The ZIMBABWE Situation

April 2009 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 30/4/09
    • Teachers' Strike Threat Next Week Seen as Blow to Zimbabwe's Unity Government
    • Govt in moves to avert teacher strike
    • Corruption, lawlessness to blame for Zim woes: PM
    • Lawyers protest re-arrest of MDC activists
    • 'Zim must get aid only after ending rights abuses'
    • 3 ZANU PF ministers knew about Tsvangirai accident the day before
    • Zimbabwe still far short of $10bn in aid
    • Water Purifier From Procter & Gamble Deployed in Zimbabwe Cholera Fight
    • Still Struggling With Cholera, Zimbabwe Prepares Swine Flu Response
    • South Africa: Stop Deporting Zimbabweans
    • Harare Residents demand immediate suspension of Town Clerk
    • Farming requires commitment, not loyalty
  2. Posted 30/4/09
    • $400m credit secured from Africa - Ncube
    • Mugabe agrees to swear in Bennett BUT only after court acquittal
    • Update on three WOZA court appearances
    • Tsvangirai 'eases' doubts
    • Text: Prime Minister's address to ZITF business forum
    • Police get 2000 new reports of violence
    • Zimbabwe teachers threaten strike over pay
    • Major split over Zimbabwe posts
    • Khaya-Moyo says coalition working
    • Zim now an American colony - Mutambara
    • Gono sponsors Herald ad admitting he stole money from farmers
    • Former African presidents call for land reform at Berlin talks
    • Zimbabwean authorities continue persecution of political activists - Amnesty International
    • Once proud Zimbabweans - living on handouts
    • Zimbabwe's moment of opportunity
    • Who should write Zimbabwe's constitution?
    • 'New Constitution Paves Way For Poll Reforms'
  3. Batch 2 Posted 29/4/09
    • Zimbabwe Finance Minister Sees Major Shift In US-Zimbabwean Relations
    • No to Parliament-driven constitution: ZCTU
    • Dispute Over Zimbabwe's Central Bank Governor Intensifies
    • Millions taken from Zim farm accounts
    • Zimbabwe Schools Again Threatened By Teacher Strike Over Wages
    • Coltart to announce fees for new school term
    • 13 MDC supporters accused of violence
    • Kim Yong Nam to Visit South Africa and Zimbabwe
    • ARM is on lookout for Zimbabwe investments
    • MTN signals it is keen to get into Zimbabwe
    • Army moves in to protect endangered rhino
    • Rural service providers resort to barter trade
    • $50bn note defies odds
    • Exhibitors shun ZITF
    • Dutch Institute Urges 'Smart Support' Complementing Targeted Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • Inviting the media to its party
    • Zimbabwe: Donors Should Focus First on Reforms
    • Zimbabwe is still sitting on a crisis seesaw
  4. Posted 29/4/09
    • Unity government talks on the verge of collapse
    • IMF agrees to set up multi donor trust fund for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe photojournalist on the run as terrorism saga continues
    • Hot Seat interview: political detainee Gandhi Mudzingwa
    • Mugabe to attend Zuma inauguration
    • Zimbabwe Prison Services needs complete overhaul
    • ZAPU postpones congress once again
    • RBZ Employees Stay Away From Work
    • Dutch farmers win case against Zim government - details
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 18
    • Urban Residents Left Behind by Dollarisation
    • Masvingo Central police among the worst human rights violators in Zimbabwe
    • ZINASU press statement
    • Harare residents dismiss so called Rates slash!!
    • Gays and lesbians demand recognition
    • Zimbabwe dispatches: what economy?
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 26 Apr 2009
    • Zimbabwe aid feeds only crocodiles
  5. Batch 2 Posted 28/4/09
    • No aid for Zimbabwe as leaders struggle to overcome political impasse
    • IMF to discuss Zim next week
    • Red Cross helps Zimbabwe jails
    • Zimbabwe Finance Minister Biti Voices Satisfaction at Washington Contacts
    • World Bank Tribunal Tells Zimbabwe to Pay US$21M to Evicted Dutch Farmers
    • WHO Warns of Potential For Cholera Rebound In Zimbabwe in August
    • RBZ to offset debt with fertilizer
    • Telecom sale tests Zimbabwe's privatisation plans
    • Teachers vow not to resume duty
    • Minority parties call for decentralisation
    • Gono grabbing employee property and lying?
    • Remember, this is still politics
    • Zimbabwe: Help where it's needed
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 624- Dated 27th April 2009
  6. Posted 28/4/09
    • Crisis government talks postponed amid reports of tensions
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 4
    • Zimbabwe assets face seizure after tribunal rules for farmers
    • Coltart admits school fees unaffordable
    • Student leader still in custody 6 days on
    • Makumbe: Tsvangirai covering up for Mugabe's misdemeanours
    • Mutambara MDC deny suspending former MP Sikhala
    • 30 000 turn up for MDC rally in Chinhoyi
    • Bennett receives rousing welcomes
    • Judge reserves ruling over political detainees' re-arrest
    • Wounded Chegutu farm worker arrested
    • Zimbabwe allocates land to 13 white farmers
    • The Cost of the Farm Invasions
    • Zesa slashes workers salaries
    • Get the children back to school
    • Elephant exodus reported from troubled Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans asked to forgive and forget
    • Time to trust Zimbabwe’s new government?
    • Who Speaks for the People on New Constitution?
