The ZIMBABWE Situation

October 2009 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/10/09
    • Action Alert: Five people shot – Friedewil Farm, Zimbabwe
    • SADC to hold special summit on Zimbabwe
    • Troika says MDC withdrawal unfortunate
    • Global Political Agreement the only tool that will save Zimbabwe: Kabila
    • Zimbabwe foreign minister: UN trip a 'provocation'
    • Tsvangirai Riled By UN Torture Expert Deportation
    • Zimbabwe Election Support Network officer released on bail
    • MDC activists still live in fear of violence in Mashonaland Central
    • Food crisis set to worsen as farmers remain under threat
    • Concern raised as UK threatens Zim deportations
    • The Road Map to Democracy in Zimbabwe
    • Transcript of Blood Diamonds program broadcast on SABC
    • Battered and Bruised - Abused Elephants to Be Rescued in Zimbabwe
    • A letter from the diaspora
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/10/09
    • Zimbabwe is sliding back to methods of violence and intimidation
    • UN Envoy's Bid to Gatecrash Foiled - Herald headline
    • Bad Manners From a Dictator
    • Sadc Team Seeks to Avert GNU Meltdown
    • Mutasa Must Testify: High Court
    • Zanu PF's Politburo Orders Harare Polls
    • New Twist to VP Battle
    • RBZ continues quasi-fiscal projects
    • Zesn Employees Arrested Over Workshop
    • Audit Lifts lid on More Government Corruption
    • White Farmers Must Also be Considered -- Jomic
    • NGOs Slate Unity Govt
    • Air Zim Flight Diverted After Power Cuts
    • Is ZB Cooking the Books?
    • Turf Wars That Could Destroy Investor Confidence
    • Govt Revenue set to Increase -- Biti
    • ZMDC Defies Marange Mining ban
    • IMF Funds Tug-of-war Enters Legal Arena
    • 'Disengagement' Sends Down Shivers
    • Investors Baulk at Zim Risk Factor
    • Muckraker: A Political Horse well Worth not Backing
    • Eric Bloch: Perhaps History Does Repeat
    • President Making Unlawful Appointments
    • Disengagement Exposes GPA
    • Candid Comment: Time for Zuma to Stand up to Mugabe
    • Editor's Memo: Leaders' Corruption Unmasked Again
    • Zim farmers being prosecuted, evicted
    • Coalition government deal near collapse
    • GNU - Rewarding the Villain and Punishing the Victim
  3. Posted 30/10/09
    • Larger 'bribes' for Zimbabweans to return home
    • Protests greet plan to resume forced returns to Zimbabwe
    • SADC Troika begins mission in Zimbabwe
    • SADC Commitee Ignores Tsvangirai
    • Deportation of top UN official sparks major diplomatic incident
    • “Each hour is critical,” warns UN Special Rapporteur on Torture after being denied entry to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe accuses UN representative of sowing division
    • Zimbabwe: 'On brink of sliding back into violence' warning - Amnesty International
    • Zimbabwe Election Support Network officers arrested
    • IMF warns Zimbabwe of increased external deficit
    • Aid Agencies Launch Program to Help Zimbabwe Schools
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Forced To Bankroll Zanu PF December Congress
    • Warrant Of Arrest For Disgraced Prosecutor
    • Campaigners call for urgent action on Zim blood diamonds
    • Presentation: The Zimbabwe Economy – October 2009
    • SADC has key role in survival of unity government, says Mtetwa
    • IOM Statement
    • ZAPU's calls for Gukurahudi investigations may have contributed to blocking of Nowak visit to Zimbabwe
    • Will they really walk alone?
    • Comment from a correspondent
  4. Batch 2 Posted 29/10/09
    • U.N. rights expert Nowak deported from Zimbabwe
    • U.N. torture expert detained in Zimbabwe airport
    • Ban Zim diamonds: KP final report
    • SADC to Meet Zimbabwe President, Prime Minister
    • Employee of Zimbabwe's MDC is Released Following Abduction, Beating
    • Split in Zanu (PF) camp
    • Strikes feared as wage talks collapse
    • State pensions worthless
    • Zim set to raise power generation
    • Major donors weigh up human rights advice
    • Message from Laura Freeth
    • Veneration of 'heroes' is incomplete
    • Kimberley Process: Suspend Zimbabwe
    • REPORT: Kimberley Process review mission to Zimbabwe
  5. Posted 29/10/09
    • Government of Zimbabwe withdraws invitation to UN Rapporteur on Torture at the last minute
    • UN torture expert to meet Zimbabwe PM despite invite U-turn
    • Mugabe trying to tear apart unity pact: MDC
    • Mugabe cannot appoint acting ministers: MDC
    • SADC jets in as attacks on MDC & NGO's escalate
    • MDC Transport Manager abducted, party fears for his life
    • Tsvangirai top aide's house attacked
    • Zimbabwe's Lawyers Withdraw From Justice Conference
    • Bennett's Former Farm Used For Illegal Activities
    • Award given to Zimbabwean lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa (October 29, 2009)
    • SA firm involved in illegal diamond mining in Chiadzwa
    • High Court upholds prosecutor's jail sentence
    • Coal reserves dwindle
    • Ncube dismisses Thondlana from NewsDay
    • Zimbabwe can solve own problems: AU
    • CFU Press Statement
    • Food crisis set to escalate as Zimbabwean farmers forced off land
    • Whole School Priced Out of O-Level Exams
    • Cross Rate Causes Havoc In Bulawayo
    • Luke Tembani’s children forced out of the school their father built
    • GNU better off without Gono
    • Before the GNU Collapses - Remodel Zimbabwe's Chikurubi Prison
    • Zimbabwe Trapped Again – Mugabe and Moyo’s Genocidal Incitements
    • Letter from Zimbabwe: Child-headed families
    • Zim Democracy Now Weekly Bulletin
    • Homeless put their hope in handmade bricks
    • Zimbabwe to boost power supply by June 2010
    • frican governments must pressure Zimbabwe on human rights - Amnesty International
    • Stop living the lie
    • Bill Watch 35 of 26th October 2009 [SADC Organ TroikaMinisters in Harare Thursday to discuss GPA]
  6. Posted 28/10/09
    • Abducted this evening: MDC employee Pascal Gwezere
    • Armed men attempt to kidnap MDC security administrator
    • Prime minister's party fears new attacks
    • Violence against teachers on the rise in rural areas
    • Violence spikes after MDC's withdrawal from government
    • MDC says dispute with Mugabe might be resolved only by elections
    • Tsvangirai party pins Zimbabwe crisis hopes on SADC
    • Hardliners 'seek Zimbabwe split'
    • Sliding into anarchy - Crisis Coalition
    • Time for Zuma to stand up to Mugabe
    • NANGO leaders released on bail
    • Military police in hunt for missing arms
    • Soldier stole rifle because he was hungry
    • Villagers beaten
    • 'Consultation to determine MDC decision on unity govt'
    • ZANU PF compiling names for top leadership posts
    • FEWSNET sees poor harvests for Zim
    • Newsletters flood the streets of Harare
    • Chiadzwa diamonds smuggled into Canada
    • Learnmore Jongwe commemorated by Trust launch
    • The MDC Zanu-PF standoff
    • Zanu (PF) lies exposed
    • Time for Mugabe to hear some truths
  7. Posted 27/10/09
    • Zimbabwe leaders 'poles apart' as unity talks stall
    • Zimbabwe political deadlock worsening--MDC
    • Leaders of Zimbabwe's NGOs Arrested
    • Warning of possible tensions in Masvingo Province
    • Zimbabwe army and police chiefs face arrest over land grab by army officer
    • Public broadcaster imposes news blackout against ministers
    • Magistrate intimidated, removes himself from Minister Mutasa case
    • Mugabe denies ZPF failure in unity government
    • Fresh violence rocks Chiweshe ?
