The ZIMBABWE Situation

November 2008 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 30/11/08
    • British woman, 74, beaten to death in 'Wild West' Zimbabwe
    • To live in Zimbabwe is to die
    • Negotiation time is over, Mugabe must now be removed
    • Probe corruption in UZ's records department
    • Now we need leaders, not politicians
    • Govt Violated Rule Of Law: Sadc Tribunal
    • Doctors Say Cholera Toll Now 800
    • Zanu PF, MDC-T Drop Demands
    • US$550m Needed For Food: Relief Agencies NGOs
    • Police Seize Maize 'To Curb Cholera'
    • Clinics demand US$500 for maternity services
    • Soldiers Mount Diamond Terror Campaign
    • Odinga Warns Of Civil Unrest In Zim
    • MDC-T Slams Gideon Gono's Appointment
    • Thousands Jobless As Mining Collapses
    • Obey Voice Of Your Master
    • The Cholera Effect And Mugabe's Isolation
    • Failed Ministers Deserve To Be Sacked
    • Future Perfect
    • Zim Standard Letters
  2. Posted 30/11/08
    • MDC party remains adamant on demands
    • Mugabe regime arrests soldiers amid fears of pay revolt
    • Mugabe blames sanctions for Zimbabwe woes
    • Fifty injured in Zimbabwe train accident
    • MDC: Zim deal 'unlikely'
    • Tentative Agreement Pushes Zimbabwe One Step Forward to Inclusive Government
    • Who Pays The Price In Zimbabwe?
    • MDC leaders to report back on talks
    • Zanu-PF admits Mugabe status not officia
    • Congrats, on your new term, Mr Gono
    • Nearly 10,000 cholera cases now reported in Zimbabwe, UN says
    • Zimbabwe capital wants free coffins for cholera victims
    • Cholera outbreak: Citizens sue Zim government
    • Midlands cholera death toll rises to 28
    • Media blackout worsens cholera threat
    • Harare Cholera and water watch
    • Zimbabwe launches round-the-clock roadblocks in anthrax-hit district
    • Zimbabwe: Struggle fatigue is setting in!
  3. Posted 29/11/08
    • 'Understanding' on key Zimbabwe amendment: opposition
    • Terror on the streets as soldiers rampage through Harare
    • SADC tribunal rules Zimbabwe land grab discriminatory
    • Regional court rules white Zimbabwean farmers can keep land
    • SA blocks Tsvangirai's travel
    • Magistrates go on nationwide strike
    • Cholera ravages Harare, and soldiers' bodies are returning in body bags from the DRC
    • Cholera crisis 'tip of iceberg' for Zimbabwe -U.N.
    • China gives Zimbabwe US$ .5 million cholera vaccines
    • UN takes new steps in Zimbabwe
    • Food Shortages To Persist
    • Cont Mhlanga wins international award
    • The taxis keeping Zimbabwe alive
    • Though a beautiful city, be ready for surprises in Harare
    • The size of the Parallel Market
    • Companies Pay Workers in Kind
    • Teenage Hookers Pack Harare Bars
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Colby Cosh: Zimbabwe in the time of cholera
    • Gideon Gono's Reappointment - A Monetary Policy Hurricane in the Making
    • Introducing a proven Deflation Fighter
    • ZCTF Report - Nov 08
  4. Batch 3 Posted 28/11/08
    • Zim crisis deepens as MDC quits
    • Zimbabwe rivals sign draft amendment Bill
    • Mbeki and MDC's explosive exchange
    • Frustrated soldiers run amok inside bank
    • SADC Tribunal to deliver landmark judgement on Zim farmers' test case
    • US says SADC shortsighted on Zimbabwe
    • Southern Africa should pressure Zimbabwe to resolve deadlock: Zuma
    • Step Forward In Troubled Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks
    • Gabriel Shumba lambasts the international community
    • Two more mines forced to close
    • China helps fight cholera in Zimbabwe
    • Preliminary tests show two Zimbabweans in Durban do not have cholera
    • Mbeki's lost AIDS letter
  5. Batch 2 Posted 28/11/08
    • KMAL Saga Deepens
    • Zanu PF, MDCs Agree On Amendment
    • Zhuwao Accused Of Plotting For The Ouster Of Mugabe
    • ZCTU Calls For Protests
    • Pre-June 27 Election Violence Victims Still Nurse Their Wounds
    • Ruling On Land Threat To Foreign Investment - lawyer
    • Residents Give Zinwa Ultimatum
    • MDC To Lobby For Release Of Detained Party Activists
    • Zanu PF Divisions Deepen In Bulawayo
    • Political Crisis Deals Aids Sufferers Heavy Blow
    • Gono Unlikely To Meet Target This Time Around
    • Is The Stock Market Still In Shock?
    • Prospects For National Budget Dim
    • Buying Fever Grips ZSE -Imara
    • Investigations On Insider Trading In Progress - ZSE
    • Forex Crunch Hampers Econet's Operations
    • Govt, Zinwa To Blame For Worsening Cholera Crisis
    • Tsvangirai Should Remain On Guard
    • Haggling Over Origins Of Bill No 19 Mere Politicking - Analysts
    • Comment: It's The Politics Stupid!
    • Candid Comment: Shout It's UR-GE-NT
    • Erich Bloch: So Much To Hide
    • Not 'barred' but refused entry to Zim
    • Editor's Memo: Time Is Up
  6. Posted 28/11/08
    • Zimbabwe labour leaders urge run on banks
    • No progress in Zimbabwe talks, says opposition leader
    • Tsvangirai blocked from leaving South Africa
    • MDC director for security abducted
    • Minister in u-turn over cholera, admits it could worsen
    • Africa won't turn its back on Zimbabwe: Nigerian president
    • Nigeria, Zambia seek implementation of Zimbabwe power-sharing deal
    • Zimbabwe appeals for cholera aid but blames West
    • Cholera feeds off a perfect storm
    • Residents are frightened - Mbare Residents’ Trust
    • Doctors struggle to 'hold back tide'
    • Bulawayo Polytechnic suspends some exams
    • Zimbabwe's examination process this year a sham: PTUZ
    • Zimbabweans 'can't afford school'
    • Mugabe to meet budding PF-Zapu leaders
    • Cholera Kills Seven Prisoners
    • Mugabe Attends UN Conference
    • Mozambique seizes US$225 million bound for Zimbabwe
    • Statement by the Presidency of the Council of the European Union on Zimbabwe
    • Eddie Cross: The Web of Corrupt Practice and Politics in the region
    • Two nails hammered into coffin of agreement
    • Can wrong negotiators come up with right decisions for Zimbabwe?
