The ZIMBABWE Situation

March 2009 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/3/09
    • Zimbabwe’s prisons are death-traps
    • Mutsekwa says working well with Mohadi
    • 'Clean water provides lasting solution to cholera'
    • SA authorities to move refugees to Soweto
    • Hong Kong defers on Mugabe immunity
    • UK freezes Mugabe's ally's holding in Edmonds firm
    • Econet faces lawsuit
    • Know Your Ministers: Mangoma, Mudenge
    • Mangoma appeals for S African investment
    • Zim investment promotion
    • Responsibility without power as thugs reign
    • "Spread the Word" - Zimbabwean protest poets rock America!
  2. Posted 31/3/09
    • SADC supports US$8 billion plan to revive Zimbabwe's economy
    • Denmark, World Bank give Zimbabwe US$18m
    • IMF offers assistance to improve payments system
    • Undercover programme on Zimbabwe’s prisons to be aired Tuesday night on SABC TV3 (South Africa)
    • Continuing farm invasions threatening future of coalition
    • Sunday Mail dismisses new invasion reports
    • Reports say man shot as police protect ousted Bishop Kunonga's service
    • Tsvangirai and Mnangagwa Secret Meetings Riles Robert Mugabe
    • University of Zimbabwe to Remain Closed
    • Victimisation of Junior Officers Continuing at ZPS
    • Know Your Ministers: Madzorera, Mpofu
    • In Zimbabwe, law has a long road ahead
    • Rural areas exposed by lack of cholera knowledge
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 28 Mar 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 29 Mar 2009
    • Activism in the Time of Cholera
    • Tsvangirai decries rate of road accidents
    • Villains and Victims in Zimbabwe
    • Inside Robert Mugabe's "death camps"
    • Getting Zimbabwe to work again
    • Heal the beloved country
    • Bill Watch 12 of 29th March 2009 [No Sign of ExpectedLegislative Reform]
  3. Posted 30/3/09
    • SADC turns to Zim, Madagascar
    • Summit to consider $2b package
    • Zimbabwe orders probe into fresh farm invasions, says report
    • Unemployment looks set to rise above 90%
    • Trouble ahead for 4 000 refugees
    • Reforms spur Zimbabwe’s gold industry
    • Moyo now African Development Bank VP
    • Francistown thrives on Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 28th March 2009
    • Multiple currencies spell doom to Zimbabwe itinerant traders
    • US immigrants cut costs to keep up remittances
    • Horrendous Task for Zimbabwe's Healing Organs
    • The right to a safe classroom
    • Why MDC should stay the course
    • No Mercedes Benz for MDC ministers
  4. Batch 2 Posted 29/3/09
    • Zimbabwe: Is the basket case finally on the mend?
    • Plans to beef up PM's security
    • The NSSA is broke
    • No Respite in Political Violence
    • Tsvangirai Vows to Crush Land Grabbing
    • NCA Protests Government Handling of Constitution Process
    • Law and Order First, Before Aid - Envoy
    • Zanu PF 'blocks' media conference
    • World Rallies Support for Zim
    • Not Flying Anywhere
    • Governnent Directive on 'A' level Students Slammed
    • Rights Groups Alarmed by Prison Conditions
    • US$416m Budget for Bulawayo
    • Varsity Students Cry Foul Over High Fees
    • National Healing Indaba Set for April
    • ZFTU Disowns Chinotimba
    • Mutare City Council Slashes Tariffs by 30%
    • Mawere Assets: Biti to Rule on Dispute
    • No Ready Cash for Tourism Projects
    • Rights Lawyers Threaten to Sue ZBH
    • Ball in Your Court, IMF Tells Zim
    • Alex Magaisa: The Politics of Constitution Making in Zimbabwe
    • Importance of appearing important
    • Sunday Opinion: The Pain, Frustrations and Joy of Real Independence
    • Comment: GNU Parties Must Prove Commitment
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • 450% surge in violence cases in February
    • Who dun it?
  5. Posted 29/3/09
    • Biti Orders Massive Crackdown On Tax Evaders
    • World Bank gives $10m to repair Zimbabwe's water and sewer systems
    • Southern Africa hit by worst floods in years
    • SADC should now call on the uniformed men to help
    • Zimbabwe activists laud sanctions
    • Police cited as biggest violators of GPA
    • Britain opens new embassy in Zimbabwe
    • Biti Foiled a Gono Scandal
    • Know Your Ministers: Gwanyanya, Mohadi
    • JAG - farm situations communique
    • Zim's new age of boredom
    • ENVISION and its framework "Reconstruction of Zimbabwe" launched
    • If it’s bought with public money, it’s public business
    • Stimulus for Zimbabwe
  6. Posted 28/3/09
    • Tsvangirai vows to end impunity and to arrest farm invaders
    • S.Africa's Zuma criticizes West over Zimbabwe
    • Statement by Participants in Zimbabwe Like-Minded Meeting
    • Tsvangirai, Mugabe for crisis talks on economy
    • Government to Review RBZ Act: Mutambara
    • NCA boycott Tsvangirai's stakeholders' forum
    • Minister confirms Mugabe refusing to swear in Bennett
    • Cosatu sceptical of unity government
    • Operation Garikai Beneficiaries Face Eviction
    • University of Zimbabwe not opening Monday due to high fees
    • Dutch farmers still hope for justice
    • Zesa Fixes Jan-Feb Tariffs
    • University of Zimbabwe students further remanded
    • Reserve Bank hit hard by new policies - what will Gono do now?
    • Irked by the Merc Perk!
    • Understanding and Embracing the New Dispensation in Zimbabwe - Mutambara's Parliamentary Maiden Speech
    • Harare Council tour makes shocking discoveries
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 26 Mar 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 27 Mar 2009
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Comment from a Correspondent
  7. Batch 3 Posted 27/3/09
    • Statement at the conclusion of an IMF Article IV mission to Zimbabwe
    • Report From Recent IMF Mission To Zimbabwe Surprisingly Favorable
    • Human-rights group: Hopes for end to Mugabe repression not met
    • Latest Zimbabwe Farm Invasions Reveal Fault Line in Unity Government
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Threaten New Strike Over US Dollar Wage Glitches
    • Privatisation of State-owned firms on course
    • Zimbabwe scores badly on ICT
    • Stock Exchange resumes trade
    • As Zimbabwe Cholera Crisis Eases, Harare Officials Step Up Water Works
    • Air Zimbabwe passes IATA safety audit
    • MPs press for affordable passports
    • Floods and tropical storms ravage Mozambique
    • Know Your Ministers: Gabbuza, Mnangagwa
    • Zimra officers fleece new firms
    • Zimbabweans moved from pillar to post in SAfrica
    • Hope in Zimbabwe
    • Do something about out of control university administrators
    • Are We In A New Zimbabwe Yet?
