The ZIMBABWE Situation

February 2010 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 28/2/10
    • GNU cracks widen
    • Tsvangirai snubs Mugabe’s lavish birthday feast
    • Govt wants stiffer empowerment laws
    • Tsvangirai back at work
    • Harare councillors feel the heat
    • Eviction for ‘Zimcopter inventor’
    • Paralysed ex-convict relives prison ordeal
    • Sanctions not hurting economy, says US envoy
    • War veterans’ squabbles escalate
    • JOC hounds unionist into hiding over exposé
    • Govt debt cripples Bulawayo council
    • Face of a humanitarian crisis here
    • Unions seek to bring HIV matters to boardrooms
    • Alarming results from infection study
    • PMTCT records success but child infection remains high
    • Empowerment law threatens major SA investment
    • Strange twist to Telecel fraud scandal
    • Succession plan for black family business: Myth or reality
    • ICT Bill to be resuscitated
    • Cash boost for Zim tourism sector
    • Sunday View: Failure to pay workers worsened by bloated civil service
    • Alex Magaisa: Using politics of labelling to undermine opponents
    • Comment: Time to demonstrate leadership
    • Sunday Opinion: Why an International Women’s Day?
  2. Posted 28/2/10
    • Hands off our diamonds, platinum, Mugabe warns Western investors
    • Mugabe defends sale of foreign firms to locals
    • No IMF loans until arrears are cleared: US
    • Harare to punish foreign firms over shares
    • Police besiege union’s offices
    • Senate delays enactment of RBZ bill
    • Statement on Political Violence in Epworth
    • President Mugabe Says Government Too Broke To Raise Wages
    • Zimbabwe Mines Minister Obeys Supreme Court, Hands Over Diamonds
    • Prices of Basic Goods Surge 20.5 Percent in Zimbabwe - Consumer Council
    • Corrupt officials selling ARV drugs in Mbare’s black market
    • Zimbabwe: Trade Union Leader Arrested
    • Govt loses 30% revenue to evasion
    • Implats chief to head Zimplats
    • Three decades of murder and misrule
    • Can an early election thwart Zimbabwe's Mugabe?
    • No go areas
    • Zimbabwe earns its stripes
    • Zimbabweans begin tour with tense win
  3. Posted 27/2/10
    • Mugabe to celebrate 86th birthday with televised £325,000 lobster feast
    • Zimbabwe presses on with local ownership law: minister
    • Gono, Mugabe clash on indigenisation act
    • ZANU PF attempts to block millions of exiles from voting
    • Diamond industry lashes out at KP over Zim blood diamonds
    • Circumcision: Zimbabwe's latest anti-HIV weapon
    • Zimbabwe’s national flower faces extinction
    • Mugabe's CIO recruits illegal vendors as informers
    • U.S. official discusses Zim engagement with multi-lateral lenders
    • U.S. Embassy honors five Zimbabwean students for essay on President Obama
    • Bennett’s defence objects to ‘microwave testimony’
    • Mount Pleasant Public Outreach Newsletter:
    • Children that slip across borders
    • HOT SEAT: Interview with Mayor of Harare Much Musunda
    • Zim's not-so-free press
    • Helping Zimbabwe
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Zimbabwe turns on PR spin, but same old crooks run show
  4. Batch 2 Posted 26/2/10
    • SA court ruling deals blow to Mugabe land seizures
    • Govt uses 65 percent revenue on wages: Biti
    • MDC calls for arrest of Zanu-PF marchers
    • State wants to call another IT expert
    • Zanu-PF ministers accused of 'looting'
    • Prisons crippled
    • Mugabe sucked into diamond saga
    • Factionalism-hit Zanu PF mulls elders council
    • Parly contempt threat for NetOne chairman
    • Zanu PF wants retention of old executive order
    • ‘Expert witness’ in Bennett case merely a general hand
    • Park and proceed mantra misguided — Chamisa
    • ‘Arrest of political violence perpetrators a matter of time’
    • ZimInd Publishers appoints new editors
    • GNU deserves a four out of 10 mark –– analysts
    • Price increases need to be explained –– analysts
    • Govt seeks US$135m to ease power cuts
    • Techno savvy gulf ‘divides’ Cabinet
    • Arda estates coming out of the woods
    • Gold payment: RBZ’s default continues
    • The inclusive govt and politics of the belly
    • Muckraker: Silence finally golden for Gono
    • Eric Bloch: State-driven destruction rages on
    • Can the MDC-T be trusted?
    • The Madhuku, NCA prophecy that came true
    • Candid Comment: Mugabe has left corruption to thrive
    • Comment: Constitution-making now a tangled web
    • Editor's Memo: Hate-slogans cannot win the day anymore
    • African past injustices ignored by courts
    • Feature: Zimbabweans say not ready for elections
  5. Posted 26/2/10
    • State accused of seeking to persecute Bennett
    • Zimbabwe finance min says West ready to cancel debt
    • Court favours Zim farmers
    • Ruling on ‘unlawful’ land reform to be enforced in SA
    • ZANU PF sanctions demo youths were ‘drugged’
    • Zuma to plead with UK government to remove targeted sanctions
    • Zanu PF's Politburo Endorses The Controversial Indigenisation Law
    • Blood Diamonds Being Certified as Conflict-Free - Industry Leaders Speak Out
    • Parliamentary audit unearths 10,000 govt ghost workers in Zimbabwe
    • Power wrangle likely ahead of new ZUJ polls
    • Mudenge seeks to evict war vets from farm
    • Zimbabwe seeks $3m from Zambia in maize debt row
    • ZANU-PF blackmailing Nigerian, Chinese businesses
    • Ex-CFU chief, wife found dead at home
    • Highfield Update
    • It’s the EU not the MDC, Stupid!