    • Let's bar our own "Elders"
  7. Batch 2 Posted 27/11/08
    • Cartoon
    • MDC statement on Zim humanitarian crisis
    • Mbeki accuses Tsvangirai of working with West
    • Gono's reappointment negates people's vote
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Governor's Reappointment Draws Heavy Fire
    • Gono promises again to slash inflation
    • Gono deserves a second term - The Herald
    • ZCTU calls for protests against RBZ
    • World Health Organization Funds Zimbabwe's Battle Against Cholera
    • Zimbabweans to get SA cholera aid
    • Zimbabwe's children splash in sewage outside cholera clinic
    • Humanitarian crisis must be laid at Mugabe's door
    • Letter from the Zimbabwe Vigil to South Africa and the Elders - 26th November 2008
    • Unemployed busybodies masquerading as Elders - The Herald
    • Education suffers as Zim crisis continues
    • Zimbabwe Said to be Displeased With Gaborone's Stance
    • Moroccan forum gives pro-democracy award to Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai
    • Press conference, on Zimbabwe humanitarian situation, by Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator
    • Critic of Mugabe Wins Art Prize
    • 8 Africans sentenced to death for drugs in S. China
    • Students cry foul as ZIM resorts to weekly fee increases
    • Zimbabwean tycoon to fight sanctions decision
    • The arms dealer who could bring down Zuma
    • Mugabe impervious to outside pressures
    • South Africa and Zimbabwe trip report by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter: Nov. 20-24, 2008
    • Mugabe needs a few minutes in church
  8. Posted 27/11/08
    • No progress in talks, says Tsvangirai
    • SADC fails to salvage Zimbabwe unity talks
    • SADC leaders lay down law to Zimbabwe rivals
    • Police violently disperse NCA peaceful protesters in Harare
    • Botswana says Mugabe can be brought down by closing borders
    • SADC must admit failure
    • Zim police beat medics as cholera toll grows
    • Mbeki echoes Mugabe's view of Zimbabwe opposition
    • Zimbabwe opposition says Mbeki should step down as mediator
    • Police, war vets , harass cross border traders
    • Zimbabwe Won't Declare State Of Emergency Over Cholera - Min
    • Cholera: Zim asks for body bags
    • Cases of abductions and victimization increase
    • Zimbabwe police tighten security against 'mystery' bombings
    • UN urges world aid for hungry Zimbabwe
    • Health alert northern suburbs
    • Rice says Africa must do more on Zimbabwe mess
    • This is Genocide
    • Operation Finish Them Off
    • Dr Douglas Gwatidzo: Patients ask, but there is nothing we can do
    • Special Hot Seat interview: SW Radio Africa journalist Violet Gonda interviews former US President Jimmy Carter
    • RTGS Not Functional
    • Reserve Bank November 20 2008 Press Statement: Comments and Observations
    • Statement by the US President on Zimbabwe
    • Farmer's appeal rejected
    • Mwana Africa shuts its Zimbabwe nickel mines
    • ILO to Investigate Zim Rights Abuses
    • Hatred in the Time of Cholera
    • Leave him in peace
  9. Batch 2 Posted 26/11/08
    • Mbeki letter 'angers' Tsvangirai
    • ZANU PF intransigence blocks agreement: MDC
    • Parties call on Zim leaders to end impasse
    • Little Optimism For Crucial Zimbabwe Negotiations
    • UN's Ban urges party deal in "desperate" Zimbabwe
    • Botswana could offer Tsvangirai political haven: Report
    • As talks drag,is the future federal for Zimbabwe?
    • Gono appointed to new five-year-term
    • 3,000 dead from cholera in Zimbabwe
    • List of individuals, entities, added to US sanctions list
    • Zim court refuses to uphold investment protection pact
    • Cholera intensifies in Glen Norah
    • Zimbabweans In UK Hold Prayer
    • Zim: forbidden kingdom, iron curtain?
    • A state of degradation
    • Dante ? Who the heck was Dante ?
  10. Posted 26/11/08
    • Breaking news.... Gono re-appointed
    • Talks resume
    • MDC attends SA talks, armed with 'three' demands
    • MDC says won't be forced into Zimbabwe compromise
    • Robert Mugabe demands right to cancel Zimbabwe power-sharing deal
    • Illegal detention of MDC Youths could kill talks - MDC
    • MDC petitions AG over 15 missing activists
    • Power-sharing talks might fail, warns MDC
    • SCENARIOS-Possible outcomes to Zimbabwe's crisis
    • Only a "miracle" will deliver a unity government for Zimbabwe
    • NCA to stage peaceful protest in Harare Wednesday
    • Cholera kills 53 more in Zimbabwe
    • Calls grow for government to declare cholera a national disaster
    • Alarmed by desperate humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe, Secretary-General voices regret at decision not to cooperate with Elders' assistance initiative
    • John Bredenkamp, Billy Rautenbach, added to US sanctions list
    • Health system in crisis
    • Old Mutual Says Too Many Zeroes Delay Zimbabwe Payout
    • Zimbabwe's Hard-Pressed City Dwellers Cultivate Urban Agriculture
    • Food aid needed in Zimbabwe's urban areas
    • Desperate country looks for a political solution
    • Zimbabwe opposition warns humanitarian crisis at 'critical' level
    • A limited life in Zimbabwe
    • Civil society must re-strategize
    • The implications of signing an un-agreed agreement
    • Divisions rock MDC-dominated Bindura council
    • There is nothing elderly about Elders
    • Petition to the Minister of Health & Child Welfare
    • Why Mugabe must go
  11. Batch 2 Posted 25/11/08
    • Zimbabwe rivals in new talks to end deadlock
    • Tsvangirai's MDC To Attend Pretoria Meeting
    • Barred From Zimbabwe, but Not Silent
    • The Big Question: Who are the Elders, and can they do anything to resolve world crises?
    • According to the ZANU PF mouthpiece....
    • Rebuffed By Harare, Annan & Elders Pursue Zimbabwe Rescue Mission
    • Jimmy Carter says Zimbabwe crisis is 'much worse' than imagined
    • Zimbabwe Health Crisis "A Disaster of Unimaginable Proportions"
    • Zim city out of water chemicals as cholera spreads
    • Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has not given up on negotiations for a government of national unity
    • SA says over 1 000 cholera patients in Beitbridge, Musina
    • Residents sue ZINWA over cholera deaths
    • Australia provides $8 million emergency aid for the people of Zimbabwe
    • Shops turn away customers without forex
    • Mujuru allies ousted in Masvingo
    • A case for dollarisation
    • The Role of the Church and its Voice in Zimbabwe Today
    • Dear Professor Arthur Mutambara
    • Obama and Zimbabwe
  12. Posted 25/11/08
    • Annan and Carter call for intervention in Zimbabwe
    • Elders: Zim crisis 'beyond what we could have imagined'
    • imbabwe on the brink of collapse: Motlanthe
    • Tutu, Carter advise Zimbabwe's MDC to join Mugabe-led government
    • ANC to hold talks with Zimbabwe leaders
    • Zuma lashes out at Zimbabwe's decision on Elders
    • The "Real Deal" or another walk down the garden path?
    • Mbeki must go, says MDC
    • Patience is running out
    • Municipal clinics shutdown, as cholera disaster quickly spreads
    • A death warrant to all Zimbabweans
    • Woes pile up as anthrax hits the south
    • UZ's Plight No Different From Cholera Crisis
    • Diamond rush pits ZANU PF heavyweights against each other
    • Mugabe sends spies into Botswana
    • Thabani Moyo, "It's disheartening to tell someone you will not attend to his burning house"
    • Cholera statement- “The Terrifying reality!”
    • 'We are very vulnerable here'
    • Cholera fears rise as Zim victims flood SA
    • Power sharing entails mutual trust and mutual respect
    • To Be, or Not To Be Mugabe's Wives, A People Must Rise!
  13. Batch 2 Posted 24/11/08
    • Cholera sweeps through Zimbabwe as Robert Mugabe's regime tries to hide the crisis
    • Mugabe must be re-sworn-Motlanthe
    • Victims tell of vicious floggings in 'The Cage' as Mugabe henchmen carry out Operation No Return
    • Send the troops into Zimbabwe, says Kenya's Raila Odinga
    • Talks on draft Bill must address outstanding issues: MDC
    • Elders' statement on Zim's refusal to grant them entry
    • Khama in SA over Zimbabwe impasse
    • Migrants throw financial lifeline to Zimbabwe
    • Zanu-PF funds trapped in embattled bank
    • Hands off HIV/Aids funds, activists tell RBZ
    • Has South Africa Figured It Out?
