The ZIMBABWE Situation

September 2009 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/9/09
    • Mass trial of victims of ZANU PF looting in Nyanga
    • Seven Abducted Zimbabweans Still Missing
    • Bennett says MDC have no power in government
    • More farm violence and looting as soldiers ignore court orders
    • ZEC members want place on IZEC
    • NGOs stop schools feeding scheme
    • Zimbabwe probes militant farm invasion
    • How Grace's empire has fallen into ruin
    • Matabeleand Rejects Mugabe - Survey
    • Veld fires stoke food production fears
    • Zim makes recovery - US dollar brings stability to ailing market
    • Prevalence rate down
    • Civic Groups Warn Slow Reform Pace Erodes Confidence in Zimbabwe Government
    • The Legal Monitor - Edition 14
    • Virgins Forced into Marriage to ‘Appease’ Evil Spirits
    • Making the case for security sector reform in Zimbabwe
    • The free world watches - but does nothing
    • JAG - farms situations communique - Dated 28 September 2009
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 668- Dated 28 September 2009
  2. Batch 2 Posted 29/9/09
    • Soldiers threaten to shoot farmer
    • Minister, MP clash during commission interviews
    • Zim activist sues state
    • Widow about to lose farm of 50 years
    • Switzerland clears Nestlé over Grace Mugabe's milk
    • SADC ponders one currency
    • ZimRights urges Zimbabweans to reject Kariba
    • Zesa EXPORTS power to Namibia
    • Remove brigadier from committee: MDC
    • Zimbabwe PM inspects water quality
    • Report of the Mbare Residents Trust
    • 90-day SA visa waiver for Zimbabweans
    • Amnesty International Welcomes Favorable Zimbabwe Court Ruling in Case of Noted Human Rights Activist Jestina Mukoko
    • Freedom spurs economic change, prosperity
    • Reclaiming the Zimbabwe narrative
    • How Ghana Did It - George B.N. Ayittey, Ph.D.
    • Bill Watch 32 of 26th September [Money Bills passed inJuly still not gazetted]
  3. Posted 29/9/09
    • Terror charges dropped against Mukoko and 8 others
    • Fiery talk, lofty ideas at Africa-South America summit
    • Gaddafi proposes 'Nato of the South' at South America-Africa summit
    • Zimbabwe schools begin fightback
    • State of Affairs at Zimbabwean Rural Schools Revealed in Report
    • Shabanie mine shooting victims charged with public violence
    • New daily newspaper to start publishing in November
    • NewsDay launch by Swedish Ambassador Harare
    • Robert and Grace Mugabe own 12 farms between them
    • Nestlé defends buying milk from Grace Mugabe's dairy
    • Gono's SMS to Mawere exposes Mugabe
    • Minister : Zimbabwe receives report on alleged rights abuses at diamond fields
    • Tour guide in Vic Falls plunge
    • Drought to hit Zimbabwe this farming season
    • 'We're losing confidence in unity govt'
    • Where Citizens Are Under Siege
    • Mugabe: The Proverbial Drunken Uncle
  4. Posted 28/9/09
    • 'Mugabe stole my farm'
    • Grace Mugabe's milk sales to Nestlé sparks human rights groups to call for action
    • Man plunges down Vic Falls during rescue mission
    • Zimbabwe's Army Brigadier Holds On To Farmer's Crop
    • Farmer In Court For 78th Time
    • Dollar Prices Mean The Poor Go Hungry
    • Harare Water's chaotic billing defies logic
    • Zuma: Sanctions have not worked
    • Poor governance & rampant corruption and not ''illegal'' sanctions are the main cause of Zimbabwe's economic decay
    • Shoprite pursues Zimbabwe deal despite Meikles drama
    • Rautenbach free to live south of Limpopo
    • Signs of life stir Zimbabwe's stock market
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 26th September 2009
    • After decades away, returning to Zimbabwe home
    • Book Review: Wild Honey by Bookey Peek
    • Constitution Watch 10 of 26th September 2009[Constitution-Making Process under New Management?]
  5. Batch 2 Posted 27/9/09
    • Govt Loses Battle Over Diamonds
    • MDC Appeals to Sadc Again
    • Mutsekwa, Mohadi Under Fire
    • Let Mugabe Die in Office, Says Moyo
    • Civil Servants' Salary Talks Stalled Again
    • AG Orders Fresh Probe of Nkomo Sodomy Scandal
    • Sunday Special: US$10 000 Pay for Bosses of Struggling Parastatals
    • UK Empowers Villagers
    • Mudede Urges Court to Punish Neighbours
    • armer Convicted for Occupying own Land
    • Mugabe, Chombo Sucked into Chieftainship Dispute
    • Relief Agencies Decry Fresh Attacks
    • Govt Bungling Stifles Contract Farming
    • KML Saga: Jokonya Digs in
    • D-Day Looms for Banks
    • AirZim Workers Fight Job Cuts
    • Alex Magaisa: Zimbabwe: The Life of Ants
    • Comment: Leaving Things to Chance
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Where are the coins?
    • Hold by-elections now
    • UN urged to assist Zim probe abuses
    • Child labour at Marange diamond fields
    • Gono wanted IMF funds to pay Zanu PF debts
    • 'Yesterday's man' Chingoka breaks silence
    • It's time
  6. Posted 27/9/09
    • Grace Mugabe, her 'stolen' farm and how she supplies Zimbawean milk to Nestle food giant
    • Robert Mugabe's wife, Grace, who has taken over at least six of Zimbabwe's most valuable white-owned farms since 2002, sells up to a million litres of milk a year to Nestlé, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.
