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August 2010 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/8/10
    • Zimbabwe Government Bans 'Offensive' Paintings
    • Mugabe lied about governors - Tsvangirai
    • Problems in Masvingo as outreach meetings abandoned
    • Chiadzwa families resist relocation
    • Tsvangirai mourns MDC split at Gibson Sibanda’s funeral
    • Copac members resume work
    • Civil Society to launch historic peace building initiative
    • ZAPU endorses Dabengwa as party leader
    • Council Discharges Sewage Into Water Sources, Court Told
    • Mixed reaction to Zimbabwe’s new teen parent law
    • Zanu-PF on course to another stolen election
    • LM Edition 60
    • Bill Watch 32/2010 - 30th August [Update on Inclusive GovernmentDisputed Issues]
    • Bill Watch 33/2010 - 30th August [Implementation Matrix for 24Agreed Inclusive Government Issues]
  2. Posted 30/8/10
    • Zimbabwe's Central Bank to lay off 85 per cent of staff: minister
    • Blair secretly courted Mugabe to boost trade
    • TZI calls for new Anti-Corruption Commission
    • MDC-T threatens ‘No Vote’ campaign
    • Learn from Kenyan experience: ZESN
    • Mugabe sets up military state
    • Chombo on the warpath
    • Rights activist wants abductors exposed
    • ZBC fails to pay World Cup panel
    • Chinese firms take to Africa like bushfire
    • SADC behaviour in Zimbabwe irresponsible: communities point
    • Generation of muggers, murderers?
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 28th August 2010
  3. Batch 2 Posted 29/8/10
    • MDC factions unite for Sibanda burial
    • Zapu congress endorses Dabengwa
    • Chiyangwa wants truce with council
    • Loan shark admits links with a Mugabe associate
    • Blitz against goat traders
    • Borrowdale squatters desperate after raid
    • Sibanda snub: Zanu PF discredits hero status
    • Can Dabengwa fit into Joshua Nkomo’s shoes?
    • Volunteer healthcare providers graduate
    • Tobacco sales reach 115 million kg mark — TIMB
    • Comment: Policy of appeasement, Sadc’s major weakness
    • Sundayopinion: Address crisis first before new poll
    • Sundayview: Gibson Sibanda, a distinguished fighter for the downtrodden
    • From the Editor's Desk: Time is nigh for a true people’s
  4. Posted 29/8/10
    • Protect evicted people – Amnesty International
    • Villagers forced to attend Zanu meetings
    • Fresh measles outbreak reported in Zim
    • Mugabe questions quality of Zim’s farmers
    • Zimbabwe Government Urged to Rethink on Bidders For Collapsed State Steel Maker
    • Tsvangirai regrets acrimony with Gibson Sibanda
    • Mugabe must hand-over power: Malema
    • Goche and Priscilla in trouble with loan shark
    • Opening a Pandora's box in southern Africa
    • Nathaniel Manheru in the Herald
    • Load shedding
    • Reconciliation: a big lie
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 714- Dated 27 August 2010
    • Book Review
  5. Posted 28/8/10
    • Accusations and lies surface over GPA implementation
    • Constitution Committee want $5 million more
    • Zimbabwe election body says poll unlikely in 2011
    • Mugabe Declares Brother In Law A Liberation War Hero
    • Mugabe Refused Hero Status for MDC Leader
    • Fear Grips Zim Squatters
    • Makoni dismiss reports that Mugabe has chosen him as successor
    • Robert Mugabe heading for wheelchair - State intelligence source
    • Two state prosecutors tortured for sending war vets to jail
    • MDC-M in the dark after Zesa cuts power over unpaid bills
    • Tomana dismisses MDC-T report on 2008 atrocities
    • Zapu's Dabengwa blasts Mugabe
    • Mutambara misled Zuma - PM
    • Zanu PF boycotts Copac in Manicaland
    • Gallery Director Summoned Over Gukurahundi Exhibition
    • Future of MDC-M in doubt as factionalism deepens, Priscilla threans to quit
    • Zimbabwe's parastatal bigwigs 'swimming in wealth'
    • Zim Film Festival kicks off Friday
    • A letter from the diaspora
  6. Batch 2 Posted 27/8/10
    • SADC must supervise Zim polls: NGOs
    • Zimplats swings back to profit
    • Number of Zim asylum seekers drop: UK
    • Zimbabwe Constitution-Makers Seek Funding for 15 More Days of Outreach
    • Zimbabweans Debate, Reconsider Institution of National Liberation Hero
    • Zimbabwe Government Renews Search for Strategic Partner in Steel Venture
    • Ultimatum for banks
    • MDC-T protests to Sadc over ‘doctored’ communiqué
    • Only shareholders should resolve dispute — Meikles
    • Tomana dismisses MDC-T’s claims document
    • Families given 10 days to vacate diamond field
    • Zanu PF power tussle chokes conservancy
    • Chihuri, ministers sued for police brutality
    • Zanu PF politburo refuses co-option of Nkomo allies
    • Poll reforms: Chihuri’s reputation defeats cause
    • Time bank prejudiced of US$30m — Tande
    • ‘Punitive bank charges discourage savings’
    • Van Hoog rekindles love for RTG
    • New era for Zim motoring industry
    • Brett Chulu: Zim corporate governance: The business case
    • Muckraker: Which ‘public’ are you referring to ZBC?
