The ZIMBABWE Situation

November 2009 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/11/09
    • Zimbabwe PM welcomes South Africa's intervention
    • Zimbabwe struggles with budget, donors want reforms
    • Mahoso invades Mutare farm
    • ACTION ALERT: Chaos and intimidation affecting several farmers in Chegutu
    • Power cuts cripple flower industry
    • Zimbabwe relocates Chiadzwa residents
    • Chiadzwa Community Ignorant About Constitution
    • Runway for Marange diamond field
    • ZIMBABWE: Forex-short students barter fees
    • MDC suspends its UK executive
    • UN to launch Zim appeal
    • Zimbabwe could host Brazil for 2010 WOrld Cup
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 28th November 2009
    • Mercenary Mann says South Africa backed coup plot
    • PEACE WATCH of 28th November 2009 [WOZA gets RFKHuman Rights Award]
  2. Batch 2 Posted 29/11/09
    • Gukurahundi Victims Confront Nkomo
    • Farm Invasions illegal — SA
    • Respite for Gono, Tomana
    • CAPS Ordered to Recall Drugs From the Market
    • Jomic Meeting Exposes Residual Hostilities
    • Zimsec’s Loss is Cambridge’s Gain
    • Fracas at GZU After Guards Turn Away Zanu PF Activists
    • Zanu PF Thwarts Tsholotsho Rebels
    • Sunday Special: Constitution Teams Gear up but Civic Society Concerns Persist
    • Newsfocus: Zuma initiatives Raise Optimism for GPA Negotiations
    • Axed Nkayi South MP Pines for By-election
    • Social Services Collapse ups Child Mortality
    • 99-year Leases Useless as Collateral
    • Far From the City, Zim Villagers Barter
    • CZI Calls for Budget Watchdog
    • 2010 National Budget: the pros and cons
    • Alex Magaisa: Why Don’t They Negotiate in Mufakose?
    • Sunday View: Role of the Armed Forces in the Development of Zimbabwe
    • Sunday Opinion: Farewell to an Unusually Good man
    • Comment: Less Talk More Work Needed for Recovery
    • Getting old a death sentence
    • Cabal seizes diamond riches to buy power
    • We were chased like dogs ...
    • Constitution Watch 13 of 27th November 2009 [AdvocacyMeetiings on New Constitution]
  3. Posted 29/11/09
    • Robert Mugabe: will Zimbabwe be let back into Commonwealth?
    • Zim to continue with US dollar
    • UNZA lecturers denounce governments of national unity
    • NGO blasts Zimbabwe political parties for lip service to gender equality
    • Freighter Crashes in Shanghai
    • No Hope For New Black Commercial Farmers
    • Zimbabwe Farm Invasions Continue
    • High Court Hearing for Registration of SADC Tribunal Judgment on 24 November 2009
    • Long road to healing in Zimbabwe
    • The little gem
    • Zimbabwe’s Diamond Mines Lead to Rape, Murder, and Thievery
    • Zimbabwe now a Coconut Republic
  4. Posted 28/11/09
    • Bennett trial adjourned to next year
    • Welshman Ncube says no SADC deadline on GPA implementation
    • South Africa, Zimbabwe Sign Investment Agreement
    • Tsvangirai welcomes prospect of Zimbabwe rejoining Commonwealth
    • Telkom eyes 60 percent share of Zim’s TelOne
    • Anger as FIFA ‘legitimises’ Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe families debate 'lobola' [bride price] tradition
    • Zimbabwe farm evictions 'benefit Mugabe's cronies'
    • U.S. Embassy Celebrates World AIDS Day
    • Silence or violence
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Bridging the knowledge gap Part 4: Markets
    • Can politics get dirtier than this?
  5. Batch 3 Posted 27/11/09
    • Exasperated S. African Mediation Team Now Expected in Harare Sunday
    • Zanu-PF wary of Zuma's new team
    • Streets awash with rumours of looming Zanu PF thievery
    • Mutsekwa orders Mwale’s arrest
    • Zanu-PF members protest against executive
    • Institute Challenges Zimbabwe's Claim Marange Diamond Field Demilitarized
    • Harare willing to engage firm over diamond field
    • Brown says Harare still has to do more
    • Zimbabwe to snub Commonwealth - minister
    • Political parties not uplifting women: Group
    • Bridging the knowledge gap Part 3 – Diaspora
  6. Batch 2 Posted 27/11/09
    • Mujuru blasts Biti
    • Zuma Mediation Team to Pressure GNU Partners
    • Zanu PF Factionalism Spills Into war Veterans Body
    • Presidium Endorsement Seals Mnangagwa Faction Defeat
    • Exhibits Could Have Been Tampered With –– Bennett Defence
    • Ncube appointed co-chair of African Media Initiative
    • Govt Must cut Embassy Staff Abroad — Business
    • Stability in Zim Should be Sustained — Gaddafi
    • Bippa Goes Against SA law –– Legal Consultants
    • Mnangagwa can Still Bounce Back –– Analysts
    • Zimbabwe Diamonds Auctioned for a Song
    • ACR threatens to sue Old Mutual over Marange
    • Small Scale Tobacco Farmers Hamstrung by Lack of Inputs
    • Expectations Galore as Budget Announcement Looms
    • Foreign investors take keen interest in ZSE
    • Staff shortages hit tertiary education sector
    • Govt set to Begin Payroll, Skills Audit
    • Zim: Let’s climb the next hill together
    • Muckraker: Why is it that all the Losers are the Loudest?
    • 2010 Economic Recovery Budget
    • Calling Bennet ‘murderous Selous Scout’ not Racist, Moyo
    • Comment: Bippa: A Test of Govt’s Sincerity
    • Candid Comment: MDC Formations Must Have Common Interests
    • Editor's Memo: Sadc parly: Where is the difference?
