The ZIMBABWE Situation

October 2008 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/10/08
    • Fears of fresh outbreak of political violence
    • 180 killed, thousands tortured in Zimbabwe - Amnesty
    • State hospital forced close theatre unit
    • ZANU PF burying head in sand on food crisis: MDC
    • War veterans split on power-sharing deal
    • Unhappy soldiers and police flee Zimbabwe's misery in droves
    • Grade Seven Exams Confusion
    • An additional 3 die of cholera in Budiriro
    • SA officials in Zimbabwe for agric funding talks
    • Zimbabwe Dollarization Puts Food, Other Basics Out Of Reach Of Many
    • Zimbabwe Parties Trade Barbs On Food Crisis As Power-Sharing Sours
    • Some Zimbabweans Choose to Stay Despite Hardships
    • I will step down - Gono
    • Zimbabwe Waits
    • Only God will remove Mugabe, and he will do it through people, ordinary people
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 579 - Dated 30 October 2008
  2. Posted 31/10/08
    • Cholera toll at 121 in Zimbabwe, doctors say; closing in on Harare
    • Cholera outbreak leaves one dead and 20 hospitalised in Harare
    • Pressure grows for African leaders to step up action against Mugabe
    • Youth Forum calls for mass action to pressure Mugabe regime
    • Bulawayo Prisoners Go Without Food
    • Zanu PF violence flares up in Epworth
    • Operation of Hope Surgical Mission to Zimbabwe
    • SA's boost for Zim farmers
    • Rhodes University students hold sit-in to support WOZA leaders
    • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe must remove cash withdrawal limits
    • ROHR activists released from police custody without charges....
    • Foreign currency shops join profiteering bandwagon
    • Journalists Barred From Covering Talks
    • Zimbabwe Bishop Bakare receives prize for human rights work
    • Zimbabwe on slippery slope toward civil conflict
    • Mad Bob won't change his spots
    • Ongoing repression shows Mugabe not sincere
    • Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • From frying pot into fire- Zimbabwean immigrants face harsh realities in Musina
    • Clock Ticking for Zimbabwe Bearer Checks
    • Review: Africa: Altered States, Ordinary Miracles by Richard Dowden
    • New Book: Soldier Blue by Paul Williams
  3. Batch 2 Posted 30/10/08
    • US concerned about deadlock in Zimbabwe power-sharing
    • Zim Solidarity statement on Zimbabwe
    • Feminist group to lobby for end to Zim impasse
    • Zimbabwe Central Banker Reports 'Concerted Efforts' For Turnaround
    • Zimbabwe - Reserve Bank Looting the Economy Sliding Into the Abyss
    • With Zimbabwe Planting Season At Hand, Seed & Fertilizer Out of Reach
    • Treating malnutrition as Zimbabwe grapples with raging inflation
    • Zimbabwe food shortages affect women most
    • SA businessman charged for donating car to Tsvangirai
    • UN's Ban Says Zimbabwe's Mugabe 'Should Meet' World Expectations
    • Zimbabweans Fighting HIV/AIDS Turned Away As State Clinics Close
    • Dispute over by-election legality
    • Zimdollar evaporates
    • Face to face with poverty
    • Surprise, surprise
    • Giraffes hanged at full moon
    • Further remand
    • The power is in the seed
    • School's really out
    • Judgment or reconciliation? Where do we draw the line?
    • Reporting in the line of fire
    • Will Jatropha Invade Mozambique?
  4. Posted 30/10/08
    • UN chief urges Mugabe to resolve Zimbabwe's crisis
    • SADC Troika was divided over crisis talks
    • Zimbabwe opposition pessimistic on SADC intervention
    • Mbeki slammed for not confronting Mugabe
    • Tough choices for SADC as Zimbabwe summit beckons
    • State of the Talks
    • CIO source says JOC will inhibit MDC
    • Zimbabwe Local Councils Seated, Despite Cabinet Dispute
    • Analyst says breaking 'rural terror' key to success of deal
    • Crisis set to worsen as currency loses all value
    • Teachers Union offices forcibly closed in Gokwe
    • Six ROHR activists released Tuesday evening
    • Fair elections, not summits, the utlimate solution
    • The Failure of African Leadership
    • Peer Review Progress, But Many Miss the Meeting
    • CIO take over Mushangwe burial
    • Zimbabwe ashamed to admit dollarisation
    • ROHR Zimbabwe members demonstrate in Masvingo
    • Zimbabwe blog: living like animals
    • Zimbabwe bishop says many churches have done nothing for people
    • CHRA condemns violence
    • Mutambara exposes lack of depth
    • Diamonds can take you into forever
    • Survival recipe book
    • Interview: Lessons from Zimbabwe
    • Cry the beloved Zimbabwe
  5. Batch 2 Posted 29/10/08
    • SADC communique on Zimbabwe deadlock
    • MDC statement on Zimbabwe talks
    • Thabo Mbeki 'unable to extract concessions' from Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe
    • Our priority would be to end food shortages -- Tsvangirai
    • SADC stays clear of passport saga
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai under pressure to end their feud
    • Analysts say SADC lacks will to break Zim impasse
    • NGO Association Urges Zimbabwe Politicians To Resolve Differences
    • Chinotimba attacks ex-ZIPRA fighters' association
    • Motlanthe must take a tough new stand on Mugabe
    • End Crackdown on Peaceful Demonstrators
    • Zimbabwe: Complex Emergency Situation Report #1 (FY 2009)
    • Must we wait for Zimalia to become Zithopia?
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 578 - Dated 28 October 2008
  6. Posted 29/10/08
    • Urgent Africa summit to rescue Zimbabwe Deal
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Says Ruling Party Not 'Genuine' in Power-Sharing Deal
    • Tsvangirai granted wish for summit in bid to break Zimbabwe deadlock
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe believes he's been chosen
    • MDC contradicts SADC on deadlock
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Says Ruling Party Not 'Genuine' in Power-Sharing Deal
    • Tsvangirai wants a passport
    • Zim opposition bemoans 'curtailed freedoms'
    • Protester beaten to death inside ZANU PF office
    • Wedza villagers reduced to eating dogs and cow dung to survive
    • Mugabe allies use bank to siphon value, economists claim
    • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe brings suffering to the Lowveld
    • Fury at Zimbabwe unity document 'forgery'
    • Riot police descend on women protesters
    • Police ruthlessly crush protest by youth activists
    • Amnesty International Press release
    • Zimbabwean bishop wins Swedish human rights prize
    • The terrible price of freedom
    • Smokes, sex and the arms deal
    • Zimbabwe: Work on the generals
    • House of Hunger Poetry Slam 01 November 2008
    • Panic in Harare
    • Nothing could be worse
    • Comment from a correspondent
  7. Batch 2 Posted 28/10/08
    • Emergency summit talks in Zimbabwe fail
    • Zimbabwe summit fails to break impasse on unity pact
    • SADC calls for full summit on Zimbabwe
    • Regional summit aims to break Zimbabwe deadlock
    • Secretary-General welcomes latest effort to resolve Zimbabwean impasse
    • 'ZANU PF forcing farmers to donate funds'
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Union Blasts Authorities Over Exams Incentives
    • Zimbabwe’s farmers face barren times
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 577 - Dated 27 October 2008
  8. Posted 28/10/08
    • Cartoon
    • Mbeki 'very optimistic' on Zimbabwe talks
    • African leaders meet again to rescue Zimbabwe unity accord
    • Over 50 arrested as student and women activists demonstrate
    • ROHR Report
    • 3 500 desert Zimbabwe security forces
    • Government spied on email of state-owned newspaper editors in August
    • No deal as long as African leaders side with Mugabe
    • Sick and dying refused treatment as cash crisis cripples health system
    • WOZA leaders denied bail for the third time
    • Phase Out Cash Withdrawal Limits, RBZ Urged
    • Donors demand Harare breaks with past
    • Zanu-PF has every reason to fear reform
    • Zim NGO Leaders Meet With Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe: Special Envoy in Luanda
    • Rare sale of ivory to be held under U.N. auspices
    • Tobacco Deliveries Subdued
    • SADC Must Find Immediate, Equitable Solution to Zimbabwean Crisis
    • Who's to blame? bankers, politicians
    • Vendors take cops to task
    • Hatfield Junior Primary School to close.