    • Mugabe's arrogance is hurting his people
    • A Bleak future for Zimbabwe
    • The death throes of a tyrant
    • Draw a line in the sand
    • Bill Watch 46 of 21st November 08 [Constitution Amendment No. 19: first move]
    • Gono ignores Zimbabwe's financial turmoil
  14. Posted 24/11/08
    • Talks to resume in Pretoria on Tuesday
    • Zimbabwe's MDC could boycott Mbeki meeting - source
    • Motlanthe, Khama to discuss Zimbabwe crisis
    • Carter, Annan push on with efforts to aid Zimbabwe
    • Botswana President Meets With Elders After Mugabe Snub
    • Elders meet with Zimbabwean refugees in Johannesburg
    • Officials contradict themselves over Elders
    • 'Annan didn't plan properly'
    • Kenyan PM wants AU peacekeepers in Zimbabwe
    • Power sharing deal a complete waste of time
    • Mugabe has tricked us once too often
    • Zimbabwe gov't urged to declare cholera outbreak national disaster
    • Cholera could hit 1,4 million
    • "The blanket of death falls over Zimbabwe"
    • 'It's almost a form of prison genocide'
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 22nd November 2008
    • Paradise lost for children of Zimbabwe
    • ZSE shuts as Gono accuses bourse of 'economic genocide'
    • Why Slyvia had to die
    • Brazilian Coach Valinhos To Report Zimbabwe To FIFA
  15. Batch 2 Posted 23/11/08
    • Trauma Haunts Cholera Survivors
    • Gvt Admits Cholera Killed Hundreds
    • Health sector needs facelift
    • Police ban MDC rally
    • 50 Feared Dead As Army Descends On Panners
    • Zapu Revival 'to weaken Zanu PF, MDC-T'
    • Prisons Release Inmates To Avert Starvation And Death
    • Woza, ZLHR Receive International Awards
    • Garikai Beneficiaries Cough Up Forex For Stand Subscriptions
    • Zim Situation Goes Down The Tubes - McGee
    • Zimbabwe Has Bright Recovery Prospects: LonZim
    • Mawere Deals Asset Grab Another Blow
    • Little Oil Trickles Out Of Bio-diesel Plant
    • Amnesty Should Not Cover Crimes Against Humanity
    • A Curse Of Political Soldiers, Police
    • Courting Justice
    • Welcome Elders, Unless There Is Something To Hide
    • Fighting Within Zanu PF Exposes Its Violent Nature
    • We Want Our Money
    • Please Help Us Urgently: Hopley Farm Residents
    • Why African Politics Must Embrace Inevitability Of Change
    • CIO agents charged in court for extortion
  16. Posted 23/11/08
    • Zimbabwe denies barring Elders group
    • Elders forced to cancel Zimbabwe visit
    • Tsvangirai meets Elders in Joburg
    • Bush blasts 'illegitimate' Mugabe
    • Statement by the President on Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai probed
    • No Welcome mat
    • Zimbabwe Runs Out Of ARVs
    • Reserve Bank Governor Says He Won't Resign
    • Zim and SA to meet on cholera crisis
    • S Africa copes with cholera patients
    • Foreigners (still) beware
  17. Batch 2 Posted 22/11/08
    • Lawyers probe rights abuses at diamond fields
    • Bodies unclaimed after police raid Chiadzwa
    • Talk Of Meeting Between Tsvangirai And Elders Delegation Riles Harare
    • Annan expected to jet into Harare today
    • Cholera Epidemic And Health System Disarray Deepen In Zimbabwe
    • Cholera disaster engulfs city… as Government Dithers
    • Police ban MDC rallies because of cholera
    • Twenty starve to death in Masvingo
    • Mugabe's gov't gives excuses for barring Jimmy Carter and Kofi Annan from Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Queues of Despair
    • Tel One runs out of diesel to power the phones
    • A letter from the diaspora
  18. Posted 22/11/08
    • World Health Organization reports 6,072 cases of cholera in Zimbabwe; 294 deaths
    • Zimbabwe army guns down 12 people searching for diamonds
    • Bomb blast hits central police station
    • Government: Cholera in nine of 10 provinces in Zimbabwe
    • U.S. Envoy Decries Grim Humanitarian Situation
    • Deteriorating healthcare standards in Zimbabwe worrying
    • SADC versus the people of Zimbabwe
    • 70 injured as soldiers go on rampage in Mutare
    • Why S. Africa treats Mugabe with kid gloves
    • NCA planned protest throws up challenge for Zimbabweans
    • S Africa lambasts Zimbabwe politicians
    • Fake US dollar bills in circulation
    • 2 dead as cholera hits Bulawayo
    • Cholera spread intensifies in Glen Norah
    • Elders in South Africa, on eve of Zimbabwe mission
    • Zim dying while leaders squabble - SA
    • Reckless call for arbitrary arrests
    • NANGO urges Zimbabwean authorities to cooperate with the Elders
    • Our hands are tied" – Erosion of the rule of law in Zimbabwe
    • Apology - ...Economic Trauma Baffles Business....Cling to Your Money
    • Mawere wins UK court case brought by Zimbabwe government
    • Zimbabwe: The ugly face of a man- made catastrophe
    • The politics of cholera
    • Our silent screams
    • Pick up trucks
    • Two bulls cannot pull the same plough
    • Comment from a correspondent
  19. Batch 3 Posted 21/11/08
    • ZANU PF, opposition to meet in SA over draft Bill
    • Rogue banks face deregistration, says Gono
    • 'Zimbabweans reluctant to put money in banks'
    • Angry reaction to barring of The Elders
    • Zimbabwean Press Defender Receives CPJ Lifetime Achievement Award
    • PEN commemorates day of the imprisoned writer
    • Concerns about Zim maize seed imports
    • Economic trauma baffles businessmen .. cling to your forex urges Imara, everything else is illusion
    • Chief wants to ban women from politics
    • The River of Death
    • Vehicles withdrawn
    • Morgan Tsvangirai visited France
    • CHRA condemns state harassment of medical staff; expresses solidarity with Doctors and Nurses
    • Cholera Guidelines
    • Misery and stalemate
    • Zimbabwe: The Deal that Never Was
    • Zimbabwe crisis is moral, says bishop
    • Zimbabwe opposition group backers missing, officials say
    • Collapse Of Zimbabwe's Infrastructure Behind Cholera Epidemic
    • Who does SADC represent?
    • FEWS Southern Africa Food Security Outlook, Oct - Mar 2009
  20. Batch 2 Posted 21/11/08
    • Zim Sends Probe Team To Botswana
    • ZSE Bull-run Comes To A Halt
    • Human Rights Lawyers Call For Release Of MDC Supporters
    • High Court Grants Alleged Coup Plotters Leave To Appeal
    • MDC-T Moots Transitional Govt As Plan B
    • Tensions High Between Ex-Zapu And Zanu PF
    • Teachers Refuse To Mark Exams, Demand Forex
    • Fear Of More Cholera Deaths As Pandemic Spreads
    • Mutambara's Paralysis Of Political Analysis
    • Tsvangirai Comes Out Against More Sanctions - Mugabe 'delighted'
    • Revoke Reserve Bank Gold Licence - Miners
    • Nothing Should Still Come As A Surprise In Zim
    • Banks Bear The Brunt Of High Accommodation Rates
    • What Happened To Selfless Leadership?
    • 'Talks' Can't Go On Forever - Tsvangirai
    • Zim Impasse Requires Collective Effort - ACHPR
    • Global Realpolitik - And A Way Out From Stalemate
    • Eric Bloch: Time For A Change Of Plan
    • Muckraker: Clean Running Water?
    • Editor's Memo: National Betrayal
    • Candid Comment: Mugabe A Prisoner Of Events
    • Comment: An Exercise In Futility
  21. Posted 21/11/08
    • Special Briefing on Zimbabwe's Current State
    • Mbeki to chair new round of Zimbabwe power-sharing talks
    • Elders to visit Zimbabwe despite government snub
    • Elders statement
    • SA withholds R300 million aid until new government in place
    • SA cabinet disappointed by Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe needs gov't within 2 months
    • Talking in secret in Zimbabwe, with a 'Mugabe man' who isn't really
    • In Zimbabwe, Mugabe Clings On, But His Power Is Waning
    • MDC Refutes Divisions
    • Government Bribes lecturers To Attend Graduation Ceremony
    • Zimbabwe gold output plummets as mines close
    • $60 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 fraud!
