The ZIMBABWE Situation

February 2008 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 29/2/08
    • ZANU PF candidates to prioritise Mugabe re-election bid
    • Zim polls won't be free and fair, says SA Communist Party
    • WFP seeks US$500 million to relief operations
    • Suspects Arrested in Tsvangirai Armed Robbery
    • A Second Zimbabwean Teachers Group Joins Ongoing National Strike
    • Obscure Zimbabwean Presidential Hopeful On 'Assignment' From God
    • Makoni bandwagon
    • Hotels forced to accommodate party officials
    • Air Zim averts disaster
    • Tension simmers over party loyalty
    • Dicky, Antimalaria, Mainroad
    • Can Tsvangirai turn support into votes?
    • Probe clears Zim in diamonds trade
    • Zim investments in Mozambique soar
    • More confusion grips ZIMRA
    • Candidates hamstrung by lack of ideas
    • Zimbos face some tough decisions
    • Dell's ghost haunts Zim government
    • Inertia implies complicity
    • Spinning being passed off as campaigning
    • FinGaz Letters
    • 120 posts vacant as brain drain decimates UZ
    • Rally for Zimbabwe women's dignity
    • Think Twice About Boycotting Tilapia
  2. Posted 29/2/08
    • I'll beat Robert Mugabe, says former ally
    • Zimbabwe court dismisses presidential hopefuls' candidacy bids
    • Stop insulting one another, says Zim presidential candidate
    • Hard to tell there's an election coming
    • Zim ruling party gears for manifesto launch
    • Mugabe awards salary increment to military
    • Mugabe rival takes campaign to ZANU-PF stronghold
    • Simba Makoni is getting up steam
    • Civil service disputes over salaries intensify
    • Gwanda South Parliamentary candidate dies
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert Update: Journalist challenges illegal ban
    • Integration And the Migrant Migraine
    • Election 2008 - Meet Your Candidates
    • Full Dams Do Not Translate Into Water Supplies
    • UK provides Zimbabweans with 5 million for vital drugs
    • Action Needed Against Unproven HIV/Aids Treatments
  3. Batch 2 Posted 28/2/08
    • Torture widespread - UN expert
    • Zimbabwe revenue authority to collect Z$6 quadrillion
    • Residents urge Tsvangirai to take over government
    • 300 protesters demand free and fair elections in Zimbabwe
    • MDC election candidates released on free bail
    • The Zimbabwe we want: a conversation with Roy Bennett - Part 3
    • Bishop Sebastian Bakare Urges Zimbabweans to Use the Ballot to Bring Change
    • Pishai Muchauraya Attacked By Zanu-PF Mob At Old Mutare
    • Mugabe spies on Mujuru
    • Makone alleges electoral fraud
    • ZBC pulls plug on ZESN ads
    • Soldiers, diplomats vote in secrecy
    • Musindo on vote-buying spree
    • Inflation figs not true - ZNCC
    • Mugabe pressures Zinwa, Zesa
    • Innocent man sues army for torture
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader deplores poverty during poll trail
    • Mining hopes dashed
    • Govt invites Chinese observers
    • Stop abusing the people of Zimbabwe
  4. Posted 28/2/08
    • Zim police to use force to quell election violence
    • Zimbabwe dollar in dramatic fall
    • Economic meltdown worsens child abuse in Zimbabwe, says U.N. children's agency
    • ZEC declines to investigate Zanu-PF voter registration fraud
    • ZIMSEC fails to issue exam certificates
    • Tsvangirai says opposition victory will end Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe gives army, teachers pay boost ahead of elections
    • MDC Houses Burned And Officials Arrested in Muzarabani
    • From Harare: Hospital heartbreak
    • What keeps WOZA Women Strong?
    • Output at Rio Tinto Zimbabwe diamond mine down 40 pct
    • Chinese Eye Zim's Mining Sector
    • Makoni Supporters Fear Mugabe Backlash
    • Seven ways to win an election
    • SADC Tribunal to hear Zim farmer's case next month
    • Villagers appeal for food aid as hunger bites
    • The Zimbabwe we want: a conversation with Roy Bennett - Part 2
    • Beaten Zimbabwean Union Members Face Nuisance Charges
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Tackles Logistics For March 29 Ballots
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert: MIC imposes illegal ban against journalist
    • Zim youth group threatens to shut down Embassy in South Africa
    • Mutambara faction to roll-out campaign for Makoni
    • Voting for change in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe deceptive as ever
    • Water meter readers arrested in Zimbabwe
    • Streak joins Indian 'rebel' league
  5. Posted 27/2/08
    • United States reports disquiet over preparations for Zimbabwe elections
    • Zimbabwe accuses UK of fanning poll tension
    • 'If Zim catches fire, everyone will burn'
    • Zimbabwean Police Ready To Use Firearms If Poll Violence
    • Civil groups in South Africa intensify protests at Zim embassy
    • Angry protesters pull down Zanu-PF poll posters
    • Who is imposing whom and why?
    • Civil servants strike looms as soldiers get windfall
    • Zimbabwe: Food for votes
    • Land dispute enters holy ground as sacked bishop seizes cathedral
    • Zim skills flight hits engineering sector
    • Statement on the 2008 Elections and Accreditation of Journalists
    • MDC government will rename Zimbabwe Police force
    • Why MDC is feared
    • MDC Election Tactics Questioned
    • If Makoni becomes President...
    • Oz apology: What about Gukurahundi?
