The ZIMBABWE Situation

August 2009 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/8/09
    • Farmer's elderly wife killed in latest Zimbabwe murder of whites
    • Zuma came, saw, showed Zim he cares
    • Zimbabwe's recovery must be completed with speed
    • MDC-M chooses Stevenson for Senegal post
    • Bob loud about Libya visit
    • ZEC election funds run out
    • 60 Zim cops for SADC peacekeeping exercise
    • Diamond council wants Zim suspended
    • Power utility company plunges Bulawayo into darkness
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 29th August 2009
    • Public officials should declare their assets
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/8/09
    • Zuma Impatient with Mugabe Deadlock
    • Crisis Talks as Teachers Threaten Massive Strike
    • Parliament Splashes US$8 000 on Flowers
    • African Journalists to Meet in Harare
    • Zanu PF Probes Nkomo over Sodomy Allegations
    • Govt Preference for Foreign Companies Raises Eyebrows
    • First Lady's Exquisite Tastes
    • Sunday Special: Zimdollar Revival: Debate Intensifies
    • Court Rules Against Farmer's Eviction
    • Kwekwe duo Acquitted
    • Power-sharing: can Mugabe Co-exist With Tsvangirai?
    • Murambatsvina Victims on the Move Again
    • Operation of Hope Returns for More Surgery
    • Doctors Call off job Action
    • Association Builds User-friendly Toilets for Members
    • Safari Operators, ZTA end Court Feud
    • Econet Rolls out 3G Technology
    • Expert Warns on Slow Pace of IT Development
    • Alex Magaisa: Natural justice: Doing things differently
    • Sundayview: Media Reform Could Mean More Jobs for Zim Journalists
    • Comment: A strategy to scuttle progress
    • Zim Standard Letters
  3. Posted 30/8/09
    • Not much optimism as Zuma departs
    • MDC applauds President Zuma's statement
    • EU and Eastern and Southern Africa further trade and development partnership
    • Guarded Suspected Poacher Escapes From Hospital
    • Abandoned lions escape from farm
    • Chinotimba speaks of bad blood
    • Agribank Hits Hard Times
    • Chinotimba 'Illegal Tenant'
    • Masvingo Businesses Urge Spruce Up Of Airports For 2010
    • Court Overules Chief
    • Ministries Report Poor Progress
    • Myanmar establishes diplomatic ties with Zimbabwe
    • Make SA generals' report public
    • Mugabe's nine lives
    • Burning House
    • Money usually the root of all evil
  4. Posted 29/8/09
    • Lights out as Zuma arrives
    • Zuma urges Zimbabwe to meet conditions of Western aid
    • Zuma says Zimbabwe's coalition government is working
    • Zuma backs speedy democratic reforms in Zimbabwe
    • Teachers strike as new school term opens
    • Aid groups remain on high alert after false alarm about cholera
    • Harare's western suburbs run dry
    • Gov minister declares support for farm invaders defying High Court
    • IOM labour migration centre opens in Beitbridge
    • Banks start offering personal loans
    • MISA: Ruling says AIPPA should be amended
    • Zimbabwean teenager in the UK gets record number of 'O' levels
    • Merchants of violence regroup
    • Mugabe's house of hunger
    • People Get Ready
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Bill Watch 29 of 27th August 2009 [Update on GNU]
  5. Batch 2 Posted 28/8/09
    • Zimbabwe ready to move forward - Zuma
    • Zuma expected to unlock current deadlock
    • Zuma Turns up the Volume
    • Nkomo's Sodomy Accuser Fears for his Life
    • Chamisa Sucked Into Cellphone Theft Case
    • Constitution-making Process Grinds to a Halt
    • Mohadi Tipped to Land Zanu PF Chairmanship
    • Public Vents Anger at Tedious State Media
    • Stalemate Beckons as Zanu PF Reneges on Governors
    • Farm Invaders Defy High Court Order
    • Zanu PF Walk-out a Complete Over-reaction - Mutambara
    • Financial results: Analysts Scratch Heads Over Trend
    • Deposits Double as ZSE Trading Rises
    • Muckraker: Fake Zanu PF Outrage Over Mutambara Truism
    • Eric Bloch: Should the Zimdollar Return?
    • Gono's Zim Dollar Push: A Journey Into the Past
    • Economic Stability Must Come Before Zimdollar Return
    • Comment: Arrogance Stifling Implementation
    • Editor's Memo: Zuma Faces Uphill Task
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • 'Zim political environment remains fragile'
    • Airlines barred as Zimbabwe tourism slumps
    • A lesson from physics
  6. Posted 28/8/09
    • Tests show no cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe
    • Beer may have caused cholera scare
    • Zuma arrives in Harare aiming to settle coalition disputes
    • More aid likely after Zuma visit, Mangoma
    • Zuma to hold meetings with Zimbabwe principals Thursday evening
    • Mugabe's party blames sanctions for Zimbabwe's woes
    • Political power not for sharing, Mutasa
    • Global diamond trade monitor warns of Zim suspension
    • Chinotimba has court in stitches of laughter
    • State In Quandary Over Bennett's Trial
    • Nkomo likely to face charges of sodomy
    • Army steps up attacks on civilians: NGOs
    • FULL TEXT: Political violence report for June
    • Mohadi to replace Nkomo?
