The ZIMBABWE Situation

August 2008 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/8/08
    • SA insists Zimbabwe talks are still on track
    • Mugabe is still the problem
    • Remove a cockroach and a rat comes to take its place
    • Mugabe to announce cabinet soon
    • Child malnutrition crisis in rural Zimbabwe, say aid agencies
    • Tsvangirai Opens Up On Failed Deal
    • Heroic Or Stupid. . .
    • NGOs Give Lifting Of Ban Cautious Reception
    • ZLHR Launches HIV/Aids,Rights Charter
    • Govt Officials Accused Of Stealing Donated Food Aid
    • Editor's Case Remanded To September
    • Activists Want Radical Action After Talks Flop
    • Disease Fears As Bulawayo Water Shortage Worsens
    • Court Relief For Civic Activist As Lawyers Allege Torture
    • Mbeki Has Failed, Say Analysts
    • New Twist In Mutumwa Mawere Case
    • Sanctions: Travellers To Feel The Pinch
    • Setbacks For Gold Production
    • New Parliament Power Shows No Part Can Govern Unilaterally
    • Canada And Zimbabwe Beyond Mugabe's Rule
    • An Evil Monster Wraps Itself In The Mantle Of A Messiah
    • Opposition Can Use opportunity In Government For Strategic Reasons
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 560 - Dated 29 August 2008
  2. Posted 31/8/08
    • Mugabe party shuns new opposition demand: report
    • Zimbabwe government rubbishes MDC claim of plot to jail MPs
    • Zimbabwe power-sharing talks hit snag
    • No direct talks for Zimbabwean political rivals
    • Zimbabwe's lifting of aid agency restrictions 'positive' development, says Ban
    • Mbeki urges Zimbabwe negotiators to end talks
    • Two More MDC Activists Die From Assault Injuries
    • Zanu PF plan to reverse parliamentary majority by jailing MDC MPs
    • Secret inflation figures adding more zeroes to Zim dollar
    • Harare Agricultural Show Loses Lustre
    • Teachers Strike
    • Seven prisoners die of hunger
    • Vengeance is ours, says Mugabe's man
    • Shiny brown seeds
    • Hope for real victims of Zimbabwe tourism stay-away
    • Ground Realities Stall Basket Fund Take Off
    • Food Sufficiency Is Here
    • The dynamics of Zimbabwean Politics
    • Good Governance: Borrowing From the EU For AU
    • Britain, Mugabe, Zimbabwe, Africa
    • Zimbabwean faces 25-year-jail term in Australia
    • Street life on Kwame Nkrumah
  3. Posted 30/8/08
    • Pretoria talks resume as Mugabe goes for broke
    • Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF says no need for more talks
    • South Africans bid to kickstart Zimbabwe talks
    • Mugabe go-it-alone threat hangs over renewed talks in South Africa
    • Security leaders back Mugabe to keep power in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe lifts ban on humanitarian organizations
    • Zimbabwe's MDC says will not sign proposed deal
    • Zanu PF Itching For Revenge
    • Bush, Kikwete discuss Zimbabwe, Darfur
    • "Tanzania must help end Zimbabwe's military dictatorship"
    • Tsvangirai Meets Civic Society Leaders
    • Billions Lost Through Diamond Smuggling
    • Police Disrupt Crisis AGM
    • 11 held at Beit Bridge for cable theft
    • Cash Shortages Affect Turnout
    • Doctors and teachers go on strike in Zimbabwe
    • Zim business bemoan talks collapse
    • Mugabe hands Olympic medalist $100,000 cash reward
    • A real deal
    • The victory of democracy in Parliament
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Remove punitive tax on foreign newspapers
    • Three professors and an ancestral spirit
  4. Batch 2 Posted 29/8/08
    • 'Nothing will stop Mugabe forming new govt'
    • Mugabe prepares for next move
    • Zanu-PF to revenge Mugabe humiliation
    • ZCTU says Mugabe as inept as his cabinet
    • UK relaxes Zim travel warning
    • U.S. Warns of Humanitarian Disaster
    • A freedom fighter returns
    • Tsvangirai Under Pressure To Sign
    • . . . As Political Stalemate Drags On
    • MDC-T Struck Deal With Mutambara MPs
    • Mugabe Purges Opponents In Party
    • Tsvangirai: Mugabe 'a human being after all'
    • Mavambo Project Faces Collapse
    • Low Key Harare Show Dominated By Govt Departments
    • As Talks Stall...Business Rings Warning Bell
    • 'Empowerment Act much cause for parly debate'
    • Speculation Fuels Inflation
    • Talking Is No Cure
    • 'Incestuous Merging' Won't Work: SA Analysts
    • Erich Bloch: Government's Unlimited Duplicity
    • Muckraker: The Re-discovery Of The Senate
    • Editor's Memo: A Silent Resistance In The Making
    • Comment: A Shocking Legacy
    • Candid Comment: Power, Divine Kings And Tsvangirai
    • Zim Independent Letters
  5. Posted 29/8/08
    • Robert Mugabe to form minority cabinet in Zimbabwe
    • SADC Denies Giving Harare Green Light To Form Cabinet Before Conclusion of Power Sharing Deal
    • MDC to Petition Mbeki Over Mugabe Plans to Form Government
    • Total defiance
    • Zimbabwe power-sharing talks resume in South Africa
    • Zimbabwe Police Storm civil society meeting
    • Security strongmen put pressure on Mugabe
    • Red Cross appeals for urgent food aid for Zimbabwe
    • Goche, government responsible for suffering of millions - McGee
    • Chiwewe Weeps Over Chop
    • Hopes in Zimbabwe for Success in Tobacco Farming Lead to Disappointment
    • No Zimbabwe trip for Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe - The Plan Comes Unstuck
    • Listening for the trucks that will bring the food
    • A Question of Survival Under 'Too Much Mugabe'
    • The Face of the Struggle for Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe Risks Hostile Parliament
    • Inflation Heads for One Billion Mark
    • The Laughter Has Gone!
    • TUC calls on Mugabe to set Zimbabwean trade union leaders free
    • on Sale for US$500,000.00
  6. Batch 2 Posted 28/8/08
    • Opposition won't join Mugabe's government
    • In his own words – “the worst cabinet in history”
    • Opposition warns Mugabe over appointing cabinet
    • Students to wage campaign against Mugabe
    • US urges Mugabe to resume talks with opposition
    • Moyo election scuttles Mutambara-Zanu deal
    • Zimbabwe's unholy alliance
    • Nothing will change unless Mugabe goes - SA refugees
    • Pulling the house down
    • NUST lecturers' strike continues
    • Zimbabweans Scavenge for Money
    • Hero’s welcome for medalist Coventry
  7. Posted 28/8/08
    • Robert Mugabe to form government without Zimbabwe opposition
    • Mugabe plunges Zimbabwe into crisis with plan to ignore MDC
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Denounces Mugabe's Government Plans
    • Zimbabwe opposition: Mugabe will fail alone
    • MDC petitions to bar Mugabe from parliament
    • MDC allege plot to force by-elections as 5 MP's remain in custody
    • MDC must exploit parliamentary power
    • Junta mouthpiece speaks of war
    • Amnesty exhibit urges immediate stop to Zim human rights abuses
    • Zimbabwe talks expected to resume
    • Trial of Chikurubi 14 Postponed to 15 October 2008
    • MDC treason case postponed
    • Watch out for the backlash!
    • SADC criticism grows as humanitarian crisis continues in Zim
    • Government Stalling on Media Reforms - MAZ
    • Zimbabwe Health Experts Concerned That Most Sick People Cannot Afford Treatment
    • US Warns of Humanitarian Disaster As Harare Keeps Lid on Aid Agencies
    • ZBC Journalists Get Retrenchment Letters
    • CHRA to hold harare municipal conference
    • What Mbeki must tell Mugabe
    • Morgan Tsvangirai: My dinner with Robert Mugabe
    • This moment of controversy
    • Justice Versus Reconciliation
    • Who goes on holiday to Zimbabwe?
  8. Batch 2 Posted 27/8/08
    • Mugabe mauled
    • Tide has turned on Mugabe
    • Jeers as Mugabe opens parliament in breach of deal
    • Comment: Boo and hiss as much as you like, Robert Mugabe's still in power
    • Trying to Boo Mugabe Offstage
    • Rights group opens exhibit on abuses in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe talks are continuing: parliament speaker
    • Ncube and Mutambara in deep trouble-MDC MP
    • Witch hunt in ZANU-PF for Moyo backers
    • Power-sharing vs power transfer: Securing Zim's future
    • SADC has failed Zimbabwe
    • ZIMFEST 2008 – the miracle festival!
