The ZIMBABWE Situation

March 2010 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/3/10
    • White farmers seize Zimbabwe government property in S.Africa
    • Afriforum takes three more Zimbabwean owned properties
    • Significant breakthrough for Zimbabwean negotiations
    • D-Day for Bennett
    • Villagers face eviction to make way for biofuel cultivation
    • Gukurahundi artist released and ZimRights moves exhibition to Byo
    • SADC Tribunal forgot farmers' case
    • Zimbabwe urged to allow debate on past human rights violations after police block art exhibitions
    • BCC in massive water disconnection to defaulters
    • HOT SEAT: ACR CEO Andrew Cranswick on history of Chiadzwa diamonds
    • Women Survive Political Violence Alone
    • ZINASU factions head to head on BTH
    • U.S. hands over laboratory facilities to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean farmers score significant victory
    • The attachment of Zimbabwe Government Properties
    • Pitfalls of National Consciousness and the Crisis of the National Project in Zimbabwe
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/3/10
    • South African Facilitators Back In Zimbabwe As Power-Sharing Parties Miss Deadline
    • Zim Journalist Summoned Over Chombo/Chiyangwa Land Stories
    • Zim no go area: German business group
    • Tribunal potpones Zim farmers’ case
    • 80 arrested in Masvingo gold rush
    • 33 perish in road crashes
    • Zimbabwe Minister, Central Bank Governor Clash Over Indigenization Program
    • Study Conducted in Zimbabwe Shows Benefit to HIV-Positive of Low-Cost Antibiotic
    • Zesa fails to secure partners for power station development
    • Malema 'to learn' from Zimbabwe
    • I’d rather go to jail - Malema
    • Reflections - ZimRights Exhibition - Photo story
    • Bridging the knowledge gap: Long walk to freedom
  3. Posted 30/3/10
    • Zimbabwe negotiators hold 'ultimate meeting'
    • No end in sight for Zimbabwe
    • MDC-T shocked by Mugabe claims
    • Zimbabwe Artist in Court After Controversial Exhibit
    • CIO order art gallery to ‘cover up’ Gukurahundi exhibition with newspapers
    • Concern high as SA’s Malema heads to Zim
    • Zimbabwe Students Arrested As Police Crash Demo
    • Leaked police document exposes bias for sacked Bishop
    • Mpofu faces parliamentary quiz on spending spree
    • War vet fired for denouncing Mugabe
    • Shamu pledges to bring arrests to an end
    • Coltart tackles Zimsec crisis
    • Governors blame sanctions for long travel
    • Officials appeal for funds to combat Zimbabwe measles outbreak
    • Pius Ncube urges support for MDCs
    • Western firms stay away from trade fair
    • Firms submit indigenisation proposals to govt
    • ‘Harare must be forced to adopt ILO recommendations’
    • ILO Commission of Inquiry emphasizes the role of the process of national healing and reconciliation in ensuring freedom of association rights in Zimbabwe
    • De Beers dismiss looting allegations
    • ZSE rebounds
    • Impala wants clarity before US$500 mil investment
    • AfriForum embarks upon a civil sanction campaign
    • Sparing a thought on The Zimbabwean Woman: The 2010 International Women`s Day
    • Bill Watch 12/2010 - 28th March [Zimbabwe Media Commission]
  4. Posted 29/3/10
    • Zimbabwe Students Plan On Street Protests
    • Mugabe Buys Chiefs' Loyalty
    • ZITF short of quality exhibitors
    • White farmers seek to grab Mugabe land in SA
    • Zimbabwe newspaper apologizes to Britain's Queen
    • SA to tighten immigration laws
    • Cleansing Ceremony For Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe through a different prism
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 27th March 2010
    • Making up for wasted time after Zimbabwe’s ‘lost decade’
    • Bill Watch Special of 26th March 2010 [Parliamentary CommitteeMeetings 29th March to 1st April]
    • Bill Watch Special of 27th March 2010 [Public Hearings on Media andTelecom Services]
  5. Posted 28/3/10
    • Zimbabwe sanctions on Mugabe allies should go: Zuma
    • Zimbabwe should move fast on media reforms
    • Fear that deadlines will be ignored
    • Mugabe's men grab prime Harare land
    • Probe orders arrest of Phillip Chiyangwa
    • Obert Mpofu’s property-buying spree raises eyebrows
    • Harare council sued over pollution
    • Outrage as Zanu PF shields child rapist
    • Newsanalysis: Tsvangirai reform agenda faces Zanu PF resistance
    • No respite in Anglican feud
    • Malnutrition ravages rural Mberengwa
    • Hopley residents bemoan neglect
    • Prominent lawyer Robert ‘Bob’ Stumbles dies
    • Kidney treatment too costly for the poor
    • Guruve farmers defy drought
    • RBZ reform a priority for IMF funding
    • Norfund withholds US$1,5m investment
    • Mimosa rises from the ruins of Shabanie Mine
    • Investors give Zim a wide berth
    • Editor's desk: Partnering crooks to mine diamonds unforgiveable
    • Sunday Opinion: African myths about homosexuality
    • Comment: Hunger, disease are signs of bad governance
    • Sundayview: No secret land deal at Lancaster
    • Zim says no to Engen buying assets
    • I will soldier on - Chipanga
    • Out of sight is not out of mind
  6. Batch 2 Posted 27/3/10
    • Zimbabwe President Mugabe Said to Repudiate South African-Mediated Agreements
    • Zimbabwe Cancels ACR's Diamond Licence Again
    • Zim firm gets KP nod to sell diamonds
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai's Comments on Gay Rights Only Personal Opinion - Spokesman
    • Japan gives US$13m to Zim
    • Farmers file contempt of court charges against govt
    • No forgiveness without justice –– Tsvangirai
    • UZ Law faculty slams Chinamasa
    • Supreme court to rule on River Ranch saga
    • Constitution: Where MDC-T, Zanu PF diverge
    • ‘National healing an exercise in futility’
    • Kasukuwere blasts Gono
    • Muckraker: Chinamasa’s wacky take on justice abuse
    • Eric Bloch: Much is needed for economic recovery
    • Comment: GNU: It’s back to square one
    • Editor's memo: Kasukuwere stance impervious to logic!