    • Journalists denied visas to cover Mugabe
    • Zimbabweans Shun Toll Gates
    • Zimbabwe's victimisation of SA investors in Zimbabwe
    • Chombo's kingdom revealed Part 1
    • Chombo's letter to Tomana
    • Use of Foreign Money Becoming Political Football Again
    • Passage of seasonal Zimbabwean migrants eased
    • Comment from a correspondent
  7. Posted 27/8/09
    • Mugabe Back From Mysterious Dubai Trip
    • Mugabe health report "rubbish" - Zimbabwe officials
    • Doctors finally end strike
    • Zuma to blast 'deviant' conduct in Zimbabwe
    • Cholera maybe making a comeback
    • Military ignores threat of diamond trade suspension
    • Youths say they want Mujuru, Nkomo out
    • Mujuru says Harare united against sanctions
    • 'We must clear our image ahead of 2010 World Cup'
    • Zimbabwe Civil Servants Threaten Strike if Wage Demands Are Not Met
    • Cholera Said to be Endemic in Zimbabwe as Strike by Hospital Doctors Ends
    • Zimbabwe Parties Moot Revision to September 2008 Global Political Agreement
    • Top Zimbabwe AG official takes Law Society to High Court
    • New Political Party For Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Manufacturing Sector Continues to Produce at Fraction of Former Capacity
    • Zimbabweans in SA losing jobs as recession bites
    • Villagers Live In Fear Of Stray Lions
    • African governments move to monitor Internet communications
    • Zimbabwe’s Black Rhino: Good News
    • Comment from a correspondent
  8. Posted 26/8/09
    • MDC says Zuma to tackle Gono, Tomana issue
    • Zanu-PF, MDC to tackle sanctions
    • Where is Mugabe?
    • MDC dismiss 5 year extension to unity government
    • Mangwana says land reform backfired on Mugabe regime
    • Zimbabwe's Private Airline To Be Launched In October
    • State Media Ordered To Run Anti-Mutambara Stories
    • Toll gate chaos
    • HOT SEAT part 2 : Minister David Coltart on crisis in education sector
    • Zimbabwe Security Still Holding To Seized Plane
    • Bill Watch Special of 25th August 2009 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings Open to Public]
    • Peace Watch of 24th August 2009 [Wheels of Justice Slow for Peace Workers and Activists]
  9. Batch 2 Posted 25/8/09
    • Rule of law key to attract investors: Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe Unity Government Tense Ahead of Zuma Mediation Visit
    • Zimbabwe students back in school, but without books
    • Eyewitness: Zimbabwe school of fear
    • No sign of Mugabe: health doubts
    • Mangwana says land redistribution erroneous
    • Zimbabwe on a drive to save national airline
    • Doubts Voiced on Research Showing Drop in Zimbabwe HIV Infection Rate
    • Civil Servants Demand U.S.$400 Salary
    • Mugabe blamed for shabby tourism
    • INTERVIEW: 'We are out of ZANU PF'
    • Inzwa Weekly Audio Magazine: August 18 - 24, 2009
  10. Posted 25/8/09
    • Support for Mugabe, ZANU-PF Plunges
    • New cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF Youths Terrorising White Farmers
    • Zimbabwean Journalists Risk Facing International Prosecution
    • Zuma the peacemaker?
    • Harare residents raise outcry over Zesa bills
    • ZINASU splits into two factions over constitution
    • Bogus immigration officers annex Botswana-Zimbabwe train
    • Information Starved Zimbabweans Rely On Free Newsletters
    • ROHR Zim on the plunder of the Aids Levy
    • No Treatment for Sick as State Doctors Strike
    • Kunonga Playing Games?
    • “Power is so sweet that no one wants to leave it” - Paul Mangwana
    • The high price of resisting change
    • Feuding makes Zimbabwe economic recovery doubtful
    • Zimfest September 5th 2009
  11. Posted 24/8/09
    • Zanu-PF ministers storm out of retreat
    • New cholera cases as health crisis looms
    • Idea of five-year GNU gathers momentum
    • Zinasu splits into two bitter factions
    • Zanu PF Youths Want Mujuru, Nkomo Out
    • Masvingo Runs Dry
    • Zimbabwe War vets, Chiyangwa in bitter farm row
    • Plumpy'nut to the rescue for Zim children
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 22nd August 2009
    • Face to faith
  12. Posted 23/8/09
    • Zimbabwe cabinet reviews economic progress
    • Public Outrage Over Biased Media Coverage
    • Ministry stops AirZim retrenchment
    • Ten Striking Doctors Fired
    • Mugabe signs fake document into law
    • Water cut off at Khami Prison
    • Ingwerati farm 2nd jambanja
    • 3 charged in $800K theft
    • Of swine flu and flying pigs
    • Scuffle at Zinasu Meeting
    • Seed Project Threatened as Farm is Seized
    • ZTV bans 'The Legislator'
    • Zanu PF Hijacks Selection of Media Commissioners
    • Relief for Zimbabwe Students Abroad
    • Nkomo Family on war path
    • Good Times roll for Tobacco Farmers
    • MDC MP Spurns Diplomatic Training
    • Activists Take Issue With Adverts
    • Positive Team Immortalised in Film
    • Biti Shoots Down Gono's Zimdollar Revival Plan
    • US$6m AfDB Package for Zim
    • Zimbabwe 'riskiest' Investment Destination
    • Alex Magaisa: Democracy and the Question of Competence
    • Sundayview: State Assistance to Farmers Should not Discriminate
    • Comment: An Opportunity Zimbabwe Could rue
    • Zim Standard Letters
  13. Posted 22/8/09
    • Zimbabwe Cabinet Ministers Gather to Assess 100-Day Plan Results
    • Zimbabwe's Striking Doctors Dismissed; PM Tsvangirai Urges H1N1 Preparedness
    • Striking doctors reject US$48 allowance
    • Tsvangirai urges doctors to return to work
    • MDC wants election murders investigated
    • MDC-M rebels to join MDC-T
    • Police set to charge expelled Mutambara MDC MP
    • Infighting halts ZANU-PF polls
    • Chombo implicated in tender scam
    • Zim diamonds will not be banned despite human rights abuses
    • Mugabe grabs Airzim planes for foreign jaunts
    • Lawyer wants students removed from remand
    • European Commission pours in food aid for Zimbabwe
    • Net*One to go public?
