The ZIMBABWE Situation

June 2009 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/6/09
    • Zimbabwe coalition in crisis as MDC threatens 'disengagement'
    • Tsvangirai ministers boycott Zimbabwe cabinet in row with Mugabe
    • Khuphe's Statement on Cabinet Meeting Boycott
    • Mangwana rejects 'Kariba Draft'
    • Download the Kariba Draft Constitution pdf
    • Zimbabwe denies diamond field violations
    • Tsvangirai back home after three-week visit to Europe & USA
    • International lawyers group to visit Zimbabwe
    • Chinese, Zimbabwean ruling parties' senior officials vow to boost ties
    • University of Zimbabwe will not produce graduates this year
    • Marondera farmers' case takes new twist
    • Chihuri rewards alleged killer policeman
    • ZANU PF Distances Itself From Militia Lootings
    • Zim threatened with blackout
    • Starving Zim prisoners to be released
    • Zimbabweans call for unity government term extension
    • Govt Waives School Fees
    • Police Seal Off Gutu Goldfields
    • Zimbabwean banks still struggling: Barclays
    • Trade union boss bemoans loss of jobs
    • Refugees a target of police corruption in South Africa
    • Cross-border diamond deals sidestep Kimberley Process
    • Without SADC intervention GNU will fail
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Catching a falling Knife
    • Constitution Watch 4 of 27th June 2009 [PresidentialPowers in the Kariba Draft Constitution]
  2. Posted 29/6/09
    • MDC, Zanu-PF clash over new constitution
    • ZIMBABWE: Academics clash over new constitution
    • Fresh hope for Zim as it charts a new constitution
    • Farmers threaten to invade Zimbabwe to root out stock theft
    • Harare residents under siege of robberies: media
    • African Commission rules in favour of MISA, IJAZ, and ZLHR
    • COMESA becomes Customs Union: what does this mean to the region?
    • What a tragedy
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 27th June 2009
    • Lives change when determination joins a desire to help
    • FremantleMedia Authorises GZP Media Ltd to produce Idols shows in Zimbabwe under Zim Idol
  3. Batch 2 Posted 28/6/09
    • MP's arrest halts exposure of Zimbabwe blood diamonds massacre
    • PM, Mugabe Clash
    • Mugabe Must be Stopped - Madhuku
    • EU, US Tour 'highly successful': Tsvangirai
    • Biti Lashes at 'Zanu PF hypocrites'
    • Panic After Vaccinated Children fall ill
    • Jurists Fact-finding Mission
    • Gono, Biti Case Referred to Supreme Court
    • Obama Names new Zim Envoy
    • Workers's Rights Still Being Trampled Upon, Says Dutch Unionist
    • Tsvangirai 'alienating supporters'
    • NGOs Urge Tough Laws Against Torture
    • Students for Hearing
    • World Bank Accused of Racism
    • NCA Activists Want Case Referred to Supreme Court
    • Mugabe's Time is up: McGee
    • Mnangagwa Admitted Army Violence, Says AI's Khan
    • When a Little Goes a Long way
    • Cresta Donates to Harare Hospital
    • Govt in a Quandary Over Duty Ruling
    • No Cash for Debt Defaulters, Zim Told
    • Mugabe Sucked into SMM Dogfight
    • Alex Magaisa: An Analysis of Tsvangirai’s Fateful Western Voyage
    • Sundayview: Exposing the Charlatans in PTUZ Leadership
    • Comment: Fears That Drive Zanu PF
    • Feature: Cash Injection Breathes Life in Health Sector
    • Zim Standard Letters
  4. Posted 28/6/09
    • Pushing Mugabe out risks chaos - Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe PM defends Mugabe deal after Western criticism
    • Zimbabwe PM rules out reviving worthless local currency
    • Tsvangirai: Mission to the west was a success
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Faults PM Tsvangirai On Results of Western Tour
    • Anti-blood diamond group to probe claims of Zanu-PF atrocities
    • Kimberley Process toothless on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe frustrated at Western aid boycott
    • President to declare national peace day
    • Drafting a new Zim charter
    • MDC rejects Kariba Draft Constitution
    • MDC MP sentenced to seven years in jail
    • Teachers say GNU has failed to deliver
    • Mugabe Doesn’t Call the Shots
    • MISA says journalists can work in Zimbabwe without accreditation
    • ZCTF Report - June 2009
    • Gold and diamonds
    • The problem is not investigative journalism, maybe opportunism
  5. Posted 27/6/09
    • Diamonds in the Rough: Human Rights Abuses in the Marange Diamond Fields of Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe vows to hang onto power
    • Attorney General to 'formally' charge Biti with treason
    • MDC Director-General freed on bail
    • Mugabe hints at bringing back Zimbabwe dollar
    • Zanu-PF MPs defy party after fight
    • 'Base Constitution On Kariba Draft'
    • MISA: Statement on the constitution making process
    • Zimbabwe president's party slams Amnesty criticism
    • Obama announces US ambassador to Zimbabwe
    • Update Karori farm situation
    • Teachers Abandon Jobs
    • ZEF Press Statement 25 June, 2009
    • "Want to sideline Mugabe? Support Zimbabwe now"
  6. Batch 2 Posted 26/6/09
    • Zanu PF, MDC on Collision Course
    • Mugabe Dispatches Team to Counter Tsvangirai Trip
    • Commission Slams Aippa
    • AG admits Mukoko abducted
    • I will stay put, says Mugabe
    • Constitution-making starts under cloud of suspicion
    • MP pushes for urgent media reforms
    • Mutambara lambasted amid defection fears
    • Humanitarian aid not enough - analysts
    • Scepticism dogs Tsvangirai tour
    • Experts urge caution on black empowerment in mining
    • Tobacco Sales Rake in US$80m
    • In defence of Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai call on exiles ill-thought out
    • Muckraker: Wake-up call for naive Tsvangirai
    • Eric Bloch: Eat only that gathered
    • Candid Comment: Constitutional reform faces Collapse
    • Comment: Tsvangirai losing touch with reality
    • Exercise vigilance in new constitution
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • JAG - farm situations communique - Dated 25th June 2009