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 25 Apr 2009
    • HIFA kicks off today
  7. Batch 2 Posted 27/4/09
    • Zimbabwe needs to do more for financial aid - bank
    • 'Combine targeted sanctions with smart support'
    • UK pledges 15m humanitarian support for Zimbabwe
    • Think-tank to host investment summit in Harare
    • Civil society accuses police, Attorney General of bias
    • Farmers win US$21m against govt
    • Dlamini says hardliners out to derail GNU
    • The tap running dry - EDDIE BOTHA
    • Open Letter to the Editor of the Herald Newspaper
    • ZCTF Report
    • RBZ clears air over US$1,2 billion debt
    • Zimbabwean refugees now seek repatriation
    • Tsvangirai speaks as if fearful of Mugabe
    • 'Unbelievable' assault charges against Taibu thrown out
  8. Posted 27/4/09
    • S. Africa Considering Making Zimbabwe Join Common Monetary Area
    • 'Mr Mugabe, there is no going back'
    • SA permit will improve Zimbabweans' plight
    • RBZ, workers on collision course
    • Zimbabwe civil society opposes MDC on new constitution
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary 25/4/09
    • Former MP Job Sikhala calls on Mutambara to be recalled as party leader
    • [MDC Media Release] The Changing Times Online
    • Zuma's opportunity to make a difference
    • Gono Car Perks Fiasco
    • Zimbabwe: Biti Pushes for RBZ Reforms
    • Zimbabwe: Nation Can't Afford False Start On New Constitution
    • Unicef surveys the degree of need in Zimbabwe
  9. Posted 26/4/09
    • ZNSPCA - ALERT : Elephant Abuse
    • Farmers win US$21m against govt
    • State agents harass MDC officials
    • Makoni party launch delayed
    • Generals cannot hold nation to ransom forever
    • Tribunal rules against govt -- again
    • Sanctions cost Mujuru US$6m
    • Investment summit raises hopes for GNU
    • Gono can no longer mislead the nation
    • Tsvangirai: No going back on unity govt
    • Women Bear Brunt of Hunger Crisis in Africa, World
    • Investors fight for LonZim shake-up
    • Zimbabwe: Fierce Row Rocks Cabinet
    • Zimbabwe ministers request aid from The Hague
    • Are you coming home?
  10. Posted 25/4/09
    • Even with a New Government, Conditions in Zimbabwe Worsen
    • Zimbabwe: Deputy PM condemns g’vt on tollgate
    • Zuma's victory intensifies pressure on Mugabe
    • Chinese Assistant FM visits Zimbabwe
    • China to help Zim produce quality products
    • Jacob Zuma: South Africa's enigma
    • The upside to the Jacob Zuma victory: Zimbabwe
    • Failure to resolve outstanding issues threatening unity govt
    • Zimbabwe Finance Minister Biti Makes Case to Senior U.S. Diplomats
    • MDC Worried About Inclusive Government
  11. Posted 24/4/09
    • Talks to save unity govt in trouble, despite Tsvangirai assurances
    • Memorise the names of those violating Dhlamini and Mudzingwa’s rights
    • MDC MP granted bail after a week in custody
    • Zimbabwe: Alarm Over Intimidation of Witnesses to ILO Inquiry
    • African court halts eviction of black Zimbabwean farmer
    • Senator's men beat Chegutu farm workers
    • Minister markets Zimbabwe's investment potential in Europe
    • Police Silent on Disapperance of Tsvangirai Aide's Belongings
    • Crisis group warns of relapse into chaos
    • Anderson Manyere, "I would only be given two litres of water a week"
    • Wheat Farmers Face Financial Constraints
    • MDC 'shell-shocked' at Mahlangu's comments
    • Kwekwe goes two years without TV reception
    • Reshuffle At State-Owned Broadcasting Station
    • Govt marginalising media reform
    • Zimbabwe Needs Re-branding - German Ambassador
    • ZINASU Statement on suspended students
    • Parliament should investigate Gono
    • Comment from a Correspondent
  12. Batch 2 Posted 23/4/09
    • Tsvangirai wants unity govt's outstanding issues resolved
    • Crucial round of talks set for Thursday
    • No quiet diplomacy for MDC
    • JAG - farm situations communique - dated 22nd April 2009
    • Political Tension in Zimbabwe Mounts With Violence On White-Owned Farms
    • Journalists protest over media conference
    • Mugabe to become COMESA chairman
    • Tsvangirai to open business conference
    • Delegation aims to loosen the screws on Zimbabwe
    • Know Your Ministers: Dr Sidney Sekeramayi
    • Chinja!
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Debate Heats Up With Naming of Parliamentary Co-Chairs
    • Constitution making is not the province of Parliament
    • Bill Watch 15 of 22nd April 2009 [Update on Inclusive Government Difficulties]
    • Zambezi Valley monsters
    • Hwange – still a magical paradise
  13. Posted 23/4/09
    • Tsvangirai says he has given Mugabe an ultimatum on power-sharing
    • Stockdale farm owner still behind bars as land attacks escalate
    • MDC say arbitrary student arrests harming image of new govt
    • NCA harassed by security details during attempt to meet PM
    • Madhuku, Tsvangirai meeting fails to heal rift
    • NGO forum takes government to SADC Tribunal
    • Zimbabwe's state media taunts US ambassador
    • Ministry To Hold Media Stakeholders Conference
    • Zimbabwe's central bank stole money from Dutch aid organisation
    • RBZ in double money scam?
    • Zimdollar Mop-Up to Cost U.S.$13 Million
    • Zimbabwe May Sell State-Owned Enterprises, Herald Reports
    • Harare Slashes Rates
    • Government Re-takes Teachers
    • Address by the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe
    • Cholera infection continues to slow in southern Africa, UN says
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 20 Apr 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 21 Apr 2009
    • Wild animals compete for scarce crops
    • On ‘Dependence Day’
    • A presidential stranglehold on Zimbabwe
    • Equality and safety of Zimbabwean roads
    • Final and sweet revenge
    • As Zimbabwe turns 29, statements are not enough
    • Aid without reform in Zimbabwe risks fueling repression
    • When cars and luxury take precedence over life
    • RBZ vehicles saga "explosive" - analyst
    • No, Guv, bygones cannot be bygones
    • Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara About To Be Fired - [unconfirmed; not suggested anywhere else]
  14. Batch 2 Posted 22/4/09
    • Police detain white commercial farmer
    • JAG - farm situations communique - dated 21st April 2009
    • Zim leaders meet again over unity govt's outstanding issues
    • Zimbabwe Central Banker Gono Seen Under Mounting Pressure to Resign
    • Farm supplying cabbages to army rescued
    • Constitutional committee chairmen named
    • Think-tank sees coup possibility in Zim, fears for PM's life
    • Gono must be arrested and put on trial
    • Panicking Gono is blackmailing his Zanu PF friends
    • McGee, Pocock end tour of duty
    • Know Your Ministers: Saviour Kasukuwere
  15. Posted 22/4/09
    • Mudzingwa and Dhlamini re-arrested
    • Bennett remanded to July 1st
    • Chamisa likely to retain communication portfolio
    • 3 farm workers injured after police open fire on Stockdale farm
    • Thirteen students arrested after Masvingo protests over fees
    • Ten NUST university students released from police custody
    • MPs meet, to defy order to return vehicles
    • JAG - farm situations communique - dated 18th April 2009
    • Tsvangirai, Ministers to Lure Western Investment
    • RBZ in double money scam?
