The ZIMBABWESituation

July 2010 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/7/10
    • A Fractured Nation: Operation Murambatsvina-five years on
    • No rule of law, despite the unity government
    • Party leaders said to have dropped many outstanding issues
    • Grace Mugabe fingered in diamonds looting
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai under attack
    • Zimbabwe threatens action on interest rates
    • Zimbabwe media regulator licenses four new publications
    • Police trying to block MDC Hwange rally
    • Zanu PF a terrorist group - Sikhala
    • Government wants to be ‘main player’ in aid distribution
    • SA farmers 'unaware' of Zim import curbs
    • Badly Needed Work Begins on Bulawayo Water System
    • Congressional Leaders Unveil New Legislation on Zimbabwe
    • Low breastfeeding rates threaten PMTCT efforts
    • Calling for accelerated action, UN and Zimbabwe Government launch nutrition survey results
    • U.S., Canada donates to centre for the handicapped
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Travel Diary Day 4: Vic Falls roars back
    • A Fractured Nation
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/7/10
    • Judiciary indebted to Mugabe: Report
    • ZCTU says politics delaying ZISCO deal
    • US body helps communities fight HIV/AIDS
    • State witness witdraws case againsts Mliswa
    • Robert Mugabe loses political ally as younger sister Sabina dies
    • Controversy Flares Over Site for Statue of Zimbabwe Liberation Figure Nkomo
    • Zimbabwe Health Ministry Promises to Abolish Clinic Fees for Expectant Mothers
    • Zimbabwe Tobacco Production Rebounds Though Well Short of 2000 Record Sales
    • Principals drop disputed issues
    • Storm over Zim crisis splits Sadc
    • Cotton furore: Ministers accused of aiding Chinese firms
    • Decision on NGOs threatens Western aid
    • Hre outreach delay heightens tension
    • Tsvangirai off to Mat North to resolve feud
    • Female politicians form trust fund
    • Tragedy of child-headed families
    • 22 000 political violence victims seek help
    • Zimbabwe prisons a death trap
    • Mashakada road to recovery full of potholes
    • Spare us from empowerment law, listed companies plead
    • Zim needs U$264m for grain imports — CFU
    • SEC surprise: fees and a raft of changes
    • Agriculture ministry deprives consumers of key goods
    • Eric Bloch: Govt’s economic suicide continues
    • Mr Mugabe, please say ‘sorry’!
    • GNU: lost urgency music to Zanu PF
    • Editor's memo: Kasukuwere must abandon gunboat diplomacy
    • Comment: Zim must heed investor advice
    • Candid comment: This is the time to milk the diaspora
    • Muckraker: Captive crowd has Mugabe reminiscing
  3. Posted 30/7/10
    • MDC harassment continues as ZPF start ‘electioneering’
    • Media Commission issues four more licenses, but Aippa still stands
    • MDC-T to hold major rally in Hwange on Saturday
    • War vets now running school
    • Zimbabwe Football Association suspends chief executive
    • Iran gives Zimbabwe 40m euro loan
    • Zim trapped in new normal — Hawkins
    • ‘Operation Shut Your Mouth’
    • Exiled businessman warns Interfin over its takeover of disputed bank
    • Abductee Detained in Banket as Komichi RemainsinPoliceCustody
    • Robert Mugabe’s sister Sabina dies
    • Many key issues take backstage as Zimbabwe focuses on constitution
    • Vigil Response to ‘Sword of Truth’ Ambassador Makuvise – 29th July 2010
    • Travel Diary Day 2: Magic of the Matopos
    • Travel Diary Day 3: The last rhino
    • Building a Jerusalem in Zimbabwe's green and pleasant land
  4. Batch 2 Posted 29/7/10
    • Zim farming shows signs of recovery
    • PM’s ally sees politics behind trial: lawyer
    • European Union Invites Sanctioned Zimbabweans to Make Individual Case for Delisting
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Revision Authorities Disclose Laptop Data Tampering Hoax
    • Please pay farmers for us – govt begs Dutch
    • Hatchet job: Prof Ncube secures backing to over throw Mutambara
    • Minister gives youth go ahead on mines
    • Coins available at last
    • Glimpses of hope at COPAC mtgs
    • Holland not allowed to attend healing workshop
    • Devolution will benefit the whole country – Mutambara
    • Prison officers victimised for supporting Mnangagwa
    • Zanu (PF) members clash over COPAC
    • Tollgate outcry: exemption for motorists
    • Zimbabwe Humanitarian Situation Fragile Despite Economic Stabilization - UNDP
    • RBZ official contradicts state in Mliswa case
    • Measures taken for violent election
    • Civil society want healing
    • Roll of shame
    • Zanu (PF) must stop privatising national hero selection
    • The battle for a democratic constitution
    • Zimbabwe: OCHA Monthly Humanitarian Update, June 2010
  5. Posted 29/7/10
    • Court helps ensure Bennett’s swearing-in delayed ‘indefinitely’
    • Constitutional meetings rendered pointless by ZANU-PF intimidation
    • War vets attack Monitors
    • Corrupt Zimra officers arrested
    • Elderly ex-farming couple attacked in Bulawayo
    • Police Arrest Senator Komichi
    • UNDP calls for democracy in Zimbabwe
    • Dabengwa sets sight on State House
    • Chilling tales of abuse of African immigrants emerge
    • Zimbabwe’s sales top 100 million kg
    • We’ll tear down your statue, warns family of late Mugabe opponent
    • Coal mine or MZWP dam? Confusion reigns
    • U.S., Partners strengthen provision of HIV/ AIDS support services
    • Constitution Outreach: News Round-Up, 22 July - 28 July - Sokwanele
  6. Batch 2 Posted 28/7/10
    • 'Military junta' rules Zimbabwe, says MDC's Bennett
    • Coltart appoints new Zimsec board
    • Biti raises spectre of nationalisating mines
    • South African President Zuma Deploys Top Aide To Relaunch Harare Mediation
    • Zimbabwe Constitution Teams Evicted From Midlands Province Hotels Over Payments
    • NCA to charge for membership
    • War vets defend propaganda jingles
    • Zimbabwe Xhosas to boycott constitutional process if not in their language
    • World Bank warns on ‘farmland grab’ trend
    • NCA shuns donor funds
    • Journalists snub SECZ workshop
    • A failure of policing and immigration control
    • Will Zimbabwe Crisis Kill Kimberley?
