The ZIMBABWE Situation

December 2008 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/12/08
    • Zimbabwe court keeps activists in custody
    • Defence applies for stay of prosecution
    • Lawyers Seek To Arrange Medical Care For Detained Zimbabwean Activists
    • Southern African Region In Bid To Keep Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Alive
    • World Health Organization Issues Sobering Statistics On Zimbabwe Cholera Toll
    • Harare diary: Ups and downs of 2008
    • How many more corpses before Mugabe is ousted?
    • Trio of failed asylum seekers set to spend start of year in detention
    • The Zimbabwe Dilemma
    • Security Council Must Stop Using Veto in Cases of Genocide, Group Says
  2. Posted 31/12/08
    • Tsvangirai could be on way back home
    • Zimbabwe cholera deaths not slowing; 1,600 dead
    • Cholera Fueled by Failed Water System
    • Zimbabwe Calls on Bangladesh Doctors to Arrest Cholera Outbreak
    • Zimbabwean rights activist charges abuse while in detention
    • Two year old is beaten and is now political detainee
    • Lawyers Push For Arrest of Mukoko's Abductors
    • Zimbabwe charges on 'toilet bomb'
    • MDC officials reveal torture in police custody
    • Irish Government approves airlift of supplies to Zimbabwe
    • Bank Clients Cry Foul
    • Form Buying Groups to Import Basics - CCZ
    • Zimbabwe's deepening crisis shatters hope for change
    • Old Age Pensioners
    • Zimbabwe acuses UWC professor of spying mission
    • Kaseke splashes on Kanda Bongo Man
    • Jestina Mukoko and the case for military action in Zimbabwe
    • Time ripe to topple Mugabe
    • PEACE WATCH of 28th December 2008 [Peace Project Staff and other Abductees Located]
  3. Batch 2 Posted 30/12/08
    • Court sends Mukoko back to Chikurubi
    • Fears over likely increase in abductions
    • Weekly Situation Report on Cholera in Zimbabwe No. 08, 29 Dec 2008
    • Cartoon
    • Zimbabwe doomed to another failed harvest
    • Setting of withdrawal limits futile: analysts
    • Foliwars shops prove popular with shoppers
    • High alert ordered to contain Cholera
    • Appeasing Mugabe has not worked
  4. Posted 30/12/08
    • Imprisoned Abductees Appear in Court
    • Court delays ruling on Zimbabwe activists
    • Zimbabwe activists press contempt charge against state: lawyers
    • South Africa says Zimbabwe arrests should not delay unity
    • Deadlock on unity gov't formation delays Zimbabwe's 2009 budget
    • Sadc insists on Zim deal
    • Cholera Death Toll Rises To 1564, Says UN Agency
    • SAfrica ends block on aid to Zimbabwe: official
    • Anger at Zim bailout - SA aid props up Mugabe
    • MDC must put an end to this farce
    • 'It's surviving, not living'
    • Tough challenges for an aid agency
    • Zimbabwe Network Stops Accepting Local Currency - Switches to US Dollars
    • What will happen to Zim when Bob dies?
    • Plague Of Misrule
  5. Batch 2 Posted 29/12/08
    • Zuma hopes 2009 will bring end to Zimbabwe crisis
    • UN: No evidence of China supplying arms
    • Road to freedom is paved with dead donkeys
    • Guinea coup serves as warning for Zimbabwe: US envoy
    • Attempt to visit Mukoko in Chikurubi fails
    • MDC UK call for big empowerment demo in January
    • Mugabe Shares Pain, Not Power
    • Mugabe's clinging to power sums up ills of Africa
    • 5,5 million now face starvation
    • There can be no greater cause: dirty water kills
    • Ian Smith wrecked Britain's plot to prevent Robert Mugabe gaining power
    • What worse disaster than this could befall Zimbabwe?
  6. Posted 29/12/08
    • Zimbabwe Abductions: Further Developments Relating to Individuals Subjected to Enforced Disappearances - ZLHR
    • S.A vehicles Were Used In Disappeared Persons Saga
    • Mugabe's government gives opposition leader Tsvangirai a passport
    • Zimbabwe's MDC insists on "equitable" sharing of posts
    • Zimbabwe to prosecute 140 white farmers: report
    • Zimbabwe to retain 716 white farmers after land reforms
    • The painful cost of a small victory for white farmers in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe backs down on SADC land ruling
    • Relatives Say MDC Activist Was Killed
    • Parents Worry Over Exam Results Delay
    • SA move to send aid to Zim slammed
    • Desperate Zimbabweans pour into SAfrica for asylum
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 27th December 2008
    • Sign the petition
  7. Batch 2 Posted 28/12/08
    • Hopeless Zimbabweans prepare for bitter 2009
    • Life or death in Zimbabwe depends on a sack of seeds
    • Cholera epidemic is still 'out of control'
    • Diplomats watch to see if Robert Mugabe dare go on holiday
    • Zimbabwe: despair in the time of cholera
    • We can reach Zimbabwe's people
    • Mother's last-ditch plea to Home Office against deportation
    • How Long Will Mugabe Reign of Terror Last?
    • The Threats of Military Intervention in Zimbabwe
    • Bleaker than ever
  8. Posted 28/12/08
    • Zimbabwe appeals against release of activists
    • Jailed Zimbabwe activists caught in legal battle
    • Police accused of torturing jailed activists
    • More than 200 prisoners die of cholera
    • Zimbabwe's children 'wasting away' - aid group
    • A nun's story from a stricken Zimbabwe
    • Bleak season for families of drowned crew
    • Almost 60 die in Zimbabwe road crashes: Herald
    • Colourblind to an evil regime
    • White Farmers Confront Mugabe in a Legal Battle
    • Kaseke threatens school over article
    • ZIMBABWE: Holy Water Is Serious Business
    • IFRC emergency response units in Zimbabwe
    • UZ Student Leader Acquitted
    • Tsvangirai should review his priorities
    • Editorial: In Zimbabwe, tragedy unfolds
    • Zimbabwe's neighbours must act
    • Comment from a correspondent
  9. Posted 27/12/08
    • Zimbabwe Police Defy High Court Order
    • Lawyer: Zimbabwe activist held in notorious prison
    • Zimbabwe has 'no intention' of releasing activists: lawyer
    • Further Developments Relating to Individuals Subjected to Enforced Disappearances
    • State challenges release of alleged plotters
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Urges Police Chief to Quit for Defying Top Court
    • Abducted journalist and rights activist now faces possible death penalty on terrorist plot charge
    • Harare Delivers Passport To Opposition Chief Tsvangirai, But Deal Still Distant
    • UN medical supplies arrive in Zimbabwe as cholera deaths top 1,500
    • Cholera Epidemic Abates In Parts Of Zimbabwe, But Spreads Elsewhere
    • Caught between hope and fear in Zimbabwe
    • Southern Africa Group Moots Summit As Zimbabwe Stalemate Continues
    • Child malnutrition in Zimbabwe increasing as emergency aid pipeline falters
    • Zimbabwe cricket chiefs on Australia sanctions list
    • Worst Christmas Ever
    • Union takes Rautenbach's firm to court
    • The long wait for help
    • Thy Kingdom come
    • Tandare’s family lives in destitution
    • Deserving pensioners
    • Straight talk on Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe
    • Our view on Zimbabwe's misery: South Africa enables tyranny
  10. Posted 25/12/08
    • Jestina Mukoko and other abductees appear in court
    • Nine activists charged with plot to oust Mugabe
    • We know who masterminded the abductions
    • The Hidden Story
    • Concern as South Africa gives aid direct to ZANU PF
    • Situation in Zim untenable - Zuma
    • Archbishop Tutu suggests using violence to remove Mugabe
    • Mugabe is a stain on Zimbabwe, says Miliband
    • Zimbabwe - a population on the edge of collapse
    • Questions raised over corpse dumped at Athlone Cemetery
    • Harare diary: 'Diaspora dollars'
    • Commuter Trains Suspended Due to Diesel Shortage
    • MDC Official Dismisses New Party
    • Nkomo Wins Disputed Farm
    • Despite increased pressure, no quick solutions for Zimbabwe
    • Comment from a correspondent
  11. Batch 2 Posted 24/12/08
    • Brains behind abductions exposed
    • Jestina Mukoko to appear in court
    • Zimbabwe run by a criminal mafia: COSATU
    • Two Billion Zimbabwe Dollars For a Loaf of Bread As Hyperinflation Surges
    • Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic still not under control, UN reports
    • Low-tech pump helps to keep villages cholera-free
    • Zimbabwe must change now
    • Tutu accuses S Africa over Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai must pull out of agreement
    • We might as well think of Plan B
    • The land of pedestrian millionaires
    • Shame Cycle
    • Britain accused of deserting Rhodesia pensioners
    • Case study: Rhodesia pensioners relying on charity
    • Commentary: Remember Zimbabwe's pensioners
  12. Posted 24/12/08
    • Jestina Mukoko and other abductees are detained in Harare
    • Is there nothing that can be done to free Zimbabwe of Robert Mugabe?
    • 'Fresh elections won't end Zimbabwe crisis'
    • Pretoria confirms 30-million-dollar aid injection for Zimbabwe
    • Zim cholera rises to 1174
    • Mugabe: U.S. and West are 'stupid and foolish'
    • Zimbabwe exposes 4 "bogus" health workers from the West
    • ACDP calls for Mugabe to be arrested and tried at the international court
    • SA based church minister forms Zimbabwe political party
    • Mugabe attacks leaders of revived Zapu
    • British diplomacy on Mugabe is loud and clear
    • Australian Government - Zimbabwe Annex - list of names
    • China blasts media reporting of Zimbabwe arms scandal
    • Bill Watch 50 of 21st December 2008 [Parliament wraps up for the year]
    • Free MDC activists or I quit - Tsvangirai
    • In search of hope in Zimbabwe politics
    • 'There is still hope for Zimbabwe'
    • SCENARIOS - What next in Zimbabwe's political crisis?
