The ZIMBABWESituation

September 2010 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/9/10
    • Lift sanctions against Zimbabwe, Jacob Zuma urges MEPs
    • South Africa accused of 'acquiescence' over Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai shoots down ZANU PF sanctions argument
    • Intimidation of farmers intensifies but PM remains silent
    • Zanu PF supporters invade wildlife farms
    • Arrest Jabulani Sibanda
    • COPAC orders fresh outreach meetings for Harare
    • COPAC Wants Political Leaders To Publicly Denounce Violence
    • New Constitution: Security forces lay siege in Matabeleland to suppress devolution call
    • Zim's public sector has no accountability - AG
    • Top banker arrested on politically motivated fraud charges
    • Zanu PF official insists on elections next year
    • 2 300 rights abuses during const reforms
    • Police ‘sprayed Zimbabweans’
    • Zanu (PF) attempts to derail outreach
    • North Korean statues open wounds in Zimbabwe
    • Dollarisation: its immediate impact, how did we survive?
    • Opinion: Is the EU about to sacrifice Zim for Mugabe
    • Seems like a good idea: News from Kubatana - 29September, 2010
  2. Posted 29/9/10
    • Zimbabwe Judge Sues MDC Party Leader for $1 Million
    • Parties must negotiate new charter: PM
    • EU 'ready' to review Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Pro-Mugabe attacks on the rise, says HRW
    • Rift between COPAC co-chairmen threatens new constitution
    • Illegally exported Zim diamonds seized in Dubai
    • Security forces violating rights: NGO
    • South Africa's Zuma Seen Again Urging European Union to Lift Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • International Trade Union Calls For Free And Fair Election
    • Mugabe's Large Entourage On Foreign Trips A Concern
    • Bulawayo police harass residents under unofficial ‘curfew’
    • Ban on used vehicles will make cars inaccessible
    • 'War Vet' Leader Holds Warning Rallies
    • Mugabe under pressure to appoint Roy Bennett
    • Gukurahundi massacres to feature in Supreme Court ruling
    • Starvation rocks Mat South
    • Mnangagwa, Moyo and Jabulani Sibanda in genocide plot
    • Mugabe can’t face war crimes charges - Goldstone
    • Man In Court For Saying Mugabe Must Go To Hell
    • Terror stalks Zim elections
    • Zimbabwe Deputy PM Khupe Says Poverty Biggest Challenge In Stopping HIV
    • Southern African Central Bank Governors Hold Strategic Meeting in Harare
    • Zanu PF declares Masawi a national hero
    • One Step forward in EU-Zimbabwe Relations - Press Statement
    • Just what Zimbabwe needs - the arrival of Wal-Mart
    • Ireland beaten by three wickets by Zimbabwe in Harare
  3. Posted 28/9/10
    • Zanu PF, not sanctions destroyed the economy - Tsvangirai
    • Army, police implicated in poaching
    • Police hound witnesses in MDC activist’s murder
    • High Court Judge Sues Bennett For Defamation
    • ‘Negotiated’ constitution on the cards as outreach process fails
    • Mugabe cancels trip to Ecuador to receive bogus degree
    • War Vets Demand More Land
    • Air Zimbabwe given one week to pay pilots
    • Zim debt accrues US$300 million annually
    • Official: S. Africa to pressure EU on lifting Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Nurses steal ARVs for backyard pharmacies
    • NCA urges MDC to rejoin alliance
    • U.S. Statement- Meeting with Zimbabwean Coalition Government
    • Petition in Support of Roy Bennett
    • Nigel the child
    • Bill Watch 27th September 2010 - Legislative Reform Series 2/2010[The Referendums Act & Regulations - Part I]
  4. Posted 27/9/10
    • Zimbabwe's president cancels Ecuador trip
    • UAE a safe haven for smuggled Marange gems
    • Zimbabwe snatch last-ball victory
    • Patients Losing Out On Drugs
    • Family says police won’t arrest murder suspects
    • Chiyangwa gets his way over city land
    • Used car imports banned
    • MDC-M, Zapu alliance on the cards— source
    • Another CIO operative at Byo shooting scene
    • Borrowdale man evades load-shedding
    • Nurses demand bribes to dispense ARVs
    • Tsvangirai defends indigenisation law
    • Children make submissions on constitution process
    • Cattle rustlers terrorise villagers
    • GCN in drive to stop child marriages
    • Surge in armed robberies: police, army raise the stakes
    • Shortage of vaccine worries activists
    • Economy grows but not out of the woods yet
    • Biti blasts GNU over policy flip-flop
    • Top Zanu PF chefs linked to Farmtec
    • Sundayopinion: Can minister Biti explain?
