The ZIMBABWE Situation

May 2008 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/5/08
    • Z$1bn note highlights a foe that Robert Mugabe cannot threaten with violence
    • No amnesty for perpetrators of violence: Tsvangirai
    • Army raids Chamisa ’s home
    • Counting votes - and bodies
    • Zanu-PF finds scapegoats for losing elections
    • Another target for assassination
    • Artists’ political satire trial opens
    • Zimbabwe: Violence escalates as world focuses on South Africa
    • Report: South African President Wrote Bush Should Not Interfere in Zimbabwe
    • Poor health now Mugabe’s worst enemy
    • McGee unfazed by Mugabe’s threats
    • ‘Without church donations, we would be dead’ say a Zimbabwean family
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Gukurahundi memorial website launched
    • ACDP calls on SADC to condemn the disregard of democracy by Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF as revealed by his wife
    • SA youth bodies launch campaign against xenophobia
    • Life goes on amid xenophobic misery
  2. Posted 31/5/08
    • Morgan Tsvangirai: 'We must heal our nation'
    • Tsvangirai claims mantle of ruling party in Zimbabwe
    • Text: Tsvangirai speech to MDC Parliamentary Caucus
    • MDC 'parliament' maps out future
    • Zim a 'state of despair'
    • Zimbabwe opposition head sees role for ruling party
    • Mugabe ally rejects co-operation with opposition
    • Police in Bulawayo Ordered to Vote
    • Family of MDC Spokesman Assaulted in Village Raid
    • US envoy paid for opposition supporters' treatment: Zimbabwe
    • MDC factions field candidates in by-elections
    • SA men to be sentenced Monday over Sky News equipment
    • Annan says he is talking to MDC, Zanu-PF
    • Feeling a bit ‘agro’
    • Analysis: ZANU-PF leaving nothing to chance
    • Children Bearing the Burden of Political Violence
    • State agents want to dig up Tonderai Ndira’s body
    • Mugabe Challenger Says Zimbabwe is 'Embarrassment' to Africa
    • We must reject dictatorship
    • Repression in Zimbabwe and the South Africa connection
    • Zimbabwe Offers Transportation to Its South Africa Violence Victims
    • Attacks on foreigners should be crimes against humanity
    • IOM opens second reception and support centre at Plum Tree
  3. Batch 3 Posted 30/5/08
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Calls Government Maize Purchase A Gimmick
    • Zimbabwe sends buses, trucks to fetch nationals in South Africa
    • Church turns to UN over Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans in Botswana to protest at SADC office
    • Mugabe's noughty economics
    • Terror in Zimbabwe
    • Loser Makoni tries to run-off with run-off
    • Zim slams global fund for withholding cash
    • Mbeki should blame himself for South Africa's troubles
    • Police Take Charge Of Poll
    • Annan Pushes For GNU
    • MDC Says Police Failing To Probe Political Killings
    • State Media Defied ZEC
    • MDC Activists Killed In Orgy Of Violence
    • Tsvangirai Gears For Run-off Poll
    • Inflation Shocker: 1 700 000%
    • CSO Fails To Calculate Inflation
    • Worries Over Delayed Inflation Figures
    • South Africa Reflects Failed African Politics
    • ZEC Image Dented
    • Comment: ZEC Needs To Rescue Its Reputation
    • Candid Comment: Mugabe Can't Stop Winds Of Change
    • Muckraker: Mugabe Is Our King!
    • Editor's Memo: Mugabe's Rhetoric Won't Sell
    • Erich Bloch: Mugabe's Illusions Of A Conspiracy
  4. Batch 2 Posted 30/5/08
    • Tsvangirai to deliver state of the nation address
    • Police order artists to stop human rights satire
    • Zimbabwe Political Violence Continues Despite Police Assurances Of Order
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Body Tweaks Polling Process; Opposition Agrees
    • Mugabe presides over decline in Zimbabwe's wildlife parks
    • Bulawayo Businessman Arrested Over Detained SA Journalists
    • Harare diary: Campaigns kick-off
    • Mbeki to meet SADC on Zimbabwe poll
    • Harare churches lock-out
    • Farmers Miss Wheat Target
    • SA to accord foreign nationals legal status
    • UN jets in to help terrorised South African refugees
    • Hope for Zimbabwe, Fear for South Africa
  5. Posted 30/5/08
    • Abandon Zimbabwe runoff to stop violence, save lives, says former Mugabe loyalist
    • Mugabe says 600,000 tonnes of maize bought from S.Africa
    • Grace Mugabe: Bob will never step aside
    • Annan: Mugabe rivals must work with Zanu-PF
    • Makoni’s idea noble but not so feasible
    • Mounting violence does not speed up deployment of election monitors
    • Inside Zimbabwe's healthcare crisis
    • A platoon on the rampage
    • The big 'What if..?'
    • Anglican archbishops appeal to UN over violence in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe crisis tops SA Church Council's agenda
    • US bars citizens from travelling to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean crisis at a glance
    • Mbeki letter tells Bush to butt out of Zimbabwe, says US report
    • South Africa: Violence against foreigners Situation Report No. 2
  6. Batch 3 Posted 29/5/08
    • NGO’s warn of Zimbabwe’s run–off vote aftermath
    • Zimbabwe NGO’S Launch Rural Voter Confidence Outreach Program
    • Pro-Government War Veterans Force Locals to Remove Satellite Television Receivers From Their Homes in Matabeleland South
    • MDC sought army hand in 'power transition' - court told
    • Herald left with egg on the face
    • Real strength
    • Savage murder brings number killed to 45
    • Kay moved to Mutoko prison
    • Soldiers go on rampage
    • More counselors, village heads and MDC youth abducted
    • Economic collapse stubs out tobacco industry
    • Civic groups back MDC in bid for People's Charter
    • Black Caucus Resolution
    • Zimbabwe: Negotiating the transition
    • Mugabe blames MDC for racist attacks in South Africa
    • ZINASU Press Statement
    • Media repression in Zimbabwe
    • WITNESS-Photographing evil in S.Africa's townships
    • Abolish SA-Zim border?
    • Swimming star Coventry sets world record
  7. Batch 2 Posted 29/5/08
    • MDC upbeat in face of Mugabe's "campaign of fear"
    • Zimbabwe arrests MP for bid to get backing of the military
    • Foreign briefing
    • Mugabe behaving like a possessed man: Tsvangirai
    • Over 11 000 children affected by Zim political violence
    • Anglican Church excommunicates another Zim cleric
    • 5 MDC Parliamentarians behind bars
    • Mugabe is intent on reversing poll loss
    • Slain MDC Senator laid to rest
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Urges Deployment of UN AND SADC Observers
    • Chombo appoints commissions to run councils
    • SA says centres for displaced immigrants are temporary
  8. Posted 29/5/08
    • Zim accuses US envoy of sneaking across border
    • A month before run-off Mugabe's government announces more state aid
    • Police Ordered Not to Arrest Kidnappers Until Elections
    • One Dead in Murambinda As Soldiers Go On Rampage
    • Violence will backfire, Tsvangirai tells Mugabe
    • SADC court postpones Zimbabwe farmers' hearing to July
    • Black farmers seek to join Zimbabwe's landmark land case
    • Zimbabwean authorities ban open air prayer meetings
    • Arbour condemns murders of opposition activists in Zimbabwe
    • High profile land row in Masvingo
    • Mugabe and Gideon Gono’s un-natural disaster
    • Sky News personnel still in police custody
    • SA will probe 'Zim arrests'
    • President Tsvangirai's letter
    • Zimbabwe Cautioned
    • NGO Petitions Govt Over Zimbabwe
    • Jamaican Prime Minister Holds Talks With Commonwealth Secretary General
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 22
    • Out in the cold
    • Samuel Zona: "They drove my brothers out, literally"
    • A day in the life of a community's response
    • Honour for student who fled Zimbabwe
  9. Batch 3 Posted 28/5/08
    • Zimbabwe's Slow-Motion Horror Show
    • The Despots' Democracy
    • 'MDC will win despite crackdown'
    • Increasing the Pressure on Zimbabwe
    • MDC Leadership Vacuum
    • Mnangagwa’s Flip flops
    • New Zealand calls for an end to Zimbabwe violence
    • Opposition Says Zimbabwe Should Not Be Criminal Haven
    • Make Peace With Mugabe
    • Rights body sees rise in Zimbabwe abductions
    • Sixty years on, human rights a global mess: Amnesty
    • Hall of hope for the desperate
    • Refugees start their own school
  10. Batch 2 Posted 28/5/08
    • Tsvangirai promises to set up truth, justice commission
    • 4 jailed for holding meeting without police clearance
    • A conversation with Mugabe: Part II
    • SADC Under Pressure To Send Observers To Zimbabwe Sooner Than Later
    • Zanu PF's propaganda machinery running at full throttle ahead of poll
    • Anglican bishop writes to diocese as government shuts down churches
    • SADC to Meet Over Crisis in Region And Run-Off Election in Zimbabwe
    • The Estimated Cost of Human Life in Zimbabwe is Four Dollars!
    • War Veterans Ban Satellite Dishes In Mat South
    • 'Rogue' War Vets Blamed For Political Violence
    • 'Chabopa squad' Unleashes Terror
    • Land Chief Takes Over Dutch Farm
    • US Issues Fresh Travel Warning
    • Mugabe And The 'End Of History' Approach
    • Democracy Is A Right, Not A Privilege
    • Such Desperation Is Comical
    • Update on Presidential Run-off and By-Elections
    • MDC Leadership Vacuum
    • New plays attack Mugabe
    • MISA files complaint about delays in issuing licence to radio station, problems related to broadcast laws
    • Copies of private newspapers set ablaze
    • The many failures of Thabo Mbeki
    • Scramble to flee South Africa
    • Africa Day in Cape Town: contradictory images of a continent
    • Liberian civil society groups stand up for peace in Zimbabwe
    • 'Ship of shame' saga continues
  11. Posted 28/5/08
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai says 50 killed in poll violence
    • More "illegal" journalists arrested in Zimbabwe: state radio
    • Zimbabwe Opposition: Conditions Not Conducive For Fair Poll
    • Violence Escalates in Zimbabwe One Month Before Election Runoff
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader helps violence victims
    • Mugabe to accept defeat?