  7. Posted 27/11/09
    • Zim government controlled anarchy in Chegutu
    • SA govt accepts Zim land reform is unlawful
    • S African farmers dismayed by Zimbabwe deal
    • Youth Ministers travel to Rwanda for ‘genocide’ study
    • Warrant Of Arrest For Fugitive CIO
    • Old Mutual ‘reviewing stake’ in Zimbabwe gem miner
    • British Airways 'in shock return to Zimbabwe'
    • Police blame ‘fear’ for rushed probe
    • Muchinguri decries run-off violence
    • MDC has no authority to shut down external radio stations
    • Struggling Zimbabwe Health System Gets $180M Boost From Global Fund
    • Expelled MP Seeks By-election
    • Ivory Stocks Disposal Under Threat
    • CHRA engages the youths in local government reforms
    • Nigeria’s agricultural success story and ex-Zimbabwean farmers
    • JAG - farms situations communique - Dated 26 November 2009
    • Opinion: ZANU PF wasting time talking about the ‘pirates’
    • Children who never existed
    • MISA-Zimbabwe statement on attacks by state-controlled broadcaster
    • GNU’s decision on Youth Militia programme a fallacy
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 681- Dated 24 November 2009
  8. Batch 2 Posted 26/11/09
    • South Africa's Zuma Sending High-Powered Team to Harare to Promote Accord
    • Zuma appoint new Zimbabwe team
    • GPA negotiators change venue to dodge prying eyes
    • Bennett's Trial Under Scrutiny
    • Another witness in Bennett trial exposes more inconsistencies
    • Negotiators haggle in marathon session
    • US$15bn for new Zim recovery programme
    • Zim inflation now 0.8 percent
    • Diamond processing plant at the airport
    • ZCTU say police shooting inquiry should be led by Parliament
    • SA farmers threaten legal action over new investment pact with Zim
    • No extra money to pay invigilators as exams start a month late
    • Let’s prevent election violence repeat: ZANU PF
    • ZOU degrees questionable
    • Israel’s agriculture to inspire Zim
    • ZRP’s poor working conditions
    • Aus commissions boreholes
    • State stifles investigative journalism
    • Pushing the knowledge envelope – Nationalisation
    • Zim’s collapse dominates “special memoir”
  9. Posted 26/11/09
    • Dealer tortured to implicate top MDC man
    • Zimbabwe women rise up for peace
    • Zimbabwe Blood Diamonds Banned by Trade Network on Rights Abuse
    • Zimbabwe talks on power-sharing finally begin
    • Children, Women Hardest Hit by Collapse of Zimbabwe's Social Services
    • Teachers in Zimbabwe Agree to Oversee Exams Without Pay - For Now
    • Zimbabwe, South Africa to Sign Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement
  10. Posted 25/11/09
    • Zimbabwe set for Commonwealth return by 2011
    • Negotiators break to attend cabinet meeting
    • Bennett says trial an absolute farce
    • Obama awards - and kisses - Zimbabwe women activists
    • Remarks by President Obama
    • Legal Opinion: Proposed Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement between Zimbabwe and South Africa
    • Mugabe: help us, but leave us alone!
    • Bill Watch 40 of 24th November 2009 [Negotiations on Outstanding Issues Start At Last]
  11. Batch 2 Posted 24/11/09
    • Obama honors Mugabe foes for defying a 'dictator'
    • 80,000 complete youth service: minister
    • 100 children dying daily in Zim: UNICEF
    • Feuding delays crucial GPA talks
    • Gono Gets Senior Zanu PF Position
    • Passport Backlog Dogs RG's Office
    • MDC Official Wins Bail, but Still in Custody
    • Civil Service Payroll Scandal Exposed
    • GPA Crisis Blocking British aid: envoy
    • Bungling Zimsec Brews Another Shocker
    • Elderly Priest Brutally Assaulted by Soldiers
    • Zanu PF, MDC-T Clear the Way for Gono's Exit
    • 'No seed, no fertilizer, nothing, ' cry farmers
    • HIV support groups bank on sport to change attitudes
    • Ex-banker Turns to the pulpit
    • Global Fund Gives NAC Grace Period
    • Equipment Boost for Hwange Colliery
    • Comment: Blaming Others for own Disastrous Policies
    • Reflections with Magaisa: Politics of Central Bank Reform in Zimbabwe
    • Sundayview: Democracy is not only about holding free, fair elections
    • Sundayopinion: Reconciliation, a Tonic for healing
    • Diary of a traveller: I imagine you are safer in Zimbabwe than Jo'burg
  12. Posted 24/11/09
    • Talks resume between ZANU PF and MDC formations
    • Zuma delays visit to Zimbabwe over deadlock
    • Bennett Trial - Witness Stuns Court
    • Tsvangirai ally's trial based on false evidence: lawyer
    • ZANU PF working to frustrate civil servants audit
    • WOZA leaders presented with top award by US President Obama
    • Tomana's security detail unprecedented
    • Masvingo drops Muchinguri following pressure
    • Zanu PF Loyalists Set To Become Rights Commissioners
    • Mugabe bodyguards may face prosecution in Hong Kong over visas
    • SADC deadline: A Guided Suicide
    • Blog regarding GPA Talks
  13. Posted 23/11/09
    • Zimbabwe negotiators meet on Monday‏
    • SA to intervene as Zim leaders fail to meet
    • Constitutional outreach teams' deployment deferred
    • Warm welcome for Tsvangirai in Tripoli
    • Students Leaders case discharged
    • Commonwealth accused of loss of 'moral leadership'
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 21st November 2009
    • Miscarriage Of Justice
    • Constitutional Music Concert Barred
    • Bridging the knowledge gap: Part 2
    • Bill Watch Special of 22nd November 2009[Parliamentary Committee meetings 22nd to 26th November]
  14. Posted 22/11/09
    • Talks to resolve power sharing dispute fail to take place
    • Parties trade accusations over delays
    • Ministers face chop
    • Man jailed 15 years for arms theft
    • Sino-Zim in contract farming negotiations
    • 'Political interference hinders professionalism at ZBC'
    • Zimbabwe Prime Minister Endorses Regional Report Critical of State Broadcasters
    • SA business chiefs to witness trade pact signing
    • Hunger Warning Unit Sees 1.6 Million Zimbabweans at Risk Through End-2009
    • Health hazard looms in Gweru
    • Witnessing healing and reconciliation in Zimbabwe
    • Silent fridges
    • ZCTF Report - November 2009
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 680- Dated 20 November 2009
    • Mugabe Marching Zimbabwe into Oblivion?