    • Democracy Is Africa's Ultimate Destiny
  9. Posted 27/8/08
    • Robert Mugabe humiliated as Zimbabwe parliament opens
    • Jeers, boos, heckling
    • Three more MPs arrested
    • MDC says parliament opening "illegal", calls for talks
    • MDC MPs, Senators petition Mugabe
    • MDC calls for urgent resumption of talks
    • Zimbabwe's speaker makes history
    • It's about power, stupid
    • Zanu PF are still delusional
    • Parliament opens as patients despair
    • Doctors' strike adds to country's pain
    • Questions loom over the new role of parliament
    • Bleak future for Tsvangirai if he surrenders
    • COSATU slams SADC support of Mugabe
    • CHRA demands legal reforms from Parliament
    • Sinking Economy, Misery Index and Zimbabwe’s Moral Quandary
    • Female Reporter Who Witnessed Police Violence Released After Several Hours in Detention
    • Church leaders concerned that time is running out in Zimbabwe
  10. Batch 3 Posted 26/8/08
    • Police in early morning raid on MDC in hotel
    • Speakership shows MDC is the people's project
    • Mugabe bid to wangle speaker post backfires
    • No amnesty should be granted to dictators
    • FEWS Southern Africa Food Security Update Aug 2008 - 8 million are at risk of food insecurity
    • Man made famine looms in Zimbabwe
  11. Batch 2 Posted 26/8/08
    • Mugabe's grip on power loosens as rival wins vote for post of speaker
    • Mugabe to open parliament over opposition protests
    • Surprise opposition win in Zimbabwe parliament
    • Will Mbeki allow Mugabe to make a fool of him again?
    • Mugabe does not understand situation
    • Tsvangirai deserves a better deal
    • MDC (Tsvangirai) statement on the election of the speaker of parliament
    • Our Speaker today!
    • The following is an editorial reflecting the views of the US Government
    • COSATU criticises African leaders' approval of Mugabe
    • No classes at university as lecturers' strike continues
    • Ministers involved in poaching of rhino
    • A country kept in the dark
    • Biology in the bush
    • Zimpapers Sends Editor on Forced Leave
    • Advertising agency sold to Sharon Mugabe for $1
  12. Posted 26/8/08
    • New speaker of parliament is from Tsvangirai MDC
    • Blow for Robert Mugabe as Morgan Tsvangirai's man elected Speaker
    • Zimbabwe's MDC might attend opening of parliament
    • MDC hits back at MPs arrest
    • Zimbabwe parliament sworn in with reduced MDC numbers
    • Mugabe's ZANU-PF wins Zimbabwe senate presidency
    • SADC backs deal to keep Mugabe as head of state and government
    • EU Condemns Mugabe Over Parliament
    • The victory of democracy in Parliament
    • Zimbabwe's new speaker, Lovemore Moyo
    • How does parliament work in Zimbabwe?
    • What is the role of Zimbabwe's Speaker of Parliament?
    • What's next in Zimbabwe's political crisis?
    • Hopes of a political settlement waning
    • Cartoon
    • Surely Mbeki will not save Mugabe this time
    • Mugabe names ministers, contravenes accord
    • Zimbabwe deal sounds fair at first, but the fine print clearly favours Mugabe
    • MDC says Mugabe has chosen 'path of arrogance'
    • Millions starving as banned humanitarian food aid begins to rot
    • Prayer for Zimbabwe
    • Hard Times Continue As Talks Drag On
    • Sustainable development and food security in the South East Low Veld
  13. Batch 2 Posted 25/8/08
    • Zimbabwe opposition reports arrest at parliament
    • Zimbabwe parliament reopens amid horse-trading over speaker post
    • MDC warns Mugabe parliament moves threaten talks
    • Mugabe gambles on gaining majority in parliament
    • Mugabe delays the inevitable
    • First the journalists, now their families
    • Zanu PF MPs vote in advance for Speaker
    • Have you met our new friends?
    • We Should Prepare For Post-Mugabe Era
    • The Military is the Main Culprit
    • UK firms reject voluntary code on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe rebuff to Kunonga clergy
  14. Posted 25/8/08
    • Parliament to reconvene in Zimbabwe
    • MDC factions dispute leadership of Zimbabwe parliament
    • Zimbabwe faces crunch week as Mugabe draws battle line
    • Tsvangirai risks being out-manoeuvred
    • Rebutting Ncube: the agreed rules gave Tsvangirai the presidency, & Mugabe a run-off
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 23rd August 2008
    • Questions over Tsvangirai's change of stance
    • ZINASU Blasts Mbeki
    • Chaibva Threatens to Sue Khama
    • PetroSA denies links with Zimbabwe's Mugabe
    • Immunity and amnesty only encourage human rights abusers
    • Mugabe must emulate Musharraf
    • OP responds to Zimbabwean media reports
    • A paradise loved and lost
    • Rubbish money!
    • Comments from Correspondents
  15. Batch 2 Posted 24/8/08
    • Zanu PF is accused of underhand tactics in push to win Speaker post
    • MDC may lose out over key parliamentary job
    • Themba-Nyathi Tipped For Speaker's Post
    • Political Violence: Living With The Enemy
    • Roadside Home For Chegutu Family
    • Why Tsvangirai Refused To Sign
    • Masvingo Man In Hot Soup For Mugabe Slur
    • Police Arrest, Quiz Standard Journalist For Taking Pictures
    • Posh Vehicles For Army Top Brass
    • Teacher Training Colleges 'lower' Entry Qualifications
    • Urban Residents Decry Prolonged Power Cuts
    • 'Skimpy diet' For Athletes At Youth Games
    • External Support Vital for recovery: World Bank
    • Non-African Countries To Feature At Travel Expo
    • Opposition Can Use opportunity In Government For Strategic Reasons
    • Agricultural Show: A Mockery Of Farmers
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • PetroSA in oil deal with Mugabe cronies
    • WPP sells Mugabe agency
    • British firms trading in Zimbabwe refuse to sign ethical code
    • Doctors on strike amid food crisis warning
    • Don't heed these cries of 'colonialist'
    • Balance of power in Zimbabwe
  16. Posted 24/8/08
    • Food rots as Zim aid ban continues
    • SADC failure to broker Zim deal worries NGOs
    • Chaos at MDC-M National Council Meeting
    • Zim situation differs from ours, Tsvangirai should
    • CIO plans to arrest MDC MPs en route to parliament
    • World Bank says ready to help Zimbabwe
    • Mutambara Fears Looming Targeted Sanctions
    • Police Launch Blitz Against Forex Dealers
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Parliamentarians Allege Official Harassment
    • RBZ increases cash withdrawal limit
    • Less than a tin of jam
    • Zimbabwe - Betrayed by Africa
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Press Release on Acquittal of Hon Ian Kay
    • ZANU-PF abusing women in Mash West
    • Jonathan Moyo to vote for ZANU PF speaker, but..
    • LonZim earmarks US$100m investment for Zimbabwe
    • NGO Ban Stalls Farming Preparations
    • Towards Parity For Women In Politics
    • Happy Days Are Coming
    • They Can Only Go So Far
  17. Posted 23/8/08
    • Bomb explodes at Zimbabwe rail line, bridges: police
    • Talks reach dead end as ZPF politburo vows no power for Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe war veterans say Tsvangirai stalling talks
    • MDC looks to Mbeki to stop parliament convening
    • Tsvangirai's dwindling options
    • Mugabe outmaneuvers us again
    • Zimbabwe Parties Maneuver Before Reopening of Parliament
    • Tsvangirai stages coup on Mutambara
    • Battleground Zimbabwe
    • Mutambara, Ncube accused of CIO links
    • Mutambara set to cut deal with ZANU PF & cut ties with Tsvangirai
    • MDC may boycott opening of parliament
    • Mugabe refuses 'concessions'
    • Mugabe's functions under Constitution before power sharing
    • Leaked: The document Tsvangirai refuses to sign
    • The hypocrisy of Dr Arthur Mutambara
    • Tantrums of a pre-mature political baby
    • Welshman Ncube on "sell-out deal" claims etc
    • Brass to Mugabe: get out of talks
    • CIO threatens MDC MPs
    • No where to go
    • Economy in freefall
    • Reporter arrested in provincial town as she watches police violence
    • Executive Equality: Zimbabwe must have a life again
    • Comment from Correspondent
  18. Batch 2 Posted 22/8/08
    • SADC should dump Mugabe and save a nation
    • Mugabe takes generals' advice and abandons deal
    • MDC to attend swearing-in of MPs
    • Balance of power is in the hands of Arthur Mutambara
    • 'ZANU PF won't give in to Tsvangirai's demands'
    • Tsvangirai seeks Raila's advice on coalition
    • Harare Parties Jostle for Control of Parliament
    • MDC: Brown's Trojan horse?