    • Erich Bloch: Partial GPA implementation undermines economy
    • So many elections, so little change
    • Poll roadmaps: The vested interests of GNU parties
    • Can democracy thrive in Africa?
    • Candid Comment: Sibanda hero status debacle exposes GNU
    • Editor's Memo: Acerbic attacks prolong Zim’s bad boy image
    • Comment: KML saga: Gono, Biti must remain neutral
  7. Posted 27/8/10
    • Veld Fire Near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Consumes Lobengula Reproduction Palace
    • Police after WOZA leader Jenni Williams over Constitutional program
    • Police corruption suspected in eviction of Borrowdale settlers
    • War vets threaten to uproot Nkomo statue
    • Factionalism deepens ahead of MDC congress
    • Zesa supply cut-off at MDC office - investigations reveal
    • "I wrote the letter to SADC" - Mutambara owns up to the skulduggery
    • Zapu to forge ahead with congress
    • Bread price up
    • MDC calls for investigation of Minister Chombo for corruption
    • 19 days to go and still no GPA implementation
    • Police search for stolen arms in Bulawayo
    • Zimbabwe Youth League urges South Africa to grab mines, land from white farmers
    • Hoogstraten-link loan shark wanted by UK police
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Process in Red Again as Donors Question Use of Funds
    • Chiwenga’s gun used in armed robbery?
    • Analysis: Death exposes Zim’s superficial unity
    • HOT SEAT: Outgoing Swedish Ambassador to Zimbabwe
    • Ireland's Zimbabwe tour confirmed
  8. Posted 26/8/10
    • Zimbabwe Police Torch Squatter Camp
    • Police blatantly violate the right to shelter in raid and burning of Borrowdale settlement
    • Military chefs to head business takeovers under indigenization program
    • Ten days pass with no GPA implementation
    • DPM Mutambara blasts Mugabe
    • Zanu PF members in court for assaulting chief
    • Gaddafi visit: Police raid Vic Falls
    • Qaddafi's Son Is Considering Investing in Dam, Ethanol Project in Zimbabwe
    • MDC Wants Chombo Probed for Corruption
    • Outreach program bogged down by shortages of funds
    • Gvt gets US$30 million from diamond firms
    • Zimbabwe Minister Matinenga Sees Draft Revised Constitution by Late 2010
    • Suspended Zimbabwe Mining Execs Said to Have Played Money Market
    • Mugabe rejects MDC's request for Sibanda's hero's status
    • Zimbabwe invites fresh bids for state steel firm
    • ZESA attacked for load shedding
    • Zimbabwe Weekly Bulletin - Week ending 24 August 2010
    • Should Zimbabwe join the SA Customs Union?
    • Mugabe and the struggle for the African Self
    • Angus Shaw’s Harare
  9. Posted 25/8/10
    • Gibson Sibanda dies
    • Deputy min, four MDC MPs arrested in Masvingo
    • MDC-T legislator blasts police for treating them like criminals
    • ZANU PF officials to be questioned in torture trial
    • Mutambara refuses to deny links to controversial GPA letter
    • Zim's Foreign Affairs Minister Clashes With Diplomats
    • Zim Human Rights Campaigner Sues Four Ministers
    • Abductors: Mtetwa demands identities
    • Attorney General’s office launches fresh attack on Muchadehama under the nose of the Inclusive Government
    • Harare says no response yet from EU
    • SADC: Supervise Zimbabwe’s next election To prevent state-sponsored violence
    • Update on land invasion of Grasslands Farm Somabhula
    • Eight Student Activist Appear Before an Harare Magistrate
    • Judge Chiweshe faces impartiality test
    • Zimbabwe's Election Watchdog Backs Proposed Police Voting Reforms
    • Is age taking its toll on Mugabe's health?