    • IFJ decries "poverty wages" of journalists
    • Mugabe never offered Dabengwa VP post - ZAPU
    • Witch-doctors 'hunt children to sacrifice to dead tribal chief'
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Bill Watch Special of 21st August 2009 [THIS SATURDAYParliamentary Public Hearing on Media ]
  14. Batch 2 Posted 21/8/09
    • Mugabe Diverts Unity Govt Review
    • Parly to Clip RBZ's Wings
    • GNU Parties Seek Election Freeze Extension
    • Cash Crunch Hits Farmers as Planting Season Nears
    • Locals' Nightmare at the Hands of SA Immigration
    • Water: Latest Weapon for Local Politicians
    • SA Leverage on Zim Politics Overstated -- Analysts
    • Noczim Proposes Lower Fuel Prices
    • Zesa Keen on Partnerships -- Rafemoyo
    • Inconsistent Statements Fuel Uncertainty Fears
    • RTG packaged, ready for disposal
    • Comesa to take up RCTG system
    • Coltart Wrong on Minority President
    • Eric Bloch: Self-destruction and Destruction of all
    • Muckraker: Duplicitous Zanu PF Plays Indignation Card
    • Gono Should be Condemned for his Bankrupt Policy
    • Comment: Only Reform will Bring Investment
    • Candid Comment: Is Mugabe Concerned About Zuma?
    • Editor's Memo: Zanu PF Contemptuous of Sadc Resolutions
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Harare plans to sell airline stake
    • Kimberley Process team in Zimbabwe
    • Transcript – Interview with Joseph Chinotimba
  15. Posted 21/8/09
    • Zimbabwe on Alert As Swine Flu Hit
    • 10 arrested parliamentarians released
    • Arrested MDC MPs say they refuse to enrich ZANU PF
    • MDC-M MPs to challenge ejection from parliament in Supreme Court
    • Tsvangirai gives in to NCA pressure
    • Zimbabwe proposal for gold-backed dollar seen as 'daydreaming'
    • Zuma expected to tackle Zimbabwe's political crisis next week
    • Mayor jailed for corruption after taking bribe
    • National AIDS Council spends millions on 'luxuries'
    • Shut Up On Fresh Elections Says Mangwana
    • Zim humanitarian situation still precarious: UN
    • Missing GPA pages cause confusion
    • MDC-M splits into 3
    • Stolen meat found in Jameson hotel
    • Critics See Political Horse-Trading in Zimbabwe Media Commission Short List
    • Grace Mugabe selling diamonds in China
    • Mugabe steals limelight from Msika in his death
    • Gono should be condemned for policy bankruptcy
    • Muddying the waters
    • Support for Zimbabwe falls short, UN says
    • Zimbabwe needs the west to engage Mugabe
  16. Posted 20/8/09
    • 10 MDC MP's arrested at Ministry of Finance
    • Independent candidates removed from media commission list
    • Mutsvangwa now on ZMC shortlist
    • Harare to review citizenship law
    • New cholera outbreak 'almost inevitable' in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe inflation quickens, crisis persists
    • Zuma to open Harare Agricultural Show
    • Another bus accident kills 11
    • Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF and MDC Trade Barbs Ahead of S. African Mediation Session
    • Some Zimbabwe Nurses Join Doctors in State Hospital System Strike
    • Biti fined for failing to report 'accident'
    • Shiri assassination attempt - two jailed
    • US$1 billion to dualise main highway
    • Rebel MDC MPs kicked out of parliament
    • Biti: Next Monetary Move Likely to Be Rand Adoptio
    • Matombo wins international award
    • Zimbabwe's Crisis Coalition Soon to Publish Unity Government Scorecard
    • Bulawayo Council set to battle army barracks
    • Free DStv ride over in Zimbabwe
    • Burial societies a barometer of economic growth
    • ICC Intercontinental Cup, Zimbabwe XI v Afghanistan at Mutare, Aug 16-19, 2009
  17. Posted 19/8/09
    • Air Zimbabwe to cut 500 jobs to stay afloat
    • Crisis Group to issue damning report on unity government
    • Rights lawyers urge Speaker to publicly clarify issue of commissions
    • Zim Media Commission candidates nominated
    • Battle to oust Mutambara intensifies
    • Zim loses 20,000 teachers to neighbours
    • Hot Seat interview: Minister David Coltart on 'MDC rebels'
    • Doctors remain on strike increasing fears around swine flu pandemic
    • SA men part of Zim rhino poaching set
    • Interview: Morgan Tsvangirai on sharing power with Robert Mugabe
    • Gono seeks to reintroduce Zim dollar to finance Zanu-PF activities?