    • Arguments For Extended Zimbabwe Unity Government "Wrong-Minded" - US Envoy
    • Zim to introduce hefty levies on unused mining claims
    • Quest For a New Constitution in Zimbabwe Is Wrapped In Controversy
    • Zimbabwe Civic Group Shifts Tactics In Opposing Constitutional Revision Plan
    • Lecturers will not go back
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 646 - Dated 25th June 2009
    • Time to pick up the pieces
  7. Posted 26/6/09
    • Zimbabwe's premier calls foreign tour 'successful'
    • France open to cancelling Zimbabwe debt
    • Zimbabwe must respect human rights, France tells Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe lambasts western 'imperialists' over sanctions
    • State concedes Mukoko's abduction was illegal
    • Government finally retracts statements in compliance with High Court order
    • Zimbabweans Launch Process for New Constitution
    • Take part in the new constitution-making process
    • Government urged to reveal truth about Chiadzwa diamond murders
    • ZANU PF Supporters Confiscate Tsvangirai's Newsletter
    • USAID giving $1 million to project for southern Africa's disaster-stricken Zambezi River basin
    • The bad news of a relatively good maize harvest
    • Diasporans Remit More than US$500m'
    • As a nation we complain too much and do little
    • Have faith in Zimbabwe's resurrection
    • Tsvangirai's ambiguous trip
  8. Batch 2 Posted 25/6/09
    • Supreme Court hears Mukoko's case today
    • Students skeptical about unity govt
    • Student leaders appear in court
    • Lawyers allege gross incompetence
    • Police instructed to beat up civilians
    • Accused CIO officers skip the country
    • Chipanga fears for his life
    • European Union Forms Troika to Manage Normalization of Ties With Harare
    • Madhuku says NCA changing direction
    • FAO says Zimbawe still faces food insecurity
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Faces Uphill Battle Over Foreign Stakes - Analysts
    • Berlin Wall mentality and role of Zim intellectual
    • Ethics and the constitutional making process
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Of successors to yesterday's sacred cows
  9. Posted 25/6/09
    • Broke Zimbabwe asks world for 'stimulus package'
    • ANALYSIS-Tsvangirai drive gets no cash but pressure for reform
    • In defence of Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe starts hearings on new constitution
    • ZANU PF & MDC headed for clash on new constitution
    • Zimbabwe to get $100m support from Britain
    • Tsvangirai in Paris on final leg of fundraising tour
    • Mugabe has a chance to leave politics with dignity: Tsvangirai
    • MDC expects SADC to discuss Zimbabwe
    • We facilitated unity govt: China envoy
    • Vice Presidents threatened to quit
    • Friction Within Zimbabwe Government As Britain Bars ZANU-PF Minister
    • Media hangman Charamba crafts new regulation laws
    • MDC minister denies mass killings in Chiadzwa diamond fields
    • Sibanda's days as minister numbered
    • 'Zimbabweans still pouring into SA'
    • Morgan's dilemma
    • Zimbabwean newspaper campaign turns worthless banknotes into gold
    • ‘Mugabe and the White African’ wins award for World Feature at SILVERDOCS
    • Zimbabwe's Hope
    • Press Statement from ROHR ZIMBABWE
    • Guest Voice: Cry Zimbabwe: World Media Mucks It Up While Mother Africa is Murdered
    • The Re-Birth of David Scobie
    • PEACE WATCH of 24th June [Jestina Mukoko's Case inSupreme Court on Thursday]
  10. Posted 24/6/09
    • Zimbabwe's economy begins to recover: minister
    • Tsvangirai claims Zimbabwe inflation 'under control'
    • Zimbabwe local currency won't be revived: minister
    • Zimbabwe output, employment grow rapidly -minister
    • Zimbabwe Raises More Than $180 Million: Biti
    • Amnesty to closely monitor Zim human rights crisis for next 100 days
    • SADC summit has ignored MDC unity government complaints
    • Mines Minister Obert Mpofu denied UK visa
    • MDC DG case referred to Supreme Court
    • Zimbabwe PM says has working relationship with Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe PM sees local ownership level being cut
    • Harare seeks to lure mining investors
    • Diamond industry still struggling to bar "blood diamonds"
    • Charamba crafting two new media laws
    • Report Urges Zimbabwe To Overhaul Domestic Grain Market, Boost Imports
    • Pope appoints Bulawayo Archbishop
    • Special permit for Zimbabweans on hold
    • Written Ministerial Statement on Zimbabwe
    • Human Rights and Policing: the Mandizha and Bvudzijena way
    • Aid pledges provide little comfort for Zimbabwe PM
    • Bill Watch 21 of 22nd June 2009 [Parliament adjournsuntil mid-July]
  11. Batch 2 Posted 23/6/09
    • Tsvangirai Mission Draws to a Close with Mixed Results
    • CFU says PM 'playing a game'
    • MDC to discuss crackdown on members
    • 'Zim at risk of more deadly cholera outbreak'
    • Zimbabwe appeals for Chinese loans to buy road equipment
    • Appeal of Convicted Zimbabwe Lawmaker Stymied As Court Docket Disappears
    • Proposed US$30,000 Vehicle Loans to Zimbabwe Legislators Stir Outrage
    • Civil servants buses grounded
    • MDC to hold executive meeting tomorrow
    • Expelled MDC Chair was behind PM booing
    • UK Asylum for £120, talk to ROHR Zim
    • CHRA demands order at ZESA
    • Mr Tsvangirai deserves our support
    • The inclusive government is the only game in town!
    • MDC now holding wrong end of media stick
    • Crucial test for Zimbabwe judiciary
    • Many challenges still to be overcome - McGee
    • How to Bring Change to Zimbabwe
    • Africa 'fails to prioritise right and wrong over self-interest'
  12. Posted 23/6/09
    • UK pledges £5m to Zimbabwe as Gordon Brown meets Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Brown hails "signs of progress" in Zimbabwe after talks
    • Tsvangirai again downplays severity of land attacks
    • Could 'land grab' by Tsvangirai's niece overshadow Zimbabwe progress?
