The ZIMBABWE Situation

September 2008 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 30/9/08
    • Deal gives Mugabe too much power: ZCTU
    • Zimbabwe waits
    • ZIMTA warns of collapse of education sector
    • Zimbabweans Celebrate Mugabe's Unity Government Pronouncement
    • Now To Share Power With Women
    • A devilish deal? Most probably....
    • Producers blame State for sugar crisis
    • 'I look really bad'
    • SA withdraws land expropriation Bill
    • MPC- Presidential Launch Statement
  2. Posted 30/9/08
    • Zimbabwe unity government by week's end -- Mugabe
    • Zimbabweans overwhelm banks to withdraw cash
    • Zimbabwe unveils $20,000 banknote
    • Queues worsen despite new currency and increased withdrawal limits
    • Scrap Current Approaches To Cash Crisis
    • More Zimbabwean universities remain closed as staff, water shortages bite
    • Residents take Chihuri to court over food
    • Hero's welcome for Mugabe
    • Waiting for signs of real change in Zimbabwe
    • New Crackdown on White Farmers
    • 'The Only Thing White Farmers Understand!'
    • WOZA demands new government
    • Bill Watch 38 of 28th September 2008 [Structures of New Inclusive Government]
    • Media laws could be relaxed
    • Is it a Mule?
    • Mugabe driving Zimbabwe into the ditch
    • Zimbabweans Uneasy About Cabinet Formation
    • Wood Poachers Thrash War Vets Chairman
    • Pastoral Letter from Bishop Sebastian Bakare, Anglican Diocese of Harare, Zimbabwe
    • New government gives HIV-positive people hope
    • Namibian President Pleads for Zim Rescue
    • Minimum Qualifications for the role of Governor for the RBZ
    • Zimbabwe faces Battle for Economic Revival - PART 1 of 5
    • Zimbabwe's evil genie is still zapping the system
    • SA withdraws asylum for Zim exiles
    • Lions were supposed to protect them
  3. Posted 29/9/08
    • New farm invasions show instability in Zim
    • Opposition feels duped by power sharing deal
    • 'Let Mbeki keep Zim talking'
    • Zimbabwe teachers threaten exodus as work conditions tighten
    • Asylum for Zimbabweans withdrawn - MDC angry
    • Zimbabwe now 14th most corrupt nation
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 27th September 2008
    • Zimbabwe to conduct refugee audit in October
    • ZCTF Report Sept 08
    • How China has created a new slave empire in Africa
    • Faith and Thought: One man tells Zimbabwe's story through his own eyes
    • “Once Upon a White Man” – an African memoir
  4. Batch 2 Posted 28/9/08
    • Cholera Deaths: "criminal negligence"- lawyers
    • MDC files court opposition to Moyo application
    • Msika Backs Dabengwa Over Zapu Revival
    • Zanu PF Official Axed For Invading Farm
    • Rights Lawyers Prepare To Challenge Gono
    • Harare Council Moves To Reclaim Water Management
    • Zimpapers Managers Spy On Suspended Editor
    • Women Demand More
    • Church Leaders Want Truth Commission
    • Zim Dollar Plunges To New Lows
    • UN Report Says Zim Investment Rising
    • New Council For Zimbabwe Business
    • Mbeki Ouster: Where Does That Leave Zimbabwe?
    • New Forex Rules Worse For Women
    • Bacossi Or 'The deadly curse'
    • Scrap Current Approaches To Cash Crisis
    • Zim Standard Letters
  5. Posted 28/9/08
    • Tsvangirai on the situation in Zimbabwe
    • 'Urgent' need for unity government to avoid starvation: Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai says deadlock 'surmountable'
    • World ready to help Zimbabwe if democracy respected: Milliband
    • Speaker Accuse State Media Of Bias
    • Mbeki's fall rocks Zim talks
    • MDC National Council Member Hopeful Of Deal
    • Tsvangirai may yet be proved right
    • Shiny mulberries
    • Bank Offers Relief To Travellers
    • Nzuwa's Farm Repossessed
    • Zim. power cut
  6. Batch 2 Posted 27/9/08
    • Zimbabwe's food crisis is escalating
    • The Greatest Challenge Facing the MDC
    • Makumbe decries Mbeki-mediated deal
    • "Power sharing isn't what we wanted."
    • Skepticism Over Mugabe's Assertion Of Good Faith In Zimbabwe Power-Sharing
    • Churches call for truth commission
    • Zim central bank taken to court over cash limits
    • ZLHR holds government accountable for avoidable cholera deaths
    • An analysis of the problems of contemporary Zimbabwe
  7. Posted 27/9/08
    • Tsvangirai looks at the situation at banks in Zimbabwe's capital
    • Zimbabwe begins official trading in hard currency
    • RBZ increase cash withdrawal limit to stave off ZCTU strike
    • Farmers warn of famine in Zimbabwe
    • Beleaguered Mugabe regime caves in on forex dealings
    • Zim set to run out of food by November
    • Starving residents take legal action against police
    • Mugabe has never been weaker
    • Crisis Zimbabwe: Time to implement this Deal!
    • Nurses Demand Bribes in Forex
    • ZCTU To Grill Tsvangirai Over Deal
    • Tsvangirai still waiting for a passport
    • Power-sharing deal looking precarious
    • The 2008/09 Agricultural Season Fertiliser Shortage
    • Zimbabwe teachers union urge authorities to postpone examinations
    • Cash-hungry Zimbabweans tired of political impasse
    • Monetary regulations harming the poor
    • Dinyero locked up for bad-mouthing Mugabe
    • Mbeki's departure no advantage to MDC
    • When Liberators Are Oppressors
    • The sad story of Harare's courts
    • We demand a new constitution, now
    • People of Binga District not spared from starvation
    • Workers Body Unhappy With Tax Thresholds
    • A letter from the diaspora
  8. Batch 3 Posted 26/9/08
    • Zimbabwe power-sharing deal faces disaster
    • Unrepentant Mugabe addresses the UN
    • Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe accuses Britain of genocide in UN
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe calls for removal of sanctions
    • Mugabe's party is broke
    • Zimbabwe is running out of food: USAID
    • We can no longer afford to fund the corrupt
    • Zimbabwe NGOs Confirm Bleak Forecast By Famine Warning Network
    • Ten-year drought to blame for food shortages -- Mugabe
    • Zimbabweans Forced to Stalk Basic Commodities
    • Doctors warn of looming health disaster in Zim cities
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Challenges Mugabe Reassurances On Power-Sharing
    • Trade Union Sets Ultimatum For Zimbabwe Central Bank Over Cash Crunch
    • MDC accuses Chombo of interference
    • Sugar Cane Fields Torched
    • Mugabe Mobbed at UN, Nigeria Not Adverse to Sanctions on His Zim
    • VoIP Is Now Legal in Zimbabwe ? Econet International Calling Card
  9. Batch 2 Posted 26/9/08
    • Tsvangirai Consults On Economic Crisis
    • Mutambara Reins In Rebellious MPs
    • Deal Raises Hope For More Media Freedom
    • MDC Official Challenges Chombo Appointments
    • More And More In Need Of Food Aid
    • We Did Not Get Less Power: Chamisa
    • RBZ Reviews Cash Withdrawals
    • Cease Quasi-fiscal Operations: UNDP
    • Property Sector To Remain Stagnant
    • Tobacco Production To Miss Target
    • Reservations On Moyo As Speaker
    • Zim Rulers Seek Personal Glory
    • Correct Policies Key To Economic Revival
    • Bloated Govt Waste Of Resources
    • No Time For Tribal Appeasement
    • Muckraker: The Lesson From Down South We Could Use
    • Comment: Mbeki Needed Now More Than Ever
    • Candid Comment: Zuma Has Undermined His Own Power
    • Erich Bloch: Agrarian Reform Needs Urgent Implementation
    • Editor's Memo: The Police We Want
    • Zim Independent Letters
  10. Posted 26/9/08
    • Zimbabwe licenses shops to accept foreign currency
    • Zimbabwe too lax on rhino poaching: WWF
    • Fresh Farm Seizures
    • Zimbabwe children eating toxic roots, rats -agency
    • Schools turn children away
    • SW Radio Africa Hot Seat Transcript
    • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Building Stoned
    • A milestone for media
    • Zimbabweans to Future Government: Deal With Economy
    • Zimbabwe's 'new government' must prioritise human rights
    • Mugabe says he is determined to remain President
    • MDC signed a bad deal
  11. Batch 3 Posted 25/9/08
    • Mugabe calls Mbeki resignation devastating
    • I can work with MDC, says Mugabe
    • EU boosts aid to Zimbabwe by 15 million dollars
    • Zim Needs More Farmers Than Soldiers - Mujuru
    • Gono Defies International Advice
    • Students Shun Teacher Training Institutions
    • Has Mugabe's Twisted Mind Changed?