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 708- Dated 27 July 2010
    • JAG compensation / restitution communique - open debate Dated 27 July 2010
  7. Posted 28/7/10
    • More intimidation reported at constitutional outreach meetings
    • Gideon Gono resisting IMF audit of RBZ
    • ZIA approves projects worth US$120m
    • EC gives Zim US$19,4m
    • Prosecutors backtrack in Mliswa's case
    • Zimbabwe ‘mistreating’ migrants
    • UN's FAO says Zimbabwe food security improving
    • S.Africa did not supply Zimbabwe with rand-Gordhan
    • Zim property auction in SA postponed after government intervenes
    • ZANU PF jingles out of tune with spirit of coalition
    • Robert Mugabe cannot stop jingles - Makumbe
    • New charges for Maguwu
    • Tsvangirai unmoved by ‘plot’ to bar him from church meeting
    • Buy Zanu (PF) membership cards, Church goers urged
    • ZANU PF Youths on the Rampage in Chivi
    • Brazil to assist Zimbabwe in agricultural development
    • Poor roads harming Zimbabwe economy: Nkosana Moyo
    • President Obama to host Young African Leaders
    • U.S. Embassy to host American colleges & universities Fair
    • Political tolerance still very low: exiled writer
    • NRZ as a Telecoms Operator - “SteamTel”
    • Travel Diary Day 1: Trouble at the border
    • Courage is contagious: News from Kubatana - 27 July,2010
  8. Batch 2 Posted 27/7/10
    • Zim remains vulnerable: UNDP
    • Results of Zimbabwe Public Service Audit Expected by Late August - Minister
    • Zimbabwe Minister Threatens Shutdown for Firms Not Complying With Indigenization
    • People driven constitution remains a pipe dream
    • Gay activist freed in Harare
    • ZRP charging corrupt officers every week
    • Agriculture: Harare moves to stop auction
    • Trial exposes farm lootings
    • Zim falls off AU agenda
    • Civil servants justified to strike - Mukonoweshuro
    • CDB to acquire majority stake in Zimbabwe's bank: report
    • Zimbabwe's National Constitutional Assembly Pledges to Resist Revision Process
    • Film to show secret footage of constitutional debate
    • ‘Gonarezhou under threat’
    • Government to allow private investors in energy sector
    • Diamond Technology Centre in the pipeline
    • Traction Elusive for Zimbabwe Civic Activists Lobbying African Summit in Uganda
    • Henry Olonga on Behind the Headlines
    • Should Zimbabwe declare itself rich or poor?
    • OPINION: A nation divided against itself
  9. Posted 27/7/10
    • Zim army leading smuggling operations out of Chiadzwa
    • Outrage as Mugabe ignores GPA in diplomatic appointments
    • Media voices ‘stifled’ as some journalists face $2000 accreditation fee
    • Mugabe may close 9,000 foreign firms
    • Zimbabwe May Reduce Demand for Black Ownership to 15%
    • 'Free' Maternal Health Care Too Costly For Most
    • NCA resolve to de-campaign government led constitutional process
    • MDC calls for Zuma's intervention in Zimbabwe's political crisis
    • ZANU PF youths harass UN mission-journalists
    • Security agents scuttle Tsvangirai church visit
    • Early Zanu-PF campaign jingles ’alienate voters’
    • Sikhala claims he was target of petrol bomb attack
    • Mugabe Embraces Polygamy To Win Elections
    • Use Of Multiple Currencies A Headache To Rural People
    • Uneasy Truce May Be Better Than a Rush to Vote
  10. Batch 2 Posted 26/7/10
    • No Respite As Police Arrest Monitor Again
    • You dont have to come home:Mutambara tells Zim diasporans in London
    • Bennett In Court On Wednesday
    • University honours Mbeki for work in Africa
    • UK pledges reforms support
    • Harare names new ambassador to SA
    • Victims of violence in Zim nursing wounds
    • Outreach in danger of collapsing
    • More poll confusion, 12 months to fix rolls
    • Match Fix Probe Delay Worries Sports Commission
    • Mushowe Wants Manicaland To Benefit From Diamonds
    • The Doors of Hope... open for rape survivors
    • Zimbabwe: From breadbasket to basket case
  11. Posted 26/7/10
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 24th July 2010
    • Govt mulls massive job
    • PM gives up on State House
    • Fight over statue goes to court
    • Storm over diplomats reshuffle
    • Sikhala targeted in bomb attack
    • Anti-corruption Commission probes ZBH vehicles scam
    • Silence on Zim rights abuses condemned
    • Is Zimbabwe guilty of xenophobia as foreigners rot in jail?