    • Bleak Christmas for Zimbabweans as Child Malnutrition Soars
    • Rains, travel could spread Zimbabwe cholera
    • Cholera deaths near Johannesburg as cholera continues to spread
    • More pressure builds on Mugabe to step down
    • Why invasion of Zimbabwe is a very real option
    • Bras for Zimbabwe
  13. Batch 2 Posted 23/12/08
    • State claims it has arrested western spies
    • Zimbabwe slams Bush's stance on Mugabe as "diplomatic flute"
    • Tsvangirai's passport released as SA pushes for unity government
    • No passport for Tsvangirai
    • Family in anguish over abducted father
    • Itayi Garande defends himself on Reporters' Forum
    • Zimbabweans must rise up, says Boesak
    • Businessmen under renewed pressure to quit Robert Mugabe's regime
    • Britain can help push to get Robert Mugabe out of Zimbabwe
    • The zeros get out of hand in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe, catastrophic to perilous: Smith
    • Opposition calls for coordinated global response to Mugabe regime
    • Brave grandfathers defy president's vicious thugs
    • "Life used to be good here, but what you see now is misery"
    • Minister to form a new political party
    • Teacher, liberator, oppressor: the enigma of Robert Mugabe
    • Musina at breaking point as refugees pour in
    • 2010 fans 'unlikely' to visit Zim
    • Can Mugabe turn Grace into Eva Peron?
    • Dragging out the end
    • Robert Mugabe Must Leave
    • Zimbabwe faces a grim future
    • The lights of my life
    • Zimbabwe! Any Lessons for Country And Continent As a Whole?
    • Mawere: My Zimbabwe and My Africa
  14. Posted 23/12/08
    • Britain, US step up pressure on Zimbabwe's Mugabe
    • Rice to consult allies about Zimbabwe sanctions
    • UN warns 5.5m Zimbabweans need food, collapse of health system
    • Western calls have little impact on Zimbabwe
    • Barack Obama must urgently spearhead an African-led movement for change in Zimbabwe
    • Death toll from humanitarian disaster reaches genocidal levels
    • Zimbabwe: Areas Affected by Cholera Outbreaks (August - November 2008) showing locations of Cholera Treatment Centres/Units (as of 12 Dec 2008)
    • UNICEF airlifts cholera and health supplies to Zimbabwe
    • Cholera spreading in South Africa, deaths reported in Johannesburg
    • More than 42 people abducted countrywide in last two months
    • PRESS RELEASE: UN Must Address Government's Rape Campaign in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe Said to Prepare to Nationalize Mines, Banks
    • World Must Help Rebuild Health, Food Systems - UN Experts
    • Fraser suggests power cuts for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean Police Charge 4 Farmers for Defying Eviction Orders
    • Tsvangirai ready to go home
    • Zimbabwe government and international community must do more
    • Mugabe should face sanctions says COPE's Lekota
    • Mugabe gives police maize seed, fertilizer as a thank you
    • Zimbabwean officials added to banned list
    • No rule of law
    • Mugabe's killing machine
    • Out of Africa, a cry for help
    • I had a farm in Africa ... a young man's journey
    • Year of Discovery competition: rail journeys category winner
    • "A Christmas Carol in Zimbabwe"
  15. Batch 2 Posted 22/12/08
    • Mugabe unleashes wave of terror with mass abductions
    • Mugabe's genocide: The images of despair that reveal the full horror of Zimbabwe
    • Hopes fading for 40 officials abducted in Mugabe crackdown
    • Companies blacklisted in US for allegedly backing Mugabe operate freely in UK
    • Congo re-exported ammunition to Zimbabwe-UN experts
    • Turn screw on Mugabe, US urges
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Dismisses Washington's Pronouncement
    • Mugabe attacks Standard Chartered & Barclays
    • Mugabe is 'losing his mind': Zimbabwe's leader branded 'mad' by Africa's top U.S. envoy
    • Tsvangirai opposes military invasion
    • Zimbabwe's inflation means jail wardens steal from prisoners to stay alive
    • Military removal of Mugabe would be regional disaster
    • ROHR members under siege from Zanu PF militia and state agents
    • Sign the Avaaz petition
    • Medical staff end strike after NGO incentive
    • Lawyers say no progress in missing activist's case
    • 'Harare gets farm aid only after unity govt'
    • In Zimbabwe, Survival Lies in Scavenging
    • Regional bloc launches aid package for crisis torn Zimbabwe
    • Rudd must toughen Zimbabwe stance: Libs
    • With Barack Obama, world has chance to end Robert Mugabe's grip on Zimbabwe
    • The Failure of Quiet Diplomacy
    • Photos and report from Zim Vigil
  16. Posted 22/12/08
    • US withdraws support for Zimbabwe power-sharing deal
    • Mugabe warns he's ready to govern alone
    • Zimbabwean gov't threatens to take control of all key economic sectors
    • In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe turned terror into staying power
    • Kick Mugabe and Tsvangirai out, get a new team
    • Zim's new legal boss thumbs his nose at SADC
    • SA denies handing over withheld Zimbabwe aid
    • Price Controls A Futile Exercise - NIPC
    • The moneychangers' flea market in Zim's CBD
    • Residents Call For Dollarisation Of The Economy
    • IoS Christmas Appeal: In Zimbabwe, porridge once a day makes you a lucky girl
    • AU calls for urgent humanitarian aid in Zimbabwe
    • Harare - Aid workers struggle to stop cholera spreading
    • Khupe Calls For Accurate Cholera Information
    • Thousands Turn To Sangomas For Medication
    • Christmas is missing in Zimbabwe
    • What I wish for Christmas this year
    • Christmas bleak for Zimbabweans fleeing collapse
    • A bleak Christmas, the New Year and poor Zimbabweans
    • As Bad As It Gets, Until It Gets Worse
    • Bishop's Tour A Resounding Success
    • African churches 'disturbed' by inaccurate reporting
    • Zimbabwe : Once upon a Mugabe
    • South Africa's Crime
    • Mugabe must go now
    • Sorry, Mugabe, Obama is not going to love you
  17. Batch 2 Posted 21/12/08
    • Lavish life of Mugabe's looter-in-chief
    • US Department of State: Daily Press Briefing, 19 December 2008
    • Mugabe Never Invited Tsvangirai - MDC
    • Fears Mount Schools May Not Re-open For 2009
    • Chegutu Cholera Outbreak Worst
    • Daggers Out For Dabengwa Over PF Zapu Revival Links
    • Mugabe, Villager In Graveside Spat
    • UN Agencies Move In To Re-open Hospitals
    • Court Orders Active Search For Missing ZPP Activists
    • Hungry Soldiers Raid Potato Farm
    • Up To 4 500 Tortured During Farm Invasions, Says Report
    • Female MPs Challenge Leaders Over Deadlock
    • Zimpapers Loses Case Against Editor Case
    • Political Commissar: Zanu PF's Death Post
    • Sweden Boosts Relief Support For Humanitarian Crisis Efforts
    • ILO To Probe Crackdown On Trade Union Leaders
    • Economic Crisis Could Have Terrible Impact: UN
    • AirZim Mulls Private Sector Partnerships
    • Gono's Foliwars: Evaluating The Benefits
    • Justice For Women: Mukoko's Last Task
    • Alex Magaisa: Reflecting on Christmas Past, And Christmas Present
    • Comment: RBZ Puts A Damper On Christmas
    • Zim Standard Letters
  18. Posted 21/12/08
    • Zimbabwe Dollar Takes A Huge Plunge
    • Demo highlights Christmas of desperation facing Zimbabweans
    • Madman Mugabe's got to go
    • Speak Out for Zimbabwe - AVAAZ campaign
    • Zimbabwean president hints at early elections
    • Mugabe vows not to reverse Zimbabwe farm seizures
    • MDC Denies Receiving Invitation Letters From Mugabe
    • Zanu thievocracy knows no boundaries
    • Zimbabwe Food Security Outlook Oct 2008 to Mar 2009
    • Party official refuses to hand over vehicle
    • Press freedom body pleads with Mugabe over missing Zimbabwe journalists
    • Soldiers, Police Mount Road Blocks
    • WHO Says Better Monitoring of Cholera Needed in Zimbabwe
    • Oxfam launches £4 million appeal to help millions of Zimbabweans facing growing cholera and hunger crisis
    • Why can't African leaders see that Britain can help Zimbabwe?
    • The right to a functioning government
    • Lessons of Zimbabwe
    • Christmas Message from MDC-T Sec. for Welfare
    • Olympic swimming sensation crowned Zimbabwe's top 2008 sportsperson
  19. Batch 2 Posted 20/12/08
    • Mugabe defiant as pressure builds
    • Mugabe says any invasion will be repelled
    • Mugabe's stolen cows' figure reaches 9
    • Mugabe claims maize seed is on its way
    • UN: Fresh cholera outbreaks in Zimbabwe; death toll rising
    • Hospitals in cholera-struck Zimbabwe lack material, staff - UN official
    • Staffing situation in health facilities in Zimbabwe worrying: WHO
    • Keeping hospitals open in Zimbabwe
    • Medical Teams International sends cholera medicines to help save lives in Zimbabwe
    • Cholera - Epidemic appears to be stabilizing says WHO
    • Red Cross In Relief Surge To Cholera-Hit Zimbabwe, Focus Clean Water
    • ICRC Disinfects Houses to Counter Cholera in Zimbabwe
    • Cholera Deaths Could Have Been Avoided - Govt
    • End Enforced Disappearances
    • Action needed to stop Zim becoming failed state: Frazer
    • Zimbabwe can't paper over its money woes
    • Shops defy NIPC
    • Rains wash away hope in a land ravaged by cholera
    • Zimbabwe: Banking System Temporarily Crashes
    • Cholera protest at Zimbabwe embassy
    • Zimbabwe may have received Chinese arms via Congo: UN
    • Zimbabwe killing field exposed
    • 'US sends millions in aid to Zim'
    • Zimbabwe journalists mourn the passing of Carol Gombakomba
    • Push Mugabe Out, Region's Catholics Urge
    • A strange sympathy
    • Mamdani, Mugabe and the African scholarly community
    • Comments from correspondents
  20. Posted 20/12/08
    • Mugabe refuses to quit: "Zimbabwe is mine"
    • Tsvangirai to break off talks with Mugabe unless abductees released
    • Statement by Morgan Tsvangirai, on the Humanitarian and Security Situation in Zimbabwe
    • Launched: Operation Chimumumu
    • Tsvangirai gives Mugabe a deadline
    • UN says Mugabe receiving weapons with the help of SADC countries
    • Mugabe claims power-sharing partners trying to oust him
    • Zimbabwe cholera victims die of thirst as bodies pile up
    • Hunger greater than previously thought
    • British PM presses African leaders over Zimbabwe
    • Sense of a deja-vu as Zimbabwe issues new 10-billion-dollar note
    • Furious Mugabe blasts supporters over theft of meat
    • Delegates Steal Food At Zanu PF Conference
    • Work stops on 2010 Beitbridge hotel as FIFA urged to cancel SA venue
    • Remove Mugabe or lose 2010?
