The ZIMBABWE Situation

December 2009 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/12/09
    • MDC blames expats as money vanishes from overseas offices
    • War veterans threaten recall of Mzembi
    • 8 Rusape farmers are targeted for violence
    • S. African Activists Slam Zimbabwe Minister for Blaming Nestle Row on Media
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Sets 2010 Priorities: Constitutional Reform, Anti-Corruption
    • Armed Robberies Surge in Zimbabwe; Hard Currencies Seen as a Factor
    • SA robbers on run after Zimbabwe bank heist
    • Bank heist: Two arrested
    • A constitution resource for Zimbabweans
    • Blood diamonds are back
    • Language and Politics- is this Mugabe’s biggest failure?
    • Ghost of Nuremberg coming to haunt Zimbabwe
  2. Posted 31/12/09
    • AG Tomana urges ZANU-PF to grab white farms
    • Zimbabwe Farmers Union Criticizes Government Over Mounting Land Seizures
    • Dramatic US$266 000 bank heist hit Stanbic
    • Zimbabwe To Build New Parliament
    • Chinese gov't has nothing to do with business operation of China Intl Fund Ltd: embassy
    • Engen’s Zimbabwe bid blocked by 20m claim
    • Officials rule out suspected anthrax case in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Industry Minister Blames Western Media for Nestle Imbroglio
    • An outside bet for next emerging economy: sub-Saharan Africa
    • Frenemies of the State
    • Britain's Thatcher blocked talks with 'terrorist' Mugabe: files
    • The slaughter continues
    • African view: Back to the future?
  3. Posted 30/12/09
    • Measles Claims Lives of 30 Children of Zimbabwe Sect Opposed to Vaccination
    • Nestle Says Reviewing Zimbabwe Situation, No Decision on Resuming Operations
    • Zimbabwe Government to Set Up Economic Crimes Courts to Counter Corruption
    • Anthrax outbreak feared to be spreading in Zimbabwe
    • New ZUJ executive forced to dissolve
    • Gwezere says he experienced hell in prison
    • Pressure for an end to Beitbridge bottleneck
    • Zimbabwe Government Sees Rebound in Maize Harvests, Eyes Agriculture Revival
    • High Court dismisses Chiadzwa application
    • Murdered MDC Activist’s Remains Found After 3 Years
    • Pro-Mugabe cleric 'continues pressure' to oust Zimbabwe Anglicans
    • Nestlé denies re-opening its Zimbabwe factory
    • Des Moines venture capitalist sees a lot to like in Zimbabwe
    • Lost kids sowing seeds of hope
    • 2009: Most politically stable year in Zimbabwe in decade
    • STERP II far from a realistic document
  4. Posted 29/12/09
    • Chinese firm to develop satellite towns around Harare
    • 500 ghost soldiers voted in Masvingo
    • Harare blames SA for border chaos
    • RBZ official seizes farm, 11 000 chickens
    • Zim farmer - Davies urged to intervene
    • State to form exploration company
    • Constitutional teams ready for deployment
    • Zimbabwe drafts home owners for World Cup
    • Sacked MPs Campaign For By-Elections
    • Farmers Blast Government On GMOs
    • Anglican Church head wades into local dispute
    • Land Invasions - Nothing More Than Racist Criminal Acts of Grand Larceny
  5. Posted 28/12/09
    • Christmas onslaught on commercial farmers
    • Need for power coal threatens Zimbabwe national park
    • Remittances From Zimbabwean Expatriates Total Some US$159M During 2009
    • Nestlé Saga - Deal Reached
    • Jewellers boycott Zimbabwe ‘blood diamonds’
    • ZANU (PF) businessman accused of vandalising schools
    • Health issues skittle tour to Zimbabwe
    • Motorists park their cars
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 26th December 2009
  6. Posted 26/12/09
    • Tsvangirai's Christmas Message
    • Music and food characterise festivities as Xmas cheer returns to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe assures Nestle, asks firm to reopen -report
    • Nestle agrees to reopen Zimbabwe factory after pact with government
    • Economy lifts Zimbabwe spirits
    • At Rainbow's End farm, no pot of gold as Zimbabwe's farm mayhem spreads and food crisis looms
    • Reserve Bank Worker Christmas Farm Invasion
    • Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF and MDC Clash Over Central Bank Reform Legislation
    • Compassion, Courage and Hope: Creating Peace in the New Year
    • Zimbabwe’s Wasted Generation (1979-2009)
    • Zimbabwe farmers demand restitution
    • When powerful men kneel before other men
    • ZANU PF and the myth of power
  7. Posted 25/12/09
    • Farming family forced to flee after threats by land invaders
    • Biti Never Proposed Diaspora Tax
    • Long delays at Beitbridge and Plumtree Border posts
    • Beit Bridge bribery
    • Christmas Truce Agreed in Anglican Church Conflict in Harare, Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Anglican Church Christmas Wrangle
    • Released MDC Transport Manager Seeks Medical Attention
    • 'Council Has No Capacity to Clear Harare Refuse'
    • Uncertainty cripples Zim recovery: Biti
    • US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Charles Ray Urges Trust, Forward Vision in Harare
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Proposes Amendments to Much-Maligned Security Legislation