    • Comment: Sinister intent in recent violence
    • Editor's Desk: Kunonga behaves like an alpha male gorilla
    • Sundayview: Indigenisation will help mining industry
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 25th September 2010
    • Bill Watch 38/2010 - 25th September [Budget Consultations & Legislation Update]
  5. Posted 26/9/10
    • Mugabe demands UN seats for Africa
    • Cholera outbreak at Zim diamond field
    • Anglican Parishioners in Harare, Zimbabwe, Evicted From New Church by Opponent
    • ZSE rebounds as foreigners return
    • Iran, Zimbabwe Underline Boosting All-Out Cooperation
    • Govt in quandary over ultimatum
    • Strike costs Air Zim US$8 million
    • Mugabe Duped Us, Say Villagers
    • Matabeleland lags behind in development - Biti
    • Shamuyarira blocks union from giving food aid
    • ZRP incompetence levels alarming
    • Mugabe goes shopping
    • Red warning lights
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Road trip to remember
  6. Batch 2 Posted 25/9/10
    • Tsvangirai blasts ‘lying’ Sadc chief
    • Gono appeals for Biti’s intervention in RBZ row
    • ‘Loan shark’ Buyanga accusers make U-turn
    • Holland rants at political violence victims
    • Documents demand: Zim embassy fails to cope
    • Zanu PF invaders parcel out Glen Forest Farm
    • Poll violence victims recount ordeals, demand justice
    • ‘Khama becoming more like Mugabe’
    • Chegutu farmer pleads with PM Tsvangirai
    • Diamond-rich Chiadzwa gets raw deal
    • Polls a Zanu PF dummy
    • MDGs don’t stand in isolation
    • Power-sharing always conflictive
    • Citizens must take initiative on MDGs
    • Reconnecting with the old rudder
    • Gapare fired from Indigenisation Board
    • Zim in Catch 22 situation over mulled elections
    • Muckraker: Beware ZTV’s ambush journalists on the prowl
    • Eric Bloch: Pilots shooting themselves in the foot
    • Candid Comment: Constitution must make women’s rights a reality
    • Comment: MDC belatedly sees the light
    • Editor's Memo: Sadc has neither bark nor bite
  7. Posted 25/9/10
    • Zim revises economic growth forecast
    • Harare sanctions remain in place
    • Air Zimbabwe resumes operations as pilots agree to end strike
    • Zimbabwe illegal occupiers destroy animal reserve
    • Fear for abducted MDC official as ZANU PF violence continues
    • Thousands call for Kimberley Process reform
    • More constitution making meetings cancelled
    • Constitutional meetings to be re-done
    • MDC MP Barred From Exhibiting At Show
    • Nyikayaramba sued for US$2m
    • Mugabe 'too old' to contest elections - Madhuku
    • Dreaded abduction twin cabs re-emerge across the country
    • Zimbabwe, US hold bilateral talks in New York to mend frosty ties
    • U.S.-Zimbabwe Bilateral Meeting
    • US Embassy spokesperson Sharon Hudson-Dean on BTH
    • Zimbabwe tourism: should we go back?
    • Mugabe: Welcome to interception, snooping and jamming
  8. Posted 24/9/10
    • Military intimidating civilians: Tsvangirai
    • Murdered MDC activist Mandizvidza to be buried next week
    • Student leader arrested over protest graffiti in Harare
    • Minister Mohadi implicated in theft of copper wire from ZESA
    • Gold panning behind latest farm invasions?
    • Russians Arrested, Face Deportation
    • Senator Sekai Holland threatens to quit
    • Tsvangirai Calls For Urgent Meeting With Mugabe
    • Over 60 Zimbabwe kids die of measles after resisting immunization
    • Jenni Williams released without charge; 10 released members need medical attention
    • Zimbabwe airline pilots end 2-week strike, criticize NY trip by Mugabe and 80-member entourage
    • Chihuri orders police to register as voters
    • Zimbabwe plans out-of-court settlement of dispute with German bank
    • Zuma to face pressure over Zimbabwe
    • Judges take bribes
    • ANALYSIS: Weekend clashes signal blood polls
    • Transition to Democracy Proves Difficult for Zimbabwe
    • Exiled journalist's return to Zimbabwe
    • ZCTF Report - Sept 2010
    • U.S. hands over digital recording & archiving equipment to Zim Parliament
    • Billionaire Branson launches Zim investment initiative
    • "Investors Should Help Democratise Zimbabwe"
    • WOZA’s Magodonga Mahlangu on Behind the Headlines
    • Keeping us mum
    • Bill Watch 37/2010 - 23rd September [Updated list of Ministers and Deputy Ministers]
    • Constitution Watch 20/1010 of 21st September [COPAC Outreach Meetings: Statistics as at 12th September]
  9. Posted 23/9/10
    • Zimbabwe constitutional reform process not credible: Tsvangirai
    • Zanu (PF)’s rent-a-crowd
    • Police Arrest WOZA Leader As Magistrate Grants Bail to 83 Members
    • Zimbabwe drops charges against US health workers
    • Zimbabwean man dies after gang attack by Mugabe's party
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai to meet over violence
    • Victims of violence arrested: MDC
    • Arrested SA poaching gang linked to Minister Kembo Mohadi
    • Corruption & confusion as Zim documentation process gets underway
    • Police maintain "curfew" in Bulawayo
    • Zanu (PF) Takes Over Parcelling Of Foreign-Owned Shops