    • Zanu PF poll strategy hits sour note
    • Evicted white farmers become destitute
    • Residents cry foul over sewage trouble
    • Researchers hail anti-HIV gel breakthrough
    • Swine flu vaccinations underway
    • Chanakira gets last chance on de-merger
    • Tobacco output doubles
    • Lack of credit for the poor hampers development
    • Comment: Politicians ill-suited for national healing
    • Sundayopinion: Govt must revise concept of student support
    • Editor's Desk: Devolution must extend wealth distribution
    • Sundayview: Christianity and constitutional reform in Zimbabwe
    • Message from Barbara
  12. Posted 25/7/10 Batch 1
    • The soul of Zimbabwe
    • Counting the cost of Zimbabwe's blood diamonds
    • Zimbabwe - Sick man of Southern Africa
    • Mugabe rural home hogs tollgate funds
    • Zanu PF ministers named in company seizure
    • Civil society to press AU over political crisis
    • Cabinet approves parastatal reforms
    • Zim diamond sale unlawful - ACR
    • Hopes looters will be prosecuted fade
    • Tsvangirai his own man - Makone
    • Mguquka appointed ZSE committee chair
    • Mugabe jingles reminiscent of Africa’s worst dictators
    • Five years on Murambatsvina victims struggle
    • Telecel dogfight escalates
    • Genesis director Chibaya quits
    • RBZ set to name capital requirement defaulters
    • Mortgage resurgence no joy for workers
  13. Posted 25/7/10 Batch 2
    • MDC mulls pulling out of constitutional outreach
    • Shakira and Sony sued in Zimbabwe over Waka Waka copyright infringement
    • 2010 07 23 - Welcome back, Daily News
    • Makone, a remarkable and controversial politician - (Theresa Makone)
    • Leo Mugabe hit by clan feuds as skulduggery takes grip
    • Chiyangwa will be prosecuted - Makone - (co- Minister of Home Affairs, Theresa Makone)
    • Chihuri causes a stir in Bulawayo with a kilometre long motorcade
    • Zimbabwe urges its skilled to return home
    • All Political crimes to be probed, Chiyangwa and others to face the music
    • Mpofu Threatens to Expose Government Diamond Looters
    • Zanu-MDC - Historic Meeting could pave way for Reconciliation
    • Chihuri Demands Apology from Mliswa
  14. Posted 25/7/10 Batch 3
    • ICC Pressed to prosecute Mugabe Youth and Militia - (The International Criminal Court)
    • Police selling diamonds illegally
    • Mutambara to address Zimbabweans in London
    • ‘Haven’t we already got a president who has links with the British?’
    • With Mugabe and Zanu (PF) in power, Zimbabwe needs western aid
    • Mugabe faces ‘excommunication’
    • Copac officials booted out of Orange Grove Motel
    • Bennett In Court On Wednesday
    • Uproar as funds from tollgate fees benefit ZANU PF strongholds
    • No Respite As Police Arrest Monitor Again
    • European Commission allocates 15 mln euros to address humanitarian needs in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe recalls Zimbabwe's UN rep - (Ambassador Boniface Chidyausiku)
    • Top military establishment should be ‘engaged’ over rights abuses
    • ZANU-PF thugs occupy Indian owned business in Bulawayo
    • International court urged to prosecute Mugabe
    • UN urged to prevent politically motivated rape
    • MDC-T spokesman says party should debate participation in outreach
    • Political Tension Rises in Zimbabwe Over Pro-Mugabe Songs on State Radio & TV
    • Gukurahundi storm envoy posted to SA - (Phelekezela Mphoko)
    • Sikhala Bus Bombed
    • Terror suspects to be deported - (Two Pakistanis)
    • Mzembi in trouble
    • From donors to diamonds
    • ZBH defiant over ZANU-PF jingles
    • A revolution devouring its own children
    • ACR agreeable to out of court settlement - (AFRICAN Consolidated Resources)
  15. Posted 25/7/10 Batch 4
    • Biti’s potential time bomb
    • Eric Bloch - Budget review, from the good to the ugly
    • Zanu PF retraces steps to failure
    • Politicians a threat to diamond benefits
    • Candid comment - Mining - Government must get its priorities right
    • Editor's memo - Chihuri must go!