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 18 Apr 2009
    • Know Your Ministers: Gibson Sibanda
    • Forum takes Govt to SADC tribunal
    • Zimbabwe's Siamese twins lose battle for life
    • HOT SEAT transcript: Welshman Ncube part 2
    • Cross-country motorcade for visiting cop
    • SAPS continue to harass Zimbabwe refugees and asylum seekers
    • The right to health in Zimbabwe: Human Rights Bulletin Number 41
    • Zimbabwe dispatches: crossing borders
    • Donors should help rebuild Zim: think-tank
    • Kofi Annan and Thabo Mbeki owe Africa an apology
    • MDC now displays signs of hypocrisy
    • With Zuma, SA begins slippery slope
  16. Posted 21/4/09
    • Zimbabwe says raided private bank accounts
    • ALERT: State agents pay intimidatory visits to Mudzingwa and Dhlamini in their hospital beds
    • The State plans to try and revoke the bail just granted to Dhlamini, Manyere and Mudzingwa
    • Affidavit of Kisimusi Emmanuel (Chris) Dhlamini
    • Released Zimbabwe Political Prisoner Vows Legal Pursuit of Alleged Torturers
    • Tsvangirai, Mutambara confront Mugabe
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara meet to finalise outstanding issues
    • Shock as government refuses to take action in renewed farm attack
    • Biti orders Gono to take cars back from legislators
    • Students oppose govt constitutional reforms
    • FULL TEXT: Mangoma's address in Pretoria
    • MDC delaying release of Tsvangirai crash investigation report
    • Passport Fees Revised
    • Zimbabwe sees gold rush, investors still skeptical
    • SADC to announce Zim aid package as funds remain scarce
    • Zimbabwe Expecting First Tranche of S. African Funding This Month
    • SADC to Petition IMF, WB to Help Zim: Biti
    • Australia not yet resuming full ties with Harare
    • Govt promises to make Zim work again
    • Zimbabwe parliament gets equipment worth 150,000 dollars from China's NPC
    • Police Hunt Student Leaders
    • Civil society opposes new constitution process
    • Zimbabwe reintroduces pre-paid energy billing system
    • NUST Students Barred From Writing Examinations
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 17
    • Ending sanctions? Slowly does it
    • Zimbabwe: Engaging the Inclusive Government - New Crisis Group briefing
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 17 Apr 2009
    • Shouldn’t human rights apply to all humans, even prisoners?
    • OPINION: Unity government may just work
    • PEACE WATCH of 18th Apri 2009 [Three Released on Bail]
    • Bill Watch Special of 20 April 2009 [Human Rights Commission Imminent]
    • Unity governments are retrogressive
    • Three Letters from Correspondents
  17. Posted 20/4/09
    • Last Zim political prisoners released
    • It's an everyday story of country folk. Alas
    • 'No more lawlessness in Zim'
    • Profiting from Zimbabwe's 'blood diamonds'
    • Tsvangirai warns of 'disheartening challenges' for Zimbabwe's unity gov't
    • SA offers Zimbabwe US$50m credit facility
    • Toddler drops out of creche after stay in jail
    • Mbeki visit to Harare officially denied
    • Do not lean on Government - Ncube
    • ZIMBABWE: Proposed higher education act condemned
    • Help sought for conjoined Zimbabwe twins
    • Know Your Ministers: Olivia Muchena
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 18th April 2009
    • Blood on our hands: How Britain cynically covered up the truth about megalomaniac Mugabe
  18. Batch 2 Posted 19/4/09
    • Officials 'reaping where they did not sow'
    • Prisons: a Serious Abuse of Human Rights
    • Awareness up, Cholera Cases Down
    • Europe Zim's largest trading partner
    • Ncube Slams Bulawayo Over Trade Fair
    • EU-ACP Ties Threaten Regional Integration
    • Alex Magaisa: National Healing-Skeletons can't be hidden forever
    • Sunday Opinion: Renewed Land Plunder a Disregard for GPA, an Affront to JOMIC
    • Comment: A Calculated Strategy to Frustrate Progress
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Morgan Tsvangirai on his personal grief and his hopes for Zimbabwe
    • 'Free' Zimbabwe needs time to repeal old laws
    • No cash for political parties
    • Time running out for Sibanda
    • People demanded ZAPU pull-out, Dabengwa
    • Lawyer who freed MoS man in Zimbabwe is nominated for top human rights award
    • Parly Still to Finalise Code . . . Nine Years On
  19. Posted 19/4/09
    • Zanu-PF and MDC celebrate together
    • Secretary Clinton Commends Zimbabwe Progress
    • Independence Day -- time for action, not just words : Amnesty International
    • Low Key Independence Celebrations As Service Chiefs Boycott Tsvangirai
    • SA looks into Zimbabwe joining Common Monetary Area
    • IMF blames Gono
    • UZ appeals for US$3,2m for operations
    • New evidence on Tsvangirai crash raises more questions
    • Madzongwe's guards accused of murder
    • Jubilation as Zanu-PF militiamen jailed
    • US lifts travel warning for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe, EU to engage in official talks
    • Is Chamisa Now Jobless?