    • Bulawayo groups peacefully march in solidarity with victims of violence
    • Mugabe Wants Air Zim Pilots Strike Ended
    • Pressure Group Campaigns For No Vote
    • Bindura University blame ‘armed robbers’ for student deaths
    • Zimbabwe Finance Minister Biti Seen Refereeing Feud Within Central Bank Board
    • Police chief says country at 'war' with armed gangs
    • Harare, Zimbabwe, Residents Seek Answers After Constitutional Meetings Suspended
    • Mugabe says poverty remains high because of targeted sanctions
    • Union Calls For Strike As Headmaster Commits Suicide
    • Zimbabwe's prime minister on putting aside party politics, sharing power with Mugabe and relations with Britain and the world
    • Juliet Mashoko, "I was beaten on the head and all over the body"
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 719- Dated 21 September 2010
  10. Posted 22/9/10
    • Robert Mugabe blames sanctions for Zimbabwe's woes
    • WOZA condemns police as 83 activists denied food in jail
    • Two students killed by security guards at Bindura University
    • Richard Branson urges world to invest Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF lashes out at British billionaire over investment
    • Reuben Barwe gets US visa despite state media claims
    • Cops raid Bennett's home
    • Constitutional Meetings In Harare Declared Null And Void
    • Zimbabwe's CIO officers declares war on police - Report
    • Speaker Challenge: Supreme Court Reserves Judgement
    • Zimbabwe Plans to Force Miners to Sell 10% of Diamonds to Local Processors
    • Dabengwa ropes in retired 5th Brigade soldier as his deputy
    • Harare deputy mayor comes face to face with wife’s killers
    • Donors Sought To Clear Raw Sewage
    • Mugabe lacks leadership skills - ex-diplomat
    • Zimbabwe man jailed for 15 years and ordered to pay half a million
    • WOMEN'S WATCH - 20th September 2010 [Human Trafficking - A Women's Issue]
  11. Posted 21/9/10
    • Constitution program in turmoil as ZANU PF unleashes violence
    • Action Alert: 84 WOZA members arrested today
    • Zimbabwe constitution meetings halted by violence
    • Army 'selling illegal diamonds for war chest'
    • Tsvangirai threatens to boycott elections over violence
    • A brick in the face — Constitution-making in Zimbabwe
    • Airline makes special arrangement for Mugabe
    • Zim Rural School Children Stranded
    • US embassy denies state media reports of visa denials
    • Home Affairs Min Makone says ZANU PF holding police captive
    • Magistrate, interpreter jailed 24 months for corruption
    • Zimbabweans Squat In Cape Town Consulate Office
    • Gono, Kuwaza Fight
    • Racism against white Zimbabweans reach shocking levels
    • Humble Farmer teaches amateurs to do wonders
    • Air Zim spends $400m on new aircraft
    • Parly must vet nominees to key public posts
    • Amnesty International -- Zimbabwe must release 83 activists detained at peaceful demonstration
  12. Posted 20/9/10
    • Violence mars Mbare Copac hearings
    • Air Zimbabwe wants two new Airbus planes: state media
    • Tsvangirai skating on thin ice: analsysts
    • ZBC bosses blow US$100 000 on trip
    • Operation Murambatsvina- victims still crying for a decent living
    • Zimbabwe Gov't Representative Unwilling to Work With Maguwu
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 18th September 2010
    • Air Zimbabwe: A victim of the first family’s indulgencies
    • Peter Godwin's new book
  13. Batch 2 Posted 19/9/10
    • Rights group seeks genocide trial for Mugabe over 1980s Zimbabwe army killings
    • IOM to resettle Zimbabwean farm violence victims
    • Zimbabwe's Civil Servants Stage Protests Over Poor Salaries
    • ZEC warns against rushed election
    • CIO boss denied entry into US
    • Political instability adversely affecting economy - Biti
    • Mugabe's darkest secret: An 800bn blood diamond mine he's running with China's Red Army
    • Zimbabwean President Mugabe to Call for Lifting of Sanctions at UN Summit
    • Magistrate Refers Maseko's Application to Supreme Court
    • Stop political violence against teachers - Coltart
    • Chiadzwa families relocation irreversible
    • Church: The new Zanu (PF) frontier
    • ANALYSIS: Zim inflation drops, cost of living up
    • Nowhere to Hide
    • Constitution Watch 19/2010 - 17th September [COPAC Outreach Meetings: Harare, Chitungwiza Ruwa: 18th to 20th September]
  14. Posted 19/9/10
    • AAG visits cause panic
    • Furore over location of diamond centre
    • Man draws gun at outreach meeting
    • Senior cop killed, five shot in pub bloodbath
    • Victory for Gukurahundi artist
    • Cruel twist in Anglicans turf war
    • Govt admits role in Maguwu arrest
    • Flat tenants up in arms against property developer
    • Divisions rear ugly head at anniversary
    • Apostolic faith members take up health advisers’ role in Chikomba
    • Mining investors wary of empowerment laws
    • Editor's Desk: Chingoma’s toilet party set to fly like his chopper
    • Sundayview: GPA: success and its perils
    • Comment: Has Tsvangirai joined Mugabe praise singers?