  8. Batch 2 Posted 27/3/09
    • Biti Takes Fight to Gono
    • Constitution-making Process Set in Motion
    • Mutambara Launches Drive to Repair Zim Image
    • Vacant MDC, Zanu PF Seats Open to Challenge
    • RBZ Fiscal Operations Breed Corruption
    • Information ministry Hosts Conference on Media Policies
    • No Byo Town Clerk for 3 Years
    • Cops to Quiz Timba Over Seized BMW X5
    • Damaged Road Brings Business to a Halt
    • Parly Sets up Committee to Oversee Govt Departments
    • GPA Delays, Lack of Aid Could Take Sterp Back
    • Sadc Heads to Meet on Zim Aid Package
    • Moyo Appointed as VP of AfDB
    • Declining Food Prices Force Inflation Down
    • ZPI Forecasts Growth in Property Sector
    • Banking Trio to Act as Clearing Houses
    • Will Zimbabwe vote in 2010 or later?
    • End of Ideology, Return of Economic Realism
    • Bad Governance to Blame, Not Sanctions
    • Eric Bloch: First Real Steps to Economic Recovery
    • Back to Basics
    • Candid Comment: First 100 days, Jury Still Out
    • Comment:Sanctions Not the Problem
    • Public Media Must Shed Straitjacket
  9. Posted 27/3/09
    • Continuing concerns over Mugabe's insistence that he is in charge
    • Police chief terrorises farmer
    • Open letter to Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai from commercial farmer Ben Freeth
    • Prime Minister to open Stakeholder Forum Frida
    • Mugabe bodyguards robbed at gun point
    • Zimbabwe reduces Cahora Bassa power bill
    • Zambia and Namibia face worst floods in 40 years
    • Rotten Row Courts in a Mess
    • Mutambara Speaks Out On Banned Foreign Media And Sanctions
    • Zimbabwe wants tourists back
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 25 Mar 2009
    • Some Zimbabweans see only more pain as prices fall
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert: Journalists charged with defamation
    • Infighting Rocks MDC
    • Deputy Prime Minister's mother dies
    • Has Zimbabwe's Runaway Inflation Finally Been Tamed?
    • Southern African artists in Zimbabwe freedom concert
    • SABC TV3: Special Assignment - Zimbabwean Prisons "HELL HOLE"
    • Zimbabwe's great diamond rush brutally suppressed by Robert Mugabe's regime
    • The politics of constitution-making in Zimbabwe
    • Liquidate Zanu PF’s assets
    • Opinion - Sanctions must remain in place for now
    • Warning
    • What about China in Africa? - A debate revisited
  10. Batch 2 Posted 26/3/09
    • Zim will slide into total anarchy if unity govt collapses: Biti
    • Unity govt needs urgent help to achieve true democracy
    • Refuse collectors paid more than teachers
    • Mutambara blames all on Mugabe
    • Goods reappear in Zimbabwe shops
    • Sweden donates $10 million to Zimbabwe
    • No political prisoners in Zim, says Bob
    • Zimbabwe: Reform Justice System
    • Requests for asylum by Zimbabweans rise 82%, says UN body
    • 'A lot of people who want to stay'
    • Chiadzwa yields 50 000 carats per week
    • Nurses sell "free" blood to patients
    • RBZ staff - from riches to rags . as dollarization begins to bite
    • Tobacco plunges to record low
    • Home Link to be revived?
    • Crying out for vengeance … the sufferings of Mbare residents continue
    • Implement the agreement - that is all
    • Jestina Mukoko saved by State security Minister
    • Know Your Ministers: Dzinotyiweyi, Goche
    • When will I see my daughter?
    • African Union
    • Pentagon Says China's Military Power Grows as Intentions Still Unclear
  11. Posted 26/3/09
    • IMF dampens hopes of aid to Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe refusing to swear in Bennett
    • Tsvangirai to resume work on April 1 after mourning
    • Mutambara urges gvt to reform to have sanctions lifted
    • Allegations of deliberate ploy to block MDC security trainees
    • Farmer makes desperate plea to Tsvangirai over farm invasions
    • Only 100 white farmers left in Zimbabwe
    • MDC names missing abductees
    • Telone Seeks U.S.$700 000 for Satellite System
    • 84 year old WOZA member released after night in Bulawayo cells
    • Zimbabwe gold mine seen reopening in 4-6 months: CEO
    • Sweden wants 'mutual benchmarks' before Zimbabwe re-engagement
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 24 Mar 2009
    • Researchers Developing New Ways to Purify Water
    • Give Inclusive Government A Chance - Mujuru
    • Know Your Ministers: Chamisa, Chinamasa
    • Zanu PF is thinking far ahead to elections
    • Zimbabwe imports roads equipment from China
    • Motorists start using the Lusaka-Chirundu road again
    • Innocent Victims
  12. Batch 2 Posted 25/3/09
    • Hopes rise as Zimbabwe's stricken engine sputters back into life
    • Hopes of aid from new regime dashed as Robert Mugabe thugs grab land
    • SADC Summit re-locates to Swaziland
    • Zimbabweans Hail Donor Summit to Help Boost Faltering Economy
    • Zimbabwe's prime minister ready to return to work
    • Continuing Land Invasions Pose Dilemma for Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe Activists Urge Action on Water to Consolidate Gains on Cholera
    • CHRA statement on World Water Day
    • Chombo advancing own interests, not Residents’
    • Magistrates relaxes bail conditions for 4 MDC activists
    • US Envoy Offers Bleak Assessment of Zimbabwe's New Unity Government
    • ZANU-PF's New Farmer and the land question in Masvingo Province
    • JAG - farm situation communique dated 24 March 2009
    • Alleged bombers remanded to end of April
    • Know Your Ministers: Chombo, Coltart
    • New blow to reeling Zimbabwe
    • Region's artists to hold Zim peace concert in Johannesburg
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 613 - Dated 24 March 2009
  13. Posted 25/3/09
    • Zimbabwe turns the corner on inflation; prices falling since January
    • Tsvangirai returns to challenges
    • Court grants state's application to further remand alleged bombers
    • Teachers stranded as banks run out of forex
    • IMF raises concerns as team assesses Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Anglican Church press charges against police chief
    • NRZ Boss denies looting allegations
    • Released abductees tell their story
    • Norwegian Minister Jets In For Bilateral Talks
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 23 Mar 2009
    • HK lawmakers urge travel ban on Mugabe's wife
    • President Obama Nominates New Assistant Secretary for Africa
    • Is how a country treats the most vulnerable of its people not a test of its humanity?
