The ZIMBABWE Situation

July 2009 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/7/09
    • Tsvangirai Meets Army Generals
    • Govt Gives Daily News Licence to Publish
    • MDC-T Calls for Pardoning of Convicted MPs
    • Govt in Rush to Fulfil GPA
    • Mawere Battles to Recover Money 'taken' by Gwaradzimba
    • Zimind Journalists' Case Referred to Supreme Court
    • Flawed Draft Constitution Faces Rejection - Convention
    • The Constitution no one Wants
    • Hurdles lie in Wait for National Healing Process
    • We are Ready to Intervene in Zim -- Zuma
    • Parly Committee Cannot be Autonomous –– Zvoma
    • Biti, Mudzuri meet over fuel levies
    • Load Shedding - More Dark Hours Ahead
    • Govt Withdraws Mines and Minerals Bill
    • Gold, Platinum Glitter for Zim
    • Old Mutual Pensioners mull Court Action
    • Econet Rolls out 3G Service
    • Muckraker: Is Tsvangirai that Much of a threat?
    • Eric Bloch: Government's 'fuelish' Policies
    • Zero Duty Policy Opens up Avenues of Communication
    • Candid Comment: National Healing: Words not Enough
    • Comment: Zanu PF, MDC Causing Deliberate Confusion
    • Comment: Reforms Must Bring Better Governance
    • Kunonga attempts to stop Bishop’s enthronement
    • Water Rationing Looms in Bulawayo
    • Clinton will push South Africa to pressure Mugabe
    • Three-Day Zimbabwe Healing & Reconciliation Exercise Sidestepped Key Issues
    • Mawere was right, Chihombori is phenomenal
    • Out of Africa
    • Stakeholders convene to strategize against forced evictions
  2. Posted 31/7/09
    • Tsvangirai meets Generals in groundbreaking meeting
    • Generals 'not obliged' to salute Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe gems classed as 'blood diamonds'
    • Suspending diamond trade will "worsen things"
    • Zimbabwe: The price of reconciliation
    • Zim's Daily News receives govt licence
    • Campaign to prevent mass Harare evictions to get underway
    • Important Notice to residents who have received letters of final demand
    • MDC Minister accused of cell phone theft appears in court
    • MDC MP Meke Makuyana released from jail on bail
    • Victims of Murambatsvina Sitting On A Time Bomb
    • Cautious optimism returns to Zimbabwe
    • Red Cross, UN: Zimbabwe prone to new cholera epidemic
    • Neglect Sanitation at Your Peril
    • R200m transferred to Zim
    • Zimbabwe's new Anglican leader urged to 'heal' Harare diocese
    • Zimbabwean farmers evicted without payment
    • Trials Strengthen Mugabe's Hand
    • President Zuma, please get serious!
    • A letter from the diaspora
  3. Batch 2 Posted 30/7/09
    • Mugabe family's land grab exposed
    • Mugabe pulls rank with state media
    • MDC attacks continue
    • MDC wants Attorney General probed
    • Minister still in police detention
    • Ps challenge expulsion from party
    • Nkala says Mahachi killed for diamonds
    • Film exposes post-election horror
    • Zim divided over national healing
    • Fuel supplies normalise
    • UZ partners with US medical Institution
    • Sparks fly over how to go about reforming Zimbabwe's constitution
    • New website launched
    • The humble Nokia kicking up political storm in Zimbabwe
  4. Posted 30/7/09
    • Tsvangirai set to meet security chiefs on Thursday
    • Fears of Zimbabwe plot grow after minister is held for stealing old mobile phone
    • Chinotimba suing arrested Minister for US$19 million
    • MDC wants arrest of its MPs investigated
    • Zimbabwe lifts reporting ban on BBC and CNN after eight years
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Says Power-Sharing Government Misunderstood
    • Local Zimbabwe Leader Evicted after Cooperating with Illegal Diamond Probe
    • Zim cholera epidemic finished: Minister
    • Police told to allow public protests
    • INTERVIEW: 'Externally funded civil society can’t represent people'
    • Zanu-PF cannot swallow MDC - Tsvangirai
    • SADC will act on Zim - Zuma
    • Zimbabweans Want Zuma to Resolve Unity Government Impasse
    • Kasukuwere denies Mwonzora's allegations
    • Exiles lash out as SA plans to redeploy army border patrols
    • JAG - farm situations communique - Dated 28th July 2009
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 653- Dated 29th July 2009
    • The Struggle for Survival in Zimbabwe: The Political Tug of War Continues
  5. Posted 29/7/09
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Seeks Parliamentary Probe of Alleged Judicial Abuses
    • Zimbabwe police detain deputy youth minister
    • Tsvangirai to meet MDC MPs Wednesday over arrests
    • Trials Erode Zimbabwe Ruling Party
    • Zimbabwe Governing Parties In Compromise On Kariba Constitutional Draft
    • Zimbabwe negotiators endorse use of controversial Kariba Draft
    • Anti-Govt NGOs warned
    • Comments by Zimbabwe President Mugabe Cast Chill Over NGO Sector
    • Biti death threats connected with Defence minister's bitterness over proposed mining laws?
