The ZIMBABWE Situation

January 2010 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/1/10
    • Compromised judgement: Magistrate Samuel Zuze’s offer letter
    • UK parliamentarians expected in Harare
    • Zuma to apprise AU on Zim
    • Police instructed to monitor MDC and NGOs public meetings
    • Diamond rush grips Chipinge
    • Police drive out kids from creche
    • War vets take governor Maluleke hostage
    • Zimbabwe PM criticizes British envoy on sanctions
    • Zimbabwe has 'poor' investor protection policies - World Bank
    • Fifteen new member states elected to AU Peace and Security Council
    • SA bogus police targeting Swazi, Zim motorists now
    • Just push in
    • MDC has joined conspiracy of silence
  2. Posted 30/1/10
    • ACTION ALERT : Demand that Magistrate Zuze respects the law!
    • Embattled Zimbabwe farmers up in arms over judiciary system
    • Arrested farmers remain behind bars
    • EU should keep sanctions on Mugabe: rights group
    • MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa on Sanctions
    • Davos 2010: Zimbabwe 'needs reward for progress'
    • Only Zuma can save Zim GNU: MDC
    • MDC notifies SADC of deadlock in GPA talks
    • MP’s to rake in US$300 per day for constitution outreach
    • Zimbabwe’s blind voters win constitutional case
    • Mugabe's Security Man Critically Injured In Motorcade Acccident
    • African Consolidated battles for title to Zimbabwe diamond field
    • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Defaults on Bond Repayment to Caledonia Mining
    • Support grows for suspended head of Zim refugee mission
    • Five lions killed after terror
    • U.S. looks beyond crisis intervention in Zim's health sector
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • The International Role in Promoting Democratic Governance and Economic Recovery in Zimbabwe
  3. Batch 3 Posted 29/1/10
    • DAVOS-UPDATE 1-Zimbabwe's PM asks investors, donors to return
    • Court issues arrest warrants for white farmers
    • ‘Zim cholera fatality rate still too high’
    • Breakthrough Reported in Zimbabwe Constitution Making Process
    • Zimbabwe plans to open railways to private participants
    • ZAPU set to elect substantive leadership
    • General elections in 2011: Tsvangirai
    • MDC Masvingo boss charged with fraud
    • Zimbabwe High Court Issues Stay of Magistrate Eviction Orders Against Farmers
    • Zimbabwe's Constitutional Revision Process Beset by Multiple Controversies
    • Violence hits Tsvangirai's district
    • World Diamond Council calls on buyers to shun Zim gems ″until human rights concerns have been dealt with
    • SA cleric gets workers’ support
    • Bridging the knowledge divide: Trade unions
  4. Batch 2 Posted 29/1/10
    • GNU Hangs by a Thread
    • Sanctions Crunch Time for EU, Zim Parties
    • Zanu PF divisions deepen in Mash West
    • Tensions Mount Ahead of Politburo Appointments
    • Netone fails to repay US$28m loan
    • Court sets aside eviction ruling
    • AU Aware of GNU Problems
    • Parties’ Bickering Derails Constitution Process
    • Tomana Fails to Extract Hitschmann Confession
    • Zimbabwe Seeks Zambezi Water Project Go-ahead
    • ‘AG’s office must be free from political interference’
    • Biti lobbies to restore Zim’s IMF voting rights
    • Power shortages set to continue
    • Govt deal set to ease fertiliser shortage
    • Farm workers bear the brunt of disruptions
    • Local students set for Oxford University entry
    • World Cup benefits exaggerated –– BCZ
    • Independence, Elections do not Make us Free
    • Muckraker: Zanu PF Blocking Reform Every Step of the way
    • Eric Bloch: No Single Cure for Economic ills
    • Deliver the Greenbacks
    • Diamonds are not Forever
    • Derailing constitution-making a key Zanu PF strategy
    • Comment: Torture has gone on for far too long
    • Candid Comment: Inclusive Govt in Perilous Balance
    • Editor's Memo: Sitting on a Time Bomb
  5. Posted 29/1/10
    • ZANU PF says ‘No more GPA concessions’ until sanctions lifted
    • Tsvangirai ready to ‘talk tough’ over GPA talks
    • Two farmers arrested over Chipinge land fight
    • Zanu-PF confidential document leak scorns unity government
    • Ministers faces trial for role in abductions
    • Reforms body agrees on rapporteurs
    • Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Negotiators Step Into Constitutional Funding Discussion
    • West wasting money on constitution – NCA
    • City Refuse Truck Deal Stalls
    • Pump Failure Cripples Water Supply
    • Zimbabwe Army to Protect Land 'Reform'
    • Three Farmers Challenge Zimbabwe Court's 24-Hour Eviction Order
    • Suspected Murder in Provincial Zimbabwe Heightens Tension in Unity Government
    • Anglicans to hold protest prayer over persecution
    • A brave bishop defies Mugabe
    • Eddie Cross behind MDC corruption story
    • ANALYSIS: Miliband hands ZANU PF sanctions ‘smoking gun’
    • Most Zims would disagree with Milliband
    • Stories from Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Sees Economic Improvement, Calls for International Cooperation
    • ‘Zim not conducive for constitutional reform’
    • Why the GPA and not the Constitution?
    • Bill Watch 3/2010 of 26th January 2010 [House of Assembly to sit next week]
  6. Posted 28/1/10
    • Key state witness exonerates Bennett in terrorism plot
    • Bennett case: no ruling on email evidence
    • Outrage as high court dismisses SADC land ruling
    • SADC Tribunal Rights Watch: SADC Tribunal judgement registration - Zimbabwe High Court
    • SA under pressure to release report on Zim election violence
    • Pressure mounts on Zuma to act on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe central bank to keep contested diamonds
    • Police enforce immunization after death of 15
    • Zimbabwe diplomats struggling to make ends meet
    • Botswana-Zimbabwe diplomatic row over armed scouts imminent
    • In Zimbabwe, Climate Change Brings Water Woes
    • U.S. Donates Protective Clothing for Influenza Preparedness and Response to Zimbabwe
    • Residents suspicious of Minister Chombo’s sincerity
    • Zimbabwe Weekly Update
    • Hot Seat: Kenya and Zimbabwe: Are GNUs the solution?