    • Concern expressed over PM's welfare
    • BBC Radio 4 interviews Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe State Media Accuses Tsvangirai of Defying Cabinet Rules
    • Zim Vigil deny plotting disruption of Tsvangirai London meeting
    • Zimbabwe Prime Minister Tells Amnesty International: Unity Government Committed to Human Rights
    • UK £60 million support for Zimbabwe announced today
    • Tsvangirai accused of spilling secrets
    • Charamba threatens Tsvangirai newspaper
    • VP Joice Mujuru in New York for UN Summit
    • MDC abductees granted referral to Supreme Court
    • More food shortages in Zimbabwe
    • Zambian villagers at war with elephants fleeing Zimbabwean poachers
    • Africa needs Brain Trust
    • Countdown to a New Constitution - Eddie Cross
    • The Harare Syndrome
    • ‘Change’ is not enough: Zimbabweans want more
  13. Posted 22/6/09
    • Zimbabwe PM defends Mugabe unity
    • Zimbabwe PM Morgan Tsvangirai struggles to raise funds on world tour
    • Spat looms over PM newsletter
    • Zimbabwe Abuses Could Constitute Crimes Against Humanity
    • Asset-stripping allegations rock iconic Lonrho empire
    • MDC MP convicted for kidnapping
    • Zimbabwe officials wrangle over bank turf
    • MDC officials blast Mutambara
    • Senator Patrick Kombayi Dies
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 20th June 2009
    • New constitution: Public meeting Harare HICC Wed24th 10 am
    • Call to ban The Zimbabwean
  14. Batch 2 Posted 21/6/09
    • Zimbabwe seeks foreign investors
    • Conservationists say poaching of Zimbabwe rhino doubles; blame law enforcement breakdown
    • MPs' 'outrageous' Demands Exposed
    • Violence Perpetrators Face Arrest in SA
    • Raid on Minister's Home Politically Motivated: Family
    • Encounter With 'Tokoloshes'
    • Come Home, PM Pleads With Diasporans in UK
    • Wife Says Gunda was Murdered
    • GNU Reforms to Deal With Loss-making Parastatals Reforms
    • Police Bar Women Marchers
    • What They did not Want Mswati to see
    • Zanu PF Official in Court for Threatening Journalist
    • Mawere Set to Reclaim Seized Assets
    • Investors' Processing to be Speeded Up
    • RBZ Gets Tough With Financial Institutions
    • Brain Drain Stalls Govt Projects
    • Alex Magaisa: Plight of Rural Zimbabweans in 'dollarised' Economy
    • Comment: Govt Offer Letters are Insincerity Writ Large
    • Zim Standard Letters
  15. Posted 21/6/09
    • Morgan Tsvangirai tells Britain's Zimbabwean exiles: It is time to come home
    • Zimbabwe PM jeered by UK exiles
    • Come home, Tsvangirai tells expats
    • Mugabe bodyguards in Hong Kong assault case face work visa probe
    • CIO causes magistrate to abandon case
    • 1 000 villagers to make way for transfrontier park
    • Runway Glitch Grounds SAA Flight
    • Zanu-PF Hawks Plot Mzembi Ouster
    • Harare Battles to Regain Sunshine Status
    • State's Unmarked Vehicles to be Impounded
    • Tsvangirai's office launches newspaper
    • Can Tsvangirai really co-exist with Mugabe?
    • A rhino called Tatenda
  16. Posted 20/6/09
    • EU pledges $65 m aid to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe president's party slams Amnesty criticism
    • Magistrate & prosecutor fail to turn up for Shonhe hearing
    • Beaten WOZA members released on bail
    • Wildlife conservancies for Zanu-PF chiefs
    • MISA: New ICT Bill in the offing
    • Zim protest 'was very helpful'
    • Home Affairs officials assault refugees: MDC
    • Media pressure group says commission should be temporary
    • SA activists intensify fight for release of Zim violence report
    • Zimbabwe Minister's husband brutally attacked at home
    • SA: Drop sanctions against Harare
    • Tsvangirai to address Zimbabweans in London Saturday
    • Statement by Zimbabwe Civil Society Groups to the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Good governance the key to donor funding
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Football legend Shacky Tauro dies
  17. Batch 2 Posted 19/6/09
    • Zimbabwe police take batons to women protesters 50m from Amnesty chief
    • Nearly 1 000 Zim prisoners die: Amnesty
    • It's too early to lift Zimbabwe sanctions
    • 'Global Fund channelling Aids funding through UN'
    • MPs finally agree to return RBZ vehicles
    • New humanitarian disaster brewing in Zimbabwe
    • Mujuru Seeks Mugabe's Help
    • Legislators Reject Biti's Vehicles Offer
    • Govt Under Pressure to cut Embassies
    • Parly to Conduct Public Interviews
    • NCA Broke as Financiers Bale out
    • Prosecutor Muchenga Accused of Corruption
    • Vic Falls Heritage Status Threatened
    • Land Wrangle: Sheriff Thrown off Nkomo Farm
    • Banker Sued in US$70 000 Deal
    • Case Against Zimind Journalists Referred to Supreme Court
    • Timing key in Mining Sector Reform
    • Commercial Banks Hike Service Charges
    • Battle Lines Drawn for LonZim AGM
    • Tobacco Alone is Just not Enough
    • Zim Economy Among 'least competitive'
    • Case to Reposition, Rebrand Zimbabwe
    • Muckraker: GNU: Tsvangirai Must Start Telling it Like it is
    • Eric Bloch: Zim's Currency Conundrum
    • Past Abuses Should Guide Constitution-making
    • Reform key to Zanu PF Survival
    • Candid Comment: Constitutional Debate Leaves out Rural Folk
    • Comment: Living a lie
    • Editor's Memo: Politicians Authors of our Hunger
    • Zim Independent Letters
  18. Posted 19/6/09
    • Nation faces risk of retributive violence
    • Without justice there can be no real healing in Zimbabwe
    • While Tsvangirai's away, spin doctors play
    • 4 detained WOZA members, badly beaten and denied medical treatment
    • Journalist among arrested group as police crackdown on WOZA demo
    • MDC Director General granted bail, but remains in police custody
    • Lawyers challenge constitutionality of draconian law
    • Media lawyer's trial deferred to an unspecified date
    • Tsvangirai re-engages EU for first time in seven years
    • ENGLAND: Christian leaders to warn Zimbabwean PM on Mugabe links
    • Tsvangirai launches newsletter to counter state propaganda
    • Sanctions still stand - McGee
    • Why so many police?