    • Tsvangirai Girl Weds Nyarota Boy
    • Coltart On Why He Remains In GPA
    • New 08 "Political Violence" Summons For MDC Activists
    • UK pledges reforms support
    • Harare names new ambassador to SA - (Zimbabwe's ex ambassador to Russia, Phelekezela Mphoko)
    • Modest rise in FDI for Zimbabwe
    • Zambian agency orders maize exports
    • Call for ICC to probe Zim rapes - (International Criminal Court)
    • Former Rhodesian commander dies - (Rtd General Peter Walls)
    • Zim minister to discuss US$ 70 million facility with Botswana
    • Soldiers stealing our fish - Fishermen
    • Regional leaders urged to act against Mugabe
    • Homosexual worker trial postponed - (Ellen Chademana)
    • Mugabe, generals will not be charged - MDC
    • Humanitarian appeal revised upwards
    • Business sources said Leo Mugabe, has hit hard times lately as all political avenues to make money have been closed
    • All hail Biti, Zanu PF is rattled, Chiyangwa calls for Co-Finance Minister (New Version)
    • DeMbare, Mazembe in US$ 400 000 match scam
  16. Posted 25/7/10 for 24/7/10
    • Foreigners want SA army to protect them from xenophobia
    • Legal owner of Chiadzwa mining site says diamond sales unlawful
    • Zimbabwean in 50 mile Channel Islands swim for charity
    • MDC-T spokesman says party should debate participation in outreach
    • Civil society activists to lobby AU over Zimbabwe elections
    • COPAC program exposes deep polarisation between parties
    • Uproar as funds from tollgate fees benefit ZANU PF strongholds
    • Hotseat SW Radio Africa
    • Callback SW Radio Africa
    • JAG OPEN LETTER FORUM - No. 707- Dated 23 July 2010
    • Constitution Watch 15/2010 - 22nd July [Outreach Meetings:Manicaland: 26 July to 7 August]
  17. Posted 23/7/10
    • Father & son doing 85 mile sponsored cycled ride - Saturday 24 July
    • Constitution Outreach: News Round-Up, 19 July - 22 July
    • International court urged to prosecute Mugabe
    • Constitutional Outreach on Verge of Collapse
    • MDC Ministers in London to woo donors and investors
    • MDC-T ward chairman arrested in Mutare
    • ZANU-PF thugs occupy Indian owned business in Bulawayo
    • Top military establishment should be ‘engaged’ over rights abuses
    • Henry Olonga on Behind the Headlines
    • The Heart of the Matter - SW Radio Africa
    • Callback - SW Radio Africa
    • End land reforms now: Business
    • Modest rise in FDI for Zimbabwe
    • Zim parties discuss national healing
    • Zambian agency orders maize exports
    • Huge circumcision programme under way
    • Zimbabwe: Diamonds are a dictator's best friend
    • Former Australia bowler Gillespie takes coaching job in Zimbabwe
    • Olonga wants Zimbabwe return to Tests
  18. Posted 22/7/10
    • The ‘ugly face’ of Zimbabwe’s animal tourism market
    • MDC activist stabbed by ZANU PF youths
    • Russian spy network moved money to Zimbabwe
    • More reports of ZPF intimidation at constitutional meetings
    • Rhodesian General Peter Walls dies in exile in South Africa
    • ZESA cuts off service after Bulawayo residents attack worker
    • MDC and ZANU PF delegates meet over reconciliation efforts
    • Wednesday Forum =SW Radio Africa
    • Hidden Story & Callback - SW Radio Africa
    • Perpetrators of violence share platform with victims
    • ZANU PF goes on a crowd shopping spree…
    • South Africa Sends Troops to Johannesburg Suburb After Foreigners Attacked
    • South Africa: Country Under Pressure to Take Action on Zimbabwe Land Reform
    • Documentary Film: "Mugabe and the White African"
    • Zimbabwe Assembles US$8M Supplementary Budget for Constitutional Outreach
    • Shunned by Western Investors, Zimbabwe Seeks Credit Lines in Southern Africa
    • Zimbabwe's Coalition Parties Meet in Rare Talks
    • Longtime Mugabe foe dies in exile in South Africa
    • Obituary - Peter Wells
  19. Posted 21/7/10
    • SA under pressure to take action on Zim land reform
    • Mtetwa uses award to highlight human rights abuse
    • Five people hurt in more SA xenophobic violence
    • Senior MDC official assaulted during COPAC meeting
    • On Different Points of View
    • The MDC Today
    • The Legal Monitor
  20. Posted 20/7/10
    • Govt snubs regional court ruling, again
    • Biti says immunity offer will encourage Mugabe to step down
    • Tents put up at Beitbridge for Zimbabweans fleeing xenophobia
    • Zimbabwe to import coins as cash crisis worsens
    • MDC councillors arrested
    • SW Radio Africa - Callback Monday 19 July
    • Tinoziva Bere talks about Maguwu case on BTH
    • Zimbabwe Weekly update – week ending Thursday 15 July 2010
    • Constitution Outreach: News Round-Up, 12 July - 18 July
    • Bill Watch 29/2010 - 18th July [Mid-term Fiscal Policy Review: TwoBills passed]
    • ZIMBABWE: A third of children chronically malnourished
    • In Brief: American Bar Association honours Zimbabwean lawyer
    • A festering antheap
    • Zim farmers: SADC Tribunal rules Mugabe govt persists in non-compliance
    • Prisoner of conscience

    NEWS BREAK 10-20 July 2010