    • Mengistu to remain Zimbabwe's guest, government says
    • MDC pledge to extradite Mengistu if they win election
    • SADC to meet over crisis in region and run-off election in Zimbabwe
    • Civil group advises activists on ways to avoid abductions
    • Did Mnagangwa order The Zimbabwean attack?
    • Mugabe targets last press outlets
    • Landmark Zimbabwean commercial farm test case will be heard in Windhoek on Wednesday 28 May 2008 at 09h30
    • Interview: Brian Kagoro on Zim crisis and 'kaffir apartheid' in South Africa
    • Zimbabweans in fear as run-off approaches
    • Catholic Clergy, Laity Targeted in Worsening State Terror
    • Mthwakazi action group on genocide in Matabeleland & Midlands
    • Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN)
    • Church official: Rural Zimbabweans fear for their lives amid violence
    • Zimbabwe: A Dream Deferred
    • Satire... This is NOT True - just for fun
  12. Batch 3 Posted 27/5/08
    • Civic leaders doubt Mugabe will accept defeat
    • Mbeki envoy meets Mugabe
    • Regional Groups to Add Election Observers for Zimbabwe's June 27 Run-off Vote
    • Zimbabweans Voice Skepticism About Government Rhetoric
    • Updates from the Zimbabwe Vigil
    • No shift in Zimbabwe’s stance on Mengistu’s extradition, official says
    • Zimbabweans fleeing SA violence avoid home country
    • Yes, it is a disgrace
    • South Africa's Shame
    • “Isifile lenja!”They said after setting him alight
  13. Batch 2 Posted 27/5/08
    • African bloc plans extra monitors for Zimabwe election run-off
    • Voter turnout the key to Tsvangirai Victory
    • Aide: Mugabe expects to win election
    • Mugabe would accept defeat in run-off: minister
    • Mugabe labels U.S. diplomat a 'prostitute'
    • Rights body sees rise in Zimbabwe abductions
    • Southern African Leaders In Tokyo Expected To Hold Sidebar On Zimbabwe
    • Ruling Party Terrorises Voters
    • 25,000 Zimbabweans in South Africa heading for Zambia: Red Cross
    • Mugabe’s health could be failing
    • Why Bob should be afraid of Morgan
    • The Meaning of Africa Day
    • Civil Society Hosts Zimbabwe Day Today
    • The current outlook in Zimbabwe
    • European Union - council conclusions on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe / Europe / Council Conclusions on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe / Europe / Council Conclusions on Zimbabwe
    • Government blocks new MDC councils
    • ZEC seeks permission to destroy ballot papers
    • Mugabe preparing for State of Emergency?
    • Independent weekly’s latest issue torched, freelance reporter beaten up
    • South African minister: Situation 'under control'
    • Johannesburg Quiet As Mob Violence Subsides, But Immigrants Remain Fearful
    • Death toll climbs in SA violence
  14. Batch 1 Posted 27/5/08
    • Tens Of Thousands Said To Be Displaced By Zimbabwe Political Violence
    • This is the way the world ends
    • Docs expose police lies about violence
    • Zanu thugs take villagers' IDs
    • No leave for cops as govt braces for run-off
    • Police insiders confirm assassination plot
    • Brutal Chiadzwa diamond arrests
    • There is life after Mugabe
    • With Heroes and Villains Header
    • Zimbabwe’s mayhem spreads to South Africa
    • Air Zim fares soar by 200%
    • Zimsec fails to plan for O and A level exams
    • Torching of The Zimbabwean on Sunday
    • Ethiopian court sentences Mengistu to death
    • ‘We’re being slaughtered’
    • Dispute breaks out over dealing with South Africa xenophobia victims
    • Human Rights Watch urges Pretoria to punish attackers
    • Foreshore Refugees Warn of Retaliation
  15. Batch 3 Posted 26/5/08
    • Africa Day Statement from MDC President, Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe trying to destroy MDC structures, says Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Condemns Death of Activist
    • Zimbabwe - hunting down priests
    • Humanitarian Intervention > State Sovereignty?
    • Africa (or stand up for Zimbabwe) Day
    • While Zimbabwe burns
    • Zimbabwe steel firm draws interest
    • Zim inflation a million percent
    • Migrants and Asylum seekers. where to get help in Johannesburg
    • ‘Disappointed’ Mbeki shares dictators’ disdain
    • Skills from Zimbabwe needed — evaluators
    • A cause for hope, a time for celebration?
    • Crackdown on the agitators
    • 'Things are better without foreigners'
    • Xenophobic attacks in limpopo
  16. Batch 2 Posted 26/5/08
    • Hundreds march in solidarity with suffering Zimbabweans
    • Act on Zimbabwe — protesters
    • How rhetoric has denied Africa dignity
    • Mugabe fights for support
    • MDC activist Ndira buried as another body is found in Goromonzi
    • Humanitarian crisis worsens at Mutare prisons
    • 'Peacekeepers are mandatory'
    • Majority is not always right
    • Thabo Mbeki faces resignation calls over racial violence
    • Lessons for Mbeki
  17. Posted 26/5/08
    • Mugabe threatens U.S. ambassador as campaign begins
    • Mugabe urges his party to unite in "war against foreigners"
    • Tsvangirai vows to defeat Mugabe
    • Mugabe changes tactics ahead of run-off election
    • Mugabe promises land for SA-based Zimbabweans
    • Regime coup threat if Mugabe loses poll
    • Suspected CIO agents burn The Zim on Sunday truck
    • MDC leader Shepherd Jani murdered, mutilated body dumped in Goromonzi
    • Reflections on Africa Day
    • The political impasse in Zimbabwe
  18. Batch 2 Posted 25/5/08
    • Tsvangirai promises a rude shock for Mugabe
    • Mugabe will accept defeat – Mnangagwa
    • Mugabe fights for survival with start of campaign
    • New hope as Tsvangirai returns
    • Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF scoffs at Tsvangirai
    • ZESN contiues to receive distressing reports on Observers attacks
    • Preaching peace during the Day & Abducting, Murdering at Night
    • High Cost of Dying
    • Zimbabwe Needs Good Neighbors
    • South Africa immigrant violence leaves 25,000 displaced
    • Bishop answers refugee prayers
    • Hunted down and burnt alive for being a migrant
    • SA Govt ‘knew’ attacks were brewing
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 24th May 2008
  19. Posted 25/5/08
    • Morgan Tsvangirai returns to Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai rejects national unity gov't, vows to defeat Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai: It’s good to be back
    • Tsvangirai 'confident of victory'
    • Mugabe aims to decimate Zimbabwe opposn, says Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe opposition calls for monitors, peacekeepers by June 1
    • Robert Mugabe flew to Far East for secret tests for prostate cancer
    • Punishing Dissent, Silencing Citizens : SPT Report
    • Which way now?
    • "We are all Zimbabweans": South Africans march against xenophobia
    • South Africans decry attacks; 10,000 displaced in Cape Town
    • Zimbabweans vow not to return home amid attacks
    • Mbeki calls South Africa violence 'a humiliating disgrace'
    • Ambassadors warned Pretoria
    • South African Xenophobia Embarrassing
    • More calls for Mbeki to step down
    • The Zimbabwe we DON'T want
    • Zimbabwean chief mobilizes votes for Mugabe in run-off
    • ZCTF Report: Milk & game cubes for Tatenda
  20. Batch 3 Posted 24/5/08
    • Robert Mugabe shuts church over Movement for Democratic Change link
    • A Flawed but Enduring Leader Plans His Return to Zimbabwe
    • Will Tsvangirai return bring change?
    • Zimbabwe is on a political precipice -- but to what?