    • Chavez seeks Africa unity, reveals Iran uranium aid
    • Zimbabwe should seek HIPC debt relief, minister says
    • Farmer reveals the bloody face of Zimbabwe terror
    • Zimbabwe Healing Minister Draws Historical Parallels & Touches a Nerve
    • Zimbabwe to import maize from Malawi
    • Chinese urged to learn African languages
    • Investor interest in Zimbabwe slow to become reality
    • South Korea keen to invest in Zimbabwe
    • Marange is African Consolidated's, says High Court
    • Zimbabwean farmers have generated no fewer than 4,000 jobs in Kwara - Prof. Gana Yisa
    • Mugabe’s address at UN General Assembly
    • Africa's Worst Job
    • Andrew Mitchell MP: The tectonic plates of Zimbabwe are shifting
    • Mugabe and the lazy-farmer mentality
    • Peace Watch of 25th September 2009 [Jestina Mukokocase: Supreme Court decision due Monday]
    • Constitution Watch 9 of 24th September 2009 [ThematicSub-Committees]
  7. Batch 2 Posted 26/9/09
    • Mugabe accuses West of dividing GNU
    • “Land reform is the best thing that could have ever have happened…” : Mugabe on CNN
    • Amanpour gives Mugabe penalty kicks
    • Mixed reactions over CNN interview with Mugabe
    • Robert Mugabe has built up 10,000-acre farm of seized land
    • New invasions leave 66,000 farmworkers homeless in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's workers lament his takeover
    • Police shoot striking mine workers in Zvishavane
    • MDC insist Gono and Tomana must go, despite Mugabe's refusal
    • Law and Order hunts for MDC security chief
    • Board Gives School System Failing Marks
    • Times still hard in Zimbabwe as Mugabe smiles
    • Farmers Stranded As Free Hand-Outs Dry Up
    • Zimbabwe Has Long Health Road Ahead
    • Minister: Zimbabwe health system is "out of intensive care"
    • Official Opening of Newlands Clinic
    • Zimbabwe HIV rate falls: government
    • Zim reports cholera and swine flu cases
    • Couple fled after Robert Mugabe's thugs arrived
    • Mining firm wins Marange ruling
    • Seven pardoned prisoners re-arrested
    • China, Zimbabwe refresh old friendship: ambassador
    • One year on from Africa's worst ever cholera outbreak: Karel De Gucht visits humanitarian projects in Zimbabwe
    • Ian Smillie addresses human rights, diamonds and the Kimberley Process
    • CHRA objects to Council's proposal to borrow
    • A letter from the diaspora
  8. Batch 1 Posted 26/9/09
    • Chanakira Collapses
    • ... High Court Stops Kingdom Meikles Meeting
    • Women's League Plagued by Vote Rigging Claims
    • MDC-T Sets up Teams to Consult on GNU
    • Decade-long Threat to Civil Society
    • Govt Officials, Business set for UK Meeting
    • Mine Workers Awarded US$140 Wage
    • AG law Officer Linked to Murder
    • Maize Target Elusive as Prices Remain Poor
    • My Principles Have Never Differed From Zanu PF's
    • Rampant corruption at AICO -- audit report
    • Freda Rebecca Mine set to Resume Production
    • ICT sector lagging behind
    • Zimplow: Farm mechanisation where art thou?
    • Walk the talk, Gapare tells govt
    • Company results: Better days coming
    • Muckraker: Generals Plot to Defend Zim From Radio Stations
    • Eric Bloch: Mining: Gateway to the future?
    • GNU: Is Tsvangirai being taken for a ride?
    • Is Mugabe Fighting for Failure of National Unity Govt?
    • Candid Comment: PM's Office Must beTransparent
    • Comment: GNU parties stoking the fires of instability
    • Editor's Memo: Mugabe Must Deal With Succession Issue
  9. Posted 25/9/09
    • Mugabe denies blame for Zimbabwe woes
    • INTERVIEW-Mugabe doesn't see U.S. sanctions lifted soon
    • Tsvangirai outlines govt's priority areas
    • Failed agricultural season on the cards as land attacks continue
    • 28 applicants shortlisted for electoral commission interviews
    • Meikles job saved by riot police
    • Who actually owns the farm?
    • US position firm - aid to continue, no budge on sanctions
    • Private meetings "worst violation" of GPA
    • Kenyan activist arrested at workshop
    • Threat of criminal charges if Meikles meeting goes ahead
    • Mugabe simply wanted to use MDC through GNU
    • Zimbabwe: Long road of recovery
    • Is Zim back on the map?
    • Land grab truth
    • Zanu admits failure
    • The Real Parallel Government – Debunking Myths of a Conflicted Double Agent
    • Cartoon from ZimOnline
    • U.S. media expert says Zim can learn from U.S. broadcasting experience
    • Bill Watch Special of 23rd September 2009 [Interviewsfor Electoral Commission Monday 28th]
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 667- Dated 24 September 2009
  10. Posted 24/9/09
    • Mugabe takes sanctions fight to CNN, UN
    • Parly sidelined in Zim reforms
    • Independent commission should oversee Zimbabwe's land programme : MDC
    • Zim wildlife ranchers get new partners
    • Sadc Tribunal Illegitimate - Chinamasa
    • Crisis group warns that ZANU PF violence is on the rise
    • Elderly woman killed during Mbare market demonstration
    • PM dispatches delegation to London
    • Chamisa talks about fight for his ministry
    • John Nkomo Threatens Journalists
    • Gono accuses Biti of 'stalling' on IMF loan
    • A desperate window-dressing act
    • Zimbabwe: Out of the woods?