    • Madzongwe vows she will not leave farm
    • GDP Drops Sharply
    • Committee accuses MDC-T leaders of double standards
    • Zimbabwe University Students Promise More Protests Over Tuition Fees
    • Cholera Mainly Ebbs In Zimbabwe, But Persistent in Kadoma Mining Town
    • Southern African Finance Chiefs Head to US Seeking Funds for Zimbabwe
    • Nkomo's son could step in father's shoes
    • US diplomats doubt that aid can be delivered responsibly in Zimbabwe
    • Catholics work for reconciliation in Zimbabwe
    • Honeycomb home
    • The Economic Situation in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: The storm is far from over
  20. Posted 18/4/09
    • Mbeki recalled to define Mugabe's powers
    • Zimbabwean vice-pm orders farm invaders 'off the land'
    • Ministers hang heads in shame on farms
    • No sacred cows on farms, Mutambara vows
    • Zimbabwe farmers say Mugabe allies invading farms
    • Chris Dhlamini’s sworn account of his experiences after he was abducted last year
    • Prosecutors get permission to block detainees bail in Supreme Court
    • MDC MP remains in Chipinge prison
    • Mukoko trial date set
    • Exiles to demand amnesty for Zim prisoners during London demo
    • Chinamasa ordered prisoner released
    • Amnesty International Press Release
    • Zimbabweans Hopeful as Country Celebrates Independence Day
    • Comprehensive process of national healing is required
    • National healing is not about settling scores
    • We must sing the same song: Mugabe
    • Riots break out at NUST University over forex fees
    • Glitter wears off unity govt
    • CSO Staff Pilfer Goods At Rainbow Towers Hotel
    • Know Your Ministers: Samuel Sipepa Nkomo
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 16 Apr 2009
    • Twice-delayed COMESA summit scheduled for Zimbabwe in June
    • Government confirms River Ranch vehicles were registered in the name of UNDP
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • The Flame Lily Weeps - new book
    • Comment from a correspondent
  21. Batch 3 Posted 17/4/09
    • Mugabe torturers confess as Church starts quest for reconciliation
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Names Ministerial Team to Examine Farm Seizures
    • Refund demanded from overpaid soldiers
    • Zim asks UN agencies to carry out crop, food assessments
    • Boost for Zimbabwe tourism as US lifts travel warnings
    • Dabengwa to address ZAPU in SA
    • MDC to take action on its MPs
    • US insists on return to rule of law
    • Beloved African
    • Zimbabwe at 29: a nation in need of healing
    • Zimbabwe's full recovery requires more than economic aid
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 622 - Dated 16th April 2009
  22. Batch 2 Posted 17/4/09
    • GNU Crisis Meeting Deadlocked
    • MDC-T MPs Defy Tsvangirai
    • PF Zapu to Endorse Split from Zanu PF
    • Dande Holdings Boardroom Wrangle Intensifies
    • Public service ministry to audit civil service
    • Police Promotion Exams Marred by Chaos
    • 'Constitution-making Process People-driven'
    • Premier Fails to Account for Forex Transactions
    • ZSE Orders Econet to Reconvene EGM
    • A Market Thirsty for New Money
    • Hyperinflation Leaves Mortgage Loans Meaningless
    • Metallon Set to Receive US$8,5m Injection
    • RTGS, ATM Relaunch Heads for Brick wall
    • Mergers Could Give Zimnat Lion's Share
    • New Constitution Calls for Inclusive Approach
    • Muzorewa and Nkomo's Prophesies 29 Years On
    • Eric Bloch: Real Progress Despite Marked Contradictions
    • Comment: NCA's 'People-driven' Mantra Ringing Hollow
    • Candid Comment: Why do Zimbabweans Keep Repeating Same Mistakes?
    • Editor's Memo: Truth Commission Key to National Healing
    • Muckraker: Farm Invasions Render Sadc Mission Futile
    • Zim Independent Letters
  23. Posted 17/4/09
    • Zim to probe fresh land grabs
    • Coalition Executive hold inaugural meeting
    • Hot Seat: George Bizos, Minister Sekai Holland, Glen Mpani & Mary Ndlovu
    • Botswana pledges credit line as SADC funding deadline expires
    • Zimbabwe crops to fall despite good season
    • MDC confirm participation in Independence Day celebrations
    • 29 killed in Zimbabwe road accident
    • Conservationists fear for Zimbabwe rhino
    • Uniformed Forces Get Pay Rise
    • 700 cheat death as Zimbabwe train kills 3 jumbos
    • MDC: MPs to get vehicles from government not RBZ
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 14 Apr 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 15 Apr 2009
    • Lance Guma speaks to Minister of State Gorden Moyo
    • Mugabe grabs an MDC ministry
    • Tales of a nation in darkness
    • Government of national what?
  24. Batch 2 Posted 16/4/09
    • Zimbabwe Parliament May Tap Outsider To Head Constitutional Reform Panel
    • Tsvangirai to confront Mugabe over Bennett, Chamisa and farm invasions
    • Zimbabwe Parties call for unity ahead of Independence day
    • McGee leaves Zimbabwe in July
    • 'Zimbabwe needs broad surgical approach to ICT challenges'
    • Tourism industry suffers 24 percent revenue loss
    • Zimbabwe's Evicted Commercial Farmers Seek US$20 Billion Compensation
    • Mutsekwa promises review of passport fees
    • Zimbabwe police use POSA to ban an MDC rally in Masvingo
    • Court reserves judgement on Mudzingwa
    • Most government revenue goes to salaries
    • Mugabe will stand solidly by Gono
    • Teachers seeking repatriation detained
    • Know Your Ministers: Sylvester Nguni
    • The Power of One
    • Constitution Watch 2 of 14th April 2009 [Parliamentary Select Committee for New Constitution]
    • Zimbabwe Unity Govt is "not a solid base to relaunch the country to normalcy." - Makoni
    • Land grab spreads to South Africa as mob seizes farm
    • Rights groups laud residents' permits for Zimbabweans
  25. Posted 16/4/09
    • Zimbabwe lobby group opposes new constitution drive
    • Cabinet meets Wednesday after delay
    • Zimbabwe economic revival program jilted by SADC?