    • MISA- Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights commemorate World Poetry Day
    • Thabani Dube, “The changing faces of the Zimbabwean economy have made me a pauper”
    • 15000 Zimbabwean nationals are deported
    • Zimbabwe: starting from scratch
    • Unity government going nowhere slowly
    • Freedom in their hearts
  14. Batch 2 Posted 24/3/09
    • PM Tsvangirai Sets Cabinet Talks on Wave of Farm Invasions
    • Zimbabwe Farm Invasions Exacerbate Cholera Epidemic in Rural Areas
    • Sanctions Will Remain on Zimbabwe, U.S. Ambassador Says
    • Zanu (PF) hardliners 'a threat to transition
    • 7 accused persons to be tried for terrorism
    • Governor, war vets fight over farm
    • Minister vows to bring state security agent to justice
    • Chaos as Zim refugees queue
    • SA authorities offer temporary shelter for refugees
    • Bank demands licence back from RBZ
    • Zimbabwe Water Minister Steps Up Effort To Restore Safe Supplies
    • Critics demand Grace Mugabe to be banned from Hong Kong
    • Zimbabwe police should stop war on journalists - WPF
    • State says not yet ready for Mwanda trial
    • South Africa's perverse Zimbabwe policy
    • Mawere, Muponda and Mambondiani on BTH: Part 1
    • Governments that steal together, stay together longer
    • Criticising GNU now said to be unpatriotic
    • ICT Strategy For Zimbabwe
  15. Posted 24/3/09
    • Four arrested as offensive against Chiredzi farmers intensifies
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai to return to Zimbabwe Tuesday
    • SADC leaders to discuss aid to Zimbabwe
    • '15000 Zimbabwean nationals are deported'
    • Zimbabwe Banks Run Out Of Foreign Currency
    • Mutsekwa says Mwale's days numbered
    • Harare diary: Bread winners and losers
    • IMF winds up Zimbabwe mission
    • Journalist Violet Gonda interviews Roy Bennett
    • Zimbabwe prisoners starve to death as service collapses
    • Cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe easing - WHO
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 20 Mar 2009
    • Harare Residents Resist 'Unaffordable' Rates, Bills
    • Khupe calls for an end to domestic violence
    • MDC security guard may never walk again
    • Buying a driver's licence
    • How Zimbabwe slew the dragon of hyperinflation
    • Cash budget basis!
    • Know Your Government Ministers
    • Hope, anger, despair and murder in Musina for Zimbabweans
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 612 - Dated 22 March 2009
    • Bill Watch 11 of 22nd March 2009 [2009 National BudgetReview Statement and STERP]
  16. Posted 23/3/09
    • Zimbabwe parliament to probe police torture allegations
    • PM summons security ministers over farm invasion
    • West must drop its sanctions to save Zimbabwe, says minister
    • Refugees to be moved
    • Southern Africa leaders to meet March 30
    • Police, soldiers resist transfer from Chiadzwa
    • Zimondi Retracts Anti Tsvangirai Statement
    • Poet detained after reciting poem
    • AU double standards on Zimbabwe vs Madagascar
    • Time to Walk the Talk
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 21st March 2009
    • Zimbabwe: The Failure of Regional Leadership
    • ICT Guide – Zimbabwe
  17. Batch 2 Posted 22/3/09
    • Robert Mugabe's wife given diplomatic immunity after alleged street attack on Briton
    • Zanu PF Sabotaging Inclusive Government
    • Fresh Farm Invasions Revive Misery
    • Chaos as Civil Servants Fail to get Their pay
    • Mukoko's Lawyers File for Refusal of Further Remand
    • Police Hunt Ministry Official Over RBZ Cars Scam
    • Rights Lawyer Nominated for top Award
    • School Head Charged with Abusing Pupils
    • Cash Crunch Stalls PF Zapu
    • RBZ Workers Want Gono's Head
    • Magistrates up in arms Over Arrest of a Member
    • Chombo Accused Over Vacant Town Clerk Position
    • Anglicans Want Chihuri Charged
    • Unicef Donates Water Chemicals
    • 'No likely takers for Mugabe aid pleas'
    • Inclusive Government Mulls 'open-skies' Policy
    • Global Recession Hits Safari Operators
    • Alex Magaisa: Political reform, economy of Zimbabwe
    • Comment: Chombo's Blatant Opportunism, Hypocrisy
    • Why Zimbabwe Could Collapse Again
    • Newsanalysis: Little Optimism Over
    • Zim Standard Letters
  18. Posted 22/3/09
    • Zim cuts electricity tariffs, sets new fuel prices
    • MDC, Zanu PF women join hands
    • Schools Use Mid Year Results for Enrolment
    • Coal Shortage Affects Hospital
    • Political Violence Victims Seek State Assistance
    • Zimbabwe cholera deaths decline by 63 percent in one week, WHO reveals
    • Angry workers set fire to sugar cane crop
    • Africa needs younger leaders, says Annan
    • British thinktank warns of "global pandemic of unrest"
    • Zim's blueprint for recovery
    • FULL TEXT: Short Term Emergency Recovery Programme (STERP)
    • 'Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa'
    • When a horse gives birth to a fish
  19. Posted 21/3/09
    • Mukoko, eight others remanded to April 9
    • CFU vice president released from custody
    • Chaos in Bulawayo as civil servants fail to cash forex vouchers
    • ACTION ALERT : Harare Central Prison has run out of food
    • Death and disease in Zimbabwe's prisons
    • Police barricade striking RBZ workers in
    • South Africa cannot afford to bankroll Zimbabwe recovery
    • International community demands 'rule of law' in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's black market dealers out in the cold as economy recovers
    • Zimbabwe dollar pronounced dead
    • Foreign companies shun ZITF
    • Wiki map aims to help rebuild shattered Zimbabwe
    • US sends CIA to investigate PM's wife's death
    • Tsvangirai crash driver due in court Monday
    • Geoff Foster: paediatrician remaining hopeful in Zimbabwe
    • Sibanda needs Tsvangirai to rescue him
    • UNDP admits vehicles registered in its name were used to smuggle diamonds
    • The last stand of Zimbabwe's white farmers
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 611 - Dated 19 March 2009
  20. Batch 2 Posted 20/3/09
    • Mugabe an Obstacle to More Donor Aid
    • Zimbabwe needs $3,3bn to stabilise power supply, taskforce reports
    • Farmers promised protection in new economic plan
    • Safe Water Now Focus of Zimbabwe's Battle Against Cholera
    • Millions wasted on Africa water projects: Research
    • Gono hails Biti on new economic policy
    • Investigators to Probe Susan Tsvangirai's Death
    • Govt Cracks Whip on Farm Invaders
    • Activists to Challenge Detention
    • Mavambo file Application Against Makoni
    • Unity Government Begins Implementing GPA terms
    • Army Brigadier Embroiled in Farm Ownership Wrangle
    • Poll Violence Victims Demand Compensation
    • ZITF Denies Fair Cancelled
    • Zim faces challenging, Uncertain Future
    • Financiers Won't Loosen Purse Strings for GNU
    • US$1 billion Stimulus Package for Industry
    • Diamond Probe Team Meets Acting Prime Minister
    • Revised Budget Dashes Infrastructure Repair Hopes
    • 'Multi-currency Environment Growth Opportunity'
    • The Demise of Aippa and Still-birth of ZMC
    • Focus on RBZ Reform, not Ousting Gono
    • Eric Bloch: The Zimbabwe Dollar Farce
    • Restore the Rule of Law First
    • Parliament to quiz Mohadi, Mutsekwa over Torture
    • Candid Comment: Meaning of Parliamentary Democracy
    • Comment: No Silver Bullet to Revive Economy
    • Comment: Mugabe's Charm Offensive
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • A Bridge to Somewhere
    • The confessions of a Killer - My story
  21. Posted 20/3/09
    • Zimbabwe president, longtime opponent appeal for $5 billion for economic recovery plan
    • Zimbabwe 'in talks with West on sanctions'
    • US rejects Mugabe call to lift sanctions
    • Ministers call for end to political violence
    • Recovery plan calls for rule of law and an end to farm invasions
    • Minister Coltart appoints National Education Advisory Board
    • Zimbabwe Fails To Pay Diplomats, Postpones Ministers' Retreat
    • Sweden renews call for Zim reforms
    • Denmark expresses concern over farms
    • Photojournalist granted right to appeal denial of bail
    • Bulawayo man thrown out of CIO building
    • Zesa Warns of Power Interruptions
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 17 Mar 2009
    • Professionals seeking repatriation
    • Starvation rife in prison - Bennett
    • Former ISO boss clings to power
    • To Help Those Who Can't Help Themselves
    • Viewpoint: In Zimbabwe, hope amid the ruins
    • Who owned killer truck?