    • Post-Election Political Violence Persists In Zimbabwe's Manicaland Province
    • Panic in Harare
    • Move On Parly Threatens Talks
    • Parties Thrown Into Confusion
    • Chiota Challenges Swearing-in Of Parliament
    • Botswana Denies Policy Change
    • Inter-party Talks Continue Says Mbeki
    • Zesa Deal Condemns Zim To Darkness
    • Speculators Devalue US Dollar And South African Rand
    • Zim Woes Could Hamper Sadc-FTA
    • Tsvangirai's Role Must Not Be Underestimated
    • Zanu PF, MDC Need Each Other
    • Civil Society, Principles And Puffy Per Diems
    • Analysts Call For Internal Settlement To Crisis
    • Candid Comment: Tsvangirai Deserves A Better Deal
    • Comment: It Must Be Cast In Stone
    • Erich Bloch: Statesmen Vs Politicians
    • Muckraker: Khama's Crime - A British Mother
    • Editor's Memo: Cost Of Emergencies And Old Equipment
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 558 - Dated 21 August 2008
  19. Posted 22/8/08
    • Zanu-PF, MDC faction likely to cut deal
    • Tsvangirai suggests Mugabe may have abandoned talks
    • Will Mugabe violate agreement conditions?
    • MDC Tsvangirai to vie for parliamentary speakership
    • Zimbabwe plan would share executive power - faction
    • Is Mutambara making a fatal move?
    • Don't rush it
    • Mutambara MDC to be rewarded
    • MDC Mutambara Formation in National Unity negotiations
    • Communiqué of the Extraordinary SADC Summit
    • SW Radio Africa Hotseat Transcript
    • We will vote for a ZANU PF Speaker-Welshman Ncube
    • Talks hang in balance as Mugabe outflanks rivals
    • Zimbabwe Organizations Oppose Convening of Parliament
    • SADC under pressure as criticism grows
    • Zim Exiles Forum files papers to have Mugabe declared illegitimate
    • Zanu (PF) thugs poison MDC activists
    • ZANU-PF warlord Chinotimba issues threats
    • Zimbabwean Rights Lawyers Return From Exile Seeking Justice
    • Biti Challenges Remand Ruling
    • Botswana denies Herald story
    • NGO faults UN for being 'over-cautious' in Zimbabwe
    • Crippled by inflation, Zimbabwe doctors strike for bettter pay
    • Zim Media Alliance statement on MoU
    • What will we do with Mugabe and his cronies?
    • Royal treatment for prodigal Zvayi
    • Comments from Correspondents
    • Well done Dzingai!
  20. Batch 2 Posted 21/8/08
    • Mbeki set to meet Tsvangirai in SA
    • Zimbabwe: Counting cost of courage
    • Farewell my beautiful Zimbabwe: how paradise turned to poverty
    • Manicaland still reeling in violence
    • Situation desperate as Mugabe reneges on pledge to lift NGO ban
    • Zimbabwean NGOs Take Southern African Regional Group To Task
    • For Zimbabwe, talking is no cure
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Officials Accused of Exploiting Rural Hunger
    • Resident Physicians In Zimbabwe State Hospitals Back On Strike
    • What Zimbabwe Can Learn From Its Neighbors
    • Shops Re-open as Calm Sets In
    • Influx of Zimbabwe Shoppers to Continue
    • Protest singer to release scorching ‘Zimbabwe circus’ album
  21. Posted 21/8/08
    • Mugabe to open parliament on Tuesday despite warning
    • Tsvangirai, Biti differ on Parliament
    • Zanu-PF gun to Tsvangirai's head: Sign or we convene parliament
    • Fears over recalling of Zimbabwe parliament
    • Statement by Tendai Biti, on the convening of Parliament
    • Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe food aid ban sees five million go hungry
    • Villagers Gain Little From Food Initiative
    • Hungry Zimbabweans Forage to Survive
    • The price of an education
    • Tracked: inflation, black market rates
    • Report: Most Zimbabweans traumatized by violence
    • Post-election violence - some facts
    • Athletes Collapse at Youth Games
    • Doctors on strike and teachers to follow
    • Magistrate Dismisses Case Against MDC-MP Elect Ian Kay
    • Tougher Time As Inflation Surges
    • SADC slammed for ignoring Zim humanitarian crisis
    • Zim talks: where do we draw the line?
    • Zimbabwe's unholy alliance
    • For whom the bell tolls
    • Would someone else have done better?
    • Tsvangirai says Zanu-PF is the stumbling block to the talks
    • Mutambara swims against the tide as he brags about Oxford
    • SA refugee camps still open as court reserves judgement
    • Zimbabwe out of world Twenty20
  22. Batch 2 Posted 20/8/08
    • Mugabe Has No Intention Of Sharing Power
    • Recall of parliament threatens Zimbabwe talks
    • Mugabe 'working behind scenes' to outflank MDC
    • Onus is on SADC to dump Mugabe and save a nation
    • ZANU PF is stumbling block to talks: Tsvangirai
    • What is on offer now is what is practicable: Ncube
    • Zim inflation shoots to new world record
    • Levy Mwanawasa: President of Zambia who fought against corruption and was a fierce and vocal critic of Robert Mugabe
    • " are collectively foolish" --Mutambara
    • Maternal Deaths, the Neglected Tragedy
    • Botswana dismisses Herald report
    • Tsvangirai signature is key to Zim resolution
    • Attacks on the Republic of Botswana unwarranted!
    • The buffoon tyrant was no laughing matter
  23. Posted 20/8/08
    • Zimbabwe parliament to be sworn in next week
    • Zimbabwe's MDC will not accept cabinet before deal
    • Scramble for Political Power
    • Mugabe's Party Defies July 21 Agreement
    • Mwanawasa's death a blow to the region
    • Zimbabwe inflation rockets to 11.2 million per cent
    • ZANU-PF's economic legacy
    • Ordinary Zimbabweans juggle world's highest inflation and food shortages
    • Zimbabwe exiles on warpath against Mugabe
    • Farmers Can't Afford to Leave Markets -- Literally
    • 20 million percent in the flesh
    • Manicaland province under siege by war veterans and militia
    • Elephants slaughtered at alarming rate in Zimbabwe
    • Nine WOZA members released
    • S.African firms set to cash in on post-Mugabe deals
    • Impasse for Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai to seek help from SADC leaders to avert food crisis
    • Rights group says Zim in complex state of emergency
    • Mutambara's Interview with Geraldine Doogue
    • 'African women must rally for peace in Zimbabwe'
    • Bus Operators Charge Fares in Forex
    • Zimbabwe Businesses Reject Old Coins
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 34
    • Tsvangirai mourns Mwanawasa
    • Zimfest - the Little Miracle in London
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 557 - Dated 19 August 2008
    • 'SADC not geared up to handle crisis'
    • The bullying black Englishmen
  24. Batch 2 Posted 19/8/08
    • Zimbabwe inflation jumps to 11.27 mln pct - statistical office
    • Mbeki set to travel to Harare for talks
    • "Voldemort is alive and well and living in Zimbabwe"
    • No Parliament before agreement - MDC
    • Zimbabwe crisis a disgrace: Asmal
    • SADC failure to reinstate Zim NGO's slammed
    • Zimbabwe: forget the crap what about the aid agencies?