    • Mugabe to go it alone?
  15. Posted 21/11/09
    • MDC accuses ZANU PF of rolling out terror campaign
    • Zimbabwe power cuts worse on low generation, imports
    • MDC-T launches attack on MDC-M for delaying talks
    • Nominations expose deep divisions in ZANU-PF
    • Mugabe's Spokesman Wields Too Much Power
    • Zimbabwe to overhaul voters' roll : Minister
    • SA farming union insists Zim land grab victims be protected
    • Zim land deal - farmers threaten Davies
    • State Invokes Act To Keep MDC Transport Manager In Custody
    • Senior Zimbabwe official admits media laws restrictive
    • SA refugee group slams political leaders over xenophobia
    • Zimbabwe: Internally displaced to receive protection and emergency assistance
    • Gweru Activists summoned to appear in court
    • Will Zimbabwe’s Medium-Term Recovery Plan work?
    • Rautenbach's fast and furious ride to riches
    • Diary of a traveller: tasting elephant dung
    • OUTSIDE LOOKING IN: A letter from the diaspora
    • Bill Watch of 19th November 2009 - Legislative ReformSeries - A Private Members Bill
  16. Batch 2 Posted 20/11/09
    • Crunch time for Zim talks
    • Trade pact must address land seizures: SA farmers
    • Zimbabwe farmers a boon for Nigerian agriculture
    • Zimbabwe's attorney General develops cold feet on Bennett
    • Mnangagwa Faction Crushed
    • Minister Failed to Float Tender for Diamond Partners
    • Gono, RBZ Staff Secure Immunity
    • Talks Deadline Lapses Without any Progress
    • Consultation Period on Constitution cut
    • Zanu PF Postpones Annual Congress
    • Media Should be Self- regulating: Tsvangirai
    • No British Investment Until GPA Fulfilment
    • 'Confidence in Zimbabwe Back With Multi-currency Regime'
    • Zimbabwe Corruption Wanes
    • We're in Control, Says Caaz
    • Bank Deposits up a Transitory 44%
    • ACR to Raise US$16,8m for Exploration
    • Muckraker: Food Summit Trip's Irony Totally Lost on Mugabe
    • Eric Bloch: Parastatals Restrict Economic Recovery
    • Act Now to Avert Food Crisis
    • 'UN food summit wasteful, ineffective'
    • Abuse of Tsvangirai GPA Outstanding Issue
    • Comment: Strong Parliament Good for Democracy
    • Candid Comment: The Mugabe Stagnation Continues
    • Editor's Memo: RBZ Bill's Blanket Amnesty Shocking
    • Zim Independent Letters
  17. Posted 20/11/09
    • Army, police 'vacate Zimbabwe diamond fields'
    • Tsvangirai to discuss Zimbabwe crisis with Gaddafi
    • Bennett's lawyers accuse police of pulling a 'PR stunt'
    • Four men survive planned execution - ROHR
    • Zimbabwe, China Sign $8 Billion Investment Accord, Herald Says
    • Weekend GPA talks planned
    • Tortured MDC employee applies for bail after charges dropped
    • Editors sent to China
    • PM dismisses Mahoso appointment to BAZ
    • Civil service audit to cost US$4m
    • People to guide constitutional process
    • Tortured MDC employee applies for bail after charges dropped
    • Zimbabwean rights organization to get Kennedy award
    • No sewer system for growth point
    • Mixed reactions greet central bank reform bill
    • UNHCR clarify repatriation programme for Zimbabweans in SA
    • Rautenbach gets served, testifies
    • Zimbabwean man spends over a year in immigration detention
    • Tsvangirai officially launches Public Broadcasting Report
    • Shelves full but people still going hungry
    • Weapons theft stokes fears of instability
    • The politics of central bank reform in Zimbabwe
    • The Land Question: A Case for a Transparent Agrarian Reform & Land Audit Process
    • Of Ghost Voters...