    • Residents convene a public meeting
  6. Batch 2 Posted 25/2/10
    • Zim indigenisation law comes into force Monday
    • New Zim constitution by Feb 2011
    • Zimbabweans not ready for elections yet
    • Bennett’s defence unmasks state witness
    • ‘78 percent ZITF exhibition space taken up’
    • SA court dismisses villagers’ land claim
    • Zim farmers turn to SA court for help
    • Zimbabwean union leader in hiding after police raid
    • Representatives of Striking Zimbabwe State Workers Charge Intimidation
    • Zanu-PF gives PM sanctions ultimatum
    • Suspended Zapu members await hearing
    • Racist ZRP’s ban lives on
    • Zim, Bots meet over water resources management
    • Nigerians takes AAG to court
    • Kahiya to be named NewsDay editor
    • Zimbabwe's Willowvale Motor Said to Risk Closure Over US$3.4 Million Debt
    • U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Charles Ray, on Agricultural Development in Zimbabwe
    • Casualties of the constitutional reform process
    • Bridging the knowledge divide: People and power
  7. Posted 25/2/10
    • Mugabe militia set up torture camps: Group
    • Mugabe’s Divided Party Gears For Election
    • Mugabe’s party rallies against US sanctions
    • ZANU PF youth protest against sanctions & ‘pirate’ radio
    • Zanu PF youths detain freelance journalist
    • Manyere Freed
    • Court blocks fake emails in MDC official’s case
    • Bennett trial: State "expert" exposed
    • Zimbabwe's Bennett lawyers dispute e-mail evidence
    • Controversial board chairs Zim diamond fields
    • ZCTU calls for probe into diamond field
    • Russia pulls out of blood diamond deal
    • Zimbabwe's new constitution delayed until 2011
    • Zanu-PF officials booed by supporters
    • Seed Co International Sues Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to Recover US$3.6 million Debt
    • Police accused of beating suspect to death
    • Air Zimbabwe to retrench hundreds
    • Air Zimbabwe grounds Chinese planes over non payment
    • Zuma will ask UK to lift Zimbabwe sanctions
    • ZimRights activist gets death threats
    • Dry spell cuts 11 pct of Zimbabwe maize crop
    • Support grows for complete overhaul of POSA
    • Bots, Zim make peace
    • Informal Cross-Border Traders Reduce Poverty, But Face Major Risks in Southern Africa
    • Blackouts Widen in Zimbabwe With Breakdown of Hwange Power Plant
    • First steps taken to restore working relationship with the IMF
    • Harare voters demand fixed election dates
    • Mines Minister splashes US$40 000 on gardening equipment
    • Zimbabwe novelist finds a safe haven in Miami
    • PEACE WATCH 2/2010 of 24th February [Police Powers under POSA when Public Gatherings Take Place]
  8. Posted 24/2/10
    • ZANU PF supporters disrupt MDC rally in Epworth
    • Zanu-PF, MDC trade accusations of violence
    • Civil service strike losing steam
    • Rights group seeks Marange diamonds ban
    • Government criticised for failing media reform
    • Hwange power plant seen operating end-March
    • Military group attacks Police in arrest case
    • Zimbabwe Black Ownership Law Should Be Changed, Minister Says
    • Beware ZANU PF tricks in constitution making- MP
    • Witness’ pleas to be excused draw laughter
    • Zimbabwe set sights on return to Tests
    • ZESA-The fall of a giant destroyed by Zanu pf
    • HOT SEAT: PART 2 - Heated debate on Indigenisation Regulations
    • CHRA makes its submissions to Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government
    • Bill Watch Special of 22nd February 2010 [Parliamentary CommitteeMeetings 22nd - 26th February]
  9. Batch 2 Posted 23/2/10
    • Zimbabwe Striking Civil Servants Demanding Diamond
    • UN chief faces row over Zimbabwean cholera deaths
    • Zim's democracy 'insufficient': EU ministers
    • Parly defers diamond firm’s hearing
    • Bennett’s trial postponed to today
    • Judgement By Candlelight
    • Zimbabwe - Multi-currency system has legs
    • Vicious ZANU-PF attack on MDC continues in Epworth – government responds
    • ZUJ Elections To Be Monitored
    • Wide support for POSA amendments
    • Sanctions were caused by ZANU PF – Dabengwa
    • Zimbabwe's white farmers struggle to build city lives
    • Bulawayo group wins Oscar nomination
    • Mugabe's U.N. Helpers
    • Bill Watch 6/2010 of 22nd February 2010 [Commentary on Indigenisation Regulations]
  10. Posted 23/2/10
    • China throws birthday bash for Zimbabwe's Mugabe
    • China warns Zimbabwe: We are not ’friends!’
    • Zuma says sanctions hurting efforts for free and fair poll in Zimbabwe
    • Bennett says Russians & ZANU PF chefs mining diamonds on his farm
    • Zimbabweans Bid to Amend Security Law
    • Mangwana says elections in 2012
    • AG says MDC members threatening him
    • Striking civil servants resort to sit-ins
    • Vicious ZANU-PF attack on MDC rally in Epworth
    • Measles in nearly half of country's districts
    • Flower to take Zimbabwe role
  11. Posted 22/2/10
    • Robert Mugabe, the world’s oldest head of state, shows his age at 86
    • Top Tsvangirai ally back in court
    • Hwange Thermal suffers complete generation failure
    • China will not lend Zimbabwe any more cash, minister says
    • Sanctions hurt Zuma plan for Zim
    • Broke RBZ fails to pay US$7 million
    • Mugabe celebrates 86th birthday
    • Another year older...but none the wiser
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: Mugabe Birthday Protest – 20th February 2010
    • Funeral insurance
    • A coup in Zimbabwe? Never!
    • So who is best African president, so far?