    • Finance chief unfazed by bullet in envelope
    • MDC formations to appoint 5 ambassadors
    • Stop Parliament-led constitutional process: NCA
    • Kariba Draft is mine - Chinamasa
    • Residents outraged as Harare starts disconnecting water
    • Cable theft cripples TelOne
    • Recovery is slowly coming - but don't bank on it
    • Top ZANU PF official escapes prosecution in diesel fraud case
    • Mawere saga simmers as Chinamasa & Mnangagwa hold firm
    • ‘No news is good news’ - not true in Zimbabwe
    • A response to Mugabe: African journalists have a duty to report the truth
    • Zimfest – A celebration of Zimbabwean pride
    • The ebb and flow of Zimbabwean migrants
    • Comment from a correspondent
  6. Posted 28/7/09
    • Tendai Biti receives death threat
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Sets Consultations With S. African President Zuma
    • NCA hold constitutional convention in Chitungwiza
    • Thousands turn up for Matabeleland South Rally
    • Tomana takes over ranch in Masvingo
    • Political violence growing in rural areas
    • Peace days marred by arrests as police clamp down of protesters
    • Civic Group Urges Halt to Zimbabwean Constitutional Revision Process
    • Mugabe's nephew to face court as incriminating videos are released
    • Diesel conjurer convicted of fraud for fooling Mugabe's government
    • Mudede role queried as diesel n'anga convicted
    • Shock figures reveal thousands of Zims deported from Botswana
    • Editor forced to resign over ideology
    • Civic groups launching parallel process
    • Tsvangirai to address thousands of Zimbabweans in Johannesburg this week
    • CNN, BBC free to come
    • HOT SEAT interview: The Operations and effectiveness of JOMIC
    • Film exposes violence against Zimbabwe's women
    • Bill Watch 26 of 26th July 2009 [Budget Bills passed]
    • Zimbabwe.Com For Sale
  7. Posted 27/7/09
    • Peace day protesters arrested
    • Sixth Zimbabwe MDC MP jailed for 12 months on corruption charges
    • Mugabe's dirty ploy to poach power
    • Zimbabwe military chiefs still won't salute premier
    • Zimbabwe unity deal at an all-time low
    • Committee wants ZANU PF officials charged
    • Kunonga given control of Anglican property
    • Kasukuwere to be prosecuted
    • Mukoko sues state for US$222 000
    • Soldiers to guard borders
    • Regional power utility companies cut power supply to Zimbabwe
    • FULL TEXT: DP statement on constitutional process
    • Refugees coming through US not welcome: Canada
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 25th July 2009
    • Now Zimbabwe has a 30-year road-map
  8. Batch 2 Posted 26/7/09
    • SA farmers feel let down in Zim
    • Tsvangirai wants Gukurahundi probe
    • Factionalism Rocks Zanu PF in Bulawayo
    • Sinister Motive Behind MP convictions
    • Man Sues Nkomo for US$2.5m Over Gunshot Injuries
    • Give Power to the People, Govt Told
    • Marketing Boost for Farmers
    • Sunday Special: Continued Zanu PF Violence Undermines Healing Process
    • Alex Magaisa: Beautiful Lessons from Ghana
    • Sunday Opinion: Avoid Constitutional Trap: Insist on Real Choice in 2010
    • Comment: University's Questionable Decisions
    • Zim Standard Letters
  9. Posted 26/7/09
    • Tsvangirai suggests compensation for Zimbabwe victims
    • Zim Finance minister cuts downs on ministers' perks
    • A closer look at by-elections in Zimbabwe
    • Zim faces more power shortages
    • Zuma help tycoon get sweet with Mugabe again
    • Deferring democracy: Dining with a delinquent
    • The race for influence in Zimbabwe
    • The Nightmare that Faces Zanu PF
    • Baby in a box
  10. Posted 25/7/09
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Mutambara call for an end to political violence
    • Tsvangirai speaks on national healing
    • Robert Mugabe calls for peace in Zimbabwe
    • Leaders differ on national healing process
    • Tsvangirai postpones talks with Zuma to next week
    • MDC official's mother viciously attacked with iron bar
    • Zanu PF rush to make Mugabe life president
    • PTUZ to consult teachers on continuing class boycotts
    • PM disowns Cabinet document
    • UN Habitat Organization head to visit Zimbabwe
    • Peace day protest - 25 July 2009
    • Human Rights Bulletin No. 41: The right to health in Zimbabwe
    • An Old Question Returns: What Peace Without Justice?
    • Researchers: Zimbabwe's crisis driving HIV decline
    • A letter from the diaspora
  11. Batch 2 Posted 24/7/09
    • Constitutional battle: GNU principals to intervene
    • Chinamasa exposed over Mawere saga
    • Scramble to endorse Mugabe's stay begins
    • Worries persist as UZ reopens
    • Agriculture sector thrown into the deep end
    • Unity govt: Who will clear political landmines
    • Govt intensifies austerity measures
    • Inflation makes a comeback
    • Levies make Zim fuel most expensive -- IPGZ
    • Old Mutual ready to pay in forex
    • Econet's 3G service deferred to next year
    • Local construction industry crumbles
    • Muckraker: Ludicrous state fibs will find no takers
    • Eric Bloch: Vision for Zimbabwe
    • Deferring democracy, dining with a delinquent
    • Govt should live within its means -- analysts
    • Candid Comment: Idiot comment affront to Diaspora
    • Comment: Sycophancy betrays succession dilemma
    • Editor's memo: Select committee must have autonomy
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • ZAPU accuses Mpofu of intimidation
    • Judges loyal to Mugabe jailing MPs from MDC
    • Zim healing process flawed: NGOs
    • Zim policies restrictive: WEF
    • We must take responsibility for the future
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 652- Dated 23rd July 2009
  12. Posted 24/7/09
    • Amnesty International: Thousands face mass eviction in Harare
    • Action Alert: Fear of more mass evictions in Harare - AI
    • Statement of Charles A. Ray, Ambassador-Designate to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Prime Minister Tsvangirai Asserts Powers as Head of Government
    • Herald newspaper still trying to discredit Tsvangirai
    • Some Zimbabwe Activists Wary of Official Political Violence Healing Process
    • Several cars belonging to judges seized
    • Another government official implicated in rising poaching crisis
    • Mugabe takes over late Nkomo's venture
    • Western envoys tough with Mugabe
    • Econet to launch 3G service in August
    • ROHR on national peace days bluff
    • Q&A with Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe: Time to Stay Tough
    • Team Of Rivals
  13. Batch 2 Posted 23/7/09
    • MDC dismisses constitutional conference report
    • Zimbabwe's Attorney General Embroiled in Land Grab Saga
    • Chihuri sacks cops for probing Zanu (PF) atrocities
    • Gun toting soldier scares residents
    • Zimbabwe pleads not to blacklist its diamonds
    • PM challenges Cabinet's role
    • Headman cleanses torture base
    • Prices soar as fuel shortage bites
    • Policemen living in stables?