    • PACHEDU Zimbabwe
    • Diary of a traveller: a calming sunset
    • Rhinos de-horned to stop poaching
  18. Posted 19/11/09
    • Hardly any work done as Zimbabwe deadline looms
    • Zimbabwe parliament passes bill to reform Reserve Bank
    • Chinamasa seeks better pay for judges
    • Zimbabwe To Flush Out Ghost Workers
    • Civil service audit to begin November, but will exclude army
    • Police admit falsifying evidence
    • Makoni Labels Zanu PF "Murderers And Thieves"
    • Over 30 000 cases of child rape reported in Harare
    • Inyathi residents rally behind invaded farm owner
    • Students arrested over 'gun'
    • Muchadehama removed from remand
    • Zimbabwe to host SADC parliamentary session
    • Critics: U.N. food summit wasteful, ineffective
    • Germany protests attack of priest by soldiers
    • Ghosts, infants on Zimbabwe's voter's roll
    • New Water Shortages in Zimbabwean Capital Prompt Cholera Outbreak Fears
    • Global Fund Extends Life of Zimbabwe Funding for AIDS, Other Diseases
    • FAO Brings Hope To Zimbabwe's Rural Farmers
    • Government of Zimbabwe urged to take necessary steps to ensure establishment of media boards complies fully with set standards
    • Up to 2,700 Zimbabweans displaced in S.Africa attacks
    • South African and Zimbabwean authorities behind attacks on refugees - Sources
    • Zimbabwe weekly update
    • Mugabe's lies
    • Diary of a traveller: an emotional lunch
    • PEACE WATCH of 18th November 2009 [Abuse of Law toHarass Unionists]
  19. Posted 18/11/09
    • Mugabe uses food summit to lash out at 'shopping' sanctions
    • Mugabe says West wants Zimbabwe's farmers to fail
    • Fears of Bennett's re-arrest as case against him grows more flimsy
    • Tsvangirai emphasises urgency to speed up negotiations
    • Absenteeism causes delay in negotiations
    • Tsvangirai summons Chombo, Masunda over vendor's death
    • Catholic priest beaten by soldier
    • MDC-T South Africa executive deny sack claims
    • MDC Living In Fear In Zaka
    • Zimbabwe Labour Chief Threatens To Sue Government
    • More than 2,000 Zimbabweans flee, fearing attacks
    • MISA Zimbabwe Refused To "Wine And Dine With Media Hangmen"
    • Continent Must Shun Zimbabwe, Kenya Type Coalitions
    • Peter Gabriel, Susan Sarandon, and Cyndi Lauper Urge Zimbabwean Government
    • Standing Up to Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe’s holocaust – article by Ben Freeth
    • Residents fear another cholera outbreak
  20. Batch 2 Posted 17/11/09
    • Tsvangirai meets MDC-T, ZANU PF negotiators
    • Zimbabwe Lawyers Protest Harassment
    • Chiefs want to vet Zanu (PF) ministers
    • Complaint against Old Mutual at HRC
    • Tomana finds himself in early quandary
    • Masvingo nominates Muchinguri for VP
    • Pre-Congress Nomination Process Highlights Rivalries in Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF
    • EU petitioned to suspend aid to Malawi over bankrolling Mugabe
    • Mann to shed light on ZDI role in coup plot
    • Cash shortage cripples healing programme
    • No 'blind spots' Please, Mr Zuma
    • Tourists return to Zimbabwe
    • Diary of a traveller: Meeting Mr Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's Flawed Diamonds
    • 'Political uncertainty holding back energy investors'
    • The Zimbabwe We All Desire
  21. Posted 17/11/09
    • Bennett Judge refuses to recuse himself
    • Bennett denies charges as Justice Bhunu cautions State witness
    • Zim terrorism case is persecution, says Bennett
    • Gramara Farm ‘jambanja’d’ over the weekend
    • MDC torture victim still being denied medical treatment
    • Tsvangirai meets with negotiators from MDC-T and ZANU PF
    • Lawyers protest increasing state intimidation
    • 'Mnangagwa-linked official won't win ZANU PF Harare post'
    • Conflict diamonds mining begins in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean diamonds lose glitter for Mozambique's illegal traders
    • NGOs boycott of Zimbabwe's government to continue
    • NGO Releases Political Violence Videos
    • Mugabe & 60 officials in Rome for UN food summit
    • Booming Business For Zimbabwe Hotels
    • Hopes for an end to impasse in Zimbabwe
    • Poachers kill 65 elephants, 30 rhinos in Zimbabwe: official
    • Go, Gono go, but don’t go alone
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 679- Dated 15 November 2009
    • Justice, Honesty & Integrity - The Three Missing Elements In Roy Bennett's Trial
    • Bridging the knowledge gap - Part 1
    • Bill Watch 39 of 15th November 2009 [Bills in House of Assembly]
  22. Posted 16/11/09
    • Principals meet to map out strategy
    • SADC demands Gono's dismissal to save Zimbabwe GNU
    • 116 cholera cases, fresh outbreak feared
    • MP wants national heroes law changed
    • ZANU PF infighting continues
    • Soldiers Beat Man Over Constitution T-Shirt
    • Billy Rautenbach goes into hiding
    • Army being used to invade farms
    • NGOs protest to Mugabe, Tsvangirai over Nowak
    • Official says Zanu (PF) won't yield to MDC
    • Mwana Africa has dug deep to bring mining back from the brink
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 14th November 2009
    • JOMIC: powerless and redundant
    • Mugabe using MDC to buy time
    • MDC holds key to Zimbabwe's economic & socio-political regeneration
    • So difficult to forgive
    • Triumph of a Dreamer
    • What will Santa bring Zimbabwe?
    • Bill Watch Special of 14th November 2009[Parliamentary Committee meetings 16th to 19th November]
  23. Batch 2 Posted 15/11/09
    • Mugabe arrives in Rome with entourage of 60
    • Toeing the ZanuFP party line
    • Gono Must go: Sadc
    • Stalemate at Zanu PF Leadership Nominations
    • Sadc raises red flag over Home Affairs
    • Lawyers Plan Court Boycott
    • Mugabe Sucked Into Warring Harare Zanu PF Faction Wrangles
    • Khama Blasts Zanu PF 'rigidity'
    • Old Mutual Under Fire
    • Tonde's Death: Residents up in Arms Against Harare Council
    • Magistrate, Prosecutors Threatened
    • Zim faces 'worst' Farming Season
    • Govt Mulls Social Protection Strategies
    • Zero Tillage Salvation for Rural Farmers
    • Dapp Making Positive Living Easier
    • Donor Fatigue Threatens HIV/AIDS Gains - MSF
    • Cash-strapped AirZim Fails to pay Workers
    • Budget Indaba Postponed
    • ZITF fails to pay bills, seeks 50% council rebate
    • Sundayopinion: Moyo comeback: An Epilogue to Fading Glory
    • Comment: Africa's Leadership Fails the Continent
    • Alex Magaisa: Mutongi and the Defence of Judicial Independence
    • Sunday View: Ideology for Zimbabwe: the Questions we Should all be Asking
  24. Posted 15/11/09
    • 5 die as fresh cholera epidemic looms in Zim
    • US$10m to relocate villagers from diamond field
    • Rapaport Group bans all Zimbabwe blood diamonds
    • Old Mutual and Zimbabwe diamonds
    • Plot to convict Bennett exposed
    • ZANU PF electoral college considers nominations for vacant VP position
    • Mpofu slams Nkomo as Zanu PF picks VP
    • Rautenbach's sugar venture hits a snag
    • Zimbabwe placed on CIA 'watch list'
    • Harare Symposium Proposes New Fund for Zimbabwe Health Services
    • UN food chief stages hunger strike ahead of summit
    • Groups Say Sexual Abuse In Zimbabwe Rampant
    • Vote for Betty!
