The ZIMBABWE Situation

May 2010 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/5/10
    • Zimbabwe’s Muzhingi wins Comrades Marathon
    • Govt spied on diamond monitor
    • PM Tsvangirai finds new love
    • Government abandons Maguta
    • 75 cars held in RBZ probe
    • Job Sikhala charged with insulting Mugabe
    • Poor sanitation spawns contagious diseases
    • MDC activists suffer and die alone
    • No disciplinary action for demeaning Nkomo
    • WHO guidelines a threat to golden leaf producers
    • In the courts: Men’s ears land him in court
    • Councillors push for directors’ ouster
    • BILL WATCH SPECIAL House of Assembly Portfolio Committees & Senate Thematic Committees: Open Meetings 31st May to 4th June
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 29th May 2010
    • Zimbabwe: Analysis of Trade, Regional Integration
    • Zimbabwe paper says US is trying to stop Zimbabwe from selling its diamonds internationally
  2. Posted 30/5/10
    • Commemoration of UN Peacekeepers 29/5/10
    • Zimbabwe Donors Set Oslo Meeting to Discuss Unity Gov't Progress, Funding Options
    • South Africa's neighbors look for tourism to kick in
    • Lost ark or African treasure? Relic stirs passions
    • Diamonds are forever for Mugabe
    • 'Mines won't be taken'
    • Roadrunners
  3. Posted 29/5/10
    • Zimbabwe Weekly update – week ending Tuesday 25 May 2010
    • Zimbabwean Legislator Urges Mandatory Financial Disclosure by Public Officials
    • Zimbabwe: Liquidity Crunch Takes Toll On ZSE
    • Zimbabwe: Energy Crisis Set to Worsen
    • UNICEF seeks US$17 million to help ‘fragile’ Zim
    • Police clamp down on diamond rights group
    • Australia demands removal of Mugabe before aid for Zim
    • MDC MP summoned to court over a case dating back to 2002
    • Student leaders hospitalised after CIO assault
    • Analysts fear Chiweshe’s appointment may influence next election
    • MDC-USA condemns Mahoso new role in ZMC
    • With Licensing of New Zimbabwean Daily Papers, Media Demands Airwave Reforms
    • Millions of Children at Risk of Measles in Zimbabwe
    • ZIMBABWE: Life is just not getting any better
    • Book Review: Zimbabwe: Years Of Hope And Despair
    • Soccer : Brazil To Face Zimbabwe
    • Cricket : Zimbabwe claims shock win over India
  4. Posted 28/5/10
    • Heated debate on national healing programme
    • Zim set to be cleared for diamond sale, despite ongoing abuses
    • Gay rights pair finally released on bail
    • Daily News promises to come back with a bang
    • Apostolic sect accuse ZANU PF of abducting prophet in Mozambique
    • RBZ owes farmers US$20m — CFU
    • Zim faces new cholera threat
    • Mugabe should apologise for Gukurahundi –– Khupe
    • Mugabe must go first –– Australia
    • Joyce Meyer, Hillsong headed for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai says elections to go ahead
    • Army to leave Chiadzwa fields
    • Air Zim management under investigation
    • Muckraker: Mischief galore as ZMC gets smothering embrace
    • Eric Bloch: Increasing employer and worker divide
  5. Posted 27/5/10
    • Zimbabweans in UK to be consulted on British Policy
    • Zimbabwe allows four new private newspapers
    • UNICEF Humanitarian Action Update: Zimbabwe - 26 May 2010
    • Kimberly Process Issues Advisory on Zimbabwe Diamonds as Monitor Tours Field
    • Envoy calls US official ‘house slave’
    • New dailies get licences
    • PM gets honorary doctorate
    • RioZim mulls $40mil rights issues
    • ZAPU wants Mugabe to return properties
    • Tri-series is a step in Zimbabwe's development
  6. Posted 26/5/10
    • Zimbabweans Mark Africa Day But Observers Say Country Falls Short of AU Ideals
    • Zimbabwe sees 7% growth, rues $6.2 bln debt
    • Indian cricketers to test bench strength in Zimbabwe
    • Former cricketer from Zimbabwe, Henry Olonga, sings and tells tales in Epsom
    • Zimbabwe government urged to act on 700,000 destitute evictees
    • MISA-Zimbabwe statement on the ZMC developments
    • Outspoken South African youth leader praises Robert Mugabe's land grab policy
    • Zimbabwe needs a Communist Party: Mlilo
    • Zimbabwe growth may slow without reforms
  7. Posted 25/5/10
    • Battle over Zim poll report
    • Mail & Guardian in court for Zim report
    • Tsvangirai to confront Mugabe over appointment of judges
    • Police press fresh charges against employees of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ)
    • Bennett to sue over state media lies
    • MDC-99 leader Sikhala launches verbal attack on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe to top agenda at international diamond talks
    • MDC Senator In Trouble Over Mugabe Song
    • ZESA denies plans to export power to SA
    • Power cuts forced hospital to throw away meat, drugs
    • Student’s body endorses ZINASU unity pact
    • MDC UK Chairman Says Indigenization Enriches The Rich
    • The Herald goes berserk, resorts to yellow journalism
    • Facing ourselves through the art of Zimbabwean refugee children in South Africa
    • Bill Watch Special of 23rd May 2010 [No Parliamentary Committee Meetings 24th to 28th May]
  8. Posted 24/5/10
    • KP monitor expected in Harare
    • African parties to meet in Kampala
    • Poor roads, corruption blamed for high Zimbabwe death toll
    • Zim ratifies trade pact with SA
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai in Seoul to promote Zimbabwe-Korea ties
    • Harare Council Financial Director Linked To Land Scandal Resigns
    • Zimbabwe Prisons Boss fired for corruption
    • Country to Go for Poll
    • Norway increases humanitarian aid to Zimbabwe
    • Brain drain graduates must repay state aid
    • AFRICA: Research concentrated in three countries
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 22nd May 2010
    • Speak out for the elephants
    • Zimbabwe should adopt a responsible borrowing policy
  9. Batch 2 Posted 23/5/10
    • State assets plundered
    • Principals to meet
    • Zanu PF embarrasses VP Nkomo
    • Job Sikhala charged with insulting Mugabe
    • Angry Tsvangirai takes on Mugabe
    • 75 cars held in RBZ probe
    • Chombo risks lawsuit
    • Broke GMB can’t pay farmers
    • I’m not finished yet says Makoni
    • Zapu congress pencilled in for August
    • Mushonga estate dispute: gender activists join the fray
    • Ngozi: primitive superstition or reality?