    • The Failures of Thabo Mbeki
    • Ndira’s mutilated body found in mortuary
    • Mugabe seeks treatment in China
    • Chinotimba implicated in murder of MDC official
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Chamisa faces Chinamasa over land on TV
    • Another violent loss for Zimbabwe's opposition
    • Mugabe diverts Air Zim plane to China
    • Thousands flee as hatred spreads
    • UNHCR voices concern over SA attacks
    • 2010 World Cup chief slams attacks on foreigners
    • African Activists Launch Campaign Against Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Forcing the Media Back on Message
    • Zimbabweans Fleeing South Africa
    • The last adventurer
  21. Batch 2 Posted 24/5/08
    • Back Robert Mugabe or face war, army tells white farmers
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader to head home
    • Negotiating Zimbabwe's Transition
    • A constitution in tatters
    • Tsvangirai's plea
    • Death of a Zimbabwean activist
    • More Arrests of Opposition Activists in Zimbabwe
    • The not-so-diplomatic ambassador to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Death Toll Reaches 48 As More Slain Activists Found
    • Ruling Party Terrorises Voters
    • China Denies Zimbabwe Received Arms Shipment
    • Zimbabwe: On the edge of the frying pan
    • African governments begin repatriating its nationals
    • Go Home, Tsvangirai Tells Traumatized Zimbabweans In South Africa
    • Mugabe Accuses Opposition Of Being Behind Country’s Woes
    • Excommunication and dictators
    • Stand up for Zimbabwe
    • Two ROHR activists killed in cold blood
    • Hot Seat interview with Zimbabwean civic leader Dr Lovemore Madhuku
    • CHRA Statement on Human rights abuses in Zimbabwe
    • Africa Day 2008 to Highlight Crisis
    • War brewing in Zimbabwe
    • The real culprit: Mbeki
    • ZANU PF violence has crippled our campaign: MDC
    • ZANU PF militia abduct children
    • Zimbabwe faces growing risk of military coup
  22. Batch 1 Posted 24/5/08
    • President Tsvangirai jets home tomorrow
    • Zimbabwe's unsure political future
    • Mujurus confront Mugabe over post election violence
    • Mugabe Orders 'warlike' Campaign
    • Lawyers Accuse Police Of Violating Human Rights In Chiadzwa
    • We Have Lost Confidence In ZEC - MDC
    • Zanu PF, MDC In Secret GNU talks
    • McGee Says Will Not Bow To Govt Threats
    • 40 Farmers Evicted Ahead Of Poll
    • NGOs Beg Govt For Assessment Before Helping Violence Victims
    • Dabengwa Refutes Kidnapping Rumours
    • Sanctions Caused Our Defeat, Zanu PF Tells Electoral Court
    • Zimbabwe Crisis Requires Negotiated Settlement
    • Rights Violators Will Face Trial
    • Mugabe Faces Run-off Defeat
    • Editor's Memo: Tsvangirai Must Come Home And Lead
    • Comment: Zanu PF Not Anybody's Guarantor Of Freedom
    • Candid Comment: Mugabe's Pattern Of Repression
    • Erich Bloch: Dollarisation Not The Answer
    • Muckraker: Tourists Are Not Stupid
    • Zanu PF youths burn magistrate’s property over MDC cases
    • Pregnant woman bludgeoned to death for supporting MDC
    • MDC candidate abducted at gunpoint in Murehwa
    • Zanu PF thugs disrupt MDC funeral in Harare
    • Two MDC parliamentarians arrested
    • Inflation hits one million percent as prices continue to skyrocket
    • Soldiers yet to be deployed
    • Mnangagwa back on track for Zanu PF presidency
    • Comments from Correspondents
  23. Batch 2 Posted 20/5/08
    • HRW: African Union Should Immediately Deploy Monitors
    • 'Silence kills' warn Jesuits, as they prepare for Hairy Haggis Run
    • Zimbabwe opposition wants torture camps to close
    • U.S. Ambassador To Harare Vows To Continue Speaking Out On Violence
    • Zimbabwe opposition says poll violence could hit alarming proportions
    • Displaced supporters could sway results: MDC
    • Harare bishop excommunicated as persecution of Anglicans continues
    • Zimbabwe: Emergency Relief Appeal
    • Comesa Summit in Balance Because of Chaos
    • Zimbabwe vote crisis may hurt '08 platinum output-JM
    • Former Minister Takes Mugabe, ZEC To Court
    • Lawyers Sue Senior Police Officer For Assault
    • RBZ Reviews Gold Price
    • Minister Evicts Zanu PF Official From Council Bar
    • ZLP Condemns Zanu PF ReignOf Terror
    • Garande threatens Nehanda Radio
    • 22 dead, 10 000 seeking refuge, after attacks spread
    • The shame of Thabo Mbeki
    • Zim saddened by SA violence
    • Deploy army to quell xenophobic violence: SA opposition
    • Tutu urges South Africans to stop attacks on foreigners
    • Zimbabwe Exiles Forum slams attacks on foreigners
  24. Posted 20/5/08
    • Zimbabwe army accused of sniper plot to kill Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Military tried to wipe out opposition leadership: MDC
    • MDC Say SADC Working On 'Safe Passage' for Tsvangirai to Return Home
    • Mugabe party targets food as key in Zimbabwe run-off
    • MDC say 43 killed in worsening political violence
    • More on the arms shipment to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Lawyers For Justice:A Bogus Organisation
    • Two more MDC activists callously murdered
    • Riot Police and CIO stop Church services
    • If violence pays, who wins?
    • Beaten, wounded, bleeding and even lost life for exercising my right to vote
    • The return of the 'necklace': Anti-immigrant violence sweeps South Africa's townships
    • S. Africa police use rubber bullets, arrests to fight anti-foreigner violence; 22 killed
    • Thabo Mbeki's critics demand action not words
    • Mbeki reaps a tragic harvest
    • "Stand Up (for) Zimbabwe" Day ~ 25 May
    • Some more local authority election results
    • ZINWA workers on strike
    • Time for right minded security people to speak up
    • Mozambique switches off power supplies
    • Zimbabwe threatens to monitor text messages ahead of runoff
    • 2 Zimbabwe Union Chiefs Bailed; Banned From Political Rallies
    • Muradzikwa accused of promoting opposition
    • Zim Food Crisis: Jailed Suspects Starve
    • Top Cop Faces Arrest Over Farm
    • ZBC Journalist In Trouble With CIO
    • Interview With A Dead Man
    • Lawyers Sue Senior Police Officer For Assault
    • Zambia Power Line Fault Hits Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF's Empty War Mongering
    • Zanu PF's Sickening Display Of Cynicism
  25. Batch 2 Posted 19/5/08
    • Green Bombers shore up Mugabe
    • Opposition wants army removed from rural areas
    • Court begins hearing election petitions
    • A post election conversation with Mugabe – Part I
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Welcomes Tutu’s Call For International Peacekeepers
    • Why America Sent a Black Man to Do a White Man's Job ...
    • The Mugabe Effect: Every African leader can turn into a monster...
    • Mugabe Receives War Weapons
    • Guard against Garande's Zimbabwe Guardian
    • Mugabe Must Stop Brutal Tactics
    • Foreigners Attacked in S. Africa
    • Violence in Johannesburg Spreading
  26. Posted 19/5/08
    • Could unity government talks eclipse Zimbabwe runoff vote?
    • Minus Tsvangirai, MDC gets big crowd at first run-off rally
    • Zimbabwe opposition vows to 'bury' Mugabe in vote
    • Robert Mugabe police target Anglican churches
    • Anxiety Grows for Zimbabwe's Kidnapped Activist
    • Anti-imperialism fight has nothing to do with the will of the people
    • Tutu calls for peacekeeping deployment in Zim
    • Zimbabwe opposition appeals for peacekeepers amid plot fears
    • Zimbabwe regime 'has received weapons shipment from China'
    • DA to raise Zim arms in parliament
    • Mbeki, Mugabe together against UN
    • Zimbabwe's winter of discontent
    • Zimbabwean opposition leader staying in SAfrica: spokesman
    • JAG - incident report communique, Dated 18 May 2008
    • Extract from Bill Watch 20 of 17 May 2008
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 17th May 2008
    • 12 die in South Africa anti-foreigner violence
    • South Africa anti-foreigner violence spreads
    • MDC Spokesman Says ZANU-PF Not Ready For Run-off
    • Zimbabwe Threatens to Prosecute Abusers of Mobile Phone Text Messages
  27. Batch 2 Posted 18/5/08
    • Mugabe men in plot to kill Tsvangirai
    • Murdered: the war veteran who stood up to Mugabe
    • Pallo Jordan slams Zanu-PF
    • The rat who won't leave a sinking ship
    • Mugabe Govt 'unaware' of assassination plot
    • JAG - incident report communique, Dated 17 May 2008
    • Zimbabweans look to ROHR for freedom
    • Xenophobic violence claims five lives
    • Recent attacks just the tip of a xenophobic iceberg
  28. Posted 18/5/08
    • Assassination threat delays Tsvangirai return to Zimbabwe
    • Bhutto style assasination on Tsvangirai leaked
    • Who wants to kill Tsvangirai?
    • China’s ‘ship of shame’ offloads
    • The End Game
    • Zimbabwe's mockery
    • African Union must ensure Zimbabwe vote fair, says Wade
    • How to catch a chicken
    • 'Born-frees' attack foreigners, says MP
  29. Batch 4 Posted 17/5/08
    • Gruesome Killings by Mugabe Supporters Detailed
    • No new poll watchers for Zimbabwe's run-off : state media
    • Junta adopts new terror strategy in cities
    • Real war vets blame junta for terror
    • Something terrible to hide
    • Joint Operations Command Centres' new' modus operandi'
    • The ugly face of ZANU PF
    • Zimbabwean court says protesters must answer charges
    • Christians plead for prayers as power struggle yields chaos
    • Zim gears up for bruising battle
    • Digby and Jessie Nesbitt
    • Police continue to persecute Anglican Church
    • US concerned about weapons destined for Zimbabwe
    • Why is brutality wrong in South Africa, but condoned in Zimbabwe, asks ACDP in House of Assembly
  30. Batch 3 Posted 17/5/08
    • Effects of torture
    • Human Rights Watch - End Violence Before June Runoff
    • "Stand Up (for) Zimbabwe" International Day of Action, 25 May 2008
    • Civic group says poll monitors under siege
    • With Zimbabwe Presidential Run-Off Date Set, Tough Campaign Looms
    • Morgan Tsvangirai ready for Robert Mugabe as new election date set
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • 'Outraged' Kirk attacks violence in Zimbabwe
    • Man helpless as mob takes home
    • Text of Corné Mulder's speech in debate on xenophobia
    • An Increase in US Diplomatic Activity in Africa
    • Q&A with Robyn Dixon, RFK Journalism Award winner
    • Heads roll at ZBC
    • Duty: Cars pile up at Beitbridge
    • UN seeks permission to assess violence
    • Bakers seek bread price review
    • Electoral disputes to heighten suspense
    • Where to Welshman?