    • Gono on forex-buying spree to avoid power switch-off
    • Clearing path to peace in Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai looks past Mbeki to end logjam
    • Extended Political Turmoil Puts Zimbabwe's HIV/AIDS Gains At Risk
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Says Manicaland Constituency Sealed By War Veterans
    • S. Africa's Mbeki Awaited In Harare As Power-Sharing Deal Remains Elusive
    • Mutambara to lose US green card
    • Mutambara holds parliamentary key
    • SADC proves it clearly lacks leadership
    • MDC Warns Over Mugabe Plans
    • Condition of Zambian President Worsens
    • Oxfam urges SA to uphold foreigners' right to safety
  25. Posted 19/8/08
    • Zimbabwe's rivals vow to keep talking
    • Zimbabwe opposition chief to tour region amid talks deadlock
    • President Mbeki's remarks following SADC summit August 17
    • Mbeki defeated as Zim talks deadlock
    • Tsvangirai opposed to convening of parliament
    • Zimbabwe farmer victim of latest Mugabe land eviction
    • Rush to seize farms ahead of GNU deal
    • Zanu PF Chefs Loot Tractors
    • Zimbabwe's Judiciary Under Compromise
    • Delivery Of Buses - A Political Gimmick
    • Botswana denies giving Tsvangirai passport
    • Madhuku urges Tsvangirai to pull out of talks
    • Dealing with the Devil
    • Mugabe rejects PM offer
    • Deal rests with Mugabe
    • Economists raise alarm over Free Trade Area
    • ANALYSTS' VIEW-Zimbabwe power-sharing deal still elusive
    • Mugabe Held Hostage By Party Hawks And Army
    • ACDP lashes out at "cowardly" African leaders
    • Arthur Mutambara an Idiotic Moron or a Patriot?
    • Cartoon
    • Bus Owner Charges In Foreign Currency
    • University Closed Down
    • Chingoka flies to Dubai for ICC talks
  26. Batch 2 Posted 18/8/08
    • Why Tsvangirai still says 'No!'
    • Cartoon
    • Mbeki still propping up Bob
    • Morgan Tsvangirai under pressure to sign up to Robert Mugabe's deal
    • MDC opposes SADC nod to Mugabe bid to convene parliament
    • Zimbabwe talks must not fail: opposition
    • March 29 Election showed People’s will- SADC
    • Mbeki to travel to Zimbabwe to continue with talks
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Committed to Ongoing Peace Negotiations
    • Zim bank: Inflation now 20 million percent
    • Mugabe must openly denounce violence
    • Examination markers fail to show up
    • No Sadza No Peace - the Zim. Agric Balance Sheet
    • Will the new SADC chair please stand up and be counted?
    • Dynamic business sector vital for Africa's prosperity
    • With short-game mastery, de Jonge claims Nationwide Xerox Classic
  27. Posted 18/8/08
    • Summit ends in Zimbabwe stalemate
    • No deal for Zimbabwe
    • SADC says Zimbabwean parliament may have to be convened
    • Mbeki says Zimbabwe talks to continue after summit
    • Regional security body to deal with Zimbabwe crisis: Mbeki
    • Robert Mugabe facing coup or civil war, warns Botswana
    • Free Trade Area set to enhance economic growth
    • MDC wary of Mugabe deal 'plot'
    • Hoping against all hope
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 16th August 2008
    • ZESA tightens load shedding regime
    • Herald Reporter Exposed
    • Just out of reach
    • Mashonaland West Situation Report (15-08-08)
    • One woman, one nation
  28. Batch 2 Posted 17/8/08
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Insists Any Deal Give Him Real Power
    • SADC leaders urged to nullify Zimbabwe's elections
    • Still no Zimbabwe deal at summit
    • "It's better no deal than a bad deal" - Tsvangirai
    • Civil Society Demands More From Talks
    • African leaders must pressure Mugabe or lose their credibility
    • Mr. Mugabe's maneuvers
    • WOZA demands transformation in Zimbabwe's security
    • Economic Hardships Worsen In Rural Areas
    • Cosatu To Block Goods Destined For Zim, Swaziland
    • Zambia Says No To Zim Laws Over Mawere Assets
    • Zimbabwe Crisis: Talks And Tears For Tarisai
    • Scandalising The Sadc Tribunal, A Real Test For Region's Leaders
    • Negotiating While The Nation Faces Starvation
    • So, Who Is On Cloud Cuckooland?
  29. Posted 17/8/08
    • Tsvangirai says he'd accept Zimbabwe premiership
    • Zimbabwe rivals may agree deal Saturday - source
    • Zimbabwe's neighbors vow to help resolve crisis
    • COSATU, ZCTU, march against Mugabe, Mswati
    • Zambia slams Mugabe's re-election as 'blot on democracy'
    • Zimbabwe opposition figure says political compromise urgent
    • AU chief salutes Mbeki's mediation efforts
    • SADC 'to endorse Mugabe as legitimate
    • Mbeki Faces Tough Test
    • Talks secrecy a betrayal of Zimbabwean people
    • Kirsty strikes GOLD for Zimbabwe
    • Charamba leaked Talks Documents to The Herald
    • Axe Looms on ZBH Workers
    • Closure of South African camps on hold pending court ruling, says UN agency
    • S.Africa police fire rubber bullets after Zimbabwean shacks burnt
    • The world's worst inflation
  30. Batch 2 Posted 16/8/08
    • Southern Africa group to seek end to Zimbabwe crisis
    • Cool welcome due for Mugabe at southern African summit
    • SADC Summit Under Way
    • 'COSATU a terrorist, uncivilised body'
    • WOZA arrests urgent
    • International justice makes it harder to shift rulers like
    • Opportunism of the worst kind in Mutambara
    • Zanu (PF)’s Land Reform -100% Empowerment or 100% Embezzlement
    • ZANU-PF in turmoil"
    • Tobacco sales rake in US$116 million"
    • Political stalemate suffocating economy"
    • Humiliating moment for Mbeki
    • Talks without army generals doomed?
    • Policy flaws lead to agric decline
    • Zimbabwe rejects UN violence probe
    • Tsvangirai critical player
    • Lion Hunt Ban Still On
    • Massacre of the giants: Once hunted to near extinction, Africa's elephants slowly pulled back from the brink
  31. Posted 16/8/08
    • Mugabe will face a sea of red cards at summit
    • Zimbabwe rivals seeking deal before summit: opposition
    • Zimbabwe talks to push ahead until solution found: SAfrica
    • Mbeki to meet Zimbabwe party leaders
    • Zimbabwe rivals racing against time for deal
    • Botswana shuns SADC summit over Mugabe
    • Fears Mugabe might sidestep process, convene parliament
    • Solidarity with Zimbabwe ahead of SADC meeting
    • Urgent application to suspend Mugabe's SADC invite
    • The real deal
    • Memo to SADC Summit on Zimbabwe and Swaziland
    • Mugabe trying to bribe opposition MPs to join government
    • Doctors Urge Loud and Clear Condemnation of Zimbabwe Human Rights Abuses
    • Nine WOZA women arrested in Bulawayo
    • Bill watch 32/2008
    • The MDC name the dead
    • Zim violations: act now, SADC urged
    • Bomb blast inside job - Chihuri
    • Can't supply you with power, so we'll tax you instead
    • Air Marshal Shiri and GNU talks
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Raw sewer floods homes and streets in Mabvuku
    • ZANU-PF militia thug punished
    • Kenyan lessons for Zimbabwe crisis
    • Tsvangirai's SA Bodyguards Vehicle Released
    • Beer Shortage
  32. Batch 3 Posted 15/8/08
    • Zimbabwe hopes hinge on regional Africa meeting
    • MDC leader to attend SADC summit
    • Authorities Pose Obstacles at Critical Phase of Zimbabwe Negotiating Process
    • Botswana to give Tsvangirai a diplomatic passport
    • South Africa intervenes after Tsvangirai detained at airport
    • Tsvangirai Charges Coercion By Zimbabwe Authorities In Talks Stalemate
    • Parts Of Zimbabwe's Manicaland Province Still 'No-Go' Zone For Opposition
    • Bar collapses in Harare
    • War veterans reject power-sharing deal
    • Opposition must make the most of its chance
    • Beware a despot bearing gifts of shared power
    • Morgan's moment
    • The 'Totalitarian Temptation' in Zimbabwe
    • ZBC retrenches 7 alleged MDC supporters
    • Zanu (PF) example bad, says Nzimande
    • Gono's latest strategies are mere posturing
    • Elephants killed by staff 'in lieu' of wages
    • MDC hoping to return stronger
    • Why Zimbabwe talks collapsed
    • Exposing root cause of violence in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean Swimming Fans Still Hopeful Kirsty Coventry Can Land Gold
    • Displaced foreigners' asylum applications rejected
    • Coventry relies on power of one to effect change in her homeland
    • Zimbabwe hopes hinge on regional Africa meeting
  33. Batch 2 Posted 15/8/08
    • Row Over Passports Raises Tensions
    • Govt Introduces Levy On Generators
    • Long Wait For Peace Ends In Frustration
    • Revolt Looms In Mutambara Faction
    • Dabengwa Dumps Makoni
    • 'Economy now dollarised'
    • Banks Expected To Meet Capital Requirements
    • Inter-bank Rate Raises Prices Of Goods In Real Terms
    • Property Market Slows Down
    • MTAs Fail To Access Forex From RBZ
    • Banks Reeling From High Accommodation Rates
    • RBZ Compromising Judges
    • Deal May Land Britain With Dilemma
    • Comment: Who's The Boss?