    • Nigel's Story: The tragedy of Zimbabwe's cholera outbreak
    • Dollar is key to Zimbabwe survival
    • New Wave Of Price Hikes
    • Mahoso Evicted From His Westgate House
    • Mugabe not my comrade
    • Nordic nations call for end to Mugabe misrule
    • Mugabe: Rich nations bribing Africans to condemn me
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • World Press Freedom Committee letter to Robert Mugabe
    • Poor leadership and the axis of evil in Africa
  21. Batch 4 Posted 19/12/08
    • Zimbabwe cholera deaths rise to 1,123: UN
    • How Mugabe gets his bullets
    • African nations 'not brave enough' to topple him - Mugabe
    • New Zimbabwe $10B note buys bread
    • Mugabe Says He Will Invite MDC To Map Way-forward
    • Greed of Zanu-PF has caused collapse
    • Zimbabwe on the edge of the precipice
    • West must desist from empty sabre-rattling
    • Thousands of Zimbabwean youth flee to South Africa
    • President urges Zanu-PF to remain united
    • The Dangers Of Reporting From Zimbabwe
    • Memorium for dying Zimbabwe
    • ZCTF Report Xmas 2008
    • Comments from Correspondents
  22. Batch 3 Posted 19/12/08
    • Zimbabweans Demand Solutions to Country's Crisis
    • While Zimbabweans Starve, Mugabe Holds a Feast
    • Mugabe Fighting To Hide Cholera
    • Ardent Mugabe supporter now AG
    • Call for 'Mugabe' editor to be deported from the UK
    • Irish missionaries tend to victims in a ravished land
    • Re: Tsvangirai should be home with the people
    • MDC, Motlanthe Reject Zanu PF's Terror Claims
    • State Security Agents Probe Shiri Attack
    • Govt Defies Sadc Tribunal Ruling, Charges Farmers
    • MDC Pushing For UN intervention - Zanu PF
    • Doom And Gloom As 2009 Beckons
    • 'Sunshine' City Down In The Dumps
    • Zimbabwe's Agonising Transition
    • Mugabe Calls Election Designed To Regain Control Of Parliament
    • Global Civic Groups Call For Suspension Of Zim Diamonds
    • Domestic Debt Skyrockets By 17 800%
    • Will It Be Annual Or Permanent Shut Down For Industry?
    • 2008: Another Year Of Marked Economic Decline
    • Parastatals Prepare For Life After Quasi-fiscal Activities
    • Cholera Halts Work On Beitbridge 'World Cup' Hotel
    • Tsvangirai Should Take Up The Challenge
    • Zimbabwe Diasporans Destiny Self-determined
    • Candid Comment: Storm Brewing Around Mugabe
    • Comment: Time For A Reality Check
    • Eric Bloch: Money-mania Reigns Supreme
    • Muckraker: Gono's Fast-track Online Doctorate
    • Editor's Memo: Sadc's Great Betrayal
    • Zim Independent Letters
  23. Batch 2 Posted 19/12/08
    • Harare Frustrates UN Bid To Send Special Envoy On Deepening Crisis
    • Zimbabwe releases $10 billion note
    • When Money Goes Down the Toilet
    • 'No trade on ZSE till next year'
    • Their parents are dead but fresh water can help to save this generation from disease
    • Zimbabwe cholera epidemic toll rises above 1,000
    • To save Zimbabwe, South Africa must step up
    • No war on Zim - Zuma
    • Zanu-PF faces divisions
    • 'We won't arrest Tsvangirai,' Zimbabwe government promises
    • Anglo pledges US$100 000 to fight cholera
    • Aids-Free World Says International Crisis Group Wrong on Amnesty for Mugabe
    • Christmas Eve in Zimbabwe - A poem
    • Red Cross appeal for Zimbabwe cholera
    • Open Letter to Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Zim shareholder sues Old Mutual
  24. Posted 19/12/08
    • Top US envoy for Africa: Zimbabwe has collapsed
    • UN says Zimbabwe cholera death toll reaches 1,111
    • MDC decries appointment of Johannes Tomana as Attorney-General
    • Mugabe uses 'subliminal terror' to hold power
    • Ministers linked to theft of relief aid
    • Former UN Special Envoy Condemns Proposed Peace Settlement for Zimbabwe
    • SADC confirm receiving video that MDC say contains tortured activists
    • NCA activists still in custody
    • Zimbabwe cholera plan announced, as death toll continues to rise
    • Tsvangirai stuck in Botswana as travel papers expire
    • ZANU-PF Prepares for Annual Conference as Cholera Deaths Soar
    • Unity deal set to dominate ZANU PF conference
    • Zanu PF To Challenge ZAPU Over Use Of Name
    • Zimbabwe’s war of disappearance
    • The Vanishing: Hiding In Zimbabwe
    • WOMEN'S WATCH 16 of 17 December 2008 [Jestina Mukoko Still Missing]
    • A sense of dread pervades a country
    • Bishops want Mugabe out
    • 'Force won't solve Zim's problems'
    • December 18, 2008
    • Assessment of the food situation in Zimbabwe - November 2008
    • Latest on the crisis in Zimbabwe - Jon Slater
    • Islanders race to aid desperate cholera victims in Zimbabwe
    • Africa laughs at Mugabe's coup fears
    • Tsvangirai should be home with the people
    • Zimrights Concert Banned
  25. Batch 2 Posted 18/12/08
    • SADC probe team expected in Botswana today
    • We don't believe Botswana is training rebels: Motlanthe
    • President Kgalema Motlanthe takes swipe at UK over Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean Parties Dismiss Pretoria Call To Form Unity Government
    • In letter, Mugabe appoints Tsvangirai Prime Minister
    • Mugabe appoints leading ZANU-PF crony as new Attorney-General
    • UN Sec-Gen urges Zimbabwe to receive his envoy
    • Abductions of Zimbabwe activists could ruin talks
    • Harare Launches New Crackdown On Business, Alleging Price-Gouging
    • Charamba goes ballistic on Swedish Ambassador
    • Aid agencies step up appeals for Zimbabwe on eve of Christmas
    • Don't neglect Aids crisis, warn health workers
    • Starving family eats rug to survive
    • Starving families have been feeding on the skin of a cow that was slaughtered six years ago as the famine in Zimbabwe worsens.
    • Health Experts Report New Outbreaks Of Cholera In Zimbabwe
    • Photojournalist missing in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: extinction looms in a paradise lost to guns, greed and hunger
    • Marching on to a free Zimbabwe
    • The World Bank can have Gono
    • Zimbabwe - A story about a once-thriving tourism destination
    • What can be done to protect Zimbabweans
    • The nightmare Mugabe created
    • To offer Mugabe immunity would not give us long lasting peace
    • Madness in Zimbabwe
    • Increasingly bizarre
    • Zimbabwe: state of hopelessness
    • When donor aid becomes a dance of zombies
  26. Posted 18/12/08
    • Three more MDC activists abducted
    • CA successfully stages a demonstration in Harare
    • Eleven arrested, 6 injured as police crush another NCA demo
    • Parliament reopens to concerned debate over cholera and economy
    • SADC hopeful Zim inclusive govt will be formed this week
    • Official: Mugabe to announce new Zimbabwe cabinet early next week
    • SADC deals major blow to Zim allegations against Botswana
    • SA limits our ability to help
    • S Africa Won't Ask Robert Mugabe To Step Down - President
    • Succession issue behind Zanu PF's internal divisions and assassination attempts - MDC
    • Crackdown looms after air chief shot
    • Soldier with a brutal past
    • Mugabe party jamboree begins in shadow of cholera
    • Mental patients perish from starvation, as Zimbabwe's humanitarian crisis deepens
    • Chiredzi General Hospital Closed
    • Chiredzi: Cholera updates
    • Cholera Education Campaign For Farm Workers
    • Dialling for information and news
    • UN to cut food rations to Zimbabwe as food shortage soars
    • Zimbabwe pumps cash into economy to ease crunch
    • Politburo vetoes declaration of State of Emergency
    • Political poison sickening Zimbabwe
    • SADC announces new humanitarian campaign for Zimbabwe
    • Concerns grows after more abductions of journalists
    • Zimbabwe's Grief, Cholera and Strange things
    • Zimbabwe blog: end of term review
    • Zimbabwe exile visits Thornbury to speak of battle for change
    • Farai Zhova, "All I wanted was for my mother to get well"
    • Analysis: Will Tsvangirai ever rule in Zimbabwe?