  21. Posted 10/7/10 2nd batch
    • Jailed diamond researcher remains behind bars
    • Pressure mounts for diamond researcher’s release from jail
    • Five independent outreach monitors arrested
    • MDC mounts rescue mission to free abducted activist
    • Zimbabweans in South Africa urged to be vigilant
    • SW Radio hotseat
    • U.S. provides US$4.5 million scholarships to 20 Zimbabwean students
    • Zimbabwean deputy PM upsets exiles
  22. Posted 10/7/10
    • Zimbabwe orders illegal land occupiers off German-owned plantations - (BIPPA Violations by Zanu PF)
    • Land reform is a necessity to be handled carefully
    • To hell with Western aid, says Mugabe
    • Nkomo, Mpofu battle for power
    • "Mliswa to stay in detention until next year"- Family member
    • ZANU PF activist charged over multimillion dollar farm fraud
    • Mliswa in deeper trouble
    • Zim requests debt relief - IMF
    • Property breaches - Germany threatens aid withdrawal - (Another BIPPA Violation)
    • Zim railway network faces total collapse
    • Dabengwa lifts Zapu suspensions
    • Villagers want former presidents liable for crimes
    • Economic recovery starts with doing the little things right - Mashakada
    • Economy sick - Biti
    • Dumping KP too costly for Zim
    • Van Hoogstraten thwarted again over board nominations
    • Economic diversification sustains growth
    • LonZim to list on stock exchange
    • PPC invests US$ 19,5m
    • Bourse stuck in reverse mode
    • Econet’s wily talent strategy
    • Eric Bloch - Inflation, IMF gets it wrong
    • Muckraker - Anti-NGO comments expose Copac naivety
    • Clearing Zim’s blocked path to democracy
    • Diamonds, preemptive
    • Comment - The dangers of Zanu PF patronage
    • Editor's memo - Address GPA implementation deficit first
    • Candid comment - United States can help solve the Zimbabwe problem
    • "Shameful Opportunism of MDC-M"
    • Zimbabwean businessman denies Russian spy link - (Ken Sharpe)
    • US spy ring claims "damaging" - Zim businessman
    • Is Nation Ready for New Elections ?
    • Zimbabwe’s Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe Agrees with ZAPU on Devolution
    • Axed MDC minister to join Mavambo Party - (Fidelis Mhashu)
    • CIO agents arrested on assault charges
    • Does Mutambara Really Count ?
    • Culture Minister Appeals for More Funding - (David Coltart)
    • Coltart appeals for more Govt funding - (David Coltart)
    • Blood diamonds from Zimbabwe to flood international market, watchdog warns
    • Eight University of Zimbabwe students further remanded
    • War vetarans arrested in Matabeleland land wars
    • MDC-T to 'replace' mayor with white farmer
    • War vets leader Sibanda taken to court
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Voices Concern About Intimidation in Constitutional Outreach Exercise
    • European Parliament Demands Release of Zimbabwe Diamond Activist Maguwu
    • SADC states must unite to combat xenophobia
    • S. African Officials Promise Rapid Response to Post-Cup Xenophobic Violence
    • 'Musina Mafia' arming poachers
    • Zim man linked to US spy ring - (Ken Sharpe)
    • SA govt not serious about stopping xenophobic attacks
    • Chinese bank to back Kariba hydropower expansion to 1 300 MW
    • Zim reforms - an eyewitness account
    • Zanu-PF politburo dismisses violence claims
  23. Posted 9/7/10 2nd batch
    • Firm Sues Mining Giant for R10 Million Debt
    • UK - Latest House Of Commons debate on Zimbabwe
    • New AfDB Board Members Commence Service
    • Thieves loot goods from horror crash victims
    • Zimbabwe debt reports distressing
    • Debt relief needed to help Zimbabwe: IMF paper
    • Zimbabwe Moves Toward Strategy For Managing US$ 8 Billion International Debt
    • Zim education in catastrophic state: Minister
    • Zimbabweans robbed as they flee
    • US$ 21m Global Fund grant to boost Zimbabwe HIV, TB, Malaria fight
    • High Court to hear diamond researcher bail appeal July 7
    • Zimbabwe Wants KP to Greenlight Diamond Trade
    • Government launches NRZ audit
    • 14 heads of state visit world championship final
    • FIFA and SA Government asked to give Mugabe the red card
    • ZIFA officer sues (Lazarus Mhurushomana)
    • False terrorism alarm
    • Zimbabwe police play down terror suspicions - (two Pakistani men)
    • Biti bid to sue Herald hits snag
    • Zimbabwe's white farmers still targeted
    • Outdoing Ian Smith - (Minister Didymus Mutasa)
    • Indigenisation law slashes by half Zim's 2010 economic growth forecast
    • Mliswa became an overnight millionaire by brutal Land grabbing
    • ‘Mliswa in $ 32m fraud’
    • Justice delivery system must be impartial - Obert Gutu
  24. Posted 9/7/10
    • Theresa Makone defends visit to police with Mutasa
    • Tsvangirai urged to sack ‘corrupt’ Theresa Makone
    • No accountability, no reconciliation - Gibson Sibanda
    • We’ll work with civil society: COPAC
    • Zimbabwe Parliament, NGOs Set Ground Rules on Constitutional Observers
    • MPs in Copac car hire scam