    • Zimbabwe 2008 -Decision Time -The China Factor
    • No Surgery at Parirenyatwa, as Health Sector Continues to Deteriorate
    • Zimbabwe's Government to Promote Solar Energy for Computers
    • A New Challenge to Mugabe
    • Mugabe Feasts as Nation Goes Hungry
    • Mad bob' laid bare
    • Zimbabwe led into cricket wasteland
  6. Batch 2 Posted 26/2/08
    • Lawlessness, violence destroying Zimbabwe: bishop
    • MDC candidates arrested for meeting supporters
    • Makoni rules out coalition with MDC
    • The Zimbabwe we want: a conversation with Roy Bennett - Part One
    • Mugabe begs China for 25bn to fix economy
    • In Zimbabwe's Matabeleland, Villagers Travel Far, Wait Long For Maize
    • Calm and Tolerance Urged Ahead of Zim Polls
    • Zimbabwe Rights Group Charges Police Enforcing Unofficial Curfew
    • Zimbabwe State Media Ordered To Stop Running Voter Education Spots
    • Land dispute enters holy ground as sacked bishop seizes cathedral
    • February 2008 Newsletter to Bulawayo South Constituents
  7. Posted 26/2/08
    • US ambassador says "ominous signs" precede Zimbabwe elections
    • Makoni rejects idea of opposition coalition
    • Divide and conquer
    • Vendors and forex dealers forced to attend Bob bash at Beitbridge
    • ‘I will put my X next to Mugabe’
    • Malawi ruler helps Mugabe to hold on to power
    • Bulawayo runs out of money
    • NGO says Makoni wont break Mugabe's hold
    • Zimbabwe Election Watch : Issue 17
    • Makoni is Mugabe's Creation
    • Election Violence Increases
    • Who will make sure elections are free and fair?
    • Zimbabwe Diaspora vote protest in Washington DC
    • Hoping for a miracle
    • Can Makoni be our Barak Obama?
    • Rally for Dignity! and Democracy
    • Lest we forget- the farmers of Zimbabwe
    • Successful Zim litigation over violence
    • Police Search, Seizure of Exhibits Unconstitutional - Van Hoogstraten
    • Regarding the upcoming elections on 29th March
    • Mugabe dresses down Mat South governor
    • Plastic Containers in Zimbabwe Save the Day Economically
  8. Posted 25/2/08
    • Mugabe stance shows election cannot be free and fair
    • State agents prop up pro-Mugabe bishop
    • Police impose unofficial curfew in parts of Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF official orders firm to sell grain through party channels
    • Zimbabwe voters face a puzzle of election candidates
    • 60 000 attend MDC election campaign launch
    • Watch your back, Simba!
    • Prowling for Essential Goods for Zimbabwe's Black Market
    • Zimbabwe hospital stops surgery as drugs dry up: rights group
    • Election observers are a thorny issue for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 23rd February 2008
    • ROHR Zimbabwe (restoration of human rights) - report on the January 25 demonstration
    • Zimbabwe: mentors, proteges and morons
    • Who can bring Zimbabwe back to its glory days?
    • Tshinga Dube assails Mpofu over price controls
  9. Batch 2 Posted 24/2/08
    • 50m celebration for Mugabe's birthday - as 4m of his people need food aid
    • Over 1200 in anti Mugabe protests at Beitbridge
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader vows to end Mugabe rule
    • Makoni Unveils Economic Recovery Plans
    • Full text of the manifesto for Dr Simba Makoni
    • Mugabe belittles opponents as frog and puppet
    • Beit Bridge a fine line between paranoia and weariness
    • Africa: It is time to sweep our huts clean of dirty politics
    • Chinese loan to fund Zimbabwe farm equipment purchases
    • China courts Zimbabwe, to venture into gold and platinum mining
    • 85 Trucks of food
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • ZINASU Gender and Human Rights Secretary badly assaulted
  10. Batch 1 Posted 24/2/08
    • Makoni rubbishes $3 trillion Mugabe bash
    • 'Elections could be postponed'
    • Polls a referendum on Mugabe misrule'
    • Sodomy poser for Zanu PF Senate hopeful
    • Brain drain shatters aspiring doctor's dream
    • Polls: It's the personality, not manifesto
    • Varichem donates ARVs
    • Byo poll candidates clash in 'debate series'
    • Mpofu threatens political rival
    • Villagers endure three weeks in maize queue
    • Mugabe admits party faces tough fight
    • RBZ non-payment grounds farmers
    • Prospects of economic recovery fizzle out
    • Disqualify candidates promoting violence
    • Confessions of a vote rigger
    • Makoni's battle against culture of conspiracy University of Zimbabwe
    • Getting it right
    • Zim Standard Letters
  11. Posted 23/2/08
    • Mugabe prepares for big birthday bash in troubled Zimbabwe
    • Third Way attracts followers
    • Journalist Violet Gonda interview Roy Bennett from Tsvangirai MDC
    • Tsvangirai camp deny report of planned meeting with Makoni
    • Police chief living in farmhouse, despite restraining order
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission dragged to court
    • Grain authority launches blitz against millers
    • Makoni is the real deal
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Law Contradictory On Presidential Victory Requirement
    • Voter Education Deficient In Zimbabwe Election Process, Say Experts
    • Election chaos predicted
    • "The Ugly Face of Land Reform"
    • Cops Thrash Youths at Mugabe's Farm
    • Chihuri Speaks With Forked Tongue
    • Tobacco Disaster Could Wreck Industry
    • MDC Embarks on Door-to-Door Campaigns
    • Zambia leader warns West on Zimbabwe election
    • 'Why we keep coming back to SA'
    • The 'old man' should retire, say opponent
    • White journalists banned from Zuma debate in South Africa
    • SA to send election observers to Zimbabwe
    • Southern Africa group holds out hope for Zimbabwe
    • They must go or we will kill them
    • President's comments on Makoni
    • Zimbabwe - Annual Report 2008: RSF
  12. Batch 3 Posted 22/2/08
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe calls rival Makoni a "prostitute"
    • Makoni courts Tsvangirai
    • Presidium backs Zanu PF 'rebels'
    • Mbeki lied to Sadc: MDC
    • Zim could face second voting round for president
    • Makoni expulsion 'unconstitutional'
    • Hefty loans for soldiers
    • Mugabe may face prosecution
    • NIPC wants to control fuel price
    • Staff exodus hits Zesa
    • 'NIPC prices too low'
    • Enough seed for winter crop: Seedco
    • Price controls no panacea to problems - Masimirembwa
    • Fallacy of the national pricing commission
    • Electoral charade
    • Is MDC fit to rule?
