The ZIMBABWE Situation

February 2009 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 28/2/09
    • Political detainees offered released if they drop torture charges
    • SADC to hold extraordinary summit to discuss Zimbabwe aid: Zuma
    • 'Unity govt has no capacity to finance bloated structure'
    • FULL TEXT: MDC statement on unity government
    • Sharp drop in tourist arrivals in 2008
    • African nations pledge to press for aid to Zimbabwe
    • Wars, Guns and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places by Paul Collier
  2. Posted 28/2/09
    • Regional ministers seek donor help for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe gets promises, not cash at regional group
    • A donor-dependent region seeks to bail out Zimbabwe
    • Farm evictions and arrests - and contact details
    • Farmers forced into hiding as arrests and invasions continue
    • Demands over media 'nonsense' - Mugabe
    • Bennett case continued in High Court on Friday
    • NCA spokesperson arrested
    • Consumers up in arms over huge foreign currency charges
    • MDC concerned about delay in implementation of GPA
    • PM visits delapidated hospital
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 27 Feb 2009
    • Statement by Professor Arthur Mutambara
    • List of Ministerial appointments and abductees
    • MDC: Zim's cabinet too big
    • Govt slashes water tariffs
    • Supporters raise 250,000 dlrs for Mugabe fete
    • Illegally evicted residents must be reinstated-CHRA
    • Mugabe fights to the grave
    • At least 200 dead as army moves into illegal mines
    • Shout with Short Wave - Zimbabwe's crisis
    • A letter from the diaspora
  3. Batch 3 Posted 27/2/09
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai Battle Hots Up
    • Birthday Special: 'No mealie meal or beef'
    • Shamu, Chamisa Clash
    • Mavambo Takes Makoni to Court
    • Cabinet Choices Widen Rifts in Zanu PF, MDCs
    • Nkomo accused of fanning factionalism in Zanu PF
    • 'US$600 million required to revive health sector'
    • Selling Pressure Leaves Companies Exposed
    • Top Bankers Tipped for Gono's Post
    • Govt Levies Create Fuel Crisis - NECF
    • Gono Reverses Biti Decision as Battle Rages on
    • US$3,3 Billion Required to Boost Power Output
    • Kunaka Defends Yarrowdale Farm Take over
    • Companies Discard 2007 Financial Results
    • Mixed Trading in Property Counters on Stock Exchange
    • WorldView: Recession Shakes up Political Scene
    • Govt Must Cut Spending
    • Is Tsvangirai Up to the Task?
    • Editor's Memo: Tsvangirai's Halfway House
    • Comment: Leave the Courts to do their Work
    • 'You are now one of us'
    • Candid Comment: A tale of Two Britains
    • Zim Independent Letters
  4. Batch 2 Posted 27/2/09
    • Urgent press release communique dated 26 February 2009
    • Mugabe defiant on appointments
    • Mugabe killed 193 political opponents last year: US
    • Top ZANU PF official implicated in farm invasion
    • Guardian film exposes horrors of man-made epidemic
    • Mugabe dismisses Mutambara
    • Mugabe's annual bash to be scaled down
    • Tsvangirai to go to Mugabe bash
    • Communiqué on the Establishment of a Civil Society Monitoring Mechanism
    • Civic groups set up committee to monitor unity govt
    • Notes following briefing to media by President Motlanthe and United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Pretoria
    • The cost, in rands, of a Zim bail-out
    • Manuel warns on funding to rescue Harare
    • Mugabe says property rented for Bona
    • US Dept of State 2008 Human Rights Report: Zimbabwe
    • Letter to Foreign Affairs Minister re: release of political and human rights activists
    • Is the Zimbabwe crisis agenda a one-sided affair?
    • Court frees Shiri shooting suspect
    • PEACE WATCH of 26th February [A Question of Amnesty]
    • Lonrho hit by LonZim deal revelations
    • No ruling yet in SA farmer's case
  5. Posted 27/2/09
    • MDC executive to meet Friday over Mugabe violations
    • SA calls for release of detainees
    • Mugabe defends appointment of central bank chief, attorney general
    • Is Zimbabwe attending SADC meetings and summits under false pretences?
    • Chief Magistrate says SADC ruling on Zimbabwe farms should be ignored
    • NCA Press Release
    • Madhuku says the power share government is a circus
    • Mugabe says government only temporary
    • ConCourt debates land grab case
    • WOZA activists remain in custody
    • Mugabe says he has been against dollarization in Zimbabwe
    • Press Statement by the heads of Christian denominations
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 25 Feb 2009
    • The ball is in Mugabe's court - Ban ki-Moon
    • Zim groups in SA demand SADC accountability for unity deal
    • No honeymoon for Tsvangirai
    • Are Zimbabweans safe with this new government?
  6. Batch 3 Posted 26/2/09
    • Southern Africa mulling 2 billion dollars in aid for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe to Hold Fresh Elections Within Two Years, Herald Says
    • Mugabe considers fixing currency to SA rand
    • African Development Bank praises Zimbabwe plan
    • Economic crisis poses challenge for Zim rescue plan
    • Right to change government was "negated" by Mugabe regime, U.S. says
    • Harare teacher: 'Relief to work again'
    • Zanu-PF accused of creating ‘parallel force’
    • Bill Watch 6 of 24th February 2009 [Constitution Amendment 19 Act Omits Schedule on New Constitution]
    • A 25-Minute Work Week on Zimbabwe's Stock Exchange
    • New Cabinet Ignores Quota for Women
    • Tsvangirai Orders Rule Of Law
    • LonZim shares suspended, Lonrho stake buy reviewed
    • Zimbabwe: Tariffs - Zesa Must Be Realistic
    • See how they have all become US dollar-crazy
    • Residents headed for a fight
  7. Batch 2 Posted 26/2/09
    • Mugabe's cohorts begin the final land grab in Zimbabwe
    • Robert Mugabe's supporters attend lavish gala for president's birthday
    • Mnangagwa's grand succession plan on course
    • SA wants Gono to go
    • Gono announces audit
    • We must re-unite - MDC Veterans
    • Much to be fixed before rescue can begin
    • Minister says schools will be fully functional next month
    • Civil servants push for US$600 minimum salary
    • Zimbabwe Leaders Match Wits in Power Struggle
    • British minister's bank propped up Robert Mugabe, says Foreign Office
    • Cross-Border Trade Thrives Amidst Zimbabwe Crisis
    • WFP food helps cholera patients recover
    • WFP in Zimbabwe - Facts & Figures
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 605 - Dated 25 February 2009
  8. Posted 26/2/09
    • Statement by the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe on the Progress of the Transitional Government
    • PRESS ALERT - Zimbabwean farm evictions: Invasion at Mount Carmel Farm (protected by SADC tribunal ruling)
    • 5 WOZA members detained in Harare Central - 9 treated for injuries
    • UN chief calls for release of detainees
    • Bill Watch Special of 25 February [Prime Minister's Statement Cancelling Presidential Appointment of Permanent Secretaries]
    • Shamuyarira's nephew orders farmers off their land
    • Chamisa & Shamu clash over roles in Information Ministries
    • Hardliners frustrating release of detainees
    • Madhuku says the power share government is a mess
    • Providing a true account of events
    • Ambassador McGee's remarks at Africa University
    • Global crisis may hit aid to Zimbabwe: SADC
    • Mudzuri says US$1 billion needed to revamp energy sector
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 24 Feb 2009
    • Zimbabwe's Health, Food Crises Still Grave - UN Official
    • More people eating less food
    • UN launches $500 million appeal for aid
    • No US dollars for an x-ray
    • MDC Supporters Take Revenge
    • Zimbabweans abroad return as volunteers
    • TelOne accounts
    • Zimbabwe musicians inspire through song
  9. Batch 3 Posted 25/2/09
    • MDC threatens to pull out of GNU
    • With new farm invasions, recovery impossible
    • Zimbabwe farmer: 'I'm not giving up'
    • Summit could make or break fragile coalition
    • MDC Still Denied Media Coverage
    • Pretoria crocodiles ready to feast on ordinary Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabwe National army recruitment drive of rural teenagers is of great concerns
    • ConCourt to hear argument on diplomatic protection
    • Minister moves to pacify phone users
    • Outcry over bills
    • Lupepe loses coal project to Rautenbach
    • Soldiers Meet Journalists
    • Holding to account
  10. Batch 2 Posted 25/2/09
    • 'Pray and fast' plea for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Civil Servants Have Trouble Redeeming US$100 Pay Vouchers
    • Zimbabwe at top of Ban's Africa agenda
    • Material deprivation
    • Archbishops of Canterbury and York condemn regime in Zimbabwe
    • Unity government: The circus begins
    • Zim doctors call off strike
    • Unity govt should release political detainees: Civic groups
    • Hunger Exacerbating Child Mortality
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Issues Cloud Prospects For Regional Bailout
    • Health Disaster Looms at UZ
    • Tsvangirai offers to be Bennett guarantor
    • Mukoko challenges unlawful detention
    • Zimbabwe farmers face 'last-minute land grab'
    • Getting to the health centre in an ox-cart
    • Zimbabwe: charities keep faith despite Mugabe's brutal regime
    • NZ Govt welcomes decision to delay Zimbabwe tour
    • West can't have it both ways in wanting to oust Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe dispatches: looking for a rubbish tip
    • Telegraph View: Mugabe's law as usual
    • Politicians always take care of each other
    • Gono on mission to clear himself
    • MPs should lead by example
    • The changed fortunes of Jonathan Moyo
    • Critical Eye: Let's support Tsvangirai for now
    • Gono is incompetent, period!