    • After Murambatsvina: shattered dreams and broken promises
    • HIV researchers congregate in the US
    • Vapositori in climb-down over immunisation
    • Cash boost for tourism industry
    • Zim woman at world gathering
    • Zim firms for Ghana business indaba
    • Comment: Govt has responsibility for Murambatsvina victims
    • Sundayopinion: Organ on national healing a farce
    • Editor's Desk: Region sliding back to its autocratic past
    • Sundayview: Circumcision campaign and Russian roulette
    • Zim cricket to be re-invented
  10. Posted 23/5/10
    • Zim's Vice President Booed By Zanu (PF) Supporters
    • Chiweshe Appointment Could Be Short Lived
    • Deal on Police Security Paves Way for Launch of Zimbabwe Constitutional Outreach
    • Reforms body says outreach starts June 15
    • PM Tsvangirai Urges Southern Africa Tap Zambezi as Water Source
    • Zambia Resisting To Ratify Water Commission
    • Zim to process, sell diamonds
    • Two GALZ Members Arrested
    • Zimra Raids Service Stations Linked to Gono
    • Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Dismisses Report It Is Financially Distressed
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Begging From Donors
    • Overflowing Toilets Disrupt Business At Rainbow Towers Hotel
    • Arts festival a big hit
    • The ‘dollarisation’ of street life
  11. Posted 22/5/10
    • Bennett gets his missing passport back
    • Job Sikhala arrested over party launch meeting
    • Mugabe unilaterally appoints judges as MDC cry foul
    • ZESA Officials Demanding Bribes To Attend To Faults
    • Conservationists slam Mugabe’s ‘Ark of death’ bound for North Korea
    • Prime Minister travelling to South Korea
    • Police clamp down on Gweru community radio
    • Norway to increase humanitarian assistance to Zimbabwe
    • Tourism up over 86%
    • More Hurdles For Zim's Constitutional Making Process
    • Apostolic Sects Promise to Cooperate With National Immunization Drive
    • Zimbabwe Prison Services boss steals from recruits
    • Despite Legislation, Zimbabwean Widows Often Unable to Assert Property Rights
    • NANGO Mulls Pulling Out Of Constitution Making Process
    • Is Mugabe The New Idi Amin?
    • A letter from the diaspora
  12. Batch 2 Posted 21/5/10
    • Mugabe ally appointed judge president
    • ZCTU calls for fresh presidential poll
    • Zim platinum giant announces major investment plans
    • Security for constitutional outreach secured: Minister
    • Zimbabwe Power Utility Scuttles Reported Export Deal with S. Africa's Eskom
    • Zanu PF fights over Malema
    • Govt illegally exporting diamonds to Dubai
    • Power struggles rock constitutional process
    • Controversy as Mugabe swears-in judges
    • Mutsekwa in protests ban U-turn
    • Slash mining exploration levy — Musukutwa
    • GNU has failed the nation — Makoni
    • Zisco debt: Zimbabwe properties face auction
    • Bennett passport location shrouded in mystery
    • Court orders probe into torture allegations
    • Anglican church: More sparring than praying
    • Van Hoog nominates three more directors for RTG
    • Power cuts switching off economic growth
    • Golden prospects for ACR
    • Muckraker: Zanu PF knocks rule of law on its head
    • Eric Bloch: Multicurrency, rand or Zimdollar?