    • FULL TEXT: Right to food and Zimbabwe
    • Education without civilisation
    • Zimbabwe’s Rhino Poaching Crisis Compounded by Lack of Law Enforcement
  14. Posted 23/7/09
    • Zimbabwe state pursuit of MDC MPs intensifies
    • Fifth MDC MP "convicted"
    • MPs to challenge unlawful parliament suspension in court
    • Government unity continues to crack as SADC silence prevails
    • Blair: Mugabe should be 'toppled'
    • Generals to attend Council meeting
    • Leaders to launch national healing Friday
    • Tsvangirai set for talks with Zuma over outstanding GPA issues
    • Teachers' union bosses slam Biti & Mukonoweshuro
    • Zim at risk of fresh cholera outbreak: UN
    • Magistrate to rule on journos' case
    • ZCTU slams decision to import cars for MPs
    • Zimbabwe Observers See Turmoil in Mutambara MDC Grouping As Destabilizing
    • Despite Pledge To Increase Pay, Salaries of Zimbabwe Teachers Delayed
    • US Ambassador to Zimbabwe-Designate Ray To Promote Democracy, Prosperity
    • MDC legislators brief PM on Zimbabwe countryside crisis
    • Zimbabwe dispatches: attacking the helpless
    • When the cops are the robbers
    • Zimbabwe Trying to Stop Rhino Poaching
  15. Posted 22/7/09
    • Government dedicates three days to national healing
    • MDC Activist Brutally Assaulted
    • ZAPU prepares to contest by-elections
    • Zimbabwe government raises civil servants pay by up to 100 per cent
    • Bhebhe dismisses his expulsion from MDC-M as null and void
    • Mugabe's 'supreme leader' title unconstitutional
    • Fomer Zanu PF MP Grabs Constituency Office Property
    • Chinamasa detained in Germany
    • Zim must import food: USAID
    • Arms trade still fuels Zim
    • Hot Seat Interview II: Chihombori and Worswick
    • Biti removes all doubts about his intentions
    • Zimbabwe: as close a fairytale ending as one could hope for
    • Zimbabwe in Victoria Falls World Cup revival hope
    • Bill Watch 25 of 21st July 2009 [Parliament Nears Endof 1st Session]
  16. Posted 21/7/09
    • Zimbabwe inflation rises in June
    • Judge orders state prosecutors to produce video evidence
    • Rule of law still ignored as Minister implicated in village attack
    • Mutambara MDC Expels Three Lawmakers, By-Elections Seen
    • Zimbabwe Minister sitting on explosive land audit report
    • Mutambara blames Mugabe for chaos
    • "Another Operation Murambatsvina to Be Unleashed"
    • Zim teachers to strike
    • Nkala says Mahachi was murdered in 2001
    • Mugabe's endorsement as supreme leader closes succession debate
    • Moyo furious over "duty-free propaganda"
    • Zimbabwe pleads for southern African power line
    • MISA: Journalist sues for illegal detention
    • Residents stand their ground…as Council threatens legal action
    • Zimbabwe business must build its integrity
    • Zimbabwe Healing & Reconciliation Panel Urges Parties to Renounce Violence
    • National healing impossible without a truth and reconciliation commission
    • Dragging the Mule to the Water
    • Peace Watch of 20th July 2009 [Three Days Dedicated toNational Healing]
    • Zimbabwe is the second most-failed state in the world, after Somalia
  17. Posted 20/7/09
    • Zanu-PF to campaign for Kariba Draft
    • Fresh intake ruled out as UZ reopens
    • 'Keep political differences out aids fight'
    • Zim communal farmers to get maize seed
    • Tekere accuses Tsvangirai of selling out
    • Zimbabwe to secure $339.5 mln worth of lines of credit
    • Zimbabwe' government won't return top MDC party official's passport
    • Clock ticks for corrupt Chiadzwa forces
    • 'Vandalism costs public utilities US$100m'
    • 3 500 killed on roads annually - Police
    • ZIMBABWE: HIV-Aids ignorance among female students
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 18th July 2009
    • ZIMBABWE: Confronting a credibility crisis
    • 'Zimbabwe's economic recovery relies on exports, foreign aid'
  18. Posted 19/7/09
    • Mugabe Must Accept he Lost - Tsvangirai
    • Biti Threatens to Quit
    • Mohadi's Workers Face Attempted Murder Charges After Brutal Assault
    • Bennett Stranded: Tomana Won't Release Passport
    • JOMIC Official Blasts State Media Over 'hate speech'
    • Another Farmer Murdered
    • Pothole Claim: Govt Repairs Judge's Damaged car
    • Sunday Special: Showdown Looms as Council Threatens to sue Residents
    • GNU Crafts bill to'guide national healing'
    • Suspended MDC MPs Take Party to Court
    • SABC Prison Exclusive: Cop in Court
    • ZPS admits 'worst prison deaths'
    • Constitution Chaos Exposes Zanu PF
    • Discord in GNU Stalls Investment - Banker
    • Cautious nod for Biti Tonic
    • Surveyors' Shortage Stymies City's Growth
    • Alex Magaisa: Zimbabwe's Liberation: A Dream Betrayed
    • MDCs, Zanu PF's Defence of a Lost Cause
    • Comment: Hypocrisy, Business as Usual Still the Order
    • Harare in US$3bn debt arrears
    • Tekere accuse Mugabe of plunder
    • NAM backs Zimbabwean inclusive government
    • Gukurahundi graves are "war crime sites"
    • Zimbabwe begins to collect toll fees next month
    • Zvoma slammed for suspending MDC MPs
    • MSF: AIDS drug shortage threatens Africa
    • Bricks and Huney!