    • Zimbabwe’s Hyperinflation: #2 in world history
    • 5th ODI: Bangladesh beat Zimbabwe, win series 4-1
    • Comment from a correspondent - Satire
  18. Batch 2 Posted 18/8/09
    • Pivotal Discussion Among Zimbabwe Unity Government Principals Is Postponed
    • Failure of coalition meeting raises stakes in Harare
    • Zim Speaker says Parly to push ahead with reforms
    • Govt to dump loss-making parastatals
    • Reintroduce Zim Dollar - Gono
    • 'Strike threatens health sector's recovery'
    • Tekere in surprise address at MDC rally
    • Mugabe and Tsvangirai Unite In Mourning One of Zimbabwe's Unsung Heroes
    • Mugabe honours alleged victims
    • Media groups query BAZ candidates selection
    • Reserve Bank productive sector review
    • From new priest to Bishop in just 17 days
    • The land is mine (I think)
    • Zimbabwe Oh My Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 28 of 15th August 2009 [Media Commission Update]
    • Bill Watch Special of 18th August 2009 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings This Week]
  19. Posted 18/8/09
    • Questions about power sharing agreement arise in Zimbabwe
    • State media says Constitutional Commissions put on hold
    • MDC unaware commissioners' nomination suspended
    • Tsvangirai tells of frustration at rate of change in Zimbabwe
    • MDC denies responsibility for sanctions
    • Parties to chair constitution making committees
    • Bhebhe says Ncube is the problem, not Mutambara
    • MDC Director General acquitted
    • MDC legislator dies after contracting flu
    • Banks start issuing chequebooks again
    • Minister's husband dies after attack in June
    • Zimbabwe's Toll Gates Launch Tuesday
    • Zimbabwe unveils US$1b road project
    • Confusion reigns over media commission
    • Expelled MPs appeal to Supreme Court
    • Soldiers Beat Resident For Playing Anti-Mugabe Ringing Tune
    • Zimbabwe's fibre optic implementation intensifies
    • Investor from South Africa to Inject $100m in Zimbabwe Mineral Mines
    • Zimbabwe's ailing rail system affecting country's export trade
    • Residents irked by Mayor’s defensive statements on purchase Mercedes
    • Doctors' strike threatens to reverse health care gains
    • Air Zimbabwe in brink of collapse
    • No one should take us for granted, says President Tsvangirai
    • Zanu PF in desperate bid to mislead the world
    • Are we beyond cholera and the crisis in Zimbabwe?
    • Mugabe could have some cause for concern over Zuma's visit to Dos Santos
    • Heroes' Acre must be closed
    • Zimbabwe: death of real politics looms
    • Safeguarding a new Zimbabwean constitution: the amendment clauses
    • Mugabe could have some cause for concern over Zuma's visit to Dos Santos
    • Heroes' Acre must be closed
    • Zimbabwe: death of real politics looms
    • Safeguarding a new Zimbabwean constitution: the amendment clauses
  20. Posted 17/8/09
    • Zimbabwe's Government Leaders To Meet Over Outstanding Issues
    • Zuma steps into Zim fray
    • Cash crisis hits agro industry
    • Zim inflates gem output to evade ban: PAC
    • SA's Zim arms shame
    • Archive sues Zuma for weapons reports
    • Zimbabwe Cargo company smuggles illegal substances
    • New govt fails to deliver
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 15th August 2009
    • Tomana working full-time for Zanu (PF)
    • Zimbabwe heading for a Rwandan-style genocide?