    • ‘Times have changed for Tory, Zanu PF relations’
    • Liquidity crunch threatens economic gains
    • Candid Comment: Zim’s World Cup benefits illusion stripped naked
    • Editor's Memo: Zupco rot emblematic of parastatals
    • Comment: Another body blow for investment
  13. Posted 21/5/10
    • Zimbabwe Home Affairs Official Disclaims Move to Ban Protests During World Cup
    • Women beaten as violence spreads to rural village
    • Inyathi farmer arrested as state intimidation continues
    • Southern African Water Ministers Gather in Bulawayo to Discuss Zambezi Use
    • Cabinet Defers Debate on Indigenization, But Revisions Said to Proceed
    • Media Commission Seen Issuing First Newspaper Licenses Next Week
    • Zimplats mulls Zimbabwe refinery, mine expansion on
    • CIO bars civic meetings in Mashonaland
    • Range of state radio broadcasts increases
    • Chombo suspends Bindura mayor over purchase of council vehicles
    • Murdered MDC activist’s body spends year in mortuary
    • Tensions in Zimbabwe Unity Government Now Revolve Around Bennett Treason Case
    • Makoni Calls For Red T Shirt Style Protests
    • Million Dollars Worth of Illegal Ivory Seized, 41 Arrested
    • Pupils might get own textbooks
    • Corruption at ZESA
    • MDC condemns Mahoso appointment to the ZMC
    • Question Zimbabwe’s police
    • Arrest one, imprison all in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 15
    • Constitution Watch 6/2010 - 20th May [Revised Outreach Talking Points]
  14. Posted 20/5/10
    • Mugabe: MDC in same camp as our enemies
    • North Korea 'will not' travel to Zimbabwe pre-World Cup
    • Army behind political violence in Manicaland
    • Deadline for proposals on Indigenization law extended
    • Zimbabwe miners offer compromise on local ownership law
    • Zimbabwe '10 gold output to double despite hurdles
    • Five more countries to buy animals from Zim
    • Minister Misihairabwi ‘forced’ to give up late husband’s estate
    • Court case against Masvingo journalist and editor thrown out
    • US$500 000 availed for road dualisation study
    • Praise From Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei for Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe
    • Tariro Masayiti: From general hand to world’s leading winemaker
    • Students’ Trial Further Postponed
    • Donors query presence of media hangman at ZMC
    • Government faces multi million dollar lawsuit over land ‘reform’
    • Zim firm mulls US$3b power plant
    • Reduce bills – civil servants
    • Zimbabweans Threatened With Xenophobia Attacks After World Cup
    • Zimbabwe's Meikles to revamp hotels, supermarkets
    • HOT SEAT: (Part1) Is Zimbabwe 's national healing programme a fake?
    • Ambassador to Sudan Hilda Suka-Mafudze on BTH
    • Corruption of the inner circle
    • Otieno at the Southwark Playhouse
    • Zimbabwe Weekly update
    • Bill Watch 20/2010 - 19th May [Deadline for Indigenisation Plans Extended to 30th June]
  15. Posted 19/5/10
    • Zimbabwe's 700,000 victims of forced eviction still ignored five years on
    • No protests during FIFA World Cup
    • MDC-T expels 5 youths over intra-party violence
    • ZMC must explain licensing delays: PM
    • Case Against Masvingo Publisher And Journalist Thrown Out
    • Diamond mine lawyer briefly detained
    • Norway Ambassador Blasts Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Leaders
    • Massive Claim Against Zim Govt
    • FIFA plans to bus in Zimbabweans To Watch World Cup
    • SAfrica seeks to reassure fans with security show
    • Zimbabwe Extends Deadline for Proposals on Black Ownership Law
    • 600 Zimbabwe Companies Register For Indigenisation
    • Donors Shun Zimbabwe Media Commission
    • Zim says animal exports to DPRK pure business
    • War 'Vets' block food aid to HIV orphans
    • Zimbabwe Winemaker Makes World Cup First
    • Appointing Bennett to another ministry – a serious breach of GPA
    • Government set to clash with vapostori over measles vaccination campaign
    • Health Minister wants a slice of tollgate fees
    • Zimbabwe's National Oil Company in Bid to Raise Equity Capital; Experts Skeptical
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Revision Planners Say Security Not Their Responsibility
    • ‘Desperate’ Zim asylum seeker in UK takes overdose
    • Vehicle pollution to be monitored, stiff penalties to be imposed
    • IOM Provides Permanent Housing for Flood Victims
    • More young Zimbabweans needed to enter mainstream politics –Lloyd Msipa
    • CHRA conducts a clean- up campaign in Mabvuku
    • Zimbabwe needs a money laundry!
    • Bridging the knowledge gap: The powerless majority
    • Bill Watch 19/2010 - 17th May [Bennett Case - State Appeal: Politics or Law?]