    • Zanu wasting its breath
    • Seeing the real Zimbabwe below the surface
  7. Batch 2 Posted 27/1/10
    • Zim court gives white farmers 24hrs to vacate land
    • AG fails to extract confession from witness
    • Zimbabwe State Case Against MDC Treasurer Bennett Undermined Further
    • Zimbabwe Sheriff's Office Attaches Five Central Bank Properties to Cover Debt
    • Zimbabwe FM Biti Warns Unity Government At Risk, Urges Regional Intervention
    • Kate Hoey: It's time to cry foul on Mugabe and show him the red card
    • Zimbabwe Constitution Select Committee to Select Outreach Rapporteurs
    • Zimbabwe Civil Service Salary Talks to be Expanded to Include Teacher Unions
    • ‘Bishop’s suspension exposes asylum seekers’
    • Hundreds Mobilize on Facebook in Support of Suspended South African Bishop
    • Australia softens Zimbabwe stance
    • Canning clarifies Miliband’s statement
    • Zanu youths terrorise Harare
    • World leaders face economic storm clouds at Davos
    • Children and the fight against HIV in Zim
  8. Posted 27/1/10
    • Four farmers evicted by courts as land takeover continues
    • Hitschmann denies dealings with Bennett
    • MDC denies suspending Eddie Cross
    • SA, Australia join hands to help Zimbabwe
    • Human rights group says MDC ‘shielding’ ZANU PF
    • Civil service strike looms as talks postponed
    • LonZim back in full-year profit as Zimbabwe’s economy begins to recover
    • MISA: Dark cloud hangs over Zim media reforms
    • Watchdog urges Zimbabwe gov’t to divest from publishing house
    • Youth militia and CIO in constitution making process
    • Botswana officers still detained in Zimbabwe
    • Robert Mugabe is Indeed a ‘Goblin’
    • Industry Coalition Meets with State Dep’t Over Zimbabwe
    • Hope and crops scorched again
  9. Batch 3 Posted 26/1/10
    • Justice Bhunu orders impeachment of Hitschmann
    • Judge allows state to cross-examine witness
    • Zanu PF Sets Up Torture Bases
    • ‘MDC-T shielding ZANU PF’
    • One Million Casualties of Land Reform
    • Zim government tries to avert strike
    • Managers of Zimbabwe's Constitutional Revision Set Meeting on Stalled Outreach
    • Drought won’t impact inflation: Analysts
    • Zanu-PF's blood diamonds
    • Pushing the knowledge envelope: Barney Barnato
  10. Batch 2 Posted 26/1/10
    • Judge impeaches Hitschmann as hostile
    • WOZA members detained during protests in Bulawayo
    • ZANU PF official boasts he has authority to kill MDC activists
    • Court bid to release Zim report
    • Military wants Mugabe until 2020
    • Zimbabwe still hiding war crimes fugitive
    • Joseph Made Rewarded For Managing Mugabe's Farms
    • ‘We’re committed to Zim constitutional reform’
    • Anglicans to hold protest prayer
    • Tsvangirai To Attend World Economic Forum
    • Zim government still to respond on farm invasion subpoena
    • Suspended head of Zim refugee mission fights back
    • Suspended Verryn gets international support
    • MDC-T wants talks referred to SADC for arbitration
    • British embassy clarifies UK position on sanctions
    • System to fight 'blood diamonds' in ruin
    • Costly Beitbridge chaos could be solved with right political will
    • Mutsvangwa admits Zimbabwe media laws are draconian
    • Budget airliner targets Hre-J’burg route
    • Meet our conditions and we'll fund you
  11. Posted 26/1/10
    • Talks Deadlocked
    • Zanu PF Chefs bay for GMB Official’s Blood
    • Rusape Villagers Face Starvation
    • Officers in Trouble for Charging top cop toll Fees
    • Zanu PF Moves to Contain Fallout
    • Constitution Reform Turns Into ‘another gravy train’
    • Govt Wades Into Anglican Dispute
    • Curse of the Chiadzwa Diamonds
    • HIV Activists Demand Positive Clauses
    • Conservation Agriculture the Route
    • I Have Nothing to Hide: Manhanga
    • Journalists Wary of ZMC
    • MZWP Takeover Goes Ahead
    • Africa launches Campaign for Haiti
    • World Bank chief heads for Africa
    • Sundayview: Interrogating Violence as a Political Tool
    • Alex Magaisa: Is This Another Animal Farm, Comrades?
    • Comment: Funding Partners Needed for Power sector
    • Sundayopinion: How to get Agriculture on its Feet Again
  12. Posted 25/1/10
    • UN gives US$5m for under-funded WFP operations in Zimbabwe
    • Zim government to discuss drought solutions
    • Dam lies idle 10 years after construction
    • Farmers urged to protect existing irrigation system
    • Is Kereke building an emergency medical centre or not?