    • ZCTF Report - July 2009
  19. Posted 18/7/09
    • Political leaders meet to chart new national vision for the country
    • PM berates Mugabe for abuse of power
    • Teachers' union lashes out over meager salary adjustment
    • Bennett denied permission to travel
    • Biti lifts import duty on newspapers to mark start of media reforms
    • Zimbabwe economy seen hostage to anti-reform lobby
    • Zimbabwe government announces plan to buy up worthless currency
    • Zimbabwe to increase government spending
    • UZ set to reopen early next month
    • Gvt to eradicate political violence
    • Jo'burg to resettle hundreds sheltering in church
    • Zim talks are a joke, says NGO
    • Cholera Epidemic Over, but Zimbabwe Still in State of Alert
    • Widespread food shortages looming
    • How to get donor funds to the needy - analysis
    • Zimbabwe dispatches: no coincidence
    • A letter from the diaspora
  20. Batch 2 Posted 17/7/09
    • Mugabe, Ministers Fight in Mawere Saga
    • Biti Gives Restless Civil Servants Paltry Salary Increase
    • Activists sue State for Damages Over Detention
    • Mutsekwa Orders Probe Into Conference Disruption
    • Despecify Mawere, Companies - Gono
    • Gwaradzimba's Response to Gono's Letter to Mugabe
    • Chinotimba's 'war vets' Disrupt Constitutional Conference
    • Organisers hijacked people's constitutional conference
    • Budget Review Exposes low Revenue Inflows
    • Slow but Notable Revival From Economic Slump
    • Fuel Prices Drive Commodity Prices up
    • PM to Attend Jo'burg Investment Gala
    • Failure to Reform Holding Back Investment -- Analysts
    • Local Players set to Launch low Cost Airline
    • Muckraker: State Media Predictably flunks Crediblity Test
    • Eric Bloch: Get Real on Land Issue
    • Political Crisis off Headlines as Hunger Stalks Zimbabwe
    • We Need a Constitutionalism Paradigm Shift
    • Comment: Flawed Process Going Nowhere
    • Editor's Memo: Good Product First Before Rebranding
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Serious Flaws Identified in Zimbabwe Constitutional Revision Process
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Accuses ZANU-PF of 'Cynical' Plan to Erase Its Majority
    • ZANU PF official in court over tribal slur
    • Zimbabwe's HIV/AIDS program gets 25 million U.S. dollars boost
    • Time to Change the Rules
    • Something Rotten in the State
  21. Posted 17/7/09
    • Full text - Biti presents Mid-Year Fiscal Policy Review
    • Biti announces salaries for civil servants
    • Zimbabwe economy to grow 3.7 percent: minister
    • Zimbabwe to vary state wages, issue bonds: report
    • Zimbabwe TV blacks out Finance Minister's budget statement
    • Police still detaining MDC activist after Monday's chaos
    • President Mugabe warns NAM
    • Knives out as Mzembi accused of MDC links
    • Chegutu farmer laments government's denial of land attacks
    • Suspension of Hon Mlambo part of a sinister plot
    • New crackdown on Zimbabwe miners
    • Southern African countries to develop power line
    • Rampant corruption rocks the City’s Treasury
    • Binga - a place with forgotten people
    • Political Thuggery & Compromises – Zimbabwe’s Tragedies
    • Switzerland forced to unfreeze Mobutu assets
    • I hate being idle
  22. Batch 2 Posted 16/7/09
    • Zim finance minister to reveal the bottom line
    • NCA, ZCTU in parallel constitutional process
    • Rights lawyer to face trial
    • Teachers take demos to PM, Mugabe's offices
    • Zimbabwean prime minister wins international award
    • War vets evicted for supporting MDC
    • Six Zanu (PF) governors to go
    • Businessman invades communal land
    • Journos face arrest for 'military training'
    • Hospital suffers without ambulance
    • Hardships make criminals of us all . "ari ku dealer"
    • Mugabe no charge moves a case of `one law for rich' -
    • MDC accuses Zanu (PF) of "laughable lies"
    • Church now haven for thugs
    • Litmus test for Mugabe
    • The Zimbabwe-ification of South Africa?