    • MDC 'disengagement' will not affect constitution making process
    • Rautenbach’s links to Zanu PF reap rewards for him, and misery for 25 families on Nuanetsi Ranch
    • Officials refund Mukoko's bail deposit
    • 8 jailed for violent support of Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe to float US$5 million grain bills for buying maize
    • Shaky GNU affects humanitarian activities
    • If Charamba and Moyo are "amadoda sibili"
    • Water Crisis Forces Patients To Fetch Water
    • Harare's Garbage Nightmare
    • Water + Sewage=Sewage: A Cholera Time Bomb
    • Cross-border smuggling syndicates thrive
    • Stolen: Millions of promising futures
    • SABC documentary: Zimbabwe's blood diamonds - Tonight
    • Pushing back boundaries of ignorance
    • Letter to Mr Mugabe
    • Morgan Tsvangirai's Dilemma
    • Tsvangirai's Walkout Puts Mugabe on the Backfoot
    • Bill Watch Special of 25th October 2009 [ParliamentaryCommittee Meetings 26th to 29th October]
  8. Posted 26/10/09
    • Zimbabwe Government Leaders Expected To Meet Monday
    • "Police are planting weapons on our houses" - MDC
    • Tsvangirai home raid to be investigated
    • For Zimbabwe's deportees, shame at empty-handed return
    • Nearly 90% of farm children unregistered
    • Chiadzwa diamonds in Guyana
    • Mutasa hangs phone up on Gonda during interview
    • Authorities flush out Zim-Bots border bandits
    • Zanu PF official threaten MDC Finance ministers over monetary policies
    • Activists kept away from city centre
    • NRZ stop electric trains due to vandalism
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 24th October 2009
    • Viomak to endorse Supreme Leader title with protest music album
  9. Batch 2 Posted 25/10/09
    • Armed Police Raid MDC-T Residence
    • ZBC imposes ban on MDC-T
    • How the Police Raid Unfolded
    • Chiyangwa Land Deal Raises Eyebrows
    • Nuanetsi bio-diesel Project: 25 Families to be Evicted
    • Another Lawsuit for RBZ
    • Poll violence: Zanu PF Militia Jailed
    • ZAPU Accuses MDC-T of Harassing Members
    • 'Sekeramayi poisoning armed forces'
    • Sexual Abuse Scandal Hits Bulawayo Primary School
    • Thousands of Teachers cry Foul Over Unpaid Salaries
    • Zimsec Fiasco: Cambridge to the Rescue
    • Manufacturing Sector on Recovery Path - Report
    • ZDI Broke, Sends Staff on Forced Leave
    • Economists say Timing of Privatisation not Right
    • MDC-T Boycott Rattles Tourism Fair Participants
    • Cash Boost for Bulawayo Roads
    • Alex Magaisa: Zimbabwe GNU: Lament of the Battered Wife Spouse
    • Sunday View: Role and Functions of Parliament in Constitution Drafting
    • Comment: Chinhoyi University's Shame
    • Sunday Opinion: Why Gono should be evicted
    • Bishops accuse govt of abusing state institutions
    • Jonathan Moyo out to impress Zanu-PF masters
  10. Posted 25/10/09
    • Police raid MDC suburban property
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe criticises Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe refuses to budge over MDC cabinet boycott
    • Zanu PF Die Hards Destabilising Unity Government - Biti
    • Zimbabwean group threatens Nestle with takeover for refusing Mugabe's milk
    • Mugabe's Government Killed Jongwe - Biti
    • President dos Santos concerned about Zimbabwe crisis
    • Murambatsvina victims still homeless: Minister
    • Renewed Violence Against Rural Teachers Amid Zimbabwe Political Crisis - Union
    • Hopes for Zimbabwe Crisis Resolution Dimmed as Region Seen Diluting Intervention
    • MDC-nominated envoys ready to be posted
    • African Bishops Urge Catholic Politicians to 'Repent' or Step Down
    • 'Zim political disorder puts citizens at risk'
    • JAG - farms situations communique - Dated 23 October 2009
    • Mugabe will never swear Bennett in
    • True Colours
    • Satan's little helper still sitting pretty
  11. Posted 24/10/09
    • Kabila To Mediate In The Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Tsvangirai flies to Angola to meet dos Santos
    • MDC leadership meets civil society
    • A Zim magistrate bows out of minister's case
    • Zimbabwe faces power cuts as plant goes on repairs
    • Fresh violence rocks Chiweshe in Mashonaland Central
    • Nestlé under pressure to renew commercial ties with Mugabes
    • Bennett nomination treacherous - Moyo
    • Activists slam unscrupulous NGO's exploiting Zim refugees in SA
    • In Zimbabwe, Controversy Still Accompanies Land Re-Distribution
    • Minister Mutasa says MDC behaving like 'little babies'
    • The NUJ’s Zimbabwe project
    • Dr Simba Makoni on Behind the Headlines
    • Zimbabwe: weekly bulletin #3 - week ending 20 October 2009
    • CHRA Meets the Munich Delegation
    • Bill Watch Special of 22nd October 2009 [PublicHearings on Public Finance Management Bill & Audit Office Bill]
    • A letter from the diaspora
  12. Batch 2 Posted 23/10/09
    • Zuma told Tsvangirai to re-engage Mugabe'
    • EU urges Harare to implement unity govt pact
    • Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Rivals Step Up Regional Lobbying Ahead of Crisis Talks
    • UN boss counsels African leaders on conflict prevention
    • 10 000 Youths Illegally Hired
    • Sadc Ministerial Team to Tackle GNU Crisis
    • Moyo Must Explain Return to Zanu PF - Villagers
    • We're not Disengaging From the Govt -- Chamisa
    • Govt Gives Constitution-making Process Financial Lifeline
    • It's Back to Diesel as Vandalism Derails NRZ
    • Finance Constrains Tobacco
    • Hostile Laws, Policies Putting off Investors -- Analysts
    • Shamu Contradicts Mugabe on Zimplats
    • Gold Glitters at Turk Mine
    • Manufacturing Capacity Ultilisation Rises to 32,3%
    • Chanakira Lands 49% Stake in Kingdom
    • Pick n Pay keen on TM Reinvestment
    • Comment: Zanu PF's Duplicity Spawns GNU Crisis
    • Candid Comment: Clarifying the Functions of Jomic
    • Muckraker: Zanu PF's PR Machine Achieves 'snap poll' Feat
    • MDC Must put the People First
    • MDC-T Should Engage Zanu PF -- Analysts
    • Resurrecting a Cadaver: Moyo's Mission Impossible
    • Eric Bloch: Multiple Currencies Best for Zim
    • GNU Crisis: Will Mugabe go for Broke?