    • COPAC fumes over chaos claim
    • Outreach violence: brother gets teeth knocked out
    • How Mugabe Unleashed His Internalised Oppression On Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe President Mugabe invites Chinese businesses to invest in infrastructure
    • Zimbabwe, China strengthen economic cooperation
    • Zimbabwe HIV Prevalence Rate Slips to 13 Percent as Men Change Their Ways
    • Pilot solar street lighting tested
    • Zimbabwe exile group concerned after police block Anglicans
    • Lontoh Coal to file for Zimbabwe mining lease, eyeing power plant, coal-to-liquids
    • Two Zapu members suspended
    • War vets chairman condemns Dakamela’s suspension
    • Zim receives US$ 22m from Global Fund
    • Sable chemicals to dump Zesa bill
  25. Posted 8/7/10
    • MPs implicated in outreach car hire fraud
    • New group to seek justice for victims of political violence
    • Zimbabwean thrown off train in xenophobic attack in South Africa
    • Bail appeal for jailed diamond researcher delayed
    • Biti appeals for lifting of diamond ban
    • Calklback, Wednesday Forum etc SW Radio Africa
    • Constitution Outreach: News Round-Up, 2 July - 7 July
    • A Warning for the so-far Immunized Zanu PF Cades to Consider
    • Police fail to enforce court decision
    • Zim diplomat recalled over alleged Iran sex scandal
    • ZANU PF official and businessman in court today - (Temba Mliswa)
    • Zimbabwe Diamond Activist Maguwu Due in High Court to Appeal Bail Refusals
    • Zanu PF faces imminent split
    • Police lock up Mliswa again
    • Air Zimbabwe Said to Face IATA Suspension IATA Over Past-Due Membership Fees
    • Constitution commission withdraws NGO threats
    • Copac U-turn on civic observers
    • Jomic warns of land clashes in Matabeleland
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Panel, NGOs Meet on Monitoring of Outreach Process
    • Constitution commission withdraws NGO threats
    • Rights body to meet on xenophobia as Zimbabweans flee
    • Some Zimbabweans Leaving South African Homes, Fearing Xenophobic Attacks
    • MDC Should be a Real Party of “Excellence”
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Releases Report Naming Perpetrators of violence
    • The MDC Today
    • Tsvangirai In All Out war Against Tendai Biti
    • The Unmaking of The Movement for Democratic Change
    • Biti - let Zim diamonds shine
    • Internet project suspended - (Communication Technology Minister Nelson Chamisa)
    • Amnesty demands release of Zimbabwe diamond activist
    • Gay Activist Pleads Not Guilty to Violating Censorship Laws
    • Zimbabweans wash dirty US dollars with soap, water
    • Africa needs foreign investment to tackle infrastructure deficit
    • Trio accused of stealing tobacco worth $ 450 000
    • The Vatican will not silence me - Pius Ncube
    • Zapu demands return of properties
    • Assaulted For Giving Constitutional Opinion
    • Joshua Nkomo supporters insulted by plans to put up his statue in Harare
    • Zapu demands return of properties
    • AIDS Organisations Threaten No Vote Campaign
    • New Dawn unfazed by govt threats
    • Ireland footballer faces deportation after asylum seeker bid fails
    • Kenya drawn into US-Russia spy saga
    • William Hague Waffles Through Zimbabwe Questions - (UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs)
  26. Posted 7/7/10
    • Zimbabweans fleeing SA amid fears of more xenophobic violence
    • Theresa Makone speaks out on Mutasa detention saga
    • Battle to release jailed diamond researcher set for High Court
    • Influential Chief accused of destabilising outreach program
    • Different Points of View; Diaspora Diaries; callback - SW Radio Africa
    • ZANU PF intimidation over new constitution continues
    • Minister Mutasa says police using Rhodesian tactics
    • Outreach Process Monitors face more arrests and threats
    • Zimbabwe’s ‘mafia’ shamed in SA bus campaign
    • SW Radio Africa broadcasts
    • Residents irked by Town Engineer’s decision
  27. Posted 6/7/10
    • Zimbabwe’s ‘mafia’ shamed in SA bus campaign
    • Minister Mutasa says police using Rhodesian tactics
    • Mutasa accuses Chihuri of employing Rhodesian tactics
    • Mutasa threatens cops with arrest
    • Mliswa abducted from Remand Prison
    • Mliswa released but told to shut up
    • 2010 07 06 - Mliswa Tastes Freedom For A Few Minutes
    • Zimbabwe Co-Home Affairs Minister Makone Denies Obstruction of Justice Attempt
    • Makone dismisses police claims, warns Chihuri - (Co-Minister of Home Affairs Theresa Makone)
    • UN reviews aid appeals
    • Stop blaming sanctions- war veterans
    • Former Reserve Bank governor publishes book - (Leonard Tsumba)
    • Zapu applauds Tsvangirai
    • Tourism awards nomination call receives poor response
    • Foreign investors urged to take advantage of political instability
    • EU using Soft Power in Zimbabwe
    • EU/Zim talks to continue in Harare
    • Zimbabwe police says arrested Pakistanis not terrorist
    • Selebi’s conviction - What can Zanu-pf learn from ANC ?