    • ZIMBABWE A mixture, not a coalition
    • Comment from a correspondent
  11. Posted 25/2/09
    • Bennett granted bail, but remains in jail after State opposed
    • Zimbabwe's vice-president foiled in 3,600kg gold deal
    • Zimbabwe turns to teenagers to combat mutiny
    • Robert Mugabe's secret plan against white farmers
    • EU has no plans to lift sanctions on Mugabe
    • SADC finance ministers to discuss Zimbabwe rescue package
    • 9 MDC activists arrested in Mbare
    • TAKE ACTION : Send a letter to JOMIC
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Agree To End Strike
    • UN envoy hails 'positive' meeting with Mugabe
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 23 Feb 2009
    • Business urges Tsvangirai to craft fresh national budget
    • Swedish ambassador denies story on US$600 million donor funding
    • Is Mugabe sabotaging Zimbabwe's coalition government?
    • Scathing attack on Zim's bloated govt
    • Zimbabwe elite seeks to evade sanctions
    • Zimbabwe's multimillion dollar rescue package must be properly utilised
    • Cricket tour to Zimbabwe postponed
    • Commission of Inquiry on Zimbabwe begins its work, mindful of the process of dialogue and reconciliation underway in the country
    • Messina refugees in limbo
    • Cholera crisis continues to worsen as case numbers rise
    • Bank Queues Resurface
    • Mercy only after legal process - Mugabe
    • Desperate wait for food in Zimbabwe's cities
    • The Beachhead Expanded
  12. Batch 2 Posted 24/2/09
    • Bennett to get bail
    • Gono the man in charge of JOC
    • Zimbabwe steps up white-owned farm grabs
    • Ncube explains altering of document
    • Mugabe's Home Away from Zimbabwe: Hong Kong?
    • UN humanitarian team meets Zim leaders
    • 8 MDC supporters denied bail: Party official
    • Zim to feature in talks between Motlanthe, UN chief
    • Zimbabwe will take time to rebuild: UK
    • Zimbabwe's inflation rate at 89.7 sextillion percent
    • Suspect swallows notes
    • Govt, teachers reach deal
    • It is criminal to refuse Zim dollar
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai, Seeking Funds, Must Overcome Western Skepticism
    • PEACE WATCH of 23rd February [Update on Abductees]
  13. Posted 24/2/09
    • 100 white farmers targeted in Zimbabwe land grab
    • Deliberately delaying the release of all political prisoners violates the GPA
    • Tit-for-tat violence flares up
    • Staff return to hospitals, but not to work
    • US$438million needed to overhaul Zimbabwe education sector
    • Roy Bennett granted access to lawyers - MDC
    • Global financial crisis will hamper Tsvangirai aid appeal
    • Zimbabwe has a 'clean pair of hands'
    • Zim aid pours in
    • Zimbabwe government will lose face if arbitrary arrests continue says Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe orders varsities to slash high fees amid outcry
    • Zimbabwe diamond producer records 74% increase in output
    • Hong Kong police say enough evidence to charge Grace Mugabe
    • Foreign Affairs Minister calls for targeted sanctions to be lifted
    • KweKwe factory blast kills one, injures nine
    • Only Mugabe can dismiss Gono
    • Bishop presses British Government over Zimbabwe
    • Elderly Britons in Zimbabwe will get help to leave
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 22 Feb 2009
    • Residents swindled as budget drags on
    • Bennett Arrest No Sign Of "Unity"
    • "It's like waiting to find out if you will get eaten by lions"
  14. Batch 2 Posted 23/2/09
    • Majongwe defends teachers' demands
    • Anger Over Alleged Amnesty Call for Poll Violence
    • Gono should account for forex in his custody
    • Fears of outbreak of violence grow
    • SADC ministers to steer Zimbabwe rescue
    • Muchadehama put under deadly surveillance
    • How 'Botox Bob' Robert Mugabe defies old age
    • New Zim government get fancy cars
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai now like battered boxers
    • His Excellency, Mr Moonlighter
    • State media tones down on hate speech
    • Poachers threaten rhino survival
    • Shoestring budget for Robert Mugabe's big birthday bash
    • Mutambara should try stand up comedy
    • The state must be de-militarised
    • ZIFA's Henrietta Rushwaya splashes the cash
    • NZ government could stop tour of Zimbabwe
  15. Posted 23/2/09
    • Tsvangirai calls for reconciliation
    • Unity govt "only way out" of crisis: Zimbabwe PM
    • Tsvangirai pleads with the West to fund power-sharing government
    • I will have “difficulties” saluting Tsvangirai: Constantine Chiwenga
    • >Why is President Mugabe suddenly recruiting soldiers in Matebeleland?
    • Zimbabwean Minister Sekai Holland speaks from Harare
    • Defiant Mugabe's birthday banquet
    • An ordinary Zimbabwean is laid to rest, wrapped in plastic
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 21 Feb 2009
    • Urban food security assessment - Jan 2009 national report
    • All sanctions on ZANU-PF members should be removed --ZANU-PF
    • Ageing Mugabe turns on the charm
    • 'Best birthday present Mugabe could give us is to retire'
    • Mugabe's daughter in eye of student storm
    • Will Mrs Mugabe end up in court?
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 21st February 2009
    • Where is our land of milk and honey?
