The ZIMBABWE Situation

March 2008 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 4 Posted 31/3/08
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission begins piecemeal announcement of official results
    • Zimbabwe justice minister loses parliament seat
    • Zimbabwean forces patrol after poll result delay
    • Zimbabwe - A Political Tsunami
    • Mugabe: the writing's on the wall
    • Zim: post-election tussle begins
  2. Batch 3 Posted 31/3/08
    • Zimbabwe Election Commission begins announcing results of polls
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Wins 4 Of First 6 Seats Declared
    • By hook or by crook in Zimbabwe?
    • Robert Mugabe's defeat cannot be covered up
    • Anti-riot police deploy ahead of Zimbabwe results
    • Tension in Zimbabwe as opposition claims win
    • Q&A: "No Problems in Voting, So Why Should There Be Problems in Counting?"
    • Zimbabwe Unofficial Results Disputed
    • Nation Holds Its Breath Over Election Results
    • Vote Count Tests Zimbabwean Patience
    • Election results on the web
  3. Batch 2 Posted 31/3/08
    • Military Prevents Tsvangirai Victory?
    • Zimbabwe poll commission says no results until Monday
    • Riot police patrol Zimbabwe capital's streets
    • Mugabe surely can’t cheat this result. Or can he?
    • Reaction of Zimbabwe's friends may decide election outcome
    • Zimbabwe results delayed to save Mugabe: opposition
    • Zimbabwe: 'I’ve been dead for ten years, but my ghost rises to cast its vote'
    • Tension rises as opposition claims landslide
    • ZEC orders MDC to stop announcing election results
    • It’s late … and we just want to go forward …
  4. Posted 31/3/08
    • Delay adds to Zimbabwe fraud fears
    • Pressure mounts on ZEC to release results
    • Regional observers judge Zimbabwe poll "credible"
    • Robert Mugabe threat as Zimbabwe opposition claims election victory
    • Zimbabwe opposition claims victory as Mugabe cries coup
    • Some 'unofficial' results
    • MDC claims Mugabe's deputy has lost seat
    • MDC Wins in Zanu-PF Strongholds
    • 'ANC will accept any leader out of Zimbabwe polls'
    • Tensions in Zimbabwe as wait for poll results continues
    • 'We have been delivered from darkness'
    • Zimbabwe opposition claims huge poll win∑ MDC says Mugabe party massacred
    • Makoni Spokesman Says Mugabe is History
    • MDC concerned about their security
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Candidates Held After Post-Poll Fight
    • NCA Chivasa Badly Assaulted in Police Custody
    • Woza Duo Spend 2nd Night in Custody
    • Anxiety Grips Country Ahead of Poll Result
    • Delay in Official Result Announcement Triggers Rigging Fears
    • Army On Standby But Allowed to Leave Camp
    • Manicaland residents can't wait
    • The Zimbabwean Elections: A refugee journalist’s take
    • Zimbabwe Mock Elections – 29th March 2008
    • Activity in Harare
    • Run-off vote "won't be necessary": Mugabe
    • Rice slams Mugabe regime as 'disgrace' to Zimbabwe
    • Election results round-up
    • Messages for Zimbabweans from around the world
  5. Batch 3 Posted 30/3/08
    • Vote counting begins in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's opposition claims win on early results
    • Tsvangirai candidates sweep Bulawayo
    • Our on-the-spot exclusive election day report!
    • Exodus of skills magnifies crisis in Zimbabwe
  6. Batch 2 Posted 30/3/08
    • Dreams of life after Mugabe as Zimbabwe goes to polls
    • Facing intimidation, still they queued all day long
    • Preliminary Observations on Election Processes in Harare (Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights)
    • Observers uncover 8 500 ghost voters
    • Girl, 16, detained for insulting Mugabe
    • Mugabe victory survey dismissed as 'phony'
    • ZEC admits voters' roll 'in shambles'
    • 'Mavambo' could become a party: Dabengwa
    • Villagers surrender IDs in suspected vote scam
    • South Africans arrested over election filming
    • Models squander billions at city hotel
    • 'Donations too late to save health sector'
    • Mugabe threatens war
    • The numbers game:will it favour Mugabe?
    • Suspicion mounts latest price slash was
    • Retailers lop off more zeros as Zimdollar sinks deeper
    • Landmark poll as Zimbabweans chart new course
    • Microcosm of leadership failure
    • After the battle, will the gladiators shake hands?
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • 'If I return I will die, but my children will know the truth'
    • Zimbabweans Vote -- and Wait
    • HOT SEAT INTERVIEW: Journalist Violet Gonda interviews political commentator Brian Kagoro
    • Zimbabweans Hold Mock Elections in London
    • Sources spill the beans on Boyongwe and CIO saga
    • A letter from the diaspora
  7. Posted 30/3/08
    • Thousands queue to vote out Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe
    • Desperate Robert Mugabe recruits dead voters to rig election
    • Zimbabwe votes: At a glance
    • Morgan Tsvangirai claims victory in Zimbabwe
    • African observers allege fraud in Zimbabwe poll
    • Zimbabwe votes as rigging claims mount up
    • Polls close after largely peaceful Zimbabwe elections
    • Zimbabweans turned away from polls in big numbers: watchdog
    • Few Turn Up at Many Rural Polling Stations in Zimbabwean Vote
    • A day at the polls in Harare
    • Turnout high for Zimbabwe election
    • MDC: 'No doubt' we have won the poll
    • Zimbabwe ruling party candidate's house bombed-police
    • Mugabe says would accept election defeat
    • Hoping so hard that it hurts
    • Sitrep Chipinge
    • Opposition Polling Agents Flee Bikita
    • Statement From Military Chiefs
    • Accompanied Voters
    • Makoni South Runs Out of Ballot Papers After 2 Hours
    • Riot Police Intimidate Voters in Bikita
    • Polling Stations Run Out of Ballot Papers
    • Fear evaporates as rural Zims flock to polls
    • Mugabe plans escape route
    • Mugabe pays US$2,5 million to rigging experts
    • Poor Zimbabwe villagers hope vote brings change
    • Situation Reports 1 and 2 : 29 March 2008
    • Situation Report 3 : 29 March 2008
    • Mugabe’s chilling warning to people of Matabeleland
  8. Batch 4 Posted 29/3/08
    • Zimbabwe votes: At a glance
    • Makoni confident of victory after voting in Zimbabwe
    • Polls open in Zimbabwe general election
    • Vote-counting procedure
    • Could Mugabe Lose His Election?
    • Zimbabwe – countdown to 'the day after'
    • Zimbabweans stage mock vote
  9. Batch 3 Posted 29/3/08
    • Election rigged for Robert Mugabe, says official
    • Zimbabwe's election has only one winner
    • Zimbabwe: "I dare you to protest against the outcome of the elections and you will see what will happen to you"
    • It's war, Mugabe says, as opposition prepares for battle
    • The world cannot stand by while Mr Mugabe steals another election
    • Zimbabwe: A nation dares to dream: could this really be the end for Robert Mugabe?