    • Cut red tape - get food to the people
    • Cholera stalks our streets
    • Too hard to count
    • The quiet death of Zimbabwe
  9. Batch 2 Posted 27/10/08
    • Zimbabwe deal could be settled today
    • Zimbabwe deal in damage control
    • Mood sours over Zimbabwe deal
    • Zimbabwe shops stop accepting local currency
    • Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF warns Tsvangirai ahead of talks
    • MDC councillor flees Zanu-PF militia
    • We must food-bomb hungry Zimbabwe
    • Fake US dollars sold at Zim-SA border
    • High Noon on High Street
    • Surrealism and irony of the Zimbabwe economy
    • If I was President Robert Mugabe
    • Africa needs foreign help
    • Mugabe is cause of people's poverty
  10. Posted 27/10/08
    • Zimbabwe parties set for crucial talks
    • Motlanthe, Mbeki in Harare Monday
    • ZANU PF pushes for rotating control of Zimbabwe's home affairs ministry
    • Tsvangirai warns Mbeki
    • Mystery over surrender of vehicles
    • Vehicles recalled to carry exam papers
    • Motlanthe must use the carrot and the nuke on Mugabe
    • Money Burning, A new money-making trick in Zimbabwe
    • War Vets threaten Hotel Manager
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 25th October 2008
    • Zimbabweans forced to eat rats
    • Youth jailed for raping MDC supporter
    • More Debt But Still No Development
    • The names are felled
    • Immigration deports 125 Zim 'illegals'
    • South Africa's Zuma rules out sanctions on Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 42 of 25th October [SADC Organ Summit set for 27th October in Harare]
    • Simon Mann could have sentence cut
    • Africa sub-region calls for collaboration in fight against malaria
  11. Batch 2 Posted 26/10/08
    • Life and death a matter of cash withdrawals in Zimbabwe's crumbling hospitals
    • Tsvangirai slams Mbeki's bias
    • Zimbabwe: No Health Services To Talk Of
    • Zapu revival gathers momentum
    • State accused of 'Big Brother' role in Editor's case
    • Ex-MP Defies Court Orders Over Farm Occupation
    • Farmer Sues Mudede For Refusing Him Passport
    • Media Freedom Must Remain On The Agenda
    • Mzingeli Gets His Due...At Last
    • Another Agricultural Disaster
    • Zim Standard letters
  12. Posted 26/10/08
    • Tsvangirai seeks "equitable" deal with Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader calls for justice
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai says no deal just to satisfy mediators
    • Zuma confident of Zimbabwe solution
    • Hope fades under Zimbabwe facade
    • MP's battle with US $5 salaries and a broke Parliament
    • Zimbabwe loses over US$1.2 billion a month to diamond smugglers
    • Zim can emulate Brazil: envoy
    • Wrangle Over Tsvangirai Passport Likely To Dominate Zimbabwe Summit
    • UNICEF launch cholera alert as death toll hits 120
    • Interpretations Differ On Source Of Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Difficulties
    • Mupakati speaks on Mushangwe murder
    • Two in court for forging banknotes
    • MDC Must Re-organize Or Risk Irrelevancy
    • Mugabe Always Hard-Nosed
    • End Mugabe's disgraceful rule
    • Is armed resistance avoidable?
  13. Posted 25/10/08
    • Zimbabwe PM-Designate Tsvangirai to Attend Monday Negotiations
    • MPs sent home as Zimbabwe House is broke
    • Tsvangirai tells diplomats Mugabe is negotiating in bad faith
    • Power-Deal Tampered With - MDC
    • MDC Protests Against Mbeki's SADC Report
    • Timing For By-Elections Inappropriate - ZESN
    • Banks Loop Off Six Zeroes
    • WOZA activists remain in jail as magistrate attends workshop
    • MDC demands immediate end to harassment, arrests of civic leaders
    • Teachers' Strike to Hit Exams
    • Zimbabwe gold mine forced closure as Reserve Bank delays payment for output
    • Forex shops worsen worker's plight
    • AG's Office Accused of 'Selective Application of Law'
    • Govt Domestic Debt Up 1,3 Million %In Three Weeks
    • A thousand policies, economic slide unstoppable
    • Statement on Continued Cholera Outbreaks
    • Why was Zimbabwe invited to Kampala?
    • 30 years to grow, 30 minutes to burn
    • Fishing industry capsizing
    • Agricultural shortcomings laid bare
    • Imaginative Ways To Withdraw More Cash
    • Of cash limits and bank requirements
    • Near-Zero Business Confidence
    • Hot Seat transcript: Interview Dr Alex Magaisa
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Possibility of Global Fund money lifts mood
    • FEWS Southern Africa Food Security Update Sep 2008
    • Editorial Comment By The Zimbabwean
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 576 ' Dated 21 October 2008
  14. Batch 2 Posted 24/10/08
    • MDC to seek arbitration if deadlock persists
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Head To Attend Summit Next Week -Spokesman
    • South Africa leader urges Zimbabwe MDC to attend talks
    • Fresh elections loom for Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki concerns western envoy
    • Cabinet impasse forces Zim parliament to suspend business
    • Zuma Urges Zimbabwe Adversaries to Consider the Poor during Monday's Talks
    • Zimbabweans' patience wearing thin with Mugabe and Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe Provincial Police Take Issue With Bullhorn Campaigning
    • Coming of the Dry Season
    • Zimbabweans Sympathetic to Tsvangirai's Passport Issue
    • Zimbabwe's endurance test
    • Learnmore Jongwe: Six Years Gone Now but Not a Forgotten Hero!