    • 'Irreversible change' needed if any hope of foreign investment
    • Raftopoulos warns of violence if deal collapses
    • MDC officials accuse Zanu of sabotage
    • Media needs freedom from state
    • Mugabe fiddles while Rome burns US trip branded extravagant, insensitive
    • Mugabe needs Tsvangirai to get us out of economic turmoil
    • The leopard hasn't changed its spots
    • Women bear witness in search for justice
    • Calling for a paradigm shift in public administration
    • SA-Zim border : Smuggling people in, food out remains big business
    • Corruption exposed, but facts still hidden
    • No time for gallivanting
  12. Batch 2 Posted 25/9/08
    • AP Interview: Mugabe urges West to lift sanctions
    • Authorities Release Activist Held On Charges of 'Communicating Falsehoods'
    • Lovemore Moyo's address to the labour conference
    • Political Violence Said Rising In Zimbabwe Despite Political Accord
    • Victims of violence demand justice
    • Amid Cholera Outbreaks, Zimbabwe Doctors Demand State Ensure Safe Water
    • Zimbabwe to export 150MW electricity to Namibia
    • 'Zimbabwe one of most corrupt countries'
    • Zimbabwe: Is it time for the travel industry to return?
    • Power Sharing Tragedy
    • Has Pan-Africanism outlived its usefulness?
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 567 - Dated 24 September 2008
    • Comment from Correspondent
    • Cartoon
  13. Posted 25/9/08
    • AU dismisses worry over Zimbabwe with Mbeki gone
    • Zimbabwe needs US$5b to re-build economy - UNDP
    • Zimbabwe extends its dollarized economy
    • US ready to impose new sanctions if Mugabe reneges
    • ZANU PF continues to harass our supporters: MDC
    • MDC say negotiators still discussing cabinet deadlock
    • The Circular Firing Squad - GNU "Power Sharing" Deal
    • Major split looms in Zanu (PF)
    • 7 steps Mugabe must take
    • Does Mugabe still fully understand issues?
    • Shortages Of Seed, Fertilizer, Fuel Bode Ill For Zimbabwe Maize Crop
    • Zimbabwe Business Community Encourages Dollarization Trend
    • Madhuku threatens confrontation
    • Cholera outbreak spreads in Zimbabwe, kills 13
    • Fuel crisis affecting even the shadowy Mafia-like JOC
    • Zimbabwe relaxes foreign exchange regulations for travellers
    • Buhera Police in Weekend Arrest of 25 MDC Supporters
    • Food slowly being moved to Zim
    • Zimbabwe cash crisis forces parents to pay school fees in livestock
    • Does MDC think we need all these ministries?
    • FEWS Zimbabwe Food Security Alert 24 Sep 2008 - Slow cereal imports leave Zimbabwe facing major shortages
    • Power share deal trigger investor rush in Zimbabwe
    • A Society "Not Ready for Female Leadership"?
    • A Zimbabwean Afro-pessimist
    • Campaigners: African human rights court dead in water
    • State Journalists Hike To Assignments
    • Indictment of Thabo Mbeki , the man Zimbabwe and Africa will not miss
    • Resignations rock SA Cabinet
    • Cartoon
  14. Posted 24/9/08
    • Mugabe recalls his old Cabinet amid deadlock
    • Crisis talks to resolve cabinet impasse set for October
    • Zimbabwe's new government has to tackle culture of impunity
    • Tortured, raped and forgotten
    • Zimbabwe starves as Robert Mugabe stalls on new government
    • NCA says power-sharing bad precedent for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe school fees paid in cows
    • Violence against MDC supporters on the increase
    • Zimbabwe is in the throes of chronic economic crises
    • GAPWUZ concerned about the delay in cabinet appointments and the subsequent decline in economy
    • Sanitation and water crises spark disease fears in urban areas
    • Power Shortages Hit Water Supply
    • Top Harare Bureaucrats Oppose Power-Sharing
    • Gono, Matonga off the Hook
    • Plot to oust Mugabe
    • No improvement in humanitarian situation
    • MDC National Chair Receives Standing Ovation at Labour Conference
    • Zim a deal at last, another African deal to subvert democracy
    • The man still in the middle
  15. Batch 2 Posted 23/9/08
    • U.S worried about Zimbabwe cabinet impasse
    • Aid for Zimbabwe 'conditional'
    • Zim power-sharing govt talks put on ice
    • Zimbabwe deal in peril: MDC
    • Governor refuses to vacate official residence
    • SA's new men in-charge will not be soft on Mugabe
    • MDC accuses state media of peddling hate speech
    • Opposition: Media has crucial role in healing Zimbabwe
    • Shopping -- a mathematics test for Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabwe AIDS Activists Say Food Now More Critical Than Drugs
    • The Zimbabwe deal in difficulty
    • Bill Watch 37 of 22nd September 2008 [Lack of Time Frames in Power Sharing Agreement]
    • UN Sec. Gen. pays tribute to Zimbabwe GNU deal
    • Risks for Zimbabwe Deal in Mbeki's Resignation
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 566 - Dated 22 September 2008
    • Austrian Company Retains Zimbabwe Contract
  16. Posted 23/9/08
    • Deadlock over ministers threatens Zimbabwe deal - MDC
    • Mbeki's offices says Zim power-sharing talks stalled, new admin to takeover
    • 'Mbeki the only candidate for Zimbabwe mediator'
    • Cabinet formation talks halted...until Mugabe returns
    • Mudzuri says MDC and ZANU PF need to bury the hatchet
    • Farm invasions continue across Zimbabwe, fueled by GNU accord
    • "We will keep attacking MDC supporters until Mugabe tells us to stop."
    • Reserve Bank runs out of cash
    • Hunger begins to take its toll
    • Small scale farming seen as only alternative for food security
    • Zimbabwe's Manicaland Remains Trouble Spot Despite Peace Deal
    • Grateful MDC chair thanks Britain for Zimbabwe support
    • Moyo to engage British authorities on failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers
    • Zimbabwe risks sliding down agenda
    • Reward Mugabe? Not yet
    • Workers Body Dismisses Zimbabwe's Power Sharing Deal
    • The wait and see game
    • Call For Sharing Of Ministries
    • MDC Mourns About Hate Speech
    • Germany doubles aid to Zimbabwe
    • ZANU-PF minister, a cattle rustler by night
    • Thabo Mbeki resigning in South Africa may aid Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe power grab
    • Analyst says Mbeki's resignation "tragedy" for Mugabe
  17. Posted 22/9/08
    • Zim deadlock referred back to principals
    • '1 million people lost livelihoods in Mugabe's farm seizures'
    • Zim power-sharing deal an elitist pact: ZCTU
    • One step forward for Zimbabwe?