    • Sundayopinion: Diasporans want dual citizenship
  15. Batch 2 Posted 18/9/10
    • Civil servants in protest march to demand higher pay
    • MDC-T Factions In informal Talks -Coltart
    • Zimbabwe electoral head slams violence on voters
    • Make illegal Zimbabweans SA citizens: MDC
    • Investment remains doubtful despite PM’s ‘progress’ speech
    • Business leaders call for 5 year delay in elections
    • Zim Chief Causes Drama For Being Summoned To Court
    • South Africa to lobby for removal of Zim sanctions at UN
    • Report: Zimbabwe deputy premier manhandles over-zealous policeman
    • War vets call for Mudenge's arrest
    • Magistrate Defers Ruling on Maseko's Application
    • Zimbabwe President Mugabe Says Gvt Has No Money for By-Elections
    • Meeting on Zimbabwe's Constitution Revision Turns Violent as ZANU-PF Raises Objections
    • Zimbabwe's orphans
    • Political persecution of Bennett gone too far
    • Media Notice: U.S. Embassy staff to continue volunteer service
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 718- Dated 16 September 2010
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch: Issue 19
  16. Posted 18/9/10
    • Tsvangirai meets Zuma over poll roadmap
    • AG’s Office Bill ‘falls short’
    • SK Moyo ads raise furore in Zanu PF
    • RBZ, ministry official squabble over diamond claim
    • Zim snubs Africa-Europe energy indaba
    • VP Nkomo blocks Mpofu allies
    • Judges among corruption accused
    • Zipra out to repair ‘war veteran’ tag
    • Zim still one of least competitive economies
    • Return of banks will lead to dog fight –– Tetrad
    • ‘Mining sector needs US$5b to recapitalise’
    • Zimbabwe’s payments remain poor —IMF
    • Anti-Corruption Commission ‘corrupt’
    • Comesa, EAC, Sadc grand free trade area on the horizon
    • Women, girls crucial to progress on MDGs
    • Muckraker: Populist Mudenge flaunts his English
    • Eric Bloch: Mumbengegwi’s claims: Fiction or reality?
    • Bracing for another Kariba draft
    • GNU should be judged on delivery, not posts
    • Comment: Genuine reforms must precede polls
    • Editor's Memo:Elections: Tsvangirai needs reality check
    • Candid Comment: Crack the whip on Air Zimbabwe management
  17. Posted 17/9/10
    • Gukurahundi finally classified as genocide by leading experts
    • Tsvangirai says Zimbabwe is Making Slow Progress
    • 'Madness persists in Zim'
    • Zimbabwe PM says indigenisation not expropriation
    • Air Zimbabwe in a bind over Mugabe New York trip
    • Chegutu farm burned down by land invaders
    • Police in manhunt for Tsvangirai ally
    • Service chiefs will be safe - Tsvangirai
    • Didymus Mutasa vows Tsvangirai will never be President of Zimbabwe
    • Notorious war vets leader attacks Mugabe
    • Mugabe deploys riot police to kick out land invaders
    • Villagers cry foul over military harassment in Chiadzwa
    • North Korean ties spell end for controversial Zimbabwean statue
    • Minister gets death threats
    • Court Conducts Inspection in loco as Magistrate Set to Deliver Ruling on Maseko's Application
    • Daniel Chingoma Forms Political Party
    • Silence of the lambs
    • Woman who took part in violent attacks on white farmers in Zimbabwe denied UK asylum
    • A Boy and a Bicycle(s)
    • Meeting Morgan
    • Morgan Tsvangirai praises Robert Mugabe 'the hero'
    • Legal notes on death of Robert Mugabe
    • Constitution Watch 17/2010 - 15th September [COPAC Bulawayo Outreach Meetings 18th to 20th September]
  18. Posted 16/9/10
    • Frailty fails to loosen Mugabe’s iron grip
    • Zimbabwe Army To Stay At Chiadzwa Diamond Fields
    • Violence forces cancellation of 23 COPAC meetings in Manicaland
    • MDC says ZPF deliberately delaying implementing GPA
    • Farm invasions continue, 2 years since signing GPA
    • Senior Striking Air Zimbabwe Pilots Disciplined
    • Zimbabwe President Mugabe dismisses rumors of poor health
    • No temporary teachers, less schooling
    • Diamond sale held in secret to bypass targeted sanctions
    • Confusion as Nkomo statue is unveiled
    • Power crisis deepens
    • Police hunt Roy Bennett: lawyer
    • Fresh cholera outbreak resurfaces in Zimbabwe
    • “Stubborn” Mugabe riles farmers and business
    • Maseko's Lawyers Seek Reprieve in Supreme Court
    • Zanu PF's Didymus "Diesel from rocks" Mutasa dismisses opinion poll
    • The Brits still debate Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe in the House of Commons
    • Magistrate orders arrest of 5 Bulawayo policemen
    • State Editors Taste AIPPA
    • Are farm workers a threat to Zanu?
