The ZIMBABWE Situation

May 2009 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/5/09
    • Farm Invasions: Children, 'the silent victims'
    • France Invites PM
    • GNU Must Move Faster: Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwean Youths to Attend World Economic Forum
    • Zanu PF Foot-dragging irks Hero Sibanda's Family
    • ZBC Workers Accuse Managers of Looting
    • Military Spending Slammed
    • UN Revises Appeal for Zimbabwe
    • 30 Share one Textbook in Zimbabwe Schools
    • Knives out over Decision to Revoke Unity Accord
    • Zimbabwe left out of Major Nepad funding Scheme
    • US$1 200 bill Shock for Harare man
    • Edson Sithole's Son Fights to Recover 'Stolen' Cattle
    • Community Involvement key in Social Safety Nets
    • Zimbabwe Could Miss out on Comesa
    • Bank Launches new Systems to Rival RTGS
    • Currency Dealers back with new Tricks
    • Alex Magaisa: If I had Friends in High Places: Lament of the Upstart
    • Comment: Cholera Threat Remains
    • SundayView: Africa Day: Africans Still Struggling for Happiness
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Comment from a correspondent
  2. Posted 31/5/09
    • Tsvangirai appeals for patience with MDC
    • Zimbabwean PM says country still lives in fear
    • Mugabe warned of a "time bomb" within Armed Forces
    • Chinotimba throws weight behind Gono
    • Zimbabwe PM urges intervention on bank chief spat
    • Amendment Proposes Non-Executive Chairman for Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
    • Political Will Needed For Electoral Law Reforms
    • KP team visiting Zimbabwe under pressure
    • Clarification Sought on Shooting
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai in France next month
    • Do not politicise empowerment: PM
    • Are prison guards security forces?
    • Customs Union the Object of Comesa Summit in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
    • British envoy talks of positive changes
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 5
    • Full Text: Tsvangirai's speech to MDC annual conference
    • FEWS Zimbabwe Food Security Update, May 2009 - Main harvest better than in 2008
    • Restoring dignity to Zimbabwe
    • Rusty paper clip
    • Back to Zimbabwe from South Africa
  3. Posted 30/5/09
    • Shocking video shows Zimbabwe police torturing recruits
    • Security chiefs raise issues with Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai: shunning Zimbabwe bolsters hardliners
    • Hopes on media reforms dashed in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe monthly inflation at -1.1 pct in April
    • More prisoners die as hunger stalks Zim jails
    • Zimbabwe's Zanu PF plots Mugabe succession
    • School demands maize, chicken as fees
    • NGO's vow to reject proposed amendments to PVO act
    • Four Soldiers Die At Chiadzwa
    • Britons to return from Zimbabwe
    • Mutambara left in the cold
    • Zimbabwe nickel output down 25 pct in 2008
    • Zimbabwe gold output plunges by nearly 50%
    • Zimbabwe could attract $16 bln in mining sector-PM
    • I wish Gono would just buzz off!
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Bill Watch 18 of 28th May 2009 [Provincial Governors]
    • Witchcraft Case Takes New Twist
  4. Batch 3 Posted 29/5/09
    • Cabinet agrees to clip Gono's wings
    • Amnesty challenges Harare to impose rule of law
    • EU urges Zim to halt land invasions
    • Parly in move to set up commissions
    • FULL TEXT: Tsvangirai, Mutambara's letter to Zuma
    • Zuma's Government Draws Fire For Alleged Cover Up
    • 'Mbeki never got Zim report'
    • Government to Appeal for Food Aid
    • Government Urged to End Confusion Surrounding Media
    • Political Risks Seen For Zimbabwe's MDC In Central Bank Row
    • Tutu in Hay appeal for Zimbabwe
    • JAG - farm situations communique
    • Foreign aid no panacea for Zimbabwe's problems
    • Nowhere to turn
    • To Give or Not to Give?
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 633 - Dated 28th May 2009
  5. Batch 2 Posted 29/5/09
    • Msika Ready to Quit Party
    • Trial Date set for Zimind Journalists
    • ...As Mujuru Rides Political Rollercoaster
    • MDC Convenes Conference Amid a Host of Challenges
    • Unicef Agrees to Drill Boreholes at UZ
    • Zapu Institutes bid to Recover Confiscated Properties
    • Confusion Shrouds Fate of By-elections
    • Death, Decay Replaced by Medicines, Food
    • GNU Discord as Party Positions get Precedence
    • Domestic Debt Soars to US$59 billion - RBZ
    • From the Global Crisis to Zimbabwe
    • AirZim Resorts to Shift and Short Time Work
    • Zim's Utility Rates and Tariffs 'excessive'
    • Muckraker: Clumsy MDC shows Zanu PF its Hand
    • Selfish Millers Deserve no Protection
    • Chekera Trying to Normalise the Abnormal
    • Eric Bloch: Striving to fly High
    • Editor's Memo: Who's Spinning a Yarn?