    • 'Mugabe uses torture to foil opposition'
    • Confusion over Bill as MDC says did not see draft
    • Opposition accuses govt of unlawful arrests
    • NCA activists still in custody, 7 days on without charge
    • Lawyers Demand Information On Missing Zimbabwe Opposition Members
    • MDC statement on draft Constitutional Amendment No.19
    • Zim's epidemic may move south
    • Red-tape nightmare ensnares Zimbabwe teacher
    • No Toilet Facilities At Beitbridge Border
    • Kingsley Sibanda, "You feel like a bandit fighting a sitting government"
    • In Zimbabwe, payback time for some
    • Pregnant women under threat as health system crashes
    • Mutambara must step down for Zimbabwe
  22. Posted 20/11/08
    • Mugabe sends his own version of constitution change to Mbeki
    • Mbeki to check Zimbabwe constitution bill: report
    • Zimbabwe opposition has not seen amendment on PM's post
    • Zim health services 'in state of collapse'
    • Zimbabwe doctors blame govt for cholera epidemic
    • S. Africa treats 68 cholera patients on Zimbabwe border
    • Zimbabwean Health Workers Call For Crisis Response
    • Country's only medical school closes down
    • Zimbabweans in remote area eat termites to survive
    • Zimbabwe Police headquarters of Criminal Investigations Department bombed
    • Teachers dismiss 18 000 percent increment
    • MDC protests for its supporters reported still missing
    • Tsvangirai set to visit Berlin
    • WFP extends food aid to crisis-hit Zimbabwe
    • Many dying from malnutrition in Mashonaland West
    • NCA Invites Zimbabweans To Join Street Protests
    • Zim media repression
    • Zimbabwe gold output plunges by 64.5% in October
    • Hidden Story
    • More problems arise over drafting of constitutional amendment
    • The despot, his friends and the twisted 'road to zero'
    • Mutambara must decide side he is on
    • Of Passport, ETD and the Ministry of Home Affairs
  23. Batch 2 Posted 19/11/08
    • Nation ruined over a ministry - Mutambara
    • Zim creates PM post
    • MDCs receive draft of Amendment No 19
    • Underpaid Zim police rob travellers of forex
    • Zimbabwe's prime-minister-designate must travel without passport
    • Tsvangirai urges Europe to increase food aid to Zimbabwe
    • Seven NCA Members Still Behind Bars Despite Paying Bail
    • Bombers target Zimbabwe police
    • Mugabe deploys CIO to Botswana
    • Botswana to cut Diplomatic ties with Zimbabwe
    • Services paralysed as BCC runs out of fuel
    • Minister helps policeman to seize farm
    • Mugabe can no longer play race card after Obama victory, says Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe's School System Crumbles
    • Zim Was Forced to Postpone COMESA Summit
    • PF-Zapu after 20 years in bed with Mugabe
    • Bill Watch 45 of 17th November 2008 [Continuing Uncertainty after SADC Summit]
    • SADC all bluster and no backbone
    • The resourceful storyteller
    • Reps Theatre faces closure
    • ICC fact-finding mission arrives in Zimbabwe
    • Chiefs launch 'Save Zambezi' campaign
    • Comment from a correspondent
  24. Posted 19/11/08
    • Police violently disrupt hospital demo
    • Zimbabwean police "beat doctors, nurses" as cholera kills 36 more
    • MSF: Cholera threatens up to 1,4-million people in Zim
    • Cholera Epidemic Reaches Dangerous Levels in Zimbabwe
    • Minister linked to black-market deal
    • Biti still faces treason charge despite court dropping two charges
    • Zimbabwe says drafting law on unity government
    • Mugabe must work with Zimbabwe opposition: Tsvangirai
    • Angola and Zimbabwe troops drawn into DRC conflict ?
    • Zanu-PF defiant despite looming split
    • Re-formed PF ZAPU threaten eviction of CIO from building
    • Zanu PF Forces Supporters To Attend Graduation Ceremony
    • 7 Fired for Exposing Shady Deals At RBZ
    • Zimbabwean asylum seeker wins UK test case
    • Zimbabwe businesses demand fuel as cash alternative
    • Zimbabwe 2008 platinum output to rise despite crisis
    • The Russians have landed - in Zimbabwe
    • "Why don't Zimbabweans do something?" - Let's start to change the question
    • Witnessing the decline of Zimbabwe
    • Human rights for asylum seekers
    • Thousands Flock To Mozambique For Groceries
    • Armed Police Attack Patrons At A Night Club In Masvingo
    • Resignations Rock Zanu PF
    • Minister Says MDC Leaders Should Have Been Arrested
    • Mugabe Tries To Woo Dabengwa Back Into Zanu PF
    • Botswana MP Wants Zim Shoppers Deported
  25. Batch 3 Posted 18/11/08
    • Zimbabwe, constant struggle for survival
    • Cheque fraud generates $40 sextillion
    • Zimbabwe opposition warns against more sanctions
    • Passport-less Tsvangirai got to France on Sakozy's 'goodwill'
    • Muchakata Tree Saving Rural Zimbabweans from Starvation
    • Press lawyer faces continued harassment
    • Zanu-PF conference in limbo
    • Registrar General's Office Stops Producing IDs
    • Local Officials Hindering Delivery Of Zimbabwe Food Assistance
    • Mugabe wants to use the MDC-Tsvangirai
    • Zim civic bodies stage peace concert
    • Zimbabwe police torch land invaders' huts
    • Church leaders lament SADC failure
    • 'Botswana using P1.2m on Zim refugees monthly'
    • The Absolute Worst Currency in the World: Zimbabwe
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 584 - Dated 17 November 2008
  26. Batch 2 Posted 18/11/08
    • Cholera outbreak in Harare, Zimbabwe, out of control
    • Cholera kills 36 in Beitbridge
    • Residents castigate ZINWA, Government over the cholera catastrophe… as pictures tell a very sad story
    • A Pictorial Presentation of the CHRA anti cholera protest against ZINWA and “Government”; in Budiriro
  27. Posted 18/11/08
    • Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights wins Rights & Democracy’s 2008 John Humphrey Freedom Award
    • Zimbabwe troops in action in the Congo
    • Zimbabwe's health workers to embark on strike
    • State puts tight lid on cholera stats
    • Fears of an epidemic as more people die from cholera in Harare
    • Sibangilizwe Ndlovu, "These days people are dying in large numbers"
    • Biti remand hearing deferred again
    • MDC refutes state media reports
    • Zimbabwe's state publisher demands US dollars for subscriptions
    • Food chain demands payment in coupons
    • Sadc's 'Silence of the Lambs' on Zim media
    • Rising Prices of Telephone Services Limit Communication And Freedom of Expression
    • European Commissioner Louis Michel reaffirms commitment to people of Zimbabwe
    • Interesting glimpse: Lesotho PM told Mugabe...
    • Surviving as an HIV-positive teacher
    • Zimbabwe uses insurance shares as security for South African power imports
    • Gono spills the beans to buy security
    • Human Rights Watch report: Erosion of the Rule of Law in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe on road to nowhere
  28. Batch 2 Posted 17/11/08
    • Tsvangirai warns about unity talks dragging on
    • Zim war vets blast Motlanthe, SADC
    • Banqueting while millions starve
    • Masunda warns of total economic collapse
    • 'Journalism in Zimbabwe risky, dangerous'
    • MMPZ statement on media in Zim
    • Zimbabwean Women Have Had ‘‘More Trauma'' After Independence
    • The Zimbabwe Crisis in Focus
    • Indefinite Company Closures Criticised
    • Beyond the headlines: what MDC resolution means
    • Mugabe is ridiculous - Skelemani
    • Just how do political parties co-manage a government ministry?