    • Editor's Memo: Mugabe's Choices Clear
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Fresh Violence Forces Zimbabwe Teachers To Flee Homes
    • Mine workers say they want Mawere back
    • Just what Mugabe hoped for
  13. Posted 23/10/09
    • State prosecutor charged with contempt of court in Muchadehama trial
    • Tsvangirai expected in DRC to meet Kabila
    • Zimbabwe's Business Lobby Group Boss Threatens Biti, Mangoma
    • Mugabe cannot be part of Zimbabwe's road to democracy: DA
    • A roadmap to democracy in Zimbabwe
    • Parastatal workers to be paid, after demo ends in agreement
    • Kenyan PM urges Mugabe to step down
    • Mugabe loyalists storm out of House
    • TV journalists arrested and held during cabinet meeting
    • Toothless SADC would do well to emulate Ecowas
    • CHRA to meet Munich delegation
    • What Would Gandhi Do? Zimbabwe, Neo-imperialism and the Lessons of Nonviolence
    • Jacaranda time in Zimbabwe
  14. Batch 2 Posted 22/10/09
    • Zim coalition faces paralysis: Analysts
    • Zim, SA set to sign investment pact
    • Nestle must cede Zim subsidiary to locals: AAG
    • Opposition blasts MDC unity govt boycott
    • Reject the Kariba Draft - ZAPU
    • Zim's potential 'massive' - economists
    • Aid groups worry about govt disarray
    • ZAPU wants Gukurahundi addressed
    • Mugabe has serious racial problems - Bennett
    • WOZA protests to continue
    • Chiefs must be politically neutral
    • Magistrate gets death threat
    • Uproar as UNHCR "deports" Zim refugees
    • No Zim hotel bookings for 2010
    • White farmers move into Congo
    • Cleric urges Zimbabweans to demand rights
    • Africa Human Rights Day Statement
    • Reconciliation and Healing will take Zimbabwe forward, say Bishops
    • A profound new history
    • Robert Mugabe vs. Zimbabwe
    • MDC must stand firm
    • Zanu (PF) has the most to lose from collapse of GNU
    • Zimbabwe's political games
    • MDC's decision to disengage from Zanu (PF) - a political masterstroke
  15. Posted 22/10/09
    • Mini-SADC summit on Zimbabwe deadlock set for October 29
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai to meet weekend for crisis talks : Official
    • Zuma says Zim should not be allowed to slide back into instability
    • MDC ministers barred from travel as hostilities escalate
    • Police & CIOs main witnesses in Bennett's trial
    • Tomana justifies own role in Bennett case
    • MDC holds separate cabinet meeting
    • ZIM government agrees on how to use IMF funds
    • Zimbabwe uncertainty scares investors: minister
    • Zimbabwe factory output doubles in 1st-half '09 - industry
    • State employed farm & factory workers protest in Harare
    • Zimbabwe's Al Jazeera Correspondent Detained At Mugabe's Offices
    • Teachers in Zimbabwe End Strike After Three Weeks
    • Moyo decries lack of rule of law
    • Cholera breaks out in Zimbabwe again amid fears of an epidemic in summer rains
    • With Arrival of Rainy Season, Perennial Scramble in Zimbabwe for Seed, Fertilizer
    • US surgeons perform free surgery on 67 kids
    • Makoni says MDC boycott driven by 'jobs for the boys' mentality
    • Botswana's Dynasty of Good Democracy
    • Zimbabwe September 2009 GNU Watch
    • Letter To the Deputy Minister of Youth (MDC) re the pronouncements by Kasukuwere
    • Letter To Kasukuwere, Minister of Youth
    • Betting the farm against Mugabe
    • ‘Mugabe and The White African’, screened at the London Film Festival today
  16. Posted 21/10/09
    • Cabinet meeting goes ahead without the MDC-T
    • Tsvangirai flies to Mozambique to meet Guebuza
    • First cholera deaths signal start of new Zimbabwe outbreak
    • MDC activist left for dead by ZANU PF war veterans in Makoni
    • Tsvangirai lauds Khama's peaceful election
    • Mutambara says Mugabe illegitimate
    • Third coalition partner to attend Zim Cabinet
    • Soldiers rape women, loot property at Karori Farm
    • PTUZ says exam deadline extension did not help
    • UN intervention in Zim critical - Ben Freeth
    • Housing nightmare addressed
    • Zim black farmer evicted despite Tribunal ruling
    • UN expert on torture visits Zim next week
    • Germany to revamp Harare's water reticulation
    • Investors up stake in ZISCO
    • Nyarota visits Harare after nearly seven years
    • Literary & visual arts festival takes off
    • New Radio Application Fees For Zimbabwe
    • JAG - farms situations communique - Dated 19 October 2009
    • INTERVIEW: 'Bennett is symbolical'
    • Zanu PF might need Jonathan Moyo, but do you?