    • Mugabe and reconciliation: The genesis and meaning of `We Are All Zimbabweans Now'
  12. Batch 2 Posted 21/2/10
    • In 86th birthday broadcast, Mugabe defends business take overs
    • ZMC gazetting ‘welcome relief’ but fears abound
    • Mugabe ignores PM’s directive
    • Lavish birthday bash planned for Mugabe
    • Borrowdale residents query Chinese construction project
    • Residents want POSA repealed
    • Commission probes Chitungwiza graft
    • Mugabe avoids ‘Ark’ Professor
    • Living next door to son’s killers
    • Senators lament ‘unclear’ role
    • Zapu says spurned leaders must return
    • PM scoffs at ‘parallel govt’ accusation
    • Broken hearts, HIV and compassion as Big House, Small house premiers
    • DAPP empowers Guruve villagers
    • Employers want changes to leave days, probation
    • Chamisa blasts Zimra over duty
    • Zim in bid to raise US$50 million from Diaspora
    • Alex Magaisa: Sanctions: Beware of Zanu PF’s crocodile tears
    • Sunday View: Patronage is no substitute for a good work ethic
    • Comment: Birthday celebrations mistimed, inappropriate inappropriate
    • Sunday Opinion: Planning ahead crucial for grain imports
    • A mysterious arms dealer lands Illinois golf course in legal "twilight zone"
  13. Posted 21/2/10
    • Zimbabwe given back IMF voting rights after seven years
    • Zimbabwe power cuts worsen after plant shutdown
    • 5 000 families evicted from farms
    • Zimplats project uncertain over indigenisation
    • Zim, Botswana to meet over diplomatic spat
    • ZESN seeks vote for prisoners
    • Zimbabwe's Police Forced To Join Civil Servants Strike
    • I Will Not Give Up - Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Process Stalls Again, This Time Over Role of Donors
    • Zim tops African media exiles list
    • Ghana’s Black Stars to camp in Zim
    • Alan Butcher to coach Zimbabwe national cricket team
    • Ten Years And Counting In Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe legacy: Rot, ruin
  14. Posted 20/2/10
    • Angry civil servants vow to intensify strike action
    • Zanu-PF forcing civil servants to strike?
    • Zimbabwe Strike Continues
    • Biti says talks have reached deadlock
    • Zimbabwe Media Commission Gazetted
    • WOZA women finally released
    • Confusion as senior police officer is removed from EU sanctions list
    • Russians mining diamonds at Charleswood Estate
    • Harare residents present their grievances to parliament
    • CIO reportedly broke into Mpofu’s office
    • Zimbabwe Students Pay For Attacking Draconinal Law
    • Zim game rangers kill Zambian poacher
    • Aware Trust - Animal and Wildlife Research and Rehabilitation
    • "Small House, Big House" showing soon on TV
    • Zimbabweans a sore point in villagers' lives
    • The Affirmative Action Group (AAG) – Reaping What Others Have Sown
    • A letter from the diaspora
  15. Batch 3 Posted 19/2/10
    • Fresh trouble at Nestlé Harare plant
    • Empowerment laws can trigger chaos: ZCTU
    • Zim budgets US$28m for World Cup
    • US Congressional Delegation Meets Zimbabwe Leadership, Advances Re-Engagement
    • Zimbabwe lawmakers to visit US
    • US congressmen say Zimbabwe still unstable
    • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Said to Renege on Deal to Surrender Assets for Auction
    • Biti calls for South African intervention
    • Striking Zimbabwe Civil Servants Return to Harare Gardens to Map Way Forward
    • Zimbabwe Inflation Rising as Disinflationary Effect of Hard-Currency Move Fades
    • 93pc drop in Zimbabwe prison deaths
    • Might is not always right
    • Mugabe legacy: Ruining Africa’s jewel
    • House of justice - part 1
    • House of justice - part 2
  16. Batch 2 Posted 19/2/10
    • Open conflict over diamonds
    • High Court judge occupies Ariston estate
    • Mugabe yields to pressure over security council
    • Diamond miner wants top cop probed
    • Commission to probe corruption in MDC-T
    • ZNA discharges acquitted soldiers
    • Power crisis grips Zimbabwe
    • Byo faces stiffer water rationing
    • 21st February: More of pampering than charity
    • Mutambara way off the mark
    • Zim not yet ready for elections –– analysts
    • Year-on-year inflation rises –– CSO
    • Shabanie Mine on the verge of collapse
    • Biti ‘confident’ voting rights will be restored
    • Depositors still sceptical of banking sector
    • ‘Indeginisation rules create system of patronage’
    • It’s politics not the market. Stupid!
    • ‘Red tape stifling investment’
    • The good times roll again for tobacco farmers
    • Indigenisation law short-sighted, destructive
    • Muckraker: Apologists and their disgraceful excuses
    • Eric Bloch: Death sentence for economy
    • Moyo objective only when bitter
    • Candid Comment: Mugabe determined to sink with Zanu PF
    • Comment: Diamond saga reeks of sleaze
    • Editor's memo: Indigenisation discourse needs to be broadened
  17. Posted 19/2/10
    • Court orders government to stop mining in Chiadzwa
    • Is Savior Kasukuwere being forced to back-down from his indigenisation regulations?
    • Government’s mixed messages over status of indigenisation regulation
    • TAKE ACTION: WOZA women still in custody today
    • Masvingo Teachers Forced To Join Strike At Gun Point
    • Zimbabwe annual inflation at -4.8 pct y/y in Jan
    • CRD Finds Secret Diamond Mining at Charleswood Estate
    • Pressure mounts on Mugabe to fully implement GPA
    • Letter to the Law Society of Zimbabwe from Ben Freeth of Mount Carmel Farm, Chegutu
    • Zimbabwe displays 'Ark of Covenant replica'
    • Bring on the polls
    • Zimbabwe a plum posting for envoys
  18. Batch 2 Posted 18/2/10
    • Zimbabwe's Controversial Indigenisation Regulations Dropped
    • Mugabe says West against development
    • 'Toll gate fees diverted without authorisation'
    • Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union Charges Judicial Conflicts of Interest
    • Zimbabwe Military Chiadzwa diamond fields invasion resumes
    • Zimbabwean Prime Minister Tsvangirai in South Africa for Surgical Procedure
    • We had no need for land - resettled Zimbabwe peasants confess
    • Zimbabwean Black Empowerment Group Vows to Enforce Indigenization Rules
    • Livestock easy target for cross-border smugglers
    • INTERVIEW: ‘Zimbabwe needs foreign investors’
    • Mugabe Birthday Demonstration
    • A Zimbabwean tollgate?