    • ‘The Legal Monitor’ - a newsletter by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights
    • Why Zimbabwe will not be suspended from the Kimberley Process
    • Specification as public policy instrument
    • Persecuted at home, rejected in South Africa
  11. Posted 23/9/09
    • Zim education, health sectors dire: Reports
    • Riot police disturb the peace in Bulawayo today
    • Farm violence continues as Chihuri spurns meeting
    • Thirteen MDC members attacked by gang
    • Politicians ordered violence, say leaders
    • Zanu thugs on rampage create no-go zones
    • Desperation stalks Zimbabwe's white farmers
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Chief, Finance Minister Clash Over IMF Funds
    • Human Rights Groups Lobby Europe Over Zimbabwe Diamond-Field Abuses
    • Ian Makone formally appointed Secretary in Tsvangirai's office
    • Confusion grips Zim constitutional reforms
    • Zuma urges Zim to implement unity govt pact
    • Govt can't impose constitution: Biti
    • MDC in dilemma over 2011 elections
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Expected to Demand Lifting of Sanctions in UN Address
    • CFU slams Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe parliament shortlists candidates for Electoral and Human right commission
    • Mugabe ally hands himself to SA authorities
    • Zanu PF and MDC Youths Clash
    • Farm Implements Gather Dust
    • Villagers In Dire Need Of Water
    • Long walk to help Zimbabwean tumour girl
    • My conversation with Nyarota on Chihombori
    • 'National healing needs full disclosure, justice'
    • Solution to problems not in Mugabe's interest
    • MDC has no option but to walk out of GNU
    • Lack of succession plan recipe for disaster
    • Can the Zimbabwe dollar come back?
  12. Posted 22/9/09
    • Zanu PF’s dirty campaign strategy for the Kariba Draft
    • Top army officer grabs conservancy land
    • Beginning of end for white Zimbabwe farmers
    • 19 year old killed by soldiers in Chiadzwa
    • 1000 WOZA activists demonstrate in Harare
    • ZANU PF women's league conference rocked by violence
    • Fears Of Secret Army Bases
    • World Bank, Chihombori and Mawere
    • Zimbabwe fails to pay the IMF
    • Desperate Clinic Uses The Moon As A Source Of Light
    • Zanu PF hawks eye Meikles assets
    • Non-payment of bills threatens Zesa's operations
    • Zimbabwe teachers call off strike: union
    • Thousands Turn Up At MDC's Feed-back Rallies Across The Country
    • Meikles saga: Implications on rule of law
    • 'No blanket takeover of foreign-owned mines'
    • MDC treading on dangerous ground ahead of 2011 elections
    • Zimbabwe bans ISP licencing
    • U.S. State Dept Africa head on Zimbabwe, and more
    • TIM COHEN: Taking a bet on a 'safer' Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirayi rattles sabre
    • CHRA demands the arrest of Hon. Nyanhongo
  13. Posted 21/9/09
    • Security chiefs continue to boycott NSC
    • Secret paper sanctions invasion
    • Land grab by numbers
    • PM declares war on corruption
    • Israeli firm eyes Zimbabwe's power stations
    • Chinamasa's decision not binding, PM
    • Zim exodus continues despite GNU
    • Mines closure downgrades hospitals
    • Transcript of SW Radio Africa Hot Seat programme interview with co-Home Affairs Minister Giles Mutsekwa
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 19th September 2009
    • Constitutional Matters - For the good of the people
    • Looking in vain for aid from SA
    • Pulling out of GNU suicidal for MDC: Analysts
    • Who needs these publicity stunts?
  14. Batch 2 Posted 20/9/09
    • MPs' Double Greed
    • Civil Servants' Strike Looms as Zimta Makes U-turn
    • Mugabe Slams Vote-buying in Zanu PF
    • MDC-T 'Consults' Members on GNU
    • Unicef Halts Supply of Water Chemicals
    • Holland Meets Matabele Chiefs over Violence Gaffe
    • Govt Admits Meikles Seizure 'ill-advised'
    • Sunday Special: Zim Education System in 'Shocking' State
    • Residents Fume Over Borrowdale Project
    • GPA Crisis Erodes Public Confidence in Politicians
    • Farmer's Heartbreak as 1000 pigs Starve
    • Local Women take part in Infection Prevention Trials
    • Mabvuku Clinic Upgraded to Provide Comprehensive HIV-related Health Care
    • EU, Zimbabwe Pact, Recipe for Economic Disaster - Experts
    • Biti for Regional Currency
    • US$16bn Boost for Mining - PM
    • New Twist in Mawere Companies' Saga
    • Power Supply to Zimbabwe Mines a Concern -Chamber
    • Alex Magaisa: Zimbabwe's 'Gringo Dish': A year After GPA
    • Comment: Return of Dollar Needs Wider Debate
    • Sundayview: Are Zimbabweans Unwelcome Visitors to SA?
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • The return of the bloody diamonds: Miners at gunpoint in Zimbabwe
  15. Posted 20/9/09
    • Zimbabwe teachers' strike called off
    • Ministry threatens to fire ZBC managers
    • Power-Sharing Partners Set Changes in Zimbabwe Constitutional Rewrite Process
    • Zim's state broadcaster CEO denied US visa
    • MDC dismisses parallel government reports
    • A reply to the Chinamasa response, from the CFU's lawyers
    • Deputy PM shares her frustrations and hopes
    • Football Fails to Feed Families
    • A hidden agenda?
    • Does Mugabe really want a solution in Zimbabwe?