  16. Posted 18/5/10
    • ZANU PF wants only 10 white farmers in province
    • SADC must set roadmap for polls: Tsvangirai
    • Uniformed soldiers terrorise villagers in Makoni South
    • Tsvangirai under pressure to confront Mugabe
    • Zim Media Commission Entangled In Financial And Logistical Problems
    • Zimbabwe mineworkers call off strike, head to court
    • Poll sets Mugabe panicking
    • Warning of xenophobic violence in South Africa after World Cup
    • Report: Chinese Soldiers Working at Marange Diamond Mine
    • Mugabe has no right to appoint Ministers-Tsvangirai
    • Bikita Residents At Risk Of Crocodile Attacks
    • MDC resolutions following its national council meeting at the weekend
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyer Honoured
    • Sikhala describes national healing process as satanic and demonic
    • Tsitsi Dangarembga joins the MDC-M leadership
    • Libyan air crash victim to be buried in Redcliff
    • Gukurahundi artist says his persecution helps get point across
    • Viewpoint: Catholic priest defends beleaguered Anglicans in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe GNU Watch April 2010
    • Application for leave to persecute Bennett, mischievous
  17. Posted 17/5/10
    • Zimbabwe PM accuses outsiders in party violence
    • Tsvangirai urges SADC summit to end govt stalemate
    • Zim debt surges to US$6b
    • Chinese firm reported to have been awarded Chiadzwa mining rights
    • Diamonds: Zim’s economic recovery
    • Zimbabwe prime minister wants aide to join Cabinet
    • Inclusive Government Has Failed - Dabengwa
    • European bank attaches Zim property
    • Hotel occupancy up at Vic Falls
    • Donors Develop Fatigue Over Zimbabwe
    • Africa guilty of "conspiracy of silence": PM
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 15th May 2010
  18. Batch 3 Posted 16/5/10
    • Bob's consulate grabbed
    • 7 more Zimbabwean houses seized
    • Big bank about to go belly up
    • Farmers seek legal action over RBZ debts
    • LonZim confident of Zim recovery
    • Manicaland villagers turn to Madhumbe
    • Political pressure on Tomana over Bennett
    • Abducted MDC activist's wife destitute
    • Justice is inevitable
    • It's time to tackle Gukurahundi once and for all
  19. Batch 2 Posted 16/5/10
    • Tsvangirai grilled
    • ‘Gukurahundi artist’ takes case to High Court
    • Two Zimbabweans killed in Libya air crash
    • Government bans demos
    • In the courts
    • Women say environment not good for constitution outreach
    • Further delays to media licensing
    • Is the Makone dynasty splitting MDC-T?
    • Mzembi presses criminal defamation charges against journalists
    • Enemies of yesteryear now buddies
    • Bennett joins elite club of treason survivors
    • Avenging spirits torment Zanu PF terror militia
    • Hope for Mtshabezi treats Umzingwane for free
    • Grannies gather for Aids summit
    • NRZ faces collapse
    • New shuttle air services to Zim resorts
    • Load-shedding hampering beer production
    • Zimbabwe a hub of piracy
    • Textile workers sing the blues
    • US$50m bond on the cards
    • Sundayview: Putting the Anglican saga into perspective (II)
    • Editor's Memo: Mudenge rubbishes GNU while MDC acquiesces
    • Sunday Opinion: No fight in MDC over salaries
    • Comment: Lessons from Britain’s elections
  20. Posted 16/5/10
    • At last I’m not a criminal any more – I have a press card
    • It’s Aloota Continua!
    • Mugabe embarks on 5-day trip to Iran
    • ACR says govt on intimidation campaign
    • Zim, SA set up one-stop border facility
    • Parks deny Mugabe hand in animal exports
    • UNICEF threatens to withdraw supplying Zimbabwe water chemicals
    • Workers to auction Air Zimbabwe jets for unpaid salaries
    • Zimbabwe Civil Servants Urge Lower Electric Bills Pending General Pay Increases
    • Five Million Zimbabwean Children To Be Immunized Against Seven Killer Diseases
    • Zimbabwe Activists Pressure Harare for Accountability on Diamond Operations
    • Mugabe Nephew in Alliance With Militants to Purchase Shares of Zimbabwe's Telecel
    • Law and order breakdown leading to wildlife wipeout, group claims
    • The UK elections as seen by Zanu (PF)
    • Africa’s Macbeth may finally be tired of war
    • Muckraker: Bennett: Zanu PF out of sync with public mood
    • Candid comment: Rhetoric will not fool investors
    • Inclusive government ‘uneasy yet progressive’
    • Persecution
    • Bill Watch Special of 15th May 2010 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 17th to 21st May]
  21. Posted 15/5/10
    • Principals mull cabinet reshuffle
    • Zimbabwe April inflation accelerates to 4.8 pct
    • Chaos as Zanu PF youths demand salaries
    • MDC-T to convene crisis meeting over the weekend
    • Bennett acquittal & appeal to dominate principals’ meeting on Monday
    • Bennett’s lawyer files police report over stolen passport
    • How Mugabe gatecrashed economic forum
    • Mat North police turn to public to finance operations
    • South Africa, Zimbabwe agree faster border processing
    • Zanu exploits latest MDC rift
    • Bulawayo residents threaten to take ZESA to court
    • 2000 carats of diamonds smuggled out of Chiadzwa per day
    • Zimbabwe mining strike hits gold, not platinum
    • Zimbabwe culture festival battles against the odds
    • Zuma’s approach to Zimbabwe is both disingenuous and misleading
    • A letter from the diaspora
  22. Batch 3 Posted 14/5/10
    • Zim Justice Minister behind Bennett appeal
    • Principals stalling Harare talks: SA envoy
    • Zuma Facilitators To Engage Zimbabwe On Bennett
    • Zimbabwe Deputy PM Assures Civil Servants Harare Working on Pay Solution
    • Chinese firm granted mining rights at Chiadzwa
    • Cop shot in encounter with suspected poachers
    • Women on the Talking Points and Demands on the Constitution
    • Ms. Letty Chiwara (Zimbabwe) appointed as the Chief of UNIFEM’s Africa section in New York
    • More Information about the article " Mugabe and Tsvangirai taken to court "
  23. Batch 2 Posted 14/5/10
    • AG’s conduct criminal –– Bennett
    • Anglican Diocese appeals against Kunonga court ruling
    • Gossip a threat to MDC cohesion –– Tsvangirai
    • Dual citizenship would boost Zim forex inflows
    • Violence fears as war vets mobilise against constitution
    • Mineworkers down tools
    • The football feast
    • Regional leaders can’t deal with Zanu PF –– analysts
    • Leo Mugabe eyeing 20% Telecel stake
    • Agribank set to cut branches, lay-off staff
    • Law threatens cement production
    • Telescope: Ministers not below poverty datum line
    • Mugabe retains firm grip on foreign affairs
    • Tomana must resign now!