  19. Posted 18/2/10
    • Mugabe threatens to defy diamond trade standards
    • Robert Mugabe responds to more sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe
    • Arrests in Mutare - urgent action required
    • Zimbabwe agrees to Kimberley Process monitor for Chiadzwa diamonds
    • Minister urges dialogue on empowerment laws
    • ‘Harare to get water once every three days’
    • Mugabe defends local takeover of Zimbabwean firms
    • Cost of living up by 10%
    • National healing elusive, as torture bases re-emerge
    • Cholera kills 9 in Zimbabwe
    • Tollgates net US$7m in 4 months
    • Obama dispatches US politicians to Harare
    • Journo wrongfully arrested in Zim
    • Mugabe finally appoints five MDC ambassadors
    • Drug dealers on Zim diamond boards: MP
    • EU is insincere: ZANU PF
    • Demystifying 'Sanctions'
    • UNHCR's help for displaced Zimbabweans produces tangible results
    • Chiyangwa named in Zimbabwe Tourism Authority US$33 000 debt
    • Leaders of Striking Zimbabwean Civil Servants Take Bearings in Harare Meeting
    • Oh, please shut up AGO, you embarrass Welsh
    • When the Birthday Boy Is a Ruthless Dictator
    • The perfect cop out
    • Zimbabwe's Controversial Land Reform Program Started 10 Years Ago
    • News Analysis: Zimbabwe faces daunting task of luring investors
    • A Tribute to Mike Mason by Emma Hurd from Sky News............
    • Zimbabwe Weekly Update – Number 6
    • PEACE WATCH 1/2010 of 17th February [POSA Requirements for PubicGatherings]
  20. Posted 17/2/10
    • GPA talks doomed because of widening differences
    • European Union extends targeted sanctions on Zimbabwe - with names of those delisted
    • Mugabe's party 'not worried' by renewed EU sanctions
    • Indigenisation bill threatens investment conference
    • AAG vows to force foreign firms to comply
    • Zimbabwe Pressure Group Plans Xenophobic Attacks
    • Investors evicted from hotel parking by armed police
    • Divided loyalties stall regional economic integration
    • MDC official remains locked up in Bindura
    • Zimbabwe's tobacco sales marked by higher production
    • Plans for all-night Robert Mugabe birthday party 'are insensitive'
    • Zimbabwe cancels British diamond miner's licence
    • Prison Officer missing after trial
    • Civil Servants protest rallies suspended
    • Congressional delegation visits Zimbabwe
    • Speaker Moyo lashes out at The Herald
    • UNICEF stops water chemical supplies to urban councils
    • Zimbabwe's RTG plans to double room capacity
    • Do white Africans exist?
    • HOT SEAT: Indigenisation debate
    • Big mouthed Chiyangwa seals Mugabe’s targeted sanctions fate
    • Portfolio Committee to conduct a public hearing on service delivery
    • Bill Watch 15 Feb 2010 - Legislative Reform Series 1/2010 [POSA Amendment Bill]
  21. Batch 2 Posted 16/2/10
    • 16 judges benefit from Mugabe land grab
    • EU sanctions on Mugabe and allies to stay
    • ANC says Zim coalition marked by confrontation
    • Tsvangirai Says Zimbabwe Food Situation Critical
    • Representatives of Zimbabwean Civil Servants Charge Intimidation Over Strike
    • Serious infighting between Clerk and speaker of parliament in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean Ministers Urge Exiled Businessmen to Return Home
    • Chinese bring Zimbabwe's black and white together
    • Zuma can’t ignore what is happening in Zimbabwe
    • Highest paid Zimbabwean University lecturer earns less than US$300
    • Limpopo looks to Zimbabwe to ease teacher shortage
    • Delegates troop in for tourism conference
    • SA moots new land policy
    • Harare Loses Its Shine
    • In Zimbabwe, morning chores mean good news
    • My experience as a lone parent on asylum
    • Conservation strategy to save Africa's big cats teaches old dogs new tricks
  22. Posted 16/2/10
    • No progress in GPA talks: Ncube
    • ZANU PF accused of politicising civil servants strike
    • Civil servants vow to continue with strike
    • EU to endorse decision to extend targeted sanctions by another year
    • MDC’s Gwezere tell of torture at hands of ‘drunk’ security agents
    • WOZA ‘Valentine’ protests attracts hundreds
    • Mujuru, Nkomo blocked Moyo politburo bid
    • Zanu PF Clash Over Mine And Mugabe Birthday Bash
    • Measles continues to spread in Zimbabwe
    • Cholera resurfaces
    • State universities near collapse
    • More Dark Days For Zimbabwe
    • Urgent report from Chipinge farmer
    • SA diamond chief earmarked for Marange job
    • Bank says Zim will miss most MDGs
    • Deepening poverty grips golden town
    • African ministers arrive in Zimbabwe for tourism conference
    • U.S scholarships for Zimbabwe students now fair
    • Signs of hope in Zimbabwe
    • A WOZA perspective on the state of democracy in Zimbabwe
    • Download the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act and Statutory Instrument 21 of 2010
  23. Posted 15/2/10
    • SA team says Zim parties still negotiating
    • Group says unity govt is a ‘sham’
    • Zimbabwe’s biggest investment forum opens
    • Zim’s Econet in Haiti aid campaign
    • Zanu-PF youths said to hijack teachers’ strike
    • War Vets Dig Up Great Zimbabwe Ruins
    • Lavish birthday bash planned for Mugabe
    • NCA to fight on despite local media blackout- Madhuku
    • Guruve prison inmates hired out to Zanu pf officials
    • Brain drain bites, academics strike
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 13th February 2010
    • The Voice for Democracy’s message
    • Cry for Zimbabwe: a great country in ruin
    • Zim inclusive government problems mount but there is no alternative to it
    • Bill Watch Special of 14th February 2010 [Public Hearings on POSAAmendment Bill and Local Authority Service Delivery]
    • Bill Watch Special of 14th February [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 15th - 19th February]
  24. Batch 2 Posted 14/2/10
    • MDC-T alleges hidden hand in civil servants’ strike
    • Civil society groups slam ‘unproductive marriage’
    • Zanu PF chef rebuked for blaming land chaos on white farmers
    • Outrage over arrests of The Zimbabwean staff
    • Women take campaign to cyberspace
    • Mtshabezi water project takes off
    • Noczim losses raise eyebrows
    • IOM donation to minimize response time
    • Tanzania takes lessons from Zimbabwe
    • Parastatal Bosses Face Salary Cuts
    • Time Bank Seeks Gono’s Help
    • Tourism Forecast to Grow by 10%
    • EU Gives US$13 Million to Boost Zim Agriculture Lifeline
    • Failure to Fulfill Obligations Immoral, Says Insurance Boss
    • Succession Plan in Black Family Business: Myth or Reality ?