    • Lie-O-Meter – Tafataona Mahoso
    • Will I be back?
    • An Elegy for Easterly
  25. Posted 14/11/09
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai & Mutambara meet Friday
    • Khama calls for new Zimbabwe elections
    • Old Mutual involved in plans to mine Chiadzwa diamonds
    • Chombo strikes again as he dismisses deputy of Mayor of Mutare
    • MDC accuses soldiers of beating up orphans
    • ZCTU call for both Home Affairs Ministers to resign
    • 120 soldiers allegedly tortured at KG VI
    • U.S., South Africa Press Govt Over Diamonds
    • POSA must be amended
    • Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union on the situation in Zimbabwe
    • OUTSIDE LOOKING IN - A letter from the diaspora
  26. Batch 3 Posted 13/11/09
    • Zanu PF Bigwigs Battle for Posts
    • Fight Over Reserve Bank Bill Intensifies
    • ZCTU Bosses Freed
    • Storm Brews Over Zanu PF Harare Polls
    • Make-or-break Talks Over GNU Deadlock
    • Zim, South Africa to sign Bippa
    • Farmers Look to Donors as Disastrous Season Looms
    • GNU impasse: Sadc's Vested Interests
    • Companies-grab Proposal a big Turn off for Investors
    • Govt, Miners on Royalties Collision Course
    • TelOne Admits Restricting Calls
    • Mines Engage Biti Over Funds
    • No Light to Zesa's Tunnel of Power Woes
    • Zimdollar: Return of Paper Money and the Numbers Game
    • Residents' hopes for tap water run dry
    • Zim Trade Conference for Jo'burg
    • Malawi Questions Zimbabwe Loan
    • Muckraker: Welcome to the Zanu PF way, Nyanhongo!
    • Eric Bloch: Economic Genocide: a Luta Continua
    • Comment: Sadc Summit Lays Bare Zanu PF's Deception
    • Candid Comment: Barriers to Journalism not Insurmountable
    • Editor's Memo: Mutambara Kingmaker
    • Zim Independent Letters
  27. Batch 2 Posted 13/11/09
    • Resign, ZCTU tells home affairs ministers
    • Union Says Zimbabwe Farm Workers Worst Abused Sector in Past 10 Years
    • GAPWUZ REPORT: If something is wrong . . .
    • Bennett evidence 'all fiction'
    • SA-Zimbabwe treaty 'excludes expropriated farms'
    • Tsvangirai’s terrifying gamble
    • Do Whites Have a Place in Mugabe's Zimbabwe?
  28. Posted 13/11/09
    • Lawyers ask Justice Bhunu to recuse himself from Bennett’s case
    • ZCTU leaders acquitted & set free
    • Soldiers tortured to death in custody
    • Old Mutual Zim chairman defends investment in Zimpapers
    • How can Old Mutual defend the indefensible?
    • Petition Old Mutual to stop funding Zimbabwe’s state-controlled media
    • Herald reinvents fictitious divisions in the MDC
    • Mugabe To Cap Less Than A Quarter Of UZ Students
    • Reports SA metal company plans to mine diamond fields
    • Failure to act on abuses threatens conflict diamond process
    • Zimbabwe Soldiers Force Villagers To Accept Draft Constitution
    • UN food summit 'fails before it begins'
    • Zimbabwe Prime Minister Tsvangirai Urges Political Tolerance, Nonviolence
    • Mining offers hope for Zimbabwe business
    • Civil servants cry for bonuses
    • Chinese Money - Zimbabwe’s ultimate Catch 22
    • Robert Mugabe off the hook as usual
    • When patience finally runs out
  29. Batch 2 Posted 12/11/09
    • Calls for UN intervention as soldiers are tortured in Zimbabwe
    • Soldier commits suicide while in detention
    • Thirty days to repent
    • 'ZANU PF won't yield to MDC ahead of congress'
    • Mugabe traded land with votes - War vets
    • Settlers on black-owned farms evicted
    • Abuse of Tsvangirai a major outstanding issue
    • Arrested unionists remain in custody
    • Mugabe's nephew takes the lead in prosecuting activists
    • Farm workers admit defeat
    • Cultivating food security in the city
    • Doctor should be struck off
    • Parents fork out for extra lessons
    • Constitutional body to deploy outreach teams
    • We Are "Born Free, But Always in Chains"
    • Enough of the talking already!