    • ‘Real, unbridled optimism’ lives in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Security Chiefs Issue Warning
    • Opponents See End to Mugabe Era
    • Zimbabwe: 'Those who think and do evil, must fear,' military chiefs warn opposition protesters
    • The last stand
    • SADC lawyers barred from observing elections
    • Fear keeps South African exiles away
    • Children bearing the brunt of Zimbabwe's meltdown
    • The Long Fall of Robert G. Mugabe
  10. Batch 2 Posted 29/3/08
    • Zimbabwe: the electricity of hope
    • With nongovernmental Western observers barred, US government fields Zimbabwe election monitors
    • U.S. says "biq question marks" over Zimbabwe poll
    • Tsvangirai Urges Supporters to Ignore Army Intimidation
    • Zimbabweans Surviving in a Collapsed Economy
    • Crisis Coalition deplores army chiefs threats
    • Death knell for a despot: Mugabe's evil rule could be up ... as his own thugs FINALLY turn against him
    • ZESA switches on thermal power stations ahead of polls
    • SA prepares for post-election upheaval in Zimbabwe
    • African Union Says Zimbabwe Government By Coup Unacceptable
    • Poll Shows Tsvangirai is Likely Winner
    • Why Tsvangirai is the clear choice
    • The rabid rantings of a cornered dog…
    • Mugabe's Weakening Grip
    • Diaspora Resigned to Mugabe Victory
    • Man escapes jail for 'axing' Mugabe campaign poster
    • Zimbabwe: What Went Wrong
    • The crucial first act
    • "We Prepare Very Little Food So None is Thrown Away"
    • "I Am Now Mentally And Physically Drained"
    • "Very few people have acquired the wealth I have"
    • No documents? No treatment
    • SA technicians arrested in Zimbabwe
  11. Posted 29/3/08
    • Those who protest election to face 'a rope around their necks': Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe military 'on full alert' against election violence; opposition warns of vote fraud
    • Ballots to Be Counted And Displayed Publicly in Each Ward
    • Zimbabwe Analysts Predict Easy Mugabe Victory
    • ‘Ghost voters’ expected at Zimbabwe poll
    • Zimbabwe closes international satellite feed on eve of polls
    • Watching for electoral fraud in Zimbabwe
    • Pretoria’s silence betrays Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's forces target teachers
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Body Dismisses Vote Rig Allegations
    • Zanu PF thugs takes IDs from villagers
    • Elections - SADC Observers Play Down Fraud Denunciation
    • Armed riot police intimidate Mabvuku residents
    • A farmer's letter to Mugabe
    • Britain More Muted Over Concerns Regarding Zimbabwe Elections
    • Journalists gather at Beitbridge border post
    • Journalists condemn Zimbabwe blackout
    • Bulawayo affected by severe fuel shortage
    • Hope and despair among Zimbabwe blogs
    • 10 Youths Arrested for Playing Anti-Mugabe Song
    • Zimbabwe after the elections
    • 'The Election Will Not Be Free And Fair'
    • Zimbabwe on tenterhooks
    • Zimbabwe beyond 29 March; The win- win option
    • Relief for white Zim farmers
    • Launch of MISA-Zimbabwe Elections 2008 Media Centre
    • Churches Prepare for Likely Post-Poll Refugee Crisis
  12. Batch 4 Posted 28/3/08
    • Mugabe to 'steal' polls
    • High Court dismisses CIO application on ZimInd story
    • Court orders ZEC to give MDC complete voters' roll
    • Association wants police barred from polling stations
    • Security forces on high alert
    • Opposition reveals rigging plot
    • There will be no run-off:Makoni
    • Mugabe swimming against the current
    • Mugabe scorns
    • Mbare again
    • RBZ makes u-turn
    • The emperor's fine invisible new clothes
    • Mugabe victory to worsen economic meltdown
    • Mugabe can't play god with us
    • Survey a Tsvangirai campaign ploy
    • Matabeleland vote poser for analysts
    • Mugabe, beware the Ides of March
    • Defeat beckons for Zanu PF
    • A tripod of evil
    • This time tomorrow
    • Candid comment:Will Mugabe let the ballot speak?
    • Editor's memo;It's time up Mr President
    • Erich Bloch-endless threats to business unjustified
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Mugabe's last stand
    • 'It's over for you now, Robert'
    • Who'll save poor Zimbabwe from Mugabe's ravages?
    • Trillions of dollars spent on Zim election
    • Fact Sheets on Zimbabwe
  13. Batch 3 Posted 28/3/08
    • Zimbabwe: heavy mob takes to streets of Harare before day of reckoning
    • Zimbabwe's Rural Voters Deserting President Mugabe in Re-Election Bid
    • Opponents say Mugabe undermining election
    • Zimbabwean Military, Police In Show Of Force Ahead Of Elections
    • Israeli firm to help Mugabe rig vote, says MDC
    • Zimbabwe: a flawed electoral process
    • Survey shows Mugabe winning 56 percent of vote
    • AU shoots down army's coup threats
    • Court dismisses MDC poll petition
    • 'Robert Mugabe has even robbed us of our dignity'
    • Zanu PF Uses Dominance of Media to Push Propaganda Jingles
    • Mugabe's Zanu-PF party draws the crowds
    • Mugabe opponents allege vacant lots used to rig voters lists in crucial Zimbabwe poll
    • Zimbabwe Vote Poses Human Rights Concerns
    • 'Israeli spooks paid to clinch Mugabe win'
    • Zimbabwe: No easy answers
    • If I win polls, accept it or else – Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's mining houses hold their breath for winds of change
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe hands out cars
    • SA crisis team ready for Zimbabwe election
    • Exiled Zimbabweans Closely Follow Elections Back Home
    • Divisions Within South African Elections Observer Mission To Zimbabwe
    • Comrade Bob's Last Stand
    • Final push for votes in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Police Detain Orphaned Girl for Insulting Mugabe
    • How people are surviving in Zimbabwe
  14. Batch 2 Posted 28/3/08
    • Soldiers blow whistle on Mugabe rigging
    • Inside Zimbabwe: Opposition threatens post-election uprising
    • White farmer gets suspended jail sentence for resisting eviction in hungry Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Radio Filled With Party Political Messages
    • 'Mugabe could still cling to power'
    • Journalists, lawyers protest Zimbabwe refusal to allow election coverage
    • "Watch out Robert" - Zimbabwe opposition leader warns Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai may face final test
    • Saving Zimbabwe from Mugabe
    • Interview transcript: Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Defence And Security Chiefs to Address Media On Friday
    • Mugabe's Days Numbered Regardless of Vote, Mining Industry Bets
    • Fixing Zimbabwe could take a decade: Makoni
    • Observers have a big role to play - Tutu
    • Zimbabwe Zanu-PF loyalist 'duped'
    • Zimbabwe suspicious of SA media at polls
    • Zimbabwe cherrypicking of journalists to cover elections questioned
    • Zimbabwe President Blames West For Woes In Final Election Push
    • The massive fraud of the Zimbabwe election
    • Be prepared to help Zimbabwe
    • Could Zimbabwe vote oust Mugabe?
    • Zimbabwe warns foreign media on unauthorised poll coverage
    • Abducted MDC Candidates Missing in Epworth
    • Head of observer team is furious with DA officials
    • Tsvangirai 'surprised' by support
    • Mugabe's 'pressure cooker'
    • Mugabe warns opponents against post-poll violence
  15. Batch 1 Posted 28/3/08
    • Moment of truth
    • Nkomo ducks TV debate with Makoni
    • Journalist’s ban overturned
    • Parliament dissolves
    • Fresh race row erupts at MTC
    • Why the people will vote ZANU-PF
    • Why Makoni is the next president
    • Who’s killing who?
    • 8 000 ghost voters unearthed in Harare?
    • ZANU-PF’s rural pillars crumble?
    • What lies beyond Saturday?
    • Price slashes could spark new round of empty shelves
    • Suspense and hope grip the nation as day of decision looms
    • Tsvangirai’s hour cometh
    • Liquidity hits $1.5 quadrillion
    • Bakers breathe sigh of relief but...
    • Cash shortages resurface
    • Turmoil hits markets
    • Mozambique to light up Zim during elections
    • Golden chance to speak out
    • Gullible opposition has been hoodwinked again
    • Zimbabwe needs a new paradigm!
    • ZEC must allay rigging fears
    • FinGaz Letters
    • ‘Steal’ poll at your peril, Mugabe told
    • Poverty fuels opposition sentiment
  16. Batch 3 Posted 27/3/08
    • We'll give you a farm, says Robert Mugabe
    • Robert Mugabe mocked as climate of fear dissolves in laughter
    • Zimbabwe's nightmare will end: the dream will live again
    • Tutu puts pressure on Zim observers
    • Zimbabwe election 'about survival ... empty stomachs'
    • Mugabe puts military on alert in case of riots
    • New concern over Zimbabwe
    • Vote-rigging feared as first votes are cast in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe presses ahead while inflation builds
    • Mugabe 'could lose Zimbabwe poll'
    • Saving Zimbabwe
    • Elections in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe - It is time for you and your corrupt Comrades to go
    • Tsvangirai for President
    • MDC Denied Equal Access to the Public Media
    • Watch out Robert Mugabe!
    • Government not facing up to the realities of an exodus
    • Chihuri and Chiwenga A real Liability to the nation of Zimbabwe!