    • Sunday Opinion: Zim in transition: coping with uncertainty
    • Sunday Comment: Empowerment regulations spark off controversy
    • Sundayview: Jacob Zuma: Polygamy vs promiscuity
    • Alex Magaisa: ‘Indigenisation’ without knowledge won’t work
    • World Cup may trigger early general election in Zimbabwe
    • Gweru hospital goes for years without water
    • First Mugabe took the farms now it is white-owned firms
    • Deliberate Coincidences – the Indigenisation Act and the Ban of Food Aid
  25. Posted 14/2/10
    • Give Us Bread And Roses Too This Valentine - WOZA
    • Amnesty International: Abuse of human rights continues under unity government
    • Zimbabwe needs US$500 million for food aid – Tsvangirai
    • Mexican journalist arrested while filming Zimbabwe tourist facilities
    • Minister berates state agents over journo’s arrest
    • Zimbabwe Faces International Censure on Poaching of Endangered Species
    • Zimbabwe Security Agency Reportedly Forcing Teachers to Join State Strike
    • EU extends sanctions against Robert Mugabe and his mob
    • Swazi police officers to train in Zimbabwe
    • Jonathan Moyo Fails To Make It To Zanu PF's Politburo
    • Zimbabwe Constitution Process Nonsensical - Madhuku
    • Diamonds for the few, destruction for many
    • Park the bus
    • Deliver or quit!
  26. Posted 13/2/10
    • Fresh elections ‘only way out’ for Zimbabwe says Tsvangirai
    • Zim govt. bans food aid
    • Indigenisation Minister says new regulation will not be reversed
    • Minister refuses to fire corrupt Chitungwiza council
    • Hundreds of Zimbabweans evicted in SA
    • UN refugee agency accused of ‘xenophobia’ over Zim migrants
    • NCA accuses MDC of manipulating views
    • MDC places faith in new commissions
    • Zimbabwe Villagers Refuse To Give Way To Regional Game Park
    • Who's who in the GNU
    • I was tortured by drunk security agents — Gwezere
    • Nkomo accuses Zesa, companies of pollution
    • Suspended Zapu members vow to oust Dabengwa
    • Mugabe withdraws controversial directive
    • D-Day for politburo appointments
    • Civil servants’ strike to spill into private sector –– ZCTU
    • Comment: MDC-T’s naivety will lead it up a cul de sac
    • Candid Comment: Don’t impose Kariba Draft on us
    • The voice of the people should not be silenced
    • ZANE to embark on a fundraising tour for Zimbabwean pensioners (Australia via Singapore)
    • Press Statement from Wilf Mbanga
    • Politics in Police Uniform
    • Setting the Agenda for Sustainable Peace in Zimbabwe
    • A letter from the diaspora
  27. Batch 2 Posted 12/2/10
    • South African Mediators 'Comfortable' With Zimbabwe Talks - But MDC Sees Deadlock
    • Power struggle threatens Zim reforms
    • We’ll continue to support Zimbabweans: EU
    • CITES chief says poaching a regional problem
    • Elections chief to operate from Namibia
    • Repeal of sanctions a Herculean task — analysts
    • Tsvangirai goes for fresh poll
    • Chombo, Shamu leasing farms — Mliswa
    • High country risk continues to limit credit
    • Comparative methods distorting property prices
    • Muckraker: Botswana case: Govt scores an own goal
    • Eric Bloch: Liquidity crunch hinders economy’s recovery
    • GNU birthday: Consolidate democratic culture
    • Comment: Luxury for the chefs, penury for the rest
  28. Posted 12/2/10
    • SA facilitators leave, no progress in talks
    • Zimbabwean security forces accused of poaching
    • Police officers arrested for ‘leaks to MDC’
    • The Zimbabwean newspaper staff charged with publishing falsehoods
    • Tsvangirai to assess food situation in Matabeleland and Midlands
    • MDC-T dismiss entire Chitungwiza council
    • MDC calls on GNU to reverse controversial Indigenisation Bill
    • EU gives Zimbabwe $13 million for smallholder farmers
    • Trapped panners die, others recovering
    • Mutumwa Mawere's Empire Crumbles Further
    • MDC slams abuse of judicial system to settle old scores with Botswana
    • National Park beefs up security to fight poaching
    • Sanctions debate continued
    • Reasons to be cheerful about Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe a nation with little to celebrate
    • Little to celebrate after a year
  29. Batch 2 Posted 11/2/10
    • The polarised lives of Zimbabwe's rich and poor
    • Business wants empowerment laws shelved
    • South Africa alarmed at Zimbabwe's new business policy
    • Law Society mulls Zimbabwe protest
    • Tsvangirai seeks meeting over indigenisation law
    • Two Diamond Bosses Arrested
    • Mutumwa Mawere's Empire Crumbles Further
    • Farmers seek Tribunal ruling on compensation
    • We’re not here to punish Harare: CITES chief
    • Bulawayo buildings have no toilets
    • WOZA release report on state of democracy in Zimbabwe one year after formation of GNU
    • Tell Zimbabwe Anti-Riot Police: Real Men Don’t Beat Women!