    • Veteran journalist appointed editor of new Zimbabwe daily paper
    • MDC Chipinge MP remanded in custody
    • 14 bodies of prisoners not collected for burial at 3 Zim jails
    • Joint trial for six MPs accused of inputs abuse
    • Chegutu farm workers still behind bars as invasion continues
    • Murder on Stockdale farm
    • War veterans demand salary increase
    • Minister threatens to resign
    • Another car crash
    • Zimbabwe gold miner seeks $10 mln to re-open
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 13 Apr 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 12 Apr 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 11 Apr 2009
    • Flower accepts the poisoned chalice
  26. Batch 2 Posted 15/4/09
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai to attend independence celebrations
    • Violence intensifies on Zim farms
    • JAG - farm situations communique - dated 14th April 2009
    • War vets want Zanu-PF out of GNU
    • Monitoring Organization Says Zimbabwean State Media Remains Biased
    • Funding Pledges Scarce for Zimbabwe From Its Southern African Neighbors
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Revision Process Stirs Multi-Sided Controversy
    • Madhuku calls MDC leaders opportunists
    • Govt institutions urged to fully utilise farms
    • New Zimbabwe land policy to 'clarify' farm ownership
    • Zimbabwe victims and perpetrators begin to reconcile
    • Mugabe guard roughs up Riksdag member
    • Tsvangirai must answer some questions
    • Something sinister brewing in Mugabe's mind
    • Know Your Ministers: Welshman Ncube
    • City Council Closes Down Errant Shops
    • Zimbabwe's toll roads are a bad idea
    • Immigration unearths scam
    • Police probe Tsvangirai campaign BMW
    • Defending 'Mugabe's gulags' immoral
    • The presidential stranglehold on Zimbabwe
    • Massacre of the innocents: How starving families slaughter Zimbabwe's wild animals just to put food in their mouths
    • Comment from a correspondent
  27. Posted 15/4/09
    • Security chiefs angle for amnesty
    • NCA rejects government constitutional process
    • Non-MP to chair constitution-making process
    • Four police officers seriously assaulted
    • Soldiers Threaten to Riot Over Salaries
    • Farmers Won't Leave Without Compensation: CFU
    • State determined to deny bail to political detainees
    • Shops shelves fill up but customers stay away
    • New bridge for Beitbridge
    • ZBH Set To Launch Community Radio Stations
    • SADC central banks work towards single payment system
    • Cops take food at Zim border
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 11thApril 2009
    • The Zimbabwe Vigil demands amnesty for starving Zimbabwean prisoners
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 16
    • The State vs Gandhi Mudzingwa and others
    • Father Adrian, 'She literally had to run from the graveyard'
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 10 Apr 2009
    • Cabinet to decide how much to give for Zimbabwe's economic recovery
    • Tokoloshe is brought to court
    • Zimbabwe coalition living on borrowed time
    • Ben Freeth: Open letter to MT over land issue
    • Markets and resources are two main motives for China's investment in Africa, says OECD report
    • Catch more flies with honey
    • Flower expected to land England role
  28. Posted 14/4/09
    • ZANU PF functionaries still dominate Zim media: Report
    • Saidi to the rescue of The Herald
    • Respected Zimbabwe Editor's Move Prompts Media-Reform Speculation
    • Senior appointments made for NewsDay
    • Zimbabwe House Speaker Urges Civic Role in Drafting Constitution
    • Zimbabwe seeks funds for landmark constitution
    • Police : 10 travellers die in Easter Season road crashes in Zimbabwe
    • Bishop shines shoes for Zimbabwe on Maundy Thursday
    • Little Impact From Suspension of Zimbabwe Currency - Economists
    • ZIMSEC still marking last year's (2008) exams
    • Refugee reunited with her son, after five days in custody
    • Refugees to leave church this week
    • Know Your Ministers: Holland, Shamu
    • Zimbabwe: A brave man's words keep his memory alive
    • Zim's Unity government is not helping farmers yet
    • Farm invasions will never rebuild economy
    • Churches warn GNU under threat
    • Re-invigorating our constitutional democracy - Arthur Gwagwa
    • Bill Watch 14 of 13th April 2009 [Meeting Planned to settle Oustanding Issues Affecting Inclusive Government]
  29. Posted 13/4/09
    • Constitutional committee established
    • Zimbabwe shelves own currency for a year
    • Tsvangirai says movement of Communications portfolio null and void
    • Gono's fate to be decided next week
    • Minister vows to depoliticise civil service
    • Mugabe critic joins the Herald Newspaper
    • Power struggle threatens Zimbabwe's unity government
    • ISPs in Zimbabwe increase internet services [charges] tenfold
    • We have a mysterious propensity to self-destruct
    • Bill Watch Special of 11th April 2009 [Committee on Standing Rules and Orders]
  30. Posted 12/4/09
    • Mugabe Clashes With Tsvangirai
    • Forex: The New Scourge
    • Tsvangirai Livid over RBZ cars
    • Perpetrators of Violence must Face Justice: Envoy
    • State Accused over Rights of Detainees
    • No Transport for Convicts in RBZ Case
    • No to Kariba Document - Minister
    • Mnangagwa off the Hook
    • Thondlana to head NewsDay team
    • State Revenue Down to a Trickle
    • Optimism as Zimbabwe Inflation Figures go Down
    • SMM Saga: Legal Battle Heads for the Climax
    • Alex Magaisa:Beware the Curse of Power, Mr Minister
    • Sunday Opinion:Beware of Zanu PF's Success Yardstick
    • Comment:Disharmony Blights Recovery Prospects
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Britain has bloody hands in Zimbabwe
    • Mnangagwa chairs Social Revolutionary Council
    • Beit Bridge prison warders lose their jobs
    • Cholera hits Kadoma prison: WHO
    • Benz issue irritates Coltart
    • Prices fall as shops stock up again
    • WFP slashes food aid
    • No cash yet for Zim: AfDB
    • Zimbabwe paradox
  31. Batch 2 Posted 11/4/09
    • Cracks Appearing in Zimbabwe's Eight-Week-Old Unity Government
    • Kenyan coalition cracks, militias threaten
    • John Sentamu: The currency of Zimbabwe is falsehood
    • White farmers demand $5bn to vacate land
    • Zimbabwe's MDC calls for end to farm invasions
    • ZANU -PF determined to continue looting
    • Horrendous task for Zimbabwe's Healing Organs
    • Slipping on the same banana peel twice
    • Zimbabwe HIV/AIDS Activists Applaud Global Fund Administration Change
    • Following Zimbabwe Shift to Hard-Currency Regime, Cash Shortages Persist
    • Save Lives in Zimbabwe
  32. Posted 11/4/09
    • Mugabe gives ally control of telecoms
    • Nelson Chamisa Is Disemboweled By Mugabe