    • Candid Comment: Gono Could Have Learnt From UDI
    • Comment: Army Should Confine Itself to Barracks
  6. Posted 29/5/09
    • MDC to have national conference over the weekend
    • Zuma said to be hiding Zimbabwe report
    • Army threatens war over Gono removal
    • EU not yet ready to renew ties with Zimbabwe: letter
    • Diamond watchdog due in Zimbabwe
    • Biti law firm hits back over Gono 'outburst'
    • Comesa meet opens in Zimbabwe
    • 70 percent of revenue goes to salaries
    • Mnangagwa and CIO plot Chebundo's downfall
    • Zimbabwean journalists & lawyers brought before the courts
    • Coltart calls on private sector to help with education
    • Paupers' burial for victims of violence
    • Election Terror Masters Plead For Protection
    • Johannesburg Archdiocese increases aid to Zimbabweans in city
    • Woman 'flew' in basket on witchcraft mission
    • Comments from Correspondents
  7. Batch 2 Posted 28/5/09
    • ZANU PF tackles Mugabe succession
    • Give us time, minister appeals to civil servants
    • Airzim workers on forced leave
    • Zimbabwe Security Forces Step Into Debate Over Central Bank Chief
    • NEW Crackdown on white farmers accelerates despite agreement
    • Invasion into our house - Ben Freeth
    • Zimbabwe's destitute Britons to be repatriated
    • Govt plans tighter control of NGOs
    • Border post runs out of stationery
    • Zimbabwe Repatriation Project Stumbles On Shortage of Resettlement Funds
    • More needed to end violations in Zimbabwe after 100 days
    • ILO investigates rights violation
    • NCA starts education campaign
    • Zambia to help power COMESA summit
    • GMO foods nation starves
    • ZIMAS condemns albino murders
    • ROHR Zimbabwe's £120 Subscriptions spark controversy
    • Bring Zimbabwe in From the Cold
  8. Posted 28/5/09
    • MDC sends letter of appeal to Zuma
    • Minister outlines plan to divide Zimbabwe into five regions
    • Farmer prosecuted for being on his land
    • Law Firm Receiving Threats Over Biti
    • Politicians, service chiefs rally behind Gono
    • South Africa may grant Zimbabwe $100 million loan
    • Journalists union blasts illegal accreditation rules
    • Abducted Pastor Berejena released unharmed
    • SADC tribunal hearing set for early June
    • Zimbabwe Farmers Union Disputes Government Maize Harvest Estimate
    • Air Zimbabwe in doldrums
    • WOZA deliver 100 days demands list to Parliament
    • Forex traders back
    • Zimbabwe Struggles With Economic Problems
    • Zimbabwe Still Short of Aid Benchmarks
    • Allegations of killings, thefts in Zimbabwe diamond mining
    • Zesa Fails to Pay U.S.$43 Million
    • Huge demand for hard cash hits Zim
    • Minister fumes as he is cleared on public violence charges
    • Mugabe party issues coalition warning
    • Zimbabwe Poets Commemorate Operation Murambatsvina
    • Sacred Zimbabwe game park falls prey to vandals, neglect
    • Think twice before coming to South Africa
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 631- Dated 26th May 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 26 May 2009
    • Planning for a Post-Pariah Zimbabwe
  9. Posted 27/5/09
    • Abduction alert
    • Rats feed on corpses at state hospital
    • Mugabe says Gono is not a thief
    • Mugabe's statement on Gono unacceptable
    • INTERVIEW: 'Our biggest challenge is infrastructure'
    • 'Complete Anarchy In Zim Within A Year'
    • Ministry orders journalists to register with 'non existent' commission
    • Zim most food aid dependent country in the world
    • 100,000th case looms as cholera remains a threat
    • NCA Starts Constitution De-campaign Programme
    • Minister Matinenga acquitted but six MDC activists convicted
    • Bulawayo groups want devolution of power
    • Guard Zim aid - Bennett
    • 100 000 Telecel sim cards bring relief to mobile phone users
    • Bills, bill, bills!
    • Thoughts on South Africa dropping VISA restrictions for Zimbabweans
  10. Posted 26/5/09
    • Zimbabwe cbank governor Gono to stay: Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Journalists Union Urges Members To Defy Information Ministry
    • Water Supply to Zimbabwean Capital Disrupted By Transformer Fire
    • No electricity for Harare high density suburbs for 4 days
    • Returning teachers frustrated
    • Prime Minister plays down farm attacks
    • Zim's 100-day plan 'pie in the sky'
    • Air Zimbabwe sued for not giving passenger vegetarian meal
    • Sikhala accused of personal vendetta
    • “We had nothing then and we still have nothing”: the fourth anniversary of Murambatsvina
    • SW Radio Africa Transcript
    • Australia provides further support to rebuild Zimbabwe
    • Norway resumes aid to Zimbabwe, despite Mugabe
    • LONZIM in drug push
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 24 May 2009
    • Cheers as Muzhingi wins Comrades
  11. Posted 25/5/09
    • 'Mix up delays inflation figures'
    • Zanu-PF defies Tsvangirai
    • South African Official Opposition demands release of Zimbabwe report
    • Zuma facing first Zim test
    • Zimbabwe in Transition: A 100-Day Report Card
    • Unity govt making good progress: Tsvangirai
    • 'Chekera's conclusion on Mukoko is wrong'
    • Generous packages for axed governors
    • Joint PACENET –ZESN interim statement on 2009 Parliamentary and Presidential elections
    • Mugabe: Who will cast the first stone?
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 23rd May 2009
    • Muzhingi jubilant at winning comrades
  12. Batch 2 Posted 24/5/09
    • Tsvangirai Fumes Over Gono Letter
    • Harare Water Woes Worsen
    • Biti's RBZ Reforms Gathering Steam
    • Thousands at Memorial Service
    • Prison Officers Forced to Contribute for a Party
    • Prison Officers Forced to Contribute for a Party
    • More Awards for Mtetwa
    • Farmers Blast GNU for Failure to Halt Land Seizures
    • Nepad to Assess Zim Situation
    • Community Service for Abusive School Head
    • Clinging to Power Condemned at PAP
    • Council Fails to Complement NGO Efforts
    • Parties' Indecision Making Investors Nervous
    • ZIA Tackles red Tape
    • Cash-strapped AirZim Mulls Massive Lay-offs Retrenchments
    • Nordic Delegation Hails Business Conditions
    • Torture rampant in Zim: Forum
    • Billionaire accused of funding Mugabe wins a court ruling
    • Debt restructuring is the way: analysts
    • A dangerous gamble
  13. Posted 24/5/09
    • Zim loses 20 000 teachers in two years
    • First teachers ready to leave for Zimbabwe
    • Airzim debt soars to US$28m
    • Civil servants demonstrate over US$100
    • Zim govt battles for purse strings
    • Arrest of MDC MPs - a plot by CIO to diminish the MDC's narrow majority in Parliament?
    • MDC MP Granted Bail
    • More Calls to Ban Zimbabwe's Blood Diamonds
    • PM crash: Court visits accident scene
    • Zimbabweans say angry ancestors are behind road accidents
    • 2008 A-Level examination results finally out
    • Republic of Congo Goes Farming for, Well, Farmers
    • New constitution must allow dual citizenship
    • Greed and speed
  14. Posted 23/5/09
    • World Bank Still Has Not Resumed Lending to Zimbabwe
    • More needed to end violations in Zimbabwe after 100 days - Amnesty International
    • Zimbabwe PM says west warming to unity government
    • Bennett to be sworn in?