    • We are not out of the woods yet
    • Not the way to start
    • Why MDC may end up covered in slime
    • BILL WATCH SPECIAL of 20th February 2009 [Deputy Ministers and more Ministers sworn in]
  16. Batch 2 Posted 22/2/09
    • Zimbabwe needs its farmers back - Ben Marais
    • We need to stabilise the country – David Coltart
    • UN team visits cholera-hit Zimbabwe
    • Amid the hunger, a feast for Mugabe
    • Outrage Over 71 Ministers
    • Coltart Seeks US$18m for Teachers
    • HIV Related Education Key in Treatment
    • One Killed, Nine Seriously Injured in Kwekwe Blast
    • Court Orders Urgent Medical Treatment for Jailed Activists
    • 40 Farms Seized in Fresh Land Invasions
    • Mugabe Birthday Bash In Trouble as Donors Shy Away
    • RBZ Fails to Pay Staff
    • Bennett Visitors Barred
    • MDC-T Prepares to Mark 10th Anniversary
    • Corruption at RG's Office
    • Parent Sues School over 'unjustified' Fees
    • Defence lawyers Blast State over Delays in Shiri Shooting Case
    • US$23m Loss at Zimplats
    • Smart Card for the Unbanked
    • High Hopes for Zim Stocks as Bourse Reopens in US Dollars
    • Alex Magaisa: Citizens and the Accountability of the New Govt of Zimbabwe
    • Sunday Opinion: Which Faith Moved the Mountains
    • Comment: At 85, Mugabe Should Retire
    • Zim Standard Letters
  17. Posted 22/2/09
    • Motlanthe appeals to SADC for aid
    • Roy Bennett bail application on Tuesday - MDC
    • Bennett shares cell with dead man
    • SA government 'conniving' with Mugabe to remove white farmers
    • UN humanitarian team due in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe loyalists shower him with praise
    • City Council, Residents Headed For a Fight
    • Cholera command and control centre set up
    • Using Technology in the Fight Against Cholera in Zimbabwe
    • Nasty competitors may steal cholera's spotlight
    • Unity Govt Poses Serious Threat to Vested Interests
    • No, minister
    • Street level leadership
    • Calm the rage of betraya
    ls Fractured confidence
  18. Batch 2 Posted 21/2/09
    • 'At least 40 farms invaded by govt officials, ZANU PF functionaries'
    • Zimbabwe's cholera crisis worsens as number of dead, infected climbs - UN
    • Gono fights back
    • Harare exchange reopens with $30 trade
    • Mugabe's new crisis: no cash for birthday
    • Festivities for Mugabe's birthday feed anger in hungry nation
    • Britain lays out conditions for increasing Zimbabwe aid
    • As Zimbabwean Dollar Dies, So Does a Lucrative Career
    • The Prof. Moyo: ZANU-PF will implode during next elections
    • Hope & Fear in Zimbabwe
    • The day Mugabe will not easily forget
    • In jail, you see what 'Mugabe has done'
  19. Posted 21/2/09
    • Zimbabwe's repair package may cost $5 billion
    • Financiers offer Zimbabwe $500 million in credit lines
    • Tsvangirai in South Africa seeking bail out funds
    • Two unidentified suspicious looking men stalk human rights lawyer - ZLHR
    • Roy Bennett visits limited; no bail hearing set - MDC
    • Biti, Gono, Mutambara lock horns
    • Top government official backs Chihuri
    • Zimbabwe Cabinet costs 'could feed half country'
    • Feast planned for Mugabe's 85th in hunger-ravaged Zimbabwe
    • Makes no sense to celebrate in a sea of poverty, Mugabe told
    • Cholera infection exceeds 80 000 - WHO
    • Freelance photojournalist and others further remanded in custody
    • New Deputy Minister promises media reform
    • Restore value of Zim dollar -rural folk plead
    • Sekeramayi: State security minister, dark horse of Zimbabwe politics
    • Remittances saved the country from collapse
    • Mugabe brushes off MDC detentions
    • South Africa Unrepentant Over UN Security Council Role
    • Zimbabwe sports minister urges New Zealand to tour
    • Offer of help
    • Dzivarasekwa residents resolve not to pay Foreign Currency rates!
    • The problem of great expectations
    • A letter from the diaspora
  20. Batch 3 Posted 20/2/09
    • Biti, Gono War Escalates
    • Banditry Accused Granted Bail
    • Minister to Reform Media
    • Bloated Unity Government Huge Burden on Taxpayers
    • Cash Crunch Hits Zimbabwe Diplomats
    • Zanu PF, MDC-T Haggle Over Governors
    • Bhebhe Attacks MDC Leadership
    • New ministers have their Work Cut out for them
    • Mugabe Rewards Past Loyalties
    • Hold Your plans, GNU Tells Industry
    • No Share Trading as ZSE Reopens
    • The curse of Friday the 13th
    • Dollarisation Assures Insurance Sector
    • Property: Dollarisation - Another Blow for Banking Sector
    • Unity Govt Poses Serious Threat to Vested Interests
    • Ten Point Agenda for Inclusive Government
    • Eric Bloch: Biti's Unenviable Task
    • Gwynne Dyer: Tsvangirai Drinks Poisoned Chalice
    • A Stuttering Start
    • Candid Comment: Recovery prospects gloomy
    • Editor's Memo: Zanu PF rewards mediocrity
    • Muckraker: Motlanthe Wakes up to Zanu PF's Duplicity
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Charamba fumes as Maridadi takes limelight
  21. Batch 2 Posted 20/2/09
    • Robert Mugabe packs 61 people into Cabinet
    • Zim to ask SA for R6bn loan
    • Morgan looks out for his men
    • Rights abusers must be prosecuted
    • Zimbabwe journalists added to EU sanctions list
    • Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic Still Expanding, But Death Rate Easing - WHO
    • CIO chief rallies agency behind new govt: sources
    • 4 MDC activists granted bail
    • Report calls for Mugabe to be charged
    • Bennett rejects freedom under amnesty deal
    • Moyo sees red over new cabinet
    • Harare diary: 'Motivated workers'
    • Four Zimbabweans drown trying to illegally cross into South Africa
    • JOMIC needs support to fulfil mandate
    • Not yet unity
    • Mugabe needs to be closely monitored
    • CHRA weekly update
    • Forthcoming Documentary Film: 'Mugabe & The White African'
    • Evil Mugabe hoards lost Doctor Who tapes
  22. Posted 20/2/09
    • Bennett missing from new Zimbabwe cabinet
    • 5 extra ministers join hybrid government
    • Mugabe invites jailed opposition official to palace
    • Govt is broke, says Coltart as he asks teachers to end strike
    • Zimbabwean detainees granted bail, which was immediately reversed
    • Charges against WOZA activists dropped, but harassment continues
    • Zimbabwe stock exchange opens for business in dollars
    • Mugabe says court should resolve MDC Bennett's case
    • Zimbabwe Faces Emergency - Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe party said seeking amnesty
    • Bennett's wife accuses MDC of inaction
    • Mugabe marks 85th year with a bang as Zim limps along
    • MDC celebratory rally in Gweru set to draw thousands of supporters
    • Zimbabwe: Govt Appoints New Science Minister
    • Public Statement: Validity of older and worn U.S. notes
    • Tsvangirai's unity government under threat from ZAPU
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 19 Feb 2009
    • Mnangagwa: An enigma of Zimbabwean politics
    • Zim youths in SA demo over political detainees
    • Farewell South Africa, but not just yet
    • Comment from a correspondent
  23. Batch 2 Posted 19/2/09
    • Jailed politician refuses Zimbabwe amnesty deal
    • Women activists to appear in court today
    • Zanu PF hawks trying to torpedo deal
    • The Mugabe regime has moved swiftly to stop all investigations into murders committed by Zanu (PF)
    • Business as usual for Zanu (PF)
    • Tsvangirai meets business leaders
    • Zimbabwe Finance Minister Biti Unveils US$100 Supplement to State Workers
    • MDC detainees badly hurt, say protesters
    • Police searching for Zimbabwe National Army(ZNA) bandits
    • Zimbabwe journalists urge new minister to improve media environment
    • MDC's first of many celebratory rallies
    • Teachers dismiss US$100 vouchers
    • COSATU attacks Mugabe
    • Family torn apart by Zanu-PF 'abduction'
    • Zimbabwe must admit aid workers
    • Let's sit down and talk about this
    • Open letter to Tsvangirai
    • From a correspondent
  24. Posted 19/2/09
    • Magistrate rules Bennett can face trial for terrorism
    • Zimbabwe court throws out one Bennett charge
    • Courts postpone ruling on political detainees
    • Soldiers and civil servants paid in foreign currency
    • Zimbabwe teachers vow to strike on despite US dollar pay
    • Farmers accused of coup plot denied bail
    • Final push to remove white farmers
    • Minister Accused of Stealing Tractors
    • Reporters Without Borders makes three recommendations in open letter to
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 17 Feb 2009
    • Q&A: Zimbabwe's Finance Minister, ''The Worst Job In The World''
    • ZIMBABWE: A history of treason
    • Johannesburg picket tomorrow will call for the release of all detainees
    • ROHR protest in Harare on behalf of political detainees
    • JOMIC distances self from the circulating flier
    • Oversight to power sharing deal undermined by funding shortage
    • South Africa Struggles to Cope With Zimbabwe Refugees
    • ZESA bills -- The lunatics are loose in the asylum
    • Comment from a correspondent
    • Cartoon
  25. Batch 2 Posted 18/2/09
    • Have Zimbabwe's generals sidelined Mugabe?
    • 'You want Bennet, give us immunity' security chiefs demand
    • 140 farmers face prosecution, eviction
    • Account of farm dispute on Wakefield Farm, Chegutu
    • >Return to rule of law, Tsvangirai tells cabinet
    • Zimbabwe Court to Decide Fate of Opposition Minister-Designate Wednesday
    • Rights group names and shames police officers
    • MDC MP Roy Bennett in court as joint Cabinet told to halt the repression
    • The Prof. Ncube promises to revive Zimbabwe's comatose industry
    • War Vets "educating" members about the GNU
    • Bennett to be moved from police station to prison: MDC
    • Should I stay or should I go: what every white Zimbabwean asks
    • UK resettlement scheme offers elderly whites a way out of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Meets Teacher Unions, Seeks To Revive Schools
    • Mugabe's Birthday Binge at the Zimbabwe Vigil 21/2/09
    • Britons in Zimbabwe are offered cash to flee Mugabe's regime
    • WHY ?