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 12
    • Full Text: 2009 budget revision statement
  22. Batch 2 Posted 19/3/09
    • Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Panel Quizzes Ministers on Missing MDC Activists
    • 'Zimbabwe's public education is in shambles'
    • Last white Zimbabwean farmers to be evicted
    • Mugabe reveals human side - could it be a trick?
    • Dr Fay Chung backs Dr Simba Makoni
    • Women's Day event set to foster peaceful co-existence
    • International Women’s Day Celebrations In the Eyes of A Zimbabwean Woman
    • As Cholera Epidemic Continues, Zimbabwe Government Sets Water Summit
    • But AU should isolate all oppressive rulers
    • Shocking legacy
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 610 - Dated 18 March 2009
    • Blood, land and sanctions - part 3
    • Blood, land and sanctions - part 4
    • Richer than Bill Gates without any effort
    • UK House of Lords Zimbabwe debate
    • Makedenge's wife commits suicide
    • Talk at the bar
    • Goodness gracious me
  23. Posted 19/3/09
    • Zimbabwe budget slashed by $700,000, finance minister says country must live within means
    • Big blow to Zim budget
    • Zimbabwe's economy "literally sustained by beer and cigarettes"
    • Coltart says government has no money to pay teachers' salaries
    • Finance Minister Biti launches new economic blue print
    • White farmer rearrested for photographing Tsvangirai crash scene
    • The Commercial Farmers' Union - URGENT Memo
    • JAG FARMS UPDATE dated 17TH March 2009
    • Zimbabwean farm evictions escalate despite the GPA
    • Deputy Mayor and 26 MDC activists released on bail Wednesday
    • Roy Bennett sworn in as Senator
    • 'Blood diamonds' team starts Zim probe
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 16 Mar 2009
    • Roy Bennett remanded to the 21st of April 2009
    • Zim refugees 'desperate'
    • Zimbabwe desperately needs $1bn to pay bills
    • Zimbabwe cut off from the world wide web - again
    • US$100 million for 're-election'
    • Minister Launches New Weekly Paper
    • Zimbabwean human rights lawyer Harrison Nkomo nominated for award
    • Donor fears over Zimbabwe violence
    • UK law firm takes on fresh Zimbabwean asylum claims
    • Bill Watch 10 16th 2009 [This Week in Parliament]
    • BILL WATCH SPECIAL of 18th March 2009 [Budget Review Wednesday Afternoon]
    • ZAPU dismisses Mugabe over tribalism
    • Denmark to revive ties with Zimbabwe
  24. Posted 18/3/09
    • Biti to Present Budget Review Statement
    • Mutambara to deliver maiden speech in Parliament on Wednesday
    • Masvingo farmer in hiding after assault and threat of arrest
    • JAG - urgent press release communique dated 17 March 2009
    • Mutare Deputy Mayor & 26 more MDC activists arrested in Buhera
    • Staff presents Gono with ultimatum
    • Roy Bennett to appear in court tomorrow
    • Court frees magistrate who freed Bennett
    • Joint Communiqué issued at the Conclusion of the Third Session of the Zimbabwe - South Africa Joint Commission
    • Despite Release of High-Profile Prisoners, Zimbabwe Activists Remain Behind Bars
    • Those Seeking Medical Care in Zimbabwe Rely Now on Mission Hospitals
    • No relief for Zim until debt's paid up
    • Zimbabwe's Tobacco Crop May Decline 40% This Year
    • Teachers Threaten Fresh Strike In May
    • ICU for Zim's science agenda
    • Ex-Airforce of Zimbabwe pilot jailed for forgery in UK
    • Zimbabwe still in the grip of cholera
    • Cholera epidemic rages on
    • MDC have team investigating Tsvangirai crash
    • Govt probe on Tsvangirai wife's death
    • 'Haul Mugabe before ICC'
    • Zimbabwe Closes in on Record
  25. Batch 2 Posted 17/3/09
    • Zimbabwe's Anglicans defy riot police with return to church
    • Masvingo farmer abducted, assaulted
    • Bennett says Chinamasa has vendetta against him
    • Teachers threaten strike unless govt tops up US$100 allowances
    • Zimbabwe urged to safeguard investments
    • Zimbabwe prisoners emerge with horrifying tales of abuse
    • Rift looms over control of ZSE
    • Mnangagwa sucked into scandal
    • Home Affairs Ministers summoned
    • Robert Mugabe's pilot tried to stay in UK illegally because he feared president
    • Inside Zimbabwe: A world undone by neglect and madness
    • Ditch central banking
    • Selling out the masses in the name of power sharing
    • The Herald up to its usual mischief
    • No hope for progress with Mugabe in charge
    • Church offers only home
  26. Posted 17/3/09
    • South Africa considers steps to help Zimbabwe
    • SA, Zim foreign ministers to strengthen cooperation
    • Roy Bennett 'to take Zimbabwe cabinet job despite continued farm seizures'
    • JAG - situation report update communique dated 16 March 2009
    • NRZ bosses implicated in looting scandal as workers remain unpaid
    • 17 detained MDC activists denied bail in Buhera
    • Tsvangirai to be away for one week
    • Surge in returning Zimbabweans since formation of unity gov't
    • CIOs and Zanu-PF members arrested for extortion
    • Company who own Tsvangirai 'killer' truck suspend administrator
    • Lithium could be Harare's lifeline
    • U.S. provides an additional US$2.2 million to support Zimbabwe’s failing health systems
    • "Zimbabwe Must Release Political Prisoners"
    • Mugabe Sanctions Still Needed
    • Mugabe's death zone
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 13 Mar 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 14 Mar 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 15 Mar 2009
    • The long, hard road to break free of an old regime
    • News Release - Water
    • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - Without the Crowds
    • Letter from America
    • Mugabe’s lavish lifestyle shouldn’t be rewarded
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 608 - Dated 15 March 2009
    • Susan Tsvangirai remembered in Coventry
  27. Batch 2 Posted 16/3/09
    • No evidence of Botswana training camps
    • Farm invasions, violence could soil IMF report on Zim
    • Remittances from African diaspora dry up in global recession
    • MDC demands review of 'national hero' status conferment
    • Starvation, drugs and prostitution: the miserable fate of Mugabe's orphans
    • Zimbabwe land grabs start again
    • DJ "Tich Mataz" arrested for alleged fraud
    • Zimbabwe, Diamonds and the Wrong Side of History
    • INTERVIEW: 'He is shaken by the accident itself'
    • On the destruction of Zimbabwean agriculture
    • Living through Zimbabwe's darkest hour
    • How different is new order from the old?