    • Majority win doubtful in presidential poll
    • Plight of the rural Zimbabwean voter
    • We are doomed if Mugabe wins
    • Opposition needs to be heard too
    • Mugabe's desperate young comrades
    • Here is a chance to beat Mugabe
    • Getting the message,missing the point
    • Good intentions paving the way to hell
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • A Lead on the Ark of the Covenant
  13. Batch 2 Posted 22/2/08
    • Zimbabwe opposition details breakdown of Mbeki's mediation efforts
    • Zimbabwe dialogue is "dead", elections flawed: opposition
    • Massive Zim poll chaos
    • Teachers’ union says women activists were sexually assaulted
    • Makoni waits for Mugabe backlash
    • British embassy denies funding NGOs to oust Mugabe
    • Makoni’s backers put me off
    • Zimbabwean Government Triples Army Officer Pay Ahead Of Elections
    • 'Guidance' From Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Irritates Journalists
    • Not worth the paper it's printed on
    • Mugabe to spend Z$3 trillion on birthday, as inflation hits 100,000
    • Just one cigarette costs $18 in Harare
    • Scuffles over mealie meal
    • Now Zimbabweans have to queue to queue
    • Nominees Barred From Inspecting Voters Roll
    • 'God bless President Mugabe'
    • Robert Mugabe: An appreciation on his 84th birthday
    • Youth Forum Offices Closed As Police Detain Board Treasurer Moyo
    • Professionals Join Ranks of Street Hawkers
    • Makoni Supporters Fear Mugabe Backlash
    • Mugabe's competition
    • ZINASU condemns the continued abuse of state resources
    • Zim lawyers statement on PTUZ attack
    • MDC (Tsvangirai) to put Mugabe on trial - manifesto says
    • Hwange to Export 45 Million Tonnes of Coal to SA
    • Eskom eyes Zim's thermal stations
    • Malawi maize runs out in 2 months
    • Mugabe Defies Downfall Prophecies
  14. Batch 1 Posted 22/2/08
    • Mugabe’s loyalty test
    • ZANU-PF in quandary over renegades
    • Inflation breaches 100 000 % mark
    • Growing concern over rigging
    • A tale of broken promises
    • Run-off: Who would win?
    • Umm, Morgan? Morgan who?
    • Avoid converting emotion into motion
    • Building democracy electorate’s responsibility
    • Sinking deeper into economic malaise
    • It’s not about Tsvangirai
    • Police not sincere on political violence
    • River Ranch sues Hussein for $12 trillion
    • Motsepe sinks more money into Zim
    • Massive sugar shortage looms
    • British property tycoon’s lawyer fears unfair trial
    • Money market gets liquidity boost
    • Zim economy harsh for workers
    • People’s shops plan likely to delay
    • FinGaz Letters
  15. Batch 2 Posted 21/2/08
    • Mugabe ‘could be swept away’ if forced into run-off
    • Mugabe's escape route ready
    • Dollar tumbles again, as one US unit trades at Z$20 million
    • 8 000 teachers quit as brain-drain gathers pace
    • MDC urges exiled Zimbabweans to go home and vote
    • Amidst Internal Strife, Zimbabwe Ruling Party Re-Runs Primary Elections
    • Rally for Dignity! and Democracy in Zimbabwe in Trafalgar Square
    • Presidential campaigns begin on Sat
    • Are we brave enough to vote ‘No'?
    • Violence, mischief to mar polls
    • Mutasa threatens senior Zanu officials
    • Mandela slams African tyrants
    • Mugabe to launch new bid for office on 84th birthday
    • More empty promises for Hopley squatters
    • New fees penalise foreign media
    • Leaked CIO memo reveals planned violence
    • Makoni ditches Mutambara
    • Why pick and choose?
    • The truth of the matter
    • Southern African Regional Group Solicits Zimbabwe Election Observers
  16. Posted 21/2/08
    • Zimbabwe annual inflation over 100,000 per cent
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe turns 84, battling to hold onto power
    • Zimbabweans face first prospect of run off poll in Mugabe presidential race
    • Impoverished Zimbabwe pays high price to say 'happy birthday Mr President'
    • Zim polls: US issues travel warning
    • PTUZ leadership in hospital under police guard
    • TUC condemns police beatings of teachers
    • Zimbabweans flee with hope and US$50
    • Weapons ban in Zimbabwe
    • Dying Silently In Zimbabwe
    • Free Banking for Zimbabwe
    • No Sign of Promised Media Relaxation
    • Zimbabwe: House of Commons Debate
    • From Harare: A tale of survival
    • Zim youth group to march for diaspora vote at SA embassy and Beitbridge Post
    • Britain Calls for Effective Monitoring of Elections
    • 2 charges dropped, 2 more upheld against Hoogstraten
    • The Makoni Factor: A Zimbabwean in the Diaspora gives his views
    • Zimbabwe: Anti-inflation measures in Zimbabwe since 2007
    • MDC / Makoni factor - A breath of fresh air
    • MDC-UK and Ireland congress set for Saturday
    • Voting for Mugabe is cruelty to our elders
    • Lies, damned lies and statistics!