    • DPM Mutambara Press Conference: On the Zimbabwe Political Crisis
    • Zimbabwe To Play Two ODIs In South Africa
  17. Posted 20/10/09
    • Attorney General Tomana is prosecutor in Bennett case
    • Tsvangirai to meet SADC leaders this week over Mugabe
    • SADC responds to Tsvangirai's call
    • MDC leaders address nationwide consultative rallies
    • Zimbabwe To Re-introduce National Youth Service
    • ZANU PF begins forced militia recruitment in Mudzi
    • European Commission urges urgent implementation of Zimbabwe's Global Political Agreement to maintain political stability
    • MDC Chides Mugabe's Spokesman
    • Politically motivated abuse rampant in Zim: EU
    • Fees cost pupils their final exams
    • Dabengwa says ZAPU not a tribal party
    • Nestle turns away Mugabe's milk truck
    • Hot Seat: Dep. Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara PART 2
    • I will not quit” – Roy Bennett
    • This healing is beginning to hurt
    • No winner for $5 million African leadership prize
    • Ex-cop to hang for killing SA tourist
    • The KMAL, unity govt sagas
    • City Council in 2010 Budget formulation talks
    • Mugabe's next move
    • Bill Watch 34 of 19th October 2009 [Parliament Resumeson Tuesday 20th]
  18. Posted 19/10/09
    • Cabinet Meetings To Go Ahead Without MDC
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe too busy to address unity crisis
    • Violence at Foothills Farm
    • Zanu-PF thugs on rampage in Mutoko
    • SA 'very concerned' about Zimbabwe
    • ZTA boss threatens journalist
    • Zanu PF Youth Force Nestle To Buy Milk
    • Demand for Zimbabwe land audit
    • Zimbabwe in race against time to prevent new cholera outbreak
    • Lawmakers raise alarm over return of Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe courts foreign teams for 2010
    • Masakadza leads Zimbabwe to crushing victory
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 17th October 2009
    • The GNU Boycott and the Pull-Out Method
    • MDC's decision to dis-engage from ZANU(PF) : a political masterstroke
    • A rod for Zanu (PF)'s back
    • Yet another example of the wilful disregard that Zanu PF has for the welfare of the country and its citizens
  19. Posted 18/10/09
    • Bennett's terrorism trial to be postponed
    • State concedes error in indictment
    • MDC Took Decision To Please A "White Man", Zanu PF
    • CIO Accredit As Journalists To Cover Cosafa
    • Crisis in GNU as MDC-T Revolts
    • Mutinhiri bid Complicates VP Race
    • No buyers for Gushungo milk
    • AG's Office Slammed
    • Chapter Closed on KML Saga
    • Farmer Returns From 'productive' US trip
    • Sunday Special: Brutality on Invaded Farms Exposed
    • Sibanda Back-tracks on Security Forces Remarks
    • Dire Consequences of Rural Poverty
    • I can Challenge Mugabe: Dabengwa
    • Businessman Spearheads Healing Process Initiative
    • Donor Fatigue Threatens Care Programmes
    • ARVs Give Gweru Folk new Lease of Life
    • Industry Targets Far-fetched - Ncube
    • Hype war as Mobile Operators Jostle for Market Supremacy
    • Sundayview: Priority Areas for Electoral Reform in Zimbabwe
    • Alex Magaisa: Zimbabwe and the 'parable' of the rainforest
    • Comment: MDC Boycott Seeks to Force Team Work
    • Sundayopinion: Can Zimbabwean Leopard Change its Spots
    • Of Tsvangirai, Raila and coalition curse
    • There is a difference between commercial farming and squatting
    • Remembering a good man IGNATIOUS MUSHANGWE
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Not this sham
    • Zimbabwe seal series win
  20. Batch 2 Posted 17/10/09
    • Bennett to challenge indictment
    • This move will not force Mugabe to honour his obligations
    • US Blasts Prosecution of Zimbabwe Legislator
    • Botswana: Khama set to win elections, Vows not to recognise Mugabe as Zimbabwe president
    • MDC supporters slam West over lopsided Roy Bennett support
    • Tsvangirai throws Harare into disarray
    • Mukoko opens can of worms
    • Armed with immunity, Mrs Mugabe returns
    • New Zimbabwe crisis hurts aid effort
    • Agricultural Facility May Not Benefit All of Zimbabwean Farmers
    • Zimbabwean women and the constitution debate
  21. Posted 17/10/09
    • Bennett’s Bail Reinstated As Hungwe Reins In Errant AG Law Officer – ZLHR
    • Zimbabwe in crisis as MDC cuts off contact with ZANU PF
    • Full statement by MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai
    • MDC ministers vacate offices
    • Zimbabwe invites U.N. expert on torture to visit
    • Evicted commercial farmer accuses unity gov of betrayal
    • Fort Hare Uni under pressure over axed Zim scholarship students
    • Zimbabwe September inflation at -0.5 pct m/m: CSO
    • AGRICULTURE-ZIMBABWE: "The Rule of Law Just Isn't There"
    • Troubled Nestle Zimbabwe Cancels Donations Event
    • Zimbabwe / U.S. Department of State Daily Press Briefing
    • Power-sharing? what power-sharing?
    • Unity Govt In Chaos
    • SCENARIOS-Zimbabwe faces tough times ahead
  22. Batch 3 Posted 16/10/09
    • Tsvangirai wants top army officer reined in
    • MDC considers cutting contact with ZANU PF
    • EU presidency slams Zimbabwe for 'politically motivated abuse'
    • Harare's progress on political front limited: UK
    • Houses for Murambatsvina victims
    • Fort Hare washes its hands in Mugabe scholarship row
    • Villagers boycott official agri-market
    • Implats says Zimbabwe govt should honour agreements
    • New Wells Protect Environment, Build Peace
    • JAG - farms situations communique - Dated 15 October 2009
    • Bennett Case Shows Rule of Law Still Suspended in Zimbabwe - Analysts
    • A Rebuttal to testimony given by Donald Steinberg, Deputy President, International Crisis Group
    • Now This Is It
  23. Batch 2 Posted 16/10/09
    • MDC-T Boycotts GNU Over Bennett
    • Tsvangirai Meets Biti, Gono Over Conflict
    • Chanakira Quits KML
    • Nestlé Threatened Over Cancelled Milk Deal
    • Battle Lines Drawn Over VP Selection
    • Extended Exam Deadlines Wreak Havoc
    • Tsvangirai Secures Agric Inputs
    • Kurebwa Sings a Different Song at ZHRC Interview
    • Conflicting Views on MDC-T Constitution Amendment
    • Econet Evades Specification
    • LonZim Eyeing a Harare Five Star Hotel
    • Tourism Expo to Draw in Investors
    • Statistics: Mining Figures fail to add up
    • Namibians to Assess Business Opportunities
    • HCCL Fails to Attract Investors
    • Rhetoric will not win Media Freedoms
    • Muckraker: Zanu PF must lift its sanctions on Zim
    • Eric Bloch: Growing Employer, Labour Divide
    • Parties to GNU Stalling new Constitution - Analysts
    • The Case for Abolishing the Death Penalty in Zimbabwe
    • Regime Change in Zimbabwe Legitimate
    • Comment: Farming Disaster Looms
    • Candid Comment: Govt Must Continue to Initiate Reforms
    • Editor's Memo: GNU: MDC Must Stay put
  24. Posted 16/10/09
    • Justice Hungwe to preside over Bennett's bail application
    • ACTION ALERT: Stand by Roy Bennett and demand that he is granted bail tomorrow
    • Bill Watch Special of 15th October 2009 [PM''s PressConference]
    • Zimbabwe government in crisis over Roy Bennett's jailing
    • Mugabe must end 'harassment' of Zimbabwe opposition: US
    • MDC to suspend 'involvement' with ZANU PF
    • Botswana won't recongise Mugabe if coalition collapses
    • Swedish Presidency Slams Mugabe
    • Britain Not Impressed With Unity Government Progress
    • PM pleas to stop soldiers invading farm, ignored
    • Arms deal to Zim put on hold
    • Brian James officially installed as Mayor of Mutare
    • Britain to give Zimbabwe $100 mln in practical aid
    • Hunger fears grip Zimbabwe as funding worries affect WFP activities
    • Still no water, sewage for Op Garikai
    • Students starved for rejecting ZANU-PF
    • Zimbabwe shortlists 2 investors for ZISCO
    • Hope remains cautious in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's grand plan to jail Bennett indefinitely
    • A new approach to global food security and hunger
    • USAID Recognizes Global Handwashing Day in Zimbabwe
    • Is Bennett a living martyr for democracy in Zimbabwe?