    • New Zimbabwe Veterans Faction Blames President Mugabe, ZANU-PF for Decline
    • Increase of software piracy - (Zimbabwe with 92 per cent)
    • ZANU PF intimidation over new constitution continues
    • Pick n Pay plans Africa expansion
    • Bulawayo Zanu-PF chairman suspended
    • ZPS seeks partnerships to rehabilitate prisons
    • Legalbrief Africa - Issue No 388 - Extracts (Zimbabwe only)
    • SA's image takes a knock as new dynasties rule its mines
    • No Plans to Arrest Zimbabwe NGOs Monitoring Constitutional Outreach - Officials
    • ZANU PF sticks to threats
    • Mangwana to arrest monitors, turns against his own words
    • Fireworks expected at CFU congress
    • NCA starts campaigns for No Vote on New Constitution
    • RBZ Splashes Billions on Court Victory Celebration
    • MDC have no guts to ward off terror
    • Delays rock Beitbridge Border Post
    • Over US$ 100 000 for Cara
    • Opinion - US can help solve Zimbabwe problem
    • ‘Naomi has six blood diamonds’ - (Super model Naomi Campbell)
    • Zimbabwe FM Biti Says Kimberly Process Punishing Ordinary Zimbabweans
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 1/2010 - 4th July [Fundamental Principles of the Constitution]
  28. Posted 5/7/10 2nd batch
    • South African criminals target Zimbabwean banks
    • More than a million came to SA last month
    • Shakira in surprise visit to Zimbabwe
    • News items : Russian spy suspect - links to Zimbabwean businessman
    • Godwills Masimirembwa Appointed New Chair of Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation
  29. Posted 5/7/10
    • Constitution views
    • Massive graft hits Harare council
    • Joshua Nkomo family to speak out
    • Maguwu threatened with two years in remand prison
    • Coalition government fails to stem killings
    • Zim not out of the woods yet
    • US blacklists Mugabe and his friends
    • Mugabe defies gem sales ban
    • Farm Workers Are Ill-Treated And Abandoned
    • No one country should dominate ICC - Howard
    • Is colonialism still to blame for the DRC's woes ?
    • ‘Steel vise’ slowly crushing global activists - Clinton - (Zimbabwe)
    • Bus collision kills 18 in Zimbabwe - police
    • I’m here to stay-Zimondi
    • Why doesn't Campbell want to testify about her diamond ?
    • SA farmer arrested : Diplomat Secures Release of Farmer in Zimbabwe - (Mike Odendaal)
    • Germany threatens to withdraw aid
    • Police have no business with trade union activities - court
    • Professional titles have to be earned through study
    • Gono donation queried
    • World Bank is Africa’s biggest friend, Ezekwesili
    • Gumbonzvanda - a champion of human rights
    • South Africa takes fire for arms sales to blacklisted nations
    • The myths and realities of the reshuffle
    • Reforms body wants NGO monitors arrested
  30. Posted 4/7/10
    • Where's that fire engine?
    • HOT SEAT: Global Witness on Kimberley Process & Zimbabwe diamonds
    • The Sunday Mail - Coffee strategy on the cards
    • Bill Watch 26/2010 - 2nd July [Parliament Expected to be Prorogued Soon]
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary 03/07/2010
    • Constitution views
  31. Posted 3/7/10 fourth batch
    • Stan Biti admits attacking MDC UK leaders with eggs
    • Investigator In Diamond Activist's Case Asks For More Time
    • Police slam Mutasa over son's arrest
    • ZANU-PF dissolves succession committee
    • China threat to local vuvuzela production
    • Biti admits has no anti-corruption policy
    • Zimbabwe's Constitution-Making Committee Looking for US$ 3 Million Supplementary Budget
    • Minister Mutasa's son, Mliswa remanded in custody
    • 24 MDC-T members defect
    • Zim stockpiling US$ 1.7bn worth of diamonds - Mpofu
    • Mugabe named in Mliswa saga
    • Missing MDC-T activists found
    • The second Zimbabwe Mining Indaba
    • Protests at seizure of German-owned Zimbabwe farm (BIPPA)
    • ZC chief Chingoka justifies Howard's rejection
    • Harare flouts pact as SA farmer arrested - (BIPPA Violation)
    • The hangover after soccer
    • Lawyers sue Kasukuwere
    • Land reform sinks coffee production
    • Tsvangirai Urged to Leave Unity Government
    • Zimbabwe ministers accused of obstructing justice - (Home Affairs Minister Theresa Makone) and (Didymus Mutasa)
    • World Bank lends $ 175 mln to Africa's Ecobank
    • US-Russian spy storm links former KGB diplomat to Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai no better than Mugabe - Dabengwa
    • Investigator In Diamond Activist's Case Asks For More Time
    • Zim Court Denies Maguwu Bail Again
    • South African wrongfully arrested in Zim / South African government ignores pleas for help (BIPPA)
    • Temba Mliswa believes Chihuri wants to fix him
    • Minister Misled Cabinet On Sale of Zim Diamond