    • Concerns Ahead of Zimbabwe Constitutional Outreach Process in Harare
    • Forum on Zimbabwe Elections Calls for Expanded Southern African Role
    • People will reject abuses cover up: analysts
    • More Zimbabweans have access to phones
    • Resolutions of the MDC National Council
    • Zimbabweans protest at two years of Mugabe lies
    • Art, Censorship and the Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe
  19. Posted 15/9/10
    • ZANU PF kicks into election mode with ‘threats’ of more violence
    • 30 day deadline passes and still no GPA implementation
    • Zim Holds Secret Diamond Auction
    • Striking air Zim workers fired
    • Treatment of artist Maseko spreads fear as new charges surface
    • New Zim Rights Body Will Not Delve Into The Past
    • Zimbabwe inflation slows to 3.6 pct y/y in August
    • Two years after unity accord, Zim mulls new polls
    • UK, says UN, EU and SADC to send monitors for free and fair Zimbabwe election
    • Tsvangirai tipped to win next poll by a landslide
    • Salary Increases for Zimbabwe President, Prime Minister, Spark Discontent
    • Zimbabwe Health Care System on Mend as PM Reopens Hospital Wards
    • Zimbabwe revokes leave for school-going mothers and fathers
    • Chiyangwa row over 'Chanakira shares' escalates
    • After 9 team members abscond abroad, Zimbabwe is out of Homeless World Cup
    • Human Rights Probe - No Prosecutions Expected
  20. Posted 14/9/10
    • Tsvangirai agrees not to contest 2011 poll result
    • ZANU PF torture trial begins
    • Lawyers Seek Consolidation of Ministers' Trial Over Abduction
    • Three MDC-T officials die in car crash in Gokwe
    • President Tsvangirai’s condolence message on the death of three party officials in a road accident
    • UPDATE: Arrest of four American citizens in Harare on September 9, 2010
    • ‘Jealous Harare Aids charity’ blamed for American arrests
    • Lawyers Fight for Maseko as State Drops and Brings in New Charges
    • Air Zim suspends international flights
    • Air Zimbabwe still negotiating with striking pilots and cabin crew
    • Zim Women Sue Ministers Over Deplorable Prisons
    • College heads jail threat over fees expulsions
    • Chiyangwa, Kingdom deal questioned
    • Vice President Mujuru Sucked In Mliswa Saga
    • Retailers Cash in on Coin Woes
    • Irrigation Transforms Lives in Southern Zimbabwe
    • Zimfest 2010 Successful in difficult circumstances
    • FEATURE: SA’s immigrant housemaids -- a desperate tribe
    • Bill Watch 36/2010 - 12th September [Update on Legal Issues]
  21. Batch 2 Posted 13/9/10
    • Tsvangirai, Mugabe strike deal on polls
    • Kaseke in fracas over Akon bill
    • Mutambara scoffs at Ncube challenge
    • ‘AirZim strike signals wider labour unrest’
    • Early elections: can Zimbabwe pull it off?
    • Location of school near airport runway raises eyebrows
    • US$5 000 fine for ignoring veld fires
    • Influx of foreign herbs worries Zinatha
    • US donates 5 000 male circumcision medical kits
    • US$7,4 million for Harare sewage works
    • Zim youths’ moment with Barack Obama
    • Zanu Ndonga 'alive and kicking'
    • Zimbabwe’s fractious politics: Who rules the roost?
    • Cash boost for Zim statistical activities
    • Sundayopinion: Sanity must be made to prevail
    • Comment: Property charlatans pose danger to cities
    • Editor's Desk: She tried to make a difference but . . .