    • Erich Bloch: Destructive Rule Of Fear
    • Candid Comment: Compromise Only Way Out
    • Muckraker: Mutambara's Vote Of No Confidence
    • Editor's Memo: Compromise Is Of The Essence
  34. Posted 15/8/08
    • Tsvangirai's passport seized at airport
    • Charamba's damp squib attempt at spin: 'We did not take Tsvangirai's Passport'
    • Zim talks: Tsvangirai remains 'hopeful'
    • MDC accuse ZANU PF of trying to bribe its MP's
    • Gono busy securing own financial interests
    • SADC to grill Mbeki on Zim efforts
    • Botswana's Khama to boycott summit if no Zimbabwe deal
    • SADC under pressure as summit heads for disarray over Zim crisis
    • Zimbabwe's generals will not surrender
    • Suzman foundation speaks out on Zimbabwe violence
    • Tsvangirai must hold strong
    • Ban asks Mugabe to lift restrictions on relief work in Zimbabwe
    • Send a Red Card to Mugabe - Avaaz campaign
    • ZIMFEST 2008 - the miracle festival!
    • Impoverished Zimbabweans are killing elephants, claim activists
    • Zimbabwe's electronic payment system collapses
    • New forms of "money"
    • Zimbabwe: Who governs?
    • We must monitor our elected representatives
    • Mugabe is a nutter. A real nutter
    • Bodyform pledges to support women in Zimbabwe
  35. Batch 3 Posted 14/8/08
    • Mbeki still upbeat about Zimbabwe talks
    • Rumours distort outcome in Harare
    • Mugabe's Ian Smith predicament
    • MDC MPS react angrily to reports of deal
    • Mutambara MDC on the verge of split
    • Biti takes a swipe at Mutambara: "We will not rush for positions"
    • Tsvangirai Demands Written Guarantee
    • Zimbabweans abroad watch, await post-Mugabe era
    • Mugabe casts long shadow over SADC summit
    • Zimbabwe fallout spreads
    • MDC activist dies following brutal assault
    • Politics, the educated elite and related matters
    • Endorsement of Mugabe highly irresponsible
    • Why did Mutambara leave Standard Bank?
  36. Batch 2 Posted 14/8/08
    • Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai: who will blink first in Zimbabwe
    • Amid Gloom, South Africa's Mbeki Hopeful Of Zimbabwe Breakthrough
    • Mugabe must back down, says rival
    • Hopes of end to Zimbabwe's crisis fade as talks stall
    • Zimbabwean Civil Society To Press For Role In Power-Sharing Talks
    • Zimbabwe Talks Mirror a Hard Road Ahead
    • Zim politician loses bid
    • Image and ambition driving Arthur Mutambara - Zimbabwe's third man
    • MDC pledge to review mines deal
    • ZCTF Report - August 2008
    • Fears of violent flare up as SA refugee camps dismantled Friday
    • Comments from Correspondents
  37. Posted 14/8/08
    • President Tsvangirai Statement to the People of Zimbabwe, 13 August 2008
    • Mutambara rejects 'false' reports of pact with Mugabe
    • Morgan Tsvangirai demands power as Zimbabwe talks with Robert Mugabe stall
    • Mugabe and Tsvangirai deadlocked in Zimbabwe talks
    • Mbeki says Zimbabwe deal still possible soon
    • Nkomo's ghost haunts Zimbabwe talks
    • Mugabe wants Mutambara to be deputy Prime Minister
    • Public reacts angrily to alleged Mugabe-Mutambara deal
    • Analysis: deal without Tsvangirai won't work
    • Zimbabwe Talks Drag On
    • Zimbabwe's fate in the balance
    • Dashed hopes all round
    • Mugabe rewards army generals responsible for political violence
    • Zimbabwe army bosses may have no option but to resign
    • SADC intervenes in Zim talks
    • Mugabe invited to regional summit despite protest plans
    • Mugabe must not be welcomed to South Africa
    • A moment of humiliation for Mbeki
    • Arthur Mutambara: The eager "bridesmaid" in Zimbabwe talks
    • 'Karigamombe has fallen' - A short sketch
  38. Batch 4 Posted 13/8/08
    • Confusion reigns in Zim talks
    • Mbeki denies collapse of Zimbabwe talks
    • Mutambara sells out
    • Deal Sealed
    • Confused information
    • Where is Makoni?
    • Mugabe pulls a fast one, finds Pasty to join in “Unity” government
    • With three silvers, Coventry vows to get gold
  39. Batch 3 Posted 13/8/08
    • Mugabe party claims deal struck with opposition faction
    • Mbeki denies Mutambara signed deal
    • Ncube backtracks as 7 MPs threaten to quit
    • Confusion after 3rd day of Zimbabwe talks
    • Zimbabwe talks 'on course' Mbeki says; Tsvangirai walks out
    • Zimbabwe talks break to give Tsvangirai 'time to consider': Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe deal without Tsvangirai 'a farce': Australia
    • Mugabe in deal with opposition faction: Mbeki
    • Mutambara dons the emperor's new clothes
    • Mugabe hopes to cling to power by agreeing coalition deal with breakaway MDC faction
    • Mbeki fails to address press after talks
    • Zimbabweans Express Disappointment after Opposition Leader Walks Out of Peace Talks
    • Zimbabwe Impasse Gives SADC Leaders Chance to Press for an End to Violence
    • Before any resolution, Zimbabwe first needs justice
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Overhaul Seen as Answer to Hyper-inflation
    • Cosatu to block goods destined for Zimbabwe
    • Peace at gunpoint is not peace at all
    • Farmers Reject Maize Producer Price
    • Imire Safari Ranch
  40. Batch 2 Posted 13/8/08
    • Mugabe reportedly makes deal with faction
    • Zimbabwe deal may omit Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe crisis talks collapse
    • Mugabe and breakaway MDC leader 'have made deal to share power' in Zimbabwe
  41. Posted 13/8/08
    • No word on outcome of 3rd day of Zimbabwe talks
    • Tsvangirai walks out of talks
    • Mugabe promotes key men in election scandal
    • Mugabe showers praise on the military
    • Collapse feared in Zimbabwe talks
    • Zimbabwe talks reach deadlock as Mugabe refuses to cede power
    • Mugabe furiously resisting Tsvangirai's proposals
    • Pressure builds on SADC to intervene in Zim crisis
    • Mugabe honours JOC, ZEC members
    • Zim rivals 'should push on' with talks
    • UN Envoy Menkerios Back in New York After Ban
    • Mbeki likely to host SADC summit, minus Zimbabwe peace deal
    • Zimbabwean talks under threat
    • Court orders reinstatement of journalists suspended by ZBC
    • COSATU strengthens campaign against Mugabe's regime
    • 'Get Politics Right, Then Economy'
    • Zimbabwe’s disintegration
    • Zimbabwe 2008 - Amazing Shame
    • Coventry is Zimbabwe's angel
    • Comment from a correspondent
  42. Batch 3 Posted 12/8/08
    • Mugabe, opposition under growing pressure for deal
    • Talks Falter Over Power
    • More extensions for Zim talks?
    • Zim talks: Mutambara the key player?