  7. Posted 27/3/10
    • Roy Bennett Briefly Detained By Armed Police
    • Talks heading for deadlock as ZANU PF vow no concessions
    • ‘Gono and Tomana not going anywhere’ – Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai sets out reform agenda
    • Two more MDC arrests
    • Starving ex-envoy attacks Mugabe
    • MDC Supporters Demolish Zanu PF Torture Bases
    • Gallery manager and artist arrested over Gukurahundi exhibition
    • ACTION ALERT: Stand up for Owen Maseko; support an artist’s right to free expression
    • AfriForum embarks upon a civil sanction campaign
    • High Court rules against Malaysian investors in land case
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai reject gay rights for Zim charter
    • The war for freedom of expression in Zimbabwe
    • When Solar Meets Wireless - Rural Communications Solution
    • A letter from the diaspora
  8. Batch 2 Posted 26/3/10
    • UK aid delivers in Zimbabwe but violence threatens progress, say MPs
    • Biti may face charge after road accident
    • Watchdog says calls for Zim vote premature
    • Zimbabwe gets green light to sell ivory
    • Harare power-sharing talks resume
    • Economic recovery won’t end unemployment: Govt
    • Zimbabweans Debate Youth Service Reform as Nation Moves Toward New Elections
    • Zimbabwe's Fractious Governing Parties Resume Talks Following Zuma Intervention
    • African Media Initiative a partner for economic development
    • Hwange coal pit set to run out by 2012
    • BEE rules set insurance sector investment back
    • ZITF hopes to unlock investment potential
    • AAG branch defies directive
    • Media and transition: reporting beyond the crisis
  9. Posted 26/3/10
    • ‘Britain did not betray its promise on land’
    • ZimRights forced to abandon photo exhibition after launch
    • SADC court snubs farmers’ urgent bid
    • Biti attends negotiations despite Tuesday car crash
    • Zuma continues to sit on army general’s report on Zim violence
    • Mugabe To Meet Zimbabwe And International Journalists
    • Europe and US snub ZITF again
    • Plan to seize Chiyangwa farms
    • GPA talks resume today - Gumbo
    • Villagers tell governor off
    • Huge tin ore reserves at abandoned mine
    • UK MPs debate effects of Zimbabwe’s land policies
    • Zimbabwe Times becomes The Daily News
    • Zimbabwe Weekly Update – Number 10
    • Ending the pain: Plan could have taken away Mugabe’s wriggle room
    • The MDC's political dominance : change is inevitable
    • Wilderness Action Alert by the Zambezi Society
  10. Batch 2 Posted 25/3/10
    • Zanu-PF, MDC to meet to iron out their differences
    • Zimbabwe's Notorious Youth Service Program Set for Overhaul, Depoliticization
    • Govt neglected schools to focus on politics: PM
    • Two More Companies Move to Seize Assets of Zimbabwe's Troubled Reserve Bank
    • Zanu PF at it again!!
    • UK Made No Deal To Fund Zimbabwe Land Reform - Lancaster House
    • Zimbabwe Union Calls for International Labor Action Against Air Zimbabwe in Dispute
    • Zimbabwe govt privatises bank
    • Soldiers awarded salary increments
    • Germans assist Grace Mugabe build high tech milk processing factory
  11. Posted 25/3/10
    • Biti’s lucky escape after horror car crash near Chegutu
    • Court orders police to release confiscated torture photographs
    • Zimbabwean police return pictures of human rights violations to gallery
    • Marondera rocked by fresh crackdown on MDC activists
    • War Vets Force Farmer To Sell Crocodiles For A Song
    • EU gives Zimbabwe $10.6 mln for school textbooks
    • Zimbabwe detains journalist for covering events at border post
    • We're incurring losses stockpiling diamonds: Firm
    • Zimbabweans top list of UK asylum seekers
    • 50 percent AIDS levy to buy ARVs: Body
    • ZCTU accuse govt of misleading international labour body
    • Zuma lobbies on behalf of Mugabe….again
    • Stakeholders from SADC meet over World Cup spinoffs
    • SADC Tribunal Unable to Hear Urgent Contempt Application Against the Government of Zimbabwe
    • Zanu (PF) push Kariba Draft
    • Moses Mataka, "We men are just thick-headed"
    • Zimbabwe's elephant challenge
    • Zimbabweans: Why they Starve
    • MDC-T unprincipled, grossly misrepresentative
    • "Nascent economic recovery" in Zimbabwe
    • Bring me my gun, says Zuma
    • Bill Watch 11/2010 - 22nd March 2010 [Parliament in Recess;President Zuma's new deadline for interparty negotiators]
  12. Posted 24/3/10
    • IMF calls for more reforms of central bank
    • 15 MDC supporters, including pregnant woman, under arrest
    • Zimrights Director arrested
    • MDC begins campaign to name and shame perpetrators of violence
    • ZESN Worried About Harassment Of Activists
    • Chief Evicts MDC Supporters From Irrigation Scheme
    • Victims of violence vow to demonstrate
    • Police seize photographs of repression under Mugabe from exhibition
    • Capital, power woes threaten Zimbabwe mining recovery
    • Zimbabwe's Female Violence Survivors Dumped
    • Opulent casino opens as Zimbabwe faces massive hunger
    • Jindal Steel leads race to buy ZISCO shares
    • HOT SEAT: Is MDC selling its soul to make GNU work?