    • Sundayview: Diamonds must benefit education
  22. Posted 13/9/10
    • Air Zimbabwe fires striking pilots
    • Police fail to take US doctors to court
    • US Church To Continue Work In Zimbabwe
    • "National healing organ unconstitutional"
    • Gono clashes with key Central Bank Board member
    • Call for Gukurahundi monument
    • Tsvangirai Nearly Barred
    • Zimbabwe eyed as mine hub
    • Rape and plunder of DRC: How EAC states betrayed a wounded neighbour
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 11th September 2010
  23. Posted 12/9/10
    • Five American Health Workers Carrying AIDS Drugs Are Arrested in Zimbabwe
    • US$3 billion power plant planned for Zim
    • SA to issue permits to Zim immigrants
    • Civic Group Gives Thumbs Down to Zimbabwe Constitutional Outreach Process
    • Mugabe will conform to legitimate elections: Tsvangirai
    • CFU moratorium ruling set for month-end
    • Top judges, ex govt chefs face eviction
    • Ministers sued over filthy holding cells
    • Air Zim pleads with striking pilots
    • Civil servants threaten job action
    • Zimbabwe Authorities Impose Secrecy on Diamond Auction Dates, Receipts
    • Zimbabwe to Engage South Africa on Reviving Rhodesia-Era Credit Facility
    • New menace on the highways
    • Lonely sentinels
  24. Posted 11/9/10
    • Mugabe orders Biti to budget for polls
    • Tsvangirai hints at re-unification of MDC factions
    • No to unity - Ncube
    • Six American Doctors Arrested
    • Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe bans Freshlyground music group over 'chicken' song
    • Striking Air Zim pilots given 24-hours to return to work
    • Air Zim leases aircraft as strike hits hard
    • Official blames external forces for Air Zimbabwe pilot strike
    • ZMC Seek Clarity Over Opening Of Airwaves
    • Cops probe Manyika death, family suspects foul play
    • Ruinous bank strike averted
    • Blow to Zimbabwe's cricket future as MCC cancels fact-finding mission
    • The race is on for Zim's economy
    • ZBC ordered to reinstate dismissed journalists
    • South Africans An Ungrateful Lot - Biti
    • Dabengwa In Door to Door Campaign
    • Hot Seat: (Part 2) Interview with DMP Arthur Mutambara
    • A Long Dry Season
    • Harvesting Water to Save Crops and Lives
    • National Healing & Reconciliation Minister Sekai Holland on BTH
    • Comment - Mugabe’s health interview
    • No power to the people
    • A letter from the diaspora
  25. Batch 2 Posted 10/9/10
    • KP monitor returns to Harare
    • Analysts see Mugabe life presidency
    • Critics Worry Zimbabwe's Constitution Revision Will Not Produce Desired Changes
    • AIDS Activists Hail Zimbabwe Government's Male Circumcision Drive
    • Reserve Bank debt tears govt apart
    • Zanu PF chefs to grab farming implements
    • Bread price increase unjustified: Biti
    • Business must emerge from its shell — Biti
    • Corrupt officials ‘cleansed’ by the passage of time
    • Zim slips down economic ladder
    • The changing face of banking in Zim
    • TIMB to hold mop-up sales this month
    • Zim could lose AfDB aid
    • Diamonds fail to stimulate ZSE
    • Attending indabas one thing, investing quite another
    • ‘Tariff Commission no toothless bulldog’
    • SA deportations to hit the poor hardest
    • Muckraker: For Zanu PF, if it ain’t broke it needs fixing
    • Media’s role in transitional justice
    • Eric Bloch: Looming Zim economic tsunami
    • Zanu PF a party functioning on a wing and prayer
  26. Posted 10/9/10
    • EXCLUSIVE-INTERVIEW-Mugabe dismisses rumours of poor health
    • Mugabe says wants closer ties with West
    • Mugabe required to consult PM on elections under GPA
    • COPAC Rapporteur Assaults Team Leader
    • Harare to document illegal immigrants in SA
    • Sales of beer surge 50 per cent in Zimbabwe as people turn to liquor amid ongoing woes
    • Air Zimbabwe pilots and cabin crew go on strike over pay dispute
    • Tensions In Smaller MDC Faction
    • Angry vendors assault municipal workers for destroying stalls
    • Makone, Mohadi urged to clarify involvement in deportation plan
    • MPs Hold Onto RBZ Vehicles
    • Bread price increase unjustified: Biti
    • MP in Sim card scandal
    • USAID Promotes Good Governance in Zimbabwe with a Major Donation of Audio Equipment to Parliament
    • Taken Question: U.S. government participation in the COPAC process
    • BOOK REVIEW: The Other - without fear, favour or prejudice
    • Facebook friends 'Tapestries of Hope'
    • Zimbabwe – full of life, hope and promise
  27. Posted 9/9/10
    • Second diamond sale to be held in secret
    • Air Zimbabwe's Pilots Go on Strike
    • Zimbabwe seeks S.Africa credit, overdraft facility -finmin
    • Economists warn against Zimbabwe's currency black market
    • Biti says US$50 billion loan 'unclean'
    • Price of Zim passports reduced after public complaints
    • Farm invading MP evicted, but warns he will return
    • Fears of cholera as Chinhoyi hospital runs dry
    • Angry Zimbabwe Commuters Turn Against Police
    • UN gives 13 million books to Zimbabwe schools
    • Minister Mohadi causes confusion over illegal Zimbos in South Africa
    • Burial of 41 bodies by cops rouses suspicions
    • New strategy, special congress for CFU
    • Money transfer giant sucked into CFX Bank dispute
    • Zimbabwe activist banned for five years from entering Swaziland
    • Hiring instruction throws schools into chaos
    • Botswana Finally Approves US$70m Credit Line for Zimbabwe Manufacturing
    • Anarchy as General Mujuru's gunmen attack Mnangagwa's loyalists at Chitungwiza Head office
    • Press watchdog blasts jamming of broadcasts by private Zimbabwean radio station
    • Mugabe’s deception continues
    • What makes a Zimbabwean hero?