    • South African mega-drug haul was mandrax, not heroin
    • NETONE Recharge System Down
    • Zimbabwe government looks to buy more of pipeline
    • Man's cruelty to Mann
  17. Posted 20/2/08
    • UK calls for monitoring of Zimbabwe poll
    • Shortages worsen as ZANU-PF diverts resources to elections
    • Makoni has backing of ex-generals
    • SA burying its head in the sand on Zim election: MDC
    • Zimbabwe says Bush pre-judging elections
    • Hard-Pressed Zimbabweans Experience Yet Another Surge In Prices
    • Zim goes bananas
    • Zimbabwe - Mugabe's biggest con yet
    • The Tsvangirai-Makoni question: the results
    • Election a ritual to legitimise Mugabe, says rights group
    • ZANU PF supporters brutally assault nine teachers' union officials
    • US embassy warns citizens in Zimbabwe ahead of elections
    • Tsvangirai to Launch MDC Election Campaign
    • Robert Mugabe Faces Serious Split Within Zanu-PF Ranks
    • 'Zim cholera outbreak under control'
    • Huge heroin bust on Zim border
    • Zimbabwe Christians say no hope for Mbeki-brokered talks
    • NCA does not support political parties
    • Moeletsi Mbeki says SADC fears emergence of democracy in Zim
    • Moyo furious with MDC challenge
    • Media Talk - Zimbabwe elections - Will Mugabe win again?
    • Birthday present for Mugabe
    • Dlamini-Zuma voices hope for credibility of Zimbabwe’s poll
    • Investors still eye Zimbabwe
    • New SA plan for receiving Zimbabwean refugees
    • As I See It
    • ZIMDEN-UK meeting, future of Zimbabwe report
    • Stop being swayed by this Makoni comedy
    • Coventry wins two more medals in US
    • Zimbabwe wants full probe into accident
  18. Posted 19/2/08
    • Uncertainty About Zimbabwe Election Grows
    • Divisions cause turmoil in Zim ruling party
    • Police beat up Anglican parishioners, arrest high court officials
    • Journalist arrested as police fight on behalf of Kunonga
    • Makoni - the dangers he faces
    • So the battle begins
    • Maize hoarded for vote buying
    • Mugabe's rigging nightmare
    • Police stock up on tear-gas and grenades
    • Mugabe faces defiance as officials haggle over seats
    • MDC to exploit from Zanu PF division
    • Makoni can split military — MDC group
    • Gono claims escaped arrest in December
    • ZEC stops ZESN from conducting voter education
    • Four candidates to contest the presidential race
    • Mnangagwa at the helm of Zanu
    • Analysts, Exiled Zimbabweans, See No Hope in Looming Elections
    • Why SADC leaders keep backing Mugabe?
    • 2008 Local government elections -advice for residents
    • Zimbabwe must follow new laws for free elections: SAfrica
    • SA NGO urges government to send observers to Zimbabwe elections
    • SA prepared to observe in Zim
    • Mozambique reconnects Zimbabwe power after payment
    • Mugabe could face second round of voting - Moyo
    • Clear poll win unlikely - experts
    • Catholics call for Zimbabwe elections to be postponed
    • Daily news files Registration Application
    • 5 Zimbabwean refugees dead, 36 injured in SA border accident
    • Two wheels go where four cannot
    • Zimbabwe 2008: Decision Time – Points to Ponder
    • President Bush Calls For Change in Zimbabwe
    • PASSOP Watch
    • Van Hoogstraten trial fails to take off
  19. Posted 18/2/08
    • Zimbabwe mulls reforms to screen presidential candidates
    • MDC says has plan to deal with stolen election
    • Budgetary constraints force army to scale down recruitment
    • It’s not too late for a Makoni, Tsvangirai deal
    • Makoni’s bold hope
    • Are new parties sprouting in Zim an intelligence ploy?
    • Bush urges fair elections in Zimbabwe during Africa trip
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 16th February 2008
    • Zimbabweans survive on bags of tricks as inflation runs amok
    • Inflation at 66000 percent, Mbeki still happy
    • Go home and vote, Batswana tell Zimbabweans
    • Happy days in Harare
  20. Posted 17/2/08
    • Defiance reigns as candidates stand
    • Death be not proud. . .help me make money
    • ZESN barred from voter education
    • Daily News set to bounce back
    • Push carts to the rescue
    • No one is worth dying for: Makoni
    • US President blasts Mugabe
    • Parirenyatwa suspends hospital theatre operations
    • Bakers demand $5m a loaf price
    • Zimbabweans ignore inflation as battle for survival continues
    • Voters fire warning shots during primaries
    • Voter's check list - a must
    • Zimbabweans in Diaspora: Missing link in new struggle
    • A warning on Simba Makoni's history of failures
    • We are Ready
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Dark days for southern Africa
    • Zimbabwe's Coventry sets world record in 200m backstroke
  21. Batch 2 Posted 16/2/08
    • Move to seal internal fissures
    • Harare drinking water unsafe
    • It’s no easy walk for Simba Makoni
    • Economy key to voters’ choice
    • Pressure group predicts worst election violence
    • Police conduct surprises accused British tycoon
    • No breach of law by RBZ: Gono
    • Exclusive: Interview with Makoni
    • Zim 2008: The return of hope
    • Beware the Ides of March
    • Three firms face govt takeover
    • AirZim imports fuel from region
    • BACOSSI: Output up, but shelves remain empty
    • Counting the costs: Price blitz damage so far
    • Conflict brewing at NSSA over salaries
    • Economic crisis
    • FinGaz Letters
    • Hidden victims of the 'green revolution'
  22. Posted 16/2/08
    • Ruling party rebel lays down his challenge to ageing President Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe presidential candidates confirmed
    • New twist in Zim election race
    • Can Tsvangirai make the ultimate sacrifice?