    • Tough times ahead as F/town run out of mealie-meal
  29. Posted 17/11/08
    • Central banker: Zimbabweans to blame for inflation
    • Mugabe would kill Zimbabwe deal by imposing govt: Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai mobilising support in France
    • Zanu-PF divided over Gono's future
    • Additional arrest in Mutare; NCA members to be detained until Monday
    • Lack of food forces schools to close
    • Schools demanding forex and mealie-meal
    • Students write exam barefooted
    • Activists Demand Justice for Politically-Motivated Rapes
    • Residents Hold Anti-Cholera march
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 15th November 2008
    • Births, deaths and voters
    • Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF party goes begging for money
    • Favouritism Plaguing Zimbabwe Leadership
    • Talks will bring peace not war
    • 'Responsibility to protect' doctrine diminished
    • Angolan soldiers move in to shore up support for Kabila's besieged troops
  30. Posted 16/11/08
    • WOZA Wins Amnesty International Human Rights Award
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Sets Tough Conditions for Joining Unity Government
    • MDC promises peaceful campaign against new govt
    • Mugabe reduces Tsvangirai to Nkomo status
    • Agreement and Constitution
    • Zim faces cholera catastrophe
    • Cries for help from Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe police 'stealing' forex from travellers
    • Botswana issue Zimbabwe warning
    • AI-Senegal urges AU to take over Zimbabwe mediation
    • MDC unanimously rejected SADC decision
    • After failed SADC summit, what next?
    • Tension sets in
    • Sparks to fly at annual ZANU-PF Congress
    • Bank workers demand forex
    • Dollarisation puts patients' lives at risk
    • Nation's future remains in limbo
    • Beware the charging bull!
    • SADC has lost sight of objective in Zimbabwe
    • Hold on to your forex, don't 'burn' it
    • Zimbabwe Communiqué : Coalition governments anathema to democracy- ICJ
    • Global church groups say cosmetic change in Zimbabwe is not enough
    • Court jails soldiers hired by minister's wife
  31. Posted 15/11/08
    • MDC formally rejects SADC proposal
    • Zimbabwe opposition issues Mugabe warning
    • The divorce becomes final
    • Zimbabwe's MDC says uncovers assassination plot
    • Full text of MDC National Council Resolution
    • 12 MDC "terrorism" detainees disappear
    • Growing reports of abductions spark fears of renewed ZANU PF crackdown
    • Annan, Carter to visit Zimbabwe on humanitarian mission
    • Obama criticises South Africa over Zimbabwe
    • Two Zimbabwean Soldiers Die In DRC
    • "Food relief operators are overwhelmed"
    • Police recruit dies after assault while training
    • NCA member miscarries while in police custody
    • ZANU PF in desperate bid to stop ZAPU breaking away
    • Banks Say They Were Not Told Of Gono's New Regulations
    • Anthrax outbreak kills six people in Zimbabwe
    • Media watchdog slams Zimbabwe's collapsed telecommunications industry
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Namibia's Zimbabwe Policy: The Dark Side Of Solidarity
    • Reflections after the SADC Summit
    • Zimbabwe: Lamentations of dying people
    • Hot Seat interview : Heated discussion on the outcome of the SADC meeting with MDC leader Arthur Mutambara
    • Coping with the Zeros, a Scientific approach
  32. Batch 2 Posted 14/11/08
    • Zim impasse heads to AU
    • Harare diary: New abductions
    • Nation divided on MDC participation
    • The madness that is Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Is on the Ropes
    • New Global Fund grant to Zimbabwe
    • PF ZAPU pulls out of ZANU PF
    • MDC leadership meets to map way forward
    • Time for us all to stand up and be counted
    • Cash-strapped Zim parliament suspends sitting
    • MDC Divided Over New Govt
    • Mugabe Plays Up At Sadc Summit
    • Former Zapu Leaders Opt Out
    • Mugabe In Quandary Over Cabinet
    • Ncube Receives Award
    • Banditry Claims Recycled From 1980s To Present
    • Cholera Deaths Masked In Official Figures
    • We Have To Honour Sadc Resolution
    • Sadc Must Provide Fair Leadership
    • Why Employees Are Staying
    • The Burgeoning 'dark' Side Of The Economy
    • Is There Hope For The Worker?
    • Zanu PF, MDC Must Learn To Trust Each Other
    • Sadc Resolution Leaves MDC Bitter
    • Erich Bloch: Labour Bent On Suicide
    • Muckraker: 'Dossier' Over And Over Again
    • Editor's Memo: Sadc Toothless Bulldog
    • Comment: Misrule In The Time Of Cholera
    • Candid Comment: He Overcame The Burden Of 'tribe'
    • Gono's statement, 12 November 2008
    • Metallon Gold Press Release
  33. Posted 14/11/08
    • Zim 'runs out of cash'
    • Zimbabwe hyperinflation 'will set world record within six weeks'
    • MDC set for crucial party meeting Friday
    • US doctors shocked at state of Zim health system
    • Starving Zimbabweans raid food lorries
    • Violence returns as talks flounder
    • MDC members feared dead
    • Legal hurdles to delay new Zimbabwe cabinet
    • Human rights group condemns gift giving
    • Courts close while MP's are turned away from hotels
    • Zimbabwe MPs being humiliated
    • Hot Seat tanscript: Brian Kagoro says deal might be biggest hoax Zimbabwean politics has ever endured
    • COMESA summit postponed again
    • Soldiers assault state radio DJ for wearing camouflage
    • Not enough cash for ARVs or food
    • Zimbabwe's Bank Queues a Way of Life
    • Teachers Not Paid For Invigilating Grade Seven Papers
    • Oxfam humanitarian co-ordinator warns of Zimbabwean crisis
    • MPs go hungry and High Court shuts downs because of water crisis
    • Reserve bank reinstates electronic transfers
    • MDC-M to Shun Unity Government
    • Fired Journos Seek Court Protection
    • Let Zanu go it alone
    • Zimbabwe: what's to be done?
    • Tsvangirai must never give up
    • Africa Fails Zimbabwe: Another Burden for Obama
    • The Zimbabwean Tragedy
    • No more kid gloves for Mugabe
    • Mugabe's great betrayal
    • The see-no-evil foreign policy
    • Why post-apartheid South Africa, once a shining beacon of human rights, is cosying up to nasty regimes around the world
  34. Batch 2 Posted 13/11/08
    • MDC at crossroads ahead of meeting
    • SADC sows seeds of regional conflict
    • Rights commission berates Zimbabwe
    • Defying SADC would be harmful for MDC: Analysts
    • Group vows more anti-government protests
    • Death Toll From Cholera Outbreaks In Zimbabwe Exceeds 100
    • Zimbabwe Prices In Stratosphere As Political Power-Sharing Falters
    • Chaos in Zimbabwe currency continues
    • 'Arrogance is Mugabe's hallmark'
    • Corruption Hits High Levels in Zimbabwe
    • Time for Zimbabweans to fight back
    • Zimbabwe's Foreign Aid Raid
    • Mugabe and the destruction of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans lose hope
    • US, EU should help develop Zim agriculture: SA
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 582 - Dated 12 November 2008
    • 'Arrogance is Mugabe's hallmark'
    • Corruption Hits High Levels in Zimbabwe
    • Time for Zimbabweans to fight back
    • Zimbabwe's Foreign Aid Raid
    • Mugabe and the destruction of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans lose hope
    • US, EU should help develop Zim agriculture: SA
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 582 - Dated 12 November 2008
  35. Posted 13/11/08
    • ZANU-PF asks Mugabe to form new government
    • We won't be passengers in Zim govt, says MDC
    • "SADC impotence" shocks Zim opposition
    • Tension rising in Zimbabwe after talks collapse
    • Country runs out of food aid as donors fail to respond to appeal
    • Grim Harvest Predictions
    • Some NCA protesters released on bail, 22 still in custody
    • MDC National Executive to meet to discuss outcome of SADC summit
    • Zim dollar crash sparks fears of social unrest
    • Zimbabwe becomes a death camp, as more people succumb to cholera
    • Regional leaders toothless in Zim crisis
    • Water shortages force Parliament to adjourn
    • Thirsting for justice - Zimbabwe's High Court runs out of water
    • The Hidden Story
    • Airzim clinches rights to lucrative DRC routes
    • AirZim demands fares payment in forex
    • SADC and Africa's jealousy of Zimbabwe boils over
    • Zim land grab: State challenges High Court
    • Is there a way out of this quagmire?