    • Can I Have a Dollar, Please?
    • Destitute Muguti loses son, sister in one day
    • Address: “Stair number four, Fourth Floor, Central Methodist Church, Johannesburg”
    • Bill Watch 17th June 2009 - Legislative Reform Series[ No.1. AIPPA]
  19. Batch 2 Posted 18/6/09
    • Zimbabwe commission will tackle corruption
    • Civil servants issue ultimatum over salaries
    • EU gives visas to Chinamasa, Mumbengegwi
    • Minister's guards chase away deputy sheriff
    • Mutasa owns 10 farms
    • Police stop Zapu meeting
    • Special report: Zimbabwe's white farmers demand $15bn
    • Increased load shedding looms
    • Zims push for ruling on Gukurahundi as genocide
    • Mutambara calls for return of bankers
    • PM launches weekly newsletter
    • Zimbabwe Media Group Opposes Commission, Advocates Self-Regulation
    • Media hangman applies to sit on ZMC
    • Journalists at crossroads over joining ZMC
    • Urging Democracy In Zimbabwe
    • Tatenda on Animal Planet
    • Zimbabwe seeks tourism bonanza from World Cup
  20. Posted 18/6/09
    • Worrying signs of growing violence and intimidation
    • WOZA members beaten & arrested during peaceful demo
    • Tsvangirai 'warmly welcomed' in Norway on 5th leg of tour
    • Norway increases aid to Zimbabwe
    • EU lifts travel ban on Mugabe ministers to boost relations
    • Officials try to block Mugabe meeting with Amnesty International's secretary general Irene Khan
    • Zimbabwe'S civil servants have threatened to go on a massive job action
    • Zimbabwe May consumer prices drop 1.0 percent m/m
    • MDC Director-General Shonhe remains in custody
    • SA rights activist cleared over 'Mugabe go home' poster charges
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 25
    • Morgan Tsvangirai to appeal for his people's return to Zimbabwe
    • CHRA, National Residents Association mobilize residents for people driven local governance reforms
    • Tsvangirai's trip abroad deepens coalition rift
    • Letter from Africa: how the press is challenging Zimbabwe's government
    • Noise fear for Zimbabwe elephants
  21. Batch 2 Posted 17/6/09
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Charge ZANU-PF Youth Militants Setting Up in Schools
    • Morgan demands end to seizures
    • JZ 'friend' in land row?
    • Zimbabwe PM visits Norway
    • Power blackout traced to Zambia fault
    • Zim falls back on Eskom
    • Amnesty official yet to meet Mugabe
    • MDC accuses state media of bias
    • Journos want case referred to Supreme Court
    • Zimbabwe MP injured, two killed
    • Residents of Harare, Zimbabwe, Billed for Water Service Long Disrupted
    • ZCTF Report - June 2009
    • 'Let Us Farm, It's Our Job'
    • Taking Meetings With a Murderer
  22. Posted 17/6/09
    • Tsvangirai addresses Swedish parliament
    • Sweden non-committal to Tsvangirai“s appeal
    • Zimbabwe-EU re-engagement meeting threatened by ban on Mugabe man
    • Mugabe should be no barrier to aid: Zimbabwe PM
    • MDC Director-General Shonhe detained for perjury
    • Parliament resumes sitting as MP's slam slow pace of reforms
    • ZimInd editors challenge constitutionality of Criminal Law
    • Zimbabwe Soldiers and Police say Inclusive Government Easing Tension
    • Zimbabwe stores full again, with food for the rich
    • US expands human trafficking watchlist
    • Major blackout hits Zim
    • MP says no room for 'media hangmen' in new commission
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Statement on the Zimbabwe Media Commission's Statutory Functions and Powers
    • Tsvangirai speaks to exiles in London
    • PM denies running errands for Mugabe
    • Exit plan for dictators
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 642 - Dated 15th June 2009
    • Zimbabwe must embrace multimedia learning
    • Zimbabwe's tourism revival lies in Victoria Falls paradise
    • Constitution Watch 3 of 15th June 2009 [ConstitutionSelect Committee - Work Plan]
    • “White farmers cause chaos at Dr. Shamuyarira’s farm” - ZBC coverage
  23. Posted 16/6/09
    • Tsvangirai holds talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel
    • Reports of soldiers beating civilians in Hatcliffe, Harare
    • Zanu-PF Senator invades fifth farm
    • Chinamasa slams SADC land ruling & condones farm attacks
    • The powerful connections of Chihombori
    • Remarks by Pres. Obama & Prime Minister Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe state media fumes over Tsvangirai's meeting with Obama
    • EU set for Zimbabwe aid talks
    • Tsvangirai Not on MDC Fundraising Tour : Party
    • Passing around the hat
    • Minister Chombo’s sincerity in the appointment of special interests Councilors questionable
    • Morgan Tsvangirai to urge Britain to increase support for MDC
    • Hong Kong pressed to explain leniency for Mugabe bodyguards
    • I've learnt to share power like Nelson Mandela, says Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Journalist Violet Gonda interviews ZANU PF Minister Walter Mzembi
    • Grain harvest increases three-fold
    • No single party can stop reforms: Speaker
    • United States Seeks to Encourage Democracy, Growth in Zimbabwe
    • FULL TEXT: Washington Post editorial on Tsvangirai's US visit
    • It's easier to do business in Africa - delegates
    • National Healing Begins
    • Zimbabwe's cyberspace wars
    • End of candle wax regime soon?