    • Concern over media bias in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans ignore inflation in battle for survival
    • 'NIPC Not to Blame for Price Hikes'
    • The Zimbabwe Enigma - Wake Up Africa
    • Civic group says elections won’t be free and fair
    • Probe into Attorney General resumes next week
    • Zimbabwe Primary Elections Flawed On Both Sides Of The Political Divide
    • Zimbabwe Business Leader Says 66,000% Inflation Probably Understated
    • Hoogstraten had fake South Africa rands - court told
    • The Devil's in the detail
    • ‘Black thing’ creeping into South Africa
    • Cholera Claims Seven in Mudzi
    • Bulawayo nominations extended by 2 hours
    • I left my heart in Harare
  23. Batch 3 Posted 15/2/08
    • Zimbabwe election tainted by violence and rights abuses
    • Elements of Simba Makoni's manifesto
    • Journalist Violet Gonda interviews Wilfred Mhanda of the Simba Makoni formation
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Faction In Alliance With ZANU-PF Rebel Makoni
    • Heading for difficult choices in dire times
    • Zimbabwe elections: Hard choices, what Hard choices?
    • Zimbabwe Election Authorities Again Extend Voter Registration Deadline
    • Global Fund to help pay Zimbabwe doctors
    • The PhD's in Zanu PF who have achieved nothing
    • My Life Under A Dictator
  24. Batch 2 Posted 15/2/08
    • Expel Dabengwa: Zanu PF
    • Makoni, Mutambara forge alliance
    • Inflation tops 66 000%
    • MDC to launch election manifesto
    • Mawere wins SMM case
    • Voter registration exercise chaotic
    • Chaos in MDC primaries
    • Why MDC unity talks collapsed
    • ANZ applies for registration
    • Kunonga holed up in Anglican cathedral
    • Presidential guards chase away Zanu PF protestors
    • RTGS bleeds banks
    • Industry blasts pricing commission
    • NMB to receive US$2,5 million loan
    • Mines suspend long-term projects
    • Manufacturing companies reduce operations
    • Asset management firms to merge
    • A deeper look at the banking crisis in Zim
    • Zanu PF breaks own rules
    • The real deal
    • Is God Zanu PF or MDC?
    • ZEC should be tough on hate language
    • What is a ‘friendly’ state?
    • We’ll have to make a plan
    • Zim Independent Letters
  25. Posted 15/2/08
    • Zimbabwe Dec inflation hits record 66,212.3 pct
    • Bush: Zimbabwe's Mugabe is "discredited dictator"
    • Elections last chance to save Zimbabwe: Pahad
    • Is Mugabe facing any real threats?
    • Lekota doubts Zim election
    • Registration and verification of voters’ roll ends one day early
    • Students beaten and arrested at demos in Harare and Bulawayo
    • Information minister dismisses media report
    • 'Unruly' Zanu-PF MP charged
    • Regime Change Prospects Slim in Zimbabwe
    • Makoni Promises Reconciliation As One Cure for Zimbabwe's Problems
    • Simba Makoni is an overrated opportunist – opinion piece
    • Zimbabwean newspaper claims Makoni was part of Mbeki plan
    • Makoni must come clean on crucial credentials
    • Challenge the electoral process, not the outcome
    • Floods force five Zimbabwe gold mines to halt operations
    • Daily News submits papers to the MIC for operating licence
    • Bishop Sebastian Bakare on BTH
    • WOZA continues to urge people to stand up for their children in Harare
    • A long expensive journey home
    • History repeats itself
    • Economic Hard Times Makes for a Frugal Valentines Day in Zimbabwe
  26. Batch 2 Posted 14/2/08
    • Police chief tells officers to back Mugabe
    • Mbeki backs Makoni
    • Mujuru under house arrest
    • Chinotimba defies govt decree on land
    • Groups push for non-payment of debts incurred by Mugabe
    • Striking Zimbabwe teachers demand Z$1.7 billion salaries
    • Zimbabwean Women's Activist Group Charges Police Beatings In Protest
    • Some Zimbabwean Voters Find Their Names Missing From Voter Rolls
    • MDC to Release Full List of Election Candidates Thursday
    • MDC pledges economic reform
    • Zimbabwe NGO Warns Political Violence Rising As Elections Approach
    • Catholic Com.for Justice and Peace
    • Fellowships for Scholars from Zimbabwe
  27. Posted 14/2/08
    • Makoni attacks Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe
    • Mugabe rivals urge ruling party members to jump ship
    • Zimbabwe opposition urges Mbeki to stand up to Mugabe
    • Nomination Courts Sit Throughtout Zimbabwe on Friday
    • Editor, journalists threatened by suspected State Security Agents
    • Zimbabwe’s sky-high inflation rises even higher
    • UN increases food distribution in Zimbabwe
    • Spokesperson for Tsvangirai says this was no ordinary robbery
    • Welcome to Joburg, Mr Tsvangirai
    • Opposition's Tsvangirai will work with anyone who opposes Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai blasts Makoni at press conference in South Africa
    • From Harare: Election fever starts
    • Taking on Mugabe
    • Makoni's battle against conspiracy culture
    • A nation locked in victim mode
    • Poor Whites Struggle by in Zimbabwe
    • Young People 'Die' to Be Heard
    • Debunking Myths off the Zimbabwe Question and Makoni Project
    • Southern Africa flood crisis is not over
    • Elections pose risk to journalists in 2008
    • Amnesty to distribute roses in support of Zim women
    • Gordon Brown backs Zimbabwe boycott but it may mean loss of World Twenty20
    • Andy Flower admits guilt over Zimbabwe
  28. Posted 13/2/08
    • Mugabe rival expelled as party faces paralysis
    • Odds against fair Zimbabwe elections-Britain
    • Tsvangirai robbed at gun point in Jo'burg
    • Worst violence predicted in Makoni’s home area
    • Group demands new body to run Zimbabwe elections
    • Woza Surprise Police With a 'Valentine's Day' Demo in Bulawayo
    • Kunonga Thugs Barricade Cathedral Once Again
    • Thousands Rush to Check Voters' Roll As Deadline Looms
    • Maize Meal, Zimbabwean Staple Food, Hard To Find And Expensive
    • That's a shock: the power's on
    • Zimbabwe's inflation woes continue
    • Mugabe 'raring to go' for elections
    • Voter Registration & Verification Extended In Zimbabwe - But Until When?