    • The Zimbabwe power deal
    • Zimbabwe faces fresh uncertainty
    • Mugabe survives, yet a shattered country can build anew
    • From the Herald
    • Charamba misguiding President Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum May report
    • Finding the courage to wage peace
    • Stumble in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe secures 80 million dollar aid deal: state media
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 20th September 2008
    • Zimbabwe power-sharing deal: The aftermath of a "new order"
    • Comment from Correspondent
    • Experience Carved in Stone
    • Tour of Chapungu Park tells of sculptural heritage
    • Forced from office, enigmatic Mbeki opts for 'graceful exit'
  18. Batch 2 Posted 21/9/08
    • Intimidation and fear as Mugabe says he is in the 'driving seat'
    • How Morgan lost out
    • Warrant of arrest out for Gono, Matonga
    • Deal doesn't reflect will of people - ZCTU
    • Zimbabwe deal teeters on Zanu-PF greed
    • Media and communication key to change
    • 'Zimbabweans must reclaim their streets'
    • A new start for Zimbabwe? by Ian Scoones
    • Deal In Danger As Mbeki Is Recalled
    • The Glitter Of Diamonds Lures Teachers
    • Power-sharing Deal Rallies International Aid For Zim
    • State Drops Charges Against Civic Activist
    • New Speaker says deal is 'victory' for Matabeleland
    • New Farmers Jittery After Signing Of Power-sharing Deal
    • Gono's FOLIWARS Scheme Challenged
    • Zimpapers Loses Court Bid To Evict Staff
    • Chiefs Harangue Minister
    • Zimpapers Editor Axed Over 'falsehoods'
    • Chefs Face Uncertain Future After Deal
    • Economy Will Haunt New Govt
    • Forex Shortage Hits Fertilizer Producers
    • Mawere Not A Fugitive From Justice: Court
    • Cash Limits: Banks Fleece Depositors
    • Power Games - Critical Analysis Of Zim Deal
    • The Quest For Sound Leadership
    • It's Time To Seize The Opportunity
  19. Posted 21/9/08
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe leaves for UN amid chaos at home
    • Announcement of Zimbabwe's new cabinet to be delayed till early October
    • Charamba says Zanu-PF will not capitulate
    • MDC signed a bad deal with Mugabe
    • Hope
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Food Aid at Last
    • Assessment of the food situation in Zimbabwe
    • Signs of hope in Zimbabwe
    • A new hope
    • Mbeki to resign as South African President
  20. Batch 2 Posted 20/9/08
    • The beaten dare to hope for change as cautious optimism returns to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean accord will be hard to implement but worth the effort - UN envoy
    • Zimbabwe Civil Society Groups Take Stock Of Power-Sharing Deal
    • NCA vows to oppose any new constitution
    • Entrenched positions threaten Zimbabwe's fragile unity deal
    • Security Council calls for quick formation of unity government
    • Britain to help Zimbabwe only if there is 'genuine' power-sharing
    • Mahoso's MIC to be shut down
    • Huge fertiliser shortfall spells disaster
    • Freedom of Expression Addressed in Zanu-PF/MDC Agreement
    • Agreement replete with Mugabe language
    • Zimbabwe deal and Mwatela saga put Raila on the spot
    • New Speaker of Parliament in UK on MDC business
    • A tale of two national leaders
    • Cartoon
  21. Posted 20/9/08
    • Negotiators fail to end Zimbabwe cabinet impasse
    • Country's Economy Goes Past Tipping Point
    • Victims Get Short Shrift in Power-Sharing Deal
    • Leaders must unite and deliver on promises
    • Zimbabwe must not have dominant ruling party
    • Mugabe still scares the hell out of Zanu-PF politicians
    • What did Mbeki pull out of his hat?
    • Zim deal hanging by thread
    • Cash Shortages
    • State of emergency in Zimbabwe
    • Withdrawal Limit - Force Behind Price Distortions
    • Hope in Zimbabwe, or will things fall apart?
    • Listen to what the people are saying
    • "Double-ups" not packing for home
    • "The truth must prevail"
    • The morning after
    • Zimbabwean police allegedly beat students
    • Students arrested Thursday on campus have been released
    • Norway grants aid of 4.86 million euros to Zimbabwe
    • Chinese, South African firms wait on the wings for Zimbabwe investments
    • Kenya's Anti-Corruption Drive an Example for Country
    • Develop 'Marshal Plan' for Zimbabwe
    • MDC Must Take High Moral Ground Now
    • IMF Ready to Re-Engage Country
    • Zimbabwe's new deal demands a new direction
    • Zimbabwe has to make the deal work
  22. Batch 3 Posted 19/9/08
    • Zimbabwe's new unity government falls at first hurdle
    • Prying Zimbabwe From Mugabe's Hands
    • Bumpy Road for Zimbabwe's Power-Sharing Deal
    • Zim deal going nowhere, MDC admits
    • Hold the applause: Zimbabwe still in the grip of corrupt incompetents
    • So Tsvangirai can do business with Mugabe?
    • Police brutality sign the GNU deal is 'paper thin'
    • Early signs of discord in Zim over rights abuses
    • Zim teachers to continue strike for more pay
    • SA putting together Zim agriculture rescue plan
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai on a tightrope
    • Zimbabwe faces long painful road to health
    • ZCTU leaders' trial- Magistrate refers case to the Supreme Court
    • NECF urges performance-based cabinet
    • Britain willing to assist Zimbabwe
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 564 - Dated 17 September 2008
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 565 - Dated 18 September 2008
  23. Batch 2 Posted 19/9/08
    • Moyo Attacks Biti Over Speaker Vote
    • Serious Problems In Implementing Deal
    • Tsvangirai To Assess Food Aid Distribution
    • $1 000 Note Introduced Earlier Than Scheduled
    • Zim Gets Poor Rating
    • Price Distortions Likely: NECF
    • Gono's Tenure Could Be Shortlived
    • Natfoods Believes Profit Margin Could Be Increased
    • Freeing Of Airwaves, Media Urgent
    • Will Mat Get Fair Representation?
    • Mutambara Speaks On Power-sharing
    • 'Mugabe Now History'
    • Zimbabweans Abroad, Critical To Recovery
    • Political Will Of Signatories Vital To Country's Success
    • Erich Bloch: Great Expectations
    • Muckraker: Daylight Robbery
    • Editor's Memo: Whither Our Education System?
    • Candid Comment: I Got To Cana But Missed The Miracle
    • Comment: Invite To Orgy Of Debauchery
  24. Posted 19/9/08
    • Zimbabwe deal in deadlock amid power wrangle
    • Zimbabwe coalition talks stalled
    • Working to reverse a man-made disaster
    • Give a bad deal a chance
    • Mugabe says he bowed down to pressure in deal
    • Washington issues Zimbabwe ultimatum
    • What's the lie of Zimbabwe's land?