  30. Posted 12/11/09
    • Zimbabwe Court to Allow Torture Allegations in Bennett Trial
    • Judge berates Tomana, Mtetwa in court
    • Outrage as top SA firm admits funding state run Zim newspapers
    • Old Mutual's defence of Zimbabwe Herald investment
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai parties to hold talks
    • Tsvangirai attends cabinet meeting after three-week boycott
    • MDC-T MP proposes bill to amend repressive POSA
    • Arrested student leaders released
    • Targeted trade unionist out of hiding after failed abduction
    • Farm labour shortage threatens food production
    • Union highlights abuses against farm workers
    • Zimbabwe Land Seizures Reportedly Intensify
    • Farm Workers Suffer With White Farmers as Zimbabwe Land Reform Continues
    • Pride of lions kill cattle in Chipinge as elephants destroy crops
    • Zimbabwe Agrees Not to Export Disputed Diamonds, U.S. Says
    • Zimbabwe's diamond battle far from over
    • Kimberly Process Chair Defends Recent Decision Not to Suspend Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe launches six-year plan to transform economy
    • Unreformed Zimbabwe Central Bank Discouraging Donors, Says Finance Minister
    • COSATU threatens action against Zimpapers
    • Mugabe says Zimbabwe dollar coming back
    • The war against the whites is not over in Zimbabwe
    • Zim must get its act together
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 677- Dated 10 November 2009
    • Spirits on the Battle Field
    • Zimbabwe Weekly Update – week ending 10 Nov 2009
  31. Posted 11/11/09
    • Judge changes mind in Bennett case
    • Reform Zimbabwe to lure donors: Finance minister
    • Mbare man dies… as municipal police unleashes violence on vendors
    • Call for Parliament to investigate conduct of the AG and the police
    • More students arrested in Bindura
    • Massive RBZ-sponsored looting exposed
    • Trade unionist comes out of hiding to launch damning report
    • Tsvangirai To Attend Cabinet Meeting Wednesday
    • Zanu PF in bid to divert funds meant for constitution making
    • Zimbabwe Workers Earn A Loaf A Day As Salary
    • International trade union demands release of ZCTU leader
    • Violent Zanu PF Youth Demand Land
    • Parly to amend POSA?
    • MDC MP Cleared of Rape Charges
    • Leaders concerned about Zim
    • Jindal Steel & Pwr Consortium Bids For Zimbabwe Plant-Source
    • Senior Police Officers Victimised Over Cosafa Allowances
    • Media event for Betty Makoni, one of CNN's heroes
    • Oversight body "not toothless"
    • Open letter to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai from farmer Ben Freeth of Mount Carmel Farm, Chegutu
    • Plots, conspiracies, lies & inconsistencies
    • All eyes on the next election
    • Zimbabwe GNU Watch October
    • Bill Watch 38 of 9th November 2009 [MDC-T to"Re-engage" in the Inclusive Government]
  32. Batch 2 Posted 10/11/09
    • Movement for Democratic Change MP Roy Bennett on trial for 'treason'
    • State witness calls own evidence fiction
    • Bennett's lawyers want AG investigated
    • Plot to frame Biti is exposed as Raid went ahead before evidence was planted
    • China expresses interest in upgrading Zimbabwe's transport network
    • MDC activist dies of torture wounds
    • Zimbabwe Women Activists Warn of Continuing Hardships without Reform
    • Battle over ZAPU properties begins
    • Nobody wants to assist us: White farmers
    • Zim's GMB issues grain bills
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Upbeat on Resolution of Issues Troubling Power-Sharing
    • Zim, SA set to seal trade pact
    • Zim's state dictatorial despite GNU: COSATU
    • Improvement in press freedom depends on national unity government's ability to function properly
    • Harare residents hail MDC newsletters
    • Zanu-PF does not reap where it sowed
    • The dictators' syndromes that afflict Mugabe
  33. Posted 10/11/09
    • Bennett's trial adjourned to Wednesday
    • Critical evidence ruling in Bennett case due tomorrow
    • Mugabe swore in Biti who was on treason - Bennett's lawyers
    • Police arrest ZCTU president Matombo
    • Spate of arrests further threatens Zim political stability
    • ZCTU leaders still behind bars, as harassment of activists continues
    • Human Rights Lawyers Blast Zim Gvt
    • Party negotiators set to meet to resolve outstanding issues
    • SA firm in dispute with RBZ over wheat deal
    • Zimbabwe says economy to rebound, grow 15 pct a year
    • China's chequebook draws African nations
    • Mugabe Praises China
    • First on the scene - secret police to arrest passengers for taking photos!
    • Trade unionist to launch documentary
    • Despite brief MDC success, Zimbabwe will keep limping along
    • Child rape epidemic in Zimbabwe
    • HOT SEAT with Professor Brian Raftopoulos and Brian Kagoro
    • Construction taking place in greenbelt council-owned land – Borrowdale, Harare
    • Zim parties will miss SADC deadline: Analysts
    • Why Africa welcomes the 'new colonialism'
    • Time for statesmanship, not brinkmanship
    • Attention SADC Heads of State
    • Pushing the knowledge envelope: Corporate citizenship
    • PEACE WATCH of 8th November 2009 [Civil SocietyLeaders Arrests - Abuse of Law]
  34. Posted 9/11/09
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai vows to stay in government
    • PM urges Mugabe to treat him as equal
    • Tsvangirai urges Mugabe to settle outstanding issues within 30 days
    • Zimbabwe premier pleads to end to aide's trial
    • Bennett's Lawyers Ready For Monday's Trial
    • Zimbabwe ruling party responsible for 88% of power-sharing violations-CSOs
    • Fresh hope for Zimbabwe as Zuma takes over as mediator
    • China to boost aid to Africa as ties blossom
    • Harare Central prison sold to Chinese
    • Lawyers to protest against Tomana
    • Campaigners vow to continue fight over Zimbabwe's diamond fields
    • Soldiers accused of harassment in Muromo
    • Mutsekwa urges Mnangagwa to end violence
    • Ex-soldier seeks redress over Chinamasa
    • Crocodile Menace In Kariba
    • Landlord evicts MDC man
    • Velvet bonnets, silk tassels...and honorary degrees
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 7th November 2009
    • Zimbabweans betrayed
    • For brave investors, Zimbabwe could be the ultimate turnaround story
    • Zimbabwe Business Watch : Week 45
    • Good governance key to recovery, UN official
    • Bill Watch Special of 7th November 2009 [ParliamentaryCommittee Meetings 9th to 12th November]
  35. Posted 8/11/09
    • Activist escapes abductors after six months in captivity
    • MDC-T MP Nyamande killed
    • Zanu PF splits Over White Farmer's Eviction
    • Zimbabwean Speaker submits ZEC candidates' names to president
    • Banks comply with capital requirements: Gono
    • Court says to hear Mawere case 'soon'
    • Kimberley Process: Zimbabwe Action Mars Credibility
    • Expanded Role Seen for S. Africa's Zuma in Zimbabwe Unity Gov't Patchup
    • Anatomy of dispute between MDC, Zanu-PF
    • Zimbabwe and the Kimberley Process
    • UN attempts to slow the new scramble for Africa
    • Zimbabwe and Chinese firm to seal mining deal business
    • China not courting Africa only for energy: Wen
    • Constitution Making Process Should Not Be Rushed - Mangwana
    • Principals not serious about constitution
    • The dangers of political tinkering
    • Blink and you miss it
    • The lure and peril of southern Africa's elephants
  36. Posted 7/11/09
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai rejoins troubled unity government - with conditions
    • SADC sets December deadline to implement outstanding issues
    • SADC sets deadline – or does it?