    • Mugabe does not have the authority to take my powers -- Chamisa
    • MDC slowly being stripped of any power
    • Defining Information Communication Technology
    • Zimbabwe's Hardliners Accused of Being Behind New Violence
    • Farmer demands US$2,1m for farm
    • A long awaited policy on economic migrants
    • Comment from a correspondent
  33. Batch 2 Posted 10/4/09
    • Mugabe Aides Are Said to Use Violence to Gain Amnesty
    • Controversy Surrounds Process of Rewriting Zimbabwe's Constitution
    • Hardline ZANU-PF Ministers In Zimbabwe Said To Form Oppositional Group
    • Confusion Over Ministries Cleared - The Herald
    • Mugabe risks MDC fury as Chamisa's ministry stripped of functions
    • HRW says Zimbabweans should be protected
    • S African police arrest MDC official
    • Know Your Ministers: Makone, Nyoni
    • Zim expands jatropha plantations to step up biodiesel output
    • Hyperinflation Just a Memory As Zimbabwe Consumer Prices Slide
    • Why MDC may end up covered in slime -Terence Ranger
    • Zimbabwe media website set to expand
  34. Posted 10/4/09
    • Mugabe confirms support for farm invasions
    • MDC protests latest farm invasions
    • Violent clashes break up government youth summit
    • Rumours that this will be a jambanja weekend
    • NCA to confront MPs over constitution
    • Political detainees granted bail, but remain in custody
    • Mukoko's further remand application for refusal dismissed
    • Zimbabwe inflation falls to 231M per cent
    • Zim: Central Bank raids foreign accounts
    • Former prison guard describes Chinamasa as a 'lunatic'
    • 30 Tons Fertiliser Dumped Into Mazowe Dam
    • Financial Gazette to launch daily newspaper next week
    • 'Hitmen' held after bizarre Verryn threat
    • MISA condemns defamation charges levelled against reporters
    • 20 Prisoners Released on Medical Grounds
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 08 Apr 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 09 Apr 2009
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Groundswell of Optimism Helping to Drive Nation Forward
    • Nigeria: First hand insight from one of the Zim farmers
  35. Batch 3 Posted 9/4/09
    • Exposing Government Fault Line, Zimbabwe's Mugabe Urges More Farm Seizures
    • White commercial farmer remanded in custody
    • JAG - farm situations communique - dated 7th April 2009
    • War vets disown farm invaders
    • Land reform back on track?
    • State diverts cholera funds to salaries
    • Zimbabweans Welcome Announcement of International Support for Economic Recovery
    • Biti blames media for clash with Gono
    • Last-minute efforts to save Trade Fair
    • Minister wants international media allowed back in Zimbabwe
    • Know Your Ministers: Made, Mukonoweshuro
    • SA credit line - why we should be worried
    • Veteran Reporter Outlines Challenges of Reporting from Zimbabwe
    • The Three Men Who Run The Zimbabwe Government
    • Lies, lies and more lies
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 620 - Dated 7th April 2009
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 621 - Dated 8th April 2009
    • New edition : Beloved African
    • New Book - Dawn of Deliverance
  36. Batch 2 Posted 9/4/09
    • Govt Woos West Over Salaries
    • Gono Saves Biti From Embarrassment
    • 'Parties should co-chair constitutional committee'
    • Teachers Threaten new Round of Strikes
    • Moxon Refutes Chanakira Entitlement Claims
    • Judge Lambasts Police in MDC Activists' Abductions
    • ZITF Struggles to Lure Exhibitors
    • Tsvangirai Turns Down State House Residence Offer
    • Butau Plots rivals' Ouster
    • Media Reform Litmus Test for Inclusive Govt
    • Falling Prices: Gift or Curse?
    • BNC Shelves US$100m Investment
    • 'Restoration of Land Value First Step to Recovery'
    • Zim Govt must Urgently Implement GPA Provisions
    • Eric Bloch: GNU: Words Without Action
    • Muckraker: Truth Imprisons Chinamasa Denial
    • Comment: Govt Must Walk Rule-of-law Talk
    • Candid Comment: Thing of the Past, Future, but not Present
    • Comment: Police Conduct: Wake up call to GNU
    • ZIFA entrenches the marginalization of Matabeleland
  37. Posted 9/4/09
    • Zimbabwe set to commit to investor agreement with the SA government
    • Zimbabwe sees "positive" response to aid call: Biti
    • US says Zimbabwe could face more sanctions unless reforms
    • Corruption still protects Zanu-PF leadership
    • Respect for property rights at core of investment for Zimbabwe
    • More farmers arrested, but the government and SADC remain silent
    • Prisoners bribed warders and escaped
    • ACTION ALERT: Donate money towards food for Zimbabwe’s prisoners
    • Poverty Datum Line Stands At U.S.$552
    • Rival Anglican factions agree to share premises
    • Improved internet access expected as 3G services approved
    • Know Your Ministers: Moyo, Nkomo
    • Chronicle editor and reporter charged with defamation
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 07 Apr 2009
    • MDC sings the praises of Harare's unity government, but Mugabe is no mug
    • Tsvangirai up against the wall
    • Going, Going Gono?
    • Nobel Peace Laureate urges Africans to "rise up" and demand better leaders
    • Press Statement - UPP R/04/09
    • Constitution Watch 1 of 7th April 2009 [Towards a New Constitution]
  38. Batch 2 Posted 8/4/09
    • Anti-Mugabe farmer Mike Campbell who stood up to thugs loses his land
    • Six farmers arrested
    • Media committee gets down to work
    • Minister spirits accused out of remand prison
    • Zimbabwe's Maize Crop Closely Watched in Hopes of End to Hunger Season
    • Zimbabwe Doctors Pledge Cooperation in Restoring State Health System
    • Anti-cholera campaign gets $500 000 boost
    • Zimbabwean Ministerial Task Force Targets Europe First for Charm Offensive
    • Motsepe warns Mugabe over rights
    • Mudzingwa in renewed bid for freedom
    • Introduce cheques urgently, banks told
    • Vic Falls Marathon
  39. Posted 8/4/09
    • Lawyers file another High Court bail application for political detainees
    • Farmer's wife used as bait as police continue to support land invasions
    • Zim ready to work with SA to rebuild economy
    • Civil society groups slammed for ignoring violence against Anglicans
    • Work on media reforms to start in a fortnight
    • Press release of the Southern African Commercial Farmers Alliance - Zimbabwe 7 April 2009
    • Mugabe’s Terror and the Left’s Deafening Silence
    • Bipa Farms Not Immune From Acquisition - Jomic
    • New twist in Zimbabwe prison film saga
    • Paradzai Zimondi, Zimbabwe's Prison Commissioner, was a warden for Ian Smith
    • George Nyathi, "Conditions at Khami maximum security prison are horrific"
    • HOT SEAT interview: JOMIC co-chairperson Prof Welshman Ncube.