    • Harare Needs Sprucing Up
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Said to Hold Many Defaulted Loans of ZANU-PF Officials
    • The Legal Monitor from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights
    • Zimfest Connected: Connecting Zimbabwe to the World
    • News from Kubatana -24 August, 2010
  10. Posted 24/8/10
    • MP behind land seizure snubs High Court order
    • Diamonds controlled by new group of ZANU PF hardliners
    • Rwanda calls on UN as row with Zim escalates
    • Zim inflation slows to 4,1%
    • Johane Masowe Church members apprehensive about ZANU PF intentions
    • Stay out of politics-Charamba ordered
    • Underfire Mutambara non committal about SADC letter
    • Tsvangirai needs to ‘drop informal advisors’
    • MDC dismisses ZANU PF’s claims over sanctions
    • Invesco's interest in Zimbabwe investment raises concerns
    • Diamond sale a false economic dawn
    • Namibia’s SADC Test
    • Peace Watch 9/2010 of 21st August [Torture Compensation Claim Trial]
  11. Batch 2 Posted 23/8/10
    • Tsvangirai’s wings clipped
    • Ghost workers: Harare Council in U-turn
    • Mugabe disciples dominate region
    • Mugabe clings to governors
    • Zimbabwe’s growing problem of hard drugs
    • MDC-M’s Welshman Ncube: shrewd contriver or honest politician?
    • User fees a stumbling block — Mugurungi
    • Victory for electricity consumers
    • Cash woes mount at Kingstons
    • Rio Tinto increases mineral production
    • Sundayopinion: Restorative justice a must
    • Comment: Zim not ready for elections
    • Editor's desk: Can Sadc survive without Zimbabwe?
    • Sundayview: What next after Tribunal suspension?
  12. Posted 23/8/10
    • Zuma unveils new tough 'roadmap'
    • Teachers Want US$72m
    • Textbook bonanza for schools in Zimbabwe
    • RBZ repossess vehicles
    • Zimbabwe's 'new' farmers finally start to blossom
    • How diamond proceeds will be shared
    • ‘Special voting’ for police proposed
    • Welshman Ncube blasts MDC like a Politburo member
    • MDC Official Attacks Civil Society
    • Charamba to keep his job: Biti
    • Christians in Zimbabwe mobilized to rebuild nation
    • Farm workers face outreach backlash
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 21st August 2010
    • The last looting party
    • Come on in: Zimbabwe calls once more
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 3/2010 - 21st August [DevolutionPart II]
  13. Posted 22/8/10
    • Zimbabwean govt to lay off teachers
    • South Africa to Step Up Zimbabwe Mediation as Tempers Flare in Harare
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Outreach Team Members Protest in Harare Over Unpaid Wages
    • Zimbabwe leaders agree on body to audit land reform programme
    • Zimbabwe CSOs campaign for power devolution to provincial assemblies
    • Zimbabwe Minister Appoints Mugabe Allies to Spearhead Indigenization Program
    • Minister Warns KP Official
    • Zim at "extreme risk" of hunger
    • Zesa ordered to carry out meter readings
    • Cricket-Zimbabwe offers to tour Pakistan to help flood victims
    • Nothing local
    • X Factor 2010: Gamu Nhengu ‘The girl with the flower in her hair!’ (VIDEO)
  14. Batch 2 Posted 21/8/10
    • Zim safer for investors: Tsvangirai
    • Diamonds sale a damp squib for expectant locals
    • Villagers foil anti-outreach militants
    • Sanctions to go only after ‘real and tangible’ reforms
    • ‘Parastatals derailing economic recovery’
    • Ministers resort to Avenues flats
    • ‘Women being silenced in constitution process’
    • Poor resource usage: A potential cause of conflict
    • Zim issue suspiciously blocked from Sadc debate
    • ‘RBZ must retrench’
    • ZMDC executives financial scandal deepens
    • Principals clash over elections
    • Zimbabwe’s route to recovery
    • Lower prices hit late tobacco deliveries
    • Gukurahundi, Lobengula raids worlds apart
    • The facts get in the way at the Herald
    • Eric Bloch: Industrial reform urgently needed
    • Mugabe the major deterrent to tourists
    • Review of Zim’s mineral wealth urgent
    • Candid comment: Time for govt to demystify the diamond issue
    • Editor's memo: Democratic institutions first, elections later
    • Comment: Sadc summit churns out more deception
  15. Posted 21/8/10
    • Mugabe refuses compromise until western sanctions lifted
    • Mugabe reneges on GPA implementation
    • Zanu (PF) Appoints Own Diamonds Focal Point Person
    • Gaddafi's Son Detained At Harare International Airport
    • Farm workers targeted in constitution outreach intimidation
    • MDC devise local ways of dealing with constitutional violence
    • Outreach meetings cancelled in Chipinge due to lack of fuel
    • Zimbabwe headmaster jailed for bizarre exam fraud