    • Shun Zimbabwe, lose a chance to assist change
    • Join the campaign for genuine youth service
    • MDC: nipping corruption in the bud
    • Zuma’s speculative and silent diplomacy
  13. Batch 2 Posted 23/3/10
    • Parly summonses diamond miners’ directors
    • Zim relaunches food-for-work programmes
    • Zimbabwe Black Empowerment Organization Divided Over Indigenization Process
    • Mnangagwa denies army backed Mugabe
    • SA company sues RBZ over $1,3m debt
    • War vets to campaign for Kariba Draft
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Moves to Defuse Tensions Between Legislators and Ministers
    • Zanu PF Baying For Gono's Blood
    • Mugabe attacks Zimbabwe's land reform again
    • WORLD WATER DAY: Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink
    • Zuma must keep up the pressure on recalcitrant Mugabe
    • Who is behind the persecution?
  14. Posted 23/3/10
    • Minister says diamond officials not clean
    • Mpofu admits issuing mining permits without ‘proper procedure’
    • Obert Mpofu: odds-on favourite for corruption
    • Knives out as ZANU PF turn on Gideon Gono
    • Zimbabwe y/y price slide cools further in February
    • Zimbabwe plans to relax security and media laws
    • Magistrate suspended over alleged corruption
    • Mutambara says talk of elections for next year is ‘misplaced’
    • War Veterans group splits into three factions
    • MDC-M Feels Side-lined
    • Poaching: Zim probed by Interpol
    • Villagers offer goats for health services
    • Zuma’s tough negotiations with Zanu-Pf and MDC emerge
    • ZBC Demands Licences At Road Blocks
    • Ministers Shun Tsvangirai's MPs Retreat
    • Two MDC Youth activists injured in hit-and-run at Epworth, Harare
    • Another person linked to the Mnangagwa saga
    • CHRA to conduct a meeting with ZEDC on electricity billing
    • Did Zuma find a more muscular way than Mbeki of squeezing Mugabe?
    • When do sanctions become restrictions?
    • Trust me and come on over !!
  15. Posted 22/3/10
    • Indigenisation Regulations To Be Amended
    • Zimbabwe's power utility debts surge to $100m
    • Fresh outbreak of cholera affects 100 people in Zimbabwe, says WHO
    • Zanu PF Sets Up Liberation War Zones
    • War Vets Turn Swords On Charamba
    • Mugabe snatches land from Chiyangwa
    • More on Mnangagwa extortion scam
    • Low-cost airline declares price war
    • Rhino poaching surge in S.Africa linked to organised crime
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 20th March 2010
    • Bill Watch Special of 21st March 2010 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 22nd to 26th March]
  16. Batch 2 Posted 21/3/10
    • MDC forces U-turn in indigenisation rules
    • Tsvangirai now in charge
    • PM clears the air on ZMC
    • Telecel risks closure
    • Gono’s empire collapsing
    • Mnangagwa named in extortion scam
    • Tsvangirai set to repeal Aippa by year-end
    • Mugabe to restore MDC ministers’ mandates
    • Cabinet, parly meet to ‘defuse tension’
    • Orphaned children struggle to survive
    • ‘The wage of torture is torture’
    • ‘A mosquito seeking to treat malaria’
    • Unicef ropes in Male Champions to change HIV perceptions
    • New directors for RBZ soon, says Biti
    • Diasporans wary of the new indigenisation law
    • Harare’s digital revolution
    • Sunday View: Empowerment law: Fine words, flawed ideas
    • Editor's Memo: South Africa reaches its Damascus moment
    • Sunday Opinion: The politics of the sinking log
    • Comment: Zuma visit, another damp squib
  17. Posted 21/3/10
    • Indigenisation Regulations To Be Amended
    • MPs want police powers stripped further
    • Tomana offered new post
    • ‘Security forces blocking unionist from Tribunal’
    • Zimbabwe's new watchdog promises to open up media
    • Tsvangirai To Address Zimbabwe MPs Retreat
    • MDC youths bring central Harare to a halt
    • Finance Minister secures aid from Australia
    • Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Parties Upbeat on Zuma Mediation - But Mistrust Lingers
    • ILO Report: Truth, reconciliation and justice in Zimbabwe
    • Zuma tough on Bob
    • Holding hands
    • Surviving Zimbabwean hyperinflation
  18. Posted 20/3/10
    • Has Zuma finally managed to persuade Mugabe to implement GPA?
    • Media Commission finally begins work
    • MDC youths in Harare demonstrate & demand justice
    • Humiliation for Gono as RBZ assets auctioned
    • Chinese pull out of joint gold venture
    • >Bikita Irate Villagers Brand Mugabe A Liar
    • Police Stops Demo By Victims Of Political Violence
    • Deep concern over the implementation of the Inter-Party Political Agreement (IPA)
    • Zimbabweans loathe POSA, says Gonese
    • Zimbabwe gvt not paying phone bills
    • Mugabe's newspaper sued for US$10 million for defamation
    • HOT SEAT: Oscar winner Burkett explains why she hijacked co-winner's speech
    • MDC Youth Assembly Pettition
    • Clean-up Campaign: Zengeza, Chitungwiza
    • Parly, cabinet head for clash over diamond probe
    • ‘Corruption rampant in mines ministry’
    • Diamond companies make a killing
    • Chiadzwa mining: A tale of shady deals and characters
    • Chinamasa defends arrest of MDC supporters
    • Succession proponents ‘sellouts and criminals’
    • Parly committee seeks more time to review BEE rules
    • Attached RBZ property set to be auctioned tomorrow
    • A letter from the diaspora
  19. Batch 2 Posted 19/3/10
    • Mugabe to give back MDC ministers’ portfolios
    • Zuma encouraged by ‘concessions’
    • Zuma forces Mugabe to back down
    • Australia gives $13 million to Zimbabwe
    • Gono, Mugabe clash over empowerment
    • Zim launches new economic blue print next month
    • "Protect Jewelry Industry from the Taint of Blood Diamonds"
    • New Zealand's decision to pull out of Zimbabwe tour criticized as being 'factually incorrect'
    • Indigenisation, empowerment: Fine words but flawed ideas
    • Regulations dash ZSE recovery hopes
    • Foreign direct investment an unmet expectation
    • Increased confidence as bank deposits rise 35%
    • Forget the Reds, meet the bona fide capitalists
    • Indigenisation puts companies under spotlight
    • Muckraker: Sekeramayi be honest, at least for once?