    • Zimbabwe Police Arrest Lawyer, Kwekwe Mayor Charging Obstruction of Justice
    • Jailed MDC MP Mathias Mlambo released
    • Trial of The Chronicle Editor and Reporter postponed
    • SA to Give Zim Fertiliser
    • Mutambara Promised to Find Sibanda a Seat - Tsvangirai
    • MISA-Zimbabwe: Journalists not obliged to register
    • Zimbabwe farm invasions continue unabated: farmer
    • Zimbabwe's breadbasket farms become spoils of power
    • Workers assaulted as Headlands farm faces intensified attacks
    • Minister fails to pay workers on his farm
    • Prisoner Abuse by Farmers Rampant
    • Why departure would be traumatic for Gono
    • Another year without much food
    • A letter from the diaspora
  15. Batch 2 Posted 22/5/09
    • We've made significant progress: Mugabe
    • Robert Mugabe offers MDC surprise concessions over key Zimbabwe posts
    • Mugabe seizes control of 'Zimbabwean spying bill'
    • Tsvangirai denies receiving Gono's letter
    • Zanu PF report expresses worry that Tsvangirai MDC is taking over
    • Harare diary: Costly freedom
    • As Cholera Subsides, Zimbabwe Urged To Upgrade Water, Health Systems
    • Tempers Flare in Politburo
    • Sleeves Rolled up for Battle Over Constitution
    • Gono, Tomana Last Hurdles - Tsvangirai
    • 'Journalists, Media Houses not Obliged to Register'
    • Biti has Personal Vendetta Againsts me: Gono
    • 50% of ZSE Money going to six Companies
    • National Herd 'goes a year without dipping'
    • Deposits Remain Scarce
    • Zesa Eyes Coal Mining to Reduce Load-shedding
    • Beer Sales Cheer up Delta
    • ZSE Records US$32,7m Turnover in Four Months
    • ZNCC to Hold Economic Revival Congress
    • Govt Puts Parastatal Privatisation on Hold
    • Zimbabwe's Transitional Govt: The First 100 Days
    • Constitution-making Needs Sober Minds
    • Eric Bloch: Shooting Themselves in the Foot
    • Muckraker: Charamba, Shamu and the 'professional' Public Media Myth
    • Empty Coffers Threaten Govt's 100-day Plan
    • Candid Comment: Zuma must reclaim his showercap
    • Comment: Nothing Much to Shout About
    • Editor's Memo: Test Lies Ahead
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Mudzuri urges consumers to pay power bills
    • JAG - farm situations communique - dated 21st May 2009
    • MDC USA Supports Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Morgan Tsvangirai on Gono and AG Tomana
  16. Posted 22/5/09
    • Statement by the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, the Right Honourable Morgan Tsvangirai, on the implementation of the Global Political Agreement and the Outstanding Issues, Harare 21 May, 2009
    • Mugabe suffers rare setback in power struggle with MDC
    • Government silence on land attacks continues
    • Gono accuses Biti of corruption
    • No movement on media reform despite government pledges
    • EU Set To Rebuild Ties with Zimbabwe
    • Inmates dying like flies in Zim's prisons
    • Mugabe re-appoints secretaries
    • Tsvangirai not free to receive visitors
    • Gono says Biti's firm externalized funds
    • Mutasa accused of inciting teachers' strike
    • Mugabe refuses to disband notorious JOC
    • Zim invites rights commission
    • 'Broken down machines derail AIDS fight'
    • New SA permit for Zimbabweans
    • MDC MP detained for 'raping girl'
    • Investment Treaty Deadlocked Over Land Issue
    • PM calls for reform of security organs
    • Signs of recovery appear in Zimbabwe hospitals
    • Zimbabwe appeal raises £300,000
    • Violence after a memorial service
    • Southern Africa food insecurity worsens on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe tax holidays to attract investors in energy
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 20 May 2009
  17. Posted 21/5/09
    • Word On Agreements Due From Principals In Zimbabwe Unity Government
    • Mugabe refuses to budge on Gono and Tomana
    • World Bank funds bypassing Zimbabwe government
    • Zimbabwe seeks $4.5 bln to boost power
    • Zimbabwe struggling to get funding for education: minister
    • Australian gold mine owner in Zimbabwe forcibly deported
    • Mugabe departure in 'best interests' of all: Clinton
    • A-level results out tomorrow
    • ZEC lies to Parliament
    • MDC to hold 9th Annual National Conference in Harare
    • Suspended MPs did no wrong - Gasela
    • Muggings along the Beitbridge Border post on the increase
    • Zimbabwe view: Marriages of convenience
    • WOZA!
    • Zim GNU Watch April 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 19 May 2009
    • Looking for Zimbabwean actors in London
  18. Batch 2 Posted 20/5/09
    • Zimbabwe Prime Minister's Party Under Fire After Calling for International Help
    • Central bank's operations illegal: Biti
    • Zimbabwe Capital Needs Another US$46 Million To Ensure Safe Water Supply
    • South African ICT Experts To Visit Zimbabwe
    • School opened for Zim refugees in Johannesburg
    • Zimdollar not yet dead: Mutambara
    • Payment delays haunt tobacco farmers
    • Musina detention centre ordered to close
    • Chinotimba Hits Back at Mzembi
    • Zimbabwean Tourism Minister Courts Brazil Ahead of 2010 World Cup
    • Zimbabwe Law Society holds first protest free of police violence
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 18 May 2009
    • Protecting Journalists And Democracy
    • Uncertainty of Hope: Portrait of Survival
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 629- Dated 19th May 2009
  19. Posted 20/5/09
    • MDC to press ahead with intervention despite ZANU PF objections
    • Lawyers march in protest over harassment
    • WOZA and MOZA take to the streets of Bulawayo to deliver demands to government
    • Rights lawyers and WOZA activists appear in court
    • Zimbabwe central bank chief appeals for protection
    • Gibson Sibanda ministerial post becomes illegal
    • Elderly woman beaten and detained by police as farm attacks continue
    • More on the above story
    • JAG - farm situations communique - dated 18th May 2009
    • Half of prisoners die of starvation in Zimbabwe jails
    • Top lawyer's arrest shows how far Zimbabwe must still travel
    • GPA demands a genuine commitment towards achieving freedom of expression in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe can become a Peaceful and Prosperous Country – New Report
    • Zimbabwe Banks Find Transition to Foreign Currency Difficult
    • Banned BBC and CNN welcome back to Zimbabwe, says Mugabe's Spokesperson
    • Zimbabwe's Unity Government Struggles to Move Ahead
    • Platinum miners maintain output
    • Sweden pledges to normalize EU, Zimbabwe relations
    • Victims of diamond massacres buried in Chitungwiza mass graves
    • Ndlovu decries ZAPU pull-out from unity
    • Zim govt invites Africa Commission to visit
    • The State of Media Freedom in Zimbabwe
    • Comment from a correspondent
    • Money talks
  20. Posted 19/5/09
    • Zimbabwe to get first World Bank grant since 2001
    • WOZA protest failures of unity government
    • ZIMBABWE: International relations move from freezer to fridge
    • Harare Needs U.S.$40 Million to Revamp Waterworks
    • Germany Avails Funds for Water Reticulation
    • Mugabe bodyguards face possible prosecution over Hong Kong assaults
    • Zimbabwe newsman ready to try again
    • Theft, Vandalism Cost Zesa U.S.$1,5 Million
    • ZESA to start coal mining project
    • Zimbabwe sugar output down but EU exports rise
    • African Commission to Act on Violation Reports
    • MDC to Compensate Political Violence Victims: Tsvangirai
    • Abducted migrants freed after awful ordeal
    • Resolutions of the 2nd National Council Meeting held on the 17th of May 2009, Flamboyant Hotel, Masvingo - MDC-T Press Release
    • The Battle to Stay Alive: Surviving in Zimbabwe by the Mercy of God
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 17 May 2009
    • No going back
    • Bill Watch 17 of 18th May 2009 [Inclusive Government Disagreement to be referred to SADC and AU]
    • US medical team puts smiles on faces of 65 children
    • Reintroduce the Zim dollar
  21. Posted 18/5/09
    • Zimbabwe Unity Government Dispute Referred to African Organizations
    • Harare undertakes to pay IMF US$100 000 quarterly
    • Only God can rescue Zim: Tsvangirai
    • 15 MDC youths arrested
    • Minister Chamisa takes ICT to rural areas
    • ZEC to call for by-elections if MDC-M recalls 'rebels'?