    • Why Sharing Is Safest Bet For Zim Generals
    • More Greed For Power Than Compassion
    • BTH investigates murder of ZEC election official
    • MDC Should Be Wary Of Mugabe And Zanu PF
    • Candid Comment: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Sister Insulted
    • Comment: Not An Outcast Forever
    • Muckraker: 'Some countries are facing worse problems'
    • Erich Bloch: Near-zero Business Confidence
  15. Posted 24/10/08
    • UN envoy to meet Swazi king over Zimbabwe, DRC: spokesman
    • Activists say MDC must not pull out
    • MDC has lost faith in Mbeki's mediation role
    • Corruption fears as UN funds to be channeled through the RBZ
    • Negotiations now a mere tussle for power
    • Zimbabwe talks impasse 'threat to recovery bid'
    • Bad faith
    • Parirenyatwa Hospital Suspends Admissions
    • Zimbabwe Health Care Deteriorates With Human Rights
    • Mugabe will cling to power in carcass of Zimbabwe
    • Evicted 73 year old white farmer reduced to destitution
    • Zimbabwe starves as despair grows
    • Zimbabwe liberalises imports of farm inputs
    • Military seed merchants
    • Reach out to Zimbabwe's generals
    • Child mauled by lions released from hospital with mounting medical expenses
    • Twiza the Lowveld giraffe
    • South Africa - no longer the Promised Land
  16. Batch 2 Posted 23/10/08
    • Mugabe in Kampala for tripartite summit
    • Odinga calls for stern action against Mugabe
    • Tackle governance at summit, Miria says
    • Corruption fears over 300m UN aid
    • SA package late to save Zim farming season: Analysts
    • Amid Recriminations, Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Partners Face Failure
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Factions Differ On Call For By-Elections
    • Harare to ask coalminers to establish power plants
    • Zimbabwe House Moves Motion To Declare National Food Disaster
    • Extent of Zimbabwe's food crisis exposed
    • Soldiers Accused of Harassing Customers at Zimbabwe Banks
    • Zimbabwe Still a Difficult Place for Media Despite Improvements
    • Mugabe said the pen cannot fight the gun
    • New Book: 'Jambanja' by Eric Harrison
  17. Posted 23/10/08
    • Zimbabwe to dominate regional African summit
    • MDC say they will not boycott Monday's SADC summit
    • Zimbabwe war veterans threaten Tsvangirai over deal
    • Mugabe's supporters call for state of emergency in Zimbabwe
    • Leaders must now end power-sharing fiasco
    • More African leaders speak out against Mugabe
    • Manager dies as settlers destroy timber plantations in Chimanimani
    • Morgan Tsvangirai must fight on for Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki endorses Mugabe's position on Cabinet allocation
    • U.S. Urges More Pressure On Mugabe to Share Power
    • Call for Zuma to replace Mbeki as mediator in Zimbabwe
    • Cholera kills 11 in Chinhoyi
    • Zim: 'Even God can't help us'
    • Zimbabwe firefighters strike for food
    • Zimbabwe stock market up 257 percent in a day
    • MDC delegation to lobby leaders at Kampala summit
    • Residents are running out of patience
    • UK plans to deport 36 convicted criminals to Zimbabwe
    • Economic crisis hits children harder
    • Zimbabwe Pressed to Release 2 Activists
    • Canadian Journalists for Free Expression honours three with annual Press Freedom Awards
    • The Big Five or No Deal
    • Forget new elections; Mugabe needs to learn integrity
    • A paralysed ego and Zimbabwe talks on a bus to nowhere
  18. Batch 2 Posted 22/10/08
    • SAfrica's Zuma urges quick resolution of Zimbabwe crisis
    • South African Leader Blames Zimbabwe Government For Stalled Talks
    • Zuma treated with kid gloves in U.S. visit
    • SA sets aside R300m Zim agric rescue package
    • Zuma slams 'weird' move to deny Tsvangirai passport
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Partisans Opt For Government Without Opposition
    • Mutambara ditched by 20 executives
    • Zim deal entrenches Mugabe's dictorship
    • Zimbabwe neighbours urged to nudge Mugabe
    • I asked Mugabe to retire - Mogae
    • Rice, Zuma, Agree on Need to Complete Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Deal
    • Supporters want us to quit power-sharing deal: MDC
    • Hunger stalks Zim villagers as leaders bicker
    • UN official confident Zimbabwe rivals will reach agreement
    • Zimbabwe is 'the best investment opportunity in Africa' say financiers
    • Electoral court dismisses 51 petitions
    • Red Roses for Black and Blue Ladies
    • Malawian police storm Air Zimbabwe plane after passenger trouble
    • Public Outrage Over Cabinet Deadlock
    • Water Crisis: Health Catastrophe Looms In Harare
    • Zimpapers Editors Under Surveillance
    • 20 Yrs For Zanu PF Militia Commander
    • War Veterans, Police Bar MDC Food Distribution
    • Illegal Settlers Torch Timber Plantations
    • GMB Officials Rake In Billions In Maize Scam
    • ZTA Boss Tries To Bar Independent Media
    • Zanu PF Faces Bleak Future After Mugabe
    • A Parliament For All Seasons
  19. Posted 22/10/08
    • Zimbabwe opposition: Talks boycott to continue
    • Zimbabwe's MDC seeks new vote if talks fail
    • Mbeki’s power-sharing proposals
    • MDC Statement on President Morgan Tsvangirai's Passport Application
    • S. African leader urges quick solution to Zimbabwe
    • Eleven more die in new cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe strife hits churches
    • WOZA leaders still in custody, magistrate reserves judgement
    • Zimbabwe fears a 97% matric failure rate
    • Zimbabwe youth movement to hand petition to Zuma
    • UN pins hope on Mbeki to break Zimbabwe deadlock
    • Chief Flees As Women Demonstrate Against Hunger
    • Zimbabwe: the death of "quiet diplomacy"
    • Zimbabwe's Bitter End
    • ZCTF Report
    • Frustrations and fare hikes
    • Zimbabwe blog: telling coincidence
    • One man's grief, a country's pain
    • Eyewitness: Inside Zimbabwe, a failed state
    • Comment from a correspondent
  20. Batch 2 Posted 21/10/08
    • Passport fiasco shows ZANU PF wants pact to flop: Analysts
    • I'm fully behind Tsvangirai on ministries: Mutambara
    • Zimbabwe By-Elections Mooted, Raising Fears Of More Political Violence
    • Region must find new mediator to sort out Zimbabwe
    • ZLVF Statement On The Political Settlement
    • WFP opens warehouse to boost Zim relief effort
    • Botswana's Former President Wins Prize for Good Governance
    • What is the state of education in Zimbabwe today?
    • HIV and nutrition in Zimbabwe
    • ICC to ignore political situation in Zimbabwe
    • SA turning away Zimbabwe refugees as crisis rages on
  21. Posted 21/10/08
    • Summit on Zimbabwe crisis postponed
    • Zimbabwe opposition members boycott power-sharing summit
    • Mutambara walks out of SADC meeting
    • Statement issued by Arthur Mutambara
    • Tsvangirai snubs Mswati's chartered flight
    • Botswana reacts strongly to Tsvangirai's lack of passport
    • Mutambara wants global isolation of the regime if Zimbabwean government is not inclusive
    • SADC : Mugabe government illegitimate but not that illegitimate
    • US threatens new sanctions on Zimbabwe's Mugabe
    • 'Key ministries' myth divorced from people's plight
    • AU, SADC not proponents of democracy and human rights
    • Fire accident cripples Zimbabwe's Internet traffic
    • Travel and tourism fair hit by poor turnout
    • Arts Festival in Zimbabwe Hailed as Feast of Entertainment
    • Cholera Outbreak Threatens to Become Endemic
    • The rich get richer
    • Absent government puts burden of care on youth
    • The cry of the Matebele
    • Zimbabwe activists beaten, arrested and detained
    • Harare Botanic Gardens
    • Comment from a correspondent
    • Brazil Joins The Fray
    • Mugabe Told Not To Yield To MDC
    • Analysts Predict Final Deal By Year-end
    • Eric Bloch: Control Freaks Fuel Inflation
    • Muckraker: What First Lady?