    • Political impasse triggers mass exodus
    • Irony of rich farmers without cash
    • Robbing the future
    • Sanctions have nothing to do with people’s will
    • When spin is swallowed hook, line and sinker
    • Govt budget off the rails
  31. Batch 2 Posted 17/5/08
    • Zimbabwe Election Runoff Set for June 27
    • For Robert Mugabe, democracy means war
    • Mugabe says defeat disastrous
    • Tsvangirai returns home tomorrow: MDC
    • Tsvangirai vows to end Zim 'darkness'
    • Zimbabwe court orders police to allow MDC rally
    • Poll observers assaulted in Zim
    • Mugabe defiant as voting date named
    • Zimbabwe Summons US Envoy After Visiting Victims In Hospital
    • Zimbabwe Attorney-general Fired For Misconduct - Official
    • Mugabe accuses MDC of terrorising supporters
    • Standing firm under fire
    • Triumph of the shameless
    • Billionaires' woe
    • Zimbabwe issues a Z$500m banknote, as inflation rockets to unbelievable highs
    • Zimbabwe issues a Z$500m banknote, as inflation rockets to unbelievable highs
    • Now army blames Zanu PF for chaos
    • Zimbabwe attacks 'out of control'
    • MDC Forms Defence Units to Protect Themselves From Attack
    • Her name is Memory
    • Amnesty International to Investigate Abduction of Pfebve Parents
    • Harare Residents Association Reports 5 Members Abducted
    • Arrested demonstrators to face trial in Zimbabwe
    • ZESN statement on continued attacks on its observers
    • Name & Shame
    • MDC gives humanitarian assistance to Zims in SA
  32. Batch 1 Posted 17/5/08
    • Inflation Hits 355 000%
    • Mugabe Allies Against Run-off
    • Mbeki 'shocked' At Zim Violence
    • . . As Lawyer Asks High Court To Bar Army
    • We Have No Hand In Violence: ZNA
    • Muradzikwa Defied Ndlovu
    • Bloodbath In Mash Central
    • Mechanisation Debts Balloon
    • Willing Buyer,Willing Seller?
    • NIPC, Business In Tug-of-war
    • CZI Calls For Pricing Formula
    • NIPC To Continue With Price Controls
    • Mugabe's Win Problematic
    • Erich Bloch: Social Contract Essential To Economic Recovery
    • Muckraker: Blessed Are Those Who Travel On Zhing-zhongs
    • Editor's Memo: SA Must Contain Hate Crimes
    • Candid Comment: Election Run-off Is A Non-Starter
    • Comment: Sanctions Can Only Be Lifted In Harare
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Mugabe party maps out run-off campaign strategy
    • Zimbabwe urges churches to help fight violence
    • Protecting Zimbabwe
    • Pre-Election Sweeteners for Voters
    • No number on attack victims
  33. Batch 3 Posted 16/5/08
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Seeks Foreign Intervention
    • The State is restricting MDC from campaining
    • CHRA Members face death threats and abductions
    • Medical Foundation Statement in Support of the Torture Damages Bill
    • Lord Woolf calls for prosecution of foreign torturers in UK courts
    • Let hope not blind us to Mugabe’s ruthlessness
    • Election date "within 48 hours" Zimbabwe election chief says
    • Statement by the Zimbabwe Liberation Veterans Forum on Violence
    • Zimbabwe’s Rulers Unleash Police on Anglicans
    • Arrest This Man
    • NCA: Zimbabweans under attack both inside and outside Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans in SA: Between a rock and a hard place
    • Death by starvation or butchery
    • 'They must leave or die ...'
    • Let’s kill this curse before it kills more people
    • Why there must be power for the people
  34. Batch 2 Posted 16/5/08
    • Police hatch postal ballot plan to aid Mugabe
    • High Court asked to order army out of rural areas
    • COSATU to hold anti-Mugabe protests
    • Commentary: South Africa's unseemly alliance with Mugabe
    • US govt sends protest letter to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai due in Belfast
    • Tsvangirai lines up MPs for confrontation
    • Stand Up For Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Proposes Cooperation On Violence, But It Continues
    • Small scale farmers seen as backbone of food security
    • S Africa's Mbeki In Mozambique For Talks On Zimbabwe
    • 'Make them pay'
    • Post-election violence 2008 - Index of articles & images
  35. Posted 16/5/08
    • Late July it is...
    • Zim opposition furious at run-off delay
    • MDC demands regional summit on Zimbabwe; says 40 killed leader arrested
    • Zimbabwe opposition warns of 'rivers of dead people'
    • Amnesty International: Violence reaches crisis levels; youths forcibly recruited
    • Another trade unionist arrested in Zimbabwe
    • Trade unionists in detention at risk of torture
    • Judge Defers ZCTU Leaders' Bail Case Saying It's Too Difficult
    • Assaults And Re-Education By Army Not Getting Support for ZPF
    • Political Killings And Abductions of MDC Activists Escalate
    • Matabeleland violence update
    • ZESN observer abducted in Mudzi
    • Zimbabwe opposition says police ban run-off rally
    • SADC Won't Use Force Over Crisis, Says Mwanawasa
    • A 500mln bearer cheque (aka ‘bank note’) added to Gono’s portfolio of success
    • A huge risk that has to be taken
    • The opposition goes for broke
    • Kunonga: the ex-bishop who scorns the law
    • Zimbabwe Victim Support Network
    • Flushing out the Wounded Buffalo
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 20
    • 'War veterans' are cowards
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 535 - Dated 15 May 2008
    • Anti-foreigner violence spreads in South Africa
    • Zuma slams xenophobic riots
    • The astonishing silence of Thabo Mbeki
  36. Batch 4 Posted 15/5/08
    • Zimbabwe adds 500 mln dollar note as prices rocket
    • Zimbabwe wants opposition to help it probe violence
    • Zimbabwe Government Defends Presidential Poll Run-off Delay Report
    • Dukwe a haven for refugees once more
    • 50 Zanu-PF supporters arrested in Masvingo
    • Who is Patrick Chinamasa?
    • Voting for Tsvangirai on a full belly
    • Some local authority election results
    • Police ban MDC rallies in Harare
    • Zimbabwe 'bleeding to death', say Jesuits
    • Prices Shoot to Record Highs, Government Approaches with Caution
    • Embassy Row
    • Mugabe is the harbinger of things to come
    • MDC saddened by xenophobic attacks in SA
    • Deadly mob attacks spread to second South African township
    • Comments from Correspondents
    • Who is "the opposition"?
  37. Batch 3 Posted 15/5/08
    • Mugabe the manic: Daily Mail reporter goes undercover in Zimbabwe to find an electoral genocide the world is ignoring
    • Fearful generals holding Mugabe "at gunpoint" - Chenjerai Hove
    • Gukurahundi commander terrorizes Manicaland
    • Thugs in blue kill for cash
    • Vote for Mugabe or resign - Muchemwa orders cops and their families
    • Mbare faces cholera, dysentery outbreak
    • SADC leaders battle to broker Mugabe-Tsvangirai meeting
    • A return to Gukurahundi?
    • Mutambara faces
    • Regime's crackdown a regional and African shame
    • SA Alliance Summit plans action on Zim
    • The Financial Gazette Website hacked
    • Deportations from SA at an all time high
    • Buying Zimbabwe produce is supporting farmers or an evil dictator?
  38. Batch 2 Posted 15/5/08
    • Mugabe changes the law to delay expected presidential election run off against opposition leader
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Death Toll At 33 As Provincial Official Fatally Stabbed
    • RBZ launches new Z$500 million bank note
    • Abducted ZINASU leader Vava found
    • ZBC wields axe on Muradzikwa as Mugabe gears for poll
    • “End this horror,” says leading Archbishop
    • Genocide threat in Zimbabwe
    • US protests to Zimbabwe over treatment of US envoy and other diplomats in Harare
    • US-Zimbabwean Diplomatic Row Erupts Over Surging Political Violence In Countryside
    • How Zimbabwe's election was stolen
    • Take us back home, say Zim immigrants
    • Politicians dither as the violence spreads
    • Electoral court orders Mugabe to fix by-election date
  39. Posted 15/5/08
    • Zimbabwe presidential run-off delayed
    • No election until August
    • SADC: Zim not yet ready for fair vote
    • Harassment of Diplomats ordered from President’s Office
    • Zimbabwe accuses U.S. envoy of trying to demonize country
    • US Ambassador Says Zimbabwe Government Doing Nothing to Stop Post-Election Violence
    • Zimbabwe violence ‘shocks’ SA generals
    • Generals' report may sway Mbeki on Zim
    • Zanu-PF Militia Blocking Access to Dead MDC Activists in Centenary
    • Family of Exiled MDC Official Elliot Pfebve Abducted
    • African Union double observers for Run-off
    • Harare diary: Living in limbo
    • War veterans, A plague to the nation
    • Zanu-PF youths masquerading as war vets
    • Food for thought for Diaspora people
    • ZANU-PF Sees Police as Captive Vote
    • Free & Fair elections first before removal of sanctions-Zambia
    • Zimbabwe Seeks Joint-Party Teams To Probe Political Violence
    • Pro-Mugabe lobby urges state of emergency
    • Mbeki ‘threw toys out of cot’ over Khampepe report
    • Botswana and Zimbabwe: A Tale of Two Countries
    • My tears for Zimbabwe
    • Schools remain closed due to political turmoil
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader rekindles doubts
    • Gono caught with his pants down again
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 534 - Dated 14 May 2008
    • S.Africa police seek calm after attack on foreigners
    • Alex cops guard 1 000 refugees
  40. Batch 2 Posted 14/5/08
    • Ambassador Andrew Pocock seized as he investigates violence in Zimbabwe
    • Post-election violence victims tell western diplomats their stories
    • Another Southern African Summit On Zimbabwe Seen As Crisis Deepens
    • Gukurahundi and current wave of violence similar
    • In one collective pause-the World waits to stop the Atrocities in Zimbabwe!