  27. Batch 2 Posted 17/12/08
    • Mugabe turns 'assassin's plot' against MDC
    • Reported attack on Zimbabwe air force chief adds to tension
    • Perence Shiri wanted to commit suicide
    • The tyrant's comrade who masterminded massacres
    • Mugabe's cronies fear for their lives
    • Chinotimba cheats death by a whisker
    • The Zimbabwe National Army apologizes on behalf of rogue soldiers
    • Police use teargas to disperse fighting ZANU PF factions
    • Clearest sign that ZANU PF is pushing country towards state of emergency
    • Bill Watch 49 of 16th December 2008 [MDC and SA/SADC Reaction to gazetting Constitution Bill; Parliament sits]
    • Rise of vigilanteism in Zimbabwe evidence change is nigh
    • Australia toughens sanctions on Zimbabwe
    • 'Zimbabwe needs US$1bn to revive industry'
    • ZANU-PF govt. in crackdown on retailers in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe rivals 'should both go'
    • US urges visitors to Harare to have contingency plans
    • Africa's Churches Request God to Take Mugabe
    • MDC-T elections director suspended over missing funds
    • Mugabe’s Cholera Christmas
    • How best to end Zimbabwe's nightmare
    • Mugabe: criminal or incompetent?
    • Sinister game in Zimbabwe
    • Think deeper
    • What does Zimbabwe mean for 2010?
  28. Posted 17/12/08
    • Zimbabwe warns of 'terror' plot after air force chief shot
    • Friendly fire!
    • Mugabe eyes state of emergency as air force chief claims he was shot
    • Disgruntled Zimbabwe soldiers warn of more riots
    • Soldiers Run Riot, Depositors Beaten - again
    • "There is no junior army officer who supports Mugabe"
    • South Africa blocks UN motion on Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF violence and terrorism intensifies
    • More arrests and injuries as NCA lead peaceful protests
    • War vets ready for war against Botswana - Sibanda
    • Botswana dismisses its neighbour’s sabre rattling
    • Miliband: Mugabe's misrule is a disease
    • Support from World Actors is keeping Mugabe in power says Rice
    • UN warns may have to cut food rations in Zimbabwe
    • Red Cross: rains worsen Zimbabwe cholera epidemic
    • Ending Zimbabwe's Nightmare: A Possible Way Forward
    • Threats as journalist arrested in Zimbabwe
    • MISA: Zimbabwe threatening to ban remaining foreign news groups
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Says Three Councilors Arrested
    • South Africa-Zimbabwe Mediation Unsuccessful says Analyst
    • Zimbabwe power-sharing deal taking too long: Zuma
    • Abel Chuma, "Very few families had received free seed and fertiliser"
    • Cholera death toll jumps 25% in three days
    • White Messiah Saves Hospital, Patients
    • Where are our Human Rights in Zimbabwe?
    • Sleeping rough better than repatriation to Zimbabwe
    • Diagnosing dementia with sarcasm?
  29. Batch 3 Posted 16/12/08
    • Zimbabwe: U.N. Council Addresses Political and Humanitarian Crisis
    • UN chief deplores Mugabe position
    • 'Elders' spurn attempt to revive role for UN in Zimbabwe
    • Abductions and killings on the rise in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe commander wounded in shooting-state media
    • Why Tsvangirai must not join unity government
    • Botswana Rejects Zimbabwe's Accusations as Lies
    • 'Alarmed' by Zimbabwe crisis, Canada urges regional engagement
    • Our View: Mugabe's atrocities merit ouster
    • Mugabe destroying Zimbabwe
  30. Batch 2 Posted 16/12/08
    • UN's Ban urges stronger African unity on Zimbabwe
    • Miliband slams Mugabe for 'denial of reality' in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe 'Unbearable,' Ban Says as Cholera Deaths Climb to 978
    • Fresh poll looms as MDC says not joining unity govt
    • Zimbabwe Tacitly Admits Killing Scores of Illegal Diamond Panners
    • Mass murder in Manicaland
    • Early victory for University of Zimbabwe student leader
    • Lack Of Functioning Hospitals Hobbles Zimbabwe Anti-Cholera Effort - Red Cross
    • British Red Cross seeks help against cholera
    • Canada to ship cholera medicine to Zimbabwe
    • Digging deep to give poor Zimbabwean villagers life-saving water
    • Why South Africa deserves a yellow card
    • In the gloomy land of Mugabe
    • The calamity in Zimbabwe
    • JAG's Christmas message communique - dated 15 December 2008
  31. Posted 16/12/08
    • Mugabe's Party Says Opposition Plots Overthrow
    • MDC, Botswana deny planning Zimbabwe insurgency
    • Mugabe planning state of emergency: MDC
    • Zimbabwe cholera deaths soar to 978
    • UN Security Council to meet on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe 'not a threat'
    • Zimbabwe's MDC says ready for new election
    • NCA to stage countrywide protest Tuesday
    • Zimbabwean journalist abducted
    • MDC shocked that Mugabe ally is living in London
    • Zimbabwe's Air Force chief survives gun attack
    • Zimbabwe vows to block western efforts at UN Security Council
    • MDC Criticises Deployment of Soldiers to DRC
    • HOT SEAT (TRANSCRIPT): Interview with MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Bank Freezes Accounts Containing Over $1 Quadrillion
    • Pressure increases on South Africa to deal with Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean TV to Air "Iran Today" Documentary
    • Zimbabwe's ambulance Samaritan
    • A Big Step Forward
    • Comment on Florence Chitauro
    • Cholera disaster zone: Zimbabwe's deprivation accelerates spread of disease
    • CARICOM must sanction Mugabe
    • Political stalemate in Zimbabwe must be quickly resolved
    • 'Repression, an obstacle to stability in Zim'
    • Zimbabwe's grim lesson for SA
  32. Batch 2 Posted 15/12/08
    • Zimbabwean journalist abducted from his home in Harare
    • Mukoko & Mudzingwa held in Kariba
    • We'll block power-sharing Bill in Parliament: MDC
    • Top Zanu-PF official evicted from farm
    • Zimbabwe claims evidence of Botswana plot to invade
    • Court says Zimbabwe wrong to take over German company's farm
    • Dabengwa says Mugabe believes in violence
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 13th December 2008
    • Rice makes 11th-hour Mideast, Zimbabwe, Somalia foray at UN
    • Mugabe ally Florence Chitauro living in luxury in London
    • Two Comical Alis for the price of one
    • Zimbabwe: intervention against Cholera or Mugabe?
    • Softly, softly oust Mugabe
    • Situation in Zim is 'as bad as reports say'
    • An oldie white zimbabwean has her say
    • Three days of death and delusion
    • Activists go missing in Zimbabwe crackdown
  33. Posted 15/12/08
    • Zimbabwe publishes law for unity government
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Says Constitutional Amendment on Unity Government Premature
    • Missing activist was 'collecting evidence' on Mugabe crimes
    • Key Mugabe ally is free to live in London
    • SA raises the volume to Mugabe
    • Oxfam concerned over Zimbabwe disappearances
    • The IoS Christmas Appeal: The brutal reality of family life in Zimbabwe
    • Home Office to deport Zimbabwean family who fled Mugabe's regime
    • The blame for Africa's cholera
    • Cartoon
    • Mugabe sickens Zimbabwe
    • Strip Mugabe of Order of Jamaica
    • New modes of terror
    • Zimbabwean cross-border traders flood Musina to stock up on goods
    • More deaths reported as Mugabe downplays the situation
    • Cholera-hit Zimbabwe bans food sales at CAN match against South Africa
    • World must stand up to Mugabe's regime
    • Words, not force
    • Bringing down Mugabe might not be the answer
    • Mugabe fiddles while Zimbabwe dies
    • Just Like It Is - Zimbabwe my heart bleeds
  34. Batch 2 Posted 14/12/08
    • Silenced - the sharpest voice against Mugabe
    • Mugabe a past master of holding on to power
    • Dabengwa champions PF Zapu revival
    • Mugabe splurges while US forks out for suffering people
    • Zimbabwe's Stubborn Middle Class Stays Through Cholera And Political Crisis
    • Good morning Zimbabwe , a lighter look on an average day in Zim...
    • Change shortages: Commuters bear the brunt
    • Fresh Elections To Decide Impasse
    • Cholera Defies Mugabe
    • PF Zapu Revivalists Set To Elect New Leadership
    • Health Workers Reject Govt Forex Pay Offer
    • Squabbles Rock Creche
    • Lawyers Allege Torture Of Diamond Suspects
    • RBZ Accused Of Reneging HIV/Aids Drug Support Pledge
    • Zanu PF Resists Eviction
    • Severe Water-cuts In The Pipeline, Bulawayo Council Warns Residents
    • Trials And Tribulations Of A PLWA
    • Failed Bid For Mawere Assets Gobbles US$8m
    • Private Sector Confident Of Leading Economic Recovery
    • Alex Magaisa: State Of Terror And Potential Crime Against Humanity
    • Sunday Opinion: Understanding Mugabe's Fears
    • Comment: Abductions Prove Home Affairs Must Change Hands
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Zimbabwe's grim lesson for SA
    • Case for Intervention in Zimbabwe
    • Save Zimbabwe From Mugabe
    • Comment from a correspondent
  35. Posted 14/12/08
    • Mugabe's Party Raises Threat Of New Elections In Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe gazettes national unity amendment to Constitution
    • MDC says no Zimbabwe unity government until its demands are met
    • 'Zim PM must be sworn in'
    • Bill Watch SPECIAL [Constitution Amendment 19 Bill Gazetted]
    • Pressure Grows for South Africa to Get Tough With Zimbabwe
    • Rice: World powers frustrating efforts to remove Mugabe
    • Rice to discuss Zimbabwe crisis at UN as cholera toll mounts
    • Zimbabwe: Cholera Outbreak Fact Sheet #1 (FY 2009)
    • State Media Ordered to Down Play Cholera Epidemic
    • Zimbabwe cholera spreads to Botswana, DRC and S. Africa
    • 36 cholera cases reported in Malawi capital, 4 dead
    • Mauritius moves to check cholera spread to its territory
    • More aid for Zimbabwe epidemic
    • Zimbabweans need your help: please support these appeals
    • Iraq had ‘Comical Ali’; Zimbabwe has a ‘Sikhophant’
    • Dublin protest highlights Zimbabwe crisis
    • Rudd 'missing' on Zimbabwe crisis
    • Gono Caught Napping
    • Fireworks Loom In Banking Sector
    • Resolutions of the 8th MDC national council of 2008
    • Play Mugabe at his own brutal game
    • Mr. President, Liberate Zimbabwe
    • Uniting against Mugabe's corrupt regime
    • Nowhere to Hide
    • High Time For Mugabe To Exit
    • Botswana wants end to Zim invasion talk
    • Africa's imperative
    • Zimbabwe, through South Africa
  36. Batch 2 Posted 13/12/08
    • 'US masterminded cholera outbreak'
    • Cholera disaster zone: Zimbabwe's deprivation accelerates spread of disease
    • As Cholera Rages, Zimbabwe Hospital Staff Reject Hard-Currency Offer
    • UN Security Council to seek solution for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans Chase Prices Into Stratosphere With Z$500 Million Note
    • Zimbabwe threatens international news bureaux
    • Red Cross launches cholera appeal
    • ETDs suspended over banditry claims
    • Victims of Zimbabwean diamond crackdown to be dumped in mass grave
    • Failed States, Cholera, and ‘Preventive Action’
    • Zimbabwe 'Government' now a serial human rights violator - ROHR Statement on human rights day
    • Fifa says Zim not safe for supporters
    • Cholera , World Soccer Cup & ANC
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Zim government has lost charge
    • A view from inside Zimbabwe
    • Hot Seat (AUDIO): Interview with Prime Minister designate Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Is Mbeki being black mailed ?