    • Derrick Jimu, "I put the blame for his death squarely on the city officials and the government"
    • ZANU PF bargaining with people’s lives
    • Zimbabwes biggest music icons perform in the UK
  36. Batch 2 Posted 12/11/08
    • Opposition to take Zimbabwe cabinet dispute to AU
    • Future now in hands of MDC
    • Failure on Mugabe is SADC failure
    • SADC ruling best Christmas gift, says Mugabe govt
    • Political Violence Surged In Zimbabwe In September Despite Political Pact
    • Water situation remains critical
    • Madhuku arrested after riots in Harare
    • How it feels to negotiate with Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe suffers while Mugabe gloats
    • World needs to act on Mugabe
    • SADC's widening credibility gap
    • Zim talks must succeed - despite Thabo Mbeki
    • Warning against unilateral government
    • Zim leaders interested power, not serving people
    • Failed again
    • The Ndebele President
  37. Posted 12/11/08
    • Zimbabwe: UN cuts back food aid to millions amid serious funding crisis
    • Zimbabwe police crack down on protesters
    • Police Raid Madhuku's Home Ahead of Protest
    • Zimbabwe schools close early because of food crisis
    • Zimbabweans castigate SADC
    • Mugabe finds a new way of dividing MDC
    • Region shocked by SADC ruling on Zimbabwe
    • Arrests and beatings during NCA protests
    • African Union under pressure after SADC intervention failure
    • Lawyers condemn rising state violence in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe dollar crashes to all time low
    • 'Nobody Tells Me What to Do' - Mugabe
    • MDC has very few options
    • ZCTU not surprised by failure of SADC summit
    • Youth Forum attacks SADC
    • Zanu (PF) media vilifies Tsvangirai, Khama
    • MDC 'wasting everyone's time'
    • Tears of agony as economic recession bites
    • Ndlovu bans coverage of PF-Zapu revival
    • The Tragedy of Having HIV in Zimbabwe
    • Lewis reaches out to women raped for supporting Zimbabwe's opposition
    • SADC's Zimbabwe insanity
    • Arch Bishop of York, the strong critic of Mugabe to meet Zimbabweans
    • SA farmer hearing gets bogged down
    • AU urged to establish Protocol of Expression
    • Africa Commission on Human Rights endorses defence of civil society
    • Hwange Elephant Population Destroying Ecosystem
  38. Batch 2 Posted 11/11/08
    • Zimbabwe Remains at an Impasse
    • Protecting Mr. Mugabe
    • Southern African Summit Leaves Zimbabwe Power-Sharing In Disarray
    • 'You're cowards!'
    • Bishop of Harare is 'gravely concerned'
    • Archbishop of Canterbury praises Zimbabwean Anglican bishop
    • Zimbabwe Political Paralysis Hindering NGO Food Distributions
    • Zimbabwe markets react to inconclusive SADC summit outcome
    • Church leaders say they failed their suffering nation
    • Global Fund Earmarks US$169 Million For Zimbabwe Despite Issues With Central Bank
    • MDC scoffs at allegations of plotting
    • Sokwanele Newsletter
    • Flipping the pages of misery by Elliot Pfebve
  39. Posted 11/11/08
    • Zimbabwe parliament recalled as African leaders urge Tsvangirai to accept Mugabe's terms
    • SADC allows Mugabe to dictate terms at Johannesburg summit
    • Mugabe set to form new government
    • MDC Statement on the SADC Extra ordinary Summit
    • Regional leaders toothless in Zimbabwe crisis
    • US 'very disappointed' at outcome of summit on Zimbabwe
    • Britain 'disappointed' at failure to resolve Zimbabwe deadlock
    • SADC and embarrassment for Africa, the facts and the situation
    • Zim Political Leaders Disappointing: Motlanthe
    • Zim action groups promise more action after SADC failure
    • MDC to meet Friday to plan way forward
    • MDC braced for crackdown as talks falter
    • NCA countrywide protests on Tuesday
    • Zim solidarity forum statement on SADC Extra-ordinary Summit
    • Britain denies Zimbabwe insurgency plot
    • Chaos in Bulawayo as riot police clash with bank customers
    • Lawyer of fugitive British journalist faces arrest
    • Should SA have protected farmer in Zim?
    • Why fear Zanu-PF if we are dying anyway?
    • A long road to media freedom in Harare
    • Zim Film
  40. Batch 3 Posted 10/11/08
    • Zimbabwe must form unity govt "immediately", SADC insists
    • New proposal leaves Tsvangirai fuming
    • Put Zim's interests first, urges Motlanthe
    • Bill Watch 44 of 8th November 08 [SADC Summit on Power Sharing Deadlock; ZANU-PF Senator appointed]
    • SADC under siege
    • ZPP September 2008 human rights violations report
    • World Bank, FAO fund Zimbabwe agric with US$ 21.4 million
  41. Batch 2 Posted 10/11/08
    • Impatient Leaders Call on Zimbabwe to Form a Joint Government
    • Zimbabwe: Neighbours back Robert Mugabe's plan for home ministry
    • Zimbabwe's MDC rejects SADC demands
    • SADC fails to salvage Zimbabwe unity talks
    • The SADC's embarrassment
    • To Hell with SADC!
    • One million will starve, says Tsvangirai
    • Motlanthe is culpable
    • Lessons from white Zimbabweans
    • Where will all the cash come from?
    • Editorial Comment
    • Mbeki blamed for 330 000 deaths
  42. Posted 10/11/08
    • Mugabe running out of friends as summit opens
    • Region Meets to Save Zimbabwe Power Sharing Agreement
    • Tsvangirai seeks deadline for Zimbabwe deal
    • SADC optimistic about breakthrough for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition: Mugabe's Neighbors Toughen Up
    • Intense negotiations on Zimbabwe under way at SADC summit
    • S.Africa pressures Zimbabwe on unity deal
    • Zimbabwe's ruling party accuses opposition of blocking deal
    • Motlanthe's statement to the SADC summit
    • President Khama must stick to his guns on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans pray for end to cabinet impasse
    • Military police raid soldiers in banks
    • Mugabe pleads with Dabengwa to return
    • The responsibilities of Leadership
    • Zanu PF in MDC Smear Campaign
    • Hospitals of death
    • ZBC News Reporter in Maize Meal Scandal
    • Zim Disregards SADC Interim Relief Order
    • 'We are women who are full of love'
  43. Batch 2 Posted 9/11/08
    • Robert Mugabe's advisers tell him to hand control of police to opposition
    • SADC burns midnight oil to fix Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 8th November 2008
    • Burn for burns - Mutare General Hospital
    • Medical Aid Schemes Scale Down Services
    • Talks In Jeopardy
    • HIV/Aids Activists Blast Gono
    • Alarm As Cholera Spreads
    • Fugitive Journalist: Rights Lawyer Faces Arrest
    • College Fair Attracts Record Attendance
    • Row Looms As Governor Eyes Mayor's Mansion
    • Farmers Accuse Govt Of Violating SadcTribunal Ruling
    • ZIMSEC Strike Exposes Education Shambles
    • Infected Animals For RBZ Cattle Scheme
    • Zanu PF Plot Against
    • Zim Inflation At Shocking Levels
    • Fuel Coupons For Chequebook Deals
    • Mawere Assets Case: UK Court Reserves Ruling
    • Obama's Big Challenge: Managing Africa's Hopes
    • The Beautiful Stones Of Marange In Manicaland
    • Poisoning The Talks To Scuttle Deal
    • Zim Standard Letters
  44. Posted 9/11/08
    • Get tough or call the UN, rights body tells Zimbabwe crisis summit
    • Our leaders must make Africa too hot for Mugabe
    • SADC says Zimbabwe leaders are running out of time
    • 'Zimbabwe leaders must avoid trivial issues'
    • Opposition: Mugabe's neighbors toughening
    • Zim state media urges Mugabe to appoint cabinet
    • Zimbabwe state media? You mean Zanu-PF mouthpiece
    • MDC Denies `Ridiculous' Claim It Has Military Bases
    • SA raises volume on Zimbabwe as summit looms
    • Budiriro cholera death toll rises to 15
    • Plunder of HIV drug funds sparks outrage
    • How does the man called Gono sleep at night?