  30. Posted 11/2/10
    • Tsvangirai dismisses draconian indigenisation bill
    • Saviour Kasukuwere’s indigenisation law is racist
    • Talks adjourned to Monday
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai's MDC Demands Conclusion to Unity Negotiations
    • Zimbabwe Government Workers Strike Draws 75% Participation, Unions Say
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Charges Continued Police Harassment Under Unity Gov't
    • Army chaplain turns funeral into anti-Tsvangirai rally
    • CIO splash out US$5 million on 200 vehicles
    • Zimbabwe government appeals court ruling
    • Treaty will protect South African investors in Zimbabwe
    • Health system in 'high dependence unit': Minister
    • Industrialists urge full implementation of GPA
    • The rot started many years ago: Gubbay
    • Abuse of human rights in Zimbabwe continues under unity government
    • Zimbabweans Prefer The NCA Led Constitutional Process
    • Zanu-PF members take Mangwana to task
    • ZESA threatens to black out BCC over US$2,5m debt
    • City Watch, 09 February 2010
    • How Do You Solve a Problem Like Arrears?
    • Are Zimbabwean diamonds about to finance a Mugabe coup?
    • Zimbabwe Weekly Update – Number 5
    • Media statement - Zimbabwe Democracy Now
    • Enough!
    • Band of brothers
  31. Posted 10/2/10
    • Black Zimbabweans to take control of white-owned companies
    • White Zimbabweans not handing businesses to blacks face jail
    • Tsvangirai rubbishes new Zimbabwe indigenization law
    • Talks remain deadlocked as negotiations enter day two
    • Civil service strike gathers steam
    • Botswana rangers fined, freed
    • Cabinet team to summon state & independent editors to discuss hate speech
    • Farmers to challenge High Court dismissal of SADC land ruling
    • MDC wants fresh elections for Zimbabwe
    • South Africans arrested for stealing diamonds in Zim
    • CITES boss arrives in Zimbabwe
    • 'Faint voice' heard in mine rescue
    • Mines seized from Mawere face closure
    • Land Audit 2010 – The Politics of Entitlement and “Chegumi”
    • Fake vehicle licenses cost City
  32. Batch 2 Posted 9/2/10
    • Zim parties resume talks today
    • Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks Resume Amid Pressure from Pretoria
    • Minister: Zimbabwe can't afford demands of striking workers
    • Zimbabwe Parliamentary Committee Blasts Mining Officials Over Marange Diamond Deals
    • EU split over Mugabe sanctions
    • Parly raises concern over ZMDC operations in Chiadzwa
    • Bilateral Zimbabwe-Botswana Talks Set on Detention of Gaborone Rangers
    • Red tape stalls revival of state steelmaker
    • Commercial Farmers Union to appeal Supreme Court decision
    • Judge tells SA to pay for Mugabe sins
    • RBZ clings to Time Bank assets
    • Zimbabwe coalition turns one, but champagne kept on ice
    • British MPs impressed with villagers' productivity
    • BCC still owed thousands
  33. Posted 9/2/10
    • Civil service strike paralyses government operations
    • Striking workers lay additional demands
    • Diamonds missing after police ‘rob’ Central Bank
    • Zimbabwean mines minister in trouble over diamond mine partners
    • Mpofu In Zimbabwe Diamond Scandal
    • 2 New Chairmen to Head Key Zimbabwe Commissions
    • Civil servants strike forces postponement of Bennett trial
    • Deadly storm hits Chiweshe school killing one pupil
    • Zim miners trapped for 4 days
    • Zimbabwe Prison Officers ordered to sing national anthem at 8pm
    • Drugs, Bodies Go Bad In Hospital
    • Mining bosses on diamonds theft charges
    • HOT SEAT: Sanctions: Should they be lifted? Zimbabweans speak
    • Rio Tinto to boost Zimbabwe diamond output
    • Further Twists in the Fate of the Marange Diamonds
    • Unity govt must make Zimbabwe a respectable democracy
    • Is Mugabe preparing a coup?
    • Get still more serious
  34. Posted 8/2/10
    • Zuma team due in Harare today
    • Land seizures now SADC issue: Tribunal
    • Harare urges exiles to return home
    • Zim faces crippling strike
    • Outstanding issues block investors: Firm
    • Zimbabwe and Botswana to meet on ranger dispute
    • Masvingo Villagers Get A Hiding For Attending MDC-T Rally
    • Zimbabwe's Cholera Outbreak Was A Blessing In Disguise
    • The Addis AU Summit in two acts
    • Radio Dialogue losing patience with GNU over licence delays
    • Our vital contribution in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 6th February 2010
    • ZCTF Report - February 2010
    • Bill Watch 5/2010 of 6th February 2010 [SA Facilitation Team and President Zuma Expected in Harare]
    • Bill Watch Special of 7th February 2010 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 8th - 12th February]
    • Brussels Hosts an important conference on Zimbabwe
  35. Batch 2 Posted 7/2/10
    • GNU in Major Breakthrough
    • Minister Returns Govt Vehicles
    • Governor in Trouble over Slain MDC-T Activist
    • Shabanie Mine Shooting: Fire Destroys Case Record
    • Heavy Load Leaves Prisoner Crippled
    • 2 Million Face Starvation as Crops Fail
    • Hwedza Man Claims Zuma is his Father
    • Ziyapapa Moyo’s Family Blasts Zanu PF
    • Workers Left in a Lurch after Training Centre Changes Hands
    • Sombre Birthday for Ailing GNU
    • Donors Rescue Mpilo Hospital
    • US delegation to Review Zimbabwe Power-sharing Deal
    • ‘Investor confidence crucial for economic recovery’: WB
    • Poaching Threat to Wildlife
    • Comment: Sowing Seeds of Distrust
    • Sunday View: Military Answers to Economic Challenges
    • Sunday Opinion: New Thoughts on Political Parties’ Funding
    • Sunday Opinion: MDC-T Must not Put all its Eggs in one Basket
    • Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe pays security goons $5,000 a day
    • Zimbabwe’s Parliament is on the move
    • Private schools sprout in Zim as public system struggles
    • Maize plots now ‘fields of death’
    • New diamond rush hits south-eastern Zimbabwe
  36. Posted 7/2/10
    • Zimbabwe police "snatch consignment of diamonds from central bank"
    • Zimbabwe Mines Minister Removes Diamonds From Court-Ordered RBZ Custody
    • Tsvangirai Says Early Elections Could Solve Zimbabwe's Political Problems
    • Zimbabwe Tribunal Court Ruling Stands
    • MDC lodges complaint over harassment
    • Britain Says It Supports Restoration of Zimbabwe Voting Rights at IMF
    • Archbishop praises courage of Anglicans in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Journos Chased Away From Constitutional Meeting
    • UK-based Zimbos have their say
    • Lack of migration data hampering cooperation, integration in Southern Africa
    • The ‘warlord’ at police HQ
    • All Parties Responsible For Removing Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • Statement by Chairman of Radio Dialogue Trust
    • So what's changed?