    • Education no thanks to Mugabe
    • 10 000 teachers needed in schools
    • Goblin Charges Meant To Distract Constitution Process
    • Mutsvangwa lashes out at journalists
    • MDC calls on SADC and Zuma
    • Farmers rip off GMB
    • Concern over violence-displaced aliens
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 23rd January 2010
    • Zim’s descend into lawlessness: Gubbay’s perspective
    • ZANU (PF) Threatens to Wage War over a Comprehensive 2010 National Land Audit
  13. Posted 24/1/10
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai's MDC Says Unity Talks Deadlocked, Looks to Region
    • Britain Says Stance on Zimbabwe Sanctions Subject to Unity, Reforms in Harare
    • Under Court Order, Sheriff Attaches Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Property for Debt
    • Harare sends evaluators to diamond field
    • Zimbabwe Restructuring National Oil Company, Proposing Energy Regulator
    • Guruve Families Flee Stray Lions
    • UZ Seeks Funds To Spruce Up
    • Govt must lift GMO grain ban to avert shortage –– millers
    • Zimbabwe Health Officials Say Not Moving to Compel Vaccination by Sect Members
    • Women's Petition - A Zanu PF Agenda
    • New Elections: Zimbabwe's Leaders Trade Positions
    • SA Methodist church charges bishop
    • Child trafficking and World Cup football
    • Lessons in Democracy - Shona translation
    • No more hiding places
    • Trashing Zim’s wildlife: an eyewitness account
  14. Posted 23/1/10
    • Rusape farmer arrested after week of harassment
    • MDC loses parliamentary lead
    • Leader charged with calling Mugabe a "goblin"
    • Speaker of parliament challenged over media commission nominees
    • AfriForum serves papers on Zim government
    • Methodist Church suspends Central District Bishop
    • DA: Give Verryn some credit
    • Water Scarcity No Obstacle To Bulawayo Farmers
    • St John Ambulance gala Harare Saturday
    • NRZ Workers threaten strike
    • U.S. Embassy launches essay contest for A level students
    • Panning beyond the pale
    • The confused have no right to be
    • African Leaders Protect Pals
    • The ZANU PF solution: war
    • A letter from the diaspora
  15. Batch 3 Posted 22/1/10
    • Zimbabwe Minister Dismisses Reports Constitutional Outreach Process 'Suspended'
    • Land Audit Will Cause War – Zanu PF Activist
    • Chief Rallies Behind Bennett
    • Economists Say Zimbabwe Central Bank Should Not Be Allowed To Collapse
    • 26 deported in Zimbabwe visa scam
    • Zim-Botswana pipeline planned
    • South African Labor Minister to Discuss Displaced Zimbabweans With Harare Counterpart
    • Exploration resurges after years of virtual standstill
    • Pushing the knowledge envelope: Abe Bailey
    • Launch of the Swazi Vigil
  16. Batch 2 Posted 22/1/10
    • I Sold Arms to RBZ — Hitschmann
    • MDC Ministers Face EU Sanctions Over Corruption
    • High Court attaches RBZ property
    • Zanu PF Throws Spanners Into key Reforms
    • Parly Speaker Challenged Over ZMC Nominees
    • Noczim to shed distribution role
    • Corruption trial fails to take off
    • Media hopes dashed as confusion shrouds ZMC
    • Constitution process full of loopholes –– analysts
    • Zimbabwe bottom of economic freedom pile
    • Makumbe bids for NDH Equities
    • Optimistic about 2010?
    • Companies must unbundle to survive — analysts
    • Economic Revival Hinges on Sound Policies –– Analysts
    • GPA Impasse Weighs Down Hunting Season
    • LonZim Plans 5-star Hotel
    • Muckraker: Kadzura, Chamisa sing for their supper
    • Eric Bloch: Perplexing Sanctions Puzzle
    • Land chaos: Buck stops with Mugabe
    • Zanu PF and Tsholotsho II: No Chance of a Break-up!
    • Comment: Food Shortages Major Test for the GNU
    • Candid Comment: Hiding behind a finger...
    • Editor's Memo: ‘Park and proceed’ plan ill-advised
    • Zim Independence Letters
  17. Posted 22/1/10
    • Zimbabwe new constitution suspended over bickering
    • Talks adjourned again
    • Ruling on Bennett witness postponed
    • CFU Press Statement
    • GAPWUZ Statement
    • Air force officer leads ‘Kariba draft’ campaign in Manicaland
    • Constitutional outreach programme suspended
    • Zim poachers sell to SA
    • Cholera keeps a low profile
    • Zimbabwe Facing Another Drought
    • New Threats to Media Freedom
    • Raising more money for HIV/AIDS
    • Zimbabwe comment and analysis
    • Zimbabwe Weekly Update
    • ZANU( PF) has to dismantle terror machinery before new elections can be held
    • Joseph Made – The Perennial “Non-Performer” – Must be Fired!
    • Bill Watch 2/2010 of 20th January 2010 [Party Strengths in Parliament]
  18. Batch 2 Posted 21/1/10
    • SA protests Zim farm invasions
    • Lawyer to sue Attorney General
    • Why I had to flee Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Central Bank Technically Bankrupt As Liabilities Outstrip Assets, Say Economists
    • Tough times for Zimbabwe farmers
    • Zimbabwe Civic Group Remains Opposed to Constitutional Process Despite PM Appeal
    • Q&A session on Zimbabwe
    • Not all Zimbabwean asylums need protection: UK
    • Hifa preps gather momentum
    • A decade on a sticky wicket: Story of Zim cricket
  19. Posted 21/1/10
    • Talks resume Wednesday evening
    • Zimbabwe PM calls for unity of purpose as constitution-drafting process stalls
    • Armed soldiers and militias force villagers to adopt Kariba draft
    • Women Hold Urgent Talks As Petition on Constitution Is Dismissed
    • Opponents of Zimbabwe Constitutional Revision Process Allege Bonanza for Politicians
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai to Focus on Farm Takeovers in Review of Portfolios
    • MDC activists arrested yet again
    • More alleged plotters appearing in court
    • Zimbabwe’s Tsvangirai Frustrated But Hopeful
    • US confirms it could end block on Zimbabwe at IMF
    • Zimbabwe's Marginalized Central Bank Said Near Collapse as Creditors Press
    • Maize crop under threat
    • Zimbabwe faces mass starvation
    • MDC slams journos’ harassment
    • Nestlé happy with Zim operations
    • No power for a month, no bill: Mudzuri
    • Measles Kills Ten In Masvingo
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Highlights 2009
    • 2011 too early for Zim polls: analysts
    • Zuma playing a careful hand – Miliband
    • The Tenacity of Zimbabwe's Rape Survivors
    • ZCTF Report - January 2010
    • A New Day For Zimbabwe
    • The Christmas to end them all
    • Haiti Tragedy-Mugabe and Africa where are you?