    • Eric Bloch: President, prime minister misinformed
    • Muckraker: Mugabe sticking to stale old mantras
    • No grounds for state appeal
    • Editor's Memo: Democratisation now without delay
  24. Posted 14/5/10
    • Mugabe orders an ‘Ark’ of animals for North Korea
    • MDC to convene meeting of its supreme decision making body
    • Mugabe’s ‘nephew’ takes opposition member’s passport
    • Zimbabwe mine workers strike over low pay
    • Zimbabwe’s debt now at US$5,8 billion
    • 300 Zimbabweans Seeking Asylum In SA Daily
    • Journalist spying on journalist, on behalf of the CIO?
    • Dirty diamond deals
    • Election rigger lands top post
    • Zim on IMF agenda
    • Send constitution monitors to Zim - Robinson
    • ZPF threats displace Shamva residents
    • ZLHR Responds to Statement Issued by ZINASU
    • New travel document gets you nowhere
    • Hunger Taking Its Toll In Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Measles Outbreak - Summary by District - As at 2 May 2010
    • CHRA to conduct a clean-up campaign in Mabvuku
  25. Batch 2 Posted 13/5/10
    • EU, SA urge Harare to fully implement pact
    • Zim begins vital information gathering
    • Commercial Farmers Union appeals to the world over land issue
    • Bennett's Passport Goes Missing
    • Zimbabwe Utility Said in Talks with South Africa to Provide World Cup Power Boost
    • Three Zimbabwe Red Cross Officials Receive Live Bullets
    • ZUJ Executive Committee Member Accused Of Causing Editor's Arrest
    • Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Sees Opportunity in Installation of Conservative-Led UK Gov't
    • Ambassador Trudy Stevenson on BTH
    • No appetite for new election
    • 'This is just the tip of the iceberg'
    • ZCTF Report - May 2010
  26. Posted 13/5/10
    • State plans to appeal Bennett acquittal and has confiscated his passport
    • ZANU PF terror campaign in Mudzi & Muzarabani
    • Violent farm robberies on the rise
    • UK registered diamond mine official released on bail
    • Police stop MDC-T MP & musician Madzore from performing
    • SA And EU Call For Urgent Political Solution In Zimbabwe
    • Zim miners embark on strike
    • South African platinum miner suspends Zimbabwe programme
    • Mugabe and Tsvangirai taken to court
    • Zim census set for August 2012
    • Zimbabwe Premier Tsvangirai Sees New Constitution This Year, Elections in 2011
    • No Decision by Zimbabwe Cabinet on Controversial North Korean Soccer Team Visit
    • Tsvangirai Receives NDI Award
    • Letters expose Chombo’s complicity in deals
    • 100 RBZ buses attached over debt
    • NCA property attached over debt to consultant
    • CIO agent shot over phony nuclear substance
    • Zim-EU trade ties set to improve
    • Food assessment remains bleak as winter months approach
    • Zesa under fire
    • Go home you poor child
    • Prostitutes flock to South Africa ahead of World Cup 2010
    • On Zimbabwe's death row without a lawyer
    • Deranged ZANU-PF chief orders destruction of church, bans bible
    • Zimbabwe Weekly update
    • Learning about the Constitution; Helping to put it together
  27. Posted 12/5/10
    • Bennett says ZANU PF still out to get him
    • Zimbabwe's Bennett Promises To Expose Corruption
    • Zimbabwe lawyers to block Bennett swearing-in as minister
    • Job Sikhala forms new party and calls it MDC-99
    • Police intimidate Masvingo journalist to reveal sources
    • Chinese soldiers hired to mine Marange diamonds
    • High Court orders Zanu pf man to vacate Friedenthal farm
    • Zimbabwe FM Biti Vows Crackdown on Spendthrift Foreign Travel by Ministers
    • Zimbabwe’s Ghost Civil servants audit complete
    • Outrage as Zim refugee camp in South Africa faces closure
    • Zimbabwe to export electricity to SA for World Cup
    • Referendum on Revised Zimbabwe Constitution Expected Early Next Year
    • Zim faces 500 000t cereal deficit: WFP
    • Bennett acquittal an indictment against AG's office: MDC
    • Clinton, Tsvangirai discuss democratic reform in Zimbabwe
    • US shows no sign of lifting Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Police disrupt MDC musician’s show
    • UK-Zimbabweans and the coming change
    • Mukuru launches project to help disadvantaged musicians
    • HOT SEAT: Mutambara clarifies his position on elections
    • Bennett Exonerated, Prosecutor Loses Face
    • Zimbabwe National Healing program makes headway with many partnerships
  28. Posted 11/5/10
    • Roy Bennett acquitted on all charges
    • Anglican Church Denies Kunonga Has Control Of Church Assets
    • Consumer breadbasket to continue downward trend
    • Coltart to introduce civic education in the Education curricular
    • Prime Minister in America to receive human rights award