  37. Posted 6/2/10
    • Zimbabwe government workers strike for higher pay
    • Botswana recalls diplomats from Zimbabwe
    • Farmer accused of contempt over shock land ruling
    • Zimbabwe mines group proposes 10 pct local ownership
    • Government to pay millions of rands in damages to SA farmer
    • MDC activist ‘was murdered by police’
    • ZINASU students arrested at Harare Polytechnic
    • Country to host Iran helicopter centre
    • Gutu magistrate cleared of corruption
    • Donor aid enables mismanagement of Marange diamonds
    • Zimbabwe Open to rejoin South Africa golf tour
    • A letter from the diaspora
  38. Batch 3 Posted 5/2/10
    • Biti says MDC ready for election
    • No outreach without police backing: Reforms body
    • GNU fails to stop worker abuse: ZCTU
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Urges Unity of Purpose in Reducing Foreign Debt
    • CITES boss’ planned conservancy visit angers Harare
    • Cop charged with murder 3 years on
    • MDC official removed from remand
    • Zimbabwe Authorities Cooperate With Rwandans Seeking Genocide Suspect
    • One Year On Zimbabwe's Unity Government Being Derailed By Western Sanctions Issue
    • AG’s behaviour symptomatic of ZANU PF
    • 10 000 Zanu-PF youth officers on government payroll
  39. Batch 2 Posted 5/2/10
    • Debt Trap Proposal Divides Govt
    • Tsvangirai Rejects Mugabe Directive
    • Jockeying for Politburo Posts Reaches Fever Pitch
    • MDC Transport Manager Finally Set Free
    • Govt Fights Against Chiadzwa ‘blood diamonds’ Tag
    • Copac Lodges Complaint Against ‘biased’ State Media
    • ‘We need a sustainable telecoms policy’
    • Poor Country Status: the Pros and Cons
    • Zim Faces Maize Deficit Again, Despite Govt Claims
    • GNU Discord will Prolong Sanctions –– Analysts
    • US$500 000 Fraud Hits FBC Bank
    • New RBZ Bank Policy a Drop in the Ocean — Analysts
    • Will they Ever Pay Up their Debts?
    • Industry Must Innovate to Survive –– CZI
    • The Good, Bad, and Ugly of January
    • Dollarisation Limits the Moving Tide
    • Erich Bloch: Give Bonds Prescribed Asset status
    • Muckraker: Food Security is the Greater Good
    • Land: Zanu PF Tool in Suppressing Dissent
    • Women have Right to Demand Equal Representation
    • Comment: Sinister Wind Blows from Addis Ababa
    • Candid Comment: GNU: Things Aren’t Looking Good
    • Editor's Memo: Reform Agenda Stalled
  40. Posted 5/2/10
    • ZANU PF tables motion to debate sanctions issue in parliament
    • Rusape family under siege by violent land invaders
    • Student beaten after arrest of 11 on UZ campus
    • Kunonga thugs attempt to evict priest and his pregnant wife
    • British delegation to Zimbabwe sees ’signs of positive growth’
    • Zimbabwean Police apologize for arresting WOZA members
    • Election fever hots up ahead of fresh ZUJ poll
    • Cautious optimism on Zimbabwe request: IMF director
    • Zimbabwe Prepares for Food Shortage
    • Latest Food Price Hikes Absurd
    • Zanu PF faction behind ACR office attack
    • Zanu-PF, MDC disagree about compensating white farmers
    • The making of "Mugabe and the White African"
  41. Batch 2 Posted 4/2/10
    • Sanctions motion raises commotion in Parly
    • Fresh power struggle rocks Zim coalition
    • Tomana fumes at Bennett lawyer
    • Zimbabwe’s Attorney General gives prosecutors powers to overrule Magistrates
    • Union wants SADC court protection
    • Harare begins crop assessment
    • Police Arrest 10 Students for Holding Meeting at the University of Zimbabwe
    • Ministry calls for officers release
    • Illegal immigrant left stateless as passport seized
    • ZBC top managers buy top range vehicles at the expense of workers’ salaries
    • Cricket rebels return to the fold
    • The Corrupt Role of NGOs, Donors and Civil Society in the Zimbabwean Crisis
  42. Posted 4/2/10
    • Judge allows email evidence against Bennett
    • Court ordered diamond transfer halted by armed robbers
    • Dark clouds hover over constitution-making process
    • Election whistleblower living in fear after death threats
    • Zimbabwe says needs maize urgently after dry spell
    • IMF to decide on Zimbabwe's voting rights
    • AU picks Zimbabwe for Peace and Security Council
    • Power Cuts Affect O-Level Results Processing - Zimsec
    • Children Of Top Zanu PF officials Gobble 86m Rands In Fees
    • Top Genocide suspect finds sanctuary in Zimbabwe
    • HOT SEAT: Interview German Ambassador Albrecht Conze
    • Zim Assoc to the rescue of despairing exiles in UK
    • Preparing for a mobile phone uprising in Africa
    • Optimistic outlook
    • Zimbabwe Weekly Update
    • Lamentations of Robert Gabriel
    • USAP invites disadvantaged Zim students for 2010-11
  43. Batch 2 Posted 3/2/10
    • Armed robbers disrupt diamonds transportation
    • Zim white farmers granted bail
    • Civil service strike looms as wage talks collapse
    • World Bank concerned about delays in Harare talks
    • Zimbabwe coalition partner denounces Mugabe's party
    • British MPs visit Zimbabwe
    • Britain Rejects Pressure From Former Zimbabwe Ruling Party to Lift EU Sanctions
    • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Defaults on Redemption of Bonds Issued to Gold Firms
    • Zimbabwe Parliament Weighs Amendments to Draconian Public Order and Security Act
    • Food Security Experts Paint Grim Picture of Developing Situation in Zimbabwe
    • 11 killed in multiple collision
    • African Leaders Dissolve Nepad as Addis Meeting Closes
    • Chaibva Defects To Zanu PF
    • Zimbabwe’s most powerful lawyer speaks on RBZ feat
    • Mugabe's Vengeful Eviction of Black Nationalist Farmers
    • Healing Hearts, Raising Spirits in Zimbabwe
    • Land Audit 2010 – What Happened to the US$ 2.5 billion handed to “New Farmers”?