    • Nuture our agriculture and steer Zimbabwe to prosperity
    • Raising a moribund economy
    • Cash Shortages Persist Despite Introduction of New Note
    • Teachers Union President Takavafira Zhou Arrested
    • Violence persists while ink is still wet on Zimbabwe power sharing deal
    • Student Leaders Arrested
    • New trend of power-sharing a threat to democracy
    • Mugabe's power still not broken
    • The Herculean task of rescuing Zimbabwe's economy
    • Zinwa Not Treating Harare Water
    • ZINWA water sewers & Harare
    • CHRA to conduct major environmental clean up campaign in Mabvuku/ Tafara
    • To the Red Cross distributors
    • Zimbabwe food crisis: Tendai, 35, Red Cross home-based care client in Masvingo
    • Statement on Zimbabwe by John Holmes, United Nations Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator
    • South Africa Appoints Task Team to Help Agriculture Sector
    • An Elephant Mission (a true story)
    • Zim farmers' land claims dismissed
    • Zimbabwe Speaker of Parliament Hon Lovemore Moyo Press Conference Rally
  25. Batch 3 Posted 18/9/08
    • Zanu PF deny rift over power-sharing deal
    • ZANU PF Politiburo : Finance & Home Affairs non Negotiable
    • Cabinet to be formed today -- Mutasa
    • Mugabe will destroy the MDC from close range
    • Nothing half so melancholy as a battle won
    • Dealing With Mr. Mugabe
    • Mr. Mugabe's Deal
    • More than Hope in Zimbabwe
    • New dogs doing old tricks
  26. Batch 2 Posted 18/9/08
    • Mugabe delays Zimbabwe coalition talks
    • Power sharing is humiliation: Mugabe
    • "Several weeks" before cabinet is sworn-in -- ZANU-PF
    • Zimbabwe deal: 'Good, bad and ugly'
    • Early signs of discord in Zim over rights abuses
    • Is Gono a goner?
    • US Stance On Zimbabwe Government To Be 'Performance-Based' - Ambassador
    • 'Deal sidelines civil society in constitution-making'
    • Will Matebeleland get its pound of flesh?
    • Archbishop calls for 'humility' from new Zimbabwe government
    • A Decade of Despair and Deprivation
    • RBZ Erred in Licencing Forex Shops: NECF
    • Eighteen thoughts on an extraordinary week
    • My deal wish list
    • Our duty to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe urged to focus on strengthening democracy
    • Zimbabwe gold production falls 44% up to August 2008
    • Zimbabwe Farmers Wait for Promised Compensation
    • Black Zim farmers lose bid to move on to white farms
    • The culture of fear
    • COSATU calls Zim deal a 'spreading virus'
    • Zimfest - what a blast!
    • Zimbabwean sanctions must end and Bob should do children's parties
  27. Posted 18/9/08
    • Zimbabwe new government to be discussed Thursday
    • Robert Mugabe stalls Zimbabwe's new government
    • Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF still in strong position after deal: Mugabe
    • 'Tensions in Zanu-PF after power-sharing deal'
    • Parliament to give Zim deal teeth
    • 'Bob's commitment unquestionable'
    • Mugabe's party fully behind power-sharing deal
    • Human rights groups wary .. as youth training to continue
    • Cabinet to start work, as soon as it is announced
    • Can Mugabe let go?
    • Misa Appeals to Incoming Government to Prioritise Transformation of ZBC Into Independent Public Service Broadcaster
    • Economic 'meltdown' casts a shadow of gloom
    • Zimbabwe issues new 1,000 dollar note
    • Hopes ride high on Zimbabwe deal
    • Worst-case scenario for South Africa and Zimbabwe
    • Kenya PM cautions Africa against grand coalition system
    • Tensions ease but shortages rampant in Zimbabwe
    • Food aid distribution begins in Zim
    • Security chiefs salute new PM
    • Speaker calls for unity for power-share deal to work
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai says Mugabe can't be prosecuted
    • Pulling Zimbabwe from the brink
    • Sick & tired of hopelessness
    • Comment from a Correspondent
    • Zimbabwe turns guns on France at UN rights council
    • Trust us, and keep cash coming: MDC
  28. Batch 3 Posted 17/9/08
    • Tsvangirai wants trials for Zimbabwe violence: papers
    • Zanu-PF meeting puts power talks on ice
    • Backlash as Mugabe's men face losing jobs
    • Zimbabwe victims still grieving
    • 'There's an inherent suspicion of Mugabe. But he must understand that the future is not in the hands of Robert Mugabe'
    • Zimbabwe will need a lot more than an agreement to rise from its knees
    • Fixing Zimbabwean economy a Herculean task
    • Easing Mugabe out
    • From the Forums: Quotes on Zimbabwe deal
    • Zimbabweans stay put in Musina despite power deal
    • COSATU reacts to Zimbabwe's power-share deal
  29. Batch 2 Posted 17/9/08
    • Cabinet appointments delayed
    • Zim leaders set to appoint ministers today
    • Tsvangirai says does not trust Mugabe
    • 'Believe in us, don't be paranoid about Mugabe', says Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe power-sharing deal already under threat
    • Bring Zim human rights violators to book: Rights group
    • MDC supporters march in support of power-sharing deal
    • Suspect tenders at Gonarezhou cancelled
    • Aid, Economic Recovery Priorities After Zimbabwean Power-Sharing Deal
    • Taming inflation ogre in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe sanctions will remain
    • Untapped resources promise new ‘Scramble for Africa’
    • US activists urge justice for Zimbabwe violence perpetrators
    • Fresh start
    • Constitutional Gobbledygook
    • Zimbabwe bishops urge healing and reconciliation
    • White farmers need to be compensated: Zanu-PF
    • Zimbabwe: MSF Treating Patients During Cholera Outbreak
    • Rwanda's Experience - Lessons for Zimbabwe's Transition
    • Sokwanele Newsletter
    • Expat in Zimbabwe: Where catching the post is a billion-dollar operation
  30. Posted 17/9/08
    • Cartoons
    • Robert Mugabe has upper hand over Morgan Tsvangirai in new Zimbabwe government
    • Zimbabwe unity government talks postponed: opposition
    • Talks on Zimbabwe cabinet deferred; Mugabe consults Zanu-PF
    • Robert Mugabe faces revolt from ministers
    • Too many cabinet posts
    • Tsvangirai moves to assure Mugabe
    • Unity agreement doesn't slow exodus of Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabwe deal remains silent on banned newspapers
    • South African media need convincing on Zimbabwe deal
    • Zimbabwe incoming prime minister confident West will send aid after power sharing agreement
    • Statement by British Foreign Secretary on Power Sharing Deal
    • Council Conclusions on Country
    • Donors ready to rescue Zimbabwe
    • NANGO slams Zim deal for limited Civil Society involvement
    • Zimbabwe stakes out long road to recovery
    • Past hostilities haunt Zim deal, say analysts
    • US ready to feed Zim's hungry
    • Zimbabwe parties agree to unban media outlets
    • Zimbabwe Waiting to See if Power Sharing Works
    • CPJ to honor five international journalists
    • The End of the Beginning
    • Zim: Will it hold or will it not?
    • Zim deal success unlikely to vindicate Mbeki
    • The Makoni Factor
    • Zimbabwe vetting 60 Somali, Ethiopian asylum seekers
    • Comments from Correspendents
    • Zimbabwe: A new Start
  31. Batch 2 Posted 16/9/08
    • Text of the agreement
    • Tsvangirai's speech at the signing ceremony
    • Mugabe's speech at the signing ceremony
    • Call this progress? Not if you care about Zimbabwe
    • Bob's bizarre speech stuns world
    • Zimbabwe faces a monumental challenge
    • Political reality in a shattered nation
    • Appeal to Mugabe's former magnanimity fails
    • 'I am very happy that we are over with this scourge of Zimbabwe'
    • Zimbabwe opposition supporters brave a public rally
    • Vibrant independent media essential for new Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe settlement. Frederik van Zyl Slabbert - political analyst
    • No quick fix for nation's economic ills
    • Mswati calls for help to fund Zim's economic recovery
    • What they said about Zim's power-sharing deal
    • Months Of Crisis & Economic Collapse Raise HIV Risk To Zimbabwean Youth
    • Supporters clash outside Rainbow Towers
    • Many grey areas await unity government
  32. Posted 16/9/08
    • Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai sign historic power-sharing deal
    • Zimbabwe Rivals Sign Power-Sharing Agreement
    • Rock-paper-scissors in Zimbabwe's deal
    • Text of the power-sharing agreement
    • Optimism and winces: Zimbabwe's new future?