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Official Says Differences Still Plague Unity Government
    • Way forward should not depend on resolution of outstanding issues
    • Zimbabwe power authority owes US$465m in foreign loans, power imports
    • Zimbabwe to carry out land audit in 2010, blueprint announces
    • Zimbabwe Celebrates Christmas with Hope
    • Principals in talks over Christmas crisis
    • Happy Christmas
  8. Posted 24/12/09
    • Government leaders upbeat about GPA
    • Mugabe sees 'tremendous improvement' in Zimbabwe
    • Nestlé shuts Zim milk factory over harassment
    • Nestle closure in Zimbabwe an 'over-reaction': PM
    • Zim Parties Agree to 16 Issues, 11 Still Remaining
    • Zimbabwe Unity Government Crisis Resolutions on Back Burner Until New Year
    • SADC Tribunal goes on trial
    • Gwezere’s lawyer pays bail, release awaited
    • Zimbabwe needs $45 billion for economy: minister
    • Zimbabwe’s ‘blood diamonds’ go on sale
    • Dangerous Zimbabwe Prisoners On The Loose
    • Detained Zimbabwean moved to psychiatric clinic
    • Booming elephant population wreaks havoc in Zimbabwe
    • Malaysia IS Zimbabwe, says Zaid
    • Bridging the knowledge divide: Poverty
  9. Posted 23/12/09
    • Nestle suspends Zim operations
    • Kasukuwere, Made Force Mugabe's Blood Milk On Nestle
    • Mugabe And Tsvangirai Meeting Over Outstanding Issues
    • Biti and Gono trade accusations over cash shortages
    • Thousands stuck at Beitbridge border
    • Clash Reported Between Zimbabwe House Speaker & Clerk as Costs Balloon
    • Expat tax proposal sparks anger in Diaspora
    • Mixed reaction to new independent commissions appointments
    • Masvingo Hit By Fuel Shortages
    • Militias run amok, injure 30 Nyanga villagers
    • Violence persists at church services
    • New farmers not paying tax to the State
    • Zim commissions named, dispute remains
    • Zimsec to withhold O and A-Level results
    • Christian human rights activist documents Mugabe's tyranny
    • Celebrating Unity Accord now wrong
    • ZIMBABWE: An economy running on chickens
    • African countries set for new fight over ivory sales
    • Pushing the knowledge envelope: Charles Rudd
    • Opinion: Why Mugabe should not have been at Copenhagen
    • Bill Watch 45 of 21st December 2009 [Members of 3Constitutional Commissions Announced]
  10. Posted 22/12/09
    • Agreement finally reached on commissions
    • Negotiators given two days to complete talks
    • MDC campaigning for targeted sanctions removal
    • Zim puts the screws on Nestlé
    • MDC councillor arrested for holding rally
    • Report exposes culture of hate and intolerance in state media
    • Cash shortages causing havoc during festive season
    • Major Health Hazard Looms
    • Zimbabwe's Attorney General Threatens Foreign Owned Companies
    • Civil Service Audit Fails To Reach Remote Areas
    • Tortured Gwezere wins bail case but remains locked up
    • Rampant Smuggling At Beitbridge
    • Chinese mobile phone maker sets up business in Zimbabwe
    • Expats oppose tax in exchange for voting
    • 'Railway Infrastructure in Poor State'
    • Press Release - European Union assistance in Zimbabwe amounts to 120 million Euros in 2009
    • Earthquake Rocks Malawi And Tanzania
    • The Zimbabwean Ghost of Christmas Past
    • Zimbabwe's Diamond Mines Lead to Rape, Murder, and Thievery
  11. Posted 21/12/09
    • Mugabe's grip on defence forces main problem in power talks
    • 146 new cholera cases recorded in Zim
    • Cash queues resurface in Harare
    • Army forced Mugabe to stay on- Nkala
    • Victim of political violence battles for life
    • Chiadzwa villagers defy pending eviction
    • Zimbabwean Violence Resurfaces in South Africa
    • ZIMBABWE: Sacked academics fight back
    • Better Not Bitter Says Activist Mukoko
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 19th December 2009
    • Christmas boost for Zimbabwe’s CNN hero
  12. Batch 3 Posted 20/12/09
    • Sandura To Hear MDC Fire Arms Case
    • Crime and disease are fallout from farm destruction
    • Zimbabwe-Lawyers demand government protection
    • Mugabe orphanage looted by war vets
    • Massive passport backlog
    • Pressure mounts on new ZUJ leadership
    • Public media promoted hate
    • GNU wants 40 companies off EU sanctions list
    • Zim business 2009: Annus Mirabilis!
    • €110m Boost for STERP
    • Working out a constitution for Zimbabwe …. how to do it and how NOT to do it
    • Functional Institutions key in the recovery of Zimbabwe
    • Break free from the prison of fear
    • Living up to diamonds
    • Sunday Opinion: Unity Accord and the First Peoples’s Congress
    • Comment: MDC-T Needs to Show the Difference
    • Sundayview: Of Signatures and Honour Among ‘gentlemen’
  13. Batch 2 Posted 20/12/09
    • Chinese oil experts jet in
    • Court bars police from interfering with parishioners
    • Measles Outbreak Claims 10
    • VOA not ‘pirate radio station’, Says US Envoy
    • Principals on Status of Talks
    • PM Steps in as Chaos Reigns at Border Post
    • Council Probes Chiyangwa Land Deals
    • Beitbridge Woman Sues Magistrate Over Arrest
    • RBZ blames Biti for Cash Shortages
    • Harare Council to Mount Staff Audit
    • At Long Last, a Merry Christmas!