    • South African Company to Begin Mining for Diamonds in Zimbabwe
    • Diamond watchdog gives Zimbabwe time to comply
    • South Africa to sign deal with Zimbabwe
    • CFU Press Statement on escalating violence
    • CFU Fact Sheet
    • Zimbabwe white farmers seek $1.2m for welfare: union
    • Court orders urgent treatment for tortured & detained MDC employee
    • 79 year old widow sentenced to prison for refusing to vacate her farm
    • Numerous Challenges For Harare Water Supply
    • UK suspends deportations to Zimbabwe
    • South Africa to sign deal with Zimbabwe
    • National Press Club to Host 'NEWSMAKER' Media Briefing on Zimbabwe Instability, Injustice: Award-Winning Women's Rights Leaders
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 10
    • China-Africa summit seeks to boost trade and 'brotherhood'
    • A letter from the diaspora
  37. Batch 3 Posted 6/11/09
    • Zimbabwe's MDC ends unity government boycott
    • Zimbabwe come perilously close to having its diamond expports blocked
    • MDC Wants George Charamba Fired
    • Farmer wants brigadier nailed for contempt
    • ZEC candidates submitted to Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean dollar back in use this year
    • New Regulations For Zimbabwe's Controversial Indigenisation Law
    • Fresh Safety Alert For Zimbabwe Journalists
    • Chiredzi crocodile farmer ordered to leave
    • 'I will still help the refugees' - Bishop Verryn's solemn oath
    • Mugabe must restore dignity to burial
    • Zanu-PF empowering only themselves
    • Lack of accountability can lead back to′criminalised diamond trade
    • Zim economy may grow faster: Fund
    • Zimbabwe: Selectorate versus electorate
  38. Batch 2 Posted 6/11/09
    • Govt to Grab Foreign Firms
    • $200K Golden Handshake for Kingdom Boss
    • Major Battle Looms Over RBZ Bill
    • Audit Chaotic Voters roll - MP
    • 100 000 Pupils to Miss 'O' Level Exams
    • Suspected Zim fraudsters arrested in UK
    • Cash Crunch Threatens Zanu PF Merriment
    • Audit Office Must Have Teeth - Parly
    • Farmers can Reap Benefits of Planning
    • GNU Collapse Spells Doom for all Parties Involved -- Analysts
    • RBZ buys bonds from gold miners
    • Zimdollar comeback speculation unsettling
    • Familiar ring to Biti's 2010 budget Dilemma
    • Mwana Africa get US$10m for gold mine
    • Protection fee a throwback to the crime world
    • Constitution-making: The People's Wishes Must Prevail
    • Muckraker: Public Media Firmly in Zanu PF's Pocket
    • Eric Bloch: Destruction of Economy Criminal
    • Candid Comment: GNU issues: Setting the record straight
    • Comment: Politics of Delinquency Dragging us Back
    • Editor's Memo: Mugabe a Prisoner of Zanu PF Hardliners
  39. Posted 6/11/09
    • Zimbabwe escapes 'blood diamonds' ban
    • Kimberley Process ignores its own advice
    • Reclamation, Zimbabwe Plan Gem Mine on Atrocity Site
    • Southern Africa Leaders Meet to Discuss Zimbabwe
    • MDC, Zanu-PF should put differences aside to save unity govt: SADC
    • Zim rivals 'committed to making unity govt work'
    • Lawyers protest against judicial system
    • Trade unionist goes into hiding
    • Harare council police go on rampage
    • House of Lords - Immigration: Detention and Deportation
    • Radio Program Teaches Students and Citizens about Protection of Children
    • Jonathan Moyo: A prophet of Violence
    • Mugabe is at war with the Zimbabwean people
  40. Batch 2 Posted 5/11/09
    • SADC urged to deploy Zim mission
    • 'Troika must press Mugabe to end abuses'
    • South Africa's Zuma Brought Into Regional Talks on Zimbabwe Political Crisis
    • 'CIO wants me silenced at KP summit'
    • Mugabe's heavy tactics to stay in gem market
    • Suspend Zimbabwe now, says diamond group
    • Diamond Trade Finds Regulatory Loophole in Mozambique
    • REPORT: Zimbabwe - Way forward
    • Zanu (PF) misinforms villagers
    • Bloodbath on the ZSE .. as market finally succumbs to political pressure
    • Hundreds of vehicles impounded
    • Diamonds belong to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Petina Gappah makes Guardian shortlist
    • The need for honest opinions and transparency
    • Elections will never be stolen again
    • From inclusive to parallel government
    • SADC now part of the problem
    • Zim: mellow days and heady nights
  41. Posted 5/11/09
    • Party delegations head to Maputo for SADC Troika summit
    • Calls for African observers to monitor violence in Zimbabwe
    • MDC Expecting SADC To Do The "Right Thing"
    • Zim diamond ban 'unlikely' as gov argues lack of evidence
    • 24 HOURS LEFT TO ACT: Ban Zimbabwe Blood Diamonds – AVAAZ Petition
    • Zimbabwe to escape censure over abuses in diamond mines
    • Report: Suspend Zimbabwe over diamond smuggling
    • Zimbabwe Delegation to Kimberly Meeting in Namibia Said to Threaten NGOs
    • Zimbabwean civil leaders call for action as ZANU-PF goes on rampage
    • Zim 'abductors' flee
    • Zim has no money for food production
    • Food Distribution Contested in Eastern Zimbabwe Province by ZANU-PF Militants
    • Warthog grounds Air Zimbabwe flight
    • Zimbabwe Banks Try to Rebuild Trust
    • Donors uneasy about Mugabe's threat
    • Cost of living rise in Zimbabwe - CCZ
    • How your internet knowledge can help African radio
    • Reporters Without Borders Press release
    • Luke Tembani’s property sold
    • Canonizing Thugs or Playing Golf?