    • Mugabe gives downbeat assessment of Zimbabwe talks
    • Zanu (PF) Says Tsvangirai to Blame for Talks Stalling
    • Mugabe wants power to fire Prime Minister
    • Zimbabwe rivals set for make-or-break talks to end crisis
    • GNU compromise will disappoint many
    • Tuesday 12th August
    • “They beat me like a dog” - Political persecution of opposition activists and supporters in Zimbabwe
    • Catholic youth day pilgrims seek Aussie asylum
  43. Batch 2 Posted 12/8/08
    • Success continues to elude Mbeki in Harare
    • Zimbabwe Negotiations Falter
    • Talks in Zimbabwe falter as Tsvangirai refuses to concede power to Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe: anatomy of a deal
    • Why there is no progress in talks
    • Rape as a tool of political violence: The untold story
    • SADC: Press Zimbabwe to End Abuses
    • Zimbabwe Rights Group Charges Crimes Against Humanity In Political Violence
    • Zimbabwean Heroes Day Speeches Yield Political Intelligence
    • Murithi Mutiga: End the sham of African democracy
  44. Posted 12/8/08
    • Zimbabwe powersharing talks adjourned for second time
    • It is hard to see Robert Mugabe giving power to Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Robert Mugabe issues warning to opposition
    • Mutambara's Role Questioned As He Aligns Himself With Mugabe
    • Mugabe showers Mutambara with praise
    • Mugabe downcast after talks
    • Compromise Fear In Zimbabwe Talks
    • Zimbabwe talks in danger: Zanu-PF official
    • Tsvangirai MDC Ready to Quit Talks If Solution Not Found
    • Mugabe warns opposition not to be 'used by enemies'
    • A no-win situation in Zimbabwe
    • Crisis Talks Continue As Country Waits
    • Zim Talks Credibility On The Wane
    • Mugabe talks up power-sharing deal in Heroes' Day address
    • The waiting is making me crazy
    • A Cliffhanger
    • Zim Future Hazy Even if Deal is Reached
    • Hot seat interview: Violet Gonda interviews journalists Dumisani Muleya and Basildon Peta
    • U.S. bishop says Zimbabweans need reconciliation
    • Tapping Diaspora capital to kick-start Zim economy
    • Botswana, Zambia exclude Zim
    • MDC official thrown out of Botswana
    • Botswana Won't Share Table With Mugabe - Skelemani
    • Mugabe is a 'political criminal' says top foreign politician
    • Cosatu vows to bar Mugabe from summit
    • Von Abo ruling exposes empty promises on Zimbabwe
    • Parks Provides Game for Heroes Festivities
    • Comment from a Correspondent
  45. Batch 2 Posted 11/8/08
    • No deal after 16-hour marathon session
    • Zim's 'easy deal' slipping away
    • Mugabe: Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks to Resume Monday
    • Let's reject a military-controlled government
    • Zimbabweans Fear Opposition Betrayal at Ongoing Peace Talks
    • Africa still among 'cold war' catches
    • Africa needs performance based property ownership
    • Abilene family discovers how much Zimbabwe has changed
    • Zimbabwean Conventry sets new world record in semifinals
  46. Posted 11/8/08
    • Hope springs for Zimbabwe regime change as Mugabe and Tsvangirai talk
    • Deadlock looms over talks for unity government
    • Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Pact Proves Elusive In Top-Level Talks
    • Crunch talks on unity government continue in Zimbabwe
    • 'Common position' said to be reached in Zimbabwe
    • Deadlock over Cabinet posts delays settlement
    • Zim government would be liable for humantarian crisis
    • MDC accepts responsibility without authority
    • Tsvangirai takes Zimbabwe power talks to the brink
    • SAfrican unions want Mugabe out of summit if no deal reached
    • Cosatu hopeful of Zimbabwe's recovery
    • SADC expert explains Zimbabwe currency stabilisation measure
    • Zim's Shocking Latest Inflation Figure
    • Zimbabwe now in economic meltdown
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 9th August 2008
    • Africa's 'moral compass' has lost its bearings
    • 'Abolish the culture of impunity'
    • Africa shamed one more time
    • Mbeki blackmailing the MDC, says Boesak
    • Mugabe unlikely to face justice
    • Mugabe may get a national status
    • Holyrood cash props up Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Times photographer flees
    • The Irish spy, the queen and a bunch of excuses for barbarity
    • Kirsty wins Zimbabwe’s first medal
  47. Posted 10/8/08
    • Mbeki arrives in Zimbabwe amid signs of deal in crisis talks
    • Zimbabwe govt says coalition talks reach milestone
    • Plan for amnesty deal breaker
    • Anger over plan to govern with Mugabe acolytes
    • Zimbabwe Traditional Chief Imposes Fines On Opposition Members
    • Thousands face starvation as food crisis deepens in rural Zimbabwe
    • MDC Demands Release of Detainees
    • Zimbabwe Vigil in Olympics Protest in London – 8th August 2008
    • Kneeling in the dust
    • Punished for celebrating March 29 victory
    • Extracting inspiration and pedagogy from combat
    • Zimbabwe Civic Activists Deny Attempting to Sabotage Power-Sharing
    • Waiting and waiting in Zimbabwe. But for what?
    • Army says it is rebuilding destroyed homes
    • Zvayi deported alongside priest
    • Backstory: The swearing in of Mutare councilors
    • Minister In Warriors Scandal
    • Let your fingers do the talking
    • Investor Gets One Cent After 10 Years
  48. Posted 9/8/08
    • Mbeki heads to Zimbabwe amid signs of progress in crisis talks
    • Zimbabwe future hazy even if deal is reached
    • Robert Mugabe seeks dominant role in coalition government
    • Make-or-break moment for Zim
    • Zim's mooted amnesty raises concern
    • UN envoy told he 'is not welcome in Zimbabwe'
    • Zimbabwe militias accused of raping dozens
    • Zimbabwe Auctions Cars for Fuel as Inflation Surges
    • Zimbabwe's bank note crisis deepens
    • Water provision in disarray
    • International community deeply concerned by ban on humanitarian aid
    • Zimbabweans in Chinese embassy demonstration
    • Botswana to deport Zimbabwean on EU sanctions list
    • Moz politican calls Mugabe a "political criminal"
    • Lands and Agrarian Reform Policy - MDC
    • The role of civic society in Zim talks
    • Mbeki's Zimbabwe mediation undermined: analyst
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Redefining the future of race relations in the new Zimbabwe
    • Crisis offices raided & activists deported despite "progress" in talks
    • Economic Problems Self-Inflicted
    • Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
  49. Batch 3 Posted 8/8/08
    • Mbeki visit now deferred to weekend
    • Gono increases limit "to honour heroes"
    • Zimbabwe's domestic debt soars
    • Zanu-PF power struggles a threat to talks
    • AIDS Group Cites Rapes in Zimbabwe as Terror Tool
    • What I saw in Zimbabwe
    • Activists barred from entering Zambia
    • Charamba violating MOU - MDC
    • Waiting for change, but are we ready for it?
    • Mugabe,Tsvangirai In Decisive Meeting
    • JOC Opposes Zanu PF On Talks
    • MDC Wants Gono Removed From RBZ
    • Zim Bars UN Envoy
    • Photojournalist Flees To SA
    • Government Audits land Utilisation
    • Women Say Under-represented At Talks
    • Cash Problem: The Blame Game
    • Monetary Reforms Remain Futile
    • MDC Handed Zanu PF Victory
    • A War We Can't Win
    • Real Peace Needed
    • Erich Bloch: Zero Option For Currency Change
    • Muckraker: Plasma Screens In Judicial Comfort Zone
    • Editor's Memo: Strong-arm Tactics Futile
    • Candid Comment: Dialogue With Magaisa Over Dialogue
    • Comment: Talks Must Go Beyond Deals
    • Zim Independent Letters
  50. Batch 2 Posted 8/8/08
    • Zim talks likely to yield French model govt
    • Zim Civic society to protest against unity government
    • Zimbabwe: Food insecurity emergency appeal
    • ZANU-PF militia to be prosecuted
    • Zimbabwe Police Raid Offices Of Crisis In Zimbabwe Coalition
    • Another White-Owned Zimbabwean Farm Invaded By Militants
    • Zimbabwe Activist Sees HIV Infection Surge Following Political Violence
    • Officials In Harare, Zimbabwe, Say Diarrhea Outbreaks Spreading
    • Zimbabwe Negotiators In Pretoria Said To Wrap Power-Sharing Talks
    • Opposition leader threatens to sue Mbeki
    • ZANU-PF councillors boycott swearing-in
    • Chinamasa's co-accused to face trial
    • Ministers block ZANU-PF supporters' eviction
    • Harare water under threat
    • Boarding schools close early
    • Avoid crisis of expectations
    • Rhetoric will not exonerate police
    • Economic recovery: Three months ambitious
    • NIPC orders beer price slash
    • AirZim breaks silence on scam
    • How effective are sanctions?