    • Bill Watch Special of 19thJanuary 2010 [Statutory Instrument fixing Deadline for Vehicle Number Plates Changeover]
  20. Posted 20/1/10
    • MDC leadership to meet over delays in GPA talks
    • Police officer who threatened journalist with death, named
    • NUST student activists brutally beaten by police
    • A Quarter of Zimbabweans Still Support Mugabe - US Poll
    • MDC Provincial Chair Arrested
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai resists pressure for elections in 2011
    • Mudzuri backs down on power exports
    • Locked up coup suspects renew bail fight
    • WOZA member spends second night in police custody
    • Standoff continues between Rusape farming family & land invaders
    • Invaded banana farm directors face arrest
    • Court to rule on Bennett witness’s impeachment
    • ‘Zim running out of debt servicing options’
    • Zimbabwe Seeks HIPC Status For Debt Cancellation
    • President Mugabe Urges Zimbabwean Unity, Reprises Anti-Western Rhetoric
    • Political Progress Required to Repair Zimbabwe Water Infrastructure - Minister
    • Provincial Branch of Zimbabwe's Former Ruling ZANU-PF in Turmoil Following Ouster
    • Skint ZPS turns prisoners into nudists
    • Zim angling to score from World Cup
    • Plight of displaced Zimbabweans in De Doorns under the spotlight
    • Zimbabwe recovery on a knife edge
    • Zim war vets accused of rhino poaching
    • Outrage as MDC activist is murdered by police
    • UK-based firm slams “fake patriots” as Zimbabwe diamond saga rages on
    • NCA: Constitution process is cash cow for govt officials
    • Bridging the knowledge divide: Haiti
    • Comment from a correspondent
    • Mugabe's origins
  21. Posted 19/1/10
    • Talks delayed again as ZANU PF negotiators fail to pitch
    • Woza Members Arrested
    • Journalist arrested for filming WOZA demo
    • Journalist released; two detained overnight
    • Invaded Rusape farming family in crisis
    • Police arrest and assault student leaders
    • Foreign Investors Welcome Only As Partners - Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Journalist Flees After Death Threat
    • Manicaland shows Mutasa the red card
    • Zimbabwe minister urges resolution of debt crisis
    • African Development Bank: Zimbabwe must clear its debts
    • Zim faces famine disaster
    • Govt abandons cloud seeding
    • Moyo planted MDC corruption story
    • 'If they return, we'll braai them'
  22. Batch 2 Posted 18/1/10
    • Reforms body postpones consultations
    • Zim faces hunger as crops wilt
    • Talks thrown into disarray as Zanu-PF snub GPA negotiations
    • SA takes up farmers’ issues
    • National consultation process launched
    • Zimbabwe Union Leaders Sue Police Commissioner
    • World Diamond Council calls for increased efforts by Kimberley Process participants to achieve full compliance in Zimbabwe
    • MDC dismisses probe
    • ‘UZ hostels to remain closed’
    • Calling Zimbabweans in New York
    • Murderers and torturers appointed to Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Outreach Programme
    • New Year 2010 – and Zanu-PF Thugs face Lawsuit
  23. Posted 18/1/10
    • Zim defies diamond treaty
    • Animals starve as farm remains under siege
    • Crocodiles kill eight in Zimbabwe dam
    • Anti MDC Pastor Sparks Storm At Church
    • Rats running riot in Harare
    • Lions kill three in Guruve
    • ZBH fails to introduce second TV station
    • Constitution must reflect people’s wishes: Makumbe
    • Time for a home return revolution
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 16th January 2010
    • Making the Case for Zapu in 2010
    • The man who stood up to Mugabe
    • Chiyangwa, a Classic Case of African Business Success
    • MDC UK Finances – The Questions to be answered
    • Zero tolerance for violence
  24. Batch 2 Posted 17/1/10
    • Sanctions to go if GPA is implemented fully: US
    • Coup Suspects Back in Court
    • Civil Servants ask Mugabe, Tsvangirai to Resolve pay Dispute
    • Water Shortage hits Gweru
    • Minister, Journalist Fight Over Equipment
    • Zanu PF’s assault on Property Rights
    • More Trouble for Kaseke Accuser
    • Mutoko Villagers up in Arms Against Black Granite Miners
    • Land Invader Seeks to Defy Court Eviction Order
    • Farmers Under Siege
    • Bishop in trouble over Moyo, Gono ‘sermons’
    • Bank Rejects Official’s Compensation Claim
    • New Constitution: Great Expectations
    • 3D/4D Obstetric Ultrasound Technology now in Zimbabwe
    • Working Towards ‘degrees in violence’
    • Small-scale Miners Demand Stake in Marange Diamonds
    • Tourism Sector Wants Share of US$510m IMF ‘windfall’
    • 2009 ‘worst’ year for African sun
    • Ambitious Power Plan
    • Electronic Voting: the Pros and Cons
    • Sundayopinion: Zanu PF Must Stop Mugabe to Survive
    • Comment: Condemn Attempts to Disrupt Outreach
    • Rural schools record zero percent pass rate
  25. Posted 17/1/10
    • Zuma Pushing For Zimbabwe Elections In 2011
    • Zim talks - SA growing impatient
    • MDC wants all outstanding issues addressed
    • Rural folk lose faith in politicians – report
    • US wants to see more reforms
    • Renewed wave of farm invasions in Matabeleland North
    • Zimbabwe Students Released After Intervention by Government in Their Favor
    • ‘Zim still exporting power to Namibia’
    • Zimbabwe gets serious about return to Test cricket
    • Apathy may hit Zim constitutional reform: Watchdog
    • Off bee eaters & baboon spiders
    • Reconnecting the Zimbabwean diaspora with home through Shona language courses
    • Pushing the knowledge envelope: Sir Otto John Beit
  26. Posted 16/1/10
    • Shopping in January 2010
    • Ministers Named in Graft Probe
    • Mpofu Faces Diamonds Board Appointments Storm
    • Chamisa dismisses corruption charges
    • Zimbabwe: Cabinet ministers under corruption charges
    • Zuma Calls On Tsvangirai To Be Flexible
    • MDC To Stand By Bennett
    • Zim urged to honour bilateral investment pacts
    • RBZ bought firearms and ammunition from Hitschmann
    • Latest round of GPA talks resume on Saturday
    • Zimbabwe's MDC to stick to demands in talks with Mugabe party
    • New twist to Bindura University demo
    • Zimbabwe Teachers On Go Slow
    • Zimbabwe inflation at -7.7 pct y/y in December
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank ‘Under-Funded’ by Treasury, Official Says
    • Mahlangu removed from remand
    • U.S. Embassy celebrates life of Martin Luther King Jr.