  28. Posted 16/3/09
    • Zimbabwe must repay debt, reform economy-CBank
    • Zim police free deputy mayor
    • A new daily for Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai Flies Out To S.Africa
    • Zanu PF Youths Terrorise Teachers
    • Top Post For Zimbabwean Girl Child
    • Bishop Verryn defends his efforts to help Zimbabwean refugees
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 14th March 2009
    • Zimbabwe: 'Unity' government in name only
    • Blood diamonds: 1.3 million carats 'missing'
    • Zimbabwe Unity Government needs to set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission -Lloyd Msipa
    • Bill Watch 9 of 13th 2009 [Number of Seats in Parliament Increased]
  29. Batch 3 Posted 15/3/09
    • SA goods hit shelves in Zimbabwe shops
    • Fierce Jostling for Governors' Posts
    • Mnangagwa Taken to Task Over Cabinet Appointments
    • Mtetwa fears arrest
    • Gibson Sibanda Could Lose Cabinet Appointment
    • Stakeholders Moot 100 Days to Improve Health
    • Makoni Wins Court Ruling Over `Mavambo' Assets
    • Kaseke's Powers at ZTA to be Clipped
    • Cresta Ploughs US$7m on Hotels' Facelift
    • Comment: Security lapses in Tsvangirai accident
    • Sunday Opinion: You Can blame it on the Culture of Violence
    • Zim Standard Letters
  30. Batch 2 Posted 15/3/09
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Calls for End to Political Violence
    • Mugabe says coalition is 'brother to brother'
    • Mugabe extends olive branch to West, says ready for partnership
    • Zimbabwe opposition official detained over violence: MDC
    • 'Zim needs healing after years of violence, rights abuses'
    • Struggling NRZ fails to raise forex deposit for locomotives
    • Issue of Mugabe's successor may threaten Zim stability
    • Zimbabwe's health care on critical list
    • Morgan Tsvangirai is the face of suffering Zimbabwe
    • MDC 'shell shocked' at Mahlangu's comments
    • Email chaos
    • Mugabe's untouchable friend
    • Harare City Council channels large chunk of ratepayers’ money towards salaries
    • ZBH license fees: A cause for concern
    • Veteran broadcaster Tich Mataz arrested
    • Take the biscuit - twice
    • Report: Air Zimbabwe B762 at London on Aug 3rd 2008, overwing slide deployed in flight
    • The International Criminal Court Spreads Its Tentacles
    • Susan Tsvangirai: a country mourns the First Lady of hope
    • Susan Tsvangirai would be pleased
  31. Posted 15/3/09
    • Govt Urgently Needs US$1b
    • Security Chiefs Boycott Tsvangirai Funeral
    • Attorney-General Accused of Targeting CFU Members
    • Detained Butau Loses Directorship
    • PF Zapu Congress Deferred
    • Raid 'mastermind' up for Fraud, Impersonation
    • Push for New Budget
    • Analysts Predict Drop in Grain and Cereal Production
    • Allowances Vanish in School Fees, Utility Bills
    • Basic Commodity Prices Down, Utilities up
    • Wounded Lions..Can they Arise?
    • 2008 Challenging Year for Tourism Industry
    • Wage Negotiations Deadlock Over ZCTU Claims
    • Property Prices Remain High
    • Eric Bloch: Continuing Sanctions Deception
    • GNU: Nothing has Changed Yet
    • Zim Needs Productive Unionism
    • Comment: Zanu PF's Roadblock to GNU Delivery
    • Delusional Mahoso Must Wake up to Reality
  32. Posted 14/3/09
    • MDC presses for national policy on hero status
    • Tsvangirai to attend Zvinavashe's burial at Heroes Acre
    • Khupe is Acting Prime Minister
    • Chiwenga may salute Tsvangirai at last
    • CPJ awardee Mtetwa faces possible arrest in Zimbabwe
    • Photojounalist and two MDC officials still in police custody
    • Another ISP reports "serious Internet issues affecting Zimbabwe"
    • Communications Minister says internet shut down now resolved
    • RBZ manager on the run
    • Agricultural inputs found hidden in a Church
    • Zimbabwe open for shopping
    • Hot off the press, money to burn
    • South African Officials Meet on Growing Number of Displaced
    • Tsvangirai crash driver's lawyer Chris Mhike on BTH
    • The Railways -- From Public Utility to Public Liability
    • Crynos Mufombori, "My heart bleeds for the school children"
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • The Horror and Hope of Zimbabwe: Roy Bennett Jailed, Released, and Forgives
    • Hoping for a miracle
    • Let's not forget Mutambara's contribution
    • The Book Café Youth Festival - Harare, Zimbabwe
    • New Book available through called "Saving Zimbabwe"
  33. Batch 2 Posted 13/3/09
    • Pay up or Zimbabwe deal fails, warns Biti
    • No easy answer to question of foreign aid for Zimbabwe
    • Bailed Roy Bennett tells of horror conditions in Mugabe jail
    • Attorneys for Freed Zimbabwe Cabinet Nominee Launch Next Step in his Legal Defense
    • Zim govt to implement "people-driven" constitutional reforms
    • Zimbabwean Government Plans Charm Offensive In Europe Seeking Aid
    • In Mudzi, shortages of fuel and medicine compound challenges of tackling cholera epidemic
    • More Than 700 Teachers Stranded: PTUZ
    • War veterans wage war over property
    • Mourning thousands overwhelm village
    • UK firm to help Zim regain top tourism destination status
    • Coventry memorial service announced for Susan Tsvangirai
    • UNHCR has created refugee 'crisis' in Joburg: Government
    • Evicting refugees spreads epidemic
    • Morgan Tsvangirai, don't be discouraged
  34. Posted 13/3/09
    • Roy Bennett released from prison
    • Bennett urges culture of forgiveness
    • Independent & Standard publisher to launch daily paper
    • ZCTU sets June deadline for minimum monthly wage payments
    • U.S. Embassy clarifies accident vehicle ownership
    • Another accident at same spot that killed Susan Tsvangirai
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 11 Mar 2009
    • Zanu (PF) looting frenzy continues
    • SW Radio Africa Transcript
    • Aid money almost too tight to mention
    • Zimbabweans in S.Africa unconvinced by unity deal