  17. Batch 2 Posted 27/3/08
    • Mugabe opponents would unite for run-off: campaign
    • White farmer faces prison in Zimbabwe for refusing to give up dairy land
    • In Zimbabwe, Mugabe challenger vows to stabilize economy ahead of key presidential poll
    • Complaints mount as Zimbabwe elections draw near
    • What to do about Ex-President Mugabe
    • Zim elections 'not an even playing field'
    • Madhuku arrested for 'blocking Mugabe's motorcade'
    • Amnesty International Blast Police for Harassment of Opposition
    • MDC Says Zanu-Pf Set Up Slush Fund to Bribe Polling Officers
    • Top Zanu-PF Officials Directing Violence Against Opposition
    • Bulawayo's Former Mayor Implicated in Terror Campaign
    • South Africa Urged to Act On Human Rights Dossier
    • Intelligence Organisation Tries to Gag Newspaper
    • Mugabe 'has cheating degrees'
    • West reluctant to slam Mugabe
    • Mugabe's opponents 'forced to eat election posters'
    • Mugabe Threatens Violence if He Loses Elections
    • Makoni says Mugabe panicking as power slips away
    • Important Election Information for Saturday, March 29th
  18. Batch 1 Posted 27/3/08
    • Printing deceit - with comments
    • 77 Zimbabwe farmers appeal to SADC Tribunal
    • US rules out free and fair polls in Zimbabwe
    • Journalist suspended over leak to spy agency
    • Supreme Court overturns ban on journalist
    • State hauls artists to court over political satire
    • MDC candidate, SA pilot freed without charge
    • The Current Situation
    • Campbell case: heads of argument summary
    • Scenarios for 2008 Presidential Elections
    • Dark clouds over Zimbabwe
    • Election excitement in Harare
    • Bulawayo grinds to a halt as fuel shortages bite
    • 'Zim needs to change'
    • Voters Reluctant to Return From South Africa
    • Zimbabwean Election protest in London
    • Zimbabwe poll boss vows vote counting won't be centralised
  19. Batch 2 Posted 26/3/08
    • Amnesty International - Harassment and intimidation as election looms
    • Zimbabwe's Ahab
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Accuses Government of Intimidation
    • How Mugabe perpetuates iron rule in Zimbabwe
    • Zim meltdown: SA keeps counsel
    • Smith wants to see back of 'terrible' Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe government dismisses vote-rigging claims
    • Things are changing in Uzumba, Harare and maybe Zimbabwe as a whole
    • William Gumede: Africa's version of democracy is in deadly crisis
    • William Gumede: Africa's version of democracy is in deadly crisis
    • Grass not always greener on other side of Zimbabwe
    • Blogosphere: on life at the British embassy in Zimbabwe
    • Service delivery collapses in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe not to force price cuts - business
    • Bulawayo Youth Join Opposition Bandwagon
    • Makoni Emerges as Potential Kingmaker
    • Mugabe Dead Set on First-Round Win
  20. Posted 26/3/08
    • South African Opposition Observers Say Odds Stacked Against a Free Election
    • Zimbabwe police arrests opposition officials, pilot
    • Mugabe threatens fresh prices crackdown
    • Zimbabwe's Election Season: A Time of Hope and Skullduggery
    • Criticism Surfacing in Mugabe Stronghold
    • ZANU PF tells villagers to vote on Sunday
    • Economic crisis may deny Mugabe lifeblood rural vote
    • Zimbabwe police to crush premature election celebrations
    • More Opposition Support Visible As Election Nears
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert: Secret Service bid to gag private weekly
    • 70,000 rush to be poll officials
    • Some Zimbabwe shops stop selling till after elections
    • Black market keeping Zimbabwe afloat: economists
    • Mugabe: Opposition win would be a 'curse'
    • Zimbabweans hungry for change
    • US fears Zimbabwe will prevent free elections
    • CNN denied permission to cover elections in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans in South Africa Receive Free Ride Home to Vote
    • Mugabe calls for Africanisation of church
    • All Stocked Up for the Polls
    • Zimbabwe's collapse starves trade artery
    • Zimbabwe, South Africa: Political Undercurrents
    • The beginning of the end for Mugabe?
    • Slim pickings for cross-border traders
    • Christian Alliance election message
    • Zimbabwe Campaigns Use New Technologies to Reach Voters
    • Man arrested for denigrating Mugabe
    • Command centre to announce presidential winner
    • Nobody could be that dumb, could they?
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Voices Dissatisfaction With Regional Observers
    • Zimbabwean children who sell their bodies ten times a day just to buy bread
  21. Batch 2 Posted 25/3/08
    • Election Time again
    • Rebellious mood in rural Zimbabwe
    • The old man still holds all the aces
    • MDC accuses central bank of aiding vote-rigging process
    • Cash Shortages Resurface In Zimbabwe, Elections Seen Partly To Blame
    • Using Google maps to show election rigging in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe opposition candidate 'harassed'
    • Churches pray for leader who won't steal from people
    • Prominent Zimbabwean Defense Official Tells Ruling Party To 'Accept Results'
    • Zimbabwe's knife-edge election
    • Zimbabweans rush to stock up foodstuffs as election nears
    • Some foreign investors gamble on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe Might See South African Support Dry Up With Zuma Victory
    • Economic crisis haunts Zim polls
    • Zimbabwe Presidential Contest Heats Up As Contenders Sharpen Rhetoric
    • New Statesman and Zimbabwe Vigil
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 523 - Dated 24 March 2008
    • Letter to voters
    • Zimbabwe suffering inspires protest art
    • Zimbabwe’s poor millionaires
    • Anti-Mugabe cleric admits breaking celibacy vow
    • When laughter is the only medicine
  22. Posted 25/3/08
    • Ballot Papers Printed in Duplicate to Foil Rigging Detection
    • Murdered Tsvangirai Aide Still On Voters Roll
    • Despite Having Destroyed Zimbabwe, Mugabe Likely to be "Reelected"
    • 'I anticipate a landslide'
    • Freedom for the Country
    • Conditions for free elections "don't exist," says lawyers group
    • Robert Mugabe 'printing fake ballots to rig poll'
    • Zimbabwe's whites fear vote will change little
    • Funeral costs rise as Zimbabwe elections loom for Robert Mugabe
    • ANC vows tougher observer mission
    • Race firmly between Tsvangirai & Makoni
    • Tsvangirai draws record rally crowd
    • Zimbabwe opposition chief, a constant thorn in Mugabe flesh
    • Zimbabwean opposition "cautiously optimistic" ahead of polls
    • Report: Zimbabwe foreign embassy staff won't be voting
    • Zimbabwe government to 'read riot act' to overchargers: Mugabe
    • MDC says dark forces at work in election campaign
    • Mugabe will not concede defeat
    • We're not interested in Zim poll outcome - AU
    • Zimbabwe Decides - Five more years???
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 22nd March 2008
    • In Zimbabwe, bread costs Z$10 million
    • Zimbabwe a shoppers' paradise for a select few - Feature
    • ZESN publication on the Profiles of Constituencies and maps
    • Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum Press Statement
    • London Rally Draws Many of the UK’s Struggling Zimbabwean Exiles
  23. Batch 2 Posted 24/3/08
    • How the UN is feeding tyranny in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Says Zimbabweans Beyond Fear
    • Mugabe chickens out of 5 rallies
    • ZEC, Zanu PF in 'rigging plot'
    • We're being led by fools - Makoni
    • You must accept poll results, ZDI chief tells Zanu PF
    • Villagers walk away as Msika speaks
    • MDC candidates flee homes, houses destroyed
    • Insults fly as electioneering gets dirty
    • Zanu PF turns to'Murambatsvina' victims for votes
    • How police jailed 3-months old baby
    • Baking industry faces collapse
    • GMB fails to pay farmers for winter wheat
    • How free press equals free polls
    • Panic over opposition triggers ban on matches
    • Rethinking postal voting
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Churches seek God's hand to stop Kenya-style violence
    • SADC tribunal postpones Zimbabwe land case
    • SADC's integrity on the line in Zimbabwe election
  24. Posted 24/3/08
    • 3 million surplus ballot papers raise fears of vote rigging, says Zimbabwe opposition
    • Tsvangirai tells mass rally to "defend" their vote against rigging"
    • Mugabe Criticized for Vote Buying
    • Mugabe in spending spree to win votes
    • Lies, empty promises, and kids with guns
    • Mugabe takes campaign to opposition stronghold
    • Zimbabwe bars South African TV station from polls
    • High price of Zim poker game
    • No question
    • Let the world pray for Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe denies rift in Zanu-PF
    • MDC announces five-point plan to heal Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai confident of victory in Saturday's poll
    • Mountains of Zim dollars, but no wallets
    • Pius Ncube - Silenced
  25. Batch 2 Posted 23/3/08
    • Robert Mugabe 'cannot win election - but he can still steal it'
    • Zimbabwe: white farmer Mike Campbell mounts last stand over land grab
    • Zimbabwe police: 'You'll never take Mugabe out of power'
    • How Mugabe's faithful became the opposition
    • Face to face with a lonely tyrant bent on vengeance
    • Aid groups, refugees, robbers descend on border
    • Legal loose ends remain as Zimbabweans prepare to vote
    • Mugabe: bathing in cold water
  26. Posted 23/3/08
    • Defiant Mugabe rules out opposition rule in his lifetime
    • Mugabe says opposition "treasonous"
    • Poll run-up a 'dog's breakfast'
    • 'MDC will not be taken for a ride again'
    • The art of gerrymandering
    • Mugabe's Maneuvering Dims Hopes for Fair Election
    • SADC to rule on farm seizure
    • Robert Mugabe turns the screw on Zimbabwe's dwindling white farmers
    • Mugabe opponent warns ahead of election
    • ‘This Country Is In Crisis’
    • Mugabe Threatens to Imprison Deportees From Britain
    • Mugabe's Last Stand
    • Digital power to the people
    • The Lion of Zimbabwe looks to polls to end exile
  27. Posted 22/3/08
    • Zimbabwe police jailed for 'bias'
    • Defy commanders, Zimbabwe rights group urges security forces
    • Mugabe warns rivals against Kenya-style violence
    • Opposition Says Zimbabwe Election Conditions Favor Mugabe
    • More Rigging As Zanu-PF Uses Councillors As Polling Officers
    • 'Mugabe's fist has been hammering Zimbabwe'
    • WOZA members arrested for putting up election posters
    • MDC candidate's house destroyed
    • Film maker arrested over Makoni posters
    • Zimbabwean Observers Voice Concern About Pre-Election Confusion
    • Zimbabwe opposition castigates Mugabe's new electoral rules
    • Reporters without Borders Press Release
    • Mugabe's rival evokes memories of demolition blitz
    • Political Violence Rocks Housing Complex On Gold Mine
    • Is there hope for Zimbabwe?