    • Mugabe cannot sustain the attack for very much longer
    • Zimbabwe: weekly bulletin #5 - week ending 3 November 2009
    • Bill Watch 37 of 4th November 2009 [This Week inParliament]
  42. Posted 4/11/09
    • Tsvangirai may press for a full 15-member SADC summit
    • I got assurances from Kabila: Tsvangirai
    • Khama to miss another summit on Zim
    • Civil Society excluded from SADC ministerial consultations
    • Rights lawyer arrested in connection with Bennett's case
    • Mines Minister Mpofu threatens NGOs over blood diamond reports
    • MDC boycotts Cabinet for third week
    • Quarter of Zimbabwe's rhinos killed by poachers
    • Simon Mann: a brief history of the murky affair of the last dog of war
    • Summits on Zimbabwe are a waste of time
    • Bill Watch 36 of 3rd November 2009 [GPA reviewreferred to SADC ORGAN Troika Summit]
  43. Batch 2 Posted 3/11/09
    • Mugabe keeps Kabila waiting in hotel
    • Man who disappeared surfaces in court
    • Simon Mann pardoned over role in Equatorial Guinea coup plot
    • Kimberly Process Officials Meet Under Pressure to Ban Zimbabwe Diamond Sales
    • Army brutality exposed
    • Abuse scandal exposes Murambatsvina
    • Chinamasa says UN official over-reacted
    • Mujuru camp backs Mutinhiri VP candidature
    • Magistrate suspended over bribery charges
    • ROHR confront SADC
    • Zimbabwe: House of Lords Debate
    • SADC must push Mugabe harder: Analysts
    • Zim Unity govt: Demanding the impossible
    • Bangladesh humiliate Zimbabwe to seal series win
  44. Posted 3/11/09
    • Kabila, Mugabe discuss Harare deadlock
    • Regional summit set for Thursday
    • Abducted MDC party worker allegedly tortured in Zimbabwe
    • 6 farm workers arrested as violence escalates on invaded farm
    • Mahlangu acquitted of cell phone theft
    • Zanu PF Threatens To Interfere In Relief Food Distribution
    • Abuses imperil Zimbabwe's diamond trade
    • Soldiers arrested over stolen weapons
    • Far From the City's Money, Villagers Barter Again
    • Hot Seat interview: Botswana foreign Minister Phandu Skelemani
    • SA opposition: Humanitarian 'meltdown' proof that Mugabe must go
    • Declaration by Friends of Zimbabwe group
  45. Posted 2/11/09
    • Soldiers arrested over stolen AK 47s
    • 236 arrested, 12 soldiers tortured to death in CIO search for weapons
    • ACTION ALERT: Continuing violence, property destruction and animal cruelty on Friedewal Farm
    • Kabila In Zimbabwe
    • Charity group blasts proposed UK deportation of Zimbabweans
    • Diamond sales ban mooted for Zimbabwe
    • Botswana caught in Zim blood diamonds crossfire
    • Police: Zimbabwe man kills 3 children with ax
    • Zimbabwe is gateway for China's colonization of Africa
    • Zim faces hunger, farmers unable to plant
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 31st October 2009
    • Mugabe renders United Nations useless
    • Zimbabwe remains sick man of the region
    • We are not a violent party
    • Bob Marley’s Song – Zimbabwe’s history repeating itself
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 675- Dated 1 November 2009
    • Bill Watch Special of 30th October 2009 [ParliamentaryCommittee Meetings 2nd to 5th November]
    • Constitution Watch 12 of 31st October 2009 [FurtherDelays in Constitution-Making Process]
    • Zimbabwe clinch Cosafa title
  46. Posted 1/11/09
    • Mugabe in Major GNU Climb Down
    • 5 shot as Dispute Over Farm Turns Bloody
    • Thugs Raid Minister's Home
    • Harare Residents Shocked by 'astronomical' Zesa Bills Electricity Bills
    • Bulawayo Budget Approved After 10 Months
    • NewsDay Launch Very Soon, Says Ncube
    • Violence Intensifies After MDC-T pull out
    • Sunday Special: Zimsec fiasco: exam dates out
    • Harare Races Against Time as Cholera Resurfaces
    • Epworth Ladies Show Positive Stamina
    • 'Medical services still out of reach'
    • Gold Output on the Rise
    • Seek Alternative Funding, Zim Told
    • Sunday View: An Open Letter to Professor Jonathan Moyo
    • Alex Magaisa: GPA crisis: Will they really walk alone?
    • Comment: Harare Must be Hiding Something
    • Sunday Opinion: Can Apples be Reaped From a Thorn Tree?
    • Zimbabwe PM 'dishonest': Mugabe
    • Mugabe takes sharp dig at Tsvangirai
    • We will solve our own problems – Mugabe
    • “Zimbabwe’s Blood Diamonds” – transcript
    • The Wheels fell off
    • Here’s to happy life years

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