    • Grace Mugabe linked to farm evictions
    • Minister Launches Male Circumcision as an HIV Preventive Measure
    • Feltoe Wins Kamba Award
  14. Posted 20/12/09
    • SA turns Zimbabweans back at border
    • WHO announces Zim measles outbreak
    • VP Mujuru Implicated In Sugar Scam
    • Human Rights Watch seeks ban of Zimbabwe diamonds in US
    • Villagers in court bid against eviction
    • Zimbabwe Unity Government Partners Pick Up Talks Seeking Near-Term Deal
    • Zimbabwe's Business Tycoon Properties Under Council Probe
    • South African Officials Move to Reintegrate Zimbabwean Victims of Xenophobia
    • Full Text: Mugabe's Copenhagen speech
    • Zanu PF’s ‘pirate’ troubles
    • Marvellous
  15. Posted 19/12/09
    • Ghost workers earn $2 million a month
    • Zim switches to official monthly deflation
    • Negotiators to resume talks on outstanding issues
    • South African opposition says Mugabe will never implement the GPA
    • Nkala denies contributing to Gukurahundi, wants Mugabe prosecuted
    • PTUZ teachers sentenced to jail for alleged political violence
    • Mugabe’s workers storm Nestle headquarters in Harare
    • Mtambanengwe tipped to head ZEC
    • Journalists take ZUJ to court over elections
    • Rights Lawyer Challenges Placement On Remand
    • Letter to Select Major Diamond Retailers Regarding Zimbabwe Blood Diamonds
    • Kunonga launches Christmas offensive against worshippers
    • ‘Citizenship Tax’ a flawed idea
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Zimbabwe: weekly bulletin #11 - week ending 15 December 2009
    • So, who's the racist now?
    • Constitution Watch 14 of 17th December 2009 [Public Consultation to Start mid-January]
  16. Batch 3 Posted 18/12/09
    • Zimbabwe parties agree on key issues
    • Zimbabwe Political Confrontations Likely to Continue, Despite Unity Government Progress
    • Southern African Leaders Signal Impatience With Slow Pace of Harare Unity Talks
    • Zimbabwe Farm Takeovers Surge; ZANU-PF Gears Up to Oppose Land Audit
    • Zim gears for Christmas with a difference
    • Firm fires executives over Mugabe sale
    • Hitschmann must testify against Bennett: State
    • Zimbabweans in Diaspora Divided Over Minister's Proposal to Tax Expatriates
    • Zimbabwe activists demand inquiry into death of leader 30 years ago
    • Tsholotsho now a Zanu-PF constituency
    • Mugabe workers ‘besiege’ Nestle
    • Labour brokers accused of inciting xenophobia
  17. Batch 2 Posted 18/12/09
    • JOC Won’t go - Zanu PF
    • Party Bigwigs Locked in Nuanetsi Ranch Turf war
    • Speaker, Clerk of Parliament Clash Over Portraits
    • Controversial Energy Project in full Swing
    • Moyo Tipped to Bounce Back Into Politburo
    • AG’s Office Transfers top law Officer Mugabe
    • WMMI Failing to Meet Orders for 2010 World Cup
    • Nestlé Pressured to Accept Gushungo Milk
    • Civil Society Launches Constitution Outreach
    • Analysts Quick to Dismiss Mugabe Early Election Talk
    • The good, the bad and the ugly of 2009
    • 2009 Quotes of the Year
    • How the GNU Ministers Fared
    • Next Year’s News Today
    • Why Banks are not Lending More
    • Mind: Fragile Zim Investment Package!
    • Political sneeze Gives ZSE the Cold
    • Muckraker: Should we laugh or cry over Mutasa’s Claims?
    • Eric Bloch: Killing the goose. . .
    • Diasporans Deserve Representation
    • Zanu PF Congress’ Historical and Political Significance
    • Comment: Local Media Scene Deserves Attention
    • Candid Comment: What Elections Mr President?