    • Mugabe allies in empowerment committees
    • Zimbabwe Bakers Moot 20% Bread Price Increase, Citing Russian Wheat Embargo
    • MDC dismisses Zanu PF’s wishful claims
    • Trumped up charges
    • News Analysis: SADC avoids upsetting Mugabe
  16. Posted 20/8/10
    • SADC’s motives questioned over Tribunal review
    • Abducted MDC Officials Dumped At A Police Station
    • Armed Criminals Raid Zimbabwe Police Station
    • Another MDC MP arrested as Masvingo police hunt more
    • 20,000 Zimbabweans face deportation from Britain
    • Key Western Diplomats Leaving Zimbabwe
    • Civil Society remains skeptical about implementation of GPA
    • MDC Copac teams resolve to cancel meetings in violent areas
    • Rwanda Wants UN To Act On Zimbabwe
    • US Sanctions On Zimbabwe To Stay
    • Zimbabwe Farm Workers Union Says Intimidation Rampant in Rural Consultations
    • Zimbabwe Diamond Activist Maguwu Nominated as Kimberly Civil Society Contact
    • Milk reserves low
    • Mugabe Keeps Air Zim Plane In Namibia
    • Mugabe’s workers sent on unpaid leave
    • Threats escalate, abuse worse
    • Dabengwa's sidekicks accused of rigging ZAPU elections
    • More woes for Zimbabwe's Marange diamonds
    • Shamu launches media black out on Mangwana
    • Mwonzora approaches Nyanga ZANU-Pf leadership over political violence
    • MDC advises caution on elections
    • South Africa’s road to Zimbabwe
    • Tearful Gamu wows 'X Factor' judges
    • Constitution Outreach: News Round-Up, 13 August – 19 August 2010
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 712- Dated 18 August 2010
    • Constitution Watch - Content Series 2/2010 - 19th August[Devolution Part I]
    • Bill Watch 31/2010 - 19th August [SADC Summit & Zuma Report]
  17. Posted 19/8/10
    • SADC Summit Delays Decision on Zimbabwe Land Reform
    • Press statement by the MDC secretary-general Hon Tendai Biti on the outcome of the 30th SADC summit in Windhoek, Namibia
    • SADC Tribunal suspended over Zimbabwe’s refusal to honour rulings
    • SADC Tribunal Not Suspended - SADC Executive
    • Implement GPA and sanctions will go - Washington
    • 2 MDC officials arrested as police hunt more MDC Masvingo
    • 7 abducted MDC still detained in jail
    • White Zimbabwe Farmers say Politics Trumps Justice at SADC Summit
    • Many Zimbabweans Believe Country Not Ready for New Elections
    • ZESN's statement on the role of the police in elections
    • Bail Conditions Relaxed for Zimbabwean Diamond Activist Farai Maguwu
    • U.S. firm discovers oil in Mozambique
    • India purchases 83 percent of Zim gems: Report
    • Zim economy underestimated: IMARA
    • Killer police officer sentenced
    • Construction of Mansion Said to Have Led to Investigation of Zimbabwe Minerals Executive
    • Zimbabwe Constitution-Making Committee Condemns Constitution-Related Violence
    • Illegal border crossings flourish
    • ZUJ Documents Crackdown On Scribes
    • Peace Watch E-Discussion Forum - 18thAugust [What can communitiesdo to protect themselves against political violence?]
  18. Posted 18/8/10
    • SADC summit mulls Zim land-reform case
    • SADC puts off confronting Mugabe over Tribunal contempt
    • Wave of new violence erupts in Chimanimani district
    • Masvingo MP arrested on trumped-up charge
    • Tomana Launches Fresh Onslaught Against Muchadehama
    • ZANU PF infighting blamed for the suspension of top mining officials
    • Civic groups to fight plans to deport UK Zimbabwean asylum seekers
    • Copac Launches Website
    • Diaspora can also discuss new constitution
    • The MDC Today
    • Rwandan Genocide Fugitive Located In Norton
    • Zimbabwe first-half gold output rises to 4 tonnes
    • Dad jailed for measles deaths
    • McDonald’s targets Zimbabwe
    • ZANU, MDC urged to denounce farm violence
    • Zimbabwe Health Minister Says Doctors, Midwives Still in Short Supply in Country
    • ZIFA: Malaysia match was 'fixed'
    • Zimbabwe slams 'lunatic group' for banning its diamonds
    • Pfister applies for vacant Zimbabwe coaching role
    • SADC Summit: Zuma panders to Mugabe, undermines rule of law - Athol Trollip, MP
  19. Posted 17/8/10
    • SADC gives principals one month to implement outstanding issues
    • SADC Sets Zimbabwe Elections Guideline For Next Year
    • Civic Groups Want Template For Zim Elections
    • SADC Ministers Discuss Zim Tribunal Violations
    • US gem group bans Zimbabwe's Marange diamonds
    • Zimbabwe shrugs off RapNet diamond ban: will "look East"
    • Mugabe's vows on diamond wealth share are tarnished
    • Villagers devise whistling scheme to combat war vets
    • MDC hold peaceful provincial elections in Chitungwiza
    • COPAC Meeting Abandoned After Violence
    • Zim press freedom still lowest in the region
    • Tears Flow As Zim Violence Is Showcased