    • Editor's Memo: Facing Hard Truths
    • Comment: Still In Denial
  22. Batch 2 Posted 20/10/08
    • Tsvangirai will not attend regional summit
    • SADC Summit: Mbeki to table report on Zimbabwe
    • Summit seeks breakthrough in Zimbabwe talks
    • Why sharing is safest bet for Zimbabwe generals
    • MDC played right into Zanu-PF trap
    • Power-sharing between Mugabe and Tsvangirai may have been just eyewash
    • Zimbabwe Rivals to Discuss Dispute
    • Zimbabwe's Economic Crisis Worsens
    • Zimbabwean rights lawyers win award
    • George Charamba abandoning Zanu-PF
    • Is Charamba finally spilling the beans?
  23. Posted 20/10/08
    • Pressure mounts on SADC to end Zimbabwe impasse
    • Robert Mugabe allies warn SADC over allocation of cabinet positions
    • Tsvangirai expects Zimbabwe deal at regional meet
    • Mugabe's party in Zimbabwe rejects pressure
    • Flaws in Zim deal could see it collapse
    • 'Zimbabwe has reached a tipping point'
    • Motlanthe must be Mugabe's bad cop
    • Zimbabwe Talks Fail, What Next?
    • Talks, talks, and more arrogance
    • Zimbabwe’s living hell
    • Cabbages and condoms
    • It never was going to be easy
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 18th October 2008
    • Mugabe's time is up
    • Editorial: Mugabe must be prised from power
    • Worked 26 years, now my pension worth US$5
    • Ranchers start over after all is lost in Africa
    • ICC turns blind eye to Zimbabwe
  24. Posted 19/10/08
    • African mediators called in over stalled power-sharing talks
    • Tsvangirai says Mugabe intransigent as rivals seek help
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Blames Lack of Trust for Breakdown of Power-Sharing Deal
    • MDC slams Mbeki for supporting Mugabe
    • "Mugabe has killed Zim's next generation": Professor Makumbe
    • Body of whistle-blowing ZEC official found
    • Villagers kill soldier over diamond
    • Robert Mugabe forces Zimbabwe aid agencies into cash crisis
    • Hunger and Bureaucracy - a Fatal Combination
    • AirZim's MA60 Cant Withstand Heat
    • Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF playing Russian Roulette
    • From Underground, Leading a March for Democracy
    • Mimicking Mugabe: Zimbabwe's false democratic project
  25. Batch 2 Posted 18/10/08
    • Zimbabwe power-sharing talks collapse
    • Mbeki denies deadlock in Zimbabwe power-sharing talks
    • Regional bloc to meet Monday on Zimbabwe: opposition
    • Mugabe says cabinet talks went in wrong direction
    • Tsvangirai says still committed to deal with Mugabe
    • Zim specialist doctors strike over pay
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Xenophobia attack victims live in squalor
  26. Posted 18/10/08
    • Deadlock as Mugabe, Tsvangirai dig in over police ministry
    • MDC says UN, AU mediation needed in talks
    • Zimbabwe accuses West of sinister hand in cabinet deadlock
    • US threatens to launch new sanctions if Zimbabwe deal fails
    • Zanu PF Eager to Block Parliamentary Probe Into Violence
    • WOZA leaders remanded in custody
    • Zim Soldiers on High Alert
    • Mugabe supporters accuse Tsvangirai of bad faith
    • Only change for MDC will be the stench of pit latrine
    • Deadlock in Zimbabwe
    • CHRA in solidarity with students.
    • William Martin '10: Bribe the devil
    • Fighting for nation he left behind
  27. Batch 2 Posted 17/10/08
    • Concern growing over Zimbabwe power-sharing deal
    • Little prospect of early talks breakthrough
    • MDC Takes Finance
    • State agents harass journalists at talks
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Stalling On Power-Sharing - US Ambassador
    • Zanu PF swallowing poison pill
    • US wants evidence of reform in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe to receive $20m in food aid
    • Pessimism in markets, ZSE over deadlock
    • Police stop MDC from giving food to orphans
    • Sour grapes and deadlocked deals
    • Tsvangirai to address weekend rallies
    • Simba Makoni a man on a mission
    • The official economy collapsed long ago
    • Time To Do The Right Thing
    • From a correspondent
  28. Posted 17/10/08
    • Report: Mugabe plans changes to appease opposition
    • Robert Mugabe thinking again on key posts
    • Mugabe under pressure from politburo
    • SADC agrees Mugabe illegitimate but refuses to bar him from meetings
    • While politicians talk, WOZA women beaten and arrested
    • Tsvangirai likely to be sworn in tomorrow
    • Journalists forced out of talks venue
    • Eyewitness: Police brutality in central Harare
    • Police deny detained students access to lawyers
    • ZLHR Honoured For Promoting Democracy
    • People in Zimbabwe's Matabeleland going hungry, says charity
    • EU pledges massive food aid for Zimbabwe
    • A need to knock heads together
    • Economic Package Being Crafted For New Government
    • War Veterans Block Donation
    • All aboard for a 2,500km shopping trip
    • Zimbabwe's education in much deeper crisis
    • Police seek former minister over fraud
    • Water Wars Hit Rural Zimbabwe
    • Activists Say Cholera Due to Failed Leadership
    • Zapu Die Hards Labelled Tribalists
    • Esther Mhike, Red Cross volunteer in Masvingo
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 575 - Dated 14 October 2008
    • Free Lunch Not So Free
    • From a correspondent
  29. Batch 2 Posted 16/10/08
    • MDC gets finance ministry but deal stays in limbo
    • MDC says Zim power-sharing deal imminent
    • Zimbabwe to dominate Pan-Afrian Parliament session
    • Hunger forces Zim children out of school into SA
    • Mbeki pushes Zimbabwe rivals to seal power-sharing deal
    • Despite Power-Sharing Process, Political Arson Alleged In Zimbabwe Province
    • 'End in sight' for Zimbabwe talks
    • Zimbabwe rivals claim progress in unity bid
    • Makoni says new party in the making
    • Western firms shun Zim tourism fair
    • Jesuits launch urgent appeal for Zimbabwe
    • Mr. Mugabe's Latest Betrayal
    • S African police raid Zimbabweans
    • Deal doctored before signing, Discrepancies worry MDC
    • Fuel, food, cash and hope in short supply
    • Chung in denial over Gukurahundi - Auret
    • Plight of Zim wage earners
    • Cash chaos as Z$50,000 note released - on bond paper
    • Informal sector has saved economy from complete devastation
    • Moz cops seize 4 tons of smuggled sugar
    • Between a rock and a hard place
    • It’s hard to understand why anyone believed for a moment Zimbabwe’s power-sharing deal would work
  30. Posted 16/10/08
    • Mugabe "hopeful" as Zimbabwe power-sharing rescue talks drag on
    • History being made in Zim - MDC
    • Mugabe's cabinet allocation not legally binding, says lawyer group
    • Talks headed for a 'long ride' as Tsvangirai and Mugabe still differ
    • MMPZ says power sharing deal extremely inadequate with regards to the media
    • SADC Urged to Censure Mugabe for Power Grab
    • Concerns about Mugabe 'legitimate': SADC
    • Zim parliament opens after long hold up, opposition in control
    • Mbeki needs to defuse fears of Zimbabwe military
    • Ousted S.African leader lost clout as Zimbabwe mediator: analysts
    • SA has plans to ease deadlock
    • Mugabe 'Overstepped' in Claiming Key Ministries
    • Ailed by hunger, disease, three prisoners die each day
    • Children die as food shortages and starvation grip the nation
    • Heads of state don't own nations
    • The return of the loony despot
    • Over reliance on south african mediators won't help much
    • Villagers kill soldier over diamonds in Zimbabwe
    • Corruption at hospitals rife
    • A day in the life of hyperinflation
    • Zimbabweans lament lack of clean water on World Handwashing Day
    • Under Cover Police Go For Forex Dealers
    • MDC supporters acquitted of charges of political violence
    • Botswana stance on Zimbabwe deadlock threatens diplomatic relations
    • SA Transporters making a killing whilst talks in Zimbabwe prolong
    • Medical TI bound for Zimbabwe bearing medical supplies
    • A holiday... in Zim?
