopes Mugabe will not attend EU-Africa summit
    • Mugabe to bar some nations from observing election
    • Summit Should Take Concrete Steps to Tackle Rights Abuses
    • Mbeki sets 15th December as deadline for talks
    • ZDF trainers head for DRC
    • Mugabe at Lisbon summit detracts from real issues says aid agency
    • Jatropha and biodiesel
    • The Pressure Mounts
    • Harare thumbs nose at US, hails ties with East
    • Psychiatric hospital faces closure as food runs out
    • Extended Strike By Zimbabwe Magistrates Raises Specter Of Disease In Cells
    • Bulawayo to Receive Only One Day of Water a Week
    • Zimbabweans to protest at Summit in Lisbon - Correction
    • Malnutrition claiming lives in rural Zimbabwe
    • Student leader expelled from UZ
    • Marching on empty
    • Censored Zimbabwe artists hit back
    • Zimbabwe Conspiracy
    • Youth disgusted at allegations they want armed struggle
    • ZSE trades rumours during power cut
  43. Batch 2 Posted 4/12/07
    • Prominent writers accuse EU, AU leaders of cowardice
    • New US sanctions against Harare unveiled
    • U.S. Boosting Travel, Financial Sanctions On Top Zimbabweans - State's Frazer
    • Managing Mugabe Seen Task For European-African Summit Organizers
    • Zimbabwe Dollar Crashes On Central Bank Plan To Issue New Notes
    • Election Monitoring Group Says Zimbabwe Electoral Reform Bill Flawed
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Faction Softens Threat To Scuttle Crisis Talks
    • Revised version of the Black Rhino Reward Fund letter
  44. Posted 4/12/07
    • Airline fees double, prices jump over the course of a meal as inflation soars in Zimbabwe
    • U.S. to slap new sanctions on Zimbabwe
    • Europe and Africa
    • MDC in talks to forge a united front against Mugabe
    • MDC needs to be ‘reborn’
    • Tsvangirai says talks have ‘yielded nothing’
    • More hardships for Zimbabweans next year
    • Zambia urges UK to maintain pressure on Harare
    • Freedom Defenders Under Attack in Zimbabwe, United States Warns
    • Add Another Verse to Country's Litany of Want
    • Hundreds stranded after "million-man" march
    • Judiciary versus Executive: Tyranny has gone too far
    • Even if millions march, where is the bread?
    • The rise of Zim’s 'one party tyranny'
    • Zimbabwe - A symptom of Africa
    • Protest Mugabe's attendance at EU-Africa Summit
    • Anglican Priest threatening his colleagues in Harare
    • The Commonwealth: punching below weight
    • The last days of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: A Revolution Eating Its Own Children
    • Weekly water watch
    • Graduate Alive, Students Body Tells Students
    • Teachers union demands salary raises to avoid strike
    • Zimbabweans to pay more for passports
    • Chiwoniso Speaks Out Against Cop Brutality
    • Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  45. Batch 2 Posted 3/12/07
    • Opponents fear summit coup by world's 'wiliest leader'
    • Zimbabwe teachers demand $318 million salaries
    • Harare blocks distribution of maize seed
    • Zimbabwe to lose 20 percent of labour force to AIDS by 2020
    • Financial irregularities unearthed at Zim elections body
    • Gordon Brown ally set to speak out at the Africa summit
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 1st December 2007
    • Hope is not even an option for the orphans of Robert Mugabe's ruined land
    • 'Mugabe cannot cheat Zimbabweans forever'
    • The Bonde family - a World AIDS Day story
  46. Posted 3/12/07
    • Zimbabweans to protest at Summit in Lisbon
    • Portuguese minister calls on EU to face Mugabe: report
    • Zimbabwe told it will be much better off in Comesa
    • SADC is assisting in the betrayal of Zimbabweans
    • Mbeki minus Zim trumpcard at summit?
    • Weary Cheers Leaders
    • Report: Zambia urges London to keep pressure on Harare
    • Zimbabwe opposition dismisses talks with Mugabe party
    • EU Official Says Europe Must Drop Colonial Attitude Toward Africa
    • Free banking for Zimbabwe
    • Don't worry ... be happy
    • Time runs out for Zimbabwe
  47. Batch 2 Posted 2/12/07
    • Torture is Robert Mugabe's election weapon
    • Most 'million' were forced to march
    • Education: 30 years backwards and still declining
    • Cash crisis: RBZ blamed
    • Bishop honoured for exposing Gukurahundi
    • Byo down to one day of water
    • Workers to continue 'sleep in'
    • ZPPDP vows to win elections
    • Learn from white farmers, says Msika
    • A not-so-merry Christmas for most
    • US wants free and fair polls - envoy
    • Community mobilisers reinforce child health issues
    • Voter education lags far behind
    • Rural women fail to access ARVs
    • People's Budget: what people?
    • Gold support price 'useless' already
    • Econet hikes cellphone tariffs 450%
    • Bakers form NIPC sub-committee
    • Geldof unveils African plan
    • After Zambian Airways, who's next?
    • Scrap congress if Mugabe is Zanu PF's choice
    • The citizen as a radical activist
    • Standing for Parliament
    • The task of stopping Aids and keeping the promise
    • Zim Standard Letters
  48. Posted 2/12/07
    • Mugabe crackdown hits "ordinary" Zimbabweans-group
    • Million man march affect informal traders
    • Mugabe's aide wants him to be president for life
    • Commonwealth should not abandon Zimbabweans
    • Shame on the Neighbours
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • MDC statement on World AIDS Day
    • Kunonga fights dirty in Harare
    • "Make the Issue of Water Attractive to the Authorities"
    • Brown and Mugabe
    • Ending Famine, Simply by Ignoring the Experts
  49. Posted 1/12/07
    • A stricken nation waiting to die
    • Mugabe rallies thousands, ridicules Britain
    • Rally was failure for Mugabe
    • Fired-up Mugabe rails against Britain
    • Zanu PF terrorises Harare during Mugabe’s “1 million-man march”
    • Surge In Zimbabwe Political Violence In October, Human Rights Group Says
    • 14 perish in Zimbabwe bus crash
    • Zimbabwe mobile phone operator hikes rates
    • Roy Bennett mulling plans to contest Chimanimani seat
    • Zimbabwe budget offers scant hope of "rebound"
    • Cash for sale in Zim
    • Strike By Magistrates Enters Second Month
    • Moment Of Truth Approaches For Zimbabwe Opposition On Crisis Talks
    • Victoria Falls Residents Oppose Stadium Plans in Game Park
    • Mugabe tells fleeing Zimbabweans to stay and 'fight common enemy'
    • Finance Minister's New Budget Dismissed By Experts
    • Zimbabwe shock West Indies
    • JAG open letter forum dated 30 November 2007

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