    • Bakers Inn donates 1 000 loaves to prisoners
    • ZIMBABWE: Call to prevent sector collapse
    • Zapu resolves to recover grabbed properties
    • Zimbabwe imports more agric equipment from China
    • Zim consumers worried about fluctuation of the US dollar
    • Zimbabwe to open overseas information center to boost image-building
    • All Zimbabweans 'want to go home'
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 16th May 2009
    • Yes Sir, Mr Policeman!
    • Bill Watch Special of 17th May [ZEC Report on Last Year's Elections and other Election Business]
    • Government of Zimbabwe's 100-day plan unpacked
    • Denford Magora and the art of extending the truth
  22. Batch 2 Posted 17/5/09
    • PM under Pressure
    • Prisoners eat Rats as Death toll Rises
    • Zapu Breaks From Zanu PF
    • Lawyers Want Tomana Disciplined
    • War vet Mired in Flats' Evictions
    • Victims of Violent poll Still Dying in Masvingo
    • Scrapping of Visa hits many 'Vultures'
    • Body blow for State in Terror, Banditry Trial
    • 100 days: GNU has Little to Show for it
    • Lions Club Restoring Eyesight
    • Headaches of Tackling Health Recovery
    • IMF Arrives to Assess Public Finance Management
    • Norway Seeks to Invest
    • Alex Magaisa: Judiciary must be Financially Independent
    • Comment: Renewed Interest is an Opportunity
    • Sunday View: Malawi Election Brings Back Memories of 1994
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • 327 years to clear IMF debt
    • Board to watch over Gono
    • Auditing the unity govt
    • Firm in diamond fight with govt
    • Cleaning up after the old man
  23. Posted 17/5/09
    • Police 'are trying to break my spirit,' says freed human rights lawyer
    • Pressure mounts on Zim govt
    • Zimbabwe road accident kills 12
    • Chaos at border after visa waiver
    • 7000 Zimbabweans Now Crossing Into S.A Daily
    • International award for leading Zimbabwean humna rights lawyer
    • New Cholera Cases In Gweru
    • Mutambara Calls For A People Driven Constitution
    • Laws used to "criminalise journalism", minister
    • ZAPU breaks into pandemonium in UK
    • Brutal killing of lions in Victoria Falls
    • Mugabe sows a bitter harvest for Zimbabwe's farmers
    • A most dangerous time
  24. Posted 16/5/09
    • Announcement on outstanding GPA issues postponed
    • Lawyer released from police custody
    • Tsvangirai stopped from attending State House function
    • MDC finance plan angers cash hungry ZANU P
    • "I Am Not Going Anywhere" - Gono
    • Two more MP's suspended by Mutambara MDC
    • ZLHR concern over delay in cases-ACHPR
    • Women Call for Truth, Justice and Reconciliation
    • HIV-positive nurses go it alone
    • Deputy Information Minister Jameson Timba on BTH
    • Regime's victims dream of a saviour for Zimbabwe
    • An update on the Zimbabwe prisons campaign
    • Water, Power, Police
    • Organisation To Fight Political Violence
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 13 May 2009
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Robert Mugabe tries to lure Brazilian football team to Zimbabwe
  25. Batch 3 Posted 15/5/09
    • Constance Gambara held over bail request for Zimbabwe opposition MDC
    • Mutambara battles to contain rebellion
    • Exclusive Interview with Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Top UK official expected in Harare next week
    • More than a year before dollar returns
    • AfDB promises Zimbabwe aid
    • State to make available past constitution-making documents
    • Beitbridge 'a smugglers' route'
    • Dramatic rescue after kidnapped Zimbabweans raped and locked up in a tiny room in three-day ordeal
    • Zimbabwe appeal raises almost £300,000 for churches
    • Zimbabwe Catholic Group Promotes Reconciliation in Wake of 2008 Violence
    • FEWS Zimbabwe Food Security Outlook Apr - Sep 2009 - Early harvest improve rural food access
  26. Batch 2 Posted 15/5/09
    • Donor Funds Divide GNU
    • Tomana Ordered Arrest of Journalists - Minister
    • PF Zapu Breakaway Congress Tomorrow
    • Nkomo, Masunda Farm Wrangle Escalates
    • MDC Suspends two More MPs as Divisions Widen
    • Journalists' arrest 'Affront to Freedom of expression'
    • Zanu PF, MDC Clash Over Youth Council Leadership
    • Minister Wants State Enterprises Restructured
    • Justice a Prerequisite for National Healing
    • Govt Puts Parastatal Privatisation on Hold
    • Investors Wary of Mining Laws
    • RioZim Seeks Funds for new Mining Projects
    • 'Create enabling legal framework for investors'
    • Low Milk Deliveries hit Dairibord Operations
    • Foreign Investors Give Boost to ZSE
    • Jonathan Moyo: Stop Obsession With 100-day Timelines
    • Building True, Sustainable Peace in Zim
    • Media Reform Conference Missed the Point
    • Muckraker: White men Reclaim Cape of Good Hope
    • Eric Bloch: Stating Fact, First Step Toward Cure
    • Comment: Tsvangirai Must Expose Saboteurs
    • Candid Comment: North Koreans' Visit Distasteful
    • Editor's Memo: Uniformed Forces Must Project Correct Image
    • Zim Independent letters
  27. Posted 15/5/09
    • Zim secret police arrests top human rights lawyer
    • Lawyers Challenge Muchadehama's Arrest
    • John Nkomo's bodyguard faces attempted murder charge
    • EU Hosts Environment Conference in Zimbabwe
    • MDC Meeting To Chart Way Forward
    • MDC powerless to deal with ZANU PF hardliners
    • Police in Manicaland ban Sikhala's rallies
    • Free visa results in influx of Zimbabweans to SA
    • 'SA Govt erred by allowing Zimbabweans to enter SA without a visa'
    • ZINASU: UZ fees revision a nullity
    • Private sector set for massive boost as billion dollar credit lines secured
    • Cotton Growers With-hold Crop
    • Zim lawyers demand more action
    • Zimbabwean girls seek opportunity in South Africa
    • Zimbabwe's Constitution Making Process - A Woza Perspective
    • Residents reject budget ‘revision’; vow not to pay!