    • LM Edition 58
    • Peace Watch 8/2010 of 13th August [Preventing Violence – Lessons from the Kenyan Constitution Referendum]
  20. Posted 16/8/10
    • Zuma to present SADC report on Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai and Zuma to lock horns over Zimbabwe GPA at SADC
    • Message from Martin Rapaport to RapNet Members on Marange Diamonds
    • Aid has made major difference in Zimbabwe, says UN report
    • Activists threaten to sue S/African gov’t over farmers’ plight in Zimbabwe
    • Statement by SADC Tribunal Rights Watch
    • Mugabe goes shopping as summit set to discuss government crisis
    • Land Reform Underfinanced and Failing
    • COPAC issues firm order on Jabulani Sibanda
    • Potential health disaster looms in Victoria Falls
    • Zimbabwe’s debt - what the people should know
    • Mapfumo to come out of exile
    • ZCTF Report - Aug 2010 - Steve Kok
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 14th August 2010
    • B.I.D
    • A letter from the diaspora
  21. Batch 2 Posted 14/8/10
    • ZMDC executives probed over US$40m diamond funds
    • Chihuri opposes electoral reforms
    • To stay or not to stay: The Tsvangirai dilemma
    • Chiadzwa's forcibly relocated families
    • ‘Mugabe amnesty rhetoric mockery to victims’
    • Top cops fingered in corrupt wrangle
    • Copac demands cash control
    • Zim issue set to take centre stage at Sadc summit
    • Kasukuwere blocks sale of Barclays subsidiary
    • We don’t intend to regulate journalists — SEC
    • Land tenure issue merits a referendum
    • Eric Bloch: Zim: A man-made economic hell
    • Muckraker: Of diamonds, ambiguity and presidential insults
    • Mugabe’s proposed amnesty a form of further injustice
    • Comment: Put diamond proceeds to good use
    • Editor's memo: Act seeks to shield state from scrutiny
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Revision Outreach Exercise Slow to Roll Out in Big Cities
    • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to Restore Licenses to Three Forcibly Merged Banks
    • UK to deport Swazi Activist
    • JAG Open Letter Forum- No. 710- Dated 13 August 2010
    • The Good News From Zimbabwe: Healing Music of the Mbira
  22. Posted 14/8/10
    • Reform exercise back on track
    • Group bans Marange diamonds
    • Bill to repeal targeted sanctions introduced in the US
    • Abuses still continuing ‘unabated’ in Zim, says AfriForum
    • MDC say agreement reached on provincial governors
    • SMS news message throws Manicaland CIO into panic
    • Rwandan Secret Agents Sneak Into Zimbabwe To Arrest Fugitive
    • MDC wants SADC to set Zimbabwe elections date
    • Mugabe meets Hu
    • Southern African Regional Grouping Seen Cooling Election Fever in Zimbabwe
    • South Africa Hails Zimbabwe's Kimberly Process-Sanctioned Diamond Auction
    • Villagers Ejected From COPAC Outreach Meeting As PeopleVote for the Constitution
    • 39 defect from Professor Mutambara’s party to rejoin MDC
    • Constitution Outreach: News Round-Up, 4 August – 13 August 2010
    • LM Edition 57
    • Zimbabwe: Life after land invasions
    • Constitution Watch 17/2010 - 12th August [Outreach Meetings:Mashonaland East: 14 to 21 August]
  23. Posted 13/8/10
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch: Issue 17
    • Zimbabwe nets around $71 million from diamond auction
    • Political row to intensify over diamond sale profits
    • Zimbabweans want diamond money to go to civil servants, education, health
    • Two MDC activists hospitalized after ZANU PF attacks
    • Zim on SADC summit agenda, but no change expected
    • Tsvangirai To Attend SADC Summit In Namibia
    • 'Zimbabwe is on the correct path'
    • 'Zimbabwe is on the correct path'
    • The Real Change Times Online - Issue 47
  24. Batch 2 Posted 12/8/10
    • Zimbabwe gem sale stirs 'blood diamond' fears
    • Mugabe thanks China for steadfast support
    • Lack of resources hinder HIV/AIDS response
    • British Embassy donates an epilepsy detector machine
    • Unique scheme helps poor children back into school
    • US moves to repeal sanctions law
    • MDC-T pins hopes on Sadc summit
    • Outreach suspended over war vets’ terror in Masvingo
    • Gender activists attack Mugabe
    • Court briefs: Murerwa saves white farmer
    • Constitution outreach provides comic relief
    • Zanu PF invaders leave a trail of destruction
    • Simba Makoni: is he the best president Zimbabwe never had?
    • More Zanu PF jingles coming
    • Sundayopinion: Zimbabwe, the land of chutzpah
    • War vets’ power struggles
    • Children doing time with their mothers
    • Security forces boycott Heroes Acre
    • SADC needs more courage to deal with Mugabe
    • Nothing to expect from SADC summit
    • Is MDC losing focus?