    • Zimbabwe rivals shake hands on power-sharing
    • Can Zimbabwe's Shotgun Marriage Work?
    • Analysis: the jury is still out
    • Zimbabwe calls on Britain to pay for lost farms
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai calls on Zimbabwe parties to 'unite'
    • Zimbabwe police fire warning shots at unruly crowd
    • 'It's Still Possible To Mess It Up'
    • Talks on new Zimbabwe ministers to start Tuesday
    • Secrecy still shrouds power sharing deal, despite signing ceremony
    • Mbeki: SADC to mobilise financial resources for Zimbabwe's agriculture
    • Rebuilding Zimbabwe must begin immediately
    • What do you think the top priorities are for Zimbabwe’s leaders, and why?
    • Aid agencies hopeful of feeding Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference urges healing and reconciliation
    • Miliband cautious on Zimbabwe pact
    • Zimbabwe deal not enough for EU to lift sanctions
    • Zimbabwe voices
    • How quickly can Zimbabweans expect economic change?
    • IMF opens door to restore ties with Zimbabwe
    • Scores of Zimbabweans leave SA to return home
    • What does deal mean for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora?
    • First the signing - then the street fighting
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 563 - Dated 15 September 2008
  33. Batch 2 Posted 15/9/08
    • Will Robert Mugabe wriggle out of deal?
    • MDC, Zanu-PF endorse political deal
    • The military must make unequivocal statement
    • Zimbabwe opposition wants equitable share of provincial governor posts
    • £1bn aid in the balance as west waits to gauge change in Zimbabwe
    • Unpacking the historic power-sharing deal
    • Zimbabwe unsafe for business - World Bank
    • Lift exchange restrictions - Harare stores
    • Rebuilding of economy will take time - PPC
    • NGOs body rules out immediate end to Zim's woes
    • Zimbabwe now needs large investment
    • Power-sharing bad for Africa, says Kriegler
    • Zimbabwe deal to open investment flow
    • SADC court reserves judgment on Zim farmers' case
    • Zim expats scoff at settlement
    • Vilified at home and abroad, Thabo Mbeki may be missed when he is gone
  34. Posted 15/9/08
    • Zimbabwe opposition to get Cabinet majority
    • Zimbabwe Negotiations Continue
    • Zimbabwe parties agree on cabinet seats
    • Gideon Gono Steps down
    • Robert Mugabe victims to witness power-sharing deal with Morgan Tsvangirai
    • MDC wants British troops in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe on edge ahead of deal
    • Zimbabwe's power-sharing agreement tantamount to betrayal
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 13th September 2008
    • SW Radio Africa - Hot Seat Transcript
    • Botswana 'happy' with Zim deal
    • Bloated Government May Scare Donors
    • Mozambique's president due in Zimbabwe for power-sharing deal ceremony
    • Namibian president in Zimbabwe for signing of power-sharing deal
    • Is it all now for Mbeki's glory?
  35. Batch 3 Posted 14/9/08
    • Morgan Tsvangirai: 'I will have to trust Mugabe'
    • Mugabe is now poised to sign his own political death warrant
    • Zimbabwe deal raises spectre of Joshua Nkomo's unity pact
    • Tsvangirai needs to play his cards right
    • Enlarged cabinet under power-sharing deal
    • Envoys to pore over small print
    • Will Mugabe stop telling West to go hang?
    • Zimbabwe crisis deal faces international doubters
    • Now dust has settled down, victims of xenophobia demand compensation
    • Development agency gives cautious welcome to Zimbabwe power sharing
  36. Batch 2 Posted 14/9/08
    • Zimbabwe central bank governor 'must be sacked before aid can flow'
    • Security is first test of Zimbabwe deal
    • Zimbabwe power deal to scrap security ministry
    • Europeans rethink sanctions as they await details of deal
    • 'Deal won't end Zim's problems'
    • No sign that we have a deal
    • Ructions Rock Ex-Zapu
    • ...But Others Were Celebrating
    • Scepticism Over Power-sharing Deal
    • Gwanda Councillors Fight Over Maize
    • Why Tsvangirai agreed to sign power-sharing pact
    • Patients Get Raw Deal As State Hospitals Crumble
    • Supervision By Traditional Chiefs Worries NGOs
    • New Rules Stymying NGO Operations
    • Gono's Future Hangs By A Thread
    • Conflict, Compromise And Consensus
    • Foliwars Or Folly Wars: Dubious Measures
    • Waiting For Zimbabwe's Big Bang
    • Zim Standard Letters
  37. Posted 14/9/08
    • Consultation, Horse-Trading In Zimbabwe Ahead Of Power-Sharing Deal Closing
    • MDC seeks control over Zimbabwe's economy, police
    • Troubled Times Ahead for Service Chiefs
    • Deal Should Ensure Free Media
    • Top of the agenda?
    • Zim deal 'signals a move from the vicious cycle'
    • African Union hails Zimbabwe "turning point"
    • UN welcomes Zimbabwe power-sharing deal
    • U.S. Officials Waiting for Assessment of Deal
    • Commonwealth Secretary-General's statement on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's fall not as far as foes would like
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Zimbabwe political deal raises hope for economic outlook for southern Africa
    • 'Anything's better than what we've got now'
    • Q&A: Zimbabwean Women Have Had ''More'' Trauma After Independence
    • Zimbabwe workers' federation demands wages in foreign currency
    • UZ Student Leader Suspended
    • Panic Grips Foreign Currency Parallel Market
    • 'Bacossi' - Dealers' Source of a Quick Buck
    • No 'exclusive' work permits for Zimbabweans in the UK
    • Mbeki faces pressure to resign
  38. Batch 2 Posted 13/9/08
    • Mugabe casts doubt on unity deal as MDC factions wrangle over portfolios
    • Who Gets Real Power in Zimbabwe Deal Still Unclear
    • Zimbabwe power-sharing deal prompts skepticism, hope
    • Mudede seizes land from war veteran
    • Zimbabwe: how can sworn enemies work together?
    • Deception or dawn?
    • New 4x4s for the Zanu-PF faithful
    • Food crisis must be tackled
    • Political Analysts Offer Caveats On Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Deal
    • MDC given control of ZRP, CIO dishonourably disbanded
    • Aid carrot may solve Zim impasse
    • The slender chance of hope
    • Zimbabweans refuse to celebrate political accord
    • Excitement, relief and anxiety greet Zimbabwe deal
    • Zimbabwe: Black Farmers Turn to SADC
    • Caution greets Zim deal as SA groups wait for change
    • Exiled Zimbabweans not packing their bags yet
  39. Posted 13/9/08
    • 'Bring Zimbabwe human rights violators to book'
    • Mugabe to keep major powers under deal
    • Equal shares?
    • Zimbabwe power-sharing deal is humiliating climbdown for Robert Mugabe
    • Jury out over "cloudy" Zimbabwe unity deal
    • A New Beginning, a New Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe deal 'leaves Robert Mugabe in charge of army'
    • Thousands take to the streets in Masvingo
    • Cautious Britain wants to see details of Zimbabwe deal
    • Zimbabwe power-sharing deal gives police control to MDC
    • Tsvangirai's gamble
    • Zimbabwe civil society cautiously optimistic about deal
    • Can deal kickstart Zim?