    • 8 more MDC supporters murdered
    • Some Zimbabwe Officials Preach Tolerance, But Rural Violence Continues
    • Dear World, Remember Me?
    • Zambia scoffs at Zim
    • Some Zimbabweans Said to Be Unhappy With Opposition Content With Regional Poll Observers
    • Zimbabweans in South Africa flee attacks
    • Hounded out of her house, and out of SA
    • Mboweni contradicts Mbeki on Zimbabwe
  41. Posted 14/5/08
    • British and American diplomats in roadside standoff with Zimbabwe police
    • Zim cops in hospital stand-off with US envoy
    • U.S. slams Zimbabwe for "harassment" of diplomats
    • 'This was a message for us'
    • RBZ denies US$700m payment to AfDB
    • But does the finance minister know?
    • Police Ban MDC Rallies in Harare
    • Another MDC MP Arrested, Villagers Evicted, More Violence
    • Zimbabwean hospital testifies to post-election violence
    • UN Warns of Rising Tensions in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Chief Home By Weekend - Spokesman
    • Mugabe refuses to guarantee Morgan's safety
    • Zimbabwe MDC says regional obervers enough for run-off
    • ZANU PF supporters in Kotwa confiscated ZESN vehicle
    • MDC victims of political violence
    • UN says violence affecting aid, wants to assess
    • The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe caves in to black market pressure
    • What happened in the Presidential Election?
    • Harare suspends duties on cooking oil, flour
    • A reporter's notebook: doing the Zim story
    • Zimbabwe's turbulent priests
    • Region's Bishops Say State Terror Will Ruin Run-Off
    • Johannesburg on knife-edge after xenophobic attacks
    • Comments from correspondents
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 533 - Dated 13 May 2008
    • Money raised for Africa 'goes to civil wars'
  42. Batch 3 Posted 13/5/08
    • Last-minute asset-stripping by Zanu-PF
    • 2 MDC MPs Arrested,Councillor murdered
    • Zimbabwe's debt repayment raises eyebrows
    • Zim political turmoil shatters dreams
    • Court directs Mugabe to call Mpopoma by-election
    • Marondera violence
    • Magistrate's judgment unprecedented and political
    • Morgan to begin victory tour
    • Regime's crackdown a regional and African shame
    • Very weak statement on Zimbabwe
    • People get the government they deserve
    • Nigeria wants AU observers for Zimbabwe run-off elections
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Condemns Government’s Decision Not to Invite Western Poll Observers
    • Moyo says Information Minister incompetent
    • A jump to the left
    • Opportunity and danger for SA as the wheel turns
    • Mbeki must go now, says DA
    • Mbeki implicated in rigging of 2002 poll
  43. Batch 2 Posted 13/5/08
    • Central bank chief grabs POSB’s entire share portfolio
    • US Urges Monitoring, Protection for Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe Runoff
    • Farmer in court over pepper spray attack on war veterans
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Says Official Crackdown Steps Up With Rural Violence
    • Returning for round two
    • Amid Crackdown, Controversy Over Zimbabwe Presidential Runoff Delay
    • Farm invasions to hamper wheat output: Experts
    • Mbeki sends generals to Zim
    • Editor, Media Lawyer Charged, Released
    • Children Not Immune to Zimbabwe's Woes
    • Nigeria urges violent-free presidential run-off in Zimbabwe
    • UMass president asks Trustees to revoke Mugabe’s honor
  44. Posted 13/5/08
    • Zimbabwe puts conditions on allowing election observers
    • Zim rejects Tsvangirai demands
    • Tsvangirai return home delayed as he awaits security guarantees
    • Zimbabwe Opposition MDC Lawmaker Arrested - Colleague
    • MDC MP Arrested While Reporting Abduction of Youth Member
    • Village Head Killed And 80 Homes Burnt By Zanu-PF Youth in Shamva
    • Police Beat Up And Evict Anglican Parishioners
    • US ambassador accuses Mugabe's party of 'atrocities' meant to intimidate voters before runoff
    • South Africa's unseemly alliance
    • Zimbabwe's second round poll to be delayed
    • Mbeki's Continued Baby-Sitting Mugabe Unacceptable
    • Mbeki, religious leaders discuss Zimbabwe crisis
    • The barbarity continues
    • Zim union leaders denied bail
    • Land, retribution and elections: Post election violence on Zimbabwe's remaining farms 2008
    • Poll Violence Escalates As Opposition Set for Runoff
    • Mugabe Officially Launches Terror Campaign
    • Sorry, Burma (and Darfur and Zimbabwe and Lebanon) - you're on your own
    • In search of an exit strategy for Mugabe and Mbeki
    • As prices soar, Zimbabweans hope for end of turmoil
    • Zim settles $700 million debt
    • Zimbabwe 2008 – Decision Time #2 – The final mile
    • Chinese Arms Ship Returns With Lethal Cargo
    • FYI - useful contact details
  45. Batch 2 Posted 12/5/08
    • Mbeki ‘ignored judges’ on Mugabe’s stolen poll
    • Tsvangirai heads to Harare with security guarantee
    • Zimbabwe women worshipers beaten up as police disrupt church services
    • Runoff delayed; attacks feared
    • Zim 'under army rule'
    • Zanu-PF says no runoff unless sanctions lifted
    • More Mbeki-Mugabe handholding
    • U.S. Ambassador McGee on Hot Seat
    • Former Zimbabwe Finance Minister Discusses Possible Role in Run-off Vote
    • SA delegation sent to Zimbabwe
    • MDC wants SADC to send peacekeepers
    • ZANU PF loss,more than meets the eye
    • Zimbabwe suffers in total paralysis
    • 7 000 teachers flee from schools
    • Standard editor appears in court
    • Run-off may revive President Mbeki’s credibility over Zimbabwe policy
    • Negotiation, not election, will see Mugabe out
    • MDC must change its approach to transition
    • Time at the border is money
    • Former Zimbabwe Finance Minister Discusses Possible Role in Run-off Vote
    • SA delegation sent to Zimbabwe
    • MDC wants SADC to send peacekeepers
    • ZANU PF loss,more than meets the eye
    • Zimbabwe suffers in total paralysis
    • 7 000 teachers flee from schools
    • Standard editor appears in court
    • Run-off may revive President Mbeki’s credibility over Zimbabwe policy
    • Negotiation, not election, will see Mugabe out
    • MDC must change its approach to transition
    • Time at the border is money
  46. Posted 12/5/08
    • Hospitals are ordered not to treat opposition supporters
    • Zim prisons chief feeds terror militia
    • Chief of Zimbabwe electoral commission: Government needs more time to prepare for runoff
    • 58 Morgan Tsvangirai supporters arrested
    • Zimbabwe opposition seeks peacekeepers for run-off
    • Zanu-PF rejects MDC run-off election demands
    • Zimbabwe braces for new elections amid violence
    • Aid groups warn of rural “genocide”
    • Horror story that seems to have no end
    • Zimbabwe teachers on frontline of violence
    • 'World must take stand on Mugabe'
    • South Africa Calls For End To Violence In Zimbabwe
    • 'No regrets' for Mugabe opponents
    • MDC activists arrested for allegedly burning chief cop’s farm
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 10th May 2008
    • How to invest in Zimbabwe
    • Tortured or killed for not voting “correctly”
    • Hackers target Herald website
  47. Batch 2 Posted 11/5/08
    • Morgan Tsvangirai to defy Robert Mugabe's thugs and enter run-off election
    • U.S. urges monitors to watch runoff in Zimbabwe
    • Inside Zimbabwe's secret torture camps
    • SA picking up a crippling tab for Zimbabwean crisis
    • Police Intensify Crackdown On Dissent
    • Zim Under Military Rule - Dabengwa
    • Tsvangirai Sets Terms For Run-off
    • Teachers Flee Terror In Rural Schools
    • Relatives Refuse To Bury Murdered MDC Activist
    • Botswana Tells Media To Expose Zimbabwe Violence
    • Diplomats Visit Torture Victims, Pledge Support
    • Conditions Not Ideal For Run-off: Envoy
    • Face-to-face With Mugabe's Dungeons
    • Fears Of Drug Resistance To HIV/Aids Medicines
    • War Veteran Raids Disrupt Winter Wheat Cropping
    • Talks Begin To Protect Low-income Consumers
    • ZTA Set To Boost Russian Market
    • Zambian Govt Seizes Chiluba 'millions'
    • Whingeing Government Scoffs At 'sanctions'
    • Botswana Plugs Cross-border Fuel Lifeline
    • The Presidency And Balance Of Parliamentary Power
    • 'Rebuild The Media, Rebuild Zimbabwe. . .'