    • Zimbabwe Bio Energy sets the record straight regarding Nuanetsi Ranch
    • GNU to rumble on in 2010: think-tank
    • Alarming Zimbabwe Measles Deaths
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Zimbabwe Weekly Update
  27. Batch 2 Posted 15/1/10
    • Public strike to test Zim's fragile coalition
    • Committee wants leaders to denounce violence
    • Torturers threatened law officer: Witness
    • WOZA leaders challenge endless remand
    • Coltart calls for urgent action
    • Criminal gangs prey on border jumpers
    • 39 foreigners arrested near Jo’burg church
    • Harare 'ready for lawsuit'
    • RBZ teeters on the brink of collapse
    • Parties Jostle for SA Diplomatic Post
    • Govt set to Increase Lecturers Retirement Age
    • Bulawayo Evicts Farm Invaders
    • General Wants Order Quashed
    • Mbada’s Shady Dealings Dim Chiadzwa’s Sparkle
    • Zim must honour Bippas to attract investors — analysts
    • Zim, Namibia power deal in limbo
    • ‘Hunting Should Generate Revenue for Conservation’
    • Muckraker:Rushwaya Should not Mislead the Nation
    • Eric Bloch: Indigenisation Must be Constructive
    • Can 2010 be Zim’s Year of Redemption, Salvation?
    • MDC-T: How Sustainable is the Movement?
    • Comment: The Urgent Case for a National Land Audit
    • Candid Comment: Constitutionalism Should be the Buzzword
    • Editor's Memo: Lesson From Cabinda
    • Personal forgiveness : core to Zimbabwe’s national healing process
    • Bridging the knowledge divide: Electricity
  28. Posted 15/1/10
    • Bennett trial adjourned to Monday
    • Prosecutor says own witness damaging Bennett case
    • Zimbabwe terrorism trial witness recounts torture by authorities
    • Zimbabwe power-sharing talks resume Saturday : Official
    • Police arrest 25 students over Bindura University demo
    • SADC Troika meets in Maputo to discuss Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Civil Servants Crisis Meeting
    • Zimbabwe Women Claim Economic Reforms Made Them 'Poorer'
    • Zimbabwe Lawyer Acquitted
    • Zimbabwe Leaders Pressed To Denounce Violence
    • Zim to be sued over ongoing seizures of SA farms
    • Group: Returning Zimbabweans at risk in S. Africa
    • Tourist killed by ‘dinosaur-sized’ shark
  29. Batch 2 Posted 14/1/10
    • Mythical “sanctions” monster rears ugly head
    • Hitschmann denied access to own lawyer
    • Bennett witness faces impeachment
    • Culture of fear could hamper Zim reforms
    • Mugabe leaves for extraordinary Troika summit
    • Guess who fears becoming another Zimbabwe!