    • Just say, 'I'm sorry'
    • Taking transitional justice to the people
    • Coventry runs riot but Zimbabwe slide
  21. Batch 2 Posted 16/8/09
    • GNU Under Threat
    • Governor Ducks Cross Examination
    • Chief Chiadzwa arrested in Mutare
    • Mayor Defends Purchase of Benz
    • Bulawayo's ticking health time bomb
    • Cash squeeze delays posting of MDC envoys
    • Spanish Award for Tsvangirai
    • Minister in World Cup Boob
    • RTGS System Back in full Swing
    • Sunday Special: The Truth Govt Refuses to Confront
    • Zimbabwe Must Avoid Misguided Heroism
    • Comment: MPs Need to get Their Priorities Right
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • SAPS: Minister didn't follow protocol
    • Dabengwa switches off phone after Zimbabwe torture inquiry
  22. Posted 16/8/09
    • Zimbabwe minister assaulted in SAfrican armed robbery: police
    • Chairman Nkomo of Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Tipped to Succeed Late VP Msika
    • 'Funds for doctors' welfare exhausted'
    • MDC has not done much: ZANU PF
    • Sikhala tears Mutambara to pieces
    • Zimbabwe police arrest South African on poaching charges
    • Farmers want Mugabe to stop land invasions
    • The "Zimdollar:" Dead, but still used for bus fare
    • Hot Seat (AUDIO): Interview with Joseph Chinotimba
    • Shonga Farms: Farming project that leaves a novel first impression
    • Confused priorities
    • A letter from the diaspora
  23. Posted 15/8/09
    • Zimbabwe doctors refuse to call off strike
    • Court dismisses application by expelled MDC-M MPs
    • Residents shocked as Harare Mayor inaugurated in style
    • Speaker dismisses Mutambara claims
    • Masvingo sits on health time-bomb
    • Fugitive Zimbabwean Chief Arrested Over Diamonds
    • Black farm seizure by Zimbabwe bank 'illegal': court
    • Prison Officers In Trouble For Leaking Story
    • MDC National Executive meets tomorrow
    • President Mugabe congratulates Iran on successful elections
    • Mugabe must not give in to pressure on unity govt: ruling party
    • Health Care Beyond Reach of Majority
    • Strikes test unity government
    • Welcome to Zimbabwe
    • Four head to federal prison for fraud scheme
    • Former Zambian president faces jail in unprecedented corruption trial
    • Zimbabwe down Bangladesh
  24. Batch 3 Posted 14/8/09
    • Top diplomat tipped to chair ZANU PF
    • We can run these foreign firms: Group
    • EC gives more funds to Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai walks the tightrope
    • Zimbabwe's Mutambara MDC Formation in Disarray Following Expulsions
    • Expelled MP says Mutambara is Zanu-PF
    • Nkala: 'Expertly' falsifying history
    • Zimbabwe's Former Ruling ZANU-PF Divided Over Vice Presidential Post
    • Verdict Mixed on Zimbabwe Unity Government Six Months On, Observers Say
    • Bishop sees optimism in Zimbabwe
    • Livestock is fair trade for school fees
    • The White Farmers of Zimbabwe [HISTORICAL]
    • JAG public alert communique dated 13 AUGUST 2009
  25. Batch 2 Posted 14/8/09
    • Tsvangirai, Army in Deal to Save GNU
    • Youth Conference Divides Zanu PF
    • Water Woes set to Persist
    • MDC Demands Parly's Expulsion of Rebel MPs
    • Msika Succession Race Hots up
    • 'Zanu PF, civil society delaying constitution-making'
    • Public hospitals paralysed as doctors strike
    • European Commission allocates US$12 million Zimbabwean aid
    • Sibanda set to Contest in Insiza By-election
    • CIO Confiscated Placards at Msika Memorial - Zapu
    • Executive Lacks will to Institute Legislative Reforms - analysts
    • Politburo has no Power to Confer Hero Status -- Analysts
    • Muckraker: Name the Heroes of our Struggle
    • Eric Bloch: There Won't be FDI Until...
    • Strong Middle Class Helps Develop Modern Leaders
    • Editor's Memo: Zim needs clear development policy
    • Comment: Democratic Reform Hinges on an Outspoken Press
    • Zim Independent Letters
  26. Posted 14/8/09
    • Zanu PF Denies Race To Replace Msika
    • ZAPU deny Mugabe approached Dabengwa for Vice Presidency
    • Mahlangu trial postponed and judge dismisses Bennett application
    • UN labour group investigates torture of ZCTU leaders
    • MDC-M expel MP's and threaten to sue Speaker of Parliament
    • ZCTU threaten to sue ZBC over false story
    • Mugabe too old for effective rule - Biti
    • Zimbabwe: teachers' salary still below poverty line
    • AirZim On the Verge of Collapse
    • Zimbabwe hospitals "overwhelmed" as junior doctors strike
    • Zanu PF Ex- MP Returns Looted Property
    • Headman In Hot Soup With Zanu PF
    • Villagers To Give Way To Game Park
    • Talking about a successful harvest
    • The flag that couldn’t fly
    • Zim's greatest hit: The Mugabe basket-case continuo
    • Time for New Politics in Zimbabwe- The UDA Speaks
  27. Batch 2 Posted 13/8/09
    • South Africa's Zuma Due in Zimbabwe to Mediate Unity Government Disputes
    • More infighting after Zimbabwe vice-president's death
    • Six years on, residents have no water or toilets
    • No Water, Just a Bill
    • Zim security chiefs split over Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe food basket goes up
    • Zanu thugs in gruesome murder
    • Following Deadly Bus Crashes, Zimbabwe Eyes Tolls to Fund Highway Safety
    • Invasions will further harm economy - CFU
    • ZBC ignores more than half population
    • New airline to start next month
    • Zim mine's gold output rises
    • Supermarket rakes in big profits
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 33
    • Tomana must go
    • C.G. Tracey's death marks the end of an era
  28. Posted 13/8/09
    • Health Minister in appeal for doctors to return to work
    • Gono, Tomana issue not serious: ZANU PF
    • Stampede As Hungry Zimbabwe Soldiers Fight For Food
    • Teachers union says too many centres of power in education ministry
    • ILO Investigates Zimbabwe Workers Rights Violations
    • Zimbabwe's White Commercial Farmers Seek Justice on Land Invasions
    • Patients Turned Away In Zimbabwe As Doctors Remain On Strike
    • War veterans, heroes or villains?