    • Zimbabwe weekly update
  25. Batch 2 Posted 15/10/09
    • Tsvangirai tackles Mugabe, coalition in crisis
    • Bennett case: Mugabe snubs Tsvangirai
    • Bennett's detention serious attack on unity govt: MDC
    • Constitutional body to cut outreach teams
    • Mahlangu accuses Chinotimba of smearing
    • Sibanda defies ministerial order . as villagers' cattle die
    • Exam dates set at last - but markers on strike again
    • Inflation down, local products up
    • Suspicion over police inquest
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Distances Itself From Minister's Comments on Police, Sanctions
    • Zimbabwe's Matabeleland Declines to Nominate for Vice Presidential Slot
    • Zimbabwe Media Commission
    • World Bank clinic now a white elephant
    • Analysis: Zim coalition in tug of war
    • Feature: Families in ambitious bid against hunger
  26. Posted 15/10/09
    • Roy Bennett indicted and sent to prison
    • Muchadehama's trial opens in Harare
    • The state will continue to line up witnesses for Alec Muchadehama
    • Court hearing of Williams and Mahlangu postponed to 15 October 2009
    • Fort Hare Uni says axed students engaged in politics
    • Lawlessness rife as military shoots at police during football match
    • Setback for Ordinary Level Students
    • International intervention critical to save Zim agriculture: Ben Freeth
    • ZBC Female Journalists Labelled Prostitutes
    • Divisions Over Western Sanctions Within Party of Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwean exMP: Czechs should not pull out of Zimbabwe
    • Property rights fears scare investors: Analysts
    • Journo charged for trespassing onto diamond field
    • Students lose funding for backing MDC
    • Bulawayo war veterans reject Nkomo
    • Mwana pours first gold at Zimbabwe's Freda mine
    • Communities Point says Bennett case shows selective application of law
    • Courts overflow with political fights
    • Letter from Zimbabwe: Burying differences: will the media change their ways?
    • An Action Plan For Zimbabwe
  27. Posted 14/10/09
    • Magistrate defers ruling on State’s attempt to indict Roy Bennett – ZLHR
    • ZINASU leaders arrested & beaten for 'denigrating' Mugabe
    • Succession Dispute Causes Turmoil in Mugabe's party
    • Constitution making process facing fresh hurdles
    • Mwana close to finance deal on Zimbabwe mine
    • Human rights group urges relaxation of Zimbabwe's media controls
    • 16 candidates shortlisted for Human Rights Commission
    • Hot Seat interview: Dep. Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara
    • News media at heart of Zimbabwe's struggle
    • Thieves raid Youth Forum offices
    • ZANU PF Abandons Their Own
    • From Zim to New Zealand: stateless no more
    • Positive women's football beats stigma
  28. Batch 2 Posted 13/10/09
    • Top army officer threatens to shoot MP
    • Parly conducts rights commission interviews
    • Tsvangirai urges West to reward unity govt
    • Teachers punished for supporting MDC
    • Zimsec Strike - State Intervenes
    • Shoprite 'no' to Zim
    • Gono's wings will be clipped, vows Biti
    • Harare farmers receive boost from Down Under
    • Water shortages in Zim city
    • Residents of Zimbabwe Capital Protest Purchase of US$153K Mercedes for Mayor
    • Grandstand Collapse in Harare Raises Concerns About Cosafa Tourney Safety
    • Church rescues prison projects
    • Report Shows Health Care System Declining Over Years of Authoritarian Rule
    • State is malicious - Makoni
    • Improbable research: the hundred trillion dollar book
    • Press Release sent to the Zimbabwe Vigil by Geoffrey Van Orden’s office
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 671- Dated 12 October 2009
    • My Grandfather's Farm Taken by Mugabe
    • Matabeleland and the ghost of Mzilikazi
  29. Posted 13/10/09
    • S.Africa farmers want land in Zimbabwe investment pact
    • WOZA scoops top human rights award
    • Freelance journalist arrested for visiting Chiadzwa diamond fields
    • State withdraws legal assistance to Mukoko's torture masters
    • Bennett's trial starts Tues but no indictment papers from prosecutor
    • Zimbabwe's MDC says state prosecutors plan to revoke bail conditions of top official
    • Biti: I'll quit if asked to bring back Zim dollar
    • Zimbabwe govt unfreezes Nestle accounts
    • Teachers End Strike, Union Leaders Threaten New Action in Zimbabwe
    • Journalists Run For Dear Lives
    • Wildlife sector under threat as gov adopts new land 'reform' policy
    • The Tashinga wildlife initiative
    • Zim voters' roll need overhaul: Study
    • Parly interviews rights commissioners today
    • KMAL saga: Gonese must tell the truth
    • Tares’ operation a big success “The moment everyone was waiting for”
    • Politburo has final say on VP
    • Moyo threat to coalition government
    • Deep tension at Ministry of Information
    • FBI fugitive seeks Zanu PF cover
    • Dabengwa says Msika initiated pull-out
    • Banking - Agriculture's Siamese Twin
    • Politburo has final say on VP
    • Moyo threat to coalition government
    • Deep tension at Ministry of Information
    • FBI fugitive seeks Zanu PF cover
    • Dabengwa says Msika initiated pull-out
    • Banking - Agriculture's Siamese Twin
  30. Posted 12/10/09
    • Zimbabwe Vigil’s 7th Anniversary – 10th October 2009
    • Biti calls Zanu-PF 'grandmasters of looting'
    • Mugabe ally 'retaliates' against Nestle for cancelling Grace's milk
    • Mugabe cronies dumped by state in torture case
    • Intimidation of MDC students at Fort Hare
    • Aid agency launches website to lure back Zimbabweans in the Diaspora
    • Committee resolves to drop brigadier
    • ZBH workers threatened with dismissal
    • Mayor's missing meat: latest
    • Parly to consider RBZ Bill
    • Stopping car imports will backfire
    • NGOs want arms ban on Zim, Libya
    • Charamba Accuses The Zimbabwean Of Not Paying Taxes
    • A most unkind ruse
    • Mugabe's moves stifle media plans
    • Social democracy underpins the MDC ideology
    • Rebuilding Zimbabwe: Australia's role in supporting the transition
  31. Batch 2 Posted 11/10/09
    • Zimbabwe farmer Ben Freeth begs Barack Obama to stop Robert Mugabe land grab
    • Nasarawa's white farmers hang on despite the odds
    • Biti Blasts Gono
    • Zanu PF Provinces Deadlocked Over VP
    • AG Ditches Mutasa
    • Zimsec managers accused over strike
    • Mystery of Geriatrics on Voters' role
    • Judge Raps Police Over Chiadzwa
    • Council Wants Police to Probe Case of Missing Meat
    • Police Arrest Kadoma Councillor