  16. Posted 19/9/09
    • MDC to begin consultations on pulling out of unity govt
    • Gono will consider stepping down if sanctions are lifted
    • Seizure of top Zimbabwe firm's assets casts shadow over government's bid to attract investors
    • The Meikles specification saga - implications on the rule of law
    • Mutsekwa says plans underway to reverse seizure of Meikles group
    • Mugabe must be lead story - Shamu tells ZBC
    • Zimbabwean Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa criticised for attack on SADC Tribunal
    • Tsvangirai calls for 'transparent' probe into diamond field abuses
    • 'Catastrophic' teachers strike set to hamper education recovery efforts
    • Dabengwa launches attacks on Mugabe
    • Breaking News on Harare market stalls!
    • Zimbabwe's Wheat Shortage - A Man-Made Calamity
    • No end to Zim madness?
    • A letter from the diaspora
  17. Batch 2 Posted 18/9/09
    • ZANU PF split over Moyo
    • Biti says IMF loan to be used next year
    • Analysts, Ordinary Zimbabweans Say MDC Should Keep Unity Gov't Intact
    • Zimbabwe Civil Servants Raise Objections to World Bank Subsidy Program
    • Harare hints at easing mine-ownership plan
    • Chinamasa denies delaying Constitution
    • GNU lowers Zim risk: mining firm
    • IMF Sides With Biti
    • Tsvangirai in Dilemma Over MDC Withdrawal From GNU
    • Govt has no Money for new Constitution -- Chinamasa
    • Knife-edge tension at Zanu PF Women's Conference
    • Cops Want US$2 000 for Impounded MDC car
    • Mandaza Cites Politics in Land Dispute
    • Parallel Govt Structure a Myth -- Moyo
    • Factionalism Dogs Zanu PF Youth Conference
    • We Have Fulfilled our end of the Bargain -- Tsvangirai
    • MDC's GNU Dilemma
    • CFX Bank in Dire Straits
    • Mawere Accuses ZSE of Double Standards
    • Quick Zimdollar Return Suicidal
    • Specification not the Solution - Tsvangirai
    • Cash Economy Hampering Tourism -- Munyeza
    • Muckraker: Stench of Zanu PF rot Irresistible for Moyo
    • Eric Bloch: Placing Selves Before Nation
    • Prosecuting Mugabe Loads Vengeance on one man
    • Comment: Prayer Won't get Sanctions Lifted
    • Editor's Memo: Specification: Mindless Assault on Property Rights
    • Zim Independent Letters
  18. Posted 18/9/09
    • Chinhoyi farmer seriously assaulted by land invaders
    • Mugabe's man undermining govt: Tsvangirai
    • Media watchdog concerned by upsurge of ZANU PF hate speech
    • Strains in Zimbabwe Government Increase With Seizure of Meikles Group
    • Mugabe admits to divisions within Zanu-PF
    • Mugabe requests to meet editors
    • Editors meeting cancelled at last minute
    • Biti to simplify taxes to lure investment
    • Conflicting political messages hamper investment drive
    • Investors urge Zimbabwe to scrap mines expropriation proposal
    • Tsvangirai's address to Mining Indaba
    • Rio: Zimbabwe diamond output could be higher
    • CAMEC jv to launch platinum mine in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Consumer Prices Up 0.4% in August, Year-to-Date Down 8.5%
    • Carter slams Mugabe as corrupt
    • Workers say forced leave due to sugar shortage
    • Shocking revelations emerge……… as Cleveland House goes ablaze
    • Survival story of Zim's proud, hard-working women
    • Out with those white farmers
    • Whose land?
    • OPINION: Intellectual chameleons
  19. Posted 17/9/09
    • Zim education slides back to chaos
    • The shocking state of Zim schools
    • Zimbabwe deal leads to few changes for pupils
    • Zanu PF youth militia assault school teacher
    • Mugabe's remarks may fuel violence: Farmers
    • Chiwewe to expose officials with 10 farms
    • More attempts to take telecommunications ministry away from MDC
    • August inflation slows on lower food prices
    • MDC MP Pishai Muchauraya arrested
    • Makoni on trial for addressing meeting
    • Moyo calls MDC leaders "blithering idiots"
    • Chinamasa criticised for attack on SADC tribunal
    • Army commander declares war on private radio stations
    • Zimbabweans Blame Mugabe Over Unity Government Stalemate
    • MDC MPs Fed Up
    • Zimbabwe Will Use Recent IMF Loan for Infrastructure
    • Investors make tentative return to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe finmin says blocked possible IMF aid abuse
    • Zimbabwe set to double maize harvest -finmin
    • Mugabe woos mining firms, promises stable policies
    • President Mugabe calls for investment in Zimbabwe
    • Long while before bilateral aid: Zimbabwe Finance Minister
    • Zimbabwe Labor Officials Attend Convention of American Confederation
    • Tsvangirai's address to the Zim Employers' Confederation
    • Zimbabwe Christian leaders (UK) to facilitate Role of Diaspora In ZIM Transitional Process