    • Zimbabwe Civic Leaders Meet South African Election Observers
    • Enough is Enough!
    • Mock Election to Be Held in the Diaspora
    • AU urged to plan for possible Zim post-election violence
    • 8 Days to GO!
    • A girl's presidential guide
    • ZESN: Background to the Election in Zimbabwe
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Abramovich DID enquire about Hwange, Zisco
    • Players, money, credibility all gone but the Grinch who stole cricket lives on
  28. Batch 4 Posted 21/3/08
    • Robert Mugabe grip on power rocked by surging opposition
    • Zimbabwe's Uniformed Forces Fear Vote Rigging
    • To All Members of the Security Forces
    • ‘God is the only one watching your vote’
    • Mugabe decree reinforces rigging claims
    • MDC says worried by plans to count votes at command centre
    • New lives in Nigeria, hearts back home: Zimbabwe's white farmers
    • Freedom for Zimbabwe
    • MDC says will not pay "illegitimate debt"
    • Zim rights violations similar to apartheid SA: bishop
    • SADC has failed us, says Zim NGO
    • Is there hope for Zimbabwe?
    • Mugabe's Scorched Earth Warfare
  29. Batch 3 Posted 21/3/08
    • Zimbabwe: Prospects from a Flawed Election
    • Zimbabwe govt, opposition engage in tussle over poll conduct
    • Tsvangirai threatens to withdraw over vote count fear
    • Zimbabwe: poll unfair without citizens in diaspora, civil society says
    • Soldiers And Police Officers Forced to Vote Under Supervision
    • Zimbabwean Government Mobilizes Machinery as Elections Near
    • Agency Acts to Stop Election Food Aid Abuse
    • 'If you show that you support MDC, you will starve'
    • 'Voters' register filled with ghost names'
    • Opponent says Mugabe abusing power to win vote
    • Forget The Hague - Mugabe Must Face Justice in Country
    • Mugabe's spokesman reads riot act to foreign correspondents
    • Harare Prints Z$680 Trillion
    • Mugabe at loggerheads with businesses
    • Mugabe threatens to take over "profiteering" companies
    • Govt agents accused of trying to rig elections
    • Nkomo threatens chiefs
    • Of dodgy pollsters and strategic leaks
    • The Godfather and the Zanu PF Mafia Part III
    • Zimbabwe poll winner must immediately organize new vote: activists
    • When the generals say no
    • MDC Statement on Statutory Instrument No. 46 of 2008, Presidential Powers
    • Zimbabweans Devise Ways to Cope with Inflation
    • Students not behind Mugabe
    • An election only in name
    • Speed silent as ICC sits on Zimbabwe report
  30. Batch 2 Posted 21/3/08
    • Rigging fears heighten
    • CIO boss faces chop over Makoni
    • Makoni camp suffers setback
    • Polls cause havoc in battered economy
    • Medical aid societies fail to provide health cover
    • Mugabe's popularity faces test in Byo
    • MIC blacklists journalists
    • 'Zanu PF instigating violence'
    • Election campaign turns dirty
    • NGOs face closure
    • Prices rocket as dollar tumbles
    • Money supply on upward trend
    • Change we may not trust
    • ZEC the weakest link
    • The numbers game turns ridiculous
    • Makoni faces uphill task
    • Why Sadc must act on security threats
    • Candid Comment
    • Muckraker
    • Erich Bloch
    • Zim Independent Letters
  31. Batch 1 Posted 21/3/08
    • ANC to army: Back off!
    • Outrage over last-minute tinkering with election law
    • Report paints grim picture of health sector
    • Secret talks split MDC: Tsvangirai
    • Makoni advert: Heads roll at Zimpapers Bulawayo branch
    • All that glitters is not gold, so Govt officials discovered
    • AG's office hit by critical staff shortage
    • Polls to test SADC commitment to democracy
    • Power cuts deepen economic crisis
    • 'Academic terrorist' lecturer sacked
    • Dealing with past human rights abuses
    • Irrigation scheme's future under threat
    • Women seek to play bigger political role
    • Domestic debt on upward flight
    • Liquidity chases quadrillion dollar mark
    • Squabbles erupt at SPB
    • Wheat stocks dry up
    • Partisan police force a threat to free elections
    • Elections are about change: Readers react
    • Robbing the future
    • FinGaz Letters
  32. Batch 3 Posted 20/3/08
    • Mugabe's iron fist - war veterans and green bombers
    • SA MP observers told to keep mum by SADC
    • Urban Zimbabweans just want change after next week's polls
    • Police chief holds white farmers hostage
    • Mugabe Government Dismisses Human Rights Watch Election Report
    • Sokwanele - Zimbabwe Election Watch Issue 20
    • Madhuku urges Zimbabweans not to stay away from polling booths
    • Opponents battle with words as election looms
    • MDC policy promises complete overhaul
    • Starvation stalks Chiredzi and Zaka
    • Election fever brings hope for change
    • Time for 'amadoda sibili'
    • Businesses under fire for Makoni links
    • Matebeleland could cast the deciding vote
    • Mugabe Worried
    • PTUZ Boss Says Parties Should Not Hold Rallies at Schools
    • ROHR continues to name and shame
    • Stand up for Your Child marchers take to the streets
    • Short-handed police recruit green bombers
    • Hats off to COSATU
  33. Batch 2 Posted 20/3/08
    • Coming to a crunch
    • Time for the rescue
    • Mugabe is the Mobutu of our time
    • Simba Makoni: the man who rattled Mugabe
    • Morgan Tsvangirai: Zimbabweans' main hope for change
    • Langton Towungana: Zimbabwe's "lucky" presidential hopeful
    • The Lion of Zimbabwe looks to polls to end exile
    • Mugabe blows Z$680 trillion in bid to stay in power
    • SADC mission says security's chiefs' threats inconsequential
    • Police ban football matches ahead of elections
    • Zimbabwe named an enemy of the Internet
    • Fast Action Needed If Zimbabwe Post-Election Crisis Flares - Euro-MP
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Says Mugabe Moving Goalposts Ahead of Elections
  34. Batch 1 Posted 20/3/08
    • All over again: Human rights abuses and flawed electoral conditions in Zimbabwe's coming general elections
    • Mugabe Changes Law to Allow Policemen Into Polling Booths
    • Anxiety and Deprivation Dominate Ahead of Zimbabwe Polls
    • SADC says conditions right for Zimbabwe elections
    • Mugabe fails to pay promised salaries to teachers
    • Mugabe opponents 'denied access to food'
    • Zim target price control busters
    • Police Block CHRA's 'Meet the Candidates Series'
    • Zanu PF Youths in Mberengwa Order Shops and Schools to Display Mugabe
    • Observers to check amendments of Zim election law
    • Malawi civil society fear rigged elections in Zimbabwe
    • Retraction of voter registration
    • Legal loose ends remain as Zimbabweans prepare to vote
    • Billions of dollars needed to rebuild Zimbabwe
    • Shopping and cooking in Harare
    • Mugabe trails in Zimbabwean polls
    • Zimbabwe's rich do not want "change": Anglican bishop
    • Number of Zimbabwe's voters up, electoral commission says
    • Woza Launches Report On State Sponsored Violence Against Members
    • Generators to ease power shortages in Zimbabwe elections
    • 'I wish I could go home and vote'
    • Victoria Falls feels pinch as tourists stay away - Feature
  35. Batch 2 Posted 19/3/08
    • Zimbabwe exodus helps prop up Mugabe
    • More than 300 cases of election-linked violence in January
    • MDC takes ballot dispute to High Court
    • Harare wants farm seizure case postponed
    • Zim opposition activist beaten for refusing to tear Mugabe poster
    • Barred From Observing Zimbabwe Poll, EU Engages Regional Group
    • As Elections Near, Zimbabwe Opposition Calls Voters Roll a Shambles
    • Zimbabwe Election Body Says Teachers Will Not be Polling Officers
    • Police bar MDC star rally
    • Mugabe coerces reluctant CIOs into his campaign
    • Mock Elections outside Zimbabwe House
    • “South Africa Treats Zimbabwean Refugees Like Criminals”
    • Can Makoni Succeed Where Tsvangirai Has Failed?