    • Eric Bloch: Endless pursuit of economic destruction
    • We are all indigenous...
    • Comment: Media resolutions remain in limbo
    • Candid comment: Zim crisis requires all stakeholders
    • Editor's Memo: Transitional justice is needed now!
  20. Posted 19/3/10
    • Zuma says Zim leaders agree to a ‘package of measures’
    • South Africa says "all issues" in Zimbabwe resolved
    • Zuma tells Mugabe to sack two Zanu-PF members
    • Zaka police stop victims of political violence demo
    • ZANU PF faces new accusations of re-oiling its violence machinery
    • Mpofu blames UK mining firm for Zim diamond crisis
    • Legislators grill Mpofu over diamonds
    • Zimbabwean Deputy PM Mutambara Charges 'Grandstanding' Over 2011 Elections
    • Zimbabwe's Gono mum on proposal after Zuma meeting
    • Zuma Meets Tomana, Gono And Bennett
    • War vets rocked by regional division
    • Zimbabwe Student Leader Suspended
    • Zimbabwe cbank governor attacks planned company seizure
    • Security forces stifle union activity: ILO
    • MP sues State witness over court case
    • UK firm will never mine Zim diamonds: Minister
    • Indigenization law risky to investors – US
    • Zesa needs US$383m to import power
    • GNU Watch - A Year in Review
    • See the Tragedy of the Commons
    • Letter about Charara ‘New Year’s Eve Party’
  21. Posted 18/3/10
    • Government principals meet with Zuma
    • Zimbabwe leaders pleased with progress of talks with Zuma
    • Concern over upsurge of political violence in rural areas
    • Intimidation stepped up
    • Uproar in Parliament as MDC-T presents violence report
    • CIO Operative Harasses Zimbabwe Journalist
    • Assist diamond probe or face jail: Minister told
    • MDC supporter's house burnt down
    • HIV waiting lists extensive
    • Typhoid spreads in Zimbabwe
    • 'Succession clique a bunch of sellouts'
    • Mugabe encourages takeovers
    • Mugabe planning massive violence on MDC after World Cup - Report
    • ZAPU: Zim crisis requires all stakeholders
    • Call for elections, premature
    • Time to scrap Zim’s unity deal and have a supervised election
    • No election possible without major reform
    • City of Harare embarks on a water disconnection spree
    • Letter to the Prime Minister
    • ZCTF Report - March 2010
    • Democracy Struggles On In Zimbabwe
  22. Posted 17/3/10
    • Zuma arrives in Zimbabwe under pressure to resolve impasse
    • Zuma has little chance of fixing Zim's issues
    • Billy Rautenbach fingered in escalation of violence in Manicaland
    • Constitutional outreach to begin without repeal of repressive laws
    • Mining firms snub Parliament for 3rd time, on ministry orders
    • Detained Zim asylum seeker starts hunger strike in UK
    • Tsvangirai Orders Return Of Mutumwa Mawere's Business Empire
    • Makamba, Mutasa do battle at Telecel
    • Damning report unveils workers' rights violation in Zimbabwe
    • State-owned newspapers in the red despite monopoly
    • 'Our ancestors are angry,' say climate-devastated Zimbabwean farmers
    • Sanctions being used as excuse – US envoy
    • In depth: Zimbabwe's crossroads
    • Plea for help
    • ‘Scair Zimbabwe’ and other tourist delights
  23. Batch 2 Posted 16/3/10
    • SA to push MDC to ignore latest Mugabe outrage
    • MDC disapproves of Zuma's 'park and proceed' proposal
    • Ministry behind diamond miners’ Parly snub
    • Villagers urge Tsvangirai to quit GNU
    • Majority opposes new empowerment law
    • Indigenisation law sends ZSE tumbling
    • Tsvangirai Hears First Hand Reports Of Violence
    • International Labor Organization Urges Zimbabwe Gov't to Act on Worker Rights
    • Following Outbreak of Bilharzia in Zimbabwe, Officials Step Up Public Education
    • New Zealand Tour Cancellation Deals Setback to Zimbabwe's Return to Test Play
    • Surge in rhino poaching devastates African populations
    • 1,000 Words About Zimbabwe
  24. Posted 16/3/10
    • South Africa's Zuma Heads to Zimbabwe to Mediate Power-Share Deal
    • Zimbabwe parliament hears public objections to indigenization laws
    • Indigenisation Act Conference – 26 March 2010
    • Crucial meeting for Mugabe, Tsvangirai
    • Minister Defends Zimbabwe's Controversial Attorney General
    • French oil group Total victim of Black empowerment regulation?
    • Replace sanctions with international arrest warrants- MDC
    • ‘Significant deterioration’ of human rights slammed
    • Oliver Mtukudzi’s son Sam dies in car crash
    • 50th anniversary of Kariba Dam
    • Bill Watch Special of 14th March 2010 [Parliamentary Public Hearing on Provision of Telecommunication Services]
    • Bill Watch 10/2010 of 15th March 2010 [Zuma to Break Deadlock ?]
  25. Posted 15/3/10
    • Zimbabwe Government Turns To White Farmers For Help
    • New Zealand cricket cancels tour of Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai urges tolerance as Zimbabwe prepares for 2011 polls
    • Zuma’s facilitation team expected today
    • German unionist decries state of workers’ rights
    • Cricket-Windies cruise to 4-1 series win over Zimbabwe
    • Pay hike ends lecturer strike
    • Zimbabwe's Exiled Media Popular - Poll
    • Plastic money before the world cup?