    • Experts push for dollarisation in Zim
  51. Posted 8/8/08
    • Mugabe spokesman calls reports of Zimbabwe deal 'nonsense'
    • Zimbabwe denies Tsvangirai, Mugabe "to meet soon"
    • Zimbabwe crisis talks 'progressing': South Africa
    • Hints of a power sharing deal
    • Deal may leave army and bank under Mugabe
    • Zim's feared security chiefs in SA talks
    • Mbeki Fails to Arrive for Talks in Harare
    • War Vet Kazangarare Continues Reign of Terror
    • Rogue : ZANU-PF militia leader Cmdr. Kazangarare
    • Zim: 'People living in the midst of death'
    • Violence continues Mashonaland West
    • Money, money, money
    • Forex on the streets is in demand again
    • Coin Plant Resumes Production
    • It's official - our new currency is the petrol coupon
    • Coins change fortunes
    • Olympics Demonstration in London
    • What is going on?
    • Authorities Arrest Nearly 9,600 for Illegal Diamond Mining
    • Lawyer Makoni Back in Zim
    • South Africa cuts nearly 500 km off Zimbabweans' asylum journey
    • Former prison guard Shepherd Yuda on BTH
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 552 - Dated 6 August 2008
  52. Batch 2 Posted 7/8/08
    • Zimbabwe security chiefs meet S.Africa mediators
    • This is not the Zimbabwe we voted for
    • Critical moment for Zim
    • White farmer's ordeal in Zimbabwe
    • Call for peace as violence persists
    • DA warns against blanket amnesty for Mugabe
    • Zim fuel deal collapses over pricing
    • MDC protests appointment of councillors
    • Refusing to relinquish power: Losing ZANU-PF councilors in Zaka District
    • SW Radio Africa Interview
    • Dabengwa says be wary of Moyo
    • AIDS victims pay price of Zimbabwe turmoil
    • Child Health Days reach Zimbabwe's children and mothers at a critical time
    • China Key Arms Supplier to Human Rights Abusers
    • Zuma's long, dangerous walk to state house
  53. Posted 7/8/08
    • Zimbabwe nears unity deal as Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai prepare to meet
    • Zimbabwe rivals call on supporters to halt political violence
    • Zanu-PF, MDC joint statement on violence
    • Land a major sticking point in Zim talks
    • Mbeki visiting Harare after breakthrough
    • Zimbabwe Faces 50 Million Percent Inflation, Uses Gasoline Coupons For Currency
    • Zimbabwe State Media: Police Suspected in Bomb Blast
    • Civic Groups Demand to be Heard
    • Zimbabwe economy update for August 2008
    • Farmers fighting for their Rights
    • Millions Face Starvation As Food Aid Ban Remains in Place
    • CIO abduct student leader
    • Zimbabweans hopeful of speedy resolution to crisis
    • Political violence caught on video, even after talks deal
    • Update: Situation in Mashonaland West
    • Diarrhoea outbreak hits Harare, CHRA warned the Government
    • Diamonds are Mutare's best friends
    • Politician's Luxury Armoured Car is an SA Government Vehicle
    • Investigation:Who is behind Justice Chiota P1
    • Gono Demands Vehicles From ZBC
    • Zim"s milk production tumbles low
    • Targeted by ZRP: Ian Kay
    • Red Cross appeals for money to feed millions of Zimbabweans
    • Appeal: Please help Zimbabwe SPCA
  54. Batch 2 Posted 6/8/08
    • Mugabe offered amnesty and job for life in draft agreement
    • Mbeki expected in Harare as talks deal looks imminent
    • Mugabe-Tsvangirai Discussion Mooted In Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks
    • UN envoy in SA to monitor Zim talks
    • Economic management is the key issue
    • Zanu-PF militants hold farmer hostage
    • Churches Avert Starvation at Boarding Schools
    • Zanu-PF supporters face eviction from farm
    • Zimbabwe Food Security "Deteriorating By The Day" - USAID Official
    • Mozambiquan Police Harass Zim Travellers
    • Minister warns of ongoing grain shortages
    • ZINASU Wants Zvayi Deported
    • Protest music on the rise in Zimbabwe
    • Drugs, Medical Supplies Importation Banned
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert: Former ZBC bureau chief granted longer remand
    • Zimbabwe caregivers at the fore of HIV care
    • Zim man's mystery SA VIP car
    • History may repeat itself in Zimbabwe
    • Govt moves to kill tourism, for good
    • Bring back plain speak
    • Two recent ILO studies on informal employment in Zimbabwe
  55. Posted 6/8/08
    • Mugabe to become ceremonial leader in Zimbabwe: Report
    • Report: Zimbabwe Parties Near Agreement
    • Zimbabwe coalition government sets wrong precedence in Africa
    • MDC Spells Out Terms for Deal at Talks
    • Zimbabwe crisis talks spark new fears of compromise
    • UN envoy returning to southern Africa to monitor Zimbabwe talks
    • Is this a deal breaker?
    • Mbeki to hold talks with Zimbabwe's military junta
    • Parties Debate 'Hybrid' Government
    • Church group warns about Zimbabwe crisis talks
    • Poll: Zimbabweans see bleak economy
    • Mugabe cronies reportedly stashing US dollars into foreign accounts
    • Zimbabwe attacks filmed despite opposition agreement with Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Court Asked to Close Alleged Torture Camps in East
    • Winter wheat on course for smallest ever crop
    • Food shortages feared as Zim purchases 60 percent of seed maize
    • Pure lunacy: ZANU-PF's plan to feed Harare residents
    • The list: Operational ZANU-PF militia torture camps
    • EU ready to unlock funds to help Zimbabwe
    • Mozambican police harrass long-suffering Zimbabweans
    • War Vets: Liberation war must count
    • Wanted: reinforced pockets
    • Tekere book revealing
  56. Batch 2 Posted 5/8/08
    • Zim rivals agree to share power, say sources
    • Zimbabwe parties debate 'hybrid' government
    • Serious challenges confront any new government
    • A remarkable study in contrast
    • Zimbabwe suspends export of basic goods
    • 9 reasons why ZANU-PF won't give up power
    • Dabengwa to form new Ndebele party
    • African network condemns Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Banking System Struggles With Dual-Currency System
    • Zimbabwe Lawyers Express Concern At Continued Political Violence
    • Zim court asked to order closure of torture bases
    • The Beijing Olympics ‘One Dream, One Nightmare’
    • MDC victims prevented from seeking medical treatment
    • Zimbabwe Government Lifts NGO Food Aid Ban For HIV/AIDS Programs
    • Missing: Zimbabwe at AIDS summit
    • More AIDS risked as poor women trade sex for food
    • Zimbabwe faced with massive starvation
    • In Zimbabwe, Low Cost Technology Saves Poor Farmers
    • Mugabe-Tsvangirai rotten alliance: Suffering continues for the Zimbabwean poor
    • Mbeki denies arms deal bribe claims
    • ANC supporters rally for Jacob Zuma
    • Thabo Mbeki's Compromised Legacy
  57. Posted 5/8/08
    • Zimbabwe's Interparty Negotiations Resume in Secret
    • Zimbabwe talks to stretch beyond deadline: SAfrica
    • Zimbabwe talks going well: Mbeki
    • Mnangagwa led JOC to join talks
    • Parties have cleared main obstacles
    • Tsvangirai and Mugabe to negotiate face to face
    • Armed robbery surges amid Zimbabwe's economic woes
    • Gono’s Zero party over : Retailers reject coins
    • Currency Chaos
    • Banks run out of money
    • Botswana threatens SADC summit boycott if Mugabe invited
    • CFU Annual Congress - Speech by Ambassador Xavier Marchal
    • CHRA weekly update: Harare last week;26 July-02 August 2008
    • Diarrhoea Outbreak Hits Harare
    • Second bomb found at Zim police station
    • Zimbabwe suspends basic commodity exports: state media
    • Beijing sends Mugabe packing
    • Journey of desperation in search of hope
    • ZANU-PF 'victory' celebrations come to Insiza
    • Zimbabwe deal chances slim
    • Restoration Of Human Rights press statement
    • Minibars and scenic views
    • A brief history of change
    • Of the fist
    • Memo to the New Prime Minister of Zimbabwe on Economic Recovery (Part 1)
  58. Batch 2 Posted 4/8/08
    • Zim negotiations resume
    • Zimbabweans Unsure About Peace Negotiations
    • Political pressure as Bacossi food distributed
    • Gono to step down in September
    • Monetary Statement Review - Commentary
    • Prices Shoot Up
    • Outcry over Gono's splashing on judiciary
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 2nd August 2008
    • Mnangagwa faction responsible for police HQ blast?