    • Lance Guma speaks to Anglican Bishop Sebastian Bakare
    • Econet wireless gets frequencies for 3G service
    • Editor Charged
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 15
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 06 Apr 2009
    • Southern Africa swamped by floods
    • A people's guide to the agreement
  40. Batch 2 Posted 7/4/09
    • Harare pledges to protect private investments
    • Zimbabwe Govt Calls For Summit To Revamp Education Sector
    • Zimbabwe Employers Consider Union's Dollar-Based Minimum Wage Demand
    • Zimbabwe 'at risk of anarchy'
    • JAG - farm situations communique - dated 6th April 2009
    • No relief for Tsvangirai's aide
    • Rot in prison!! --Zimbabwe Supreme Court Judge to MDC officials
    • Know Your Ministers: Francis Nhema
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 619- Dated 6th April 2009
    • Hands off FCAs - RBZ told
    • State pays $1,5 m to Zanu-PF youths
    • Zimbabwe's Retired step in to serve the nation
  41. Posted 7/4/09
    • Farm worker in critical condition after Chegutu invasion turns violent
    • Soldiers Severely Assault Revelers
    • Supreme Court denies 3 political detainees bail
    • Moyo guns for ouster of Speaker Moyo
    • Seven arrested after NUST university demo over fees
    • Stage For Elections Still Flawed - Experts
    • Zimbabwe plans to relax media restrictions
    • Shamuyarira said to be eyeing fruit farm
    • Curse of the Chiadzwa gems as pupils stay away from class
    • SA business seeks Zimbabwe guarantees on investment
    • Masvingo Goes For Four Days Without Water
    • Know Your Ministers: Mzembi, Mudzuri
    • What ghost markers? -- Zimbabwe Education Minister Coltart
    • Zimbabwe faces fresh cholera outbreak: Oxfam
    • Tobacco selling season moved to next month
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 05 Apr 2009
    • JAG - farm situations communique - dated 5 April 2009
    • Open letter to the Commissioner General of ZRP - From Dave Drury
    • Rebroadcast of Zimbabwe Prisons Story tonight
    • ZIFA Sidelines Bulawayo From 2010 Projects
    • Old foes enjoy 'Team Zimbabwe' trip
    • Hifa Brings in New Youth Project
    • Blood diamonds?
    • Zimbabwe’s Party-Political Stitch-Up:
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 618- Dated 5 April 2009
    • Bill Watch 13 of 5th April 2009 [Parlliament adjourns to 12th May]
  42. Posted 6/4/09
    • Elderly Zim couple under siege
    • Zimbabwe government sets plan to end isolation
    • Zimbabwe 'to re-engage with West'
    • 'Zim maize output 9 percent below average'
    • SA business delegation expected in Zimbabwe today
    • Supreme Court To Preside Over Political Detainees' Case
    • Zimbabwe central bank sued by its employees
    • Collapse in Zim blow to SA Aids efforts
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 4thApril 2009
    • JOMIC Appeals To SADC
    • Zapu Party Calls For An End To Land Invasions
    • Cholera Cases Resurface In Mwenezi
    • Government should ask Mugabe what he's doing with our money
    • The Role of the Diaspora to Zimbabwe's reconstruction revisited
  43. Batch 2 Posted 5/4/09
    • Government Promises to Rebuild Health System
    • New governors soon: Mutsekwa
    • Zim expelled from bullion market
    • ZCTU wants workers paid US$454 per month
    • Zimondi must go
    • Biti, Gono Square-off, Tragedy Strikes Tsvangirai
    • Outcry Over RBZ's Vehicle Offer
    • Why Bennett not Yet Sworn-in
    • Political Prisoners Still Locked-up, Says MDC
    • Prisons Scandal: Officers Arrested Over SABC Report
    • Matonga a 'bed-hopper': Wife
    • Headmistress Trial Set for April
    • Daggers out for ZUJ chief
    • Concern over Staffing Levels in Schools
    • Zanu PF Official on Fraud Charges
    • Home Affairs: Litmus Test for Inclusive Govt
    • Water Supply Disruptions Derail Cholera War - UN
    • Econet Secures Frequencies for 3G Service
    • Zim Lagging Far Behind in ICT: Report
    • Alex Magaisa: Begging from Beggars: Zim & the Global Crisis
    • Comment: Recovery Dependent on GPA Implementation
    • Sunday Opinion: Scribes, Politicos - Water and oil
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Mpilo CD4 machine breaks down
    • Govt to mortgage future wealth
    • A long walk towards reconciliation
  44. Posted 5/4/09
    • New Zimbabwe govt sets 100-day target for economy
    • MDC, ZANU PF co-chair constitutional commission
    • Chegutu farmers fear possible charges as police support land invaders
    • Tragedy hits Zimbabwe's prime minister anew with death of grandson
    • Security Agents Interfere With Corruption Investigations
    • 'Zim diamonds a no-go'
    • WFP Suspends Aid Distribution in Masvingo
    • US Says Further Reforms in Zimbabwe Will Bring Aid
    • Public rage over perks for new Zimbabwe ministers
    • Tsvangirai snubs Gono over vehicles
    • Family sues police over alleged killings
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 617- Dated 2nd APRIL 2009
    • ZCTF Report - April 2009
  45. Posted 4/4/09
    • Ministerial retreat kicks off in Victoria Falls
    • Full text of Tsvangirai address at retreat
    • Farmers under siege as Didymus Mutasa implicated in ongoing attacks
    • Zimbabwe land invasion threaten last of white farmers with extinction
    • Over 29 000 youth militia still being paid by the state
    • Gono comes out guns blazing
    • June 2009 exams could be dropped
    • Civil Society says government not focused on change
    • Staff of PM unpaid
    • No $8bn bailout until Mugabe goes
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 01 Apr 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 02 Apr 2009
    • Resurrecting a collapsed infrastructure
    • Supporting The People Of Zimbabwe