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 574 - Dated 14 October 2008
    • Oh Zimbabwe, how much longer?
  31. Batch 2 Posted 15/10/08
    • Mbeki fails to break deadlock, parliament in first session
    • Zimbabwe Deal Threatened by Prosecution Fears
    • Zimbabwe leaders happy with power-sharing talks
    • A Sham Deal
    • Zim leaders to continue power-sharing talks today
    • MDC calls for probe into political violence
    • US accuses Mugabe of violating power-sharing deal
    • Mutambara expresses frustration over deal
    • Zimbabwe Governor's Anti-Political Violence Position Questioned
    • Humanitarian Agencies In Race With Hunger In Zimbabwe
    • State journalists resort to theft of assets
    • Why do you keep using AIPPA? -- MISA
    • On Mugabe's appointment of two vice-presidents (Msika & Mujuru)
    • Zuma calls for urgency in SA land reform
  32. Posted 15/10/08
    • Zimbabwe parties meet to try to end stalemate
    • Mbeki Mediates New Zimbabwe Talks
    • Thabo Mbeki Remains Confident Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Deal will Work
    • Zimbabwe riot police use violence to quell fresh protests
    • 'Mugabe could use militia to remain in power'
    • Now Mugabe wants Finance
    • MDC inexperienced for Finance-ZANU PF
    • Zim deal faces parliament test
    • Karoi under seige by ZANu-PF functionaries
    • Zanu-PF lacks will to make the deal work
    • Zimbabwe education system in a state of emergency
    • Due to lack of funding, economic crisis, higher education imploding from within
    • Zimbabwe lawyers peg fees in US dollars
    • Zimbabwe lawmakers say unity government must work
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Unveils $50,000 Bill as Inflation Surges
    • Why Bob wants the whole enchilada
    • Delta Demands Cash
    • Zimbabwe's political crisis; reflections of a journalist on the ground
    • Zimbabweans suffer while leaders play politics, say church officials
    • Diary of an HIV/AIDS positive man in Zimbabwe
  33. Batch 2 Posted 14/10/08
    • Mbeki jets into Harare to break talks deadlock
    • Tsvangirai got it better than Odinga --ZANU-PF
    • Miliband heads EU attack on Mugabe's power grab
    • Aid agencies: 5m face starvation in Zimbabwe
    • Central Bank gropes around in the dark
    • UN bemoans Zim deadlock
    • Transport Costs Ground Workers, Employers
    • [MDC Media Release] 40 000 turn up for MDC Sunday rally
    • Makoni says Zim power-sharing deal faces collapse
    • Power to the MDC
    • Power games as the people suffer!
    • Budget? What Budget?
    • Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe a Lesson in Economics
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 573 - Dated 13 October 2008
  34. Posted 14/10/08
    • Thabo Mbeki launches last ditch effort to save Zimbabwe power-sharing deal
    • Mugabe swears in Msika, Mujuru
    • 'Zanu-PF mindset not consistent with power-sharing'
    • EU threatens to step up Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Crunch time for Mbeki's legacy
    • Makoni says Zanu-PF demands not logical
    • MDC ignores JOC at the people's peril
    • Majongwe calls for protests against Mugabe
    • Woza Members in Court for Two Separate Trials This Week
    • MDC: Naming VPs meaningless
    • EU condemns Mugabe ministeries allocations
    • Civil society leaders call for mass protests against Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe National Students Union Statement on Mugabe's Cabinet gazette
    • Banks Fail to Give Out Maximum Limit
    • Despite New Zimbabwe Z$50,000 Note, Banks Exhaust Cash
    • Workers Spend Precious Time in Bank Queues
    • Nipc Move Backfires as Shelves Empty
    • Violet Gonda interviews Nelson Chamisa
    • Ministers' relative evicts 50 families from farm
    • MISA Condemns Continued Use of Repressive Media Laws
    • MDC: Collapse of education system an indictment of ZANU PF
    • Power sharing: not Mugabe's style
    • Can Mugabe let go?
    • Bill Watch 40 of 11th October 2008 [Controversy over Allocation of Ministries]
    • The food insecurity paradox
    • Zimbabwe Pensioner Supporter August Trip Report 18th to 26th August 2008
  35. Posted 13/10/08
    • Morgan Tsvangirai threatens to walk away from Mugabe power-sharing deal
    • Tsvangirai demands home affairs ministry or says no deal
    • Mugabe list 'an act of madness'
    • Mbeki to query Mugabe's ministry allocation in Harare: spokesman
    • Only George Charamba knows about that Ministries allocation-ZANU PF
    • Zanu-PF merely extending looting period
    • The impasse has its roots deep in the flawed unity agreement document Zanu PF is exploiting
    • Minister brother's evicts war vets from farm
    • Zimbabwean jails in deplorable state: ZACRO
    • Residents blast Mugabe intransigence
    • Majongwe calls for protests against Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's third higher denomination note in one week
    • Sixth Anniversary of the Zimbabwe Vigil – 11th October 2008
    • Zimbabwe needs an eminent person to redirect dialogue
    • Mugabe is a man of many moods
    • Betraying Zimbabwe
    • The deal, the zeal and the zeroes
  36. Batch 2 Posted 12/10/08
    • Power deal crisis as top jobs seized by Mugabe
    • Mugabe accused of tearing up peace deal in Zimbabwe
    • Fugitive who helped Mugabe nabbed
    • Zimbabwe's open season on Big Five
    • Education System Collapses
    • Govt Admits Chombo Appointments Illegal
    • Desperate Teachers Eat Pupils' Food
    • Food Crisis Now A 'national disaster'
    • Armed Soldiers Disrupt MDC Meeting
    • Masvingo Blast Leaders For Talks Deadlocks
    • Golf Match Raises Mugabe's Ire
    • Shoppers Cry Foul As Forex Scheme Backfires
    • Econet, Homelink Sign Deal
    • Mawere Saga Spills Into Senate
    • New Bank Postpones Opening To Public
    • Zimbabwe's Bitter Battles For Structural Power
    • Zim Standard Letters
  37. Posted 12/10/08
    • GNU deal collapses as Mugabe, ZANU-PF, form unilateral cabinet
    • MDC position on ministerial allocation
    • Mbeki heads back to Zimbabwe as deal teeters
    • Zimbabwe's PM-designate to hold rally amid impasse over unity govt formation
    • 50,000-dollar banknote for inflation-wracked Zimbabwe
    • Zim power-sharing deadlock, UZ political scientist Dr. Makumbe says it's on course
    • Zimbabwean Economic Crisis Testing Education System
    • Skeptics Say Zimbabwe Needs New Elections, Not Power-Sharing
    • Zimbabwe Mine Workers Dismissed After Strike Over Late Pay
    • Zimbabwe Inflation Of 231 Million Percent Understates Risk - Economist
    • We need seed
    • Elephant conservation in Zimbabwe
  38. Posted 11/10/08
    • Zimbabwe's rivals agree to seek Mbeki mediation
    • 'We don't need Mbeki'
    • Say goodbye to power-sharing
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Mutambara face to face meeting fails to break deadlock
    • Mugabe risks MDC fury by releasing list of ministries for parties
    • Constitutional amendment to legalise power share not even drafted
    • UN chief 'concerned' about Zimbabwe impasse
    • Rights group offices raided after demonstration
    • Kenya PM slams Africa's 'conspiracy of silence'
    • SA farmers asked to help Zimbabwe
    • Aust, NZ, Canada urge Zimbabwe to resolve differences
    • How do you rein in 231 million percent inflation?