    • Mtukudzi to release national healing album
    • Police harass Masvingo journalist
    • Zim to export power to SA for World Cup
    • Air Zimbabwe fails to pay workers
    • Amnesty International - Zimbabwe: call for end to harassment of opponents after Roy Bennett acquittal
    • Judge who kept Mugabe in power to be promoted
    • Freddie Matonhodze, "We fear there could be a blood bath"
    • Homosexuality and gender cloud constitution making process
    • Zimbabwe's roads have become death trips
    • Ex electoral commission chairman could be appointed Judge President
    • Legislation on Zimbabwe Must Align U.S. Policy with Democratic and Reconstruction Aspirations
    • Comprehensive Economic Recovery in Zimbabwe - Working Paper 11
    • The great betrayal
    • Will terrorism acquittal of MDC's Roy Bennett salvage Zimbabwe unity government?
    • Bennett acquittal could signal next Zimbabwe battle
    • Bridging the knowledge gap: A fair Africa
    • Bill Watch Special of 9th May 2010 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 10th to 14th May]
  29. Batch 2 Posted 10/5/10
    • New constitution by April says Matinenga
    • Governor stops clean-up campaign
    • In the courts
    • Salaries discord tests Tsvangirai’s credentials
    • Anger boils over cotton price
    • Mbete’s sanctions speech angers MDC-T
    • ‘Zimbabwe not yet ready for elections’
    • Curriculum lagging behind global trends
    • Hunger stalks Buhera villagers
    • ZPS bars outside provisions
    • Company raises awareness to curb typhoid spread
    • ZITF plans to build hotel
    • Comesa moves towards tripartite free trade area
    • NetOne funds World Cup fan parks
    • Editor's Desk: Can the dung beetle ever clean its act?
    • Sundayview: Putting the Anglican saga into perspective
    • Sundayopinion: Sanctions are evil, retrogressive
    • Comment: Liberation movements trapped in time warp
  30. Posted 10/5/10
    • Tsvangirai Meets Supporters Over MDC Rift
    • Job Sikhala launches massive national party for elections
    • Zimbabweans may be left in the dark for World Cup
    • ZIMBABWE: Region commits to rebuilding universities
    • Masvingo Journalist On the Run After Threats
    • Mugabe opponent facing execution over terror charges
    • Response of Harare Diocese to Kunonga ruling
    • Rights lobby wants justice for murdered farmer
    • Zim's malaria time bomb
    • AG's wings set to be clipped
    • Dual citizenship row splits Zanu-PF
    • The MDC wars
    • Mining firms opt for generators
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 8th May 2010
    • Indigenisation, a personal enrichment exercise
    • Storm not yet over Mr Prime Minister
  31. Posted 9/5/10
    • Zim no longer risky for investors: Tsvangirai
    • Southern African Regional Leader Kabila Sends Envoy to Press Harare on Talks
    • 'Africa needs fresh look at farming strategy'
    • Zimbabwe Prison Service bans prisoner food handouts
    • National Democratic Institute Anniversary Dinner with Zimabwe Prime Minister Tsvangirai and Choco Women of Colombia
    • Tuku To Compose National Healing Album
    • Zimbabwe Financial Institutions Resume Mortgage Loans - But Many Don't Qualify
    • Councillor’s business worries
    • Baboons outwit Beitbridge border staff
    • Ghana will walk with you Zimbabwe -John Mahama
    • Where is everyone
  32. Posted 8/5/10
    • Leaders slam unity govt
    • ACR diamond company official locked up at Matapi police station
    • Police Bar Journalists March
    • Over 500 MDC youths protest for justice in Bulawayo
    • Chaos As Government Recuits Teachers At Night
    • Zimbabwe Econet to spend $300 mln on network
    • Opposition infighting raises spectre of violence
    • N Korea in Zim 'a problem'
    • De Doorns refuge camp to be cleared
    • Mbete fails to mend fences in Zimbabwe
    • Rodents pose new health threat in Zimbabwe's towns
    • Opinion: Mugabe retains grip on foreign affairs
    • Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Minister answers questions from the public
    • A letter from the diaspora
  33. Batch 2 Posted 7/5/10
    • Harare mayor’s defamation trial postponed
    • Sanctions law changes will widen Zim divisions: analysts
    • Zimbabwean Firm Introduces Solar Phone to a Country Often Lacking Electric Power
    • Kabila intervenes in talks dispute
    • Mukonoweshuro attacks Biti on salary freeze saga
    • Zim no longer a risk to investors — Tsvangirai
    • ‘Principals hindering GPA implementation progress’
    • Shamu attacks public media reforms
    • National healing has no clear mandate –– Holland
    • Masunda, councillors’ trial deferred
    • Life must be guided by moral values
    • A new wave of global market fears is rising
    • ZSE trading dropped by 21% in April
    • Zim rakes in $117m from tobacco sales