    • West poised to 'help' Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai's real problems start now
    • Hope rekindled among the desperate
    • Up and Down!
    • Don't get too excited
    • “Houston, We’ve Got a Problem,” (Called Mugabe)
    • Profile: Another life shattered by a rogue ZANU-PF MP
    • Forex Retail A War On People
    • Botswana has been a true friend of the Zimbabwean people
    • MOZAMBIQUE-ZIMBABWE: The commodities lifeline
    • Cholera outbreaks: Residents cannot continue to suffer
    • Coventry hands cash to charity
    • Michigan State revokes Mugabe's honorary degree
  40. Batch 4 Posted 12/9/08
    • The end of the beginning
    • Details of deal leak out of Rainbow Towers
    • Zimbabwe opposition to have cabinet majority
    • Is this the end of Zimbabwe’s $1000 loaf of bread?
    • Robert Mugabe profile
    • Morgan Tsvangirai profile
    • EU rethinking wider Zimbabwe sanctions after deal
    • Zimbabwe owes IMF US$135 million in arrears
    • Zimbabwe Political Deal Offers Little Joy to Citizens
    • Some unhappy with Zimbabwe power-sharing deal
    • Civil Society Demands Zero Impunity in Transitional Justice
    • Politicisation of Food Continues in Spite of Talks
    • Proposal for a "win-win" solution to crisis
    • Will power-sharing work?
    • Central Statistical Office Still Working on Inflation Data
    • Warning to Internet Users
  41. Batch 3 Posted 12/9/08
    • After 28 years, Robert Mugabe agrees to share power
    • Economic realities that forced Mugabe to retreat
    • Mbeki defends quiet diplomacy
    • Key dates in Zimbabwe's crisis
    • Secretary-General welcomes agreement in Zimbabwe on government of natural unity
    • Zimbabwe deal boosts rand: analysts
    • Moyo Challenges Election Of Speaker
    • Two MDC MPs Granted Bail
    • Gono's New Policy Challenges MDC, Zanu PF
    • 'Harare on cholera time-bomb'
    • MDC-Mutambara Says MDC-T, Zanu PF Undermining Party
    • MDC Turns 9, Says Has Key To Resources
    • Parallel Market Has Last Laugh As Gono 'dollarises' Economy
    • RBZ Fails To Pay Gold Producers US$25m
    • Lopping Off Zeros Fails To Save Local Currency
    • Zambia Switches Off Zimbabwe
    • GNU Must Put People First
    • Erich Bloch: Sanctions Hurtful To General Public
    • Muckraker: Lieutva And The Tourism Boom
    • Editor's Memo: No Special Favours
    • Candid Comment: My Second Journey To The Hague
    • Comment: No Magic Wand
  42. Batch 2 Posted 12/9/08
    • Deal agreed, signing on Monday - Mbeki
    • Zim power-sharing deal highlights
    • Zimbabwe has a deal: but is the Old Crocodile waiting to bite back?
    • Talks between Tsvangirai and Mugabe may be treacherous ...but better than blood on the streets
    • Press conference with Tsvangirai and Mugabe was nearly pleasant
    • Zanu-PF and MDC cannot mix, Mugabe
    • INSTANT VIEW - Reaction to Zimbabwe power-sharing deal
    • ANALYSIS: Sliver of light in Zimbabwe's long night: unity deal agreed
    • Zim deal should reflect March vote result: Brown
    • Agreement 'a good deal' for Zimbabwe: opposition
    • Zimbabweans, World, react to GNU deal
    • Zimbabwe after the deal
    • Zim gold producers appeal to Mugabe for payment
    • Chiefs attack Mugabe's govt for failing to deliver
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 562 - Dated 10 September 2008
  43. Posted 12/9/08
    • Breaking News....Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai 'to declare Zimbabwe breakthrough'
    • 'We've got a deal' on power-sharing: Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai
    • AU should have recognised opposition win in Zimbabwe: Annan
    • Recently appointed governors face the chop
    • Mixed signals from Mugabe on prospects for Zimbabwe deal
    • Mugabe fumes at MDC, says talks are 'stuck'
    • Collusion claims as Zimbabwe parties near deal
    • More details emerge of Wednesday deadlock
    • MDC rejects Herald's Lionel Dyck claims
    • MDC MPs Languish In Remand Prison
    • Is there a Deal?
    • Hungry Bulawayans scavenge for food
    • Cholera outbreak claims 11 in Zimbabwe slum
    • Dirty water blamed for Zim cholera outbreak
    • Local currency becomes an endangered species
    • EU ministers set to broaden Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Zimbabwe newspaper: Unity deal unlikely this week
    • Bindura University Students to Boycott Mugabe
    • Bill Watch Special [Lifting of Suspension on NGO Humanitarian Field Work]
    • SA urged to invest in Zimbabwe once deal signed
  44. Batch 2 Posted 11/9/08
    • Mugabe pressed to agree deal for 'twin cabinet'
    • Mugabe refuses to sign deal
    • Three deputy MDC PMs, two ZANU-PF vice presidents...
    • Plot to dislodge Speaker thickens
    • Very little work left for Zimbabwe deal-Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe hopes for a deal on Thursday
    • Moyo, Zanu-PF plot to unseat Speaker
    • The real truth about us, the war veterans
    • Zimbabwe NGO, Church Aid Workers Targeted By Veterans & Militia
    • Creeping Dollarization Sanctioned By Zimbabwe Central Bank Chief
    • SADC Meets Thursday After Postponing Summit to Give Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks More Time
    • Cleavages widen in the Mutambara camp
    • Zimbabwe not investor friendly: Report
    • Looking for Meaning in Zimbabwe
    • Zim doctors give govt time to work out new package
    • The Restoration of Zimbabwe's Breadbasket Status
  45. Posted 11/9/08
    • Leaders say success is within reach
    • 'We almost did it' - negotiator says as rivals near deal
    • Leaders hopeful over power-sharing talks in Zimbabwe
    • Southern African summit deferred amid hopes of Zimbabwe pact
    • Mbeki expected to brief SADC as pressure builds for signed deal
    • ZANU-PF fast-tracking land grabbing exercise ahead of GNU
    • Zimbabwe to allow goods to be sold in foreign mone
    • Final humiliation for Zimbabwe dollar as foreign currency legalised
    • Government Desperate For Cash
    • Reconciling the past for a stable future
    • Starvation Hovers over Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean civil society briefed by MDC on Tuesday
    • Doctors Give Ultimatum
    • Zim health crisis worsening
    • WOZA leader Jenni Williams speaking in London
    • ZANU-PF claims it has a new energy policy
    • Biomass Energy for Zimbabwe - Energy From Human and Animal Waste
    • SADC Court To Deliver Judgement In Zim Farmer's Case
    • Veterans Hostile to Power-Sharing Deal
  46. Batch 2 Posted 10/9/08
    • Zimbabwe parties hopeful on talks breakthrough
    • Zimbabwean parties on verge of deal
    • Mbeki still battling to broker Zim deal
    • Mbeki to brief SADC members on Zimbabwe
    • SADC organ meets today to discuss Zimbabwe
    • Analyst Optimistic Yet Pessimistic About a Likely Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Deal
    • GNU is pure sleaze
    • Makoni postpones launch of political party
    • Zanu-PF orders purge of Masvingo executive
    • Zimbabwe bloggers shine a light on their troubled country
  47. Posted 10/9/08
    • Mugabe says Zimbabwe talks to continue on Wednesday
    • Zimbabwe document aims to give MDC more power
    • Zimbabwe power-sharing deal looks remote: ZANU-PF
    • Latest on Talks: US $2 million offered for Tsvangirai's signature
    • Zim: Agreement not yet in sight
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai hopeful on power-sharing talks
    • A perspective on the Zimbabwean talks and the election of the Speaker
    • Controversy surrounding election of Lovemore Moyo as Speaker
    • Mugabe ready to engage West, as power-sharing talks drag on
    • Regional summit called on Zimbabwe