  24. Posted 15/6/09
    • Zimbabwe faces power cuts over unpaid debts: paper
    • Mohadi implicated in theft of copper
    • Mine seizure shelved: Tsvangirai
    • Call To Fire Prisons Commander
    • Sugarcane Farms Under-utilised
    • Chiefs Return Looted Property
    • Zim-SA agreement on the horizon
    • Paying the price for Mugabe’s bloated ego
    • ZIDERA, GPA mutually exclusive
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 13th June 2009
    • Reflecting on the plight of the African Child in Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 20 of 13th June 2009 [Illegal not to Hold By-Elections]
    • Zim Idol is here - more information
  25. Batch 2 Posted 14/6/09
    • Morgan's tough mission
    • London welcome for Zimbabwe Prime Minister
    • Regional Integration in Southern Africa Takes Another Step
    • Fewer Takers for Customs Union
    • Gold Rush In Gutu
    • MDC Members Demand Compensation For Stolen Livestock
    • Authoritarianism undermines the family in Zimbabwe
    • What wheat crop
    • A way out for dictators?
    • Washington Sansole - what a great man he was
    • Zim Idol is here
  26. Batch 1 Posted 14/6/09
    • Biti, Gono Fight Spills to Courts
    • Showdown Looms Over Zesa Bills
    • Amnesty Boss Arrives to Assess Zim Situation
    • Mutambara Pleads With WEF Countries Over Sanctions
    • Norton Youths Take Councillors to Task
    • Parliamentary Select Committee Announces Dates for Public Hearings
    • CFU Says Farmers Would Consider Fair Compensation
    • 'Ritual Murderer' Remark Lands Mliswa in Court
    • Chombo in Bid to Rrevive' Zinwa
    • Chegutu magistrate Orders Eviction of Farm Workers
    • Shamu, Charamba Face Contempt of Court Charges
    • Nigerian Drugs Syndicate Preys on Harare Women
    • Swedish Delegation Criticizes Pace of Zim Media Reforms
    • Rights Watchdog Set to Visit Zimbabwe
    • Civic Groups Express Disquiet Over Pace of GPA Reforms
    • Economic Crisis Tough on HIV, TB
    • US business Says no Deal to Zimbabwe
    • CCZ Bemoans Skyrocketing Utility Bills
    • Govt to Appoint New Board for Ailing NRZ
    • ZTA, Safari Operators Dispute Escalates
    • Alex Magaisa: How Long will the GNU last?
    • SundayView: Unravelling Zim mysteries for flying witches, acrimony and knighthood
    • Comment: Zesa's Demand Points to a Deeper Crisis
    • Zim Standard Letters
  27. Batch 2 Posted 13/6/09
    • Obama pledges aid for Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai Gets Obama's Seal of Approval
    • Tsvangirai urges US investors to assist Zimbabwe
    • UNICEF Executive Director meets with Zimbabwe Prime Minister
    • Support Zim's long-term recovery: Oxfam
    • Mutambara calls for investment than aid
    • Zim, SA to sign investment pact
    • Zimbabwe's 'Transition'
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • OBE for black rhino charity vet
  28. Posted 13/6/09
    • BBC Zanu (PF) Violence Story Denied
    • Tsvangirai Aims to Persuade U.S. to Take New Look at Zimbabwe
    • Human rights concerns
    • Mugabe's hold of power
    • Coping with personal loss
    • Growth in Zimbabwe 'may reach 6%'
    • Zimbabwe groups urge EU to release 'massive' aid
    • Zimbabwe constitution hearings to go ahead-parties
    • State Department Daily Press Briefing
    • SADC ruling ignored again as farmers fight to keep their land
    • Chegutu farmer denies verbal abuse of PM's 'niece'
    • Cabinet approves move to bypass central bank on aid
    • Farmer's Trial Postponed
    • Zimbabwe Wheat Production Hits New Low
    • Tobacco Prices Low
    • Teachers Raise Alarm As Schools Register Failed A Level Students
    • Zimbabwe: SAfm interview with Arthur Mutambara on morning live
    • Zimbabwe girls trade sex for food
    • French aid group to tackle urban food insecurity
    • Interview: Petina Gappah
    • Tired of 'leaders of the people'
    • Mission Improbable by James Kirchick
    • Mugabe hopes England and Brazil will use Zimbabwe as World Cup base
  29. Batch 3 Posted 12/6/09
    • Tonight is going to be a tense night: an update on Mount Carmel Farm
    • RBZ raided PTA Bank account
    • Soldiers sleeping conditions 'shameful'
    • Mining sector hamstrung by power cuts, forex and skills shortages
    • President Obama Meets Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Tsvangirai Friday
    • Mugabe's Legacy
    • Money the key to Tsvangirai mission
    • Nkomo challenges eviction from farm
    • The Corporate Council on Africa Hosts Zimbabwe Prime Minister
    • French aid group sets up in Zimbabwe
    • In praise of ... Zimbabwe's children
    • ZCTF Report - May 2009
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 641 - Dated 11th June 2009
  30. Batch 2 Posted 12/6/09
    • Zanu PF MPs stall constitutional reform
    • US Denies Zim Economic Aid
    • US Investors Call for More Reforms in Zimbabwe
    • Biti Gains Control of Treasury
    • Muchinguri to Challenge Mujuru for VP's Post
    • MDC Activists Apply for Supreme Court Hearing
    • Farmers in Spending Spree at Tobacco Auction Floors
    • Nyanhongo Accused of 'hijacking' Mabvuku Constituency
    • Gono Builds Silos Whilst GMB Stocks Run Dry
    • Energy crisis poses threat to success of Sterp
    • IMF Delegation in Zim to Assess State of Economy
    • Govt Accuses Fuel Companies of Shortchanging Consumers
    • No Borrowings, yet Still Unattractive to Lenders
    • RBZ Starts Bank Capital Verification Exercise
    • Econet, NetOne Results Poles Apart
    • 'Access to Finance Key to Africa's Competitiveness'
    • Parastatals Should Charge Commercial Rates, say Economists
    • Rentals Spike Family Bread Basket - CCZ
    • Eric Bloch: Suicidal Demands of Labour
    • Zimbabwe Needs a New Media Regime
    • Muckraker: Shamu's 'free, balanced media'
    • Editor's Memo: Distorting Tsvangirai's Goodwill Mission
    • Candid Comment: Parly Must Initiate Legislative Agenda
    • Comment: A reality check
  31. Posted 12/6/09
    • Zimbabwe Divisions Pose a Quandary for West
    • Tsvangirai holds meetings with IMF and World Bank in Washington
    • US looks for ways to 'appropriately' support Zim
    • United States policy during the political transition in Zimbabwe
    • PM speaks at Council on Foreign Relations
    • Finance Minister Biti to address World Economic Forum
    • BBC created assassination story - Holland
    • State Denied Tsvangirai Media Crew For His Foreign Tour
    • Zimbabwe needs over $2 bln for construction, jobs
    • Zanu-pf deals a blow to new constitution
    • Former Judge and human rights defender Sansole dies in car crash
    • Death of Tsvangirai's wife no accident, says advisor
    • Declaration of the civic society leaders conference on constitutional reform
    • Matinenga says Madhuku double-faced
    • Doctor claims farmer called sister "kaffir"
    • Hong Kong government defends assault let-off for Mugabe bodyguards
    • Sanctions, Sanctions and more Sanctions Please
    • Shoppers Robbed, Stripped
    • Council Dismantles Cholera Treatment Centres
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 09 Jun 2009
    • Police Investigating Man Spying on MDC
    • Why Sanitation Is the Forgotten Sister
    • Civil Society, CHRA speak on Minister Chombo’s directive on Harare water and sewer.