    • Zim faces 180 000t cereal deficit
    • Dabengwa Wants "Unqualified Apology"
    • Zim Blood Diamond Campaign Endorses Call for Zimbabwe Suspension
    • US university revokes Mugabe's honorary degree
    • DA member in hot water after leaking arms deal information
    • Homeless student arrested at University of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Soldiers Harass Villagers
    • Church group urges truth commission on country's violence
    • 'C'wealth must re-engage Zim'
    • Zimbabwe needs an apolitical National Heroes Commission
    • Unity Govt: Tangle of unrelated political views
    • The Kwara Shonga agric project
    • A timeline of HIV/AIDS funding woes
    • There is a God up there, and he is watching
  29. Posted 12/8/09
    • 17 killed in Zimbabwe bus crash
    • Mugabe says detractors seeking to divide unity government
    • MDC dossier names Zanu PF 'murderers'
    • Army generals finally salute Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe dismisses Chiadzwa abuses in defence of the army
    • Call for enforced disappearances to end
    • Tsvangirai Calls For An Inclusive Process To Choose Heroes
    • Swine flu fears as doctors strike spreads
    • City needs US$20m to replace aged sewer system
    • Zimbabwe Fails To Meet UN Landmine Clearing Deadline
    • Private imports easing food shortages
    • GNU Watch by Idasa
    • Zim students in algeria
    • To come home or not to come home…?
    • Hijacker Apologises to Victims on Facebook
    • Bill Watch Special of 11th August [Portfolio Committees]
    • Shakib ton too much for Zim
  30. Batch 2 Posted 11/8/09
    • New law to improve accountability
    • New Strike By Resident Doctors in Zimbabwe State Hospitals Stretches Out
    • Press freedom group challenges selection criteria for Broadcasting Authority Board
    • Zimbabwe Still Facing Significant Food Deficits for 2009-2010 Crop Year
    • Chihuri bans top cops from PM's rallies
    • Biti blasts Hwange Colliery management
    • Ncube dies of injuries a week before court case
    • NGOs vital to rural development - expert
    • Zim fails to meet gold target
    • Mugabe's apartheid state
    • A woman's work is never done
    • So close, yet so far
    • SADC must remove blinkers
  31. Posted 11/8/09
    • Minister fears coup over Mugabe succession
    • Mugabe lashes at West at Heroes’ Acre
    • SA admits they are considering selling arms to Zimbabwe
    • MDC wants army, police reforms
    • Time to get tough on Bob
    • Thousands commemorate Heroes Day & burial of Msika
    • SADC defence experts meet on Tuesday
    • Zimbabwe's Former Opposition MDC Says 500 Died In 2008 Political Violence
    • Zimbabwe at risk of becoming 'next Somalia'
    • UK mustn't dictate to us: Mugabe
    • Dissident Sikhala Declares Himself President of Zimbabwe MDC Formation
    • Parly Committtee Fails to Meet Own Time Frame
    • Zimbabwe food basket goes up
    • SA should stop selling guns, bullets, bombs and grenades to Robert Mugabe
    • Abuses continue as military grip on diamond fields tightens
    • Farmers compile blacklist as farm attacks continue
    • Gay and lesbian Zimbabweans push for constitutional equality
    • 'No more power woes'
    • A new beginning in Zimbabwe?
    • Taking transitional justice to the people: Outreach report
    • Zimfest excitement gathers speed
    • Politicians ostentatiously flaunt their wealth
    • 'Heroines and Martyrs’ : a tribute to Zimbabwe’s women
  32. Posted 10/8/09
    • Zuma agrees to tackle Zim issues
    • Amnesty is way to national healing: Gono
    • Mugabe to make Dabengwa Vice President
    • Zimbabwean students at Fort Hare cry foul
    • National Education Advisory Board
    • Top university reopens, but no new students
    • Botswana, Zim moot joint power deal
    • Chombo and wife fight over seized farm
    • I called Arikana Chihombori - Viomak
    • Zimbabwe's suffering goes underground
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 8th August 2009
    • So close, yet so far away
    • Ordinary Heroes
    • Brave Bangladesh thump sorry Zim
  33. Batch 2 Posted 9/8/09
    • U.S. works to rebuild ties with South Africa
    • Clinton: Zimbabweans flee for freedom
    • SA will still sell arms to Libya, Venezuela and Syria, but Zim is on hold
    • Not us, says HHK
    • Zinasu Leaders Granted Bail
    • Former Banker, Julius Makoni Becomes Anglican Bishop
    • Police Watch as Witch Hunters Wreak Havoc
    • Who is a National Hero?
    • Chance for Zapu as MDC Expels Rebel MPs
    • Changes to Constitution Drive
    • Outrage Over Mounting Maternity Deaths
    • Zesa Coal Mining bid Hits Brick wall
    • Phone Blues as TelOne Limits Calls to Econet
    • Alex Magaisa: The Enduring Roots of a Politicised Military
    • Sundayview: State's celebration of denial: Political Uses of National Healing
    • Comment: Broaden Selection of National Heroes
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • A continent of elites who consume, but fail to produce
    • MPs Must Up Their Sense of Judgement
  34. Posted 9/8/09
    • Clinton, Zuma signal fresh start to S.Africa-US ties
    • Humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe still grave, UN cautions
    • VP Mujuru linked to contraband sugar
    • Zimbabwe's doctors go on strike
    • Zanu-PF must resolve succession - Biti
    • Prison Officers Forced to Support Mugabe, Attend Msika Burial
    • Zimbabwe Business Tycoon Fights For Farm
    • Should Britain invade Zimbabwe?