    • Luxurious black granite draws envy of poor Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabwe defiant in blood diamonds saga
    • Zimbabwe Vigil 13/03/2010
    • MZWP wrangle takes new twist
    • Council pays reinstated worker in Zimdollars
    • Bridging the knowledge gap: Virtual revolution & Africa
  26. Batch 2 Posted 14/3/10
    • Zuma intervenes
    • Zimsec rot exposed
    • ‘Raped by Mugabe’s thugs ’
    • Zimsec probes O’ level exam leak
    • Zimbabwean lawyer lands UN post
    • Police corruption hits Mbare vendors
    • New exams scandal hits bungling Zimsec
    • Trouble multiplies for Jane Mutasa
    • 1,6m cards to bolster Zanu PF membership
    • Govt red tape hampers HIV/Aids dedicated NGOs
    • Funeral policy holders say Doves reneged on deals
    • Zanu PF activists ‘invade’ volunteer Samaritans’ offices
    • Diasporans unlikely to participate in writing new constitution
    • Compulsory immunization suffers setback
    • Chegato hit by bilharzia outbreak
    • Total under probe
    • Govt moves to privatise parastatals
    • GMB suspends workers after maize, rice vanish
    • Zimbabwe poised for tourism boom: Report
    • Energy crisis threatens economic recovery
    • Editor's Desk: People need not be eating their own waster matter
    • Sunday View: It’s time ZMC became more visible
    • Sunday Opinion: Indigenisation law: another Zanu PF gravy train
    • Comment: Dinha should hang his head down in shame
  27. Posted 14/3/10
    • Reserve Bank assets to be auctioned
    • Zimbabwe GNU Talks To Resume Sunday
    • Ambassador: German investors "scared" by new Zimbabwe business laws
    • Zimbabwe Moves To Calm Investors Over Corporate Indigenization Program
    • Law violates trade ideals: UN official
    • Mixed signals over state of Zimbabwe food security
    • Supporters Urge Tsvangirai To Pull Out Of Inclusive Government
    • Villagers Warned Against Attending Tsvangirai’s Rally
    • Stop Violence, "Mugabe and I Eat Together" - Tsvangirai
    • Switzerland renews Zimbabwe sanctions by another year
    • Massive circumcision campaign planned
    • IMF concludes Article IV consultations
    • No funds for diaspora outreach: Reforms body
    • Lack of funding threatens humanitarian efforts in Zimbabwe, says UN
    • West Indies grind out series victory over Zimbabwe
    • In Zimbabwe, the Voice of the Worker
    • Ten years to practice
    • Bill Watch Special - 13th March 2010 [Parliamentary Legal Committeeto Consider Indigenisation Regulations]
    • Bill Watch Special of 13th March 2010 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 15th to 18th March]
  28. Posted 13/3/10
    • Tsvangirai asks how you confront a dictator using democratic means
    • Politically motivated violence erupts in Mudzi
    • Zimbabwe Magistrate Living In Fear After Death Threats
    • Zanu PF Youth Militia Forces Villagers To Join Party
    • SA police use rubber bullets on Zimbabweans in Johannesburg
    • Looting marks Zanu-PF 'Referendum' campaign
    • Biti says donors unlikely to help Zimbabwe
    • Human Rights Defender Fears More Violence In Zimbabwe
    • 2-term limit for President
    • Anger over Bulawayo mayor's 'obscene' car
    • Bakare asks for Christian solidarity
    • Nimble Zimbabwe judge does delicate egg dance, to the government's tune
    • Pot luck on Zim's roads
    • The gift that Gwaai River Hotel gave to me
    • A letter from the diaspora
  29. Batch 2 Posted 12/3/10
    • The desperate plight of the starving people of Zimbabwe
    • Rugare Gumbo slams Mugabe
    • Ownership wrangle breaks out over Telecel stake
    • Biti allocates IMF funds
    • Political violence victim narrates ordeal to PM
    • State’s case more fiction than fact –– Bennett lawyer
    • Diamond saga: ‘sleaze, corruption and perversion of course of justice’
    • Empowerment: Govt flip-flopping undoes economy
    • I only consult when there is need –– Kasukuwere
    • Parties’ constitution proposals superficial
    • NamPower, Zesa to meet over Hwange Station
    • Imports killing food sector –– Natfoods
    • Cotton farmers breach contracts
    • AAG: All about unbridled ambition and money
    • Muckraker: Is the Herald turning over a new leaf?
    • Eric Bloch: Constructive economic empowerment possible
    • Empowerment our divine right
    • The Mugabe factor in next presidential election
    • Candid comment: Zim’s ‘vilest scramble’ for diamonds
    • Comment: Reassignments betray duplicity
    • Editor's Memo: Media freedom: time to walk the talk
    • Trail of debt all the way to China
    • Miracle op girl to return home
    • Typhoid cases rise to 45
    • US Report Paints Grim Picture of Human Rights in Africa
    • UN aid agencies on alert for potential floods in Southern Africa
  30. Posted 12/3/10
    • Millions In Zimbabwe Face Hunger Crisis
    • Situation Is Grim - And Getting Worse'
    • Electricity shortages affect wheat crop
    • Violent clashes escalate between student factions
    • Education ministry in battle to restore basic education
    • Zimbabwe struggles to attract foreign aid: Finance Minister
    • Biti allocates SDR Funds
    • Deadly TB hits Epworth amid worsening health crises
    • Zuma plans mediation trip to Harare next week
    • SA police looting, shooting and beating Zim
    • Mugabe accuses De Beers of looting Zim diamonds
    • An early election?