    • Military coups come in different forms
    • Shared power brings shared accountability
    • Zimbabwe Debate
    • Roy Bennett's Court Appearance
    • MSF Nurse's Story: The Cruelty of Cholera
    • Zimbabwe's new unity government is doomed
    • Hunger striker falls critically ill
    • How China Could Help Zimbabwe
    • Contracting cholera from an unwashed mango
    • Undiplomatic dispatches from Zimbabwe
    • Charges against WOZA must be dropped
    • Apology to Mr John Bredenkamp
    • Comment from a correspondent
  26. Posted 18/2/09
    • Court charges Bennett for terrorism
    • Arbitrary arrests and detentions continue during new government transition
    • Zimbabwe's new Cabinet holds first meeting
    • Beyond Cholera: Zimbabwe's Worsening Crises
    • Detained WOZA activists refuse to pay fines, demand trial
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Legislator Roy Bennett Faces Weapons Charges
    • Tsvangirai meets defence and security ministers
    • ROHR plans a peaceful protest tomorrow
    • Wife’s anger at arrest of husband Roy Bennett
    • US concerned about Zimbabwe terror case
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 15 Feb 2009
    • Biti to announce forex salaries for civil servants today
    • Skewed policies, corruption fuelling Zim humanitarian crisis
    • When it is treason to defy Zanu-PF
    • CPJ pleads for return of Daily News
    • Tsvangirai to create 'Student Affairs' unit in his office
    • Police further detain WOZA members without warrant - may only go to court Wednesday after 5 days in
    • HOT SEAT interview: Violet Gonda interviews Professor Brian Raftopoulos
    • Bring us your dead
    • The Theft of Private Assets
    • Peace Watch of 17th February [Update on Abductees]
    • A lavish b'day for Mugabe against a backdrop of famine
    • Fundraiser to Stop Cholera in Zimbabwe
    • The future of whites in Zimbabwe
  27. Batch 2 Posted 17/2/09
    • 'Disgruntled security chiefs blocking Bennett's release'
    • Court orders authorities to bring MDC activists to court
    • Mugabe to chair crucial cabinet meeting
    • Zim cholera tip of massive medical emergency: MSF
    • ZSE fails to resume trading
    • Zim security brass terrified that unity means retribution
    • Cricket-New Zealand PM against team's proposed tour of Zimbabwe
    • Gono, Tomana Face the axe
    • 'Dropped' Minister Says Colleagues to Blame
    • Villagers Block Rautenbach Project
    • AG Orders Police to Evict Farmers from Gazetted Land
    • 'New Thinking' Needed to Save Zim Economy
    • AfDB Officials Take Sneak Peek at Ailing Economy
    • Review tax Thresholds, CCZ Urges Govt
    • Fresh Problems dog ZSE
    • Alex Magaisa: Memo to the new Prime Minister of Zimbabwe
    • Ban all Political Party Slogans, Urges Mutambara
    • Comment: Mugabe is Living in the Past
    • Harare residents under siege from contaminated water
    • Residents say no to forex charges
    • REPS - Sad News
    • $$$ for Doctors Without Borders Relief Efforts in Zimbabwe
  28. Posted 17/2/09
    • Prosecution delays court appearance for Zimbabwe's Bennett
    • The arrest of Roy Bennett - what happened
    • And Motlante said "Of course it's safe to go back, Roy. I'll guarantee your safety!!"
    • Lawyers to petition High Court over Bennett
    • Zimbabwe's PM Asks for Bennett's Immediate Release
    • MDC faces dilemma over Bennett arrest
    • Roy Bennett spends birthday in jail
    • Arrested WOZA members still in detention
    • Detained WOZA activists denied access to lawyers
    • AU and UN should immediately send human rights monitors
    • SADC Team Probes Distribution of Farming Inputs
    • Striking teachers defy Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe may use held MDC man as bargaining tool
    • Zim farmer back for court date No 63
    • All Budiriro water sources contaminated as cholera crisis rages on
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 14 Feb 2009
    • Health experts condemn Harare's water as cholera claims 3,500 lives
    • The new Minister of Information - Webster Shamu
    • Chihuri wants murder charges dropped against perpetrators of violence
    • Morgan Tsvangirai must resist Robert Mugabe's bullying
    • Fears of military coup grow
    • Press Release - Mugabe must take full responsibility for Roy Bennett’s abduction-MDC-USA
  29. Batch 2 Posted 16/2/09
    • Robert Mugabe henchmen bent on sabotaging fragile partnership
    • Zim govt starts work under ominous shadow of Bennett's arrest
    • Prime Minister urged to free media
    • Life in Zimbabwe's Mutare jail
    • JOC - last kicks of a dying horse
    • MDC pushes for Gono to be sacked
    • Donors express commitment on salaries
    • Churches declare continuing solidarity with the Zimbabwean people
    • A Resuscitation of Hope in Zimbabwe
    • Roy Bennett and the Zimbabwe we seek
    • Ditches full of risky riches
    • INTERVIEW: 'We would've set up compact, technocratic govt'
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 601 - Dated 13 February 2009
  30. Posted 16/2/09
    • Police in Zimbabwe charge MDC minister with terrorism
    • MDC's Bennett charged with 'banditry, sabotage'
    • The arrest of Roy Bennett
    • Journos attacked at Mugabes' Hong Kong house
    • Zimbabwe to reform - finance minister
    • Zimbabwe finance minister on mission to "save" Zimbabwe dollar
    • Tsvangirai to meet Mugabe over Bennett
    • Food, not politics!
    • Deport Mugabe's daughter!
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 14th February 2009
    • Chihuri orders murder charges dropped
    • Gibson Sibanda tipped for Governor
    • WHO says water sources infected
    • Australia pledges $5m cholera aid to Zimbabwe
    • Street Fighting
    • Zimbabwe analysis: Tsvangirai took a huge risk, now we must shoulder our share
    • An opening to ease Mugabe from power
    • 'Look east' becomes a refuge for African despots
    • Bill Watch Special of 14 February [Swearing in of Inclusive Government]
  31. Batch 2 Posted 15/2/09
    • Found: Robert Mugabe's secret bolthole in the Far East
    • Power sharing in Zimbabwe threatened by five-man cabal
    • Zimbabwe PM: Mugabe supporters undermining unity government
    • Hundreds march for Bennett in Mutare
    • Grasping Grace puts diamond business on her shopping list
    • Zimbabwe justice system needs complete overhaul: Majome
    • Unity government is Mugabe's one last chance for honourable exit
    • Crisis of expectation for Prime Minister Tsvangirai
    • Country's lost professionals adopt 'wait and see' attitude
    • Harare's iron man
    • The secret bolthole of a miserable despot
    • Disgruntled military chiefs,arrests,torture in a coalition government
  32. Posted 15/2/09
    • Robert Mugabe loyalists plan final eviction of white farmers as his "birthday present"
    • 100 WOZA and MOZA arrested in Byo
    • Aide's Arrest in Zimbabwe Draws Fire of Premier
    • Military Intel. behind Roy Bennett arrest
    • Treason arrest threatens Zimbabwe power-sharing deal
    • TAKE ACTION for Roy Bennett
    • 'Zanu-PF not ready to work with anyone'
    • Embarrassed Mugabe forced to drop five extra ministers
    • Lawyers in Three-Day Jail Stakeout
    • MDC makes a mistake
    • Christians support Valentine's Day vigil for Zimbabwe
    • Caution rules in the new Zimbabwe
    • No good faith
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Zimbabwe's road ahead
  33. Batch 2 Posted 14/2/09
    • Zimbabwe government in crisis as Roy Bennett charged with treason
    • Police fire live bullets as MDC supporters demand Bennett's release
    • Roy Bennett denied food: MDC
    • How Zanu-PF nearly scuttled ceremony
    • List of Zimbabwe Political Prisoners Grows Even As Unity Government Formed
    • Mugabe tries it on yet again
    • CPJ urges Zimbabwe to improve media climate
    • Power snaring
    • Commentary: No more battle lines in Zimbabwe politics - it's trench warfare
    • My Week: Robert Mugabe
    • Forced repatriation not the answer
  34. Posted 14/2/09
    • Zimbabwe minister arrested as cabinet sworn in
    • Alert: Roy Bennett Arrested (updated 21:30)
    • Zimbabwe police fire in air to disperse protest
    • Swearing in delayed as Mugabe tries to increase number of ministers
    • Dispute mars swearing-in ceremony
    • More evidence of power sharing deal heading for collapse
    • New unity government nearly still-born
    • UK sets conditions for lifting Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Zimbabwe's unchecked cholera carried in rivers: WHO
    • Rainy season floods may propel Zimbabwe cholera-WHO
    • Teachers dig their heels in over dollars
    • Mugabe appoints a war cabinet.......excludes youth
    • Break out the Bollinger
    • Lance Guma speaks to Dr Simba Makoni
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Profile: Zimbabwe's political farmer
    • Highfield clean-up campaign: Residents in action
    • Zimbabweans turn to hitchhiking, guerilla gardening and hopscotch
  35. Batch 3 Posted 13/2/09
    • Zimbabwe cabinet to be sworn in
    • Mugabe retains old guard in Cabinet
    • White farmer set to become minister
    • Showdown looms on Bennett’s farm
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe chooses allies for unity cabinet
    • "Worst cabinet in history" set for partial comeback in Zimbabwe
    • Lawyers, WOZA members released
    • Zimbabwe Doctors Leave as Health System Fails, Cholera Spreads
    • Deputy Prime Minister Arthur G.O. Mutambara Speech at Swearing in Ceremony
    • Civil servants take Tsvangirai to task
    • Unaccompanied Children Flee Zimbabwe in Growing Numbers
    • Lupepe loses project to Bredenkamp
    • Mr. Tsvangirai's Leap of Faith
    • Can Tsvangirai fix Zimbabwe's basket-case?