    • Residents reject Government’s decision on ZESA disconnections
    • PEACE WATCH of 10th June [Political Abcuctees,Violence on Farms and Rule of Law]
    • Would you like fries with your asylum papers?
    • Human rights abuse in Kenya, Zimbabwe
    • In harmony while Zuma addresses nation
  32. Posted 11/6/09
    • US maintains sanctions against Mugabe
    • US Looks Forward to Discussing a Broad Range of Bilateral Issues
    • Zimbabwe PM greeted by skeptical donors
    • Prime Minister's 'niece' speaks about Chegutu farm invasion
    • Ruling on MDC activists postponed again
    • Brigadier Mujaji takes farm over in style
    • JAG - farm situations communique - Dated 10th June 2009
    • JAG - farm situations communique - Dated 9th June 2009
    • Case against activists strains new government
    • Amnesty International head will meet Mugabe on Zimbabwe visit
    • Tsvangirai to be received with full military honours in Germany
    • Tsvangirai defied because he is not president
    • Zimbabwe service chiefs at it again
    • Consumer family basket rises
    • World Economic Forum on Africa opens
    • Mutambara to address World Economic Forum today
    • Mugabe minders give Hong Kong press freedom bloody nose
    • Zim constitution debate Part 2
    • Wheat Shortfall Looming In Zimbabwe as Farmers Shift to Other Crops
    • The Big Question: Has power-sharing done anything to end the crisis in Zimbabwe?
    • Zimbabwe's children 'put at risk'
    • Zimbabwe to gain from Beira Corridor project
    • Sibanda chickens out of Gono debate
    • Four poachers die in shootout
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai to US: Process in Harare Flawed, But 'Irreversible'
    • War and Soldiers: Understanding the Past, Building the Future
    • Duo charged of insulting president Mugabe: one year in hiding
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 24
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 639 - Dated 11th June 2009
    • Bill Watch 19 of 9th June 2009 [Appointments to Constitutional Commissions]
  33. Posted 10/6/09
    • Zimbabwe 'facing fresh violence'
    • Security alert!
    • Journalists sue Mugabe minister for contempt over conference ban
    • MDC source denies that land invader is Tsvangirai relative
    • Muchadehama Summoned for Trial in Renewed State Onslaught
    • Zimbabwe: Still living in fear
    • 'No visa review'
    • Tsvangirai in Washington for 2nd leg of tour
    • Mutambara MDC rocked by massive defections
    • Britain "wants Zimbabwean government to succeed"
    • African leaders offer support to war criminal
    • Increased vulnerability of the poorest calls for immediate action
    • An account of a rural political meeting in Mudzi, Zimbabwe
    • CHRA, NRACF roles out public advocacy for democratization and constitutionalisation of local governance programme
    • Tsvangirai is not Mugabe's errand boy
    • GNU Watch May 2009
    • Poachers wiping out Zimbabwe's rhinos as demand surges
    • Zimbabwe: A nation in need of healing
    • CHRA goes on air over service delivery and Zim local governance reform
  34. Batch 2 Posted 9/6/09
    • Amnesty chief to visit Harare
    • 23 councillors desert Mutambara
    • White House Statement on Visit of Zimbabwean Prime Minister
    • U.S. has no plans to shift policy on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe Continues to Haunt Zimbabwe's Quest for Aid
    • Zim gold miners crack a smile as ZANU-PF interference reduced
    • Mugabe bodyguards escape charges over alleged Hong Kong assaults
    • Zimbabwean NGOs Pursue Their Own European Diplomatic Initiative
    • WOZA promises prolonged street demos
    • MDC now focusing on Mugabe's agenda
    • Rethink on special visas for Zimbabwean migrants
    • Africa to look for ways to weather economic crisis
    • JAG - farm situations communique - Dated 5th June 2009
    • Under Zimbabwe's skin
  35. Posted 9/6/09
    • Journalists barred from Comesa summit despite High Court order
    • Judge defers hearing of abductees case
    • Push to classify Gukurahundi as genocide
    • Correction from The Zimbabwe Times
    • Joburg-bound bus kills 10, injures 30
    • Tsvangirai's niece in Chegutu farm grab
    • World perception of Zimbabwe changing - Tsvangirai
    • Zuma calls for support for Zimbabwe
    • Journalists arrested & assaulted for covering demo in Zimbabwe
    • Beshir brands ICC warrant 'infringement' on Sudan
    • Comesa stands by Bashir