    • There Will Be No Rest Until Zimbabweans Have Peace - Tsvangirai
  20. Posted 16/9/09
    • Scant unity, less change in Harare
    • INTERVIEW: One year on from historic deal Tsvangirai "disappointed" agreement
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe vows unity, brushes off critics
    • Zimbabwe to import 350,000 tonnes of wheat
    • Australia considers easing Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Another death in Chiadzwa as military grip on diamond fields tightens
    • MDC Officials Picked Up Over Mine Strike
    • Student leaders arrested for writing letter
    • Death never far away, say released convicts
    • Zapu rolls out campaign in Nkayi South
    • Zimpapers launches another newspaper
    • Patients Forced to Attend "I Have A Dream" Rally
    • Hot Seat: SADC and GNU analysis with Ozias Tungwarara
    • JAG - farms situations communique - Dated 14 September 2009
    • Harare diary: Almost normal
    • PRESS RELEASE: Rapid Assessment of Primary andSecondary Education
    • The Mousetrap
    • Zimbabwe has become a nation of churches
  21. Batch 2 Posted 15/9/09
    • MDC to consult supporters on power-sharing govt
    • JOMIC tours troubled commercial farms
    • Zim farmers get FAO, EU seed
    • Constitutional Revision Edges Ahead in Zimbabwe; Consultative Panel Chairs Named
    • Court throws out case against MDC lawmaker
    • Drama as Chombo's men rejected
    • Army maintains deadly grip on Chiadzwa . "to curb illegal mining"
    • Exam reg extended again .. but still no money for fees
    • Zanu destroyed workers' union - Matombo
    • Company taxes miss target, but Zimra rakes in PAYE
    • Government grabs Meikles group
    • SADC - plenty to hide
    • Zimbabwe still 'unstable' after deal
  22. Posted 15/9/09
    • Ben Freeth and journalists arrested in Chegutu
    • Tsvangirai in veiled threat to quit unity government
    • SA family chased off Zim farm
    • Safari operators enraged as Zanu-PF rewards the faithful with stolen share of lucrative trade
    • Unbowed Zanu (PF) heralds uncertainty
    • What the ZBC is saying
    • Zimbabwean minister denounces EU
    • Zimbabwe's children receive vital education support
    • Speech made by Ambassador Xavier Marchal
    • MDC Bikita East MP acquitted of fraud charges
    • EU officials say Robert Mugabe is obstacle to Zimbabwe aid deal
    • Zimbabwe's Diamond Production Draws Scrutiny
    • Mugabe to Ask Investors to Dig Mines, Forget Farms
    • MDC condemns disruption of ZCTU march by police
    • Zimbabwe sees benefit of Tsvangirai changes
    • SA and the EU may have worked out compromise to lift targeted sanctions
    • Address by Morgan Tsvangirai, at the MDC’s 10th anniversary rally, Bulawayo
    • Bob: I'm still the best for Zim
    • MDC gets tough
    • One year on and still treading water
    • Sholto Byrnes: Should Robert Mugabe be now forgiven his crimes?
    • Hanging on
    • AIDS Council under fire over levy
    • Bill Watch 31 of 12th September 2009 [ConstitutionalOutreach Impact on Work of Parliament]
  23. Posted 14/9/09
    • Tsvangirai criticises Mugabe party during EU visit
    • Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai puts heat on Mugabe as EU retains sanctions
    • EU Says Normalization of Relations With Europe Up to Zimbabwe
    • EU says MDC has no power on sanctions
    • EU reaffirms aid to Zimbabwe despite troubled unity deal
    • Zim commercial farmers under siege despite landmark EU visit
    • Zanu contrive arms cache plot against farmer Ben Freeth
    • Chaos AT Zanu PF Youth Elections
    • Zanu-PF youths accuse MDC of violating GPA
    • MDC activists want state to return missing property
    • MDC earning salaries from West - claim
    • The Zimbabwe Conundrum Part 3: The opposition
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 12th September 2009
  24. Batch 2 Posted 13/9/09
    • Action Alert: Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank coordinating thugs on Friedewil Farm, Chinhoyi
    • Tentative thaw in EU-Zimbabwe ties
    • MDC-T in Crisis Review of GNU
    • Lesabe Defects to Zapu
    • Youth Conference: Mnangagwa Stronger
    • Bulawayo Gets new Catholic Leader
    • Campaign car rots at Police Station
    • Joy, Apprehension as Jailbirds go Free
    • Sundayspecial: Shocking Squalor at Mbare Hostels
    • Chebundo Rape Trial: Doctor Disputes Virginity Claims
    • Civil Service Audit due in November
    • Bickering Puts Damper on new School Term
    • Bulawayo Runs out of Burial Space
    • The Centre Re-opens
    • Huge WB Boost for Communal Farmers
    • Zimbabwe's KP Fate Still to be Decided
    • Gono Fights Changes to RBZ Act
    • Zimbabwe Still Bad
    • Alex Magaisa: Zimbabwe: Mucha and Ticha, a Tale of two Friends
    • Sundayview: GNU Must Rectify Anti-students Laws
    • Comment: What is the Role of the Elected?