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • They say I phoned London in September 2009
    • “Mugabe and the White African”
    • Mission Doctor: 'Time to come back and continue our work'
  46. Batch 2 Posted 3/4/09
    • Detained coup suspects seriously ill: Lawyer
    • NSSA to disburse pensions in hard currency
    • Mnangagwa fails to show up in court
    • New-Drilled Wells In Harare Bolster Zimbabwe's Battle Against Cholera
    • Hot Seat interview: Minister of Water Resources and Development Sam Sipepa Nkomo
    • Temporary legal status for Zimbabweans
    • Mudzuri warns of power cuts in winter
    • Know Your Ministers: Misihairabwi-Mushonga, Mutasa
    • No Money Yet
    • UZ Fails to Reopen - Again
    • Media Commission in Place by Month-end
    • Chanakira, Moxon War Escalates
    • Report Implicates Mutasa in Farm Disruptions
    • Civic Society, Business Petition GNU
    • Zanu PF Ministers in Accountability Dilemma
    • Retreat a Strain on Govt's Empty Coffers
    • Parly to Debate Alleged RBZ Excesses
    • Aid prospects Dim Despite Sadc Nod for Zim Rescue Plan
    • Govt Spurned Economy-saving Advice, Says Gono
    • The Tyranny of the Majority
    • More Load-shedding as Zesa Imports Decrease
    • Show Real Leadership not Wasteful Retreats
    • Eric Bloch: Govt Fuelling Inflation Recurrence
    • Deliver democracy to remove sanctions
    • Editor's Memo: Selling Zimbabwe's Damaged Goods
    • Muckraker: Murerwa's Arming Tale a Work of Fiction
    • Comment: Sanity Needed on Farms
    • Zimbabwe's shops stock up as Harare drops restrictions
    • Letter to the Prime Minister
  47. Posted 3/4/09
    • Disgraceful responses from Paradzai Zimondi and Patrick Chinamasa
    • ZANU PF farm invader arrested
    • Zimbabwe Farm Invasion Video
    • SADC sets up task force to oversee Zimbabwe economic recovery
    • Missing journalist Kudzai Musengi released after abduction
    • Police brutality in Zimbabwe continues unchecked, HIV patients beaten
    • 'Mugabe responsible for collapse of TB, Aids programmes'
    • Cholera rates drop for first time in six months
    • Court grants bail to MDC activists arrested during pro-Bennett demos
    • Diamond body wants stop to Zimbabwe diamond trade
    • Zimbabwe appeals for aid to help million homeless
    • Know Your Ministers: Mhashu, Murerwa
    • Batswana to pay for Mugabe's mess
    • Zimbabwe's MDC ministers accept official Mercedes cars
    • Africa politicians: The new slave masters
    • Nguva Yedu - Post Festival report
  48. Batch 2 Posted 2/4/09
    • Jail Video
    • Chinamasa Denies SABC Footage on Zim Prisons
    • Mutasa Implicated in Latest Farm Invasions
    • Home Affairs Ministers Summon Kunonga, Bakare
    • Parly wants answers over "mass graves" at Chiadzwa
    • No cash to process 'O' and 'A' examinations
    • I've a good working relationship with Mugabe: Tsvangirai
    • Heavy Rains Provide Drinking Water, Mitigate Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic
    • Fears of New Cholera Outbreak As Western Suburbs Run Dry
    • Forex Breathes Life Into Medical Aid Societies
    • Jatropha for biodiesel not a miracle crop -D1 Oils
    • The uncertain future of education in rural Zimbabwe
    • Nene not shy to market Zimbabwe as a miracle
    • Load-Shedding Must Not Be Disruptive
    • Lions Terrorise Villagers
    • Author brings Harare to London
  49. Posted 2/4/09
    • Don't make us pay for working with Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai appeals to G20 leaders for support
    • Outcry as Zimbabwe cabinet prepares for Vic Falls retreat
    • Coltart Unearths Massive Corruption at ZIMSEC
    • ZIMSEC Yet to Pay Markers
    • MDC to ask Parliament to probe political violence
    • SADC sets up taskforce to oversee Zim economic recovery
    • Zimbabwe prisoners in 'hell on earth' die from disease and hunger
    • MDC says harassment of Roy Bennett continues
    • Top RBZ official on the run after fraud
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert: Gweru Freelance Journalist Missing
    • Know Your Ministers: Matinenga, Mumbengegwi
    • COSATU berates SADC "double standards"
    • Refugees still arriving daily in S Africa
    • Zambia to aid Zim RB
    • Leading Zimbabwean HIV/AIDS activist, Lynde Francis dies
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 31 Mar 2009
    • WOZA continues to engage schools directly on education issues - Harare
    • Zimbabwe Campaign Posters Printed On Bank Notes
    • PEACE WATCH of 31st March 2009 [Question on Torture Raised in Parliament]
    • Zimbabweans: Where do we go?
    • From Zimbabwe to Finley
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 616- Dated 1st APRIL 2009
    • A new dawn
  50. Posted 1/4/09
    • Robert Mugabe finally agrees to UN Human Right Chief visit
    • Farm invasions escalate
    • Victoria Falls retreat for ministers
    • Trapped inmates dying of hunger and disease in Zimbabwe's prisons
    • Inmates Relatives Providing Transport to Court
    • SA billionaire accused of funding Mugabe
    • MDC officials and photojournalist still in police custody
    • Zimbabwe: Jatropha on fuel agenda
    • Zimbabwe utility warns of more blackouts until May
    • Mother love on Zimbabwe's front bench
    • Zimbabwe Anglican priest released on free bail
    • 'Diamond Rush' Children Spurn School
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 30 Mar 2009
    • Cholera cases subside countrywide
    • 'Cholera still on the rise in urban Zimbabwe'
    • Zimbabwe Food and Drink Report 2009
    • Inclusive government moving too slowly on reform
    • Symbolic gestures will not rescue us
    • Time to get more creative about aid
    • Rebuilding trust in politically-divided Zimbabwe
    • The beginning of spring? Hope in Zimbabwe

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