    • Political poison sickening Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans flee epidemic
    • Time to eject Robert Mugabe
    • Canadian NGOs have essential medications available for Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic
    • The Cholera Effect And Mugabe's Isolation
  37. Posted 13/12/08
    • Zimbabwe says Britain "planted" cholera in "genocide" bid
    • Zimbabwe's cholera crisis could last months: MSF
    • Robert Mugabe 'was joking about cholera' say his officials
    • Zimbabwe now seeks support on cholera
    • "I am not a nurse anymore, I am a mortuary attendant"
    • Cholera outbreak may top 60,000
    • Mugabe in denial mode over cholera
    • Sealing Zimbabwe borders will make matters worse: UK
    • UNICEF appeals for US$17.5 million for emergency response in Zimbabwe
    • Miliband: Mugabe has caused death on 'grand scale'
    • Epidemic spotlights Mugabe's neglect
    • Symptom of Mugabe's decaying state
    • Still no news on missing Zimbabwean activists
    • Can you pass this information to people in a position to find out more
    • UN's Ban calls on Mugabe to consider future of his people
    • Passport fees 305% up as a quarter of Zimbabweans flee
    • New Z$500 million cotton bill introduced
    • US to push United Nations to act on Zimbabwe
    • MDC T Postpones Congress to March 2009
    • "The time has come for Robert Mugabe to go"
    • Student Leader Launches Court Challenge
    • “US envoy offered me World Bank post” - Gono
    • ZIMBABWE: Call to suspend diamonds from the Kimberley Process
    • Remaining faithful in a situation of crisis and hopelessness
    • Country to Receive $6.2 Million From U.S. Aid Agency
    • Robbed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police
    • Shady Dealings With Antiretrovirals
    • Stirrings on Zimbabwe
    • Only International Community Can Ensure Mugabe's Fall
  38. Batch 3 Posted 12/12/08
    • Mugabe using terror to force us into unity govt: MDC
    • More MDC Members Abducted in Zimbabwe's Eastern Manicaland Province
    • MDC says gunmen trailing official
    • Another Showdown Over Debate On Zimbabwe Looms At United Nations
    • Zimbabwe military has become a brigand army for hire
    • Mugabe says will not accept peacekeepers
    • "SADC to look for MDC military bases in Botswana"
    • Zimbabweans to pay US$670 for passport
    • SA resumes push for Zim unity government
    • Food aid warning over Zimbabwe cholera
    • Limpopo now a disaster area
    • Smith warns over Zimbabwe migrants
    • UK urges Mugabe to help unlock vital aid
    • The only certain thing is that this disease is not under control
    • nternational Medical Corps Preparing to Distribute Cholera Kits in Areas Badly Hit by Zimbabwe's Deadly Outbreak
    • Zimbabwe neighbors should seal borders: U.S. official
    • The four horsemen of Harare
    • Mugabe agents surrender themselves to Malawi authorities
    • $500m note on cards
    • Zimbabwe Officials Plan Breakaway Party
    • Britain must not abandon the Zimbabwean people to Robert Mugabe
    • Mugabe's old tricks are not working
    • Situation in Zimbabwe
    • WDC: Stop natural resources theft in Zimbabwe
    • I tried and failed. It's time someone else arrested Robert Mugabe
    • Zero hour in Zimbabwe
    Batch 2 Posted 12/12/08
    • Mugabe Gears Up For Fresh Polls
    • Zim Probe Team Returns To Botswana
    • New Pressure For Unity Govt
    • PF Zapu Revivalists To Forge Ahead With Convention
    • 'Leadership Failure' Costly For Zimbabwe
    • Electoral Framework Not Ripe For Polls - Analysts
    • Economic Recovery Document Exposes Food Insecurity
    • Jokonya Defends Controversial Decision
    • Is The NIPC Of Any Help?
    • Guilty As Charged Or A Miscarriage Of Justice?
    • Zimbabwe Diasporans Destiny Self-determined
    • ANC Breakaway Scores Poll Upset
    • Opinion: Bloch's Revisionism On Land Reform Misses Point
    • Muckraker: American Dollar vs Zim dollar
    • Candid Comment: Ironies And Paradoxes Of Zim Crisis
    • Comment: It's Political Delinquency
    • Editor Memo: Blame Mugabe
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Zimbabwe Commuters Struggle to Afford Public Transport
    • Q&A - What is the world doing about Zimbabwe?
    • Pragmatism and bitter pills the only way to end crisis
    • Act now on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans pay dearly for world's failure
    • Why is Mugabe's bafoonery
    • Please do something-but what?
    • ZIMBABWE: Tracking the descent
    • Zimbabwe Cricket fires national team coach
    • ZC told to open books after mismanagement claims
    • Economy halts work on Zimbabwe's Academy
  39. Posted 12/12/08
    • Mugabe: 'There is no cholera in Zimbabwe'
    • Cholera Is Raging, Despite Denial by Zimbabwe President
    • Zimbabwe cholera epidemic 'worsening' says aid agency
    • France says Zimbabwe denies visas to aid workers
    • Analysis: absurd cholera declaration reveals Mugabe's fear
    • In Zimbabwe, chaos gives cholera a foothold
    • Cholera: Treatment is simple, just not in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe government breaks silence on diamond field crackdown
    • Government looking for land for mass burial, after killing 78 miners
    • 'War' on illegal diamond miners
    • Blood and Diamonds
    • Police ignore court order over Mukoko abduction
    • Sadly, Mukoko is not Mugabe's first, or last victim
    • Hotline numbers to call with any information about abductees
    • A person is a person through others - especially in Zimbabwe
    • ANC says Mugabe fears prosecution if he steps down
    • Mugabe calls Tsvangirai a 'prostitute' - again
    • Zanu PF killing the dialogue - MDC
    • Mugabe the "21st century Hitler": South African bishop
    • Zimbabwe becoming 'failed state'
    • Zimbabwean 'spies' in Botswana deported
    • African churches to pray for end of 'illegitimate' Zimbabwe rule
    • UN to discuss Zimbabwe problem
    • Tsvangirai says he will go home when he gets passport
    • Britain's Africa minister in South Africa for talks on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe will be persuaded to retire: ANC
    • 'No tougher Zimbabwe sanctions'
    • Comment from a correspondent
    • ROHRZIM South Africa Chapter – protest against the continued human rights violations and in demand of democracy in Zimbabwe
  40. Batch 2 Posted 11/12/08
    • Cartoon
    • Cure for cholera: a heavy dose of political will
    • Zim cholera hits Moz
    • ZANU-PF - a campaign of abductions, rape, torture to crush opposition
    • Zimbabweans eating cow dung as hunger deepens
    • Desperation up close in Zimbabwe
    • Women refuse to be silenced by Robert Mugabe
    • Writing is on the wall for Mugabe, ZANU PF
    • Shops ordered to revert to last week's prices
    • SA resumes push for Zim unity government
    • Dial a dictator
    • Time for regime change in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe Must Go
    • Hoping for a better Zimbabwe on international rights day
    • 60th anniversary of the Universal declaration of Human Rights
    • Speech addressed by His Excellency Mr Laurent CONTINI
    • Zimplats warns survival 'under threat'
    • Zim: Smuggling syndicates surfacing in SA
    • Comments from correspondents
  41. Posted 11/12/08
    • Rights groups urge release of Zimbabwe activists
    • The Disappeared of Zimbabwe - Take Action
    • Press statement on Human Rights Day
    • There is nothing for Zimbabweans to celebrate on Human Rights Day
    • Lawyers Stage Peaceful March
    • Zimbabwe urged to end abductions of activists
    • The right to education
    • Brother of human rights lawyer among those abducted in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe 'decimating' Zimbabwean opposition
    • Archbishop of Canterbury condemns "state aggression" in Zimbabwe
    • ANC demands release of abducted activists
    • Woza and Moza Commemorate Human Rights Day in the Streets of Bulawayo
    • International support for human rights in Zimbabwe needed immediately, says winner of 2008 John Humphrey Freedom Award
    • Tsvangirai says legitimate government can resolve crisis in Zim
    • Merkel adds voice to calls for Zimbabwe's Mugabe to leave
    • US, world influence over Mugabe limited
    • Join the dance - MDC told
    • Zimbabwe discussed in secret SADC meetings
    • Zambia dismisses Zimbabwe intervention talk as false
    • EU releases names of Zimbabwe new travel ban
    • Paul Blomfield: Take whatever action is necessary to end Zimbabwe’s suffering
    • Tsvangirai casts off mounting pressure
    • Cholera Map
    • "Hell on Earth" in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe cholera toll jumps, Mugabe under pressure
    • Cholera's double jeopardy for people with HIV
  42. Batch 2 Posted 10/12/08
    • Rift widens as the African Union stands by Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe
    • Remove Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe to save African lives
    • "Tough diplomacy" needed on Zimbabwe - Rice