  25. Posted 13/9/09
    • Mugabe changes tone towards EU, welcomes delegation with "open arms"
    • Targeted sanctions not discussed in talks with Mugabe: EU
    • 'Progress made' in landmark EU-Zimbabwe talk
    • Zimbabwe PM discusses Mugabe sanctions with EU
    • Police Bans ZCTU Meeting
    • Villagers Want Stake In Bio-Diesel Project
    • Nathan Shamuyarira 'ordered farmer Freeth's house burnt'
    • Jubilant scenes as 2 500 prisoners freed
    • Zim to recall judge from regional court
    • Tsvangirai free to extend MDC presidency
    • Inventory of Minister Ignatius Chombo’s wealth
    • A Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe: Still Slow in Coming
    • Quiet diplomacy's latest deafening defeat
    • Tired litany
    • Zimbabwe's blind cricket commentator Dean du Plessis bowls audiences for six
  26. Posted 12/9/09
    • EU takes steps to rebuild Zimbabwe dialogue
    • Mugabe slams 'bloody whites' ahead of EU visit
    • EU, S.Africa urge Zimbabwe to make unity govt work
    • Mugabe threatens white farmers refusing to vacate land
    • Teachers strike enters third week
    • Killings continue in Chiadzwa
    • Mugabe gears Zanu-PF for elections
    • Mutambara lashes out at China
    • 'Keep sanctions against Mugabe until he dies'-- Job Sikhala
    • Britain willing to support Zimbabwe's land resettlement
    • JAG - farms situations communique - Dated 10 September 2009
    • Engen, KenolKobil to buy BP, Shell Zimbabwe assets
    • Gono moves into 112 roomed Mansion
  27. Batch 2 Posted 11/9/09
    • Massive strike threat in Zim
    • Shamuyarira denies he seized mango farm
    • Two RBZ staffers in US$30 000 kickback scam
    • Customs officials seize political parties' materials
    • South Africa to keep up pressure for EU to drop Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Zimbabwe cuts rooms for World Cup
    • Exclusive: Jonathan Moyo Rejoins Zanu PF
    • Zuma Efforts Ensure GNU Remains Burning Issue
    • MDC-T Holds Crisis Meeting Over Unity Govt
    • Principals Roped Into Constitution Process
    • Zanu PF Factions Jockey for Youth, Women's Posts
    • Sadc Tribunal pull-out null and Void -- Tsvangirai
    • Focus on Mugabe Futile due to Advanced age - Motlanthe
    • Teachers' Strike a National Catastrophe
    • 'GNU parties scuttle constitutional reforms'
    • Govt to Launch Successor to Sterp
    • Zimra Surpasses Revenue Collection Targets
    • Spare a Thought for Foreign Capital
    • IMF funds: Biti, Gono Poles Apart
    • Emcoz Congress to Focus on Employee Motivation
    • Zim Mining Indaba Slated for Next Week
    • Parly Must Assert Itself in Constitution-making Process
    • Muckraker: Clipped Air Zimbabwe Stuck in Turbulence
    • Eric Bloch: Arrest Corruption Epidemic
    • Comment: Mugabe Wriggles off the Hook
    • Candid Comment: Constitution-making process in limbo
    • Editor's Memo: Summit Showed Sadc Leaders' True Colours
    • Zim Independent Letters
  28. Posted 11/9/09
    • European Commission and Swedish EU Presidency to visit Zimbabwe in bid to restore eventual aid co-operation
    • EU not prepared to lift Zimbabwe sanctions ahead of key visit
    • Explosions on Mike Campbell's SADC protected Zim farm
    • Co-chair says Constitutional committee was never on strike
    • Zimbabwe sanctions must stay - Human Rights Watch
    • Zimbabwe short lists two investors for Marange diamond fields
    • MDC will not backtrack on calls to remove Gono and Tomana
    • Alternative voices longing to be heard
    • Chamisa, Goche rivalry resurfaces
    • Zimbabwe tries key opposition figure
    • Coup Plotters Trial Postponed
    • Ministry Investigating Prison Torture Allegations
    • Tsvangirai Tells Teachers To Call Off Strike
    • Zimbabwe uncertainty hurts electricity drive: experts
    • All roads lead to Bulawayo for 10th anniversary celebrations - MDC
    • Rallying cry from beyond the classroom
    • Robert Mugabe off the hook as usual
    • Zimbabwe comes in from cold after call to lift sanctions
    • SADC communique
  29. Batch 2 Posted 10/9/09
    • No SADC summit on Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe diplomatic victory short lived: analysts
    • Zuma to update Swedish PM on Zimbabwe
    • 200 investors sign up for Zim mining indaba
    • Constitutional committee seeks principals intervention
    • Zimbabwe Must Abide By SADC Decisions
    • Gabriel Shumba: What sanctions?
    • War veteran invades late Zvobgo's lodge
    • TelOne ordered to reduce phone tariffs
    • More than 5 000 Mbare families face eviction
    • Zimbabwe police reluctant to investigate recent farm attacks
    • African Commission rules Zimbabwe's AIPPA should be amended
    • A decade of horror for Zim NGOs
    • Zimbabwe Conundrum Part 2: ZANU PF's choices
    • Open letter to the Minister of Education
    • "We will eat your children"
    • Fellowships for Threatened Scholars
    • Constitution Watch 8 of 9th September["Almost" Ready for Outreach?]
  30. Posted 10/9/09
    • SADC summit on Zimbabwe still an option: S.Africa
    • SADC want 'sanctions' against Mugabe and cronies lifted
    • MDC: SADC reluctant to approach Zim issue head-on
    • Damning report released in Kinshasa
    • EU team to meet with Mugabe in attempt to end Zimbabwe's isolation
    • Zimbabwe crisis key as EU meets new SA govt
    • Farmers outraged as SADC remains silent on Zim snub of Tribunal
    • Lack of funds stalls Zim land audit
    • World Bank helping pay PM's office workers: Aide
    • Released Zimbabwe inmates relate prison horror
    • Mugabe fans hail 'anti-Zimbabwe flop'
    • Zimbabweans Rubbish SADC's Sanctions Call
    • Call for urgent release of Marange report
    • Kimberley Process to Decide on Zimbabwe Membership in November
    • Court withdraws rape charges against MP
    • Zimbabwe Attorneys Honored for Human Rights Work
    • Harare Water’s inconsistent billing: A cause for concern
    • The goal in 2010 is food security
    • Action Still Needed In Zimbabwe
    • PM Tsvangirai is not running a parallel government
    • Why fight for a 'superfluous' job?
    • The fat-cats are busy building before things go bust
  31. Posted 9/9/09
    • NGOs name commanders behind political violence
    • SADC in U-turn over Zimbabwe special summit
    • Tsvangirai calls on SADC to monitor Zim progress
    • MISA-Zimbabwe statement on the launch of Zimpapers' Harare-Metro tabloid
    • H-Metro a strategy to pre-empt other newspapers
    • Warvets, Soldiers Threaten MDC Supporters
    • Killed for playing a song?