    • Poverty and disease kill Suradzai Gumbo, the little girl Times readers took to their hearts
    • Moyo uses the Bible to defend media bans
    • Report clears Zimbabwe of financial wrongdoing
  36. Posted 19/3/08
    • Mugabe amends electoral laws
    • Has the rigging started?
    • Poll pretence
    • Zimbabwe opposition demands electronic voters' roll, saying errors could allow rigging
    • Zimbabwe Voters List / Roll Margin of Error
    • Zimbabwe poll body says can't rein in security forces
    • Zanu-PF's stormtroopers -- the police
    • Problems at Tomlinson Depot area continue
    • Mugabe declares Zimbabwe poll day a public holiday
    • Zimbabwe Threatens to Arrest Foreign Reporters
    • Mugabe threatens crackdown on British companies
    • Zimbabwe not Mugabe's private company says Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe Postpones Rallies After Failing to Mobilise Crowds in Bulawayo
    • Villagers Flee Upsurge in Violence in Makoni District of Manicaland
    • Soccer match to buy votes, ends in red card for Minister
    • Hot Seat interview with presidential candidate with Dr Simba Makoni
    • Limited Number of Media to Observe Poll
    • In Zimbabwe, hungry voters ask who will feed us?
    • Residents go for days without water
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert: Mutare Journalists Face Trial
    • Towungana Says God Told Him to Run for President
    • More cash makes food expensive
    • SA companies to weather storm in Zimbabwe: Busa
    • Abramovich denies reports of plans to buy Zim colliery
    • Mbeki under fire for statement on Zimbabwe
    • Immigrants not looking forward to voting in Zimbabwe elections
    • Zimbabwean envoy gets mixed reception from MPs over pre-election briefing
    • Responses to earlier items
  37. Batch 2 Posted 18/3/08
    • President Robert Mugabe 'raises the dead' to secure electoral victory in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Officials Bar Scrutiny Of Suspect Mail-In Ballots
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Factions Report Assaults By Ruling Party Youth
    • ZANU PF sets up youth camps
    • ZANU PF takes early lead in council polls
    • Group plans to take home 50 000 Zimbabweans to vote
    • Exiled Zimbabweans must influence relatives at home to vote for change
    • Zimbabwe Contender Makoni Says Mugabe Subject To 'Law of Land'
    • God must intervene in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe names judges to Electoral Court
    • Letter to Robert Mugabe
  38. Posted 18/3/08
    • Zimbabwe poll: Head to head
    • ZEC rejects charges of 'fixing' vote for Mugabe
    • Soldiers arrested for not saluting Mugabe
    • SA asked to prosecute visiting Zimbabwe officials
    • Mugabe and the telltale tractors
    • Zimbabwe security forces must stay out of vote-ANC
    • Zimbabwe vows to arrest 'spying' journalists
    • Zimbabwe's Ousted Anglican Bishop Appeals High Court Decision
    • Mugabe has a lot to answer for - Makoni
    • Gono Turns Reserve Bank into "Elect Mugabe" Bank
    • Zim registration 'in shambles'
    • Election Observers Still Not Visible Around the Country
    • Businesses Interrogated By Joint Operations Chiefs
    • WOZA Took the 'Stand Up for your Child' Campaign to Communities in Harare and Chitungwiza on Saturday
    • MDC threatens to put Gono on trial
    • Abramovich in talks to buy Zimbabwe coal mine
    • The true cost of living in Zim
    • Zimbabwe Police Chief's Statement Condemned
    • Biodiesel plant
    • Britain must walk a tight rope on Zimbabwe election
    • Libyan leader praises Zimbabwe president Mugabe
    • MDC's claims on Mbeki's mediation slammed
    • Mutharika transports food stuffs to Zimbabwe
    • Ex-SA spy boss accused of coup-cash lobbying
    • International PR Firm Turned Down Mugabe Contract
    • Zimbabwean journalist to appear in court
    • Five million Zimbabwean refugees in SADC region
  39. Posted 17/3/08
    • Zimbabwe screens foreign journalists for Western spies 2 weeks before elections
    • Mugabe is 'a prophet of God' - rebel bishop
    • Zim: Crimes against humanity
    • Britain's refugee shame
    • Emboldened rivals square up to Mugabe
    • Zanu PF in a tizzy over Dabengwa
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 15th March 2008
    • Zim union urges expats to cross the Limpopo
    • Makoni pledges government of national unity
    • 'My country is bleeding'
    • Mugabe, Mujuru end alliance
    • Mugabe to be remembered for sewage - Fay Chung
    • Doubts over presidential run-offs
    • Harare jails cleared for poll arrests
    • The great scramble for Matabeleland
    • Jabulani Sibanda threatens as war vets back Makoni
    • Makoni threatens to seize land from
    • MDC alleges Zanu PF terror in mash central
    • Political activists mark 11 March police brutality
    • No leave for police until after poll
    • Zinwa debt balloons
    • NGOs send SOS over foreign accounts
    • ElectoralCommission needs to embrace concerns over polls
    • Leadership, like life, is finite
    • Zim Standard Letters
  40. Posted 16/3/08
    • Zimbabwean torturers face arrest in SA
    • Tsvangirai plans to establish TRC in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans would hurl tomatoes - if they didn't cost 3m a throw
    • Zim's urban vote may be crucial
    • Ferry your own maize, Zim millers ordered
    • Zimbabwe Presidential Candidates Object To Policeman's 'Puppet' Label
    • The Whole Country Become Enermies Of The State
    • Why People Vote For Mugabe And Zanu (PF)
    • Mutiny In the Making?
    • Police Claim Bosses are Cheating Them
    • Violence, Coup Threats Wreck Chances of Free, Fair Elections
    • Observers Not Allowed Near Ballot Boxes
    • SADC observer missions should start scrutinising now: NCA
    • Not too late
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Australia to provide more food aid to Zimbabwe
    • Packed agendas ... as well as hidden ones
    • Loaded! And Just Enough to Buy a Loaf
  41. Posted 15/3/08
    • Economists: Only New Leadership Can Revive Zimbabwe's Collapsed Economy
    • Winds of change gather pace as President Robert Mugabe's hungry masses dare to voice their anger
    • In His Own World of Denial - Interview with Mugabe
    • Sekai Holland arrested
    • Critics Accuse Zimbabwe's Mugabe Of Turning State To Campaign Use
    • Zimbabwe ruling party "hijacks" state media, says press watchdog
    • Police chief says "puppets" will not rule Zimbabwe
    • Prices More Than Double Overnight
    • SADC Observers Meet Zimbabwe State Media
    • Pre-Election Survey Shows Tsvangirai in Lead
    • What Makoni's candidacy means for Zimbabwe
    • Three tried and tested ways to fix Zimbabwe's ailing economy
    • The revenge of the dead
    • Engulfed by sewage
    • Zimbabwean Teachers End Strike After 754% Pay Hike
    • Zimbabwe teachers demand $10bn salaries
    • Mugabe cannot fool Zim's young
    • Businesses Under Fire for Makoni Links
    • Fallacy of the secret ballot in Zimbabwe
    • Humor Helps Zimbabweans Beat Economic Stress
    • Anglicans set up emergency fund for Harare diocese
    • M&G Media publisher denies bankrolling Mugabe rival
    • JAG scenario analysis communique, Dated 14 March 2008
    • Iran, Zimbabwe seal tractor deal
    • Zimbabwe: A Society "Not Ready for Female Leadership"?