    • SADC needs to "step up" on Zimbabwe - US
    • No troops for Zim, says govt
    • Police caught napping as WOZA stages demo
    • Annan blames Zim crisis on leadership failure
    • Barack Obama stays silent over Robert Mugabe's rule in Zimbabwe
    • NCA to stage peaceful protest on December 16
    • MMPZ speaks as world commemorates rights day
    • Sokwanele Newsletter : ZIG Watch - Issue 1
    • Homeless Cup players seek asylum
    • Cholera ravages population weak with hunger in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • Health clinics overwhelmed by cholera cases in Zimbabwe
    • MDC-USA Press Release
    • Chiefs' Council President Loots Disabled's Farming Inputs
    • Limpopo on high alert as cholera spreads further in SA
    • Military invasion will not solve crisis
    • End the suffering, Mugabe
    • The Sound of Silence
    • Mugabe won't give in
    • African leaders need support over Zimbabwe
    • Death of Zanu PF heavy-weight causes joyous celebration
    • Minority control of resources is formula for calamity
    • Sokwanele Newsletter : ZIG Watch - Issue 1
    • Homeless Cup players seek asylum
    • Cholera ravages population weak with hunger in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • Health clinics overwhelmed by cholera cases in Zimbabwe
    • MDC-USA Press Release
    • Chiefs' Council President Loots Disabled's Farming Inputs
    • Limpopo on high alert as cholera spreads further in SA
    • Military invasion will not solve crisis
    • End the suffering, Mugabe
    • The Sound of Silence
    • Mugabe won't give in
    • African leaders need support over Zimbabwe
    • Death of Zanu PF heavy-weight causes joyous celebration
    • Minority control of resources is formula for calamity
  43. Posted 10/12/08
    • Rights group: New crackdown on dissent in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe court orders police to look for activist
    • Tsvangirai's former aide abducted
    • Zimbabwe opposition activists abducted
    • 400 WOZA members demonstrate in Harare
    • President Bush: it's time for Robert Mugabe to go
    • Time's up for Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe slams 'dirty mouth' calls for Mugabe to quit
    • Mugabe rejects Western pressure to quit
    • Foreign governments calling for Mugabe to resign are 'racist', says Info Minister
    • Zimbabwe says taking measures to counter threats
    • Commonwealth Urges International Action On Humanitarian Crisis
    • AU rejects tougher Zimbabwe action
    • Zimbabwe accuses West of "contaminating" it with cholera
    • Zimbabwe Min Says Cholera Outbreak "Under Control"
    • UN seeks 17.5 mln dollars to tackle Zimbabwe cholera
    • Criticism shows growing frustration with Mugabe
    • "Dead people are better off": Zimbabweans on their fate
    • First AIDS, now cholera: Zimbabwe's newest orphans
    • Grim Reaper Stalks Zimbabwe
    • China offers Zimbabwe aid, urges national unity
    • It's time for action, not words, to topple Mugabe
    • Ambassador McGee honored with Diplomacy for Freedom Award
    • British minister to hold Zimbabwe talks this week
    • Zimbabwe ruling ZANU-PF postpones national congress
    • Council Conclusions on Zimbabwe
    • Red alert as cholera crisis spreads to Zimbabwe's neighbours
    • Zimbabwe minister's death ignites renewed inter-party violence
    • ZANU-PF govt. orders retailers to reduce prices
    • Gono Claims World Bank Offered Him Job
    • Amendment 19 not yet endorsed by party principals
  44. Batch 2 Posted 9/12/08
    • Thirsty and afraid, Zimbabweans struggle against cholera
    • SADC ministers meet to plan strategy against cholera
    • Zim Cholera 'Is Beyond Control'
    • Can the AU intervene in Zimbabwe?
    • US Says Neighbors Hold Key to Ending Zimbabwe Crisis
    • WHO Pledges Increased Support to Zimbabwe In Fight Against Cholera
    • RBZ statement on cash availability at banks
    • Jacob Zuma thwarts efforts to force Robert Mugabe out
    • Zimbabwe: Cash Limits - Case of the Dog Chasing Its Own Tail
    • Army disarmed
    • SW Radio Africa Interview Transcript
    • Manyika died six hours after crash
    • Manyika family cry foul over suspected assassination
    • Former US President Jimmy Carter takes Mukoko case to UN
    • Predator For a Predator
    • Beyond the brink
    • Stop The Genocide - Get Rid Of Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe: the next step
    • His final call (again)
    • Analysts say Mugabe likely to dig in as pressure mounts
    • Zimbabwe: Breaking point looms
    • Lessons on leadership challenges
    • Zimbabwe struts on a taut rope
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 589 - Dated 8 December 2008
  45. Posted 9/12/08
    • Zimbabwe army on alert for civil unrest
    • European leaders say Robert Mugabe must go
    • New EU travel bans for Zimbabwe
    • FACTBOX-Sanctions on Zimbabwe
    • S.Africa's Zuma urges swift action on Zimbabwe
    • Call for Zimbabwe fuel blockade
    • More abductions as police deny holding Jestina Mukoko
    • MDC supporters homes petrol bombed in Bindura
    • ZCTU detainees finally released
    • Dollar crashes as government buys support from armed forces
    • Foreign Secretary statement on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe must not be allowed to personally profit from international humanitarian relief to oppressed Zimbabweans
    • As the world fudges, Zimbabweans should act to end their nightmare
    • SADC team in Zim to assess cholera outbreak
    • Zimbabwe warns against hand-shaking to curb cholera spread
    • Health groups: Unknown thousands dying in Zimbabwe
    • Cholera waiting to happen
    • Cholera continues to spread as more die across Zimbabwe's borders
    • "If cholera doesn't, hunger will finish us"
    • South Africa fears cholera spread
    • Mugabe's architect of violence dead in car crash
    • EU should probe Zimbabwe diamond trading, says Dutch foreign minister
    • Unpaid soldiers will be Mugabe's final undoing
    • Odinga calls for AU Chairman Kikwete calls for emergency meeting on Zimbabwe
    • It's past time to develop backbone on Mugabe
    • A Memo to SADC Heads of States: Act Now or Forever be Silent!
    • Time for SA to invade and occupy Zimbabwe
    • Statement by the Most Revd Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop of Cape Town
    • Terror at the Zimbabwe-South Africa border
    • Posted: Monday, December 08, 2008 10:04 AM
    • Mugabe Calling For An Early Election? Jesus Come Down!!
    • Gono to Launch Book on Zim Economy
  46. Batch 2 Posted 8/12/08
    • 'Zim violence continues despite power-sharing pact'
    • Zim rights forum: political violence report
    • Zimbabwe's cholera victims 'ten times more likely to die'
    • Zimbabwe's neighbours fight cholera outbreak
    • Tongue-lashings won't unseat Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's people 'in a state of despair'
    • Mugabe buys more time
    • 'Send in troops to save Mugabe's people'
    • Remove Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe to save African lives
    • It's up to us to lead the final charge on Mugabe
    • SA health delegation leaves for Zimbabwe today
    • Ex-archbishop Pius Ncube, opponent of Robert Mugabe, silenced by Vatican
    • A Duty to Intervene
    • Pressure mounts over Mukoko's abduction
    • Endgame in Zimbabwe
    • How to break the Zimbabwe impasse
    • Military goes rogue
    • Zimbabwe's agony
    • Zim spies feared to have infiltrated Botswana
    • Battle of the two Elliots that never was!
    • Charamba : Tsvangirai won Presidential Vote
    • Invasion alert!
  47. Posted 8/12/08
    • UK plotting to invade Zimbabwe - Mugabe spokesman
    • Kenyan prime minister calls for military intervention in Zimbabwe
    • African leaders under fire over Zimbabwe crisis
    • Mugabe 'cannot lead Zimbabwe out of crisis'
    • UNICEF fears 60,000 possible cholera cases in Zimbabwe
    • Zim collapse exposes SADC weakness: Buthelezi
    • One of Mugabe's most reviled ministers killed in car crash
    • Aid runs out for starving millions
    • WOZA blames Mugabe govt for cholera outbreak
    • Zimbabwe blames EU sanctions for cholera deaths
    • SADC to investigate MDC military camps in Botswana
    • SADC ministers to hold meeting on Zimbabwe cholera
    • Zimbabwe rights group issues appeal over missing activist
    • EU To Be Briefed on Mukoko's Disappearance
    • Leadership change at upcoming annual conference
    • The other side of modern Africa
    • Tell Mugabe to Go
    • Zimbabwe needs a political solution
    • Mbeki seems uninterested in salvaging his image
  48. Batch 3 Posted 7/12/08
    • Zimbabwe crashes
    • Zimbabwe hospitals lie empty
    • Cholera could hammer final nail into Mugabe's coffin
    • UN forced to cut food aid to Zimbabwe's starving people
    • Bloody invasions revisit Zimbabwe
    • Army cracks down on dissent after anti-Mugabe rampage
    • UNISA Closes Exam Centres
    • Rescue Zimbabwe
    • Forced action for Zimbabwe?