    • Fallacy of Reconciliation and Integration without Justice in Zimbabwe
  35. Batch 2 Posted 8/8/09
    • Msika Death Fuels Succession Battle
    • Zanu PF Clique Pushes for Leadership Renewal
    • MDC MPs' Expulsion: Judgement Reserved
    • Obituary: Msika, a man of the truth
    • Zim Appeals for R300m Grant From SA
    • Germany Threatens Disinvestment Over AAG Spat
    • Zanu PF Battling to Torpedo MDC ship
    • 'Unity Govt Success Tied to Media Reform'
    • Manufacturing Sector Needs Major Rebuilding -- Analysts
    • Govt to Produce 100-Day Plan Report -- Mutambara
    • Banks Deposits Decline
    • RBZ has Paid off Zim's debts -- Gono
    • Mining Act Should Encourage Foreign Investment -- Gono
    • Zim's Exports Plunge as Recession Hits
    • Distribution Sector Gets US$169m in Loans
    • Mobile Operator Face off Could get Messy
    • Biti, Mudzuri meet over fuel levies
    • Muckraker: Herald Shoots Down Dr Gideon Goon
    • Eric Bloch: Illiquidity Slowing Down Recovery
    • People, not Leaders, Should own the African Brand
    • Candid Comment: Media Must not Downplay bad Rulers
    • Editor's Memo: Msika death: Accord in mortal danger
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Redefine hero status conferment - MDC
    • US$153 000 Benz: Residents cry foul
    • Msika's Botched Legacy – Zuma, Mugabe & Biti Misleading the Public
    • Chelsy Davy denies father is linked to rhino poaching
  36. Posted 8/8/09
    • US and SAfrica pledge work for 'free' Zimbabwe
    • DA wants Clinton to stop Zim arms deal
    • Sikhala claims to have ousted Mutambara as party leader
    • ZINASU leader released
    • Contenders feud over Msika's position
    • Soldiers pull down Tsvangirai rally posters in Mutare
    • Berlin protests over threats on firm
    • Msika was voice of reason: Tsvangirai
    • Military Sustains Grip on Diamond Fields - Human Rights Watch
    • Zimbabwe receives US$38m to fight diseases
    • Doctors Without Borders intervene in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe 'breaking terms of power-sharing deal'
    • 'Fulfil power-sharing pact to calm investor nerves'
    • MDC-M Ambassador designate disappears from diplomatic course
    • Bullet in the post is price of power for an enemy of Mugabe
    • The Big Question: Is it time for business, tourists and expats to return to Zimbabwe?
    • Humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe still grave, UN cautions
    • Zimbabwe's Uncertain Future
    • A country on autopilot
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 656- Dated 6 August 2009
    • JAG - farm situations communique - Dated 6th August 2009
  37. Posted 7/8/09
    • Mugabe preparing for war - DA brief to parliament
    • DA: James and Mubu - report on the current situation in Zimbabwe
    • Police begin drive to recruit youth militia
    • Biti talks of threat of assassinations
    • Student leaders still in custody
    • Amnesty International - Student leaders arrested in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Forms Inter-Ministerial Committee To Fend Off Kimberly Suspension
    • War recruits demand compensation
    • Clinton says S.Africa must press Zimbabwe harder
    • Aid groups pledge $60 mln for Zimbabwe farmers
    • Half of Harare's treated water leaks away
    • Farmers compile list of farm invaders
    • Zimbabwe: In Prisons, MSF Responds to Malnutrition and Hygiene Needs
    • Govt mulls 'use it or lose it' mining law
    • Zimbabwe 'could produce 1m ounces of platinum per year'
    • Zimbabwe's glimmer of hope for press freedom
    • City of Harare must heed Minister's directive to reconnect water supplies
    • Zimbawean vice-president Msika's death leaves Mugabe with poser
    • What will Msika say to Nkomo?
    • Youth Forum on the arrest of ZINASU President and 13 other UZ students
    • Why must Zanu-PF impose heroes on us?
    • Comment from a correspondent
    • Bill Watch 27 of 5th August 2009 [1st Session of 7thParliament Ends]
  38. Posted 6/8/09
    • Speaker sends list of ZMC applicants to Mugabe for approval
    • Bennett accuses President's office of threatening him
    • Zimbabwe farm chaos persists, hits coffee industry
    • Msika death threatens to tear Zanu PF apart
    • Mutambara says MDC has no control
    • Expelled MDC MPs take Parliamentary seat battle to court
    • Zimbabwean mass grave whistle-blower goes into hiding after police raid
    • ZINASU President & 14 students arrested
    • UK firm funded Zanu violence
    • MDC Follows Up Murder Cases
    • Government launches tollgates
    • Zimbabweans outrage at fawning Mugabe titles
    • Swedish ambassador slams Zimbabwe State media
    • Hot Seat interview: Prof Stan Mukasa says 'GNU is a chicken & pig sacrifice'
    • Zimbabwe seen relying on power imports to run mines
    • Zimbabwe to adopt friendlier mine law
    • Medical migrants head south
    • Joseph Msika
    • Zimbabwe doesn't need two Vice Presidents
  39. Batch 2 Posted 5/8/09
    • Media commission interview results annulled
    • Media interviews: Parly committee under fire
    • High Court to hear MDC-M MPs' case today
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Lobbies Region for Backing on Unity Gov't Issues
    • Latest land acquisitions, unilateral, illegal
    • Zim exports fall
    • Poets speak of hopes for a new Zimbabwe
    • Eight killed, 14 injured as kombi crashes
    • Zimbabwe recruits 20 000 more police
    • Army Brigadier-General Mujaji wreaks havoc at Headlands farm
    • Are the indigenous exempt from hard work?