    • How did it come to this?
    • Zimbabwean Christians to highlight heartbreak on Valentines Day
    • Caritas urges global solidarity on "Zimbabwe Sunday"
  36. Batch 2 Posted 13/2/09
    • Tsvangirai drops Bhebhe, Cross as Mugabe names inflated Cabinet
    • Soldiers, police lead invasion of Mazoe estates
    • Incoming Zimbabwe Health Minister Vows To Bring Hospital Staff Back
    • Morgan Tsvangirai tests his authority on visit to prisoners
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai's first day in office
    • Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Government To Be Constituted On Friday
    • UK, US set benchmarks for Zim unity government
    • Catholic commission to rally support for rebuilding Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans roam on foreign networks to escape costly local service
    • Mugabe Keeps 'worst cabinet'
    • Biti sues Charamba, Zimpapers
    • Return Property or Else, Makoni Warned
    • New Foreign Policy Approach the key - Analysts
    • Daunting Mission Awaits Unity Govt
    • Tsvangirai's Cabinet Appointments Raise Eyebrows
    • The day Tsvangirai Became Prime Minister
    • Banks Introduce Exorbitant FCA Charges
    • Govt, RBZ Officials in new Farm Invasion
    • When it Opens, will it Still be the Same?
    • Zimdollar Suffers Pariah Status
    • Freedom, the Invisible Hand to Build Economy
    • Unity Govt Offers new Opportunities
    • Eric Bloch: Economy Shackled
    • Candid Comment: Time for more results, less rhetoric
    • Comment: GNU: Let's have the Change People Desire
    • Muckraker: Mbizvo Shows Education has Gone to the dogs
    • Editor's Memo: Mammoth task in Public Service reform
  37. Posted 13/2/09
    • Zimbabwe's jailed 'must be freed'
    • Mukoko, Mudzingwa, Chiramba seen by doctors but sent back to jail
    • Zimbabwe's new PM prepares to swear in cabinet
    • Tsvangirai visits political detainees in prison
    • UN human rights chief urges new Zimbabwean government to restore rule of law, provide justice for victims
    • Fears of Zanu PF crackdown as Tsvangirai is sworn in as PM
    • Power-Sharing in Zimbabwe: Recommendations for the Obama Administration
    • Gordon Brown rules out aid to Zimbabwe despite Morgan Tsvangirai appointment
    • World leaders remain cautious, despite Tsvangirai taking oath
    • MDC reversed fraudulent ZANU PF alterations to Security Bill
    • ZCTU calls on workers to return to work
    • Questions raised over Tsvangirai's vow to pay forex wages
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 12 Feb 2009
    • 73,105 cases of cholera recorded in Zimbabwe (as of 11 February 2009)
    • LonZim to Report 'Big' Zimbabwe Acquisitions, Director Says
    • Residents hope for national re-construction
    • Unity Govt or Not, People Must Mobilise
    • ANALYSIS-Zimbabwe unlikely to adopt S.Africa rand to fix crisis
    • A unity government, at last
    • I will not celebrate joining hands with Mugabe
    • Comment from a correspondent
  38. Batch 3 Posted 12/2/09
    • Tsvangirai finally in power - on paper at least
    • Tsvangirai promises forex salaries
    • Biti says his is worst job in the world
    • Stop the gravy train now
    • Zimbabwe media should promote national cohesion
    • End to repressive media laws on the agenda for JOMIC
    • Media urged to shun hate language
    • Adopting the rand not the answer for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Second Step in Right Direction
    • A new dawn for Zimbabwe?
    • 'We used to be dead. Now we are alive'
    • Mutambara faces historic party revolt
    • Editorial: Divide and rule in Zimbabwe
    • Foes around the cabinet table
    • Cleaning up the house of hunger
    • Zim police barred from resigning
    • Mint struggling as demand for cash spirals
    • Economic revival plans criticised
    • Former Ambassador Haley completes Zimbabwe tour
    • HIGHLIGHTS: Zimbabwe National Security Bill, 2009
    • City budget, the residents’ perspective
    • Observers worried about MDC
    • So much for 'new deal' in Zimbabwe
    • New government comes at price
    • Tragedy of Zimbabwe
    • Battered but unbowed: Morgan Tsvangirai's journey from poverty to power
    • Zimbabwe guilty of germ warfare
    • USAID Provides Malaria Assistance to Zimbabwe
    • Who Will Cry For Zimbabwe?
    • ZCTF Report Feb 2009
  39. Batch 2 Posted 12/2/09
    • Morgan Tsvangirai given a hero's welcome after being sworn in
    • FULL TEXT: Tsvangirai's inauguration speech
    • EU hails Tsvangirai's swearing in, pledges to assist Zim recovery
    • Political prisoners remain in jail, despite Tsvangirai demands
    • Targeted sanctions likely to remain, despite SA pressure
    • Tsvangirai promises new era in Zimbabwe
    • State told to release rights activist to hospital
    • State agents to guard Tsvangirai
    • 'Zimbabwe's justice system needs complete overhaul'
    • Gono seeks to curry favours with Biti
    • Ndebele people cry foul over cabinet
    • Tsvangirai forces Mugabe to eat humble pie
    • Cholera cases rise above 70,000
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai, Now PM, Promises Action on Rights, Cholera, Economy
    • US Cautious on Zimbabwe Unity Government
    • Australian Govt to continue sanctions on Zimbabwe
    • Germany welcomes Tsvangirai, warns Mugabe
    • Magistrate orders Mukoko's release to the Avenues Clinic
    • Schools shut down in shattered Zimbabwe - U.
    • WOZA members and lawyers remain in custody for 2nd night
    • Lawyers still in unlawful detention
    • Mthwakazi Action Group on Genocide in Matabeleland and Midlands
    • Dealing with Robert Mugabe
    • Basildon Peta: Today is a monumental tragedy, the prostitution of democracy
    • MDC views on Zimbabwe swearing in
    • The great gamble
    • Mugabe feasts as Zimbabwe starves
  40. Posted 12/2/09
    • Mugabe's hard-liners try to scupper unity government
    • Mugabe refuses to free tortured MDC supporters
    • Doctors condemn denial of medical treatment for activists
    • Why the UN is Worthless to Human Existence
    • Zimbabwe is caught in a classic Catch-22
    • Two rights lawyers arrested in Harare
    • Zimbabwe prisoners can’t go to court because of a shortage of fuel
    • UN says Zim neighbours under threat of cholera
    • WHO Praises Cubas Contribution to Zimbabwe’s Health Care System [ Amazing ]
    • Zimbabwe education crisis worsens
    • Former governor departs in fear - (Ray Kaukonde)
    • Zimpapers bosses buy vehicles for a song
    • Tsvangirai announces cabinet choices
    • Tsvangirai denies he capitulated
    • Tsvangirai steps gingerly into PM role
    • Tsvangirai takes oath as Zim Premier
    • EU welcomes Tsvangirai's swearing-in
    • 'Let history be the judge of this decision'
    • A bad deal for Zimbabwe
    • Biti - From jail to the finance ministry
    • Zim has potential to meet forex needs - Bloch
    • Daunting task ahead for Finance Minister
    • Does Gono have a mind to exercise?