    • ROHR & VAC statement on peace building initiatives
    • Film maker Xoliswa Sithole on Behind the Headlines
    • Typhoid claims another life in Mabvuku
    • Bill Watch Special of 10th March 2010 [Parliamentary PublicHearings on Indigenisation Regulations]
    • PEACE WATCH 3/2010 of 11th March [Jestina Mukoko Receives International Women of Courage Award]
  31. Batch 2 Posted 11/3/10
    • Zuma expected in Harare next week
    • Govt, civil servants meeting called off
    • West Indies thrash Zimbabwe to take one-day series lead
    • Zimbabwe Sheriff Office Attaches More RBZ Property to Settle US$2.1M Debt
    • US Sec'y of State Clinton Honors Zimbabwe Rights Activist Mukoko for Courage
    • Zimbabwe Parliament Clerk Zvoma Endorses Marange Diamond Probe
    • ZCTU lobbies for labour law reforms
    • Human Rights defender eyes award
    • Norway Urges African Union Intervention in Zimbabwe Unity Government Impasse
    • Another Call for South African Intervention as Zimbabwe Unity Gov't Woes Mount
    • CFU’s membership drive
    • Typhoid Outbreak Claims Five
    • Deadly Multi-Drug Resistant TB Case Reported in Epworth
    • Zimbabwean Immigrants Remain Stranded In Western Cape, South Africa
    • What constitution? NGO says people unaware process has begun
    • Notes from Zimbabwe
    • The occasional diary of an African émigré
  32. Posted 11/3/10
    • Judge reserves ruling on acquittal in Bennett case
    • Malaysia expresses anger over seizure of Zim farm
    • Nkomo seeks to rescue banana plantation
    • Tsvangirai and Mugabe deadlocked on ministerial functions
    • IMF chief says aid for Zim not possible yet
    • Damning report on torture to be launched Thursday
    • Moyo challenges court ruling over Speaker
    • Reserve Bank reform bill approved by Senate
    • Ex-Governor Chased Out Of Farm
    • MDC youth plan anti-Chiadzwa graft protests
    • Goche challenged over cancelled licences
    • SA army along the Zim-Moz border
    • ZESA blasted over tariff claim
    • Stop Fighting, War Vets Ordered
    • Parly to ask diamond firms to cooperate
    • Outbreak of measles hits half country
    • Zimbabwe Police Fail to Enforce High Court Ruling Against Former Anglican Bishop
    • Faction of Zimbabwe Student Union Alleges MDC Role in Clash Over Constitution
    • Bleak future for winter wheat production
    • Hot Seat: (Part 2) Mayor of Harare Much Masunda
    • Zimbabwe: Weekly Bulletin #9 - week ending 8 March 2010
    • The subjugation of the people of Zim for the sake of power
    • FEATURE: Underpaid teachers losing patience
    • 'Women of the World': Harare divas celebrate International Women's Day
    • Amnesty International Public Statement
    • Zimbabwe Situation Statistics
  33. Posted 10/3/10
    • Zimbabwe court upholds election of opposition Speaker
    • Jonathan Moyo and others lose case against Speaker of Parliament
    • State to oppose Roy Bennett’s acquittal
    • Civil service unions threaten more demonstrations
    • Diamond firms dodge Parly – again!
    • Zim should begin food aid scheme: Report
    • Harare says amended mining law ready
    • 8 policemen arrested for cattle rustling
    • Tycoon Disrupts Hwange EGM
    • The forgotten plight of Zimbabwe’s xenophobia victims in SA
    • ZINASU factional fighting turns ugly
    • WOZA responds to allegations of fraud in Zvishavane
    • Legal costs of fighting Mugabe takes toll on white farmers
    • 'Iran will help Zimbabwe fight Western sanctions'
    • Statement on women's right to maternal health care
    • Chiefs in land scam
    • Zuma sells his soul for Mugabe
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Monthly Alerts Digest – February 2010
    • Two-faced Zanu PF: five years ago it was Murambatsvina; today its ‘economic empowerment’
    • The Zimbabwe I want - Mandivamba Rukuni
  34. Posted 9/3/10
    • Bennett’s defence applies for his discharge
    • “Against all odds they did, so we can” : ‘Music by Prudence’ wins an Oscar!!!
    • Mugabe's ZANU-PF Deals Serious Blow To Unity Government
    • Mugabe shrinks MDC Ministers’ powers – again
    • Biti calls for new diamond laws in Zim
    • Zim owes $1,3 billion
    • WOZA marks International Women's Day with education protest in Bulawayo
    • Tsvangirai to honour wife with charity foundation
    • Mugabe “touched by Tsvangirai’s death”
    • ‘Empowerment law meant to fight sanctions’
    • Aid agencies suspend work after threats
    • No going back, Kasukuwere declares
    • Chegutu Gold Rush Sparks Running Battles
    • Dabengwa castigates Sipepa-Nkomo over audit
    • Editor’s dismissal test case for new ZUJ
    • Bill Watch Special of 8th March 2010 [Parliamentary CommitteeMeetings 8th - 11th March]
    • Bill Watch 9/2010 of 8th March 2010 [Negotiations to be Referred Back to Guarantors]
    • The Zimbabwe Situation is 10 years old this month
  35. Posted 8/3/10
    • Zimbabwe 'needs peacekeeping force' for election
    • MDC wants SADC intervention in Zimbabwe’s political dispute
    • Mugabe reassigns powers away from MDC
    • MDC Ministers Furious About Stripping Of Powers
    • ACR appeals to Kimberly Process
    • Zisco suitor flags empowerment laws
    • New local ownership rules rattle Zimbabwe business
    • Zimbabwe's white farmers plan to seize government property
    • Zimbabwe education standards continue to decline
    • China buys up African rhinos ‘to farm for horn’
    • Burden of AIDS hits Zimbabwe's women hardest
    • China defends growing links with Africa
    • Zimbabwe lines up cultural programme to commemorate Women’s Day
    • Border post terror baboons a nightmare
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 6th March 2010
    • Zimbabwe laws – Economic Empowerment – A continuing conversation
    • Bill Watch 8/2010 of 6th March 2010 [Ministerial Functions Gazetted]
  36. Batch 2 Posted 7/3/10
    • Grace Mugabe orders destruction of homes
    • Mugabe gives ZMC greenlight to implement media reforms greenlight
    • PM to launch Susan Tsvangirai foundation
    • Matabeleland hit by serious food shortage
    • Darkness, fear, despair and ‘zhambi’ at mine
    • Kasukuwere threatens foreign banks over loans
    • Bulawayo council blames breakdowns for poor water quality
    • Saviour Kasukuwere ‘empowered’ himself
    • Mugabe blocks lawyer’s bid to seize private school
    • High drama as Ngozi fears grip Gokwe
    • Proper care attracts patients to Mutambara hospital
    • UNFPA shelters expecting mothers
    • Zanu PF faction fights threaten ethanol project
    • Govt mulls hike in mining taxes
    • ZNCC wants government to scrap price control law
    • Editor's Desk: Let’s give it the zing-zing
    • Sundayopinion: Mugabe courts media belatedly
    • Comment: Mugabe now a national liability
    • Sunday View: Indigenisation ought to be holistic and objective
    • Zimbabwe situation getting worse – UK Committee
    • Gunning for Zimbabwe's Cape assets
    • Cricket-Skipper Gayle leads Windies to series-levelling win
    • Falling into Bob's trap
    • Where is toll cash going?