    • Peter Chingoka obstacle to England playing Zimbabwe again, says UK Sports Minister
  25. Posted 12/8/10
    • Zim halts constitutional exercise
    • Tsvangirai opens Chiadzwa ‘blood diamond’ sale
    • Zimbabwe Brings Controversial Diamonds to Market Under Kimberly Supervision
    • 200 dead, women raped, slave children: But Zimbabwe's £1.2bn gems are 'NOT blood diamonds'
    • KP official speaks out
    • Mugabe presides over Zim day at Chinese expo
    • War vets leader Jabulani Sibanda continues tour of terror
    • Zimbabwe TB Cases Up
    • Kadoma youths unite to kick out violence
    • Chiyangwa Betrays Stranded Students
    • Zimbabwe Unity Government Principals Invited to Southern African Regional Summit
    • Zimbabwe Ministry Says 3,000 Laid Off in January-June vs. 1,500 in Year-Ago Period
    • Econet gets US$60 from Swedish agency
    • Victory for Zimbabwean farmers in court, Pretoria
    • Comment by Ben Freeth of SADC Tribunal Rights Watch
    • UN appeals for more aid for Zimbabwe
    • Dumiso Dabengwa Expected To Bounce Back
    • Surge in Zim retail imports triggers concern
    • Zimbabwe Minister Alleges Double Bookkeeping at Distressed State Enterprises
    • Speech by Prime Minister Tsvangirai at 'Shoes for National healing', Gweru, Aug 4, 2010
    • News analysis: Mugabe’s thinly veiled plea for amnesty
    • The MDC Today
    • BTH speaks to torture victim Nixon Nyikadzino back from exile
    • Role of Parliament in Constitutional Reform Process in Zimbabwe: Post Drafting
  26. Posted 11/8/10
    • Chiadzwa diamond field clean-up intensifies
    • Mugabe urges army to 'jealously guard' Zimbabwe's resources
    • Legal body calls for action on Zimbabwe
    • High Court Releases Mliswa
    • War Vets leader threatens to squash Tsvangirai like a ‘fly’
    • Photo Journalist Injured In Paratrooper Accident
    • UN agencies say 1.7 mln Zimbabweans need food aid
    • Zimbabwe police kill American aid worker for being "rude"
    • Theresa Makone remains silent on war vets violence
    • Judgement in Zim matter to be delivered tomorrow
    • Concern over diamond revenue
    • Questions Raised Over Water Treatment Funding
    • Zimbabwe: Helping educate women about HIV
  27. Posted 10/8/10
    • Regulators Arrive in Harare Prior to Controversial Diamond Sale
    • MPs still barred from visiting Chiadzwa
    • No one is going to be arrested for political violence – Mugabe
    • Outrage At Mugabe's Amnesty Call
    • Mugabe Says US And EU Sanctions Are 'Evil'
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe claims he's tried to engage West
    • MDC wants current heroes status system scrapped
    • African ministers in Zimbabwe on gem fact-finding mission
    • War vets holding constitutional outreach to ransom in Masvingo
    • Mugabe Says Divisions Rocking Zanu (PF)
    • Zimbabwe Tobacco Deliveries Rise to Highest in Eight Years, Beats Estimate
    • State telecoms firm to find partner
    • Mliswa Treated Like A Terrorist
    • More Defections from Mutambara MDC
    • Mugabe hides behind healing programme
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission - A Toothless Bulldog
    • Speech by Vice-President Joice Mujuru at 'Shoes for Peace' event, Bindura, August 4, 2010
    • Speech by Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi at 'Shoes for National Healing' event, August 3, 2010
  28. Posted 9/8/10
    • Zim heads for more violence
    • No Zim poll violence report: Mbeki
    • Anti-Immigrant Tensions Rise Again In South Africa
    • Zuma pushes harder
    • NGO wants rights violators punished
    • Election preparations on course: Tsvangirai
    • SA funds Mugabe campaign
    • Villagers face hunger -- once again
    • Society neglects the disabled
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 7th August 2010
    • Fabulous wealth in Marange diamonds
    • Inside the battle for Zimbabwe’s blood diamonds
    • Looting legitimised
    • Has MDC-T responded sufficiently to Zanu-pf jingles?
  29. Posted 8/8/10
    • Mliswa Back In Prison
    • Makoni Ready To Challenge Mugabe and Tsvangirai
    • Zuma wants 2011 Zim election
    • NGOs want SADC to set poll conditions
    • ZBC fuelling tension: listeners
    • Markets reel as firms are forced to 'indigenise'
    • Zim diamond auction on Wednesday
    • Legislation to Update U.S. Sanctions on Zimbabwe Leadership Introduced in House
    • Zimbabwe Heavy Industrial Firms in Electricity Deals With Foreign Suppliers
    • Remember "real change" heroes: MDC
    • Rare cattle project used to empower and heal communities
    • GMB pleads for US$15m
    • The MDC Today
    • Fly-by-night election monitors fail Africa
    • The real heroes
  30. Batch 2 Posted 7/8/10
    • Zimbabwe Constitution: Take the Survey!