    • Hwange fully operational by year-end –– Gwasira
    • Mobile phone operators face off
    • Zim corporate governance code overdue
    • Wheat shortfalls to worsen — CFU
    • Muckraker: Mugabe sticking to stale old mantras
    • Eric Bloch: Textile industry faces stresses
    • Commitment, dedication, skill are vital for success — Mutambara
    • Political violence: A death knell for national healing
    • A lot still to do before elections
    • Memo:MDC cannot always be in sync with govt
  34. Posted 7/5/10
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe joins rivals in investor appeal
    • Mahoso’s position on the media commission will be ‘temporary’
    • Diamond company official abducted
    • Tsvangirai and Biti hold tete-a-tete over infighting reports
    • War veterans confront Biti over pay
    • Minister Says Real Power Is For Zanu PF, MDC Just Administrators
    • Mugabe Uses Presidential Powers To Acquire Disputed Land
    • Zimbabwe rejects bids for state steel firm
    • MDC youth leader out on free bail after allegedly insulting Mugabe
    • No Government Policy to freeze civil service salaries - Mukonoweshuro
    • Drought hits Zimbabwe rural population hard
    • HOT SEAT:Makumbe says MDC-T must address issue of internal violence
    • Zimbabwe Weekly update - Number 17
    • Zimbabwean youths turn to dance to end political violence
    • Kunonga, the rule of law and justice
  35. Batch 2 Posted 6/5/10
    • Zimbabwe allotted $5.6 million in UN emergency funds to fight measles epidemic
    • Empowerment law affects US$445m mining project
    • Zimbabwe's Education And Health Systems Still In Crisis
    • 5 new publishers apply for licences: ZMC
    • 10 arrested over political violence
    • Zimbabwe villagers skip border as hunger bites
    • MP’s arrest leaves police with egg on face
    • Zimbabwe Industrial Group Says Economy Still Too Weak to Support Wage Hikes
    • Former Zimbabwe Liberation Fighter Urges Civic Groups to Oppose N. Korean Visit
    • Christianity and Constitutional Reform in Zimbabwe
    • A land of parasites and blockers
    • Ropa must return charity property and stop using independent media to hurt charities like GCN in Zimbabwe
  36. Posted 6/5/10
    • Zim cost of living falls: Watchdog
    • Mahoso bounces back to take charge of ZMC secretariat
    • New board to drive reforms at Zim central bank
    • US Senators introduce bill to review sanctions on Zimbabwe
    • Media freedom to prevent another Gukurahundi/ Murambatsvina
    • Media sceptical of Zim's new media licensing authority
    • Mugabe and Tsvangirai travel separately to Tanzania
    • Farm owner and wife attacked in Centenary
    • North Korean Team Itinerary Leaves Out Zimbabwe
    • Soldiers Force Residents To Attend Zanu (PF) Activist Burial
    • MDC says solution to Zimbabwe crisis lies in fresh elections
    • Mpofu offers mining licences to ZRP
    • Malinga warns of renewed Gukurahundi strife
    • Zimbabwe crime victims drive accused to court
    • Noczim blames losses on government
    • Journalists say not yet time to celebrate
    • Schools bar pupils over fees
    • Learners Driving Tests Suspended For Mugabe's Trucks
    • Media body starts issuing registration forms
    • U.S., Zim Partners Commemorate World Press Freedom Day
    • Global education campaign to tie in with World Cup
    • To be or not to be?
    • Bribery - Way Of Life For Struggling Zimbabwe’s Civil Servants
    • Residents welcome the resuscitation of refuse collection in the City’s suburbs
  37. Posted 5/5/10
    • Tsvangirai breaks silence on MDC violence
    • Supreme Court rules in favour of Kunonga
    • Divisive Zimbabwe bank chief keeps top job
    • Zim leaders fail to review talks report
    • SADC may step in again to tackle Zimbabwe crisis
    • Minister says Daily News and NewsDay on the streets in June
    • ZMC delay in licensing new players slammed
    • Broken Promises on Zimbabwe Press Freedom
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Remain in Schools for New Term - But Demand Action on Pay
    • “Access to Information: the Right to Know”
    • Zimbabwe Media Reforms Unlikely, Says Analyst
    • Zimbabwe Cabinet to Review Sensitive Issue of Hosting North Korean Soccer Teams
    • Harare, Gaborone to sign power deal
    • 82 year-old chief Nyamombe attacked by ZANU PF thugs
    • Girl Child Network loses labour dispute
    • Mary Robinson visit enlivens Zimbabwe national healing process
    • Another Official of Zimbabwe's Mutambara MDC Parties Dies Following Road Crash
    • African Leaders Unite for World Economic Forum on Africa
    • MTN Bid for Majority Stake in Zimbabwe's Telecel Said to Meet Harare Resistance
    • New Zealand wins rain-curtailed match
    • Another human-rights irony at the U.N.