    • Siniukai Madondo, "We were thinking when we came off the train we'd find jobs"
    • Accident or not, MDC must let the dust settle
    • PEACE WATCH of 11th March 2009 [A Day of Remembrance]
    • Sir Albert Robinson
  35. Batch 2 Posted 12/3/09
    • ANC offers Tsvangirai facility to recover from injury, loss of wife
    • Tanzania's Kikwete urges help for Zimbabwe
    • Gono to launch daily newspaper
    • Police investigate MPs for theft
    • Soldiers, cops arrested at Chiyadzwa
    • 'Zim's collapsed health system compromises efforts to fight TB'
    • Red Cross Warns 9 Million Zimbabweans Could Need Food Assistance
    • Army Commander hails inclusive Govt
    • New Twist To Tsvangirai's Car Accident
    • Zimbabwe 'devastated by Mugabe'
    • Local leaders organised xenophobic violence: Report
    • Praise for 'mother of nation' Susan Tsvangirai
  36. Posted 12/3/09
    • Zimbabwe Supreme Court grants Bennett bail
    • ALERT: State possibly preparing to arrest Beatrice Mtetwa - unverified
    • Susan Tsvangirai buried in Buhera
    • Sadness tinged with new hope as Zimbabwe mourns Susan Tsvangirai
    • MDC says houses burnt down in Zimunya and Buhera
    • Australia boosts aid to Zimbabwe by $10m
    • Photojournalist's application dismissed
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 10 Mar 2009
    • Refugee crisis in Johannesburg sparks legal battle with church leader
    • Zimbabwe's unity government faces huge hurdles
    • Tsvangirai, Mugabe clash
    • Activists' Release A Positive Sign
  37. Batch 2 Posted 11/3/09
    • Zimbabwe Must Settle Multilateral Arrears Before Getting New Loans - IMF Official
    • Outburst of emotion as 15 000 crowd bids farewell to PM's wife
    • Zimbabwe: Will Unity Prevail? with Lucia Matibenga MP 11th March - MEETING CANCELLED
    • Dying at WHO's door
    • Precedent set for ICC to target Mugabe, says former war crimes prosecutor
    • MDC's condolence message on the death of Retired Army-General Zvinavashe
    • Mugabe says death of PM's wife was act of God, but doubts remain
    • SWRA's Lance Guma speaks to Dr Fay Chung
    • MDC lifts Chaibva suspension
    • Zim ISPs tell a story not otherwise reported
    • Statement by torture survivor's spouse on anniversary of 11 March 2007
    • Mutambara wrong on high-clearance vehicles
  38. Posted 11/3/09
    • Supreme Court reserves judgement on Bennett's bail
    • Thousands turn up for Susan Tsvangirai memorial
    • Robert Mugabe tells memorial service for Susan Tsvangirai: 'Violence must stop'
    • Mugabe pays tribute at Susan Tsvangirai memorial service
    • Mutambara booed at memorial service
    • Production grinds to a halt as Zimbabwean farm invasions continu
    • SADC Tribunal Rights Watch - 10 March 2009
    • Zimbabwe acknowledges IMF need for loan conditions
    • Zimbabwe photojournalist only political detainee in Chikurubi
    • General Vitalis Zvinavashe dies
    • Mnangagwa says no to appointments
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 09 Mar 2009
    • Who controls the water determines the severity of cholera
    • Cholera rising among Zimbabwe's neighbours
    • Zesa Denies U.S.$13 Million Coal Debt
    • MDC-T Activists' Application Dismissed
    • Controversy continues to rage over Tsvangirai accident
    • Morgan Tsvangirai rules out foul play in car crash
    • She would have made a superb First Lady
    • City of Harare Budget reaction
  39. Batch 2 Posted 10/3/09
    • Zimbabwean police shortage 'worst since independence'
    • Zimbabwe Public Funeral Gatherings Present Cholera Risk - Doctor
    • Zimbabwe's Main Trade Union Sets Out Hard-Currency Pay Demand
    • Refugees face eviction from Johannesburg church premises
    • Zimbabwe tourism chief laments airline blockade
    • Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) Statement on International Women's Day, 8th March 2009
    • From Bad To Worse In Zimbabwe
    • A personal and political tragedy
    • Death highlights hopelessness of situation
    • To a brave lady
  40. Posted 10/3/09
    • Prime Minister says car crash was an accident
    • Tsvangirai crash driver appears in court
    • 'I'm heartbroken' - Tsvangirai pays tribute to his wife
    • Prison conditions are "the worst I have ever experienced" - Roy Bennett
    • Update on trial of Williams and Mahlangu
    • IMF team begins consultations with Zim authorities
    • Gideon Gono pelted with Z$ by angry mourners
    • Farewell ceremony at Glamis Stadium
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 08 Mar 2009
    • On the cholera frontline
    • Junior Officers Sing Tsvangirai's Praises
    • Zim teachers back at work
    • Australia hints at policy shift
    • Harare residents dismiss 2009 city budget
    • TI-Zimbabwe castigates corruption at Harare City Council
    • Massive corruption uncovered at Town House
    • Violent Zanu PF Commanders Get Jail Sentences
    • Tourism industry loses US$ 34m
    • Mugabe, JOMIC struck prisoners deal
    • Mujuru's diamond mine stake questioned
    • Calls grow for independent investigation of Tsvangirai crash
    • NRZ Loses U.S.$108 000 Worth of Equipment
    • Break on Food Inflation Eases Hardships
    • ADF statement on Zimbabwe
    • Workers sent Home as Banks Feel the Pinch
    • Sokwanele Newsletter : Zimbabwe mourns the death of Susan Tsvangirai
    • A tragic portrait
    • Canada cancel Zimbabwe warm-up tour
  41. Batch 2 Posted 9/3/09
    • Morgan Tsvangirai crash 'was designed to eliminate leader'
    • Grieving Morgan Tsvangirai to return amid MDC fears of power grab
    • USAID driver to appear in court Monday
    • State wants Bennett to remain behind bars
    • WOZA speaks as world marks international women's day
    • Bill Watch 8 of 8th March 2009 [Prime Minister's Maiden Speech]
    • Starvation of a nation
    • Africa Seeks a Single Currency
    • JAG - SADC Tribunal Rights Watch COmmunique dated 8 March 2009
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 608 - Dated 8 March 2009
    • Africans, Don't Blame the Whites
    • Tsvangirai in an accident? What accident?