    • Editor's Memo: Justice Awaits Rapists
  18. Posted 18/12/09
    • Constitutional work to begin in January
    • Mugabe slams western nations – again – over climate change
    • ZANU PF apologist smuggled back onto media commission
    • Journalists take journalist union to court
    • Chiwenga tipped as political commissar
    • Zimbabwe's supermarkets offer sweets instead of small change
    • Cross-border shoppers disappear
    • Tsvangirai pays tribute to older nurses - luncheon
    • Mugabe attempts to turn the tables
    • This is the time for the MDC to also sharpen all its edges
  19. Batch 2 Posted 17/12/09
    • Judge to head Zim electoral commission
    • 425-member constitutional reform team named
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Accuses West of Double Standard on Climate, Human Rights
    • Auditors denied access ......Chihuri hides ghost cops
    • Zimbabwe Government Probes Road Project, 'Ghost Workers' on State Payroll
    • Mini-Cabinet reshuffle imminent
    • Zimbabwe Finance Minister Proposes Expatriate Tax, Offering Absentee Ballot
    • New Discord Among Zimbabwe Governing Partners on Political Parties Finance
    • MDC Officials Label Mugabe A Racist
    • Mugabe will never fully implement the GPA - Athol Trollip
    • Judicial system ‘deplorable’
    • Govt to reimburse Zim dollars
    • Probe ordered at Town House
    • Zimbabweans making merry at Christmas
    • GPA restores stability - economist
    • Nightmare continues at De Doorns
    • Lamentations of Robert Gabriel
  20. Posted 17/12/09
    • Talks negotiators given Monday deadline to complete discussions
    • MDC accuses partners of delays
    • Zanu PF ministers 'kneel for Mugabe'
    • Commissions Appointments Put On Hold
    • Mugabe’s huge entourage shows lack of restraint
    • Zimbabwe's ambassador to Mozambique 'walks to work'
    • Tsvangirai calls for investigation into airport road deal
    • ZANU PF rapist jailed in Rusape
    • Jockeying begins for TV and radio licenses
    • Second TV Station For Zimbabwe
    • MISA-Zimbabwe speaks on shortwave radio stations
    • Report proposes Zimbabwe migrant tax
    • CITES chief to meet Mugabe over poaching
    • ZANU PF violence flares up in Masvingo
    • Econet braced for Zanu PF attacks
    • Air Zim in intensive care unit: Official
    • AIDS Drugs Expire While Children Die
    • Zanu PF To Die With Mugabe - Nkala
    • UN climate sham - evil Mugabe an honored guest
    • The disturbing spectre of Jonathan Moyo
    • Copenhagen or bust for Mugabe
    • Resolutions of the 5th Zanu-PF National Congress
  21. Posted 16/12/09
    • MDC wants to declare talks deadlock
    • Neutrality of South African mediators questioned
    • Mugabe to join climate talks under UN loophole
    • Mugabe slammed for attending climate summit
    • Audit Unearths 5 000 Ghost Workers
    • Gwezere bail hearing set for the Supreme Court
    • 3-year battle against partisan ZRP - young cop tells all
    • Polio Outbreaks Worry WHO
    • Herald Story is Absolute Nonsense – Minister
    • SAA plane strikes wild pigs
    • Downwardly mobile in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans test the definition of refugee
    • Drawing a line in the sand
  22. Batch 2 Posted 15/12/09
    • Announcement Seen Soon From Zimbabwe Unity Principals on Talks Progress
    • Mugabe, Zuma clash looms
    • Biti eyes SADC common currency by 2013
    • Thugfest at Climate Conference Environment
    • Tsvangirai aborts trip, Mugabe grabs plane
    • ‘Zim’s health system still strained’
    • Regional Immunization Conference Under Way in Harare
    • Australia gives Zim US$5m aid
    • Zimbabwe faces expulsion from CITES
    • Victims of Zimbabwe blitz struggle to build houses
    • MDC dismisses Zanu-PF’s “false bravado”
    • Govt abandons people living with HIV- ZLHR
    • Fresh scandal hits mining sector
    • Sudan peacekeepers describe 107-day kidnap ordeal
    • ZPS fails to take prisoners to court
    • Bid to force arrest of Zimbabwe rights violators
    • UN criticised for ignoring Chiadzwa
    • Zanu (PF) to order MDC job losses
    • BIPPA farms: govt seeks “amicable” solution
    • Zanu thugs leave man for dead
    • ZLHR protest on Human Rights Day
    • No human rights for farm labour
    • ZESA owes US$100m for imports
    • Christmas card campaign in support of Harare
    • ZANU PF congress : grand exercise in self-delusion
    • Killing Civilians in Gokwe in the Evening; Shopping at Harrods the Next Morning
  23. Posted 15/12/09
    • ZANU PF congress resolutions make mockery of unity government
    • ZANU PF tells Zuma to slow down
    • SA owes its freedom to Zanu-PF: ANC
    • ANC’s disturbing message to Zanu-PF. Not good
    • Mediator takes sides - negotiations now pointless
    • Zuma, SADC need to start work now for democracy in Zim
    • Prime Minister not attending Climate Summit to reduce spending
    • Nkomo calls for national healing
    • Anti-Mugabe messages sent from Sweden
    • Skelemani rubbishes Zimbabwe government accusations
    • Minister reaches out to diaspora via teleconference
    • SA mining houses barred from mining Zim diamonds
    • Measles hit Zimbabwe
    • Concern as Moyo warmly welcomed back into ZANU PF inner circle
    • ZCTF Report - December 2009
    • Bridging knowledge gap Part 8: Institution Building
    • Let MDC or Zuma comment before anyone else
    • Bill Watch 44 of 14th December 2009 [No Announcementyet on Inter-Party Negotiations]
    • Cartoon
  24. Posted 14/12/09
    • Fears of more violence as Robert Mugabe announces another election
    • Robert Mugabe re-elected as Zimbabwe's Zanu-PF party leader for five more years
    • Zanu-PF congress slaps MDC in the face
    • Standing ovation for Moyo at congress
    • Zanu PF Avoids Major Fallou
    • Mugabe begins 'absolute power' bid
    • Food aid: how Zanu (PF) manipulates the system
    • Zimbabwean schools facing decline
    • Rights commission soon: PM
    • Biti/IMF clash looms over SDR funds
    • South African firms forced to stop mining Zimbabwe diamond field
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 12th December 2009
  25. Batch 2 Posted 13/12/09
    • Mugabe says will resist reforming security forces
    • Mugabe: Zimbabwe's unity govt has 'short life'
    • Talks to resume on Friday
    • Zanu PF has ‘lost the plot,’: Nyabadza
    • Zanu PF Avoids Major Fallout
    • WOZA Women say CIO Stalking Them
    • In the Dock for ‘insulting’ Mugabe
    • Zimbabweans Caught up in new Wave of SA xenophobia
    • Mt Pleasant, not so ‘pleasant’ in the dark
    • Residents Mount Clean-up Campaign
    • Govt Mulls Judicial Services bill
    • RBZ Official Denies Turning Residence Into Medical Clinic
    • National Healing Crucial for Constitution-making
    • USaid Honours Life-changers
    • Positive Counsellors Graduate From New Life Centre
    • Obama pays tribute to ‘brave’ Zimbabweans
    • €110m Boost for STERP
    • State to Audit External Debt
    • ‘Budget growth targets too ambitious’
    • State Utilities the new Source of Inflation
    • Alex Magaisa: Budget and the Language of the People
    • Comment: World Soccer Finalists Shun us
    • Sundayopinion: Citizens are the Real Heroes
  26. Posted 13/12/09
    • CONGRESS UPDATE: Rebels distributing defiance fliers, man dies in fist-fight
    • "He no longer has the mental and physical stamina to put a halt to this struggle."