    • More water cuts loom
    • Rautenbach gets big farm
    • Rights Violations, Illegal Diamond Exports Said to Continue in Zimbabwe Field
    • Unions for Zimbabwe State Workers Set Deadline for Action on Salaries
    • Zimbabwe To Experience Solar Eclipse
    • Mzembi scores minor victory over detractors
    • Zanu (PF) looting natural resources
    • Moyo denies any role in Tsholotsho II … but secret doc details plans for new party
    • For Climate, No Place Better Than Zimbabwe to Live - International Living
    • Bridging the knowledge divide: FIFA model
    • We can make it a people-driven process
    • Education an ugly time bomb
    • Hope for Zimbabwe in 2010
  30. Posted 14/1/10
    • Judge slams prosecution in Bennett’s case
    • Witness in Zimbabwe terrorism trial asks time to seek legal advice
    • Bennett's Case: State Witness Made Statement Under Duress
    • AfriForum wins bid to sue Zim over land reform
    • Police seize weapons from Mnangagwa-faction linked security company
    • Cabinet frozen as Mugabe goes on leave
    • Regional summit this week on Zimbabwe, Madagascar
    • MDC takes tough stance on ongoing land attacks
    • Zimbabwe state workers threaten strike in 2 weeks
    • WOZA and MOZA take to the streets of Bulawayo
    • Zanu PF Terrorising Villagers Ahead Of Constitutional Talks
    • Constitution Parliamentary Select Committee, to launch an audit
    • Zimbabwe belongs to everyone, NOT War Veterans" - Mugabe's thugs told
    • Narrowly-avoided diamond sale raises graves concerns
    • Women Want Mugabe's Wings Clipped
    • The seeds of plenty
    • U.S. tour pays off for Zim musicians
    • MISA-Zimbabwe statement on Zimbabwe Media Commission appointments
    • Tandy came home for Christmas, but left again
    • Coming and going
  31. Batch 2 Posted 13/1/10
    • Hitschmann embarrasses Tomana in court
    • Court to rule on bid to impeach Bennett witness
    • War Vets/Civic Society Clash Over Constitution
    • No lessons as schools open
    • Zim reports anthrax outbreak
    • Politics Intrudes on Zimbabwe Constitutional Process as War Veterans Chant
    • African Development Bank Says Zimbabwe on Right Path, But Urges Full Implementation of GPA
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai's Party Threatens to Take Land Invasions to Regional Group
    • Serious fertilizer shortage hits Zim
    • Move to enforce Zimbabwe ruling
    • Strike looms as civil service wage talks collapse
    • Govt Pay Talks Deadlocked
    • Power panic over Zim report
    • Zimbabwean Villagers Forced To Donate At Chief’s Funeral
    • Zanu-PF families evicted from farm‏
    • Bridging the knowledge divide: Inheritance
  32. Posted 13/1/10
    • Prosecutor moves to impeach own witness in Bennett trial
    • Zimbabwe witness U-turn boosts Roy Bennett defence
    • Farming family attacked in Rusape
    • More farmers in Rusape handed eviction notices
    • Zanu-PF politburo member faces arrest
    • Another MDC pull-out looms
    • AN shortage hits farmers hard .. yields will be affected say experts
    • Power struggle threatens split in war veterans’ body
    • Fort Hare University slammed for giving in to ZANU PF
    • Mugabe buys the world's most powerful helicopter
    • Political types in suits with stripes
    • Moyo offers 'alibi' amid political bluster
    • Dirty Dozen: The 2010 Land Audit Must Start with Mugabe’s Gushungo Farms
  33. Batch 2 Posted 12/1/10
    • Zimbabwe Opens Consultation Phase on Constitution; Referendum Seen by October
    • Constitutional Reform Resumes
    • Listen to citizens: reforms body told
    • Another five SA farmers get Zimbabwe eviction notices
    • War vets splinter group holds own congress
    • Zimbabwe State Workers Demand Increase in Entry-Level Salary to US$500
    • World Health Organization Reports New Death from Cholera in Midlands
    • ZESA ordered to stop energy exports to Namibia
    • ZESA to export electricity to Botswana
    • Diamond Auction Cancellation Gives Zimbabwe Breathing Room
    • Nkomo backs Rautenbach project
    • Protest poets sing about Gukurahundi
    • Thugs destroy MDC activist’s livelihood
    • Cops must evict Zanu (PF) settlers, council insists
    • Chihuri blocks PM’s visits to cops… fears growing support for MDC
    • No money for new judges- Makarau
    • Mugabe and the White African: The last stand
    • Zimbabwe's language of hope
    • Clinging to the throne for dear life
    • Tomana is an absolute disgrace
    • Bridging the knowledge divide: Beitbridge
  34. Posted 12/1/10
    • Govt must uphold rule of law: Judge President
    • Zimbabwe gold production up 35%
    • Bennett treason trial to resume on Tuesday
    • Zimbabwe MDC politician optimistic ahead of trial
    • UK urged to stop funding ‘failing’ unity government
    • War Vets Demand 20 Percent Share Of National Wealth
    • Giving Mugabe a free hand and vilifying exiles is disastrous recipe
    • Bingu govt. sells fertilizer to Zimbabwe
    • Zim police recruited in measles vaccination drive
    • Zanu PF statement on Fort Hare students?
    • AfriForum return to court on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe war vets poison rhinos
    • Media watchdogs new book focuses on 2008 election violence
    • This year, Christmas in Bulawayo was a time of joy
    • Fighting corruption not a threat for MDC
    • Economist says financial recovery programme is unrealistic
    • Brilliant Pongo Barking at the Moon
  35. Posted 11/1/10
    • Interpol put on alert over ‘smuggling’ of diamonds
    • Tsvangirai Visit To Prisons Blocked
    • Think-tank says too much talk from Harare
    • Church wants police to stop harassing worshippers
    • Key witness to testify against Bennett: Prosecutor
    • Ambassador seizes banana plantation
    • Committee defends budget for constitution
    • New year brings more trouble for Zim farmers
    • New farmers leasing farms to lose land
    • $3m for training ahead of 2010 World Cup