    • JAG - condolence communique
    • Obituary - Susan Tsvangirai
  42. Posted 9/3/09
    • Tsvangirai's wife to be buried on Wednesday
    • Tsvangirai's absence may leave void in Zimbabwe
    • Roy Bennett bail hearing scheduled for Tuesday
    • Roy Bennett has been told about the death of Susan Tsvangirai
    • Botswana attacks Zimbabwe regime
    • Transcript: FT interview with president of Botswana - excerpt
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 7th March 2009
    • Zimpapers went on strike
    • ZAPU launched in South Africa
    • Roy Bennett's cellmate dies
    • Harare water shortage continues
    • Zim refugees flood Jhb
    • Business round up for Sunday
    • Comment from a correspondent
    • Mugabe's culpability
    • Post your condolence messages on Sokwanele
  43. Batch 2 Posted 8/3/09
    • Tsvangirai death crash truck driver named
    • Stephen Smith seeks probe into Tsvangirai car crash
    • Ministerial Retreat Set for Victoria Falls
    • Mudzuri Flexes His Muscles
    • Mukoko, abductees relive their ordeal
    • High Court Challenge on Passport Charges
    • Lawyers for Detained Rights Activists Accuse Police of Defying Court Order
    • Emilia Zindi Charged
    • Clashes Loom as ex-Zipra Bids to Reclaim Properties
    • Constitution: Urgent Education Needed
    • New Terror for Returning Rural Teachers
    • Aids Activists Bemoan Lack of Resources
    • Call for Embargo on Zim Diamonds
    • ZITF U-turn on Fees
    • ZCTU Demands US$454 min wage
    • Workers sent Home as Banks Feel the Pinch
    • 'Dollarisation' lures Back Crooks, Robbers, say Police
    • Alex Magaisa: Zimbabwe's Maze of the 'Rule of Law'
    • Sunday View: Property Rights Door to Foreign Investment
    • Comment: Review Security for new Leaders
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Scraping the funds together
    • The flight of the beautiful mother bird
    • We are a nation in mourning
    • Susan Tsvangirai's death a great loss to Zimbabwe
    • Litany of sinister deaths
  44. Posted 8/3/09
    • Zimbabwe PM flown to Botswana after crash
    • Rumours fly after Tsvangirai crash
    • MDC to launch own investigation
    • Official: Tsvangirai believes fatal crash was deliberate
    • Photographer arrested at crash scene
    • Police Loot at Tsvangirai Accident Scene
    • Police arrest driver
    • MDC: Susan Tsvangirai was a mother of our struggle
    • Zim media silent on Tsvangirai's loss
    • Susan Tsvangirai, thank you
  45. Batch 3 Posted 7/3/09
    • Susan Tsvangirai - An ordinary woman with extraordinary charm
    • MDC: No reason to treat Tsvangirai crash as suspicious
    • Fatal Tsvangirai crash 'was not accident', says MDC
    • Tsvangirai in stable condition in hospital
    • Analysis: What Susan Tsvangirai's death means for Zimbabwe
    • Suspicion Over Death Of Zimbabwe PM's Wife
    • Mugabe Allies Intensify Bid to Take Farms of Whites
    • Inclusive Govt Must Respect Human Rights
    • Zimbabwe: A seat at the table
  46. Batch 2 Posted 7/3/09
    • Tsvangirai : danger lurks on black spot road
    • Tsvangirai describes accident to officials
    • Zimbabwe Mourns Death of Susan Tsvangirai, PM's Wife, In Highway Crash
    • Roy Bennett is kept in jail as security chiefs put pressure on judiciary
    • Registrar General taken to court over passport fees
    • Court orders release of 3 MDC activists
    • South Africa mulls credit line for Zimbabwe
    • Family 'tortured' by Mugabe's thugs face deportation from UK
  47. Posted 7/3/09
    • Morgan Tsvangirai and his wife in car accident, Mrs Tsvagirai has died as a result
    • Deon Theron in custody - was taking pictures of the scene of the accident
    • Wife of Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is killed in car crash
    • Mutare Magistrate arrested for ordering release of Bennett
    • Staff at AG's office expose external intervention
    • Fate of Zimbabwe central bank governor key to aid
    • Distrust of Mugabe deters donors
    • Mukoko - an untold story of suffering
    • 700 families displaced as fresh farm invasions continue
    • Outrage over new US$ fees for schools
    • Official: Zimbabwean justice system broken
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 05 Mar 2009
    • Schools' Relief Aid Suspended
    • CHRA urges residents to reject the astronomical 2009 city budget
    • Britain defends help for elderly leaving Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Returning home with hope
    • Zimbabweans hold their breath
    • Daily life in Zimbabwe
    • More funny money
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • MDC must finally take the bull by the horns
    • Mbeki named to heal Bashir rift
  48. Batch 2 Posted 6/3/09
    • New school fee structure announced
    • Zim landowners freed in farm seizure case
    • Judge's stolen land taken back from him - by Mugabe's wife
    • Doctors Without Borders: Zimbabwe restricting access
    • Food Availability Improves In Zimbabwe - For Those With Hard Currency
    • Fugitive Butau appears in court
    • As Mugabe throws parties in Zimbabwe, one in ten children in his country are destined to die before their fifth birthday
    • Showdown in Cabinet
    • Mugabe Loyalists Fight to spy on Citizens
    • I'm not Zanu PF Provincial Chairman - Nyanhongo
    • Appointment of Additional Ministers Unconstitutional
    • Abductees can still sue - Legal Experts
    • Mugabe Bash: Scraps for 'povo' as VVIPs gorge
    • Three International Airlines Chased Away
    • Financial Sector's Dilemma: to Bank or not to Bank?
    • 'Zero' 2007 Financial Results for Companies
    • Banks Redeem Treasury bills, woo Depositors
    • Lack of Inflation Figures Affects Listed Companies
    • Property Market at a Standstill
    • Govt a Stimulus for Growth
    • Zim Currency Reform - No Easy Choices
    • 'No' Vote was a People's Victory, not a 'mistake'
    • Infamous Birthday Bash and Immoral Leadership
    • Candid Comment: Compelling Case for Reform
    • Comment: No More Horror
    • We Need a Culture of Accountability
    • Muckraker: Zanu PF's bad boy Image will Keep Begging Bowl Empty
    • Editor's Memo: Tsvangirai's Halfway House
  49. Posted 6/3/09
    • The state blocks release of Roy Bennett
    • Supreme court ruling
    • High Court Judge implicated in land grab
    • Zim farmer protected by SADC ruling harassed by Senate President
    • Tsvangirai says cholera figures 'underestimated'
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 04 Mar 2009
    • IMF team to visit Zimbabwe
    • Biti, Chamisa, visit detained activists
    • EU earmarks R3bn for Africa
    • Currency vouchers for soldiers stolen
    • Thousands of Zimbabweans stranded as SA shuts refugee camp
    • Middle-aged Women Keeping Zimbabwean Economy Afloat
    • Progress Report
    • MDC outraged over Bennett detention
    • Whose land?
    • The MDC continues conceding too much too often to ZANU-PF
  50. Batch 2 Posted 5/3/09
    • Decision on Bennett imminent
    • AG still frustrating Bennett's release - MDC
    • Barack Obama prolongs US sanctions on Zimbabwe
    • Police ordered to allow family visits for witnesses in MDC terrorism case
    • Banks refuse withdrawals, claiming lack of US dollars
    • Rural schools in Masvingo remain closed
    • Mbeki chided over Zim
    • Stop your racist land grab, tribunal tells Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe lawyers advising white farmers badly
    • Calls for urgent action on food shortages
    • Up to 1,000 Amnesty International Activists to Convene in Boston For Annual National Conference, March 27-29
    • Who dares to shut Mugabe up?
    • Bashir warrant should make dictators wary
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 607 - Dated 3 March 2009
  51. Posted 5/3/09
    • The Inaugural Address by the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Morgan Tsvangirai, to the Seventh Parliament of Zimbabwe
    • Bennett's release imminent as Mutare magistrate agrees to free him
    • Zimbabwe Supreme Court to rule Thursday on Bennett bail
    • Farmers slam 'ludicrous' court decision to nullify SADC tribunal ruling
    • Zimbabwe Accuses Governments of Demonizing Its Human Rights Record
    • Fate of Zimbabwe central bank governor key to aid
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 3
    • Learning resumes at Zimbabwean schools
    • Three student leaders arrested at Bindura University demo
    • Zimbabwe Education in Desperate Circumstances
    • Senior police officer 'disappears' with Bennett's passpor
    • Zimbabwe asks for $2B amid more political problems
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 03 Mar 2009
    • 86 MDC Activists Freed
    • Angry Workers Set Sugarcane Ablaze
    • Woman of Terror - (Jestina Mukoko - Portrait of an alleged 'Terrorist')
    • Reuben Barwe "goes to town, panel-beating" Robert Mugabe birthday address
    • Retired Judge Smith got It horribly wrong on the appointment of Permanent Secretaries
    • Mugabe Beneficiary of Gono's Selective Prosecution For Externalisation?