    • Banned singer to attend the Global Forum on Freedom of Expression in Norway
    • Comments from Correspondents
  28. Batch 2 Posted 14/5/09
    • 'Principals fail to agree on Gono, AG'
    • Attorney General ordered arrest of journos
    • 'We've secured over US$1bn from Africa'
    • Women want rights violators brought to justice
    • I am disgusted - Mutsekwa
    • Arrest of journalists is "own goal"
    • Security concerns hamper ATM forex transactions in Zimbabwe
    • Invaders decimate wildlife
    • Teachers stole school computers
    • Consumer prices on the rise
    • Foreign retailers exploiting Zim chaos - economist
    • Zim farmers create jobs in Moz
    • Catholic Church Launches Peace Programme
    • Zimbabwe emigrant's tale steals show at arts festival
  29. Posted 14/5/09
    • High Court judge grants Mudzingwa bail
    • Tsvangirai launches government's new 100 day plan
    • Weak rule of law means closed wallets - PM
    • Conviction of MDC Legislators Threatens Party's Parliament Majority
    • Schools close as cholera kills 10
    • Chaos at Kadoma and Mpilo Hospitals
    • Neglected health crisis on farms
    • Electricity Bills - Govt Sets Ceiling
    • DPRK delegation not welcome
    • Uranium behind N. Korean president's visit?
    • Burn the red carpet
    • Mohadi's secret visit to N. Korea worrying
    • Masvingo MDC demands to choose governor
    • Zimbabwe urged to sell shares in some state firms
    • Botswana blasts Zanu PF for sabotaging Unity Government
    • Zimbabwe dispatches: little has changed
    • PEACE WATCH of 13th May 2009 [Bail at Last for Dhlamini, Mudzingwa and Manyere]
  30. Batch 2 Posted 13/5/09
    • IMF expected in Zim next week
    • Abducted MDC Activist Dies From Injuries
    • One Quarter of Zimbabwe's Remaining White-Owned Facing Takeovers
    • Harare Airport faces key check
    • Hunger stalks Manicaland despite heavy rains
    • DPRK ready to invest in Zim
    • Kim Yong Nam Feted by Zimbabwean President
    • Talks between Kim Yong Nam and Robert G. Mugabe Held
    • Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic Tapers Off - But Disease Remains a Threat
    • Zimbabwe Cricket Squad Invited to Join Intercontinental Cup Tourney
    • Bill Watch 16 of 12th May 2009 [Launch of 100 Day Action Plan]
    • AFRICA: Tractored out by "land grabs"?
  31. Posted 13/5/09
    • Principals to make announcement on GPA issues on Friday
    • Newspaper editors released on bail
    • Mugabe Congratulates N. Korea on April Rocket Launch
    • Zimbabwe targets at least 6 pct growth: Biti
    • Zimbabwe Needs $200 Million in Urgent Aid to Avoid Collapse
    • Judge to rule on 3 detainees' bail application Wednesday
    • More reforms needed, UK diplomats tell Tsvangirai
    • Sikhala gives Korean leader ultimatum to leave Zimbabwe
    • Zim thugs and cops harass reporters
    • Laws used to "criminalise journalism", minister
    • HOT SEAT : Journalist Violet Gonda speaks to Prof Brian Raftopoulos and Dr Alex Magaisa
    • Thousands flock to Beitbridge as South Africa removes visa restrictions
    • Dubai's big property investment in Zimbabwe
    • War of Words Between Mahoso, Journalist
    • Mass Exodus From Boarding Schools
    • Huge public response to archbishops' Zimbabwe appeal
    • Cahora Bassa probe intensifies
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Communiqué: Access to democratic systems key to social justice-ACHPR Chairperson
    • PEACE WATCH of 11th May 2009 [Political Abductees - Trial Details ]
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 628- Dated 11th May 2009
  32. Batch 2 Posted 12/5/09
    • Crucial meeting postponed to Tuesday
    • Principals In Zimbabwe Unity Government Said To Be Close To Agreement
    • Zimbabwe unity government nears 100 days in power
    • 'It is like living in a police state'
    • Hardliners 'delaying progress in Zimbabwe'
    • 'Land audit will fail unless violence is stopped first'
    • EU says Harare still has lot more to do
    • DPRK presidum leader holds talks with Mugabe
    • ICJ Condemns Attack On Lawyers In Zimbabwe
    • Job Sikhala statement on suspension from Mutambara MDC
    • Dabengwa says Mugabe must apologise
    • Letter from Africa: 'When you tell a joke in the street, that is political'
  33. Posted 12/5/09
    • Zimbabwe Independent newspaper journalists arrested
    • Judge rules that 3 detainees can re-apply for bail
    • Cabinet to be briefed on outstanding issues affecting unity government
    • MDC MP jailed for 10 months, with hard labour
    • Civil servants give government 7 day ultimatum over salaries
    • MDC applauds Media Conference as positive first step
    • Water crisis: hospitals turn away people
    • Britain to send team of diplomats to Zimbabwe: newspaper
    • Mugabe's Meeting With North Korea Top Official Raises Eyebrows
    • Land Dispute Turns Bloody
    • Tsvangirai to address Parliament
    • Coltart drafted into constitutional committee
    • ‘Takeoff’ tough on Zimbabwe’s runway
    • Harare offers free hand to investors
    • Sikhala suspended for attacking Mutambara
    • Watch out, Botswana tells Mugabe
    • ZPS vehicles grind to a halt
    • Brace for intensified load-shedding: ZESA
    • Ntandoyenkosi Ncube interviews MORGAN TSVANGIRAI, Zimbabwean prime minister
    • The long road to recovery
    • Tsvangirai insists Mugabe is 'part of Zimbabwe's solution'
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 10 May 2009
    • Mukoko's defence should separate law and politics
    • The morass that is the Beitbridge Border post
  34. Posted 11/5/09
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai says gov't on right track
    • Tsvangirai plays down Mugabe dispute
    • Stench of Mugabe's decaying rule hangs heavy
    • The woman who took on Mugabe
    • Anger, hatred pervades Zimbabwe: Forum
    • Zanu in-fighting delays reform
    • Meeting with Zimbabwean Prime Minister and Foreign Minister
    • Media reforms before new constitution: Mtetwa
    • Amnesty and the cholera economy
    • Tsvangirai to Present Review of First 100 days
    • Five-year jail term for Mutare diamond dealer
    • CSC Workers Lock Up Management
    • ZIMSEC Management Under Investigation
    • A gender twist - the business of lobola
    • NetOne off the market - for now!