    • SADC lawyers ask regional heads to warn Zim on land ruling
    • New crisis rocks Zimbabwe coalition gov’t as provincial governors’ term expire
    • Civil society demands action from SADC leaders
    • Ministers and journalists face arrest for ‘leaking’ information
    • Expelled Mutambara MP’s challenge by-election delay in court
    • Zimbabwe's Lancaster Constitution No Longer An Option
    • Facilitators Turn Heat On Zimbabwe's Political Leaders
    • Mliswa Freed On Bail
    • Zimbabwe sets diamond sale for next week: minister
    • Fake plane accident or just attention seeking?
    • More Zanu (PF) Jingles Coming
    • Zimbabwe's Poor Face Starvation
    • In Zimbabwe, a good read is supplanted by need for a feed
    • Zimbabwe Weekly update – week ending 3 August 2010
    • Constitution Watch 16/2010 - 6th August [Outreach MeetngsMashonaland West 11 to 15 August]
  31. Batch 1 Posted 7/8/10
    • Bizarre stunt fuels further acrimony in Copac outreach
    • Ministers face jail over cabinet leaks
    • Mugabe fails to remove Zim from Sadc agenda
    • Salary furore: Ministry investigates dual payrolls
    • Carry on till you’re president, PM told
    • Expelled MPs take Mugabe, ZEC to court
    • Trauma haunts Gukurahundi victims — Report
    • Political parties ambiguous on 2011 polls
    • Statutory reserve scraping: Right fight, wrong battle
    • Zim crisis drifts away from diplomatic radar
    • Mines not out of the woods yet — Gapare
    • Zim’s economic upsurge falters
    • Move over LonZim, enter Masawara
    • ‘All mining sectors poised for growth’
    • Muckraker: Herald disagreeing? Not a hope in hell!
    • Eric Bloch: You only reap what you sow
    • When going gets tough, NGOs go overboard
    • Culture change, not devolution, the answer
    • Comment: Mugabe tirade derails reengagement
    • SW radio: Copac is a 'trough-feeding exercise'
    • Editor's memo: It’s déjà vu as another Sadc summit nears
    • Who qualifies to be a National Hero?
  32. Posted 6/8/10
    • Zimbabwe officials spark 'unnecessary panic' over London to Harare plane 'accident drill'
    • MDC sustain broken limbs after Zanu PF attacks in Chipinge
    • MDC Supporters Ordered Out Of Umguza
    • Zimbabwe “rogue state” : R600m payout freebie from SA gov
    • Zim's Longest Serving Chief Dies
    • Diamond monitor expected back in Zimbabwe Saturday
    • ZBH entrenches monopoly of airwaves
    • Pressure builds for Zimbabwe deal
    • Crisis Coalition Spokesperson meets Obama
  33. Batch 2 Posted 5/8/10
    • Zuma envoy back in Harare
    • Zim increases tobacco output
    • New Chill Over US-Zimbabwean Relations as Presidents Mugabe, Obama Trade Barbs
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Outreach Officials of MDC Stage Boycott Over Arrest
    • Basic Living Costs for Zimbabweans Increase 1.2 Percent From June to July
    • Southern African Regional Envoys Expected in Harare Ahead of Namibia Summit
    • Time due for Welshman “Karigamugabe” Ncube to arise
    • UK-based Zimbabweans to hold indaba on new constitution
    • Zanu supporters assault senior cop
    • Three Student Activist Appear in court
    • Cholera strikes diamond fields
    • We want our money back: business
    • Abundant mine in Zimbabwe bears the "blood diamond" stigma
    • FEATURE: Zim’s home-based-care gamble
    • Mayor’s statements mischievous and malicious…
  34. Posted 5/8/10
    • ZANU PF using soldiers, chiefs and militia to attack MDC
    • Western Diplomats Refuse to Apologize for Diplomatic Dispute
    • Constitution outreach suspended in Manicaland
    • The MDC Today
    • Desperate appeal to SA government over land attacks
    • Police refuse to return diamond researcher’s property
    • CID under investigation … as corruption pervades police force
    • Civil servants threaten strike
    • Diamond boss blasts KP
    • Mutambara rules out any possibility of Zimbabwe going to the polls next year
    • No more 'GMO' chicken from South Africa, says Zimbabwe. Now to see if there is such a thing.