    • Zimbabwe central bank welcomes idea of rand link - Flip-Flop?
    • Mutambara threatens to fire Bhebhe
    • Correction and clarification - (Herald should publish correction)
    • or the International Criminal Court To Work, The Worst Must Come First
    • Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe's birthday bash is enough to make you sick
    • In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
    • Mugabe 'to fill unity government with re-election thugs'
    • Ozias Bvute - 'I don't wield power over the fortunes of men'
    • Cricket Story - RIGHT OF REPLY
    • Taibu arrest warrant dropped
  41. Batch 4 Posted 11/2/09
    • Zimbabwe Launches Drive to Remove Last White Farmers
    • Zim - Security bill approved
    • Zimbabwean leader Tsvangirai hopes for democracy ‘in our lifetime’
    • Zimbabwe gets new finance minister (Tendai Biti)
    • Zimbabwe - 94 Percent of Schools Fail to Open
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party To Propose Anti-Sanctions Parliamentary Motion
    • Red Cross short of aid funds as Zimbabwe cholera grows
    • FACTBOX - Africa the worst hit by AIDS, by far
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai names ministers ‘to rebuild our country'
    • Botswana - Ten Cholera Cases Recorded
    • End of an era - Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai on cusp of power (News Feature)
    • SA Calls for Lifting of Sanctions Ahead of Unity Govt
    • Give new govt a chance - Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe Agrees to Concessions in Return for Support (Update 1)
    • Hot Seat Teleconference - Violet Gonda of SW Radio Africa
    • ZIMBABWE: Devil in the detail
    • WOZA march for valentine's day - 10 arrested
    • JAG OPEN LETTER FORUM - No. 600 - Dated 9 February 2009
  42. Batch 3 Posted 11/2/09
    • Zimbabwe opposition wants political inmates freed
    • Biti appointed Finance Minister as Tsvangirai names MDC team
    • Engineer Elias Mudzuri is speculated to be the new Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities
    • World War III - Biti vs. Gono for Zimbabwe's finances
    • Zim gets US$ 11m humanitarian aid (Herald)
    • Zimdollar remains legal tender (Herald)
    • Public Event - Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights
    • Inclusive government - we all have a role to play
    • Put human rights at the top of the political agenda - A five point human rights agenda for the inclusive government
    • KFM Financial Questions and Answers
  43. Batch 2 Posted 11/2/09
    • Prisons officers disrupted treatment of freelance journalist (Anderson Shadreck Manyere)
    • Put human rights at the top of the political agenda
    • Zimbabwe Critical As Dollar Falls
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party To Propose Anti-Sanctions Parliamentary Motion
    • Looming Zimbabwe Unity Government Offers Hope For Anti-Cholera Fight
    • Cholera exhausts health care system
    • Cholera cases soar as Zim readies for unity govt
    • Zimbabwe - Solidarity Group Challenges SA Parliament to Speak Out On Crisis
    • Jomic to Look At Deregulating Media Laws
    • Zimbabwe - There is Little Chance of the MDC Terming Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader to be sworn-in as Premier
    • $ 150m investment support for African small firms
    • Africans, don't blame the whites
    • (S Africa) - Cope should put Moeletsi Mbeki forward as presidential candidate
    • Gaddafi condemns African democracy
    • Zimbabweans' right to protection
    • In Zimbabwe, A Death Toll We’ve Ignored
  44. Batch 1 Posted 11/2/09
    • Robert Mugabe binges on champagne and caviar as Zimbabwe starves
    • Wednesday a political watershed
    • Tsvangirai Will Be Prime Minister Wednesday
    • MDC Bans Party Regalia at Inaguration
    • New Prime Minister to address rally
    • Biti to be finance minister?
    • Mutambara faces historic party revolt
    • Pundits attack Tsvangirai's decision to sign Zimbabwe deal with Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe parties focus on alliances, not economy
    • Motlanthe supports adoption of Rand
    • Zimbabwe has no plan to adopt rand - Gono
    • RBZ staff unpaid since December 2009
    • External debt now US$ 4,69 billion
    • More than aid money, Africa needs enterprise
    • Can the rand save Zimbabwe
    • ZANU-PF govt. in threat to fire all teachers
    • Striking Zimbabwe Teachers Defy Directive to Return to Work
    • Is Zimbabwe Now a Rogue State?
    • Prison officials claim no fuel to take political prisoners to court
    • Mugabe regime goes back on deal over activists
    • Abductees’ Update
  45. Posted 10/2/09
    • Mugabe fires governors
    • A pothole in the pocket
    • Mutambara set to pick Coltart for Education Minister
    • Zimbabwe 'unity' cash appeal poses dilemma for West
    • MDC set to sanction MPs named in farm inputs scandal
    • The promise and challenge of a new Zimbabwe
    • Vancouver aid worker on Zimbabwe's cholera hell
    • ZCTU says GNU same as one-party state
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai 'getting along fairly well' - Motlanthe
    • Teachers scoff at threats of dismissal
    • Duty-free goods gazetted
    • Let’s declare September 15 Thabo Mbeki Day
    • The Bittersweet Zimbabwe Deal
    • Stage set for new Zim Government
    • There is little chance of the MDC taming Robert Mugabe
    • ‘Unity Govt will recall senior doctors from private practice’
    • Zimbabwe Unity government ,hamstrung.
    • Zim prisoners bury inmates
    • Zimbabwe and the politics of infection
    • State Media’s Rampant Contagion of MCD (BSE) spreads to Namibia [ Spoof Comment ]
  46. Posted 9/2/09
    • Wasted SA aid
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary 07/02/2009
    • The West's next move in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe’s desperate last dash
    • Gideon Gono Gives Up the Ghost
    • Zim cricket run out by their shady bosses
    • Zimbabwe wants to beat ICC schedule
    • Lost tourism just another of Zimbabwe's many troubles
    • Mugabe's daughter to stay at Hong Kong University
    • Mugabe yet to finalise ZANU PF line up for Cabinet
    • Kanda Bongo Man paid only $ 1 500
    • Tendai Biti tipped for Finance post, Bennett in
    • Time for Mengistu to face justice
    • Who gets the perks - and the Mercs?
    • Zimbabwe cholera epidemic 'will hit 100,000'
    • S Africa's Motlanthe says Zimbabwe could adopt rand
    • Sanctions Must Stay!
  47. 4th batch Posted 8/2/09
    • Will it Cost the South African Government R5 Billion for Aiding and Abetting the Mugabe Regime?
    • SADC tribunal farm case winners under police threat
    • Usual suspects on Mugabe’s cabinet list
    • We Can't Just Ignore Detained Peace and Political Activists - Veritas
    • Zimbabwe's tiny window
    • Warrant out for Taibu for not appearing in court
    • More Wrangling In Zimbabwe On Way to Formation of Unity Government
    • Harare City roads in deplorable state
    • US$ 1 million availed for cholera mitigation (ZBC)
    • Former Harare Mayor (Elias Mudzuri) Urges Total Commitment To Ending Cholera Epidemic
    • Mengistu Exposes Crisis Of Expectations IN GNU
    • National Healing Process Urged In Zimbabwe
    • Motlanthe - Saving Zim Economy, Test for Unity Govt
    • Detained Zimbabwe activists in danger
    • Zimbabwe children suffer as schools stay closed
  48. 3rd batch Posted 8/2/09
    • Dollarisation of education a monumental blunder
    • Trusting Mugabe a Blunder, ex-Zapu Officials Warn MDC
    • ZESA, Rautenbach strike US$ 800m deal
    • Zimbabwe accord is a test for African solutions
    • JOMIC condemns state media editors
    • MDC-T List for Cabinet Revealed
    • Zinwa Move - Consumers’ Expectations Overflowing
    • Analysts say Power-sharing Deal Must Work to Save Zimbabwe
    • How Deal with Tsvangirai Saved Mugabe
    • Parents in Forex Bail-out for Teachers
    • Residents Mobilise Food for Patients
    • International Bankers lay Groundwork for Investors’ Conference
    • The Zimbabwean equation
    • Kangai takes over hot seat as new telecoms boss
    • When a lot of money is bad
    • MPs, where are you While Public is Fleeced?