    • We Know What Went Wrong
    • State Terror's Implication On Agriculture
    • Zim Standard Letters
  48. Posted 11/5/08
    • Morgan Tsvangirai confirms that he will stand in an electoral run-off against Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai to return home within 2 days
    • Tsvangirai's imminent return brings relief to supporters
    • We are ready, people are ready says MDC as it agrees to go for run off
    • Zimbabwe opposition wants int'l observers at run-off
    • Tsvangirai warns runoff after May 23 would be illegitimate
    • Zimbabwe minister says no pre-conditions for run-off
    • No choice for Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai
    • Opposition leader faces a real risk of assassination
    • Zanu-PF 'geared for run-off'
    • Zanu-PF desperately needs the MDC to survive
    • Zimbabweans can solve their own problems: Mbeki
    • 90% of cops voted for Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe: Bob’s reigning, blood’s pouring, the “Old Man” is snoring
    • 900 tortured and assaulted in Zimbabwe
    • Meant to strengthen, land grab weakened Zimbabwe's Mugabe
    • 'Conditions are at their worst'
    • Violence could disenfranchise thousands
    • Political violence amounts to crimes against humanity
    • Day by day the pressure grows
    • On the Roadsides
    • Ncube,Sibanda imposition meets resistance
    • An open letter to Gideon Gono
  49. Batch 2 Posted 10/5/08
    • SA head silent after Harare talks
    • Mbeki urged to quit as mediator
    • Horror in Zimbabwe
    • US, Other Envoys In Zimbabwe Visit Victims Of Political Violence, Urge Halt To Attacks
    • Rice seeks African 'insight' to help resolve Zimbabwe crisis
    • Mugabe Wages Retribution Campaign After Losing the Election: Hundreds Flee for “Safety”
    • Arson attacks on ZESN observers’ homes
    • Malloch-Brown's vision for Africa: 'having an aid policy is not enough'
  50. Posted 10/5/08
    • 'Dramatic escalation of attacks' seen in Zimbabwe as Mbeki arrives
    • Zimbabwe opposition won't meet with visiting mediator Mbeki
    • Zim brutality, torture soars - doctors
    • Morgan Tsvangirai 'may lose leadership if he boycotts run-off'
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader to Announce Decision on Election Runoff Saturday
    • Tsvangirai losing momentum?
    • Time for Africa to lean on Mugabe and his cronies
    • War Vets Continue to Target Homes of Election Observers
    • Detentions, Violence And Tensions Escalate In Zimbabwe
    • Two Zim leaders 'interrogated'
    • ZCTU Leaders to Spend Weekend in Custody
    • Hunger drives post-election violence, deepens poverty
    • Chief fingered in Post Poll violence
    • Zim tensions worry monitors
    • Zimbabwe Court Stresses 6-Mo Limit On Parliament Vote Challenge
    • Vote for Mugabe or you'll be shot, police officers told ahead of Zimbabwe run-off
    • Harare diary: Violence and intimidation
    • Militias 'part' of police in Zimbabwe vote
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Masvingo Students Riot Over Arrest of Their Leader
    • Support for Bishop Bakare v Kunonga
    • Two views... who is telling the truth?
  51. Batch 4 Posted 9/5/08
    • Militias 'to rig Zimbabwe poll'
    • Zimbabwe opposition rejects presidential run-off
    • Mugabe hints at exit
    • High-powered SA delegation to probe violence
    • RBZ move suffocates parallel market
    • Impatience grows over Zim stalemate
    • Tsvangirai faction rules
    • Run-off: Conducive atmosphere crucial
    • Fears ZANU-PF will dig into bag of tricks
    • New monetary policy ideal but . . .
    • Violence won’t shake voters’ resolve: Analysts
    • Govt of national unity the answer
    • ZANU PF must reform or die
    • Zim dollar slumps to historic low
    • 10 chartered flights into Zim cancelled
    • Customs agents hit by systems failure
    • Shortage of goods persists
    • No greater defeat than blood-soaked victory
    • Need for a pre-runoff pact in the interest of the economy
    • Judiciary selectively applying genocide law?
    • Mbeki should condemn, then investigate violence
    • The rugged road ahead
    • FinGaz Letters
    • SA trying to help Mugabe postpone run-off
  52. Batch 3 Posted 9/5/08
    • MDC to participate in run-off
    • NGO’S Begin Violence Report Compilation on Rural Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Terror
    • Inflation hobbles electoral commission
    • Mr. Mugabe’s Cynical Plan
    • Take half a loaf in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Presidency and the balance of power in Parliament
    • Please Morgan Tsvangirai, if the chicken doesn’t cross the road it’s dead……
    • Mugabe must hit the road: MDC
    • Does Zimbabwe really need a new political party now?
  53. Batch 2 Posted 9/5/08
    • Cases of political violence mount
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Body No Longer In Control - Pan-African Parliament
    • Mbeki, Mugabe Meet On Violence
    • Mnangagwa Running Zanu PF Campaign
    • SA Team Probes Zim Violence
    • Civil Servants Get Another Windfall
    • Mugabe Has Mountain To Climb
    • Mugabe Win Will Create Dysfunctional Govt
    • 20 Farms Seized In Mash West
    • MDC Factions Agree To Save Sibanda, Ncube, Nyathi
    • Standard Editor Arrested
    • Black Market, Banks 'fight' For Forex
    • 'RBZ Money Printer Will Run Overtime'
    • No Pricing System For Tobacco
    • Coal, The New Gold
    • Chickens Coming Home To Roost
    • Tsvangirai Now Image Of A New Zimbabwe
    • This Violence Must Stop Now
    • Violence Won't Rescue Mugabe
    • Comment: When Will This Violence End?
    • Candid Comment: Ominous Sign On The Horizon
    • Erich Bloch: Forex Reforms Will Aid Productivity
    • Muckraker: The Vituperations Of A Sore Loser
    • Editor's Memo: Public Media Is For The Public
    • Zim Independent Letters
  54. Posted 9/5/08
    • Zimbabwe lawyer and editor arrested, 40,000 farm workers displaced
    • Farm-workers flee Zimbabwe homes
    • The face of post-electoral violence
    • ZANU PF admits Violence
    • Catholic justice and peace body condemns Zimbabwe election commission
    • US urges end to Zimbabwe violence
    • ZANU-PF election trickery exposed
    • Mugabe delays as he plots victory
    • Zimbabwe's opposition still rejects run-off
    • S.Africa's Mbeki to visit Zimbabwe to meet leaders
    • Zimbabwe Too Violent For Run Off Elections, Says SA Observer
    • Two WOZA members appear on trial at Bulawayo Magistrate’s Court
    • Campaign of Terror Unleashed
    • Who will serve Zimbabweans?
    • IBA: Zimbabwe's Mugabe Should be Investigated for Human Rights Crimes
    • Zimbabwe trade union chiefs taken into police custody
    • Detained Reuters photographer released in Zimbabwe
    • Pressure mounts on Zim amid violence
    • ACHPR Depressed by Zim Human Rights Situation
    • The will of the people or the will power to govern – the Gono Factor
    • Zimbabwe deadlock hurts efforts on economy -cbank
    • Cholera kills five in Zimbabwe
    • AU council skips debate on Zimbabwe
    • 'Democratic recession' changing the world
    • Botswana Bans Sale of Bulk Fuel to Zimbabwe
    • Letter to a Compatriot - opinion
    • Passengers panic as Air Zim 'catches fire' at KIA
    • JAG special appeal communique, Dated 8 May 2008
    • Chinese arms ship is in Angola......heading to Congo Brazza
  55. Batch 3 Posted 8/5/08
    • Zimbabwe beating deaths tied to ruling party gangs
    • Zimbabwe MDC supporters beaten
    • The perpetrators:Update
    • Violence in Zimbabwe Disrupts Schools and Aid
    • Military top brass protect benefits of patronage
    • 'Blunder' by MDC may see Mugabe keep reins
    • Masunungure says Tsvangirai made a blunder
    • Biti faces arrest on return to Zimbabwe
    • Some Zimbabweans Said to Have Lost Confidence in Electoral Commission
    • Dos Santos says Tsvangirai must stand
    • PAP doubtful over runoff
    • Replace Zimbabwe dollar with rand to curbhyperinflation
    • Comment from a correspondent
  56. Batch 2 Posted 8/5/08
    • Zimbabwe army speaks on political violence
    • SA delegation to meet Zim opposition today
    • Lawyer arrested for utterances made in court
    • Lawyer’s Arrest Raises Fear of Broader Crackdown
    • Zimbabwe Villagers Gripped By Fear As Death Toll From Violence Mounts
    • Zimbabwe Elections: "Voting Tsvangirai will plunge country into civil war"
    • Election Observers Under Attack in Mt Darwin East
    • Zanu-PF accused of bullying
    • Zimbabwe: House of Commons Debate
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Insists No Runoff Before First-Round Verification
    • Bindura villagers endure Zanu 'cleansing'
    • ZCTU warns Zanu (PF)
    • SA opposition demands Mbeki probe
    • Foreign Exchange rates skyrocket in Zimbabwe
    • Violence precludes Zim run-off
    • NamPower secretive about Zim coal loan
    • JAG special appeal communique, Dated 7 May 2008
    • Zim clubs cannot afford to fly
    • Govt Begins Disbursement of Doctors' Cars
  57. Posted 8/5/08
    • Zimbabwe election body says runoff "within 12 months" - observer
    • Zimbabwe parties challenge parliamentary results
    • Parliament results challenge signals more Zimbabwe vote turmoil
    • ZEC has lost control of the Zimbabwe polls: PAP
    • Post-election violence death toll soars
    • AU Urged to Intervene As Death Toll Rises
    • Remaining White Commercial Farmers Given 24 Hours to Leave
    • Chihuri Orders All Police Officers to Vote Mugabe in Run-Off
    • Zimbabwean lawyer arrested for Mugabe 'insult'
    • Zanu PF overlooks MDC run off conditions
    • Cross-Border Fuel Lifeline Cut
    • ZESN cannot validate ZEC results
    • African ministers meet Mugabe over political crisis
    • Police Raid and 'Loot' Mbare Musika
    • Pressure mounts on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) Post-Election Update No. 1