  44. Posted 3/2/10
    • Mugabe Strips Tsvangirai Of Powers
    • Army involvement feared in land grab
    • Magistrate who ordered Zim farmer off wants farm for himself
    • Zim soldiers are going to throw us out
    • WOZA and MDC activists arrested over constitution discussions
    • Anglicans in protest prayer against police
    • POSA amendment Bill goes through first reading in Parliament
    • ‘Proposed Posa changes will weaken police’
    • Grace Mugabe aims to process her ‘blood milk’
    • No respite for detained Botswana officers in Zim
    • CIOs demand Karoi mourners to ‘produce’ MDC activist Shepherd Yuda
    • ‘Fulfil unity govt pact, sanctions will go’
    • Harare, KP clash over monitor
    • Mining giant hails Zim operating environment
    • RBZ owes Zimplats US$34 million
    • Zimbabwe Detainees Going Hungry
    • Chiadzwa diamond mining company in trouble with Zimbabwe MPs
    • Rio says Zimbabwe local mine ownership a threat
    • ZISCO needs up to US$1 billion
    • Zim farmers warn of huge grain deficit
    • Hunger threatens Zimbabwe
    • Criminals Wreak Havoc At Border
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Committee to Announce Outreach Launch Date Soon
    • NCA Draft Constitution now included in Sokwanele’s online constitution resource
    • South African government steps in to help displaced Zimbabweans
    • Over 28% students drop out of Zim university
    • A Personal Response to Zimbabwe Critics
    • ‘Music by Prudence’ nominated for an Oscar!
  45. Posted 2/2/10
    • Secret airstrip built at Zimbabwe diamond field
    • No one monitoring airlifting of Chiadzwa diamonds
    • Zimbabwe Attorney General admits abuse of section 121
    • Zanu PF’s dirty tactics in Zimbabwe’s constitution making process
    • Magistrate’s conflict of interest exposed in land case
    • Constitutional process suffering from partisan media coverage
    • Zimbabwe Prison Boss blocks land audit
    • Zimbabwe gov’t, workers in crunch talks to avert strike
    • Battle for Chiadzwa continues
    • Soldier jailed 35 years for arms theft
    • Zimbabwe's farmers warn of huge grain deficit
    • On anniversary of power-sharing, Britain firm on Zimbabwe sanctions
    • CFU Press Statement
    • Embattled cleric denies supporting gays
    • Rampant poaching in Nyanga
    • Chaos at Zanu PF victory celebrations
    • Request
    • Bill Watch Special of 1st Febraury 2010[Parliamentary Committee Meetings for 1st - 5th February]
  46. Batch 2 Posted 1/2/10
    • Zim white farmers to appeal to Supreme Court
    • Harare bishop seeks divine intervention
    • ZRP failing to feed suspects
    • AU elects leader of Malawi as new chairman
    • White rebel cricketers called to Zimbabwe squad
    • Copac swindled
    • Residents rip Into Nkomo’s Plan
    • Zuma Takes GPA Dispute to AU
    • Civil Servants’ Strike Imminent
    • Dabengwa Scoffs at Critics
    • VP Nkomo faces witch-hunt charges
    • Botswana Battles to Have Detained Nationals Freed
    • St Anne’s Nurses Strike Over pay
    • Zanu PF’s Terror Campaign Threat to Constitution-making
    • Maintain Embargo, EU Urged
    • Chaos Reigns in Burma Valley
    • ‘They’ll go back home in coffins’
    • Mash Central hit by Malaria Outbreak
    • Japan Joins Fight Against Measles
    • ZCTU Proposes ‘paternity’ Leave for men
    • Sundayopinion: The Problem With Privatisation
    • Sundayview: Land: A key Objective of the Liberation Struggle
    • Alex Magaisa: A Case of the Embarrassing Uncle
    • Comment: Water Project Needs Action not Rhetoric
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 30th January 2010
    • Bill Watch 4/2010 of 30th January 2010 [Recent CourtCases Affecting Governance and Rule of Law]
  47. Posted 1/2/10
    • Zimbabwe Anglicans stage protest service
    • Mugabe factor hits Zimbabwe hopes of ending sanctions
    • Robert Mugabe closes in on last white farmers
    • Chihuri charges for police assistance
    • Rank marshals getting out of hand
    • ZIMBABWE: Students drop out because of unaffordable fees
    • Zimbabwe is clamouring for international attention; Botswana should not be blackmailed
    • Sanctions on ZANU-PF officials must be tightened not removed
    • Mugabe's haunting shadow
    • No fights in Zimbabwe's Quill Club

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