    • Mutambara makes peace with 10 MPs
    • Economic meltdown impacts entire region
    • Hunger road trip of rural Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 37
    • There are those who thrive amid Zimbabwe's economic woes
    • A lack of animal feed is destroying the dairy industry in Zimbabwe
    • Institute for War & Peace Reporting
    • Security agents disrupt food distribution
    • Archbishop Calls for National Healing, Reconciliation in Zimbabwe
    • MDC Publishes Report Ahead Of Talks
    • Perth Zim Fest '08
    • Mugabe (not sanctions) has made life miserable for us
    • Ndebeles want to restore monarchy
    • Mugabe is still the boss
    • Trouble in Zimbabwe
  48. Batch 2 Posted 9/9/08
    • No deal yet for Zimbabwe, but rivals hint it's coming
    • Zim political rivals fail to strike deal yet again
    • Little hope as Mbeki revives talks in Harare
    • Rising Number Of Zimbabwean Prisoners Succumbing To Malnutrition
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Cries Foul As Wife Of Parliamentarian Interrogated
    • This border bribe left me poorer but wiser
    • BBC Radio 4 - Crossing Continents
    • Zim doctors vow to stay on strike
    • Politics And Prejudice - Plight of Zim Women
    • Survival of the fittest
    • Council refuses to 'dine' with Grace Mugabe
    • 13 ways to make money in Zim
    • Mbeki's negotiations a tragic farce
  49. Posted 9/9/08
    • Mbeki jets into Harare in last-ditch effort to revive talks
    • Mbeki expected to stay two days in Zim
    • Mugabe says no power-sharing deal reached in Zimbabwe talks
    • MDC leaders welcome Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe opposition faction denies deal with Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai seeks to control home affairs
    • Pessimism over Mbeki's capacity in Zimbabwe talks
    • Mugabe mobilises for civil war
    • MDC demands vs Mugabe's
    • Matonga accuses Tsvangirai of posturing
    • Mbeki's world crumbling for defending Mugabe
    • Former Gweru MP Mukahlera dumps Mutambara MDC
    • Canada bans spouses and children of ZANU PF officials in new sanctions
    • Zim Targeted sanctions List ; Canadian Govt
    • Bill Watch 35 of 6th September 2008 [By-elections, Talks, Cabinet]
    • Airforce pilot steers stricken jet away from primary school
    • Bulawayo TB Hospital, Clinics to Close
    • Cholera outbreak points to service collapse
    • Mugabe To Open Chiefs Indaba
    • Panic As By-Election Nears
    • Doctors Demand Forex
    • Law Firm Forced Closure
    • Lives Sacrificed While Zinwa Incomptence is Protected
    • Food insecurity and orphan hood in Zimbabwe
    • Country Risks Missing Out On Vital Aid - EU
    • Nationalisation as weapon against poverty unproven
    • Power Outages Set to Ease
    • More power from Zim
  50. Batch 2 Posted 8/9/08
    • Mbeki expected in Harare today
    • Tsvangirai vows he will not sign "bad deal"
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Dismisses Opposition Call For Fresh Elections
    • Teachers sell tuck-shop stock and gap it
    • Whites fine for Zanu-PF, not for MDC
    • Case study: Thriving tobacco crop stubbed out by settlers
    • Will the real war veterans please stand up?
    • Zimbabwe: One nation, two leaders
    • Wrong question, wrong answer!
    • What legacy will Mugabe bequeath to us?
    • Eastern Highlands Trust, Mutare
  51. Posted 8/9/08
    • Senior aides hold secret talks on ditching Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai challenges Mugabe to new election
    • Time, people on our side - Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai says will not bow to Mbeki pressure
    • Mbeki finally has a chance to salvage his reputation
    • Kaunda urges Zimbabwe foes to bury differences
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 6th September 2008
    • Zimbabwe teachers strike for better pay: union
    • Tsvangirai misses meeting in Mbabane
    • Black, Huber win US Open women's doubles title
  52. Posted 7/9/08
    • Mugabe Cabinet Threat In Abeyance Pending Zimbabwe Talks Monday
    • Crucial weekend for MDC and Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe Ready to Engage West
    • When getting food becomes a preoccupation overriding other human rights
    • Mugabe's Education Revolution Reversed
    • Asylum seekers sleep outside Musina offices
    • Mugabe feted at controversial Swazi independence bash
    • Two die as Zimbabwe air force training jet crashes
    • Poverty Disrupts Traditional Life
    • Soaring Prices and Creeping Dollarization Take Zimbabwe To the Brink
    • The Consequences of Failure
    • Gangrene
    • Zim militia become 'nation builders'
    • Zanu PF Old Guard Unhappy With Tsholotsho Pardon
    • Oxfam to assist 500,000 Zimbabweans as relief operations resume
    • Another Crackdown Looms in Tourism Industry
    • Africa University issues urgent plea for funding
  53. Posted 6/9/08
    • Mbeki will visit Harare to revive power-sharing talks: minister
    • U.S.: Mugabe-named Cabinet would be 'sham'
    • Zim opposition appeals for talks to be 'unlocked'
    • Death toll rises as Cholera fears sweep across the country
    • Residents hold Government accountable for Cholera related deaths and illnesses
    • Canada imposes targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe army jet crashes, 2 pilots said killed
    • 4 000 to be evicted from diamond fields
    • Disgruntled soldiers heckle army commander
    • Forex Dealers Strike It Big in Zimbabwe
    • Businesses Panic As Talks Collapse
    • An ex-policeman's lot - harassment, fear, torture
    • Pupils sent home as teachers strike continues
    • Plight of refugees on SA border at crisis point
    • Regular talks key to avoid Zimbabwe crisis: Zuma
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Mugabe's malice has gone too far
    • Diplomatic Shops Ideal
  54. Batch 2 Posted 5/9/08
    • Analysts Assess Stalemate in Zimbabwe Political Talks
    • At Least Nine Die In Cholera Outbreak In Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
    • Epworth MP Remanded Out Of Custody
    • Zanu PF, MDC Going Their Separate Ways
    • Doctors Strike Continues
    • US$9 Million For MPs' Vehicles
    • Children Silent Victims Of Political Impasse
    • EU Offers US$72m Aid If Talks Succeed
    • Zeros Back Through Stock Market
    • Export Sector On Decline
    • All Bad Things Happen In Zim
    • Zanu PF Is Now The Opposition
    • Candid Comment: If Zimbabwe Could Do It The American Way
    • Erich Bloch: Gono's Call For Unity
    • Muckraker: The Day Manheru Got It All Wrong
    • Comment: Zero Growth
    • Editor's Memo: A Stalemate We Cannot Afford
    • Zimbabweans abandon offices for streets
    • MISA communiqué on meeting with IFJ
    • More black casualties in Mugabe's ego-fight with whites
    • 40,8m kg of tobacco sold on auction floors
    • Ayittey has no idea what he is talking about
    • SA to deport illegal immigrants end of September
  55. Posted 5/9/08
    • Robert Mugabe gives Morgan Tsvangarai power-sharing ultimatum
    • MDC says one-party cabinet for Zimbabwe is 'political suicide'
    • Zimbabwe's opposition says lost faith in talks
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Not Walking Away From Talks - Spokesman
    • Mbeki Denies Trip to Harare
    • UN to explore avenues to end Zimbabwe crisis
    • Expect instability if Mugabe remains - Tutu
    • Army was the sticking point in Zim talks
    • Two dead in Harare cholera outbreak
    • Harare residents slam ZINWA after fatal Cholera outbreak
    • Health Crisis Looms in Beitbridge
    • Chiefs to Screen NGOs
    • Gold Output Set to Plunge 45 Percent
    • Zimbabwean asylum seekers to work in UK?