    • Tapestries of Hope Movie Trailer
  28. Posted 8/9/10
    • Zimbabwe revokes Marange diamond ruling
    • London-Listed ACR Says Will Appeal 'Surprising' Zimbabwe Court Ruling
    • Zimbabwe’s MDC appeals to South Africa to be lenient over refugee deportation threat
    • Critics blast national healing organ a failure
    • MDC MP evades arrest over ‘insult’ charges
    • More violence mars Copac meetings in Nyanga
    • Copac teams evicted form Byo Rainbow hotel
    • MDC-T staff problems reflects factionalism
    • Analysts predict chaos if Mugabe dies in office
    • Top policemen nabbed for fraud
    • Muchinguri bursts notorious syndicate of robbers
    • More Trouble for Zimbabwe Constitutional Process as Lawmaker Charged
    • Indian diamond executives target Zimbabwe gems
    • Zim food supplies stable
    • Rhino owners strike back
    • To My President, Robert Mugabe
    • Press Statement: COPAC support and funding
    • Peace Watch 10/2010 of 5th September [August Monthly Roundup]
  29. Posted 7/9/10
    • Over $1 million spent on a concert, despite widespread hunger
    • Akon blasts police for rights abuses
    • Farmers to stand trial
    • Zim should adopt Chinese Yuan as currency – Vice president
    • Unity government endorsed decision to deport Zimbabweans from SA
    • Concern over new permits for Zimbabweans in SA
    • SADC troika to discuss Zimbabwe political deadlock in Maputo
    • Man jailed for one year for ‘insulting’ Mugabe
    • MDC-T Manicaland refutes Theresa Makone’s praise for police
    • Jamming of SW Radio Africa broadcasts continues
    • Governor Maluleke appeals for money to avert starvation
    • Key donors give inclusive gvt thumbs up
    • Ministers forced to flee fire at gvt offices
    • Construction of regional railway line to start soon
    • NGO launches HIV/AIDS info in braille
  30. Batch 2 Posted 6/9/10
    • Govt to meet over Zim dispensation row
    • SA strike is a nightmare for Zim teachers
    • Fear, Zim scribes' enemy no.1 - Saidi
    • Govt told to focus on luring investors
    • Zimbabwe Government Said to Seek Ban on Foreign Investment in Retail Sector
    • Zimbabwe Constitution Panel Seeks to Boost Youth Participation In Outreach
    • Rights Activists Slam Pretoria for Plan to Resume Zimbabwean Deportations
    • Mangwana attacks negative media coverage
    • No need to panic about special dispensation
    • Campbell insulted by Scotland snub
    • UN calls for crisis talks on food prices as instability threatens poor nations
    • Conservationists call for tougher penalties as poaching escalates in southern Africa
    • EU approves US$20m aid package for Zim
    • We need a credible budget: Biti
    • Massive job cuts loom
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 4th September 2010
    • What's going on?
    • Inside Zimbabwe's security services (Part 11)
    • Bill Watch 35/2010 - 4th September [Constitution Amendment No. 19 Re-Gazetted]
  31. Posted 6/9/10
    • MDC-T fires 19 in spy scandal
    • Chombo dragged to court over land grab
    • US$1,2 million to bring Akon, Sean Paul
    • Makoni honours the Mandelas
    • Mpofu defamation case opens
    • Powercuts give Econet connectivity nightmares
    • Wetlands threat, Ballantyne residents take council head-on
    • Ezekiel Guti: the man who built a Christian empire
    • Street children make a beeline for Egoli
    • Controversy surrounds Gaddafi’s son’s visit
    • Pfungwe men take up community health advisors’ challenge
    • No joy for govt workers
    • SA company eyes mining investment in Zimbabwe
    • Risk profile stymies PPP projects
    • Comment: Mutambanengwe should be resist political pressure
    • Editor's Desk: Can the ‘fringe’ parties pose a real challenge?
    • Sundayview: Copac divided civil society
    • Zanu must conclude succession debate ASAP
    • Correcting historical account by Professor Welshman Ncube
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 715- Dated 3 September 2010
  32. Batch 2 Posted 4/9/10
    • Fresh GNU row erupts over provincial governors
    • Biti wades into Kingdom war
    • ‘Constituency funds idle’
    • Deal exposes RBZ’s diamond activities
    • Mutsekwa fails to evict ex-ministers
    • Police have turned over new leaf –– Makone
    • Violent land reform youth corps wallow in poverty
    • Strike looms as bankers rebuff salary demands
    • New billing system, a relief to subscribers
    • Financial results fail to rouse ZSE
    • Tomana’s comments shameful, callous
    • Muckraker: Is Mugabe the only person with rights?