    • Despite all his cunning, Mugabe knows that the game is up
    • Zimbabwe's President Mugabe Heads for Copenhagen Climate Conference
    • Freedom House Survey Shows Zimbabweans Looking Forward to Elections
    • Mugabe again lambasts UK and USA
    • SMS ‘spam’ at ZANU congress
    • ‘End political squabbles or miss World Cup spin-offs’
    • Govt to audit Dabengwa's MZWT
    • Zimbabwe "blood diamonds" dispute breaks out at U.N.
    • Journalists barred from Zanu PF congress
    • Human Rights not a foreign concept-Tsvangirai
    • Multiple Appeals to Support Zimbabweans
    • A Christmas party for senor nurses of Zimbabwe
    • Bridging the knowledge divide Part 7: A politician
    • Sacrificing subjects
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Bill Watch Special of 12th December 2009[Parliamentary Committee meetings 14th to 17th December]
  27. Posted 12/12/09
    • Mugabe says internal fights "eating up" ZANU-PF
    • Mugabe slams Bennett
    • Tongogara ‘returns’ to haunt ZANU PF congress
    • Rights lawyer says ZANU PF’s days in power are numbered
    • Principals To Announce Talks Outcome
    • Mugabe, PM set for Costly Foreign Trips
    • Protocol problem
    • Muchadehama acquitted
    • South Africa orders Zimbabwe to "clean up" ahead of 2010 World Cup
    • New U.S. Ambassador pledges additional support
    • 2 Progressive Teachers Union members found guilty of inciting violence
    • New daily in Zimbabwe will launch online first, then in print
    • Latest report on violence against opposition is another indication that GPA is not feasible
    • Dogs of war still prowl
    • Reinvigorating the Party
  28. Batch 2 Posted 11/12/09
    • Envoy says MDC powerless on sanctions
    • Calls to compensate white farmers
    • Honored by White House, Zimbabwean Activists Allege State Security Harassment
    • Moyo To Bounce Back
    • Editors Body Worried About Slow Reforms
    • Mugabe party official quits
    • Zimbabwe's HIV Infection Rate Drops Five Percent
    • Talk of rebellion at ZANU congress
    • ... as party drowns in financial woes
    • ‘Zim crisis danger to World Cup’
    • Implement GPA to normalise relations –– EU
    • Govt, MZWT on Collision Course
    • Constituency Fund Nonsensical — AAG
    • Political Stability Eases Health Woes
    • Parly Given Powers to Monitor Budget Execution
    • By-elections Delay Exposes Govt Arrogance — Analysts
    • Telkom seeks 60% Stake in TelOne
    • LonZim raises US$1,9m
    • Zinara, Zimra Clash Over Tollgates
    • Low Capital Budget Renders Budget ‘unsustainable’
    • Muckraker: Nothing ‘pirate’ about SW Radio Africa
    • Eric Bloch: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    • Budget Shows Functional Govt
    • Comment: Zanu PF has Nothing Useful to Offer
    • Candid Comment: In Defence of Tighter Military Budget
    • Editor's Memo: The Dark Tale of Zesa’s Collapse
  29. Posted 11/12/09
    • Mugabe Orchestrated Rape - AIDS-Free World report
    • Mugabe backers raped opponents in election: report
    • Mugabe's party opens congress weaker
    • Looming split after bomb scare at Zanu-PF congress
    • Mugabe summons provincial leaders
    • ZANU PF bars independent journalists from covering congress
    • Tongogara and Masuku: “most believe they were murdered”
    • Minister defends takeover of Matabeleland-Zambezi project
    • Announcement due next week on state of GPA talks
    • Female inmates use rags for sanitary pads
    • German investor acquires Zim bank
    • Unity Government Talks in Zimbabwe Could Open Door to 'Pirate' Radio Stations
    • Botswana responds to ZANU PF complaints over ‘pirate radios’
    • Cops thwart minister over ‘missing’ dockets
    • Zanu’s secret plan : Top brass worried by grassroots support for MDC
    • Zimbabwe exodus to South Africa continues
    • Policemen’s ‘hell’ before run-off
    • Zuma now adopts Mbeki’s quiet diplomacy
    • Journalists lament official hijack of ZUJ
    • Zanu PF cornered, panicking, desperate and dangerous
    • Suspected Xenophobic Attack in South Africa Hospitalizes Six Zimbabweans
    • Zim loses 149 rhinos to poaching
    • A Week in Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF cling to the blame game
    • A message from a Zimbabwe Mother - her story, her message
    • Heads Must Roll - Who Spent US$28 Million in Ten Months?