    • End Ruling Party's Abuses
    • Green snake
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Talking politics with bus passengers in Zimbabwe
    • Surviving Zimbabwe just gets harder and harder
    • Exiles still skeptical despite assurances
    • DRC conflict comes back to haunt Zimbabwe
    • Fisticuffs halt Zambia vote verification
  45. Batch 2 Posted 8/11/08
    • Zuma says summit must "force" Zimbabwe deal
    • African leaders to pile pressure on Mugabe
    • Civil society groups to demonstrate at SADC summit
    • 'No chemistry' between Zim rivals
    • Mugabe takes SADC leaders for a ride
    • Sokwanele - Agreement of 15 September 2008 : Highlighting Incidences of Non-Compliance
    • Zimbabwe in serious breach of SADC tribunal ruling on land
    • Abducted MDC activists still missing
    • RBZ pays back missing millions after Global Fund suspends Zim grants
    • US Will No Longer Channel Money Through Reserve Bank
    • SA Anti Torture groups condemn Zimbabwe prison conditions
    • The death throes of Harare's hospitals
    • Zimbabwe blog: saving a baby
    • Zimbabwe teachers say political impasse destroying schools
    • Zimbabwe Army ordered to shoot and kill ...
    • Hunger stricken Zimbabweans scrounge for food in Zambia
    • World Bank, FAO fund Zimbabwe agric with US$ 21.4 million
    • Rebellion from within
    • Mugabe Wants Dabengwa to Rejoin Zanu PF
    • Tsvangirai hopes Obama will help
    • Mugabe says Zimbabwe ready to work with Obama
    • Apology to Prof Welshman Ncube
  46. Posted 8/11/08
    • MDC Accused Of Plotting Banditry
    • Sadc To Lean Hard On Mugabe, Tsvangirai
    • Knives Out For Midzi
    • Former Zapu Revival Effort Still On
    • Charges Trumped Up Claims MDC MP
    • Newsprint Shortage Hits Zimpapers
    • Election Violence Victims Continue To Bear The Brunt
    • Obama Unlikely To Differ With Bush On Africa
    • Is Increasing Withdrawal Limits The Answer?
    • Zim Loses Out As Chaos In Chiadzwa Rages On
    • Memo To MDCs: A Story Of Doctored 'agreements'
    • My Vision Of A True 'Civolution'
    • MDC Should Heed Criticism
    • More Resources Needed To Fight Cholera
    • Talk To The Suffering People On The Street
    • Erich Bloch: Explosive Dollarisation Mania
    • Muckraker: Global Fund's Missing Millions Casts Doubt On Any Recovery Programme
    • Editor's Memo: Audacity Of Hope
    • Candid Comment: Just Give Tsvangirai His Passport
    • Comment: Now Begins The Test For Obama
  47. Batch 2 Posted 7/11/08
    • Fear, violence grip Zim as deadlock persists: Rights group
    • Zimbabwe accuses Botswana of training MDC militia
    • SA to get tough with Zimbabwe's leaders
    • STATEMENT: ZCTU rejects calling strike
    • Robert Mugabe bank accused of stealing aid cash
    • Zimbabwe: Reserve Bank Repays $7.3. Million
    • Lawyers Ask Zimbabwe High Court For Access To Opposition Clients
    • Bishop Bakare wins human rights award
    • Zim barters 3.5 tonnes of ivory for guns
    • Zim loses $2bn worth of diamonds a month through smuggling - central bank
    • UK still considering permits for Zimbabweans
  48. Posted 7/11/08
    • Southern Africa Set to Take `Hard Line' on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe opposition says fresh violence kills unity talks
    • Zimbabwe: Britain calls for agreement
    • MDC statement on the recent spate of violence
    • Principle of non-interference no longer acceptable - Kikwete
    • Botswana Govt reiterates stance on Zimbabwe crisis
    • Government under IMF debt pressure
    • Zimbabwe blacklisted over missing millions
    • Global Fund deadline missed
    • Gono Says Was Unaware of Health Crisis
    • Bureaucracy prevents importation of cholera drugs
    • WOZA leaders finally released
    • Panic as banks suspend opening new accounts
    • Civic Groups Call For Debt Audit
    • Is S Africa now on the side of our people?
    • Analyst Says President-Elect Obama Could Spur Zimbabwe Peace Effort
    • US Expected to Change Tactics in Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Elias Mugari, "Obama has had a profound effect on many Zimbabweans"
    • Zimbabwe's biggest gold miner shuts down five mines
    • Marange's silent war of stones
    • Denial of water is denial of life
    • Comment from a correspondent
    • Animal rights activists slam South Africa ivory auction
  49. Batch 2 Posted 6/11/08
    • Tsvangirai embarks on diplomatic tour of Africa
    • MDC, Zanu-PF launch regional forays
    • US: Zimbabwe Central Bank 'Diverts' Donor Funds
    • Harare MPs Tour Cholera Hit Suburbs
    • Bank Demands USD 5 For Purchase of Cheque Book
    • Zim union calls strike to press for transitional authority
    • British journalist skips bail
    • DRC rebels say Zim, Angola preparing to join fight
    • Rabies Outbreak Hits Gutu Area
    • Masvingo Runs Dry
    • Crisis Management Needed for Water
    • Zanu PF Plans A Feast
    • Cash Measures By Zimbabwe Central Bank Fail To Relieve Shortages
    • SADC must now really wake up and serve the region
    • Better days for Zimbabwe not too far away
    • Mugabe failed to maintain Smith inheritance
  50. Posted 6/11/08
    • Zimbabwe says Khama's election call a "provocation"
    • Tsvangirai leaves Zimbabwe for SADC talks
    • Large protests expected at SADC summit on Sunday
    • SA growing impatient with Zimbabwe impasse: Zuma
    • Public outcry as RBZ increases cash withdrawal limits
    • WOZA leaders granted bail but still in custody
    • Zim gold sector 'brought to its knees'
    • Can you break my Z$1m?
    • Zimbabwe, at odds with US, mum on Obama victory
    • Obama strips Mugabe of Key argument
    • MDC statement on Obama's victory
    • Hope that Obama's win affects Zimbabwe
    • Harare Hit by Violence
    • Battling for life in SA from gunscars inflicted by Mugabe
    • Disaster unit deployed in response to cholera outbreak
    • Hunting for good garbage to eat
    • Zimbabwe targets church leaders
    • Zimbabwe facing small cereal harvest in 2009, famine unit says
    • Zimbabwe ruling party probes calls for splinter party
    • Couple lost £50 000 worth of goods destined for Harare
    • CITES ivory sale will increase poaching and illegal trade
    • Demystifying Zimbabwean Politics
    • Regime Change
    • Border officials work overtime to help Zimbabwean asylum seekers
    • ZCTU's response to the cash withdrawal limit and dolarisation of the economy
    • Guns, rockets, and the DRC's filthy minerals
  51. Batch 2 Posted 5/11/08
    • Southern Africa Leaders to Discuss Zimbabwe Stalemate
    • Southern African Leaders Seen Divided On Zimbabwe Solution
    • Cash withdrawal limit raised to Z$500 000
    • Tsvangirai travels to Botswana using emergency travel document
    • Swift action needed to curb more cholera deaths
    • Manicaland treated with disdain
    • Zimbabweans expect no shift in US policy towards Harare
    • Foreign Briefing: Jane Fields in Zimbabwe
    • CPU bans food vending to fight cholera
    • Zanu-PF mellows in secret talks
    • Divisions emerge in Makoni's movement
    • Home again
  52. Posted 5/11/08
    • SADC Summit on Zimbabwe set for Sunday in Pretoria
    • Zimbabwe opposition expects summit to end cabinet feud
    • Congo rebels accuse Angola, Zimbabwe
    • NCA plans mass protests to push for transitional authority
    • Interview - Ncube denies doctoring document
    • Teachers Unions says exams in chaos as chiefs & militia invigilate
    • Air Zimbabwe plans to begin flying to Iran
    • Bill Watch 43 of 3rd November 08 [Deadlock referred to full SADC Summit; Motion on Food Crisis]
    • The grey economy is the real one
    • Alternative means of payment ? Zimbabwe financial mess
    • How is Zim raising money for conservation?