    • WTO sees Zim tourism recovery
    • Zim students to boycott classes over high fees
    • Mutambara does not fear by-elections
    • UN diplomat invades farm
    • Zimbabwe's debt for Mozambique power reduced
    • Zimbabwe identifies investors for steel firm
    • JAG - farms situations communique - Dated 7 September 2009
    • Land reform in Zimbabwe
    • The Zimbabwe conundrum
    • Mugabe's Sleight of Hand
  32. Posted 8/9/09
    • SADC agrees to convene special summit on Zimbabwe
    • Zim making significant progress, says Zuma
    • Zuma urges Zimbabwe`s leaders not to undermine unity govt deal
    • Another MDC activist murdered
    • Call for GNU to address 2008 violence
    • Prison officers allegedly tortured
    • Classes Go Ahead In Some Zimbabwe Schools As Zimta Teachers Continue Strike
    • Party loyalties disrupt education
    • HOT SEAT: MDC says there are no sanctions on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe’s new state newspaper hits the street amid criticism
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 8
    • "Indigenising Without Kicking Investors Away"
    • Arthur Mutambara - The Accidental Leader & Stuntman
    • Nowhere to Hide
  33. Posted 7/9/09
    • SADC heads of state summit kicks off
    • Zimbabwe's neighbors to seek end to sanctions
    • SADC reviews Zimbabwe power-sharing deal
    • SADC states attempt the impossible
    • Constitutional committee goes on strike
    • Forum's statement on Harare's withdrawal from Tribunal
    • Government Failing To Buy Grain
    • Tsvangirai Media-Onslaught Intensifies
    • UNDP to fund Zim' national healing campaign
    • ‘I am in charge of IMF funds’ – Gideon Gono
    • Officials fail to quell strike by 2000 miners
    • Shamu hits back at Tsvangirai
    • Zisco sells scrap metal to keep going
    • War veterans encouraged to work as a team
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 5th September 2009
    • This scorched earth
    • Finding a place to call home
  34. Batch 2 Posted 6/9/09
    • Fort Hare Expels Students for 'insulting' Mugabe
    • Zanu PF's 'Iron Lady' begs editor for mercy
    • Mudede Kicks out Farm Workers
    • 'I will not quit' Says Defiant Tomana
    • Court Hears how RBZ Official Made Millions
    • Chombo Stalls Bulawayo Mayor's Installation
    • US Committed to Revamping Health Service Delivery
    • Mpilo Renal Unit Reopens
    • World Bank Changing Perspectives Through DAPP
    • Petrol ban Hits Small Miners
    • Banks Rush to Meet RBZ Cash Limits
    • Alex Magaisa: When the Comrade President Came to Town
    • Sundayview: Moyo Contaminated Debate on Nyanga Walkout
    • Comment: Veld Fires are the Cost of Negligence
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Film shows whites’ plight in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe
  35. Posted 6/9/09
    • Southern African Leaders Seen Urging Faster Zimbabwe Reform, Reconstruction
    • Zimbabwe urged to honour SA-brokered agreement
    • Zimbabwe: Urgent Media Statement: Status and meaning of ratification of SADC treaty and protocol
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Union Comes Off Sidelines With Partial Strike Call
    • Zim to attend Shanghai 2010 cultural extravaganza
    • Drug deficits threaten HIV patients
    • Makumbe calls for Nkomo's resignation
    • State failing to exploit diamonds - Moyo
    • Zimpapers Launches Tabloid
    • Former Zimbabwe bishop must return property, church leaders say
    • A crisis driven by greed
    • Arranged marriage of inconvenience
    • London: John Bradburne: anniversary Mass and talk
    • Bill Watch 30 of 4th September 2009 [Opening ofParliament & SADC Summit]
  36. Batch 2 Posted 5/9/09
    • IMF provides $510m loan for Zimbabwe amid worries that Mugabe party will grab funds
    • Biti warns IMF loan unaffordable
    • Zimbabwe, Madagascar to top SADC summit agenda
    • Sadc members for Zimbabwe USD 10 billion economic plan
    • African Commission rules Zimbabwe's AIPPA should be amended
    • MDC says cabinet not consulted about SADC Tribunal pullout
    • US Embassy slams Herald for "false report"
    • Tsvangirai fires security agents
    • Prison Officers Tortured By Military Police
    • Zimbabwe army to consider male circumcision
    • State broadcaster admits censoring music
    • Zimbabwean farmer besieged but defiant
    • JAG letter to PM re SADC Tribunal
    • JAG reply to pull out of SADC Tribunal
    • August GNU watch
    • ZIMBABWE TOGETHER – Sunday 27th September 10.30am-3.00pm
    • A letter from the diaspora
  37. Posted 5/9/09
    • Mawere Engages Kaunda, Mbeki Over Seized Assets
    • 'Chinamasa misled public over Sadc Tribunal'
    • GNU Rift Poses Tough Task for Sadc
    • Zanu PF Delays Constitutional Process
    • Mugabe Support Plunges - Survey
    • No by-elections Until Independent Commission
    • Jester Chinotimba Plays to the Gallery
    • GPA Outstanding Issues: What the Sadc Communiqué Says
    • GNU Cracks Widen Despite Zuma Visit
    • Change Your Ways, Business Tells Unity Government
    • Muckraker: Zuma Visit Exposes Ruling Party Denialists
    • Eric Bloch: Indigenisation at Expense of Empowerment
    • The People and the Beast, one Year on
    • Comment: What is the Game Plan now?
    • Candid Comment: What will Sadc do if all Else Fails?
    • Editor's Memo: Suicidal policy: Govt Reaps What it Sowed
  38. Posted 4/9/09
    • Legal opinion re Zimbabwe and the jurisdiction of the SADC Tribunal
    • Upcoming SADC Summit Strains Zimbabwe Inclusive Government
    • ANC speaks on Zimbabwean GNU
    • EU says Zimbabwe ties mending, no funding yet
    • Teachers association accused of 'deliberate' disruption of education
    • Zimbabwe uncertainty hurts electricity drive: experts
    • 'Sanctions to blame for crises'
    • Prisoners pardoned - is it a trick?