    • Tsvangirai needs a face-to-face with Zuma
    • Comment from a correspondent
  23. Posted 16/7/09
    • Crisis For Zimbabwe's Constitution Making Process
    • Leaders tell supporters bury differences
    • NCA to hold its own constitutional conference
    • Government to convene 'national vision' conference Friday
    • Hundreds of ZANU PF supporters stranded
    • Conference delegates demand payment
    • Process now moves to consultation stage
    • Call for protection of property rights
    • Tsvangirai to Address Johannesburg Investment Forum
    • MDC MP Mathias Mlambo suspended from Parliament
    • JAG - farm situations communique - Dated 14th July 2009
    • NGOs demand funds seized by Gono
    • Tsvangirai wins Spanish achievement award
    • Unpaid rural teachers leave schools
    • Reports of Militia Bases Spur Fact-Finding Mission by Zimbabwe Home Co-Minister
    • Zimbabwe State Oil Company Back in Charge & Fuel Shortages Return
    • First Low cost Airlines set to be launched
    • Zanu PF terror gangs going into parastatals
    • Mutambara must urgently revisit GPA
  24. Posted 15/7/09
    • Sanity returns to All-Stakeholders Constitutional Conference
    • Zimbabwe Constitution Talks Resume After Chaos
    • Orchestrated conference chaos reveals lack of unity
    • NCA statement on the disrupted "all" stakeholders conference
    • FULL TEXT: Rights lawyers' complaint on constitutional conference
    • Zanu PF propaganda will not change the truth
    • Statement on the unwarranted disruption of the All Stakeholders Constitutional Conference
    • Zimbabwe could fall foul of new small arms treaty
    • SA, Zim set to sign trade pact
    • MDC-M MPs challenge disciplinary hearing
    • 'Rusike: Towering icon in fight for vibrant media'
    • Zimbabwe Teachers March Over Wages, Intimidation by ZANU-PF Militia
    • ROHR Zimbabwe pass litmus test
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 29
    • Western Recipient Governments Cling to Dirty Money
    • Special Commonwealth programme for Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF accused of hypocrisy over national hero Ackim Ndlovu
    • Zimbabwe prepare to host Afghanistan
  25. Posted 14/7/09
    • Chaos Erupts at Zimbabwe Constitution Conference
    • "War vets" and youths loyal to ZPF creating mayhem at new constitution conference
    • Zanu PF responsible: Kasukuwere and Zhuwawo cause mayhem to scupper constitutional conference
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai denounce bid to stall new constitution
    • Mugabe says Zimbabwe constitution reforms to go ahead
    • Minister to investigate resurfacing militia bases
    • Mnangagwa Police docket disappears
    • Zimbabwe Government Proposes to Hand Diamond Field to Commercial Partner
    • Proceeds from Marange diamonds not benefiting Zimbabweans
    • Army plans new Chiadzwa crackdown: radio
    • Moyo's quest to unseat Speaker put on hold
    • Government in Two Minds About the Rule of Law
    • Operation Murambatsvina haunts another proposed clean-up operation
    • Hot Seat transcript: Dr Chihombori vs John W. Worswick
    • Zimbabwe: Arms and corruption - Fuelling human rights abuses
    • Kariba Dam is 110% full
    • Constitution Watch 6 of 10th July 2009 [1st AllStakeholders Constitutional Conference]
    • Bill Watch 24 of 13th July 2009 [Debacle atConstitutional Conference]
  26. Posted 13/7/09
    • All Set For Zimbabwe's Constitutional Conference
    • 'Key players excluded from constitutional indaba'
    • Zim talks on constitution won't include Ramaphosa
    • Mugabe Stalls Government Talks Needed for New Constitution
    • Zim's underhand arms trade
    • Teachers Flee As Zanu PF Youth Militia Launch Terror Bases
    • Safari operators accuse ZTA of gross prejudice
    • Zimbabwe tobacco price pushed up
    • We don't have enough to lend, say banks
    • COSATU supports ZCTU boycott
    • Bob's the only free Zimbabwean
    • Tsvangirai critics investors in failure
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 11th July 2009
    • Hope for Zimbabwe - and Obama's speech
    • A new constitution : rock upon which a prosperous Zimbabwe should be built
    • Beliefs, values shape our destiny
    • Constitution Watch 7 of 12th July 2009 [AccreditationInstructions & Programme for 1st All-Stakeholders Conference]
    • PEACE WATCH of 11th July 2009 [Torture is TotallyUnacceptable]
    • New Zimbabwe-born search engine
  27. Batch 2 Posted 12/7/09
    • Ministers in illicit Rhino Horn Trade
    • Violence Dampens National Healing
    • Parties Clash at Hero's Funeral
    • Tsvangirai Taken to Task
    • Anne Matonga Sues Sharon Mugabe
    • Murder Shocks Farmers
    • Judge Wants Compensation
    • Binga in Dark About Constitution
    • Neighbours up in Arms Against Mudede
    • MDC-T in Massive Party Restructuring Exercise
    • Govt in U-turn Over Security on Diamond Fields
    • Squabbles Over Constitution Escalate
    • Two Nurses With big Hearts Making a Difference in Their Community
    • UK to Partner Universities for Research
    • USAP Sends 17 for Studies
    • Govt in Drive to Lure Back Health Professionals
    • Bulawayo Closes Understaffed Council Clinics
    • Double-digit Growth of Economy Forecast
    • LonZim Names Managers for Leopard Rock Refurbishment
    • Alex Magaisa: MDC Must Manage Information Better
    • Comment: Country has to Decide What it Wants First
    • Sundayview: The Trouble With Elections
    • How Many Stakes can you Hold at once?
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Mugabe admits differences with MDC
    • Starvation kills hopes of South Africa's rubbish-tip refugees
    • Lonrho's bitter battle to retain the heart of its African empire
    • Where did we go wrong?