  49. 2nd batch Posted 8/2/09
    • Myths and Realities of UK Policy Towards Zimbabwe
    • Journalists join EU sanctions list
    • Winners of Sadc Tribunal Ruling Allege Clampdown
    • USAID Provides Malaria Assistance To Zimbabwe
    • Inclusive government to inherit US$ 4,7bn debt
    • RBZ needs US$ 500m to sort out cash woes - Gono
    • Chinamasa, Gono Policy Statements Confusing – Experts
    • Archbishop Tutu skeptical of Zimbabwe unity deal
    • 'Mugabe had an innings, then he messed up'
    • Will unity government hold?
    • 'This time next year Mugabe will be gone' - Madzore
    • Mukoko - Court throws out latest application
    • Zimbabwe rights groups flay opposition detentions
    • Abductees Denied Treatment
  50. 1st batch Posted 8/2/09
    • Targeted sanctions must be lifted progressively
    • State media still in denial - (re Reuben Barwe)
    • New governors to be sworn in next Friday
    • Only transparent, legitimate Zim investments will be respected - MDC
    • Taibu pledges to 'expose corruption' in Zimbabwe game
    • Makoni ouster gets messy
    • MDC deny reports that MP’s can now switch parties
    • Biti could be left out in the cold
    • Zim urges striking teachers to return to work or face axe
    • Zim unity Govt may not extradite Mengistu - MDC
    • Forex duty affects business
    • Shiri shooting suspect denied bail
    • Health employees receive forex allowances
    • Zimbabwe - UN Dispatches Humanitarian Mission As Cholera Deaths Near 3,400
    • Zimbabwe - Christian Alliance Wants Rule of Law, Prisoners Freed
    • In Zimbabwe the coffin is a wardrobe and the hearse is a trolley
    • Zimbabwe's senate passes Constitution Amendment Bill
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • U.N. Rights Council Turning into ‘Mutual Praise Society’
    • Africa: The People's Health Movement - Progress on the Continent
  51. 2nd batch Posted 7/2/09
    • Zim judge throws out Biti treason case
    • Opposition politician Biti set free
    • Inputs scam - 9 MPs named – (Alleged Seven from MDC-T
    • Police, RBZ round up gang mass producing fake notes
    • We’ll exceed target - Revenue Authority Commissioner-General
    • EU says 'premature' to lift Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Zimbabwe faces 55,000 more cholera cases as disease moves from town to countryside
    • South Africa bats for Zim cricket
    • Zimbabwe wants to beat ICC schedule on test return
    • How a profiteer works one of the world’s worst economies
    • Gono warns asset management companies
    • Is it end of the line for a forgotten dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam
    • No room for lazy officers - Chihuri
    • Shiri shooting suspect’s bail ruling set for today
    • Mutambara, Zim's deputy premier, the world's luckiest politician
    • Mugabe set to sign 'unity' bill
    • Zimbabwe: Landmine Kills Girl (5)
    • SAfrica urges aid for Zimbabwe
  52. Posted 7/2/09
    • ZIMBABWE: Media caught in the political vice
    • Zim farmers released after night in filthy police cell
    • Zim police arrest three white farmers
    • Judge accuses Mugabe of using political muscle to wrestle farm
    • Charamba’s wife pleads for help - (Rudo Grace Charamba)
    • Obama Cautious on Power-Sharing Deal
    • Mugabe Apologists Mired in the Past
    • Nobody can dismiss me, says Makoni
    • Zimbabwean politicians adopt unity amendment
    • WHO - Zimbabwe cholera cases pass 65 000 mark
    • Wait and see - (Keep the Sanctions)
    • EU - Too early to lift sanctions
    • Sanctions are Real
    • Govt’s tax Targets Unrealistic, Unachievable, say Analysts
    • High Fees Drive out Small-scale Miners
    • Govt must live Within its Means - Magaisa
    • Zimplats warns of unfavourable policies against exporters
    • New Security Bill to dismantle loathed Rhodesian spy agency, CIO
    • Liberalise CIO, says Coltart
    • Tendai Biti Treason Trial Set for May 2009
    • Biti ruling postponed to Friday - [ Conflicting Story ]
    • Row over Mugabe birthday funds
    • Police (in SA) are already rounding up Zimbabweans citing inclusive Govt as the reason
    • MDC accuses Pretoria of deportations
    • Land claim irregularities killing agriculture - Agri SA
    • No room for intolerance
    • Zanu PF has to be Sincere
    • Review Indigenisation Act - Gono
    • Muckraker - Mutambara: More of the Eloquence, Less Lunacy Please!
    • Eric Bloch - Fact or Fiction
    • Power-sharing deal keeps Mugabe right where he wants to be
    • No Strategy for FIFA World Cup 2010 - (Namibia)
  53. Posted 6/2/09
    • Zimbabwe's MDC plan to extradite Mengistu Haile Mariam to Ethiopia
    • Markers of national examinations on indefinite stay-away
    • The monstrous gap between Master Mugabe and other students
    • MDC tackles CIO
    • IMF aims to double lending capacity
    • The gravy train stops now
    • Syndicated Crime Continues to Challenge Southern Africa
    • AU Ends Summit Divided Over Future
    • AU cracks emerge as Gaddafi storms out of meeting
    • Breathing life into Zimbabwe’s Zombi Economy
    • Progress in unity talks - MDC
    • MPs set to pass Amendment 19
    • Biti Treason Trial, Mugabe's Stick?
    • Man spared death penalty over witchcraft killing
    • Lawyer 'puzzled' as Mukoko denied bail
    • But for the Grace of Bob, go heavy on the lithium
    • Gono dishes out forex licenses to friends
  54. Posted 5/2/09
    • Mukoko’s bail to be decided Wednesday
    • Police arrest dozens of UZ students
    • Ministers and their functions (Satire)
    • Five curious years result in a curious book - (By John Robertson re Gono)
    • MDC castigates Gono over budget
    • IMF sees need for reform in economic recovery
    • Zimbabwe aid conditional, says US
    • Zimbabwean Journalist Earns Free Speech Award - (Frank Chikowore)
    • Grace Mugabe - in Perfect Mental Health
    • A quest for justice
    • Saving Zimbabwe's economy the test of unity govt - Motlanthe - (South African President)
    • The Big Question - Will power sharing in Zimbabwe work, and is it time to lift sanctions?