    • Stand up Zimbabwe
    • Rooftop food
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 9th May 2009
    • Bill Watch Special of 9th May 2009 [Zimbabwe Media Commission]
    • Mugabe's final throes
  35. Batch 2 Posted 10/5/09
    • Govt Gets Seven-day Ultimatum
    • Doubt Over Exam Results
    • Police Swoop on Zimind Offices
    • State in U-turn in RBZ Case
    • City Library Slashes Charges
    • Revived Zapu Holds Breakaway Indaba
    • Mutoko Farmers yet to be Paid
    • Garikai houses: Mayor Says no Infrastructure Soon
    • 'Include Diaspora in new constitution'
    • Global Shortage of Midwives Deadly: WHO
    • WHO Urges Govt to Improve on Clean Water Provision
    • Zimbabwe to Receive Anti-flu Drugs
    • New Strategy for Marange Diamonds
    • Govt Seeks to Revive Tourism Sector
    • Are Purse Strings Loosening on Zim?
    • Eventful Year for AZ
    • Alex Magaisa: Mukoko: What's the law got to do with it?
    • Sundayview: Zimbabwe's Lost Voices
    • Comment: Farmers' Abuse Denting Recovery
    • Zim Standard Letters
  36. Posted 10/5/09
    • Police issue arrest warrant against Zimbabwean editor over abductions story
    • Job Sikhala Quits MDC
    • IMF demands urgent RBZ audit
    • After Brief Respite, the Cost of Living Is Rising Again for Zimbabweans
    • Thousands could be denied education
    • Britain warns Zimbabwe of need for further reform
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Takes Long View on Power-Sharing Government
    • Three Months Into Power Sharing, Fault Lines Appear in Zimbabwean Parties
    • Zimbabwe PM: Get over obsession with Robert Mugabe
    • Breast-feeding court clerk arrested in Zimbabwe
    • AG's office wants to charge Muchadehama
    • Mbeki to thank for Zimbabwe's political gains, says Tsvangirai
    • Chelsy Davy's father receives major Dubai investment in Zimbabwe game reserve stake
    • Dutch minister urges Zimbabwe to reform
    • Govt yet to calm investor fears
    • Looking forward to ‘Operation Allow the Police to be Professional Again’
    • Zimbabwe needs total media revolution
    • Why GNUs always collapse in Africa
  37. Posted 9/5/09
    • High Court delays ruling on detainees' bail and clerk of court arrested
    • MDC-M suspends three MPs and three others including Job Sikhala
    • Zimbabwe PM to launch land commission
    • Anger over Mugabe's presence at SA presidential inauguration
    • Zimbabwean mining firms dispute ownership law
    • USd 4m Needed to Finalise Exam Marking - Mahere
    • U.S. $40 Million Desperately Needed for Health
    • Zimbabwe '09 maize output seen at 1.2 million tonnes
    • IOM and UNICEF campaign promotes safe migration and child protection
    • Hot reception for some Zuma guests
    • Michael Mugabe cannot prosecute Mukoko and others
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 07 May 2009
    • Cricket - Zimbabwe rips up domestic structure and starts again
  38. Batch 2 Posted 8/5/09
    • Govt Secures Rescue Package
    • RBZ to Return ZABG Assets to former Owners
    • CIO, Police Role in Activists' Abduction Revealed
    • Factionalism Dogs Zanu PF Ahead of Congress
    • MDC-T gives GNU Ultimatum Over Outstanding Issues
    • GPA Principals Create Seat for Sibanda
    • Khupe Quizzed Over Army Personnel Double Salaries
    • Analysis: 'Media industry needs self-regulation'
    • Van Hoogstraten Tells RTG Directors to go
    • An Inevitable Exodus
    • Biti Faces Hurdles in Executing IMF Proposals
    • ZITF Receives Mixed Reviews From Business
    • Investor Summit on the Cards
    • Gono Violating Doctrine of Separation of Powers
    • Eric Bloch: Economic Recovery Demands Good Governance
    • Muckraker: Lift State-sponsored Sanctions First
    • Candid Comment: Zuma's Pledge to South Africans
    • Comment: ZABG: Testament to Lawlessness
    • Editor's Memo: Let's get our priorities right
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Elders urge West to support Harare
    • Mugabe's ZANU-PF Party Professes Commitment To Zimbabwe Unity Gov't
    • Mugabe's Hand Seen in Jolt to Zimbabwe's National Unity Government
    • Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe continues to decline - UN
    • Growers cautious as tobacco sales begin
    • A Message from The Scholar Rescue Fund
  39. Posted 8/5/09
    • Zimbabwe gets additional $250 mln credit line -Biti
    • Zimbabwe journalist's bail application postponed
    • Media conference postponed to Friday pending Manyere bail hearing
    • Teachers Fail to Return to School
    • MAZ Statement on the continued detention of Manyere
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai Addresses Seminar on Public-Private Partnerships, Harare
    • ZANU PF governors to get compensation for standing down
    • Land audit gets green light as farm attacks continue
    • Zimbabwe tobacco sales open with crop at 20-year low
    • Biti to Mediate in Zesa, HCCL Row
    • University Students Given Ultimatum
    • Rio's Zimbabwe diamond produces record output
    • 'Mugabe go home'
    • MDC fires Deputy Mayor over stolen beef
    • UN Fears Another Cholera Outbreak
    • Mozambique Pledges Drugs
    • Public Service Association Press statement
    • JAG - farm situations communique - dated 6th May 2009
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 06 May 2009
    • What price a CD4 test?