  42. Batch 4 Posted 14/3/08
    • Peace Won't Come to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's top cop joins army boss' coup threat
    • Retired army generals behind Makoni
    • Mugabe in panic mode
    • Tsvangirai blasts 'state-sponsored under development'
    • We deserve better in these elections
    • The best president Zimbabwe never had
    • Mugabe rigged his way at congress: Dabengwa
    • Zanu PF in quandary over defections
    • 'Farm mechanisation a vote-buying exercise'
    • Three more arrested on coup charges
    • Kunonga appeals to Supreme Court
    • Zambia yet to deliver Zimbabwe maize
    • Foreign firms face uncertain future
    • What they said about the Act
    • Foreign firms to fund own takeovers
    • NIPC has a 'hit list': CZI
    • Media violates Sadc guidelines
    • No one should privatise struggle
    • Mugabe obsessed with opponents
    • Why Makoni's project won't fly
    • Muckraker
    • Economy's death-knell now ringing
    • Makoni can withstand the political heat
    • Zim Independent Letters
  43. Batch 3 Posted 14/3/08
    • Zimbabwe State Media Accused of Breaking Election Laws
    • Zim intelligence chief linked to Makoni
    • Electoral court refuses to hear MDC application
    • Public bus operators ordered to display Mugabe portrait
    • Mugabe woos teachers with massive pay rise
    • Pro-ZANU PF clergyman threatens war if Mugabe loses
    • Dabengwa says Mugabe should not be prosecuted
    • Civic leaders want EU to crack whip on Mugabe
    • Opposition Candidates Allege Ruling Party Political Violence
    • Zimbabwe Minister Cleans Store Out Of Sugar While Consumers Queue
    • 5 MDC Members Hospitalised After Mbare Attack By Zanu-PF Youth
    • South Africa's Mbeki Takes Heat For Comments On Zimbabwe Election
    • David Lemon's new book: "Blood, Sweat and Lions"
  44. Batch 2 Posted 14/3/08
    • Independent groups report election law breaches in Zimbabwe campaigning
    • Zimbabwe's President Mugabe gives electorate buses
    • Kombi owners threatened
    • Infighting Over Makoni Paralyses CIO Ahead of Election
    • Mugabe Threatens to Repossess Farms
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe in bid to win support of critical church
    • EU, UN urged to respond to Zim crackdown
    • SA to talk with Harare on indigenisation bill
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Raises Gold Price Sevenfold, Herald Says
    • 'Our country needs all our citizens'
    • Polling station row spills into High Court
    • Kenyan Opposition Leader Says Mugabe a Disgrace
    • Redcliff MDC MP Abedinico Malinga Dies in Car Crash
    • The Matrix of White Farmers and Vote Buying
    • De facto bloodless coup
    • Mujuru meets Mugabe, disowns Makoni
    • Mugabe Turns Back on Makoni Allies
    • Imminent rout of Zanu-PF
    • From Harare: Your questions answered
    • Makoni Hijacking Struggle
    • The changing scenarios of Elections 2008
    • IBA Condemns Pre-Election Attack on Law Society
    • More food shortages anticipated
    • SADC in Zimbabwe to observe, not run polls
    • Zimbabwe Quick to Add Higher Denominations
  45. Batch 1 Posted 14/3/08
    • Chaos, rigging fears
    • Police officer makes U-turn on Mujuru, NMBZ claims
    • Dabengwa: I'll tell presidium the truth
    • Observers arrive, opposition parties cite election violence
    • Harare plane crash claims two doctors
    • Bakers face collapse
    • Gono: Why what we are doing will work
    • Stakeholders cautious on new law
    • Looks like 1993 all over again
    • Nine Bulawayo councillors opt out of local gvt elections
    • Makarau toys with Commercial Court idea
    • The numbers game enlivens campaign trail
    • Post-election period challenges complex
    • Rule of law essential for economic recovery
    • Selection of indigenisation board members starts
    • Bio-diesel plant churns out 100 000 tonnes of fuel
    • ZEC prepares for power cuts
    • Hotels threatened with huge operational losses
    • Domestic debt hits all-time high of $1.4 quadrillion
    • Recharge cards shortage worsens
    • Elections must restore Zimbabweans' dignity
    • Beware the bubble
    • FinGaz Letters
  46. Posted 13/3/08
    • Zimbabwe poll a regional test - African observers
    • Is Mugabe wooing workers?
    • Zimbabwe dollar in freefall
    • Zimbabwe Police Ban "Intimidating" Dance Ahead Of Polls
    • ZANU PF youths dispatched to Zambia to load maize
    • Swedish envoy regrets EU ban from Zim elections
    • Secret unity talks
    • Raw sewage flows in the street
    • Big pay rises for Zimbabwe civil servants ahead of polls
    • Radio: Zimbabwe's overchargers will be 'prosecuted'
    • Zimbabwe election will be fixed all right, but for whom?
    • Biti Blasts Government for Arresting Business Managers
    • Students witness change in Zimbabwe
    • ZANU (PF) Threatens Vendors
    • Banned journo appeals to Supreme Court
    • SADC confident of peaceful polls in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Meets Regional Observers, Promises 'Free' Elections
    • SA govt to meet business on new Zimbabwean law
    • MDC Youth Hospitalised After Zanu PF Mob Attack
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Communique: fear of rigged election and post election violence
    • MDC Wants Observers Deployed to Rural Areas
    • Simba on Tour - Gweru
    • Sweden donates $7.2 million for humanitarian aid to Zimbabwe
    • Military rattle sabres in support of Mugabe
    • Winds of Change
    • Zimbabwe Presidential Hopeful Makoni Says He Quietly Opposed Mugabe
    • ZCTF Report - 3rd rhino milk delivery
    • Mark Thatcher 'was part of Guinea coup plot'
  47. Posted 12/3/08
    • Rural voters said favored in Zimbabwe election; opposition has strongest support in cities
    • US: 2007 worst year yet for human rights in Zimbabwe
    • First Observers Arrive For Zimbabwe's Election
    • Zimbabwe clarifies nationalisation legislation
    • Tsvangirai wary Zimbabwe govt will rig polls
    • Army Hints at Coup if Mugabe Loses Poll
    • Victory would leave Makoni with much to do
    • Gap widens among anti-Mugabe rivals
    • War Vets And Zanu-PF MP Harass Makoni in Filabusi
    • Nyazura Police Ban MDC Rallies to Accommodate VP Msika
    • Sokwanele - Election Watch 19
    • Lawyers urge Mugabe to charge defence chief
    • Madhuku's 'suicidal politics' dangerous for Zimbabwe
    • New Zimbabwe Farm Takeover Shuts Down Flower Export Operation
    • Go Home And Vote, NGOs Urge Expats
    • Zimbabwe opposition wants to float currency
    • SW Radio Africa - Violet Gonda interviews Morgan Tsvangirai
    • JSE will not do business with Mugabe's govt
    • Cash Shortage Resurfaces as Zimbabwe Currency Plunges Further
    • Farm Workers Earn $30 Million
    • Blacks and Government fight over White land
    • Region Looks Towards Zimbabwe's Power Plants
    • Citizens Mark 1st Anniversary of March 11 Crackdown
    • Churches set up £50,000 relief fund for Zimbabwe Anglicans
    • Amazing Experience in Byo
    • Is Zimbabwe Politics about Power or Change with Substance?
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai-Led Opposition Proposes To Downsize Cabinet
    • 'UN Must Respond to Zimbabwe Crackdown'
    • Makoni Backers Told to Leave ZANU-PF
    • Press Release - Dr Simba Makoni UK Steering Committee
    • The full interview: Simon Mann speaks for the first time
  48. Batch 2 Posted 11/3/08
    • Mugabe nationalisation law surprises foreign businesses
    • Iran to establish tractor plant in Zimbabwe
    • Empire not able to clean up mess
    • Harare releases observer list
    • Moyo predicts unprecedented chaos in Zimbabwe elections
    • Zimbabwe Election Support Network - Press Statement
    • National Foods Boss Arrested Over Inflated Flour Prices
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 11
    • Blow to Makoni's image
    • About loyalty
    • National University of Science and Technology - Press Statement
    • Zimbabwe's Only Chance
    • HIV+ orphans flee Zim
    • Edo to Partner Zimbabwean Farmers
    • 'Investing in women and girls'
    • HIV+ orphans flee Zim
    • Edo to Partner Zimbabwean Farmers
    • 'Investing in women and girls'
  49. Posted 11/3/08
    • Zimbabwe's equity law is recipe for economic disaster: analysts
    • EU raises concern over Zimbabwe polls
    • US Concerned Over Conditions For Zimbabwean Poll
    • Zim slams election smear campaign
    • The true cost of living in Zimbabwe - no food, no job and no hope
    • President Robert Mugabe accused of taking company cash to buy votes
    • Jail for defacer of Mugabe poster
    • Zimbabwe inflation seen hitting 150 000 percent
    • MDC says Mugabe using food to buy votes
    • SADC chief expected in Zim for polls
    • Chief faces boot for not backing Mugabe
    • Opposition wants SA firms protected
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Reports More Than 100 Politically Inspired Arrests
    • Zimbabwe Junior Hospital Residents Strike Again, Seek Transport Deal
    • Zimbabwe Cabinet Agrees Pay Increase For Restive Civil Servants
    • Commonwealth chief says Zimbabwe wanted isolation
    • S Africa Stock Market Chief Says Zimbabwe Government Is "Moronic"
    • Ousted Bishop Kunonga Urges Vote for Mugabe
    • Three Woza Members Detained And 50 Injured By Riot Police
    • Tsvangirai 'Roadshow Rumbles On'
    • Chiwenga Threatens Coup If Mugabe Loses Election
    • Mining firms won't budge
    • Airplay is only for the "patriots"
    • Crisis equals zero opportunity for women
    • UK poised to resume Zimbabwe deportations
    • Zimbabwean Journalists Committing Electoral Fraud Too
  50. Posted 10/3/08
    • New law requires foreign and white-owned businesses in Zimbabwe to hand over control to blacks
    • Mugabe admits for first time hunger exists in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe in massive vote-buying handout of tractors, buses, cattle
    • Mugabe sees votes in black ownership law
    • Analyst Says Zimbabwe Heading For Another Stalemate
    • Police chief rallies his men ahead of elections
    • MDC election candidate missing
    • Exiled Zimbabweans told to go back home and vote
    • Zimbabwe's rebel artists target Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe clings to hope of Mugabe defeat
    • Time for cool heads to prevail in Zimbabwe
    • Letters from Roy Bennett and David Coltart
    • Opposition MDC Party Dismiss Independent Candidate as 'Fake'
    • A man with self-respect would give up
    • MDC court bid over voters' roll
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 8th March 2008
    • The 'Black Russian' changes sides
    • Code of Conduct
    • Judge rules jail interview with Dog of War Simon Mann can be broadcast
  51. Batch 2 Posted 9/3/08
    • Mugabe 'offered Dabengwa VP post'
    • The night the TV and fridge just blew up
    • Tsvangirai's Bulawayo rally draws 12 000
    • Villagers gripe at Mugabe speech
    • Makoni's independent candidates attacked
    • Army cuts back on recruitment
    • Citizen snag could bar 'alien' voters
    • Tsvangirai still has 'it'
    • Zanu PF poll manifesto: same old rhetoric
    • Sanitary pads prices now a woman's hell
    • Beauties swing hips at zanu-pf bash
    • I'll only salute Mugabe, not sell-outs: Chiwenga
    • Zanu PF's black empowerment a gimmick
    • Comment
    • Ladies, it's time to strut your stuff!