    • International journalist body concludes Zimbabwe fact-finding mission
    • Journalists question IFJ mission to Zimbabwe
    • Why are the bad guys always smiling in Zimbabwe?
    • Black, Paes win US Open mixed doubles title
  56. Batch 2 Posted 4/9/08
    • Mugabe to form cabinet if MDC does not sign deal
    • Tsvangirai embarks on diplomatic campaign
    • Mbeki in Harare with 'new talks proposal'
    • Stupid Zimbabwe talks going nowhere fast
    • Zimbabwe NGOs Dispute Harare's Contention Aid Ban Has Been Lifted
    • Zimbabwe's Unresolved Crisis Looms Over Mwanawasa Funeral
    • SW Radio Africa Transcript - Violet Gonda interviews Glen Mpani
    • IFJ says world media helped Zimbabwe
    • Child dies after eating meal of roots and leaves
    • Gonomics:U-Turn on Bureaux De Change
    • Redenominated One Month Ago, Zimbabwe Dollar Back In Freefall
    • Pressure mounts for Australia to deport Reason Wafawarova
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 561 - Dated September 2008
  57. Posted 4/9/08
    • Zimbabwe talks deadlocked over executive power: Tsvangirai
    • Zim dismisses AU proposal
    • SA's Mbeki to Hold Yet Another Emergency Meeting
    • Service Chiefs engage Mbeki on Zim Talks
    • Only 17% of Zimbabweans approve of Robert Mugabe’s job performance - Gallup Poll
    • Inflation and exchange rate developments: The Re-valued Currency After One Month
    • Mwanawasa funeral: Zim bitter rivals mingle
    • Dalai Lama, Tsvangirai, Betancourt on 2008 Sakharov prize list
    • MDC to Forward Harassment Footage to Mbeki
    • Three MDC MP's remain in custody as State appeals bail rulings
    • The Need for a Deal that will Work
    • Mat North 3rd Sept Report on food, fires and Hunting
    • Zanu thugs refuse to vacate Byo council farm
    • Wild fruits instead of food aid
    • Broke Mugabe regime delays opening colleges
    • Schools Opening Nightmare for Parents
    • Orphans Walk 60km to Beg for Food
    • Mutambara should be banned from talks - rebel faction MPs
    • Harare Residents speak out on the Talks!
    • CHRA holds successful Harare municipal conference
    • Magic of the Tsotso Stove
    • Zimbabwe official's smuggling plan foiled by France and the Netherlands
    • Where did money for Kirsty come from?
    • Mr. Mbeki, do the right thing and throw in the towel
    • Ideas from a correspondent
  58. Batch 2 Posted 3/9/08
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai says new talks unlikely soon
    • Mugabe Loyalists Impede Zimbabwe Unity Talks
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe pays tribute to late Zambian president
    • Mugabe won't go without a fight
    • No apology for Zimbabwe -- FG
    • Malnutrition On The Rise In Zimbabwe As Food Becomes Even More Scarce
    • Mugabe “allows” NGO’s to feed his people—maybe
    • Zimbabwe's black market economy, Mugabe to blame
    • Zimbabwe youth survive jungle of doubt
    • Mugabe has destroyed our sovereignty
    • Alarming crisis in Zimbabwe -Urgent Preventive Action Needed
    • A new dispensation is imperative
    • Emotional Hick ready to bow out
  59. Posted 3/9/08
    • MDC MPs ejected from swearing-in ceremony as ZANU PF appoints 'unelected' councillors
    • African Union wants Zimbabwe crisis deal now
    • ZANU PF rejects call to share power equally with MDC
    • Mbeki seeks to salvage deal
    • Schools open without a Minister of Education, or teachers
    • Teachers go on strike over salaries
    • Zimbabwe imposes new checks on aid agencies
    • Citizens Resigned to Five More Years With Mugabe
    • Maternal Deaths, the Neglected Tragedy
    • Abandoned and starving in Zimbabwe care homes
    • Zimbabwe will take years to recover
    • Zanu PF Wants Mugabe Hecklers Prosecuted
    • A friend dies in prison
    • What are the prospects for Zimbabwe’s turnaround?
    • Promotion of democracy banned
    • Call in Annan
    • Mugabe to attend Mwanawasa burial: minister
    • It's Your Legacy
    • State Media Launches Witchhunt
    • Zimfest ‘08 – Party for a cause (Cape Town)
    • ZimFest in UK -pictures
  60. Batch 2 Posted 2/9/08
    • MDC set to pursue plan B if talks fail
    • Tsvangirai to attend Mwanawasa's funeral
    • State organs continue to hinder NGOs
    • Bidvest targets Zim investment opportunities
    • 'Mugabe has betrayed liberation struggle principles'
    • Zimbabwe diamond baron cleared under controversial circumstances
    • Zimbabwe Schools Set To Reopen Amid Confusion, Wage Demands
    • The Day the Dollar Died
    • Aziz Pahad on the latest developments in Zimbabwe
    • Hyperinflation wrecks havoc on economy
    • Zimbabwe 2008: Lessons from US
    • Bristol march in solidarity with Zimbabwe asylum seekers
  61. Posted 2/9/08
    • Pressurise Mugabe, Zimbabwe opposition says
    • MDC MPs appear in court
    • Zimbabwe aid agencies say they can't all work
    • Zimbabwe HIV/AIDS Patients Struggle Despite Lifting Of NGO Aid Ban
    • Tsvangirai resists lame premiership
    • Power-sharing talks stalled, MDC to issue damning statement on Sunday
    • Mugabe set to name cabinet as talks fail
    • War vets threaten to block parliament entry
    • MDC Manicaland - update
    • Zimbabwe options
    • American Express stops issuing travellers cheques in Zimbabwe
    • MDC 9th anniversary celebrations set to test spirit of talks
    • Harare trip shows how a country can be misled to ruin
    • Judge blames SA for Zimbabwe AIDS crisis
    • Doing business in Zimbabwe - Time to stand and deliver
    • Small Talk: Former cricketer on sticky wicket over biofuel
    • When an SMS costs $4.6 million, 'Big Brother Bob' must change tune
    • Would Obama be 'nice' to African leaders
  62. Posted 1/9/08
    • Zimbabwe rival parties return home with no sign of deal
    • Zimbabwe's MDC says no accord in power-sharing talks
    • Zim: Zanu optimistic, MDC cautious
    • MDC says ZANU PF plotting to reverse opposition majority
    • MDC should not wait for collapsed state
    • Zimbabwe doctors' advice: Don't get sick
    • A new by-election - and the terror begins again
    • Zanu militia, war vets seal off Matobo ahead of by-election
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 30th August 2008
    • No sadza no peace: Zimbabwe's Agriculture balance sheet
    • Power Transfer-a tactical deactivation of the JOC
    • A country kept in the dark
    • Zimbabwean Media Website
    • Regional court to rule on Zim farmers' case
    • Zimbabwe at the tipping point?
    • MP who nominated Nyathi was first to celebrate Moyo's victory
    • Nutritionist in a bind in Gutu District

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