    • Politically Motivated Violence against Zimbabwean Women
    • Abducted and held prisoner for seven months, then dumped in a street at night
    • ACTION: Call the daughter of Senator Edna Madzongwe
    • PEACE WATCH of 6th May 2009 [Abductees Indicted, Redetained Overnight, Released on Bail]
    • Children's school fees or Dad's medical bills?
    • If the World Hesitates, Zimbabwe Could Be Lost
  40. Batch 2 Posted 7/5/09
    • Bail case for journo, MDC officials today
    • Mukoko calls for end to harassment
    • MDC gives Tsvangirai, Mugabe ultimatum
    • Who next, should Mugabe, Tsvangirai go?
    • We're still committed to unity govt: ZANU PF
    • Following Investigation of Farm Takeovers, Zimbabwe Government Moots Land Audit
    • Pensioners get $25 a month . but still not enough to survive
    • Family basket shoots 8 percent
    • Forum urges justice .as MDC takes revenge
    • Rita Makarau denies Zanu (PF) pressure, prejudice
    • Zim - an economic colony
    • NGOs to fund new water systems
    • Church divided over ordination of gays
    • Kim Yong Nam Leaves to visit South Africa and Zimbabwe
    • 'I need forgiveness' - Biggie Chitoro
    • Selective justice
    • Book Review
  41. Posted 7/5/09
    • Zimbabwean activists granted bail - again
    • Magistrate reverses decision on activists
    • MDC sets deadline for resolution of outstanding issues
    • Journalists boycott media conference over Manyere detention
    • IMF resumes technical aid to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Economy Shrank 14.1%, Causing 'Catastrophic' Poverty
    • Call for Zimbabwe bank governor to go
    • Fresh violence on Chegutu's Mount Carmel farm
    • Tekere says Mugabe should step down
    • Confusion mars start of new school semester
    • Zimbabwe gold production plunges 76%
    • Zimbabweans Demonstrate Outside S.A Parliament
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 05 May 2009
    • Zimbabwe's Unity Govt - The First 100 Days
    • Environmental Conference - 11th May
    • Are we not pushing Tsvangirai too much, too far?
  42. Batch 2 Posted 6/5/09
    • Zimbabwe Unity Government Principals Said to Resolve Crisis Over Arrests
    • Zimbabwe: Drop Politically Motivated Charges Against Activists
    • U.S. calls jailing of Zimbabwe activists troubling
    • Obama condemns jailing of journalists
    • Farm Workers Lose Livelihoods in Zimbabwe's Land Reform
    • Disappointing Zimbabwe Maize Harvest Points To Early Food Aid Resumption
    • Zimbabwe unsafe for business: IMF
    • Second term off to slow start
    • Electoral Groups Urge Timely Reform of Zimbabwean Balloting System
    • Raw sewage continues to spill into water supply of Zimbabwe capital
    • Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic Persists in Harare Amid Continued Water Woes
    • Threading the Needle
    • Personalisation of state a cause of corruption
    • Zimbabwe time running out
    • Zimbabwe's coalition close to collapse
    • New Book - An African love story that fascinates
  43. Posted 6/5/09
    • Zimbabwe activists sent back to prison
    • Zimbabwean abductees re-arrested, pending trial
    • Unity government in turmoil after re-arrest of 18 abductees
    • MDC condemns the re-arresting of activists
    • Media Alliance of Zimbabwe: Statement on the Re-Detention of Journalists and Human Rights Defenders
    • Journalists protest re-arrests and boycott govt media conference
    • JAG challenges MDC over arrests and farm invasions
    • U.S. calls on Zimbabwe to lift media restrictions
    • Govt intimidates journos
    • Zimbabwe's education crisis
    • Zimbabwe: 'clothes are a luxury'
    • China gives $10 mln to Zimbabwe
    • Angry Residents Demonstrate, Threaten ZESA Employees
    • Ben Freeth on 'offer' letters to 13 white farmers
    • Amnesty condemns 'political' detentions in Zimbabwe
    • Britain criticises Zimbabwe detentions
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 04 May 2009
    • Zimbabwe gold output plunges, recovery glimmer
    • Zimbabwe firms in survival mode as global crisis bites
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 19
    • Legal and political intrigue in the curious case of Mukoko and others
  44. Batch 2 Posted 5/5/09
    • IMF Board Takes Up Zimbabwe Case As Harare Seeks to Restore Standing
    • Zimbabwe Education Minister, Backed by Donors, Fends Off Teacher Strike
    • Zimbabwe's economy and business slowly pick up
    • Malawi to export maize to Zimbabwe, Goodall confirms
    • Press Expert Will Discuss Giving Local Media a Voice
    • Throwing good money after bad
    • Civic groups call for overhaul of Zim's electoral system
    • Church briefs PM on chaos besetting Harare diocese
    • Mugabe keeping eye on the chronometer while delaying resolution of outstanding issues
    • JAG - farm situations communique - dated 4th May 2009
    • Tsvangirai becoming a lame-duck PM
    • ICT Will Improve Education and Employability in Zimbabwe
  45. Posted 5/5/09
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara now set to meet Tuesday
    • Zimbabwean teachers to go to work despite no pay deal
    • Teachers urged to return to work as donors take up salary fight
    • Zimbabwe's National Unity Government Locks Horns on Land
    • Mutambara clashes with war veterans
    • Pretoria waives visas for Zimbabweans
    • Media 'talibans' set to dominate Kariba conference
    • Service chiefs still refusing to salute Tsvangirai
    • Activists call for overhaul of Zimbabwe's electoral system
    • Trial Opens Can of RBZ Worms
    • State wants to re-detain all 18 abductees
    • Harare diocese elects Chad Nicholas Gandiya as bishop
    • Daily cholera update and alerts, 03 May 2009
    • Progress Fuels Hope In Zimbabwe
    • Making schools work
    • A dismal display of pomp and ceremony
  46. Batch 2 Posted 4/5/09
    • 'Zim's economic outlook uncertain, 70 percent need food aid'
    • Zimbabwe targets $1 bln credit from Africa -FT
    • Gono's borrowings illegal, scandalous
    • Rescue programme failing to improve life
    • Zuma to get tough on Zim?