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 9th January 2010
    • NCA wrong to oppose constitutional process
    • Zanu-PF insists on sanctions demands
    • Bridging the knowledge divide: Obama & Zuma
    • Constitution Watch 2/2010 of 9th January 2010 [List of Delegates for Outreach Training 10-12 January]
  36. Batch 2 Posted 10/1/10
    • High broadcasting fees cost Zimbabwe live coverage of CAN
    • Zimbabwe parliament to ratify investment protection agreement with S/Africa
    • MDC condemns Zimbabwe’s Attorney General on election murders
    • We won’t pull out of unity govt: MDC
    • ‘Zim must clean up diamond sector’
    • Questions Linger After Auction of Diamonds From Troubled Zimbabwe Zone Is Canceled
    • Diamond Mine Pledges Better Houses For Displaced Villagers
    • Military 'controls diamond field'
    • Mugabe orphanage looted by war vets
    • Parents cry foul as school uniform prices soar
    • Eighty Arrested A Day For Using Fake SA Passports
    • Top Nestle Official Visits Harare Plant
    • In Maize Planting Season, USAID Offers US$14 Million in Grants to Zimbabwean Farmers
    • SA deports 7 000 Zimbabweans monthly
    • Zimbabwe's Farm Invasions Scaring Potential Investors
    • Community radio station based in Zimbabwe
    • MDC must name and shame corrupt elements
    • Bridging the knowledge gap: Class power
  37. Posted 10/1/10
    • Zanu PF’s Fight Over Diamonds
    • Mutasa, Muchinguri Lock Horns Over Farm Seizure
    • Sadc Wants GNU Talks Concluded Soon
    • Senior Court Official Nabbed for Helping Criminals Escape
    • Kaseke, Promoter in row Over 2010 Project
    • Holiday Makers Stranded
    • Residents Outraged by Shocking Zesa Bills Rile Kuwadzana Residents
    • Furore Over Awarding of US Scholarships
    • Another Poor Farming Season Looms
    • Upsurge in Demand for Passports After SA clampdown
    • ZMC: Still too Early to pop Champagne Corks
    • Bank Official Sues Employer
    • ZRP, AG liabilities to GNU: MDC-T
    • Crisis-hit ZUJ Opts for Fresh Polls
    • NAC Procures ARVs, CD4 Count Machines
    • Unicef Moves to Contain Measles Outbreak
    • Geneva-based ZimHealth donates to Pelandaba Clinic
    • New Book Focuses on Media Coverage of 2008 Election Violence
    • Ambitious Power Plan
    • Spotlight on Banking Sector
    • Positive Response to Rural Business Funding Initiative
    • The Pros and Cons of Voter-registration Methodologies
    • Sundayopinion: Charmed Life of ‘Mugabe’s servants’
    • Comment: Getting the Model on its Feet Again
    • Zim Standard Letters
  38. Posted 9/1/10
    • Integrity of Human Rights Commissioners queried
    • SA family forced to flee Rusape farm
    • UK mining firm warns of buying ‘stolen’ Chiadzwa diamonds
    • Zimbabwe diamond mine abuses 'continue'
    • Treason trial of Zimbabwe Premier’s ally resumes next week
    • Teachers threaten strike over pay
    • Three Treated for Cholera in Kadoma
    • Police probe fresh allegations of brutality at Beitbridge
    • Taken Question on alleged tribal and regional bias in U.S. scholarships awards
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Murder accused on media council
    • Bill Watch 1/2010 of 8th January 2010 [Acts of 2009]
  39. Batch 2 Posted 8/1/10
    • SADC Political Organ Briefs Regional Ministers on Status of Zimbabwe Unity Talks
    • UK firm warns against buying Zim diamonds
    • Zimbabwe’s commitment to conflict diamonds scheme still in doubt, despite decision to suspend controversial auction
    • MDC-T Probes Corrupt Ministers
    • Retired General Resists High Court Eviction Order
    • Commission Appointments Queried
    • Centres of Excellence for Needy Children –– Coltart
    • MPs Divided on Constitution-making Programme
    • Govt to Audit Zambezi Water Project
    • Constitution of NEC Mired in Confusion
    • USAid Awards Grants Aimed at Rural Farmers
    • How Zimbabwean Politics may Play out in 2010
    • RBZ Faces Court Over US$42 000 Rent Arrears
    • Rail services: Govt to Allow Private Players
    • Govt is Unable to Manage NGO Funds –– Analysts
    • Budget Outlook: Intent and Performance in 2010
    • Gold’s Glitter Attracts Exploration
    • Mineworkers Threaten Strike
    • Falcon Gold: Going, going, gone?
    • Textile Workers Seek Court Intervention
    • ‘Economic thrust must be maintained’
    • Muckraker: Press and Democracy: Biti Should Know Better
    • Eric Bloch: Dangerous Currency Proposals From CZI
    • Comment: Tangible reforms needed
    • Candid Comment: Audit Won’t Reverse Land Reform
    • Editor's Memo: Decade of Hope: may be, may be not
    • Bumpy Start for Zimbabwe Toll Roads as Motorists See Few Highway Improvements
    • Brazil to camp in South Africa
    • The key to political change is inside Zimbabwe
    • Pushing the knowledge envelope: Leopold Albu
  40. Posted 8/1/10
    • Confusion surrounds Zim ‘blood’ diamonds auction
    • SADC says it is not happy with pace of talks in Zimbabwe
    • Southern African Ministers Prepare Report on Regional Crises
    • Zimbabwe’s Military Seen as Influential in Shaping Its Future
    • Zim police refuse to act as farmer’s son is abducted
    • War Vets Kicked Out, Citrus Trees Destroyed
    • Villagers forced to attend ZANU PF rallies in Murehwa
    • Dairy plant dodges targeted measures
    • Zimbabwe's Business Tycoon Defends Land Empire
    • Tare mum says negative publicity traumatizing her daughter
    • Soldiers get hampers for Christmas
    • No ZANU (PF) Pre-conditions to the 2010 National Land Audit
    • Moyo joins Mnangagwa in power struggle
  41. Batch 2 Posted 7/1/10
    • Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Vows to Block Land Audit Until Western Sanctions Are Lifted
    • Foreign investors allowed to keep 100% shareholding in Zimbabwe
    • SA to brief SADC ministers on Zim
    • Road network now non-existent
    • More Infighting in Zimbabwe's Former Ruling ZANU-PF Party Following Congress
    • Senior cop admits 2008 rigging, violence
    • Mhashu shocked at Vic Falls destruction