  28. Posted 12/7/09
    • Obama: Africa aid must be matched by good governance
    • Mugabe decries West setting conditions on aid
    • Zimbabwe government must stay united: Mugabe
    • Zim jails an embarrassment: Prisons
    • Cash shortage threatens constitutional reform
    • Judiciary must protect prisoners - Makarau
    • German City to honour Zimbabwean rights activist
    • Mutambara now wants five-year GNU
    • West has no right to preach to Africa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu says
    • Southern African Commercial Farmers Alliance Press Release
    • New deposit fines announced
    • Title Deeds are sacred
    • Text of Obama's speech in Ghana
    • Cops vow to clear-up streets for 2010
  29. Posted 11/7/09
    • Zimbabwe army refuses to withdraw from diamond fields
    • Zimbabwe to review ownership law to seek investment
    • Zimbabwe Investment Conference Gets Mixed Reviews
    • Leaders say farm compensation is Britain's problem
    • Mutambara calls for moratorium on land dispute
    • Tension rises over remaining white farms
    • Zimbabwe to spend $142 mln on small farm support
    • Teachers demonstrate in Masvingo
    • Court postpones ruling on editors' case
    • Veteran newspaper publisher Elias Rusike dies
    • Zimbabwe's toddler "terrorist" struggles to reintegrate
    • When Torture is Dismissed
    • Swine flu begins to spread in the region
    • A letter from the diaspora
  30. Batch 2 Posted 10/7/09
    • Storm Brews Over China Deal
    • Investment Conference Exposes Discord in GNU
    • Constitution-making Delays Commission
    • Speakership Challenge Judgement Reserved
    • Police not Absolved in MDC Activists' Abduction - Judge
    • Bennett, Governors to be Sworn in
    • Teachers Head for Showdown With Govt
    • Mbare's dormitory flats: a ticking health time bomb
    • Kariba Draft Cannot be Imposed -- Mwonzora
    • National resources mortgage: Heads you lose, tails you lose
    • Govt draws up state assets recapitalisation plan
    • Stay put, Zimbabweans tell diasporans in survey
    • Mining Expo Fails to Attract Exhibitors
    • Zim Search Engine Onny Developed
    • Complexities of Civil Society and Interactions With MDC
    • Muckraker: Mugabe placation sets PM on collision course
    • Eric Bloch: Industry Faces Host of Challenges
    • The conflict of constitutionalism in Zim
    • Comment: Rogue Image Persists
    • Editor's Memo: Biti's Political Gibberish
    • President Mugabe is questioned by Trevor Gifford of CFU over land grabs
    • Harare urged to set up body to oversee police
    • Fourth Lawmaker of Zimbabwe's MDC Convicted, Party Charges Political Bias
    • Harare urged to lift media restrictions
    • Mine estimate cheers Camec
    • Zimbabwe Seen Vulnerable To Emergence of H1N1 Flu in Southern Africa
    • Zimbabwe to get Commonwealth training, support
    • Problems still hamper South Africa's 2010 World Cup dreams
  31. Posted 10/7/09
    • International investment conference opens in Harare
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe makes appeal to investors
    • No compensation for land - Mugabe
    • White farmers to be spared
    • Constitutional conference delayed by ZANU PF bickering
    • Zimbabwe expects double-digit growth next year: minister
    • MDC outcry as another MP convicted on trumped up charges
    • Small Zimbabwe Tobacco Crop Reaches Record Prices
    • Villagers remember violence
    • Zanu (PF) incites violence
    • Rights group calls for independent police monitor after WOZA abuse
    • Bikita Minerals - no disruptions
    • Mugabe drags his feet on by-elections
    • Hate speech back in state media
    • Zimbabwe reports first case of A/H1N1 flu
    • Villagers fined for supporting MDC
    • Call for Zimbabwe's debt cancellation
    • Address by the Minister of Economic Planning
    • Poaching crisis as rhino horn demand booms in Asia
    • Will tomorrow come?
  32. Batch 2 Posted 9/7/09
    • Constitutional conference deferred to Monday
    • Team urges ban on Marange diamonds
    • Zimbabwe Cabinet Gives Unity Gov't Principals Ultimatum To Resolve Disputes
    • Zimbabwe Farmers Union Sees No Political Motive in Midlands Killing
    • MDC Formation of Zimbabwe PM Insists Central Banker Gono Must Leave
    • Barack Obama tells Africa to stop blaming colonialism for problems
    • First family fake farmers - workers
    • Foreign exhibitors snub Mine Entra
    • 144,000 asylum seekers allowed to stay in Britain after claims backlog
    • US downplays Mugabe, Carson confrontation
    • No respite for Zim refugees
    • Zimbabwe Cricket Appoints Former Captain As Selectors Chairman
    • Zim power dynamics favour ZANU PF
  33. Posted 9/7/09
    • SADC shuns Bingu as Comrade Mugabe is booed
    • MDC factions in unity govt divided over Gono & Tomana
    • CFU shocked at violent murder of local farm leader
    • MDC activist survives deadly axe attack in Muzarabani
    • Zanu-PF supporters invade Bikita mine
    • Unaccredited journalists barred from covering investment conference
    • Zimbabwe's living costs on the rise
    • Petrol shortage another big blow for Zimbabwe
    • Another round of cholera expected
    • Hidden Story
    • AIDS number one cause of maternal deaths
    • Zimbabweans: Unhappiest people in the world
  34. Batch 2 Posted 8/7/09
    • Zimbabwe farmers leader murdered in axe attack
    • Mugabe loyalists step up politically motivated attacks on MDC activists
    • Rapes, robberies and attacks rife as Zimbabwe enters a violent new era
    • Chikane says GPA the not best solution
    • Malloch-Brown to quit Foreign Office role
    • Another Cabinet Showdown Looming In Harare's Troubled Unity Government
    • Team Monitoring Diamond Trade Rebukes Zimbabwe
    • MDC selling out: ZCTU
    • Zimbabwe investment indaba opens tomorrow
    • Despite Arrears, Mozambique to Keep Supplying Zimbabwe With Electricity
  35. Posted 8/7/09
    • Lawyers Fear Mugabe May Block New Constitution
    • Process to select independent commissioners' runs into trouble
    • Teachers to boycott classes on Fridays
    • Investors to get chance to question unity government
    • Zimbabwe Looking At Possibilities of Adopting The Rand As Formal Currency
    • Magistrate Orders State to Investigate WOZA Assault
    • Jo'burg accommodation for Zimbabwean refugees almost ready
    • SA couple arrested after abducting Zim exiles
    • Zimbabwe refutes fresh land invasions
    • Marondera crippled by electricity disconnections
    • An Invitation to Zimbabweans: Send a message to President Obama
    • Doctors and ARVs in short supply
    • Mugabe lauds China for unconditional credit
    • 350 Zimbabweans released as more arrive
    • Great Zimbabwe University fails to open
    • Lawyers free Zimbabwe refugees in SAfrica
    • 'Can't you just find us another place?'