    • State versus market and GNU
    • ZCTF Report
    • Day of the Crocodile
    • Mr Tsvangirai, don't say I do to Cde Mugabe
    • Tourists stay away from Zimbabwe
  59. Posted 4/8/08
    • Zimbabwe rivals resume crisis talks
    • MDC sticks to its guns
    • Botswana to boycott SADC summit
    • Zimbabwe's main police station hit by blast: police
    • Dignity among the people in Zimbabwe
    • Clasping hands to bring peace
    • Zimbabwe's bizarre treasure bonanza
    • Uncovering how Zimbabwean tycoon takes advantage of political crisis
    • Arab businessman takes steps to clear his name
    • HIV cure “found”! Really?
  60. Batch 2 Posted 3/8/08
    • Zanu-PF baulks at Tsvangirai for PM
    • MDC keen to scrap all by-elections
    • What PEP talk was that?
    • Talks deal this week
    • BACOSSI: Only For The Zanu PF Connected
    • Academics Warn Mugabe
    • NGO's Ban: Court Bars Police
    • ZBH Staffers Win Court Ruling
    • Church Controversy Over Defrocked Pastor
    • Confusion Marks Currency Reforms
    • MDC Seeks Court Ruling On Violence
    • Villagers Plead For Mercy Against Zanu PF Extortion
    • RBZ Currency Reforms Futile, Say Economists
    • WB Ready To Assist Zimbabwe
    • Japanese Labour Union Slams Government Over ZCTU Case
    • New Commercial Bank Delays Opening
    • Fine Art. . .
    • Towards A Negotiated Settlement In Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Talks: Managing And Packaging 'bad news'
    • Perpetrators Of Violence Must Have Their Day In Court
    • When It's Time To Go...Just Go
    • Zim Standard Letters
  61. Posted 3/8/08
    • Explosion rocks main police station in Harare
    • Zimbabwe President In Singapore To See Physician -Source
    • Zim violence ongoing
    • Shumba challenges talks in court
    • Mugabe not welcome in SA, warns Cosatu
    • Where is civil society?
    • Gono’s cosmetic reforms do not address the Zimbabwean crisis
    • Currency reforms, food hampers dominate Zim press
    • Media Blackout Alarms Journalists in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe has to figure out its future - the West can only hope it gets it right
    • Job Sikhala showers Gono with praise
  62. Batch 2 Posted 2/8/08
    • Prospects for a new beginning in Zimbabwe
    • Obsolete coins cause chaos at Zimbabwe tills
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Issues New Bank Notes, Recycles Coins
    • ‘Zim talks should guarantee press freedom’
    • Why Mugabe is buying judges
    • Zanu-PF supporters seize MDC flats
    • Cape Town Zimbabwe Rally a success
    • MDC probes mayor's defection to Zanu-PF
    • 2,000 Pictures Worth Three Words: Freedom for Zimbabwe
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Sanctions against Zimbabwe are an empty gesture
    • Married women seduce men to survive
    • Causes for hope in Zimbabwe
    • Displaced foreign nationals scared to return: DA
  63. Posted 2/8/08
    • Zimbabwe opposition accuses Mugabe backers of attacks
    • Senegalese President to Play Role in Zimbabwe Accord, Analyst Says
    • Zimbabwe Food Aid Ban May Hamper Future Distribution Efforts
    • Thousands of coins in the fountain
    • Governor Gono, please!
    • Gono must be fired, put RBZ under SADC curators
    • We'll be back in time for Christmas - Cartoon
    • Zimbabwe central bank chief urges pay freeze to stall inflation
    • Botswana threatens to boycott SADC summit if Mugabe attends
    • Groups to march against Zimbabwe negotiations
    • Protesters slam Zanu-PF, MDC unity govt talk
    • Robert Mugabe lavishes gifts of plasma TVs and Mercedes on Zimbabwe's judges
    • BAE Systems linked to Zimbabwean arms dealer John Bredencamp
    • Harare diary: No more trillionaires
    • Continuing violence and torture bases in Zimbabwe
    • Combined Tibetan, Burmese, Zimbabwean Protest against China 08/08/08
    • Police seize diesel from Finance Minister
    • Talks Must Address Violence, Displacement
    • Emergency SADC summit on Zimbabwe postponed
    • European Commissioner urges Zim party leaders to end violence
    • Violence Still Rife Despite Talks
    • ZCTU Statement
    • State might have to pay for farm grab
    • A crucial moment for transparency and accountability in Zimbabwe
    • Appointment of new Harare City PR manager raises eyebrows
  64. Batch 4 Posted 1/8/08
    • Zimbabweans Reject Government Of National Unity With Mugabe As Leader
    • Bringing coins back into circulation at face value illegal
    • Bob's job remains stumbling block
    • GNU a subversion of Zimbabwe's constitution
    • Mnangagwa ally linked to British arms deal
    • War vets continue to harass MDC supporters
    • MDC dismisses Gono's monetary reforms
    • Press Statement From USAID Administrator, Henrietta H. Fore: USAID Calls on Zimbabwe to Allow Humanitarian Access to Needy People
    • Mugabe's no Einstein
    • Judges get vehicles, goods
    • Gono calls for salary, price freeze
    • Gono goes for the usual nonsense
    • Groups to march against Zimbabwe negotiations
  65. Batch 3 Posted 1/8/08
    • Tsvangirai Says Happy With Talks
    • 'West a threat to talks'
    • Kazembe Blasts Mandaza
    • Zanu PF Lifts 'Tsholotsho plot' Suspensions
    • Sanctions, Land, Violence Sticking Points In Talks
    • Ex-Zapu Members Uneasy Over GNU
    • Police Recruits Asked To Pay For Upkeep
    • MDC Claims 9 MPs Forced Into Hiding
    • Matombo/Chibebe Trial Month-end
    • Weak Response To Monetary Policy
    • Domestic Debt Soars To $790 Quadrillion
    • Much Ado About Nothing
    • Basic Food Prices Rocket Out Of Reach
    • Implats Zimbabwe Assets Ready To Fire?
    • Two Listed Companies Slapped With Sanctions
    • As Political Violence Subsides, The MDC Alleges New Cases
    • National Cake Share Remains Unbalanced
    • Dialogue To Enshrine Ethnic Minority Rights
    • Political Settlement Should Cater For All Interests
    • Will Sanctions Produce The Desired Outcome?
    • Erich Bloch: Zanu PF Realism A Must For Recovery
    • Muckraker: Don't Cry For Me Zimbabwe
    • Editor's Memo: 'Targeted' Sanctions Label No Longer Sticks
    • Comment: We Want Change Now
    • Candid Comment: We Desperately Need Leadership
    • Zim Independent Letters
  66. Batch 2 Posted 1/8/08
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai committed to talks
    • Tsvangirai says Mbeki to expand Zimbabwe mediation
    • Mugabe Said To Accept Tsvangirai As Prime Minister
    • Zimbabwe Currency Plan Gets Thumbs Down From Labor, Business, Opposition
    • Centralised food allocation prone to political abuse: Report
    • 'Over 16 000 rights abuse cases recorded in Zim'
    • Mugabe should negotiate in good faith
    • SA firm among bidders for troubled Zimbabwean steel group
    • If journalism is history's first draft
    • Shelters for xenophobic attacks victims to be closed
    • Shallow look at a shackled continent?
  67. Posted 1/8/08
    • Mbeki struggling to keep Zimbabwe talks on track: analysts
    • Talks hit deadlock over Mugabe-Tsvangirai roles
    • Tsvangirai says talks deadline flexible
    • Brussels "deeply worried" by Zimbabwe violence, aid restrictions
    • Mapped: 2094 cases of political violence in Zimbabwe
    • Pressure on Mugabe to pay troops
    • Horrific injuries, but wounded go months without treatment
    • Zanu chiefs kick white farmers off land
    • Woman commits suicide after humiliated & refused ZPF food aid
    • Robert Mugabe's glorious victory over Zimbabwe's dastardly zero
    • Cartoon by Gado
    • Zimbabwe's 'worthless' $100bn notes sell for huge profit on eBay
    • No food and no medical care
    • Children follow shoppers to South Africa
    • Tsvangirai visits Senegal
    • ZANU PF Terror Camps Now Brothels
    • Bail for activist found with evidence of political violence
    • New report highlights barbaric nature of violence in Zimbabwe
    • Anglo-American defends its plans to build platinum mine
    • Minister Nabbed Selling Party Fuel
    • Income tax slashed
    • Mugabe's rant yesterday
    • Kwekwe Journalists Convicted
    • SADC Meeting On Country Crisis Postponed
    • CHRA officially meets City of Harare Mayor and Councillors
    • Zimbabwe Arts Experience
    • Comment from a Correspondent

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