    • Auditor General complicit in govt looting
    • Chihuri in desperate hunt for ghost cops
    • Mugabe resorts to parallel government
    • Zimbabweans Fight AIDS
    • New Year in Vic Falls – a tentative return to former glory
    • Economy Crippled By Political Uncertainty
    • STERP II – a far from realistic document
    • Rescuing Zimbabwe's lost generation
  42. Posted 7/1/10
    • Parliamentarians resolve not to adopt any draft for new constitution
    • Contributors To The Constitution To Be Protected From Political Attacks
    • Zim MPs scramble for seats on gravy train
    • 152 of 300 remaining commercial farmers under serious threat
    • Zimbabwe Minister threatens farmer with death
    • Zimbabwean Diplomat's Farm Wrangle
    • SA farmer hangs on to Zimbabwe farm despite attacks
    • Zim to review death penalty, executive powers
    • More Zimbabweans to get ARVs
    • Three state-owned firms to be privatised
    • ZIPRA veterans regroup to demand seized properties
    • Zimbabwe’s First Diamond Sale
    • Zimbabwe clinches power deal with Botswana
    • Mugabe in no hurry - Shumba
    • U.S. counterfeit dollar dealers arrested in Zimbabwe and Zambia
    • Coup Plotters Launch Fresh Freedom Bid
    • Beitbridge brutality caught on tape
    • Little cricket, lots of corruption
    • Michael Jackson’s ghost sighted in Zimbabwe
    • Onslaught to mislead masses intensifies
    • Zimbabwe: The ‘A to Z’ of a lost decade
    • Why there should be no sacred cows in the MDC
    • New Constitution Must End Bambazonke Mindset
  43. Posted 6/1/10
    • S.Africa sees progress in slow Zimbabwe talks
    • Zimbabwe's Power-Sharing Partners Set New Talks on 'Outstanding Issues'
    • Farm invasions continue amid fears of military deployment
    • No help for Zim farmers
    • Zimbabwe Parliamentarians Briefed on Constitution Process
    • ZANU PF softens stance on new const
    • Zimbabwe's constitution-making process on course despite problems
    • Nestle reopens in Zim
    • Activist detained 'to hide Zim sexual abuses'
    • Flood of false SA passports hits border posts
    • Motorists clash with police at Beitbridge
    • EU To Revise Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • MDC ‘clean up exercise’ to weed out corruption in external assemblies
    • Dabengwa labeled ‘dictator’ as divisions erupt in ZAPU
    • Zanu PF Land Chair Blocks Land Audit
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Plan Strike
    • Tare family exonerate Betty over fund
    • Lawyer appointed legal guardian at Methodist Church
    • Photojournalist Ufumeli detained
    • Border town gets cut of diamond action
    • [Opinion] Lift Sanctions on Zimbabwe
    • Eddie Cross: Reflections
    • Constitution Watch 1/2010 of 4th January 2010 [Revised Schedule for Training for Public Consultation]
  44. Posted 5/1/10
    • Talks to resume 16th January
    • Betty Makoni exonerated over fund looting
    • NCA To Mobilise Zimbabweans Against Constitution
    • Zimbabweans In The Diaspora To Contribute To Constitution Making
    • Nestlé renews Zim operations in convoluted agreement
    • Zimbabweans’ passports confiscated at border
    • More Ghost Workers Discovered
    • ZAPU rocked by serious division
    • WOZA demand education changes in 2010
    • Emerging US interest in Zim opportunities– Imara
    • AU hopes for a peaceful and democratic continent in 2010
    • Nationalisation or Seizure of Private Property is Not Land Reform
    • The New Year and the State of the Nation in Zimbabwe: Beyond the Politics of Catastrophe and Violence
  45. Posted 4/1/10
    • Zim to consult citizens on new charter
    • Zim weighs options to pay off debt
    • Chaos erupts at Beitbridge Border Post
    • Beitbridge reopened
    • Betty Makoni reacts, unleashes a salvo
    • Toll gates rake in US$350 000 a week
    • Problems continue at Chiadzwa diamond fields
    • Makoni slams MDC for corruption
    • NCA issues the 2010 New Year Statement
    • Film gives white Zimbabwean farmer hope in struggle against Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 2nd January 2010
    • Mugabe keen to emulate Kamuzu Banda
    • Zimbabwe should adopt developmental politics
  46. Posted 3/1/10
    • MDC minister accused of treason says Mugabe will never break him
    • Gono sells 'own' bank to Germany investors in an illegal transaction
    • Zimbabwe eyes tourism revival
    • MDC plans GPA showdown with Zanu PF
    • Tumor girl’s mother not aware of missing funds
    • UK gvt refuses to favour Zimbabwe asylum seekers
    • 'Treat Bob as Vorster did Smith'
    • A resolution for all Africans
    • Bill Watch 46 of 31st December 2009 [Parliament not sitting in January]
  47. Posted 2/1/10
    • Zimbabwe Military Deploys to Remove Country's Remaining White Farmers
    • Co-Founder of Zimbabwe's Girl Child Network Asked to Step Down
    • With Assurances From Zimbabwe Government, Nestle Resumes Operations
    • 13 students expelled from Fort Hare
    • Murder trialist appointed media commissioner
    • Party of Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Probes Handling of UK Political Fund
    • Iran says ready to offer assistance to Zimbabwe
    • British Authorities Scrutinize Charitable Fundraiser by Zimbabwean NGO
    • Letter from Zimbabwe: Reflections and New Year's resolutions
    • Schools, health facilities re-opening highlights 2009 in Zim
    • Zimbabweans Look Back At a Lost Decade, Hope For Better in Next
  48. Posted 1/1/10
    • Police Commissioner Blocks Audit
    • Zimbabweans Travel to South Africa Despite Delays at Border
    • Heist sucks in RBZ official
    • Zimbabwe anthrax outbreak under control
    • Zimbabwe to host African synposium on the disabled
    • Leaders of Zimbabwean charities honoured by British Queen Elizabeth II
    • Zimbabwe mulls mortgaging minerals to offset debt
    • Trust, Confidence Key Issues for Zimbabwe Government
    • Thirty years of hell

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