    • Absolute poverty, total tyranny – why are we still talking?
    • Problems stem from culture of intolerance
  30. Posted 10/12/09
    • Fierce succession battle threatens Mugabe's party
    • Future of Zanu PF in doubt with reports of a break-away plan
    • Zanu-PF congress disrupts negotiations
    • Zanu-PF re-elects Mugabe
    • ZANU congress: ‘Mugabe to showcase defiance’
    • “Great progress” in Zimbabwe - UN official
    • Zimbabwe clinches Chinese financing, investment deals
    • Exiled Zimbabwean lawyer wins human rights award
    • Williams and Mahlangu and Refugee Seven further remanded in Bulawayo Magistrate's Court
    • Human Rights Lawyer Threatened
    • Red Cross appeals for $32M for Zimbabwe food aid
    • South Africa Leans Harder on Zimbabwe Unity Parties to Iron Out Differences
    • Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change Dismisses Food Politics Charge
    • Chinese bank delegation expected
    • UNICEF Launches Initiative To Relieve Undernourished Zimbabwean Children
    • Improving but still fragile
    • Civil society condemns situation at Jo’burg church
    • Joburg's sanctuary of shame
    • Zesa charges residents ‘erroneous’ bills
    • Zimbabwe Weekly Update
    • Annual International Rule of Law Lecture: The Progressive Erosion of the Rule of Law in an Independent Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe’s control of the armed forces makes Zanu PF invincible –
    • CORRUPTION-AFRICA: A Crime Against Development
  31. Posted 9/12/09
    • Negotiators break off talks, without breakthrough
    • South African facilitation team assesses progress of Zimbabwe crisis talks
    • ‘Harare to resolve land issue by 2010’
    • Police and Kunonga renew persecution of Anglicans in Harare
    • Fresh Crackdown On Zimbabwe Rights Lawyer
    • ZANU PF Politburo endorses leadership ahead of congress
    • MDC supporters attacked by ZANU PF militia in Uzumba
    • MDC suspends entire council and MP for inciting violence
    • Zimbabwe gov’t spends more on foreign travel than healthcare : Ministry
    • SADC ends Zimbabwe economic rescue programme
    • Zimbabwe to gain from Chinese tobacco aid
    • Concern raised over humanitarian crisis at SA refugee mission
    • Council of Churches apologises for treatment of foreigners
    • Probe into magistrate’s alleged corruption
    • Journalists resolve to challenge election of ZUJ executive in court
    • Rail service needs money
    • Britain criticized for soft approach
    • Zim remains fragile: UN
    • Zimbabwe's 'time is coming'
    • Studio 7 is not an outstanding issue
    • Phony Issues Cloud Zimbabwe Unity Talks
    • Survival farming
    • Farmers, business as usual
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 11
    • Living in fear and despair
    • The Cost of Tyranny
    • Readers enquire "Why pick on Mugabe?"
  32. Posted 8/12/09
    • Donors seek $378 mln aid for Zimbabwe, crisis easing
    • SA’s mediation team returns to Harare with high hopes
    • South Africa Signals Tougher Zimbabwe Stance
    • Negotiators set to present report on GPA talks to principals
    • State blocking release of tortured MDC employee
    • Former student activist attacked and left for dead
    • Zanu-PF set for a new split over a Ndebele chairman
    • Salamao urges patience with negotiators
    • Interview with Arthur Mutambara - Deputy PM of Zimbabwe
    • Minister says MDC abusing food handouts
    • UK company demands eviction of SA companies on diamond claim
    • ZUJ elections marred by controversy
    • Charamba admits to state monopoly over broadcast industry
    • Independent journalists cry foul over ZUJ elections
    • GNU Watch for November
    • Events in the Diocese of Harare (CPCA)
    • Why Christians Refuse to Hate; My Experiences in Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • Stem the flow of blood diamonds from Zimbabwe
    • Provincial governors who loot with impunity
    • Mugabe’s history shows him to be of duplicitous character, a liar and a killer
    • Democratic Representation: Advocating for Expatriate MPs for Zimbabwe
    • Pushing the knowledge envelope Part 7: Industrial legacy
    • Bill Watch 42 of 5th December 2009 [2010 Budget]
    • Bill Watch 43 of 7th December 2009 [No Report yet onInter-Party Dialogue]
  33. Posted 7/12/09
    • Zimbabwe parties close to deal
    • Biti decries ‘political landmines’
    • Foreign airlines avoid Zimbabwean airspace
    • Zambia-Zimbabwe border post to save $486 mln/yr: official
    • Zim children rescued from traffickers
    • Mahoso did not give farmer 48-hour eviction order
    • Zimabwe's Airports Upgrade A Reality
    • No World Cup Cheer For Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe To Launch Humanitarian Appeal
    • Massive Trade Deficits With China
    • Doubts Over Biti’s Economic Growth Forecasts
    • Invisible municipal council
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 5th December 2009
    • Can Zimbabwe re-attract tourists?