    • ‘Zimbabwe action needed’
    • WOZA Caught Police Unaware
    • Today's photo: Dam opens, southern Africa braces for widespread flooding
    • Water in Short Supply Despite Rain
    • Money sought for flood victims
    • Forty (40) families evicted in Glen View Plot One
    • Zimbabwe - Choices
    • Zimbabwe's Ruling ZANU-PF Party Perplexed By Makoni Upstart Candidacy
    • MDC President Tsvangirai Speaks on Elections and Makoni
    • MDC should back Makoni
    • Makoni - All But a CIO Sketch
    • Crunch Time for Makoni Election Bid
    • Makoni can have our support if he clarifies his position
    • Joe Thomas takes from starving, dying Zimbabweans
  29. Posted 12/2/08
    • Mutambara MDC hints at Makoni alliance in fight against Mugabe
    • Conditions not suitable for fair Zim election
    • Massive mining skills exodus in Zim
    • Zambia, Zimbabwe place military on floods alert
    • Secret agents to testify against suspended AG
    • Iran says will help Mugabe beat off sanctions
    • UN seeks to raise US$90m for flood victims
    • Health in Zimbabwe: an eyewitness account
    • Come home and vote
    • Civil Society Groups Snub Makoni Presidential Bid
    • Detained Woza Members Assaulted By Police in Harare
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 9th February 2008
    • The lion's roar
    • Zimbabwe’s Opposition Sure of Victory in General Elections
    • Gvt probe into AG's conduct resumes
    • Taking on the lion king
    • Zimbabwe targets Z$3tr for Mugabe birthday
    • New land owners face eviction
    • The Trash Story
    • Makoni: Puppet, Zanu PF agent or national hero?
    • Zimbabweans Protest Police Brutality And Xenophobia
    • Multiple failures of Zanu (PF) government
    • "Stupid salaries" lead to state TV go-slow
  30. Posted 11/2/08
    • Makoni: the inside story
    • Tsvangirai to run in Zimbabwe polls despite rival candidacy
    • Mugabe rival smells victory but fears vote rigging
    • Makoni is 'strong enough to beat Mugabe'
    • Mugabe election prospects weaken as rifts appear
    • 'Breath of fresh air' for jaded Zimbabwe
    • Makoni is ‘old wine in new bottle’, says Tsvangirai
    • Acquisition of properties in smacks of greed, says farmer’s official
    • US singer walks away US$23 000 richer
    • News Release from the Zimbabwe Vigil
    • More than a rumble of change in Zim
    • Zim's polls already derailed - church
    • Leon slams Mbeki over Zim elections
    • Offering himself
    • Make love, not war - even at election time
    • Cops free all but 15 after church raid
    • Trials of a 'Zimbo' at immigration
  31. Batch 2 Posted 10/2/08
    • Zimbabwe’s electoral charade
    • Full launch statement from Simba Makoni
    • The MDC unity agreement Tsvangirai refused to sign
    • How The Re-Unification Agreement was arrived at and later rejected by MT formation
    • Renegade ex-minister Simba Makoni to challenge Mugabe
    • Could Makoni's challenge to Mugabe be genuine?
    • A letter from the diaspora
  32. Batch 1 Posted 10/2/08
    • Tsvangirai cautious to Makoni alliance
    • Move over MDC, Enter Vox Populi
    • High Court blocks Mpofu re-election
    • 'Woman scorned' turns tables on hubby, politically
    • Poll candidate fees 'exhorbitant'
    • No tests for Harare water as workers strike
    • Men in black car harass paper vendors
    • 48 days before poll, ZEC struggles to find offices in Bulawayo
    • Drug shortage hits Bulawayo
    • Zimbabwe prepares for Global Fund Round 8
    • UK tightens screws on employers of migrant labour
    • Anglican violence continues
    • Zim industry needs US$2b to recover from price blitz
    • Council in legal stew with bank
    • Zimbabwe's unhappy millionaires
    • Zimbabwe’s future under Zanu PF: only darkness
    • US elections: The money, the glitz
    • Reflections on the significance of the Makoni factor
    • Why Zanu PF should be booted out in 2008 poll
    • Zim Standard Letters
  33. Posted 9/2/08
    • Mbeki Claims SADC Talks Resolved Election Dispute
    • Influential Former Army Generals Ready to Campaign for Makoni
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party To Probe Primaries, State Media Say
    • MDC unity talks collapse: the facts
    • MDC Stalemate Presents Major Obstacle
    • Split looms among war veterans
    • Civic groups decide whom to back in election
    • Makoni needs every Zimbabwean’s support
    • Zimbabwe Presidential Hopeful Makoni Urged To Seek Opposition Allies
    • US Expresses 'Very Serious Concern' About Zimbabwe March Elections
    • Voter registration and inspection has been extended until Thursday 14 February
    • Why Makoni is the Messiah
    • Long-time rival is unlikely to stage an upset of Mugabe
    • ZCTF Report: Milk for rhinos
    • 13 Zimbabweans Still in Custody 10 Days After Church Raid
    • Zimbabwe: Red Cross seek long-term solutions to flooding misery
    • Journalist banned from Bulawayo
    • The extraordinary story behind Simon Mann's 'prison transfer' to Equatorial Guinea
  34. Batch 2 Posted 8/2/08
    • US voices 'serious concerns' about Zimbabwe election
    • Makoni leaps from tightrope into the lion’s den
    • I'm still Zanu PF: Makoni
    • 'No prospects for MDC unity'
    • Kunonga thugs block Bakare ordination
    • Media law creates regulatory vacuum
    • More problems for Mugabe
    • Moyo, Dongo press ahead with nomination date challenge
    • Gono blasts govt
    • Makoni and the politics of stability
    • Simba Makoni: a glimmer of hope
    • Give Makoni a chance
    • Makoni deals blow to politics of hostage
    • Getting it right
    • So Makoni is a British stooge?