    • Big brother helps siblings in Zimbabwe
  49. Batch 2 Posted 7/12/08
    • Archbishop of York says time has come to remove Mugabe
    • British opposition leader demands action on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe on high alert
    • Zimbabwe: a descent into hell
    • Battle for Zimbabwe’s blood diamonds
    • Zimbabwe 'set for cholera jump'
    • Life goes on amid deprivation
    • It really is time to end Zimbabwe's misery
    • Action is need when words fail us
    • Manyika in intensive care after accident
    • Elliot Manyika Dies
    • Relatives Mount Vigil For Missing Rights Activist
    • Man held Over Police Bombings
    • Call For Urgent Media Law Reform Heading Here
    • World Famous Wildlife Sanctuary Faces Closure
    • Hunger Drives Scores To Highway Begging
    • Students Fail To Graduate After Exams Fiasco
    • SA Believes Zim Deal Will Be Inked 'within days'
    • 'Zim Lacks Sound Minerals Policy'
    • Gono: Will A Second Term At RBZ make any difference?
    • Alex Magaisa: Why Did The Soldier Cross The Road?
    • Discipline Falters In Mugabe's Barracks
    • Comment: Crises Demystify Myth Of Zanu PF Invincibility
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Zimbabwe: The Manheru Column
    • Stockbrokers On the Brink of Collapse
  50. Posted 7/12/08
    • Gordon Brown declares Zimbabwe in state of international emergency
    • 'The world must tell Mugabe that enough is enough,' says angry Brown as Zimbabwe woes continue
    • Zimbabwe sacks bankers as crisis deepens
    • Huge cholera rescue mission for Zimbabwe
    • Military doctors fight cholera crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Motlanthe to send food to Zim people
    • The Beginning
    • South African newspapers x-ray Zimbabwean crisis
    • Zimbabwe soldiers to appear before a court martial: police
    • Some background information on the soldier riots this week
    • Hyperinflation forces Zimbabwe to print $200 million notes
    • A month ago, the hospitals were overflowing. Now they lie empty
    • Widespread collapse of social services creates 'twin disaster' in Zimbabwe
    • Crisis Piles Pressure On Mugabe
    • Botswana says Mugabe would be gone in weeks without vehicle fuel
    • Paris sends emergency aid to Zimbabwe to fight cholera
    • Norway condemns the abduction of human rights defender Jestina Mukoko in Zimbabwe
    • Netherlands supports wider EU sanctions against regime Zimbabwe
    • International Medical Corps Deploys Assessment Team Into Zimbabwe in Response to Deadly Cholera Outbreak
    • Mugabe to bully a deal?
    • Biti still to answer to four original charges
    • Zambian cholera patients to be evacuated from Zimbabwe
    • Water Bills To Be Charged In Forex
    • They need a police presence because their promises are all lies
    • BAE accused of £100m secret payments to seal South Africa arms deal
    • Can Ghana trounce the bad news?
    • Five-member Zimbabwe delegation to observe Ghana presidential polls
    • ZCTF Report: Charara Party
    • Comment from a correpondent
  51. Batch 2 Posted 6/12/08
    • Judges scared to hear missing rights activist's case
    • The extent of the suffering in Zimbabwe ‘has reached Auschwitz proportions’
    • Long, slow death throes go on in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe cholera: A plague of Robert Mugabe's own making
    • Amnesty head presses SAfrica over Zimbabwe
    • South African NGOs condemn alleged state-sanctioned violence in Zimbabwe
    • Cholera Epidemic in Zimbabwe Continues to Worsen
    • ZIMBABWE: Cholera timeline
    • Zinwa, Not Sanctions to Blame for Cholera
    • Zambia on high alert over cholera outbreak from Zimbabwe
    • $200m note on cards
    • Zim army in state of anarchy
    • Is Anyone Safe Anymore?
    • Zimbabwe leader hints at fresh elections
    • Calls grow for Robert Mugabe to be removed by force
    • Bottom of the abyss
    • Will schools reopen next year?
    • Fresh claims sour Botswana/Zimbabwe relationship
    • Poverty, Hunger Force Girls Into Prostitution
    • Media law reform conference underway in Harare
    • Peace and reconciliation message spreads
    • Hearts of darkness hardened to Harare
    • Zimbabwe: From breadbasket to tragic basket case
    • Contradictory Claims About Ivory Trade After CITES
  52. Posted 6/12/08
    • Mugabe vows early elections if unity govt fails
    • Rice: 'It's well past time' for Zimbabwe's Mugabe to leave office
    • Tutu: Mugabe should be toppled and indicted in The Hague
    • Miliband backs African calls for end of Mugabe
    • Africa's inaction on Zimbabwe a sad chapter in history
    • South Africa still reluctant to hold Mugabe accountable
    • 'US cannot dictate to Zim'
    • Top SA officials to assess Zimbabwe situation
    • High Court judges play hide & seek games in Mukoko abduction case
    • 15 NCA demonstrators to spend weekend behind bars
    • Where is Zim rights activist?
    • EU considering more Zimbabwe sanctions: envoys
    • Targeted Sanctions - Why Not The Judges and Magistrates
    • New bank notes trigger massive price increases
    • Zimbabwe cholera epidemic claims 575 lives: UN
    • Zimbabwean “government” must account for anti-Cholera resources
    • Zambia turns Zimbabweans back at border
    • Tell Mugabe to Go, Anglican Primate Asks AU
    • NCA Protest violently disrupted by riot police
    • USAID Increases Assistance for Zimbabwe Cholera Outbreak
    • Wade to intervene in the Zimbabwean crisis
    • SA govt to offer humanitarian assistance to ordinary Zimbabweans
    • 'Put lives before politics'
    • MDC calls on region continent SADC, AU to act on abductions
    • Plea for aid exposes regime's dire situation
    • Botswana to close its Harare embassy
    • In breach
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Africa's shame
    • A glance at the state of democracy in Africa
  53. Batch 3 Posted 5/12/08
    • Court asked to order release of abducted rights activist
    • SA to pressure Zim political rivals to form unity govt
    • 'Zim cholera outbreak won't be easy to contain'
    • Tutu says remove Mugabe if he does not step down
    • Ban underscores urgent need to address humanitarian needs in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe collapse: South Africa prepares to move in
    • 300,000 Zimbabweans threatened by cholera: Oxfam
    • World watches blandly as Zim goes to pot
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Promises Elimination Of Cash Withdrawal Limits
    • Lawyers, Activists Search for Abducted Zimbabwean Rights Monitor
    • Madhuku urges media to confront state
    • Analysis: Mugabe may try to politicise cholera crisis
    • Zimbabwe on brink of cholera disaster: WHO expert
    • US seeking ways to help cholera-hit Zimbabwe
    • Humanitarian Crisis Boosts Pressure On Zimbabwe's MDC To Enter Government
    • Mugabe Allies Squash Succession Rumours
    • Residents toil as country slides deeper into crisis
    • Government to meet on Zim
    • Unpacking the Constitution of Zimbabwe amendment (No.19) agreed draft
    • Dying of starvation in Zim
    • COSATU condemns ZCTU members' arrest
    • Why Mugabe staged own military and police riots
    • 'The Post went to sleep at the wheel'
    • What The Post said about Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe Times did not plagiarise article
    • Zimbabweans must liberate themselves
    • Mugabe's expanding 'enemies' list
    • Cholera-hit Zimbabwe, the sick man of Africa
    • Ways of reading events in Zimbabwe
  54. Batch 2 Posted 5/12/08
    • Govt Panics As Army Riots
    • Zim Dollar Takes Major Knock
    • Mugabe To Gazette Amendment No 19
    • Civil Society Calls For End To Arrests, Abductions
    • Woza Leaders' Bail Conditions Relaxed
    • Fort Hare scholarship Students Face Hard Times
    • PF Zapu Revivalists Snub Msika Meeting
    • Grade 7 Examination Markers Still To Be Paid
    • Sadc Tribunal Ruling To Test Govt's Mettle
    • Too Late To Replace Mbeki - Analysts
    • RBZ dissolves CFX Bank Board, Fires Top Managers
    • US Dollars In Zimbabwe: Greenback Or Gloom Back?
    • ZSE Crisis Affects Pension Funds And Insurance Companies
    • Gono Abandons Interbank Rate
    • Stockbrokers To Be Re-registered- Securities Commission
    • Tsvangirai Pushing His Luck Too Far
    • The Idiocy In Politics
    • Three Men Holding 12 Million People Hostage
    • Candid Comment: A Single Candle Better Than Darkness
    • Comment: Bloodshed Avoidable
    • Eric Bloch: Reforming Land Reform
    • Muckraker: Rule of law given the boot
    • Editor's memo: Govt Continues To Pursue Failed Methods
  55. Posted 5/12/08
    • Robert Mugabe admits Zimbabwe cholera epidemic is national emergency
    • Zimbabwe calls for help as cholera overwhelms doctors
    • 22 injured as NCA demonstrators clash with police
    • More than 40 ZCTU protestors still in custody
    • Jestina Mukoko still missing, another ZPP field officer arrested
    • 16 Zimbabwe soldiers held over looting, violence
    • "A hungry and angry soldier can be very dangerous"
    • Kenya's Prime Minister calls on African leaders to oust Mugabe
    • MDC secretary for Welfare kicked out of meeting
    • Zimbabwe troops on streets as cash limits ease
    • New Zimbabwe bank limits trigger surge in prices
    • Zimbabwe central bank chief blames retailers for inflation
    • Zimbabweans Jostle For Cash
    • Cholera impact in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe
    • Women Activists Say Government Ignored Cholera Signs
    • Rescue cholera victims, not Mugabe, says activist
    • Cholera interview - transcript - radio 702
    • Zimbabwe cholera: Mugabe will decimate South Africa as well as Zimbabwe
    • UK Govt boosts aid to help 'failed state' Zimbabwe: PM
    • A Communiqué from Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)
    • Civic Groups Demand Immediate Release Of Mukoko
    • The machine creating water out of thin air
    • Burn for Burns - Mutare General Hospital
    • Zimbabwe: When Will This Mugabe-Made Disaster End?