    • Human Rights Fact Sheet No. 1..... ending torture in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's '' look east'' policy : a poisoned chalice ?
    • Opinion: Systems of Governance: What options for Zimbabwe
    • Comment: Conflicting Signals Cause for Concern
    • Sunday View: Choosing an Appropriate Electoral System for Zimbabwe
    • Sunday Opinion: Low status of women to blame for gender violence
  34. Batch 2 Posted 6/12/09
    • Zambia and Zimbabwe streamline border post
    • Coalition pulls 'drowning' Zimbabwe back from brink
    • From the archive: Mugabe stifles resistance with rape and murder
    • ZANU PF accuses MDC of politicising food aid
    • AG seeks to block Gwezere release
    • Matinenga optimistic on constitution
    • Botswana ignores Zim threats over VOA
    • Chinotimba declines to vacate council property
    • Healing Ministers ‘Toothless Bulldogs’
    • Diaspora Zimbabweans agree to support country’s economic reconstruction
    • Zimbabwe: Citizens are the Real Heroes
    • Coltan, cash and oil
  35. Posted 6/12/09
    • New Threat to Dump Mugabe at Congress
    • Zuma Facilitation Team Returns
    • UN Official to Visit
    • Farmer Gets Reprieve
    • AG’s Office Drops Graft Trial
    • Former ZUJ president lands new post of ‘consultant’
    • Expelled Fort Hare Students Fear Returning Home
    • Council Probe: Net Closes in on Corrupt Officials
    • West urges govt to implement GPA fully to unlock donor aid
    • Tsvangirai’s GNU deadline expires
    • ‘Sanctions’ to stay until Zanu PF acts on GPA: MDC-T
    • HIV/Aids activists march to highlight plight of sufferers
    • Zim Trio Charged With Fraud in US Court
    • I could not access more of the Zim Standard
  36. Posted 5/12/09
    • SA's new Zim team plays it safe
    • Talks to continue over the weekend
    • Western Donors say Zimbabwe's Budget Needs Their Support
    • State media news editor takes top job in journalist’s union
    • Timba deplores meddling in state media
    • Zimbabwe Has Room For More Than 30 Radio Stations
    • Zimbabwe Basket Fund Takes Off
    • SA, Zim epicentre of rhino poaching explosion
    • U.S. film star to attend Chimusoro HIV/AIDS Awards
    • Zimbabwe: weekly bulletin #9 - week ending 1 December 2009
    • OUTSIDE LOOKING IN: A letter from the diaspora
  37. Batch 3 Posted 4/12/09
    • Zim healing organ to look into army killings
    • Harare coalition parties resume talks
    • CZI calls for adoption of SA rand
    • Germany urges full implementation of GPA
    • Amid Talk of Media Reform, Election Roils Zimbabwe Union of Journalists
    • 'They failed to break my spirit' says freed rights campaigner
    • Fort Hare MDC students ‘afraid to go home’
    • Business community welcomes Zimbabwe budget
    • Trade Unions Pan Tax-Relief Proposals in Zimbabwe FM Biti's 2010 Budget
    • CZI hails 2010 National Budget
    • ZESA continues bleeding
    • Nkomo condemns political violence
    • Land reform source of future conflict
    • Petina Gappah: 'I don't see myself as an African writer'
  38. Batch 2 Posted 4/12/09
    • Parties Agree to GPA Reforms
    • Zesa Exports Power Cheaply Despite Blackouts
    • Muchinguri to Fight Back
    • Devolution of Power Overdue — Matinenga
    • Minister Admits illegally Hiring 13 000 Youths
    • Botswana Seizes US$3,1 million Zim Cigarettes
    • Chiwenga Intervenes in war Vets Wrangle
    • Bhebhe set to Challenge By-elections Delay
    • HIV Positive Women Score Against Stigma
    • Golden Handshakes Fuelling Corruption –– Analysts
    • Banks should increase lending or else — Biti
    • Indigenous Banks Scramble for Crumbs
    • Are Budget projections achievable?