    • ZAPU's 'illegal' t-shirts seized at Beitbridge
    • Press Release- U.S. Congregational Delegation visit to Zimbabwe
    • CFU Annual Congress - Speech by Ambassador Xavier Marchal
    • Is Mugabe losing control of Zimbabwe?
    • Zimbabwe's Home Truths
  39. Batch 2 Posted 3/9/09
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Divided Over Strike as New School Term Begins
    • Unicef concerned with schooling in Zimbabwe
    • Strike reveals rivalry among teachers
    • SADC Tribunal refers Zim case to leaders' summit
    • Sadc Tribunal Withdrawal A Blow To Zimbabwe's White Commercial Farmers
    • 'MDC activist killed by ZANU PF youths'
    • U.S. optimistic about rejuvenation of Zim's health delivery system
    • Clash looms between Mugabe, congressmen
    • State weapons deals 'a secret'
    • Ministers and Senior Government Officers Involved In Rhino Poaching
    • Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Partners Position Ahead of Regional Summit
    • Activists Mike Campbell and Ben Freeth's farms 'set alight by henchmen'
    • Gono backtracks on SMM advice to Mugabe
    • Zim govt seen just 'wobbling along'
    • 449 Zimbabweans volunteer for World Cup
    • US surgeons to perform free surgery
    • Quiet diplomacy' has just gone quieter
    • JAG - farm situations communique - Dated 2nd September 2009
    • Comment from a correspondent
  40. Posted 3/9/09
    • Zim pulls out of Sadc Tribunal
    • Mike and Angela Campbell’s home destroyed today in an arson attack
    • TAKE ACTION: Call or sms ‘Landmine’, the person responsible for the arson attacks on Mount Carmel farm
    • Zim to free 1 500 prisoners to ease jail population
    • Mugabe's green bombers paid as teachers
    • Zimbabwe To Stay Put At Chiadzwa
    • Mugabe's monthly salary is $300 - Biti
    • Recovery may strain Zimbabwe power generation: Zesa CEO
    • Zimbabwe 'needs $900m' to repair power stations
    • Ministers Meet With Teacher Representatives, But Strike Appears in Offing
    • 'Hunger Season' Looms for Rural Zimbabweans in October - Food Monitoring Unit
    • ZCTU pulls out of NGO body
    • ILO team arrives to probe rights abuses
    • CNN granted exclusive with Tsvangirai
    • Nobody trusts us: top Zim official
    • Outspoken Zimbabwean archbishop says government still wants him dead
    • Mukoko "still a prisoner"
    • Zimbabwe cost of living eases as local produce returns to shelves
    • Massive misuse of state AIDS levy negates years of progress
    • Police refuse to charge Mugabe ally for sodomy
    • Zimbabwe to host mining conference
    • JAG - farm situations communique - Dated 1st September 2009
    • Why, why and why again?
    • Zimbabwe's Film Festival Survives Country's Problems
    • Help Zimbabwe's SPCA
  41. Posted 2/9/09
    • Human Rights Watch advises 'keep targeted sanctions'
    • MDC can quit if GNU fails - Tsvangirai
    • Disputes on posts undermine Zimbabwe govt: Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe government demands 50 per cent of all diamond investment
    • Schools to remain shut as teachers' strike goes ahead
    • Cops won't help, say farmers
    • Freeth family home destroyed
    • MDC-M expels Job Sikhala
    • Harare residents to fight 'cash strapped' council over luxury cars
    • Report says Mugabe is master of hate speech
    • 'I don't feel free in my country'
    • Statement by MDC President to mark the first Anniversary of the GPA
  42. Batch 2 Posted 1/9/09
    • SADC urged to push Harare to end abuses
    • Zuma satisfied with Zimbabwe progress
    • MISA seeks update on media reform
    • Vacancies Accumulate in Zimbabwe Parliament Amid Uncertainty How to Fill Them
    • Top-Level Zimbabwe Talks Put Off As President Mugabe Heads to African Summit
    • Female politician on ZANU PF chairperson hopefuls list
    • Rural Zimbabwe fights to survive on foreign currency
    • Stolen cattle stamped with top official's brand
    • Obama's pledge to the people of Zim
    • Another Zimbabwe Teacher Strike Looming As Talks Fail to Materialize
    • INTERVIEW: 'We're shocked that a rights lawyer can fan violence'
    • In Zimbabwean town of Victoria Falls, tourism begins to revive
    • Zim faces critical shortage of ARVs
    • Zimbabwean music - The next generation
  43. Posted 1/9/09
    • SA's role in Zimbabwe tops SADC summit agenda
    • Quiet diplomacy replaced with a more direct approach
    • Besieged farmer's house burned down in apparent arson attack
    • MDC-T Activist Murdered In Fresh Political Violence
    • New envoy says UK to pump in $100 million
    • Governors and Bennett not sworn in as deadline approaches
    • Special interest groups demand say in new constitution
    • Zim nets $19,6m from diamond sales
    • Shamu claims government will issue TV and radio licences soon
    • ZESA switches off power to much of Bulawayo
    • 'Committee of experts' under review
    • Mutambara is correct on Zuma's role
    • False Dawn
    • Hot Seat interview: EU on Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Bill Watch Special of 31st August 2009 [This Weeks'sParliamentary Committtee Meetings Open to Public]
    • Zimbabwe-born poses threat to Microsoft
    • Comment from a correspondent

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