    • African ICC Members Mull Withdrawal Over Bashir Indictment
    • COMESA says military option for Madagascar possible
    • Journalists' Statement on Contempt of Court Order
    • Zimbabwe: despite doubts, a warmer tone in London
    • From ownership to delivery: Embracing PPPs
    • Zimbabwe regime verdict: must do better
    • Towards a New Constitution for Zimbabwe: Some Legal Challenges
    • CHRA, Mayor, agree to work together
    • Mandela: A point of light
    • Letter from America By Stanford G. Mukasa
    • Musings on where we are today
    • PEACE WATCH of 6th June [Abductees Trial Monday 8th]
  36. Posted 8/6/09
    • Zimbabwe PM takes first step in re-engagement
    • Dutch tell Tsvangirai more aid depends on reforms
    • Mugabe takes helm of Africa's main trade bloc
    • Mugabe calls for self-reliance, end to conflicts
    • Zuma rekindles ZAPU alliance
    • Parliament passes controversial Bill
    • ZIMBABWE: Looted money returned to universities
    • Witchcraft case: Woman gets suspended sentence
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 6th June 2009
  37. Batch 2 Posted 7/6/09
    • Tsvangirai Exposes Tomana
    • Proposals Spark Fierce Debate
    • Sadc Tribunal Censures Mugabe,Tomana
    • PM Unlikely to call for Lifting of Targeted Sanctions During Tour
    • Gwatidzo Wins Rights Award
    • Officials Thwart King Mswati's Cultural Visit
    • Battle to Succeed VP Msika Hots up
    • MDC Compromises in GNU Worry Supporters
    • Councillors Alarmed as Parents Fail to pay Fees
    • US$100 Million Needed to Revamp Education Sector - Coltart
    • Zimbabwe Launches oneLove Campaign
    • Hoteliers Turn Down Fifa 2010 Proposal
    • Mutambara Cautions Against Reckless Indigenisation
    • AfDB Team to Help Mobilise Resources for Recovery
    • Chihuri call for Improved Security in Buildings Hailed
    • Alex Magaisa: Decentralisation: A cry to be Heard
    • Comment: Scrap Bills Based on Estimates
    • SundayView: Moving the centre: Unpacking Devolution
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Comedy drama puts spotlight on ZBC
  38. Posted 7/6/09
    • Morgan Tsvangirai heads for Europe and US in bid to raise cash
    • Zimbabwe growth at 2.8 pct in 2009
    • Transparency International Says Corruption Widespread in Zimbabwe Police, Judiciary
    • Audit to weed out ghost workers
    • Moves to set up commissions
    • PM meets Swedish delegation
    • Washington Grants Visa To Zimbabwean Minister of Mugabe's ZANU-PF
    • Sudan's Beshir in Zimbabwe for trade summit
    • Ousted Madagascan Leader in Zimbabwe
    • Security of Re-abducted MDC Members Guaranteed
    • Villagers accuse Mohadi of seizing cattle
    • Cheap Imports Collapse Troubled Textile Industry
    • Zuma vows to continue supporting Harare
    • Zimbabwean, Betty Makoni is my hero!
    • Walking amongst us
    • Zimbabwe Still A Work In Progress
    • Lessons of Zimbabwe revisited
  39. Posted 6/6/09
    • SADC Tribunal Judgement: Zimbabwean commercial farmers Mike Campbell and Richard Etheredge
    • Another farming family evicted as invasions continue
    • Black Zimbabwe Farmer's Case on Hold
    • Govt Failed to Protect SA Farmer in Zim Land Grabs: Court
    • Journalists win landmark case against government
    • Journalists arrested covering demo in Zimbabwe
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai expected to meet Barack Obama
    • Amnesty International Head Expected In Zimbabwe
    • Red Cross feeding Zimbabwe prisoners
    • Trials of abductees begin next week
    • ICT Minister Chamisa orders Tel One to cut tariffs
    • MDC finalises list of nominees for ambassador posts
    • More must be done to fight Zimbabwe cholera outbreak - UN
    • Chinese Team Interested in Supporting Tobacco Farming
    • Women in Zimbabwe: 'We still suffer atrocities'
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 23
  40. Batch 3 Posted 5/6/09
    • Zim judiciary seen as corrupt: TIZ
    • Top Army Officials and War Vets Jostle For Farms
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Says Party Activists Pressed To Testify In Coup Plot Case
    • Swedish delegation meets govt officials
    • Look East policy is dead: Mutambara
    • Chamisa acts to reduce phone tariffs
    • JAG - farm situations communique - Dated 4th June 2009
    • Journos hearing postponed to today
    • ZAPU Party On A Recruitment Drive
    • Zimbabwe: Is the tide turning against Mugabe?