    • Jestina Mukoko: I Bear Emotional Scars
    • Mohadisi Implicated in land grab plot
    • Police, Council lock Horns over Water Disconnections
    • Cholera Still Lurking, aid Agencies Warn
    • Justice Hungwe's Judgement on Marange
    • Power Exports to Botswana
    • Mawere Saga: Fresh Court Battle Looms
    • Massive Interest for Zim Travel Fair
    • Comment: A Case for Re-engaging Commonwealth
    • SundayView: Priority Areas for Electoral Reform
    • Zim Standard Letters
  32. Posted 11/10/09
    • Zimbabwe Army General Points Gun At MDC MP
    • Row Over Zimbabwe Vice President Nomination
    • 'CIO controlled SA prosecutions chief'
    • MDC hails Nobel Prize winner Obama
    • Editors Seek Regular Meetings With Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Rights Group Says Political Violence, Food Discrimination Persist
    • EU Offers to Fund Zimbabwe Land Audit - But Redistribution Hardliners Dig In
    • Zimbabwe among worst governed - report
    • Rush to trade in Zim
    • Two of Nestle's bank accounts frozen
    • New Zimpapers Board Appointments Clarified
    • Elephant Poacher Killed in Zimbabwe, 3 Others Arrested
    • SA to debate land reform law
    • The Zimbabwean Denies Plans To Launch A Daily Paper
    • Zimbabwe confident of Test return
    • Death Penalty: Should It Be Abolished in the New Constitution for Zimbabwe?
    • Under the carpet
    • Bill Watch Special of 9th October 2009 [Interviews forHuman Rights Commission Monday 12th October]
  33. Posted 10/10/09
    • Zimbabwe's human rights has improved - Tsvangirai
    • Dialogue with EU 'key' to progress in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe central bank chief denies "killing" economy
    • German govt protests to Zimbabwe over invasion of German-owned farm
    • ZANU PF will stand in the way of transparent land audit: JAG
    • Mutambara says Charamba damaging the standing of government
    • Supreme Court To Hear Makoni Case
    • Zimbabweans to benefit from relaxation of UK immigration rules
    • Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
    • Envoys 'interfered' in Zimbabwe deaths probe
    • Msika Died A Bitter Man - Dabengwa
    • School records zero examination registration
    • Lack of Clean Groundwater a Health Threat
    • Charity Boss On FBI Wanted List
    • News Day To Go Online
    • Zimbabwe's crisis chronicled in stone at sculpture colony
    • Council prioritizes Isuzu Double Cab ahead of water production
    • Illegality epitomises Mugabe's rule
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Dark shadows of specification
  34. Batch 2 Posted 9/10/09
    • EC ready to fund Zim land audit
    • Lifting of sanctions hinges on reforms: UK
    • Arrest Warrant Issued for Zimbabwe Minister Who Shrugs Off Subpoena
    • Mutasa says magistrate "very stupid"
    • Media Reform in Zimbabwe Proceeds at Halting Pace Despite Official Agenda
    • Former Zimbabwe Minister Defends ZANU-PF Media Laws
    • Zim govt threatens to repossess unused mining claims
    • Land grabs stop crop planting
    • Zimsec staff down tools
    • We didn't get time to mine diamonds: UK firm
    • Zanu PF Power Battles Intensify
    • Govt Threatens Zimind Against Publishing new Daily
    • MDC Amends Constitution to Suit Tsvangirai
    • Parly opening: Nothing new in Mugabe speech
    • Charamba must apologise on Zimpapers board issue -- Timba
    • Farming Preps Cause the Sinking Stomach Sensation
    • RBZ Freezes Nestlé Accounts
    • New Dawn sun sets on South African venture
    • Zim a Governance Black Sheep
    • Of principles and hypocrisy – Response to Jonathan Moyo
    • Muckraker: When leaders prove they are a big joke
    • Eric Bloch: Managing the Debt Burden
    • Mukoko's or Deal Inconsistent With Democratic Order
    • HIPC Status Never Self-humiliating
    • Candid Comment: Problem of fundamentalism in the media
    • Comment: Charamba's tune out of sync with unity government
    • Editor's Memo: Zanu PF Must Stop Tribalism
    • Zim Independent Letters
    • Bill Watch Special of 8th October2009 [Reserve Bank Amendment Bill]
  35. Posted 9/10/09
    • EU gives 15.4 mln euros aid to Zimbabwe farmers
    • EU ready to resume Zimbabwe aid if ties normalise
    • Charamba reveals media commission will be delayed
    • Mugabe turns up in Geneva with "hundreds" of body guards
    • Mugabe attacks 'pirate' radio stations..... again
    • Support grows for MDC to stay in Zimbabwe inclusive government
    • Zimbabwe bank chief rejects blame for 'killing' economy
    • Students Quit Classes - and Country - As Crisis Deepens
    • Bitter struggle to learn in Zimbabwe
    • Confusion over Shamu's appointment of Broadcasting board
    • Soldiers involved in rape and other sexual violence on farms
    • Spain promises to help Zimbabwe improve relations with EU
    • Tsvangirai wins two international awards
    • Zanu PF Hijacks Education Fund
    • MEP to accept Zimbabwe Vigil petition
    • ZESN: Serious problems in voters roll
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Minister Hails Mugabe Pledge to Heed Popular Will
    • "I was hired by politics to make them pretty" says Mugabe's spokesperson
    • TAKE ACTION : No more forced evictions in Zimbabwe!
    • Implementation of the EU Food Facity in Zimbabwe through FAO Coordination
    • Residents anticipate a bleak future… as the world commemorates World Habitat Day
    • The magic of Zimbabwean mathematics
  36. Batch 2 Posted 8/10/09
    • U.S. cool to Mugabe's overture for better ties
    • US, Europe Again Urge Harare to Reform to Normalize Relations, End Sanctions
    • Zimbabwe media 'still not free'
    • Mugabe tightens media ahead of elections
    • Media boards appointments lawful: Minister
    • Shamu backtracks on Zimpapers
    • US denies effect of ZIDERA on Zimbabwe
    • Germany protests violation of investment pact
    • Zimbabwe Government Failing to Meet Power-Sharing Terms - Monitors
    • ZRP tries to stop gravy train . but officers protest
    • New electoral commission must have new members - Watchdog
    • Land grab letters not good enough for banks
    • MDC Director Of Security Quizzed Over Dossier
    • Warrant of arrest for Didymus Mutasa
    • Zims in SA march in support of targeted sanctions
    • Policeman sues minister and commissioner over job loss
    • New Mugabe Threat For White Farmers
    • Hospitals start recovery, but still need intensive care
    • PM set to rile Mugabe with refusal to back sanctions call
    • Prison officer granted bail
    • JAG - farms situations communique - Dated 7th OCTOBER 2009
    • Is it wise for diaspora to invest at home?