    • Post-election economic blueprint
    • MDC must return to founding principles
    • Tsvangirai must monitor MDC primaries
    • Same wolves in sheep's clothing
  35. Posted 8/2/08
    • Mugabe challenger tells supporters not to be cowed
    • "I am nobody's tool," says Mugabe challenger in Zimbabwe
    • Simba's roar
    • Woza members arrested
    • Zimbabwe: House of Lords Debate
    • British mercenary paraded on TV in Equatorial Guinea
    • Zim won't grab free stake in mining firms
    • Zimbabwe's Supreme Court defies SADC tribunal
    • Moyo judge requests copy of Zanu PF constitution
    • Chaos in Zanu PF's candidate selection process
    • Lords refuse to continue hearing case against Simon Mann
    • Mercenary Mann to be tried for Equatorial Guinea coup plot
    • Crisis Slams Collapse of MDC Unity Talks
    • ZANU PF moves to weed out rebels
    • Zimbabwe police struggle to attract new recruits
    • The Makoni Factor in the Zimbabwe presidential race
    • Kagoro: Judge Makoni on substance
    • Mutambara Weighing Options of Joining Forces With Makoni
    • Get the Vote out Campaign hits Johannesburg
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Riven By Divisions, Distrust With Elections Looming
    • A Long, Hard Slog in Zimbabwe
    • Africa's Changing Political Picture Reflected in Chaotic AU Summit
    • Zimbabweans till the land in Kgatleng East
  36. Batch 2 Posted 7/2/08
    • Blast of disapproval for Robert Mugabe rival
    • War Vets Leader Chinotimba Threatens Makoni
    • Mugabe thugs shackled and beat me, says British mercenary Simon Mann
    • * De facto coup d'etat * Diplomats stunned
    • Mugabe cancels ZANU PF politburo meeting
    • MDC scoffs at SA’s verdict on talks
    • Road to the elections - MDC's decision time
    • Lawyer wants British national brought back to Zimbabwe
    • WOZA at the Vigil - Valentine's Day Action 16/02/2008
    • Striking Zimbabwe Teachers Union Charges State Intimidation Of Members
  37. Posted 7/2/08
    • Mugabe challenger expelled from ruling party
    • Zimbabwe veterans brand Mugabe challenger traitor
    • Zimbabwe Election Chaos Deepens
    • Warning of “Logistical Nightmare” on Election Day
    • Voter registration and inspection Helplines - and extension of voter registration
    • Leading article: The beginning of the end
    • Report on the enthronement of Bishop Bakare - 3 Feb
    • New hope for Zimbabwe
    • Simba Makoni a 'loud fart'
    • Why Even a Split MDC Must Still Go to the Polls
    • Tsvangirai Endorsed As MDC Presidential Candidate
    • Why we will contest Zim elections – MDC
    • Mbeki’s mediation hailed by SADC
    • From Harare: 'The shoes that got away'
    • Over 20 engineers quit Air Zimbabwe
    • Refugees return to raided church amid legal wrangles
    • 2007 worst year yet for defenders of freedom in Zimbabwe
    • In Zimbabwe Cities And Towns, Water And Electricity Mostly Intermittent
    • Cardinal Cormac returns from Zimbabwe
  38. Posted 6/2/08
    • Simba Makoni to stand against Robert Mugabe
    • Simba Makoni: Zimbabwe's roaring lion?
    • MDC welcomes new Mugabe challenger
    • Surprise, disbelief greets Makoni’s bid for presidency
    • Is Simba Makoni the man who can take on Mugabe?
    • Doubt cast over Zimbabwe presidential hopeful
    • Why Tsvangirai and Mutambara must make way for Makoni
    • Mbudzi warns CIO against making Makoni target
    • Zanu-PF Polls Produce Shocks
    • Mugabe to postpone nomination to re-organise party
    • Former Mugabe ally wants nomination stopped
    • Mutambara MDC Deny Being Unreasonable in Unity Talks
    • Student leaders suspended for leading demos
    • Mbeki lauded for Zim efforts
    • 'Zim political issues solved'
    • Air Zimbabwe warns of flights disruptions
    • New visa requirements for Zimbabwean passport holders visiting S.A.