    • Zimbabwe's village granaries are empty
    • ZESA Tariff Hike Shocks Residents
    • Residents Fake Deaths To Get Mealie-meal
    • Surviving in Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF, MDC and the control of Structural Power
    • The Mugabe-Tsvangirai Rotten Alliance
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Why Civil Disobedience will save Zimbabwe, Africa and the US
    • President Tsvangirai to address major rally on Sunday
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 572 - Dated 9 October 2008
    • The Vigil marks its 6th anniversary outside London's Zim embassy
    • Chombo's World Habitat Day pretence
    • Ahtisaari is Nobel Peace Prize winner
  39. Batch 2 Posted 10/10/08
    • Tsvangirai Suspends Talks
    • Divisions rock Zanu PF, MDC
    • Journalists Harassed By Tsvangirai's Security Guards
    • MDC Approaches Moyana To Replace Gono
    • Fresh Obstacles Emerge In Power-sharing Deal
    • Universities Unable To Re-open As Economic Woes Worsen
    • EU Foreign Ministers To Meet Over Zim Monday
    • Education Falls Prey To Political Crisis
    • Collapse Of Education System An Indictment Of Zanu PF
    • Zim Inflation Rockets To 231-million Percent
    • IMF Turns Down Assessment Of Zim's GDP Outlook
    • Urgent Reform Needed To Curb Price Distortions: Analysts
    • Political Leaders Fiddle As Inflation Soars Out Of Control
    • New Taxes For Forex Earners
    • Water Shortages A Health Time Bomb
    • The Limits Of Nationalism
    • Investment Is As Important As Aid
    • Prejudice Against Women: The Hidden Brain Drain
    • Stalemate Over Cabinet Sign Of Headaches Ahead
    • Candid Comment: Of Tutu, Zanu PF And The MDC
    • Comment: Focus On Policy, Not Just Power
    • Muckraker: Something Fishy!
    • Editor's Memo: MDC Takes Leaf From Oppressor's Handbook
    • Erich Bloch: Parastatal Privatisation
    • Mbeki urged to save Zimbabwe coalition deal as inflation soars
    • ZANU PF rejects intervention in talks deadlock
    • Tsvangirai makes U-turn on rights abuses
    • Masvingo villagers invade Chiwewe's farm
  40. Posted 10/10/08
    • Tsvangirai's statement on cabinet impasse
    • MDC appeals to SADC to come to rescue
    • SA intelligence minister flies into Harare
    • Zimbabwe faces severe food crisis
    • Record inflation pressures Zimbabwe parties
    • Mbeki to visit Zimbabwe to mediate in talks: MDC
    • Zimbabwe cabinet talks have not collapsed-Tsvangirai
    • UN: Zimbabwe Experiencing Worst Ever Food Crisis
    • Zimbabwe War Vets Forum says Mbeki not the right man for mediation
    • Ex-ZIPRA fighters form splinter group
    • City health charges skyrocket
    • Zanu PF fiddles while Zimbabwe burns
    • Why our MPs will miss the bus
    • Power sharing; public hope and necessity of reforming state media
    • Press release from the Embassy of France in Harare, Zimbabwe
    • Hope for a new Zimbabwe
    • Formation of breakaway faction of ANC looms
    • Press statement By EU Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner
  41. Batch 3 Posted 9/10/08
    • Inflation soars to 231 million percent
    • Negotiators resume talks in Zimbabwe
    • Major Food Appeal as WFP Distributions Begin
    • Ex-ZIPRA fighters desert veterans' association
    • Depositors Stage Sit-in Protest
    • A Pressure Group around the Deal
    • Mugabe is sinking the Zimbabwe deal
    • Time for Robert Mugabe to stop his nonsense!
    • Zimbabwe: The Hunt for Witches
    • The Food Situation In Zimbabwe 2007
    • Get rich fast in Zimbabwe
    • Comments from Correspondents
  42. Batch 2 Posted 9/10/08
    • 2 inmates die per day at Zim's biggest prisons
    • Recriminations Traded As Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Process Loses Momentum
    • Power sharing deal does not provide for people-drive constitution
    • Politics of fear and food still at work
    • Delay In Exams Reflects Disarray In Zimbabwe School System
    • Post-election update: July-September 2008
    • Dense cloud hangs over Zimbabwe: NGO
    • Military leaders 'major beneficiaries' of fiscal excess - World Bank
    • Zanu (PF) - Renegades from day one
    • Deadlock! Government 'partners' bicker over posts
    • Why the Zimbabwe deal is deadlocked
    • Children sell themselves for food
    • Banks fleece customers with "astronomical" charges
    • Commercial banks revert to old charges
    • We have lost our Ubuntu
  43. Posted 9/10/08
    • Zimbabwe chaos wipes out education for 4.5 million pupils
    • Deal on the brink of collapse, says Zanu-PF
    • MDC spokesman says ZANU PF and MDC are still worlds apart
    • 'No freedom after expression' in Zim
    • Zimbabweans must be responsible - Zuma
    • Power deal out of touch with reality: civic groups
    • Zanu PF Minister implicated in food aid scandal
    • Grade 7 exams delayed as government urged to cancel academic year
    • Mbeki Expected In Harare
    • Chombo threatens Mutare mayor
    • MP's criticized for requesting cash withdrawal limit exemptions
    • South Africa stops issuing asylum permits
    • Zimbabwe: No government, no school - and annual inflation at two trillion percent
    • Alliance needed to demand RG's resignation
    • ZINWA’s house in absolute disarray
    • The power sharing agreement who needed it most
    • You have to plant before you can harvest
    • Activists shout from the sidelines
    • Dictators become contemptuous of people
    • Zimbabweans must shun Mugabe's broom-boys
    • Zimbabwe cannot resolve its crisis through the deal
  44. Batch 2 Posted 8/10/08
    • MDC quits unity talks over deadlock
    • Mugabe Pushes Back Against Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Deal
    • Stalled Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Process Causing Concern In Region
    • Mugabe heeds security chiefs' warning
    • Mugabe approved our torture: ZCTU President
    • Country in distress over Zanu PF intrasigence
    • A stifled, ill and poor nation
    • Sticker Shock In Zimbabwe As Officially Sanctioned Hard Currency Shops Open
    • Farmers Panic As First Rains Fall
    • Behaviour of Zim MPs 'corrected'
    • Why school's out for good this year in Zimbabwe
    • Chipinge Children Attend Mozambican Schools
    • Civil servants should remember that they are not "special," above ordinary citizens
    • Mystery illness may be Congo hemorrhaegic fever: SA
    • 45 degrees in an iron hangover hanger !