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 636 - Dated 4th June 2009
  41. Batch 2 Posted 5/6/09
    • US to Remove Sanctions
    • Cabinet Approves Privatisation of State Assets
    • It's not our Role to call for by-elections - Zvoma
    • Journalists Challenge Legality of MIC
    • Parly to start Public Hearings on new Constitution
    • Sibanda Loses Ministerial Post
    • Trial of MDC Activists to Open on Monday
    • MDC Indaba Tries to Revive Frayed Civil Society Alliance
    • We Need Judiciary Independence - Majome
    • Comesa Must Resist Pressure to Sign EPAs — Seatini
    • Customs Union Opportunity for Resuscitating Economy - Analysts
    • Chamisa Orders Review of 'exorbitant' TelOne Bills
    • Biti to address WEF on Zim Reconstruction
    • LonZim Planning to set up Airline
    • Ramaphosa Eyes Zim Business Opportunities
    • Gold output falls Amid Calls for Recapitalisation of Mines
    • Van's gun Still Loaded and Ready to Shoot
    • Parallel Market Forex Dealers Resurface as Rand Firms
    • Comesa Removes Tariffs
    • Unity of Purpose Needed at Comesa -Tsvangirai
    • Biti Instructs ZSE to Seek Approval for sell of gvt Shares
    • Muckraker: Zanu PF's Convenient Myth
    • Eric Bloch: No More Need for Economic Sanctions
    • Paradigm Shift From Ownership to Delivery
    • Appointments of Gono Tomana, Violated GPA
    • Candid Comment: Gono Controversy and Firing Squad
    • Comment: Truth About Sanctions
    • Editor's Memo: Gono has Become a Symbol of Division
  42. Posted 5/6/09
    • Zimbabwe defends seize of black farmer's land at regional court
    • Tsvangirai: Mugabe acrimony over
    • The struggle goes on
    • Deported Kwekwe mine owner narrates abduction ordeal
    • Mugabe-Mswati Talks Threaten MDC Hopes of SADC Action
    • Zimbabwe officers "fear mutiny"
    • COMESA mulls aid package for Zimbabwe: official
    • Outrage as Mugabe takes COMESA chair
    • Zimbabwe to use comesa as economy catalyst
    • MISA-Zimbabwe and Quill Club brought Honourable, Advocate Matinenga and Dr. Madhuku to a public discussion
    • Price Control Commission Still Operational
    • Dr.Gwatidzo wins international award
    • Gono says best chicken farmer in Africa
    • Zimbabwe Among Top Software Piracy Countries
    • Wanted: one army of love for Zimbabwe
  43. Batch 2 Posted 4/6/09
    • AG wants MDC activists to nail colleagues
    • Polls neither free nor fair: ZESN
    • Constitution making on track: Minister
    • Opposition blunders keeping Mugabe in power
    • Journos challenge govt over accreditation
    • Swedish officials to assess political situation
    • Swaziland to help Zimbabwe recover
    • S. Africa's Zuma Says Region Will Help Zimbabwe To Next Elections
    • Hoteliers reconsider 2010 rates
    • Air Zimbabwe to retrench 420 workers
    • Visa Waiver ''Encumbering'' Zimbabwean Trade
    • Curbing the activities of political parasites
    • Police foil bid to smuggle 2,3kg diamonds
    • Arbitrary arrests must stop
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 635 - Dated 3rd June 2009
  44. Posted 4/6/09
    • ZANU PF officials expected to join Tsvangirai on US & EU tour
    • Tsvangirai Visit Poses Dilemma for US Officials
    • Independent Constitutional Commissions to be in place by July
    • MDC Activists Re-abducted
    • Army units deployed in rural areas last year, are still there
    • Zimbabwe not adopting Rand, says Biti
    • High hotel rates scare away Fifa
    • Luke Munyadu Tembani vs Government of Zimbabwe (SADC tribunal in Windhoek, Namibia)
    • Summary of the Campbell-Morrisons land case
    • Thugs return for a tough old farmer's land
    • British Embassy Press Release
    • EU begins Zimbabwe reconciliation process
    • Madhuku Hits Out At Civic Society Groups
    • ZANU PF official harassed for supporting farmer
    • Cholera cases in Zimbabwe near 100,000 as 'Twin Disaster' continues
    • Health delivery system far from restored
    • Maize yields expected to improve
    • EC funds bring welcome relief
    • Zuma yet to make a stand on Zimbabwe
    • 500kg ivory intercepted at airport
    • Foreigners Caught With Over 20 Tonnes Of Copper Cables
    • Zimbabwe dispatches: vanishing money
    • PEACE WATCH of 2nd June 2009 [Human Rights Defenders]
  45. Posted 3/6/09
    • Elections could plunge Zim into chaos: UN
    • Tsvangirai to visit Europe, US
    • Zimbabwean nightmare of neglect continues in South Africa
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai to go to US to seek aid, "give reassurances"
    • Farmers' hopes pinned on SADC Tribunal hearing Friday
    • SADC will not convene full summit to discuss issues in GPA
    • University of Zimbabwe Faces Collapse
    • EU announces health, water aid for Zim
    • Zimbabwe considers making the Rand the official currency
    • Court orders Nkomo's eviction from land
    • 400 Hectares Lie Idle Due to Power Line Vandalism
    • ZANU PF governor's son arrested for killing MDC activist
    • War vets, Zanu-PF lock horns over farmer
    • Lawyer struck off for farmer scam
    • Prison service broke: Chinamasa
    • 10 prisoners die of cholera
    • Zimbabwe's Finance Minister installs advanced accounting software
    • Hot Seat: (PRT 1) Minister Matinenga vs Dr Madhuku on the state of the new Constitution
    • Letter from Africa: Not hell on earth but a place rotting from within
    • Gono the genius, what genius?
    • Zimbabwe needs a strong and independent parliament
    • Bill Watch Special of 2nd June 2009 [Call for Applicants for Constitutional Commissions This Week]
    • Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem: Passing of a hero
    • Zimbabwe loses art pioneer
  46. Posted 2/6/09
    • Zimbabwe needs over $700 million in humanitarian aid
    • MDC calls for urgent SADC summit
    • Zimbabwe poised to adopt rand
    • Zim lawyers vindicated - again
    • Court frees Zimbabwean lawyer Muchadehama
    • MDC wants Zanu-PF militias off payroll
    • Tsvangirai concerned about delay in implementing GPA issues
    • Teachers Demand Cereals to Supplement Allowances
    • Army commanders live in fear
    • NCA said to be in the red
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Unveils Performance Act
    • Children struggle to live with AIDS and poverty
    • Recovery will cost more
  47. Posted 1/6/09
    • UN launches US$718m Zim aid appeal
    • Robert Mugabe's thugs chanted: 'We will eat your children'
    • Zimbabwe's MDC demand resignation of central bank chief
    • Eric Bloch says Gono is a genius
    • Resolutions of MDC Ninth Annual Conference
    • ZIMBABWE: UN agency turns on taps at shut university
    • ACTION ALERT : Lawyer Martin Makonese harrassing commercial farmer
    • Get a credit card - they work, says confident Biti
    • Botswana compelled to rehabilitate Zimbabwe's transmission lines
    • Mbeki's motives help to predict Zuma's actions on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 30th May 2009
    • Nkomo diverts attention from serious national issues
    • Zesa to resume meter readings
    • Chiadzwa deaths not linked to diamond mining - ZNA
    • Conversation on 'Points of light'OL initiative
    • Film takes closer look at African UFO 'Sighting'

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