  37. Posted 8/10/09
    • 74,021 people aged 100+ registered on Zimbabwe’s voters’ roll
    • Mugabe Plans to Evict All White Farmers; Lobby Group Protests
    • Charamba Threatens News Day Editor
    • Brigadier Mujaji stealing maize from commercial farmer
    • Tsvangirai in running for Nobel Peace Prize
    • Muradzikwa To Chair Zimbabwe Media Commission
    • Mugabe earmarks foreign firms to mine at Chiadzwa
    • ROHR holds Public Hearing Bindura violence
    • U.S. sanctions no constraint to Zim economic recovery
    • ZimVigil urge EU to suspend aid to SADC over Zim
    • Hot Seat: Tendai Dumbutshena on why the MDC should pull out of GNU
    • Beware of a soft-spoken tyrant
    • Bill Watch Special of 6th October 2009 [ParliamentOpens and Immediately Adjourns to 20th October]
  38. Batch 2 Posted 7/10/09
    • Tsvangirai wants media boards revised
    • Mugabe's men to block media reform: Analysts
    • Zim picks investors to mine notorious diamond field
    • Court to hear prison officer's bail application
    • Controversy Even Within Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Over Rehabilitation of Ex-Info Minister Moyo
    • Rivals sceptical as Mugabe urges unity and forgiveness
    • Germany protest illegal farm grab
    • Concern Over Zimbabwe School Exam Costs Remains Despite Loan Scheme
    • Zimbabwe PM: 'Change Still Being Blocked'
    • Mahoso Appointment Irregular - Tsvangirai
    • Australia blamed for Zimbabwe's suffering
    • Zimbabwe stops its slide into oblivion
    • Webster Shamu - A Fox Guarding the Henhouse
    • How to use your country's assets for yourself
  39. Posted 7/10/09
    • Zimbabwe seeks friendly Western ties: Mugabe
    • Mugabe says Views of Zimbabweans to be Considered in Constitution-Making Process
    • Bling and splendour at opening of parliament
    • MDC MPs told not to heckle Mugabe during opening of Parliament
    • Mugabe sells Chiyadzwa diamonds fields
    • US urges Mugabe to implement power-sharing deal
    • Hundreds of Harare residents protest poor service delivery
    • Ten 'MDC' students kicked off presidential scholarship program
    • Thousands of students fail to raise exam fees
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 9
    • Biti given Best Finance Minister in Africa award
    • Jonathan Moyo Tipped To Become Zanu PF Political Commissar
    • Sekai Holland in hot water
    • Tsvangirai tells supporters to gear up for elections in 2011
    • Warrant Of Arrest For Zanu PF MP
    • Bally Vaughan Sanctuary News
    • Mugabe to shop at Harrods
    • Land grab a politicised "legitimate" ruse
  40. Batch 2 Posted 6/10/09
    • Plot to expel all commercial farmers
    • Zimbabwe parliament to weigh mine sector law reform
    • 'Nobody takes the government on its word'
    • AG's office legally bankrupt - ZSF
    • Zim sitting on US$810m: Central bank
    • Govt should prioritise health, education: Tsvangirai
    • German delegation leaves with mixed feelings
    • US denies sanctions hurt Zim
    • Fears grow for future of Kingdom Meikles
    • We'll never be able to pay say rural parents
    • Zimbabweans dispute rosy IMF growth prognosis
    • Gold output low
    • Water, water at last!
    • Zuma also guilty of quiet diplomacy - Wilmot
    • Makoni a CNN Hero
    • Zimbabwe's bishops: Truth about past needed to bring country together
    • Foreign tourists shun Kariba‏
    • Justice In Zimbabwe
  41. Posted 6/10/09
    • Shamu appointees tainted by murder & political violence
    • ZANU PF shows its hard-line attitude to the future of the media
    • Former head of ZBC expected to chair Zimbabwe Media Council
    • Mutsekwa condemns police after shooting
    • Prepare for fair polls in 2 years - Tsvangirai
    • Nkomo nominated for vice president's post
    • Mugabe to open Parly tomorrow
    • ZANU PF interference in eviction ruling of 26 families
    • Zimbabwe predicts poor harvest, more imports
    • German investors have doubts on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe keeping his personal belongins at Tsvangirai's offical home
    • Zimbabwean asylum seekers to get special dispensation permit in SA
    • Banks firm on loans to Zim farms
    • Mukoko Gets Passport Back
    • Mujuru Leaves Delegates Stranded
    • Zim to power Botswana
    • Dutch company flouts EU sanctions
    • Too poor to take tests
    • Rights body condemns Shamu's media boards
    • Mukoko's treatment inconsistent with democratic order
    • Land and livelihoods in Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 33 of 4th October 2009 [New Session ofParliament Opens on Tuesday]
  42. Posted 5/10/09
    • Zimbabwe expects economy to grow 6-7 pct in 2009
    • Zimbabwe coalitions were 'rescue packages', MPs agree
    • Zimbabwe to Draft List of State Companies for Sale in 2 Weeks
    • Zimbabwe Emerges From "Ugliness" To Grow Amid Deflation
    • Court to adjudicate in Zimbabwe Coca-Cola war
    • Bulawayo Sewer System Collapses
    • Zim Air Force ventures into cattle rearing
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 3rd October 2009
  43. Batch 2 Posted 4/10/09
    • Tsvangirai Locked out of Zim House
    • Zanu PF Divided Over Moyo
    • Ministers Clash Over Mahoso Appointment
    • Shabanie Shootings: Mutsekwa Slams Police
    • Hefty pay Hike for top Officials Irks Kadoma Councillors
    • Pazvakavambwa Says Land Beneficiaries Unproductive
    • Deputy Mayor Blasts Chombo
    • Sunday Special: Rich Barons Muscle out the Poor at Mupedzanhamo
    • MDC Warned Against Pulling out of GNU
    • Zanu PF Aligned TUZ 'fleecing' Teachers
    • Health Workers Complement Donors in Aids Fight
    • IMF to Review Zim Debt as Payments Fall Behind
    • Econet Says US$115m Investment Paying off
    • Hwange to Increase Coal Production
    • NSSA to Resume Construction of Hotel
    • Sundayview: Jonathan Moyo, a Threat to National Stability
    • Alex Magaisa: Mukoko Case and the Rule of law in Zimbabwe
    • Beware: Moyo and Mahoso are Back
    • ‘Chinamasa wrong on Sadc Tribunal pull out’
    • Zanu (PF) denies villagers food
    • UK firm bids to reclaim its rights to Zimbabwean 'blood diamond' field
    • Govt appeals Marange ruling
    • Zanu (PF) hawks gun for Speaker
    • What rank madness?