    • Residents slam police’s numbness over beheading reports in Bulawayo
  32. Posted 3/7/10 third batch
    • "Resolve Issues Then Certify Zimbabwe Diamonds"
    • Cops investigate NRZ US$ 15 million fraud
    • Biti says KP must allow Zimbabwe to sell diamonds
    • COPAC bosses face axe over chaos
    • Siege mood grips MDC-T
    • Outreach - Chiefs up in arms over status
    • Delay in ratifying Bippa costs Mwana Africa - (BIPPA)
    • Detained diamond abuse investigator denied bail
    • Ministers Mutasa and Makone try to free arrested relative
    • SA farmer arrested & evicted from Chipinge farm
    • Germany threatens to cut off aid to Zimbabwe over attempts to seize German-owned farm
    • Robert Mugabe's Justice detained in Germany
    • EU demands 'concrete progress' on Zimbabwe rights
    • Obert Mpofu accused of lying
    • Fraud allegations taint Brazil visit
    • Indigenisation - Defiant firms face prosecution
    • Chombo saves mayor’s job
    • NGOs’ violence claims dismissed
    • Diamonds run in Chiadzwa’s family
    • Feathers fly over tipper tender
    • Ministers, police clash over Mutasa’s son
    • Zim has capacity to increase coffee production - Marchal - (European Union, Ambassador Xavier Marchal)
    • Bindura Nickel set to resume operations
  33. Posted 3/7/10 second batch
    • Mpofu misleads nation on diamond sales
    • Mpofu slur leaves KP further polarised
    • ‘Little progress in Maguwu probe’
    • Furore over US$ 100m coal mining project
    • Zim to press for sanctions removal
    • Constitution-making off to false start
    • Villagers ‘coached’ to back Kariba draft
    • Diamonds - Does Kimberley Process work (Q)
    • Devolution and its benefits for Zim
    • Devolution could worsen regional disparities
    • Fidelity in US$ 500 000 loss
    • Coffee output plummets
    • Fraud on the increase
    • Parastatal performance poser for Moyo
    • Zim mineral wealth no match for debt
    • Tobacco rebound could go up in smoke
    • Zim’s economic recovery stalls
    • Import ban spurs chicken shortage
    • Comment - Paying the price for disastrous populism
    • Editor's Memo - EU mission impossible!
    • Candid Comment - Muzzling the press will boomerang on Copac
    • Rio Tinto says no significant loss from Zimbabwe diamond ban
    • Zim gay activist denies charges
    • 2 000 apply for asylum daily (RSA)
    • "Selling diamonds never discussed in Cabinet, Obert Mpofu out of control"- MDC
    • "I used Makoni to stop Tsvangirai become President" - Dabengwa
    • Robert Mugabe's rogue Justice Minister in Europe for 'Sanctions' Talks
    • Detailed Interview with Zimbabwe Finance Minister Tendai Biti
    • ZANU PF tells villagers what to say
    • Zim police want statement from KP monitor
  34. Posted 3/7/10
    • Railway officials accused of multimillion dollar fraud
    • SA farmer arrested & evicted from Chipinge farm
    • Detained diamond abuse investigator denied bail
    • Ministers Mutasa and Makone try to free arrested relative
    • Chinamasa briefly detained in Germany en route to Brussels
    • More women attending outreach meetings than men
    • Hot Seat, Call back - SW Radio Africa
    • Constitution Outreach: News Round-Up, 29 June 2 July
    • Zimbabwe: Germany Rethinks Aid
    • EU/Zim talks open under cloud
    • Amnesty warns of violence threat
    • Gov’t told to allow private firms into energy sector
    • Banks heading towards crisis
    • Cops investigate NRZ 10 million-pound fraud
    • Muckraker: Mpofu thwarted by plural press
    • Eric Bloch: Little given, much to be taken
    • Mzembi bus firm leaves rival’s wheels off
    • Zim land reform myths: Beyond false binaries
  35. Posted 2/7/10
    • Cabinet agrees to sell uncertified diamonds
    • Electoral laws to be amended
    • Government orders outreach program to go ahead as planned
    • Zimbabwe to buy maize from Zim farmers in Zambia
    • Court to rule Friday on continued detention of Maguwu
    • Dewa Mavhinga analyses diamond industry on BTH
    • The Heart of the Matter - SW Radio Africa
    • Constitution Watch 14/2010 - 1st July [Revised Constitution Outreach Meetngs Week 2 Mashonaland East]
  36. Posted 1/7/10
    • State prosecutors seek extension of Farai Maguwu detention
    • Indigenisation just another ploy by ZPF to maintain control
    • Rights group warns of new wave of political violence
    • CIO ‘speaking’ on behalf of ZANU PF at constitution meetings
    • Callback & Wednesday Forum -SW Radio Africa
    • The MDC Today
    • Residents describe prevailing environment as not conducive
    • Police sleep, eat at rights activist’s house
    • Zim tourist arrivals up three percent
    • ZESA seeks US$400m from Chinese bank
    • Biti urged to announce measures to boost industry
    • Blame game as violence returns

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