  37. Posted 7/3/10
    • Zimbabwean Striking Teachers Forced To Revolt Against Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe President Mugabe Rearranges Ministerial Portfolios to MDC Disadvantage
    • Zimbabwe High Court Rules Against Former Harare Bishop Kunonga; Final Decision Pending
    • Zimbabwe Civil Service Strike in Fourth Week Without Negotiations in Progress
    • Indigenisation rules to affect local whites, Asians
    • 20 diamond miners short-listed for Chiadzwa
    • Lost Jewish tribe 'found in Zimbabwe'
    • Zimbabwe’s MDC launches ethics code for party officials
    • MDC throws commeroration rally
    • Zimbabwe tourism body promotes ‘fan park’ concept for FIFA World Cup
    • Oscar nomination for ‘Music by Prudence’ about disabled Zimbabwean singer Prudence Mabhena
    • Bitterness and unease in bankrupt Zimbabwe
    • Sanctions Still Needed For Zimbabwe Reforms
    • Zimbabwe: what many have to forgive, forget
    • All are welcome
    • Sanctions Still Needed For Zimbabwe Reforms
    • Zimbabwe: what many have to forgive, forget
    • All are welcome
  38. Posted 6/3/10
    • Zimbabwe To Compensate White Commercial Farmers
    • Zuma urged to arrange early Zim elections
    • Mugabe says elections next year with or without new constitution
    • Zuma urges progress on Zimbabwe after sanctions rebuff
    • South Africa president Jacob Zuma faces angry protest
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Protest at South Africa House to greet President Zuma – 5th March 2010
    • Stock exchange suffers big losses over indigenization law
    • Harare Residents: Too Early to Lift International Restrictions
    • Tsvangirai's sanctions comment fuels state media propaganda
    • Zambezi Authority issues floods warning
    • 10 families marooned
    • GMB to retrench 2000
    • Text message threats
    • 200 Zimbabweans currently detained in UK
    • Mpumalanga teacher shortages a blessing for Zimbabweans
    • ROHR Zimbabwe News Alert
    • Tales of Witchcraft Abound in Zimbabwe
    • Dual Citizenship for Zimbabweans Abroad: The Debate
    • A letter from the diaspora
  39. Batch 2 Posted 5/3/10
    • CIO probes Tsvangirai incident
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai's MDC Assesses 'Deteriorating' Political Climate
    • Zimbabwe House Ratifies Investment Pact With S. Africa Amid Indigenization Debate
    • SA opposition again lashes out at Zuma
    • Recovery rattled
    • CORRECTED HOT SEAT: PART 1 - Harare Mayor Much Masunda
    • Why the Past Is Not the Past in Zimbabwe
    • UNESCO may relegate Victoria Falls
    • Zimbabwe beat West Indies by two runs
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 693- Dated 2 March 2010
    • Zim democratic transition remains at risk –– ICG
    • Govt reprieve for ZSE
    • Sanctions: MDC-T MPs take Tsvangirai to task
    • Govt accuses De Beers of looting Chiadzwa
    • Police destroy home on orders from spirit medium
    • Bootlicking galore in Mugabe b’day messages
    • New constitution: Where Zanu PF, MDC-T and NCA diverge
    • ...president defends controversial diamond deals
    • I won’t quit — Mugabe
    • ‘Government revising empowerment rules’
    • ZSE trading vulnerable to manipulation— analysts
    • ZSE one year on: Political uncertainty blights recovery
    • Muckraker: Put your money where your mouth is, Sizzla!
    • Eric Bloch: Right objective, wrong methodology
    • Mugabe utterances: Populism or detachment?
    • Zanu PF must lift sanctions on the people
    • Romance could shape Tsvangirai’s political destiny
    • Candid Comment: Indigenisation threatens economic recovery
    • Comment: It’s not OK Mr Zuma
    • Editor's Memo: Sanctions an indictment of unity government
    • CIO probes Tsvangirai incident
  40. Posted 5/3/10
    • UK resists Zuma’s pressure on Zim sanctions
    • Brown and Zuma call for continued progress in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe says to seek re-election if party says yes
    • Robert Mugabe has backed David Cameron to win the election
    • Zim refugees 'straining' South Africa: Zuma
    • PM narrowly escapes serious car accident
    • MDC requests SADC to mediate in deadlocked negotiations
    • Parties near Gono, Tomana deal: Ncube
    • Education Minister says no child should be sent home over fees
    • An Open Letter to Abbey Chikane, the New KP Monitor for Zimbabwe
    • Civil society warns of worsening rights abuse
    • ZESA continues to frustrate consumers
    • President Tsvangirai to open MDC regalia shop
    • Zimbabwe: Weekly bulletin #8 - week ending 1 March 2010
    • ANALYSIS-Slow reforms will prolong Zimbabwe unity govt
    • A tribe in trouble
  41. Batch 2 Posted 4/3/10
    • 'It has never been so bad': Zimbabwean human rights lawyers under attack
    • Civil society appeals for govt protection
    • MDC convenes meeting on worsening situation
    • Harare reviews firm seizure laws
    • Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Trading Volume Slumps on Indigenization Fears
    • South African courts come to the aid of white Zimbabwean farmers
    • Botswana Supports Call For West To Lift Sanctions Against Harare In Sign Of Thawing Relations
    • Army officers resist Mugabe Independence parade
    • Zanu PF politburo: Why we must be afraid
    • Zimbabwe: Political and Security Challenges to the Transition
    • “Hallelujah” moments
    • An idea for Zimbabwe?