    • Mugabe not invited - Apostles
    • Porous borders aid Rhino poachers – AfriForum
    • Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries Says Start Indigenization With Parastatals
    • Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change Backs Proposals for Decentralization
    • Asking for more humanitarian money
    • VP Nkomo speech at 'Shoes for National Healing' launch, Harare, Aug 3, 2010
    • Lest we forget our heroes for real change
    • Constitution Outreach: News Round-Up, 28 July - 4 August 2010
  35. Posted 4/8/10
    • Zimbabwe minister scolds EU, German, US envoys
    • Diplomats won't apologize for Mugabe walkout
    • Teachers Again Targets of Intimidation in Zimbabwe Constitutional Revision Process
    • Karoi Teachers Freed on Bail
    • MDC warned about Zanu-PF election mode
    • South Africa questions SADC’s legal reach
    • Responsible Jewellery Council Welcomes Zimbabwe Agreement
    • Govt, UN to launch aid appeal
    • Profits fall as Zimplats output surges
    • Zimbabwe State Broadcaster Continues to Defy Cabinet Over Pro-Mugabe Spots
    • Zimbabwe Government to Commission Independent Audits of State Enterprises
    • Farmers move to recover legal costs
    • Malawi feeds hungry Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe not 'serving his people well': Obama
    • Killer Police Chief Trial Opens
    • Widow of murdered MDC activist Nabanyama speaks out
    • Boost Cross-Border Trade for Food Security
    • LM Edition 56&55
  36. Posted 3/8/10
    • I.3 million villagers face hunger
    • Mugabe’s anti-west tirade leaves diplomats ‘baffled’
    • Tsvangirai and Mugabe locked in ‘church wars’ ahead of elections
    • Police arrest teachers in Karoi
    • Rogue parastatal bosses face pay cuts
    • MDC Takes Zanu (PF) Jingles Case To Zuma
    • Call For More Donor Funds For Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe fund seeks $100 mln to ride recovery
    • Fund manager sees Zimbabwe's potential
    • Zimbabwe: Does Woodford know something we don’t?
    • 'Unity' government becomes even more divided
    • Farmers take Zim government to court over legal costs
    • Deputy PM Mutambara unsure of his future
    • Dog-eating Chinese given warning for animal cruelty
    • Zimbabwe to force banks to slash high lending rates
    • Zimbabwe - Germany shows what can be done in Zim
    • Press release - launch of transitional justice outreach report
    • Sydney Chisi looks to youth to fulfill his country's quest for democracy
    • No change in Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 30/2010 - 31st July [Review of Last Session of Parliament]
  37. Posted 2/8/10
    • Mugabe lashes out at West over Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Mugabe says Zimbabwe diamonds not for greedy politicians
    • Robert Mugabe’s Wife Grace Said to be Beneficiary of Diamonds from Chiadzwa
    • Mugabe has no power to set fresh election dates - Tsvangirai
    • VP Mujuru attacks ministers
    • RBZ workers get Zimdollar salaries
    • NRZ workers threaten to strike
    • Vapostori want Mushowe out
    • Zimbabwe judiciary remains precarious
    • Mugabe being misled, says Mayor
    • Komichi gets bail
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 31st July 2010
  38. Batch 2 Posted 1/8/10
    • Uproar as Chinese engineers eat dogs
    • Court briefs: Gardener gets 15yrs for rape
    • Mugabe praise-singer defends Zanu PF jingles
    • Tragedy of Zimbabwe’s child prisoners
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai turf war spills to the churches
    • Oranges turn into lemons at Matonga’s Chegutu farm
    • ‘HIV prevention takes a feminine outlook’
    • Communities benefit from wholesale HIV coping mechanisms
    • Registrar of companies sucked in Assetfin saga
    • Gono blasts banks over ‘utopia’ perks
    • ZIA acts to shed negative image
    • Barclays backs scheme to tackle youth unemployment
    • Comment: Children in cells is a human rights issue
    • Sundayopinion: State must facilitate mines’ indigenisation
    • Editor's Desk: Power transfer, the crux of the Zimbabwe crisis
    • Sundayview: Transitional justice first before national healing
  39. Posted 1/8/10
    • Foreigners flee ZSE, trade dips: RBZ
    • Reforms first before new polls: DPM
    • High-Paid Executives of Zimbabwean State Enterprises Resist Salary Disclosure
    • Mliswa trial: More witnesses disown police reports
    • Suppression of Free Speech Alleged in Zimbabwe's Constitutional Outreach Process
    • Eighty Hospitalized as Cholera Resurfaces in Zimbabwe's Marange Diamond Area
    • Banks fail to meet requirements
    • Zimbabwe still relies on imports: Gono
    • Court bars erection of Nkomo statue
    • Mugabe's daughter Bona Mugabe raped by Tanzanian students
    • Malaria outbreak claims 200
    • No EU farm aid ... until land audit
    • Lucrative Zanu jingles
    • Get Zim army back to barracks
    • ZESA is dangerous: Ncube
    • Fast-Track Hero Designation for Late Sister of Zimbabwe's Mugabe Stirs Debate
    • Constitution in the balance?
    • Electoral politics in Africa
    • A sad day's nursing in Zimbabwe
    • Tell us the answer
    • Part 2 of interview with exiled cricketer Henry Olonga on BTH

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