    • Zimbabwe - “We have degrees in violence”
    • Margaret Kriel's story
    • The SADC Tribunal -- an avenue for redress
    • Zimbabwe chaos affects education
    • Making big money in Zimbabwe
    • 'Zim can nationalise farms'
    • Tracking down a massacre
    • 'Zim can nationalise farms'
    • Tracking down a massacre
    • Zimbabwe: Mugabe Held at Gunpoint, Says Exiled Writer
  58. Batch 3 Posted 7/5/08
    • Mbeki team in top-level Zimbabwe poll talks
    • AU seeks common line on Zimbabwe
    • Gukurahundi by any other name
    • Poll watchdog urges police to curb violence
    • Politically Motivated Attack On Zimbabwean Villagers Said To Leave 11 Dead
    • MDC death toll reaches 25
    • GCB condemns SADC and AU silence over Zimbabwe
    • Ndlovu threatens harsher measures against media
    • Women face violence on our streets
    • Zimbabweans head to 'poor relation' Mozambique after meltdown
    • Some Zimbabweans Said to be Unhappy With Opposition MDC
    • Accounts detail Zimbabwe violence
    • Coalition to protect Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe’s long goodbye has raised new worries about the future of Zimbabwe
    • With Or Without Re-Run, Mugabe's Grip On Power Nearing End
    • Best hope for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Depositors Resort to Multiple Bank Accounts
    • Zimbabwe’s inflation hides a few hopes
    • SA ‘pledged to aid evicted Zimbabwe farmer’
  59. Batch 2 Posted 7/5/08
    • Mugabe’s govt wants monopoly of airwaves
    • Four killed as South Africa probes Zim violence
    • ZANU PF youths attack ZESN election observers
    • Makoni to launch political party
    • MDC to refer poll dispute to SADC
    • Zimbabwe on Course for Slaughter, War
    • Phone police and complain about WOZA arrests
    • Inflation goes through the roof
    • MDC Statement of the Rejection of Presidential Results
    • SADC to fast track mediation process in Zimbabwe
    • Ban discussing UN help for Zimbabwe re-run
    • UN Secretary-genl Concerned At Zimbabwe Unrest,Mulls Poll Monitors
    • Zimbabwe Anglicans face 'communist-style' persecution, says bishop
    • AU foreign ministers to discuss Zimbabwe poll crisis
    • Zimbabwe Election Monitoring Group Questions Presidential Results
    • Mutharika must not abet Mugabe
    • Disrupt 2010 soccer world cup
    • Freelance journalist’s case deferred
    • New Life in Nigeria Yields Results for White Zimbabwean Farmers
    • Comments from Correspondents
  60. Posted 7/5/08
    • Life in Zimbabwe
    • Zim observers question presidential results
    • Zimbabwe faces new election delay
    • MDC says 24 killed as SA probes poll violence
    • Extreme Violence in Shamva And Centenary
    • 'Harvest of fear' in Zimbabwe
    • Two Woza Members Still in Police Custody After Bulawayo Protests
    • Attacks to Create No-Go Areas for Zimbabwe Opposition
    • Mugabe's ZANU-PF Launches Zimbabwe Runoff Campaign
    • ZESN observers under attack in Mt Darwin East
    • Zim voters vow to go back home and finish off Zanu PF in re-run
    • SADC Ministers Fly for Crisis Talks
    • AU chiefs in 'constructive' meeting with Mugabe
    • Minister Claims Controversial Chinese Arms Now in Country
    • Mugabe nightmare for ANC
    • Zim electoral commission to meet on run-off vote
    • Zimbabwe: Catholic Church says Election Commission can no longer be trusted
    • SA Litigation Centre Calls for Prosecution Chefs Over Violence
    • 'Accept foreign poll observers now'
    • Cash Shortages Persist Even After Z$250 Million Notes Introduced
    • 007-2008 Scorecard: How HRC Members Voted
    • Post- election violence report
    • Raila calls for AU action on Zimbabwe
  61. Batch 3 Posted 6/5/08
    • Shun violence: Mugabe's party tells supporters
    • Weighing the odds in Zimbabwe run-off gamble
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Debates Runoff and Violence
    • Gono introduces $250 million note
    • Zimbabwe's currency gets more threadbare
    • Exchange rate on black market tumbles
    • Family go into hiding after their farm invaded
    • Arms cargo link to illegal ivory trade: Report
    • Tenth Journalist Arrested Since General Elections
    • Thabo and Bob: The media myths
    • Mugabe has misinformed Zanu-PF members
    • A Bizarre Process
    • Malawi’s questionable hand in the Zimbabwe crisis
  62. Batch 2 Posted 6/5/08
    • 'We won't accept MDC preconditions for run-off'
    • Zim too traumatised to hold another poll: CCJP
    • MDC to refer poll dispute to SADC
    • Mbeki tells SA pastors bluntly that he Supports Mugabe
    • Some comments from correspondents
    • "Induku kayakhi muzi"
    • Zimbabwe releases $250m bank note
    • Increased Military Involvement Seen In Zimbabwe Post-Election Violence
    • Fears Expat Zimbabweans Being Targeted
    • CPJ helps journalists held in Zimbabwe
    • ZINASU salutes the brave workers of Zimbabwe
  63. Posted 6/5/08
    • Zimbabwe's opposition leader won't say if he'll take part in runoff until election date set
    • New Delay in Zimbabwe Elections
    • Baseline conditions must be met
    • Zimbabweans afraid to vote without monitors, says church official
    • UN chief alarmed at reports of rising violence in Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF paying thugs to kill opposition officials
    • 59 protestors beaten up, 11 arrested
    • WOZA and MOZA members beaten during Bulawayo protests
    • Urgent appeal to the UN security council on Zim
    • Stand up and be counted
    • African Union Chief Meets Mugabe Over Election Crisis
    • MDC leader to return home
    • Zimbabwe dominates discussion at Africa Commission meeting
    • NPA gets details of alleged Zimbabwe torturers
    • Rush on Zimbabwe dollar on first day of floating currency
    • Banished Zimbabwe farmer to sue SA
    • Zimbabwean Teachers Threaten Strike Over Poll Related Violence
    • Zambia expels Zimbabweans as crisis rages
    • Charity in Scotland
    • New Zealand urges UN monitoring of Zimbabwe vote
    • Why can Mugabe call all the shots - Election opinion
    • Statement on the Announcement of Presidential Results and Presidential Run-Off
    • Mugabe Treats His People Worse Than Beasts
    • Lessons in red tape
    • Why did the Zimbabwean chicken cross the road?
  64. Batch 2 Posted 5/5/08
    • Zimbabwe run-off vote may face year delay
    • MDC demands explanation from ZEC
    • Tsvangirai under pressure to fight second poll
    • MDC learns of sniper plot
    • Death squad claim in Zimbabwe
    • Grace Mugabe a wolf in sheep’s clothing
    • Tsvangirai says ready to negotiate Mugabe exit
    • Mugabe's men target the teachers
    • Australia offers help for Zimbabwe poll
    • Mugabe going down with Grace
    • ‘SA will check every allegation of violence’
    • Why does Mbeki back Mugabe?
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Party Ponders Next Line of Action
    • An outside chance worth taking
    • DA calls for parliamentary debate on Zimbabwe
  65. Posted 5/5/08
    • Zimbabwe to fix presidential run-off date 'soon': officials
    • MDC seeks support for run-off conditions
    • Zimbabwe teachers consider strike to protest violence
    • Zim cops storm church service
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 3rd May 2008
    • Attacks show not all police back Mugabe
    • Political violence hampers food aid planning
    • State editors ordered to toe the line
    • Zanu-PF resorts to all-night beatings
    • Eyewitness Zimbabwe - people are pouring out of the country
    • Zimbabwe 2008: Change v No Change
    • The Forgotten Election
    • In South Africa, Zimbabwean Refugees Find Sanctuary and Contempt
    • EA lawyers to sue China over Zimbabwe
    • Thabo Mbeki wanted Arms shipped to Zimbabwe
    • Zim arms ship offloads cargo in Angola
    • Mugabe in a State of Denial
    • Mbeki 'no longer credible negotiator'
    • Re-run,Run-off to Where?
  66. Batch 3 Posted 4/5/08
    • Terror of Rhodesian bush war days returns
    • Neighbours must verify election results, says MDC
    • MDC faces impossible choice over Zimbabwe run-off vote
    • Mugabe's rival seeks independent count
    • Coltart says Zimbabwe media needs transformation
    • Tsvangirai would be as mad as Bob to stand in these circumstances
    • The man who embodies Zim's hope for change
    • Zimbabwe crisis divides Africa's leaders
    • Cash shortages, long queues again hit Zimbabwe banks
    • The tragedy of Zimbabwe
    • ANCYL disappointed with Mugabe
    • The show must go on
    • Can liberal democracy save Zim?
  67. Batch 2 Posted 4/5/08
    • Morgan Tsvangirai claims win and insists he will return to Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 18 of 3rd May 2008 [Presidential Results & Run-Off Announced]
    • White Farmers Held Hostage
    • War Veterans Get Hefty Pay Hikes
    • Corpses Rot As Zanu PF Terror Moves A Gear Up
    • Botswana Sets Up Zim Refugee Camp
    • ZIMSEC May Fail To Hold June Exams
    • Zanu PF Thugs Force Church To Shut Down
    • Minister Disrupts Press Function
    • Scribes Call For More Media Freedom
    • MDC Complains To Service Chiefs
    • Kenyan Playwright Ngugi wa Mirii Dies
    • Mixed Reaction To RBZ Forex Measures
    • Zimbabwe Scientist Wins Gold Medal
    • MDC Should Release Own Poll Figures
    • Not Revenge, But Fair Play
    • Simba Makoni: GNU Only Sensible Option Left For Zimbabwe
    • Run-off - To Run Or Not To Run
    • Political Violence Targets Artists, Musicians
    • Play Takes Dig At Mugabe's Rule
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Zimbabweans need African Union help
  68. Posted 4/5/08
    • Zimbabwe's opposition does not rule out chance of presidential run-off
    • Zimbabwe opposition presses victory claim
    • Should Tsvangirai accept a runoff poll in Zimbabwe?