    • Dubai World plans to invest in Zimbabwe game park
    • We should not be taken for a ride - Biti
    • Why international donors are avoiding Zimbabwe
    • FULL TEXT: 'The right to speak and be spoken to'
    • Parade Magazine rates Robert Mugabe as the number one Worlds Worst Dictator
  47. Posted 4/5/09
    • Zimbabwe orders school fee cuts as economy struggles
    • Central bank looted university funds
    • Zambia to help Zimbabwe with food
    • Politics holds the key, Biti told
    • Harare targets African credit lines
    • Rights violations a threat to GNU
    • Media body proposes self-regulation for Zimbabwe journalists
    • Change Not Coming Soon Enough for Zimbabwean Journalists
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 2nd May 2009
    • Book Review
  48. Posted 3/5/09
    • Give Zim a chance - Phosa
    • UZ on verge of collapse
    • Villagers Fear Trading Due To Fake Notes In Circulation
    • Zim dollar mystery
    • Mzembi berates media over Chinotimba
    • Mugabe must play ball
    • Parly to probe Mujuru's Dande
    • Tomana Defends Mnangagwa Decision
    • Women vow to Reclaim Space
    • Women call for Justice Probe
    • Labour laws Reppresive says ZCTU
    • Colliery Appeals For Funds
    • Boccim Seeks to help Local Industry
    • Battle Looms over fate
    • Alex Magaisa: Reducing Conflicts of Interest in Politics
    • Comment: Listening Without Hearing
    • Sunday View: 'Press Freedom' Remains Elusive
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Zimbabwe's bloated government headed the way of Kenya's
    • Zanu PF Snubs May Day
    • Gunpoint torture of DP President
    • Down to the wire for artist who supports family of 10
    • Hifa ends on high note
    • Dust and rust
  49. Posted 2/5/09
    • Tsvangirai says Zimbabwe broke, cannot raise wages
    • Showdown looms between govt, workers over salaries
    • IMF Says Zimbabwe Reconstruction Could Cost US$45BN Over Five Years
    • Government and teachers to meet Monday to avert strike
    • ZEC and ZANU PF boycott conference on electoral reforms
    • Tsvangirai: MDC seeking to improve lives
    • Account for missing activists, Mugabe told
    • Exams - Millions Needed
    • Lawyers turn heat on Mutsekwa, Mohadi
    • Zimbabwean Workers Celebrate First May Day Under New Government
    • Zimbabwean migration camouflages human traffickers
    • Information wars in Zimbabwe
    • Staying the course or walking the talk, the GNU has to deliver
    • A letter from the diaspora
  50. Batch 3 Posted 1/5/09
    • IMF setting up Zim trust fund: Biti
    • Mugabe invited to Zuma inauguration
    • Power outages set to continue for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Police Compiling Information on 2008 Wave of Political Violence
    • Zimbabwe Education Minister Tables Concessions to Fend Off Teacher Strike
    • Teachers' salaries meeting deferred to Monday
    • Zimbabwean teachers working in fear
    • Tendai Biti in Washington D.C.
    • Ghost workers milking Govt
    • ZANU-PF, MDC set for 'crunch' meeting
    • Zanu-PF committed to the unity government: Mugabe
    • Banda Urges World to Support Zimbabwe
    • Iran, Zim to establish airline links - report
    • Zimbabwe's Economy Needs Seven Years To Recover
    • Some questions for the Honourable Minister Dr. Henry Madzorera
    • Media Reforms Not Coming Quickly Under Zimbabwe Unity Government
    • Illegal forex dealers back on Byo streets
    • Mudzingwa's freedom bid fails again
  51. Batch 2 Posted 1/5/09
    • Joice Mujuru Faces Ouster
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai Crisis Talks Deadlocked
    • Matinenga sinks Kariba draft
    • Media Indaba Revised After Boycott Threats
    • Biti Intensifies Turf war with Gono
    • 'Tortured' MDC-T Activists sue for Compensation
    • 'Electoral, Judicial Reforms Necessary for Free Polls'
    • Teachers Demand US$1 500 Salary
    • Workers get Mixed Fortunes
    • Whither the TNF?
    • IMF aid Subject to Arrear Repayments
    • 'Banking Sector Must Align Rates to Sadc
    • Challenges to Food Production
    • Eric Bloch: How did Business Survive?
    • Muckraker: Govt Must Walk the Talk
    • Candid Comment: Form and content in 'new' constitution
    • Comment: Progress on Reforms Much too Slow
    • Editor's Memo: Threats and Lies
  52. Posted 1/5/09
    • Education Minister and teachers meet as strike action threatened
    • Zimbabwe holds first official meeting with Britain in nine years
    • Appointment: Ambassador to Zimbabwe
    • Zambia urges support for Zimbabwe unity government
    • UK, Commonwealth Lift Travel Warnings
    • Harare City Council rocked by corruption scandal
    • Tsvangirai says he will not adopt 'megaphone' approach to talks
    • Botswana gov't clarifies loan to Zimbabwe
    • Jailed Zimbabwe Journalist Honored by Black Journalists Group
    • Journalist Shadreck Manyere hospitalised
    • Zanu PF in currency scandal
    • Tribunal gives Zim farmer ground to fight eviction
    • Seven died in Congo plane crash - minister
    • Mutambara casts doubt on new elections
    • Ex-Students Urged to Save Leading University
    • INTERVIEW-Zimbabwe finmin confirms $400 mln credit from Africa
    • Zuma inauguration proving a nightmare
    • More Zimbabwean migrants expected in Musina
    • Zimbabweans still threatened with deportation
    • Revolt over LonZim assets
    • Zimbabwean Journalists Seeking Press Freedom
    • Made's son jailed for 5 years for tax fraud
    • Investigate Mahachi's phantom jatropha plantation
    • The meaning of 'independence day' to a Zimbabwean refugee
    • Zimbabweans still groaning as aid remains elusive
    • Zim Solidarity on the prisons

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