  45. Posted 8/10/08
    • Zimbabwe talks deadlocked, mediation needed - MDC
    • Biti: Deadlock caused by absence of good faith and common sense
    • MDC: Unity deal minus agreement on Zimbabwe government a "mistake"
    • Deadlock over Ministries grinding the country to a standstill
    • Mugabe content to play the waiting game
    • ZANU PF Politburo wants deal revised
    • Zuma urges more Zim talks to end deadlock
    • UN appeals for humanitarian aid for Zimbabwe
    • Zim teachers want exams cancelled
    • Education Stakeholders Meet Over Exams Postponement
    • The universities lock their doors
    • Economic meltdown bites and colleges fail to open
    • Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank is renamed by the people
    • Botswana wants Mbeki to break Zim impasse
    • NOCZIM seeks contract farmers to grow jatropha
    • SA MDC leaders meet with Zim ambassador
    • Footballer believed drowned in ritual swim
    • Zimbabwe blog: salvaging pips
    • Zim group lashes out at SA government after death of refugee baby
    • CHRA Commemorates World Habitat day
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 571 - Dated 6 October 2008
  46. Batch 2 Posted 7/10/08
    • Fresh threats to Zim power-sharing deal
    • Impasse deep-rooted, says MDC
    • So what really was agreed at the talks?
    • Economic crisis throws Zim into 'information dark age'
    • Judge reins in invaders of council farm
    • Zimbabwe banks run out of cash after ruling
    • MDC on collision course with labour alliance
    • Zimbabweans in UK tell EU: "Stop bankrolling Mugabe's friends."
    • UZ Fails To Open Again
    • False dawn
    • Sokwanele: 15th October is Blog Action Day 2008 - the theme is 'Poverty'
    • Zimbabwe Civic Association Says Water-Borne Disease Remains Threat
    • Zimbabwe Food Crisis Dire, But Humanitarian Providers Ramping Up
    • Couple's Shock at 'Cruel Chaos'
    • SA urges calmness after disease outbreak
    • Brita Voice launches new protest CD
  47. Posted 7/10/08
    • Zimbabwe parties fail to meet to break impasse on unity govt
    • Cabinet talks shelved for rest of week, awaiting intervention from SADC
    • Zimbabwe talks to resume soon - ZANU-PF
    • MDC: Mugabe is trying to mislead the world
    • Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks Drag
    • Mbeki to reluctantly resume Zim political mediation
    • MDC considering pulling out of deal
    • Mbeki accused of forcing MDC to sign
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara agree country in dire straits
    • Senate to convene Tuesday
    • Britain: EU not ready to lift Zimbabwe sanctions
    • 'Sanctions card' could kill the economy
    • Licensed Zimbabwean Shops Start Selling in US Dollars
    • Ban on RTGS transfers forces Innscor branches to close
    • Gono Warns Banks To Reduce Charges
    • Using a machete to cut out infection
    • Power Deal a Mix of Fire And Water
    • Residents suffer as stalemate rages on
    • ZCTF Report Oct 2008
  48. Batch 2 Posted 6/10/08
    • Zimbabwe parties to resume cabinet talks: media
    • MDC says deadlock remains on several ministries
    • Robert Mugabe's marauders seize their last chance to grab white farms
    • Looking back 5 years
    • Economic crisis leaves classrooms deserted
    • Agreement has too many holes - McGhee
    • Mugabe taking us for a very big ride
    • Air Marshal Perence Shiri invades Chiadzwa
    • We're being targeted, say Zim farmers
    • Zimbabwe talks back on track
    • New Africa must go beyond limits of colonial definitions
  49. Posted 6/10/08
    • Zim factions resume cabinet talks
    • Zimbabwean leaders make minor progress on formation of new cabinet
    • A nation afflicted with acute “gonosis”
    • From the streets of Harare
    • Statement on ROHR ZImbabwe, RBZ court case regarding review of Bank withdrawal Limits limits
    • SADC clarifes position on Zim power-sharing
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 4th October 2008
    • Bill Watch 39 of 4th October 2008 [Senate to resume; Taxation of Forex Incomes]
    • The SADC, the African Union and the United Nations still play games with the Zimbabwean crisis
    • Individual Payments to Teachers Prejudicial
    • Can SA Afford to Bailout Zim?
  50. Batch 2 Posted 5/10/08
    • Bid to break deadlock in Zim
    • Zimbabwe on the brink of new crisis as food runs out
    • New Hyperinflation Index (HHIZ) Puts Zimbabwe Inflation at 531 Billion Percent
    • Hope Rekindled As Leaders Talk
    • Cracks Widen In Zanu PF As Ex-Zapu Agitates For Split
    • Chombo Fights Mutare Council
    • Teachers' Unions Write-off 2008 As Academic Year
    • Cloud Over State Varsities
    • Outrage As Cash Queues Get Longer
    • CARE International Workers Down Tools
    • Councillors Snub Chombo
    • Call For More Journalism Training
    • MDC Legislator Takes Council To Court
    • No Hope For Zim With Gono's Policies
    • Minister claims Zim Education Standards Improving
    • Zambian Firm Caught Up In Mawere Saga
    • Search For A Pragmatic Foreign Policy
    • Deal Stalled As Mugabe Eyes Next Elections
    • Zim Standard Letters
  51. Posted 5/10/08
    • Mugabe and Tsvangirai still at odds on ministries
    • Robert Mugabe wants Morgan Tsvangirai's party to win back foreign aid
    • Deal on cabinet said to be now imminent
    • A lack of good faith hampers Zim negotiations
    • Chaos in Zimbabwe
    • Gangster State
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Why Zanu-PF does not engage real war veterans
    • Only mediation can break deadlock: MDC
    • Government imposes price controls
    • Zimbabwean businesses told to halve prices
    • Hint of economic optimism takes root in Zimbabwe
    • SA company sues Zim tycoon
    • New Dawn Mining To Suspend Gold Production At Zimbabwean Mine
    • Refugees still pouring into South Africa
    • Roebuck warns of Zimbabwe move
    • Double trouble for Dynamos at State House
    • Mugabe Pledges to Bankroll Dynamos Fixtures
  52. Posted 4/10/08
    • Mbeki to continue mediation efforts in Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki cannot do more in Zimbabwe
    • Currency crash prompts dramatic move by Gono
    • Zimbabweans lament 'craziness' on the streets
    • Mugabe concedes Finance Ministry
    • Zim youth march in Pretoria
    • Air Zimbabwe pilots go on strike
    • Wave of strikes as economy collapses
    • Security Analyst Warns of Rise of Organized Crime in Zimbabwe
    • A short ride from joy to cynicism
    • Conflict looms over new governors
    • RBZ to splash on Chiefs
    • Harare Poly Students Riot
    • A war on two fronts
    • MDC must stand up or pull out
    • Humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe expected to worsen
    • 'I don't blame Zim'
    • Tomorrow, I’ll just do me some talkin’ to the sun…
    • Does any of this make sense to you?