    • Anxious Zimbabweans await re-run
    • Sleeping in the tall grass
    • The close of the Mugabe era
    • Second round will be sweeter for MDC
    • Press freedom finally coming to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: One last chance to pull it out the fire
    • Now Mugabe's party challenges 52 parliamentary seats won by MDC
    • Zanu pays thugs to kill MDC officials
    • Farm workers stand up to Squatters, War Vets
    • Dip tank attendants appointed as election officers
    • Zimbabwe travel advice
    • Workers Go Through Hell
    • Zimbabwe Frees On Bail 6 Activists, 1 Journalist
    • Bernier calls for monitors in Zimbabwe run-off
    • We will not give into intimidation – ZESN
    • MDC names diplomat as murderer
    • Never the same again
    • Zim unashamed of media oppression – MISA
    • US says it knows who the criminals are
    • Botswana warns of more asylum-seekers
    • When will Mugabe get the sack?
    • Mission to save twin town
  69. Batch 2 Posted 3/5/08
    • Mugabe's Strategy for Victory
    • ZEC Announces “Corrected” results
    • Zimbabwe poll result sparks global ire
    • Snipers assembled to snuff out MDC officials
    • Headmaster battling for life after war vet attack
    • Zanu PF MP ordered attack on Nyamandlovu farm, displacing 60 families
    • Zim flight restrictions
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Let My People Go!
  70. Posted 3/5/08
    • Robert Mugabe to contest run-off election
    • Zimbabwe's MDC will decide whether to contest run-off
    • Election figures in Zimbabwe akin to "grand theft": MDC
    • MDC Leader Morgan Tsvangirai Outpolls President Mugabe, But Runoff Needed: ZEC
    • Mugabe hikes civil servants’ salaries ahead of vote
    • Zimbabwe vote tally has 'serious credibility problems': US
    • South Africa's Mbeki to probe Zimbabwe vote violence: report
    • Zimbabwe: Observers out! Bob’ll fix it…
    • EU Commission wants Zimbabwe run-off monitoring
    • Zimbabwe can't afford run-off, says failed candidate Makoni
    • ZESN says it broke no law announcing results
    • Observers denounce killings, torture in Zimbabwe
    • SADC, AU Where Are You?
    • Zimbabwe ruling party to fight 52 MDC seats in court
    • Zimbabwe opposition willing to share power with ruling party
    • Govt Debt At $6,48 Quadrillion
    • More Farm Workers Evicted And Jobless
    • Thousands Brave Intimidation to Bid Farewell to Murdered Woman
    • SADC meet in Luanda on Zimbabwe political crisis
    • Schools And Teachers Suffer Post-Election Violence
    • Zim activists arrested
    • Another journalist arrested, 10th since 29 March general elections
    • How Mugabe can keep the world waiting
    • 'First martyr died to save family'
    • UN helps 1,500 people displaced in Zimbabwe
    • Exchange rates tumble after RBZ currency floatation
    • U.S. Warns of Targeted Sanctions Against Soldiers Implicated in Violence
    • Manuel defies Mbeki on arms
    • SA ends Security Council term, blasts US and UK
    • Zim vote counting was in terms of the law: SADC
  71. Batch 4 Posted 2/5/08
    • Zimbabwe opposition disputes electoral figure
    • Africa's Leadership Crisis The Case of Zimbabwe
    • Zim dollar devalued
    • US sanctions list to include 200 soldiers
    • MDC factions close ranks, but not reunited
    • Crackdown on Zim civic society leaders intensifies
    • Workers’ Day assumes new meaning
    • Marking Press Freedom Day in fear
    • SADC sliding down media freedom scale
    • Monetary Policy Special: Stories and Highlights
    • Spare a thought...
    • Citizens up against full might of state
    • The way out is out! Readers react
    • Kaunda’s tirades against Brown underscore Africa’s nonchalance
    • FinGaz Letters
  72. Batch 3 Posted 2/5/08
    • Deadlocked election talks to resume in Zimbabwe
    • Wade sends enjoy to Mugabe to ask for results
    • Did the weapons go through Angola?
    • Let’s stop making excuses for Mugabe
    • Blood on Mugabe's and War Veterans' Hands
    • Tsvangirai To Contest In Run-off
    • Police Intensify NGO Raids
    • Tsvangirai Rejects Makoni In GNU
    • Security Agents 're-orient' Police
    • Bakare Says Govt Is Intimidating Anglicans
    • International Community Must Intervene: US
    • Zimbabwe Journalists Under Assault
    • 'Inflation Will Soon Erode $5b limit'
    • Export Receipts Down 8% in Q1
    • African Mines Remain Theatres For Foreign Operators
    • Negotiations Best Way Forward For Zim
    • Mbeki Still Key In Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Is A Govt Of National Unity Possible?
    • The Hot Potato From China
    • Erich Bloch: Eliminating The Parallel Market
    • Muckraker: From One Loser To Another
    • Editor's Memo: Magician's Tricks Exposed
    • Comment: Morgan - Come Home
    • Zim Independent Letters
  73. Batch 2 Posted 2/5/08
    • Still no president for Zimbabwe
    • Zim second ballot planned for end of May
    • 10 MDC supporters arrested
    • Lord Soames would feel vindicated
    • With Presidential Run-Off Mooted, Violence Rages In Zimbabwean Provinces
    • We must support the people of Zimbabwe
    • Crackdown on Zimbabwe NGOS Widens; Humanitarian Worker Assaulted
    • White Zimbabweans bring change to Nigeria
    • Why white Zimbabwean farmers plan to stay in Nigeria
    • Transplanted in Nigeria
    • Zimbabwe's unending election count
    • Archbishops join global calls for intervention in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe invents coup plot as poll chaos continues
  74. Posted 2/5/08
    • Mugabe declares runoff in defiance of Electoral Commission
    • Zimbabwe opposition, commission at odds over vote result
    • Zimbabwe Political Parties Told Tsvangirai Won
    • Zimbabwe government tally shows presidential runoff needed
    • Zimbabwe farm violence spreads
    • Two Zim teachers killed - unions
    • Too scared for school: the plight of Zimbabwe's teachers
    • Zanu-PF split on next move after defeat
    • CIO Implicated in Rusape Woman's Murder is Based in the U.S.
    • General Could Decide Mugabe's Fate
    • Worrying developments in Zimbabwe
    • Leaking of results one way and another
    • Zimbabwe still counting, Mbeki still silent
    • Results dispute signals more delays in Zimbabwe
    • US tells Mugabe to "call off his dogs" in Zimbabwe
    • No Workers to Celebrate May Day
    • Tsvangirai says he will return to Zimbabwe
    • Another brutal murder of an MDC hero
    • Zimbabwe Elections: ACDP Condemns Cowardly Actions by SADC for Hiding behind Mbeki
    • Operation Glossary - a guide to Zimbabwe's internal campaigns
    • Zimbabwe: Untrammeled spirit
    • The pressure on Robert Mugabe steadily mounts
  75. Batch 3 Posted 1/5/08
    • Zimbabwe vote results may not help either side
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Rejects Government Claims over Election Results
    • Chihuri threatens Tendai Biti
    • Even the 'perfect dictator' must accept the game is up
    • In Zimbabwe, population shows restraint
    • Zimbabwe to verify election results amid turmoil
    • Army Accused of Terror Campaign
    • How can Zimbabwe crisis be resolved?
    • Zanu (PF) disintegrates into chaos
    • Regime robs a generation of an education
    • A new dawn?
    • Zim.price controls
    • Zanu (PF) has lost its grip
    • Travel Warning: Don’t go to Zimbabwe
  76. Batch 2 Posted 1/5/08
    • Leaked poll results show that Mugabe lost – but will fight second round
    • Zimbabwe opposition says no to runoff
    • US hands over proof of violence to Mugabe’s govt
    • ZEC says all set for presidential vote verification
    • Zimbabwe police after opposition leader over poll results
    • Zimbabwe Police Arrest Teachers Who Worked as Election Officials
    • Protest against Mugabe’s post-election reign of terror
    • As Victims of Violence Multiply, Zimbabwe State Doctors Widen Strike
    • Children Not Spared Post-Election Violence
    • Mugabe Condemned at HIFA Opening
    • Churches issue warning about Zimbabwe's political situation
  77. Posted 1/5/08
    • Mugabe 'accepts that Morgan Tsvangirai won
    • Zimbabwe 'set for election run-off'
    • Zimbabwe to float its currency: central bank governor
    • Sokwanele Urgent Press Release
    • South Africa Blocks UN From Sending Envoy
    • Farm Workers Severely Assaulted By Zanu-PF Thugs in Nyandhlovu
    • Schools in Crisis As Teachers Flee Rural Violence
    • Six workers with anti-poverty agency arrested in Zimbabwe
    • Continuing criminality by the mugabe regime
    • World Bank ties Zimbabwe help to policy shift
    • Torture, murder, threats as Zimbabwe sinks into violence
    • UN voices reluctance to act on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe dismisses U.N. talks as "racist and colonial"
    • US Senate calls for Mugabe to quit
    • Zimbabwe's MDC says 20 members died in poll unrest
    • Zimbabwe Farmers Hold On To Tobacco Crop Citing Low Prices
    • Zimbabwe commercial bank eases foreign exchange rules
    • Raid On MDC Office Claims Another Life
    • Investors eye Zimbabwe, hope regime change will reduce risk
    • Zimbabwe police accuse opposition
    • Zims face deportations as army assume sub chiefs roles
    • Seven days of fantasy in a city of crushing reality
    • Robert Mugabe chewed up
    • Harare diary: Lean times for meat eaters

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