    • Voices from Zimbabwe
    • Blood, land and sanctions - part 1
    • Blood, land and sanctions - part 2
    • PEACE WATCH of 4th March 2009 [Bail Offer for 13 Political Detainees]
  52. Batch 2 Posted 4/3/09
    • Update on the aductees from ZLHR
    • IMF Holds Talks With South Africa on Helping Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Takes Ex Officio Seat In Lower House of Parliament
    • High Court nullifies Sadc Tribunal ruling
    • Fugitive legislator arrested at airport
    • Herald newspaper censors CSO's communique
    • Mahoso's MIC is now a ghost - MDC
    • Wife says Bennett let down by MDC
    • Changes to UK student visa applications
    • Cholera in a time of health system collapse
    • Elephants trample Zimbabwe's precious crops
    • Matt Damon moved by plight of Zimbabwean refugees
    • Why reject US$1 notes?
    • Residents in solidarity with Mukoko and fellow activists.
    • Residents get shocking burial fees while council employees earn big!!!
    • Whither Zimbabwe?
    • Finding paradise in the lost world of Zim
  53. Posted 4/3/09
    • Zimbabwe court orders release of Bennett
    • Tsvangirai takes oath as leader of government in Parliament
    • Mnangagwa's name linked to diamonds
    • WOZA activists released on bail
    • 89 MDC supporters still in custody in Nyanga
    • High court grants bail to eight MDC activists from Mbare
    • Teachers fail to return to work
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 02 Mar 2009
    • Zimbabwe cholera cases could double - doctors
    • 30 strains of cholera as death toll approaches 4,000
    • ZBH Pays Workers With Mealie-Meal
    • George Charamba faces chop
    • Nkomo escalates farm battle
    • Price of corruption
    • How to rule in 2009
  54. Batch 2 Posted 3/3/09
    • It was painful, says Mukoko
    • JAG - stop press communique
    • Former prisoners allege beatings in Harare
    • Tsvangirai to be sworn into Parliament today
    • Zimbabwe legislature to closely monitor inclusive gov't
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Said To Confront President Mugabe Over Farm Seizures
    • SA considering availing credit lines to Harare: Motlanthe
    • Doctors Fear High Risk of Drug-Resistant TB
    • Zimbabwe's HIV/AIDS Population Obscured, Decimated By Cholera Epidemic
    • SA closes refugee camp in Pretoria
    • ZTA chief strips waiter of his substandard shoes
    • Makoni, Mandaza do battle over funds
    • In South Africa, few comforts await children fleeing Zimbabwe
    • The MDC versus the secret criminal cabal
    • Time for an African Solution or Sanctions?
    • Should I return home? A medical professional reflects
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 606 - Dated 2nd March 2009
    • Zimbabwe: will unity prevail? with Lucia Matibenga MP
  55. Posted 3/3/09
    • Mukoko and 12 other political detainees granted bail
    • Elderly farm couple severely beaten as farm invasions continue
    • 8 MDC activists granted bail on Sunday
    • NCA spokesman Madock Chivasa & 5 activists released on bail
    • Tsvangirai, Mugabe & Mutambara meet to finalise appointments
    • Mugabe vetoes resignations by service chiefs: think-tank
    • Zimbabwe minister says owners of acquired farms be allowed to wind down operations
    • Britain orders Kunonga assets to be frozen
    • Zimbabwe's blood diamonds
    • Roy Bennett heartened by the release of Jestiona Mukoko
    • Zimbabwe's food security eases
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 01 Mar 2009
    • Lord Malloch-Brown discusses Zimbabwe
    • Passport fees - a denial of rights
    • African Union's Shortcomings Limit African Solutions
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 10
    • Opening up Zimbabwe's airwaves
    • TRANSPORT-ZIMBABWE: Your Money And Your Life
    • Tinashe Moyo, The Zimbabwe dollar is not only worthless but unavailable
    • Statement by the Heads of Denominations on new govt
    • Zimbabwe's fuel scam
    • No unconditional aid to Zimbabwe - DA
    • Externalization revisited
    • The separation of powers doctrine revisited
    • Mugabe brand breeds corruption
  56. Batch 2 Posted 2/3/09
    • Mugabe can appoint secretaries - Justice Smith
    • Madhuku up in arms over constitution
    • MISA-Zimbabwe statement on the inclusive government and media reforms
    • No easy choices available for Zimbabwe currency reform
    • Too soon to lift sanctions against Zanu (PF), despite SADC call
    • Gono diverts funds to ZANU (PF)
    • Fighting for the future - Gono v Biti & Mutambara escalates into Mugabe v Mutambara fight
    • Election candidate now destitute refugee
    • Amendment No. 19 Act differs from Bill
    • Bill Watch 7 of 1st March 2009 [Parliamentary Agenda]
    • Communiqué on the Establishment of a Civil Society Monitoring Mechanism
    • Mugabe must go
    • Future of white people in Zimbabwe
    • Lessons from French history
  57. Posted 2/3/09
    • Zanu-PF hardliners 'attempting to sabotage' Zimbabwe's power-sharing government
    • Mugabe and Tsvangirai discuss Roy Bennett
    • First two of 16 MDC detainees freed on bail
    • Zimbabwe farmer attacks Mugabe's 'blatant bullying'
    • Mugabe calls on Tsvangirai to condemn sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 28th February 2009
    • WOZA Activist Jenni Williams Faces Trial Thursday, March 5
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 28 Feb 2009
    • Zimbabwe bailout will not go down drain - Dlamini-Zuma
    • UK Parliament
    • New Radio Broadcasts from Emirates
    • Subsistence to cyberspace
    • Vacate those farms
    • The stumbling blocks to Zimbabwe unity
    • An intriguing story...
  58. Batch 2 Posted 1/3/09
    • Mugabe Parties While Zimbabwe Collapses
    • Prof. Mutambara: Mugabe's personal opinion does not constitute
    • Seaway touted as a bonanza for landlocked African states
    • Tsvangirai Snubs Mugabe Party
    • PM Sees the Decay First Hand
    • 8 Abductees Granted Bail at Last
    • Pandemonium
    • Exodus of Key Staff Worries Bulawayo Council
    • US Dollar Knocks out Flashy 'dealers'
    • War Veterans Demand Dues in Forex
    • Report 'without fear or favour' Journos Told
    • Starving Villagers Look to NGOs for Salvation
    • Firms Threaten ZITF Boycott Over US$ fees
    • ZSE Levies to Protect Investors
    • What Future for Zim Monetary Policy?
    • Alex Magaisa: Revisiting 'dead'capital on Zimbabwe's Farms
    • Sunday View: Youth Must Play Active in Shaping Zim Democracy
    • Comment: Central bank should not probe itself
    • Revived Zapu Provides Clean Break
    • Zim Standard Letters
  59. Posted 1/3/09
    • Mugabe calls on white farmers to leave, during lavish birthday celebrations
    • Mugabe says gov't to push for control of firms
    • Shout out! Send sms messages to Radio Netherlands
    • Speaker Says Corruption Must Be Curbed
    • Zimbabwe's Students, on Their Own
    • Some very interesting news
    • Political violence resurges in Masvingo
    • Mugabe to conditionally free prisoners
    • Mutambara locks horns with Mugabe
    • Mugabe is winning battle for soul of Zimbabwe
    • Should tourists now return to Zimbabwe?
    • Zimbabwe: A beautiful land in need of a change of fortune
    • Zimbabwe Experience - a History Lesson

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