    • The significance of Dabengwa's conversion
    • Postal voting and the need for transparecy
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Zimbabwean Presidential Challenger Simba Makoni Calls Mugabe a 'Liar'
    • Vote for me!
    • The life in denial of Robert Mugabe
  52. Posted 9/3/08
    • Mugabe woos voters with tractors, retire says rival
    • President Mugabe chooses Sudan and Libya as referees in election
    • 'They made me chant Robert Mugabe is always right, while I was being beaten'
    • Zimbabwean women ponder their future as world marks women's day
    • Not Much To Celebrate On Women's Day, Zimbabwean Activists Say
    • Zimbabwe opposition claims harassment
    • Political Violence Picking Up As Zimbabwe National Elections Approach
    • An MDC family are told: run - or die
    • The land of plenty of nothing
    • Makoni expects more defections
    • Teachers intensify strike
    • MDC accuses ZBC of bias
    • Makoni project part of Zanu PF succession battle
    • Zimbabwe health system collapses
    • Dabengwa's move a rejection of Mugabe's rule
    • I'm not being used: Makoni
    • . . . as Chinamasa's name pops up again
    • ZEC Bars Journalits From The Private Media
    • No Passports Until After Elections
    • Water a Major Health Hazard - Expert
    • MDC candidate, party supporters granted Z$100 million bail
    • The Struggle Continues
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Anti MDC resident's group chairman under fire
    • Mugabe Gets New UZ$5 Million Chopper
    • Mugabe killed More Than 20,000 People Wihout Remorse
    • Which way to go for Zim agriculture?
    • Mugabe is History
    • Partisan statements erode public trust
    • ZEC all geared for March 29 - so they say
    • Comment
    • Candid Comment
    • Eric Bloch Column
  53. Posted 8/3/08
    • Western monitors barred from Zim poll
    • Ruling the country could be Makoni's easiest task
    • WOZA report police plan to detain leaders till after elections
    • Britain's failure to object to Mugabe's travels
    • In Crisis, Zimbabwe Asks: Could Mugabe Lose?
    • Zimbabwe General Chiwenga says his troops will not recognize a win by the president's challengers
    • No campaign platform for the opposition
    • $3 trillion: Price of sadism and arrogance
    • Mugabe regime is 'arrogant' says COSATU
    • Ngugi attacks lazy farmers who benefited from Mugabe's reforms
    • Zimbabwe's inflation hides a few hopes
    • Mugabe loss may be a dream too far
    • Zimbabwe Vigil mock election meeting
    • South Africa Readies Observer Delegation For Zimbabwe Elections
    • Cost of a Zim breakfast set to ruin appetites
    • MDC candidate still locked up
    • Slips of free speech
    • MDC candidate missing since February
    • Zim gold sector suffers huge losses
    • Give govt discounts: NIPC tells hotels
    • Airzim introduces forex fuel levy
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 522 - Dated 07 March 2008
    • Rock the Vote concerts hit Johannesburg, Saturday
    • Zimbabwe: the hour has come
  54. Batch 2 Posted 7/3/08
    • EU to raise alarm on Zimbabwe elections
    • Opposition, Analysts Say Zimbabwe Election Will Not Be Free and Fair
    • Opposition complains of pre-election intimidation
    • Cholera kills four more in Zimbabwe, ups death toll to 15
    • Former Zimbabwean finance minister's backers still support Mugabe
    • Mugabe Turns Back on Makoni Allies
    • Makoni's backers 'confused'
    • Zim hotel rates up 400%
    • Sokwanele : Zimbabwe Election Watch : Issue 18
    • The Ugly Face of "Land Reform" - Part 2
    • Teachers, nurses, doctors strike in Zimbabwe
    • Patients sent home to die
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Tells Police To Keep Distance From Polls
    • Eatery fined for overcharging minister
    • Battle raging to clinch rural support
    • Bail Hearing Set Thursday For Detained Opposition Candidate For Zimbabwe
    • Senior officers campaign for Simba, Morgan
    • Mugabe gives police strip-search powers
    • Zanu heavies get cold feet over Makoni
    • ZPF youth force police to arrest vendors and MDC member in Mbare
    • Hunger stalks villagers in Chivi district, Masvingo
    • Widespread Apathy Ahead of Elections
    • Tsvangirai Lacks "Killer Punch"
    • Presidential Election Runoff Unlikely
    • Help rescue a Zimbabwean old age pensioner
    • Grass not always greener on other side of border
  55. Batch 1 Posted 7/3/08
    • Dabengwa poser
    • Govt report projects massive grain deficit
    • Gold panners destroy arable land in Mazoe Valley
    • Government infiltrates the Law Society of Zimbabwe
    • Lawyer files complaint with UN over KP team conduct
    • Hotels ordered to reverse hikes
    • Journalist seeks immediate lifting of ban
    • Manifestos and polls
    • Dabengwa on rescue operation?
    • What's behind Dabengwa's rebellion?
    • Money market maintains suplus
    • Government insists on taking over mines
    • AirZim e-ticketing gathers momentum
    • Makoni hijacking struggle: Madhuku
    • New economics: Playing the fool with inflation
    • Elections no longer reflect will of African people
    • A struggle to identify ZINWA's achievements
    • Disgrace in uniform
    • FinGaz Letters
    • NGO Takes Election to the Streets of Joburg
    • Is Simba Makoni Old Wine in a New Bottle?
    • 'Could Somebody Please Respond to Mahoso'
    • Blood joins list of shortages
    • Setting the record straight
    • Moyo savages Makoni's 'bizarre' presidential bid
    • Mugabe loosens purse strings in bid for victory
    • Workers at Zim school exams' body threaten strike over pay
    • Diarrhoea breaks out in Zimbabwean town
    • Music Tour Urge Zimbabweans In South Africa To Go Home And Vote
    • Controversy Continues Over Police Presence At Zimbabwe Polling Places
    • Chinese keen to invest in Zimbabwe gold, platinum mining
  56. Posted 6/3/08
    • Zimbabwe currency tumbles to record 25 million Zimbabwe dollars for one American dollar
    • Mugabe: Businesses Up Prices To Undermine Him
    • Makoni presidency a ploy by Britain - Mugabe
    • Makoni abandons meeting after bomb scare
    • Mugabe accuses Zambia of slowing down food delivery
    • MDC says supporters flee homes after threats
    • 70 Zim farmers prepare joint appeal to SADC Tribunal
    • ZANU PF avails cars to war veterans for campaign
    • Mugabe promises to address striking teachers' plight
    • Who's to blame for Mugabe's grip on power?