    • Mugabe is no-one's fool
  40. Posted 5/8/09
    • Mbeki claims he wanted Mugabe to be 'ceremonial' President
    • Vice President Joseph Msika dies
    • Deputy Minister Mahlangu released on bail
    • Zuma's pledge to Tsvangirai
    • Persistent problems dog UZ reopening
    • Zimbabwe Government Revokes Bus Company License After Crash Kills 40
    • Police accused of shielding attackers
    • Watchdog backs calls to ban Zim diamonds
    • SADC Ministers To Meet In Zimbabwe
    • Parliament draws up final list of Zimbabwe media Commissioners
    • Resettled farmers rear cattle
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 7
    • 'There must be an architect somewhere who gets very rich furnishing dictators'
    • Zimbabwe dispatches: can the country stand alone?
    • A turbulent marriage
    • People power: How civil society blocked an arms shipment
    • The Urgent Need for a "Plan Zimbabwe"
    • Zim swimmer braves English Channel to raise funds for school
    • Kirsty breaks own record
  41. Posted 4/8/09
    • South Africa's Zuma to Contact Zimbabwe's Mugabe on 'Weighty' Problems
    • Parly committee comes up with media commission shortlist
    • Former governor evicted from seized farm
    • Total export proceeds dwindle 38 percent
    • Guards Assault An Inmate To Death Over Sadza
    • Water Shortages Flare Up Again in Bulawayo Suburbs
    • Cholera hits Masvingo Remand Prison
    • University of Zimbabwe finally reopens
    • Zimbabwean lawmaker freed after playing song
    • Establishment of SADC peacekeeping force gaining momentum
    • On Africa visit, Clinton won't shy away from thorny issues
    • Comment on Chiadzwa Fiasco
    • Analysis of 'problem' behind problem
    • Let's begin to see our future as shared project
    • The cost of dying in Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch Special of 31st July [Current VotingStrengths in Parliament]
  42. Posted 3/8/09
    • Tendai Biti employee assaulted by soldiers
    • 37 killed in Zimbabwe road accident
    • Fugitive given vast ranch in Zimbabwe
    • Robert Mugabe 'in bid to wreck unity'
    • Zuma told to speak up against Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai says Zimbabwe is changing
    • Econet pumps $94m into Zimbabwe
    • SAfrica govt accused of arming dictators
    • Poaching Cartel Fulfills Rhino Horn and Elephant Ivory ‘Orders’ Placed By Chinese Nationals
    • Zimbabwe Judiciary – the Fraud Behind the Fraud
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 1st August 2009
    • Zanu-PF battling to torpedo MDC ship
    • Bill Watch Special of 1st August 2009 [Interviews for Media Commission on Monday]
  43. Batch 2 Posted 2/8/09
    • Tsvangirai briefs Zuma on tensions
    • Zimbabwean President Mubage says inclusive gov't works well
    • Chombo, Wife in Messy row
    • Chief Chiadzwa, Family Flee Security Agents
    • Tsvangirai in SA, Slams Zanu PF for GPA Violations
    • UZ Reopening: no joy for new Comers
    • Urban Poverty, a Social Time Bomb
    • Cutting Into the Debate: Male Circumcision
    • Zimbabwe Loses out on key Vaccines
    • Mudzuri's Antidote to Power Crisis
    • Limited Options for Financing Economic Revival
    • GNU has not Helped Workers, Says ZCTU
    • Alex Magaisa: The Curious Case of Chinotimba's Cellphone
    • Sundayview: State's Celebration of Denial: Political Uses of National Healing
    • Comment: National Healing's Quirky Drivers
    • Sunday Opinion: Time up for Rebel MDC MPs
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Caramel sunsets
  44. Posted 2/8/09
    • Tsvangirai calls for SA investment
    • Zimbabwe PM urges exiles to come home
    • Biti aide beaten up
    • Southern African Grouping Rules Out Early Summit on Zimbabwe Issues
    • Mugabe takes steps to avoid Sadc censure
    • Zvoma backtracks, denies blaming donors for Constitutional fracas
    • Packaging peanut butter as medicine could save lives
    • MPs back down on car scheme
    • Tsvangirai crash driver fined
    • Southern African Media Group Sees Progress in Zimbabwe - But More Needed
    • Nkala to sue Sunday Mail, Sunday News
    • Green shoots and dry grass
    • Tracking Africa's people smugglers
    • Zimbabwe's fractured politics
  45. Posted 1/8/09
    • Another MDC MP arrested, this time for playing anti Mugabe song
    • Mahlangu granted bail but remains in jail
    • Cautious hope for media reform as Daily News un-banned
    • Mahoso short-listed for media commission
    • Rush to clear outstanding issues as SADC summit looms
    • Tsvangirai in South Africa to meet Zuma
    • Gono approves reopening of Bureaux de Change offices
    • Paying the water bill prevents cholera
    • We have too many Chinotimbas, Mahlangus

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