    • Where's the Global Fund money?
  53. Batch 2 Posted 4/11/08
    • No Date Or Venue Yet For Southern African Summit On Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Civic Group Calls For Transitional Government To Tackle Crisis
    • Ncube confirms document was doctored
    • RBZ introduces three higher denominations
    • Hunger claims eight lives in Gutu District, Masvingo
    • Miners say RBZ bringing sector to its knees
    • Zimbabwe Church Leaders Prepare National Healing Process
    • The end of the line for Gono?
    • Zimbabwe Economic recovery and Ministry of home affairs
    • Bridging the gap between land ownership and economic progress
    • We lack responsibility and accountability
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 580 - Dated 3 November 2008
  54. Posted 4/11/08
    • Zimbabwe eyes high-value banknotes amid talks deadlock
    • Welshman Ncube denies doctoring power sharing document
    • Mugabe Backing Kabila in Eastern DRC - CNDP Claims Amidst Allegations of Rampant Looting, Killing and Rape
    • Zimbabwe's Rumoured Presence in Country 'Terrible Disaster' - MDC Politician
    • Cholera spreads in Harare claiming more lives
    • WOZA leaders spend third weekend in prison
    • Botswana president calls for rerun of Zimbabwe presidential poll
    • Zimbabwe sells some 3.5 tonnes of stockpiled ivory for $450,000
    • Aid group: Missing cash hits Zimbabwe's malaria fight
    • Arrested UK journalist in court Wednesday
    • Shots fired at MDC MP Sipepa Nkomo's vehicle
    • Tsvangirai dabbling in peripheral issues: ZANU PF
    • Former Zipra fighters jeer Sikhanyiso Ndlovu
    • MDC Deals With Council Rebellions
    • Silently disappeared
    • Deadly cholera outbreak: Zimbabwe's latest affliction
    • Zimbabwe : Time for Accountability
    • The case for a national convention
    • Zim crisis: Where's the problem, the solution?
  55. Batch 2 Posted 3/11/08
    • 'SA to host SADC summit on Zimbabwe'
    • MDC writes protest letter to SADC's Salamao
    • Zim rights lawyers statement on political developments
    • Chinamasa, Ncube doctored document
    • Aid Group Says Zimbabwe Misused $7.3 Million
    • Zanu PF playing games with the people's suffering
    • Glaring errors in SADC Troika communiqué
    • The MDC must court the security forces
  56. Posted 3/11/08
    • MDC sets its sights on the UN
    • Teachers to Boycott Marking Examinations
    • Zimbabwean government still a long way off
    • Fears grow that regime wants to introduce national service
    • Opposition cries foul in Zambian poll
    • Rioting breaks out in Zambia over vote
    • Mugabe off to Banda's inauguration
    • Security forces in meltdown
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 1st November 2008
    • Sikhala Likens Mugabe To a Terrorist
    • African problems require African solutions
    • ZCTF Report: Tatenda meets Shanu
  57. Batch 2 Posted 2/11/08
    • Police shoot five diamond panners dead
    • Cholera death toll rises in Zimbabwe
    • Some veterans refuse to fight on for Mugabe
    • Msika Chickens Out Of Zapu Revival Indaba
    • Kellog Suspends Operations
    • Like Health,Education Goes To The Dogs
    • No Going Back On Strike,Say Doctors, Nurses
    • Women Petition Sadc Heads Over Cabinet Deadlock
    • British Journalist Arrested
    • 'We will beg for the next two years,' -Tsvangirai
    • Hunger Report Sparks Row
    • ZCTU Calls For Salaries In Forex
    • The Zeros Are Back
    • New Bank's Opening Postponed Again
    • Katsande Elected CZI Boss
    • Zim Economy: 'Dead man walking'
    • Congress Inappropriate While Nation Starves
    • Slippery Slope Toward Civil Conflict In Zim
    • Zim Standard Letters
  58. Posted 2/11/08
    • Robert Mugabe supporters grab one of Zimbabwe's last white-run farms
    • Tsvangirai calls for Zimbabwe truth commission
    • Mugabe fears Zanu-PF rebellion
    • US says Mugabe stalling power-sharing deal
    • Civic society divided over power sharing deal
    • Gold mining sector faces collapse
    • Mugabe to grow sugar cane in Lowveld
    • Sikhala attacks Tsvangirai over cabinet posts
    • Raw sewage problem escalating
    • Opposition leader drops condition for Zimbabwe summit
    • Libya assists Zimbabwe with agricultural equipment
    • Baton-stick wielding policemen as Grade 7 examination invigilators?
    • SA urged to avail ARVs to Zim asylum seekers
    • Of sausage flies and absurdity
    • Fiddling while Rome Burns
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Request for prayer vigils for Jenni and Magodonga of WOZA
    • Beware of non-violence; it's dangerous!
  59. Batch 2 Posted 1/11/08
    • SADC admit power sharing document was fraudulently altered
    • Amnesty calls for justice for thousands of victims of political violence
    • Zimbabwe crisis seen to worsen amid impasse
    • MDC activists flee Epworth as militia go on rampage
    • Zimbabweans despair as politicians battle it out
    • Deadlock driving Zimbabwe into violence, says opposition
    • Analysts discourage new poll for Zimbabwe
    • Budiriro cholera death toll rises to 4
    • The MDC's Analysis of the State of the Education Sector in Zimbabwe: This Week
    • Banks slash zeros
    • Mediums fight for Mugabe
    • Police School Demands Fees In Forex
    • US, Zimbabwe join at UN against arms trade controls
    • ZIMBABWE: Christian students say U.N. sidesteps country's crisis
    • Even a short prison sentence could mean death
    • "Just airlift the food"
    • The life of a pregnant woman in Zimbabwe
    • Enemies at work, comrades in the bar
    • Zimbabwean justice
    • The Kevin Woods Story
    • The case for civil disobedience
  60. Batch 1 Posted 1/11/08
    • Sadc Divided
    • Tsvangirai Accuses Mbeki Of Bias
    • Civic Groups Slam Govt
    • Zim's Deal-makers In No Hurry To Act
    • Midzi, Kaukonde Face Ouster
    • Relief Organisations Accuse Government Of Disrupting Operations
    • We Need Power-sharing, Not Grabbing -- Tsvangirai
    • CZI Calls For Clipping Of RBZ's Wings
    • Zim Loses Out As Chaos In Chiadzwa Rages On
    • Hope For A Good Harvest Fading
    • Free Markets Versus State Intervention
    • An accomplice in the trauma
    • Zim's leadership must shake off colonial stereotypes
    • Sadc summit unlikely to break cabinet logjam
    • Erich Bloch: Genocidal food shortages
    • Muckraker: The wheels have come off
    • Editor's Memo: McCain's curse
    • Comment: Zim deserves better
    • Candid Comment: We are an embarrassment to Africans

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