    • ZESN calls for longer inspection of voters roll
    • Farm communities spread HIV in Zim - minister
    • Health of Zimbabwean migrants at risk after raid at Johannesburg Methodist Church
    • No news for mercenary's wife
    • Mugabe Now Taking Back Seized Farms
    • Malawi starts rationing maize as stocks fall
    • ZCTF - another elephant shot in Charara
  39. Posted 5/2/08
    • Feud turns Zimbabwe opposition into polls 'mincemeat': analysis
    • Zimbabwe accused of plot to kidnap British mercenary
    • Lords hear damages claim over failed Equatorial Guinea coup
    • Mugabe's government reclaims 1,449 repossessed former white farms
    • Zimbabwe - Mugabe gears up to dish out more of his violence
    • Youth leaders arrested as police raid offices
    • Zimbabweans despair at MDC “betrayal”
    • Fresh power blackout hits Zimbabwe
    • River authority says could open spill gates of Kariba Dam
    • Zimbabwe Voters Trying To Register For March Polls Face Many Hurdles
    • Mugabe’s election ruse
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 2nd February 2008
    • Election boost for Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe
    • Gvt dismisses watchdog report on elections
    • Zimbabwe warned of abuses ahead of polls
    • Zanu-PF cadres not happy with Mugabe
    • List of Farms Seized
    • SADC Tribunal to hear farmer’s case next month
    • Zimbabwean women turn to garbage for survival
    • Decision time
    • Why would-be leaders should win their right to represent
    • The weirdness of ‘being’ in Zimbabwe
    • Zim journalists unite and fight for better pay
    • ARVs behind bars
    • Editor’s trial resumes but postponed yet again
  40. Posted 4/2/08
    • Zimbabwe opposition says coalition talks have collapsed
    • Zimbabwe opposition to contest vote
    • Supporters of pro-Mugabe bishop blockade cathedral, locking out worshippers
    • Harare to bar Western media from covering election
    • Chaos mars ZANU PF primary elections in Bulawayo
    • Legal centre expresses concern over treatment of Zim refugees
    • Zimbabwe: an election whose outcome is predetermined
    • Student leader arrested and later dumped in bush
    • Mann Appeals to ICJ
  41. Batch 2 Posted 3/2/08
    • 'Mother of all poor seasons' forecast
    • Even with a Commission, graft breeds in Zimbabwe
    • MDC factions deadlocked
    • Another blackout hits Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF shuts out aspiring candidates
    • Zinwa shelves Bulawayo takeover
    • Motorists say potholes now 'deathtraps'
    • Zanu PF plot to impose Nhema backfires
    • What will save the children? Not politics
    • The Charles Taylor syndrome
    • Why the security still decides Zimbabwe's elections
    • Why the cards are stacked against MDC in 29 March poll
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • SAS coup plotter Simon Mann faces show trial
    • Battling on despite the hardships
  42. Posted 3/2/08
    • Zimbabwe opposition seeks last-ditch unity ahead of crucial polls
    • Bus crashes into tree in southern Zimbabwe, killing 14 people, injuring 55
    • 'I will be a dead man', says Mann
    • Public Poorly Informed As Zimbabwe Voter Registration Deadline Nears
    • Striking Zimbabwe Teachers Union Alleges Harassment By State Agents
    • Harare dismisses rights group’s election criticism
    • Another unsung death in rural Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Tractor Deal in Advanced Stage
    • A Daunting Task
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • The law governing priests and the consequences of their choice
    • AU Sets Up New Team to Steer Union Govt Formation
    • ZCTF - Stop the Charara party
    • Poem
    • Pakistan complete clean sweep over Zimbabwe
  43. Batch 2 Posted 2/2/08
    • Zimbabwe deports 'coup mastermind' to E Guinea
    • British coup plotter faces torture after 'secret' extradition
    • Mann's lawyer bemoans deportation
    • Inflation shock? Not for cynical Zimbabweans
    • Party to reunite against Mugabe
    • Police Stop MDC Freedom Marches in Mutare And Rusape
    • Church Detainees Forced to Pay SA Police for Release
    • Political Violence Breaks Out in Manicaland
    • US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Reports Little Progress In Engaging Harare
    • South Africa's Mbeki Briefs Southern African Leaders On Zimbabwe Talks
    • State of despair
    • Hwange full of spark, or is it?
    • African Countries Criticized in Human Rights Watch Report
    • Zimbabwean Diaspora vote protest mobilization begins
  44. Batch 1 Posted 2/2/08
    • Dabengwa to challenge Mugabe
    • MDC factions to endorse Tsvangirai
    • Makoni distances himself from plot
    • High Court says Kunonga Diocese 'non-existent'
    • Zanu PF old guard seek 'safe havens'
    • Economy shrinks 6%
    • Banks caught in breach of financial regulations
    • 7 banks under RBZ probe
    • One-day voting a headache for ZEC
    • No respite for banks
    • Unpacking the banking crisis - second time around
    • RBZ rejects 990 bank transactions
    • RBZ prepares post-elections monetary policy
    • Gono says NIPC must stop interference
    • Growers' association sees 20% fall in tobacco output
    • The trouble with gifts and alms to judiciary
    • Central bank under fire
    • Only Zanu PF won in secret talks
    • Let’s contest elections, not results
    • Banks insensitive to clients
    • What will Mbeki tell Sadc?
    • Minister should return to the womb
    • Zim Independent Letters
  45. Batch 2 Posted 1/2/08
    • Zimbabwe inflation hits 26,470 pct, economy shrinks
    • SA police raid downtown church where Zimbabweans had taken shelter, scores taken away
    • Ex-SAS in 'coup plot' vanishes from prison
    • 'Coup mastermind' in final bid to halt extradition to E Guinea
    • Mugabe’s nephew wanted me dead, says farmer
    • Huge jump in revenue for Zim platinum producer
    • As Elections Near, Zimbabwe's Mugabe Boosts Patronage To Security Forces
    • South Africa's Mbeki to report to regional leaders on Zimbabwe negotiations
    • 'Mugabe sank SA's quiet diplomacy'
    • State rail firm workers down tools over salaries
    • USA adds more Zanu PF officials to targeted sanctions list
    • Church condemns police raid
    • Zimbabwe: flood victims tell their stories
    • Why bother? ballot or bullet?
    • Mobile Phone System Overburdened
    • Zimbabwe Exiles Forum
    • Zimbabwe's Vermeulen cleared of arson
    • Rural Zimbabwe Fertile Ground for HIV/AIDS
  46. Batch 1 Posted 1/2/08
    • Police after Mujuru?
    • Zero sum game
    • Makoni in symbolic gesture of loyalty
    • Mpofu off the hook
    • Air Zim engineers clinch forex pay deal
    • Top Rio Tinto boss set to tour Zim operations
    • Future of newspapers under serious threat
    • Kuruneri plots return
    • Dereliction of duty slows down the wheels of justice
    • Zimbos and the fear of demonstrations
    • Power, water cuts ruining women in business: Mutasa
    • Cash shortages resurface
    • United Front deal fails to materialise
    • Zim’s academic system in ruins
    • Govt of national unity key to Zim crisis resolution
    • Simba Makoni: Dissenter or party anchor man?
    • All stakeholders should be ready for elections
    • Banks must be banks
    • Thoroughly disgusted by ZRP duplicity
    • Official Dollarisation - Can Country Really Do It?
    • Mozambique Agrees to Resume Power Supplies
    • FinGaz Letters

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