    • The farm chickens come home to roost
    • Campaign for democracy in Zimbabwe and Swaziland
    • How the fight for a free press in Zimbabwe is being led from Southampton
  53. Batch 2 Posted 3/10/08
    • Political impasse sends Zimbabwe dollar tumbling
    • MDC high level meeting postponed
    • Movement Seen Toward Resolution Of Zimbabwe Cabinet Crisis
    • Mugabe-Mutambara alliance in offing
    • Public rejects poor quality new $20 000 note
    • Reserve Bank suspends use of RTGS
    • Public not warned of new cholera outbreak
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Weighs Action Against Alleged Rogue Mayor
    • Production at Falcon Gold plummets as hyperinflation, power outages and shortages of materials take toll
    • Zimbabwe: battle between forces of change and continuity
    • Tsvangirai Frustrated
    • KMAL EGM Faces Roadblock
    • RG's Office 'denies' Tsvangirai Passport
    • UZ, Nust Open Under Shocking Conditions
    • Mpariwa Slams Moyo Over Lawsuit
    • Zanu PF In Financial Dire Straits
    • Southern Region Faces Starvation
    • Mavambo Adopts Draft Constitution
    • Health Delivery System Continues To Collapse
    • Preparations For Farming Season Lagging Behind
    • Shops Ordered To Revert To Old Prices
    • Year-on-year Tobacco Deliveries Down
    • RBZ Should Focus On Core Business
    • No End In Sight As Cash Queues Lengthen
    • Erich Bloch: Parastatal Privatisation
    • Editor's Memo: Tsvangirai, Mugabe Should Work Together
    • Muckraker: Zanu PF Needs A Gag
    • Comment: Gono's Complex Mind
    • Candid Comment: Mugabe Quiz: Democracy Or Demoniac?
  54. Posted 3/10/08
    • Zimbabwe: New HHIZ Puts Inflation at 531 Billion Percent
    • Zimbabwe faces more financial chaos as prices soar
    • Zimbabwe's 2008 CPI score demands that the power sharing agreement must end corruption to protect the poor and end Zimbabwe's investment pariah status
    • South Africa supports Mbeki role in Zimbabwe talks
    • Stop running to mother Mbeki: Mugabe's party tells the MDC
    • S. African Mediator Thabo Mbeki May Return to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe deadlock worsens, friction over control of town councils
    • Labour unions under pressure to act as economic woes worsen
    • Deadlock over cabinet positions to drag on a while-- Officials
    • Slow take-off for Zimbabwe's foreign currency trading scheme
    • Hungry students demonstrate at Harare Polytechnic
    • Half of Zimbabwe dependent on aid, says UN humanitarian chief
    • Zimbabwe food crisis looms if donors don't fund WFP appeal
    • SAfrica farmers to help lure Zimbabwe investment
    • Militiamen evict war veteran from farm
    • Media policy need s reform - Zimbabwe's Speaker of Parliament
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Abandon Schools
    • Chihuri threatens to resign
    • Disaster Looms
    • Deputy Minister’s call on ZINWA a shame
    • Urgent message for the President’s office
    • Personal responsibility and symptoms of Zimbabwe's decay
    • What happens next to failed asylum seekers?
    • COMESA summit is hasty show of support for Zim government
  55. Batch 2 Posted 2/10/08
    • Mugabe's intentions are now quite clear
    • The truth of the matter
    • Life in Zimbabwe: Wait for Useless Money
    • Harare diary: Daydreaming over
    • UN warns over Zimbabwe food aid
    • Mbeki's Zimbabwe role up to SADC -SAfrica minister
    • Mayor defies Chombo's illegal directive
    • Zimbabwean children endure the worst poverty as political leaders dilly-dally on key decisions
    • Animal feed grabbed to feed the hungry
    • Zim gets second chance to host COMESA summit
  56. Posted 2/10/08
    • Cabinet deadlock linked to fear of prosecution
    • MDC thinking of pulling out of deal
    • Zanu-PF rejects call for new Mbeki mediation
    • MDC appeal to neighbours to aid power-sharing
    • Mbeki resignation hangs over Zimbabwe talks
    • MDC under intense pressure to pull out of the deal
    • Security chiefs puts Mugabe under tight corner
    • ZANU PF denies deadlock in cabinet talks
    • Mugabe Unity Claims Ring Hollow
    • Comprehensive economic recovery in Zimbabwe: A discussion document - UNDP
    • On the brink
    • The country burns
    • Give Zimbabwe peace deal a chance: AU
    • Mugabe's Death Grip
    • Steps Outlined for Zimbabwe's Recovery
    • Zimbabwe: Making the Most of the Deal
    • Analysts Say Good Harare-Washington Relations Essential to Zimbabwe Recovery - PART 4 of 5
    • Security Analyst Warns of Rise of Organized Crime in Zimbabwe PART 5 of 5
    • Zimbabwe's Christian students want election thugs brought to justice
    • Zimbabwe dollar slips to new low
    • Two MDC abducted activists' whereabouts still unknown
    • Chombo threatens Mutare mayor and councillors with dismissal
    • Zimbabwe's MDC-Led Local Governments Fend Off ZANU-PF Influence
    • Many Zimbabwean NGOs Overwhelmed By Surging Food Aid Need
    • MISA-Zimbabwe statement on proposed ITC Bill
    • CHRA Convenes National Residents Associations Forum
  57. Batch 2 Posted 1/10/08
    • Zim deal looks dead in the water
    • Mbeki called in after new deadlock
    • MDC could fire mayor who defected
    • Zimbabwe Mayors Accuse Minister Of Meddling In Municipal Politics
    • Daunting task ahead of new administration
    • Im Ready to Quit - Gono
    • Banks besieged as clients hunt for cash
    • Privatisation can aid Zimbabwe's economic recovery
    • Courtney Sparrow - Bank Account Details for Donations
    • Fingaz in Turmoil
  58. Posted 1/10/08
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai fail to agree on posts
    • Mugabe demands right to appoint all key ministers
    • Tens of thousands flood Zimbabwe banks as 11,000,000% inflation sparks cash shortage
    • RBZ introduces new bank notes again
    • New 20 000 dollar note printed on ordinary paper
    • Farmers Under Threat as Farm Invasions Continue
    • Prices sky rocket as cash queues refuse to go away
    • Farm animals bartered to stave off hunger
    • Mugabe's dash to avert army coup
    • Police fire rubber bulles ts at asylum seeker
    • Zimbabwe needs Good Farmers not Mass Land Resettlement - agriculture analyst - Part 2 of 5
    • Look East Policy of Zimbabwe threatened by Power-Sharing Pact - analysts - PART 3 of 5
    • Zimbabwe Tobacco Season Officially Ends; Deliveries Down 40%
    • Church World Service announces food crisis programs in Zimbabwe
    • Food crisis spells disaster
    • Zimbabwe: Cholera disaster looms
    • Courtney Sparrow - Please urgent assistance is needed

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