    • Exports to SA hit US$200 million high
    • Biti Raises Royalties for Precious Minerals
    • Zimbabwe’s Debilitating Debt at US$5,4 Billion
    • ‘Sin duty’ Hits Spirit Drinkers
    • Inputs Provision Crucial to Farming Targets
    • Beware of too Much Teeth, Violence
    • Muckraker: Zanu PF milks World Cup visit dry
    • Eric Bloch: Bippa Signing a Non-event
    • Candid Comment: 2010 Budget Bemoans ‘resource curse’
    • Comment: Pro-poor Budget Step in the Right Direction
    • Editor's Memo: God’s Lost Generation
  39. Posted 4/12/09
    • Tsvangirai calls on global Zimbabwe community to help rebuild their country
    • Zimbabwe politics casts shadow over economic recovery
    • Budget shows US$28 million gobbled up in foreign trips
    • Pressure mounts on Zanu-PF, MDC
    • Zuma not visiting Zimbabwe ‘soon’ but will deliver report to SADC
    • Tsvangirai says progress in Zimbabwe talks
    • Selective justice prevails as PM’s bodyguard jailed
    • SOUTH AFRICA: Reintegrating Zimbabweans is a hard sell
    • Residents shocked by Announcement of Harare City 2010 budget …as they profess ignorance of any consultations being made
    • New inquiry: DFID’s assistance to Zimbabwe
  40. Batch 2 Posted 3/12/09
    • ‘We want to transform Zim into functional nation’
    • Zim talks facilitators present report to Zuma
    • ‘New Zim constitution by December 2010’
    • RBZ bill watered down
    • Zanu (PF) caused untold suffering - WFP
    • ZRP – a weapon of repression
    • Special deal for Zimbabweans beset by delays
    • Zimbabwean delegation praises Rwanda’s reconciliation drive
    • Tollgates rake in $3,5 million
    • Lots of Drugs, No Takers
    • Back on the air, but don’t mention Mugabe
    • Nigeria Banking on Agriculture in Kwara
    • Zimbabwean Activist Honored
    • Faber author wins Guardian First Book Prize
    • Diaspora power and the realities of our dispersal
  41. Posted 3/12/09
    • Biti proposes 2010 Budget of US$1.44 bln with a monthly revenue target of $120 mln
    • Zimbabwe's budget predicts growth and low inflation
    • South African Mediators on Zimbabwe Complete First Round of Talks
    • Zuma to be briefed on GPA talks by facilitation team
    • VOA: Complaints about ‘pirate’ radio stations inaccurate
    • Serious clashes over vacant diplomatic posts emerges
    • Zesa Holdings warns of more load shedding
    • Tsvangirai’s bodyguard jailed for violence
    • Former MDC-Mutambara MPs join Tsvangirai’s MDC
    • Zimbabwe Peace Project Reports Big Decline in Rights Violations in August
    • Obsolete Equipment Affecting Weather Forecast
    • Zanu PF Abducts Nine Year Old
    • Harare asked to halt seizure of German’s farm
    • Zimbabwe suspends hunting
    • Make ARVs affordable says MDC
    • Cancer patients stranded in Bulawayo
    • Zifa village condemned as sub-standard
    • Does Electoral Competition Cause Post-Election Intimidation and Violence? Evidence from the March 29, 2008 Zimbabwean General Election
    • Universal Access and Human Rights
    • INTERVIEW: 'SADC gave timeframe, not deadline'
    • Some tips for facilitator Mac Maharaj
    • Make believe politics
  42. Posted 2/12/09
    • Gloomy picture of unity talks emerges
    • SA mediation team hopeful of positive outcome in Zimbabwe
    • ‘Zimbabwe a national issue for SA’
    • Lack of investment set to define 2010 budget
    • Gono retreated on Zimdollar after heated meeting
    • Account of atempted eviction off Wakefield farm, Selous
    • ZANU PF continues to politicise food
    • Zimbabwe Industry Group Calls for Adoption of Rand as Sole Currency
    • MDC’s Gwezere still detained at Chikurubi prison
    • PM berates MPs heckling in House
    • PM addresses more than 50,000 supporters
    • Germany concerned over Zimbabwe investments after land grab bid
    • ZIMBABWE: Expats not going home yet
    • World unites to commemorate World Aids Day
    • Sally Mugabe Orphanage Abandoned
    • Victoria Derbyshire on Radio 5 Live – the first full BBC programme to broadcast openly out of Zimbabwe since 2001
    • Zimbabwe - day 1
    • The BBC and Zimbabwe: how the Corporation got back in
    • UN halves Zim humanitarian appeal
    • ‘Zim can licence 4 more TV, 94 radio stations’
    • Rigid laws force immigrants underground
    • No Holds Barred: Thanksgiving in Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai, Hunzvi and Zanu (PF)
    • Money - the root of Mugabe's evil
    • Bill Watch Special of 1st December 2009 [ParliamentaryCommittee meetings 1st to 3rd December]
    • Bill Watch Special of 1st December 2009 [Changed Timefor Budget Statement]
  43. Posted 1/12/09
    • SA facilitation team arrives in Zimbabwe to speed up GPA talks
    • SA officials meet Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai salutes African leaders
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai warns over unity deal
    • SMSs relate Zim farm terror
    • Who is behind the Chegutu controlled anarchy? – Ben Freeth
    • Media ‘hangman’ Mahoso implicated in Mutare land grab
    • Zuma wants Zim back in the Commonwealth
    • Tsvangirai Says SADC Deadline for Zimbabwe Will Be Met
    • Zesa battles to settle US$428 million debt
    • Governor linked to looting of fertiliser
    • BA deny plans to resume Zimbabwe flights from London
    • Zimbabwe unveils circumcision plans for army
    • Southern Africa still battling with Zimbabwean migrants
    • Internet campaign bears fruit for exiled businessman
    • Zimbabwe and America Remain Strong Partners in the Fight against HIV/AIDS
    • Zimbabwe: Will Cholera Return with the Rains?
    • Zimbabwe: A Fresh Start
    • Bridging the knowledge gap Part 5: Clenched fists
    • Bill Watch 41 of 30th November 2009 [South AfricanMediation Team in Harare]

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