    • SA urged to 'pull the plug' on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Alleges State Security Offensive Ahead Of Elections
    • Mugabe Stumps in Eastern Province As Fissures Widen In His Party
    • Mugabe vows quicker food imports in poll battle
    • MDC Candidate And 9 Others Denied Bail Over Alleged Violence
    • Election Observers From Southern African Grouping Due Soon In Harare
    • Zimbabwe must swallow bitter pill - analysts
    • World church body to monitor Zimbabwe elections, U.N. head told
    • Only more defections can unseat Mugabe
    • Regime change in Zimbabwe is critical for SA labour and business
    • 'O' Level Results Out Next Week
    • Election campaigns go hi-tech
    • NGOs struggle to feed the hungry
    • Financial inquiry seeks Zimbabwe answers
    • Zimbabweans may be denied 2009 tour visas
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 521 Dated 05 March 2008
    • Cosatu Plans Protest March to Press for Free Zim Elections
    • London Rally for Dignity And Democracy
  57. Posted 5/3/08
    • Foreign cash crucial to reviving Zim economy
    • Foreign firms deny fund-raising in Zimbabwe poll
    • War veterans plot Mugabe victory
    • Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Zimbabwe - White House
    • Red Cross fights cholera in Mozambique and Zimbabwe
    • Makoni: No backlash against Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe sees lower food output, might need imports
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Rejects Mugabe Charge He'll Reverse Land Reform
    • Government ponders Zimbabwe ban
    • Government denies ban on Zimbabwe athletes
    • Tories 'would back ban on Zimbabwe sportsmen'
    • Excerpt: 'A Billion Lives'
    • Tsvangirai Campaign Gathers Pace
    • Police Arresting MDC Election Candidates And Supporters
    • NCA spokesperson nominated for a big award
    • Have the homeless been disenfranchised?
    • Simba Makoni: who is he and what are his chances?
    • Zimbabwe among worst tourist destinations
    • Edo to Partner Farmers
    • Freedom fighter - Johannesburg
  58. Posted 4/3/08
    • Zim bans 'unlawful hoarding'
    • EU says Zimbabwe poll must reflect people's will
    • Blow for Zimbabwe challenger as vice-president backs Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF chairman: party upheavals a "non-event"
    • Zim election to be peaceful, say cops
    • Cut off the dead hand of a tyrant
    • Makoni warns farm grabbers 'there will be gnashing of teeth'
    • Tsvangirai targets Harare suburbans
    • Makoni attacks Mugabe at rally
    • MDC Candidate Arrested For Door-to-Door Campaign
    • Tafara And Mabvuku Without Water, Electricity, Sewerage for 7 Months
    • Election results could take week before winner is known
    • Zim opposition protests over radio, TV blackout
    • Hot Seat interview: Priscilla Misihairabwi Mushonga from the Mutambara MDC
    • Mugabe tightens his grip
    • In Hungry Zimbabwe, Pet Food as a Priority
    • A Trail through Two Cities
    • Party backs Mugabe challenger Simba Makoni
    • Zimbabwe - Is it fashion or is it the people that matter?
    • Rumours on road to Zimbabwe election
    • Just so you can see he propaganda being fed to Zimbabweans...
    • Imagine a world without Zanu PF!
    • Another Twenty Questions
    • Tekere says Smith was better than Mugabe
    • Dictator to be
    • Views on Dr Simba Makoni
    • President Tsvangirai addresses over 15 000 supporters at Chipadze Stadium in Bindura
    • Meet the candidates public meetings..march for free and fair elections
    • Zimbabwe Journalists condemn Minister Ndlovu's threats
    • SADC Energy Ministerial Task Force On Implementation of Power Sector Projects
    • Mpopoma House of Assembly Member Dies
    • Journalists Rescue Desperate Zimbabwean
    • Archbishop Ncube a victim of Zimbabwe's Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Justice Ministry Vetting Applications By Election Observers
    • Law Society Of Zimbabwe Rejects State Allegations Of Political Agenda
  59. Posted 3/3/08
    • Presidential race hots up in Zimbabwe with more defections from ruling party
    • Makoni reveals his blueprint
    • Zim opposoition protests over radio, TV blackout
    • Mugabe election rival accuses him of buying votes
    • MDC (Tsvangirai) policy document
    • Zanu-PF Heavyweights Come Out to Support Simba Makoni
    • Zimbabwe opposition supporters arrested for public violence: Radio
    • Zimbabwe to use translucent ballot boxes in upcoming elections
    • Zimbabweans get antiretrovirals in Mozambique
    • Zimbabwe police arrest at least 11 for overcharging
    • SADC's silence on Zimbabwe elections embarrassing
    • Zimbabwe circles the drain
    • Makoni fumes as police disrupt rally
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 1st March 2008
    • Makoni accuses Mugabe of running corrupt government
    • Zanu PF slams door on Mavhaire
    • Managing change in Zimbabwe
    • American concern apparent in Zimbabwe elections
    • Simon Mann's wife and lawyer get ban on interview he gave to Channel 4
  60. Batch 2 Posted 2/3/08
    • Planeloads of cash prop up Mugabe
    • Dabengwa dumps Mugabe for Makoni
    • Govt betrays local varsities
    • CIO land grab in tourist resorts irks Zanu PF
    • Fears of flawed poll mount
    • 'Continue fight for change'
    • Little known Towungana's 'Huckabee' strategy
    • 'Top-up' school fees rile parents
    • Masvingo's Steelmakers plant faces closure
    • Sugar production turns sour
    • 'It's the economy, stupid' might not swing the vote
    • Zimbabwe will take its place in the Global Village, says Makoni
    • Zimbabwe does not deserve what Zanu PF has done to it
    • Mugabe's legacy: gnashing of teeth
    • Preventing tyranny of the majority
    • How the politicians abuse gullible youths, then dump them
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • The angry little boy who showed them all
  61. Posted 2/3/08
    • Key politicians switch support to Mugabe's presidential rival
    • Zimbabwe blood bank running dry, official says
    • Zimbabwe opposition says talks fail
    • 'MDC threatening violence'
    • Zanu Violence Rocks Manicaland
    • CIO spies on NGOs, Diplomats... to Strangle Opposition Funding
    • ZRP Officers Live Rural Life in City
    • Election Chaos Looms as Logistics Still Unsure
    • Civil Servants, Nurses join Teachers' Strike
    • Zimbabwe's Lethal HIV Solution
    • KweKwe police chief disregards changes to POSA and AIPPA
    • The Maize Crisis: The Pain Of Flirting With Zimbabwe?
    • MDC Scores Own Goals
    • Cauldron bubble
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • No bridge too far for shopping Zimbabweans
    • Online Poll Puts Morgan Top
    • Kunonga Loses Ground
    • Forces Should Disobey Silly Instructions
    • Land Reform - Eight years of destruction
    • A nation without a moral foundation is like a ship without a compass
  62. Batch 2 Posted 1/3/08
    • Mugabe launches election campaign, acknowledges deep divisions in Zimbabwe ruling party
    • Mugabe partially admits failing Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabwe drops charges against 13 white farmers
    • Mugabe Repeats Mines Threat
    • Zimbabwe army chief will not salute Makoni, Tsvangirai: report
    • Zimbabwe prisons head orders officers to vote Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's Makoni says would not oppose ICC action against Mugabe
    • Urgent Action Required to Avoid Violence During Elections
    • SADC Continues To Protect Mugabe
    • Rtd Major-General Zimondi's reckless utterances unacceptable
    • RBZ donates new fleet to state media
    • Chronicle rejects Makoni's adverts
    • Sugar production at Triangle Limited down 25 percent
    • British Tycoon Vows to Stay Put
    • Record of Arrests of MDC Tsvangirai candidates/activists
    • Resuscitating Thermal Power Stations Can Ease National Crisis
    • South African groups resolve to pressure government on Zimbabwe
    • Another protest outside Zimbabwe embassy in South Africa
    • Wanted: a politician with degrees in people
    • John Simpson's telephone interview with Simba Makoni
    • Once upon a time in Africa
  63. Batch 1 Posted 1/3/08
    • CIO disrupt Makoni plan
    • Makoni courts Tsvangirai
    • Makoni 'allies' to attend Zanu PF launch
    • NIPC cuts illegal deals with manufacturers
    • Minister misled cabinet
    • Government buys three Russian planes
    • RBZ fails to release forex to exporters, miners, NGOs
    • Fuel shortage looms
    • Companies mull reporting in US dollars
    • Zanu PF candidates refuse to step down
    • Govt gazettes new cash law
    • Police refuse to give Makoni protection
    • A time for election futures
    • MDC vows Mugabe won't retain power
    • Zim to rejoin Commonwealth - MDC
    • Domestic debt up 200% in one month
    • We are doomed if Mugabe wins
    • 87% workers would rather leave employers - survey
    • The only way out
    • Who is imposing whom and why?
    • Zim's No 1 headache
    • What Masimirembwa said last week
    • Eric Bloch Column
    • Candid Comment
    • Editor's Memo
    • Comment
    • MuckRaker

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