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 2
    • Gono Under Pressure to Go
    • Robert Mugabe's wife Grace seizes Zimbabwe farm - (from Judge Ben Hlatshwayo) - [ Another Report ]
    • Reality Check For Mugabe, SADC
    • Parliament delays debate on unity bill, amid reports of Zanu PF panic
    • Zimbabwe defers power-sharing Bill
    • 60 arrested as police crush students demo
    • Cholera crisis 'worsening' in Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF Back tracks on Unity government
    • Zanu-PF man loses farm to Grace Mugabe - (Judge Ben Hlatshwayo)
    • Judge sues Grace Mugabe over land
    • Zimbabwe judge sues first lady over farm
    • Court throws out Mukoko application
    • Zim negotiators talking in SA
    • Mbeki battles to keep Zimbabwe parties on track
    • Another hitch in Zim unity government
    • Zim reserve bank governor defends his actions
    • New diplomatic row after Zimbabwe blocks visa to former US Ambassador
    • Robert Mugabe's money men
    • ZBC journalists placed on EU targeted sanctions list
    • Zimbabwe MPs postpone debate
    • ‘Mugabe Party Trying To Sink Unity Deal
    • Zimbabwe's people at limit of their endurance
    • Mavambo dismisses Simba Makoni
    • The rape victim going to the altar to marry the rapist
    • Zimbabwe's False Hope
    • House of Lords Debate on Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Zimbabwe economy - The end is nigh
    • US to keep Zim unity Govt under close scrutiny
    • Local Control of Water Seen Helping End Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic
    • Zanu PF in-fighting threatens unity government
    • Release Prisoners Before Calling For Lifting Sanctions - Zimbabwean Clergy
    • Zim unity Govt back on track
    • Zim unity Govt faces urgent task of rescuing economy
    • Agribank employees in scam
    • CHRA Harare City weekly update
  55. Second batch Posted 4/2/09
    • Official new exchange rate and money
    • [MDC Media Release] Gono’s monetary statement a breach of trust and confidence in the political settlement
    • Zanu PF backtracks on inclusive government
    • Tax on Miscellaneous Income Deposits into Individual & Corporate Accounts
    • West shifts policy on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe / House of Lords / 2 Feb 2009 : Column WA100 - Destitute Zimbabweans
    • I see the world crying
    • Grace Grabs Judge's Grabbed Farm For Son Russell Goreraza
    • Grace grabs farm from Justice Hlatshwayo
    • EU Sanctions, MDC Warns Amendment Sabotage
    • COUNCIL COMMON POSITION 2009/68/CFSP of 26 January 2009 renewing restrictive measures against Zimbabwe
    • ‘Zeroes Gono Must Step Aside’
    • MDC on course to bring change - Chaora
    • ZANU PF backtracking on unity govt: MDC
    • USAID worker charged in Air Marshall Shiri shooting
    • USAID staffer faces charges of trying to kill Zim airforce chief
    • Farm crimes 'bad for stats' (South Africa)
    • Uncertainity over GNU deal as police brutality continues in Zimbabwe
    • Gono orders universities to hike fees in forex
    • Zimbabwe Must Show Genuine Power-Sharing, U.S. Says (Update1)
    • Ruling Zimbabwe party accused of deception
    • African ‘failed states’ warning
    • No agreement on date for corruption trial (Jacob Zuma)
    • Mugabe to spend $ 300k on birthday party as Zimbabwe starves
    • Archbishops call for Robert Mugabe to resign
    • No new Zimbabwe aid without power-share - US
    • Zimbabwe Banks Take Delivery Of New Bank Notes Following Redenomination
    • Zimbabwe splashes US$ 2m on MPs' cars
    • Radical Action Needed To Stop Zimbabwe Economic 'Death Spiral' - Economist Hanke
    • Arrests & beatings as police clash with students at UZ and MSU
    • Obstacles to Mugabe’s prosecution under International law - Lloyd Msipa
    • NEWEST Top 20 African Rich List
    • Zimbabwe - High Level UN Team to Help in Humanitarian Crisis
    • Jestina Mukoko Framer promoted
  56. Posted 4/2/09
    • Mugabe's new salary revealed
    • Obama will not back Mugabe
    • Temporarily shelved - Demand for Mugabe to step down
    • Zimbabwe Talks Stall as Mugabe Attends Africa Summit (Update1)
    • Factbox - (EU)Sanctions on Zimbabwe
    • Council Conclusions on Zimbabwe (EU Sanctions)
    • Latest EU Sanctions - General Information
    • Britain says Zimbabwe govt must be given a chance
    • UK to 'keep up squeeze' on Mugabe
    • Britain - Sanctions on ZANU-PF should remain in place
    • African nations call on West to lift sanctions against Robert Mugabe
    • EU welcomes Zimbabwe unity cabinet but sanctions will remain
    • Mugabe blames Western sanctions for Zimbabwe crisis
    • Full EU sanctions list for Zanu-PF January 27 2009
    • Cholera and the Collapse of Governance in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe agrees to visit by UN humanitarian team<
    • RBZ Monetary Policy Statement Jan 2009
    • RBZ slashes 12 zeros
    • ‘No more exchange approval for forex salaries’
    • Zimbabwe knocks 12 zeroes off inflation-hit dollar
    • World Bank appeals for Africa as growth slows<
    • Fidelity Printers stretched beyond capacity
    • Many grew fat through “burning money”
    • Zimbabwe: Ban calls on Mugabe to release prisoners following power-sharing deal
    • UN chief says compromise imperfect
    • Robert Mugabe agrees to UN team - Ban
    • Teachers' Strike Infringes Children’s Right to Education
    • (John) Nkomo reluctant to relinquish agric. implements
    • Southern Africa - SADC Keeps Ground Fertile for Zanu (PF) Abuses
    • South Africa - The Next Zimbabwe
    • Libya's Gadhafi Takes AU Reins, Promises Union Government
  57. Posted 3/2/09
    • Zimbabwe Creates Panel to Oversee Unity Government
    • Zimbabwe seeks "all support we can get" on cholera
    • HOT SEAT interview: Zimbabwe GNU a polygamous marriage of convenience - Kagoro
    • PEOPLE, PEOPLE of Zimbabwe (letter)
    • ZIMBABWE: Underwhelming confidence in power-sharing deal
    • Five-pound note buys two souvenirs and a wide smile in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe to open stock market to foreign currency
    • Monitoring body starts work in Zim
    • EU welcomes Zimbabwe unity cabinet but sanctions will remain
    • Zimbabwe cholera cases reach almost 63,000: WHO
    • Mugabe has his way, once again
    • JAG OPEN LETTER FORUM - No. 596 - Dated 28 January
    • Bill Watch 4 of 31st January 2009 [MDC-T to join Inclusive Government]]
    • Zimbabwe aid diary: Fighting cholera
    • Zimbabwe: Marriage With Mugabe
  58. Posted 2/2/09
    • Zimbabwe to Amend Constitution for Unity Government
    • Zimbabwe to pass unity govt law on Wednesday
    • Tsvangirai Spokesman: No Pressure On MDC To Join Unity Government
    • How team of rivals could still save Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe attends AU summit buoyed by Zimbabwe unity gov't pact
    • African nations call on West to lift sanctions against Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe to cut 10 zeros off currency
    • Gideon Gono engulfed in another embarrassing scandal
    • Biti faces danger of arrest
    • Tsvangirai's big gamble
    • Interview with Botswana's President
    • Cosatu loses confidence on South African leader's position on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 31st January 2009
    • Cricket - Zimbabwe Cruise To Victory
  59. Batch 3 Posted 1/2/09
    • AU appeals for lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 31 Jan 2009
    • Biti sues Herald for defamation
    • Council sells cattle for US$, but RBZ grabs funds
    • Regime change is inevitable
    • A smudge of caramel
    • Success of GNU depends on goodwill ... but can Mugabe be trusted this time?
    • Power sharing comes 'too late' for Zimbabwe
    • Is Morgan Tsvangirai set to be the latest victim of a regime that kills all it touches?
    • Zanu (PF)'s greed, power lust wrecks unity govt
    • Mugabe's apologists mired in the past
    • Statement on Zimbabwe
  60. Batch 2 Posted 1/2/09
    • Robert Mugabe has whip hand in coalition of convenience
    • MDC-T Says Real Change Coming
    • Teachers' Strike: Govt Resorts to Arm-twisting
    • Zimbabweans set Targets for Inclusive Government
    • Locals Named in Kellogg Foundation Fraud Probe
    • Church Wants Meddling Chief, Cops Locked up
    • Zimpapers Journalist Faces Robbery Charge
    • Anglicans' Turf War Rages on
    • More Trouble Brews for Zapu Revivalists
    • No Naming and Shaming for Maguta Looters
    • Councillors in Hiding After Threats by Chiefs, Soldiers
    • McGee Blames Govt for Cholera
    • Churches Rescue Byo
    • MDR-TB Outbreak Could Take Zimbabwe by Surprise
    • Budget Intentions Laudable but. . .
    • VAT Relief for Mobile Users
    • Magaisa: Tsvangirai and the Stern Challenges of Change
    • Sunday View: To Have or Not to Have a Political Party
    • Comment: Mugabe's Bash - Sycophancy Scales New Levels
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Return of exiled Roy Bennett to Zimbabwe a danger?
    • While her country was dying...
  61. Posted 1/2/09
    • Cautious optimism meets Zim deal
    • Tsvangirai sets out his terms
    • Annan urges international support for Zimbabwe
    • Tutu, Carter welcome Zimbabwe unity govt deal
    • Odinga suggests golden handshake
    • Europe, US pressured to lift sanctions, support Zimbabwe
    • World should embrace Zimbabwe deal - Mutambara
    • Relief and trepidation in Harare
    • Doubt reigns over Zimbabwe's unity government
    • 'Now the Terror Has Returned'
    • Motlanthe to table Zimbabwe deal report at AU summit
    • Religious leaders hopeful about Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean civil society urges AU to pay a field visit to country
    • African leaders challenged by Zimbabwean activists
    • WFP cuts cereal rations for hungry Zimbabweans
    • WOZA's 8th Valentines Day
    • Zimbabwe Seal Series Over Kenya With Four-Wicket Win
    • Zimbabwe to remain out of test cricket

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