  44. Posted 4/10/09
    • Police force striking workers back to work
    • Row Over Control of Marange Diamond Field Splits Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF
    • Politburo members defy Mugabe
    • Chombo under the spotlight
    • Zanu-PF welcomes Jonathan Moyo back
    • 25% health facilities lack water
    • German investors cast doubt on Zimbabwe progress
    • Chiyangwa and others buy into KMAL
    • Suspended doctors reinstated
    • Chiefs cry foul over 'interference'
    • Zim investment house closes down
    • Doing business with the devil
    • Moral compass
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 669- Dated 2 October 2009
  45. Posted 3/10/09
    • Shamu's appointments a threat to GNU
    • The militarization of media and information parastatals
    • Shamu media appointments unlawful says deputy Information Minister
    • Educational crisis averted in Zimbabwe after govt intervention
    • Zimbabwe large-scale farmers warn of "looming disaster" in coming season
    • SADC chief says troika still consulting on date to discuss Zim
    • Mugabe's party re-admits controversial ex-minister
    • Zimbabwe on Track With New Constitution - SADC
    • CFU response to Murerwa's 'secret' document
    • 80 families face eviction in Bindura
    • Mukoko: Over to you Mr Tomana
    • Opinion piece from The Southern Africa Litigation Centre
    • Zimbabwe: The Case for Engagement
    • Court order defiance unpunished in Zimbabwe
    • It is time to admit the Fast Track Land Reform Programme has been a total disaster
    • A letter from the diaspora
  46. Batch 2 Posted 2/10/09
    • US$5,7b Debt Splits Cabinet
    • Zanu PF in Turmoil Ahead of Congress
    • Media Boards Slammed
    • MDC-T Sets out its Constitution Proposals
    • Thumbs up for GNU
    • Masunda, Chombo Clashes Ominous
    • Govt Crop Predictions Reap Disbelief
    • Moyo Should Apologise to Tsholotsho Electorate
    • Fear, Patronage Pillars of Zanu PF Rule -- Analysts
    • Gwaradzimba Destroyed my Empire -- Mawere
    • Zim Corruption Rife -- TI
    • Finance constraints hamper tobacco industry revival
    • Govt Must Bring Finality to Mining Laws -- Companies
    • Muckraker: Mukoko Acquittal Lays Bare State Terrorism
    • Eric Bloch: Zimbabwean Tourism Recovery Barriers
    • Torture Instrument of State Policy
    • Candid Comment: Who is to Blame for Zim Disaster?
    • Editor's Memo: GNU Must Prioritise Education Sector
    • Zimbabweans dispute rosy IMF growth prognosis
    • Zimbabwe shortlists six firms as possible bidders for Zisco
    • High Cost of Taking Exams Sparks New Crisis in Zimbabwe Education System
    • Harare appeals diamond field ruling
    • Econet pulls out of KMAL
    • Don't allow ex-ZEC members anywhere near IZEC
    • 'Don't accept govt media regulation'
    • Dictator Mugabe Makes a Comeback
  47. Posted 2/10/09
    • Nestle to stop buying milk from Mugabe's farm
    • These members of the army are guilty of human rights abuses - please make sure the whole world knows it!
    • Hidden crimes' of state security agents to be exposed
    • Rights body urges Zimbabwe to pursue abuse charges
    • Media 'hangman' Mahoso new chair of broadcast board
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Statement on appointments of media boards
    • Zimbabwe to harvest one quarter of food needs: FAO
    • BAE: the bribery claims
    • Mukoko Sues State, Demands Passport Back
    • Jestina Mukoko - "Not bitter, but better"
    • SADC troika fails to deal with Zimbabwe problems
    • Zimbabwe in internet blackout
    • 2011 U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery Program Registration
    • Do tou call this compensation?
    • Goodbye ZW News
  48. Batch 2 Posted 1/10/09
    • Tsvangirai denies backing Harare pullout from SADC court
    • Farm seizures caused 30 percent drop in output
    • Farmer gets green light to remove property
    • ZNA Brigadier holds onto farmer's crop
    • Zim faces more food shortages
    • Cash-strapped GMB exposes farmers
    • Army schools ill equipped
    • Zimbabwe economy growing 3.7 pct in 2009
    • Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold at Hearing on 'Exploring U.S. Policy Options Toward Zimbabwe's Transition'
    • Former Zimbabwe Olympian sentenced in scheme
    • SADC chiefs oppose Gaddafi's King of Kings establishment
    • 2000 draft constitution ok - Welshman
    • Transport For Zimbabwe's Health Workers
    • Zimbabwe's small change crunch
    • UZ water problems
    • Economy recovering - Speaker
    • Tortured MDC activist admitted to hospital
    • Mugabe's UN speech: a rebuttal
    • Zimbabwe - An Old Milking Cow
    • Tell Nestle what you think of their buying milk form Grace Mugabe
  49. Posted 1/10/09
    • Zimbabwe only paid 203 farms compensation out of 6500
    • Remaining GPA issues to dominate principals' meeting next week
    • Zimbabwe Security Establishment Taken Aback by Supreme Court Decision
    • Swedish dairy company expresses regret for business deal with Grace Mugabe
    • Campaign begins to stop Nestlé buying 'blood' milk in Zimbabwe
    • World Bank gives $74 million to Zimbabwean farmers
    • Zimbabwe farm violence worsening - farmers union
    • Zimbabwe farm unions doubt government grain forecast
    • USAID launches US$20 million agricultural support facility
    • Zim: Claims of asymmetric warfare to legitimise military preparations?
    • Hospital Forced To Train Zanu PF Youth As Nurses
    • Zimbabwe pulls out of SADC court over land reforms
    • Six investors vie for Zim steel mill
    • Zimbabwe Govt Has Until Next Week To Respond To Council Reccommendations
    • US seeks African pressure on Zimbabwe
    • Body Retrieved from Victoria Falls
    • 'UZ lecturer leading candidate from commission interviews'
    • Moyo spent year in lap of Meikles luxury
    • New outbreak of cholera reported in Chiredzi
    • Barclays Bank activates Visa facilities on ATMs
    • 300 cell phones stolen in Zimbabwe daily
    • Op girl set to arrive in London
    • Hot Seat interview with Meikles Chairman John Moxon
    • Mukoko vindicated at last - ZLHR
    • Mutsekwa's Incompetence: Resignation or Reassignment?
    • Peace Watch of 29th September 2009 [Supreme CourtVictory for Jestina Mukoko]

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