    • Mugabe refuses to meet departing McGee
    • Asylum seeker jailed for scam
    • Zimbabwe showing signs of fledgling recovery
    • The conflict of constitutionalism and a non-English speaking North Korean doctor!
    • Mad Bob - Cartoon
  36. Posted 7/7/09
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 6
    • US$950 million deal with China - is it on, is it off?
    • Robert Mugabe labels top US official 'an idiot' in latest outburst against African-Americans
    • Tsvangirai dismisses ZANU PF attempts to impose Kariba Draft
    • Zimbabwe Can't Repay Loans; Insisting on "Debt Strategy"
    • Anti-blood diamonds team implicates Zimbabwe army
    • Zim dollar return "very long way" off-Biti
    • Students Fail To Return to University Due To High Fees
    • Temporary Teachers Withdraw Services
    • Interview: Pres Mugabe on AU, neocolonialism, Chinese loan, MDC-T
    • Press Release: Ambassador McGee ends term
    • Taken Question: Ambassador McGee ends
    • AU under fire over boycott of International Criminal Court
    • Zimbabwe GNU Watch June 2009
    • Unequally Yoked
    • A Zimbabwean arrogantocracy
    • Press Release: Ambassador McGee ends term
    • Taken Question: Ambassador McGee ends
    • AU under fire over boycott of International Criminal Court
    • Zimbabwe GNU Watch June 2009
    • Unequally Yoked
    • A Zimbabwean arrogantocracy
  37. Posted 6/7/09
    • Zimbabwe vows to pull troops out of diamond fields
    • Illegal gems still a sparkling opportunity
    • Donors sidestep Zim's tainted central bank
    • Service providers switch off central bank phones
    • Why Mugabe loves Kariba draft
    • PM denies Mugabe sent him on world tour
    • American diplomat 'an idiot'
    • Zimbabwe shocks the markets with move on mines
    • SA companies ready to start pumping money in Zimbabwe
    • Hitchmann speaks on three-year prison ordeal
    • Zim again behind on Mozambique power bill
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 4th July 2009
    • Zimbabwe: Where money comes first, health second
    • Keeping hope alive in Zimbabwe no easy task despite new unity government
    • Africa's Perennial Rulers
    • Bill Watch 23 of 5th July2009 [Update on GovernmentLegislative Agenda]
  38. Batch 2 Posted 5/7/09
    • Kasukuwere Admits Militia Campaign
    • ZCTU Warns of Labour Unrest over low pay
    • China deal: Biti Says no Cash Coming
    • Tsvangirai Pledges Support for Mugabe's Role in GNU
    • Public Opposition to Kariba Draft
    • Capital City Loses its Shine
    • Diasporans Fear Being Forced to Return Home
    • Peri-urban Farmers Contribute to the Welfare of Glen View Triplets
    • Maternal Deaths Preventable
    • 'Govt subsidy would bring down cost of blood'
    • Zambian Firm Battles to Recover US$700 000
    • GNU Mulls New Energy Policy
    • Plans to Tap Diaspora Funds
    • Cash Squabbles Threaten Tourism Fair
    • Alex Magaisa: A new Constitution will not Save Zimbabwe
    • Sundayview: Africa and the International Criminal Court
    • Comment: Slap in the Face for Minister's Initiative
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Teachers protest over unpaid salaries
    • Hitschmann won't lie against Bennett
    • Jail the looters
    • Patriotism is punished
    • 'Lost boy' who fled Sudan tells of his 4,000-mile trek
  39. Posted 5/7/09
    • 300 Zimbabweans arrested in Johannesburg
    • S.African human rights bodies slam arrest of homeless Zimbabweans
    • NOCZIM shortcomings trigger fuel price hike
    • ZANU PF official's farm guard commits suicide
    • Leaders agree to strengthen AU
    • Deputy PM Mutambara Promotes Country as 2010 Destination
    • Low-Paid Zimbabwean Public Workers Hoping For a Raise This Month
    • Experts probe Masvingo gold rush reports
    • Brutality continues
    • Zimbabwe's law of the land
    • Frightening residents meetings
    • ROHR Zimbabwe comes of age
    • Zimbabwe’s economy shows signs of life
  40. Posted 4/7/09
    • "Blood diamonds" team wraps up second Zimbabwe inspection
    • No deal between Zimbabwe and China - Biti
    • Zimbabwe seeking $80 mln credit facility: finmin
    • Civil Society constitutional convention reject use of Kariba draft
    • Commonwealth meeting set to pave way for Zim readmission
    • African leaders set to boycott International Criminal Court
    • Journalists in court to make media commission order legally binding
    • African commission asks Zimbabwe to "decriminalise" offences of media accreditation
    • Shamu to announce crucial Media reforms today
    • Nyanga villagers in court to recover seized property
    • Zimbabwe to re-evaluate all mining contracts
    • Zimbabwe President meets top US official
    • Update on WOZA court appearances
    • Reviving Zimbabwe Dollar Now Suicidal
    • Library, documentation council appointed
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • The Working Group Questionnaire - CORRECTION
  41. Batch 2 Posted 3/7/09
    • Statement at the conclusion of an IMF staff mission to Zimbabwe
    • Biti Signs US$5b Deal With China
    • Chaos Rocks Constitution-making Process
    • Civil Servants to get Salaries
    • Journalists Appeal for Final Order
    • State Witness Vows not to Testify Against Bennett
    • Constitution Splits Civic Society Partners
    • Commonwealth to Host Zim Indaba
    • Villagers Demand US$850 Compensation for Lost Property
    • Schools set Debt Collectors on Defaulting Parents
    • Activists' Case Referred to the Supreme Court