    • Reaching rock bottom
    • State of Emergency
  56. Batch 3 Posted 4/12/08
    • Hunt on for Zim army rebels
    • Zimbabwe appeals for donor help on cholera
    • Watershed for Mugabe as soldiers rampage
    • Army boosts presence in central Harare
    • Foreign Briefing by Fred Bridgland in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's deadly diamond fever
    • Mugabe's strategy for State of Emergency
    • NOCZIM top brass help themselves to fuel
    • Coup by stealth
    • We fiddle while genocide plays itself out in Zim
  57. Batch 2 Posted 4/12/08
    • Zimbabwe Government Declares National Emergency In Cholera Epidemic
    • Civilisation in reverse
    • Swoop on Zim protesters
    • Abduction in Zimbabwe Raises Fear of New Crackdown
    • ZCTU Leaders Arrested for Organising Strike
    • Water Samaritans help stem Zimbabwe cholera epidemic as taps run dry
    • Frustration high in Zimbabwe's Army, a Mugabe power base
    • Tsvangirai asks African Union to take over mediation
    • RBZ introduces yet more new notes
    • Extract from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Act [Chapter 2:12]
    • ZANU PF to discuss shifting conference due to cholera
    • UN appeals for US$550m Zim aid
    • Zimbabwe gets 9 million euros to fight cholera
    • TV licences: ZBH calls cops
    • Women victims of torture and rape in Zim picket in SA
    • Piling on the agony
    • Zimbabwe: Keeping His Head in a Blasted Economic Landscape
    • Comments from correspondents
  58. Posted 4/12/08
    • Secret police seize leading Zimbabwean activist Jestina Mukoko
    • Zimbabwean police 'use batons' against doctors
    • Over 70 peaceful protesters arrested countrywide
    • Zimbabwean authorities target activists and trade unionists
    • Hundreds demonstrate in Harare. as crisis deepens
    • Zimbabwe on edge of the abyss: Riot police charge protesting doctors as cholera epidemic infects up to 12,500 people
    • Police detain ZCTU leadership
    • Authorities must guarantee the safety of Jestina Mukoko
    • Harare hospital 'has become a place of death'
    • Zimbabwe in collapse
    • Michael Trapido
    • Cholera in your borehole
    • Cholera kills 1000 in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans ill and dying from cholera crossing border
    • Despite outside help, cholera deaths continue to mount
    • NCA Protest in Harare tomorrow, 4 December 2008
    • Zimbabwe govt admits soldiers' riot
    • Institute for War & Peace Reporting (London)
    • Zimbabwe launches probe into looting soldiers
    • Mass desertions in Zimbabwe army following killing of soldiers after riots
    • Death to the mutineers!
    • Zimbabwe blames opponents over revolt by soldiers
    • Mugabe's power base under threat as soldiers protest
    • Zimbabwe tackles cash shortage amid riots and looting
    • Gono to meet ZCTU leadership Thursday
    • Zimbabwean women face state brutality
    • Zimbabwe's meltdown in figures
    • Mugabe will have no people left to rule
    • What are Zim's options now?
  59. Batch 3 Posted 3/12/08
    • Zimbabwe riot police break up Harare protests
    • More zeros on Zim bank notes
    • Zimbabwe villagers face starvation
    • Zimbabwe near collapse: rights lawyer
    • Zimbabwe cholera spread continues
    • Despite cholera outbreak, Zim cross-border traders continue to flood SA to purchase foodstuffs
    • 'ZANU PF conference won't discuss leadership change'
    • Zimbabwe court relaxes bail conditions for WOZA leaders
    • Constitutional Amendment No. 19 Bill - other drafts
    • CHRA statement on World AIDS day
    • “That Lonely Thorn Tree”: An Asian Obsession Funds Killing in Zimbabwe
  60. Batch 2 Posted 3/12/08
    • Military warn ZCTU over protests
    • Zimbabwe opposition to discuss amendment on PM post
    • Mugabe seeks revenge on soldiers that rebelled
    • ZCTU to protest cash withrawal limits
    • MDC appeals for help against cholera
    • WHO Acts on Emergency Cholera Plan for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Cholera Hits Beitbridge, Exposes Major Health Risks
    • Zim soldiers confined to barracks
    • Mugabe shaken by rioting soldiers
    • MDC accuses Zanu-PF of double-standards
    • Basildon Peta: It should be the tipping point for the tyrant - but this is Zimbabwe
    • World watches as Zim implodes
    • Time travelling in Harare
    • Country teeters on brink of mayhem
    • RBZ unveils new notes
    • Clients Stranded As Bank Charges Soar
    • Leading article: A military challenge to Mr Mugabe
    • Diversion or real mutiny?
    • Robert Mugabe 'should be removed by force, and South Africa must help'
    • Time for regime change
    • Comment from a correspondent
  61. Posted 3/12/08
    • Mutiny fears in Zimbabwe as army-police standoff grows
    • Zimbabwe: Open Warfare, Police vs Army on 01 December
    • Conjuring up a state of emergency
    • The Zimbabwean state is shutting down
    • Zimbabwe blames 'indisciplined soldiers' for Harare unrest
    • Zimbabwe cholera outbreak likely to continue: WHO
    • Zimbabwe crisis deepens as cholera spreads
    • Zimbabwe cholera death toll 'approaches 500'
    • Water trickles back into Zimbabwe's capital after total shut-off
    • Cholera found in Limpopo River
    • The agreed draft of the Constitutional Amendment No. 19 Bill
    • Zimbabwe opposition says talks to resume in two weeks
    • Harare diary: 'Too much to take'
    • Military police intervene to pay soldiers at barracks
    • Student leader arrested and barred from writing exams
    • Bob should be forcibly removed: COPE
    • Eight arrested following riots in Zimbabwe
    • EU gives 9 million euros to Zimbabwe to help deal with cholera
    • Mutare residents live in fear as diamond campaign intensifies
    • Zimbabwe sinking fast
    • No activity on the Stock Exchange
    • Gono makes a killing with Britain's help
    • Mugabe's Self-Inflicted Miserable Quandary
    • Go on Morgan, do it
  62. Batch 2 Posted 2/12/08
    • ZCTU presses ahead with Wednesday strike
    • Mugabe's power under threat as troops riot over pay
    • Youth militia, not soldiers behind skirmishes in Harare
    • NCA Statement on Protests by Zimbabwe Security personnel
    • Harare dry and dangerous
    • UN agency calls for $2 million to fight cholera epidemic
    • Mob runs riot as Zimbabwe runs out of water
    • Mugabe's network of corruption
    • Water tests heighten cholera fear
    • Respond to Zimbabwe crisis - Jimmy Carter
    • Horror of cholera disaster unfolds
    • 3 people die of anthrax in hunger-stricken Zimbabwe
    • The police beg us for food. What hope is there?
    • Gazetting Of Zimbabwean Amendment Next Hurdle In Power-Sharing Saga
    • 16 Days of Activism: South African border shelter helps young Zimbabwean women
    • New ZAPU party sets dates for convention
    • Tsvangirai's speech on receiving democracy award
    • Selling in fuel coupons illegal
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 588 - Dated 1 December 2008
  63. Posted 2/12/08
    • Soldiers go on rampage again, loot shops
    • Zimbabwe's police and army clash in Harare
    • Stone-throwers attack soldiers in Zimbabwe capital
    • Harare runs dry for the first time ever amid water crisis
    • Zimbabwe capital running out of clean water as people are told to stop shaking hands amid cholera outbreak
    • Help us, Tsvangirai pleads
    • Aid agency: Worst anthrax outbreak looming
    • MDC and ZANU PF talks expected to resume next week
    • Army chefs abuse RBZ withdrawal facility at army barracks
    • Body of MDC activist found
    • Khupe breaks down at clinic
    • Botswana closing embassy in Harare
    • Bank cash withdrawals increased again as protests gather momentum
    • Bill Watch 47 of 29th November 08 [Draft Constitution Amendment No. 19 agreed]
    • Amendment Number 19
    • Mawere: Gono, Mugabe and the change agenda
    • Zimbabwe is ripe for a revolution
    • ZESN receives the 2008 French Repulic's human rights award
    • Plot to assassinate Dabengwa alleged
    • Jenni Williams and Magodonga face trial in Bulawayo on 2 Dec
    • Open Letter to Thabo Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe's Cholera Epidemic Hits Home
    • My lessons in post-colonial injustice
    • Playing games whilst tyrants rule…
  64. Batch 2 Posted 1/12/08
    • SADC Tribunal ruling
    • Zimbabwe says it will defy land seizure ruling
    • JAG - legal communique - dated 27 November 2008
    • UN official warns Zim may turn into another Somalia
    • Magistrates strike shows deepening paralysis in Zim
    • Zimbabwe fears mutiny after attack
    • Zimbabwe Health Minister Appeals for More Help to Combat Cholera Epidemic
    • Most Harare suburbs go without water
    • Mbeki locked in a straight-jacket
    • Talks have become a recurring nuisance
    • Minors join trek to South Africa
    • Mutiny in the ranks
    • From a correspondent
  65. Posted 1/12/08
    • Zimbabwe leaders 'yet to approve key amendment'
    • Power deal at risk as Mugabe digs in
    • Zimbabwe stalemate hinges on South African promise
    • Mugabe discusses Zimbabwe's crisis with UN chief at Doha aid summit
    • Land of Broken Trust
    • The IoS Christmas Appeal: Mugabe's disgrace: Starvation threatens millions in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's cholera infection rate nearly doubles in a week
    • Reports: Up to 10,000 Zimbabwe cholera deaths possible by March
    • Queues to bury victims of cholera
    • Zimbabwe raises bank withdrawal limits as cash shortages persist
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 29th November 2008
    • What happened in Sandton
    • Where there's smoke . . .

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