  42. Posted 4/3/10
    • Zimbabwe to review local ownership law: minister
    • Indigenisation law to dominate Council of Ministers meeting Thursday
    • State agriculture utility to let farms
    • Zimbabwe Diamonds Center Stage in Harare as Parliament Probes Gov't Deals
    • Zimbabwe: Political and Security Challenges to the Transition
    • Zimbabwe mulls decommissioning Hwange power plant
    • Zuma backs end to Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Obama Extends Sanctions Against Zimbabwe’s Mugabe
    • International labour org urged to intervene in Zim union’s harassment
    • NUST students expelled, curfew imposed
    • Civic leaders complain of death threats
    • Five years for possession of diamonds
    • DFID's assistance to Zim discussed in UK parly
    • Property rights will stop food hand-outs in Zimbabwe-Theron
    • ZAPU congress deferred again
    • UK labour group urges Zuma to remain firm on Zim sanctions
    • SA moves to ensure productivity on farms
    • Namibia helps Zim clean-up diamond industry
    • Investors in S. African Mining Firm Urge It to Put Zimbabwe Investments on Hold
    • Zimbabweans in London protest to Zuma
    • Idasa February 2010 GNU Watch
    • Zimbabwe is not a one-party state
    • Zimbabwe: Esther's story
    • Zimbabwe's forgotten children, struggling to survive
    • A new Mugabe? article from 1980
  43. Posted 3/3/10
    • Obama Extends Sanctions on Zimbabwe Leaders
    • Diamond monitor arrives in Zim
    • Zimbabwe produces 2 mln carats of diamonds -govt
    • Outrage as journalist arrested for third time in five weeks
    • Photojournalist Manyere freed
    • Zimbabwe Stock Exchange feeling effects of new policy
    • Zimbabwe needs foreign capital - Mandiwanza
    • Union leader flees to South Africa
    • Zim, Botswana in rare show of solidarity
    • Drought destroys 200,000ha of maize in Zimbabwe
    • Judge allows evidence of telecoms engineer
    • Zimbabwean man jailed for US tax fraud
    • ZESA acquires 10 000 prepaid power meters
    • MDC officials to declare assets every year
    • MDC youths vow to defend Tsvangirai
    • Man arrested for spreading pics of Mugabe’s mansion
    • Constitution in the Limelight
    • Release of rhino poachers exposes widespread enforcement failures
    • Bridging the knowledge gap: Indigenisation, empowerment
  44. Posted 2/3/10
    • Controversial ‘indigenisation’ law takes effect
    • Zimbabwe local ownership law could hurt recovery: unions
    • Zuma urged to take ‘decisive stand’ on Zim
    • Entire union leadership in hiding over police threats
    • Arrested again
    • ZANU PF councillor victimises Crisis Coalition team
    • ZRP does not deserve UN peace keeping duties
    • WOZA leaders meet with Ministers of Home Affairs
    • Army officials lease land to whites
    • Council begs ministers to pay up … outstanding bills of $3,7 million
    • Clinton announces 2010 winners of Intl Women of Courage Award
    • Zimbabwean makes fresh plea for detention release
    • Informal Sector Lures University Graduates
    • Critics slam Mugabe’s ‘senseless’ birthday party
    • Kate Hoey speaks at launch of Southwark’s Zimbabwe link
    • More Harm than Good
    • Mabvuku-Tafara residents relieved …as Council decides to regularize ‘illegal structures’
  45. Batch 2 Posted 1/3/10
    • Bob is 'God's gift to Africa'
    • Zimbabwe unionists go to ground
    • Mugabe forces handover of white-owned companies to black Zimbabweans
    • We will pull out of KP: Mpofu
    • Mpofu denies corruption in diamonds
    • 45 days to draft share disposal plans
    • Measles claim 110 lives: Gvt, WHO
    • Mugabe thanks forces for protecting him
    • Mugabe appeals to youths over sanctions
    • Zimbabwe stun Windies in Twenty20
    • Victoria Falls World Heritage status under threat
    • Zimbabwean deminers clear deadly legacy of Falklands war
  46. Posted 1/3/10
    • Farmworkers union officers in hiding after police raids
    • Women in Zimbabwe: “We want a future”
    • Zimbabwe ready to pull out of Kimberly Process, says minister
    • Zimbabwe: Mugabe in eye of conflict diamond storm
    • ZIMBABWE: University's funds looted, intakes frozen
    • Sibanda bounces back as new ZUJ president
    • We’re taking white-owned companies!
    • Zanu PF plays hardball over dual citizenship
    • HRT Vindicated on Alleged Corruption by City Councillors in Highfield
    • For Mugabe's children, life gets tougher and tougher
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 27th February 2010
    • One year after the formation of the inclusive government : which way Zimbabwe?
    • Bill Watch 7/2010 of 27th February 2010 [Indigenisation Regulations in Force March 1st]
    • Bill Watch Special of 28th February 2010 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 1st - 5th March]

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