    • Eric Bloch: Ending agriculture’s financial crisis
    • In a democracy the media should regulate themselves
    • Gloom for Zim’s next generation as schools reopen
    • Candid comment: Where is the Competition and Tariffs Commission?
    • Comment: Indigenisation: Public policy for private gain
    • Editor's Memo:GNU leaders’ duplicity too costly
  33. Posted 4/9/10
    • Zimbabwe tobacco output rebounds, up 100 percent
    • No food aid in Matabeleland South due to ZANU PF violence
    • More corruption ahead for diamond industry
    • Zuma put under pressure to find lasting solution in Zimbabwe
    • Chipinge Man Jailed For Insulting Mugabe
    • Churches call for opening of Airwaves
    • Feisty Coltart 'boots' ZTA out of football
    • MDC-T is united - Mudzuri
    • Chicken to change? Robert Mugabe mocked in pop video
    • Government says artists now need entertainment licences
    • Zimbabwean Government Takes Flak for Introducing Maternity Leave for Students
    • Teams for Zimbabwe's Constitution Revision Press on Despite Funding Hiccups
    • U.S. Embassy Statement on COPAC support and funding
    • Divided opinions over potential Zimbabwe mining boom
    • OPINION: Zanu must conclude succession debate ASAP
    • FEATURE: The men never saw it coming
    • A letter from the diaspora
  34. Posted 3/9/10
    • Constitutional outreach cut short
    • Zimbabwe Launches US$8m Appeal for Constitution Revision
    • SW Radio Africa broadcasts jammed despite unity government
    • South Africa to resume Zim deportations
    • Attorney-General’s office drafting new Electoral Act Bill
    • Gukurahundi artist faces 20 years in jail
    • MPs snub US$4m development fund
    • Civil Society Honors Zimbabwe Prime Minister Tsvangirai for Championing Human Rights
    • Old Beneficiaries of Zimbabwe's Black Empowerment Set to Venture Into Diamond Cutting
    • Paranoid Robert Mugabe rejects US$50bn loan
    • Zimbabwe enjoys bumper tobacco season
    • ILO Gives Zim An Ultimatum
    • ZANU-PF's proxy businessmen close-in on BP & Shell assets
    • Zimbabwe media precarious - US Ambassador
    • ZEF Statement on SA Cabinet Decision to Resume Deportations to Zim
    • Taking the constitutional debate to Uzumba and Mrehwa
    • HOT SEAT: Mutambara says there’s a dearth of leadership in Zimbabwe
    • Why Blair did not want to topple Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe International Film Festival - 2010 Programme Catalogue
  35. Posted 2/9/10
    • Zimbabwean Artist to Stand Trial for Massacre Paintings
    • Diamonds can earn Zim US$2 billion annually
    • Stock exchange home closed
    • MP still refusing to leave invaded farm
    • Mliswa made me destitute - witness
    • ZANU PF torture trial postponed
    • Kunonga turns church into school
    • Zimbabwe needs $200 million for fresh polls - media
    • Zimbabwe to become world's top diamond producer: Expert
    • 'Beware of Mugabe', Makumbe tells Chanakira
    • Tony Blair: military intervention in rogue regimes 'more necessary than ever'
    • Tsvangirai reshuffles information department
    • Zimbabwe bush fires kill 10 people, 10 elephants
    • Zimbos overfed on propaganda
    • Deadline extended for phone subscribers to register SIM cards
    • UNDP Spurns Additional Funding Request for Zimbabwe's Constitutional Outreach
    • African Bank Launches Crucial Fund for Zimbabwe to Revive Battered Economy
    • After Robert Mugabe
    • Analysis: Stability key to farm sector recovery
    • Analysis: Basic freedoms remain under threat
    • The Zimbabwe Economy : Third Quarter 2010 Economic Indicators and Trends – John Robertson
    • Bill Watch 34/2010 - 31st August [Update on Elections,Parliament and Legislation]
  36. Posted 1/9/10
    • Robert Mugabe allies face rare legal challenge
    • So called ‘implementation matrix’ exposes farce of coalition
    • Zimbabwe's Marange gem output to rise
    • Zimbabwe firm builds diamond polishing, cutting centre
    • Mpofu faces court action for allowing Chiadzwa diamond sales
    • Mugabe Vows To Defy Regional Court In Land Dispute With Former White Farmers
    • Zimbabwe's Constitutional Revision Chiefs to Meet UNDP Seeking More Funding
    • Zimbabwe Government Bans Works of Prominent Visual Artist
    • The art they don’t want you to see, because of the truth they fear you will learn
    • Artist Owen Maseko to fight Home Affairs ban
    • Mugabe, Kasukuwere implicated in Temba Mliswa trial
    • DPM Mutambara challenges Tsvangirai, Nkomo
    • Copac's US$8mln donor bid fails
    • Government makes available $70 million to boost economy
    • Council to close businesses without water supply
    • India's Jindal Steel to re-bid for 70% in Zimbabwe’s Zisco
    • Scotland cricket team turn down Zimbabwe ICC match

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