    • Govt Delays Gazetting of Ministry Responsibilities
    • Exposing Shortcomings of the Kariba Draft Constitution
    • Journalists call for More Media Plurality, Diversity
    • Zim Dollar not Coming Back yet -- Mangoma
    • Govt Withdraws Mining Indigenisation bill
    • Aid is Good, but Investment is Better
    • Deadlock Over Mine Workers' Wages
    • Resolve Outstanding GPA Issues - ZNCC
    • LonZim Takes to the Skies
    • Govt should not lead national Healing
    • Delinquency Condemns 'rebranding' to Failure
    • Eric Bloch: SMEs Fuel Economic Growth
    • Candid Comment: Constitution-making Process Illegitimate
    • Comment: Anti-reformists Bare Their True Colours
    • Editor's Memo: Cabinet Boycott Exposes Discord Within GNU
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Put a respected auditor in charge of Zimbabwe's funding
    • Ian Smith versus Robert Mugabe
  42. Posted 3/7/09
    • Pioneer farm invaders now live in poverty
    • Call on beleaguered Zwizwai to apologise
    • Witness refuses to testify against Bennett
    • MDC to hold two day strategic planning meeting
    • Mike Hitschmann released from jail
    • Teachers renew strike threat over pay
    • Zimbabwe court clears Nicholas van Hoogstraten of porn and currency charges
    • Biti says revenue inflow rises to US$70m
    • Civic society meets over constitution making
    • Boycott brings MDC concerns to the fore: Analysts
    • Signs of economic recovery in Zimbabwe-IMF
    • Greece donates $650,000 food aid to Zimbabwe
    • 'Crisis is still here' says Zimbabwean priest
    • Global Fund moves to safeguard money
    • Extract from Obama administration tackling wide range of African issues - Johnnie Carson
    • The Working Group Questionnaire
    • Colonised by the black elite
    • No difference between Mugabe and Zimbabwe
    • My day with Gift, a Zimbabwean street-kid
    • Constitution Watch 5 of 1st July 2009 [PeoplesConstitutional Convention]
  43. Batch 2 Posted 2/7/09
    • Zimbabwe Seeks US$1 Billion From African Development Bank for Agriculture
    • Kimberley Process Team Probes Alleged Abuses In Zimbabwe Diamond Field
    • Knives drawn for Makoni after launch
    • Shamu, Charamba in u-turn over MIC
    • 'AU must ensure Harare sticks to power-sharing pact'
    • Villagers die - no money for healthcare
    • Biti set to present mid-term policy statement this month
    • Teachers want maize, sweet potatoes as fees
    • Zim targets farmer's wife
    • Sports revival for a better image - Coltart
    • Consumers blast banks
    • 7 teachers killed in political violence: Report
    • No, no, no to Kariba Draft
    • The systematic pillaging of the Zimbabwe economy
    • A slow-burning crisis -Donald Steinberg
    • Book review: The English Teacher
  44. Posted 2/7/09
    • Accused of Terror Win Appeal To Zimbabwe Supreme Court
    • Sekeramayi denies CIO involvement in abductions
    • Makoni launches new political party
    • Roy Bennett remanded to October for trial
    • MDC says Zwizwai diamond killings denial 'unfortunate and inaccurate'
    • ZANU PF militias back in action in rural areas
    • Tsvangirai under fire for glossing over unity govt problems
    • Relatives to help in prisoners' upkeep
    • International Jurist Visits Zimbabwe to Assess Human Rights Situation
    • Many Zimbabwe Lawmakers of PM Tsvangirai's Party Face Charges; Bias Alleged
    • Study belies 'myth' Zimbabwe is kept afloat by diaspora cash
    • ZESA fails to meet debt deadline
    • Mugabe should know his currency is a stale joke
    • Tsvangirai Denies Violating Media Laws
    • African leaders convene in Libya
    • Lord Malloch-Brown discusses African Union Summit on 5 Live
    • No winds of change at the Grain Marketing Board
    • Redeeming Disaster
    • First Rights: 'No one feels safe in Zimbabwe. No one.'
    • When the Truth Becomes a Casualty
    • 'Ensure full implementation of unity govt pact'
    • Walking a thin line: The political and humanitarian challenges facing Zimbabwe’s GPA leadership - and its ordinary citizens
    • “Gone to Egoli”: Economic survival strategies in Matabeleland - a preliminary study
  45. Posted 1/7/09
    • Tsvangirai says MDC will not pull out
    • Zimbabwe secures 600 million loan from China
    • Government urged to compensate farm workers over job losses
    • UK 'has no moral duty' to compensate Zim farmers
    • Underlying causes of cholera in Zimbabwe remain unattended to
    • Suspended Mutambara MDC MP's to face weekend hearings
    • Statement by the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Rights Groups Urge Government to Pass Tough Anti-Torture Law
    • Shortcomings Of The Kariba Draft
    • Zimbabwe Diaspora want involvement in new constitution
    • FULL TEXT: Khupe's speech after MDC Cabinet boycott
    • National Security Council not yet sitting
    • Mugabe to take centre stage on food security, at AU summit
    • MDC MP criticises Tsvangirai
    • Herald retracts false story about MDC
    • New head of Zimbabwean archdiocese says he'll focus on poverty relief
    • Zimbabwe now "a battleground"
    • Bennett Goes Back To Court
    • Hot Seat interview: Andrew Pocock, outgoing UK Ambassador
    • 'Money Comes First, Health Second'
    • The legitimacy of Zimbabwe's debt: the case for a debt audit
    • Bill Watch 22 of 29th June 2009 [MDC-T Expresses Frustration]
    • Enabling Mugabe
    • From top of the class to bottom
    • Outlawed lawmakers degrade democracy

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