    • Zimbabwe - laughter course to cope with the economy
    • FEATURE-Zimbabwe slowly returning to normality
    • Another health crisis looms...
  38. Posted 4/5/10
    • Zimbabwe, China in $400 mln power plant deal
    • Zimbabwe PM calls for end to government stalemate
    • Zimbabwe Media Commission calls for applications for registration
    • ZINASU student factions bury the hatchet and unite
    • New twist to Mudenge-war vets land wrangle
    • Lecturers down tools over salaries
    • RBZ Official Throws Out Farmworkers
    • MDC begins investigations into alleged UK financial irregularities
    • Indigenisation shouldn’t be disorderly: PM
    • Zimbabwe’s indigenisation process remains uncertain
    • Zimbabwe Fails To Meet WHO Guidelines On HIV Treatment
    • Minister Coltart’s daughter bitten by lion
    • Sri Lanka wins the rain-drenched match against Zimbabwe with Jayawardene's century
    • Bad roads lead to malaria outbreak
    • Zimbabwe was destroyed by the enemy within
    • Mugabe a predator of press freedom
    • MDC is a people's project : it will never collapse
    • Bill Watch 18/2010 - 3rd May [Media Commission Open for Business from Tuesday 4th May]
  39. Posted 3/5/10
    • Indigenisation shouldn’t be disorderly: PM
    • Minister says govt amending POSA
    • License Free Dialogue in Zimbabwe!
    • Zimbabwe players bury the hatchet to aid resurrection
    • lt may be dawn; workers intensify the struggle-ZCTU
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 1st May 2010
    • Don't cry tomorrow
    • Poor man's Gatorade saves Bangladeshi kids
    • Bill Watch Special of 1st May 2010 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 3rd to 7th May]
  40. Batch 2 Posted 2/5/10
    • No salary freeze says Tsvangirai
    • Alpha Media excited about ZMC’s licence invitation
    • MDC officials’ deaths expose poor disaster preparedness
    • Defamation: the new weapon against journalists
    • MDC-T a junior partner in GNU — analysts
    • War vets clamouring for more and more
    • Zimbabwe gunner shining in Britain
    • Churches pray in unison against Anglican divisions
    • Ministry seeks mandatory immunisation law
    • Cancer Centre gets boost for palliative care
    • Operation of Hope giving back smiles
    • Obituary: Gasela’s unfulfilled dream
    • Business working on own corporate governance code
    • Accra to host joint business forum for Zimbabwe and Ghana
    • Government to increase number of toll gates
    • ZTA hails A’Sambeni’s pulling power
    • Editor's Desk: ZRP reform first before national healing
    • Sundayview: Zuma’s approach too lackadaisical
    • Sundayopinion: ZEC: the devil is in the detail
    • Comment: Consultation lacking in GNU
  41. Posted 2/5/10
    • 'Zim leaders must study negotiators’ report'
    • Human rights award for PM Tsvangirai
    • Media Commission finally swings into action
    • MISA Dismayed At Lack Of Access Of Information In Southern Africa
    • No To Salary Freeze - Tsvangirai
    • 1 200 Teachers Quit - PTUZ
    • Zimbabwe to introduce Indigenisation levy on companies
    • South Africa Presses Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Leaders to Revive Stalled Talks
    • ZCTU slams Biti’s remarks on labour laws
    • Realizing Rights Founder Mary Robinson Calls Harare Women's Conference a Success
    • "I went to hell and back" - Mukoko
    • MDC slams Zanu-PF ‘divisive agenda’
    • Chombo finally reported to police for illegal land dealings
    • Zimbabwe Mines Minister Proposes Revision of Sector Laws to Speed Indigenization
    • Tsvangirai continues crop assessment tour
    • Thieves steal at Gasela funeral‏
    • Zanu-PF official absconds before trial
    • Lupane Villagers Demand By-election
    • Mugabe has no vision besides that of plunder
  42. Posted 1/5/10
    • Zimbabwe backs away on North Korea World Cup invite
    • Zimbabwe to reform harsh media laws: minister
    • Amnesty Demands End To Harassment Of Zimbabwe Human Rights Defenders
    • Police in scramble for Chiadzwa diamonds in Marange
    • SA facilitators leave empty-handed after brief ‘talks’ visit
    • MDC-T dismisses reports of in-fighting and factionalism
    • MDC youth chair for Mash central in trouble over anti-Mugabe slur
    • MP’s Parents Receive Death Threat
    • Women Re-energize Zimbabwe’s Global Political Agreement
    • It’s lights out in Bulawayo
    • Music Project
    • A letter from the diaspora

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